tenants of her wardrobe, her white face, like a devious adolescent's, more than ever resembled a surgical mask, the powdered child-facep 802 SGW 1970
and bookstores. Ever-smiling, his face as open as a friendly adolescent's, he seemed popular with everyone he met. Storekeepers offered himp 165 CN 1996
uniformed teenagers, staring at this circle of armed and curious adolescents like a schoolteacher caught up in an elaborate classroom prankp 130 HA 1981
of the thirteen children, a group of thoughtful and pleasant adolescents smiling out of their school speech-day portraits and holiday snapshotsp 17 RW 1988
and doctors of the two wards to which these murderous adolescents had been admitted for observation. They had arrived three daysp 61 RW 1988
children came under the sway of one of the older adolescents, a Manson-type ringleader who exerted a messianic hold over thep 62 RW 1988
minutes later. Grosvenor Place was filled with unshaven men, wan-faced adolescents and uncombed women. Small children still in their pyjamas gazedp 224 MP 2003
tongue role tally with earlier studies of facial rigidity (cf., Adolf Hitler, Nixon). Slow-motion cine-films of campaign speeches exercised a markedp 757 WIW 1968
it to return. Daily Telegraph Alphabets of Unreason Mein Kampf Adolf Hitler The psychopath never dates. Hitler's contemporaries -- Baldwin, Chamberlainp 221 UGM 1969
in Dealey Plaza, atom bombs exploded over Hiroshima and Nagasaki, Adolf Hitler committed suicide in the ruins of his Berlin bunkerp 807 GTS 1972
the Sea, 453 Hiroshima, HRH observes atomic cloud, 258 Hitler, Adolf, invites HRH to Berchtesgaden, 166; divulges Russia invasion plans, 172p 943 I 1977
much the same function. A future Rimbaud, Van Gogh or Adolf Hitler will emerge from their timeless wastes. Some of thep 82 YMCa 1990
drop of blood can say about you.‘ ‘You sound like Adolf Hitler.‘ I lay back on the bed. ‘Okay, then.‘ ‘Okayp 122 SC 2000
are fertile ground for any messiah with a grudge. The Adolf Hitlers and Pol Pots of the future won't walk outp 256 SC 2000
the same old thing,‘ I explained to Tony. ‘That cunning Adonis. Look at these assonances and feminine rhymes, the drifting caesurap 225 S5 1961
sex in my bed with Yuri Mirikov, Betty Shand's Russian Adonis, Crawford would sometimes remove the black shrouds from the windowsp 298 CN 1996
what we call the waking state. But we have to adopt an empirical approach, try whatever remedy we can. Don't youp 37 DW 1962
point of view. After your crash this morning they'd happily adopt you as their local pilot, you could start a flyingp 47 UDC 1979
steps of the Supreme Court building and offered to legally adopt me!) even talked some rubbish about the ‘President of thep 89 HA 1981
company in Brussels. He and his girl-friend are trying to adopt an Asian child ...‘ ‘David's dead.‘ Sally dropped her hand intop 290 KW 1991
think of Frank, and the petty thefts forced me to adopt him as my little son, the sole person concerned enoughp 17 CN 1996
families. You'd have time to relax, play with your children, adopt a freer lifestyle ...‘ The door closed in our faces. Kayp 88 MP 2003
know.‘ ‘Something much more mundane.‘ Gould leaned back, trying to adopt a sympathetic pose, his toneless face pulled in rival directionsp 138 MP 2003
backs of others. Luckily this system had yet to be adopted in Franklin's neighbourhood -- not because the Professional men andp 418 SM 1963
photograph -- is she your daughter?‘ Traven hesitated. ‘No. She's adopted me.‘ Unable to make any sense of his replies, butp 598 TB 1964
technique of photographic realism and the particular cinematic style he adopted involve the spectator too closely for his own comfort. Wherep 94 UGM 1969
amputation with transposition of the nipples as free grafts is adopted as the procedure of choice. In dealing with very largep 16 C80 1970
of this placid town. Thinking of Mrs St Cloud, my adopted mother who had shared my bed, I touched my bruisedp 166 UDC 1979
