only were we both preoccupied with the usual problems of adjustment faced by every married couple moving into a new housep 312 TDS 1962
continents. Over this initial period of twenty years a gradual adjustment of life took place to meet the altered climate. Ap 22 DW 1962
by steering column impalements, abdominal injuries caused by faulty seat-belt adjustment, second-order collisions between front-seat and rear-seat passengers, cranial and spinalp 133 C 1973
my affection for them overrides these small problems of mutual adjustment. As soon as they arrived, the bruise on my son'sp 952 ICU 1977
which he would emerge without warning to make some track adjustment. Once he had filled this huge space he began top 22 ML 2008
and Japanese, will ordinary people be able to make the adjustments necessary to living with the other side? In short, dop 960 TW 1967
wristwatch, so that no one need bother about making the adjustments himself ...‘ Halloway waited for a reply, but the calculators werep 917 UC 1976
and gaiters. He moved around the aircraft, making some last adjustments to the engine, oblivious of the shooting below. Twenty minutesp 922 UC 1976
student who dragged me into the family-planning clinic to the adjutant's secretary who listened good-naturedly as I worried on about myp 156 SC 2000
I was asked to comment. As a member of the Adler Institute, which specialized in industrial relations and the psychology ofp 8 MP 2003
trying to revive me. The war of succession at the Adler, the struggle to replace Professor Arnold, had left me tiredp 15 MP 2003
want to do. It's a substitute for resigning from the Adler. I haven't the courage to do that.‘ ‘You have.‘ ‘Notp 16 MP 2003
supervising a new diagnostic system developed in collaboration with the Adler. Instead of facing a tired consultant eager for a largep 23 MP 2003
no one around him. Despite all our years at the Adler, the tiresome clients and their impossible secretaries, this was thep 27 MP 2003
London crematorium had gathered to respect. The psychologists at the Adler were trying to defuse the conflicts of the workplace, butp 28 MP 2003
fading blossom of the disinformation age. My colleagues at the Adler, uncomfortable in their dark suits, stood in small groups asp 29 MP 2003
to his eye that he had first brought to the Adler. I nodded to Professor Arnold, the Institute's director, an affablep 29 MP 2003
her. For years she had nagged me to leave the Adler and set up in practice on my own, claiming thatp 29 MP 2003
our last years together, I needed the security that the Adler offered, and when she resigned to set up a consultancyp 29 MP 2003
to, knowing that he would never become director of the Adler. I pointed to the man in the sheepskin coat, nowp 31 MP 2003
any real shame. Many of the patients treated at the Adler felt a vast sourceless guilt, but none of those convictedp 44 MP 2003
same way. We need more recruits, especially someone at the Adler. When you're better we'll talk about it. We're moving intop 55 MP 2003
She lowered her voice, smiling slyly. ‘He doesn't like the Adler Institute. In fact, he said everyone there should be hangedp 61 MP 2003
-- for ten minutes. Then it was over.‘ At the Adler, dealing with dysfunctional families, I found that all too manyp 71 MP 2003
watched her with unfeigned admiration, aware that nothing at the Adler had prepared me for her. Psychiatry was at its bestp 95 MP 2003
Sally. I'd hate us to have to rely on my Adler salary. His company's retainer is half our income. It's ap 110 MP 2003
I liked less and less, the tiresome fundraising for the Adler, little more than touting for corporate clients. Voices sounded fromp 111 MP 2003
passenger seat as he scanned a white folder with the Adler crest. Henry and I paced the pavement together. ‘Superintendent Michaelsp 112 MP 2003
myself into the narrow cockpit of professional work at the Adler, with its inane rivalries and strained emotional needs. By contrastp 145 MP 2003
free again, for the first time since I joined the Adler and was inducted into the freemasonry of the professional classp 146 MP 2003
a thousand starter homes. As I set off for the Adler, for the first time in three weeks, Kay watched mep 166 MP 2003
picked up the car-phone and dialled the number of the Adler Institute. When the receptionist replied I asked for Professor Arnoldp 189 MP 2003
a lot of heavy baggage -- guilt, bogus affection, the Adler ...‘ ‘Your wife?‘ ‘I hope not.‘ I stopped at the mantelpiecep 192 MP 2003
is where we've all been wrong -- you, me, the Adler, liberal opinion. It isn't a search for nothingness. It's ap 194 MP 2003
