the writers‘ building on the studio lot and scripting popular adaptations of The Magic Mountain or The Brothers Karamazov, Jet travelp 121 UGM 1993
himself in a world of perpetual twilight. Bridgman had easily adapted himself to his self-isolation, soon evolved a system of dailyp 358 CS 1962
and the growing ascendancy of amphibian and reptile forms best adapted to an aquatic life in the lagoons and swamps, invertedp 23 DW 1962
significant preference for the Lincoln Continental, if possible in the adapted Presidential version (qv conspiracy theories). Both subjects had purchased carsp 90 PAJ 1967
dominant tenants of the high-rise, Laing reflected, those who had adapted most successfully to life there, were not the unruly airlinep 35 HR 1975
appear on the scene, above all, video systems and micro-computers adapted for domestic use. Together these will achieve what I takep 225 UGM 1977
Maxted was the perfect type of the Englishman who had adapted himself to Shanghai, something that Jim's father, with his seriousnessp 27 ES 1984
Saab garage to reconvert the car. But Sally liked the adapted controls, the special skills unique to herself. When I gavep 22 MP 2003
nun. A security man leaned through Sally's window, noticed the adapted controls and beckoned us into the car park of ap 26 MP 2003
reminded me of Sally when she first sat in the adapted Saab, faced with a geometric model of her own handicapsp 128 MP 2003
me, staring gravely into my face, and then recognized the adapted controls. Assuming that I was a crippled driver, he heldp 143 MP 2003
ramp. Only one car was parked in the garage, Sally's adapted Saab, hidden behind a row of wheeled bins near thep 284 MP 2003
study. One day he'll write a book and get it adapted on BBC2. Sangster is different, how and why I don'tp 132 KC 2006
many ways I was the opposite of a misfit, and adapted too well to the camp. One of my chess partnersp 81 ML 2008
bioplastic materials, and its living tissues were still growing, softly adapting themselves to the contours of her body, repairing themselves asp 341 PE 1962
of similar frequency and amplitude they mutually reinforce themselves, each adapting itself for comfort to the personality of the other. Allp 314 TDS 1962
went out to Lagoon West and worked among the reefs, adapting the designs to the contours and colours of the terrainp 548 SG 1963
bridge and poker games, curious to know how people were adapting to internment. Many of the British in Shanghai had beenp 291 UGM 1995
together. I rewrote the dialogue of a peptic ulcer programme, adapting the questions to Sally's case, put on a white coatp 23 MP 2003
pretty closely. Are you sure we won't all need to add another hand to our clocks and watches?‘ The pundit smiledp 17 E 1956
of one of the directors (a dismal harridan, I may add) and was consequently unassailable. Our relationship was based on mutualp 96 NZ 1959
want me to radio Ceres?‘ ‘Not yet. It still doesn't add up to anything.‘ ‘There might be a reward. Probably ap 81 WG 1959
procedure with such a bizarre flavour, was not intended to add an element of torture or suspense to the condemned's lastp 506 EG 1963
and eventually to a mood of almost euphoric disbelief. To add insult to injury, not only had the patient, James Hintonp 521 MO 1963
to be disappointed, though not by the actress, may I add. The Aphrodite I have in mind will outshine Milos's.‘ ‘Thep 546 SG 1963
zoo on the pretext that he would be able to add an anti-rabies vaccine to the water. After his meeting withp 48 D 1965
my decision but I'm sure you understand. Perhaps I should add that there are a number of matters I cannot confidep 64 CW 1966
The great advantage of science fiction is that it can add one unique ingredient to this hot mix -- words. Writep 207 UGM 1971
camps. Perhaps, at the end of the newscast, he would add a special message for his clan members at that momentp 96 HR 1975
artist. ‘Olds -- it's unbelievable ...‘ Halloway congratulated him, careful to add, ‘Wait until you repair the jet planes at the airportp 903 UC 1976
old man warning him that sooner or later he would add to these terminal moraines, Halloway had been exhilarated by thep 915 UC 1976
own cell chemistry by a factor of 1027. I may add that the ULTRAC programmers have constructed a total information modelp 983 Z2 1978
