the government's authority. The thirty British soldiers and the District Administrator will stay on after the Americans have left, recruiting localp 962 TW 1967
the Americans pay any attention is Major Cleaver, the District Administrator who will be in charge of the pacified village. Ap 963 TW 1967
cities -- for a moment Orlowski imagined himself being colonial administrator of New York, pro-consul of thousands of miles of aridp 29 HA 1981
would be anti-party, Jung's mother, by now a senior education administrator, was forced to kneel on broken glass and parade withp 38 UGM 1992
at the damaged wing of the Mercedes like a relief administrator gazing at the aftermath of a small earthquake. A sideswipep 52 SC 2000
which were the traditional uniform of the Probate Department's senior administrators he looked like a man who had never taken ap 340 PE 1962
and pillboxes. In the evening they withdraw with the local administrators to a fortified enclave near the American base at Windsorp 960 TW 1967
many overdoses and fallen into the doubtful company of arts administrators, TV psychologists and impresarios of car crash exhibitions. Happy forp 286 KW 1991
highly paid professional caste in Europe, a new elite of administrators, enarques and scientific entrepreneurs. The lavish brochure enthused over ap 5 SC 2000
young instructors, but otherwise deserted. I assumed that the senior administrators at Eden-Olympia were too tired after a day's work top 38 SC 2000
hippie, but adopted her scruffy style to irritate the hospital administrators. She had specialized in paediatrics, but ward closures had reassignedp 43 SC 2000
air at this dangerous couple, I imagined their Roman predecessors, administrators of colonial Provence, sitting in the arena at Nimes andp 382 SC 2000
attract an entourage of graduate students, museum curators, art school administrators eager for him to judge their diploma shows, well-to-do artp 219 ML 2008
course, but we've had to learn to be realistic.‘ ‘That's admirable of you both.‘ ‘Given one possible outcome, I think Judithp 831 LFA 1975
pre-recorded film-strip of themselves at the moment of climax. These admirable conventions eliminated all the dangers of personal involvement, and thisp 948 ICU 1977
and Anthony Burgess, Greene keeps alive the largest and most admirable traditions of the English novel. The robustness and strength ofp 139 UGM 1978
spent on the most elaborate technological achievement ever seen. Yet admirable men though the astronauts were, I still miss that madp 275 UGM 1979
enjoyed impressing everyone with these expensive leather brogues. ‘Jim, it's admirable of you to look so smart, but try not top 208 ES 1984
be honest. Everyone liked him.‘ ‘That's good. He was an admirable doctor.‘ She ventured a sip of water. ‘Time stands stillp 326 SC 2000
the business of their physical survival. The exchange suited Laing admirably, just as it suited him to have them in bedp 172 HR 1975
eyes still searching the wind. From the Submarine Pens FROM: ADMIRAL HAMILTON, CIC U.S. SIXTH FLEET, USS EISENHOWER, TUNIS. TOp 26 WFN 1961
disgusted with Hamilton for wasting the Terrapin's potential, but the admiral might himself have been ignorant of Van Damm's death. Fivep 40 WFN 1961
there had been heavy flooding, but no serious damage.‘ The admiral nodded, glad to be reassured. Marshall continued with his surveyp 57 WFN 1961
picked up the miniature microphone. ‘Hardoon Tower, this is Black Admiral calling Hardoon Tower,‘ he began to repeat rapidly. Deborah camep 127 WFN 1961
23-day expedition to Bellatrix IV. 20 ship assault corps under Admiral Storm Wengen. Mission: liberation of (imaginary) Terran hostages. Cost: 300p 347 PE 1962
callous tone. Strangman introduced the negro curtly. ‘This is the Admiral, my chief whip. If I'm not around when you wantp 91 DW 1962
longer in the refrigerated section of the ship, and the Admiral and another sailor followed them closely, continually hosing them withp 92 DW 1962
faucet on the wall. Strangman snapped his fingers and the Admiral quickly began to pull away the canvas wrappings draped betweenp 92 DW 1962
end of the aisle and swung back, barking at the Admiral to cover the exhibits again. ‘Impressed, Doctor?‘ Kerans managed top 93 DW 1962
Good God!‘ As he let out a martyred groan, the Admiral took up the refrain, first saying the word quietly top 93 DW 1962
as they drove off in one of the scows, the Admiral and half a dozen other members of the crew linedp 94 DW 1962
canals by one of the dragon-eyed scows, manned by the Admiral or Big Caesar and camouflaged with fern fronds, like ap 96 DW 1962
the switchbacking jetty. Promptly at seven the next morning the Admiral had come for him. They collected Beatrice and Dr. Bodkinp 97 DW 1962
the business of the dive. Under the supervision of the Admiral, two of the crew made a preliminary dive in aqualungsp 99 DW 1962
