trying to say that sleep is some sort of communal activity and that these three men are now isolated, exiled fromp 52 M69 1957
of the tangle, revolving slowly, and the main foci of activity were at either end. The growth rate was accelerating. Wep 44 VS 1957
out at the volcano jungle. This was an almost obsessive activity -- all evening and most of the afternoon he wouldp 75 WG 1959
at the great tower clock. ‘Time! Only by synchronizing every activity, every footstep forward or backward, every meal, bus-halt and telephonep 159 CH 1960
hands marked out the number of minutes remaining in any activity period for people in the clock's colour category.‘ Stacey stoppedp 160 CH 1960
other, there was a great deal of unnecessary and purposeless activity. Mr Goddard searched for a focus, an incident that wouldp 203 LW 1960
alarm clock by his bed, tried to compress as much activity as he could into the narrowing hours of consciousness, sortingp 169 VT 1960
thick brown smoke I could see a sudden burst of activity coming from my neighbour's house. Windows were opening under thep 219 S5 1961
slightly more factual tone: ‘Taking London first, although almost all activity in the commercial and industrial sense has ceased for thep 56 WFN 1961
estates at Leatherhead, as much guided by signs of recent activity along the road as by the radio beam, the windp 155 WFN 1961
were curt and uncommunicative, and conveyed that some sort of activity was taking place on the upper levels which occupied mostp 171 WFN 1961
blared from the lagoon below. The sounds of sudden excited activity had sprung up from the base; engines whined and acceleratedp 50 DW 1962
day, for some reason, there was a sudden increase of activity in the watch-towers. This began during the latter half ofp 373 WT 1962
However alarmed, he was obviously relieved by the signs of activity. ‘I shouldn't worry unduly,‘ Renthall told him. ‘It's a changep 373 WT 1962
at the watch-towers hanging over the roof-tops around them. Their activity had lessened considerably since the previous day. The nearest towerp 376 WT 1962
mobilize the simultaneous communion of the guests was some untoward activity in the watch-towers, and at such times Renthall always maintainedp 377 WT 1962
shoulders swaying from side to side. The following day the activity in the watch-towers had subsided entirely. The blue haze fromp 378 WT 1962
This, he assumed, was Hanson's contact. In the meantime the activity in the watch-towers remained at zero. The endless lines ofp 381 WT 1962
flinched back, heart suddenly surging, then leaned forward again. The activity in the tower had subsided as instantly as it hadp 386 WT 1962
conspicuous a motion of the window, the first sign of activity for many days, and a certain indication of more top 386 WT 1962
you were coming up the stairs, did you notice any activity out there?‘ He gestured briefly towards the tower, not wantingp 387 WT 1962
say I did, not more than usual. What sort of activity?‘ ‘You know, a window opening ...‘ When Mulvaney continued to shakep 387 WT 1962
roof-top on the Other side of the garden, where similar activity was taking place. A bright yellow awning was being unfurledp 388 WT 1962
other. Equally surprising was the failure of this upsurge of activity to be followed by any reaction from the watch-towers. Half-hiddenp 389 WT 1962
a few seconds in case there was some sign of activity from the watch-towers. ‘When's the Watch Committee going to hearp 389 WT 1962
of shaft were now visible. There were no signs of activity from the towers, but Renthall was convinced that this wouldp 390 WT 1962
fate. Latterly he had noticed that Malek's movements and general activity around the villa seemed to have quickened. He still satp 513 EG 1963
of the head that seemed to reflect a heightened cerebral activity, as if he were preparing himself for some long-awaited denouementp 513 EG 1963
break and roll towards him. The sounds of placid domestic activity came from the houses he had seen submerged. The grassp 473 NWS 1963
the mouth of the mine-shaft, around which the same desultory activity was taking place. For the next fifteen minutes Mason drovep 477 NWS 1963
his vantage point over the beach, these ripples of restless activity, as everyone swayed forward in long undulations, were plainly indicatedp 428 RE 1963
more than a blanket condemnation of the entire sphere of activity. His own post at the University she regarded with painfulp 428 RE 1963
