a complete and objective awareness of the motives behind his actions. If he was sometimes prone to undue delays this wasp 38 DW 1962
benefit upon them. His long twisted jaw gave all his actions an air of unpredictability, but during the previous months hep 24 D 1965
the attack in the native harbour at Port Matarre. Sanders's actions, however, had been little more than reflex, as Ventress nop 91 CW 1966
Helen Remington clearly felt no concern herself at these out-of-character actions, these sexual acts in the cramped compartment of my motor-carp 82 C 1973
specimens between thumb and forefinger, the stylization of a thousand actions and postures as he drove -- together these were storedp 182 C 1973
suite. After a pause, she leaves the door ajar. Her actions are calm and unrushed, but totally conspiratorial. With aching reliefp 860 60Z 1976
-- qualities more pronounced in response to cohesive and creative actions than to random or destructive ones -- these characteristics seemedp 844 LDG 1976
following year. Viewing her charitably, one may say that her actions that fatal afternoon in the bathroom of her Gatwick hotelp 853 NTM 1976
be both star and supporting player. Every one of our actions during the day, across the entire spectrum of domestic lifep 226 UGM 1977
giving way to the simplest and most mysterious of all actions -- flight! Above the film studios helicopters are circling. Soonp 7 UDC 1979
I realized that he wanted me to imitate the assassin's actions. Refusing to let him outstare me, I pressed the plugp 28 RW 1988
independently of normal consciousness and could give rise to inexplicable actions and emotions. When Freud at last arrived on the scenep 153 UGM 1994
I suppose I did.‘ ‘And the other robberies and special actions I've spent months tracking down -- they're not exactly ap 250 SC 2000
began to expand.‘ ‘I was surprised by how quickly. Vigilante actions, incidents of deliberate road rage, thefts from immigrant markets, tanglesp 260 SC 2000
too, wanted to change.‘ ‘Did David take part in the actions? The attacks on blacks and Arabs in La Bocca?‘ ‘Nop 336 SC 2000
nothing can stop them. We need tapes of the special actions, the more violent the better. They incriminate everyone -- thep 349 SC 2000
happy about Eden-Olympia.‘ ‘Everything is winding down -- the special actions, the robberies and raids. Penrose is calling them off.‘ ‘That'sp 376 SC 2000
thinking about Eden II, they want to try out large-scale actions. They're planning racist attacks in Nice, La Napoule and Cagnes-sur-Merp 376 SC 2000
crime-scene tapes, far fitter than the policemen guessed. The ‘terrorist actions‘, as the Home Secretary termed them, had soon toughened upp 5 MP 2003
More than half the residents were involved in the protest actions. As the Daily Telegraph -- now the house journal ofp 152 MP 2003
my arms, steadying me. ‘There's a lot to do, other actions to plan. I know you won't let me down.‘ ‘Letp 261 MP 2003
For a long while now biologists have been trying to activate them, but the difficulty is partly in identifying the silentp 177 VT 1960
plague before it reaches the Rockies. Wayne, we need to activate the Minuteman missiles, they're sitting in silos all over Nevadap 154 HA 1981
technique around you.‘ Coma nodded. ‘They've had their silent genes activated?‘ ‘Yes, all of them. These are only a few ofp 178 VT 1960
a two-foot-long spill. Satisfied, he turned the ignition key and activated the starter motor. As the servo whined, turning over thep 39 CI 1974
You've got to find Manson and somehow take over. He's activated the Titan and cruise missiles hidden out in the junglep 192 HA 1981
broadcast a signal of greeting and friendship. Surprisingly, this has activated the planet's extensive computer networks, which have reacted with ap 1184 ROP 1992
Yet the concept worked. Everywhere sales boomed, and the Metro-Centre activated two dormant cable channels. People from the Home Counties, andp 155 KC 2006
I crouched inside the trunk and started to breathe heavily, activating the senso-circuits. Immediately the statue came to life. About twelvep 397 TSS 1962
the 30th are nicer.‘ Expertly she pressed the control buttons, activating the heavy doors. Within seconds the elevator was carrying themp 64 HR 1975
expect that some time in the future we'll take an active part in whatever is celebrated here.‘ ‘Maybe, but what? Thinkp 88 WG 1959
was always during the lulls that the Council was most active in consolidating its position, issuing a stream of petty regulationsp 378 WT 1962
like a plume of smoke above a dormant but still active volcano. ‘Charles.‘ She waited for her husband to speak, hopingp 639 DS 1964
the stick-dancer. ‘It doesn't worry him. This mountain has been active for fifty years.‘ ‘Then why do we have to comep 661 VD 1964
