like his obsession with the exquisite transits of the screen actress's pubis across the vinyl seat covers of hired limousines. Afterp 16 C 1973
face had already been made up to resemble the screen actress's, mascara and pancake darkening his pale skin. This immaculate maskp 110 C 1973
from my inkwell, and was shading in portions of the actress's body, ringing her armpits and cleavage. He stared almost sightlesslyp 148 C 1973
of assassination he devised. Vaughan questioned me repeatedly about the actress's sexual life, about which I knew nothing, urging me top 182 C 1973
by the stunt-man's death and the tags of the film actress's clothing -- themselves the props of a calculated collision --p 186 C 1973
to the news broadcast on the radio of the film actress's escape. We had heard nothing of Vaughan since he hadp 220 C 1973
Vaughan had been planning his attempted crash into the film actress's limousine for many months, assembling the materials of this collisionp 223 C 1973
had been assembled some twenty years earlier, possibly as an actress's double during the great days of the post-war film industryp 867 S 1976
the bathroom floor and the strange contours of the film actress's cheekbones. But when the door opened he called out: ‘Tellp 991 MA 1978
in his chair, analysing the ever larger blow-ups of the actress's face pressed against the bathroom tiles, he felt the presencep 993 MA 1978
from Psycho. The immaculate and soundless junction of the film actress's skin and the white bathroom tiles, magnified in a vastp 995 MA 1978
given a tracheotomy. The Hilton's balconies remind Travis of the actress's lost gill-slits (which we all develop embryonically as we brieflyp 13 AEa 1990
and its teenage cult. Where, in the past, elderly screen actresses had resorted to plastic surgery to lift a sagging cheekp 798 SGW 1970
elaborate fantasies. His imagination was a target gallery of screen actresses, politicians, business tycoons and television executives. Vaughan followed them everywherep 15 C 1973
we hoped to use one of a number of well-known actresses. On the afternoon of my accident I had attended ap 35 C 1973
director we had brought in. By chance, one of the actresses, Elizabeth Taylor, was about to start work on a newp 35 C 1973
producer called out, ‘Seagrave is doubling now for all the actresses. It's that beautiful blond hair. What do you do forp 94 C 1973
the windows. ‘Why is Seagrave so obsessed with these film actresses? You say he wants to crash into them?‘ ‘Vaughan putp 115 C 1973
Seagrave had selected a small target gallery of five film actresses, ignoring the politicians, sportsmen and television personalities whom Vaughan hadp 135 C 1973
all our deepest affections. I visualized the injuries of film actresses and television personalities, whose bodies would flower into dozens ofp 180 C 1973
class, the discreet oligarchy of minor tycoons and entrepreneurs, television actresses and careerist academics, with their high-speed elevators and superior servicesp 53 HR 1975
Mansfield. Beyond our physical touch, the breasts of these screen actresses incite our imaginations to explore and reshape them. The bodiesp 114 MWRa 1990
future Pompeii. Elizabeth Taylor, the last of the old-style Hollywood actresses, has retained her hold on the popular imagination in thep 16 AEa 1990
happily: ‘Vegetarians would make bland and mimsy cheeses, West End actresses over-ripe Camembert, queens and princesses a high royal Stilton ...‘ ‘We'llp 132 KW 1991
if fondly remembering a choice wine. ‘Good-looking woman, in an actressy way, though a little too ladylike for me.‘ ‘And theyp 51 CN 1996
and thought he was just another old blimp with an actressy wife. I was one of them.‘ ‘But you didn't startp 116 CN 1996
swiftly from one Party to another, inciting them to further acts of extravagance. Big Caesar donned the alligator head and totteredp 138 DW 1962
grimly visualized his responsibility if a whole series of petty acts of defiance took place. Perhaps he had accidentally tapped allp 388 WT 1962
displacements of the desert calm were its principal integers, its acts of time. ‘Cars --? I've had to make do withp 157 D 1965
moved across it, carrying out a sequence of apparently random acts. Already she was confusing the perspectives of the room, transformingp 42 YCM 1966
noise levels, (10) descriptive techniques for a variety of sex acts, (11) a torn anal detrusor muscle, (12) a glossary ofp 54 GAN 1967
which Talbot had suggested as one of his last coherent acts. Behind their display frames the images of Nader and JFKp 20 UD 1968
are intended as fact or fiction. The lengthy description of acts of intercourse couched in detailed narrative terms are much morep 256 UGM 1969
