= square root of (b2 + c2 + d2). The actual itinerary taken was the passenger's responsibility, and as long asp 32 CC 1957
disc off the player, angled it into its sleeve. ‘In actual fall, that is, not impact. We used a fifty-foot shaftp 68 T12 1958
his secret ambition -- a portable timepiece, if possible an actual wristwatch -- he would have to find one, somewhere, inp 154 CH 1960
phantom, and this worried Larsen almost as much as the actual hallucination. What else was Bayliss hiding up his sleeve? ‘I'mp 142 ZT 1960
the observer on the ground was looking, not at the actual capsule, but at a local field of vaporized aluminium andp 368 CS 1962
him with hypnotic intensity. ‘Dr Booth. I ask you: what actual proof have we that Hinton ever existed?‘ ‘Well, sir, therep 527 MO 1963
beach fatigue -- irreversible boredom and inertia. The prospect of actual work seemed almost a novelty. ‘Aphrodite 80,‘ Raymond Mayo explainedp 544 SG 1963
seen approaching Earth, and that in a few extreme cases actual meetings with their occupants are supposed to have taken placep 497 VH 1963
chapter of history had been gladly forgotten. The Pre-Third The actual and potential destructiveness of the atomic bomb plays straight intop 590 TB 1964
alone knows. Still, of one thing I'm sure, there's no actual physical danger from this process, or Ventress would have warnedp 49 CW 1966
than anything else -- and about as curable -- an actual proliferation of the sub-atomic identity of all matter. It's asp 66 CW 1966
on the tactical side too much. Commentator You mean the actual fighting around the village? Captain Robinson That's correct. RADIO OPERATORp 964 TW 1967
while Vaughan was in the urinal, he drove off alone. Actual Size. A helicopter clattered overhead, a cameraman crouched in thep 69 THF 1969
it was almost a relief to find myself in an actual accident. Like everyone else bludgeoned by these billboard harangues andp 39 C 1973
not prepared him for even the briefest encounter with an actual woman. What would once have been called the ‘real‘ worldp 991 MA 1978
to a more defensible position. Clearly he had missed the actual landings on Utah Beach and had no idea that hep 978 OAU 1978
half-educated men can show for manipulating the mass media, their actual crimes soon seem to sink to a lower, merely humanp 41 UGM 1979
and my mind bars from me any memory of the actual space-flights. But I am certain that I was once anp 1105 MWM 1985
been grateful to you. After all, you could describe the actual moon-walks.‘ Scranton nodded sagely. ‘I acted as consultant to onep 1110 MWM 1985
that Hockney's ambitious claims suffer severely when placed against the actual photo-collages. The overlapping rectangular prints form a mosaic of sharpp 63 UGM 1988
hair dryer that hung beside the washstand (its double, the actual murder weapon, had been removed). The floor-to-ceiling mirrors that linedp 28 RW 1988
was a matter of comparative unimportance. I believe that the actual murders were no more than a final postscript to ap 63 RW 1988
commit their crimes had been taken many weeks before the actual event. What provided the trigger for the Pangbourne children? Thisp 64 RW 1988
one of pure hypertrophy, the degree of ptosis present, the actual scale of enlargement and, finally, the presence of any pathologyp 114 MWR 1990
I watched Christie, well aware that I was holding the actual weapon that had killed my father. Looking at this hopelessp 270 KC 2006
waited too long to return to Shanghai, and that the actual city would never match my memories. But those memories hadp 269 ML 2008
in the fleshy ovule, guided, or as Mandel always insisted, actually mesmerized to it by the vibrations which the orchid's calyxp 3 PB 1956
out the glowing cinders. ‘Franz!‘ Gregson shouted. ‘It's incredible! It actually works.‘ Franz kicked the shattered fuselage. ‘Of course it worksp 27 CC 1957
be able to take on Neill soon. Like another?‘ ‘No. Actually the game bores me. I can see that's going top 54 M69 1957
got to find out what happened to them, what they actually felt and saw.‘ Morley frowned dubiously. ‘That jungle is markedp 66 M69 1957
anyone who had not been there that the statue had actually started growing. With luck we managed to get several postponementsp 47 VS 1957
lay around in the wrong junkyards.‘ ‘But if it had actually arrived at the steel mill?‘ ‘A month or so. Lessp 48 VS 1957
