can't hear anything,‘ I said uncertainly. ‘Listen to it!‘ she admonished me. ‘That shell has heard the seas of all timep 572 PCD 1964
reassembling his stunned limbs. ‘Quiet, Betty, do you mind,‘ he admonished his sister when his breath returned. ‘I'm still here, andp 562 TP 1964
Fair play, St Trinian's, use a clean needle,‘ a teacher admonishes two girls nobbling a rival before an inter-school track eventp 105 UGM 1990
know, Charles.‘ He gave Renthall a dry smile, as if admonishing a favourite pupil, then gazed about the empty terrace forp 383 WT 1962
feet long. He sat at the cramped controls, reading the admonitory instructions below the General Motors medallion, the warnings against excessivep 43 HA 1981
into a kitchen window. A sharp-faced maid led us without ado towards the press conference. In the lounge, four rows ofp 770 CA 1968
could see a small clearing where a clutter of abandoned adobe huts dissolved like refuse heaps in the sunlight. ‘Is thisp 437 QR 1963
to appreciate its potentialities. It had developed in his late adolescence and so far he had resisted any temptation to abusep 120 SS 1960
POW, Elliott had seen almost nothing of him until his adolescence. Yet the memory of being rowed across the Ganges hadp 531 SA 1963
himself. His entire life as an archaeologist, from his early adolescence when he had first collected fossil ammonites from a nearbyp 632 DS 1964
win your bet. Somehow they all petered out in late adolescence. A sudden flaring of intelligence backed by prodigious memory, notp 774 CA 1968
are those perceived through the glass of early childhood and adolescence. The obsessions are: excrement, the flaccid penis, anxiety, the timelessp 96 UGM 1969
glamorous but overworked medical student, breaking out of a long adolescence when she qualified as a doctor into a series ofp 44 C 1973
he had been born with had never developed beyond his adolescence. All the stresses of a hard life had combined top 62 CI 1974
ever seen the film, casting his mind back to his adolescence. For several successive years he had devoured almost the wholep 66 CI 1974
restraints he had been trying to shake off since his adolescence. Even his compulsive womanizing was part of the same attemptp 118 HR 1975
had ignored since his admission ten years earlier? Throughout his adolescence he had often stood on the roof of the dormitoryp 982 Z2 1978
computer rend-out, the yes or no of the borderzone. In adolescence options intercede; the information flow across the face of thep 25 IY4 1978
to my appalled headmaster. Expulsion hardly affected me. Since early adolescence I had been certain that one day I would achievep 12 UDC 1979
the memories of an ugly childhood followed by a brutal adolescence and an adult life of madness and imprisonment. The eyesp 200 HA 1981
could become a doctor. All these were elements of an adolescence which his father seemed to assume would never take placep 19 ES 1984
he had returned to his true age, to his early adolescence in a provincial Japanese village. His lips were parted aroundp 337 ES 1984
is twenty-two, and most of the others have left their adolescence behind. Even Marion Miller is now thirteen, and it isp 79 RW 1988
corridors, and his reading of Tacitus, Ovid and Juvenal. His adolescence, like his life as a whole, is experienced exclusively inp 80 UGM 1991
so much of my reading took place during my late adolescence, long before I had any adult experience of the worldp 179 UGM 1992
to Louise, who already seemed a memory of his early adolescence. Blushing with embarrassment, he raised his right foot to showp 93 RP 1994
part of the continuum of strangeness that made up my adolescence. I once said that The Leys reminded me of Lunghuap 127 ML 2008
gates, and soon recognised the fierce maternal tension that made adolescence a hell for many of my daughters‘ friends. Some mothersp 228 ML 2008
knows, infancy and childhood seem to last for ever. Then adolescence arrives and promptly leaves on the next bus, and onep 247 ML 2008
or the tug at the shoulder. There was a vicious adolescent streak running through Sheringham -- Maxted broke out of hisp 70 T12 1958
more irritating as he had given in to the rather adolescent whim of walking out without telling Susan. Not that shep 8 WFN 1961
one side of this, literally within reach of Pelham, the adolescent members of the family had dug their own nest, theirp 428 RE 1963
would have been had they shared a bed. Her frank, adolescent but curiously tolerant expression barely changed, and Pelham turned awayp 431 RE 1963
about thirty. Satters, his onetime fag, appears as a babyish adolescent in rugby cap and Fair Isle jumper. The indulgent relationshipp 142 UGM 1966
amatory techniques and sexual positions described are known to any adolescent. At times one wonders whether these books are intended asp 256 UGM 1969
Channing still preserved her child-like appearance, this strange montage of adolescent faces. Her gaze reflected the suicides of Carole Landis andp 798 SGW 1970
my face, her eyes alert and adult above the white adolescent mask. ‘I live near by‘, she said, ‘in one ofp 799 SGW 1970
the embankment to the break in the wire fence. An adolescent girl in a denim suit walked past us, her youngp 157 C 1973
the photographs out on the bed. One showed a strong-faced adolescent girl, clearly Jane, standing protectively beside a faded middle-aged womanp 76 CI 1974
suspicion, and clearly considered her to be part of some adolescent or sexist prank. However, I kept a straight face, andp 866 S 1976
achieving the secret ambition she had set for herself, this adolescent dream of an aerial wedding. Holding the skirt of thep 147 UDC 1979
car-park, she walked along the pavement behind a group of adolescent boys, her white body still marked by the bruises ofp 169 UDC 1979
song to a nearby tree. The youthful bloom of an adolescent girl suffused her lace-like skin, as if I had transformedp 204 UDC 1979
years old. ‘Blake ...‘ Father Wingate held my shoulders, his slim adolescent face like a spirited novice's. We embraced each other forp 208 UDC 1979
