why does he think older people are refusing surgery?‘ ‘He admits he doesn't know. He feels that as the average agep 691 TIM 1966
background, his over-sharp eyes avoiding the camera lens. ‘No university admits to knowing him, nor do Shell, Philips, General Motors orp 774 CA 1968
analysis of HRH, 205; begins Civilization and its Discontents 230; admits despair to HRH, 279 G Gandhi, Mahatma, visited in prisonp 942 I 1977
or landscapes. Hockney himself gives the game away when he admits that his technique would be unsuitable for a serious subjectp 64 UGM 1988
seated, Dr Anthony Clare, in the psychiatrist's chair. As he admits, the programme's title is misleading, since the interviews are notp 271 UGM 1992
Save the Smallpox Virus."‘ ‘Exactly, where would you start? Tulloch admits there's an element of danger.‘ ‘Really? Keep clear, Henry.‘ ‘Soundp 32 MP 2003
any favour.‘ ‘I know it wouldn't be practical here,‘ Franz admitted. ‘But in a large open area it should be.‘ ‘Allowedp 25 CC 1957
silence. ‘Weren't you with them?‘ Neill asked sharply. ‘No,‘ Morley admitted. They were standing by the door of the emergency wardp 65 M69 1957
rest off.‘ ‘They'll stop it,‘ Carol said. ‘They might,‘ I admitted. ‘But it'll probably get back again somehow. A few piecesp 49 VS 1957
Maxted grunted non-committally. ‘Some of the records are interesting,‘ he admitted. ‘They have a sort of crazy novelty value, like blown-upp 69 T12 1958
the world ends?‘ ‘I haven't really thought about it,‘ I admitted. ‘Is there any urgency?‘ ‘Urgency?‘ Tallis smiled at me thinlyp 72 WG 1959
the creatures of the future, doctor?‘ ‘I don't know,‘ Powers admitted. ‘But if they are their world must be a monstrousp 178 VT 1960
sleep well?‘ Powers managed a brief smile. ‘Too well,‘ he admitted. ‘It's no longer a problem with me.‘ ‘I wish Ip 179 VT 1960
some experimental surgical technique on him, didn't you?‘ ‘Yes,‘ Powers admitted. ‘It wasn't altogether a success, like so much of whatp 182 VT 1960
sort of piracy. ‘The wall does tilt a little,‘ Ward admitted. ‘Actually, it's about four degrees out -- I used ap 268 B 1961
down. ‘Extraordinary. What are they?‘ ‘I'm not altogether sure,‘ I admitted. ‘Echoes in a stone garden.‘ Tony read the signature atp 215 S5 1961
been up top recently?‘ ‘Not for about a week,‘ Maitland admitted. ‘It's hard to describe -- pretty rough. Solid roaring wallp 147 WFN 1961
one, maybe even a thousand. Why not?‘ ‘It's possible,‘ Abel admitted, accepting the idea with surprising ease. ‘Right. Now you rememberp 324 13C 1962
replying, evidently re-assessing Francis. ‘You may be right, Doctor,‘ he admitted. ‘But where does that get us? We've got 15 yearsp 334 13C 1962
and the Resident of Alschain is trying to have it admitted to the Pan-Galactic Conference. A pity, I feel,‘ the colonelp 344 PE 1962
lives, and make tolerable static homes. ‘It's not bad,‘ I admitted, looking across the powder-blue water as Stamers piled on thep 309 TDS 1962
suspected them of knowing more about the city than they admitted) -- Strangman would find Kerans‘ death more trouble than itp 106 DW 1962
no treatment had been prescribed -- the patient had been admitted for observation -- the door was not unlocked. Shortly afterp 523 MO 1963
as a guide. ‘Well?‘ The Captain smiled wanly. ‘Oh, he admitted it, of course.‘ He sat down on the rail, andp 457 QR 1963
choice. Without that his existence here would be untenable.‘ ‘He admitted that Colonel Spender landed here?‘ Pereira nodded. ‘Not in sop 457 QR 1963
science fiction?‘ he asked matter-of-factly. ‘Not as a rule,‘ Ward admitted. When Kandinski said nothing he went on: ‘Perhaps I'm toop 486 VH 1963
difficult to believe?‘ Kandinski suggested ironically. ‘Just a little,‘ Ward admitted. ‘Are you seriously claiming that you did see a Venusianp 487 VH 1963
Indians at the Iroquois-Sioux Tribal Conference.‘ ‘That may be,‘ Ward admitted, beginning to feel impatient. ‘What did this Venusian look likep 488 VH 1963
is a professional while I am only an amateur,‘ he admitted. ‘I am afraid I cannot explain the anomaly. Perhaps myp 492 VH 1963