Madame Gioconda. Madame Gioconda pointed around them. ‘And you can actually hear what he said even now? How remarkable. Mangon, youp 120 SS 1960
sense of this. ‘Wait a minute, Ray. You mean she's actually going to appear -- she's going to sing -- inp 129 SS 1960
Powers nodded to her she leaned across Kaldren and said: ‘Actually I've just finished Noguchi's autobiography -- the great Japanese doctorp 171 VT 1960
of his insane jokes -- and her reference to Noguchi. Actually the comparison should have been made with Whitby, not himselfp 173 VT 1960
he's talking to you.‘ Powers nodded. ‘Quite right, he is. Actually he's got a two-hundred-word vocabulary, but his voice box scramblesp 175 VT 1960
Kaldren paced around all night and didn't get enough sleep. Actually he doesn't get any sleep at all.‘ The girl noddedp 182 VT 1960
larding the case history with liberal doses of speculative commentary. ‘Actually, last night was easier. I think I'm entering a newp 138 ZT 1960
I was sitting on the sofa reading Kretschmer I didn't actually see myself, any more than I can see myself nowp 143 ZT 1960
pursued, there have been no cases of ghost and observer actually meeting of their own volition. Tell me, what would havep 144 ZT 1960
of piracy. ‘The wall does tilt a little,‘ Ward admitted. ‘Actually, it's about four degrees out -- I used a plumb-linep 268 B 1961
as her parental partner. However, now that a child had actually materialized he felt no resentment towards it. Complimenting himself, hep 257 MF 1961
the Business School and Faulkner's only close friend. ‘I may actually be stepping out of time,‘ Faulkner speculated. ‘Without a timep 247 OM 1961
set that he had forgotten the period when poetry was actually handspun. ‘They're poems, of a sort, obviously.‘ ‘Do you meanp 215 S5 1961
it might be another two or three days before he actually took his seat in an aircraft. He was well backp 7 WFN 1961
seas headwinds like a wall of steel. If they were actually trying to take off passengers, it looked as if thep 9 WFN 1961
all down, what prospects are there of the wind system's actually subsiding?‘ Dickinson shook his head dourly. ‘I'd like to bep 55 WFN 1961
they existed. Only a small fraction, perhaps 200,000, were actually employed in rescue work. Maitland speculated shrewdly that preparations werep 78 WFN 1961
bunkers. They're like a ship's bilge.‘ ‘But the walls aren't actually moving, surely?‘ Maitland examined one of the hairline cracks highp 169 WFN 1961
in mid-air!‘ Dr Francis joined in the laughter. ‘Wonderful thought. Actually it's not that far from the truth. But we can'tp 324 13C 1962
mutual gravitational attraction? Let's assume further that such a system actually exists. Okay?‘ ‘Here?‘ Abel said quickly. ‘In your cabin?‘ Thenp 324 13C 1962
A gang of men were loading the so-called ‘compressed food‘ (actually frozen foods with the brand names removed) into the commissaryp 329 13C 1962
few nights he began to feel something repellent, if not actually ghoulish, about their mindless contemplation of the stars. This wasp 359 CS 1962
seem to have the suggestion beaten. Whatever happens, I can't actually reach the roof, so I must have enough strength top 408 M99 1962
was stationed in. Dr. Bodkin, twenty-five years his senior, had actually lived in several of them, both in Europe and Americap 20 DW 1962
loathed the base, he knew that the sight of it actually sailing off would act as a wonderful catalyst for emotionsp 30 DW 1962
on the two-stroke starting engine had gone wrong, it was actually running backwards.‘ He was about to explain the irony ofp 50 DW 1962
to the old University quarter, a mass of little creeks, actually found the laboratory where my father used to teach. Wep 74 DW 1962
bully beef, so you could say "indefinitely". However, if you're actually planning to eat the stuff -- six months. But I'dp 79 DW 1962
it across his shoulders. ‘Easy, Robert, it doesn't matter now. Actually, I'm sure it wasn't Strangman's fault; he was talking top 109 DW 1962
at Kerans, who gazed watchfully at the wry, perverted leer. ‘Actually I have another motive -- I want you to havep 113 DW 1962
go to the cinema tomorrow.‘ Hanson shook his head. ‘No. Actually the performance has been cancelled. In view of yesterday's disturbancesp 377 WT 1962
illusions. Although the windows appear to open no one's ever actually seen any of them. For all we know this placep 379 WT 1962
