and the automobile. For Vaughan the motor-car was the sexual act's greatest and only true locus. With each of these womenp 171 C 1973
home laboratory; Maxted, a run-down athlete with a bad degree, acted as torpedo-man for a company manufacturing electron microscopes; a visitp 69 T12 1958
strain he had picked up at the laboratory -- presumably acted like the hallucinogenic drugs, creating an inner image of almostp 534 SA 1963
the young woman as she looked down at me had acted as more of a spur than seemed at the timep 736 R 1967
Vaughan's scarred physique. During the many weeks in which I acted as Vaughan's chauffeur, giving him money to pay the prostitutesp 171 C 1973
pace of the building. It was their complaints which were acted upon first, and it was they who subtly dominated lifep 53 HR 1975
of his childhood, the flavour of venison and animal fat acted on him like adrenalin. Surrounded by the bones and meatp 890 UC 1976
written and directed by George Lucas, is engaging, brilliantly designed, acted with real charm, full of verve and visual ingenuity. It'sp 14 UGM 1977
were histrionic, aggressive and with a repertory of ‘problems‘ they acted out like polished professionals. The group soon established its ownp 269 UGM 1977
of America. The discovery of the young stowaway, Wayne, had acted as the catalyst -- all these private escapees had soonp 27 HA 1981
of the dead time. The geometry of that drained pool acted like a mirror, the sky seemed to be full ofp 1024 NFS 1981
During the day Jim sat on the funeral pier and acted as lookout while Frank rowed to the scuttled freighters. Whenp 101 ES 1984
you could describe the actual moon-walks.‘ Scranton nodded sagely. ‘I acted as consultant to one of the Hollywood majors. All inp 1110 MWM 1985
I know. All the same, Sergeant, I'm certain that they acted alone. I think they murdered their own parents at aboutp 45 RW 1988
ringleader? He was the oldest of them." "Possibly -- something acted as the trigger and persuaded the children to plan thep 56 RW 1988
armies in Singapore had surrendered without a fight but nonetheless acted as if they had won the war. For some reasonp 35 KW 1991
Suddenly there are too many reasons.‘ ‘Then why hasn't Cabrera acted?‘ ‘He has Frank's confession. As far as the police arep 119 CN 1996
at the time of the fire, but others could have acted for him. Someone with a taste for fire presided overp 161 CN 1996
Surprisingly, I felt no guilt, almost as if I had acted with his approval. ‘Now, what's the verdict on Eden-Olympia? You'vep 92 SC 2000
nearer finding a motive, but has repeatedly stated that Greenwood acted alone and chose his victims at random. Riviera News hasp 131 SC 2000
smiling at the small children and satisfied that he had acted as humanely as his orders allowed. Faced by the waitingp 227 MP 2003
a dozen constables. Several burly men in St George's shirts acted as stewards, steering people away from a young black womanp 25 KC 2006
busybodies to have him sectioned. One of my junior partners acted for him when he sued the Metro-Centre.‘ ‘Christie hated itp 31 KC 2006
English talked as if they had won the war, but acted as if they had lost it. They were clearly exhaustedp 123 ML 2008
shadowy group who handle all dealings on the Blue Market, acting as a general clearing house and buying and selling dreamsp 348 PE 1962
torn wrists and lacerated body, but he sat patiently, stoically acting out the role of Neptune into which he had beenp 135 DW 1962
might antagonize them. You never know, they may even be acting on official instructions.‘ Renthall glanced contemptuously at Hanson. ‘Do youp 377 WT 1962
a conservative body, Mr Boardman. Obviously at this stage I'm acting on my own initiative. I shall consult the Council atp 382 WT 1962
Dr Richard Lowry, Gifford's assistant and since his accident the acting leader of the expedition, watched Gifford uncomfortably from the edgep 630 DS 1964
believe that.‘ Sidney Reston, of the State Department, who was acting as our courier, interrupted his conversation with the US Armyp 607 IM 1964
