to grasp who or why it is, and it rides adrift.‘ ‘What do we do then?‘ ‘Nothing. Short of re-scoring allp 65 M69 1957
chair, staring out at the ghostless panorama of disintegrating cones, adrift in some private time sea. ‘When are you coming backp 77 WG 1959
his passage through the future. Without it he felt rudderless, adrift in a grey purposeless limbo of timeless events. His fatherp 155 CH 1960
wash set up by the hydroplane had rocked the craft adrift, and it floated off into the oncoming mass. Within ap 86 DW 1962
of events, coexistence and the like, topics that soon float adrift on the verbal level, if they ever had any existencep 161 UGM 1969
and returned to this gaudy city all the coffins cast adrift from the funeral piers of the Chinese Bund. Jim hadp 11 ES 1984
sentry. We had spent the dawn in a frozen sleep, adrift among the islands of mud. As the air cleared wep 279 DC 1987
collision. She was sedated and aroused at the same time, adrift within a dream of violence and desire. ‘It's snug herep 224 KW 1991
at a deserted crossroads made sure that I was completely adrift. I passed tracts of middle-income housing, all-night superstores surrounded byp 35 KC 2006
At what seemed the last moment, a familiar figure with adroit hands and a soft walk called out reassuringly. Laing recognizedp 26 HR 1975
me was drawn back. The owner of the shop, an adroit young homosexual, came forward with a white cat in hisp 866 S 1976
more modest needs, like the Rolls washing machine which an adroit entrepreneur, John Bloom, delivered to the sculleries of a millionp 242 UGM 1992
Mother, does not appear until the last moments, when she adroitly turns into her son. Despite all this, Psycho is onep 5 UGM 1990
of today -- Blue Velvet, The Hitcher and the 30-second ads for call-girls on New York's Channel J (some of thep 5 UGM 1990
for a grant (I asked for funds to pay for ads in Time and the American Vogue) was turned down. Ip 46 DMa 1990
compressed into these desperate moments. By contrast the professionally produced ads for the large escort agencies are as inspiring as commercialsp 74 THFa 1990
30 Your Favourite Commericials. Popular demand re-runs of golden-oldie TV ads. 3.00 Housewives‘ Choice. Rape, and how to psychologically preparep 1173 GVD 1992
and tapped the keys, throwing up a sequence of property ads for expensive villas on the heights of Super-Cannes and Californiep 89 SC 2000
any rival ideology -- there isn't one. But all these ads for aquaparks and swimming pools ... they're the real enemy. Theyp 361 SC 2000
that, too. Look how they react to your new cable ads.‘ Sangster pointed a grimy finger at me, grudgingly forced intop 168 KC 2006
preoccupied me at the time. In each of the full-page ads the text was superimposed on a glossy, high-quality photograph, andp 232 ML 2008
post. He was in no hurry to grow up; the adult world was unsynchronized and ambitionless. After his mother died hep 151 CH 1960
Given a pencil and paper he would soon demonstrate his adult mind, a circumstantial knowledge of social affairs that no infantp 260 MF 1961
revealing a personality that had remained latent during his previous adult life. Despite his introspective manner, he now seemed more relaxedp 11 DW 1962
she looked directly into my face, her eyes alert and adult above the white adolescent mask. ‘I live near by‘, shep 799 SGW 1970
the audience ratings showed that 98% of the Western world's adult viewers were by their sets. The first pictures appeared onp 809 GTS 1972
were many in the high-rise, bored apartment-bound housewives and stay-at-home adult daughters who spent a large part of their time ridingp 32 HR 1975
reassuring, as if she had resigned herself in the most adult way to the vanishing world of this moribund curio shopp 865 S 1976
most kindly way to resign myself to the realities of adult life. Angrily I stepped forward and slapped her face. Howp 871 S 1976
had always been aggressive and lazy, inclined to regard the adult world as a boring conspiracy of which I wanted nop 11 UDC 1979
together, and of the birth we had mimicked of an adult child. Already, responding to the nervous irritation of this Sundayp 67 UDC 1979
freshly bathed bodies. Two middle-aged couples passed me with their adult children. I strolled along with them, to their irritation sniffingp 70 UDC 1979
followed by a troupe of children, I was the only adult still moving about. And none of them was aware thatp 144 UDC 1979
sun-terrace. ‘Blake, before you go ...‘ He spoke in an almost adult voice. ‘Would you say goodbye to them?‘ Following this calmp 203 UDC 1979
move away from me, an excited teenage girl in her adult flying costume. ‘Bye, Blake ...!‘ a child called out, one ofp 208 UDC 1979
an ugly childhood followed by a brutal adolescence and an adult life of madness and imprisonment. The eyes glowered at thep 200 HA 1981