disappearance, when some doubt still remained whether the latter had actually left the asylum. Although the failure to find Hinton mightp 522 MO 1963
the discovery of his disappearance. Dr Booth, as the physician actually responsible for Hinton, you are quite certain you were thep 523 MO 1963
Certainly, sir,‘ Normand replied promptly. ‘Of course, I have not actually seen it myself, but every patient at Green Hill hasp 528 MO 1963
from the sea. ‘Miriam, don't you understand? I might not actually see, it, in the literal sense. It might be ...‘ hep 475 NWS 1963
about to be perpetuated.‘ Pereira looked out at the campong. ‘Actually they would never eat a white man, to avoid defilingp 452 QR 1963
said quietly. ‘Never mind Ryker and the satellite. This cargo actually landed.‘ As Pereira knelt down and inspected the altimeter, whistlingp 457 QR 1963
creepers and sunlight, Connolly turned to Pereira. ‘Captain -- what actually happened to Colonel Spender? You said the Indians wouldn't eatp 458 QR 1963
an office in the Physiology Department at the University -- actually choosing this section of the beach were remote, and Pelhamp 427 RE 1963
about these signs for weeks now. Tell me, have you actually seen one signalling?‘ Hathaway tore a handful of leaves fromp 412 SM 1963
this promptly vanished two days later). Not once had he actually decided of his own volition that he wanted something andp 423 SM 1963
Well, it's a curious thing, almost without exception those who actually know Kandinski are convinced he's sincere and that he sawp 484 VH 1963
a factual and literal report of a Venus landing which actually took place, a diary of the most significant encounter inp 487 VH 1963
bad printing. They can't really be like that.‘ ‘They are, actually.‘ Still holding the card, Maitland went out into the gardenp 653 GTN 1964
been christened in the Western Hemisphere and the English-speaking world) actually involved. Apart from a handful of forestry workers and biologistsp 606 IM 1964
dear Charles, I assure you, categorically, the confounded picture has actually gone --‘ Georg shot out three inches of elegant chalk-bluep 576 LL 1964
real, closer to the face I felt sure I had actually seen. Suddenly I pivoted on my heel. ‘Confound it, Georgp 583 LL 1964
for example. He was left alone at 15,000 -- actually the reserve was only ten -- so I leaned overp 584 LL 1964
from.‘ ‘Of course not, Howard,‘ Ransom agreed. ‘It's purely penitential. Actually, I thought it suited me.‘ ‘It doesn't. Let me assurep 23 D 1965
last be coming into my own. Still, what are you actually going to do? You can't just sit on the mudp 42 D 1965
was sitting with his back to Halliday. Whether he was actually listening to the music Halliday could not tell, but whenp 671 DF 1966
with him in the hotel since his rescue, he said: ‘Actually, I haven't made up my mind yet. I'm just usingp 170 CW 1966
I didn't leave it on deliberately -- damn it, we actually crashed! Can you imagine it, after coming all this wayp 714 TMY 1966
produced at Vermilion Sands at that time, it would not actually need the exercise of the painter's hand. Once the pigmentsp 725 CHC 1967
woman and her dwarf? Did they imagine that anyone would actually come to this dismal patch of ground by the warehousesp 737 R 1967
wagons beyond it. To my surprise, a few people were actually visiting the menagerie. I stood in the road below thep 740 R 1967
either. It's a curious thing, but not one of them actually went on to a university. We've contacted the senates ofp 773 CA 1968
War II and the subsequent decades, all transmitted as they actually occurred. Night after night, somewhere around the world, John Fp 807 GTS 1972
time capsules) the producers found that there were fewer combatants actually present than described by the historians of the day. Whateverp 808 GTS 1972
sight. Above the rails of the sitting-room balcony I could actually see Catherine moving about on some complex errand, making twop 105 C 1973
a producer I barely know. Anyway, the chance of her actually completing one of your questionnaires is nil.‘ ‘Let me givep 147 C 1973
and we'll be separated by tomorrow afternoon. It's beautiful music, actually. Listen, I don't need anyone to like me. I'm pastp 119 CI 1974
way from the Philippines.‘ Laing never asked if Melville had actually been to Wake Island. Clearly Melville's vision of flying top 813 DFW 1974
