of the tenants. Despite their wit and imagination, these complex acrostics, palindromes and civilized obscenities aerosolled across the walls soon turnedp 44 HR 1975
brain tissue of the President. As she touched the white acrylic smears across the trunk Koester swung himself aggressively out ofp 25 UD 1968
body panel and windshield hood, air-brushed in vivid pastel and acrylic colours, seemed to fascinate her. Her good-humoured tolerance of Renatap 111 C 1973
floor. Clasping her hips, I drew her towards me. The acrylic fabric slid like oiled rubber in my hands. I feltp 232 SC 2000
for about an hour; we'd reached that ebb somewhere round Act 3 Scene 3 just after the old farmer learns thatp 12 E 1956
simple handstands on to each other's arms. They finished the act and went into a more involved routine, throwing around ap 21 E 1956
think they have,‘ I said. ‘This is a slightly different act.‘ The pivot man tremored, one of his huge banks ofp 22 E 1956
of his huge banks of muscles collapsed, and the whole act toppled and then sprung apart. ‘They slipped there the lastp 22 E 1956
thing for the third time.‘ It was an entirely new act to me, but I didn't try to argue. I satp 22 E 1956
complaints recently that otherwise I should have been obliged to act upon. Promptly and drastically.‘ As he left the accounts departmentp 205 LW 1960
radio commercials. Soon these too went ultrasonic. In a despairing act of revenge she bought out the radio station which firedp 112 SS 1960
air. At last he accepted that he would have to act swiftly if he was to save Madame Gioconda. Driving hisp 113 SS 1960
hatred of noise, made him feel indirectly responsible for the act of violence Mangon's mother had committed. Also, one artist top 115 SS 1960
the car park he reflected on the freedom this simple act gave him. He would explore the lateral byways now, thep 170 VT 1960
simply its germ cells, with a low field that would act selectively on the silent gene and cause no damage top 178 VT 1960
weak to more than register an automatic protest against this act of vandalism, I pulled myself to my feet, taking thep 219 S5 1961
from the Air Ministry and industry, its job was to act as an intelligence section handling and sorting all incoming informationp 52 WFN 1961
table and smiled sombrely. ‘Or again, maybe it's the deliberate act of an outraged Providence, determined to sweep man and hisp 55 WFN 1961
playing at? This is no time for putting on an act.‘ She leaned against him, smiling wanly. ‘I'm not, Donald,‘ shep 85 WFN 1961
they looked up at this incredible defiance, intervening like some act of God to save them. Suddenly Maitland shouted out intop 185 WFN 1961
for these bi-monthly occasions. Invariably Bridgman found himself forced to act as look-out for the other two. ‘I was out lastp 356 CS 1962
I feel guilty about her. Suicide is a highly suggestive act, I reminded her of Muriel Bortman's death. Damn it, Philipp 293 IO 1962
are now, so that makes the obligation on me to act rationally even greater. Well, every ounce of logic tells mep 296 IO 1962
of lonely, helpless man who might easily, in an unthinking act of despair, try to throw himself off a roof. Yetp 407 M99 1962
finally retaliated and shot him it was, I'm sure, an act of self-defence. Two months after she went east Fay filedp 317 TDS 1962
myself a nightcap at the bar and put the last act of Gotterdammerung on the stereogram, the whole place was reallyp 317 TDS 1962
knew that the sight of it actually sailing off would act as a wonderful catalyst for emotions of fear and panicp 31 DW 1962
First the meaningless theft of the compass, and now this act of gratuitous sabotage. However varied his faults, in the pastp 38 DW 1962
a result, not of irresolution, but of a reluctance to act at all where complete self-awareness was impossible -- his affairp 38 DW 1962
in surprise he continued: ‘Don't you remember the Reclaimed Lands Act and the Dykes Maintenance Regulations? They're still very much inp 154 DW 1962
simultaneously becomes white. Without in any way suggesting that the act of writing is a form of creative self-analysis, I feelp 200 UGM 1963
to seek out the nearest beach and perform a symbolic act of self-exposure as a last gesture of surrender. Uneasily, Pelhamp 430 RE 1963
spikes and clamps. Again a curious premonition of some appalling act of violence stirred through his mind, and he looked upp 430 RE 1963
defend yourself they'll take it over completely! We've got to act now, before we're all paralysed.‘ Wearily Franklin raised one handp 419 SM 1963
their living originals, stored among the dunes as a stupendous act of faith, in the hope that one day the physicalp 462 TT 1963
so long analysing my motives I've no time left to act.‘ ‘Kandinski's Super-Ego must be in difficulties,‘ Ward remarked. ‘You haven'tp 485 VH 1963