know whether I'm glad to hear that or not,‘ I admitted. ‘But it's certainly more than you can say for mostp 576 LL 1964
within a month of its disappearance.‘ ‘I give up,‘ I admitted. ‘They seem the same. No -- wait a minute!‘ Ip 580 LL 1964
wood in the hall gleaming as the first callers were admitted. ‘Mr and Mrs Montefiore ...‘ ‘Mr and Mrs Caldwell ...‘ ‘Miss Evelynp 560 TP 1964
folk remember nothing. Perhaps it's a good thing.‘ She grudgingly admitted the first visitors, fussing about so that Falkman could barelyp 561 TP 1964
of leaps and jumps, then gambolled around him like newly admitted entrants to paradise serenading an attendant archangel. An old manp 165 CW 1966
science fiction or whether, say, Brave New World should be admitted to the club (these three novels virtually designed the premisesp 204 UGM 1974
husband's death from leukaemia, her six-year-old son's welfare and, she admitted to Laing, her insomnia -- a common complaint in thep 13 HR 1975
speak to her in her own wheedling tone, he was admitted to the apartment. A huge barricade of furniture, Units ofp 123 HR 1975
seen her mooning around there several times before, and openly admitted to himself that he felt a slight pang of envyp 831 LFA 1975
take a naive and over-simplified view based on what were admitted to be crude methods of detection. Was the deity entirelyp 846 LDG 1976
as those of the most exclusive clubs, and applicants were admitted only if they agreed to accept the church's guidance onp 847 LDG 1976
parties and seeing few friends. One or two callers I admitted, but only to allay their suspicions. During our brief andp 868 S 1976
What engine size? How many horse-power? ‘I can't remember,‘ Halloway admitted. Already he was having to pretend that he had flownp 893 UC 1976
villagers planted outside the camp gates -- none were ever admitted, let alone fed -- grew larger every day. Yet forp 927 DT 1977
interested in military history ...‘ Strictly speaking, this wasn't true, Ogden admitted to himself during lunch, though in fact he had notp 973 OAU 1978
she no longer recognizes her husband. Soon after, she is admitted to the nearby sanatorium. The last entries in her diaryp 231 UGM 1979
greeted the sun as an equal, a respected plenipotentiary I admitted to my domain. Turning my back to its rising discp 125 UDC 1979
during the previous year. An orphan, Christina Brossard had been admitted to the Hospice at the age of fourteen after thep 1001 HFF 1980
realising that he needed Wayne more than he had ever admitted? Wayne slapped his cheeks. For days now he had feltp 98 HA 1981
to recruit the old men. Once he and Basie had admitted their part in this supplementary ration scheme all guilt hadp 119 ES 1984
had no time for the new arrivals hoping to be admitted. Jim stood on the seat, waving over the wire sop 149 ES 1984
clothes. Needless to say, none of the Chinese was ever admitted to Lunghua Camp, let alone fed. Yet still they camep 180 ES 1984
school in England.‘ ‘It might be a bit strange,‘ Jim admitted, finishing the last of the weevils. He felt sensitive aboutp 183 ES 1984
your mother and father.‘ ‘I was thinking of that,‘ Jim admitted. His other problem was Mr Maxted. Jim had come top 243 ES 1984
shallow water, we sailed through the inlet which had first admitted us to the lagoon. An hour later, after threading ourp 217 DC 1987
the two wards to which these murderous adolescents had been admitted for observation. They had arrived three days before the kidnappingp 61 RW 1988
by the concept. ‘I see what you're getting at,‘ Arkady admitted as they shared a cigarette in the Green Line commandp 1150 WF 1989
battery or lavatory cleaner. Yet, for a form still rarely admitted to polite society, the comic strip had surprisingly classy beginningsp 76 UGM 1991
cracked windshield. The senior Canadian officers hearing my case openly admitted their bafflement. I had been seen over Deer Lake, butp 119 KW 1991
itself. The set-back was a blow to Dick. As he admitted in a moment of surprising frankness, he had naively hopedp 267 KW 1991
