the slab, then gave up and backed away from the acrid dust. He was trapped neatly, like a rat in ap 88 WFN 1961
the air was stale and motionless, still stained by the acrid fumes of the cordite. Along the wall behind him thep 135 WFN 1961
carried to them by a small ventilator, was damp and acrid, often mixed with the fumes of diesel engines, constantly varyingp 172 WFN 1961
revulsion on her tense face, physically repelled by the sharp acrid smells of the exposed water-weeds and algae, the damp barnacledp 119 DW 1962
over the throne. Kerans swayed forward helplessly as the sweet, acrid weeds cascaded around his head and shoulders, the lights ofp 134 DW 1962
me, cutting off all sight of the sea. The sweetly acrid odour I had noticed before was now more pungent, andp 645 DG 1964
with the burning blanket. He choked on a billow of acrid smoke and sat down, lifted himself up again and wavedp 77 CI 1974
his morning coffee, Pangborn had at first ignored its faintly acrid flavour, presumably some new spice or preservative. But after ap 996 MA 1978
great raptor. A coarse plumage encased me, reeking with an acrid odour that was not the scent of a mammal. Ip 56 UDC 1979
coarse beauty of the air hung about my body, the acrid odour of sea-birds feeding on still-living flesh. I was surprisedp 61 UDC 1979
my chest, but I knew that she could smell my acrid odour, the tang of condor's sebum which the strong sunlightp 64 UDC 1979
my nostrils caught beneath the heavy scent of cologne the acrid but familiar odour that still clung to their freshly bathedp 70 UDC 1979
above the heads of these church-going people. Attracted by their acrid scent, duped into recognizing the townsfolk as members of theirp 70 UDC 1979
clutched his camera like a mendicant clasping his begging-bowl. An acrid smoke hung in the corridor, seeping through the wooden bulkheadp 254 DC 1987
into the open deck behind the wheel-house, he inhaled the acrid chemical air of the lagoon. At least it masked thep 1162 DCG 1990
surface of the sea and sent up a cloud of acrid vapour that left Johnson and the Mexican crewmen coughing throughp 1163 DCG 1990
and any suspicious moles. The weeks at sea, inhaling the acrid fumes, had left him with raw lungs and throat, andp 1167 DCG 1990
night a wild music drummed through the trees, and an acrid smoke rose from the palm logs drenched in gasoline fromp 110 RP 1994
kicking the coral surface of the runway into clouds of acrid dust. ‘Neil, we leave you now.‘ Upset by the violencep 151 RP 1994
plant hell where deranged orchids grappled for the light. The acrid stench seemed to come from his own head, as ifp 214 RP 1994
children. The mist coiled into the cave, a cloud of acrid dust tinged with fuel oil. Neil roused himself and steppedp 228 RP 1994
oil. But the yeasty stench of sodden carpets and the acrid odour of charred fabrics filled the room. Pools of waterp 105 CN 1996
I raised the fragments to my nose, and caught the acrid tang of animal remains. Already I assumed that I couldp 207 SC 2000
the house. In the narrow hallway I could smell the acrid smoke on my clothes. ‘Fiendish stuff,‘ I commented. ‘The kindp 100 MP 2003
cloud of chemical vapour was rising from the stage, an acrid fog that rolled across the empty seats like a wraithp 121 MP 2003
across the curved panes. I began to cough, tasting the acrid vapour that had churned outside the manager's office. I retchedp 124 MP 2003
alarm Kerans reached the balcony. Hardman swung himself like an acrobat down the drain-pipe to the parapet below. Riggs and Macreadyp 63 DW 1962
Xero!‘ she heard him shout. With the agility of an acrobat he vaulted over the bonnet of the car, then setp 35 AW 1966
spread a large hand over his chest. ‘Petit Manuel -- acrobat and weight-lifter. Nolan!‘ he bellowed. ‘Look at this!‘ His companionp 745 CSC 1967
detached gaze, looking her body up and down like an acrobat calculating the traverses and impacts of a gymnastic feat involvingp 140 C 1973
a ragged leotard, the faded costume of some pre-war circus acrobat. Maitland leaned against the curving wall, deciding that he wouldp 55 CI 1974
saw that he moved with the marred grace of an acrobat or punch-drunk sparring partner who had gone down the hardp 0063 CI 1974
his fever of her strong body touching his own. The acrobat The next morning Jane Sheppard had gone. When Maitland wokep 66 CI 1974
a static visual field. Watching him, Maitland visualized the half-blind acrobat, irises occluded by gathering cataracts, no longer able to seep 90 CI 1974
What do you want me to start with -- circus, acrobat?‘ Proctor's lips moved noiselessly. Shyly, he stuttered, ‘P ... P ... Proct-orp 108 CI 1974
in an attempt to frighten Proctor away. But the old acrobat had already leapt into the air. He caught the loosep 122 CI 1974
in the stern of the steel shell, like a fatigued acrobat, wearily testing the maze of channels. At times she seemedp 279 DC 1987
up the steps, bounding on his powerful legs like an acrobat on a trampoline, an arm raised to greet me. Hep 233 CN 1996
himself against the air, it was clear that this next acrobatic turn represented his real test. Proctor concentrated all his energiesp 68 CI 1974
anaerobics. Some kind of dynamic meditation, he called it, all acrobatic contortions. I tried to get him to see a physiotherapistp 1097 OOA 1984
A pity -- in his way he was good at acrobatics. What about food? I could bring some back for youp 124 CI 1974
row as if about to observe a display of midnight acrobatics. Jim was glad when Mrs Pearce returned to the cabinp 258 ES 1984
from the screen flicker across her face. ‘That team of acrobats. The something Brothers. One of them even slipped. How dop 21 E 1956
head round and looked at the screen. Three or four acrobats with huge v-torsos and skin briefs were doing simple handstandsp 21 E 1956
below her feet, the luminous waves leapt and vaulted like acrobats. Mason ran along the pavement, losing sight of her asp 476 NWS 1963
was full of running men, vaulting across the cars like acrobats. A large net lay over the pavement. As he approachedp 57 D 1965
if Shanghai had become a city of clowns. Beggars and Acrobats Pierrot and pirate, his parents sat silently as they setp 21 ES 1984
amahs sat on the terrace, watching a troupe of Cantonese acrobats climb their comical ladders and pretend to disappear into thep 26 ES 1984
din, I would follow Yang as he slipped through the acrobats and Chinese actors striking their gongs. Medicine hawkers lanced thep 19 KW 1991
and the Great World Amusement Park with its jugglers and acrobats and sing-song girls. All of them seemed as remote asp 39 KW 1991
of the huge vehicle by a team of topless women acrobats. When the dome was removed the Zeus IV sat underp 1182 MFM 1992
spears of foam leapt through the dark air like berserk acrobats. The vacant house we were visiting was virtually a smallp 213 SC 2000
Mathematics, architecture and the state as political philosophy. Was the Acropolis crawling with pimps and pickpockets?‘ ‘No, but the Greeks hadp 261 CN 1996
independence." "They've got kicked out, though," Michael interjected, leaning back across the seat to tickle his daughter in the ribs. "Notp 9 VN 1951
Martin said, looking at his watch. He turned and stretched across the seat. "Susan," he called to the little girl sittingp 9 VN 1951
tightly. The Chinese darted out of the jungle and ran across the road. They picked up the wounded bandit sitting quietlyp 9 VN 1951
seats like a lot of madmen. The compere led her across the stage to another sports car. ‘She'll have a stablep 14 E 1956
antique clocks. I pulled myself out of it and glanced across at Helen. She was sitting quietly with her needle basketp 16 E 1956
long close look at myself in the mirror. A crack across it dropped one side of my face three inches belowp 16 E 1956
I asked. I watched the light from the screen flicker across her face. ‘That team of acrobats. The something Brothers. Onep 21 E 1956
Over there.‘ I looked up and down the street, and across the face of the apartment house opposite. ‘Careful,‘ he warnedp 1 PB 1956
the apartment block. Reclaiming some of the tanks, I'd come across the Arachnid, thriving on a diet of algae and perishedp 3 PB 1956
purple leaves hanging from the scarlet-ribbed vibrocalyx. I followed her across the floor and switched on the Arachnid's audio so thatp 4 PB 1956
gave the orchid a last backward glance and strolled away across the floor to the long Tchaikovsky section popular with thep 5 PB 1956
surveying the chaos of gas cylinders and drip feeds spread across the floor. ‘I don't think they like you,‘ I toldp 7 PB 1956
the rose-sick air. When the wind began to blow cool across the sand we'd slip down into the water, bathe ourselvesp 9 PB 1956
sing honeybirds and angelcakes to the children who came in across the sand to watch her. I realize now that Ip 9 PB 1956
a golden fire on to the tanks along the counters. Across the ceiling liquid colours danced in reflection. The music Ip 10 PB 1956
the iron catwalk running above the street, his boots ringing across the darkness. M. sat on the stool, elbows between hisp 24 CC 1957
flexing a steel rule between his hands as he looked across at M. ‘I think you've heard everything, sir,‘ M. saidp 24 CC 1957
explained as they shuffled past the hatchways. ‘Say ten feet across, like one of those composition wall sections, with hand gripsp 25 CC 1957
as they stepped up into 63 7th Street and walked across to the suburban elevator station. ‘He's no use at allp 26 CC 1957
glided for twenty feet and then slithered to a stop across the sawdust. ‘Seems to be stable,‘ Franz said. ‘We'll towp 26 CC 1957
There was a burst of flame and the model accelerated across the floor, two feet in the air, a bright trailp 27 CC 1957
pilot lights and dived down into the sawdust. They ran across to it and stamped out the glowing cinders. ‘Franz!‘ Gregsonp 27 CC 1957
The floor manager and two assistants, carrying fire extinguishers, ran across the stadium to them. ‘Did you hide the matches?‘ Franzp 27 CC 1957
a slight case of agoraphobia?‘ Franz straightened the maps spread across the counter. ‘I wanted to find an area of morep 27 CC 1957
Gregson asked. ‘Franz, what are you driving at?‘ Franz walked across to the door. ‘Come down to the BioHistory Museum. I'llp 30 CC 1957
furniture store and a new supermarket. An old sign running across the front had been painted over and evidently the ownershipp 31 CC 1957
4,350. ‘Coming out for a drink?‘ a Fire Captain across the aisle asked. ‘We have a ten-minute break here.‘ ‘Nop 34 CC 1957
the week.‘ He replaced the rook, sat up and looked across at the table-tennis pair. Gorrell had hit a fast backhandp 54 M69 1957
psychic marrow.‘ He gestured at the test cards spread out across the desk in his office. ‘And you were worried aboutp 56 M69 1957
one programme phase to the next, through the test periods, across the long hours of the interminable nights, his powerful egop 57 M69 1957
walked over to the surgery office. Lang hooked an arm across the back of the sofa and watched the orderly roomp 59 M69 1957
middle of the floor, a pack of playing cards strewn across its deck, but the group of three or four internsp 59 M69 1957
of outlines. Somewhere a focus slipped, a shadow swung slowly across a wall, its angles breaking and lengthening. The motion wasp 60 M69 1957
shrinking. Inch by inch, the walls were moving inwards, encroaching across the periphery of the floor. As they shrank towards eachp 60 M69 1957
decided to stretch his legs, stood up and sauntered off across the floor. After sitting over the chessboard for half anp 61 M69 1957
the chairs right up against the wail.‘ He walked off across the floor, surreptitiously peering through the orderly room window. Thep 61 M69 1957
ventilator here?‘ Lang peered up and down the walls and across the small square of ceiling. ‘There must be one somewherep 63 M69 1957
this, a monotonous and high-pitched wailing sounded from the statue across the pleasant morning air, grating the teeth of passers-by. ‘Raymondp 39 VS 1957
It had been bent into a rough U five feet across, and the two arms jutted out horizontally, a single rowp 40 VS 1957
alone on the platform, the rows of overturned chairs reaching across the square. Standing twenty yards from the statue, which hadp 41 VS 1957
programme cards, she turned on a diamond heel and walked across the square. No one else wanted anything to do withp 41 VS 1957
now emitted a pleasant melodic harmony, its soft rondos warbling across the afternoon heat. The sitar-like twangs, which the statue hadp 41 VS 1957
heard Carol light a cigarette with four matches and walk across the veranda. When I woke in an hour's time shep 42 VS 1957
shoulder struts. It was springing elastically as the air moved across the vanes and went on vibrating against my palm. Ip 42 VS 1957
higher than Carol, the gondola at least six or seven across. The spars and struts looked thicker and stronger. ‘Carol,‘ Ip 42 VS 1957
Brahms's Academic Festival Overture and Rachmaninov's First Piano Concerto trumpeted across the garden. ‘The strangest thing about it,‘ Raymond said thep 43 VS 1957
motives, they had now vanished into this strange travesty lying across my garden. I watched the statue reaching slowly across thep 44 VS 1957
lying across my garden. I watched the statue reaching slowly across the lawn. It had collapsed under its own weight andp 44 VS 1957
houses a hundred yards away, alerted by the music carried across to them. ‘You'll soon have everyone in Vermilion Sands outp 44 VS 1957
two o'clock that night I woke as a window burst across the floor of my bedroom. A huge metal helix hoveredp 46 VS 1957
once is enough.‘ Blackett nodded in sympathy, and stared gloomily across the heaps of scrap iron which were all that remainedp 47 VS 1957
more wrong. Lorraine Drexel sued us. She must have come across the newspaper reports and realized her opportunity. I don't knowp 47 VS 1957
to look at the speedometer.‘ Sheringham nodded, watching Maxted closely across the table. His interest in the conversation appeared to havep 69 T12 1958
decided to help himself to more whisky. As he stretched across the table he swayed and rolled back uncontrollably into hisp 70 T12 1958
forward again, trying to reach the glass, and knocked it across the table. His brain began to fade, and he leanedp 70 T12 1958
a small featureless island nearly eroded by the waves beating across it. Sheringham knelt down and shouted into his ear. ‘Maxtedp 71 T12 1958
building clearing the way for two orderlies carrying a stretcher across which a sheet had been drawn, revealing the outlines ofp 98 NZ 1959
leaned out through the window. A car had skidded sharply across the pavement and a group of ten or a dozenp 100 NZ 1959
conscience for the 75 victims who hurtled to their deaths across the evening sky twenty-four hours later, no sympathy for theirp 102 NZ 1959
streets filled with traffic, the smoke of countless factories drifting across the blackened rooftops. I returned late that evening, only top 103 NZ 1959
watching silently through dark glasses as I heaved my suitcases across the burning, lava-thick sunlight, legs weary after the massive decelerationp 72 WG 1959
near the telescope. In the darkness at the back, draped across a pile of old fans, track links and beer coolersp 75 WG 1959
and found a small circular aluminium chest, about two feet across by a foot deep. Mounted on the back was ap 75 WG 1959
trip had been set; I wondered what might have strayed across it when I saw that someone had anticipated me. Thep 76 WG 1959
the observatory. The camp was just over ten miles away, across terrain that was rough but not over-difficult for a trackedp 79 WG 1959
and drove round it into the first valley. Fifty feet across at their summits, the volcanoes jostled together like a herdp 79 WG 1959
camp site, dumped them there and made it my base. Across the thick glue-like sand of the volcano jungle, we calculatedp 82 WG 1959
desk and watched the sun arching upward through the cones across the lake. Scooping a handful of ash off the deskp 82 WG 1959
ran for about two miles in a low clean sweep across the horizon, disappearing among the cones in the south-west. Itsp 83 WG 1959
materials pre-dated the planet's volcanic period. The escarpment sat squarely across the desert, gaunt and rigid, and looked as if itp 83 WG 1959
lake took me nearly halfway there. I raced the Chrysler across it at forty, wasted thirty minutes picking a route throughp 83 WG 1959
bottom gear and floored the accelerator. Steering the Chrysler obliquely across the slope to minimize the angle of ascent, I roaredp 83 WG 1959
In the centre of the plateau, at least a mile across, was an enormous metallic lake, heat ripples spiralling upwards fromp 83 WG 1959
of finely chiselled hieroglyphs. Swinging round, I ran my hands across its surface. Large patches had crumbled away, leaving a faintp 84 WG 1959
three inches from the bottom, then moved along the surface, across rows of hieroglyphs, and picked up the list three orp 85 WG 1959
should find. The fifth megalith was blank. My eyes raced across its huge unbroken surface, marked only by the quarter-inch-deep groovesp 86 WG 1959
for half an hour read at random, arms outstretched involuntarily across the great inscription panels, fingertips tracing the convolutions of thep 86 WG 1959
back but I told him nothing, driving the Chrysler hard across the lake, paralleling the two previous sets of tracks andp 87 WG 1959
and stabbed viciously at the megalith, slashing a two-foot-long groove across the inscriptions. I stood up and tried to restrain himp 88 WG 1959
the figure of Mayer, moving with violent speed, blackened arms across his face. He tripped over the rim, catapulted down intop 90 WG 1959
feet above my head, a thousand rivers of fire streaming across its surface in all directions. There was a terrifying roaringp 90 WG 1959
whirling vortexes, swirled and buffeted down chasmic eddies, splayed out across the disintegrating matrix of the continuum, a dreamless ghost inp 90 WG 1959
of 10,000, and can thus communicate with each other across vast inter-galactic distances in a subjective period of only ap 91 WG 1959
is nearly stationary, infinitely slow eddies of sentience undulating outward across its mantles. Ultimately it achieves the final predicates of timep 92 WG 1959
the basin, the thermal winds blowing a crisp refreshing breeze across my head and back. Below, the megaliths rose up intop 93 WG 1959
mentally). The sweep of white notches, curving down one wall, across the floor and metal bedstead, and up the other wallp 150 CH 1960
The inclination of the shadows in the exercise yards or across the towers and walls provided too blunt a reading. Calibrationp 151 CH 1960
In the bottom compartment of her jewellery case he came across a small flat gold-cased object, equipped with a wrist strapp 152 CH 1960
boulevard that carried them steadily westwards. Conrad traced their progress across successive maps. They were nearing the edge of the annulusp 156 CH 1960
from every cornice, trailing a ragged webwork of disintegrating metal across the pavements. Stacey drove slowly, avoiding the occasional bus orp 157 CH 1960
and Conrad climbed out and stretched themselves. Together they strolled across the wide pavement towards the strip of waist-high vegetation. Lookingp 158 CH 1960
dial he had ever seen, at least a hundred feet across, huge black hands halted at a minute past twelve. Thep 159 CH 1960
are only shining red and green and he can't get across. The area's been temporarily zoned off for lower-grade women officep 160 CH 1960
yards from it he turned and broke away, ran swiftly across the roadway towards the nearest building. ‘Newman!‘ he heard Staceyp 162 CH 1960
the office building opposite. Below he heard Stacey's feet running across the pavement. The glass doors were locked. He pulled ap 163 CH 1960
covered restaurant were open, a large pool of water lying across the floor. Conrad splashed through it, went over to ap 163 CH 1960
climbed through a window on to the open terrace running across the street. Beyond the rail he could see into thep 163 CH 1960
lucky not to be killed.‘ They swerved left and right across the empty streets, the old man darting between the stairwaysp 164 CH 1960
of the treble trips playfully, sent a dull chime out across the plaza. The sound drove strange echoes into his mindp 166 CH 1960
the day, the sounds of the great clock chimed out across the rooftops of the city, marking the hours, the half-hoursp 166 CH 1960
they would pause as the quarter and half hours reached across the miles to them, a voice from their childhoods remindingp 167 CH 1960
the police arrived. Each morning as the chimes boomed out across the plaza Newman had seen his tiny figure striding brisklyp 167 CH 1960
had remained shuttered for so long that the ivy growing across the front of the house had matted itself through thep 196 LW 1960
bank, Mr Goddard noticed him in the manager's office, leaning across the latter's desk and explaining something earnestly. Usually Durrant wouldp 200 LW 1960
ladder and climbed up to its topmost rung, arms outstretched across the wall, high over the yard below. They were tryingp 201 LW 1960
emerged, followed by others. In small groups they spread out across the floor, their tiny legs and arms rippling in thep 206 LW 1960
and painfully massaged his chest and shoulders. Then he limped across to the box and steered it back onto its basep 207 LW 1960
stage had reverberated with the endless din of traffic accelerating across the mid-town flyover which arched fifty feet above the studio'sp 106 SS 1960
hear seven muted pads, the dull echoes of his footsteps across the floor. They faded and vanished, followed by a lowp 108 SS 1960
neon portico collapsing, aerials rusting. The huge eight-lane flyover built across it sealed it conclusively into the past. Now Madame Giocondap 112 SS 1960
financial sector -- and instead turned west on Mainway and across the park towards the white-faced apartment batteries which reared upp 113 SS 1960
and valves from which half a dozen leads trailed off across the cushions to a cathode tube and tone generator atp 114 SS 1960
arpeggios, stripping off high P and Q notes that danced across the cathode screen like frantic eels, fantastic glissandos that racedp 114 SS 1960
describe. Alto laughed shortly, tore up his sheets and walked across to the window. ‘All right, Mangon, you've made your pointp 116 SS 1960
way to the staircase, but Mangon intercepted him, pencil flashing across the wrist-pad. Please. Madame Gioconda will start blackmail soon. Shep 117 SS 1960
they were only an hour old, vicious sonic scars slashed across the immaculately swept walls. His first thought was to rushp 119 SS 1960
portrait, pressed it between his palms, and suddenly smashed it across the edge of the dressing table. ‘Mangon!‘ The cry rivetedp 119 SS 1960
finished. ‘Come here.‘ Mangon put down the sonovac and went across to her. She looked up at him, her eyes suddenlyp 119 SS 1960
shortly before eleven o'clock the next morning. After breakfast, sprawled across Madame Gioconda's bed with her scrapbooks, an old gramophone salvagedp 121 SS 1960
God, how ridiculous! Help me, I'm going insane ...‘ Mangon hurried across to her, put his arms round her shoulders to supportp 126 SS 1960
the lead and switched on. Just before eight-twenty-five someone stepped across the platform and paused in front of the cue-hood. Mangonp 133 SS 1960
him someone hammered on the door. Startled, Mangon nearly tripped across the sonovac. Then he bent down and wrenched the plugp 135 SS 1960
pupil reflexes and unshaven cheeks. He smiled sympathetically at Powers across the desk, wondering what to say to him. Once hep 170 VT 1960
it, shielding his eyes from the heavy sunlight beating down across the parabolic sweep of the lecture theatre roof. He wasp 170 VT 1960
when he saw that someone had traced with a finger across the dust caked over the windshield: 96,688,365,498p 170 VT 1960
the two men. When Powers nodded to her she leaned across Kaldren and said: ‘Actually I've just finished Noguchi's autobiography --p 171 VT 1960
down the chromium ladder into the pool and walked carefully across the slithery floor towards the animal. As he approached itp 172 VT 1960
the time being ...‘ Pushing the diary away, Powers leaned forward across the desk and stared out through the window at thep 173 VT 1960
it died. The only previous armoured mutant he had come across had nearly broken his neck. Speeding along the lake roadp 174 VT 1960
sky. She waved to him, then began to step down across the glass polyhedrons and jumped nimbly into the driveway besidep 174 VT 1960
