too large for his wrist and twice he had prised additional holes for the clasp. How to describe his metamorphosis top 259 MF 1961
Strictly, it would be better to give the smaller flowers additional time to grow and mature, and this advantage would bep 301 GT 1962
Nothing came through, but the room expanded to accommodate an additional presence, the ceiling ballooning upwards. Astounded, I tried not top 318 TDS 1962
Kerans‘ power for once and for all, Strangman ordered two additional casks of rum lowered from the depot ship, hoping top 138 DW 1962
it had done before the construction of the expressway, the additional miles contained within the three giant clover-leaves. New cities werep 414 SM 1963
she began to move about more freely, slowly shedding the additional weight accumulated during her confinement. Some nine months after shep 567 TP 1964
pride he showed Sanders around the hospital, pointing out the additional wards and X-ray facilities which he and Suzanne had introducedp 130 CW 1966
the dumbfounded Romans. Caesar's assassins numbered only two -- five additional conspirators were hired. Famous historical orations, such as the Gettysburgp 809 GTS 1972
forces of either side, but the hiring of Egyptian extras, additional wave-making equipment and the prefabricated barrage built to support thep 809 GTS 1972
of Shanghai. First, however, I had to take on my additional passengers. At the time, as I carried the dozen corpsesp 935 DT 1977
former suburban areas were being reclaimed for agriculture and population additions were confined within the existing urban ghettos. The countryside, asp 271 B 1961
the rest of the painting is without doubt original. These additions were discovered five months ago shortly after the painting wasp 581 LL 1964
of Leonardo da Vinci, but we feel that the few additions have earned their place. No further news was heard ofp 588 LL 1964
my father was at the ice-hockey stadium. Brooklands Bears 37 Addlestone Retail Park 3. The wide margin set everyone going. Hardp 193 KC 2006
the charge sheet. Name ... Franz M. Age ... 20. Occupation ... Student. Address ... 3599719 West 783rd St. Level 549-7705-45 KNI (Local) Charge ... Vagrancyp 24 CC 1957
my hand carefully before he went aboard. ‘You've got my address all right? You're quite sure?‘ For some reason, which confusedp 78 WG 1959
the debris of beads, loose diary pages, horoscopes and jewelled address books that littered the couch. Mangon sat down, surreptitiously notingp 108 SS 1960
books in his library, crating them up and taping on address labels to his brother. He reached Whitby's laboratory half anp 174 VT 1960
realized that he had also forgotten his sister-in-law's name and address. ‘Calcutta 30331.‘ Elliott repeated the number as he poured himselfp 535 SA 1963
Hoyle Library amphitheatre, Professor Renthall was to deliver the inaugural address welcoming the 92 delegates and 25 newspaper and agency reportersp 496 VH 1963
his notes. At 34 he was the youngest member to address the Congress banquet, and by no means unimpressed by thep 500 VH 1963
and he promised to be back today. He left his address in case any difficulty came up.‘ Georg took a silver-embossedp 585 LL 1964
old prescription pad in his pocket and pointed to the address. ‘Drive around the block and park by the river, thenp 26 D 1965
a censor's stamp, and panels which Sanders assumed contained the address had been cut out. As the steamer bumped against thep 18 CW 1966
signed the register. As a precaution he gave as his address the university at Libreville. He had lectured several times atp 23 CW 1966
could explain, Captain, why it was necessary to delete their address? These are close friends of mine and I wish top 27 CW 1966
handed back Suzanne's letter. ‘I will find out your friends‘ address. You come back in another day. All right?‘ ‘Will Ip 28 CW 1966
some sort of advantage in her interrogation. ‘You gave your address as the university at Libreville. In the hotel register.‘ ‘Thep 30 CW 1966
something.‘ We set off for Canterbury the next morning. The address, which I had been given by a friend who wasp 775 CA 1968
conspirators were hired. Famous historical orations, such as the Gettysburg Address, were cut and edited to make them more stirring. Waterloop 809 GTS 1972
motorcars were manufactured in the United States. In his Millennial Address to Congress in the year 2000, President Brown recited ap 46 HA 1981
front and speak to the others. Lincoln presented the Gettysburg Address, FDR promised a new deal, Jack Kennedy pledged to putp 172 HA 1981
their command packs. Why not, I'm tired of the Gettysburg Address, Wilson moralising, Nixon going on about his tapes. Let's putp 177 HA 1981
you want to wave to Private Kimura.‘ ‘He knows my address, Mr Maxted. I don't like saying goodbye. They'll probably comep 230 ES 1984
and secretly dubbed an obscene message over Col. Stamford's inspirational address on the thousands of promotional videos. In several Piccadilly amusementp 1097 OOA 1984
I took my seat in the amphitheatre for the welcoming address by Professor Harris, the head of anatomy. I sat alonep 74 KW 1991
houses. I assumed that he had tracked down the home address of a favourite TV comedian, but as it happened thisp 217 KW 1991
last speaker, a local basketball commentator turned eco-evangelist, began his address to the student audience. This aggressive sermon, which Neil nowp 24 RP 1994
need to let them rest.‘ ‘Where, doctor?‘ Neil tried to address his mind to this vast recreational problem. ‘There are anp 217 RP 1994
murmured sleekly to herself. The Reverend Davis completed his perfunctory address, never once meeting the mourners‘ eyes and clearly eager top 68 CN 1996
Marbella or Maida Vale.‘ She had tossed in my London address, a friendly warning that she knew more about me thanp 114 SC 2000