were wearing thin. Hendry's prompt refusal meant that he was acting on a decision already reached by the other captains. Yetp 122 D 1965
to exclude him from the settlement. However, Hendry had been acting on a common instinct, the shared feeling that Ransom byp 138 D 1965
but we may conclude that his central nervous system is acting as a powerful transmitter.‘ Vega. In the darkness the half-filledp 86 YMC 1966
pursuit of a white ship with white sails. Last night, acting on some bizarre impulse, I dressed myself in the bloodstainedp 734 CHC 1967
world at large suggested that members of the group were acting in anything but a benign role: the nuclear confrontation avertedp 779 CA 1968
until graduate school. I spent a great deal of time acting -- not all of it on the stage. I havep 26 SEO 1972
whatever the hostility directed against him, in the hope of acting as its midwife. In fact, this alone had stopped himp 70 HR 1975
household accounts. Soon, though, they will take over other functions, acting as major domo, keeper of finances, confidant and marriage counsellorp 226 UGM 1977
own body, almost as if my hunger and exhaustion were acting as the catalyst for the process of putrefaction. A plaguep 935 DT 1977
reason I felt that, even in being myself, I was acting a part to which someone else should have been assignedp 11 UDC 1979
with the armed patrol he clearly suspected that I was acting in some way as an emissary between Harare and dissidentp 58 DC 1987
him from the guy ropes. ‘Let me see him. Stop acting all the time ...‘ ‘Doctor, Mr Pal is dead!‘ ‘Dead? Youp 179 DC 1987
the viewfinder. Was she playing up to the camera, even acting out some solitary death modelled on Sanger's fictions, or wasp 275 DC 1987
play their parts for the cameras, doing all the interviews, acting out their ‘happiness‘ under the eyes of their doting parentsp 56 RW 1988
is assumed that the young murderers were either drugged or acting under duress. Sergeant Payne and I are the only onesp 79 RW 1988
able to spend almost all my spare time with Lucille, acting as lover, night watchman, spymaster and bodyguard. She, in turnp 1129 LCC 1989
conviction in the moral and spiritual rightness of their cause. Acting together, they commandeered any empty villas or apartment houses, whosep 1141 LTP 1989
other doors yet to be opened, were contingent on my acting upon that decision of a moment. Even so, I havep 1134 TES 1989
undergraduate life, scandalising the first-year men with her powerful motorcycle, acting in a pornographic play by Apollinaire that the proctors hadp 105 KW 1991
lightly at my scrotum. ‘I make many films -- I'm acting for real director.‘ ‘That's good.‘ I could guess the kindp 249 KW 1991
disliked each other. Paul Henreid was contemptuous of Humphrey Bogart's acting skills, while Ingrid Bergman was baffled by her role andp 6 UGM 1993
unsettles them. Believe me, Neil, nothing provokes people more than acting from the highest motives.‘ ‘The dead patients ...‘ Neil searched forp 43 RP 1994
role for you.‘ ‘Well, maybe ... I don't know much about acting. I'm still coping with reality.‘ ‘Reality? That's a public servicep 48 RP 1994
crushed into the satin bedspread. The bride was no longer acting or colluding with the camera. The lesbian porno-film had beenp 126 CN 1996
full of vodka. A great sport. She's done a little acting before, so she'll get things off to a good startp 242 CN 1996
clues to their motives. Zander, according to Jane, was the acting head of security, and was still waiting for his appointmentp 89 SC 2000
named were Professor Kalman, director of the clinic; Pascal Zander, acting chief of security; Claudine Galante, manager, press bureau. Scribbled inp 132 SC 2000
surprised that this corpulent beach Beria had been appointed Eden-Olympia's acting head of security. Tactical indiscretion was his forte. ‘People atp 292 SC 2000
thought of Sergeant Jucaud's comment that I had been seen acting aggressively towards Zander. It had taken the detective five daysp 322 SC 2000
Berthoud with his old-fashioned scales and smuggler's suitcase: he was acting out a fantasy of a drug-dealer and not doing itp 338 SC 2000