them, a tangle of rubber tubing and power leads trailing across the floor. As they walked past the lines of tanksp 175 VT 1960
He borrowed the violet handkerchief in Coma's breast-pocket, spread it across the tank. The tendrils flexed and stiffened, began to weavep 176 VT 1960
radiation. Your wristwatch has luminous hands. When you moved it across the window he started thinking. World War IV should reallyp 177 VT 1960
a coffee pan over a bunsen and pushed a chair across to Coma. Then he opened the box, lifted out thep 177 VT 1960
quite a solid little air-raid shelter.‘ He carried the animal across to a sink, turned on the tap and let thep 177 VT 1960
the results are pretty dramatic.‘ He reached up and pulled across a section of the sun curtain. They were sitting justp 178 VT 1960
The storage hangar was fifty yards away. He walked quickly across to it, stepped into the cool shadows and peered aroundp 184 VT 1960
of timber, jammed them through the window and set off across the lake towards the central target bull. For the nextp 184 VT 1960
blue disc, mixing up the cement by hand, carrying it across to the crude wooden forms he had lashed together fromp 184 VT 1960
11-05. To sleep 3-15. Powers stretched, shifted his head slowly across the pillow, focusing on the shadows cast on to thep 185 VT 1960
an enormous tube. On the staged levels running parallel and across them rested pieces of grey abstract furniture, giant photographs onp 187 VT 1960
of numerals, as Kaldren had said, running up and down across a thousand consecutive pages. Powers shook his head, picked upp 189 VT 1960
you understand.‘ He walked over to the window, looked down across the white lake. The tension between himself and Kaldren hadp 190 VT 1960
in water until a rough paste formed, then carried it across to the wooden forms and tamped the mixture down intop 190 VT 1960
around it, prompted by countless pelagic memories, it reached tentatively across the tank, groping blindly towards the dim uterine sun. Itsp 191 VT 1960
moved, adjusting the flow through its mouth. As it stepped across the floor its feet threw off vivid bursts of colourp 191 VT 1960
darkness, the thin shadows of the white moonlit hills falling across its surface. Powers freewheeled the car down the long curvingp 192 VT 1960
to the lake road below, listening to the tyres cutting across the blue gravel, then let out the clutch and acceleratedp 192 VT 1960
without trying to identify it, a dozen strange images moving across his brain. The road swung up around a group ofp 192 VT 1960
of the cliff, all carried a distinct image of themselves across to him, a thousand voices that together told of thep 192 VT 1960
hill face he felt a second wave of time sweep across the first. The image was broader but of shorter perspectivesp 192 VT 1960
beyond them, hearing the thin archaic voices reaching to him across the millennia. In his pockets he felt the paper tapesp 193 VT 1960
he reached the summer house the early sunlight was breaking across the ribbon-like balconies and terraces. He took the lift top 194 VT 1960
to his seat and lay back quietly, his eyes gazing across the lines of exhibits. Half-asleep, periodically he leaned up andp 194 VT 1960
moved the chair out of the way and leaned forwards across the desk. ‘Another thing. I don't feel you're being entirelyp 139 ZT 1960
pupils. ‘Well?‘ Larsen pressed. Bayliss buttoned his jacket and walked across to the door. ‘I'll call in tomorrow. Meanwhile try top 139 ZT 1960
the sounds of one of the Bartok quartets whined fretfully across the apron. Larsen went back to the desk and satp 139 ZT 1960
chalets, pleasantly fuddled by the barbiturates Bayliss prescribed, gazing out across the white deck of the desert floor, going to bedp 140 ZT 1960
shadows towards him. Aghast, Larsen backed away. The dark patches across the man's suit were not shadows at all, but thep 141 ZT 1960
fright. Bayliss had calmed him down, then dragged him back across the apron to the lounge window and made him acceptp 142 ZT 1960
he thinned out his hair and plastered it back smoothly across his scalp. The transformation was effective. When Bayliss climbed outp 145 ZT 1960
utter lack of scruple outraged him. His fingers fretted nervously across the blind. Suddenly he felt like kicking the whole placep 146 ZT 1960
longer, he slammed the front door back and stormed out across the apron, determined to have everything out with Bayliss andp 146 ZT 1960
only thirty feet away, then jumped up and lurched helplessly across to Bayliss. Bayliss caught him firmly with his hands. ‘Larsenp 148 ZT 1960
off he hobbled towards the corner. Halfway there he tripped across the remains of a ladder lying on the ground andp 148 ZT 1960
up from behind the drum and stumble up to Bayliss across the concrete floor. He was dishevelled and exhausted, jacket almostp 149 ZT 1960
Bayliss raised the revolver and fired again. The sound slammed across the concrete, making Larsen feel stunned and sick. Now Baylissp 149 ZT 1960
pulled himself along it. Behind him Bayliss's feet came thudding across the concrete. He heard only the first of the threep 149 ZT 1960
eat. Let's see if we can get into the food-bar across the road.‘ Grumbling at the prospect, Rossiter pulled himself offp 269 B 1961
quickened their pace and sidestepped through the crowd, slowly tacking across to the other side of the road. There they foundp 270 B 1961
Hey!‘ Rossiter yelled. ‘You're breaking the place down.‘ He dived across the bed to retrieve the panel, which hung downwards supportedp 274 B 1961
floor was bare, a few strips of frayed linoleum running across it, the walls covered with a drab floral design. Herep 274 B 1961
astonishment at finding this private universe. ‘We'll put a partition across the middle,‘ Rossiter explained, ‘then take it down each morningp 275 B 1961
jemmy. Pieces of the wardrobe lay on his bed and across the floor. ‘We'll have to start taking these out tomorrowp 278 B 1961
indoors and the houses would be silent, heat curtains locked across the windows, as the sun rose over the deliquescing saltp 235 DE 1961
six o'clock the thermal fronts would begin to recede southwards across the kelp flats, and one by one the air-conditioners inp 235 DE 1961
settling themselves out on their porches, staring at each other across the shadow-filled streets. Five miles to the north, in thep 235 DE 1961
the jeep and ram back the drifts which had melted across the wire roadway during the afternoon. Mutating kelp, their geneticp 237 DE 1961
pulled a ration card from his shirt pocket, passed it across to Granger, who was responsible for the stores allocations. ‘Ip 238 DE 1961
and then a wide diffuse pall of steam fanned out across the north-west. ‘Lake Atlantic,‘ Granger commented. ‘Let's drive out therep 238 DE 1961
plants had torn themselves loose on impact and exploded off across the lake. A quarter of a mile away, hidden byp 239 DE 1961
one of the largest pools, a circular basin 300 feet across, draining slowly as the water poured out through a breachp 240 DE 1961
of the crew domes when he suddenly saw something move across the surface of the deck. For a moment he imaginedp 240 DE 1961
up to his knees in the water, staring out carefully across the pool. ‘Did you throw something?‘ Granger asked. Holliday shookp 240 DE 1961
water, its short glistening arcs carrying it to and fro across the pool. ‘Dog-fish,‘ Granger muttered. ‘Shark family. Highly adaptable --p 240 DE 1961
Their tension broken, the boys turned and ran off together across the dunes towards their car, yelling and playing catch withp 243 DE 1961
mimicking Holiday's outrage. Granger let them go by, then walked across to the pool, wincing when he saw the empty basinp 243 DE 1961
red bunting, part of a massive floral tribute, ran diagonally across the window, hiding him from the people in the buildingp 282 GA 1961
dark lenses with their heavy frames. Periodically, prolonged cheers drifted across the roof-tops from Oxford Street, marking the progress of thep 283 GA 1961
with her head thrown back, long straw-coloured hair drifting lightly across her softly tanned shoulders. Her mouth was full and alivep 284 GA 1961
she held her chin and spread her flared white skirt across her thighs. ‘Still, I don't really care if I missp 284 GA 1961
here, I'll get the procession diverted.‘ He held her hand across the table, peered critically at the small diamond on herp 284 GA 1961
in a blast of glass and torn plastic. He fell across the chair, recovered himself as the shouts outside turned top 287 GA 1961
out through the stinging air. The crowd was fanning out across the road, people running in all directions, horses rearing underp 287 GA 1961
face with his handkerchief, and a dark stain spread slowly across the tissue. Voices rose in the corridor outside. He turnedp 287 GA 1961
its shape.‘ Freeman pulled the lapels of the dressing gown across each other, as much to hide his bare chest asp 255 MF 1961
he sat on the sofa in the lounge, blankets piled across him, a firm cushion raising him higher off the seatp 258 MF 1961
neck and face. The skirt of the dressing gown trailed across the floor behind him, and only with difficulty could hep 260 MF 1961
and legs. A miniature dressing gown had been laid out across the foot of the bed, a pair of slippers onp 261 MF 1961
Freeman waited until she turned to the sink, then ran across the hall into the lounge and out through the frenchp 261 MF 1961
to rock the play-pen from side to side, edging it across to the wall where the sharp corner set up ap 262 MF 1961
wall the marks had dried. Weeping with frustration, Freeman toddled across the cage and began to retrace the message. Before hep 263 MF 1961
away the blankets, and was aware of her carrying him across the hallway. Gradually his memory of the house and hisp 265 MF 1961
on her broad bed. Hating the naked hair that rasped across his face, he now felt clearly for the first timep 265 MF 1961
Hanson asked. ‘Still away?‘ Elizabeth's smile broadened, her lips parted across her strong white teeth. Her face was curiously expressionless, herp 266 MF 1961
who could be persuaded to live there. Faulkner gazed out across the veranda, separating from the clutter of white geometric shapesp 246 OM 1961
a collection of random white forms below a blue backdrop, across which several powdery green blurs moved slowly backwards and forwardsp 246 OM 1961
that it could have been anything. A dark shape moved across the frosted glass panel which formed the side wall ofp 247 OM 1961
young woman in a blue smock climb out and walk across the gravel. This was Penzil's sister-in-law, a girl of aboutp 247 OM 1961
blank field of blue. In the distance an aircraft moved across it, engines hammering. Carefully Faulkner repressed the identity of thep 248 OM 1961
had recorded for his own amusement. Anger boiling, Faulkner strode across to the lattice, prised one of the metal members offp 252 OM 1961
idea suggested itself. Rising from his chair, he walked out across the veranda, unaware of the physical movements involved, but propellingp 253 OM 1961
Vermilion Sands the insane poems of my beautiful neighbour drifted across the desert to me from Studio 5, The Stars, thep 208 S5 1961
by morning, before I swept them away, they would hang across the south face of the villa like a vivid cerisep 208 S5 1961
as I opened them and pushed into the lounge, spreading across the furniture and bookcases like the delicate tendrils of somep 208 S5 1961
everywhere. I complained several times, walking the three hundred yards across the dunes to deliver a letter of protest, but nop 208 S5 1961
never understand, but I noticed that each time I walked across to Studio 5 the sky was full of sand-rays, wheelingp 208 S5 1961
Who was Aurora Day, I often ask myself now. Sweeping across the placid out-of-season sky like a summer comet, she seemsp 208 S5 1961
for half an hour I watched them being blown lightly across the dunes. A car's headlamps shone in the drive atp 209 S5 1961
Over the next few days the streamers continued to blow across the dunes, for some reason always starting in the eveningp 209 S5 1961
dark glasses and afternoon terraces. Later, however, the streamers drifting across the sand became rather more of a nuisance. When thep 209 S5 1961
of her VT sets on open sequence.‘ He eyed me across the broad hood of the El Dorado, sat down inp 210 S5 1961
shout into his ear when a gust of wind swirled across one of the dunes just beyond the drive, in anp 210 S5 1961
Looking around for its source, I noticed the dust flicking across the surface of the dunes on either side of thep 210 S5 1961
saw her, appearing for a moment among the dunes, strolling across the midnight sand. She wore a long white gown thatp 211 S5 1961
around her head, then jumped over the rail and ran across the sand towards her. The quartz flints stung at myp 211 S5 1961
at me wildly, her carmine lips fretting. She strode off across the sand, the rays swinging like pendulums through the dimp 212 S5 1961
which appeared to be a private edition of poems. Scattered across the floor beside her was a miscellaneous array of otherp 213 S5 1961
my pocket and passed it to her. ‘Have you come across this one?‘ She glanced at the title page, her mannerp 213 S5 1961
the tapes come from?‘ I asked. ‘The streamers that drift across every evening. They're covered with fragments of verse.‘ Off-handedly, shep 214 S5 1961
sat, in the cool evening light, watching the colours melting across the desert, listening to the sand-rays cry in the darknessp 215 S5 1961
and let it blow away on the wind. He peered across the shadow-covered dunes at Studio 5. As usual a singlep 215 S5 1961
the second that evening when the streamers began to blow across the dusk to me. The fragments of Shakespeare and Poundp 216 S5 1961
added: ‘By the way, all these streamers that keep blowing across here are getting to be a damn nuisance.‘ The chauffeurp 217 S5 1961
poems into an envelope with a rejection slip and scrawled across it: ‘Sorry, entirely unsuitable. Please try other publications.‘ Half anp 217 S5 1961
I'm damned if I will,‘ I said. I stared out across the desert at Studio 5. Occasionally a window moved andp 217 S5 1961
skin was interlaced by a thousand tattoos, writhing and coiling across my hands and arms like insane serpents. Dropping my glassp 220 S5 1961
ancient white fish that clustered around her. As I stepped across to her she smiled quietly to the fish and whisperedp 220 S5 1961
sat together in the luminescent dusk, the long shadows playing across the purple landscape of Dali's ‘Persistence of Memory‘ on thep 220 S5 1961
it now. She looked up at me idly, tracing patterns across the surface of the pool with a green-tipped finger. ‘Itp 220 S5 1961
in the pool. In some miraculous way they remained etched across the surface. In the hours, like millennia, we had satp 221 S5 1961
listless. For a moment an expression of profound sadness passed across her face, and I realized that she felt some deepp 221 S5 1961
the pool, the broken surface throwing a ripple of light across the walls and ceiling. Then I saw that a longp 222 S5 1961
between her sleeping breasts. I stood up and walked softly across to her, looked down at her strange face, its skinp 222 S5 1961
the warm darkness, I could hear their fragmented voices carried across the sand, the faint sounds of crystal music. I wouldp 228 S5 1961
spear-gun and disappeared into the gallery. Excusing myself, I ran across the chamber. I found them in the narrow corridor, peeringp 229 S5 1961
the vortex. Tristram lay face downwards, his blond hair spilled across the sand, arms twisted loosely. I stared at his bodyp 231 S5 1961
by the swiftness with which he had died, and looked across to Aurora. She too was watching the body, but withp 231 S5 1961
reached it the Cadillac was half a mile away, burning across the desert like an escaping dragon. That was the lastp 231 S5 1961
was wide open, the remains of a few streamers drifting across the dust that gathered on the floor. The hallway andp 231 S5 1961
of the departure of the enchantress. As I walked back across the desert and last streamers were moving over the darkp 232 S5 1961
surface turbulence, savage crosswinds of almost hurricane force that whipped across the runways and had already groundlooped two 707‘s onp 7 WFN 1961
sympathetically, Maitland paid him off when they stopped, and hurried across the deserted pavement into the foyer of the apartment blockp 9 WFN 1961
their casings. Maitland hunched himself against the harsh wind driving across the dark face of the block, watching the lights inp 11 WFN 1961
whirl of light along the walls. The force drove Maitland across the carpet. Outside there was the clatter and rattle ofp 15 WFN 1961
the frame clear of the hinges. He moved the sideboard across the doors, then set the standard lamp back on itsp 15 WFN 1961
had to get one of the farmers to tow us across the field with his tractor.‘ Maitland looked at his watchp 16 WFN 1961
The sparking cables whipped down onto the hood and flailed across him like an enormous phosphorescent lash. Still holding his facep 18 WFN 1961
onto the pavement, watching the cables flick backward and forward across the vehicle. The traffic had stopped, and a small crowdp 18 WFN 1961
at a safe distance as the thousands of sparks cataracted across the roadway and showered down over the twitching body ofp 18 WFN 1961
the steady drumming of the wind on the wooden shutters across the windows. ‘Poor devil. God knows if I'm supposed top 18 WFN 1961
million tons of soil has been carted all the way across the Middle East and Europe and dumped on the Britishp 22 WFN 1961
moment they echoed and reverberated in the air-stream moving rapidly across the cold earth, then abruptly, 200 yards away, the horizonp 24 WFN 1961
vicious tornado of air that whirled past him, jockeying him across a narrow yard between two high concrete buildings. Stinging cloudsp 31 WFN 1961
tremendous updraught. Holding tight to the map wallets, he lurched across to the troop carrier, a squat 12-wheeler with sandbags strappedp 31 WFN 1961
Remo, the lines of hotels shuddering as the wind thrashed across the hundreds of shuttered balconies. Below, the sea writhed andp 34 WFN 1961
away whole pieces of brick. One of the orderlies crawled across the mattress and crouched next to Lanyon. ‘The tower's justp 35 WFN 1961
with it one of the longitudinal support beams. This lay across the pews. Below it, through the piles of white dustp 36 WFN 1961
hunched forms of crouching bodies. Above them, the wind racing across the surface of the roof was stripping away the raggedp 36 WFN 1961
the wall. Putting out his cigarette, the major hurriedly pushed across a canvas chair. ‘Sorry, Commander, but perhaps you'd better sitp 38 WFN 1961
from the water dispenser in the corner and passed them across the table to Lanyon. ‘No, it's Van Damm all rightp 39 WFN 1961
a couple of days.‘ The other man in oilskins ran across the road to the carrier, shielding a red-haired woman inp 41 WFN 1961
her head, ran out of the house and stepped nimbly across the pavement in long strides to the carrier. She triedp 41 WFN 1961
Frantically he reversed the engine, sent the carrier backing obliquely across the road. Lanyon pressed his eyes to the periscope, thenp 44 WFN 1961
of icy water surged past down the valley, spreading out across the vineyards. The carrier lay immovably on its side, wheelsp 44 WFN 1961
by now and my guess is that they'll have radioed across to the units on this side to take another routep 45 WFN 1961
wind caught Lanyon and gunned him along, tossing him helplessly across the lumpy soil. Over his shoulder he caught a glimpsep 45 WFN 1961
pallid face, heavily bruised and barely recognizable after being dragged across the rough farmland. For a few fruitless moments Lanyon pumpedp 47 WFN 1961
She nodded weakly. After a moment's rest they darted forward across the clipped turf to the building 50 yards away. Lanyonp 47 WFN 1961
quality as Pat's ash-blonde hair. Outside, the wind hurled itself across the dark swell of the land. The hill had gonep 49 WFN 1961
pulled the hatch over himself. He drove the car forward across the garage floor, and edged it up onto the widep 61 WFN 1961
grey, the sky overcast. Only the continuously flickering tracerlike striations across the air gave any indication of the air stream's enormousp 61 WFN 1961
uncertain, and I'm sure this isn't the end.‘ Searchlights played across Kingsway as they crossed the road, shone into the observationp 62 WFN 1961
shaft, rescue teams equipped with steel props would spread out across the basement, crawling along the foot-high space that was probablyp 64 WFN 1961
continuous shower of stones drove over him, slashing red welts across his hands and neck. The tall houses facing the hotelp 66 WFN 1961
the man ran expert fingers over him, wiping the welts across his face with an antiseptic sponge he pulled from hisp 66 WFN 1961
a steely sheen. Deborah selected the channel, passed the mike across. ‘Maitland here. Marshall is O.K. I'll ride back withp 67 WFN 1961
forward weakly, elbows on his knees, feeling the swollen veins across his face. ‘Air bruises,‘ Maitland told him. ‘Minute haemorrhages. They'llp 67 WFN 1961
The big man had begun to recover. He limped slowly across the concrete floor, the sole of one of his shoesp 67 WFN 1961
will want something tougher.‘ ‘Who?‘ Deborah asked. She had come across the name somewhere else before. ‘Who's Hardoon?‘ Marshall waved airilyp 69 WFN 1961
moved her face against his, then brushed her lips softly across his forehead, murmuring to herself. Reflectively, Marshall finished his drinkp 69 WFN 1961
big tough-faced guard who had arranged his transport step slowly across the floor, arms swinging loosely at his sides. Whether hep 71 WFN 1961
Doctor. Very versatile. Let's go, then.‘ As Maitland walked back across the basement the guard pivoted on one heel and followedp 71 WFN 1961
behind the Centurion like a hapless tail, the Bethlehem plunged across the pavement, almost tipping over onto its side. The streetsp 73 WFN 1961
from the older buildings, the remains of roof timbers strewn across the pavement, everywhere a heavy autumnlike fall of grey tilesp 73 WFN 1961
duty at eight, and came over in the communications tunnel across St. James's Park to take his meals in the civilianp 75 WFN 1961
horizontal door was retracted and the 180 mph airstream moving across the flat parade ground lifted the carrier out like anp 78 WFN 1961
skittered off ahead of them, they avoided the debris piled across their path and pressed on toward the Brompton Road. Asp 79 WFN 1961
department store lay in ruins, brownstone facing tiles lying thickly across the roadway, the wind picking like a thousand vultures atp 79 WFN 1961
sky by the overhanging flight deck. He was looking westward across the city, the storm-driven rooftops stretching to the horizon likep 85 WFN 1961
carefully. The quake had ended, the building that had collapsed across the tunnel -- Harvey Nichols, one of the big departmentp 88 WFN 1961
his head, he felt blood eddying from a wide wound across the back of his scalp. He sat down and startedp 88 WFN 1961
air.‘ He covered her carefully, then stood up and stepped across her to the other end of the pillbox, head stoopedp 91 WFN 1961
M. Outside, through the narrow gun slit, he could see across the ruined dam down the valley to Genoa and thep 92 WFN 1961
of the cliff and through the apertures Lanyon could see across to the sheer brownstone face twenty yards away. Air gustedp 93 WFN 1961
Clipping open the lid, he carried it and the jerrican across to Patricia. ‘It's probably worth trying to eat some morep 95 WFN 1961
felt her shoulders under the windbreaker, her ash-blonde hair billowing across his face as her head tipped back under the pressurep 95 WFN 1961
the northern side, gradually opening out into a wide-walled valley, across which the air stream moved like a huge wave frontp 96 WFN 1961
hand, steered her over heavy boulders and spurs, pulling her across smooth polished slabs that fell across their pathway like erodedp 96 WFN 1961
and spurs, pulling her across smooth polished slabs that fell across their pathway like eroded tombstones. For half an hour theyp 96 WFN 1961
far side of the storeroom swung back and torches flared across the piles of merchandise. Lanyon began to edge forward top 100 WFN 1961
could hear someone moving along the stonework. He was halfway across when lights flooded on in the storeroom behind him, ap 100 WFN 1961