included (1) normal driving position, (2) sleep, rear seat, (3) acts of intercourse, by both driver and passenger, (4) severe anginalp 98 CRA 1969
Was he playing an elaborate game with her, using their acts of intercourse for some perverse pleasure of his own? Inp 60 SCN 1969
has at last realized that the real significance of these acts of violence lies elsewhere, in what we might term "thep 75 THF 1969
appeals to us by virtue of its complex of polyperverse acts. We must bear in mind, however sadly, that psychopathology isp 77 THF 1969
a lengthy one and very often causes surgical shock. Their acts of intercourse were marked The sutures around the nipple arep 16 C80 1970
they lay on the bed in this rented apartment, their acts of intercourse had become more and more abstracted. These strangep 42 JAC 1970
yards, and their photographs in the postures of uneasy sex acts. Their tight faces and strained thighs were lit by hisp 10 C 1973
the beads of frosted glass from his cheeks. Already his acts of violence had become so random that I was nop 12 C 1973
for a streptococcal throat, did the odour of illicit sex acts infest their underwear as they drove home from the hospitalp 29 C 1973
before she released it at the climax of our sexual acts. This teasing game she and I needed to play. Asp 31 C 1973
killed another man lent an unexpected dimension to their sex acts, presumably conducted on our bed in sight of the chromiump 32 C 1973
so many removes had become intimately associated with our sex acts. The beatings and burnings married in our minds with thep 37 C 1973
completely de-cerebrated. The languages of invisible eroticisms, of undiscovered sexual acts, lay waiting among this complex equipment. The same unseen sexualityp 40 C 1973
to her flat, reminded me of one of the sexual acts that had taken place between us. Looking down at thisp 69 C 1973
felt no concern herself at these out-of-character actions, these sexual acts in the cramped compartment of my motor-car parked in variousp 82 C 1973
the self-defeating arguments of some tubercular Pakistani. Strangely, our sexual acts took place only within my automobile. In the large bedroomp 82 C 1973
in which Dr Helen Remington and I performed our sexual acts. This pleasant domestic idyll, with its delightful promiscuities, was broughtp 83 C 1973
twisted instrument binnacles provided a readily accessible anthology of depraved acts, the keys to an alternative sexuality. I stared at thep 100 C 1973
imaginary pictures I might take of her: in various sexual acts, her legs supported by sections of complex machine tools, pulleysp 100 C 1973
be found to this coming autogeddon. His photographs of sexual acts, of sections of automobile radiator grilles and instrument panels, conjunctionsp 106 C 1973
what had attracted me to Catherine. During our first sex acts, in the anonymous bedrooms of the airport hotels, I wouldp 112 C 1973
sanction the sexual penetration of Vaughan's body; both were conceptualized acts abstracted from all feeling, carrying any ideas or emotions withp 129 C 1973
armpit down to his crotch. The handholds of complex sex acts had been created by the cars in which he hadp 150 C 1973
postures in the back and front seats of cars, peculiar acts of sodomy and fellatio I would perform as I movedp 150 C 1973
erotic fantasies would be moving through our minds, of imaginary acts of intercourse performed with enormous decorum and solicitude upon thep 156 C 1973
hospital the streets were empty, as if the exhausted sexual acts between Vaughan and Catherine had banished these vehicles for everp 165 C 1973
it seemed to me that Vaughan was selecting certain sexual acts and positions in his mind for future use, the maximump 172 C 1973
his body was unconsciously miming in fast motion hundreds of acts of intercourse with her. I realized that he was assemblingp 172 C 1973
of her nipple seemed to rape my fingers. Our sexual acts were exploratory ordeals. As she drove towards the airport Ip 176 C 1973
upon which erotic fantasies might be erected, the extraordinary sexual acts celebrating the possibilities of unimagined technologies. In these fantasies Ip 179 C 1973
fingers playing amiably across my left shoulder -- all these acts and emotions were ciphers searching for their meaning among thep 180 C 1973
of her death. From these hundreds of miles and sexual acts, Vaughan was selecting certain needed elements: a section of thep 182 C 1973
literature search of defunct movie magazines. Many of his sexual acts were clearly models for what he imagined her own top 183 C 1973
automobile. However, Vaughan had already worked out the imaginary sexual acts within the automobile of a host of famous personalities --p 183 C 1973
to move her limbs into the positions of unexplored sex acts. As Catherine slept, a battered car moved below us alongp 218 C 1973