than to anyone else's.‘ Almost imperceptibly, another wave of restless activity was sweeping along the beach. Perhaps in response to thep 429 RE 1963
of violence hidden below the orderly surface. Gradually, however, the activity subsided. The great throng relaxed and reclined again. Greasily, thep 429 RE 1963
sluggish waves breaking at their feet as they watched some activity in the shallows. Many of the people had raised newspapersp 431 RE 1963
bay. The whole beach seemed to writhe and stir with activity, the only motionless figures those of the people standing byp 433 RE 1963
the opaque heat. Only the highway showed any signs of activity, the motion sculpture of concrete ribbon unfolding across the landscapep 541 SG 1963
alone in the hot sun. After the initial frenzy of activity Orpheus Productions had lost momentum. Kanin had gone off top 548 SG 1963
optical input is only part of the mind's immense visual activity. He had expected to be plunged into a profound Stygianp 651 GTN 1964
a shake of his head he peered out at the activity around us. ‘But I admit I can't see why theyp 608 IM 1964
now moved up a rung. With luck the renewed market activity would uncover some distant accomplice of the thief, or ap 578 LL 1964
auction rooms. But nothing was heard. As the wave of activity launched by the displaced Leonardo rolled past and business resumedp 578 LL 1964
lounge and stood by the window. During the day the activity of the volcano increased. The column of smoke rose halfp 660 VD 1964
and the varying pressures on the hull, were like the activity within a vast system of evolution, whose cumulative forward flowp 11 D 1965
house remained quiet, but Lomax's mansion was a hive of activity. Lights flared in the windows and moved up and downp 64 D 1965
the smoke towards the sea. The only signs of organized activity came from the beach area. Trucks sped along a roadp 90 D 1965
sea, far across the dunes and creeks, was there any activity. The Lagoon Shortly after dawn, as the tide extended acrossp 104 D 1965
As Ransom knew from his previous visits, the settlement's only activity was work. Ransom steered his pool over to the gatewayp 117 D 1965
these histories. What seems extraordinary is the sheer volume of activity, the endless stream of experimental magazines, pamphlets, exhibitions and congressesp 85 UGM 1966
understand that for Traven science is the ultimate pornography, analytic activity whose main aim is to isolate objects or events fromp 36 AW 1966
contexts in time and space. This obsession with the specific activity of quantified functions is what science shares with pornography. Howp 36 AW 1966
cardinals moving in procession across ornamental landscapes, were her only activity. By contrast, Mallory would vanish like a white vampire intop 674 DF 1966
French-owned mining settlements, with their over-zealous security men. However, the activity on the jetty outside -- there were half a dozenp 20 CW 1966
unwinding these and squeezing the padding. By contrast with this activity, the town was nearly deserted. The arcades on either sidep 21 CW 1966
he called at the police prefecture near the harbour. The activity by the steamer had subsided, and most of the passengersp 27 CW 1966
the process of crystallization continued. Although the main wave of activity had moved off, the forest was still vitrifying itself. Thep 88 CW 1966
and came to a stop. There was a flurry of activity on the bridge as the men inside wrestled with thep 155 CW 1966
the dunes, the distant apartment blocks showed no signs of activity. Tallis waited in the deserted cafe terrace beside the entrancep 40 YCM 1966
touch his shoulders without galvanizing him into a spasm of activity. Some scar device in his brain had lost a boltp 52 GAN 1967
melancholy rehearsal, Judith entered a period of sudden and unexpected activity. As if preparing the cabin for some visitor, she rehungp 764 DA 1968
Army encampment by the gantries, there was a surge of activity. A blaze of headlamps crossed the concrete lanes. Since thep 765 DA 1968
all cases a marked increase in the intensity of sexual activity was reported, with particular emphasis on perverse oral and ano-genitalp 93 LNE 1968
film was found to have notable effects on all psychomotor activity. The film was subsequently shown to both disturbed children andp 93 LNE 1968
can no longer be regarded as a personal and isolated activity, but is seen to be a vector in a publicp 94 LNE 1968
