which Henry Rhodes Hamilton is the greatest victim. Acapulco, 143 Acton, Harold, 142-7, 213 Alcazar, Siege of, 22 1-5 Alimony, HRHp 940 I 1977
constables nearby who were discussing a weekend car auction in Acton. ‘You look worn out, David. Have you talked to Sallyp 267 MP 2003
him. He had long hands which he used like an actor. Watching him, Ransom noticed the calculation in all his movementsp 60 D 1965
he filmed his two volunteers -- Roger, a young British actor, and Louise, an American medical student -- through the 24p BAT 1968
waiting for invisible television cameras to frame him. The frustrated actor was evident in all his impulsive movements, and in anp 88 C 1973
hip. Wearing the white leather jacket he resembled a handsome actor more than a renegade scientist. ‘Can he still drive ap 110 C 1973
bare-chested in the fierce sunlight, is a minor Italian film actor who arrived only yesterday, bringing with him an anthology ofp 859 60Z 1976
have been one of those likeable impostors, usually an out-of-work actor or would-be writer, who seem so effortlessly to masquerade asp 168 UGM 1978
hospital rounds and feels compelled to play the roles of actor, satirist, theatrical producer, TV presenter, author. But which body inp 169 UGM 1978
still searching for a witness. As I watched the film actor shake his head I was convinced that despite all thep 45 UDC 1979
apparent return from the dead had temporarily silenced the film actor as it had Dr Miriam, her mother and the fossil-huntingp 46 UDC 1979
when we reached the park. The policeman and a film actor leaned down to take their hands. With a last effortp 158 UDC 1979
I drew the last of them into me, a young actor from the film studios in his antique flying gear. Hep 160 UDC 1979
the roofs of their cars. ‘Blake!‘ Their leader, an elderly actor in television commercials, shouted up to me cheerfully. ‘We're holdingp 179 UDC 1979
to give you something to remember when you leave.‘ The actor cleared a way for me through the pressing crowd, thesep 179 UDC 1979
account executives and secretaries, the retired soldier and the television actor who had built my winged head-dress, the old and thep 207 UDC 1979
rising into the air, the bank manageress and the television actor. They beckoned me to join them, their hands reaching downp 207 UDC 1979
town and the ghosts of its theme park, the film actor he had first seen in Stagecoach? Unaware of the exhaustedp 101 HA 1981
man in front of the television screens was a skilful actor who had made a career out of impersonating Presidents, andp 135 HA 1981
The camera fixes on him, and like a badly trained actor he steps forward to the gatehouse, a tic jumping acrossp 8 RW 1988
of the western world, had deeply missed this amiable old actor who retired to California in 1989 after the inauguration ofp 1117 WW3 1988
but in film the writer is shouldered aside by director, actor, producer and editor, who together transform the printed word intop 4 UGM 1990
in 1967, and the many ambiguities surrounding the former film actor were among the book's formative influences. This second piece isp 119 WW3a 1990
piece was anything but a frontal assault on the former actor. At the 1980 Republican Convention in San Francisco a copyp 105 WIWa 1990
beatings over the years than those of any other Hollywood actor. By the mid-fifties Hollywood was desperate to defend itself againstp 9 UGM 1991
and The Fugitive Kind (in which he became the first actor to be paid a million dollars for a single filmp 9 UGM 1991
Chevrolet and the Stan Kenton record. More like a film actor than a Cambridge don, he was a handsome Scotsman withp 85 KW 1991
I attended. He had moved around the podium like an actor delivering Hamlet's soliloquy, ignoring the twenty students in the frontp 97 KW 1991
the City, he had been a tennis instructor, a trainee actor and even, briefly, a Jesuit novice. We began to seep 103 KW 1991
and that his off-screen self was an ambitious but modest actor who had successfully auditioned for a far more glamorous rolep 252 KW 1991
That tawdry institute, and all those TV programmes.‘ ‘He's an actor at heart, who happened to stray into psychology. Dick's ap 268 KW 1991
Packard, remembering in time to remove my top hat. The actor playing my chauffeur closed the door and took his seatp 336 KW 1991