of coping with this small segment of conscious time, an adult forced to play a child's frantic game. During the pastp 1034 NFS 1981
features, the soft mouth and boneless nose, a pair of adult eyes watched him warily. ‘Hey, you -- what happened top 1046 MSA 1982
witty and generous tribute to this most durable of all adult toys. Carl Benz's three-wheeler first appeared on the streets ofp 232 UGM 1984
elderly English couples there were an old Dutchman and his adult daughter, and a quiet Belgian woman whose injured husband sleptp 109 ES 1984
Recently he had begun to see him with a more adult eye. The long years of imprisonment, the constant disputes withp 212 ES 1984
or staring at the walls. The sight of so many adult men unwilling to cope with the reality of the campp 214 ES 1984
strange names that summed up the mysterious world of the adult body. ‘ ... pessaries, linctus, suppositories ...‘ ‘Suppositories? Lie down, Jim. You're gettingp 221 ES 1984
river had been a sentimental but pointless gesture, his first adult act. He might have bartered his possessions and obtained ap 259 ES 1984
seemed to be willing himself to the edge of an adult despair. Clouds of flies rose from the decomposing body ofp 280 ES 1984
hide her disapproval, like a serious-minded child watching a clumsy adult. I could almost believe that some invisible power had assignedp 113 DC 1987
foam, and long legs kicked the air. Her childhood and adult life were merging into each other, as they had donep 142 DC 1987
my refusal, like so many others in my childhood and adult life, had been designed almost consciously to resist the over-warmp 143 DC 1987
in her hand. She was staring in a hard and adult way at the bows of the Salammbo. Sanger had leftp 184 DC 1987
investigation into the Pangbourne Massacre confirms that not a single adult present in the estate on the morning of June 25p 16 RW 1988
through the ten houses, restraining the children before killing the adult occupants. He may then have returned to collect the childrenp 18 RW 1988
Warsaw Pact country, lost their heads and then murdered the adult residents of the estate before taking pity on the childrenp 19 RW 1988
estate during the night of June 24. They slaughtered the adult residents, assuming they were senior military personnel, then realized theirp 22 RW 1988
the desk beside the inkstand, placed there like the ultimate adult toy. "And this is the son's room?" I asked asp 30 RW 1988
those places you hate, Sergeant. Yet everyone was here, every adult and every child. One of the children -- Roger Sterlingp 34 RW 1988
were never challenged, a problem which would have faced any adult kidnappers. Interestingly, they left their fingerprints all over the furniturep 61 RW 1988
have made up for an empty childhood by paying the adult world to pretend to be a huge indulgent nursery. Hep 71 UGM 1991
America the comic book was now openly aimed at an adult readership. In Britain, which lacked the necessary social and geographicalp 77 UGM 1991
are read by virtually the entire US population well into adult life, and have probably been the dominant force in shapingp 78 UGM 1991
or mimic their television culture heroes. A bored and indulgent adult world has foisted on to its offspring the image ofp 82 UGM 1991
puberty in the camp and developed the rudiments of an adult brain, and I had seen my parents‘ generation endure yearsp 177 UGM 1991
and all my attempts to attach myself to a sympathetic adult had been rebuffed. Only Basie and the Americans were friendlyp 38 KW 1991
and the missionary ladies were used to my roving the adult dormitories with my chessboard, gathering the latest rumours of warp 42 KW 1991
disapproved, taking the view that there were more than enough adult excitements in the world; the experiment that Dick and Ip 198 KW 1991
was the last of us to grow up. They accepted adult life, while I was still thinking of our happy daysp 282 KW 1991
-- that's the problem. I spent the whole of my adult life with children. Suddenly, when I'm fifty, there's this colossalp 291 KW 1991
place during my late adolescence, long before I had any adult experience of the world, long before I had fallen inp 179 UGM 1992
cubicle, bunk to bunk, and was my first exposure to adult fiction -- popular American bestsellers, Reader's Digest condensed books, Somersetp 181 UGM 1992
the Super Nintendo mind-set of the present-day twelve-year-old, for whom adult relationships, political beliefs and the bitter-sweet ambiguities of love andp 6 UGM 1993
have been the great emotional and sexual passion of Burroughs's adult years, and his letters to the poet were a vitalp 135 UGM 1993
watching eye soon expands to take in every detail of adult weakness and uncertainty, a disturbing lesson that lasts a lifetimep 251 UGM 1994