New Year truce periods. Levels of overall health and sexual activity fell notably, only restored by the Tet offensive and thep 95 LNE 1968
of auto-crash victims showed a similar upsurge in both sexual activity and overall levels of general health. Mourning periods were drasticallyp 97 CRA 1969
closely in follow-up surveys. Overall health and frequency of sexual activity increased notably over subjects in nearby Elm and Commerce Streetsp 97 CRA 1969
Forbis, a thyroidal used-car salesman -- had watched the mounting activity on the opposite shore. Soon after eight o'clock when Mannockp 788 PTD 1969
mantle. Science fiction has always been very much a corporate activity, its writers sharing a common pool of ideas, and thep 207 UGM 1971
the battlefield, but wars in general, not to mention newsworthy activity of any kind, had died out as the world's populationp 806 GTS 1972
enormous seriousness. After this brief pause everything broke into manic activity. Tyres singing, half a dozen cars pulled on to thep 21 C 1973
moved restlessly around his burrow, keeping up a continuous pointless activity. The quilted floor merged into the walls, as if thep 86 CI 1974
and land-lines across the sand to the excavation site. The activity suited Melville, distracting him from the sharp frontal migraines thatp 811 DFW 1974
on either side. There was a marked increase in vigilante activity of all kinds. Barriers were being set up, fire-doors lockedp 65 HR 1975
from the suitcases back to the shelves. For all the activity it was uncertain whether they were packing on the evep 77 HR 1975
a frugal breakfast and listening to the first sounds of activity in the apartments around him. Already a few residents werep 95 HR 1975
to rekindle their fertility, every conceivable kind of deviant sexual activity had been encouraged. Pornographic hotel decor, lobbies crammed with aidsp 834 LFA 1975
yards from me, the hotel has become a hive of activity as the guests return from the dining room and preparep 857 60Z 1976
yet been found to express. Fifty units of intense private activity, they edge closer to me. On the second floor thep 858 60Z 1976
an affront to the free choice and diversity of human activity. The sense of a closed world reduced man's powers ofp 846 LDG 1976
Characteristic of Loughlin is the high level of his general activity. He is forever moving about on errands, many of barelyp 850 NTM 1976
me, as if I had taken part in a cannibalistic activity. I knew now that the person seated on her giltp 868 S 1976
of the city, leaving behind them these happy nodes of activity. Confused by the noise and excitement, Halloway sat limply inp 893 UC 1976
the skies with helicopters, a realm of ceaseless noise and activity, competition and crime, It was here, in fact, as ap 901 UC 1976
vehicles that Olds decided he could renovate. Supervising all this activity, Halloway drove around in a black-and-white police car whose enginep 905 UC 1976
television monitor in the police commissioner's office Halloway watched the activity in the avenue below. It was five o'clock in thep 910 UC 1976
had turned Halloway's neighbourhood into an island of light and activity in an ever-larger sea of devastation. Halloway's plans for expansionp 912 UC 1976
of the staff members complained to him about his tireless activity. After she discovered the tableau laid out like a smallp 74 IY2 1977
heavy blade at the watching fulmars. Unsettled by all this activity, I took Mrs St Cloud's arm. She held me reassuringlyp 133 UDC 1979
conferences and committee meetings forgotten. There was a flurry of activity by the bank. The crowd stepped back, watching quietly asp 141 UDC 1979
freed myself from the aircraft. The forest was motionless. Every activity had ceased, the leaves and grass suspended in silence. Ip 199 UDC 1979
and her pallor was probably caused by all this compulsive activity within the gloomy mansion. As for her dermatitis, this wasp 1003 HFF 1980
today (certainly in the United States, its main centre of activity) is entering the most commercial phase it has ever knownp 190 UGM 1981
a brief respite, but by the 1990s, as the industrial activity of the United States, Japan, Western Europe and the Sovietp 44 HA 1981
raucous madhouse, one could never be alone, the noise and activity cracked his head like a coconut. ‘Wayne! Wake up!‘ McNairp 119 HA 1981
