for his misuse of language -- ‘Human, Allen, is an adjective and its use as a noun is in itself regrettablep 135 UGM 1993
his head like an ever-attendant genie. The fields and roads adjoining the river were covered with the same unvarying light, ap 10 D 1965
the task could he achieved on a more modest scale. Adjoining the northern side of the square was a cluster ofp 905 UC 1976
Homecoming was barely visible in the darkness that filled the adjoining chapels of the modest church. Two women in bombazine dressesp 329 SC 2000
appeared to be a drawn position. Although the game was adjourned without comment from either player, Malek seemed to concede byp 512 EG 1963
the attack. The hearing broke up, and the shocked magistrates adjourned the case, releasing the accused men on a nominal bailp 190 KC 2006
snapped. ‘Just give me five minutes, Malek. Damn it, one adjourns on a move, not halfway through it.‘ ‘Very well.‘ Malekp 514 EG 1963
festival of scientific and documentary films was being held, an adjunct to the main festival which the organisers had decided top 238 KW 1991
It's always interesting to watch a psychotropic house try to adjust itself to strangers, particularly those at all guarded or suspiciousp 306 TDS 1962
him peace of mind, but also to allow him to adjust the context of his escape. A physical leap to freedomp 508 EG 1963
but a mile from the town, when he stopped to adjust the carburettor, the town seemed to have been abandoned forp 678 DF 1966
beyond the cliff, but she turned away and began to adjust the feathers mechanically. Crispin gestured at the fields around themp 704 SBD 1966
seat vents that pointed towards her perineum. I wanted to adjust the contours of her breasts and hips to the rooflinep 162 C 1973
she reached forward with one hand, as if trying to adjust Crosland's image, perhaps alter the colour values of his fleshyp 40 HR 1975
already bored by the whole absurd business, he watched them adjust their bicycle clips and tyre pressures. Their polite and gentlep 909 UC 1976
to move. Jun sat on his wooden case, trying to adjust his mind and eye to the open perspectives of thep 242 ES 1984
drain the river, to vary its flow and gradient, to adjust its banks and course. In short, for a year Ip 69 DC 1987
the British, who faced a special problem of having to adjust their moribund class system, designed to restrict opportunity and initiativep 220 UGM 1991
slit, his forehead pressed to the cool concrete, trying to adjust himself to the notion that Dr Barbara had a lifep 87 RP 1994
along with you.‘ ‘Good. Yukio, what about you?‘ ‘We can adjust the food schedules ...‘ Nervous of his wife, the botanist temporizedp 141 RP 1994
chap?‘ ‘David ...‘ I paced around the sitting room, trying to adjust my mind to this half-sized world. ‘We have to assumep 149 CN 1996
She recognized me and began to turn away, pretending to adjust her hair. Unable to escape, she rallied herself and tookp 48 KC 2006
with the wrapper. Opening the tool-kit, he took out the adjustable spanner. On the second blow he struck the neck fromp 21 CI 1974
centre of the tank with the open jaws of the adjustable spanner. As the chips of paint stung his hands thep 38 CI 1974
the floor. ‘Let's try the rockets now,‘ Franz said. He adjusted the wing and tail settings and fitted three firework displayp 26 CC 1957
siphon by its neck he stepped over Maxted's legs and adjusted the tone control under one of the speaker boxes: Hep 71 T12 1958
a tape-recorder. Switching it on, he zeroed the tape and adjusted the speaker volume. ‘Whithy and I often talked this overp 180 VT 1960
the lines of exhibits. Half-asleep, periodically he leaned up and adjusted the flow of light through the shutter, thinking to himselfp 194 VT 1960
one for Judith and Helen,‘ he confided to Ward. Ward adjusted his pillow. They had smuggled the two armchairs back top 277 B 1961
even more dapper than usual, dark hair smoothed back, profile adjusted for maximum impact. ‘I saw her at the "psycho ip 218 S5 1961
he listened to the set hum into life, then quietly adjusted the tuning dial until the red fixed-beam answering bulb litp 127 WFN 1961
from Stravinsky to Stan Kenton to the MJQ, the room adjusted its mood and tempo without effort. And yet how longp 312 TDS 1962
show of the energy within. Kerans waited until his eyes adjusted themselves to the darkness at the rear of the roomp 62 DW 1962
the wire netting. He belched discreetly to himself, and then adjusted his holster belt. ‘I don't know the South Pacific, butp 438 QR 1963
some into the tank, then turned up the flame and adjusted it, careful, despite his annoyance, not to overheat the unitp 110 D 1965