doorway and disappeared from view, communicating by telephone with the Admiral, who sang out his commentary for all to hear inp 99 DW 1962
He waved Beatrice's alarms aside. ‘Don't worry, Strangman and the Admiral will take good care of me.‘ ‘Of course, Kerans.‘ Strangman'sp 101 DW 1962
us over the loudspeaker. Relax, Miss Dahl, there's no danger. Admiral! Suit for Dr. Kerans! Chop, chop!‘ Kerans exchanged a briefp 101 DW 1962
men were hosing down the suit and helmet, while the Admiral and Big Caesar, and the sailors resting on the pump-wheelsp 102 DW 1962
shade above him, at the watchful ebony face of the Admiral sitting across his legs and pumping his chest in hisp 109 DW 1962
I warned you not to go down too far.‘ The Admiral stood up, evidently satisfied that Kerans had recovered. The deckp 109 DW 1962
of his absences from the table to confer with the Admiral. With the final brandies before them, Strangman sat down apparentlyp 117 DW 1962
faces at the rail. On the bridge above him, the Admiral watched with dry amusement, the fading light glinting across hisp 120 DW 1962
them, kicking back the dining table, shouting up at the Admiral. Beatrice watched him disappear below with alarm, a slender handp 121 DW 1962
chorus of fists pounding a drum-beat on the rail the Admiral rowed Strangman across the shallow pool to the fountain inp 122 DW 1962
them was the white-faced figure of Strangman, followed by the Admiral and Big Caesar, shotguns at their shoulders. Strangman's eyes glitteredp 126 DW 1962
him. ‘Do you know why they fear me, Kerans? The Admiral, Big Caesar and the others. Let me tell you myp 130 DW 1962
light fizzing from a trailing wire. Wide awake, Strangman bellowed: ‘Admiral, Big Caesar! Get him, he's got a bomb!‘ In ap 131 DW 1962
air, spitting magnesium fragments across the roadway. Strangman and the Admiral were leaping up a fire escape, Big Caesar's shotgun slammingp 131 DW 1962
forward, a smirk twisting his lips. Big Caesar and the Admiral were at his shoulder, their shotguns exchanged for machetes. Thep 132 DW 1962
the pack closed in, found his escape blocked by the Admiral, who was feinting from side to side in his whitep 133 DW 1962
air like demoniac dice, hips swivelled and heels stamped. The Admiral dived forward and cleared a way through the whirling torsosp 134 DW 1962
of another night's work. With a shout, Strangman and the Admiral pulled apart the dancing group. The cart was hauled awayp 136 DW 1962
lips, tap dancing on the drum skins. Accompanied by the Admiral, Strangman moved swiftly from one Party to another, inciting themp 138 DW 1962
Amid a chorus of excited orders from Strangman and the Admiral, who raced along beside the wheels, trying helplessly to restrainp 138 DW 1962
direction, raced along the street, panting after Strangman and the Admiral, Big Caesar pursuing them with a rain of blows andp 139 DW 1962
Staggering helplessly with laughter, Strangman slapped Big Caesar and the Admiral on the back, soon had the rest of the crewp 139 DW 1962
glowing tip. While the men below crossed the square, the Admiral turned and surveyed the observation deck. Over the edge ofp 146 DW 1962
men are looting the streets, I think there's only the Admiral up on the bridge.‘ Beatrice pressed her face to hisp 148 DW 1962
began to rock in its davits, and they heard the Admiral bark down at them from the bridge. A moment laterp 150 DW 1962
barrel of the shotgun sticking into the air as the Admiral manoeuvred about. Kerans jumped down into the square, took Beatricep 150 DW 1962
of the square. They shouted to and fro with the Admiral, then spotted Kerans and Beatrice a hundred yards away. Keransp 150 DW 1962
the men huddled under the depot ship. Strangman and the Admiral had gone forward towards the machine-gun, and were remonstrating withp 154 DW 1962
the Mississippi. Writing this on the bridge of the great Admiral riverboat. If and when we reach California I won't bep 92 HA 1981
mother, the Empress Sadako, and brought up by a retired admiral. He was provided with no childhood friends or games, andp 50 UGM 1989
the disco downstairs, and he and Frank set up the Admiral Drake regatta. Forty years ago he'd have been running thep 46 CN 1996
the glow, then picked out the white brim of the Admiral's peaked cap. A moment later, as he inhaled contentedly onp 146 DW 1962
will do very nicely.‘ Riggs rapped his baton across the Admiral's chest and forced him back. Completely disconcerted by all thisp 152 DW 1962
We'll have to make sure that all our grandchildren are admirals or archbishops.‘ As he spoke Dr Jamieson was watching thep 285 GA 1961
know you're the captain and all that, but after the admirals‘ wives have made themselves comfortable there just may not bep 95 WFN 1961
from NBC.‘ Lanyon smiled at her. ‘Relax. There aren't any admirals‘ wives in the neighbourhood, let alone any admirals. You'll bep 95 WFN 1961