white skin, and gave it a look of engorged, unhealthy activity, that of trapped venous blood struggling to return to anp 135 HA 1981
Manson's eyes were fixed on the television screens. Some special activity was taking place in the Vegas control room. ‘I hadp 153 HA 1981
Las Vegas Airport. There was obviously a marked increase in activity, a tension in the air that had nothing to dop 179 HA 1981
long seemed to drive Manson into a last frenzy of activity. Within minutes, as Wayne and Anne returned to McNair's bedroomp 199 HA 1981
it's all right.‘ Manson murmured soothingly, undisturbed by all this activity. A light aircraft was landing on Las Vegas Boulevard. Ap 214 HA 1981
15 a.m., synchronized with Marion's -- our sole connubial activity now. I must have spent an hour opening the bathroomp 1024 NFS 1981
only at dusk drove Sheppard into all kinds of restless activity. He would go out into the noon glare and wanderp 1068 MNF 1982
of the aircraft drove both men into a frenzy of activity. The bird motifs multiplied around the streets of Cocoa Beachp 1079 MNF 1982
the trees. Almost at once there was a flurry of activity from a copse of glowing palmettos a hundred yards awayp 1080 MNF 1982
found it difficult to keep up with the endless aerial activity. For three days Jim had rested peacefully in the wardp 50 ES 1984
and attack the Chinese armies to the west. All this activity excited Jim. When they stopped at the military checkpoint onp 141 ES 1984
the faded khaki of the inmates. The object of this activity was a group of thirty Chinese camped outside the gatesp 179 ES 1984
but also bring himself up to date on any fresh activity at Lunghua Airfield. The stairway to the circle was partlyp 186 ES 1984
from Private Kimura that Jim was involved in every illicit activity in the camp, but had never been able to catchp 200 ES 1984
determination to survive, counted for nothing in the end. The activity meant no more than the movement in the eyes ofp 211 ES 1984
By some mechanism that Jim had never understood, the sexual activity seemed to generate an endless supply of those items thatp 215 ES 1984
attempt to keep the camp going, whatever the cost. The activity screened his mind from certain fears that he had triedp 225 ES 1984
speechless. Jim ignored his own rackety breath. Despite the ceaseless activity in Lunghua, he had never undertaken a task like thisp 245 ES 1984
at an infected bruise on his lip and watching the activity on the parade ground. Two Britons were dragging a parachutep 292 ES 1984
the Nat West deposit account computer codes. 26) No sexual activity occurred. 27) I took him to Richmond Ice Rink wherep 1101 ATQ 1985
has stated that dreams are a kind of involuntary poetic activity, but Francis Crick suggests that dreams may be necessary top 235 UGM 1986
a small jetty. As if aware of all this military activity, the river had smoothed its surface and withdrawn into itselfp 79 DC 1987
television bulletins across the globe. Yet, for all the military activity along the banks, there was no sign of that secondp 93 DC 1987
riverbed. Gripping the helm, I gazed at this scene of activity. I realized that Kagwa's men were setting up a customsp 162 DC 1987
engine. On all sides there were traces of recent volcanic activity. Igneous rocks and pumice were mixed with coarse-grained gneisses markedp 278 DC 1987
had eliminated both past and future, and for all their activity they existed in a civilized and eventless world. In ap 49 RW 1988
be expected, the threat of two years of enforced sexual activity was deeply resented by the conscripted young men and womenp 1126 LCC 1989
I know. His plaster figures scarcely lend themselves to sexual activity, perhaps because they have effectively died under the ash ofp 52 GANa 1990
film and television, sex has become a communal and public activity for the first time since the Edens of a morep 54 GANa 1990
best essay in the collection: There is almost no human activity that is as intensely social as modern warfare.. . When ap 13 UGM 1991
raids would soon follow. Along the Whangpoo river Japanese military activity had increased, and antiaircraft batteries were dug in around thep 37 KW 1991
they stepped on to the Bund. But from all this activity I felt set apart, as if I had landed inp 65 KW 1991
the research broadened to include more wayward forms of sexual activity. The institute was discreetly relocated in London, avoiding the scrutinyp 265 KW 1991
