statues stood over the empty fountains. The roof of the 14th-century town hall had gone, but most of the buildings andp 32 WFN 1961
criminal psychopath. The man had stepped straight out of the 14th-century Inquisition, his bureaucratic puritanism masking two real obsessions: dirt andp 293 IO 1962
that I could get back to Channel 2 at 9.15. When the explanation came I just had to hear itp 14 E 1956
the way the clocks are stuck between 9 and 9.15?‘ Tom laughed. ‘I don't know,‘ he said. ‘I suggest youp 15 E 1956
For the last two hours a section of time about 15 minutes long has been repeating itself. The clocks are stuckp 16 E 1956
repeating itself. The clocks are stuck between 9 and 9.15. That play you're watching has --‘ ‘Harry, darling.‘ She lookedp 16 E 1956
booths, Franz made his way up an escalator to Tier 15, where the Supersleepers berthed. Running the length of the stationp 33 CC 1957
the orderly room. ‘Brocken!‘ he would shout out at 7.15, as the shadow line hit the first interval. ‘Morning inspectionp 150 CH 1960
notes that his lunch period for that day is 12.15 to 12.30. He has fifteen minutes to kill. Rightp 160 CH 1960
faded blue face. Unlike the others its hands registered 3.15, the correct time. Conrad had nearly mentioned this apparent coincidencep 162 CH 1960
of a tall pagoda-like chain, topped by the legend: ‘Drosophila: 15 rontgens per min.‘ Powers tapped a small perspex window inp 176 VT 1960
harder on the accelerator, pushed the carrier's speed up to 15 miles an hour. The pounding stopped, then took up againp 34 WFN 1961
brickwork, all that was left of one corner, stood up 15 feet above the apex of the roof. The wind wasp 35 WFN 1961
from Mitsubashi steelworks spreading over western suburbs. Casualties estimated at 15,000. Food and water adequate for three days. Government actionp 52 WFN 1961
their contents into the roadway below. A fragment of masonry 15 feet long, a virtually intact section of balcony, fell straightp 64 WFN 1961
the tunnel, blowing straight through at a steady 10 or 15 miles per hour. They had reached the midtown section ofp 106 WFN 1961
narrow stone landing that overlooked the sewer, a long cavern 15 feet in diameter that wound away from them. It hadp 108 WFN 1961
concrete and metal. Full ahead, the Terrapin was moving at 15 knots as they met halfway down the pen. It slowedp 115 WFN 1961
concrete breastwork. But no sooner had they gone 10 or 15 feet when they again felt the full undiminished force ofp 124 WFN 1961
into the forward section of the Titan, a narrow compartment 15 feet long by six feet wide, packed with equipment, storesp 148 WFN 1961
in progress. The tractor edged forward along the centre at 15 mph, tacking from left to right across the band. Twop 155 WFN 1961
these had snapped, and the giant slab, a block weighing 15 or 20 tons, was slowly tilting down over them. Seeingp 184 WFN 1961
raise eyebrows, but the girl is as fully mature at 15 as she will be four years from now, and she'llp 327 13C 1962
head doubtfully. ‘Sounds a good idea, but a girl of 15 and a boy of 16 --? You'd raise a stormp 328 13C 1962
he admitted. ‘But where does that get us? We've got 15 years, perhaps 25 at the outside.‘ ‘There's only one wayp 334 13C 1962
the painting really been stolen at all? Its size, some 15 feet by 18 feet, and weight -- it had beenp 575 LL 1964
roles, the Samaritan for example. He was left alone at 15,000 -- actually the reserve was only ten -- sop 584 LL 1964
There were two thousand of them, each a perfect cube 15 feet in height, regularly spaced at ten-yard intervals. They werep 595 TB 1964