public curiosity was still at fever pitch, the NASA teams admitted to themselves that the Zeus IV crew had probably notp 1180 MFM 1992
least six terminal patients over the previous year. She freely admitted the charge, claiming that she had secured her patients‘ consentp 40 RP 1994
herbs. The garden was her retreat, to which no-one was admitted, and she sat alone in the evenings beside her largep 201 RP 1994
was innocent, as the police's delay in charging him tacitly admitted. ‘But now the momentum for conviction will increase,‘ he warnedp 32 CN 1996
however long they waited only one of them would be admitted that day. In front of me were Blanche and Marionp 60 CN 1996
Rover, making it clear that we were lucky to be admitted to this luxury enclave. Penrose said his goodbyes to Janep 31 SC 2000
our return, a policeman called to question her, and she admitted to me that she supplied tincture of cannabis to psoriasisp 44 SC 2000
all his professional sympathy on me, as if I had admitted to bed-wetting or shoplifting. ‘Eden II is the only futurep 363 SC 2000
voice burst into a torrent of confused anger, and he admitted that he had asked Laura to take a later flightp 20 MP 2003
next door. He's in a wheelchair ...‘ ‘Not so good,‘ Kay admitted as we stepped onto the pavement. She tapped the pencilp 90 MP 2003
performed the role once assigned to the Dome. No group admitted its part in the attack, and security had been tightenedp 175 MP 2003
that she knew more about my father's death than she admitted. Busy doctors did not travel across the whole of Londonp 64 KC 2006
that Judy Bax was the Reverend Osborne's daughter. As she admitted, I knew her father far more closely than she didp 85 ML 2008
sweeping the board with us I knew she was cheating. Admittedly it isn't every day that you get a chance top 7 PB 1956
Drexel mannerisms, almost as if she herself were shaping it. Admittedly, this penchant for the late Romantic composers is a littlep 43 VS 1957
ultimately self-indulgent, an encouragement to weakness and lack of will. Admittedly there's no one more single-minded than an obsessional neurotic. Bortmanp 294 IO 1962
and eccentric cosmopolites in those fabulous years before the Recess. Admittedly most of the abstract villas and fake palazzos were emptyp 305 TDS 1962
would continue to transmit both a sonar and radio beacon, admittedly over little more than twenty miles, but sufficient to identifyp 438 QR 1963
too much of all the psychic capitulations of their childhoods. Admittedly Dali's chosen persona -- part comic-opera barber, part mad muezzinp 92 UGM 1969
he had been reluctant to give up teaching, and the admittedly doubtful security of being with students who were still almostp 16 HR 1975
people are a fringe.‘ ‘Only a fringe?‘ ‘A vicious fringe, admittedly. But very few people are involved. Wherever you find sportp 165 KC 2006
be reported, probably involve him in the petty humiliation of admitting its theft. Caging the compass, he swung it around towardsp 45 DW 1962
inversion of the classical Kafkaesque situation, by which, instead of admitting his guilt to a non-existent crime, he was forced top 507 EG 1963
me with a mixture of hostility and interest, as if admitting that her motives for coming to the pound were asp 71 C 1973
in endless waves. Its corridors opened and closed as if admitting a large and watchful creature to its green preserve. Thep 31 CI 1974
easy ...‘ Paco eyed Wayne defensively, unsure about the wisdom of admitting this volatile newcomer to their private teenage domain. ‘I onlyp 133 HA 1981
her legs breaking the surface as she lifted her knees, admitting the river like a lover between her thighs. The platinump 146 DC 1987
Almost to the end, Neil had believed her. Without ever admitting the truth to himself, he had known from the startp 237 RP 1994
into the entry panel. The white metal trellis rose noiselessly, admitting us to an enclave of architect-designed houses, our home forp 20 SC 2000
neurotic cries. Trying to ignore what I had done, but admitting to a distinct lightness of heart, I rolled down thep 82 SC 2000