by what Vansittart had just said. Despite the doctor's frank admission of failure, and his deliberate but rather nervous manner, hep 407 M99 1962
as if he were leading Constantin on to a fuller admission. At first Constantin assumed that the supervisor was fishing forp 518 EG 1963
the Deputy Director. ‘I believe Dr Normand interviewed him on admission.‘ With an effort Dr Normand cast into his memory. ‘Itp 523 MO 1963
it again thoroughly.‘ He waited for some comment upon this admission, but Kandinski went over to an old portable typewriter standingp 490 VH 1963
wait for Jordan, the last person who could influence his admission to the settlement. Almost every afternoon Jordan went out top 122 D 1965
presides over the emigre rabble of the dead waiting for admission to purgatory. This, called Third City, looks like Barcelona, withp 140 UGM 1966
eye at the magnetic city, wondering how he can gain admission. The powers of this world after death seem in nop 142 UGM 1966
attracts the Bailiff's attention and by his ingratiating manner gains admission to the city for Satters and himself. Monstre Gai andp 143 UGM 1966
and remembered him from the first confused hours of his admission to the hospital. A faint half-smile always hung about Drp 685 TIM 1966
organs posthumously -- in fact, it's now a condition of admission to a public hospital that in the event of deathp 689 TIM 1966
years ago hospital boards all over the country noticed that admission rates were starting to fall off. To begin with theyp 691 TIM 1966
has gone on each year, until now the rate of admission is down to about one per cent of the previousp 691 TIM 1966
even if only reasonable, that there was no charge for admission. Something of the peculiar atmosphere, or perhaps their failure top 740 R 1967
disused cemeteries. After a while they no longer charged any admission, but drifted aimlessly from town to town ... Before I couldp 742 R 1967
reference to Broadmoor must therefore be taken as an indirect admission of the author's criminal motives or a confused plea ofp 849 NTM 1976
an unknown long-term patient whom everyone had ignored since his admission ten years earlier? Throughout his adolescence he had often stoodp 982 Z2 1978
bereft of human experience, who has never by his own admission enjoyed a physically intimate relationship, who has never seen ap 81 UGM 1991
that he still brought his laundry home. Something about this admission seemed to amuse her. Without much prompting she added thatp 177 KW 1991
more -- I'll get on to physio.‘ She studied my admission notes, tapping a pencil between her strong teeth. ‘So you'rep 42 SC 2000
if they were needed, but their departure was a small admission of defeat. Kay stood on her doorstep, fist raised, undismayedp 231 MP 2003
as always I felt better for seeing him. Despite his admission that he had tried to kill me, I felt calmerp 263 MP 2003
a moment we both contemplated what such a sequence of admissions would do to the art markets of the world --p 576 LL 1964
newspaper columnists and ad-men. All these were black-balled by the admissions committee, though most would have found Chelsea Marina too modestp 51 MP 2003
Hiroshima. Freud was still something of an academic joke; the admissions tutor at King's assumed that I was being ironic whenp 133 ML 2008
I passed the King's College entrance examination and met the admissions tutor. I had applied to read psychology, but at thep 136 ML 2008
Her voice has a wide enough range,‘ Tony said. ‘You admit it yourself.‘ ‘What have you got against her?‘ Harry askedp 8 PB 1956
to make too much of it. Most of them privately admit that the Foundation Stone is nothing more than a superstitionp 37 CC 1957
acknowledging a possible reflex association between darkness and sleep: ‘Let's admit it. In all but a few organisms the association isp 55 M69 1957
in out of nowhere -- but as always refused to admit anything without absolute proof. He led the way into hisp 65 M69 1957
These are 30-second repeats, 400 microsens, amplification one thousand. I admit I've edited the track a little, but it's still remarkablep 71 T12 1958
else, but upon the story's reader! Ingenious, certainly, you willingly admit. As long as issues of the magazine remain in circulationp 105 NZ 1959
Maitland, his face tired and drawn. ‘Donald, I have to admit it; I'm worried. Do you realize what the inertial dragp 22 WFN 1961
do now.‘ He was right, as Francis was forced to admit. In the year he had spent in the dome Abelp 336 13C 1962
Clifford realized, they were right. He had never dared to admit to Margot that he too was bored because it wouldp 341 PE 1962
retract. The archway, usually a six-inch wide slit, rose to admit someone. Nothing came through, but the room expanded to accommodatep 318 TDS 1962
short notice. Naturally I'm glad to be going. Though I admit I have enjoyed being here.‘ He gestured at the suitep 15 DW 1962
shrugged theatrically. ‘It might,‘ he repeated with great emphasis. ‘Let's admit that. It makes it more interesting -- particularly for Keransp 110 DW 1962
on the desk. ‘That was me. Not exactly Caruso, I admit, but then he wasn't much of a sculptor --‘ ‘Whatp 399 TSS 1962
had caused him more anxiety than he was prepared to admit, and the terrace of houses passed unnoticed. Mrs Osmond's housep 373 WT 1962
unfortunate Booth protested: ‘Director, there were no unconscious motives. I admit I can't remember precisely what prompted me to see Hintonp 523 MO 1963
complete conviction of the sea's reality that had made him admit to Miriam that he had woken one night to thep 474 NWS 1963
valley doing some night spraying. Charles was the first to admit it, but at 3 o'clock in the morning no onep 484 VH 1963
Kandinski says.‘ He gestured helplessly. ‘At the same time I admit I have become involved with him. There's something about Kandinski'sp 497 VH 1963
he peered out at the activity around us. ‘But I admit I can't see why they have to proclaim martial lawp 608 IM 1964