a risk in killing Zander. He was head of security.‘ ‘Acting head. He knew too much, and that made him greedyp 343 SC 2000
a lot of people. Paedophiles we could cope with, but acting out of genuine selflessness? Far too original for Eden-Olympia.‘ ‘Butp 348 SC 2000
looked at me with sudden concern. ‘Paul? Is your knee acting up? Start taking your shots again. You were happier thenp 369 SC 2000
her good humour returned, and she enjoyed mimicking my wooden acting. As I sat on her bed she teased me thatp 24 MP 2003
you'd turn up.‘ ‘Weren't you the lookout?‘ ‘No. I was acting on my own. Kay still doesn't know I was therep 103 MP 2003
life.‘ ‘It won't happen. There's nothing better for us than acting out of real conviction.‘ ‘I'm not sure if I wasp 130 MP 2003
the two residents we had driven from Chelsea Marina were acting with Gould's blessing. They had smuggled their smoke bombs intop 206 MP 2003
can lead intelligent people to do things they shouldn't, like acting rationally and for the public good. Take it from mep 67 KC 2006
why ...?‘ ‘I saw him outside the magistrates‘ court. He was acting the killer, just to wind everyone up. He only stoppedp 84 KC 2006
disliked the friendly smile, the bonhomie. They thought I was acting all the time. Even my parents avoided me. My fatherp 144 KC 2006
deranged. I almost believed you.‘ ‘It's all true. I wasn't acting.‘ He sat up and grasped my hands. ‘I'm finding myselfp 177 KC 2006
ever. I knew they could be viciously brutal, especially when acting under the orders of their NCOs, but individually they werep 78 ML 2008
of scotch and tried to work out a plan of action. The first step was to get hold of someone likep 18 E 1956
with a peculiar inflection, apparently considering some possible course of action. For a moment she watched me reflectively. Her personality seemedp 213 S5 1961
15,000. Food and water adequate for three days. Government action confined to police patrols. ROME: 176 mph. Municipal and officep 52 WFN 1961
wouldn't exactly say I was eager to get back into action, but I'm ready enough. It's been pleasant down here. Thesep 141 WFN 1961
he realized that the ventilator had stopped, its steady bellows-like action no longer overlaying the other noises in the bunker. Onep 173 WFN 1961
murder?‘ When Gregory seemed puzzled he explained: ‘A private civil action, not criminal proceedings. My father killed himself five years agop 295 IO 1962
explaining that I would be grateful if she postponed the action as the publicity would probably kill my new law officep 317 TDS 1962
They joined Bodkin and went into the lounge. Resuming the action conference interrupted by the helicopter, Kerans said: ‘You've got aboutp 78 DW 1962
near drowning in the planetarium, was the necessary spur to action, to his emergence into the brighter day of the interiorp 144 DW 1962
hotel to library to cafe. Determined on his course of action, Renthall felt his confidence return. Allowing an interval of ap 381 WT 1962
of the peace takes place the Chief Constable can take action. Why all the fuss, anyway? I'm merely trying to providep 383 WT 1962
however, Constantin was unable to galvanize himself into any defensive action. He could see clearly that Malek and himself had enteredp 513 EG 1963
Brasilia of this strange figure, sometime journalist and man of action, the self-proclaimed world citizen who at the age of forty-twop 438 QR 1963
with abstract symbols, these would serve as backdrops to the action, and form a fragmentary labyrinth winding in and out ofp 545 SG 1963
ten minutes, trying to decide upon his best course of action. Unfortunately he had smashed the lens of his camera. Finallyp 499 VH 1963
of the single canvas -- the receding procession carried the action backwards through time, so that one followed the invisible presencep 580 LL 1964
movements, Ransom realized that there was no concerted plan of action, but that some dim instinct was gathering force and wouldp 98 D 1965
shortly afterwards, when the governor had been put out of action, the car accelerated rapidly, and continued at high speed alongp 720 AE 1966