spent three years in a women's world where the only adult males were the hostile Japanese guards, and one is curiousp 252 UGM 1994
confirming that children sustained by the love of a single adult can survive anything. Daily Telegraph Waste of Beauty Diary ofp 252 UGM 1994
she stared at him with the knowing gaze of an adult abusing a child. When she urinated on him, smiling asp 173 RP 1994
While they bore his children they had also brought the adult Neil into the world, turning him from a child intop 183 RP 1994
the mess-tent warned him that he was now the only adult male on the island. ‘What about the French, doctor? They'llp 216 RP 1994
most British children in pre-war Shanghai, I had met few adult males other than my father's friends. Within a few weeksp 290 UGM 1995
come to puberty there, and developed the beginnings of an adult mind. I had seen adults under stress, a valuable educationp 292 UGM 1995
with the same car-rental agencies and hotel rooms with their adult movie channels and deodorized bathrooms, side-chapels of that lay religionp 10 CN 1996
turned the Costasol residents into children, filling their lives with adult toys and inviting them out to play. ‘Charles ...?‘ Delighted top 309 CN 1996
its own TV station -- local news, supermarket best buys ...‘ ‘Adult movies?‘ Jane at last seemed interested, but Penrose was nop 18 SC 2000
supper from a tray and doze in front of the adult movie channel. Jane had been swiftly drawn into this regimep 39 SC 2000
into more money.‘ ‘Could be ... so money is the ultimate adult toy?‘ Halder pretended to muse over this. He was intriguedp 60 SC 2000
at the business park, was something one watched on the adult film channels. But Jane had been excited by the illicitp 77 SC 2000
the covert powers that a disturbed child wielded over the adult world. The helicopter soared away, reflected in the mirror curtain-wallingp 91 SC 2000
It played some very interesting material.‘ ‘Films for the evening's adult channel?‘ ‘More interesting than that.‘ Halder spoke without irony. Hisp 190 SC 2000
have any children. Alas, today's corporate city is superbly talented, adult and virtually childless. Look around you at Eden-Olympia. No leisurep 254 SC 2000
of bored secretaries eager for a fling. No takers. The adult film channel, hours of explicit hardcore, did no better. Peoplep 258 SC 2000
the racism and violence, but the ratissages are just an adult version of "ring the doorbell and run".‘ ‘That's very tolerantp 282 SC 2000
underestimate it. First wives are a rite of passage into adult life. In many ways it's important that first marriages gop 138 MP 2003
of rural peace. Childhood arsonists carried their apocalyptic fantasies into adult life. Fire and flight seemed to fill Gould's mind. Ip 178 MP 2003
their teddy bears, brothers unsure of their parents and the adult world for the first time. Many of the residents carriedp 224 MP 2003
his words echo inside his head. He was barely an adult, but already a middle-aged fanatic in the making. I assumedp 40 KC 2006
noticed the cards decorating the plinth, many carrying messages in adult handwriting. There were flowers, a row of miniature teddy bearsp 43 KC 2006
Surprisingly, I turned out to be rather spartan as an adult, living in large apartments that I kept almost unfurnished. Ip 54 KC 2006
goods we buy these days are not much more than adult toys. The danger is that consumerism will need something closep 105 KC 2006
entire experience of childhood, and emphasised the importance of being adult, an achievement in its own right. Children were an appendagep 44 ML 2008
friends of all ages (far more than I did in adult life) and on the whole felt buoyant and optimistic, evenp 66 ML 2008
play on my mistakes‘, a phrase uttered sagely by my adult chess opponents when they were on the point of losingp 81 ML 2008
I had been a small child, a stability that the adult internees around me had done little or nothing to createp 81 ML 2008
or nothing to create. I felt fairly sceptical about the adult world and the notions of good sense and decisive thoughtp 81 ML 2008
extravagant manner. Theatre was his entire world, and he played adult roles in the camp Shakespeare productions, completely dominating the bankp 85 ML 2008
far too early, long before I had any experience of adult life: the worlds of work, marriage and parenthood. I wasp 132 ML 2008
Leys for the last time, entering the world as an adult, I felt more confident about the future than I hadp 136 ML 2008
in the novel. But I realised that I had no adult memories of Lunghua Camp, or of Shanghai. My only memoriesp 249 ML 2008
Lunghua Camp, I had little idea of large areas of adult life. To this day I know nothing about the sexualp 249 ML 2008