etc., (14) a chart of body temperatures (axillary, buccal, rectal), (15) slides of vaginal smears, chiefly Ortho-Gynol jelly, (16) a setp 54 GAN 1967
of subjects was as follows: 75 percent J. F. Kennedy, 15 percent James Dean, 9 percent Jayne Mansfield, 1 percent Albertp 98 CRA 1969
the seat urinal; (14) the steel funnel of the urinal; (15) the cracked lucite gate of the dashboard tissue dispenser. Mammaryp 47 JAC 1970
have travelled all over the world since I have been 15, and while my parents were ambivalent about this early meanderingp 26 SEO 1972
one thing -- Abel knew! THE 60 MINUTE ZOOM 2.15 P.M. Lloret de Mar, Apartamentos California I am lookingp 856 60Z 1976
Applauding, I see the screen fill with sudden red. 3.15 P.M. The man kneels beside the bed, watching thep 863 60Z 1976
10)‘, recalling(11) his(12) wife's(13) murder(14), his(15) trial(16) and(17) exoneration(18). 1 The use ofp 849 NTM 1976
Gatwick Airport with Dr Douglas, intending to catch the 3.15 p.m. flight to Geneva the following day. After callingp 852 NTM 1976
117 of the Skyport Hotel, intending to take the 3.15 p.m. flight to Geneva the following afternoon. It wasp 854 NTM 1976
for the Trident jet then being prepared for the 3.15 flight, possibly intending to hijack the plane or even top 854 NTM 1976
he might save her by constructing a unique flying machine. 15 Questions as to the exact person indicated by this pronounp 854 NTM 1976
for days now all the lines have been blocked. Diana. 15 August. Hotel Imperial Three more weeks! Hysterical laughter in paradisep 969 HWT 1978
bloomed into a horticulturalist's paradise. As we came off Interstate 15 and descended towards Glendale, I could see the upper floorsp 146 HA 1981
were transmitted from a series of cameras somewhere off Interstate 15. Emerging through the pre-dawn mist were the advance units ofp 207 HA 1981
Wayne avoided Manson's excited eyes. The monitor cameras on Interstate 15 showed a column of six tanks moving up between linesp 210 HA 1981
metal backs, but they would probably make it to Interstate 15, and follow it all the way to the Hollywood Hillsp 224 HA 1981
had passed the group of Presidents marching steadily down Interstate 15, Truman and Eisenhower in the lead. Ford and Nixon hadp 235 HA 1981
about going there again. The first fugue came at 8.15 a.m., synchronized with Marion's -- our sole connubial activityp 1024 NFS 1981
Ursula, incidentally ... Total time lost 8 hours 17 min. July 15 Must get out of this motel more often. A curiousp 1025 NFS 1981
atrophy, embrace the fugues -- Total time lost 9 hours 15 min. July 25 Everything is slowing down, I have top 1025 NFS 1981
too optimistic. I wish Marion were here. Total time lost 15 hours 7 min. August 21 Down now to a fewp 1027 NFS 1981
return we have begun to worship the station. Estimated diameter 15 million light years. RUSHING TO PARADISE Saving the Albatross ‘Savep 1089 RUS 1982
years, HM Prison, Parkhurst. 14) Stockhausen, de Kooning, Jack Kerouac. 15) Whenever possible. 16) Twice a day. 17) NSU, Herpes, gonorrhoeap 1101 ATQ 1985
specialist, Wimpole Street. Shot. 2 daughters: Annabel, 16, and Gail, 15. 2. The Avenue. Charles Ogilvy, 47, Lloyds underwriter; hon. secretaryp 14 RW 1988
Carole Sterling, 42, former ITN newsreader. Suffocated. 1 son: Roger, 15. 2. The Hill. Andrew Lymington, 38, chairman, Leisure Marine Ltdp 15 RW 1988
Lymington, 37, former professional ice-dance skater. Shot. 1 son: Graham, 15. 1 daughter: Amanda, 14. 3. The Hill. Ernest Sanger, 57p 15 RW 1988
Shot with crossbow. 1 son: Andrew, 16. 1 daughter: Emma, 15. The most careful research into the backgrounds of these murderedp 15 RW 1988