with hard white light. Voices shouted out again, feet hammered across the stone floor. Spinning around, he ran back to thep 100 WFN 1961
chest, and lay inertly on his face, blood leaking slowly across the cobbles. Lanyon knelt down to see if Patricia wasp 100 WFN 1961
big man with a red vicious face clubbed him savagely across the forehead with the barrel of the .45. Lanyon saggedp 101 WFN 1961
clear his eyes of the blood running from the wound across his temple, barely aware of the gun barrel a fewp 101 WFN 1961
He tapped Lanyon's face softly, and a grim smile broke across his huge features. He took Lanyon by the shoulders, shookp 101 WFN 1961
told Lanyon matter-of-factly. ‘He ask how you feeling?‘ Lanyon looked across at Luigi, massaging his painful neck with one hand. Dimlyp 102 WFN 1961
debris off the pews like a maddened bull. Patricia stumbled across to him and he put his arm around her, pressedp 102 WFN 1961
them out.‘ Luigi nodded to the interpreter, gestured them all across the storeroom to the door. Slowly they made their wayp 102 WFN 1961
of Chianti, poured some into the glass and passed it across to Patricia, then pushed the bottle over to Lanyon. Lanyonp 103 WFN 1961
mouth with the harsh bitter wine, then passed it back across the table. Luigi pulled up a chair and sat downp 103 WFN 1961
a cropped skull, joined in the conversation, throwing sharp reminders across the table at Luigi, who was fingering his gun beltp 104 WFN 1961
with the monastery. Six feet high and about a yard across, it was just wide enough for the trolley, but thep 105 WFN 1961
circle of light far below, then moved along a ledge across the massive blocks of the city wall. Ahead of themp 106 WFN 1961
of the course, its surface rippled by the air driving across it. Flashing his torch, Luigi examined the roof and thep 108 WFN 1961
of pens, and the wind would be driving the sea across it. They reached the first pen and pulled themselves aroundp 110 WFN 1961
into the conning tower, crouched down under the awning stretched across to keep out the spray thrown up off the sidesp 113 WFN 1961
was shifting sideways under the impact of the seas breaking across it, and large cracks split the roof and walls. Thep 113 WFN 1961
roof, the full width of the pen and 40 feet across, was tipping slowly downward crushing the two steel gates likep 114 WFN 1961
mountainous seas burst like floodwater through a collapsing dam, splashing across the bows of the Terrapin. ‘Full astern! Full astern!‘ Lanyonp 114 WFN 1961
each other, and finally broke loose, rolling end over end across the lower slopes of the pyramid, rapidly picking up speedp 116 WFN 1961
on the lid of a forgotten suitcase, cigarette ash spilled across the desks. Above the chatter of the teletypes and thep 117 WFN 1961
down. Tremendous fires from the refineries at West Bromwich swept across the ruins yesterday, finished off what little the wind hadp 120 WFN 1961
can keep command is anybody's guess.‘ Marshall nodded. He moved across to the bank of TV receivers. There were six ofp 121 WFN 1961
tower, they could see that a pile of debris lay across its waist, the remains of a ten-story building that hadp 121 WFN 1961
remains of a ten-story building that had been carried bodily across the ground. The tower was still standing, but the camerap 121 WFN 1961
The road had disappeared below enormous mounds of rubble driven across the pavement from the shells of the ministries on thep 122 WFN 1961
swung, following the battered remains of a double-decker bus rolling across the rubble. Tossed over the ruins of the Foreign Officep 122 WFN 1961
of the Home Office portico and then was carried away across St. James's Park. Along the horizon were the low raggedp 122 WFN 1961
wings was still intact, but just as the camera moved across it two of the columns buckled and crashed back intop 122 WFN 1961
river facade of Westminster had vanished, and high seas washed across the ragged lines of foundation stones, spilling over the supinep 123 WFN 1961
the street and were whipped off their feet and hurled across the road, bouncing head over heels like sacks of feathersp 123 WFN 1961
the thin dust falling from the ceiling. It drifted slowly across the room to the mouth of the ventilator shaft, wherep 124 WFN 1961
out into the corridor. With Marshall following him, he raced across to where Symington was lying, glanced cursorily at the figurep 131 WFN 1961
the ceiling. He fired twice in quick succession, then dived across the exposed interval into the shelter of the service corridorp 132 WFN 1961
reflections of the TV screens swung slowly to and fro across the ceiling, but Crighton and the girl had gone. Suddenlyp 132 WFN 1961
a table carrying two of the TV sets, ran quickly across the room. Crighton and the girl lay together in thep 133 WFN 1961
who waited quietly until the narrow stream of blood meandering across the concrete floor finally reached his feet, then made hisp 134 WFN 1961
side to side his eyes stared at the blood eddying across the floor below the chair. The trail led back intop 135 WFN 1961
screens showed a picture their reflections swinging left and right across the dark ceiling. Fumbling helplessly, Marshall paused to steady himselfp 135 WFN 1961
would come again, numbing the pain in his head and across his shoulders, dulling the nausea that made him want top 137 WFN 1961
side of him, a concrete beam two feet broad running across his knees, supporting a large sign. Huge letters ran alongp 139 WFN 1961
surface, the familiar tattoo of thousands of flying missiles rattled across the sides and roof around them like endless salvos ofp 149 WFN 1961
even greater force as a cloud of higher-density particles drove across them. Standing behind the driver, Halliday steered the Titan byp 149 WFN 1961
Titan by looking through the periscope. Occasionally, when they moved across open country, he left the driver to follow the compassp 150 WFN 1961
a corpse around.‘ He paused, listening to the hail drive across the roof. ‘All those crates were labelled "Hardoon Tower." Thisp 151 WFN 1961
hand, but it was the only way. Look.‘ He reached across to the vhf set and turned up the volume, sop 154 WFN 1961
the centre at 15 mph, tacking from left to right across the band. Two hundred yards away the road disappeared intop 156 WFN 1961
trees, blocks of masonry, all moving from left to right across their path. Ahead, high in the air, something loomed forp 156 WFN 1961
enormous pyramid-like structure reared up, its four-angled sides 100 feet across at the base, tapering to the apex 80 feet abovep 156 WFN 1961
pyramid obscured by the stream of dust and gravel cascading across its surface. ‘Looks as if this isn't an approach roadp 157 WFN 1961
as the elevator reached its floor. A horizontal lock slid across the opening and sealed it, shutting out the daylight. ‘Wellp 157 WFN 1961
Halliday, came lurching down the ladder, stumbled a few feet across the floor and then fell onto its face. Maitland slammedp 159 WFN 1961
fist into the back of one of the men lying across him, managed to free himself for a moment. He wasp 159 WFN 1961
the stiff backrest of the chair. Above, fluorescent lighting shone across a low bare ceiling. In a few seconds his facep 160 WFN 1961
he lowered his eyes slowly. Directly in front of him, across a wide crocodile-skin desk, sat a squat, broad-shouldered man inp 160 WFN 1961
abruptly fell away, and the shutters glided back and locked across the window. For a moment Hardoon stared at the darkenedp 163 WFN 1961
net of reinforcing bars. Water seeped through steadily, fanning out across the cement. ‘A couple of engineers from Construction were downp 169 WFN 1961
we think. This is the most organized set-up I've come across. Three or four hundred trained men, half a dozen bigp 170 WFN 1961
the ventilator suddenly increased, throwing up a fountain that splashed across their backs. Lanyon pulled Maitland away, pointed to one ofp 174 WFN 1961
their left, where half a dozen guards were piling sandbags across the corridor preparatory to sealing it with a heavy bulkheadp 175 WFN 1961
the retreating occupants of the bunker system had sealed bulkheads across the corridors, blocking off the central redoubt on the leftp 175 WFN 1961
the glass, was Hardoon, the flickering field of light playing across his granitic features like the flames of some cosmic hellp 177 WFN 1961
figure detached itself quickly from the darkness behind Hardoon, bent across the desk and pressed a button on the control panelp 177 WFN 1961
men are trapped in there. You've got to get them across here.‘ Kroll nodded coldly, his mouth tight, his eyes likep 178 WFN 1961
his head into the leather padding, ripping a three-inch slash across it. Flung off his feet, Kroll lost his balance andp 178 WFN 1961
Flung off his feet, Kroll lost his balance and tripped across the small table by the reception desk. As he pickedp 178 WFN 1961
the elevator and hurled himself onto Kroll. As they staggered across the sloping floor, Lanyon slammed a heavy punch into Kroll'sp 178 WFN 1961
the reception desk beside them and brought the edge down across the narrow strip of exposed neck below Kroll's helmet. Thep 179 WFN 1961
turned him by the shoulder and then slashed him again across the face with the ashtray, knocking his head backward ontop 179 WFN 1961
and Kroll sank loosely onto his knees and then collapsed across the floor, blood running from a deep wound behind hisp 179 WFN 1961
window. Books had spilled from the high shelves and lay across the floor, chairs and tables had careened over to thep 180 WFN 1961
like a jerking elevator. He stumbled, saw Hardoon pitch sideways across the desk. Books cascaded from the shelves like toppling dominoesp 180 WFN 1961
and one of the bookshelves fell forward and crashed down across a chair. Maitland ducked past it, pausing at the doorp 181 WFN 1961
quickly. Looking up, he saw that one of the cracks across the roof of the stairway was now two feet widep 184 WFN 1961
wind. Showers of stones and flying pieces of rubble cascaded across its exposed surface, but by some extraordinary reversal of thep 185 WFN 1961
can hear it. It's finally subsiding!‘ Together they looked out across the ravine. As Maitland had said, visibility had now increasedp 185 WFN 1961
now increased to over 600 yards. They could see plainly across the black fields beyond the estate, even trace the remainsp 186 WFN 1961
had lightened, was now an overcast grey, the sweeping pathways across it inclined slightly downward. Like a cosmic carousel nearing thep 186 WFN 1961
question like that, as the conditioning blocks fell like bulkheads across his thought trains (logic was a dangerous tool at thep 323 13C 1962
he kept in touch with Captain Peters, his fingers playing across the control tabs. Suddenly the screen lit up, a blazep 325 13C 1962
light flared into the cabin, throwing a brilliant phosphorescent glitter across the walls, dappling Abel's hands and suit. He gaped atp 325 13C 1962
select another frame when he noticed a dark shadow swing across the surface of the hull. He leaned forward to examinep 326 13C 1962
the curious stares from the soldiers unloading the stores. Halfway across he craned up at the revolving bulk of the domep 327 13C 1962
them, made them believe anything we've wanted.‘ Chalmers leaned forward across the desk. ‘Confidentially, Roger, General Short has been put inp 329 13C 1962
accept the strangeness of the world around them.‘ Short looked across the table, waiting for someone to reply. Kersh stared doubtfullyp 333 13C 1962
the dome. He ducked out of the shadows and ran across to the dome, climbed the stairway to the entrance pointp 334 13C 1962
galactic wars and the overlap of these ideas that spreads across the margins of nine-tenths of magazine s-f. Great writer thoughp 197 UGM 1962
of cooling sand as the tides of purple shadow seeped across them. Slowly, extending their slender fingers through the shallow saddlesp 355 CS 1962
and then finally coalesced and flooded in a solid wave across the half-submerged hotels. Behind the silent facades, in the tiltingp 355 CS 1962
funnel withdrawing below the horizon, and the first wind stirred across the dead Martian sand. Here and there miniature cyclones whirledp 355 CS 1962
of moon-washed spray, and a nimbus of white dust swept across the dunes and settled in the dips and hollows. Graduallyp 355 CS 1962
evacuation order) and disconnecting the sections of metal roadway laid across the desert for the wardens‘ jeeps. Each of the squaresp 356 CS 1962
earlier there had never been the faintest scent of brine across the intervening miles of sand. Slowly, however, the Atlantic wasp 356 CS 1962
was happy to remain in his hotel ten miles away across the dunes, conceding towards its time of arrival the fewp 357 CS 1962
these in search of his favourite vintage bourbon. Walking out across the desert behind the town one would suddenly find ap 358 CS 1962
driving restlessly in her cheap car from motel to motel across the continent, following her husband's star as it disappeared intop 359 CS 1962
home at Cocoa Beach in sight of the rusting gantries across the bay. Travis's real motives were probably more complex. Top 359 CS 1962
a car he excavated from a motel port, he came across a picture of Travis wearing an aluminium pressure suit andp 359 CS 1962
the balcony window, and a light spray of sand rained across the floor. At night dust-storms churned along the beach. Thermalp 361 CS 1962
desert would suddenly accrete like beads of quicksilver and erupt across the fluffy sand in miniature tornadoes. Only fifty yards awayp 361 CS 1962
forming a pleasant cushion. At the intersections the dust blew across the roadway in white clouds, obscuring the warden's beach-car parkedp 363 CS 1962
sounds of the construction gangs along the perimeter were carried across to him by the wind. Around him, in the greatp 367 CS 1962
church, climbed up among its jutting cornices and looked out across the intervening two or three miles of dunes to thep 368 CS 1962
had fallen from its orbit. Head raised, he sidestepped slowly across the roof, avoiding the pieces of rusting neon sign, followingp 369 CS 1962
particles within it beading and winking. Two hundred yards away across the sand was the running figure of Louise Woodward, Travisp 370 CS 1962
could still see the silver-sheathed gantries of the launching site across the bay, by a curious illusion almost identical with thep 372 CS 1962
custom before beginning his evening stroll, Count Axel looked out across the plain to the final rise, where the horizon wasp 298 GT 1962
which before had stretched almost a quarter of the way across the plain, had now receded to the horizon, the entirep 299 GT 1962
an ice-cold bead of dew in his hand. Dusk closed across the house, sweeping its long shadows over the plain, thep 299 GT 1962
were thanking her husband personally for the great ornate shadow across the lawn and the dark brilliant air. Her face wasp 299 GT 1962
jewelled clasp, touched with silver. She wore her dress low across her breast, revealing a long slender neck and high chinp 299 GT 1962
approaching rabble filled the distant half of the plain, stretching across the horizon in an unbroken mass. He thought he couldp 300 GT 1962
he could hear the low, fragmentary sounds of voices carried across the empty air, a sullen murmur punctuated by cries andp 300 GT 1962
the rich contrapuntal patterns of a Bach fugue cascaded lightly across the terrace, masking any other noises. Between the house andp 300 GT 1962
a minor advance guard, one of many similar arms reaching across the plain. The true centre had not yet emerged, butp 300 GT 1962
appeared on top of the second crest, and swarmed down across the plain. What astounded Axel was the incredible distance itp 300 GT 1962
they walked down to the lake, the Countess's dress rustling across the cool turf, he tried to decide whether to pickp 301 GT 1962
final crest, and occasionally the sounds of their voices carried across to him, interspersed with cries of anger and the crackingp 301 GT 1962
of its overall direction. Rather, each one blindly moved forward across the ground directly below the heels of the person inp 302 GT 1962
counting the six columns in the portico, then gazed out across the lawn at the silver disc of the lake, itsp 302 GT 1962
and at the shadows moving between the tall trees, lengthening across the crisp turf. He lingered over the bridge where hep 302 GT 1962
Axel!‘ she cried. Like a sword, the darkness swooped down across them. Heaving and swearing, the outer edges of the mobp 303 GT 1962
crumbled, and the main section of the mob cut straight across the lawn, by-passing the gutted villa, but one or twop 303 GT 1962
outside Alexandria he picked up the coast road that ran across the top of the continent through Tunis and Algiers top 289 IO 1962
Tunis -- Casablanca -- Atlantic City,‘ Gregory shouted back, reaching across to the passenger door. She swung a yellow briefcase behindp 289 IO 1962
Naturally.‘ The colonel gazed down at Gregory's possessions spread out across the bedcover, idly poked the black medical bag. ‘She askedp 292 IO 1962
last three years who could argue otherwise?‘ Gregory looked out across the terrace at the traffic whirling over the neon-lit cobblesp 293 IO 1962
dark-bearded youth in faded cotton slacks and rope sandals stepped across the terrace and put his hands on their table. Hisp 294 IO 1962
to toss a bomb at Bortman.‘ Suddenly he propelled himself across the room, before Gregory could stop him was out onp 295 IO 1962
pressed the starter, sent a roar of dust and exhaust across the compound. ‘I'm going to kill Bortman,‘ he said quietlyp 296 IO 1962
city, its six huge jets blaring. As the noise hammered across him, Forbis pulled himself to his feet and lowered hisp 406 M99 1962
the small man suddenly reached up and cut him sharply across the neck with the edge of his right hand, stunningp 409 M99 1962
knees. Working swiftly, he ignored the broad shadow which reached across the roof to him from the doorway. He carefully fastenedp 409 M99 1962
all evening, and Margot's voice threw vivid sparks of irritation across the wails and ceiling. Grey and mottled, they would takep 339 PE 1962
away through the vents over her head and pumped out across the echoing rooftops of the midnight city. As he satp 340 PE 1962
distance, by the space-port, the ascending arcs of hyperliners flared across the sky while below the countless phosphorescent trajectories of hop-cabsp 340 PE 1962
dark olive complexion and swarthy good looks, and oil gleamed across his bare chest and arms. Margot watched with malicious amusementp 341 PE 1962
jet-ball but Margot turned away, feeling her swim-suit slide pleasantly across her smooth tanned skin. The suit was made of onep 341 PE 1962
today.‘ He switched on the star-map and spread his hands across the glimmering screen of stars and nebulae. ‘Now the questionp 344 PE 1962
and made his way out, cursing Clifford and walking warily across the thickly piled carpet in case it had been minedp 345 PE 1962
tall slim woman appeared from behind the foliage and sauntered across the terrace to him. She was a Canopan slave, hot-housedp 346 PE 1962
man started feeding sand in furiously, the exhaust flames flaring across the terrace. Quickly, Tony turned and backed up the stairwayp 346 PE 1962
slumped down in a sofa and tossed a thick folder across to Clifford. ‘Take your pick. You've got about 250 schemesp 346 PE 1962
Startled, Clifford saw the column of cars and trucks churn across the gravel towards the villa. Music, throbbing heavily, came downp 351 PE 1962
raging in the drive. Heavy black pails of smoke drifted across the terrace, and two tanks with stylized archers emblazoned onp 351 PE 1962
down on his knees, Margot flopped out of his arms across the floor. Someone swayed up to Clifford and held outp 352 PE 1962
in the car, partly shielded by the rhododendrons. He ran across to the entrance and switched the place on (all thep 305 TDS 1962
side and the master bedroom on the other, spanned out across the magnolias on the far side of the drive. Betweenp 309 TDS 1962
make tolerable static homes. ‘It's not bad,‘ I admitted, looking across the powder-blue water as Stamers piled on the superlatives. Throughp 309 TDS 1962
repose in the image of herself (‘The Ice Face‘) projected across the globe for the previous fifteen years. Perhaps in thep 311 TDS 1962
a curious silence in the darkened room. I was stretched across the bed, one hand around the neck of the decanterp 317 TDS 1962
move my head, watching the unoccupied pressure zone move quickly across the room towards the bed, its motion shadowed by ap 318 TDS 1962
door on the other side of the room. I dived across to it, clambering over the tilting bed, but the flowingp 318 TDS 1962
diameter. Thick veins, as broad as my arm, were knotting across its surface, crushing the endboards of the bedstead. I raisedp 318 TDS 1962
to the surface of the ceiling, and let it play across the opaque fluoglass. Immediately it began to fizz and bubblep 318 TDS 1962
leaned against the dented wall and let the spray pour across my face from the sprinkler jets. Around me, its wingsp 319 TDS 1962
The house can't hear you. It's switched off.‘ We wandered across the churned gravel and waded through the water which layp 319 TDS 1962
well-defined sphere, but a wide expanding ellipse that fanned out across the eastern horizon like a colossal fire-ball, its reflection turningp 7 DW 1962
over the creek dispersed, and a vicious miniature tornado lashed across the 60-feet-high plants, toppling them like matchsticks. Then, as abruptlyp 8 DW 1962
with a gigantic dorsal fin which had been seen cruising across one of the lagoons, in all respects indistinguishable from thep 9 DW 1962
the unit's medical officer. Many of the people they came across required immediate hospitalisation before being flown out in the helicopterp 12 DW 1962
was carefully sweeping away the heavy fronds and vines strewn across it. None of the three other men tried to helpp 12 DW 1962
the wire cage of the cutter, and giant bats raced across the heating water towards their eyries in the ruined buildingsp 13 DW 1962
said automatically. He was holding an empty glass, and walked across the room, intending to put it on the bar, insteadp 15 DW 1962
swirling behind the cutter, they set off from the hotel across the lagoon. Golden waves glimmered up into the boiling airp 16 DW 1962
off his peaked cap and rubbed his forehead, then shouted across the mounting roar of the two outboard diesels: ‘If Beatricep 16 DW 1962
another reason why we've got to get out.‘ He glanced across at the tall lonely figure of Sergeant Macready at thep 16 DW 1962
Its sonar confused by the labyrinth of giant webs spun across the inlet by the colonies of wolf spiders, it missedp 18 DW 1962
the staircases to their former vantage points, piled three deep across each other. Without the reptiles, the lagoons and the creeksp 18 DW 1962
settled behind them as he and Riggs moved slowly northward across Europe, leaving one city after another, the miasmic vegetation swampingp 19 DW 1962
blades of the helicopter on its roof throwing brilliant lances across the smaller white-painted hull of the biological testing water atp 20 DW 1962
buildings and it was pleasantly cool behind the breaking spray. Across the lagoon he could see the portly bare-chested figure ofp 23 DW 1962
the flapping fronds of the fern trees, driving the iguanas across the rooftops. Beatrice brought a drink from the bar andp 27 DW 1962
deeps. ‘Beatrice.‘ She looked up at him as he walked across to her, a light frown crossing her eyes. ‘What's thep 29 DW 1962
through the screen hatch he looked back over his shoulder across the lagoon, and caught a brief glimpse through the heatp 30 DW 1962
minutes later and found the base six hundred yards away across a widening interval of flat water he had felt likep 31 DW 1962
the helicopter on the roof of the base, looking out across the silent lagoon -- and then took advantage of anp 34 DW 1962
and running his fingers, like a blind man reading Braille, across the glass display cases with their few mounted butterflies andp 35 DW 1962
the water, then tautening it and cascading a brief shower across their shoulders. Bodkin cursed under his breath, but they werep 39 DW 1962
buildings, they would see countless reflections of the sun move across the surface in huge sheets of fire, like the blazingp 39 DW 1962
counters. Clumps of dried air-weed and red kelp were encrusted across the bitumened plates of the pontoon, shrivelled and burnt byp 39 DW 1962