sun. It occurred to me then that no one had actually witnessed the descent of the stricken airliner into the seap 821 AD 1975
imminent attack on him. After all, what could they have actually done -- hardly tossed him over the edge? As hep 27 HR 1975
have you ever thought of selling the apartment? We could actually leave. I'm serious.‘ ‘Helen ...‘ Nonplussed for a moment, Wilder staredp 46 HR 1975
most of all from oneself, any realization of what was actually happening in the high-rise, so that events there could followp 56 HR 1975
played through and noted for future attention. ‘My God, he's actually going to listen to all these tapes -- there mustp 57 HR 1975
Pangbourne belonged to the new generation of gynaecologists who never actually touched their patients, let alone delivered a child. His specialityp 83 HR 1975
he might give away to some sharp-eyed colleague what was actually going on in the high-rise. He examined himself in thep 101 HR 1975
-- a token remembrance of that time when people had actually left the building -- they would take turns standing withp 146 HR 1975
the only way she would survive her cancer. GRUMMAN: What actually happened? LOUGHLIN: I landed and skidded into the nose-wheel ofp 853 NTM 1976
to bring up with you. As you know, you don't actually pay any rent for this garage -- in fact, thisp 916 UC 1976
television camera. The unusual, not to say illicit, notion of actually meeting my wife and children in the flesh had occurredp 947 ICU 1977
I nor anyone else had ever dreamed that we might actually meet in person. In fact, age-old though rarely invoked ordinancesp 947 ICU 1977
to flower with such devastating consequences ten years later, of actually meeting Margaret in person. Intrigued by her unclassifiable appearance, Ip 948 ICU 1977
in one of the smarter Thames Valley housing estates, I actually heard the hostess apologize for ‘the books‘, a row ofp 167 UGM 1978
on TV, and which so brilliantly mimics originality without ever actually revealing it. ‘Metaphor‘, for example, is a particularly potent termp 168 UGM 1978
first time. I hadn't realized how vast this resort complex actually is -- it stretches for miles along the coast andp 969 HWT 1978
battle of Waterloo.‘ ‘Weren't you a helicopter pilot?‘ Ogden asked. ‘Actually, I'm not all that interested in military history ...‘ Strictly speakingp 973 OAU 1978
flight controls and engine settings. Strangely, now that I was actually airborne, crossing the car-parks, plastics factories and reservoirs that surroundedp 14 UDC 1979
didn't tempt providence.‘ Choosing her words, she went on matter-of-factly: ‘Actually, people don't die at the clinic, it's for out-patients onlyp 28 UDC 1979
said: ‘Blake, while you were trapped in the cockpit I actually prayed for you. We weren't sure you were alone. Justp 33 UDC 1979
Atlantic, was he losing his nerve at the prospect of actually setting foot on America? He searched the rigging and thep 16 HA 1981
the strange gold light over the Brooklyn shore he could actually see an old Exxon gasoline sign, worth a good fewp 29 HA 1981
old man had written to his mother. Amazingly, he had actually thought of him as his natural father. He now rejectedp 171 HA 1981
drawer hidden from Dr Vaisey's suspicious gaze. ‘I'm sure he actually saw them.‘ ‘A childhood memory? Poor man, at least hep 1017 NFS 1981
the sun. Looking out over the river this morning, I actually saw a unicorn walking on the water, its hooves shodp 1067 MNF 1982
down here.‘ ‘That's not true. According to Hinton, Dad may actually come down somewhere along this coast. Hinton says the orbitsp 1047 MSA 1982
moving around the court. Your dad would agree with me.‘ ‘Actually, he would agree with you. After the war you canp 118 ES 1984
be filled with old rags and wicker baskets, but it actually contained a complete general store. There were aluminium pots andp 218 ES 1984
brass candelabra appeared to stand on the altar table, but actually hung in mid-air ten feet away, suspended from the ceilingp 1095 OOA 1984
that followed I had gone to any lengths to avoid actually practising medicine in either Europe or North America, whose populationsp 42 DC 1987
the joiners are ‘much closer to the way that we actually look at things‘ but the human eye is not facetedp 63 UGM 1988
