seconds, becoming more decollete at the approach of an eager admirer, more formal at a chance meeting with a bank managerp 797 SGW 1970
pale forehead an almost schoolgirlish glow. Wayne was her greatest admirer. Once, to her annoyance, he had entered the radiology labp 15 HA 1981
the bouquets left outside her bedroom door by an invisible admirer. The rifle slung over my shoulder, I stood on thep 140 DC 1987
thighs. The platinum foam, the soft teeth of this black admirer, played across her small nipples. Was she, in her childp 146 DC 1987
as if Halder were a minor celebrity. ‘You have an admirer,‘ I commented. ‘In fact, you're quite a star.‘ ‘I wouldn'tp 197 SC 2000
that she was trying to avoid a far more serious admirer who had seen her arrive. Moving unsteadily down the stepsp 291 SC 2000
think of himself in these haunted roles, and every female admirer to imagine herself as the heroine playing Jane to thisp 156 KC 2006
leave in 1929. He became a much-travelled businessman, a lifelong admirer of the scientific world view and an enthusiast of allp 45 ML 2008
met. I think Eduardo realised that I was a genuine admirer of his work, and that apart from his lively imaginationp 219 ML 2008
by a Hammer producer, Aida Young, who was a great admirer of The Drowned World. She was keen that I writep 252 ML 2008
the kitchen with two glasses and a bottle of some admirer's wine, insisting that the battle had been won. Kay hadp 9 MP 2003
Jane down among the cafes, holding off a siege of admirers. ‘Have you given in yet?‘ she asked me, smiling atp 8 PB 1956
on the surrounding balconies stands the full complement of her admirers, that troupe of beach-partners, one of whom will play thep 858 60Z 1976
spoke attracted attention and the first fan mail from women admirers. Returning to Provo, Utah, and a life of drugs, beer-drinkingp 42 UGM 1979
flowers that covered its back like garlands discarded by the admirers of these sailors. Every night in Shanghai those Chinese toop 40 ES 1984
his paintings have remained wholly acceptable to his Sunday supplement admirers. The playgroup palette reminds them of the kindergarten paint-boxes withp 62 UGM 1988
Hopper's marooned hotel rooms appear positively inviting, as his French admirers may have realized. In the context of the future unwrappingp 69 UGM 1989
Xanadu among the snakes and parrots. Unhappily for his long-time admirers, James turned out to be a shrill and eccentric oldp 70 UGM 1991
the surrealists up for good and forced even Sade's keenest admirers to wonder if his psychopathic imagination had paved the wayp 124 UGM 1993
Fashionable audiences flocked from Paris, a foretaste of the uneasy admirers his writings would attract in the twentieth century. Meanwhile hisp 125 UGM 1993
universe. After Einstein's death in 1955 two of his greatest admirers, his secretary Helen Dukas and his financial adviser Dr Ottop 149 UGM 1993
and wild life programmes. She attracted a troupe of dedicated admirers, but failed to enlist the support of the established animalp 27 RP 1994
tacitly, even approved of the process. Few of her new-found admirers had lost faith in her or stepped back for ap 45 RP 1994
stepped from her swivel chair into the shelter of her admirers. The two constables by the estate office had custody ofp 76 MP 2003
good-natured blandness that audiences especially prized. She had millions of admirers but no enemies. Her death was inexplicable, a random killingp 211 MP 2003
offerings of honey and treacle, and several ‘diaries‘ penned by admirers which detailed their imaginary lives. In a light-hearted moment Davidp 175 KC 2006
he never once meets a living twentieth-century painter, though he admires Picasso, Matisse and, surprisingly, the Pop Artists. In 1938 hep 80 UGM 1991
can tell you. I'd like you to meet her, she admires your guts in sailing to Saint-Esprit and taking on thep 52 RP 1994
120 degrees. He looked down at Riggs‘ flushed pink face, admiring the Colonel's self-discipline and single-mindedness. ‘Don't look so condescending, Robertp 61 DW 1962