was taking a bath that Saturday morning. At about 8:15 Marion and her brother come into the bathroom. Perhaps theyp 41 RW 1988
fun there, and then it wasn't fun anymore. Philip Bax, 15, son of a Reading doctor: It wasn't really spooky, butp 53 RW 1988
she and Gail will use to kill their parents. 6:15 a.m. By now all the children have risen, alertedp 67 RW 1988
parents will begin to rise between 7:00 and 7:15, and this gives the children barely forty minutes to movep 69 RW 1988
The children's attention is now on the Miller house. 8:15 a.m. At about this time Mrs. Miller, relaxed afterp 72 RW 1988
Oncology Unit. A benign skin tumour was biopsied at 4:15 Washington time ...‘ ‘ ... the President's physicians have again expressed their concernp 1121 WW3 1988
and rely on the charity of the wind. At 6.15 the car's engine falters and stops. In every way Ip 1132 TES 1989
for its film studios, lies on the River Thames some 15 miles to the west of London. All around are thep 82 YMCa 1990
dial on his aviator's watch and started the tape-recorder. ‘It's 15:05 on June 17, 1967 ...‘ Meeting Cleo's warning eyes, Ip 198 KW 1991
International promises an afternoon snow-shower as a Christmas appetiser. 7.15 News Round-up. What our news-makers have planned for you. Maybep 1173 GVD 1992
Will the TV Rapist come through your bedroom window? 4.15 Sex for Insomniacs. Soft porn to rock you to sleepp 1174 GVD 1992
the United Nations. Nuclear tests resume at Saint-Esprit on July 15. Neil!‘ ‘July 15 ...?‘ Neil tried to restrain her whirling handsp 56 RP 1994
Nuclear tests resume at Saint-Esprit on July 15. Neil!‘ ‘July 15 ...?‘ Neil tried to restrain her whirling hands, moving across thep 56 RP 1994
erupted without warning about seven o'clock in the evening of 15 June, by coincidence the Queen's official birthday. Clutching at strawsp 33 CN 1996
We can now imagine the situation on the evening of 15 June. By seven o'clock the party is well in progressp 103 CN 1996
long closed to me. His trial had been set for 15 October, four months to the day after the tragic firep 225 CN 1996
a St George's shirt and was warmly welcomed. At 9.15 we formed up and marched down to the industrial estatep 193 KC 2006
Arrival 1930 I was born in Shanghai General Hospital on 15 November 1930, after a difficult delivery that my mother, whop 3 ML 2008
to Lloyd George, 45 Goldwyn, Samuel, 397 Grenadier Guards, 2 15-18 Gstaad, 359 H Hadrian IV, Pope, 28, 57, 84, 119p 942 I 1977
has been death -- the authors of Automania estimate that 15-20 million people have been killed by the car in itsp 233 UGM 1984
mouth like a cork from a champagne bottle. Simultaneously a 15-foot-high wave swept down the length of the pen, a massivep 115 WFN 1961
Somewhere else there must be others trapped in their little 15-minute cages who were also wondering desperately how to get outp 18 E 1956
their first sight of Hardoon Tower. Maitland was doing his 15-minute turn at the periscope when the operator told him thatp 155 WFN 1961
digits,‘ Kaldren explained. ‘The whole series comes over in each 15-second-long package, but it took IBM more than two years top 189 VT 1960
imaginary) Terran hostages. Cost: 300,000 credits. (b) Operation Klingsor. 15-year crusade against Ursa Major. Combined task force of 2,500p 347 PE 1962
some of the pergola slats, then noticed that the McPhersons‘ 15-year-old son Harvey was approaching along the other garden. ‘Why aren'tp 248 OM 1961
hour later they let me go. Why they allowed a 15-year-old boy to witness their murder of the Chinese I neverp 62 KW 1991
curious waves. A speedboat swept past, two men towing a 15-year-old girl on water-skis. They soared away, leaving behind a blarep 140 KW 1991