tree-lined avenue leading to the estate, and there were people actually perched among the branches of the poplars, some with sheetsp 24 RW 1988
the Maxteds were the two murder victims whom I had actually met, at a Stockholm conference in 1986. I remembered anp 29 RW 1988
That leads to another question, Doctor. The question -- who actually carried out the Pangbourne Massacre?" "The children, without any doubtp 43 RW 1988
the ABC, NBC and CNN newscasts on 27 January which actually announce that World War 3 has begun. That I alonep 1116 WW3 1988
it all, in case the physical and mental strain of actually living in this electronic paradise proves too much, there willp 65 UGM 1989
the retired headmaster who patrols the avenue morning and afternoon actually stopped to stare at it. I watched him mutter top 1131 TES 1989
other magazines. One of these, "The Angle Between Two Walls," actually appeared as the second of the series, a still fromp 46 DMa 1990
the launch of a new candy bar or deodorant? What actually happens on the level of our unconscious minds when, withinp 89 PAJa 1990
the rate of social change, but little apparent change is actually taking place. Most superficial change belongs in the context ofp 77 THFa 1990
that he was saying the exact opposite of the words actually emerging from his mouth. Though the man himself mellowed, hisp 105 WIWa 1990
and Lunghua. It's all over.‘ ‘I don't think about it, actually. But it isn't over.‘ Peggy took my shoulders, as ifp 82 KW 1991
of the brain. ‘You'll find it fascinating -- you can actually see the brain working -- assuming you medicos have ap 86 KW 1991
what's really going on. The visual space we occupy doesn't actually coincide with the external world. Shadows are far deeper thanp 200 KW 1991
invisible ..." It was stranger than I expected -- I was actually looking inside my own head.‘ ‘But, Jamie dear -- wep 208 KW 1991
Lucy wanted to come with me.‘ ‘Not a good idea, actually.‘ David tore at an orange and treated me to ap 260 KW 1991
you realise that surprisingly little is known about it. What actually happens when a woman fellates you? Do you know, Jimp 265 KW 1991
for once you were too close. A part of it actually happened to you. All those car crashes and pornographic moviesp 270 KW 1991
never know.‘ ‘I always did exactly what they told me. Actually, fathers can be better mothers than you think. It's mothersp 291 KW 1991
from me behind a barricade of wholesome children's books. ‘He's actually going to make a snuff movie. Jim, he's staging ap 299 KW 1991
we can talk into. The idea is to show what actually happens as we approach the end, and break through allp 306 KW 1991
world's ways. It may be that my intense adolescent reading actually handicapped me in the process of growing up -- inp 179 UGM 1992
-- the film's most famous line but one that never actually appears in it. Now that is the true measure ofp 7 UGM 1993
and everyone else was a barrister or stockbroker. When I actually arrived in 1946 I found a London that looked likep 185 UGM 1993
cultural identity of entire nations? How, too, did the company actually making the beverage, filling all those hobble-skirted bottles with caramel-colouredp 213 UGM 1993
intoxicated‘ the masses. Sadly for the protesters, too many people actually liked the stuff, a concept that left-wing intellectuals could neverp 214 UGM 1993
make the maximum effort but was careful that no-one was actually hurt. The chrome-plated pistol was his referee's whistle, and Neilp 135 RP 1994
I had to call.‘ ‘Thank God you did. Is he actually under arrest? Have you told the British Consul in Marbellap 14 CN 1996
fire? Tell me, no one can hear this -- you actually set the Hollinger house ablaze?‘ ‘Yes ... in effect.‘ He tookp 24 CN 1996
that endless travelling, all those departure lounges. Do you ever actually arrive anywhere?‘ ‘It's hard to tell -- sometimes I thinkp 25 CN 1996
Frank may have pleaded guilty, but that doesn't mean he actually committed these appalling crimes. This whole thing is a farcep 30 CN 1996
awfully good. Remarkable fellow in all sorts of ways. He's actually our entertainments officer, and the absolute life and soul ofp 46 CN 1996
was why the club had closed. How many people were actually here when it started?‘ ‘Everyone. I think all the guestsp 53 CN 1996
was probably because you hit your head on the floor.‘ ‘Actually, I didn't. He lowered me there quite gently. My throat'sp 95 CN 1996