more deranged than any patient who had passed through the Adler, but as always I felt better for seeing him. Despitep 263 MP 2003
cleared fifty yards of stony scrub. I returned to the Adler Institute, taking up my post again, the only member ofp 290 MP 2003
that resembled an avant-garde pissoir. We parked outside the main admin building, and walked to a side entrance behind a screenp 97 KC 2006
woman in a blue tracksuit and trainers emerged from the admin offices. She strode past me, and caught the tang ofp 110 KC 2006
haunted the school, and had broken several windows in the admin building. But the authority of a head teacher, even onep 161 KC 2006
entrance of the school, and stopped in front of the admin building. ‘Your taxi?‘ I asked Sangster when he put awayp 169 KC 2006
help to someone desperately needing it, his hands itching to administer relief to the child but held back by the insanep 293 IO 1962
helped back to safety, Kerans ready at his elbow to administer an analgesic or tranquilliser. Despite his brisk military front, Keransp 12 DW 1962
that Bodkin's murder had generated, and at the same time administer a salutary reproof. He skipped around Strangman's divan as thep 133 DW 1962
American desert. In Washington they would set up a base, administer the Indians (the bosun suggested that the whole state ofp 109 HA 1981
looked away, waiting for the coup de grace to be administered, and Strangman swarmed along the rail in front of themp 98 DW 1962
had exposed the shortcomings of the asylum's security systems, and administered a salutary jolt to his heads of departments. As thisp 521 MO 1963
thousands of eager recruits flocked to the colours, antibiotics secretly administered to polluted water supplies cured a squadron of cavalry huntersp 808 GTS 1972
the sky. The tenants corporately owned the building, which they administered themselves through a resident manager and his staff. For allp 9 HR 1975
were struck, but a dose of corporal punishment was being administered. Doreen stumbled to the carpet, and I rose from myp 276 KW 1991
lethal cocktail of potassium chloride, chloroform and morphine was openly administered by Dr Barbara with the agreement, she claimed, of thep 39 RP 1994
Violence and aggression were only allowed within the therapeutic regime administered by Wilder Penrose, like rationed doses of a rare andp 306 SC 2000
wandering about blankly on the observation roof of the new administration building at the medical school. How he had gained accessp 406 M99 1962
CELESTIAL TRAVERSES 1965-1980 Published by the National Astronautics and Space Administration, Washington, D.C., 1965. Part XV. Longitude 40-80 West, Latitudep 454 QR 1963
and the major departments of state were concerned with the administration of the road systems. Nearer the clover-leaf the lanes hadp 415 SM 1963
north-east of Maynard -- was being deliberately imposed by the administration, and a clamour was raised about the rights of inspectionp 606 IM 1964
the refugee camp everything is uncertain. There is no formal administration, no system of processing by which the waiting emigre throngp 143 UGM 1966
sent out by the British government to run the civil administration of the recaptured areas. Part political commissar, part judge andp 963 TW 1967
nurse, even on occasion diagnosing minor ailments and supervising the administration of drugs. Characteristic of Loughlin is the high level ofp 850 NTM 1976
military experiment, Kennedy made them an integral part of his administration, including them in its social life. There were ticker-tape paradesp 275 UGM 1979
authority. I suggest that we set up a complete civil administration with all the arms of central government -- issue ap 162 HA 1981
group calling for legalisation of LSD. Resigned 1978, hospitalised Veterans Administration Hospital, Fresno. On discharge begins nine months retreat at Truthp 1096 OOA 1984
ropes. ‘ ... the river as ecological stereotype, saved by Kagwa's wise administration, has ...‘ Confused by his own voice emerging from the limousine'sp 190 DC 1987
and mink-coated prostitutes. Each morning the trucks of the British-dominated administration toured the International Settlement and removed the bodies of thep 287 UGM 1995
third floor. The corridor led to Frank's apartment, two locked administration offices and the club's library. No one, not even inp 81 CN 1996
and testing out the possibilities of his tonic regime. The administration of his underground imperium he left to me, confident thatp 297 CN 1996