to his cabin, grumbling over his map, and Basie commented: ‘Add that up any way you like and we're still lostp 128 ES 1984
was the fact that the statement was literally true. To add to my irritation, Captain Kagwa interjected: ‘The guerilla attack, doctorp 32 DC 1987
desert's edge. She paused to pluck a wild herb to add to the dish of rice and fish that she wouldp 121 DC 1987
small, satisfying fire in the grate. To the flames I add the contents of my briefcase, all the bank-notes in myp 1132 TES 1989
popular programme, to what extent do Dr Clare's professional skills add another dimension to the art and science of the interviewp 271 UGM 1992
all going to live here.‘ Gubby chuckled noisily, struggling to add more shells to the roof and fending off the playfulp 127 RP 1994
to see you, though sadly I've nothing very useful to add to what you've already learned.‘ She crooked a finger atp 129 CN 1996
that they were genuine enthusiasts of the lens, eager to add to the growing self-awareness of a community. Crawford's porno-films werep 281 CN 1996
that repel the bourgeoisie. They may seem perverse, but they add to the possibilities of life.‘ ‘That's a curious thing forp 96 SC 2000
diary? Confessional tapes?‘ ‘Sorry. But there are things that don't add up.‘ ‘Such as?‘ ‘Motive. There isn't one.‘ ‘Or one youp 129 SC 2000
friendly pillow and comfortable chair like household gods. Together they add up to a great love, big enough to ignore thisp 163 MP 2003
follow. Then two more. Hard stones make for hard data. Add a few frightened Muslim families into the equation and youp 164 KC 2006
other, but apart from that I couldn't see anything that added up to a psychosis. My eyes seemed steady, pulse wasp 16 E 1956
be able to tune the others without it. Anyway,‘ I added, trying to smile, ‘that Arachnid would be dead in tenp 5 PB 1956
to pay the rent. ‘She only sang, of course,‘ Jane added. ‘Until my father came.‘ She blew bubbles into her glassp 9 PB 1956
the medulla. With virtually one cut of the scalpel we've added twenty years to those men's lives.‘ ‘I only hope theyp 51 M69 1957
six-inch focus. I had four in that headrest alone.‘ He added, as a footnote: ‘The wind is your own breathing, fairlyp 71 T12 1958
through the sand-haze to the endless sea of cones. He added: ‘Two million years is a long time.‘ I took hisp 78 WG 1959
nothing, although two or three hundred more names have been added to the tablets. However, I am certain that whatever wep 94 WG 1959
she told him sharply. ‘It's all finished.‘ To herself she added experimentally: Five and twelve. Five to twelve. Yes. Time unfoldedp 151 CH 1960
him. The water clock had demonstrated that a calibrated timepiece added another dimension to life, organized its energies, gave the countlessp 154 CH 1960
man remarked. ‘Grandfather's,‘ Conrad corrected. He remembered Stacey's lecture, and added: ‘He was killed in the plaza.‘ The old man frownedp 165 CH 1960
for Paul Merrill, but not for a responsible composer. He added the sheet to the two in his left hand andp 116 SS 1960
You've got a wonderful voice, all right.‘ Sotto voce she added: ‘But your hearing is even more wonderful.‘ Paul Merrill switchedp 127 SS 1960
To sleep 8-00? (these countdowns terrify me.) He paused, then added: Goodbye Eniwetok He saw the girl again the next dayp 174 VT 1960
near enough. I hear him pacing around all night.‘ She added: ‘Still, I suppose it's better than being a terminal. Tellp 179 VT 1960
four hours. Physically speaking, Kaldren has had another twenty years added to his life. But the psyche seems to need sleepp 182 VT 1960
the police. You stay with him.‘ He paused and then added: ‘Don't let them break the clock.‘ Coma turned and lookedp 194 VT 1960
shook his head stubbornly. ‘The idea's insane.‘ To himself he added: I'd rather shoot the thing. Then he remembered the .38p 145 ZT 1960
to bother about the partition -- except at night,‘ she added quickly. Ward glanced at Rossiter, who shrugged and began top 276 B 1961
muttered. He stumbled over Rossiter's tool-bag and swore loudly, then added meaningly over his shoulder: ‘If you ask me there's toop 278 B 1961
own.‘ He paused to let this prospect sink in, then added quietly: ‘All the kids are leaving on the next tripp 236 DE 1961