is the classic example -- even a paper silhouette drawn across a cage sends it rushing frantically for cover. And howp 42 DW 1962
by the jetty Riggs held an informal conference with Macready across the gangway. Several times he pointed to the testing stationp 44 DW 1962
in a pair of white latex shorts, the sunlight expanding across the dark water bathing his lean ebony body. Overhead thep 46 DW 1962
Beatrice's apartment block. Intermittently the roar of the helicopter dinned across the water as it carried out its tarmac check, andp 48 DW 1962
Colonel, who picked up an electric megaphone and walked forwards across the roof. ‘KER-ANS!! DOC-TOR KER-ANS!!‘ Giant fragments of the amplifiedp 51 DW 1962
as the helicopter rose from its pedestal and lifted diagonally across the lagoon. ‘You'd better get dressed or out of sightp 51 DW 1962
shadow of the helicopter filled the patio, the downdraught fanning across their shoulders. ‘But what's happened, Robert? Why is Riggs sop 51 DW 1962
shielded his head from the engine roar and stared out across the green-ringed lagoons stretching towards the horizon, a sudden spasmp 51 DW 1962
lagoons, eventually joining the six hundred-yard-wide channels which broadened outwards across the former suburbs of the city. Everywhere the silt encroachedp 52 DW 1962
Five hundred feet below the shadow of the helicopter raced across the mottled green surface of the water, and he focusedp 52 DW 1962
launches, cruising down an open channel, its white wake fading across the glass sheet of the water. Blocked by the urbanp 54 DW 1962
Riggs opened his map wallet and spread the polythene print across the cabin floor. Resting his elbows on the edge ofp 54 DW 1962
Doctor. Why should Hardman choose to travel south?‘ Looking out across the water again, Kerans replied in a flat voice: ‘Colonelp 56 DW 1962
two faint parallel lines, about six feet apart, that led across to the jutting roof of an almost submerged balcony. Asp 57 DW 1962
away the silt, then traced out the code number painted across the bow. ‘UNAF 22-H-549 -- that's us, sir. The dropp 58 DW 1962
look-out from the south-west end; Caldwell, you work your way across to the north. Keep an eye on both sides, hep 59 DW 1962
Focused by the crescent of buildings, the sounds echoed away across the swamps and creeks, booming distantly over the great emptyp 59 DW 1962
thin breeze. Kerans leaned against the wall, the sweat pouring across his back and chest, temples thudding from the exertion ofp 60 DW 1962
a litter of worm-eaten dust and timbers, and he stepped across it to the wide french windows over-looking the balcony. Ap 61 DW 1962
they had sailed off to a last carillon of chimes across the water. For nights afterwards, in his dreams, Kerans hadp 61 DW 1962
his heavy arms loosely at his sides. Black mud caked across his wrists and forehead, and clogged his boots and thep 62 DW 1962
the water!‘ Thirty yards away, Hardman was dragging the catamaran across the caking mass of silt, the tow-rope over his shouldersp 63 DW 1962
the soft silt along the water's edge, the carbine held across his chest. As he sank up to his waist hep 64 DW 1962
Wilson swayed, and before Kerans could steady him Hardman leaned across the catamaran, the big Colt .45 in his hand, andp 64 DW 1962
the dazzling air, and with a short cry Wilson fell across the carbine, then rolled back clutching a bloodied elbow, hisp 64 DW 1962
from there. Doctor --‘ Kerans ignored him. He advanced slowly across the cracked flagstones, both forearms up over his eyes, andp 65 DW 1962
or entranced. Stepping away from the fountain, Hardman moved slowly across the square, in and out of the shifting curtains ofp 67 DW 1962
steps, shielding his eyes from the glare, and pointed off across the silt flat with his Thompson. Riggs followed him, hatlessp 67 DW 1962
sky so that to Kerans he seemed to be walking across dunes of white-hot ash into the very mouth of thep 67 DW 1962
escape he made no comment. Kerans‘ catamaran was still moored across the lagoon, so he decided to spend the night inp 68 DW 1962
disc of the lagoon. Dense palls of opaque gas swirled across the sky only a few hundred feet overhead, through whichp 69 DW 1962
a gigantic sun. Booming distantly, it sent dull glows pulsing across the lagoon, momentarily lighting the long limestone cliffs which hadp 69 DW 1962
the surrounding medium dissolving, and he swam forwards, spreading outwards across the black thudding water ... He woke in the suffocating metalp 69 DW 1962
himself together. He went out onto the deck and looked across the slack water of the lagoon at the distant spirep 70 DW 1962
the helicopter co-pilot, was standing motionless by the rail, staring across the cool early morning water. Perhaps he too had justp 72 DW 1962
had been terrifying. He remembered the iguanas braying and lunging across the steps of the museum. Just as the distinction betweenp 72 DW 1962
he could see the glimmering surface of the lake dapple across the dark underhang of the table. Opposite him Bodkin appearedp 73 DW 1962
time. Thank you for calling.‘ As the cutter moved off across the lagoon he went back to his chair. For ap 74 DW 1962
his chair. For a few minutes the two men stared across the table at each other, the insects outside bouncing offp 74 DW 1962
soundless on the metal plates. A white midnight sky hung across the dark surface of the lagoon, a few stationary clumpsp 75 DW 1962
and glassware in the laboratory, and a frothy stain spread across the water from a submerged window by one of thep 76 DW 1962
the water. Paddling slowly, the outboard shipped, they glided off across the black water, soon disappearing among the dark blue shadowsp 77 DW 1962
the lagoon. As the down-draught from its blades fanned furiously across the swimming pool, tearing at the striped awning of thep 77 DW 1962
as he bellowed into an electric megaphone. Beatrice Dahl ran across to Kerans from her observation post at the far endp 77 DW 1962
Riggs finished and the helicopter leaned backwards and soared away across the lagoon, taking the noise and vibration with it. Keransp 77 DW 1962
Kerans pulled his reluctant body from his bed and stumbled across the books scattered on the floor. He kicked back thep 81 DW 1962
front of him as the craft hit the broad swells across the lagoon, so that it plunged and dived like ap 81 DW 1962
a spirited team. Hidden by the calamites which now spilled across the balcony -- the effort of cutting them back hadp 81 DW 1962
the water into ragged red umbrellas, the fragments spitting down across the shore. In a final lunge of energy, its enginesp 81 DW 1962
for the submerged world of his childhood. Once Kerans came across him resting on an oar in the stern of hisp 83 DW 1962
Droves of bats erupted into the air and scattered frantically across the lagoon, their screeching masked by the accelerating turbines ofp 85 DW 1962
paint peeling from the giant dragon eyes and teeth slashed across their bows. Manned by a dozen dusky-skinned figures in whitep 85 DW 1962
The propellers kicked into life and lifted the hydroplane forward across the water. Its sharp planes ploughing straight across the haplessp 86 DW 1962
hydroplane forward across the water. Its sharp planes ploughing straight across the hapless creatures in their path, it drove away towardsp 86 DW 1962
abuse at them, and the mingled grunts and curses drifted across the steaming air. ‘But tell me, Doctor,‘ Strangman pressed, apparentlyp 89 DW 1962
The bare-chested negro in the peaked cap appeared, sweat rilling across his powerful muscles. He was about six feet in heightp 91 DW 1962
be able to enter without difficulty. As the sunlight rose across the water Kerans gazed down into the green translucent depthsp 97 DW 1962
then tested the semicircular ribs of the building, pulling themselves across the dome by the cracks in the surface. After theirp 99 DW 1962
third sailor descended, with suit and line. He clumped slowly across the cloudy floor of the street below, the thin lightp 99 DW 1962
out of his suit, water streaming off his copper skin across the deck. As he barked his questions he noticed Bodkinp 100 DW 1962
and Kerans whispering to each other. Brows knitting, he stalked across the deck to where they were sitting, watching them suspiciouslyp 100 DW 1962
the two hinges parted easily, the door gliding away gracefully across the floor like a paper sail. Pausing to free hisp 105 DW 1962
the air hissed reassuringly through his helmet, Kerans moved forward across the empty room. A few shelves sagged from one wallp 106 DW 1962
voice, closer than the whisper of his own consciousness, cut across his panic. ‘Kerans, you fool ...!‘ ‘Sorry, Strangman.‘ Kerans pulled himselfp 106 DW 1962
exploding, he tripped over one of the steps, fell awkwardly across the seats with a gentle ballooning motion. As the spotlightp 108 DW 1962
seats with a gentle ballooning motion. As the spotlight flared across the domed ceiling, illuminating the huge vacant womb for thep 108 DW 1962
the chamber flood in upon him. He lay back, spreadeagled across the steps, his hand pressed numbly against the loop ofp 108 DW 1962
drifted. Giant waves, infinitely slow and enveloping, broke and fell across the sunless beaches of the time-sea, washing him helplessly inp 108 DW 1962
him, at the watchful ebony face of the Admiral sitting across his legs and pumping his chest in his huge handsp 109 DW 1962
stop ...‘ Bodkin stepped forward with Kerans‘ jacket and draped it across his shoulders. ‘Easy, Robert, it doesn't matter now. Actually, I'mp 109 DW 1962
stony eyes, waiting for something to happen. As he rode across the lagoon to the paddle-ship that evening, Kerans speculated onp 115 DW 1962
before Kerans could press him a megaphone jabbed at them across the water from the bridge of the depot ship. Strangmanp 115 DW 1962
broke surface, a blunted rectangle smothered with weeds and algae, across which slithered a few desperate fish. Immediately half a dozenp 118 DW 1962
their ledges, fucus draped from the straggling wires that sagged across the roadways. Already the lagoon had vanished. As they sankp 119 DW 1962
to be a large open square, they were now looking across a diffuse straggle of rooftops, punctuated by eroded chimneys andp 119 DW 1962
the Admiral watched with dry amusement, the fading light glinting across his bare chest like a gong. Two or three menp 120 DW 1962
a huge pumping system. Then the rooftops obscured their view across the interval, and the people on the deck were lookingp 120 DW 1962
remained. Behind them the shadow of an office block fell across the deck, drawing a diagonal curtain of darkness over thep 121 DW 1962
need the lagoon.‘ ‘Well, we could leave and move south across the silt flats. What do you think, Alan?‘ Bodkin shookp 122 DW 1962
pounding a drum-beat on the rail the Admiral rowed Strangman across the shallow pool to the fountain in the centre ofp 122 DW 1962
lip of an extinct volcanic cone, Kerans led the way across the pavement to the nearest buildings. They stood in thep 123 DW 1962
of the huge cinemas, sea urchins and cucumbers flickering faintly across the tiled floor, sand dollars flowering in the former ticketp 123 DW 1962
into a doorway as Strangman and his pack charged back across the square in a blaze of light and noise, machetesp 124 DW 1962
the flaring tinder. Avoiding these, the trio made their way across the nexus of streets to the south shore of thep 124 DW 1962
down the escalators below the office blocks into sluggish pools across the street. Even the smallest of the buildings had beenp 125 DW 1962
and a makeshift clutter of steel screens and grilles collapsed across the doorways, hiding whatever might lie behind them. Everything wasp 125 DW 1962
his terrors and enigmas. Sponges and red kelp sagged limply across the sidewalk outside the entrance as they approached, picking theirp 125 DW 1962
over the ticket booths and the stairway to the mezzanine, across the walls and door-panels. No longer the velvet mantle hep 125 DW 1962
the gateway to a sewer. Kerans began to walk forwards across the foyer, remembering the deep twilight bower of the auditoriump 125 DW 1962
strange zodiac. Then he felt the dark fluid tilling out across the mud between his feet, like the leaking blood-stream ofp 126 DW 1962
Suddenly there was a roar of gunfire, the flames stabbing across the roadway. Flares held above their heads, a group ofp 126 DW 1962
orbit of protection, and the evening after Bodkin's disappearance leaned across the cushions to say: ‘Alan's gone. Old Bodkin. Did hep 129 DW 1962
small square figure of Dr. Bodkin, picking his way slowly across the wooden barrage that held back the creek waters outsidep 131 DW 1962
with the exception of Beatrice and Kerans everyone raced off across the square. Shotguns slammed left and right, and Bodkin pausedp 131 DW 1962
wall star-shells were bursting into the air, spitting magnesium fragments across the roadway. Strangman and the Admiral were leaping up ap 131 DW 1962
wave Big Caesar on when a sudden intention tremor flickered across his right cheek. He slapped at it with his openp 132 DW 1962
Kerans‘ face, and hard palms began to pound a drum-beat across the back of his neck. The Feast of Skulls ‘Thep 133 DW 1962
leapt down from the fountain as the tumbril cart swerved across the cobbled square. Propelled by six sweating, bare-chested sailors bentp 134 DW 1962
edge of the dais and tipped its white gleaming cargo across the boards at Kerans‘ feet. Immediately a chanting circle formedp 134 DW 1962
ribs and vertebrae, even two lolling skulls. The light flickered across their bald pates and winked in the empty eye socketsp 134 DW 1962
by the corridor of statues which led towards the throne across the square. The dancers had formed themselves into a longp 135 DW 1962
universes crystallised Out of the continuum by the immense heat. Across his skin the air burned like a flame. He staredp 137 DW 1962
shafts of the tumbril, throwing it from left to right across the square and knocking down two of the statues. Amidp 138 DW 1962
side. Torn from its mooring, the throne was flung half-way across the street into a low mud bank. Kerans lay facep 139 DW 1962
below the throne, he rose uncertainly to his feet, stumbled across the sidewalk and leaned against the wall, his head poundingp 140 DW 1962
Kerans drew himself back behind the pillar, then tiptoed quickly across the street towards a narrow alleyway that ran off intop 141 DW 1962
its rear leading to a fire escape that trailed off across the lower roofs into the jungle beyond, finally swallowed byp 141 DW 1962
water which had condensed from the afternoon heat mists lay across the plastic floors, and after climbing the central stairwell Keransp 141 DW 1962
the iguanas retreated before them. Kerans paused before paddling out across the exposed face of the derelict bank adjacent to thep 143 DW 1962
lip, and enormous stars of frosted glass and silverscreen burst across the mirror like frozen explosions. Stepping over the litter, Keransp 143 DW 1962
in one hand and machete in the other, lurching off across the square. The cobbles were littered with burst cushions andp 145 DW 1962
behind it. A fan of light from the hatchway lay across the deck. Crouching down, the Colt steady in his handp 146 DW 1962
her lips. ‘Beatrice!‘ With a start she tipped the wine across her lap, looked up in surprise. Pushing back the beadsp 148 DW 1962
up in surprise. Pushing back the beads, Kerans stepped quickly across the room, caught her elbow as she began to risep 148 DW 1962
one of the occasional tables, knocking a chest of jewels across the floor. Before Kerans could reach her the curtain wasp 149 DW 1962
Overhead a voice shouted from the bridge, and footsteps hurried across the deck to the rail. Kerans stopped, looking down atp 149 DW 1962
crouched under the hull of the depot ship, then darted across the square to the nearest street. Half-way there Kerans lookedp 150 DW 1962
Robert! Look!‘ In front of them, stretched arm to arm across the full width of the street, another group approached, ap 150 DW 1962
man next to him. Changing direction, Kerans pulled Beatrice diagonally across the square, but the first group had fanned out andp 150 DW 1962
barely steady the revolver. ‘Kerans ...‘ Strangman's cool, ironic voice drifted across the square. He advanced at a relaxed amble, just withinp 151 DW 1962
of the crew were shambling backwards in the general melee across the square, but a couple of them, still holding theirp 152 DW 1962
Strangman, that will do very nicely.‘ Riggs rapped his baton across the Admiral's chest and forced him back. Completely disconcerted byp 152 DW 1962
to place his aquiline features, like a face dimly remembered across the span of a lifetime. ‘You all right, sir?‘ Macreadyp 152 DW 1962
really should have come north with us.‘ Kerans nodded, looking across the office at the machete scars sliced into the woodworkp 154 DW 1962
if his image were being projected into the testing station across enormous distances of time and space by some elaborate three-dimensionalp 155 DW 1962
his revulsion for Strangman. She was looking over her shoulder across the square, a small frown for a moment hiding thep 158 DW 1962
a last look at the lagoon. The black water surged across it through the buildings, level with the top line ofp 161 DW 1962
through the gashes in the hull as it was driven across the sharp reefs of the half-submerged cornices. Kerans watched itp 161 DW 1962
made a steady two or three miles an hour tacking across the light southerly breeze. His leg had begun to stiffenp 162 DW 1962
one leg by the mast, letting the torrential bursts rain across his chest and strip away the ragged fabric of hisp 164 DW 1962
he reached the shore it was dusk, the shadows sweeping across the huge grey slopes. Limping through the shallows, he beachedp 164 DW 1962
a sunken building loomed through the foliage, the rain beating across it. But the evidence of any man-made structures was increasinglyp 165 DW 1962
descent into the phantasmagoric forest continued, the rain sweeping relentlessly across his face and shoulders. Sometimes it would stop abruptly, andp 166 DW 1962
place of stones were silent and motionless, the rain streaming across the cracks in the collapsing walls. ‘Aah-ah!‘ This time thep 167 DW 1962
beard covered most of his face, and the rain poured across his hollowed but jutting jaw, which was raised to thep 167 DW 1962
one side against his stone pillow. Flies began to swarm across the ground and buzzed over his streaming cheeks. Kerans bentp 168 DW 1962
Again last night, as the dusk air began to move across the desert from Lagoon West, I heard fragments of musicp 395 TSS 1962
her sunglasses I could see the curious shadow that fell across it, numbing the smooth white skin. There was a deadp 397 TSS 1962
it. Taking the beach road around the lagoon, I looked across at the Goalen mansion, an abstract summer palace that remindedp 399 TSS 1962
volume and coughed loudly into the hand-mike. The sound boomed across the open terrace like an artillery blank. The old cronep 400 TSS 1962
Lunora to reply, but she ignored me and stared out across the lagoon. Within a few seconds her personality had changedp 400 TSS 1962
upper terrace illuminating the outlines of my statue. Stepping carefully across the fused silica, I made my way slowly towards itp 401 TSS 1962
the last visit I watched her sleeping until dawn rose across the desert. I fled down the stairway and across thep 402 TSS 1962
rose across the desert. I fled down the stairway and across the sand, hiding among the cold pools of shadow wheneverp 402 TSS 1962
clenched the tape tightly in my hand while I walked across the lake, looking up at the rectangular outline of thep 402 TSS 1962
at me. It was Lunora's chauffeur. Startled, I moved away across the sand. In the moonlight the chauffeur's white face flickeredp 402 TSS 1962
the end of the terrace. Lunora was stretched out awkwardly across it, her hair disarrayed. She sat up irritably as Mmep 402 TSS 1962
and wing collar, who usually loitered outside the library, came across the street to Renthall and backed into the shadows besidep 373 WT 1962
rose, went over to the window and drew the curtains across. ‘Charles, don't. I can't see.‘ ‘Read it later,‘ Renthall toldp 375 WT 1962
Osmond nodded vaguely, unfastened the french windows and ambled forwards across the veranda into full view of the watch-towers, the glassyp 375 WT 1962
was about to change the subject when Hanson leaned forward across the table. ‘Perhaps not, but I gather there was somep 376 WT 1962
pull them together.‘ He gazed up thoughtfully at the watch-tower across the street. Shadows circulated behind the frosted panes of thep 377 WT 1962
and the watch-towers takes place?‘ Renthall pointed to the watch-tower across the street from the cabin. The shuttered observation tier hungp 385 WT 1962
to rationalize this unforeseen development. The next day he came across his second case. Boardman surveyed the dingy room distastefully, puzzledp 390 WT 1962
edge of the waste ground, he heard feet shuffle slowly across the rubble, and saw the elderly man in the shabbyp 394 WT 1962
to the nearest watch-tower fifty feet above him, and gazed across at the hundreds of towers that hung from the clearp 394 WT 1962
with him seemed to be impossible. Abruptly he sat forward across the board, his eyes searching Malek's. ‘You alone know thep 506 EG 1963
as he examined the board, aware of Malek's bulky presence across the pieces, this would imply that they had completely misjudgedp 507 EG 1963
were interrupted by the sharp movement of Malek's left hand across the board, followed by a guttural grunt. Surprised by thep 508 EG 1963
bulky suiting. But for a moment, when he had leaned across the board, Constantin had seen the powerful extension and flexionp 508 EG 1963
was preparing lunch. Constantin listened to his shoes squeaking faintly across the unpolished floor, then irritably cleared the pieces off thep 510 EG 1963
chair with his long arms, and then took his place across the board. For a moment he scrutinized Constantin with ap 511 EG 1963
nexus of the villa. Above him, Malek's measured tread moved across the ceiling to the head of the staircase. He pausedp 514 EG 1963
about to be buried alive.‘ Malek managed a thin smile across the chess pieces. ‘Of course, Mr Constantin, it is possiblep 519 EG 1963
reason. I hardly knew the patient.‘ Dr Mellinger bent forwards across the desk. ‘That is exactly what I meant, Doctor. Top 523 MO 1963
the querulous cries of the patients demanding their breakfasts drifted across the warm, insulated air. Fortunately the walls were thick, andp 525 MO 1963
groves of rhododendrons, the sounds of search and pursuit echoed across the grounds. Opening the file on his desk, Dr Mellingerp 525 MO 1963
of the file to his fingers, Dr Mellinger carried it across to the fireplace. Averting his face, he listened with ap 525 MO 1963
case, one of the most unusual I have ever come across. It concerns a patient under your care, I believe.‘ ‘Mayp 526 MO 1963
same amorphous features.‘ Unclasping his hands, Dr Mellinger leaned intently across his desk. ‘What I am suggesting, Doctor, is that thisp 527 MO 1963
away the waves plunged and boiled, sluicing in and out across the pavement. Foam seethed through the picket fences, and thep 472 NWS 1963
brine. Off-shore the deeper swells of the open sea rode across the roofs of the submerged houses, the white-caps cleft byp 472 NWS 1963
the sea moved a few yards nearer, a hissing guillotine across the empty lawns. For half an hour Mason watched thep 472 NWS 1963
the lines of houses in the moonlight. Mason ran forwards across the expiring bubbles, but the sea shrank away from himp 472 NWS 1963
end of the road as a last glow was carried across the sky beyond the spire of the church. Exhausted, Masonp 472 NWS 1963
immense liquid locker as he watched the luminous waves break across the roof-tops. Despite this paradox, it was his complete convictionp 474 NWS 1963
the window and gone out to find the sea rolling across the neighbourhood streets and houses. At first she had merelyp 474 NWS 1963
the library, overlaying his memories of the dark waves rolling across the midnight streets. What sustained Mason was his conviction thatp 475 NWS 1963
Miriam lay asleep in the armchair, a bar of moonlight across her throat. His bare feet soundless on the pavement, Masonp 475 NWS 1963
on the pavement, Mason ran towards the waves. He stumbled across the glistening tideline as one of the breakers struck withp 476 NWS 1963
Mason felt the cold brilliant water, seething with animalcula, spurt across his chest and shoulders, slacken and then withdraw, sucked likep 476 NWS 1963