in the eyes, that of some well-travelled physician witnessing an act of barbaric beauty and power, all these were exactly echoedp 582 LL 1964
a meaningless charade that he could accept only by an act of faith. A few years later, when he became increasinglyp 563 TP 1964
sufficiently strong to devastate the lands it once irrigated. This act of retribution by the sea had always impressed Ransom byp 32 D 1965
of black smoke, like a curtain drawn over the concluding act of the city, the long plumes rose high into thep 35 D 1965
or unemployed, biding their time until given the word to act. Below the pulpit there were whispered exchanges, and a gunp 37 D 1965
had reached the point where he could accept almost any act of violence that might occur. These sudden displacements of thep 157 D 1965
over his eyes -- in my experience, the only convincing act of time travel in the whole of science fiction. Arrivingp 29 UGM 1966
realized that he had caught the dove in the very act of building a nest. Careful not to waken the womanp 707 SBD 1966
the people were aware of their own complicity in whatever act of lese-majeste Father Balthus was now punishing. The priest ignoredp 35 CW 1966
shadows of the equinox. At these moments of balance any act was possible. As they reached his door Louise drew herp 38 CW 1966
he had deliberately let the wound fester, as if this act of self-mutilation might symbolize the amputation of the limb. Howeverp 696 TIM 1966
the dimensions and angles of the apartment. Later, the sexual act between them was a dual communion between themselves and thep 40 YCM 1966
on Good Friday, 197 --, first assumed to be the act of some criminal psychopath, later led to inquiries of ap 81 YMC 1966
erotica. What new junction would he find in the sex act? A Diagram of Bones. Talbert stopped at the entrance top 51 GAN 1967
balcony unit of the Hilton Hotel. Amatory elements: nil. The act of love became a vector in an applied geometry. Shep 52 GAN 1967
of Miss Taylor into a private dimension. The most tender act of love will take place in this bridal suite, thep 53 GAN 1967
parallax would close, establishing the equivalent geometry of the sexual act with the junctions of this wall and ceiling. ‘Not inp 53 GAN 1967
Now that sex is becoming more and more a conceptual act, an intellectualization divorced from affect and physiology alike, one hasp 54 GAN 1967
then buttoned his flying jacket around her shoulders. The Primary Act. As they entered the cinema, Dr Nathan confided to Captainp 56 GAN 1967
one another. What Talbert is searching for is the primary act of intercourse, the first apposition of the dimensions of timep 56 GAN 1967
with a rear exhaust assembly. It is believed that the act was conscious. Consultations with manufacturers have led to modifications ofp 90 PAJ 1967
and several cans of film that recorded her collision and act of death (these, if still intact, would fetch the highestp 765 DA 1968
an obscene position as if taking part in some grotesque act of intercourse -- Christ crucified on the sodomized body ofp 26 UD 1968
all is well, and the extended description of the sex act becomes a kind of seduction of the reader, presented withp 256 UGM 1969
He stared at the transverse scar above her navel. What act between them would provide a point of junction? A Krafft-Ebingp 61 SCN 1969
the angle between two walls? Sex is now a conceptual act, it's probably only in terms of the perversions that wep 61 SCN 1969
the flame-like scars on his knuckles, residues of an appalling act of violence. This former day-patient, Vaughan, he had often seenp 68 THF 1969
remains our continuing preoccupation. As you and I know, the act of intercourse is now always a model for something elsep 77 THF 1969
than we expect. COITUS 80: A DESCRIPTION OF THE SEXUAL ACT IN 1980 During their evenings together in the apartment Thep 16 C80 1970
on to a driver's crotch as if in some calibrated act of machine fellatio. The intimate time and space of ap 12 C 1973
into the bloody crotch of my armpit, even this bizarre act would have been acceptable in terms of the stylization ofp 23 C 1973
weakened bladder biting at a worn urethra, during each sex act with her prostatic husband she would think of the fewp 27 C 1973
one's own skin for a few hours after a sexual act. On the fourth day, for no evident reason, the anaestheticsp 28 C 1973
affairs within almost a few hours of her first sex act simply by glancing over any new physical or mental furniturep 31 C 1973
first chit-chat at an airline cocktail party to the sexual act itself. The climax of these games was the name ofp 31 C 1973
to her as in the physical pleasures of the sex act itself. Nonetheless, these pursuits had begun to make all ourp 34 C 1973