the camera to leave the face of the $10-million leading actor. By contrast, Casablanca is rich in supporting roles that givep 7 UGM 1993
lines from a previous week's play spoken by a distracted actor. Turning on my stool, I gazed across the swimming poolp 38 CN 1996
shower. With his dark shades, he resembled a likeable young actor in his James Dean phase, chewing a knuckle as hep 162 CN 1996
mirror, touching his eyebrows and adjusting his hair like an actor in his dressing room. Was he telling me that Bobbyp 181 CN 1996
landing, surrounded by the open doors of abandoned apartments, an actor searching for the right stage set. I was light-headed whenp 10 MP 2003
from a fresh-faced and smiling doctor, played by a sympathetic actor. To the consultants‘ surprise, and relief, the patients preferred thep 23 MP 2003
nerve. ‘Let's have a look.‘ Sipping his beer, like an actor with a stage prop, he stood by the settee. ‘Kayp 62 MP 2003
first wife, but I felt curiously uninvolved. I was an actor standing in for the real self who lay asleep besidep 127 MP 2003
residents, who stared at me as if I were an actor rehearsing an activity like maypole dancing. Self-conscious in my well-cutp 167 MP 2003
of my presence, he withdrew from his reverie like an actor stepping from a spotlight, and beckoned me towards him. ‘Davidp 272 MP 2003
Cruise smirked knowingly to his guests. I watched this third-rate actor, on the surface so handsome and likeable, putting his well-polishedp 78 KC 2006
and I wondered if he was an impostor, a thirty-five-year-old actor who had somehow taken charge of a sink school andp 82 KC 2006
they were so easily persuaded to buy. David Cruise, supporting actor in television serials that he always joined as their ratingsp 93 KC 2006
into the fugue, expressing all his hatred of the fleshy actor who incarnated everything he loathed about the mall. ‘Christie --p 94 KC 2006
same time she seemed ill at ease, like a supporting actor assigned the wrong role. Once again she reminded me ofp 111 KC 2006
Come on ...‘ ‘No. I play a role. I'm still an actor, I act being a sports commentator. Do I know anythingp 144 KC 2006
finger at me, grudgingly forced into a compliment. ‘A bad actor howls from the roof of a multi-storey car park andp 168 KC 2006
sells. I had recruited a third-rate cable presenter and sometime actor to play the licensed jester, the dwarf at the courtp 187 KC 2006
option. There was a shooting here this evening.‘ ‘The television actor? I'm very sorry. It's probably best not to know ifp 217 KC 2006
a woman who wasn't immediately under his spell. A natural actor, he was at his best on the lecture platform, andp 212 ML 2008
at me with a surprising look of intelligence in his actor's face. ‘Don't you remember, Blake?‘ ‘I'd like to thank himp 44 UDC 1979
sensed the audience's collective pulse beating faster when the old actor's heart responded to the stirring sight of these marching menp 1122 WW3 1988
and the medical student. Richard watched me with his friendly actor's smile. Thinking of Miriam's American underwear, I wondered if thisp 96 KW 1991
on the desk, letting Sally admire his long legs and actor's profile. ‘It's obviously true in politics. We've studied the TVp 192 KW 1991
portraits was David Cruise, the Metro-Centre cable-channel presenter, with his actor's handsome but empty face, a suntan like an advertising campaignp 55 KC 2006
Lang had accepted my handshake. Rio was filled with old actor-managers trapped within their images of themselves. Dick's laboratory at thep 239 KW 1991
was watching a well-rehearsed performance by one of the last actor-managers in Brooklands. Grieving but avaricious relatives were his main audiencep 29 KC 2006
as if toying with the suspicion that we were both actor-pilots. Yet I had flown a real plane against the skyp 44 UDC 1979
the effort of calming himself for the interview. The youthful actor-psychologist had become a shrunken and wounded old man, visibly fadingp 307 KW 1991
from an all-night party. He beckoned to me with an actorish gesture, but moved cautiously along the pitted concrete, as ifp 137 KC 2006
