surprised to see that the surgeon was perfectly serious. ‘I admire your shrewdness,‘ he said quietly. ‘But I hope we canp 143 WFN 1961
dark tunnels.‘ He looked at Maitland rhetorically, then added: ‘I admire you, Doctor, and your companions. You still do battle withp 163 WFN 1961
in his pockets for some change. ‘I must say I admire you for taking it all so calmly,‘ he told Kandinskip 487 VH 1963
opinion? There seems to be a profound need everywhere to admire Star Wars, and a resentment of any response other thanp 14 UGM 1977
be of interest except for his increasingly eccentric behaviour. I admire Hughes, above all for the casual way in which hep 48 UGM 1977
showing off his strength and stamina, I wanted him to admire me. ‘Good, Blake ... I'm exhausted. Good.‘ Breathing harshly, Father Wingatep 76 UDC 1979
day for her. Already the first spectators had arrived to admire my handiwork. Two newspaper delivery boys sat on their bicyclesp 128 UDC 1979
Wayne said. ‘I wish we could help them. But I admire them, Steiner, like you do.‘ ‘Good. Self-reliance, a proper respectp 69 HA 1981
wanted the Japanese to see his balsa aircraft; not to admire it, but to acknowledge its existence. He was older nowp 25 ES 1984
Jim. ‘You had good sense, Jim, being born here. I admire a boy who appreciates a good home. Anyone can pickp 106 ES 1984
I sat in the cockpit of a Japanese fighter.‘ ‘You admire Japanese pilots?‘ ‘They're brave ...‘ ‘And that's important?‘ ‘It's a goodp 139 ES 1984
eventually lie with the targets being satirized. We come to admire the magnificent B-52s with their sleek A-bombs and brave ifp 19 UGM 1987
to her and sitting down to finish his fruit and admire the giant butterfly, its wings like the painted hands ofp 1170 DCG 1990
and the contest is a close-run thing, much as I admire Marinetti and the futurists. But only the most advanced Italianp 97 CRAa 1990
terms of the works of art he travels endlessly to admire. Human relationships appear to have been erased from his lifep 80 UGM 1991
realm that, like a kindly sky, taught the audience to admire itself. In an unguarded moment, he told me of hisp 191 KW 1991
back in his chair, sneakers on the desk, letting Sally admire his long legs and actor's profile. ‘It's obviously true inp 192 KW 1991
of her dress. With a thin smile he pretended to admire the weight and curvature of her heavy white breasts, likep 248 KW 1991
here.‘ He pulled my arm and whispered: ‘You have to admire people. Most of them are far worse off than mep 305 KW 1991
not? Dr Barbara's completely serious.‘ ‘We know that. Look, I admire her, but why pretend she's Albert Schweitzer? Neil, the wholep 64 RP 1994
pharmaceutical supplies. Resting in the surf, Neil lay back to admire the women. Both were magnificently pregnant, so heavy with childp 182 RP 1994
approvingly as I fastened my seatbelt. ‘Sensible, Charles. I do admire an orderly mind. It's hard to believe, but accidents happenp 235 CN 1996
away from his outstretched hand. Only when I learned to admire this flawed and dangerous man was I able to thinkp 3 SC 2000
rely on people like David Greenwood. Though you have to admire the way he carried it off. Once the alarm wasp 29 SC 2000
powder. She exchanged quips with the flunkey, and let him admire her decolletage. I walked to the staircase and climbed thep 294 SC 2000
was part of a deliberate tip-off. He had pretended to admire the Jaguar, but had clearly been searching for signs ofp 322 SC 2000
Tony Maxted and Sangster, refusing to play their game. ‘I admire you for turning them down,‘ I told him as thep 143 KC 2006
of deeper meaning in their lives. They need someone to admire and follow. The destination doesn't matter. The nearest to ap 195 KC 2006
Didn't realize I was trying to help her. The group admire my ‘guts‘ but tell me to go home. It's astonishingp 196 KC 2006
sporting militias. I now knew the truth, and I could admire my father and accept myself. I no longer needed top 197 KC 2006
staged in American research institutes. I must say that I admire Martin Bax for never flinching whenever I suggested my latestp 211 ML 2008
life influence his work, possibly for the worse? I greatly admire his early sculpture, those gaunt and eroded figures cast fromp 219 ML 2008
witch-like presence. Despite her grotesque appearance and insane run, Ransom admired this old woman of the barges. Often during the winterp 9 D 1965