that Mallory, whatever his reasons for being in Columbine, had adjusted himself all too completely to the ambiguous world of thep 673 DF 1966
rebuilt nest, her white hair lifting in the breeze, and adjusted some of the feathers. Stepping from behind the tree, Crispinp 709 SBD 1966
over the most terrifying facial and genital injuries. As they adjusted the harness around my legs, I listened to the aircraftp 27 C 1973
my penis through the vent of my pyjama shorts and adjusted the drainage tubes in my knees, who cleansed the pusp 33 C 1973
wrapped hash cigarette which Vaughan held for him as he adjusted his straps and the rake of the steering column. Hisp 86 C 1973
Leaning back against the door, he watched me as I adjusted the desk lamp. The first thirty pages recorded the crashp 97 C 1973
on my thigh. I waited until we stopped again, and adjusted the driving mirror so that I could see into thep 142 C 1973
people in the cars, peering through their windshields as they adjusted the frequencies of their car radios. I seemed to recognizep 221 C 1973
a large fire from pieces of furniture. Her strong hands adjusted a heavy spit assembled from the chromium tubing of ap 167 HR 1975
sprawled form entangled with the white shower curtains. As he adjusted the controls, moving these areas of tile and flesh intop 998 MA 1978
with professional command, all trace of his injuries forgotten. He adjusted his rear sight, his bandaged shoulder traversing the heavy weaponp 980 OAU 1978
narrowing and expanding around him. He waited as Dr Vanessa adjusted the lens of the cine-camera. Her untidy hair, still uncombedp 982 Z2 1978
reflection in the window of the control room as she adjusted the electrodes on his scalp. Her uncertain hands, with theirp 986 Z2 1978
shouting and waving their machetes. The look-out in the watch-tower adjusted the sights of his machine-gun. We were now less thanp 162 DC 1987
knees, I stared at my armies of lead soldiers, and adjusted their lines to take account of the latest troop movementsp 11 KW 1991
me a moment -- you are going to heaven ...‘ Dick adjusted the tripod of his cine-camera, aiming its ferocious little lensp 197 KW 1991
sound engineer moved forward with his microphone, and the cameraman adjusted his eye-piece. The lights intensified, blanching out the faces ofp 255 KW 1991
only I'd told my mother that ...‘ She reached out and adjusted the wings of the dressing-table, then opened the wardrobe doorp 321 KW 1991
-- a man tried to kill you last night.‘ I adjusted the collar and beckoned Cabrera to a chair, wondering howp 94 CN 1996
Good.‘ Paula nodded approvingly as she re-tied her scarf and adjusted her cleavage in the mirror. ‘Don't forget your car keysp 188 CN 1996
complex. I need to make a few house calls ...‘ He adjusted the climate-control unit on the instrument panel, sending a streamp 237 CN 1996
Mar and the Residencia Costasol are rather like Kowloon.‘ He adjusted the rear-view mirror and stared at his reflection, nodding top 247 CN 1996
find. Sometimes here, sometimes there, but never in between.‘ Cabrera adjusted the mouse beside my computer keyboard, scanned the menu andp 272 CN 1996
you beat him.‘ She unlocked and closed the valise, then adjusted my inkstand and noticed the set of car keys thatp 297 CN 1996
the loading mechanism, followed by a faint creak as it adjusted its angle and trajectory. While driving from the Club Nauticop 326 CN 1996
sounds of police sirens and helicopters filling his head. Halder adjusted the air-conditioning fan, and watched the sweat evaporate from hisp 200 SC 2000
was handsomely at ease in his black silk suit, and adjusted the rear-view mirror so that he could watch himself turnp 356 SC 2000
his temporary assignment to Chelsea Marina. He waited as I adjusted myself to this odd scene. Dressed in his metal-trimmed bootsp 101 MP 2003
my testicles. ‘Right ...‘ Kay hesitated, and then rallied herself. She adjusted her ski mask, supplied like our snatch-squad overalls and CSp 116 MP 2003
heard a succession of amplified clicks and stutters as someone adjusted the controls. Then a harsh voice boomed over our headsp 173 KC 2006
across the phlegm-soaked pillow. I stood beside Julia as she adjusted the ventilator, now and then stroking the hair like thep 239 KC 2006
death I was left alone to produce the magazine, and adjusted my time so that I could write in the officep 190 ML 2008
made no attempt to talk to Gorrell and concentrated on adjusting himself to the period ahead. He knew he would findp 52 M69 1957
old, but on that first evening I was preoccupied with adjusting myself to an unfamiliar planetary environment -- notably a denserp 73 WG 1959