aren't any admirals‘ wives in the neighbourhood, let alone any admirals. You'll be on board even if I have to marryp 95 WFN 1961
Life, when they would recognize their son's face among the admirals and generals ... They were passing the eastern perimeter of Lunghuap 324 ES 1984
found a group called the New Instinctivists (they were against admirals but for rear-admirals, against prostitutes but for whores, against thep 113 UGM 1991
the Home Office. Its headquarters were situated in the old Admiralty buildings in Whitehall, a rambling network of stately boardrooms andp 52 WFN 1961
as one of the few employees not resident at the Admiralty he was able to verify personally the reports he spentp 52 WFN 1961
The operations deck was on the second floor of the Admiralty building, a honeycomb of small partitioned offices off the narrowp 59 WFN 1961
sideways, and the Bethlehem emerged into the rear courtyard, between Admiralty House and the Foreign Office Annex. Inside the cabin, Marshallp 61 WFN 1961
their Centurions early that morning for the peripheral command posts. Admiralty Arch had collapsed half an hour later, pulling down withp 117 WFN 1961
yours, Andrew Symington. Apparently the emergency intelligence unit in the Admiralty bunkers were attacked yesterday. Marshall and three of the othersp 151 WFN 1961
from the arrest in September 1962 of William Vassall, the Admiralty clerk turned Russian spy, to February 1964 when the Beatlesp 242 UGM 1992
the jeep, his back against the windshield, watching Holiday with admiration. ‘You obviously have hidden reserves,‘ he said ungrudgingly. ‘I didn'tp 241 DE 1961
section of the garage door. Faulkner followed the sequence with admiration, counting off each successive step as the dials clicked andp 244 OM 1961
catch us before we see him.‘ He felt a sudden admiration for her, at the stoical way she had sustained herselfp 362 CS 1962
picking his nails with his cigar-cutter, a faint suggestion of admiration in his eyes. ‘So you want to hold the fetep 382 WT 1962
later, its orientations differing slightly. Ruefully shaking his head in admiration of Ryker's cleverness, Connolly looked at his watch. It wasp 455 QR 1963
her shackled legs into the front seat. Vaughan whistled in admiration at this. We moved through the stands and revolving carsp 174 C 1973
Anne was remarkably unruffled. She gazed at Wilder with evident admiration. ‘My God, he's rather insane ...‘ Royal waited for Wilder top 89 HR 1975
the down-like nimbus that covered Serena's skin confirmed all my admiration of her maker's genius. Here and there a barely detectablep 867 S 1976
356, 571 Nice, 45 Niebuhr, R., conversations with HRH, 270-5; admiration for HRH, 276; lends villa to HRH, 288; expresses reservationsp 944 I 1977
They're so crazy!‘ Pepsodent interjected with a hoot of friendly admiration. ‘Got some kind of space-age religion, and all the hardwarep 67 HA 1981
highway of a forest river. Wayne watched the cruise with admiration, almost urging it on its way. The missile was alteringp 209 HA 1981
Paul, Fitzgerald felt an outsider from the start. Desperate for admiration, he struggled to reach the school football team, but wasp 109 UGM 1982
herself, fashioned from archaic red coral. All my respect and admiration of women is prompted by this painting, which I lastp 39 YCMa 1990
become intrigued by the admiring glances of other women. The admiration of her own sex existed on a higher and morep 142 KW 1991
had taken charge. As always, I watched her with unstinted admiration as she rolled her skirt around her thighs, exposing herp 179 KW 1991
to die the invisible TV audience that had invested its admiration in him for so many years and now needed top 309 KW 1991
to weigh the deviant sky. Only Kimo smiled with open admiration, still eager to be impressed by Dr Barbara and herp 113 RP 1994
as he watched Dr Barbara with a kind of fearful admiration. The Andersons, however, had decided to take action. Disgusted byp 159 RP 1994
as he panted quietly, partly in anger and partly in admiration and sensual pleasure. ‘Laurie ...‘ he murmured. ‘She's your star, Charlesp 269 CN 1996
only just made it.‘ Halder shook his head in genuine admiration. ‘You need to be a psychiatrist to cope with somethingp 186 SC 2000
and unclenched. Across his face moved emotions of envy and admiration he had long come to terms with, but had nop 243 SC 2000
prisons in which they languished. I watched her with unfeigned admiration, aware that nothing at the Adler had prepared me forp 95 MP 2003
the German armies were already deep inside Russia. Despite my admiration for the Japanese soldiers and pilots, I was intensely patrioticp 56 ML 2008
boastful claim. All this led me to switch my boyhood admiration to a new set of heroes. However brave the Japanesep 99 ML 2008
assumed that I was being ironic when I mentioned my admiration of Freud. The surrealists were still decades away from achievingp 133 ML 2008