to mine as it would have been in a sexual act. I held her arm above the elbow, my wrist pressingp 42 C 1973
tissue around his forehead and mouth, residues of some terrifying act of violence. I guessed that he was one of thosep 43 C 1973
triangle of Catherine's pubis reminded me that the first sexual act within the car had yet to take place. At thep 67 C 1973
a formal apology for her husband's death and the appalling act of violence which had involved us. At the same timep 71 C 1973
well aware of this. By a terrifying paradox, a sexual act between us would be a way of taking her revengep 72 C 1973
of the man, or woman, with whom her next sex act would take place? I felt my penis stirring as thep 73 C 1973
of human bodies interacting in unfamiliar junctions, like the first act of homosexual intercourse inside an Apollo capsule. The volumes ofp 80 C 1973
compartment enclosed us like a machine generating from our sexual act an homunculus of blood, semen and engine coolant. My fingerp 81 C 1973
any other uses to which she could put our sexual act. Lit by the afternoon sun, the fading scar on herp 82 C 1973
trying to allay my concern for her. In each sexual act together we recapitulated her husband's death, re-seeding the image ofp 83 C 1973
at Vaughan's long thighs and hard buttocks. However carnal an act of sodomy with Vaughan would have seemed, the erotic dimensionp 102 C 1973
erotic dimension was absent. Yet this absence made a sexual act with Vaughan entirely possible. The placing of my penis inp 102 C 1973
waited for me to speak. I knew that he would act on any evasion. Thinking of Seagrave's grim concussion-fantasy -- thep 103 C 1973
once that she would never be satisfied until every conceivable act of copulation in the world had at last taken placep 107 C 1973
cars speeding past us. The complex of an immensely perverse act waited upon her like a coronation. Almost mesmerized by thisp 113 C 1973
it seemed to me that I was describing a sex act involving someone other than myself. Vaughan excited some latent homosexualp 117 C 1973
first times that she had envisaged me in a homosexual act, and the intensity of the fantasy surprised me. She shudderedp 118 C 1973
man within her mind. The day after her first sexual act with me, she had taken another lover, the junior pathologistp 119 C 1973
mediated an element which alone made sense of the sexual act. In some way, I assumed, the car re-created its rolep 120 C 1973
mean it seriously. Already he was calmer, as if this act of violence had drained some of the tensions from hisp 129 C 1973
I knew that they defined the logic of a sexual act between Vaughan and myself. His long thighs, hard hips andp 137 C 1973
technology of the car-crash provided the sanction for any perverse act. For the first time, a benevolent psychopathology beckoned towards usp 138 C 1973
of these two materials before taking part in a sexual act involving both the car and this young woman. He layp 100 C 1973
in the speedometer, the clock and revolution counter, the sexual act between Vaughan and this young woman took place in thep 143 C 1973
shoulder. I realized that I could almost control the sexual act behind me by the way in which I drove thep 144 C 1973
scar in turn against her mouth. I felt that this act was a ritual devoid of ordinary sexuality, a stylized encounterp 161 C 1973
sliding her fingers towards his anus as if performing an act divorced from all feeling. She touched his chest and shouldersp 161 C 1973
handholds which his crashes had designed specifically for this sexual act. A voice shouted. Cigarette in hand, one of the attendantsp 161 C 1973
and care for them, helping them into their next sexual act, steering her nipples into Vaughan's mouth, guiding his penis intop 162 C 1973
to the roofline of the car, celebrating in this sexual act the marriage of their bodies with this benign technology. Ip 162 C 1973
marking out the erotic focus of a crash or sex act, celebrating the marriage of his own genitalia and the skull-shatteredp 169 C 1973
With each of these women Vaughan explored a different sex act, inserting his penis in vagina, anus and mouth almost inp 171 C 1973
positions in his mind for future use, the maximum sex act within the automobile. The clear equation he had made betweenp 172 C 1973
with Elizabeth Taylor. Did he visualize himself in a sexual act with her, dying together in some complex car-crash? During thep 172 C 1973
assembling in disjointed form the elements of a conceptual sexual act involving the actress and the route she would take fromp 172 C 1973
for a terrifying drama unfolding in his mind, the sex act he saw as the climax of his own death-collision. Duringp 172 C 1973
for her -- implicitly, I guessed, for her first sexual act. Twenty minutes later, as I embraced her, the scent ofp 176 C 1973