either.‘ He looked up at Granger's wry saturnine face, then added sardonically. ‘Or didn't you know?‘ Granger roared, tapping the windowp 237 DE 1961
Granger asked. Holliday shook his head. ‘No.‘ Without thinking, he added: ‘It must have been a fish jumping.‘ ‘Fish? There isn'tp 240 DE 1961
it.‘ Fervently, his hands straying to the metal suitcase, he added sotto voce: ‘As you say, good luck to it.‘ Steppingp 281 GA 1961
I let the idea hang in front of him, and added: ‘By the way, all these streamers that keep blowing acrossp 217 S5 1961
too great.‘ Wondering whether I had gone too far, I added hastily: ‘It doesn't matter whether the author is man orp 226 S5 1961
After he had gone I went into the study and added up what copy I had left, found that there werep 233 S5 1961
too thin to hold a falling building.‘ To himself he added: ‘Hardoon will want something tougher.‘ ‘Who?‘ Deborah asked. She hadp 69 WFN 1961
the wind pressure and the successive shells of reinforcing materials added during the past week had lowered the ceiling to littlep 81 WFN 1961
irregular corridor of bursting sandbags. A few cracks of light added to the scanty illumination provided by the storm lanterns. Gustsp 83 WFN 1961
She was in the church.‘ When the interpreter nodded, he added: ‘Tell Luigi I'm sorry about the shooting in here.‘ Thep 105 WFN 1961
around the office. ‘Let's get a move on, eh?‘ he added curtly. Marshall carried the suitcase over to the desk, notingp 128 WFN 1961
Must have been carrying some really big loads.‘ Grinning, he added: ‘Looks as if Pat may get a story after allp 155 WFN 1961
blindly down dark tunnels.‘ He looked at Maitland rhetorically, then added: ‘I admire you, Doctor, and your companions. You still dop 163 WFN 1961
aircraft fuselages withstand it comfortably.‘ When Maitland seemed doubtful, Hardoon added: ‘Believe me, Doctor, you need have no fears. This pyramidp 166 WFN 1961
joined the local forces,‘ Lanyon said. With a smile he added: ‘Don't look so shocked; it's an established military tradition. Krollp 171 WFN 1961
Okay?‘ ‘Here?‘ Abel said quickly. ‘In your cabin?‘ Then he added ‘In your sleeping cylinder?‘ Dr Francis sat back. ‘Abel, youp 324 13C 1962
first foraging trips are made.‘ Captain Sanger, the engineering officer, added: ‘He's also trying to duck his conditioning sessions. He's wearingp 332 13C 1962
conditioning, Dr Francis?‘ Short asked. When Francis shrugged vaguely he added: ‘I think we ought to regard the matter fairly seriouslyp 332 13C 1962
take some time.‘ Pointedly, with a glance at Francis he added: ‘It's the men and women in the ship we're thinkingp 333 13C 1962
enactment has been passed.‘ When Francis still looked sceptical he added: ‘If anything, you're more likely to jeopardize them.‘ ‘I'll takep 335 13C 1962
When the latter still leaned on his balcony rail, Travis added: ‘The next conjunction is tomorrow.‘ Bridgman shook his head, ap 355 CS 1962
Just following the road. Cairo, Alex, you know --‘ She added: ‘I went to see the pyramids.‘ She lay back, rollingp 290 IO 1962
at him.‘ He shunted the gear change into second, and added, ‘Don't try to have me stopped, doctor, because they'll onlyp 296 IO 1962
can't they keep quiet?‘ ‘They're mating,‘ Trantino told her. He added thoughtfully: ‘You should sing to Mr Gorrell.‘ Margot stirred lazilyp 342 PE 1962
to the Pan-Galactic Conference. A pity, I feel,‘ the colonel added, reflectively stroking his steel-grey moustache. ‘Procyon always put up ap 344 PE 1962
desk and a buzzer sounded along the wall. ‘However,‘ Tony added, ‘I'd be grateful if you'd send them further details.‘ Thep 345 PE 1962
I am Dr Terence Sotal-2 Burlington, Professor -- Emeritus,‘ he added to himself as an afterthought, ‘ -- of Applied Drama atp 352 PE 1962
stand.‘ Before the girl could cut back at Kerans, Riggs added smoothly: ‘The temperature is still going up, Miss Dahl, youp 26 DW 1962
below, you'll get precious little sleep.‘ Closing his eyes, he added pensively: ‘That is, assuming that you still want any.‘ Atp 26 DW 1962
hauled up in its davits clanged against the hull. He added: ‘The atmosphere in these lagoons is pretty enervating. Three daysp 37 DW 1962
the delta jungles.‘ She gave him a bleak smile, then added with a touch of malicious humour: ‘Don't look so sternp 49 DW 1962
name at the silent heat, then winked at Kerans and added: ‘DR. KERANS WANTS TO TALK TO YOU, LIEUTENANT!!‘ Focused byp 59 DW 1962
