face down, and then read the printed name on the addressee label. ‘Mme Frances Delmas, Marina Baie des Anges, Villeneuve-Loubet.‘ Ip 216 SC 2000
home. COMMENTATOR BACK IN GROSVENOR SQUARE Maps in hand, he addresses camera. Commentator Meanwhile, however, the British Commander is reported top 957 TW 1967
United Nations Assembly, seized by Perfect Light Movement, 695-9; HRH addresses, 696; HRH calls for world war against United States andp 945 I 1977
Disciple. 1984, visits Africa, SE Asia, intercedes Iraq/Iran conflict, addresses Nato Council of Ministers, urges development of laser weapons andp 1096 OOA 1984
admired for his rugged kindliness. Reading these essays and speech-day addresses, one senses that Vonnegut, against all the odds, has forgivenp 116 UGM 1991
bonhomie was already breaking through. Vonnegut's alter ego, Kilgore Trout, addresses his fellow American s-f writers with the resonant words, ‘Ip 117 UGM 1991
annunciator buttons hundreds of mail slots ranged like all the addresses in hell. A minute elevator carried us to an upperp 245 KW 1991
How long are you staying in Vermilion Sands?‘ I asked, addressing the band of curly russet hair between the peaked capp 212 S5 1961
He grimaced at the thought of the cold dead-faced Bortman, addressing the World Senate at Lake Success, arguing for increased penaltiesp 293 IO 1962
was less frightening than pathetic, a scarred wreck of himself. Addressing Quilter, he said: ‘The Jonas boy and the woman wentp 160 D 1965
drill-hall, communal singing around flag. Indoctrination sessions, 18-year-old political commissar addressing doctors and nursing staff in hospital. Children taking part inp 961 TW 1967
the hazards of remote control were revealed when the President, addressing the Catholic Mothers of America, startled the massed ranks ofp 1117 WW3 1988
fine, so try to relax.‘ He spoke curtly, as if addressing a difficult patient. He laid the rifle on his deskp 1156 WF 1989
own here.‘ ‘Everyone in Lunghua ...‘ Mr Hyashi began, as if addressing the assembled camp. He searched for a phrase, and thenp 47 KW 1991
twenty students in the front rows of the auditorium and addressing himself exclusively to me as I sat high at thep 97 KW 1991
lobbying the French consulate with a party of sympathizers and addressing the last fund-raising rallies. Captain Wu and his seven Filipinop 50 RP 1994
drawn up like seats in a classroom. Here Monique was addressing them, an arm around Nihal's shoulders as if demonstrating ap 207 RP 1994
Halder spoke in the prim tones of a traffic policeman addressing a feckless woman driver. He examined the leather shoe, fingeringp 57 SC 2000
the steering wheel. When he spoke he seemed to be addressing himself rather than me. ‘I checked into the security officep 189 SC 2000
lying among the glass and suitcases, and listened to Kay addressing her real audience, the weary magistrates who would finally consignp 55 MP 2003
most of our local storm troopers.‘ Dr Goodwin spoke firmly, addressing a thoughtless child about to burn himself on a hotp 62 KC 2006
a nervous destroyer. She spoke to the waitress as if addressing a subnormal patient, and ordered a tonic water with twop 65 KC 2006
Alzheimer's and unsure what audience he was meant to be addressing. Scarcely loosening his grip, Maxted prompted Cruise with a fewp 122 KC 2006
Talk, maybe. But I was right.‘ Maxted quietly ignored her, addressing me directly. ‘The assassination failed, but everything moved up ap 262 KC 2006
sharing a bed with one of these young desert women adds a special glamour to my dreams of the night-river. Ifp 8 DC 1987
ornate the better. A visit to Pere Lachaise in Paris adds a year to one's life, and the pyramids in Egyptp 41 YCMa 1990
Hollinger's film library, in a room next to his study, adds to the blaze. The house is a furnace, and everyonep 106 CN 1996
to construct what in effect was an Ames Room -- Adelbert Ames Jr, the American psychologist, devised a series of trickp 1095 OOA 1984
astounding Williams and Captain Clark when they were towed into Aden three days later. William Lingard vanished mysteriously when Arab tradersp 115 UGM 1991
were seen as either circumcised (JFK, Khrushchev) or uncircumcised (LBJ, Adenauer). In assembly kit tests Reagan's face was uniformly perceived asp 759 WIW 1968