I watched the cable presenter David Cruise. Likeable in an actorish way. A highly developed feel for people's ‘small‘ emotions. Dangerousp 197 KC 2006
For a moment I felt that we were the principal actors at the climax of some grim drama in an unrehearsedp 22 C 1973
dramas devised by the various companies using the car, by actors playing the roles of detectives and petty criminals, secret agentsp 59 C 1973
referring to a specific group, a clique of over-aggressive film actors or tax consultants, or perhaps a freak aggregation of dipsomaniacsp 14 HR 1975
corrupt stage-director playing ironic games with a chorus of young actors. At times Halloway felt that he too was part ofp 912 UC 1976
lit by the dreams of these housewives and secretaries, film actors and bank cashiers as they sleep within me, safe inp 9 UDC 1979
up by the canvas mock-up of a camouflaged hangar, and actors in World War I leather flying gear raised their gogglesp 15 UDC 1979
their faces, and that they were a party of film actors resting between takes. Nearest to me was a dark-haired youngp 17 UDC 1979
witnesses to come to my help, but they stood like actors waiting for a director's cue, their figures lit by thep 18 UDC 1979
as if all these apparently unhurried suburbanites were in fact actors recruited from the film studios to play their roles inp 26 UDC 1979
to drive up with a contingent of set designers and actors in flying gear, ready to transform this parish church intop 75 UDC 1979
son flew a huge box kite. A troupe of amateur actors in Shakespearian costume rehearsed on the green, and the localp 84 UDC 1979
hoping that I would return, the tennis players and Shakespearian actors, the small children and the kite-fliers with their box kitep 86 UDC 1979
surged away as a stately manatee. The troupe of Shakespearian actors stepped self-consciously into the unsettled stream, the women raising theirp 87 UDC 1979
dressed in foam like the lace ruffs of the Shakespearian actors. What disturbed me was not my apparent attempt to smotherp 93 UDC 1979
climbing palms that sprawled across the sound stages. Three film actors stepped from a taxi and stared at this transformation asp 130 UDC 1979
of my ‘Family‘ in their original places, like so many actors setting up another take in their impersonation of reality. Evenp 133 UDC 1979
following me. The last stragglers joined in, film technicians and actors from the studios wearing antique gaiters and goggles, a butcherp 157 UDC 1979
had kept them so busy all day. A party of actors and technicians led a procession through the gates of thep 179 UDC 1979
and McNair remained sceptical, regarding the vision of the film actors as a product of Wayne's desert sickness. But Wayne worriedp 109 HA 1981
bored internees wandered away, and Jim decided to leave the actors to it. The Lunghua Players recruited their members from thep 213 ES 1984
were little more than B-movies. With limited special effects, minor actors and minuscule budgets, and usually ignored by the critics, thep 17 UGM 1987
went out to inspect the Diana, and transformed them into actors in a harlequin pageant. Within an hour, Louise and Poupeep 235 DC 1987
threat is the compelling example he offers to future film actors and media manipulators with presidential ambitions, all too clearly definedp 119 WW3a 1990
B-actor with an unhappy childhood, the president of the Screen Actors Guild, Ronald Reagan. Soon Hollywood was behind them, as thep 34 UGM 1991
presidency is the sinister example he offers to future film actors and media manipulators with presidential ambitions and all too clearlyp 35 UGM 1991
follow Yang as he slipped through the acrobats and Chinese actors striking their gongs. Medicine hawkers lanced the necks of hugep 19 KW 1991
my mother and father on their evening visits, were like actors in the old silent films that David Hunter's father screenedp 27 KW 1991
Christmas parties when my father hired a troupe of Chinese actors to perform a nativity play. I remembered the games ofp 39 KW 1991
was happy to be with them, but we were like actors playing parts presented to us at short notice. We playedp 64 KW 1991
there. It's like a film set with these two old actors ... even they can't remember the script.‘ Later, in bed, whenp 131 KW 1991