chap, the dreams were having him.‘ As an afterthought he added: ‘You spotted the sun-pulse equation? Hardman's gramophone record was ap 71 DW 1962
memories to recapture, of the great palaces and museums.‘ He added: ‘Or are the only memories you have pre-uterine ones?‘ Keransp 90 DW 1962
not,‘ Strangman remonstrated. ‘We've only just got here. Besides,‘ he added sagely, ‘where would we go? There's nothing much left nowp 114 DW 1962
think you abducted Miss Dahl, they won't touch her.‘ He added, with a touch of menace: ‘Come on, Kerans, we don'tp 151 DW 1962
not want to see you for a few minutes.‘ She added: ‘You are a better sculptor than you think, Mr Miltonp 403 TSS 1962
town clerk isn't here today.‘ Before Renthall could speak he added: ‘You will, of course, continue to draw your salaries. Perhapsp 376 WT 1962
They prefer to maintain the status quo.‘ Renthall nodded, then added casually: ‘They're only interested in maintaining their own power. Atp 380 WT 1962
Mr Renthall?‘ ‘Excellent. I've got them on the run.‘ He added: ‘You wait and see, the next meeting of the Watchp 386 WT 1962
individual identities? If I may make a small confession,‘ he added with a roguish smile. ‘I myself find that all thep 526 MO 1963
sergeant said. ‘It's quite a climb.‘ As an afterthought he added: ‘Down at the library where he works they said you'dp 479 NWS 1963
continent. Much more typical of Africa -- and Europe,‘ he added with sly humour. Pausing to smile at Connolly, he saidp 442 QR 1963
is no time for a metaphysical discussion.‘ To Ryker he added: ‘It doesn't much matter what you and I believe, Rykerp 446 QR 1963
pathways criss-crossed the bush at all angles, a new one added whenever one of the bands returned to the campong, irrespectivep 448 QR 1963
Aphrodite 80. The film about Orpheus he's making here.‘ I added: ‘You must ask him to give you a part. You'dp 550 SG 1963
screens in the game -- over forty (I had secretly added more in an attempt to save Emerelda) -- that mostp 555 SG 1963
never joined us, despite the new screens I painted and added to the group. Only on the night I visited Lagoonp 558 SG 1963
need something to eat.‘ When Judith started to protest he added firmly: ‘Look, I don't want a new infra-red barbecue spitp 417 SM 1963
keep pace with their purchase schedules and grappling with the added incentives inserted to keep the schemes alive. Many of thep 417 SM 1963
on to the sand. ‘They're heavy,‘ he muttered. Brightening, he added. ‘There must be over five hundred feet here, Doctor. Withp 464 TT 1963
through the sand, sending further falls down the slope, he added in a firmer voice ‘And stop moving all that sandp 464 TT 1963
two of them in one hand against the other. Bridges added ‘Kinda light, aren't they?‘ Traxel began to prise them openp 469 TT 1963
--‘ ‘Venusians. That's Kandinski. Not only seen them,‘ Professor Cameron added. ‘He's talked to them. Charles works at a cafe inp 480 VH 1963
fascinating. Straight out of the unconscious. The fish too,‘ he added, pointing at the tanks. He grinned whimsically at Ward andp 484 VH 1963
bikini and lemon-coloured sunglasses move gracefully through the arcade and added meditatively: ‘You know, Andrew, like everyone else my real vocationp 485 VH 1963
The resemblance is misleading. They are not my stories,‘ he added parenthetically. ‘This cafe is the only one which would givep 488 VH 1963
to alter the tempo and direction of their dialogue, he added: ‘I tell Mr Lowry, then bring whiskies and hot towelp 629 DS 1964
Gifford regarding him with an expression of critical distaste, and added: ‘Jung believes the snake is primarily a symbol of thep 631 DS 1964
accept that,‘ Charles Gifford said. With rather forced laughter he added, shaking his foot in the cradle: ‘I have to. Don'tp 631 DS 1964
in the middle of the swamp.‘ As an afterthought, he added: ‘She was married to Marquand.‘ As we ate, forking thep 621 IM 1964
Titian and Rembrandt?‘ Georg nodded. ‘And someone else too,‘ he added pensively. For the next month, after Georg's return to Parisp 583 LL 1964
nodded. ‘I hope you find them.‘ As an afterthought she added: ‘Dr Osborne is going to tell the Navy that you'rep 600 TB 1964
the vessel over to them at the depot, Lomax had added a single gallon of diesel oil in a quixotic gesturep 9 D 1965