obvious to me that these antiquated and uncomfortable machines are admired chiefly because they are machines. Most of them are nowp 264 UGM 1971
at their breast he could easily become vicious. The women admired him for this. A substantial number of morphine ampoules werep 172 HR 1975
strongpoint. It was this kind of courage that Ogden most admired. Earlier he had feared that once the German had recoveredp 978 OAU 1978
its rising disc, I walked through the cold shallows and admired the hundreds of golden carp that swarmed around my feetp 125 UDC 1979
garden of orchids and bougainvilia. I was pleased that she admired my powers over the air and the birds, my commandp 147 UDC 1979
deep freezers rose among the cages of the aviary. I admired Stark, with his dream of appliances, but I was thinkingp 171 UDC 1979
radio headphones, thoughts clearly a continent away from McNair, and admired the calf-length cavalry boots he had found in a militaryp 75 HA 1981
then escape from this mad old man. Much as he admired Dr Fleming, he could hear the faint clicking and crackingp 177 HA 1981
grimly that the post of Vice-President, never exactly coveted or admired, had reached rock-bottom. Groups of nervous teenagers hid among thep 190 HA 1981
probably her only possession, but at the same time he admired the Japanese. He liked their bravery and stoicism, and theirp 23 ES 1984
that Mr Maxted would not be shocked by this. Jim admired Mr Maxted, an architect turned entrepreneur who had designed thep 27 ES 1984
an exotic beast of great moodiness and independence, qualities he admired. ‘Are you interested in animals, Jim?‘ ‘Yes ... not much. Whatp 139 ES 1984
and entrepreneur, who had represented so much that Jim most admired about Shanghai, had been sadly drained by his years inp 177 ES 1984
rising numbers of deaths from beri beri and malaria. Jim admired the Mustangs and Superfortresses, but sometimes he wished that thep 181 ES 1984
external checks before climbing into the cockpits. Above all, Jim admired the kamikaze pilots. In the past month more than ap 189 ES 1984
had been put there for reasons of style alone. Jim admired the Hayates and Zeros of the Japanese, but the Mustangp 192 ES 1984
to apologize to her, and reassure her how much I admired her skills, and play her one of the instructional cassettesp 147 DC 1987
under your thumb. God knows where you're leading me ...‘ I admired her for the canny and self-contained way in which, despitep 191 DC 1987
the companionway. Although a handsome woman, whom I had often admired from the windows of the clinic at Port-la-Nouvelle, she nowp 197 DC 1987
far from showing resentment they all seem to have sincerely admired their employers, and were clearly happy to work for themp 22 RW 1988
was almost as celebrated as the stars he so thrillingly admired, his imagination fixed for ever in those carefree days inp 60 UGM 1989
belief in the powers of physical strength. Athletic prowess was admired above all, a cult of bodily perfection mediated through groupp 1143 LTP 1989
name taken consciously from B. Traven, a writer I've always admired for his extreme reclusiveness -- so completely at odds withp 19 UDa 1990
and serene, slightly eroded by the winds of fate, but admired for his rugged kindliness. Reading these essays and speech-day addressesp 116 UGM 1991
something about the Japanese, their seriousness and stoicism, that I admired. One day I might join the Japanese Air Force, justp 36 KW 1991
the Japanese and force them to do their worst. I admired them for their courage, as much as I admired thep 47 KW 1991
I admired them for their courage, as much as I admired the Japanese. I never understood why the only brave Britishersp 47 KW 1991
I felt an uneasy sense of pride. Despite myself, I admired this Japanese soldier, with his swollen temples and bruised facep 58 KW 1991
crept red-faced to the seats below. Despite the humiliation, I admired Harris. He and his brother, both now eminent physicians, hadp 78 KW 1991
humour had become more eccentric, almost mimicking the surrealists I admired so much. The increasing numbers of Japanese tourists who visitedp 217 KW 1991
shook his hand, and briefly told him how much I admired his films, there was a flicker of response. An ironicp 238 KW 1991
the latest breakthroughs to his coterie of TV producers. I admired Dick, and regretted that I had always encouraged him top 239 KW 1991
liver would have been the decent thing ...‘ Cleo and I admired Dick's courage and humour, which sadly deserted him after thep 302 KW 1991