clinging to him like a drowned animal, Mason stared out across the sea. In the moonlight the white houses advanced intop 476 NWS 1963
he leaned against a fence as the cold foam cut across his legs, pulling him with its undertow. Illuminated by thep 476 NWS 1963
the study and stared at the morning haze which lay across the rooftops, a soft lake of opacity that followed thep 477 NWS 1963
of the waves turned towards him. Waist-high, the sea pounded across the lawn in a whirlpool. Mason pulled off his jacketp 478 NWS 1963
water, the unbroken massif of the mato grosso which swept across the Amazonas from Campos Buros to the delta of thep 435 QR 1963
lot, hardly the noble savage.‘ Captain Pereira shrugged, looking away across the oily water, his plump sallow face mottled by thep 438 QR 1963
with his back to the fan, letting the air blow across his fading hair, carrying across to Connolly a sweet unsavouryp 439 QR 1963
fan, letting the air blow across his fading hair, carrying across to Connolly a sweet unsavoury odour of garlic and cheapp 439 QR 1963
had changed course, and was moving in a wide circle across the river, the current whispering in a tender rippling murmurp 440 QR 1963
the river, the current whispering in a tender rippling murmur across the hull. They made their way up onto the deckp 440 QR 1963
approached, the cutwater throwing a fine plume of white spray across the glassy swells, a few Indians appeared in the shadowsp 441 QR 1963
a group of tall broad-shouldered warriors with white markings notched across their arms and cheeks, but these Indians were puny andp 441 QR 1963
a gutter. Pereira was shielding his eyes from the sun, across whose inclining path they were now moving, searching the ramshacklep 441 QR 1963
gust of foul air into their faces, Connolly looked back across the open disc of water, into which the curving wakep 441 QR 1963
the overhanging roof shading it from the sunlight. Creepers trailed across from the surrounding foliage, involving it in the background ofp 443 QR 1963
out at a group of Indians who had advanced halfway across the compound. ‘My God, what next! The Moon pilot. Dop 444 QR 1963
Wait a moment, Lieutenant.‘ Pereira watched the dusk light fall across the jungle. ‘It's a remarkable coincidence, but there must bep 447 QR 1963
spears held among the grass, Connolly started to walk on across the clearing towards a breach in the palisade of treesp 450 QR 1963
monitor. The six meters were swinging wildly after the stampede across the clearing, and the Indians craned forward, their machetes andp 451 QR 1963
deaths, and with the endless vistas of dead trees leaning across the jungle paths radiating from the campong. After only twop 453 QR 1963
into life, with a series of tremendous whoops raced off across the campong, leading the stampede into the bush. Away inp 453 QR 1963
the door jump lightly against the latch, then walked quietly across the pier to the wooden steps. A few empty tobaccop 454 QR 1963
glass face and the dial beneath it were still intact. Across the centre was the legend: LUNAR ALTIMETER Miles: 100 GOLIATHp 456 QR 1963
over to the edge of the pier and looked out across the great back of the silent river at the giantp 457 QR 1963
hundred people were silently assembling along the shore-line, gazing out across the sea in front of them. Pelham found himself crackingp 432 RE 1963
eyes, points of retinal light began to arc and swerve across the sky in epileptic orbits. One of these, however, apparentlyp 433 RE 1963
however, apparently emerging from the western horizon, was moving steadily across the edge of his field of vision, boring dimly towardsp 433 RE 1963
people began to stand up, and chairs scraped and dragged across the floor. Several bottles toppled from one of the tablesp 433 RE 1963
brief bachelor moments. He decided to take a brisk walk across Hampstead Heath after lunch, returning in time to tidy everythingp 530 SA 1963
himself in the dressing-table mirror, lying like a trussed steer across the bed. Through the window he watched a small boyp 530 SA 1963
had been brought up in India, and remembered being rowed across a river by his father, the great placid back ofp 531 SA 1963
him until his adolescence. Yet the memory of being rowed across the Ganges had been extraordinarily strong. Trying to shake offp 531 SA 1963
a pretty red-haired receptionist looked up and smiled to him across her typewriter. Then he was outside in the street, obviouslyp 533 SA 1963
stood up and went over to the window, staring out across the Heath, then paced into the kitchen and savoured thep 533 SA 1963
surge of relief, Elliott slapped the newspaper and tossed it across the room. So this explained the two imaginary memories! Earlierp 534 SA 1963
around the lounge, listening to the rain sweep like hail across the windows. Within a few moments he knew that morep 534 SA 1963
Wait!‘ Elliott steadied himself against the window. The rain beat across the glazed panes. ‘My mistake. I meant Worthing 303 --p 535 SA 1963
signs of activity, the motion sculpture of concrete ribbon unfolding across the landscape. Twenty miles from Ciraquito, where the highway forksp 541 SG 1963
was compounded of illusion, the hulks of fabulous dreams drifting across it like derelict galleons. As we followed the road towardsp 542 SG 1963
previous afternoon, their zodiacal emblems flashing like serpents. We walked across to them through the hot sunlight. For the next hourp 542 SG 1963
pushing the screens along their intricate pathways, advancing and retreating across the smooth marble floor. No one watched us, but oncep 542 SG 1963
and tiered balconies of the summer-house could just be seen across the fused sand, jutting into the cerise evening sky likep 545 SG 1963
hear was the faint music of the sonic sculptures carried across the lake by the thermal rollers. It was to thisp 545 SG 1963
hours at least.‘ Leaving Raymond and Tony, I followed him across the huge marble squares. ‘Kanin keeps worrying about his leadingp 546 SG 1963
be painted. It all seems perfectly straightforward.‘ I looked back across the terrace to where we had seen the scorpion. ‘Ip 548 SG 1963
chords, interwoven by sharper, almost plaintive notes that drifted away across the still afternoon air towards the labyrinth of great hoardingsp 548 SG 1963
over her private world. I felt that I had strayed across the margins of a dream, on to an internal landscapep 549 SG 1963
of turquoise and carmine which bled away in horizontal layers across the air. Someone had rearranged the screens to form ap 549 SG 1963
rosework, was raised to the canopy of sunlight which cut across the upper edges of the screens. She wore a longp 550 SG 1963
You'd be a great adornment.‘ ‘A film?‘ Her voice cut across mine. ‘Listen. Are you sure they are for this filmp 550 SG 1963
to find her exhausting. Talking to her was like walking across a floor composed of blocks of varying heights, an analogyp 550 SG 1963
the screen game, moving the zodiacal emblems to and fro across the terrace. As I sat on the balustrade and watchedp 553 SG 1963
hidden behind the large Virgo at their centre, would move across the floor towards the lake, enclosed by the shifting patternp 553 SG 1963
the labyrinth of screens, and at the jewelled insects scattered across the terrace, sparkling on the dark marble like the reflectionp 554 SG 1963
darkness by the beach, the jewelled insects moved towards her across the terrace, their last light fading like a vanishing nightp 555 SG 1963
fractured parodies of their former song. ‘Paul!‘ Tony Sapphire pointed across the terrace. ‘What's going on? There's something --‘ Fifty yardsp 556 SG 1963
up, roused by his shout, Charles Van Stratten was running across the terrace. ‘Emerelda!‘ Before we could move he began top 556 SG 1963
Stratten. Hands raised helplessly to shield his head, he raced across the terrace, the armada of jewelled insects pursuing him, spinningp 557 SG 1963
jewelled scorpions crawled from below his chin and scuttled away across the sand. ‘Not him,‘ I said. ‘What he was shoutingp 557 SG 1963
covered long stretches of the roadway, and the dunes rolled across the open terraces, toppling the sculptures. These were silent nowp 558 SG 1963
up by the statues, echoing through the empty galleries and across the moonlit terraces, carried away to the mouths of thep 558 SG 1963
knew how to build roads. Eight-, ten-and twelve-lane expressways interlaced across the country, plunging from overhead causeways into the giant carp 414 SM 1963
then, as the headlamps of the Spot Bargainers swung up across the face of the building, he could see the massivep 417 SM 1963
as he came down the hospital steps. Franklin waved him across the court, then led the way quickly to his carp 419 SM 1963
half of one of the giant signs, workmen still crawling across its girders. The airlines over the city had deliberately beenp 420 SM 1963
swung on to the verge through the crowd and plunged across the damp grass. Police spilled from their doors, batons inp 424 SM 1963
early morning light the shadows of its rectangular superstructure fell across the garden, reaching almost to the steps of the frenchp 425 SM 1963
into the trim drive, the shadows of the signs swinging across the quiet neighbourhood as the day progressed, sweeping over thep 425 SM 1963
battered gold plate filched from the tombs, red wine spilling across the table from Bridges‘ tankard, he looked more like ap 459 TT 1963
his chair and lurched away around the table, pounding Shepley across the shoulders. ‘You come with us, kid. Tonight we'll findp 460 TT 1963
throwing a pale ruby glow over the gold drapes parting across the chancel. The air became curiously hazy and mottled. Withinp 463 TT 1963
with increasing rapidity, and a succession of vivid colours rippled across the surface of what appeared to be a cone ofp 463 TT 1963
his hand into the cone, the myriad vibration patterns racing across his wrist. For a moment he held the dead man'sp 464 TT 1963
the edge of the desk and the silver inkstand dappling across his sleeve. Then he stepped forward and walked straight throughp 464 TT 1963
as the cone contracted. Narrow bands of dead air appeared across it, one, at the level of the man's neck, decapitatingp 464 TT 1963
pavilion, the blue light from the dead man's suit pulsing across the sand like a soundless lightning storm. ‘Wait a minutep 464 TT 1963
in the moonlight, the brilliant colours of the persona flickering across Shepley's youthful cheeks. ‘I know how you feel, lad, butp 465 TT 1963
woman and the catafalque into the darkness. The wind swept across the dunes, throwing a fine spray of sand on top 465 TT 1963
gutted pavilions. Crossing the mono-rail, the car moved off slowly across the lake to the north-west, a low pall of dustp 466 TT 1963
the remainder of the drums. ‘Traxel! Traxel!‘ he bellowed, racing across the inner courtyard from the entrance to one of thep 467 TT 1963
them!‘ Traxel weighed the cans idly in his hands, glancing across at Shepley and the Old Man, on lookout duty byp 467 TT 1963
this tomb. There are plenty more.‘ The patterns of light across the sand dimmed and broke as Bridges plunged through thep 469 TT 1963
sand-car pointing up at them, and three more vehicles converging across the lake half a mile away. ‘The time-wardens!‘ Traxel shoutedp 470 TT 1963
picked up the tool bag and the two men raced across the slope towards the half-track, the Old Man hobbling afterp 470 TT 1963
and joined the highway which ran from the Vernon Gardens across the desert to Santa Vera and the coast. Vernon Gardensp 481 VH 1963
rusty strips, reared up from a pedestal among the tables. Across it was painted the cafe‘s name. ‘The Site Tychop 481 VH 1963
was reading a magazine. His high cerebrotonic forehead was marked across the temple by a ridge of pink tissue, which Wardp 482 VH 1963
really one of the most interesting documents I've ever come across.‘ ‘I'm afraid I have a closed mind when it comesp 484 VH 1963
of thousands of portholes ablaze with light, was soaring majestically across a brilliant backdrop of stars and spiral nebulae. Ward pickedp 485 VH 1963
to collect a case of slides which had followed him across the Atlantic, he had no intention of seeing Charles Kandinskip 485 VH 1963
impulse, Ward parked the car in the square and walked across to the Site Tycho, but as soon as Kandinski camep 486 VH 1963
snugly eaved houses, yew trees and children's bicycles. Spreading slowly across the roof-tops was an enormous pulpy nightmare, blocking out thep 486 VH 1963
towards him. Letting the light spray from the fountains fall across his face, Ward crossed the square towards his car. Awayp 490 VH 1963
omitted one of the moons?‘ Ward asked, his voice ringing across the gymnasium. Kandinski frowned and peered at Ward suspiciously. ‘Ip 492 VH 1963
him like a divining instrument, he set off on foot across the remaining three hundred yards. The contours around him werep 493 VH 1963
there was a round indentation, three feet deep and five across. The inner surface was glazed and smooth. It was shapedp 493 VH 1963
at the Air Force Weapons School begin their target runs across here. It might have been caused by a rogue cannonp 494 VH 1963
stood a few feet away from him, the sunlight breaking across the deep lines of his face. ‘Now I know whatp 494 VH 1963
cuban eights into the sun, the spiral vapour trails drifting across the sky like gigantic fragments of an apocalyptic message. Lookingp 495 VH 1963
supposed to have taken place.‘ As Cameron paused, Ward glanced across the tables for Kandinski, but a relief waiter served themp 497 VH 1963
culvert. Slinging his camera over one shoulder, he walked off across the hard ground into the mouth of a small valleyp 499 VH 1963
ridge he had climbed was U-shaped and about 200 feet across, its open end away from him. Resting on the sandyp 499 VH 1963
the way he had come, his great legs carrying him across the ruts and boulders, seized his bicycle from the culvertp 500 VH 1963
balcony and watched him run down the steps and disappear across the lawn into the darkness. As the wheels of thep 501 VH 1963
a mile behind him. Filling his lungs, he pushed on across the last hundred yards. Kandinski was still lying on thep 501 VH 1963
an hour later two fishermen in wading boots walked out across the sand. As their diminutive figures neared the recumbent bodyp 641 DG 1964
discretion deterred the spectators on the shore from wading out across the sand. Impatiently everyone stepped down from the dunes andp 641 DG 1964
in a rushing avalanche of shingle as everyone surged forward across the sand. As we approached the recumbent figure, which wasp 642 DG 1964
threads of damp sea-weed clinging to its sides. Draped loosely across the midriff, and preserving a tenuous propriety, was a shawlp 642 DG 1964
his arms and legs or circulating in a ceaseless melee across his chest and stomach. A large gang of youths occupiedp 643 DG 1964
picnicking and watching the groups of visitors who walked out across the sand. The successive tides had carried the giant nearerp 644 DG 1964
stepped out on to the broad promenade of the chest, across which the bony ridges of the ribcage lay like hugep 646 DG 1964
bloated appendages that had been subsequently amputated. As I looked across the road at the premises of the largest wholesale merchantsp 648 DG 1964
sit up in the stretcher-chair and find the snakes crawling across the beaches, almost as if they had materialized from hisp 628 DS 1964
weakly on one elbow, Gifford watched the last light fade across the winding causeways of the delta, taking with it ap 628 DS 1964
at least a few wisps of motion. Gazing for hours across the endless creeks and mud-banks, whose winding outlines became morep 630 DS 1964
the leg, sir?‘ ‘Just dandy.‘ Gifford had been staring Out across the delta. He noticed Lowry peering down at him withp 632 DS 1964
Gifford felt able to do little more than stare out across the mud-flats, almost unaware of the movement and arguments aroundp 634 DS 1964
lucid intervals that they move the camp half a mile across the plain into the shadow of the ridge, near thep 634 DS 1964
party halfway ...‘ Gifford shook his head, his eyes moving off across the bleached plain to the almost drained channels of thep 635 DS 1964
Richard Lowry. Looking down from one of the high terraces across the alluvial bench, the distant camp would seem like ap 636 DS 1964
thousands of them, reaching beyond the margins of the beach across the open ground towards the camp. During the afternoon, atp 636 DS 1964
climbed the crests of the beaches and were spreading thickly across the margins of the plain, their white backs exposed top 637 DS 1964
out over the delta. ‘I help you, doctor.‘ Labouring slowly across the sand, Gifford steadied himself on the head-boy's arm. Afterp 638 DS 1964
and packed away, Gifford felt too tired to look out across the delta. The snakes never appeared until the early afternoonp 638 DS 1964
glancing around his bandaged eyes like nervous doves. She peered across the lawn to the river bank. ‘Try not to thinkp 650 GTN 1964
birds settled again, and Judith took a few hesitant steps across the lawn, her dim form interrupting the even circle ofp 650 GTN 1964
gradually recede to brilliant pinpoints, shining above a veiled landscape across which dim forms moved like animals over an African veldtp 651 GTN 1964
noise of the gulls and Judith's to and fro movements across the garden distracted him. ‘Bye, darling! See you later!‘ Maitlandp 652 GTN 1964
Richard! What is it?‘ He heard his wife's hurried footsteps across the lawn, and then felt her hands steadying his ownp 654 GTN 1964
ten-fold, transforming the thin pinpoint of light which had burrowed across the night sky for so many faithful years into ap 607 IM 1964
talk to him, but he smiled briefly and looked away across the water. I assumed that he was one of thep 608 IM 1964
bars of livid yellow and carmine light that bled away across the surface of the Water, so that the whole scenep 609 IM 1964
astonishment. Clasping the seat in front of him, he leaned across the rail, the white fabric of his suit transformed intop 610 IM 1964
yards of the prismatic jungle, the hatchwork of coloured bars across our clothes transforming us into a boatload of harlequins. Therep 610 IM 1964
people to go -- the houses were empty, shutters sealed across the windows, and soldiers paced in pairs past the closedp 611 IM 1964
ascent, swinging sideways through the air, and then moved away across the forest roof, its churning blades apparently gaining little purchasep 613 IM 1964
coloured light had vanished, and a dim amber gloom moved across the trees, shadowing the sequinned lawns. Simultaneously it had becomep 614 IM 1964
of the trees, and then extended in a sudden sweep across the roadway. My eyes smarted with pain, and I brushedp 614 IM 1964
than the crystal teeth of the lawn. Suddenly I came across what was unmistakably a jewelled rowing boat sat solidly intop 616 IM 1964
into a frozen posture, I climbed the bank and limped across the lawn to the mansion, whose fairy towers loomed abovep 616 IM 1964
up a cluster of the vitreous grains, then scattered them across the floor like smashed marbles. ‘You and I will bep 617 IM 1964
the veranda, the bearded man made off like a hare across the river, bent almost double as he darted over thep 619 IM 1964
way off. The forest's changing all the time.‘ He pointed across the river. ‘What about Marquand? Where did you meet himp 619 IM 1964
me, and spilled several handfuls of red and blue gem-stones across the counterpane. Rubies and sapphires of many sizes, they glitteredp 620 IM 1964
feverish heat. ‘Shelley, thank you ...‘ The girl's free hand scuttled across the counterpane to the stones. Her child-like face had becomep 620 IM 1964
a causeway of frozen gas that might have soared high across the Milky Way. Forced to leave it when the surfacep 621 IM 1964
their cornices ornamented with countless spires and gargoyles, linked together across the roads by the expanding tracery. A frozen wind movedp 622 IM 1964
of a jewellery store. Handfuls of looted stones were scattered across the pavement, ruby and emerald rings, topaz brooches and pendantsp 622 IM 1964
and then began to scoop together the few jewels scattered across the floor. Stuffing them into my empty pockets, he pulledp 623 IM 1964
As his luminous wake faded I heard his voice echoing across the frosted air, the plaintive words jewelled and ornamented likep 626 IM 1964
figures that seemed to swirl up into the distant sky across the Place of Bones, transforming the whole image of thep 575 LL 1964
have not been disturbed, nor have the two infra-red beams across its face been broken. Gentlemen, I assure you it isp 577 LL 1964
and revise them. Now there is a theory.‘ I looked across at Georg, waiting for him to reply. He was noddingp 581 LL 1964
physical universe.‘ For a moment we stared at each other across the desk. ‘All right,‘ I temporized, not wishing to offendp 583 LL 1964
face reminded me of Ahasuerus. Just then I looked up across the crowded auction room.‘ Georg sat forward. ‘To my amazementp 584 LL 1964
read out: "Count Enrique Danilewicz, Villa d'Est, Cadaques, Costa Brava." Across the card was enscribed: ‘Ritz Hotel, Paris.‘ ‘Cadaques,‘ I repeatedp 585 LL 1964
air, for ten minutes the squall seethed backwards and forwards across us. By the time it subsided and we had managedp 587 LL 1964
the limestone. I climbed up to the ledge and walked across to her. I had gone on holiday specifically to escapep 570 PCD 1964
wave has left its echo there.‘ The first foam splashed across my feet, staining the dried straps of my sandals. Ap 572 PCD 1964
I waved the woman away, ignoring the waves that sluiced across my feet. As the sea receded, I pressed my earp 572 PCD 1964
edge of the rock, the strands of her hair shimmering across her face in the wind. With a hand she beckonedp 573 PCD 1964
The privations of the previous six months, during his journey across the Pacific, had already reduced his always thin body top 592 TB 1964
field, next to a dump where a dozen B-29s lay across one another like dead reptile birds. The Corpses Once hep 592 TB 1964
was the system of target lakes, the shallow basins extending across the atoll. Above him, the five apertures looked out uponp 593 TB 1964
to him. Roused from his reverie, he would stumble forward across the dark sand to the edge of the lake andp 594 TB 1964
moved away hand in hand among the lakes and disappeared across the distant causeways. Shivering with cold, Traven would return top 594 TB 1964
about in the centre of this enormous labyrinth that extended across the central table of the island. There were two thousandp 595 TB 1964
turret and cockpit lockers of the Superfortresses. He pulled them across the atoll on a crude sledge. Fifty yards from thep 596 TB 1964
watching him expressionlessly. He realized that they had followed him across the island from their former haunt among the dried-up lakesp 596 TB 1964
of a biological expedition. In the field office he came across a series of large charts of mutated chromosomes. He rolledp 596 TB 1964
on their spades between the marble angels, their shadows arching across the smooth white flank of one of the recent gravesp 559 TP 1964
the doctor leaned forward Falkman smiled fleetingly, his lips parting across his teeth in an expression of immense patience and understandingp 560 TP 1964
away the tray and let his long slim hands fall across his chest. He smiled amiably at his sister. ‘Careful, Bettyp 561 TP 1964
Before he could cry for help he had fallen headlong across the hard stone. ‘James Falkman will you never listen?‘ hisp 562 TP 1964
you never listen?‘ his sister protested, as she helped him across the terrace. ‘I warned you to stay in bed!‘ Reachingp 562 TP 1964
trees in the garden, a faint echo of life moved across her face. Her eyes cleared and then focused on thep 564 TP 1964
Satisfied, the men drove away. After breakfast Vandervell walked out across the lava seams to the road. The stick-dancer stood byp 659 VD 1964
trembled behind his back. He watched Vandervell when he shouted across the road. Vandervell took a dollar bill from his walletp 659 VD 1964
lake, he had seen the distant span of the motor-bridge across the river, the windows of thousands of cars and trucksp 8 D 1965
on the weekend mariners laying a line of cement-filled bags across the entrance to the yacht basin. Even at flood barelyp 9 D 1965
of gin in his valise, Ransom would be rowed back across the river in her son's leaking coracle, Quilter's great eyesp 9 D 1965