be prosaic. Water is the least of our problems.‘ She added: ‘I take it you'll be here?‘ ‘Why do you sayp 16 D 1965
called. ‘I'll lend you some water.‘ With forced humour, he added: ‘You can repay me when the pressure comes on againp 17 D 1965
the beach is only the start.‘ At the door he added, as if the water in his hand compelled him top 30 D 1965
more and more such areas on the map, and the added difficulties of making good the world's food supplies, led top 30 D 1965
I haven't a moral notion in my head.‘ Thoughtfully, he added: ‘Until now, that is. I feel I may at lastp 42 D 1965
from one another, and in the gardens the smouldering incinerators added their smoke to the ash-filled air. Abandoned cars lay byp 47 D 1965
water I certainly can't destroy them.‘ Lowering her voice, she added: ‘Besides, I don't think Whitman would let me.‘ She turnedp 52 D 1965
waif's croak. He pointed to the cabin and deckwork, and added with a note of pride: ‘It's an old wreck, youp 80 D 1965
Still, I wouldn't worry, we're not much better off.‘ He added: ‘We've been here two days.‘ ‘We were on the roadp 93 D 1965
for so many years, had come back to him with added force. As he picked up his paddle and flicked onep 115 D 1965
are of them.‘ ‘That's wishful thinking, doctor.‘ To Catherine, he added tersely as he strode down the embankment: ‘On the cliffp 141 D 1965
in them.‘ With a gleam of his old humour he added: ‘Hole down to the door, slide them in, up withp 154 D 1965
and I'm going to drink it!‘ With a smirk, he added: ‘I'll share it with you, Charles, of course.‘ ‘Thank youp 165 D 1965
car. ‘I'm going to the coast.‘ Over his shoulder, he added, ‘Gabrielle Szabo is there.‘ This time, as he fled towardsp 679 DF 1966
Then she plucked a single plume from its wing and added it to the collection in her arms. Restlessly Crispin returnedp 700 SBD 1966
as the smoke drifted past them. More feathers had been added to the pyre built on to the frame of thep 705 SBD 1966
moment showed itself. Conscious of Sanders's critical eye, Father Balthus added as an afterthought, to reassure the doctor: ‘The light atp 13 CW 1966
to Sanders. ‘I beg your pardon, Doctor. My bag.‘ He added: ‘The customs people are here.‘ Annoyed to be caught readingp 20 CW 1966
the emerald in the gilt ring on Louise's finger, and added: ‘In a small way I'm something of an expert inp 37 CW 1966
briefly this afternoon to the steward on the steamer.‘ She added: ‘My aunt's cook is now a patient at your leproseriep 37 CW 1966
left alone in Port Matarre. Ventress's presence in some way added an unnecessary random element to the already confused patterns ofp 43 CW 1966
if not Port Matarre as well.‘ He hesitated, and then added: ‘That man had been in the water for at leastp 52 CW 1966
that, Doctor. But not in the way you mean.‘ He added before Sanders could question him further: ‘I really saw nothingp 55 CW 1966
haven't met this Ventress.‘ Before Sanders could move on he added: ‘Remember, Doctor, there are many interests in Mont Royal thatp 58 CW 1966
With a brief gleam of his old ironic humour, he added: ‘I don't want to use you as a decoy justp 87 CW 1966
he has a chance.‘ As if to reassure Sanders, he added: ‘You did the right thing.‘ The mulatto and the nakedp 104 CW 1966
had finished. ‘I'm surprised you can walk at all.‘ He added: ‘I saw you this afternoon -- in the mirrors atp 111 CW 1966
by matters other than those which Sanders had described, he added: ‘You'll want a change of clothes, I have a suitp 123 CW 1966
clock.‘ Aware that the explanation was not wholly convincing, she added: ‘To be frank, I prefer the night. One can seep 125 CW 1966
fears that go with them.‘ In a quieter voice, she added: ‘I'm glad you're here, Edward. I'm afraid Max doesn't understandp 125 CW 1966
dispensary. To tell the truth, I've hardly seen her.‘ He added hastily, aware that this was not necessarily the answer Louisep 133 CW 1966
they?‘ ‘They're human,‘ Sanders said evenly. With faint sarcasm he added: ‘Don't be frightened.‘ ‘I'm not. But what are they doingp 134 CW 1966
were impressed?‘ ‘Very,‘ Sanders said. ‘It has no patients.‘ He added: ‘I'm surprised you need to spend any time at allp 137 CW 1966
mind off higher things, a few maternity cases, pellagra ...‘ He added quietly: ‘Yesterday a couple of cases of leprosy came inp 173 CW 1966