woman found that the nominal junction points of the sexual act -- breast and penis, anus and vulva, nipple and clitorisp 178 C 1973
Helen Remington's husband, marked in a sexual notation by an act of oral copulation with a seventeen-year-old schoolgirl; the off-side fenderp 182 C 1973
I made love to Catherine, I saw myself in an act of sodomy with Vaughan, as if only this act couldp 194 C 1973
an act of sodomy with Vaughan, as if only this act could solve the codes of a deviant technology. Vaughan waitedp 194 C 1973
The other cars passing us were present through an enormous act of courtesy on his part. At the same time, Ip 196 C 1973
tacky texture of his anus. By some paradox, this sex act between us had been devoid of all sexuality. All thatp 212 C 1973
detail after another about some small amorous encounter, a brief act of intercourse. I visualized Vaughan waiting for her at quietp 214 C 1973
difficult step across a tilting flagstone. In some way, this act of concentration proved that he could dominate the island. Fromp 45 CI 1974
his neck to his shoulder, the residue of some appalling act of violence. After preparing himself, an elaborate ritual of puffingp 68 CI 1974
in the crudest way he could. But even this brutal act had given him a certain pleasure. He had relished thep 98 CI 1974
seemed to be a Masonic grip. ‘Suicide is ... a suggestive act, it runs in families, you know. When someone in yourp 99 CI 1974
tried to remember every pressure and movement of this sexual act, the orgasm that bolted through every over-stressed nerve in hisp 100 CI 1974
own mind. Yet, at the end of their brief sexual act, Jane Sheppard reached under the pillow and drew out thep 101 CI 1974
his power over the tramp depended as much on the act of giving as on the evening bottles of wine. Perhapsp 105 CI 1974
they would dispense with the present itself and retain the act alone, devise an artificial currency of gesture and attitude. Maitlandp 105 CI 1974
convinced him that the dog's drowning had been a provocative act, intended to invite further retaliation in its turn. The presencep 23 HR 1975
same time was aware that at any moment a meaningless act of violence might occur. ‘Dr Laing ... Ladies, would you releasep 26 HR 1975
relationship would end rather than begin with this first sexual act. In a real sense this would separate them from eachp 38 HR 1975
was about to argue with them, warning that a childish act of this kind would be counter-productive. Until they were organizedp 58 HR 1975
at him. Around Wilder the dumb-bell troupe was beginning its act. The first clubs whirled in the torch-light. Without any warningp 67 HR 1975
face was expressionless. Royal felt a modest pride in this act, which rekindled a primitive territorial reflex. The marking of thisp 86 HR 1975
at the kitchen table, lighting a cigarette. During the sexual act that followed she watched them without speaking, as if shep 94 HR 1975
rumour that a 40th-floor apartment had been vandalized. Such an act of provocation guaranteed them all a hot night. This wasp 106 HR 1975
but none the less frightened gasps. During their clumsy sexual act on the mattress in the child's bedroom he left thep 130 HR 1975
same time he felt that he was watching the opening act of a stylized opera or ballet, in which a restaurantp 141 HR 1975
negatives scattered about the corridor floor, each recording a long-forgotten act of violence. As he paused, wary of attracting the attentionp 150 HR 1975
lie together on the bed, taking part in a sexual act so relaxed that this camera should film them in slowp 861 60Z 1976
ears and lips had been modelled -- almost by an act of sexual love -- together these represented a tour dep 866 S 1976
story, whoever may tell it, represents a constructive and positive act by the imagination rather than a negative one, an attemptp 208 UGM 1977
we will frequently find ourselves assigned roles which we will act out with no rehearsal time and only the scantiest ideap 226 UGM 1977
-- for I would not have dared to commit this act by daylight -- I returned to the truck and beganp 936 DT 1977
XIV, 501 M Malraux, Andre, 239, 345, 399, 476 Mann Act, HRH charged under, 345 McCall's (magazine) 201, 234, 329, 333p 943 I 1977
as when she stripped in front of me. This provocative act, presumably intended to jolt some incestuous fantasy buried in herp 952 ICU 1977
the solarium. Perhaps he was an exhausted fugitive from some act of mis-justice, a wrongly incarcerated mental patient. For the restp 995 MA 1978
it came in the next few minutes would be an act of intercourse, which would at last provide the key hep 999 MA 1978
the naked couple were reaching the climax of their sex act. The bored audience hushed behind them, and he was awarep 985 Z2 1978