the crew of the Starship Enterprise, a group of grey-haired actors like venerable morticians. Famous faces surrounded us, older and unsuccessfulp 238 KW 1991
The medium of film had turned us all into minor actors in an endlessly running day-time serial. In the future, airlinersp 250 KW 1991
casting the party's guests from the world's stock of supporting actors. After a buffet supper together we went in search ofp 253 KW 1991
manipulated them, but they had accepted their assigned roles like actors recruited to play their parts in a drama whose scriptp 267 KW 1991
posed outside the chapel with the self-consciousness of minor character actors, waiting as a Spanish TV crew set up its lightsp 283 KW 1991
the large bedroom on the first floor. Here the principal actors were changing into their costumes, a cheery group whom Ip 334 KW 1991
there.‘ ‘I'm not sure that's true -- I think the actors felt that I was the odd man out, the onlyp 337 KW 1991
with red carpet and security guards. The audience of film actors seemed to have absconded from reality for the evening, amblingp 345 KW 1991
of black, white and Indian blood, they come on like actors auditioning for an insane tropical sitcom, and the whole ofp 241 UGM 1992
At almost any minute of the hour, politicians and film actors, novelists and media celebrities are being relentlessly questioned about theirp 271 UGM 1992
and bit players, and with one or two exceptions, the actors had disliked each other. Paul Henreid was contemptuous of Humphreyp 6 UGM 1993
leading stars. As important was the strong cast of supporting actors who gave Casablanca a dramatic depth that no contemporary Hollywoodp 7 UGM 1993
the adults seemed to lose their belief in themselves, like actors in a play whose run is about to be cancelledp 251 UGM 1994
fast learning, was little more than a stage set whose actors and scenery could vanish overnight. Why did my parents andp 288 UGM 1995
it a go. There must be a few professional film actors living here. I'll ask around at the club.‘ ‘Forget thep 262 CN 1996
her balcony and I beside the pool. Clothed, we became actors appearing in under-rehearsed roles. For some reason my tweed sportsp 52 SC 2000
their cinq a sept in a backstreet hotel. They're like actors improvising their roles, unaware that the production has moved onp 93 SC 2000
and hooted, they were far more confident than the film actors on display, who seemed ill at ease when they steppedp 276 SC 2000
with their backs to the Croisette, staring coolly at the actors, directors and film agents who occupied the middle terrace. Ip 291 SC 2000
the middle terrace. I failed to identify any of the actors, aspiring newcomers who were still prepared to fraternize with theirp 291 SC 2000
had climbed the steps to the middle terrace, overwhelming the actors and film agents. As if expecting the worst, the bankersp 305 SC 2000
that far? Burt Lancaster, Bogart, Lauren Bacall ... they're just movie actors.‘ ‘Just? They poisoned a whole century. They rotted your mindp 118 MP 2003
a two-storey terraced house. Her neighbours were civil servants and actors, middle-class professionals like those at Chelsea Marina, almost all atp 210 MP 2003
did on television. He reminded me of all the minor actors I had coached while filming their commercials. The TV adp 93 KC 2006
that money can buy. Film people -- producers, directors and actors -- are enormously good company, far livelier and more interestingp 252 ML 2008
aggressive and too conflicted for Lean, who liked his boy actors to be lisping and slightly effeminate. In any event Spielbergp 256 ML 2008
had a unique gift for drawing superb performances from child actors, decided to direct it himself. Most of the film wasp 256 ML 2008
a huge event, with hundreds of people involved -- technicians, actors, bodyguards, bus drivers and catering staff, publicists and make-up artistsp 256 ML 2008
The lighting is in many ways more important than the actors‘ performances, which can be strengthened by astute cutting and editingp 257 ML 2008
narrative, and his films far transcend the performances of individual actors. He told me that he ‘saw‘ the film of Empirep 257 ML 2008
the whole film on his shoulders. Behind him were two actors in their late thirties, Emily Richard and Rupert Frazer, alsop 258 ML 2008