a heterosexual like myself who brought in his girlfriends (mostly Addenbrooke's Hospital nurses and free-livers all) was viewed as letting thep 147 ML 2008
river, playing tennis, writing short stories, getting drunk with the Addenbrooke's nurses, who generously provided me with an education not evenp 148 ML 2008
my years at Cambridge -- fellow medical students, the cheerful Addenbrookes nurses I took drinking on the Cam and the moodyp 74 KW 1991
day long.‘ ‘You're too old for him, that's all. Those Addenbrookes nurses are more your line. They'll completely corrupt you allp 81 KW 1991
in undergraduate life, getting drunk on the river with the Addenbrookes nurses, playing tennis with my fellow Kingsmen, but in everyp 83 KW 1991
last decade of his life Presley was a hopeless drug addict, a walking pharmacopoeia of powerful stimulants and opiates that ap 39 UGM 1981
attended poetry competitions and became a keen TV fan and addict of sumo wrestling. Forever shy, he was said to bep 51 UGM 1989
contrast Burroughs, the professional outsider, sometime petty criminal and drug addict, has produced an unmatched critique of the nature of modernp 132 UGM 1991
a bright young Barnard girl called Joan Adams, a benzedrine addict who was to become Burroughs's common-law wife and whom hep 132 UGM 1991
waking nightmare through which he had moved as a heroin addict, a realm filled with corrupt doctors, deranged fellow junkies, brutalp 135 UGM 1993
a 54-year-old doctor of Scottish origins and a long-suffering morphine addict. As Pendergrast shows, Coca-Cola was far from being a uniquep 213 UGM 1993
You didn't bring her back -- she was a heroin addict.‘ ‘Absolutely not.‘ Sanger spoke sharply, as if correcting an incompetentp 178 CN 1996
Not any more. For God's sake, Paul, she's a heroin addict. They need a compliant doctor. One who'll supply all thep 345 SC 2000
surprisingly cold eye. ‘You've watched her turn into a heroin addict.‘ ‘She's not an addict. Doctors work hard, and a lotp 350 SC 2000
watched her turn into a heroin addict.‘ ‘She's not an addict. Doctors work hard, and a lot of them take somethingp 350 SC 2000
to watch us, clearly assuming that Gould was a drug addict in the last stages of withdrawal. Slumped in the rearp 213 MP 2003
of neglect made him look erratic and unfocused, a methadone addict forever emerging from rehab. Everything about him, from his largep 89 KC 2006
The Ticket that Exploded). In Naked Lunch (i.e., the addict's fix), Burroughs compares organized society with its extreme opposite, thep 127 UGM 1964
written, Jack Kerouac had provided the title: Naked Lunch (the addict's fix, or the rush of pure sensation). The sections werep 133 UGM 1991
the floor between my feet for any sign of an addict's gear. Behind him stood Frances Baring, blonde eyebrows springing inp 280 SC 2000
had spent too long in Beirut. He had become curiously addicted to the violence and death, as if tending the woundedp 1146 WF 1989
asked me for help -- they were drinking too much, addicted to sleeping pills but never getting any real sleep. Somep 177 CN 1996
Anne Hollinger. They ended up in your Clinic.‘ ‘They were addicted long before Bobby Crawford met them. But for him they'dp 199 CN 1996
all wrong today. They think our job was to further addiction, not cure it. In their pantheon the father-figure is alwaysp 294 IO 1962
parks and friends who have committed suicide. ‘The fact of addiction imposes contact,‘ but in their relationships with one another theyp 128 UGM 1964
adventures, frigidity, perversions, disenchantment, divorce, neuroses, psychoses, alcoholism and drug addiction, prostitution and sex crimes. What the book completely ignores isp 257 UGM 1969
to introduce the two women to this heady elixir. Their addiction would tilt the balance of authority in his direction againp 172 HR 1975
their wives. Neutral to the last, he confirms his Valium addiction and lists the deaths of his friends from Aids, ap 60 UGM 1989
his sense of alienation from American society. Driven by his addiction, he landed in Tangier, where ‘the days slid by, strungp 133 UGM 1991
belonged to the dubious realm of back-street abortions and nutmeg addiction. I moved my hands gingerly to my scalp, relieved thatp 206 KW 1991
of Burroughs's life, and cover the depths of his drug addiction and the death of his wife, whom he accidentally killedp 134 UGM 1993
pharmacies and last-chance clinics where he tried to cure his addiction. From this desperate world he was able to distil hisp 134 UGM 1993
hallucinogens in the Peruvian jungles or coping with his heroin addiction in Tangier. The first letters show Burroughs in Texas, settingp 135 UGM 1993
she could stay with me. I'd treated her for one addiction after another and always let her in. It was ap 177 CN 1996
pattern of shrivelled capillaries that mapped its own kind of addiction. Then I thought again of the ever-sensible Alice, swallowing herp 323 SC 2000
set them was on drugs.‘ Sally grimaced, remembering her own addiction to hospital painkillers. ‘That's Chelsea for you. Like my mother'sp 109 MP 2003
That's not the point.‘ Cruise watched me patiently. ‘Alcoholism, drug addiction. They're today's equivalent of military service. They give you ap 179 KC 2006