here -- the natives were taking cheap carvings into the active zone, leaving them there overnight and going back the nextp 64 CW 1966
of it on the stage. I have also been very active in organised groups. I liked making something work, I likedp 26 SEO 1972
It'll be like trying to fly through a maze of active volcanoes.‘ ‘Dick knows what he's doing,‘ Angela confirmed. ‘I'll readp 979 OAU 1978
allowed to spend a few hours each day. ‘She's extremely active, and tends to unsettle the other patients,‘ the Mother Superiorp 1002 HFF 1980
was soon to change. By the mid-1960s, those of us active in science fiction began to hear the first growls ofp 189 UGM 1981
recognising Manson's whole enterprise. However, they at least have an active role. I'm rather left out with nothing to do. Becausep 142 HA 1981
did with Vietnam? Reportedly, several Desert Storm movies are in active preparation, and one can easily imagine Chuck Norris or Stallonep 11 UGM 1991
few facts about James began to emerge. He had been active in surrealist circles in the 1930s, and had financed ap 70 UGM 1991
the RAF at the end of his short-service commission, after active service against the terrorists in Kenya and a last tourp 128 KW 1991
colleges, and a consortium of undertakers and embalmers all had active film units. In the glowing half-light the shirt-sleeved delegates stoodp 240 KW 1991
and only David's deranged behaviour after his arrest, and his active RAF service in Kenya, had saved him from a manslaughterp 263 KW 1991
for sale for 10 kilos of rice.‘ Jung's mother became active in the underground, but was arrested by the Kuomintang. Miraculouslyp 37 UGM 1992
and many would be members of the Front National, especially active among the pieds-noirs in the South of France. Yet Halderp 59 SC 2000
life.‘ ‘Is there such a thing?‘ ‘It's private, but very active. Work is so enjoyable, while play is demanding. It requiresp 106 SC 2000
say. People behave in unexpected ways. My brother was an active member of the Green movement. One day he took upp 146 SC 2000
the day. The last thing they want is recreation.‘ ‘The active mind never needs to rest? That's hard to accept.‘ ‘Itp 254 SC 2000
a professional eye on the exercise. Soon we had an active therapy group with a dozen senior executives. At weekends they'dp 260 SC 2000
and ready to revive itself. One day it would become active again, spewing over the motorway towns a shower of patiop 279 KC 2006
our estrangement was that their parenting became passive rather than active -- they had none of the usual levers to pullp 82 ML 2008
in the 1960s. Throughout her life my mother had an active dislike of homosexuals, understandable perhaps at a time when ap 86 ML 2008
generally popular at the Express. She had enjoyed a very active social life in Stone, a world of big houses, prosperousp 174 ML 2008
and squeezed her arm. ‘Hello, Judith. I'm thinking about it actively. Like to join me in a private venture?‘ The girlp 271 B 1961
be a new mode, of portraits composed by biographers who actively dislike their subjects. He describes himself as a friend ofp 71 UGM 1991
Nazi leaders shows that their followers didn't fear disaster but actively welcomed it. My chief problem -- there's no one Ip 195 KC 2006
the Shanghai streets. There were many foreign-run charities which they actively supported, but they probably knew there was very little thatp 34 ML 2008
he thoroughly enjoyed his time at King's. But he was actively homosexual, and King's was an openly homosexual college, famously homep 147 ML 2008
heart of a warm domestic nest, and in which I actively participated, almost shouldering the midwives aside. In the untidy butp 182 ML 2008
on him, taking their small son; Hathaway the failed political activist, whose obsessed eyes were too much even for a far-leftp 792 PTD 1969
resentfully of her father, and how the great animal rights activist had been a stern and obsessive parent, insisting that evenp 183 RP 1994
moral certainties of physical fitness fanatics, New Agers and animal-rights activists. All the same, I miss the large dreams, the headyp 192 UGM 1993
had always failed to stir him, though he sympathized with activists who were trying to save the whale or protect thep 31 RP 1994
underfunded refuge? Neil had noticed that the Greenpeace and environmental activists kept their distance from Dr Barbara, as if they suspectedp 37 RP 1994
was the daughter of one of France's first animal rights activists, the writer and biologist Rene Didier. She and her fatherp 47 RP 1994
networks. Already they were filming the reporters and animal rights activists who roamed the Dugong, interrupting the work of the Filipinop 50 RP 1994