By the time the television transmission of this exhausting sex act had reached the nearest stars any curious observers there wouldp 987 Z2 1978
lips, wondering if the priest had revived me by this act of oral rape. Someone with powerful arms had crushed thep 25 UDC 1979
there were four of us present, locked in a sexual act that transcended our species -- she and I, the greatp 64 UDC 1979
pen them there while I performed some kind of obscene act in the aisle -- press the blood from my handsp 71 UDC 1979
the pages of the discarded hymn books. Unimpressed by this act of self-vandalism, he calmly replaced the straw hat on hisp 77 UDC 1979
some way had grasped the secret logic of this perverse act. ‘Come in here ...‘ Trying to avoid Father Wingate, I pulledp 109 UDC 1979
this flight with her young husband, but in her first act of sexual love with him. The last of the birdsp 150 UDC 1979
the parked cars. They watched me, waiting for the last act that was about to follow, uncertain whether I would leavep 210 UDC 1979
in fact her own father. Had some kind of incestuous act involved the widowed industrialist and his adolescent daughter, herself anp 1008 HFF 1980
cavorting with centaurs, unmistakably Gaston Brossard's master-bedroom, perhaps where the act of incest had taken place. Flames lifted from the fireplacep 1008 HFF 1980
abstract elements of a private dream waiting for him to act out anything he wished. He had gained control there, ofp 119 HA 1981
the United States. Las Vegas burned now as the last act of a Presidential reign which the first Manson had dreamedp 201 HA 1981
old as if he had aged himself by a fierce act of will. Wayne guessed that the young Mexican had madep 217 HA 1981
day push apart the sutures, burst out in some ugly act of revenge ... ‘Dr Franklin! Listen!‘ Franklin felt Ursula's hands onp 1015 NFS 1981
brute-force ejection of themselves from their planet had been an act of evolutionary piracy, for which they were now being expelledp 1020 NFS 1981
hills wavered and shimmered, excited echoes of that single sexual act, mimicking every caress. Already the moisture in his body wasp 1029 NFS 1981
to the meadows of the valley. Time, in a brief act of kindness, flowed back into Franklin. He lay in ap 1031 NFS 1981
friend who had long since come to terms with an act of treachery. He had grown his beard, as if top 1071 MNF 1982
to Mr Maxted why he had left the wolf-cubs, an act of rebellion he had decided upon simply to test itsp 26 ES 1984
and ran into the crowd, nervous that even this small act would set off a train of retribution. Bodies of Chinesep 76 ES 1984
The thought of seeing his mother made him smile, an act which strained the muscles of his face. She would havep 138 ES 1984
the open perspectives of the world outside the camp. The act of walking without challenge through the gates had been anp 242 ES 1984
had been a sentimental but pointless gesture, his first adult act. He might have bartered his possessions and obtained a littlep 259 ES 1984
US Navy might be less than convinced by his pro-American act. He glanced warily at the sky. ‘Atomic bombs ... too badp 275 ES 1984
a situation which in many ways I shared. Even the act of convincing himself that he was a former astronaut onlyp 1110 MWM 1985
sharpness. Stealing the ferry had been a stupid and dangerous act. I knew that Kagwa would try to kill me, trackingp 112 DC 1987
helm would in some way shelter us from any further act of treachery by the river. After our escape from Captainp 139 DC 1987
My friends and family had seen this as a self-destructive act, a wilful refusal to accept the possibilities that my ownp 143 DC 1987
people of this doomed province by scarcely less than an act of God, with a little help from an erratic countryp 158 DC 1987
prattle assumed that television's flattering revision of nature was an act of creation as significant as the original invention of thisp 159 DC 1987
between us, and denied the unspoken agreement that we would act out our duel within the river alone. ‘Dr Mallory!‘ Mrp 163 DC 1987
for the Mallory, but this small deceit was a last act of deference to those human and professional debts which Ip 183 DC 1987
anything for him, because I had ceased to think and act as a physician. During the voyage of the Salammbo wep 199 DC 1987
water was now stationary, the river waiting for me to act. The turning of some kind of inner tide was aboutp 208 DC 1987
iron looted from the airbase. This sense that a huge act of theft had taken place, that an illicit prize wasp 222 DC 1987
of the ferry and took Sanger's wrist, my first conscious act as a physician since leaving Port-la-Nouvelle. ‘I'll dress that forp 261 DC 1987
contact with foreign governments. The possibility exists of an elaborate act of revenge for unpaid debts or "consultancy fees." Comment: exhaustivep 20 RW 1988