visits to Crispin, presumably in the hope of seeing further action against the birds. When there was no reply Crispin shoulderedp 702 SBD 1966
and high forehead, the physique of some intelligent man of action, on which were superimposed my own plump features and brushp 729 CHC 1967
to say not in the literal sense of that term.‘ Action Sequence. Hiding among the traffic in the near-side lane, Koesterp 54 GAN 1967
TV documentary, of the type made popular by World in Action. LONDON UNDER SIEGE STREET BATTLE Inner London, a back streetp 953 TW 1967
fills the screen, soaked in the soldier's blood. WORLD IN ACTION TITLES Superimposed over the bloody Union Jack: ‘Civil War‘ Commentatorp 953 TW 1967
the British government survive? Will peace ever come? World in Action is here to find out. STREET BATTLE The fighting isp 954 TW 1967
they want the war to end at all? World in Action visited a village in the front line to see howp 960 TW 1967
are under the command of Captain Arjay Robinson. World in Action is going with them to see what happens. CAPTAIN ROBINSONp 960 TW 1967
have finished readying their weapons and equipment. The World in Action commentator puts on US combat clothing, strapping a gun aroundp 962 TW 1967
guns. Last month Alpha Company was involved in a major action in which over 250 enemy soldiers were killed, a thirdp 963 TW 1967
a general advance, firing as they go. The World in Action commentator and Major Cleaver move up with them, taking shelterp 96 TW 1967
on this small village beside the M4, the World in Action commentator was killed. As he followed the first wave ofp 967 TW 1967
there will be no support coming in by helicopter. The action is called off at the request of Major Cleaver. Tenp 967 TW 1967
some subtle dislocation of one's normal processes of recognition and action during situations of extreme danger or hazard, like the suspendedp 162 UGM 1969
whole basis of his political thought and explains almost every action he ever committed. Second, there are his views on thep 222 UGM 1969
facilities,‘ Charlotte explained. ‘We've decided to set up a parents‘ action group.‘ ‘Doesn't that leave me out?‘ ‘We need a doctorp 17 HR 1975
blackout two of the twenty elevators were put out of action. The air-conditioning had been switched off, and a woman passengerp 20 HR 1975
exhausted man had been inundated with complaints and requests for action of every kind. Several members of his staff had resignedp 39 HR 1975
a pang of regret -- always a believer in direct action, he had enjoyed the skirmishes of the past week, roughingp 42 HR 1975
a moderating influence, restraining his neighbours from any unnecessary retaliatory action. Now he wanted trouble at any puce. Somewhere below ap 84 HR 1975
As long as the residents made no formal complaint, no action would be taken. Laing was no longer surprised by thep 102 HR 1975
appears to have decided on a radically new course of action to save his wife, literally within the extreme metaphor ofp 851 NTM 1976
and guileless blue eyes turned aside any suspicion. Eager for action at all costs, yet shy and very much the dreamerp 875 UC 1976
aggressiveness at the gliding championships embarrassed him. ‘ ... too eager for action at any cost,‘ he reproved himself as he strode alongp 885 UC 1976
they had done. Tired out by all the noise and action, Halloway reached forward to switch off the monitor, when hep 910 UC 1976
the clock. I liked the way large sections of the action were seen through computerized head-up displays which provided information aboutp 15 UGM 1977
the sky unopposed, no longer taking part in any offensive action, but we soon noticed that none had landed at thep 926 DT 1977
of the past fifty years. Physician and philosopher, man of action and patron of the arts, sometime claimant to the Englishp 940 I 1977
to appreciate the presentation techniques of Civilisation and World in Action, and further creates the uncanny impression that one is notp 167 UGM 1978
and explored it in close-up, separately recorded sections of the action and displayed them on the dozen smaller screens around thep 989 MA 1978