air. ‘Tell your mother to move the barge,‘ Ransom called across the interval of slack water. ‘The river is still fallingp 10 D 1965
at a nominal rent, the stench of the fish-quays drifting across the water, but the slip road near by gave himp 12 D 1965
pointless passages in the empty steamer, which once carried sightseers across the lake, would go on until the craft ran immovablyp 14 D 1965
spangled in the steamer's wake as Mrs. Quilter's laughter faded across it. Glad to see the old woman in such goodp 14 D 1965
and birds that drifted past. She stood up and walked across to Ransom's jetty. She pointed to an old bucket hangingp 15 D 1965
beading on their wet slopes. ‘You'll be able to walk across it soon. Are you going to stay on here?‘ ‘Perhapsp 16 D 1965
more men sat around the tiller, their pinched faces looking across the water at Ransom and Catherine Austen. The craft's emptyp 16 D 1965
as he paddled off, his strong arms sweeping the skiff across the river. Standing in the stern with his legs astridep 22 D 1965
beached side by side in the shallows, their nets lying across the dust. Below the last of the wharfs two orp 22 D 1965
unmovingly, separated from the draining river by the dusty boat across their knees, like two widows with a coffin. Ransom steppedp 22 D 1965
and then retraced his steps along the bank towards Hamilton. Across the surface of the lake the pools of evaporating waterp 22 D 1965
the house, noticing the small shoemarks that carried the dust across the carpet, fading as they reached the stairs like thep 28 D 1965
From the roof of his house, Ransom watched the motor-bridge across the river, waiting for the last inhabitants of the cityp 35 D 1965
seemed to be on fire. The light, ashy dust blown across the lakeside town from the hundreds of incinerators on thep 35 D 1965
the time Ransom spent by the river, or walking out across the bed of the lake. Inshore, the slopes of dampp 35 D 1965
crude raft out of pieces of driftwood and punted himself across the lagoons of brackish water, making his way in ap 35 D 1965
them through the open door, the billows of smoke drifted across the rooftops from Mount Royal. Surprised by their visit top 37 D 1965
and noted the supple ease with which he moved off across the floor. What exactly had kept him busy Ransom couldp 41 D 1965
to the veranda. Then, out of boredom, she beckoned him across the hall. ‘You look tired, doctor.‘ She slouched off, thep 44 D 1965
one of the wicker divans. Fruit spilled from a basket across a glass-topped table. She munched half a grape, peered criticallyp 45 D 1965
me later. I'll be at home.‘ Miranda flicked the grape-skin across the floor. He tapped his valise. ‘I've got to gop 45 D 1965
to cross a stream?‘ From the steps Ransom looked out across the dusty rooftops. The smoke pall hung over the distantp 46 D 1965
winding in and out of the deserted streets, making detours across the gardens and tennis courts when their way was blockedp 47 D 1965
into the driving cabin with three or four children, jerked across an intersection a hundred yards in front of them andp 47 D 1965
Lomax and Miranda the mention of Catherine Austen had cut across everything like a shaft of clear light, a small focusp 48 D 1965
road, denting the grille of a small truck, then rolled across the camber and buried its bonnet in the side ofp 48 D 1965
the zoo. Whitman stopped the tanker at the metal barrier across the service entrance. Ransom climbed out and raised the boomp 50 D 1965
the tanker to the pump-house behind the cages. Ransom walked across the central promenade of the zoo. Some twenty pink flamingoesp 50 D 1965
away among the cages. Clasping the valise, Ransom set off across the central promenade. He stopped behind the flamingo pool. Aroundp 50 D 1965
sidestepped, knocking Quilter off-balance with his elbow, and clouted him across the shoulders with the valise. Quilter sat down on thep 50 D 1965
fantasy. Retracing the route Whitman had taken. Ransom set off across the street. The houses were empty, the garbage fires driftingp 55 D 1965
refuse bin. Barely filtered by the smoke, the sunlight burned across the ashy dust, the flints of quartz stinging his eyesp 56 D 1965
cartons were stacked in the hall, and unwanted suitcases lay across the armchairs. He was about to step through the doorp 56 D 1965
into the next street. Behind him, the ash drifted down across the roads, lightly covering the footprints. Five minutes later hep 56 D 1965
small boats tracking a sounding whale. The muffled footsteps padded across the empty porches. Ransom crouched down and rested between twop 57 D 1965
pavement, but the road was full of running men, vaulting across the cars like acrobats. A large net lay over thep 57 D 1965
pointed faces below their caps. There was a wild scramble across the road, and his shoulders struck the ground. Swept upp 58 D 1965
leaning against it. The smells of paint and tar drifted across the air. Behind him the stern bridge of the trawlerp 58 D 1965
up, his head drumming from the mild concussion, and groped across the floor of the hold. He paused behind the mast-bracep 59 D 1965
of his arms and chest. ‘Jonas --!‘ The bo'sun strode across the deck and tried to close the door. ‘Don't fearp 59 D 1965
gave Jonas a bitter backward glance. Left alone, Jonas gazed across the darkening streets. As the men went off, nets overp 61 D 1965
sky with wild sad eyes. Ransom stood up and groped across the hold. Above him Jonas came to the rail andp 61 D 1965
trying to warn him of his error, but Ransom was across the wharf and racing up the alley. Behind the warehousep 62 D 1965
Lost in a maze of dusty streets, he followed Quilter across the fences and gardens, sometimes losing sight of him asp 62 D 1965
down at the half-burned carcass of a large dog lying across a heap of embers, his face staring at it withp 62 D 1965
their left was the span of the motor-bridge. Below them, across the white bed of the channel, Philip Jordan stood inp 62 D 1965
aboard he let out two piercing whistles. They echoed away across the bank, reflected off the concrete parapet. One of thep 63 D 1965
Quilter nodded to Phillip Jordan, and the craft surged away across the darkening mirror of the surface, the peacock's tail sweepingp 63 D 1965
settee in the sitting-room, the embers of the burnt-out house across the avenue lifting into the air like clouds of firefliesp 64 D 1965
at him like a white idol, his ironic farewell drifting across the oily water. For an hour Ransom lay in thep 64 D 1965
into the air as if inspecting the stars. Torches flickered across the lawn. More and more oil-lamps were lit, until thep 64 D 1965
bullet whipped fifty feet overhead with a thin whoop, lost across the river. The Reverend Johnstone's jeep sped past down thep 66 D 1965
when Ransom went downstairs to sleep, that the two houses across the road were set on fire. The light illuminated thep 67 D 1965
farther down the road. The streets were deserted again. Diagonally across the avenue were the remains of two houses burned downp 68 D 1965
Left alone, Ransom listened to the fading sounds occasionally carried across to him as the trucks stopped at a road junctionp 71 D 1965
thin spitting noise. Ransom looked around. Involuntarily he stepped back across the road. Ten feet away, watching him with the smallp 72 D 1965
step. Behind him Quilter released the cheetah. It bounded away across the ashy surface of the lawn. ‘They were quite rightp 73 D 1965
the south, the scarred ribbon of the highway wound off across the land, the wrecked vehicles scattered along its verges likep 74 D 1965
have been under a heavy artillery bombardment. Loose kerbstones lay across the pedestrian walks, and there were gaps in the stonep 74 D 1965
what you --‘ Thirty yards ahead a driverless car rolled across the road. Ransom pressed hard on the brakes, pulling thep 77 D 1965
Two men moved along the balustrade. ‘We'll have to wade across the river.‘ As the dust clouds rose into the airp 77 D 1965
his pole, he jumped aboard. The craft's momentum carried it across the channel. ‘Doctor! I thought you'd gone!‘ He helped Ransomp 78 D 1965
uncertain which direction to take. Ransom leaned from the prow across the short interval of water. Blowing the dust from thep 78 D 1965
he shouted. ‘Boy, come here!‘ As his name echoed away across the drained river Phillip Jordan turned, his hands clenching thep 78 D 1965
released the pole, then crouched down as the skiff surged across a patch of open water. ‘ ... First I must bring myp 79 D 1965
they followed the residue of the river as it wound across the lake. The channel narrowed, sometimes to little more thanp 79 D 1965
stopped and he ordered them out, then ported the craft across a narrow saddle to the next stream. They passed thep 80 D 1965
the drained bed. The heat of the waterfront fires drove across the river like a burning sirocco. The entire horizon wasp 83 D 1965
The cry came to them in a familiar demented voice across the river. Mrs. Quilter turned, peering blindly into the flamesp 84 D 1965
running figure of Quilter approached the bank through the streets across the river, an unwieldy flapping object in his arms. Hep 84 D 1965
could, fearing that Jonas and the fishermen had been driven across the motor-bridge. But the road behind them remained empty, recedingp 85 D 1965
jutted into the air like lost cliffs facing each other across a desert. Despite the bridge and the embankment on thep 86 D 1965
their vapour mingling with the smoke of the fires burning across the whole eight-hundred-yard width of the coastal shelf. The distantp 90 D 1965
the coastal shelf. The distant sounds of machinery were carried across to the cliff, and for a moment the clanking noisep 90 D 1965
ground was churned into huge ruts. A dirty hand spread across the windshield. A man's unshaven face poked through the windowp 91 D 1965
menfolk stand and argue. The smoke of garbage fires drifted across the blank sky, and the air was touched by thep 92 D 1965
an unattainable El Dorado. The sounds of pumping equipment drummed across to him, overlaid by the murmur and babble of thep 92 D 1965
still seemed damp and gloomy, despite the hot sunlight breaking across the dry grass. The hundreds of vehicles parked among thep 94 D 1965
others had become even greater. In time, the sand drifting across the dunes would reunite them on its own terms, butp 96 D 1965
and opened the wire gate. Rolling forward, the truck bumped across the dunes. As its engine raced noisily, Ransom noticed ap 97 D 1965
lowered a fifty-gallon drum off the tail-board and rolled it across the ground. There were a few shouts as the drump 97 D 1965
punctuated by shouts and gunfire farther along the beach, drifted across the sand-hills. Below him Catherine and Mrs. Quilter lay togetherp 98 D 1965
woke Mrs. Quilter. ‘Get ready to move!‘ On their left, across the channel of the river, more firing broke out. Mostp 98 D 1965
flew high into the air, their arcs carrying them away across the estuary, but Ransom could see that at least twop 98 D 1965
children, others carrying rifles in their hands. They were halfway across when a light machine-gun began to fire loosely over theirp 99 D 1965
above them. With a raised pistol he began to fire across the dunes, shooting straight at the people driven back byp 99 D 1965
The sea was only fifty yards away, the waves sluicing across the wet sand. Exhausted by the noise, Catherine leaned limplyp 100 D 1965
limply against the wall. Two or three figures came racing across the flat channel. Ransom raised his pistol, but they ranp 100 D 1965
people were lying in the shallows as the waves splashed across them, watched by the soldiers. Some, unable to drink thep 101 D 1965
lost beyond the horizon, haunting the cold mists that drifted across the salt-dunes. To the north, the dunes steadily consolidated themselvesp 103 D 1965
minutes by the leaking water. Only towards the sea, far across the dunes and creeks, was there any activity. The Lagoonp 104 D 1965
activity. The Lagoon Shortly after dawn, as the tide extended across the margins of the coastal flats, the narrow creeks andp 104 D 1965
dissolved in the dawn mists, lifting a few uneager gulls across the banks. Almost a mile from the shore, the tidep 104 D 1965
cheekbones and jaw almost piercing the hard skin. He gazed across the captured water, his eyes counting the fish that gleamedp 105 D 1965
began to shout to him as the wet salt poured across them, sliding and falling as they struggled to hold backp 105 D 1965
where the others were paddling the main body of water across the damp dunes. Although still carried by its own momentump 106 D 1965
the front wave, the man in the cape piloted them across the varying contours. The lake coursed smoothly in and outp 106 D 1965
side of the lake and were driving the water outwards across the dunes. Converging around both banks, the trappers raced towardsp 107 D 1965
down the bank and began to paddle the pool away across the shallows to the west. Feet splashed after them throughp 107 D 1965
shaft of his paddle with his foot, then clubbed another across the face, knocking him into the shallows. Warding off thep 107 D 1965
beside it. Lying on one of them, a patched blanket across her knees, was Judith Ransom. She looked up at Ransomp 111 D 1965
up at Ransom, her dented temple casting an oblique shadow across the lace-like burn on her cheek. Since the accident shep 111 D 1965
the inner tubes of car tyres -- Ransom leaned back across the bed. ‘Judith, I can't. I'm exhausted as it isp 112 D 1965
and last of these, some two years earlier, had swept across the salt flats an hour before dawn, reaching to thep 114 D 1965
What? I don't believe it!‘ Judith brushed her hair down across her temple. ‘He's always been such a lone wolf. Didp 115 D 1965
Propelling the pool in front of him, Ransom set off across the dunes, taking advantage of the slight slope that shelvedp 116 D 1965
shack. Here and there a set of footprints led up across the firmer salt, but otherwise the surface of the dunesp 116 D 1965
pool of water scurrying along at Ransom's feet, nothing moved across the sky or land. At the Settlement Like a broken-backedp 117 D 1965
a sallow face, he watched Ransom suspiciously, then walked slowly across the water-logged hollows below the tower. ‘Back again?‘ he saidp 118 D 1965
edges of the desert that stretched in a continuous table across the continent, a waste-land of dust and ruined towns, butp 125 D 1965
Grady. Below him the deck shelved towards the salt-dunes sliding across the beach. Crossing the rail, Ransom walked off towards thep 126 D 1965
slope, the corroded valve-gear decorating the rusty shaft. Ransom stepped across the brown shell of a metal hut, his feet sinkingp 126 D 1965
upon by the Reverend Johnstone and his captains, these visits across the dunes served a useful purpose, introducing into their sterilep 127 D 1965
to one side. With its tail down it bolted away across the rocky slopes, legs carrying it in a blur ofp 131 D 1965
later Philip came out, head bowed, his fight hand bleeding across his wrist. Ransom took his arm. ‘We don't need thep 133 D 1965
bed had been its route to the coast. They came across no spoors of the creature, but each morning their ownp 136 D 1965
with a press of your little finger.‘ Philip Jordan paced across to her, wary of this swing in her loyalties. ‘Mrsp 137 D 1965
their upper windows intact. A road ran towards the hills across the alluvial plain, its direction marked by a line ofp 138 D 1965
of all movement made Ransom feel that he was advancing across an inner landscape where the elements of the future stoodp 138 D 1965
walked to the rail and stepped over it, then strolled across to the open doors of the saloon below the bridgep 138 D 1965
capstan. Lowering his head, he saw that its shadow lay across his hands. Cupping them together, he altered the outline ofp 138 D 1965
dunes for metal stakes. At night a freezing wind blew across the desert, and the few blankets they had brought withp 140 D 1965
the fire were reflected in Philip's eyes as he stared across the river. ‘What is it?‘ Far away to the north-westp 140 D 1965
cries echoed among the steel pillars of the bridge, reverberating across the white river that lay beside them, as if tryingp 140 D 1965
climbed on to the remains of the camp and peered across the river-bed. ‘We'll be on it by noon. Keep yourp 141 D 1965
Ransom took advantage of her slow pace to stroll away across the surface, of the river. He picked among the windblownp 142 D 1965
of the stores in the main street. The sand blowing across it had reduced the square plate glass to an ellipticalp 143 D 1965
saw dark billows rising from its streets. The flames raced across the rooftops, and within ten minutes an intense pall ofp 144 D 1965
the central plain, with its desolation and endless deserts stretching across the continent, numbed him by its extent. The unvarying desertp 145 D 1965
the stony landscape made him feel that he was advancing across an immense graveyard. Above all, the lack of movement gavep 145 D 1965
it was several miles away from them, its cries echoing across the desert, reflected off the isolated wails that loomed inp 146 D 1965
waited for them to move, expecting the waves to sweep across the shore. The symmetry of the dunes, their drained slopesp 147 D 1965
dogs are given water by someone.‘ They made their way across the fence, darting from the cover of one ruined housep 147 D 1965
metal balustrade overlooking the piazza. Holding their spears they crawled across to the railing. For a moment Philip hesitated, as ifp 148 D 1965
the mannequins and stripped off the rags of clothing draped across their waists and shoulders. One after the other the mannequinsp 148 D 1965
the hull of a wrecked barge. In a breaker's yard across the river was the skeleton of a large fishing trawlerp 148 D 1965
on the port side was broken, and the sand poured across the deck, half-submerging the framed reproduction of Tanguy's painting, thep 149 D 1965
up wearily. He rubbed his throat, leaving a white streak across his neck. He looked back down the river to thep 150 D 1965
and old tyres. He rested on the rail, gazing out across the dune-covered ruins that surrounded the empty towers of thep 151 D 1965
breaking light. Ransom climbed to his feet and hurried forward across the bridge. Giving up any attempt to find the othersp 151 D 1965
his neck. Surprisingly, she was as light as a child. Across the sloping dunes he was able to run for ap 152 D 1965
mind!‘ Tightening his grip on her legs, Ransom stumbled away across the rubble, a lunatic Sinbad bearing the old woman ofp 152 D 1965
from the water's edge he began to run, and stumbled across the loose bricks to the firmer sand. The white birdp 152 D 1965
of the wilderness. With a cry, the bird flew off across the surface. Ransom gazed around the bank. Then, over hisp 153 D 1965
brief gesture to them he strode off on his stilts across the sand, the furs and dressing-gown lifting behind him likep 155 D 1965
and out of the dunes, his stilted sandshoes carrying him across the banks of rubble. Now and then, as Ransom helpedp 155 D 1965
to roll her girth more than an inch or two across the divan. ‘Quilty, isn't this our wandering doctor? What wasp 156 D 1965
then turned her attention to Ransom again. A smile spread across her face, as if Ransom's arrival had quickened some long-dormantp 156 D 1965
we used all ours getting here.‘ Miranda sighed. She looked across at Quilter. ‘A pity. We're rather short of water, youp 157 D 1965
with all the other smoke columns that had followed them across the desert, and Ransom had the sudden feeling that hep 180 D 1965
move off when the sounds of a distant voice echoed across the dunes. A confused harangue, it was addressed to itselfp 160 D 1965
the remains of the fire burning itself out, following Whitman across the dunes. Tethered to the stump of a watch-tower inp 160 D 1965
same entranced motion, declaiming at the bone-like dust that reached across the lake to the horizon. His voice droned on, partp 161 D 1965
head, he raced off, his long legs carrying him away across the rubble. The dogs gained on him, snapping at hisp 161 D 1965
old fishing net from around his waist and whipped it across their faces. Ten yards ahead the dogs entangled themselves aroundp 161 D 1965
and strode on ahead. The Pavilion A hundred yards away, across the stretch of open ground separating the Lomax swimming poolp 162 D 1965
paradox, he walked away towards the pool. Ransom set off across the sand. As he approached the pavilion he compared itp 162 D 1965
after him, apparently stunned by this remark. Ransom set off across the sand. Watching him in the distance from a dunep 165 D 1965
that as soon as possible he would continue his journey across the drained lake, but at night he could hear thep 166 D 1965
crackle as Lomax let off a firework. It fizzed away across the dunes, the bright trail dissolving crisply in the warmp 167 D 1965
the water. Quilter barely noticed him as he strode stiffly across the wet sand on his stilts, and by the timep 168 D 1965
air and fluttered past Lomax's face. There was a shout across the dunes. The stilted figure of Quilter came striding overp 170 D 1965
Ransom. Lomax spun on his white shoes and raced off across the sand. The dogs broke leash and ran after himp 170 D 1965
There's water everywhere, doctor!‘ Ransom pulled back the canopy. Running across the floor of the pool was a steady stream ofp 172 D 1965
the dunes were a dozen arms of silver water, pouring across the bleached sand from the direction of the reservoir. Ransomp 172 D 1965
Then two more figures appeared, running out of the dunes across the dogs‘ path, and Ransom heard the roaring of thep 173 D 1965
dogs veered and scuttled away from the lions, scrambling frantically across the empty basin of the reservoir. Catherine and the lionsp 173 D 1965
of the reservoir. Catherine and the lions ran on, disappearing across the dunes as suddenly as they had come. Still runningp 173 D 1965
sun, and at the arms of darker sand running away across the dunes. Whitman feinted with the bayonet, put off whenp 174 D 1965
went down to the lake and watched the drifts whirling across the dunes. Far out towards the centre of the lakep 176 D 1965
at the helm as the waves of white sand broke across the bows, the fine spray lifting over the funnel, wasp 176 D 1965
sand, as if he had at last completed his journey across the margins of the inner landscape he had carried inp 176 D 1965
observation platform at Orly Airport. The long pier reaches out across the concrete no-man's-land, the departure point for other worlds. Giantp 28 UGM 1966
The Disquieting Muses‘ An undefined anxiety has begun to spread across the deserted square. The symmetry and regularity of the arcadesp 86 UGM 1966
to the ground as archangels the size of skyscrapers move across the sky. An amiable Padishah rules this chaotic outpost ofp 140 UGM 1966
smoke. Beyond the oasis plain is the desert. Two miles across ... the emigrant mass is collected within sight of the wallsp 142 UGM 1966
the grass. Partly concealed by the sunlight, the camouflage patterns across the complex of towers and bunkers four hundred yards awayp 10 AE 1966
above the trees. Dissociation: Who Laughed at Nagasaki? Travis ran across the broken concrete to the perimeter fence. The helicopter plungedp 10 AE 1966
cryptic ideograms. Then the craft pulled away and flew off across the bunkers. When Travis reached the car, holding the tornp 10 AE 1966
to call to her, but stopped himself. Exhausted, he vomited across the roof of the car. Serial Deaths. During this periodp 10 AE 1966
presence exhausted Travis. Marey's Chronograms. Dr Nathan passed the illustration across his desk to Margaret Travis. ‘Marey's Chronograms are multiple-exposure photographsp 12 AE 1966
balcony.‘ Zoom Lens. Dr Nathan stopped. Reluctantly, his eyes turned across the room to the portrait camera mounted on its tripodp 12 AE 1966
and the young woman along the faded gravel. They walked across the foundation of a guard-house into the weapons range. Thep 14 AE 1966
the weapons range. The concrete aisles stretched into the darkness across the airfield. In the suburbs of Hell Travis walked inp 14 AE 1966
cinemas stood at the Street corners, faded billboards facing them across the empty streets. In a waste lot of wrecked carsp 15 AE 1966
cards and oral contraceptive wallets.‘ War-Zone D. On his way across the car park Dr Nathan stopped and shielded his eyesp 15 AE 1966
down-draught ripped away some of the paper panels. They floated across the road, an eddying smile plastered against the radiator grillep 15 AE 1966