circle of benches and tanks. Beside it a figure moved, adjusting the flow through its mouth. As it stepped across thep 191 VT 1960
of personal responsibility, always amused him. ‘You relax,‘ Granger said, adjusting the shoulder pad under his Hawaiian shirt which disguised hisp 237 DE 1961
Jamieson expertly assembled the weapon, screwing in the butt and adjusting it to the most comfortable angle. Fitting on the magazinep 282 GA 1961
ceiling, she lay resting for several hours, now and then adjusting her large figure to fit the unfamiliar contours of thep 265 MF 1961
shower stall over his shoulder. A pink form moved about, adjusting taps, and there was the sound of water jetting. ‘Tellp 248 OM 1961
sat down on his bunk and slowly loosened his collar, adjusting himself to the rhythmic rise and fall of the submarinep 26 WFN 1961
labelled Mile End Road, was blank, and the corporal was adjusting the controls in an effort to get a picture. Marshallp 121 WFN 1961
two mechanics who were sitting inside one of the tracks, adjusting the massive cleats. Royal Canadian Navy tabs were clipped top 146 WFN 1961
unsettling, like being continually watched over one's shoulder, each room adjusting itself to my soft, random footsteps as if they containedp 310 TDS 1962
seemed to have revealed itself within Kerans, in some way adjusting his metabolism so that he could survive the unbroken heatp 137 DW 1962
darkness. For a few seconds he paused inside the door, adjusting his eyes to the dim light cast into the ante-roomp 147 DW 1962
group of figures moved about the entrance of a mine-shaft, adjusting a wooden hoist. Wishing that he had brought his wife'sp 475 NWS 1963
going to have this kid claim it?‘ Traxel stood up, adjusting his height so that he overreached Bridges. ‘Of course, you'rep 467 TT 1963
universe, and only the shadow of the broken roof above, adjusting its length and perimeter, reminded him of the progress ofp 175 D 1965
chap.‘ Mallory stepped around the drained pool to greet him, adjusting the silk scarf in the neck of his shirt. ‘Wep 679 DF 1966
guide our driver's car over every inch of his journey, adjusting speed to the traffic stream, making small detours to avoidp 266 UGM 1971
the steering wheel. He lounged back, legs apart, one hand adjusting his heavy groin. The whiteness of his arms and chestp 90 C 1973
on to a small screen a picture of the engineers adjusting the sensors in the car's engine compartment. A family ofp 122 C 1973
-- I don't want you blowing it up my urethra.‘ Adjusting myself to the unfamiliar controls, I started the engine andp 140 C 1973
flange bolted on to a backing plate by self-locking nuts. Adjusting the spanner, Maitland worked away at one of the nutsp 30 CI 1974
lintel and the top step, he built a crude roof, adjusting the sheets so that the slope carried away the streamingp 47 CI 1974
was the dog's. Royal stared at himself in the mirror, adjusting his white jacket. In the fading light his reflection hadp 78 HR 1975
own dreams, and to the needs of their own nerve-endings. Adjusting himself to this new domain, Wayne watched Ricci with thep 57 HA 1981
fingers moved deftly over the control toggles, like a surgeon adjusting the settings of an intensive care unit. He was calmp 220 HA 1981
streets. A party of officers stood outside the Radium Institute, adjusting their gloves. Pasted over the Coca Cola and Caltex billboardsp 56 ES 1984
the polished rails as they hummed faintly in the heat, adjusting my step to the wooden sleepers. I searched for Lunghuap 55 KW 1991
overrode her loyalty to her husband. She knelt across me, adjusting her knees to my heavier torso. Exhausted and over-excited, desperatep 168 KW 1991
glamorously by his Tiger Moth in a white flying suit, adjusting a fire extinguisher. He embraced Sally, treated me to ap 216 KW 1991
moved the syringe and lay down on the sleeping bag, adjusting her gaze to take in the long-limbed adolescent who filledp 164 RP 1994
he watched himself in the mirror, touching his eyebrows and adjusting his hair like an actor in his dressing room. Wasp 181 CN 1996
the wife of an architect in the same street, by adjusting the roller-blinds, a prearranged code that my mother discovered inp 155 SC 2000
to the disco rhythm, and she seemed cheerful and confident, adjusting the driver's mirror to check her lipstick, a vision ofp 159 SC 2000
taken in the White City studios only eighteen months earlier. Adjusting the rear-view minor, I compared my drawn features and bruisedp 242 MP 2003
a sunbather settling himself on a mat. Or a marksman adjusting his sights. Hungerford? A young misfit named Michael Ryan hadp 279 MP 2003