have changed.‘ ‘Why not?‘ I was surprised, knowing that she admired Spencer's visionary paintings. ‘You always liked Cookham.‘ ‘Too many angelsp 324 KW 1991
Paris might end its moratorium on nuclear testing. Neil secretly admired the French for their determination to maintain a nuclear arsenalp 32 RP 1994
their determination to maintain a nuclear arsenal, just as he admired the great physicists who had worked on the wartime Manhattanp 32 RP 1994
quo, and thrived on tension and conflict. Yet he still admired her more than any woman he had ever met, andp 130 RP 1994
he concluded, was spartan and high-minded, qualities that Colonel Stamford admired above all. In fact, there was something almost too idyllicp 186 RP 1994
but later he recognized his commitment to the sanctuary. He admired Neil's swimming and fishing skills and in a clumsy butp 204 RP 1994
But the Japanese had a strain of melancholy that I admired, a quality not much in evidence among the party-going Europeansp 288 UGM 1995
of self-control she lacked confidence in herself, a trait I admired. At the same time she was teasing me with herp 121 CN 1996
and reveal the shrieking bones. I walked past him, and admired the speedboat and its sculptured prow. ‘It's almost too powerfulp 138 CN 1996
sure yet. It was quite a performance -- we all admired his style. Now, where exactly is Sansom's cottage?‘ ‘In thep 146 CN 1996
Very surprised. How did your brother feel about him?‘ ‘Jacques admired him. They were due to testify together as witnesses top 145 SC 2000
seemed part of the huge illusion created by Eden-Olympia. I admired Halder for making his confession, and felt concerned for himp 205 SC 2000
whores and assaulted Arab workmen. Yet, despite myself, I still admired Penrose, and the core truth of his bold but derangedp 360 SC 2000
my eyes with the sight of his raw fingernails. I admired him for his hold over me, but I would shootp 391 SC 2000
was grateful for her kindness to a fellow demonstrator. I admired her for the way she openly wore her insecurities likep 65 MP 2003
Hammersmith, using her wayward personality like a skilled actress. I admired her spirit, and the strong mind that had closed itselfp 85 MP 2003
could construct a vital figure missing from my life. I admired him for his kindness to the dying children, and hep 178 MP 2003
walk away, chin raised as she passed the police. I admired her chilly self-control. As Richard Gould had said, the senselessnessp 188 MP 2003
she broke off to run back to her house. I admired her, as always, for her passion and wrongheadedness. She wasp 199 MP 2003
in her mid-thirties, the presenter was one of the most admired personalities in television. For a decade she had introduced breakfastp 209 MP 2003
brutal the better. Blood and aggression were the qualities most admired. The hard tackle was the essence of sport, the kindp 158 KC 2006
leaders saw Cruise and the Metro-Centre as calming influences. They admired the new discipline, especially as it drove up property valuesp 191 KC 2006
tired trenchcoat, a psychopath with genuine moral integrity.‘ ‘Still, everyone admired him.‘ ‘Why not? We're totally degenerate. We lack spine, andp 263 KC 2006
Leaving Sangster and his self-hating motives to one side, I admired Carradine and his mutineers, and the robustly physical world theyp 266 KC 2006
their hands, trying to resemble the consumer goods they most admired. I watched them as I moved along the second-floor deckp 268 KC 2006
but I was going to join the Communist Party. I admired anyone who could unsettle people, and the Communist labour organisersp 53 ML 2008
1940s. Few of the painters, philosophers, writers and film-makers I admired were English, but at the same time I could seep 133 ML 2008
shifting psychological roles are more important than the ‘character‘ so admired by English schoolmasters and literary critics, and where the deepp 134 ML 2008
to the British art of the past four centuries. I admired Turner because he seemed to anticipate the Impressionists, but thep 154 ML 2008
the avant-garde wing of science fiction was known. What I admired most about Moorcock was that he was a complete professionalp 193 ML 2008
dimension to mental life. I often visited Chris's lab, and admired the American licence plates and the photographs of him withp 214 ML 2008
for him, and the country where his sculpture was most admired. I remember telling him that Chris Evans had found somep 221 ML 2008