Europe after the Rain‘; the human race -- Caliban asleep across a mirror smeared with vomit. The Danger Area. Webster ranp 16 AE 1966
of an enormous face had been painted in faded Technicolor across the rust-stained concrete. ‘For God's sake --‘ She looked downp 16 AE 1966
President's widow, painted on clapboard four hundred feet high, moves across the rooftops, disappearing into the haze on the outskirts ofp 32 AW 1966
a figure of galvanic energy and uncertainty. As he moved across the abandoned landscape near the overpass, the perspectives of thep 32 AW 1966
was the face of Nurse Nagamatzu, her mouth, three feet across, moving silently as she spoke in slow motion. Like ap 33 AW 1966
giant head moved up the wall behind him, then passed across the ceiling and down the opposite corner. Later the inclinedp 33 AW 1966
the car on to the farm track. Half a mile across the meadows she could see the steel bowls of thep 35 AW 1966
neuropsychiatry, visiting art galleries, even flying in a rented Rapide across the reservoirs of Staines and Shepperton. Her eyes had achedp 35 AW 1966
bonnet of the car, then set off at a run across the meadow, Carrying the black Jackie Kennedy wig as carefullyp 35 AW 1966
Holding the wound under her left breast, Nurse Nagamatzu stepped across Webster's body and leaned against the bogie of the telescopep 35 AW 1966
a last glimpse of a white American car setting off across the tarmac apron beyond the control house, where the shellsp 35 AW 1966
pull the wig off her head, and then fell sideways across the rail. The Bride Stripped Bare by her Bachelors, Evenp 35 AW 1966
extra dimension into the damp air. A hundred yards away, across two parallel settling beds, she saw her husband walking rapidlyp 37 AW 1966
like an insane student in a Dostoevski novel. He stepped across the cork bathmat and took her elbow in a surprisinglyp 666 BM 1966
lit up the interior of the car. Kovarski fell sideways across the seat. The second bullet passed through his chest andp 667 BM 1966
the battery. Over his shoulder he peered into the darkness across the sea. Two miles out, where the deep water beganp 668 BM 1966
look out over the drained river at the unmoving shadows across the desert floor, the twilight of Africa, endless and unbrokenp 669 DF 1966
to the dust-filled lobby. The sand lay in lacelike patterns across the tiled floor, silting against the pastel-coloured elevator doors andp 671 DF 1966
to strip the paintings from the walls. As he walked across the roof to the outside stairway above the auditorium musicp 671 DF 1966
pools. Reaching the auditorium, he peered through the glass doors across the rows of empty seats. In the centre of thep 671 DF 1966
glanced at the half-completed painting on the easel, a landscape across which bizarre figures moved in a strange procession, archbishops wearingp 673 DF 1966
sky, avoiding the dark night that reached from the desert across the drained river. To the west the brilliant sand beneathp 674 DF 1966
with their images of bishops and cardinals moving in procession across ornamental landscapes, were her only activity. By contrast, Mallory wouldp 674 DF 1966
aware of this, Leonora remained always detached, smiling at Halliday across the strange paintings on her easel. This pleasant menage ap 674 DF 1966
Halliday, you'll find it difficult staying on here.‘ Mallory pointed across the river to the pall of darkness that hung likep 674 DF 1966
as ever by the dark glasses, looked up at Halliday across the steps of the hotel. ‘You aren't an owl, orp 675 DF 1966
Sept Heures. Half a mile to the north-east of Columbine, across the drained river, was an empty colonial mansion, once occupiedp 675 DF 1966
his dreams -- reminded Halliday of his own first strolls across the dunes to the river, the testing of ground unknownp 675 DF 1966
Columbine and the refineries along the river. Once Halliday came across him as he rounded a corner near the Fine Artsp 677 DF 1966
to sleep. Deciding to visit his neighbour, he went out across the river, walking into the dusk that lay ever deeperp 678 DF 1966
the river, walking into the dusk that lay ever deeper across the sand. As he reached the house the white Mercedesp 678 DF 1966
of Gabrielle Szabo and the dark dream she had drawn across the desert. When the clocks were going again he wentp 678 DF 1966
road disappeared into the sand sea, Halliday drove the motorcycle across the open desert. A mile to the west he camep 678 DF 1966
machine leapt away and somersaulted among the rocks. Halliday trudged across the floor of the wadi to the opposite bank. Aheadp 678 DF 1966
We have our own dreams now. They come to us across the desert like jewelled birds ...‘ Halliday watched them as theyp 679 DF 1966
towards the night, Halliday was thinking of the white house across the river, sinking into the last light of the desertp 679 DF 1966
the basin was partly covered by the waves swilling in across the beach. Halliday stopped. He tried to point below butp 681 DF 1966
foam and water, but his chest and arms were exposed. Across the face was the silk scarf he had seen Malloryp 681 DF 1966
wings. At the end of her walk, when she returned across the damp meadow to the empty house, her arms wouldp 697 SBD 1966
shut out the sun. Crispin had raced like a madman across the rusty metal decks, dragging the ammunition cans in hisp 697 SBD 1966
as he tried to escape from the huge shadows sweeping across him. When the birds began their first dive, and thep 698 SBD 1966
turning to fire at the second group swooping in low across the river behind his back. The hull of the picketp 698 SBD 1966
giant birds appeared two years earlier -- faced the house across the river. Through the telescope Crispin could count the scoresp 699 SBD 1966
garland of feathers. As Crispin watched, hands clasping the bandoliers across his chest, she went over to one of the birdsp 699 SBD 1966
shoulders wider than a door, had shattered the wooden shutters across his window and thrust itself into his room. Seizing hisp 701 SBD 1966
left eye, hobbling in little more than a blood-streaked singlet across the wreck of the farmhouse, as the last of thep 701 SBD 1966
their composed and individual expressions. As he made his way across the river past the drifting forms it seemed to himp 702 SBD 1966
challenge to his authority over the birds -- the walk across the meadow had more than reminded him of that. Yetp 703 SBD 1966
it.‘ He tried to follow her eyes as they swept across the sky after some invisible object that seemed to vanishp 704 SBD 1966
hall door on its rusty hinges. Crispin made his way across the lawn and through the meadow. The birds lay aroundp 704 SBD 1966
a chain.‘ Crispin climbed on to the bridge and stared across the river at the house. After musing to himself forp 705 SBD 1966
for their flocks -- but the vulnerability of the woman across the river reminded him to take every precaution. Near thep 705 SBD 1966
concealed the odour of the immense gulls and fulmars lying across each other like angels. In the past Crispin had alwaysp 705 SBD 1966
made his way back to the launch. As he sailed across the river to the ship he moved up and downp 706 SBD 1966
the moonlit night of a huge white bird flying away across the river. Crispin rushed to the rail, trying to steadyp 706 SBD 1966
after a ceaseless watch from the rail, Crispin set off across the river in the launch. Over-excited, he was convinced hep 706 SBD 1966
the shattered windows. The muffled echo of the engine beat across the water, broken by the floating forms of the deadp 707 SBD 1966
no signs of the bird, but at last he came across the mound of feathers mounted on the pergola frame. Peeringp 707 SBD 1966
driven farther into the mud by the wind. Lightning flickered across the river, lighting the thousands of corpses in the meadowsp 707 SBD 1966
height of the storm. Now, as the flat wind faded across the water, Crispin watched the house below the cliff. Againstp 707 SBD 1966
the door. He walked back through the meadow and punted across the river to the picket ship, unaware of Quimby's insanep 708 SBD 1966
knocking Crispin from his perch. At intervals the rain beat across them, but the drops helped to wash away the bloodp 709 SBD 1966
cliff above the house, the picket ship far below him across the river. The hollow carcass of the dove which hep 709 SBD 1966
of air through the feathers. A few stronger gusts moved across the crest of the ridge, almost lifting him into thep 709 SBD 1966
bracing themselves on the wings. Catherine York appeared, carrying something across the yard. She paused by the rebuilt nest, her whitep 709 SBD 1966
at his sides. As he gained speed his feet raced across the ground. Suddenly the wings steadied as they gained theirp 709 SBD 1966
but jubilant passenger. His voice cried out as he soared across the falling ground, feet leaping in ten-yard strides, the smellp 710 SBD 1966
Dr. Sanders as he looked out for the first time across the open mouth of the Matarre estuary. After many delaysp 11 CW 1966
of warehouses and small hotels that constituted Port Matarre gleamed across the dark swells with a spectral brightness, as if litp 11 CW 1966
throng of customs and police. Instead, he was looking out across the deserted starboard rail into the mouth of the riverp 16 CW 1966
to describe our wonder each morning as we look out across the slopes, still half-hidden by the mist but glistening likep 18 CW 1966
As the metal heels of the boarding party rang out across the deck over his head, Sanders read again the lastp 18 CW 1966
handed his suitcases to a porter with Hotel d'Europe stencilled across his peaked cap, Dr. Sanders noticed that a far morep 21 CW 1966
through the arcade to the forest canopy overtopping the roofs across the street. He seemed to be waiting for something top 23 CW 1966
by the barrack gates until the sentry gestured him on. Across the road the dark tiers of the forest canopy rosep 26 CW 1966
into the air like an immense wave ready to fall across the empty town. Well over a hundred feet above hisp 27 CW 1966
already he sensed from the slight movement of her hands across the table toward him that she was searching for somep 30 CW 1966
Clair, the sombre twin of the young woman watching him across the table with her frank eyes. ‘At least you canp 37 CW 1966
before his eyes. Shortly after midnight, as Sanders lay asleep across the pillow on his bed, he woke to feel Louisep 38 CW 1966
southeast.‘ ‘What?‘ Sanders gazed at her serious face, beckoning him across the room in the moonlight. ‘Of course, Louise ...‘ She waitedp 38 CW 1966
tenfold, transforming the thin pinpoint of light that had burrowed across the night sky for so many faithful years into ap 39 CW 1966
whisky to a booth by the window, and looked out across the river, calculating when the satellite would make a secondp 41 CW 1966
Sanders to have shrunk in size, his jacket tightly buttoned across his narrow chest. ‘That's good, Sanders, very good.‘ Ventress glancedp 42 CW 1966
the blood against his leg with one hand, he scrambled across the next boat to the pier, then ran off amongp 44 CW 1966
against the tiller, Ventress looked up at the flames burning across the deck panels in front of the shattered windscreen. Asp 45 CW 1966
front of the shattered windscreen. As the boat drifted back across the pier he managed to pull himself together and jumpedp 45 CW 1966
on the bridge, from where he had watched the pursuit across the catwalks, was a tall broad-shouldered man in a darkp 45 CW 1966
was almost empty, and most of the boats had moved across the river to the settlements on the far bank. Thep 48 CW 1966
pieces of bark drifted past. Now and then they came across sections of abandoned wharves that had been pulled off theirp 54 CW 1966
of ham and rolls followed by cafe royal. Nothing moved across the river or along the banks, and to Sanders itp 55 CW 1966
being, Sanders walked away along the pier, picking his way across the broken boards until he reached the bank. The forestp 56 CW 1966
the balustrade, and took out his cigarettes. He was looking across at the plantation house a few minutes later when hep 56 CW 1966
a small harbour, they found that a pontoon barrage stretched across the channel from one bank to the next. On thep 61 CW 1966
painting a number of black signs with luminous paint. Half-way across the pontoon barrage a French sergeant with an electric megaphonep 61 CW 1966
Dr. Sanders looked back at the river. Along the barrage across the channel two young soldiers walked to and fro withp 62 CW 1966
of the hut Dr. Sanders recognized the black-garbed figure walking across the dusty ground. ‘Edward!‘ Louise held his arm. ‘Who's thatp 63 CW 1966
hand. ‘Captain Radek will explain, Doctor.‘ He ushered Dr. Sanders across the corridor, then opened a door into a small waitingp 63 CW 1966
morning.‘ Radek opened a drawer and tossed something from it across the desk to Sanders. It lay there like crystallized leatherp 66 CW 1966
bark I show to visitors.‘ Dr. Sanders pushed it back across the desk. ‘Thank you, but I saw the satellite lastp 66 CW 1966
by bars of yellow and carmine light that bled away across the surface of the water, as if the whole scenep 68 CW 1966
twenty yards of the trees, the hatchwork of coloured light across their clothes transforming them for a moment into a boat-loadp 69 CW 1966
say. ‘Don't misunderstand me.‘ Sanders pointed to the forest glowing across the water. ‘I'm glad you're here, Radek. Before I wasp 71 CW 1966
forest. The houses stood empty in the sunlight, shutters sealed across the windows, and soldiers paced up and down past thep 72 CW 1966
a nod, Thorensen jerked the car into reverse, backing it across the street in a cloud of dust. He set offp 73 CW 1966
laboured takeoff, swinging sideways through the air, and then moved across the forest roof, its churning blades gaining little purchase onp 74 CW 1966
coloured light had gone, and a dim amber glow moved across the trees, shadowing the sequined floor. At the same timep 76 CW 1966
of the trees, and then extended in a sudden sweep across the roadway. Dr. Sanders's eyes smarted with pain, and hep 77 CW 1966
teeth of the lawn. Fifty yards ahead Dr. Sanders came across what was unmistakably a jewelled rowing boat set solidly intop 78 CW 1966
a frozen posture, Dr. Sanders climbed the bank and limped across the lawn to the mansion, whose fairy towers loomed abovep 79 CW 1966
cold and motionless, but as the Storm subsided, moving away across the forest, the process of vitrification seemed to diminish. Everythingp 86 CW 1966
up a cluster of the vitreous grains, then scattered them across the floor like smashed marbles. ‘You and I will bep 89 CW 1966
to mark the retreat of their hidden assailant. Ventress walked across to Sanders, who was standing with his back to thep 90 CW 1966
from the door.‘ As he retraced his steps. Sanders walked across the empty hall. He paused among the jewelled pillars, uneagerp 92 CW 1966
left, as the Negro hiding in the alcove lunged forward across him. The knife flashed in the air past Sanders's facep 93 CW 1966
punctured lattice on the wall behind him slid and shattered across a divan, and the Negro picked himself up and racedp 94 CW 1966
the drawing room. The mulatto hiding by the bookcase ran across the room, firing once as he stopped below the chandelierp 94 CW 1966
the upper shelf as Ventress upended the mahogany hall stand across the archway. The strongbox fell to the floor, and dozensp 94 CW 1966
Let's get out of here.‘ As they made their way across the lawn, Ventress lagged behind a second time. Sanders stoppedp 95 CW 1966
of joining the river lower down its course, they came across the wreck of the crashed helicopter. At first, as theyp 97 CW 1966
Stretched out over the serpentine roots of a giant oak, across which he had been trying to drag himself, was thep 97 CW 1966
his half-submerged head resting on the bough. Dr. Sanders limped across to the bank. He sat down on the marbled sandp 99 CW 1966
had known him, Ventress seemed uncertain of himself. He gazed across at the summer house, like an explorer venturing upon somep 100 CW 1966
down from the veranda, Ventress made off like a hare across the river, bent almost double as he darted over thep 101 CW 1966
off balance, Ventress sidestepped and fell, then slid ten yards across the frozen surface, his startled face peering through the openp 102 CW 1966
the net, and he seized the bundle and ran off across the surface, sliding in and out of the half-crystallized patchesp 102 CW 1966
nodded, then dismissed him with a bored wave. Walking forward across the surface, he began to test the half-formed crystals withp 103 CW 1966
The freeze is spreading all through the forest.‘ He pointed across the river with his revolver. ‘What about Ventress? The beardedp 104 CW 1966
and then spilled several handfuls of red and blue gem-stones across the counterpane. Rubies and sapphires of many sizes, they glitteredp 107 CW 1966
fevered power. ‘Thorensen, thank you ...‘ The girl's free hand scuttled across the counterpane to the stones. Her childlike face had becomep 107 CW 1966
denim shirts. One had a white peaked cap pulled down across his forehead. Both carried carbines and were scanning the forestp 113 CW 1966
cooled in the darkness. Above, through the lattices that stretched across the glade, he could see the fractured bowl of thep 114 CW 1966
his guides. The man half-sat against the trunk, knocked back across the roots by the force of the gun-blast. He watchedp 115 CW 1966
mile down-river the channel had widened into a broad glacier. Across the surface Sanders could see the distant roof-tops of Montp 115 CW 1966
cornices were ornamented with countless spires and gargoyles, linked together across the roads by the expanding tracery. A frozen wind movedp 116 CW 1966
river. A long crevice with an overhanging sill ran diagonally across the cataract, and led him into a series of galleriesp 116 CW 1966
Head down, he was carrying a large piece of driftwood across his shoulders -- a soldier, Sanders decided, foraging for firewoodp 117 CW 1966
like a wounded animal uncertain whether to surrender or attack. Across his shoulders he still carried the wooden yoke which Sandersp 117 CW 1966
like a long-dead corpse. A huge wound had been torn across the shoulder, the flesh bared to the elbow and sternump 117 CW 1966
mingled again with his blood, Radek pressed on, the beam across his shoulders cutting off Sanders's escape. Sanders ran towards thep 118 CW 1966
blocks, where the clear streams of the subterranean channels ran across his feet, as dark and cool as his memories ofp 118 CW 1966
plunged to his shoulders into the river and swam away across the silver water. The mask Some hours later, as hep 118 CW 1966
ready shout. A second figure patrolling the ruined hotel ran across the drive. A searchlight on the roof of the carp 119 CW 1966
And Mrs. Clair?‘ ‘They both here, sir.‘ The driver glanced across at Sanders, still unsure of this apparition that had materializedp 121 CW 1966
Max smiled apologetically. They entered an inner courtyard and walked across to a long chalet at the far end. Sanders stoppedp 122 CW 1966
eternity." I'm sure you understand.‘ Carrying his glass, Sanders walked across the darkened room. Although his eyes had become accustomed top 125 CW 1966
first letter to him from Mont Royal, Sanders moved away across the room, hoping Suzanne had failed to notice the telltalep 126 CW 1966
door, shutting out the light from the corridor that cut across her face. Sanders fumbled for something to say, and inp 127 CW 1966
visit to the site yesterday. What exactly happened?‘ Sanders glanced across the table, puzzled by Max's air of detachment. ‘You've probablyp 129 CW 1966
really want help.‘ ‘But, Max ...‘ Sanders walked a few paces across the clearing. The natives had so far watched him withoutp 131 CW 1966
fence. ‘Yes, Edward, they are. They're lepers. They follow you across the world, don't they? I'm sorry we can't do anythingp 131 CW 1966
those people are only interested in the forest.‘ They walked across the small courtyard and entered Sanders's chalet. He rang thep 134 CW 1966
faint luminescence. Suzanne walked among them, her long robe sweeping across the brittle ground. Sanders could see that her shoes andp 139 CW 1966
time for me to leave.‘ ‘What?‘ Suzanne drew the robe across herself, sealing the white outline of her body into thep 142 CW 1966
her face again. ‘What do you mean?‘ Sanders followed her across the room. ‘I'm sorry, Suzanne. It may sound hollow comfortp 143 CW 1966
to be up, wandering in and out of the rooms across the courtyard and slamming the cupboard doors. When he sawp 144 CW 1966
drive, its searchlight playing on the forest. As it swept across the crystalline trees, like an immense tipping of broken glassp 146 CW 1966
left, the glitter of the forest threw the cold moonlight across the macadam at his feet, and lit up the entrancep 146 CW 1966
reached the harbour. Standing on the jetty, he could see across the frozen surface of the river to the cataract inp 147 CW 1966
of the mine depositories. Handfuls of looted stones were scattered across the pavement, ruby and emerald rings, topaz brooches and pendantsp 147 CW 1966
then began to scoop together the few small jewels scattered across the floor. Stuffing them into Sanders's empty pockets, he pulledp 149 CW 1966
he saw the gilt spire of the summer house. Stumbling across the fused sand, he made his way toward it. Byp 150 CW 1966
up at the sealed door. He turned and gazed back across the widening channel of the river. Its jewelled surface glowedp 150 CW 1966
to reach the edge of the petrified surface and swim across the pool. Although the crystals might begin to dissolve inp 151 CW 1966
his arm, he turned over so that he could see across the river. ‘Serena -- your wife -- is she stillp 152 CW 1966
get her out of here.‘ Leaving his gun, Ventress scrambled across to Sanders. Kneeling in the hollow like a luminous molep 152 CW 1966
a brief flash and one of the steel balls flew across the river. As they rebounded off the bank and treesp 153 CW 1966
of warmth as the crystals annealed themselves. Another explosion boomed across the river. Ventress threw the bayonet away. He scuttled backp 154 CW 1966
its speed fell off. A few huge floes piled up across its bows, and the cruiser slewed sideways and came top 155 CW 1966
levelled his shotgun at the approaching cruiser, shouting at Sanders across the breech. ‘Watch the bank on your side! I'll lookp 155 CW 1966
it scattered half a dozen of the giant crystal blocks across the surface, then rammed to a half with a fifteen-degreep 155 CW 1966
out of the cruiser's way, and the first pieces skated across to the steps of the summer house. ‘Sanders!‘ Ventress half-stoodp 156 CW 1966
second shot caught him in the chest, knocking him away across the bank. He lay on his face in the edgep 158 CW 1966
already half fused to the vitrified ground. Once Sanders came across the half-crystallized body of a small child who had fallenp 166 CW 1966
As his luminous wake faded Sanders heard his voice echoing across the frosted air, the plaintive words jewelled and ornamented likep 167 CW 1966
the shelter of the debris by the tideline. They advanced across the sheet of damp sand that sloped down to thep 683 TIM 1966
car, running down its own brakes, began to slide sideways across the road. Conrad started to push the old man backp 684 TIM 1966
old man back but the car was on them, bursting across the traffic island in a roar of dust. The hospitalp 684 TIM 1966
with the cradle over him Conrad remembered the turtles labouring across the wet sand under their heavy carapaces, and the oldp 685 TIM 1966
throat. ‘Where is everyone else?‘ ‘You've noticed?‘ Dr Knight glanced across at his colleague. ‘Still, you could hardly fail to.‘ Hep 686 TIM 1966
up surgery without it.‘ Dr Knight traced the faint scar across his palm for Conrad. ‘There are slight differences of coursep 690 TIM 1966
wheels of the speeding cars and trucks drifted in clouds across the fields. Conrad moved at a good pace along thep 695 TIM 1966
heard their harsh cries as the white sword drew itself across the sky. As it swept down over the beach thep 696 TIM 1966
the grey dust stinging his face as the slipstream whipped across it. A heavy saloon car rolled by, overtaking the truckp 696 TIM 1966
pressing behind it. The gulls began to dive and scream across the beach, and Conrad darted through the dust into thep 696 TIM 1966
A MILLION YEARS In the evening the time-winds would blow across the Sea of Dreams, and the silver wreck of thep 711 TMY 1966