Ward fifteen minutes to free himself from the knot of admiring white-gloved spinsters who cornered him between two vaulting horses. Whenp 492 VH 1963
understand, Charles? The version on your left which you were admiring for so many minutes was superimposed by some unknown retoucherp 581 LL 1964
damned good records behind. She stood on the pony skin, admiring her tough, man-like hips as she dried herself after thep 667 BM 1966
wife's small foot and held it between his hands, openly admiring her pale legs without any guile or calculation. ‘Don't worryp 829 LFA 1975
on his balcony rail beside his attractive wife while openly admiring Helen. But Fradier is moving out of frame, and byp 859 60Z 1976
tenants of the long house. Now, as he watched Miranda admiring his coloured sneakers, swirling her embroidered dress around him, hep 899 UC 1976
peeled off his helmet. He smiled ungrudgingly at Halloway, clearly admiring the energy and enthusiasm of this excited young man, butp 903 UC 1976
He watched them from the window, in a flat way admiring their nerve. They were setting off for their last walkp 979 OAU 1978
last day here. I moved down the line of floats, admiring each one in turn. I greeted the bank-manageress and thep 180 UDC 1979
of the Hilton. For some reason, though, I find myself admiring Presley all the more. That knowing smile, those savvy eyesp 40 UGM 1981
us a hundred times a day.‘ McNair laughed good-humouredly, openly admiring Wayne as the latter stood proudly in the rear ofp 122 HA 1981
some cruising driver of old trying to entice a passer-by. Admiring Slade for his nerve in using the sky to accostp 1021 NFS 1981
search the beaches every day.‘ Mallory smiled at her encouragingly, admiring this spunky but sad child. He remembered the news photographsp 1047 MSA 1982
patient gaze like an older schoolboy forced to acknowledge an admiring junior. For all his youth, he seemed to be willingp 280 ES 1984
film industry self-inflation grew too great. No one in her admiring audience was ever in any doubt about the true purposep 114 MWRa 1990
perhaps by some visiting Nobel Prizewinner from Harvard or MIT. Admiring the car, and the Stan Kenton gramophone record on thep 85 KW 1991
going to Magic World!‘ Three-year-old Alice skipped down the path, admiring her shiny shoes. ‘Magic World, Magic World ...!‘ Miriam leaned againstp 121 KW 1991
towards Santa Margarita. Recently she had become intrigued by the admiring glances of other women. The admiration of her own sexp 142 KW 1991
not clean!‘ I moved the hair from her fierce forehead, admiring her determination. ‘You'll work for other directors. You'll be ap 249 KW 1991
exhibitionist strains in Dick's character. More tolerant of Dick, and admiring his courage, I had tried to sidestep his invitation forp 299 KW 1991
to shake its coat over us. I patted its head, admiring the easy expertise of the American crew. A man inp 347 KW 1991
from her nostrils, she stared back at the sea, openly admiring its aggression. Still breathless, Neil leaned against the coarse sandp 16 RP 1994
curtain of stage-smoke. They sped past the Dugong for an admiring cheer, led by Dr Barbara from the bridge, and racedp 58 RP 1994
strong voice as she laughed at something he had said, admiring her with a dozen covert glances. The woman was Drp 86 RP 1994
talking, but Bouquet was content to listen. He was openly admiring her bare breasts, chafed by a succession of safety pinsp 87 RP 1994
transmissions in the communications room. Eating breakfast cooked by the admiring chefs in the galley, he watched himself stuttering shyly throughp 96 RP 1994
director. As Neil rested in a sun-lounger on the pier, admiring the angular lines of the hydrofoil, he overheard the Italianp 107 RP 1994
her husband, eyes fixed coolly on Dr Barbara as if admiring the way she had seized control of the expedition. Moniquep 114 RP 1994
marked Neil's forehead. ‘There, Neil -- you'll remember me forever.‘ Admiring the paisley-patterned blood on her arms, she added: ‘One dayp 169 RP 1994
