around the world's capitals. Her brief career as a film actress had faltered at first, less as a consequence of herp 396 TSS 1962
here to assure Kanin that he himself would provide the actress. At this eyebrows were raised knowingly. ‘Of course,‘ Raymond murmuredp 546 SG 1963
the huge marble squares. ‘Kanin keeps worrying about his leading actress,‘ he went on. ‘Kanin always marries his latest protege --p 546 SG 1963
time he's going to be disappointed, though not by the actress, may I add. The Aphrodite I have in mind willp 546 SG 1963
is therapeutic. You see, Emerelda was once a minor film actress, I'm convinced the camera crews and sets will help top 552 SG 1963
become identified with the lost gill-slits of the dying film actress, Elizabeth Taylor. Much of Travis's thought concerns what he termsp 13 AE 1966
living models, LBJ and Mrs Johnson, Burton and the Taylor actress, there's even one of Garbo dying. We were called inp 15 AE 1966
billboards he had seen near the hospital -- the screen actress, Elizabeth Taylor. Yet these designs were more than enormous replicasp 16 AE 1966
that embodied the relationship between the identity of the film actress and the audiences who were distant reflections of her. Thep 16 AE 1966
commercial cosmologies. The presiding deity of their lives the film actress provided a set of operating formulae for their passage throughp 16 AE 1966
body, with its familiar geometry, to that of the film actress, quantifying their identities to the point where they became fusedp 16 AE 1966
aisles. On the bunkers the painted figure of the screen actress mediated all time and space to him through her bodyp 17 AE 1966
the gunnery aisles, he assumed the postures of the film actress, assuaging his past dreams and anxieties in the dune-like fragmentsp 17 AE 1966
The annealed walls froze all the rigid grief of the actress. He had come to this apartment in order to solvep 42 YCM 1966
an enlarged detail of the left orbit of a film actress. Here and there on the lawn the students were fittingp 51 GAN 1967
an armpit, and a hundred publicity stills of the screen actress. Landscapes of the Dream. Various landscapes preoccupied Talbert during thisp 52 GAN 1967
of a young woman. (5) The breasts of the screen actress. In these landscapes lay a key. Baby Dolls. Catherine Austinp 53 GAN 1967
hips. Details of the face and body of the film actress appeared on the screen, mimetized elements of the planetarium theyp 53 GAN 1967
is a mere modulus in his union with the film actress.‘ With kindly eyes he looked up at Catherine Austin. ‘Surelyp 54 GAN 1967
time and space. In the multiplied body of the film actress -- one of the few valid landscapes of our agep 56 GAN 1967
In a sequel to Faustus and The Shrew, the film actress and her husband would play Ariadne and Theseus. In ap 56 GAN 1967
on a collision course towards the limousine of the film actress, his car jumped the rails of the London Airport flyoverp 7 C 1973
hour later. Holding the arm of her chauffeur, the film actress Elizabeth Taylor, with whom Vaughan had dreamed of dying forp 7 C 1973
plastic surgery. In his vision of a car-crash with the actress, Vaughan was obsessed by many wounds and impacts -- byp 8 C 1973
blood. Twenty yards away, illuminated by the revolving lamps, the actress hovered on the arm of her chauffeur. Vaughan had dreamedp 9 C 1973
seat beside him were the torn photographs of the film actress which I had reproduced for him that morning at myp 9 C 1973
The last ambulance had left. An hour earlier the film actress had been steered towards her limousine. In the evening lightp 18 C 1973
the city, and from the warm mucosa of the film actress in her hotel suite. I drove back towards the airportp 18 C 1973
car commercial, in which we hoped to use the film actress Elizabeth Taylor. All this time, however, my real attention wasp 54 C 1973
the window. They showed the familiar face of the film actress, photographed as she was stepping from her limousine outside ap 103 C 1973
the infinitely more glamorous and guarded figure of the screen actress sitting behind the wheel of the crashed Citroen. At ap 108 C 1973
worked for more than hour on the simulated wounds. The actress sat motionlessly in the driving seat as the last brushstrokesp 108 C 1973