those of Followers of obsolete unthinkable trades doodling in Etruscan, addicts of drugs not yet synthesised, investigators of infractions denounced byp 126 UGM 1964
society with its extreme opposite, the invisible society of drug addicts. His implicit conclusion is that the two are not veryp 128 UGM 1964
street signs, newspapers and pieces of conversation ...‘ By contrast, the addicts form a fragmentary, hunted sect, only asking to be leftp 128 UGM 1964
Johnny Yen, errand boy from the death trauma, heavy metal addicts, Green boy-girls from the terminal sewers of Venus -- inp 129 UGM 1964
sallow face. Her toneless cheeks reminded me of the heroin addicts I had seen in the prison hospital in Canton, unconcernedp 268 CN 1996
He would take drugs from the pharmacy to help the addicts at the free clinic in Mandelieu. When he was muggedp 137 SC 2000
is not like the Croisette. He tried to stabilize the addicts before he could treat them. They were selling their drugsp 137 SC 2000
the shoplifting and car-stealing doctor, exploited by orphans and drug addicts, was the reverse of the haloed image that bereaved spousesp 139 SC 2000
circle took them, though she knew people who were morphine addicts. But bridge, alcohol and adultery are the royal cement thatp 40 ML 2008
him. ‘About twenty minutes. Aren't you watching?‘ ‘No,‘ I said, adding casually, ‘Is anything wrong with your set?‘ He shook hisp 15 E 1956
came over from the door. ‘What's this?‘ he asked sharply, adding his flash to mine. I would have left the casep 75 WG 1959
a score of others somewhere among the pavements and arcades, adding another stitch to the tapestry of incident and motive ravellingp 203 LW 1960
Well, I've got to go and collect something,‘ he said, adding in a firmer voice: ‘Get in touch with me, thoughp 171 VT 1960
the heart of the matter.‘ He flipped the table on, adding: ‘I've played it over to myself a thousand times, sop 180 VT 1960
shrugged. ‘Please yourself. Come round at about twelve,‘ he suggested, adding pointedly: ‘That'll give you time to clean up and changep 186 VT 1960
the shadows against one corner. For a moment he paused, adding up his mileage, and decided to take the can withp 140 ZT 1960
placed the case in the bottom drawer of the bureau, adding the key to his chain ring. Locking the door behindp 283 GA 1961
a few inches away, the fresh scent of her body adding itself to his other recollections. Already a whirlwind of memoriesp 284 GA 1961
at her. ‘I'm getting the baby's clothes together,‘ she said, adding aloud to herself, ‘which reminds me, you need a newp 255 MF 1961
garden. ‘One of the longest evenings this summer,‘ Axel confirmed, adding: ‘I picked a perfect flower, my dear, a jewel. Withp 299 GT 1962
blue moulds sprouting from the carpets in the dark corridors adding to its 19th century dignity. The suite had originally beenp 10 DW 1962
Sunday morning reading all the reviews in the newspapers, carefully adding half a dozen titles to the list of books whichp 530 SA 1963
and bought it! He carried the inventory around with him, adding to it as necessary, quietly and without protest analysing thesep 423 SM 1963
day. ‘It's been a day at the zoo,‘ he said, adding, with tired humour: ‘At the reptile enclosure.‘ ‘You and yourp 636 DS 1964
be interested to hear it.‘ ‘Of course, Georg,‘ I said, adding reprovingly: ‘So this is what you've been up to.‘ Hep 578 LL 1964
fact Lomax invited me to stay with him,‘ he said, adding with deliberate irony: ‘You'll be working for me then, Quilterp 55 D 1965
on yourself.‘ When he had gone Sanders completed his letter, adding a final paragraph and farewell. Sealing it into a freshp 174 CW 1966
seemed to diminish him, in some way subtracting rather than adding to his own sense of identity. This feeling had grownp 695 TIM 1966
You were married, weren't you?‘ Maitland pointed to the suitcase, adding frankly, ‘I looked through your photographs. Your husband -- whatp 81 CI 1974
the barricade. He would hear her moving tirelessly around him, adding a small piece of furniture she had found somewhere, threep 124 HR 1975
warehouses. The afternoon sun hung above the deserted Manhattan streets, adding its light to the glittering field below. For a momentp 8 HA 1981
That wouldn't frighten them.‘ ‘Jamie, not now,‘ his father repeated, adding with rare humour: ‘You might even start the war.‘ ‘Couldp 24 ES 1984
apologize. Mrs. Stacey: Graham was always playing with his computer, adding up all these numbers. Finally I had to ask Mrsp 53 RW 1988
they played, and were great on-the-set re-writers of their scripts, adding a depth and bite for which they were rarely givenp 8 UGM 1991
correspondence with himself, composing long essays in his notebooks, eventually adding up to millions of words, stored in trunks through whichp 102 UGM 1991
paternal grandfather had invented what was to become the Burroughs adding machine, and the young Burroughs enjoyed a well-to-do childhood inp 132 UGM 1991
he watched me with his vain, dreamy eyes. Was he adding up all those who were going to die in Shanghaip 21 KW 1991