strategy of what he knew would be the last military action of World War II. ‘Have you seen the blankets fromp 977 OAU 1978
As if to forestall any criticism of his lack of action, he explained hurriedly: ‘I was going to dive in, Blakep 43 UDC 1979
to its conclusion without any fear of professional disapproval. My action would not take place in the real world, but withinp 1008 HFF 1980
the world had now introduced strict fuel rationing, and government action at the highest levels was concentrated on the task ofp 46 HA 1981
at Wayne's leg, as if trying to signal it into action. ‘That leg is stronger, now, I can see. Wayne, you'rep 181 HA 1981
realising that he was committed now to the course of action he had planned months ago when he left the clinicp 1047 MSA 1982
Jim pretended to work the controls, as if this sympathetic action could summon the spirit of the long-dead aviator. Below onep 31 ES 1984
last sick joke. Kubrick's masterstroke is to tilt the dramatic action of the film so that the audience's sympathies slide acrossp 18 UGM 1987
is his Ford Galaxy, and similar linguistic plays link the action together in a far more convincing way than might seemp 19 UGM 1987
I reached out and pushed away the rifle, a bolt action Lee-Enfield of the type I had fired in the cadetp 21 DC 1987
the trucks heading towards the airstrip. ‘Why all this military action? I thought you'd already stolen everything in Port-la-Nouvelle?‘ ‘Doctor, Ip 27 DC 1987
was after bigger game than the car ferry -- any action he took against me for firing a bullet through thep 156 DC 1987
group, perhaps a successor to the Baader-Meinhof gang, the French Action Directe, or the Italian Red Brigades. This remains an outsidep 20 RW 1988
the screens went blank, and the killing machine rolled into action." I walked over to the projector, fascinated by the flower-shapedp 50 RW 1988
the program's filming may well have spurred the children into action. Another factor may have been the reports, well advertised inp 65 RW 1988
Robin Miller, and Annabel Reade) are awake and ready for action, then slip out and retrieve the shotgun he has buriedp 66 RW 1988
their rooms, computer screens glowing and blank, ready for the action to come. 7:05 a.m. The first parents beginp 71 RW 1988
door. This voyeur's eye bereft of emotion, in which all action is suspended, all drama subordinated to the endless moment ofp 67 UGM 1989
informal beach groups had voted on their best course of action before seizing an empty hotel or raiding a wine-store. Butp 1142 LTP 1989
in Croydon but in the Bronx or West Beirut, my action would be no more than sensible local camouflage. Here itp 1130 TES 1989
could change the course of my life by a single action. To shut out the world, and solve all my difficultiesp 1131 TES 1989
At the same time, it will be months before my action arouses any real suspicions, and I am confident that byp 1131 TES 1989
for the best. At least the UN is back in action. With luck, everything will return to normal.‘ Later, as hep 1160 WF 1989
of repair and renewal, a coming to terms with violent action and its aftermath. Together they form a powerful and movingp 74 UGM 1991
on the present-day American novel, with its constant foregrounding of action, avoidance of the passive tense and dislike of explanatory matterp 78 UGM 1991
up. Japan, militarized and expansionist, invaded China in 1937, an action aimed as much at the European powers. The invasion ledp 219 UGM 1991
mists of ice crystals were a signal to some desperate action. Unable, perhaps, to cope with this arctic world of snowp 109 KW 1991
play the roles of ordinary suburbanites. At any moment the action would begin, and I would find that I had ap 136 KW 1991
was instability. By isolating my emotions, by separating feeling from action, I might perhaps even learn to enjoy Sally's infidelities. Ip 196 KW 1991
was the butt of cartoonists and TV comedians, demanded firmer action. He ordered that pop music be played at full blastp 1180 MFM 1992
parents, shadowy figures who take almost no part in the action. I assume the film is a full-blown Oedipal drama, andp 30 UGM 1993