Dr Barbara, but they were sitting on the beach and admiring the seaplane's graceful lines. There was still time for Drp 176 RP 1994
He watched Dr Barbara approach him with quiet pleasure, openly admiring her courage, and glad that he had kept the promisep 177 RP 1994
still have to offer.‘ He patted Neil's head in an admiring but kindly way. ‘In my experience daughters can bring ap 193 RP 1994
crisply efficient backstroke. I sat down at a pool-side table, admiring her graceful arms as they cleft the surface. Her widep 39 CN 1996
have been unhappy at the Hollingers.‘ Crawford shook his head, admiring my ingenuity. ‘I don't think so. She liked it upp 74 CN 1996
them to accost me. I sat at the steering wheel, admiring their tough but relaxed charm. The prostitutes of Estrella dep 80 CN 1996
where she had stood at the moment the fire erupted. Admiring her, I rested against the sill, and tried to loosenp 114 CN 1996
most men never get ...‘ I followed her to the lift, admiring her brazen cheek. Before the doors closed she leaned forwardp 123 CN 1996
players, challenging them to race him back to the showers. Admiring his energy, I was about to wave to him, butp 187 CN 1996
baseline, waiting for its first opponent. But Crawford was not admiring the tennis court he had generously prepared for me. Top 266 CN 1996
to the girl in the pool and raised his glass, admiring her eager but unskilled dives. Little more than thirty feetp 267 CN 1996
images of hell. All afternoon she gazed at the towers, admiring these symbols of an erect masculinity of which her husbandp 8 DYF 1996
the dressing room and held her nightdress to her chin, admiring herself in the full-length mirror like a child trying onp 34 SC 2000
a metal ball to alter the geometry of their game. Admiring their self-control, I left the Jaguar in the Rue Lauvertp 133 SC 2000
pep and bounce, as if lit by a powerful stimulant. Admiring her, I found it easy to forget the drugged youngp 170 SC 2000
the lack of confidence and untrusting mouth. Aware of my admiring stare, she donned a large pair of sunglasses, evidently thep 208 SC 2000
Alice library that anyone had read. I lay beside Frances, admiring her sprawled figure in the overhead mirror. She seemed top 229 SC 2000
walk back to his car. He paused by the Jaguar, admiring its lines, and knelt by the rear wing. Something outp 316 SC 2000
down to the drive and watched her as she reversed, admiring her wristy gear changes. She looked very elegant and coolp 321 SC 2000
a wound. I sat among the debris of discarded underwear, admiring Jane's stamina and panache. Overwork and pethidine had coarsened herp 368 SC 2000
the luxury of being themselves that they barely noticed the admiring crowds. ‘They're not exactly unhappy. They'd be prowling around, tryingp 36 MP 2003
sent in by BBC reporters in the Metro-Centre car parks. Admiring the self-confident crowds and marching bands, they reminded the viewersp 191 KC 2006
around my foot. I watched the marshals rallying their teams, admiring their doomed efforts to defend the mall. Many of thep 214 KC 2006
launched it onto the barricade. Even the inspectors gave an admiring salute. I stood up, trying to clear my throat ofp 214 KC 2006
his cheeks with the knuckle of her forefinger. Marshall smiled admiringly. Cool passionate lover, he thought. I must try to rememberp 69 WFN 1961
I held out for them all. Yet as she gazed admiringly at my grimy suit I could see that it wasp 120 UDC 1979
likely brain damage. All the while, she was watching herself admiringly in the coat-stand mirror. When she poured a tumbler ofp 51 MP 2003
rose over Bedfont and turned towards the west Gould waved admiringly. ‘Heroic, but ...‘ ‘Not pointless enough?‘ ‘Exactly. Think of all thosep 249 MP 2003
the colourless plastic and stared at me through it, laughing admiringly. Behind him the young Chinese was slowly suffocating to deathp 106 ML 2008
attempt to move her, and she stood her ground, watched admiringly by the crowd as the police car and van swervedp 172 ML 2008