Dr Knight turned towards the door. Almost sotto voce he added: ‘And you'll see, Conrad, he can still help you.‘ Atp 687 TIM 1966
I had first seen her as Coleridge's nightmare witch, and added: ‘I killed a sand-ray that was circling my yacht.‘ Shep 724 CHC 1967
you're expected to carry out.‘ With an arch glance, she added: ‘Your men do understand that there's to be only onep 750 CSC 1967
Relax, Karen.‘ In a mimicry of Dr Nathan's voice, he added, ‘You're a mere modulus, my dear.‘ He looked down atp 56 GAN 1967
I said half jocularly. With something of an effort, I added: ‘It looks very nice.‘ I glanced at the cages whenp 738 R 1967
is now even higher up on U Thant's staff,‘ Charles added. ‘There's one interesting photograph of him and Warrender together duringp 777 CA 1968
conviction. As Judith stared at him with unconcealed distaste, he added pointedly. ‘We don't get many visitors.‘ I put the suitcasesp 763 DA 1968
respiratory and cardiovascular systems. Within a few years, as he added the cerebro-spinal system to his encyclopedia, a substantial invented pathologyp 76 THF 1969
them in any way?‘ I let this pass, but Catherine added, ‘The other man's wife is a doctor -- Dr Helenp 31 C 1973
through his bruised mouth. ‘Are we near the island?‘ He added, realizing that she might not be aware of this, ‘Ip 58 CI 1974
not so well in your private life, I'd guess.‘ She added, in a limp voice, ‘I borrowed some money. From ap 98 CI 1974
seemed, in some way he enjoyed reproving the tramp. He added a second blow, aiming the crutch at the thread ofp 104 CI 1974
in an empty building -- think of that, Robert.‘ She added, illogically, ‘Besides, it's full of the kind of people youp 10 HR 1975
Aware of the hint of challenge in Wilder's voice, he added, ‘Once a week -- I hardly know the man, butp 15 HR 1975
of off-duty construction workers from the television studios had casually added another floor. The five apartment buildings on the eastern perimeterp 19 HR 1975
with Anthony Royal? I'm afraid he's decided to decline.‘ He added, as much to himself as to Laing. ‘My wife shouldp 27 HR 1975
refusing to speak to anyone outside our own enclave.‘ He added, ‘My car had its windscreen smashed this afternoon by ap 31 HR 1975
Alsatian,‘ he said lamely. When she made no reply he added, ‘We've decided to stay on.‘ Confused by his response top 82 HR 1975
Unsettled by this lurid vision, Laing disconnected his stereo-speakers and added them to the barricade of furniture and kitchen appliances. Recordsp 105 HR 1975
Almost everything movable in the apartment, however small, she had added to the barricade, at times threatening to entomb them forp 124 HR 1975
put down. For some reason, he did not want it added to the barricade. ‘I've been cleaning up for you,‘ shep 124 HR 1975
she had felt a flicker of concern for him. She added matter-of-factly, ‘I should be wary of Dr Pangbourne.‘ ‘I alwaysp 134 HR 1975
terms with my accident. He flashed a self-deprecating smile and added: After that I can learn to fly. Halloway nodded sympatheticallyp 891 UC 1976
me I'll find someone else.‘ Enjoying his aggressive manner, he added, ‘Old Buckmaster will know someone.‘ I'll help you, Halloway. Forp 903 UC 1976
all the problems of running this automobile plant, he had added more and more calculators. He placed the instruments in ap 916 UC 1976
Olds fully appreciated the simplicity of this ingenious scheme. He added, ‘Naturally, it would be to everyone's benefit. In fact, byp 917 UC 1976
be. Miriam, leave the poor fellow alone.‘ To me, he added: ‘It isn't every day that young men fall from thep 24 UDC 1979
at the flying school won't recognize you in it.‘ She added in a droll way: ‘I'm deliberately being cryptic -- youp 28 UDC 1979
I'd like to thank him, whoever it was.‘ Casually, I added: ‘How long was I in the aircraft?‘ Stark was listeningp 44 UDC 1979
tulips and daisies which the children had gathered. They had added more pieces of the Cessna -- another section of thep 117 UDC 1979
male sexual organ from which she fled. Reaching forward, she added the cover of the fairy tale to the dying blazep 1008 HFF 1980
worship, Paul, not to mention a hazard to shipping.‘ She added, as an afterthought: ‘I think we're sinking.‘ Sure enough, ap 20 HA 1981