more of my feelings for Hope than I cared to admit occurred to me as the canvas was set up inp 726 CHC 1967
were the fabric of that strange island. By refusing to admit the reality of her fantasies Rademaeker had destroyed her. Whenp 734 CHC 1967
working for the Soviet space programme.‘ ‘Well, one has to admit it,‘ I commented, ‘they've certainly all made good.‘ ‘Not allp 778 CA 1968
ourselves that Jarry, Apollinaire and Picasso laughed at Rousseau, and admit that we too might laugh faced with so odd ap 97 UGM 1969
politics in the USA are no longer flexible enough to admit any true outsider (the next five US presidents will probablyp 259 UGM 1971
parking-lots and empty plazas of the project, sluice-gates opening to admit the day. For all his reservations. Laing was the firstp 19 HR 1975
he had never fully understood. Above all, he would not admit his failure to deal on equal terms with his professionalp 47 HR 1975
and throw open the windows of the barricaded apartments to admit the birds. The dogs pulled at his legs, their leadsp 139 HR 1975
my face, swung back the transoms of my heart to admit these suburban people to the real world beyond. Already Ip 177 UDC 1979
the police to come and rescue me, eager now to admit that I had stolen the Cessna. But the world hadp 194 UDC 1979
asked on the third evening. ‘It's impressive, you have to admit. The power of the Presidency in those days ...‘ ‘The Imperialp 74 HA 1981
the night. After a few minutes he was forced to admit that he could recognize none of the constellations. Like everythingp 146 ES 1984
Maxted,‘ Jim answered truthfully. Basie was far too canny to admit a Britisher into the secret circle of listeners. ‘I knowp 178 ES 1984
Kimura?‘ ‘He isn't interested in learning English,‘ Jim had to admit. ‘I think the war's really ended for Private Kimura.‘ ‘Willp 178 ES 1984
pouch of his holster. He was still unsure whether to admit Jim to the camp. ‘A Packard? Good car ...‘ He unlockedp 292 ES 1984
other spectres among the burial mounds, Tulloch was prepared to admit Jim to the commandant's office. Jim helped himself to thep 306 ES 1984
for the British couple across the corridor. She refused to admit Jim, or open the door more than a crack, andp 348 ES 1984
strained and ill-kempt that the waiter at first refused to admit him to the cafe. A trio of Californian spinsters whop 1113 MWM 1985
heaven's sake, she was smiling -- an icy smile, I admit, but a smile." "Enough to freeze the lips off thep 51 RW 1988
wards, and this suggests that they are fully prepared to admit their part in the kidnapping and, by implication, in thep 61 RW 1988
this persistent din. Calming myself, I accept that I will admit to the house anyone with a legitimate right to bep 1131 TES 1989
down in the swimming pool he always wanted, rather than admit his failure and go back to the humble newspaper officep 3 UGM 1990
he becomes. None of these comic strips, I have to admit, has ever held much charm for me, at least sincep 78 UGM 1991
with us. What they like best of all is to admit us to hospital and then hear us say we feelp 301 KW 1991
in every paragraph, its arguments made more convincing, I happily admit, by the author's beauty -- usually one would never darep 157 UGM 1992
the straight answer, as Derek Jarman is honest enough to admit, is: vanity or publicity, usually both. Asked whether she feelsp 272 UGM 1992
sacred sites of the twentieth-century imagination. But he could never admit this to anyone, and even felt vaguely guilty, as ifp 33 RP 1994
the resource base available for the endangered species they would admit to Saint-Esprit once the sanctuary was established. ‘We're going top 120 RP 1994
a touch of noblesse oblige about it, I have to admit, but they were rather nice shows. Champagne and excellent canapesp 52 CN 1996
thoughtful way, as if expecting that I, in turn, would admit my role in the crime. ‘Inspector, when I meet Frankp 113 CN 1996
cafe. A woman's voice, more familiar than I wanted to admit, sounded from a nearby window. Beyond the glass-walled stairwell wasp 153 CN 1996
else wanted to kill the Hollingers he's more likely to admit that his confession is meaningless.‘ ‘I agree.‘ Cabrera started thep 158 CN 1996
of the residents would come to my aid, let alone admit me to the shelter of their gardens. Covered with dustp 170 CN 1996
to do.‘ ‘You're not sure?‘ ‘Not entirely. It's hard to admit.‘ ‘Paul, I understand.‘ Penrose spoke in a conspiratorial murmur. ‘It'sp 173 SC 2000
help me.‘ ‘But first I have to change?‘ ‘A little. Admit it, you enjoyed stealing the car. I watched you drivep 215 SC 2000
Hardly. They were brutal beatings. It took me years to admit I thoroughly enjoyed them.‘ ‘So that's your special scene? I'llp 226 SC 2000
irritated by the dark smudge. ‘The security people here won't admit it, but on May 28 they took at least anp 256 SC 2000
qualities of self-restraint and intelligence. These are people who won't admit to any weakness and won't allow themselves to fail. Whenp 256 SC 2000
Marseilles jail. Besides, they turn a blind eye. They won't admit it, but the French upper class are deeply racist.‘ Wep 307 SC 2000
frank. Face to face with a real doctor, they'll never admit they have VD. Give them a button to push andp 136 MP 2003
from the front. Being away from me, I had to admit, had markedly improved her health. ‘Henry? No problem at allp 190 MP 2003
was safely out of sight before she stepped aside to admit her husband. Accidents and Emergencies The waiting room in thep 59 KC 2006
band. ‘Madam, nothing is true, nothing is untrue! Say nothing, admit nothing, believe everything ...‘ The woman and her daughter moved awayp 91 KC 2006
and I half expected the doors to burst open and admit a resistance unit led by Geoffrey Fairfax. In an offhandp 106 KC 2006
convinced me. To a larger extent than I wanted to admit, I had relied on my father to justify my supportp 197 KC 2006