victims.‘ ‘Poor bastards. I think Fontaine died in the main administration building. Alain Delage took over from him. Does it matterp 70 SC 2000
Chairman, Eden-Olympia holding company. * Robert Fontaine. Chief executive, E-O administration. * Olga Carlotti. Manager of personnel recruitment, E-O. * Guyp 99 SC 2000
I had left the Jaguar a hundred yards from the administration building, in the only free parking space I could findp 100 SC 2000
Eden-Olympia, and then walked across the business park to the administration building, where earlier that afternoon I had caught up withp 119 SC 2000
the Eden-Olympia holding company; Robert Fontaine, chief executive of the administration; and Guy Bachelet, the security head. Danger seemed far fromp 153 SC 2000
tour of the memories inside his own head. ‘The main administration building,‘ I commented. ‘The brain centre of Eden-Olympia. This isp 191 SC 2000
the fresh graffiti aerosolled across the glass doors of the administration building. He dropped me at the house, gripping my armp 366 SC 2000
took my ticket from the dispenser, and drove past the administration office towards the B section of the car park. Despitep 240 MP 2003
E. Thwarted by the Mercedes, I had returned to the administration offices near the exit gate. A helpful Asian manager explainedp 241 MP 2003
in Carradine's office, a windowless space deep in the dome's administration area. As I sipped a double espresso, ad to sinkp 46 KC 2006
were few Japanese guards around, and most of the camp administration was left to the internees. The dining hall where wep 66 ML 2008
was chairman of the internees committee that ran the camp administration. In the 1980s his widow sent me the typed minutesp 75 ML 2008
latest fashion news. The Americans were part of the military administration of Shanghai, and would take me with them on tripsp 113 ML 2008
would have to be dismantled and nailed up again, the administrative job alone is so vast it's difficult to visualize. Millionsp 269 B 1961
his way down to the floor below which housed the administrative department. The offices were deserted; the entire staff of thep 525 MO 1963
your tireless work here will not be forgotten. A senior administrative post would, I am sure, suit you excellently.‘ As Boothp 526 MO 1963
are the ...‘ Booth searched about helplessly ... ‘the records in the administrative department. And the case notes.‘ Dr Mellinger shook his headp 527 MO 1963
to me. We have been discussing the possibility that an administrative post might be found for him. You have the Hintonp 527 MO 1963
I have the greatest respect for the efficiency of the administrative department under your leadership. I think it unlikely that theyp 528 MO 1963
hypothesis, that Hinton was no more than an accumulation of administrative errors, could never have been confirmed.‘ The knock on thep 529 MO 1963
that shielded them from the lower windows of the main administrative block, but Franklin's regular rendezvous with Hathaway and his strangep 412 SM 1963
identified the ship, a barquentine built by the Garden City administrative council. Halloway had taken for granted that a rescue partyp 908 UC 1976
that my present survival was no more than a brief administrative oversight. When he drew abreast of the wheelhouse and glancedp 132 DC 1987
basis, someone had to be found with the brains and administrative skills to run the corporation, and Lansky seemed to playp 45 UGM 1991
Civilian Assembly Centre, and staring at F block, the main administrative building where the Japanese commandant, Mr Hyashi, had his headquartersp 176 UGM 1991
where they began to work their way up the party's administrative ladder. Even now their idealism still prevailed over the Orwellianp 37 UGM 1992
peace of military occupation followed. A few Britons in senior administrative posts were hunted down and imprisoned, but the thousands ofp 289 UGM 1995
spadework to the larger strategic task of laying down his administrative network, his bureaucracy of crime. In time-honoured fashion, the threep 257 CN 1996
Greenwood from its collective memory, filing the tragedy in some administrative limbo assigned to earthquakes and regicides. I thought of Zanderp 88 SC 2000
roundabout that marked the western limit of the avenue. The administrative headquarters of Eden-Olympia displayed an almost imperial grandeur, with itsp 191 SC 2000
place. Within a year the ten-storey bulk of Eden II's administrative headquarters would tower above the plaque. As if signalling theirp 357 SC 2000
while he reached for his glasses, unable to comprehend the administrative blunder that had led to his own death. The Delagesp 391 SC 2000