Massacre was a desperate rebellion, from the children's viewpoint, an act of mass tyrannicide. Each one had to take responsibility forp 44 RW 1988
someone who loves and cares for you, Sergeant. The murder act has to take place so quickly that you haven't timep 45 RW 1988
them again." "Oh, we'll hear from them again, Sergeant. One act of tyrannicide leads to another, especially with this emotional chargep 46 RW 1988
have known that they had only a few days to act before they were enrolled into the documentary. Intensely proud ofp 65 RW 1988
Rico, and the President has invoked the Emergency War Powers Act. After the break we'll have more expert analysis of Mrp 1121 WW3 1988
cathedrals would become subsidiaries of the Disney Company. Forced to act, the Strasbourg Assembly dispatched a number of task forces top 1142 LTP 1989
the convincing pose of a law-abiding suburbanite, interrupted in that act of lay worship, do-it-yourself. ‘We've had reports of a break-inp 1133 TES 1989
Even the child she had conceived after their one brief act of lover over so quickly that he was scarcely surep 1169 DCG 1990
make-up, exploiting the imaginative possibilities that sex provides. Any sex act can become a nerve-wracking psychodrama in which one is recruitedp 54 GANa 1990
new friends eager to help in its spending. The sex act is emotionally the richest and the most imaginatively charged eventp 63 SCNa 1990
procedures for a 747 than to recount in detail an act of love. Experiments often test the experimenter more than thep 63 SCNa 1990
to run him down with my car, if such an act can be playful). He had derided my observation that cruelp 21 UDa 1990
would-be suicide and Kurosawa's motives. Suicide may well be an act perfected by the Japanese, but it is hard to imaginep 25 UGM 1991
straight in the eye and never flinched. Is it an act? Or, at least, a desperate stratagem that the young Vonnegutp 116 UGM 1991
for a novel, an ‘Interzone‘ or limbo where anyone could act out his most extreme fantasies. Even before the book wasp 133 UGM 1991
brogues, but I had been too proud to accept, an act of foolishness I regretted, since my rubber sneakers were nowp 38 KW 1991
neck and abdomen, she seemed to undress in a last act of self-revelation, unpacking herself of all the mortal elements inp 83 KW 1991
I could happily have dissected her. I imagined a strange act of love performed by an obsessed surgeon on a livingp 92 KW 1991
exposing her genitalia and gasping with pain, unconsciously mimicked the act of rape and diminished the wife in her husband's eyesp 133 KW 1991
stylisation of sex that most appealed to him, not the act itself. The atrocity exhibition was more stirring than the atrocityp 176 KW 1991
weekend, would merely be the ultimate happening, the audience-storming last act in the theatre of cruelty. Sally, at least, still keptp 182 KW 1991
which they somehow swapped their clothes during an intense sex act. As he sucked at her right breast Sally kissed hisp 196 KW 1991
actress?‘ I asked. ‘Have you made any films?‘ ‘Yes. I act in films. With Fortunata.‘ She spoke matter-of-factly. I assumed thatp 243 KW 1991
lens we were reflected had helped to shape our sex act. As she smoothed her eyebrows Carmen was measuring her profilep 250 KW 1991
asked. ‘She's trying to get into Pereira's films.‘ ‘Can't she act? What's the problem?‘ ‘No, she's stupid, but she can actp 253 KW 1991
act? What's the problem?‘ ‘No, she's stupid, but she can act -- that's the problem. His films need obvious amateurs. Theyp 254 KW 1991
a manslaughter charge. Under a section of the Mental Health Act he had been sent, first, to the special custody unitp 263 KW 1991
so glad. We must have been very, very sane to act so crazily and get away with it.‘ ‘Not everyone didp 290 KW 1991
I lay deep within her, I was certain that this act of sex would endure far beyond these summer hours. Timep 322 KW 1991
always behave as if Shepperton only exists thanks to an act of will on your part.‘ Laughing, I embraced her, almostp 324 KW 1991
seeing its masterly recreation of Shanghai had been the last act in a profound catharsis that had taken decades to drawp 345 KW 1991
old man in top hat and tails began a mime act. He went through a series of make-believe conjuring tricks thatp 33 NAR 1991
the gene pool agrees, seeing to it that the sexual act takes place for more enduring and socially valuable reasons thanp 157 UGM 1992
comfortable, Eartha Kitt says ‘Scared‘ and then performs her untamed-tigress act, taking the whip from Dr Clare and sitting him firmlyp 272 UGM 1992
have disappeared. If they have been physically annihilated in an act of planetary hygiene there is no trace of the billionsp 1186 ROP 1992