bleak way at the waves. For all her calls to action, she seemed disoriented by the size of the atoll. Shep 18 RP 1994
the podium, where she received a standing ovation from the action committee -- a retired astronaut, two over earnest academics ap 27 RP 1994
manslaughter, Dr Barbara was given a two-year suspended sentence. An action group of sympathetic doctors and relatives rallied support, but shep 40 RP 1994
the expedition and transmit live pictures of any hostile French action to Boyd's TV station in Honolulu and from there top 50 RP 1994
Champlain would sink the inflatables and put them out of action for good. Yet so far, for whatever political and diplomaticp 59 RP 1994
the cockpit of their sloop, sharing a blanket, observing the action through their binoculars. The Saitos had hurriedly dressed in theirp 113 RP 1994
breakfast. Neil was still surprised by their new-found taste for action. For a few hours they ceased to be dedicated botanistsp 132 RP 1994
of fearful admiration. The Andersons, however, had decided to take action. Disgusted by Gubby's death, they prepared their sloop for thep 159 RP 1994
unarmed combat, like the Thai commandos I had seen in action at a passing-out parade in Bangkok, demonstrating how to seizep 96 CN 1996
with the hang-glider had left me ready for even more action. I walked to the garden windows and peered down atp 175 CN 1996
Chez Felix in Antibes. It's a shrine for men of action like you, Paul.‘ ‘We'll go.‘ I lay back in thep 25 SC 2000
drama, which involved endless ball retrieval and virtually no court action. My other neighbours were a Belgian couple, the Delages, amongp 38 SC 2000
was leading the whole thing.‘ ‘That's right. It's a special action group.‘ ‘Volunteer police? Very public-spirited.‘ ‘Not exactly. Think of itp 165 SC 2000
a bit of unpleasantness last night. Some kind of police action in the Rue Valentin.‘ ‘Vigilantes. Zander and his bully boysp 171 SC 2000
Sinclair. I heard from the other guards that a special action was booked for last night. I was concerned for youp 201 SC 2000
It's the bowling club ...‘ ‘Who?‘ ‘It's another ratissage. A special action.‘ ‘I can't see anything.‘ She pulled at my arm. ‘There'sp 220 SC 2000
Eden-Olympia aren't satisfied with the Cannes police, so they take action on their own.‘ ‘Against a Japanese advertising agency? Why? Forp 226 SC 2000
me, nodding their appreciation of the finer points of the action. One of the men had cut away his shirtsleeve atp 237 SC 2000
was proud to have acquitted himself well in this dangerous action. I sensed that he wanted to confide in me, andp 239 SC 2000
and might have been killed because he planned to take action. But it goes far beyond Greenwood.‘ ‘Right Now, what exactlyp 244 SC 2000
usually against Arabs and blacks -- ratissages, Halder calls them. Action groups drive into La Bocca and Mandelieu. They like top 247 SC 2000
my hand. Casually, she said: ‘There's going to be an "action" tonight. A really big one.‘ ‘Ringing doorbells?‘ ‘More serious thanp 283 SC 2000
celebrity hunt. I thought of Frances's talk of a special action. But I was too easy a target, a crippled ex-pilotp 284 SC 2000
ferry sinking, sailors who had died during a wartime naval action, fishermen from Antibes run down by a tanker, three scubap 329 SC 2000
rapped the steering wheel with her fist, rousing herself to action. Chin raised, she stared through the windscreen at the Rivierap 334 SC 2000
Paul. I set it up for them ...‘ A Plan of Action I found Frances by the telescope, pacing to and frop 342 SC 2000
the Peugeot. I want to get her away before the action starts.‘ ‘Move fast, Mr Sinclair.‘ The Delages stood in thep 382 SC 2000
be sabotaged, and the teams of residents assigned to each action. Trying to impress Kay, I had appended notes on thep 9 MP 2003
But the police seemed bored, usually an omen of violent action. Already they were tired of this pointless protest, one groupp 34 MP 2003
provocateurs, forever trying to propel the peaceful protests into violent action. Neutrality was the most confrontational stance of all, while thep 39 MP 2003