never appearing to volunteer an opinion of his own but adept at reconciling contrary viewpoints. He waited for the others top 54 WFN 1961
to television centre on a high-powered motorcycle. Literate, ambitious and adept at self-publicity, he was saved from being no more thanp 64 C 1973
more than any unaided human eye. Perhaps I was especially adept at handling these complex keyboards and retrieval systems -- ap 947 ICU 1977
were recited in the over-formal tones of the correspondence schools. Adept with the push-buttons, she punched the playback and fast forwardp 117 DC 1987
far more educated and intelligent than their provincial rivals, were adept at challenging any eviction orders or charges of theft. Thep 1141 LTP 1989
its offspring the image of a kind of dandified super-infant, adept at computerspeak by the age of four, tuned in top 83 UGM 1991
rule of crime. Your retired stockbrokers and accountants are remarkably adept in the role of small-town criminals. One could almost assumep 304 CN 1996
was light and flexible, he was a good listener and adept conversationalist with a keen and well-stocked mind. Original ideas trippedp 218 ML 2008
contains an acceptable statement of one's philosophy and beliefs, an adequate discharge of the one moral debt we owe ourselves andp 94 WG 1959
of time through twelve arbitrary intervals, but this seemed barely adequate grounds for outlawing them. After all, a whole variety ofp 152 CH 1960
western suburbs. Casualties estimated at 15,000. Food and water adequate for three days. Government action confined to police patrols. ROMEp 52 WFN 1961
board up their houses, secure their roofs, and lay in adequate stocks of food and water. Casualties have been low --p 56 WFN 1961
tomorrow, and that it is the only medium with an adequate vocabulary of ideas and situations. By and large, the standardsp 198 UGM 1962
suppose I want to, but I haven't yet found an adequate reason. Satisfying one's emotional needs isn't enough. There's got top 28 DW 1962
obviously been used for the purpose before. The allowance was adequate to Constantin's needs -- he was never permitted to gop 504 EG 1963
the few blankets they had brought with them were barely adequate to keep them warm. By dusk they had built ap 140 D 1965
other bits and pieces, but together the inventory is an adequate picture of a woman, who could easily be reconstituted fromp 54 GAN 1967
have a deep section and the cups should be of adequate size. Subtotal amputation with transplantation of the nipple is reservedp 16 C80 1970
rectum which is opened up until a tunnel of dimensions adequate to take the mould has been formed. The formation ofp 17 C80 1970
saved your life.‘ I was unable to think of an adequate reply to this -- it occurred to me that ifp 32 DC 1987
about without either a firm dressing of some kind or adequate brassiere support. JOURNEY ACROSS A CRATER Impact Zone As hep 134 JFA 1989
not allowed to go home before the fitting of an adequate supporting brassiere. It had a good deep section around thep 116 MWR 1990
deep section around the thorax, and the cups were of adequate size and gave good support from below. It was somep 116 MWR 1990
of the ecological base, but this is still more than adequate to support life. Aerial reconnaissance of the hundreds of citiesp 1184 ROP 1992
the bourgeoisie. Dear God ...‘ I tried to think of an adequate response, but an angry confrontation had broken out between thep 154 MP 2003
cubicle unbearably cramped. An imitation Japanese screen divided the room adequately and did nothing to diminish its size. Sitting there inp 275 B 1961
when they came to find the capsule; Pereira would serve adequately as a guide. ‘Well?‘ The Captain smiled wanly. ‘Oh, hep 457 QR 1963
pupils and convulsive tremor, but neurochemical support systems are functioning adequately. The President's brain metabolism reveals increased glucose production. Scattered snow-showersp 1121 WW3 1988
of blood in the breast, and that the breast was adequately drained on both sides. Corrugated rubber drains running both verticallyp 115 MWR 1990
bruised scalp, I walked onto the terrace. The gold suit adhered itself to my body, its lapels caressing my chest. Inp 804 SGW 1970