warning there ...‘ ‘Possibly.‘ Cabrera moistened his hands in the water. ‘Actually, he was not alone.‘ ‘Really? So Mrs Hollinger was withp 108 CN 1996
on him? He seems rather engaging.‘ ‘Of course he is. Actually, I like him. He's a big puppy with a lotp 120 CN 1996
suppose they would. But I'm thinking of a club that actually makes films. Did Hollinger shoot any footage here?‘ ‘Not forp 134 CN 1996
a mess of knots. We're all concerned that you may actually damage Frank's case. Believe me, Estrella de Mar isn't thep 151 CN 1996
The Costasol complex isn't Sunset City, Arizona.‘ ‘I've been there. Actually, it's a lively spot. Those seventy-year-olds can get pretty friskyp 218 CN 1996
hope. Estrella de Mar seems to be doing all right.‘ ‘Actually, I've a few more patients with insomnia. By the wayp 281 CN 1996
diving board. ‘A healthy crowd ... I can't imagine anyone here actually bothering to fall ill.‘ ‘Don't be too sure. I'll bep 7 SC 2000
the overheated engine came to life. ‘Culture shock ...?‘ she repeated. ‘Actually, I love it here already.‘ ‘Good.‘ Penrose beamed at thep 15 SC 2000
for show, like the guides at Euro-Disney.‘ ‘Their uniforms are actually costumes?‘ ‘In effect. If you want real crime, go top 84 SC 2000
there are others to blame here.‘ ‘Madame Duval ... did David actually kill the victims?‘ ‘Kill them? Of course.‘ Surprised by myp 138 SC 2000
hands to silence me. ‘Whoa ... these are huge charges. Who actually is involved in these crimes?‘ ‘Senior management at Eden-Olympia. Pascalp 244 SC 2000
a lot of experience with valuable furs. And you were actually there? At the Foundation?‘ ‘I was in a house nearbyp 245 SC 2000
at least an hour to react coherently, even when they actually heard gunshots. They couldn't believe that a madman with ap 256 SC 2000
about it.‘ ‘It was a set book at school.‘ ‘You actually read it?‘ ‘The course notes. It was too frightening.‘ Shep 320 SC 2000
It didn't take you long to work out it was actually a target list.‘ ‘Penrose supplied that?‘ ‘Of course. Once youp 337 SC 2000
you did was drive out to see them. Once you'd actually met them you knew there was something wrong with thep 337 SC 2000
mean. They remind them of their childhoods.‘ ‘Childhoods they didn't actually have. What about the rest of us -- why dop 15 MP 2003
and checked my eyes, bringing her body close to me. ‘Actually, you look better.‘ ‘Good. Anything to get away from thatp 51 MP 2003
people pretending to be pop stars. Always avoid Chelsea.‘ ‘Fulham, actually. No hard drugs and the Protestant work ethic going fullp 109 MP 2003
waited as I tried to avoid her eyes. ‘I never actually met her. Henry told me a lot of things Ip 191 MP 2003
As I left the motorway behind me, the prospect of actually turning the key in my father's front door began top 5 KC 2006
He was always hanging around.‘ ‘All the same, no one actually saw him fire the weapon. How did he smuggle itp 45 KC 2006
in my gift. It was an eye-witness statement.‘ ‘You were actually in the Metro-Centre?‘ ‘Naturally. There were two other witnesses whop 83 KC 2006
sorry for him‘ ‘He was a bit of a thug, actually.‘ Saying this seemed to revive her. ‘He tried to defusep 130 KC 2006
leading a riot. For ten minutes this huge crowd was actually following me.‘ ‘We have to follow someone. Poor devils, there'sp 133 KC 2006
spent hours preparing himself for the camera, but had never actually appeared on the in-house channel, saving this moment for hisp 221 KC 2006
he didn't want to get out of the car. He actually asked me if he should go ahead. I said ...‘ ‘Youp 260 KC 2006
Japanese soldiers in the front row on the opening night actually made of it I can't imagine. All in all, thisp 66 ML 2008
get to the Ballard room before anyone noticed who was actually inspecting them. Needless to say, I soon had to returnp 83 ML 2008
railway stations that were impossible to convey to anyone not actually there. I never talked about my life in Shanghai orp 130 ML 2008
to devour. Here was a form of fiction that was actually about the present day, and often as elliptical and ambiguousp 166 ML 2008
world of cars, offices, highways, airlines and supermarkets that we actually lived in, but which was completely missing from almost allp 166 ML 2008
over during the world's longest lunches only one is ever actually made. The film world is a gaudy balloon kept aloftp 252 ML 2008