not his real name. For reasons of his own Charles adopted Manson when he was released from Spandau.‘ ‘Released? He emigratedp 183 HA 1981
told me that it was based on the crabbed moon-walk adopted by the astronauts to cope with zero gravity ...‘ Sergeant Jp 1097 OOA 1984
young couple in an apartment across the street had recently adopted an orphan boy, and the sounds of his crying remindedp 1149 WF 1989
amputation with transposition of the nipples as free grafts was adopted as the procedure of choice. In dealing with very largep 114 MWR 1990
orphaned Malaccan boy whom David and his Belgian wife had adopted, together convinced me that the past had been laid top 323 KW 1991
lifts, I learned that she was not a hippie, but adopted her scruffy style to irritate the hospital administrators. She hadp 43 SC 2000
the satellite dishes and microwave aerials. The business park had adopted her. ‘Jane, you like it here, don't you.‘ ‘Eden-Olympia? Wellp 79 SC 2000
third gear screamed in the French mode that Jane had adopted. Top was a sign of weakness, of defensive driving reservedp 321 SC 2000
synthetic liquid mud, conveniently packed in an aerosol can.‘ Kay adopted the singsong voice of a department store demonstrator. ‘An effectivep 93 MP 2003
had his number prominently tattooed on his arm. He was adopted after the war by an emigre Cambridge physicist and hisp 135 ML 2008
of space and other academic topics. In his replies Bacon adopted the same elliptical and evasive language, with the result thatp 156 ML 2008
up a more meaningful world? Writing The Atrocity Exhibition, I adopted an approach as fragmented as the world it described. Mostp 236 ML 2008
the bed. ‘Judith, I can't. I'm exhausted as it is.‘ Adopting the wheedling tone she herself had used, he went onp 112 D 1965
Sylvia, 94-7 Berenson, Bernard, conversations with HRH, 134; offer of adoption, 145; loan of Durer etching, 146; law-suits against HRH, 173-85p 941 I 1977
aspiring actress Nancy Davis (she had forced through her legal adoption against the wishes of her reluctant step-father while still ap 34 UGM 1991
father, Inger abandoned it to the care of a Catholic adoption agency. Free of responsibility now, she and Trudi spent theirp 146 RP 1994
was made with the happy cooperation of the parents, and adopts the style of a real-estate developer's promotional video. With itsp 55 RW 1988
hesitated, then scribbled on his pad: I am sorry. I adore you very much. He said such foul things to youp 120 SS 1960
from Pasadena, Dusseldorf or Yokohama, be married to an astrophysicist, adore Doris Lessing and David Hockney, and live in a six-mile-longp 228 UGM 1979
lips. ‘Jim, I've found some wonderful crepe-de-chine! Lucy's going to adore it ...‘ She careened away, swinging from shoulder to shoulder likep 195 KW 1991
All afternoon I pestered Tristram, telling him that Aurora had adored his first consignment and was eager to see more. Dulyp 226 S5 1961
tinned fruit, cocktail biscuits and pressed meats, delicacies that Jim adored. He ate his meals at the dining-room table, sitting inp 65 ES 1984
Noon, to my annoyance, the former child-guerilla and freedom fighter, adored the transparent flattery of the lens. As we tied upp 159 DC 1987
will. And, by the end, both became enduring camp icons, adored for the same mix of failure and combative pride thatp 8 UGM 1991
exhilarating than the American comics and radio serials I so adored. Shanghai would absorb everything, even the coming war, however fiercelyp 18 KW 1991
the clinic, the children's refuge at La Bocca. The kids adored him. Mostly, orphans abandoned by their north African and pied-noirp 26 SC 2000
grit, and grey sweet potatoes, a cattle feed that I adored. Later there was a cereal called cracked wheat, another cattlep 75 ML 2008
bearing in mind. What a pity Quilter isn't here, he adores ideas like that.‘ ‘I dare say.‘ Ransom went over top 43 D 1965