the pyramid poised precariously, tipping slowly, apparently held by the adhesive forces of the ground below the small portion of itsp 183 WFN 1961
He winced as Abel disconnected him, brusquely tearing off the adhesive tape. ‘Trying to produce random sequences isn't all that easyp 336 13C 1962
steering wheel. Her right index finger picked at an old adhesive label on the windshield. Waiting beside her, I watched herp 112 C 1973
to keep the young soldier alive. Inside the suitcase were adhesive tape, sterile lint and antiseptic cream, one bottle of Vichyp 977 OAU 1978
the hall, sniffing the scents of fresh paint, solvents and adhesive, while the men with the jacuzzi motor lowered it top 152 CN 1996
form the 493rd Sector, and an association of 1,500 adjacent sectors comprise the 298th Local Union.‘ He broke off andp 29 CC 1957
wall and wandered round, listening for any sound from the adjacent rooms. He was beginning to resent Neill spying on himp 61 M69 1957
exactingly as I could, marking each cone -- and the adjacent valleys on the charts as I covered them, at ap 82 WG 1959
directly opposite. All afternoon Stacey drove up and down the adjacent streets, sometimes free-wheeling silently with the engine off, at othersp 163 CH 1960
reception desk. For some reason the terminals sleeping in the adjacent dormitory block attracted hordes of would-be sightseers, most of themp 172 VT 1960
made up a thermos of iced martini. The garage was adjacent to the chalet, set back from the kitchen side entrancep 140 ZT 1960
the window, hiding him from the people in the building adjacent, and he could see down clearly into the pavement, wherep 282 GA 1961
could see without moving his head. On his left, immediately adjacent, were the Penzils, with the McPhersons on the right; thep 246 OM 1961
Just beyond the veranda, screening the proximal portions of the adjacent gardens, was a ten-foot-high metal lattice extending about twenty feetp 251 OM 1961
the mountain shield at Alassio. All the crops in the adjacent fields had long been flattened, but the heavy stone farmhousesp 32 WFN 1961
he thought he saw one of them moving along an adjacent field, but he was unable to cross the intervening openp 46 WFN 1961
their luggage, but five minutes after they retreated to the adjacent building the barracks toppled in a whirling cloud of dustp 76 WFN 1961
black-garbed figure moving silently below the vaulted arches of the adjacent storeroom. The man noticed the beam of Lanyon's torch andp 99 WFN 1961
corridor, searching the steel-grey sheeting for a retractable panel. Immediately adjacent to the end wall of the corridor, against the outerp 338 13C 1962
dismantle twenty sections of track and then loop together the adjacent limbs of a crossroad, sending an entire convoy of sixp 356 CS 1962
back behind the shutters as the binoculars focused upon the adjacent balcony, moved to his own, hesitated, and passed to thep 361 CS 1962
was carrying out a longer sweep than usual of the adjacent lagoons, or perhaps was waiting for Kerans to arrive atp 7 DW 1962
twenty storeys out of the water. The roof of an adjacent smaller block served as a jetty, next to which wasp 24 DW 1962
back in his chair, watching the helicopter circle over the adjacent lagoon. Now and then it dived along the water's edgep 27 DW 1962
onto the balcony and disappeared through the suite into the adjacent corridor. ‘This is it without a doubt -- agree, Sergeantp 58 DW 1962
deck where Bodkin was exultantly watching the windows of the adjacent office blocks rise into the air. They settled about threep 76 DW 1962
concrete to a fire escape on the side of the adjacent building. He climbed the five storeys to the flat rooftopp 84 DW 1962
paddling out across the exposed face of the derelict bank adjacent to the Ritz, scanning the shoreline and the exit creekp 143 DW 1962
the end of the building and the shoulder of the adjacent office block. Apart from the exit creek on the farp 158 DW 1962
uninterrupted view of the watch-tower over the roof of the adjacent furniture store. Only forty feet away, it blocked off halfp 381 WT 1962