confident, they shouted down the young manager who tried to address them. Their voices, honed at a hundred school open daysp 65 MP 2003
to be lit. As Kay explained, using a megaphone to address the crowd outside her house, for more than sixty yearsp 149 MP 2003
my hand slide a twenty-pound note across the desk. ‘His address is Chelsea Marina, King's Road, Fulham, London SW6.‘ ‘And thep 241 MP 2003
knew her.‘ ‘You knew where she lived.‘ ‘Vera had her address on a petition about Third-World tourism. It was somewhere nearp 258 MP 2003
me for coffee in the canteen so that she could address the real purpose behind our meeting. I said, calmly: ‘Sergeantp 24 KC 2006
of us is a target ...‘ At seven o'clock he would address his cable audience from the mezzanine studio. I watched himp 204 KC 2006
women's refuge was in danger, when David Cruise began his address to his new ‘republic‘, transmitted live from the mezzanine studiop 205 KC 2006
officer, an assistant commissioner of the Surrey police, began to address the watching crowd, fragments of his amplified message barely audiblep 215 KC 2006
away, ringside accounts of long-forgotten matches relayed through the public address system. Then the dome's ceiling lights were dimmed and ap 223 KC 2006
the doors, rattling the chains and padlocks, until the public address system ordered them to assemble in the central atrium. Carradinep 233 KC 2006
a bed. A few words of friendly advice and the address of the nearest family planning clinic were enough; nature andp 228 ML 2008
A compere appeared on stage, standing behind the cue-hood, and addressed the audience. Mangon sat quietly on the small wooden seatp 134 SS 1960
production stacked together, I placed them in a return envelope, addressed it ‘Aurora Day, Studio 5, The Stars, Vermilion Sands‘, andp 216 S5 1961
completely deserted.‘ Short nodded slowly. ‘Well, let's hope so.‘ He addressed Dr Kersh. ‘At a rough estimate, Doctor, how long willp 332 13C 1962
a strange intense glow. He failed to remember Kerans, and addressed him simply as ‘Soldier‘, sometimes rousing himself from his torporp 169 DW 1962
voice echoed across the dunes. A confused harangue, it was addressed to itself as much as to the world at largep 160 D 1965
paragraph and farewell. Sealing it into a fresh envelope, he addressed it to Derain and propped it against the inkwell. Hep 174 CW 1966
Austin, who watches him with guarded eyes, he hears himself addressed as ‘Paul‘, as if waiting for clandestine messages from thep 82 YMC 1966
Reagan spent the day in New York City where he addressed a luncheon audience and denied that the war is indefensiblep 955 TW 1967
test car like silver snow, a death confetti. The loudspeaker addressed the crowd again. I tried to follow the commentator's wordsp 125 C 1973
encourage him I pretended to be his chief of staff, addressed him as President Orwell, said we were going to setp 93 HA 1981
Japanese characters, or understand a word of the long monologues addressed to the insect-smeared windshield. But he knelt on the frontp 150 ES 1984
will propel him across the Atlantic. Three days ago he addressed the joint Houses of Parliament in Westminster Hall. In hisp 1100 OOA 1984
War 3 was not a secret, but people's minds were addressed to more important matters. In their obsessive concern for thep 1116 WW3 1988
Yet his apparently impromptu question had made a telling point, addressed more to me than to the television audience, a briefp 310 KW 1991
with his impatient fingers, he stared at himself as he addressed the camera. Until then I had been glad that thep 311 KW 1991
-- like the servants of my own childhood whom I addressed for years as ‘number two boy‘ and ‘number two cooliep 36 UGM 1992
Galvanised by all this, a no longer somnolent President Quayle addressed both houses of Congress. Within weeks NASA was assigned ap 1175 MFM 1992
rights groups. Nonetheless, she was as undeterred as ever, and addressed the rally with all her old fervour. The salt waterp 27 RP 1994
gave an interview ...?‘ But Dr Barbara was adamant. She had addressed the cameras for the last time. Blonde hair speckled withp 106 RP 1994
passport and prescription pad. Between my feet lay a postcard addressed to the staff at the Club Nautico. As I handedp 85 CN 1996
emotional ground for his confession, but his anger had been addressed to Eden-Olympia. I could well imagine the sly pleasure thatp 205 SC 2000
can rescue these people.‘ I listened to Penrose's dreamy voice, addressed as much to the mirror as to myself. Controlling myselfp 251 SC 2000
could see his mouth opening and closing, a subvocal speech addressed to no one around him. Despite all our years atp 27 MP 2003
sombre note. Curiously, several envelopes carried black bands and were addressed to my father, as if he himself would read themp 17 KC 2006
the ground, as the giant image of the match commentator addressed himself across the empty stands. Fragments of his voice boomedp 36 KC 2006
Well, what am I offered?‘ He caressed the microwave, and addressed a young woman with a daughter pushing a small pramp 90 KC 2006
I hope you're right.‘ Sangster tilted back his head and addressed the ceiling, as if preferring not to be reminded ofp 164 KC 2006
well-advertised mineral water with an exhausted fire crew. When he addressed the camera he was in no doubt about the threatp 203 KC 2006
over.‘ ‘Nice idea. But I don't think so ...‘ Carradine briefly addressed the cleaning squad. Sangster prowled behind him, eyes searching thep 242 KC 2006
in hand with social conventions that seem unthinkable today. We addressed the servants as ‘No. 1 Boy‘ or ‘No. 2 Cooliep 14 ML 2008
to the amahs, an unheard-of skill that amazed me, and addressed them by their names. Uniquely among Shanghai residents, she employedp 22 ML 2008
of daily problems and there are copies of formal letters addressed to the Japanese commandant and the military officers who replacedp 76 ML 2008