Sophomores ‘We're the Lunghua Sophomores, We're the girls every boy adores, C.A.C. don't mean a thing to me, Forp 213 ES 1984
harsh but barely audible voice. ‘ ... we're the girls every boy adores, C.A.C. don't mean a thing to me ...‘ Ap 226 ES 1984
will hear you. She disapproves enough of me already.‘ ‘She adores you. Without you she'd be out of a job.‘ Ip 122 KW 1991
as if to remember my strange life. ‘She's great. Edward adores her. She's getting on really well at the remedial classesp 290 KW 1991
Bobby Crawford ... he's popular, isn't he? Your saintly psychopath. Everyone adores him.‘ ‘Don't you, Paula?‘ ‘No.‘ She bit her lip, asp 292 CN 1996
revues (‘We're the Lunghua sophomores, we're the girls every boy adores, CAC don't mean a thing to me, for every Tuesdayp 71 ML 2008
its social life. There were ticker-tape parades, breakfast with Johnson, adoring crowds who tore up the astronauts‘ lawns with their barep 275 UGM 1979
up a small booth behind a reproduction escritoire, where he adorned the bodies of teenage girls, dressing their small breasts withp 169 UDC 1979
were packed into the mud-spattered Buick. Its windows were still adorned with the insignia and rice-paper stickers of the puppet Chinesep 318 ES 1984
altar of expensive oven dishes, fruit strainers and paper flowers adorning a publicity photograph of David Cruise. ‘Sangster ...‘ I pointed top 252 KC 2006
him to give you a part. You'd be a great adornment.‘ ‘A film?‘ Her voice cut across mine. ‘Listen. Are youp 550 SG 1963
flavour of venison and animal fat acted on him like adrenalin. Surrounded by the bones and meat scraps, he felt likep 890 UC 1976
were cut short and her nose packed with cocaine and adrenalin as for a submucous resection of the septum. General anesthesiap 18 QER 1976
to Jane: ‘I like to stir things up, keep the adrenalin flowing. The more they hate you, the more they stayp 23 SC 2000
like hunters returning from a boar shoot, happily charged by adrenalin and the camaraderie of the chase. Within seconds they hadp 163 SC 2000
and Eden-Olympia had never been so successful. The flow of adrenalin, the hair-triggers of fear and flight, had retuned the corporatep 280 SC 2000
a Damien Hirst ...‘ The previous evening, still charged by the adrenalin rush of the BBC protest and the news of thep 162 MP 2003
wide margin set everyone going. Hard contact sport acts like adrenalin. Inner group of a dozen met at the Crown andp 194 KC 2006
she was playing the wise daughter, more concerned about my adrenalin-fired nerviness than by the unsettling evidence I had brought. Ip 65 SC 2000
she sits at her dressing table, the sudden flush of adrenaline as the telephone rings, the warm arterial tides of emotionp 225 UGM 1977
as she swept about her island on a wave of adrenaline. At last, speaking to the assembled cameras beside Bracewell's gravep 93 RP 1994
dreaming. New Worlds Spaced Out The Next Ten Thousand Years Adrian Berry Science is still trying to catch up with sciencep 164 UGM 1974
merely unconvincing, but irrelevant. Most of the events prophesied by Adrian Berry may well take place, but within what human contextp 165 UGM 1974
and overblown ideas, devoid of any human dimension, that fill Adrian Berry's book. Trying to think more realistically about space, withp 166 UGM 1974
performers. At the party on the 27th floor, given by Adrian Talbot, an effeminate but likeable psychiatrist at the medical schoolp 31 HR 1975
been a fierce scuffle over an elevator ten floors below. Adrian Talbot, the likeable psychiatrist on the 27th floor, had beenp 106 HR 1975
towards the lower floors. Laing and his neighbours assembled in Adrian Talbot's apartment. Here they sat on the living-room floor amongp 108 HR 1975
Once again, as his imaginary scapegoat, he selected the psychiatrist Adrian Talbot, whom he now accused of molesting a child inp 127 HR 1975
varnish, would burn briskly. Laing had looted the chairs from Adrian Talbot's apartment after the psychiatrist's disappearance. He was grateful forp 149 HR 1975