wondering how they would survive the violence which the French activists from the schooner Croix du Sud would do their bestp 79 RP 1994
accurate news and alert the world-wide network of animal rights activists. Their impulsive departure baffled their wives, who were sleeping ashorep 213 RP 1994
the revolution -- noted in an editorial, many of the activists were senior professionals. Doctors, architects and solicitors took a prominentp 152 MP 2003
even a suspicion that I was sheltering Stephen Dexter. The activists at Chelsea Marina were deeply possessive, and resentful of outsidep 221 MP 2003
another dimension to life, organized its energies, gave the countless activities of everyday existence a yardstick of significance. Conrad spent hoursp 154 CH 1960
no question of coercion. Each day's programme listed your permitted activities: you could go to the hairdresser's, cinema, bank, cocktail barp 161 CH 1960
claimed that the Council had successfully stamped out Boardman's illicit activities, but the latter's permanent expression of smug contempt for thep 378 WT 1962
would be able to resume all his other, more profitable activities. Of course, the fete would never be held, but inp 382 WT 1962
Listening to the talk round him, Ward gathered that their activities principally consisted of trying to identify more than half ap 491 VH 1963
personality, but at last they entirely dominated him, controlling his activities and moulding his thoughts and speech. The whole process ofp 567 TP 1964
ordinary people can describe a series of important experiences and activities for which no vocabulary previously existed. A key to thep 256 UGM 1969
What the book completely ignores is the fact that these activities are those which most people now seem to prefer, thatp 258 UGM 1969
earlier Vaughan had taken part in a string of modish activities: police brawls, a festival of masochistic films, an obscene playp 70 THF 1969
wheel chair.‘ Imaginary Diseases. By contrast, for Catherine Austin these activities were evidence of an ever widening despair, a deliberate summoningp 76 THF 1969
shedding its skin in a savage rictus. In particular, these activities obsessed him: Powdering her face -- caressed by the softp 46 JAC 1970
anxiety and guilt on to a huge range of commonplace activities. Sooner or later, I would guess, these will crystallize aroundp 260 UGM 1971
boyfriends had started a small air-tourist charter firm. All these activities she pursued with a single mind, deliberately marking out herp 30 C 1973
was unequipped to carry out any but the simplest physical activities. The grimy and crippled figure whose distorted reflection glimmered inp 28 CI 1974
into herself, obsessively wrapped up with the children's most elementary activities. Even her reviewing of children's books was part of thep 45 HR 1975
flexible shell to provide the kind of home which encouraged activities, as distinct from somewhere to eat and sleep. Living inp 52 HR 1975
teeth in the dressing-table mirrors. These commonplace but almost meaningless activities have an extraordinary fascination, for years I have watched themp 858 60Z 1976
the future. Meanwhile he continues with his busy round of activities in the Unit of Criminal Psychopathy, constructing his bizarre ‘aircraftp 855 NTM 1976
like himself would be able to get most of its activities going again. Through the weeks that followed, Halloway and Oldsp 905 UC 1976
to three weeks after the operation, and that her social activities would have to be curtailed. The Queen was also informedp 20 QER 1976
revealed by Watergate and the Lockheed scandals suggests that Hughes's activities in the fifties and sixties amounted to little more thanp 48 UGM 1977
still remains. Is it conceivable that all traces of his activities could be erased from our records of the period? Isp 940 I 1977
Perfect Light Movement, conceived by HRH, 398; launched, 401; charitable activities praised by Nehru, Lyndon B. Johnson, Pierre Trudeau, 423; medicalp 944 I 1977
of a visit to the park or circus. All these activities, of course, like our family life itself, were made possiblep 947 ICU 1977
here. Frankly, I'm too busy with a hundred and one activities to worry -- there's a sort of mini-Renaissance of thep 970 HWT 1978
nothing but photograph him obsessively during a range of meaningless activities -- studying the tedious Rorschach images, riding the bicycle inp 982 Z2 1978
girl with a fund of strange stories about the sexual activities at international airports. Carried away by these visions, I immediatelyp 13 UDC 1979
the guards, reporting to them each day on the prisoners‘ activities. No one criticized Mrs Pearce for this, and in factp 169 ES 1984