here to assist in navigation.‘ ‘And supervise the horses,‘ Ricci added, fidgeting in his saddle. ‘This beast you picked for mep 55 HA 1981
the OPEC Tower and Empire State together.‘ ‘Just hung there,‘ added his wife Xerox. She sat in tandem behind her husbandp 64 HA 1981
West years ago.‘ ‘There's something funny about the Gays,‘ GM added, holding his wife's shoulders protectively. ‘I don't know what itp 67 HA 1981
old Kremlin.‘ ‘And the Jerry Brown Islamic Center,‘ Anne Summers added. ‘An exact fibre-glass replica of the Taj Mahal, one andp 75 HA 1981
Lincoln interceded: ‘ ... the ballot is stronger than the bullet ...‘ and added sagely, ‘This nation, under God, shall have a new birthp 168 HA 1981
decision. He's very generous. I believe in him, sir,‘ he added, making a point of his loyalty. ‘He wants to makep 171 HA 1981
district of Berlin. There was a prison there once,‘ he added for Dr Fleming's information, ‘where war-criminals were held -- Hessp 183 HA 1981
glad to hear that I retire this week.‘ Quietly, Franklin added: ‘I didn't ground you.‘ Slade pondered this, shaking his headp 1014 NFS 1981
hotels. But be careful of Slade.‘ ‘I am.‘ Casually, Franklin added: ‘I want you to see more of him. Arrange ap 1023 NFS 1981
playing with Franklin's shrine. To the original objects Slade had added a small chromium pistol. Deciding against the wristwatch, he tossedp 1028 NFS 1981
the now sombre veins. ‘Roger Sheppard.‘ On an impulse he added: ‘I'm an astronaut.‘ ‘Really?‘ Like a concerned nurse, she satp 1076 MNF 1982
of Cocoa Beach. But I keep away from there.‘ She added reluctantly: ‘There's a strange light by the Space Centre, onep 1076 MNF 1982
When she shook her head a little too quickly, Mallory added: ‘They're not that frightening, you know. In a way youp 1046 MSA 1982
brought me the glider from the museum at Orlando.‘ She added, archly: ‘Disneyland East -- that's what they called Cape Kennedyp 1047 MSA 1982
more comfortable than most of the hotels in Florida.‘ He added, with an ironic gleam: ‘I imagine it's the last placep 1052 MSA 1982
fields. ‘I'll meet your folks, Jim.‘ To Dr Ransome he added, without any enthusiasm: ‘I've been keeping an eye on thep 138 ES 1984
is aviation.‘ ‘Aviation? Aeroplanes, you mean?‘ ‘Not exactly.‘ Casually, Jim added: ‘I sat in the cockpit of a Japanese fighter.‘ ‘Youp 139 ES 1984
happened to Dr Ransome?‘ When the Eurasian seemed puzzled, Jim added: ‘And the people who left on the march?‘ ‘Too badp 275 ES 1984
thinking ahead for the first time in several days, he added a carton of Chesterfield cigarettes. When he climbed from thep 284 ES 1984
spending them on a loaf of bread. ‘Of course,‘ I added, ‘I'll provide an extra fee. As for my book, thep 1110 MWM 1985
had all touched his fancy. ‘By the way, doctor,‘ Sanger added. ‘I borrowed the Captain's radio-phone and sent a message top 71 DC 1987
a filmed record of the Mallory had been given several added layers of interest -- the irrational quest of its self-styledp 158 DC 1987
barrage, and a doubling of their water supply, had only added to the insecurity of these impoverished people. Hundreds of nomadsp 238 DC 1987
the identical jovial sound track, but Jasper and Amanda had added some twenty-five seconds of footage, culled from TV news documentariesp 55 RW 1988
remarked briskly. She had departed from the script but quickly added: ‘Now tell me about your work, David. I can seep 1125 LCC 1989
would never see Margaret again gave my modest meal an added relish, and afterwards I carefully set the dog-trap by thep 1136 TES 1989
the crowd to tap me on the shoulder. These games added another layer of strangeness and surprise to a city alreadyp 17 KW 1991
banished.‘ ‘I am banished.‘ Not sure what this meant, I added: ‘There might be an escape tonight.‘ ‘Who said? Are youp 36 KW 1991
thinking.‘ Artlessly, with a knowing eye in my direction, Peggy added: ‘Mrs Dwight, Jamie's planning to escape.‘ ‘Really? I thought he'dp 39 KW 1991
fascia.‘ ‘It was the luck of the draw.‘ Embarrassed, I added: ‘For some reason I got the Queen of the Nightp 80 KW 1991
warned her. ‘But you're the oldest.‘ ‘And the wisest,‘ I added. Lucy straightened a battered kangaroo. ‘Mrs Roo's much wiser --p 171 KW 1991
this admission seemed to amuse her. Without much prompting she added that they made love in the kitchen while the washingp 177 KW 1991