instrument panel lay a woman's dusty suede glove. Did the actress sitting in the car under her death-paint visualize the realp 109 C 1973
of a woman's face resembled a nightmare parody of the actress, far more sinister than the cosmetic wounds at that momentp 110 C 1973
over his blond hair and the same clothes as the actress, would drive this intact Citroen into a collision with thep 110 C 1973
to dress up each day in this parody of the actress. Vaughan had pacified the assistant producer and the commissionaire, withoutp 110 C 1973
pathetic but sinister figure of Seagrave disguised as the screen actress, remained in my mind all afternoon, even overlaying my responsep 111 C 1973
force me to arrange his formal introduction to the film actress. At an uncertain moment the previous afternoon, after meeting himp 146 C 1973
He was looking down at a display photograph of the actress leaning against a motor-car. He had taken a pencil fromp 148 C 1973
arm. He stared at the mutilated pictures of the screen actress, surrounded by the impact points and wound areas he hadp 149 C 1973
did not tell him that our negotiations to feature the actress in our projected automobile commercial had fallen through. Vaughan's handsp 172 C 1973
form the elements of a conceptual sexual act involving the actress and the route she would take from the studios atp 172 C 1973
and more closely the colouring and figure of the film actress. The dark-haired schoolgirl resembled the young Elizabeth Taylor, while thep 173 C 1973
By this time I was certain that if the screen actress never died in a car-crash, Vaughan had created all thep 182 C 1973
by the sustained erection of a middle-aged prostitute's nipple; the actress herself stepping from her car and stumbling briefly against thep 182 C 1973
crashed car became increasingly disordered. His fixation on the screen actress and the sex-death he had devised for her seemed top 183 C 1973
in place of those imaginary wounds he wished upon the actress. The crash that I most feared -- after Vaughan's ownp 184 C 1973
first garbled references to the multiple injuries of the screen actress, Elizabeth Taylor, were made on the police broadcasts, and cancelledp 184 C 1973
himself. In his mind, from that accident onwards, the film actress had already died. All that remained now for Vaughan wasp 187 C 1973
moment of her collision with this deranged stunt-driver the television actress celebrated her last performance, marrying her body with the stylizedp 189 C 1973
had seen at the Road Research Laboratory. I saw the actress colliding with her instrument panel, the steering column buckling underp 189 C 1973
groves of erectile tissue, to the wounds of this minor actress through the medium of his own motorcar, touching them asp 189 C 1973
had made possible the final and longed-for union of the actress and the members of her audience. This last period withp 190 C 1973
Catherine, she stepped into her car. ‘He's following his film actress. The police are after him -- an American serviceman wasp 213 C 1973
to crash my car into the limousine carrying the film actress whom he had pursued for so long. Trapped within thep 220 C 1973
and parapet, drawn there by the news that the film actress had narrowly missed her death. How many of the peoplep 221 C 1973
their own future lives? The isolated figure of the screen actress stood beside her chauffeur, a hand raised to her neckp 222 C 1973
coloured tiles. While they waited for the owner, a television actress on the 37th floor, to come down and collect thep 22 HR 1975
floors arrived in a belligerent mood. Among them was the actress whose Afghan hound had drowned in the pool. She andp 30 HR 1975
up to. Several of these young women, like the television actress whose Afghan he had drowned in the pool during thep 45 HR 1975
earlier, Wilder had broken off a brief affair with the actress, ironically enough because of the effort involved in reaching thep 61 HR 1975
stylized as those of strangers in adjacent aircraft seats. The actress walked to the private entrance of the upper-floor elevator lobbyp 61 HR 1975
climax of the sequence -- the slewing face of the actress pressed against the tiled floor with its rectilinear grid --p 989 MA 1978
his intimacy with the electronic image of the naked film actress, Pangborn had not looked a real woman in the facep 990 MA 1978