is to analyse, not arouse. Think of this vast human activity, common to the whole biological kingdom, and you realise thatp 265 KW 1991
in its pre-package holiday sense, still exist as an independent activity, or has its place been taken by tourism? The kindp 240 UGM 1992
be housed, sparingly nourished, restricted to the minimum of sexual activity needed to reproduce itself and submitted to every manner ofp 276 UGM 1992
ballets -- which of course they were, like every other activity shown to the TV audience -- and confirmed that mankindp 1176 MFM 1992
eight years after their return, there was a flurry of activity when a deranged security officer lit a large fire underp 1181 MFM 1992
any high-level aircraft, and then turned to watch the hectic activity on the beach. Taking their cue from Dr Barbara, thep 78 RP 1994
Dr Barbara. He had expected her to welcome the relentless activity, but she soon became bored with the job-rosters and work-targetsp 136 RP 1994
Defence Ministry broadcast, panicking Mrs Saito into a frenzy of activity. While Dr Barbara dozed in her garden, and Trudi andp 212 RP 1994
of Her Majesty's waves. Like any frontier town Gibraltar's main activity, I suspected, was smuggling. As I counted the stores crammedp 10 CN 1996
sarcastic professorial Arabic, unsettling our nervous mother. Smuggling was one activity we had practised from an early age. The older boysp 12 CN 1996
remaking her lipstick over a strong mouth designed for any activity other than eating. Intrigued by her lazy sexual confidence, Ip 12 CN 1996
usually silent yachts and cruisers had begun to stir with activity. A few owners were testing their rigging and engines, whilep 249 CN 1996
had decided that it needed a facelift. A rush to activity of every kind was on, the quest for a newp 252 CN 1996
a selfish man. He would never take part in criminal activity for his own gain.‘ ‘Completely true. He has accounts withp 275 CN 1996
trial began the next day -- the explosion of civic activity had astonished even Bobby Crawford. At dinner with Elizabeth Shandp 288 CN 1996
vision is as toxic as snake venom. All this ceaseless activity, these art festivals and town councils are a form ofp 304 CN 1996
play a little more. You'll have to find some new activity that amuses her. There are so many interesting games atp 87 SC 2000
for a more meaningful world. There was scarcely a human activity that was not the target of a concerned group readyp 37 MP 2003
remedial care. Her mumbled plea was drowned by the ceaseless activity in the court as solicitors, accused, police officers, ushers andp 43 MP 2003
at me as if I were an actor rehearsing an activity like maypole dancing. Self-conscious in my well-cut tweeds, I crossedp 167 MP 2003
were going up in Chelsea Marina. The lull in police activity after the Hammersmith murder had given the residents time top 216 MP 2003
chance to do research, or write a book.‘ ‘More useless activity. Thank him for me, but it's what I was tryingp 219 MP 2003
I winced, he spoke with pride. ‘Parking is a luxury activity, factored into business and holiday price structures. If you wishp 241 MP 2003
time to bring things to a head. All this police activity, the security people closing in. There's a lot to talkp 247 MP 2003
it drove up property values and brought a surge in activity to every cash counter within ten miles of Heathrow. Crimep 191 KC 2006
massive that it muffled all sounds of police and army activity. An emergency escape panel was set into the fire doorp 218 KC 2006
yucca. A man stared steadily at me, uninterested in the activity taking place on the floor of the dome, the hostagesp 228 KC 2006
o'clock, when there was no sign of police or army activity, I left the Holiday Inn and made my way towardsp 246 KC 2006
my father employed the full complement of servants, though business activity had fallen sharply. After the war he explained to mep 14 ML 2008
Shanghai had financed their first Spitfire. There was constant patriotic activity on all sides. The German and Italian communities mounted theirp 37 ML 2008
extension of wine with one's meals to every other human activity, and partly a response to living in a city withoutp 40 ML 2008
that my children brought me up, perhaps as an incidental activity to rearing themselves. We emerged from their childhood together, theyp 225 ML 2008
sweating young men in singlets smoked in doorways ... the ceaseless activity of a planetary hive. There are only two words inp 267 ML 2008