the pieces to the box. He locked the catch and added: ‘Thirty-two.‘ He smiled at me, fully aware of the gamep 276 KW 1991
enough. When my mother passed away ...‘ As an afterthought, she added: ‘My second husband died. An English dentist in Hong Kongp 342 KW 1991
Chinese warlords, dragon ladies and antique pagodas that had the added excitement for me of being set in the China wherep 179 UGM 1992
previous weeks. Signals blackouts caused by the planet's magnetic field added their own thrills and panics, skilfully orchestrated by NASA's PRp 1176 MFM 1992
serious we are.‘ ‘You are serious.‘ Tempted to tease, he added: ‘I'll film you from your best side.‘ ‘Have I gotp 19 RP 1994
swimming is ... what I do.‘ Trying to amuse her, he added: ‘Think of it as my albatross.‘ ‘Really? What are youp 34 RP 1994
lay in the small cemetery among the wild yams. He added a single lily to the wreaths left by the visitingp 85 RP 1994
worked hard, Papa, all of us. Even Neil here,‘ she added as Neil carried the old man's suitcase. ‘He's lazy andp 109 RP 1994
the mosquito net.‘ ‘And again at two o'clock,‘ Mrs Anderson added. ‘What was she doing, Neil? We'd like to know.‘ ‘Shep 160 RP 1994
me forever.‘ Admiring the paisley-patterned blood on her arms, she added: ‘One day, who knows, you may eat me ...‘ ‘Wolfgang andp 169 RP 1994
more sisters and daughters.‘ She pondered this happy prospect, and added with the arch humour that frequently unsettled Neil. ‘Besides, youp 187 RP 1994
track him to the cave and ensure that Mrs Saito added his bones to those on the slope below the pathwayp 225 RP 1994
like Rodin's "Thinker".‘ As Paula shuddered against my arm Cabrera added: ‘At least she was happy when she died. We foundp 110 CN 1996
nightmarish descent of the past weeks. Concerned for Sanger, I added: ‘She shouldn't have left you. In her way she wasp 302 CN 1996
to bind me to them, and they were right. Mahoud added petrol to the ether, and I have five deaths onp 318 CN 1996
wished that the structure, tilting each year by a few added millimetres, would decide on this exact moment for its long-predictedp 9 DYF 1996
desk. ‘One of our stringers did a round-up piece. He added a few contact numbers you might find useful.‘ ‘It's ap 130 SC 2000
of these unnecessary confidences. Before they could speak again, he added: ‘He advised them in a dispute with the personnel departmentp 143 SC 2000
her five minutes. I kept her awake last night.‘ I added: ‘She finds it hard to sleep -- it's a littlep 171 SC 2000
wrong from the beginning.‘ ‘Fair enough.‘ She seemed relieved, but added offhandedly: ‘David loved it here.‘ ‘Greenwood? That surprises me.‘ ‘Itp 286 SC 2000
of truth. Before I could interrupt, she pressed on: ‘I added a few interesting contact numbers -- Isabel. Duval and thep 337 SC 2000
the protest movements at a more serious level. Defensively, I added: ‘A cat show -- sounds trivial, but it reaches thep 52 MP 2003
up and dance around the world, and more chairs are added to the circle, more marinas and Marriott hotels, so everyonep 54 MP 2003
I can.‘ Unsure what I was committing myself to, I added: ‘If I ever walk again.‘ ‘Walk? You'll run.‘ Dexter movedp 62 MP 2003
regurgitated vomit people call the consumer society.‘ Almost pedantically, she added: ‘They're not really bombs -- they're acoustic provocations. Like thep 81 MP 2003
music. "Rudolf the Red-nosed Reindeer" was their favourite.‘ Soberly, Carradine added: ‘We switched off the motors. Out of consideration ...‘ ‘Sensitive ofp 42 KC 2006
England's traditional pastime, football hooliganism. The town's police force, he added, was on alert but was being kept in reserve. Disappointedp 127 KC 2006
last moment I would slip in among them, after Julia added my name to the list. I wanted to stay withp 222 KC 2006
Resurrection as the ultimate placebo effect.‘ Seeing my impatience, he added: ‘They're taking the body on a tour of the Metro-Centrep 256 KC 2006
elective insanity.‘ ‘He thought I meant the Christian Church.‘ Maxted added: ‘They'd already had one assassination too many, and weren't lookingp 258 KC 2006
bets at jai alai games and the Shanghai racecourse, had added salt to their easy wit. I hung on every wordp 73 ML 2008
in the RAF. The flight training was in Canada, an added attraction. My years in Lunghua had exempted me from Nationalp 161 ML 2008