fingers played with the beads of her bracelet, as if adding up her first impressions of me. A modest score, Ip 86 KW 1991
her scarred anus, but she pressed my penis into her, adding more spit between the gasps of pain. When I wasp 189 KW 1991
of Vin Mariani, Pemberton first marketed his French Wine Cola, adding an extract of the kola plant that contained a potentp 214 UGM 1993
a taxonomist's heaven, keeping track of Dr Barbara's ambitions and adding an eager commentary of his own, which he dictated intop 95 RP 1994
head. He was pulling a wardrobe across the room, perhaps adding a last piece of furniture to his bonfire pile. Ip 202 CN 1996
the deserted tennis courts. I was pointlessly keyboarding the computer, adding up imaginary profits, when I heard the beat of ap 233 CN 1996
collapsible metal chairs from a pick-up truck beside the quay, adding them to the rows of seats that faced the stagep 251 CN 1996
but the editor, an enthusiastic supporter, made the mistake of adding an advance copy to the trolley filled with new titlesp 237 ML 2008
my report as the fantasy of a sand-happy lunatic. In addition, I wanted him to bring his camera; we could developp 87 WG 1959
those still surviving confined themselves to the barest self-identification. In addition, there was the gradual numbness that had begun to affectp 147 WFN 1961
their contorted shapes most of the rooms were habitable. In addition I needed a rest, and nothing is so quiet asp 320 TDS 1962
either psychopaths or suffering from malnutrition and radiation sickness. In addition to running the testing station, Kerans served as the unit'sp 12 DW 1962
the abrupt return to earth had momentarily disconcerted him. In addition, he knew, there were other motives and responsibilities. ‘Don't bep 15 DW 1962
at his relationship with Beatrice. The Colonel went on: ‘In addition, some of the human scavengers driven northward out of thep 26 DW 1962
one from which he could graciously retire -- and in addition not even the Police-President would be able to vary thep 511 EG 1963
the political wind could win him a free pardon. In addition, he realized that Malek, far from being his executioner, ap 515 EG 1963
he found it increasingly difficult to visualize them overlapping. In addition there was a deeper reason for his scepticism, underlined byp 453 QR 1963
fixed their own reality, refusing to fade or vanish. In addition, the emotional content was too strong. The associations of thep 533 SA 1963
of the surface had slipped away into the reefs. In addition a curious but unmistakable atmosphere of menace hung over thep 541 SG 1963
cost, had been completely ignored by the Paris press. In addition a jobbing printer in Santa Vera was pressing him forp 498 VH 1963
twice overtook military convoys within twenty miles of Miami. In addition, as if to remind us of the celestial origin ofp 607 IM 1964
soap.‘ Involuntarily, Ransom glanced up at Catherine Austen's villa. In addition to the water tank in the roof of the houseboatp 21 D 1965
to involve himself intimately with others, had slipped away. In addition he felt that the past day at Port Matarre, thep 38 CW 1966
others simply smiled and waved from their quiet gardens. In addition, Conrad knew that his own growing uncertainty over the newp 696 TIM 1966
Dali pulls the fuses out of this comfortable system. In addition, Dali's technique of photographic realism and the particular cinematic stylep 94 UGM 1969
closest friend to drive the skidding truck. This last dramatic addition failed to rouse the crowd, but Vaughan seemed satisfied. Hisp 86 C 1973
which he was sitting. Attached to these was a later addition, the remains of a Civil Defence post little more thanp 50 CI 1974
see if any intruders had arrived on the island. In addition, he had so far failed to identify Jane Sheppard's escapep 102 CI 1974
this conviction that the building might succeed after all. In addition, their neighbours had accepted him a little too readily asp 74 HR 1975
thing, few stores and shops had anything for sale. In addition, there was little money to spare. The rationing of somep 847 LDG 1976
deliberate vandalism, the wholesale destruction of complete city blocks. In addition, Stillman's entourage had come into collision with Olds, and Hallowayp 912 UC 1976
by my appearance as I was by her own. In addition, there was a curiously searching look in her eye, anp 951 ICU 1977
would be useful, Mr Pal. Keep an open eye ...‘ ‘ ... in addition, certain species of salamander bask in the afternoon sun ... atp 173 DC 1987
themselves were cut down so tragically. The Murdered Staff In addition to the residents of the ten houses, the following membersp 16 RW 1988
m. Mark Sanger also has a full two hours. In addition to cutting the cables with Jasper, he has to supervisep 66 RW 1988
brain-scan, read-outs of his kidney, liver and lung function. In addition, there was a daunting sequence of personality and IQ testsp 1119 WW3 1988
were issued with costumes designed to enhance their attractiveness. In addition to the Prince Valiant and the Bunny Girl, there werep 1126 LCC 1989
those destined for the dining table, were celebrating the new addition to the sanctuary family. In the year since their arrivalp 185 RP 1994