supplies of food and bandages. Besides, there were few illicit activities to betray. No one in Lunghua would dream of tryingp 169 ES 1984
their own social lives. They joined the children in various activities at the recreation club, organized discotheques and bridge contests inp 16 RW 1988
revenues through the London money markets, or in any other activities connected with organized crime. (7) The Parents as Killers. Couldp 21 RW 1988
of the families? Curiously, for all their participation in group activities at the recreation club, the parents themselves did not mixp 21 RW 1988
there had been a wall diary marking out the various activities shared with the children -- the school reading assignments top 27 RW 1988
appointment books show nothing -- there were the usual Saturday activities -- gymnasium work, the next round in the bridge contestp 34 RW 1988
wet suits, I could not help thinking that all these activities involved the element of escape, as if the children werep 50 RW 1988
previous year, as the children moved the focus of their activities to their own homes. This was clear from their diariesp 50 RW 1988
on the bulletin board. This loss of interest in outdoor activities inevitably led to the withering-away of their friendships with childrenp 53 RW 1988
Jane Austen but with a startling frankness about their sexual activities. Together they convey the impression of Pride and Prejudice withp 54 RW 1988
through most vividly is the sense that through these sexual activities the over-civilized inhabitants of Pangbourne can make their escape intop 54 RW 1988
the children were trapped within an endless round of praiseworthy activities -- for nowhere were praise and encouragement lavished more generouslyp 63 RW 1988
a new-found pride in physical excellence. A host of sporting activities took place, there were classes in judo and karate, aerobicsp 1141 LTP 1989
from traditional Sicilian practices into more expansive and profitable underworld activities. Although associated with these mobsters, who were deeply involved inp 44 UGM 1991
why Mrs Dwight and the other missionaries considered their pre-war activities in the famine-ridden provinces of northern China such a markedp 33 KW 1991
reality, but that out-and-out hallucination takes the place of illusion. Activities of the human brain it's needed the whole of evolutionp 235 KW 1991
desk with a brave if bleak smile, and described his activities in the past week, which seemed, eerily, to resemble myp 309 KW 1991
counter to nature's sense of thrift and utility. The obsessive activities of bower birds, as they scour the countryside for bottlep 156 UGM 1992
signs of internal movement and electronic gauges mapped the smallest activities of the crew. After a further three months the dailyp 1180 MFM 1992
theoretical physics, one of the most abstract of all human activities, that attracts the eccentric and nonconformist? For all I knowp 159 UGM 1993
Crime, and transgressive behaviour -- by which I mean all activities that aren't necessarily illegal, but provoke us and tap ourp 180 CN 1996
pointed out that sex was one of the main leisure activities here and that we ought to film it raking placep 197 CN 1996
a disco -- and a mixed sauna. The club's evening activities are more important than the daytime ones. People need top 257 CN 1996
to find in its geometry some clue to my own activities. He frowned at the monotonous sound of the tennis machinep 273 CN 1996
her offhand manner. Had she leaked some tidbit concerning Crawford's activities to the Inspector, information about the burning of the speedboatp 279 CN 1996
ways I had already taken over the running of Crawford's activities at the Residencia. For weeks he had spent more andp 297 CN 1996
involved in the fire you might have exposed his other activities. He'd have been charged with drug-dealing and car thefts andp 322 CN 1996
lectures she threw us into a hectic round of tourist activities. Tirelessly she insisted on visiting every church and baptistry, everyp 8 DYF 1996
and virtually childless. Look around you at Eden-Olympia. No leisure activities, no community life or social gatherings. How many parties havep 254 SC 2000
That's true, on a literal level. Remember that these criminal activities have helped them to rediscover themselves. An atrophied moral sensibilityp 262 SC 2000
in the King's Road. She seemed content with the day's activities, and I was grateful for her kindness to a fellowp 65 MP 2003
to explain. During the first year a host of camp activities took place -- amateur dramatics, with full-scale performances in thep 71 ML 2008
Arts Council awarded tens of thousands of pounds to fund activities that, unconsciously or not, were clearly jokes -- Ambit itselfp 233 ML 2008