screens, a virtual replica of reality in which they could act out their most deviant fantasies. These three-dimensional simulations were generatedp 1186 ROP 1992
giving birth to the stars and the planets in an act of generous play. Dreams of virtual reality dismantle our mostp 193 UGM 1993
French psychologist Pierre Janet elaborated the concept of the unconscious act, describing a submerged mental world that operated independently of normalp 153 UGM 1994
he could breathe without pain. But suicide was a suggestive act, as a tactless counsellor at the hospital had told Mrsp 28 RP 1994
French intelligence agents in Honolulu to carry out the same act of sabotage that had sunk the Rainbow Warrior, and sop 54 RP 1994
by the night's destruction. After complimenting Neil on his heroic act he assured Kimo that the French naval forces were lessp 114 RP 1994
there's a time to do nothing and a time to act!‘ Pistol in hand, Carline paced around the still smoking embersp 126 RP 1994
too passive.‘ ‘Have we?‘ Dr Barbara seemed unconcerned by this act of vandalism. She waved the smoke into her face, savouringp 126 RP 1994
the plant lab? They destroyed my airport! We have to act!‘ ‘All right. We'll send Neil down there. He knows themp 126 RP 1994
portions of her anatomy and taking him through their sex act as if demonstrating a complex piece of cabin equipment top 183 RP 1994
lingering trace of Neil's scent. The briskness of the sexual act between them had startled Neil. Still breathless, he touched thep 191 RP 1994
he knew that his return to the weather-station was an act of faith in Dr Barbara -- part of him stillp 225 RP 1994
dropping of the Hiroshima and Nagasaki bombs was an immoral act, even possibly a war crime to rank with Nazi genocidep 293 UGM 1995
convinced that he had caught a lecherous tourist in the act of visually molesting the wife of his commanding officer. Hep 13 CN 1996
their house. Two weeks ago -- it was clearly an act of premeditation. The magistrates and police have no doubt.‘ ‘Wellp 20 CN 1996
in his grudge against the world, to be able to act decisively. By nine-thirty Paula had not arrived, and I assumedp 142 CN 1996
end in question marks. The fire was too definite an act, it stops all further discussion of anything. I knew Frankp 178 CN 1996
can rouse people, threaten them directly and force them to act together.‘ ‘Crime?‘ ‘Crime, and transgressive behaviour -- by which Ip 180 CN 1996
view. Crawford's failure might well provoke him into a desperate act that would expose his complicity in the Hollinger killings. Onep 239 CN 1996
murmured. ‘She's your star, Charles.‘ ‘Are you sure? Can she act?‘ ‘I hope not. We need a special kind of ... presencep 269 CN 1996
I often felt that I was the intermediary in an act of incest. I pushed away the mobile phone, then raisedp 285 CN 1996
seen them open the Range Rover's door for him, an act of deference that he accepted as his due. Curious aboutp 59 SC 2000
guards and gendarmes. He had murdered the hostages in an act of despair, and then sat down against the pumphouse, readyp 63 SC 2000
Penrose was using me to explore the Greenwood murders, to act as his proxy in an investigation he declined to sharep 98 SC 2000
latest batch of proofs sent to me by Charles, an act of charity that allowed me to maintain the illusion ofp 174 SC 2000
alert?‘ ‘Vadim's death looked like suicide. We had orders to act normally and hush everything up. Captain Kellerman came over. Hep 189 SC 2000
testing me to see if I could be trained to act impulsively? Already I sensed that I was being auditioned forp 211 SC 2000
been the main hunting ground of psychopathy. A perverse sexual act can liberate the visionary self in even the dullest soulp 265 SC 2000
up of senior managers at Elf-Maritime, carried out a spectacular act of piracy in the Golfe-Juan marina, seizing a motor yachtp 279 SC 2000
whole balloon will burst and the police will have to act. I hate the racism and violence, but the ratissages arep 282 SC 2000
tourists. He's given himself a starring role in the last act.‘ ‘That I heard. He's very ambitious -- he wants myp 293 SC 2000
on the doorknob, uneager to catch Simone Delage in the act of clipping her toenails. ‘Jane ...?‘ She was sitting on thep 300 SC 2000
broadcast a complete expose and force the Interior Minister to act.‘ ‘So you knew about the killings in advance?‘ ‘No.‘ Francesp 334 SC 2000
a new kind of messiah, and our role is to act out his fantasies for him. Zander was right about Wilderp 352 SC 2000
evening, in an immigrant neighbourhood, the residents would at last act together, corner a therapy class of senior executives and holdp 360 SC 2000
after dark at Eden-Olympia. Sooner or later, the authorities will act.‘ ‘Of course they will. It's a gamble we had top 364 SC 2000
her. What's she playing at? It looks like a stage act.‘ ‘I don't think it is ...‘ ‘No?‘ I stepped on ap 381 SC 2000