in Hammersmith Road, giving them time to carry out their action. I limped after Angela, aware that she would be nop 40 MP 2003
am. Aren't we all?‘ ‘Alas, no. Protest is one thing, action another. That's why we need you on the project.‘ ‘I'mp 62 MP 2003
Dexter raised a hand to interrupt Joan. ‘How exactly?‘ ‘Violent action. A direct attack.‘ ‘No.‘ The clergyman stared at the stainedp 64 MP 2003
breakdown. I was ready to confront him over the evening's action, and ask why we had destroyed the video store. Ourp 102 MP 2003
know I was there. She told me there was an action planned at the video shop. I guessed you'd be involvedp 103 MP 2003
living room, argued over endless bottles of Bulgarian wine, the action against the National Film Theatre had promised to be littlep 116 MP 2003
one ear, apparently listening to an update on the night's action against the NFT, but he was more interested in thep 129 MP 2003
and a brisk confrontation, we would never rouse ourselves to action. We needed to lose our tempers, push aside the securityp 148 MP 2003
parking is going to be a major problem.‘ ‘But the action as a whole -- what did you think of itp 169 MP 2003
need everyone to help.‘ ‘Right ... I'll join you when the action starts.‘ I tapped the mobile phone in my shirt pocketp 200 MP 2003
Kay, expecting to see her in the forefront of the action, berating the sergeant or dressing down some Junior woman constablep 203 MP 2003
the public's attention. During the past month, inspired by Richard, action groups had attacked a number of ‘absurd‘ targets -- thep 204 MP 2003
lot going on.‘ ‘I know. It's all rather frightening. Direct action isn't really your thing.‘ ‘Is that why you're here --p 219 MP 2003
crews, and the cameras were already transmitting pictures of the action to the breakfast audiences. A Home Office minister was touringp 225 MP 2003
visors over the windscreens, making clear that the Chelsea Marina action differed in no way from the riot-control measures they usedp 226 MP 2003
noticed that a fellow observer was keeping watch on the action. Standing behind the television vans was the familiar figure ofp 227 MP 2003
ground, and was probably in charge of the entire police action. The crowd seemed to sense that the Chelsea Marina protestp 227 MP 2003
that this had forced the police to call off their action. As the bailiffs had battered their way through the frontp 230 MP 2003
the resolve of the Chelsea Marina residents? By confining their action to a single street the police had kept the revolutionp 236 MP 2003
guessed that Henry Kendall had known that a large police action was being mounted, and that he and Sally had visitedp 237 MP 2003
people don't realize it. There's a deep need for meaningless action, the more violent the better. People know their lives arep 249 MP 2003
patted my cheek. ‘Don't worry, we'll talk over the next action.‘ ‘You've chosen the ... target?‘ ‘Not yet. It's going to bep 262 MP 2003
river-borne landing at the marina. Three hours later the police action was over. In a defiant gesture some dozen houses werep 264 MP 2003
were waving on the traffic. Disappointed by the lack of action, the crowd cheered and then booed us when we crossedp 268 MP 2003
voice booming at the empty stands. Clips of muscular football action were crosscut with showroom displays of bathroom suites and microwavep 36 KC 2006
in ice-hockey shirts, began to whistle in disgust. They needed action, without any idea what form this might take. They hadp 123 KC 2006
is leading a delegation to the Home Office, demanding more action. I might join them.‘ ‘Don't.‘ The sergeant took my armp 185 KC 2006
was under control. David Cruise, however, was closer to the action. He climbed from an inspection hatch and wearily doffed hisp 203 KC 2006
sky. Now that the lifts and escalators were out of action, almost no one made the long climb to the seventhp 228 KC 2006
bandaged arms. He had been wounded in the previous night's action, leading his squad of marshals from the front, but hisp 249 KC 2006
had a huge vitality. Without thinking up a plan of action, I decided that this was a field I should enterp 167 ML 2008