any love and affection as a child. Don't commit any acts of violence tonight. There are lots of nice children herep 119 CI 1974
tried to visualize their life together, their hobbies, conversation, sexual acts. It was difficult to imagine any kind of domestic realityp 19 HR 1975
pounding rhythmically on the doors and complaining about various provocative acts by the residents on the floors above. Wilder pushed hisp 58 HR 1975
labourers of the nineteenth century. Watching television during their sexual acts in her chintz-lined bedroom, he felt as if he werep 61 HR 1975
once again Royal had found himself reacting personally to these acts of vandalism. The breakdown of the building as a socialp 69 HR 1975
design of the elevator lobbies was directly responsible for these acts of piracy. ‘All right, we'll leave first thing tomorrow. Whatp 77 HR 1975
Others carried cameras and flash equipment, ready to record any acts of hostility, any incursions into their territory. By changing elevatorsp 87 HR 1975
the balconies nearby was overlaid by the noise of sporadic acts of violence. Somewhere a group of residents was shouting inp 93 HR 1975
enough, no food supplies had been touched, as if these acts of vandalism were deliberately random and meaningless. Had the damagep 106 HR 1975
quiet, now and then tearing at each other in brief acts of ferocious violence. The Hillmans‘ immediate neighbours, an insurance brokerp 127 HR 1975
shepherding our smallest memories and emotions, our most tender sexual acts. Here, anyway, is an s-f zodiac, which I assume thep 982 Z2 1978
scents. In my mind I dedicated each of our sexual acts to the crippled children, to the young women and thep 91 UDC 1979
last years. I had dreamed of crimes and murders, unashamed acts of congress with beasts, with birds, trees and the soilp 175 UDC 1979
withdrawing from him in a series of small and unfriendly acts. Trying to keep up his spirits, Jim decided to visitp 66 ES 1984
He dug the soft soil. In one of their few acts of foresight, when they were still strong enough to dop 205 ES 1984
planet, filled with scenes of sacrifice and stoicism, of countless acts of bravery, a universe away from the war that Jimp 287 ES 1984
or brought to trial, but detained under the mental health acts in the Home Office observation unit at Springfield Hospital. Hep 1091 OOA 1984
and the Cote d'Azur, fearlessly helping themselves from the shelves. Acts of open intimidation quickly subdued the managers of hotels andp 1141 LTP 1989
the injured occupants. Born out of an ecology of violence, acts of numbing brutality now ruled the imaginative spaces of theirp 221 KW 1991
competitive drive that is the engine of evolution, are the acts of altruism found throughout the animal kingdom. The sterile workerp 156 UGM 1992
favour such cunning will survive, and the same logic underpins acts of altruism. The cause of the gene pool as ap 157 UGM 1992
if a few genes are present which trigger socially useful acts of self-sacrifice. So the neutered worker ant toils selflessly, andp 157 UGM 1992
graffiti on the camera-tower, strangled the chicken? All were juvenile acts, the revenge of a perpetual child against the overbearing nannyp 155 RP 1994
airfield next to the camp provoked the guards into senseless acts of brutality. Mr Hyashi, a former diplomat who was thep 292 UGM 1995
the dishevelled bride, moving through a pre-arranged repertoire of sexual acts. Their faces never appeared on screen, but the dark-skinned manp 126 CN 1996
that he intended to carry out a series of provocative acts, petty burglaries and nuisance raids designed to shake the Residenciap 237 CN 1996
place in the world where you can get insurance against acts of God.‘ I felt Jane stiffen warningly against the steeringp 16 SC 2000
the last of her hippie gestures, the belief that impulsive acts alone gave meaning to life. Sex and drugs had top 272 SC 2000
for the first time in human history, interrupted by meaningless acts of violence. The airliner soared over Twickenham, undercarriage lowered, confidentp 28 MP 2003
Sally from herself. The world had provoked her, and irrational acts were the only way to defuse its threat. The Defencep 196 MP 2003
that had taken place after his relaxed talk of meaningless acts. Violence, I wanted to tell him, was never meaningless. Nowp 202 MP 2003
the tyranny of space-time. He believed that the most pointless acts could challenge the universe at its own game. Gould lostp 292 MP 2003
3. The wide margin set everyone going. Hard contact sport acts like adrenalin. Inner group of a dozen met at thep 193 KC 2006
understandable perhaps at a time when a conviction for homosexual acts brought not just the prison cell but social disgrace. Everyp 86 ML 2008