the stockpiling of weapons ...‘ ‘I decided it was time to act. We've heard many stories -- violent attacks in La Boccap 389 SC 2000
it's not right, Mr Sinclair.‘ ‘That's why I'm going to act.‘ ‘By yourself? Is that wise? I can come with youp 389 SC 2000
exploded, a thousand terrified creatures had joined in a collective act of panic, and the exhibition hall was filled with thep 42 MP 2003
she's an interesting lover.‘ ‘Then I'll miss a treat. One act of betrayal is enough for an evening.‘ ‘Good for youp 102 MP 2003
arrest me and had invited Henry, a close colleague, to act as the prisoner's friend. The suitcase would carry the fewp 111 MP 2003
a risk? Anyone can see me.‘ ‘You're a security guard. Act like one.‘ She pulled the ski mask from my headp 118 MP 2003
The deaths were tragic, but otherwise it was a meaningless act. And that was its point. Like the attack on thep 140 MP 2003
created the entire protest movement at Chelsea Marina as an act of defiance against the medical establishment. At the same timep 140 MP 2003
up and seizes the undertaker by the wrists. A pointless act has a special meaning of its own. Calmly carried outp 176 MP 2003
own. Calmly carried out, untouched by any emotions, a meaningless act is an empty space larger than the universe around itp 176 MP 2003
conceivably, more meaningful. As Richard Gould had said, an inexplicable act of violence had a fierce authenticity that no reasoned behaviourp 182 MP 2003
Directed at what?‘ ‘It doesn't matter. In fact, the ideal act of violence isn't directed at anything.‘ ‘Pure nihilism?‘ ‘The exactp 194 MP 2003
need to hand out the leaflets. But a truly pointless act of violence, shooting at random into a crowd, grips ourp 194 MP 2003
That someone as straight and stuffy as her husband could act out of character helped to explain the cruel and meaninglessp 196 MP 2003
watch any more. Buying an olive ciabatta is a political act. We need everyone to help.‘ ‘Right ... I'll join you whenp 200 MP 2003
and inexplicable, but maybe that was the point. A motiveless act stops the universe in its tracks. If I'd set outp 255 MP 2003
Kick those props away and we see that the meaningless act is the only one that has any meaning. It tookp 255 MP 2003
fabrication? Desperate for violence, had he seized on a terrorist act committed by some unknown group and claimed it as hisp 257 MP 2003
that the revolt in many ways was a meaningless terrorist act, like the fire at the NFT. Only by cutting shortp 292 MP 2003
shore while it's still drowsy. Now is the time to act, Richard.‘ ‘Right.‘ I finished the last of my whisky, tryingp 106 KC 2006
in the garage would strike the police as a likely act of revenge. The forensics officer had turned to watch mep 116 KC 2006
night passage had exhausted her. Restless dreams followed a fierce act of love. She had seized me as if I werep 136 KC 2006
Sex with me was part atonement and part restitution, an act of penance. I sat on the bed, stroking the cloudp 136 KC 2006
You were very good.‘ ‘No, I was still trying to act. A big mistake in this business. You have to bep 140 KC 2006
roles. The kind of roles where you don't need to act.‘ ‘That's it. I remember, last year you won an industryp 140 KC 2006
No. I play a role. I'm still an actor, I act being a sports commentator. Do I know anything about sportsp 144 KC 2006
in my father's bed. Sex with me had been an act of penance, expiating some unadmitted guilt. Whenever we met shep 159 KC 2006
hive to a destination it had already chosen. His chat-show act, based on scripts I tailored around him, might be ap 177 KC 2006
closed except one. Buying a washing machine is a political act -- the only real kind of politics left today.‘ Wep 209 KC 2006
and in the mysterious logic of the affections this single act erased her guilt over the part she had played inp 277 KC 2006
sure.‘ ‘Something very dangerous was happening here. You needed to act.‘ ‘But the wrong people got hurt, as they usually dop 278 KC 2006
as a boy I was easily satisfied by a small act of kindness, a notional bowl of soup that I probablyp 16 ML 2008
or seven amahs. According to my mother, this was an act of charity on the Kendall-Wards‘ part -- these middle-aged spinstersp 22 ML 2008
had taken place because the Germans involved had enjoyed the act of mass murder, just as the Japanese had enjoyed tormentingp 137 ML 2008
as much with the sane as the insane. My last act at The Leys, in the week before I left, tookp 137 ML 2008
dissection to the next generation of medical students. This selfless act was a remarkable tribute to the spirit of these deadp 143 ML 2008
times appeared to be a dizzy brunette, something of an act, as she was quick-witted. All my men-friends liked her enormouslyp 174 ML 2008