funfair and the painted gondolas of the Ferris wheel, an adolescent boy eager to ride the sky. I flew away top 213 UDC 1979
She touched my forehead, as if taking my temperature, an adolescent girl playing at being a doctor. Each minute she stayedp 218 UDC 1979
kind of incestuous act involved the widowed industrialist and his adolescent daughter, herself an uncanny image of his dead wife? Hisp 1008 HFF 1980
up the helicopters in the car park, a gabble of adolescent chatter on the intercom. A patrol group of three teenagep 156 HA 1981
and was going home to Spandau. He was the delinquent adolescent in the occupational therapy class, playing an elaborate video gamep 222 HA 1981
He looked down at his pallid, blood-flecked body, a trapped adolescent puzzled to find himself in this senile flesh, caught afterp 227 HA 1981
transformation of this attractive and self-possessed dentist into a dreaming adolescent being dressed for her first dance. Elaine smiled brightly atp 1065 MNF 1982
of the mouth or jaw, but his face seemed almost adolescent and at the same time aged by some strange feverp 1071 MNF 1982
and American prisoners -- had drawn the last of the adolescent fat from Kimura's arms. After a recent attack of tuberculosisp 165 ES 1984
passionately committed. He wanted to touch her, less out of adolescent lust than simple curiosity. ‘You can use my bunk, Mrsp 176 ES 1984
lay on their bunks and entertained a steady stream of adolescent girls, single British women and even a few wives drawnp 215 ES 1984
arithmetic, in the murderous intent of logic. I believe in adolescent women, in their corruption by their own leg stances, inp 38 WIB 1984
its shallows but concealing everything, like the eyes of the adolescent Chinese girls I had pursued so keenly in Hong Kongp 47 DC 1987
towards the lake. A hundred yards away I saw an adolescent girl standing above the beach, the twelve-year-old with the infectedp 53 DC 1987
and built an asphalt tennis court. However, even as an adolescent playing with my friends, I could still sense the lostp 60 DC 1987
go, standing among the sections of film equipment like the adolescent curator of a futuristic museum. She had been annoyed byp 151 DC 1987
my heels, to see Noon in the bows swaying her adolescent thighs as she steered me between the sand-bars whose submergedp 200 DC 1987
hands around Noon's waist, smelling the strong odour of her adolescent body that I had missed for so many days. Revivedp 213 DC 1987
down the far reaches of the Mallory. But then this adolescent I embraced became some other child of the night. Ip 250 DC 1987
Jeremy Maxted's closet, lay well within the bounds of ordinary adolescent behaviour. Almost all the children kept diaries, either written inp 53 RW 1988
in an abandoned apartment building, and then tracked down their adolescent aunt. However tragic, Beirut had been worth fighting for, ap 1147 WF 1989
novels and my feigned world-weariness were not merely frivolous and adolescent, but dangerous, like my decision to dissect a female cadaverp 82 KW 1991
brief glimpse of her breast that had so dazed my adolescent mind. Despite her expensive hair and jewellery, there was stillp 341 KW 1991
face she had never been allowed to know as an adolescent. The war had postponed my own childhood, to be rediscoveredp 347 KW 1991
on the world's ways. It may be that my intense adolescent reading actually handicapped me in the process of growing upp 179 UGM 1992
neglected breasts, had transformed the blind into an arbour of adolescent lust. She thumped his head with her elbow. ‘Neil! We'rep 133 RP 1994
urine sample to Neil's forehead, like an archbishop crowning an adolescent king. ‘Neil, I was thinking of you.‘ ‘Doctor ...?‘ Startled, Neilp 148 RP 1994
sleeping bag, adjusting her gaze to take in the long-limbed adolescent who filled the cave like a gawky animal. To Neilp 164 RP 1994
reminded them of why they had come to Saint-Esprit. An adolescent, apart from anything else, needed to be fed, even ifp 172 RP 1994
ringed the lagoon. He rarely noticed them now, and his adolescent dreams of nuclear tests and their black annunciation had beenp 186 RP 1994
too many of those mouths belonged to pregnant women and adolescent girls, two groups with the voracious appetite of a greatp 199 RP 1994
lagoon was Neil's domain, the reservoir that held all the adolescent obsessions with nuclear death that had brought him to Saint-Espritp 201 RP 1994
scrutinized the racks of foreign newspapers outside the tabacs. An adolescent girl in a white bikini crossed the street at thep 37 CN 1996
Did I?‘ ‘What game did you mean?‘ ‘I don't know. Adolescent horse-play? I never was keen on debaggings and that sortp 91 CN 1996
As he beamed at me proudly his face seemed almost adolescent, blond hair spilling over his forehead, lips parted across immaculatep 222 CN 1996
his unlined face and blond eyebrows, Crawford resembled a large adolescent boy, and I imagined him playing in the precincts ofp 259 CN 1996
a suntanned man in his fifties with a slim, almost adolescent body, springing lightly on his diving board. ‘A healthy crowdp 7 SC 2000
was sitting astride me, with the expression of a serious-minded adolescent on her face that she always wore when making lovep 11 SC 2000
pressed my lips to the gusset, inhaling the odour of adolescent hormones and cheap perfume that clung to the fabric, thep 232 SC 2000
important decisions become a matter of aesthetics. You've entered an adolescent world where you define yourself by the kind of trainersp 255 SC 2000
to our primate ancestors. When they surface in a damaged adolescent with a taste for strangling cats we lock him awayp 259 SC 2000
were in progress, conversation fuelled by the better second growths. Adolescent girls still wearing jodhpurs after their afternoon riding classes flirtedp 293 MP 2003
these advanced American aircraft gave me a new focus of adolescent veneration. As the Mustangs streaked overhead, less than a hundredp 98 ML 2008