screens, the huge blow-ups of the dead eyes of the actress surrounded like an electronic altar-piece by the quantified sections ofp 990 MA 1978
to his analysis of Psycho. The geometry of the naked actress slumped across the floor of the shower stall provided anp 992 MA 1978
though yet mysterious connection. The strange geometry presiding over the actress in her shower stall provided a key to that absolutep 993 MA 1978
the huge close-ups of his own body, of the film actress on the floor of her bathroom, and of Vera's sprawledp 998 MA 1978
the third time. For his young bride, a beautiful ex-television actress in her early twenties, he had built a sumptuous mansionp 1001 HFF 1980
breathtaking waist length, her face made up like a film actress of old, a screen goddess dreaming among her reaction columnsp 15 HA 1981
extra in a locally made film starring Chiang Ching, the actress who had abandoned her career to join the communist leaderp 13 ES 1984
fallen across the windshield of the car, like a young actress surprised by the bouquets left outside her bedroom door byp 140 DC 1987
her naive way she had modelled her behaviour on the actress she had seen in the film clips, perhaps thinking thatp 178 DC 1987
the same TV screen, a prime minister is assassinated, an actress makes love, an injured child is carried from a carp 89 PAJa 1990
to be opened again. The daughter of an ambitious repertory actress and a failed car salesman -- whom Nancy claimed top 33 UGM 1991
Tracy's crippled son, and after graduating from college the aspiring actress Nancy Davis (she had forced through her legal adoption againstp 34 UGM 1991
lived a married couple whose daughter was a minor television actress. Twice a week the children watched her appear in onep 124 KW 1991
must relax a little more. I leave you with my actress friends -- Carmen and Fortunata. They are most anxious top 243 KW 1991
prefer beautiful women?‘ ‘Of course. Especially in Rio.‘ ‘You're an actress?‘ I asked. ‘Have you made any films?‘ ‘Yes. I actp 243 KW 1991
a call-girl and her determined dreams of becoming a serious actress, Faye is a remarkable portrait of the young Monroe duringp 122 UGM 1993
was sure that none of the women was a professional actress. They played their roles like members of an amateur theatricalp 125 CN 1996
was a film producer, for heaven's sake. She was an actress. They loved Cannes and Los Angeles and all those widescreenp 130 CN 1996
Hollingers. I'd known them for thirty years.‘ ‘You were an actress?‘ ‘Do I look like it?‘ Mrs Shand sat forward andp 132 CN 1996
a beauty. She might have made it as a film actress.‘ ‘Perhaps she did.‘ The chauffeur waited by the open frontp 134 CN 1996
I was staying with my mother's sister, a retired character actress with a churchy streak. She was devoted to me, butp 90 SC 2000
door of the women's cloakroom opened, and a young German actress emerged, her mobile nostrils moving like hoses around her upperp 294 SC 2000
that he had mounted the stage to rescue the leading actress. Already Simone had opened the rear door and was brushingp 384 SC 2000
shoulder-length hair with a casual hand, as handsome as an actress in a thirties Hollywood film. Mirrors held their breath aroundp 14 MP 2003
and she played up to the applause like a skilled actress. When the chief magistrate dismissed her plea for a juryp 45 MP 2003
edgy and frustrated, staring at the frayed carpet like an actress deprived of her audience. The revolution, when it arrived, wouldp 53 MP 2003
court in Hammersmith, using her wayward personality like a skilled actress. I admired her spirit, and the strong mind that hadp 85 MP 2003
smoke, and watched one of Kay's neighbours, a BBC radio actress, filling a Perrier bottle with lighter fuel. I was dazedp 229 MP 2003
strong, marked by tremors of doubt like those of an actress unable to understand her lines. When she saw me watchingp 67 KC 2006
told me about her schooldays was that the future film actress Madeleine Carroll was in the same class at the Westp 51 ML 2008
by a huge Tyrannosaurus rex about to deflower a blonde-haired actress in a leopard-skin bikini. The credits screamed ‘Curse of thep 253 ML 2008
not be available. They were thinking of using a Czech actress who spoke no English, but this didn't matter since therep 253 ML 2008