or to be more precise, the complex of overlapping and adjacent events that we identify loosely by the term "Hinton".‘ ‘Complexp 526 MO 1963
window into the rear alley, and from there into the adjacent street, transformed by the overhead lattices into a tunnel ofp 623 IM 1964
other, I looked out into the dim cabin of the adjacent car. Sitting in the back seat, his head raised top 587 LL 1964
of the channel collapsed and water spilled away into the adjacent creeks. Shouting as he ran, the leader raced through thep 106 D 1965
loose rock slipping down into the empty bed from the adjacent hills. Ransom skirted the edges of the quarry, making hisp 126 D 1965
window into the rear alley, and from there into the adjacent street, transformed by the overhead lattices into a tunnel ofp 149 CW 1966
but already his memories of the beach had faded. The adjacent apartment block screened the high wall of the dunes. Thep 39 YCM 1966
central reservation. An oncoming truck sped towards us in the adjacent fast lane. Vaughan removed his hand from the wheel andp 198 C 1973
perimeter roads, sometimes waiting for her in the damp cul-de-sac adjacent to our drive, at other times appearing like a spectrep 217 C 1973
edged towards the steel post ten feet away. Here the adjacent sections of wire were pinned to the post by ap 29 CI 1974
He pointed casually to a narrow valley sheltering between two adjacent peaks high above us. ‘The aircraft?‘ I repeated. ‘It's upp 822 AD 1975
balcony, watching the dusk fall across the facades of the adjacent blocks. Their size appeared to vary according to the playp 19 HR 1975
vocabulary, had become as stylized as those of strangers in adjacent aircraft seats. The actress walked to the private entrance ofp 61 HR 1975
impotence, here everyone had joined a local group of thirty adjacent apartments, informal clans spanning two or three floors based onp 65 HR 1975
than Royal did himself. Six women lived together in the adjacent apartment, ostensibly so that they could be more easily protectedp 135 HR 1975
unmanned, and no lights gleamed through the doorway of the adjacent apartment where the women lived. Surprised by the absence ofp 137 HR 1975
the two balconies of our suite and the cluster of adjacent rooms. Already the dark interiors are beginning to lighten, Ip 857 60Z 1976
soon noticed that none had landed at the military airfield adjacent to our camp. Dwindling but still substantial numbers of Japanesep 926 DT 1977
been built inside the rooms, overhead pipes ran from the adjacent bedroom to a nest of fan-powered filters in the windowp 134 HA 1981
We press on, following the same aisle that separates two adjacent lounge concourses. We rest briefly at fixed intervals but despitep 1087 RUS 1982
group of convalescent Chinese orphans on the balcony of the adjacent wing. In their European dressing-gowns -- like Jim's, donated byp 54 ES 1984
Sergeant Nagata to conduct the roll-call he peered into the adjacent wards, where the thirty patients lay on their bunks. Afterp 198 ES 1984
single tomato. Fortunately the long lines of graves in the adjacent cemetery kept them away. Apart from its nutritional benefits, botanyp 203 ES 1984
When I reached the inlet Noon had already crossed the adjacent lake. Exhausted, I sank into the warm water. My feetp 281 DC 1987
and the social and racial tolerance of those reclining in adjacent poolside chairs was virtually infinite. Was Europe about to leadp 1140 LTP 1989
the tent. Plastic windows provided a clear view into an adjacent room, where two women clerks were rolling copies of ap 1156 WF 1989
In turn, David liked me to watch him on the adjacent bed. His eyes would be fixed on mine in ap 114 KW 1991
porticos of the family tombs. Miriam was buried in the adjacent Protestant cemetery, a flowerless boneyard where a few anti-clerical Spaniardsp 162 KW 1991
ride into the grave. A long-limbed man lay in the adjacent flower-bed, wearing the camouflage trousers and French combat boots thatp 220 RP 1994
constructed during the Napoleonic wars. The perimeter walls of the adjacent villas reduced their width to little more than my shouldersp 167 CN 1996
the wall and listened to the commercial break from the adjacent studio, advertising a gourmet caterer eager to perform his magicp 127 SC 2000