and the silver wreck of the excursion module would loom across the jewelled sand to where Glanville lay in the pavilionp 711 TMY 1966
had reached the reef, and then in an instant faded across the clinker-like rocks, its mizzen-sail lit for a last momentp 711 TMY 1966
she seemed to sense that something vast and strange moved across the sand-lake out of the time-winds. For the moment, shep 711 TMY 1966
She brushed away the white sand that lay like lace across the blue brocade of her gown. ‘I hope you're rightp 713 TMY 1966
by his thoughts, Glanville watched her tall figure move away across the gradient of the beach, following the tide-line formed byp 713 TMY 1966
the last five feet to the lake floor and ran across to the capsule. ‘Thornwald! Captain, it's good to see youp 714 TMY 1966
twenty feet from him, but suddenly Thornwald stopped and glanced across the lake, as if searching for an invisible marksman hiddenp 715 TMY 1966
it?‘ He reached for Thornwald's bulky flight-suit which was spread across the veranda-rail. ‘Let me move this out of the sunp 716 TMY 1966
radio reflector, you'll fill the place with --‘ He reached across the table and tried to grasp it from Glanville, thenp 716 TMY 1966
slowly towards his capsule. Apart from the two clear handprints across his face, his entire body was covered with the aluminiump 716 TMY 1966
nearly three o'clock -- within four hours phantoms would move across the sand-lake. He patted the parcel wrapped in grey plasticp 717 TMY 1966
beside him. At seven o'clock the time-winds began to blow across the Sea of Dreams. As the sun fell away behindp 717 TMY 1966
in the last cerise rays of the sun. Watching him across the lake-bed, Glanville assumed that already the timewinds were movingp 717 TMY 1966
had bad dreams, Glanville.‘ ‘What do you mean?‘ Thornwald walked across the veranda. ‘Glanville have you any idea why I'm herep 718 TMY 1966
night, you brought something from it for me.‘ Thornwald walked across the veranda, averting his eyes from the wreck of thep 719 TMY 1966
the body of his murdered wife. The time-winds had carried across to him the image of a spectral ship whose rottingp 719 TMY 1966
dungeon-grate. Then, suddenly, he had seen a terrifying apparition walking across this sea of blood towards him, the nightmare commander ofp 719 TMY 1966
in the chair. ‘Where's Judith? Call her.‘ Thornwald glanced back across the sunlight. ‘I can't, Glanville. But you'll see her soonp 719 TMY 1966
from the dead sea.‘ He set off towards the capsule across the jewelled sand. TIME OF PASSAGE Sunlight spilled among thep 719 TMY 1966
junction between the radius and ulna bones. He followed her across the dunes. The young woman was a geometric equation, thep 40 YCM 1966
and body and Karen Novotny's apartment? Dune Arabesque. Later, walking across the dunes, he saw the figure of the dancer. Herp 41 YCM 1966
He watched her dance, a random cipher drawing its signature across the time-slopes of this dissolving yantra, a symbol in ap 41 YCM 1966
white cube of the room. At intervals Karen Novotny moved across it, carrying out a sequence of apparently random acts. Alreadyp 42 YCM 1966
burn dimly from the dark peaks of the universe. Standing across the room from Catherine Austin, who watches him with guardedp 82 YMC 1966
World War III. Five Hundred Feet High. The Madonnas move across London like immense clouds. Painted on clapboard in the Mantegnap 82 YMC 1966
photographs, in profile and full face, jerked one by one across the screen. ‘A characteristic of the criminally insane,‘ Dr Nathanp 83 YMC 1966
galaxy. As his own identity faded, its last fragments glimmered across the darkening landscape, lost integers in a hundred computer codesp 87 YMC 1966
CRY FURY! Again last night, as the dusk air moved across the desert from Vermilion Sands, I saw the faint shiverp 722 CHC 1967
this midnight schooner that slipped its secret moorings and rolled across the painted sea. Last night a second yacht set offp 722 CHC 1967
eyes of a sad Medea. As the two yachts fled across the sand-sea I remembered when I had first met Hopep 722 CHC 1967
sand. Hunting for rays, I sometimes found myself carried miles across the desert, beyond sight of the coastal reefs that presidedp 722 CHC 1967
down a school of white sand-rays I had seen far across the desert the previous day. For hours I moved overp 722 CHC 1967
the early afternoon when I felt an immense shadow fall across the yacht. I lifted myself over the corpse beside mep 723 CHC 1967
pale-haired figure through the glass roof. Her preoccupied face gazed across the desert as if searching for some far more importantp 724 CHC 1967
roof of her studio and feed the rays that flew across to her from their eyries in the rock spires. Eachp 725 CHC 1967
Hope, who are you looking for? I may have come across him.‘ She walked away from me to the window. Atp 727 CHC 1967
other sailor of the sand-sea. When she had gone, hunting across the dunes in her schooner, I went over to herp 727 CHC 1967
through the impasto. The isolated eyes cast their dark gaze across the room. As I read to Hope after lunch Ip 728 CHC 1967
with Charles Rademaeker, this Dutchman, recluse and intellectual who wandered across the desert in his yacht cataloguing the rare fauna ofp 729 CHC 1967
places of the desert. One evening I took Hope sailing across the dark sand-sea. I told the crew to switch onp 730 CHC 1967
bulbs around the deck awning. Driving this ship of light across the black sand, I stood with Hope by the sternp 730 CHC 1967
the black landscapes of Hieronymus Bosch. I drew the curtain across the paintings, and then examined my mouth and eyes inp 731 CHC 1967
was woken by the white rays whooping through the darkness across the windows. They circled like agitated beacons. In the studiop 731 CHC 1967
by the time I reached the beach, I walked clumsily across the dark sand, eyes stinging from the paint on myp 732 CHC 1967
she could fire I kicked one of the arc lights across her feet. The room spun like a collapsing stage. Ip 733 CHC 1967
wail in the disturbed air as the last shots echoed across the empty desert. At dawn Rademaeker dropped me half ap 733 CHC 1967
Foyle waved to me, and an ironic cheer carried itself across the dead sand to where I stood in my target-coatp 734 CHC 1967
dusty roofs, weeping from the sculptured clouds as they sailed across the desert floor towards the sun. Of all the cloud-sculpturesp 744 CSC 1967
a sand-reef two hundred yards away. Swinging on my crutches across the sliding sand, I found a shallow basin among thep 744 CSC 1967
to anchor my crutches in the sand, two figures approached across the desert floor. One was a small hunchback with ap 744 CSC 1967
I flung myself to the ground as the cable whipped across my car, shattering the windshield. When I looked up, Nolanp 745 CSC 1967
the headless figure of the Mona Lisa as it moved across the desert floor towards Vermilion Sands. ‘We're not a professionalp 748 CSC 1967
a mile away over Lagoon West that had smeared itself across the sky. At the time I first saw her, watchingp 749 CSC 1967
of publicity and gossip. She had escaped by wandering endlessly across the globe, from her walled villa in Tangiers to anp 749 CSC 1967
bands, their towers crossed by valleys and ravines. They moved across the villa, concealed from the lakeside heat by the hazep 750 CSC 1967
terrace and unrolling panels of a marquee. Beatrice Lafferty stepped across the cables. ‘Major Parker -- there are the clouds wep 750 CSC 1967
world. Then, in the studio on the roof, we came across a large easel portrait that had just been varnished. Thep 751 CSC 1967
stalling and climbing again as the turbulent updraughts threw him across the air. As the cheekbones began to appear, as smoothp 752 CSC 1967
arrived Beatrice Lafferty was watching their sand-yacht carry them unevenly across the lake, its sails whipped by the squalls. ‘There's nop 753 CSC 1967
arm, the day-jewels around her eyes scattering their hard light across the terrace. By eight, when the first guests began top 753 CSC 1967
of bones formed a geometry of murder. Nolan ran past across the terrace, his feet crushing the peacock feathers as Leonorap 754 CSC 1967
yellow and tangerine glider rose into the sky and climbed across the face of the storm-cloud. Fifty yards from the darkp 755 CSC 1967
away at the dark face. Drops of black rain fell across the terrace at our feet. The first outline of ap 755 CSC 1967
fell from the bright air. Beatrice Lafferty and I drove across the lake to collect Manuel's body. After the spectacle ofp 755 CSC 1967
that whirlwind here. Somehow he was controlling it.‘ I walked across the damp terrace to where Leonora lay. I began top 756 CSC 1967
gliders outside the studio stopped near Coral D and walked across to us. He told us he had seen a manp 756 CSC 1967
entered the projection theatre the noise of the soundtrack reverberated across the sculpture garden, a melancholy tocsin modulated by Talbert's lessp 51 GAN 1967
burning briskly. As the fuel tank exploded, Dr Nathan stumbled across the cables. The aircraft had fallen on to the edgep 57 GAN 1967
cases the subject remained unaware of the discharge of semen across the polished paintwork and complained to his spouse about birdsp 89 PAJ 1967
six wagons followed her, the horses heaving the heavy cages across the camber. Behind the bars I caught a glimpse ofp 736 R 1967
the wooden caravan at the rear. I walked after them across the bridge, wondering if they were late arrivals at thep 736 R 1967
turned her horse off the road and led the wagons across the cinders to the high wall of the first warehousep 736 R 1967
left there for the purpose, and read the legends painted across the warped panel. As I deciphered the words ‘marvels‘ andp 738 R 1967
taking their cue from this, the two of them moved across the small arena, clearing to one side the pieces ofp 739 R 1967
The woman sat on the steps of the caravan, gazing across the cinders with the expression of a tired and unthinkingp 740 R 1967
they made a drunken swerve up the bank, then stamped across the cinders to the cages. The dwarf moved out ofp 741 R 1967
him, but the sailor kicked aside the straw and stepped across to the hutch. ‘It's bloody empty!‘ As he shouted thisp 741 R 1967
their backs. The grey stallion which had led the procession across the bridge suddenly bolted along the bank. Running after itp 742 R 1967
-- Civilians running as GIs and British government troops move across a tenement courtyard, firing at a roof-top sniper; helicopters circlingp 955 TW 1967
if they want to defect to the NLF. EXPLOSION BURSTS ACROSS SQUARE Camera wobbles, swings wildly. Panic, people running. Commentator ducksp 957 TW 1967
Company will set out from Cookham. As we move off across this guerilla-infested countryside two companies of combat engineers will havep 962 TW 1967
The leader speaks through a megaphone, the sounds just carrying across the field. He is making some kind of joke, andp 96 TW 1967
everyone in the village laughs. THE FIRST FARMERS WALK OUT ACROSS THE FIELD They are still unaware of the government forcesp 96 TW 1967
One of them, a young Pakistani, has spotted something moving across the field. He follows it between the cabbages, then bendsp 96 TW 1967
Trabert's office, watching the reflection of the television screen flicker across the slides of exposed spinal levels. The magnified images ofp 43 DM 1967
image of Mrs Kennedy's mouth. As he walked towards Trabert across the broken bodies of the plastic dummies, the screen jerkedp 44 DM 1967
Dr Nathan followed the young man in the laminated suit across the forecourt of the deserted air terminal. The metalled lightp 46 DM 1967
forecourt of the deserted air terminal. The metalled light shivered across the white steps like the defective image in a hugep 46 DM 1967
23rd, 1975. (6) A gesture -- a supine forearm extended across a candlewick bedspread. (7) A moment of recognition -- ap 46 DM 1967
stood by the railing. Xero, meanwhile, moved with galvanic energy across the runways, assembling an immense motorcade of wrecked cars. Behindp 47 DM 1967
fade, the choreography of his hands tracing a last cipher across the blunted air. Epiphany of these Deaths. The bodies ofp 48 DM 1967
Undisturbed now, the vaporizing figures of the dead astronauts diffused across the launching grounds, recreated in the leg stances of ap 49 DM 1967
serious programme. ‘Charles, you'll destroy the whole thing,‘ I protested across his desk that morning. ‘These child prodigies are all thep 769 CA 1968
the Seine thirty miles south of Paris. As we drove across the cobbled square past the faded police prefecture, it seemedp 770 CA 1968
van from Radio-Television-Francaise and a Mercedes with a Paris-Match sticker across the rear window. Sound cables ran across the gravel intop 770 CA 1968
a Paris-Match sticker across the rear window. Sound cables ran across the gravel into a kitchen window. A sharp-faced maid ledp 770 CA 1968
quietly dressed woman in her late thirties gazed at us across the silver tea-set like a tamed Mona Lisa. She toldp 775 CA 1968
Indian who was the only well-born prodigy I had come across. ‘Ray is now even higher up on U Thant's staffp 777 CA 1968
gantries rising from the deserted dunes. Sand has come in across the Banana River, filling the creeks and turning the oldp 760 DA 1968
brought down here, the burned-out hulks of the capsules exploding across the cracked concrete. Already, too, the relic hunters were atp 762 DA 1968
at this rendezvous, the headlamps of the wardens‘ half-tracks flared across the gantries near the beach. Five minutes later, a smallp 763 DA 1968
move on. Then he set off at a brisk pace across the dunes, now and then leaving us to blunder aboutp 763 DA 1968
spectre of powdered bone. The sounds of the impact rolled across the dunes. Near the launching gantries, fires flickered where fragmentsp 766 DA 1968
As she looked at me, and at the bones scattered across the table, I knew my answer. DREAM CARGOES Across thep 768 DA 1968
intense sexuality. The Image Maze. Talbot followed the helicopter pilot across the rain-washed concrete. For the first time, as he wanderedp 21 UD 1968
afternoon clouds, the enormous image of a woman's hands moved across the sky. Talbot stood up, for a moment losing hisp 23 UD 1968
luminosity of exposed organs, contained an immense planetary silence. Moving across the iodine water of these corroded lagoons, Talbot followed thep 24 UD 1968
of passion and duplicity, had watched her like a rapist's across the cafe tables. Talbot's bruised hands were lifting her breastsp 24 UD 1968
of the President. As she touched the white acrylic smears across the trunk Koester swung himself aggressively out of the driver'sp 25 UD 1968
in the undergrowth along the verge. Overhead the helicopter moved across the trees, its fans churning up a storm of leavesp 26 UD 1968
been the most comfortable site. This zombie-like creature had strayed across the concrete runways like a fugitive from her own dreamsp 28 UD 1968
and contraceptive wallets. Abruptly the car jolted forward, throwing him across the young woman. As she woke, pulling at her skirtp 28 UD 1968
Nader. The dismembered bodies of Karen Novotny and himself moved across the morning landscape, re-created in a hundred crashing cars, inp 28 UD 1968
burning fuel had traced a delicate lacework of expressed tissue across her naked thighs. Webster pulled open the rear door ofp 28 UD 1968
young woman between the burning helicopters. Their fuselages formed bonfires across the dark fields. Her strong stride, with its itemized progressp 29 UD 1968
the dark fields. Her strong stride, with its itemized progress across the foam-smeared concrete, carried within its rhythm a calculated invitationp 29 UD 1968
his thighs and abdomen. Fractured Smile. The hot sunlight lay across the suburban street. From the radio of the car soundedp 29 UD 1968
car sounded a fading harmonic. Karen Novotny's fractured smile spread across the windshield. Talbot looked up at his own face mediatedp 29 UD 1968
he moves around London in a chrome wheelchair. His pursuit, across a city and a mind, of my own girl-friend, thep BAT 1968
his genius the marriage of reason and nightmare is celebrated across an altar smeared with excrement, in an order of servicep 91 UGM 1969
Don Quixote in a silk lounge suit, he rides eccentrically across a viscous and overlit desert, protected by nothing more thanp 91 UGM 1969
gestures of minor domestic traffic, movements through doors, a glance across a balcony -- become transformed into the materials of anp 93 UGM 1969
channel had collapsed into a network of craters. Water leaked across the meadow, stained by the diesel oil from the fuelp 781 KG 1969
carrier kicked out the doors and windshield. The light flared across the water-soaked meadow, for a moment isolating the faded lettersp 781 KG 1969
had been no time to wash out the blood caked across the thighs and waist. Behind the memorial was the sandbaggedp 781 KG 1969
the rattle of small-arms fire as the attack went in across the bridge. Slinging his Sten gun over his narrow shouldersp 782 KG 1969
to count his men again. They would have to run across the open ground, ford the river and penetrate the linep 783 KG 1969
were lost in the overhead whoom of a shell. Coming across the river, the heavy 120 mm soared over the meadowp 784 KG 1969
Nothing ...?‘ Pearson repeated. ‘It's achieved everything.‘ An armoured helicopter soared across the hill-crest, its heavy fans beating at the foliage overp 785 KG 1969
the roadway. A scout helicopter shot down into the fields across the river was burning fiercely, the flames twisting the metalp 785 KG 1969
almost white twenty minutes later when they began their advance across the meadow. Fifty yards from the bank a murderous firep 787 KG 1969
river bank. From the shore facing them, four hundred yards across the bright spring water, the beating of gongs and drumsp 788 PTD 1969
tanks on trailers, and mobile field-kitchens in commandeered buses rolled across the farmland and pulled to a halt by the bankp 788 PTD 1969
own dust. Like an advancing horde of ants, they spilled across the abandoned farmland, completely ignoring an intact town and thenp 788 PTD 1969
a convoy of trucks dragging a flotilla of wooden landing-craft across a crowded parade ground. ‘Sampans -- they look crazy, don'tp 789 PTD 1969
Sampans -- they look crazy, don't they?‘ While Forbis glared across the river Mannock looked down at him, with difficulty controllingp 789 PTD 1969
far removed from his own brand of cantankerousness. Mannock looked across the water as a huge catherine-wheel revolved into the airp 789 PTD 1969
and resentment had driven these people in their unbroken advance across the world, and here in this town in a riverp 789 PTD 1969
start the motor, a squad in the bows rowed it across to the first bridge pylon. No other craft were beingp 790 PTD 1969
fact, as Mannock had noted already, no one was looking across the river at all, though any good marksman could havep 790 PTD 1969
tank-crews squatting on their turrets. The noise of gongs beat across the water. In the deserted town the sounds murmured inp 791 PTD 1969
filling stations the slashed pump hoses leaked their last gasolene across the unwashed concrete. Mannock stopped the car in the centrep 791 PTD 1969
the jacket on to the seat a rifle shot slammed across the square. A volley of echoes boomed off the buildingsp 791 PTD 1969
of the hotel. So the first snipers had moved in across the river. His blood quickening, Mannock drew his shotgun fromp 791 PTD 1969
jacket had been enough. An hour later the advance began across the river. One minute Mannock was sitting on the oldp 792 PTD 1969
of her body took on a sudden liquid focus, moving across the bedroom like a pink meniscus. She took a cigarettep 59 SCN 1969
of the novel cut into his ribs. Her hand rested across his chest, nails holding the hair between his nipples likep 60 SCN 1969
longer irritated him. An enormous neutral ground now divided them, across which their emotions signalled like meaningless semaphores. If anything, herp 61 SCN 1969
his, plunging in and out of basins of dust, tracking across beds of mud like nightmare chessboards. Overhead was the concretep 63 SCN 1969
You drive.‘ Elements of an Orgasm. (1) Her ungainly transit across the passenger seat through the nearside door; (2) the conjunctionp 63 SCN 1969
and the steering assembly; (14) the movements of her fingers across the chromium-tipped instrument heads. Post-coitum Triste. He sat in thep 63 SCN 1969
the pay kiosk the sections of shoulder and abdomen shifted across the screen, illuminating the late afternoon sky. He waited inp 64 SCN 1969
concrete flanks lit by the neon signs of the bars across the street. As they drove from the town the firstp 64 SCN 1969
parked car. Headlamps sped towards him. Without thinking, he drove across the road into the oncoming lane. The perspectives of thep 64 SCN 1969
at her skirt. She stepped over the shirtless body lying across a car seat and vomited on to the oily sandp 64 SCN 1969
of the open-air cinema, while the huge shapes disgorged themselves across the rooftops. Love Scene. Steering with one hand, he followedp 64 SCN 1969
off her Polaroid glasses. In the sunlight the oil spattered across the windscreen formed greasy rainbows. As she waited for himp 64 SCN 1969
Behind him the film crew were manhandling their camera trolley across the gravel. Hands on the hips of his white safarip 67 THF 1969
declensions of serialized violence. Travers started the engine and turned across the central reservation. As he drove off he heard thep 69 THF 1969
soared over the motorway, the shadows of its blades scrambling across the concrete like the legs of an ungainly insect. Traversp 69 THF 1969
she asked, ‘Where did the car go?‘ He led her across the asphalt, watching as she re-created the accident in termsp 70 THF 1969
road. Striding swiftly in his tennis shoes, he set off across the soft floor of pine needles. Travers drew up besidep 72 THF 1969
soared overhead, the down-draught from its blades whipping his tie across his eyes. Driven back, he traced his steps through thep 72 THF 1969
the river. The Eurasian women walked back to the shore across the mudflats. At eight o'clock that night a fight brokep 73 THF 1969
thighs with the vinyl seat cover, her nervous fingers moving across the chromium instrument heads. Conceptual Games. Dr Nathan pondered thep 75 THF 1969
the edge of the bed, waiting as his hands moved across her left armpit, exploring the parameters of a speculative geometryp 76 THF 1969
new grammar of callousness and aggression. Koester's eyes had moved across her body in the same transits when she blundered intop 76 THF 1969
set. Catherine Austin watched from the radiator panel, arms folded across her breasts. ‘Any great human tragedy -- Vietnam, let usp 77 THF 1969
of the overpass. Karen stumbled over a wooden trestle, falling across the concrete. She held her bloodied left palm up top 78 THF 1969
his suit was expanding and contracting in irregular pulses, pulling across his chest like the fibres of a diseased heart. Withp 796 SGW 1970
it away with a snarl of tyres, his eyes moving across my face like razors. Mile Fournier greeted me with ap 801 SGW 1970
Precisely, Mr Samson.‘ Everywhere there was uproar. Gowns were strewn across the facing sofas. Several had lost all colour and layp 801 SGW 1970
been deformed into strange shapes, their colours bled like wounds across the fabric, reflecting the same traumatic past, some violent seriesp 801 SGW 1970
began to play from the deserted nightclub, we would walk across the dunes and dance among the sand-strewn tables. Who broughtp 803 SGW 1970
Often I would see him at noon, sailing his sand-yacht across the lake a few hundred yards from the shore. Ip 803 SGW 1970
of anger. He wrenched his arm from me, looking away across the dunes to the lake. The music whined on, thep 804 SGW 1970
the deserted villa, the white moonlight like a waiting shroud across the terrace. Around me the shadows of demented shapes seethedp 804 SGW 1970
the abandoned nightclub the dark air drew its empty signatures across the dunes. ‘Say goodbye to the wind.‘ THE SUBLIMINAL MANp 805 SGW 1970
minora are then incised at the introitus and sutured together across the lower end of the mould, leaving a small openingp 17 C80 1970
firm dressing of some kind or adequate brassiere support. JOURNEY ACROSS A CRATER Impact Zone As he woke he felt thep 39 JAC 1970
door and sat behind the steering wheel. His hands moved across the unfamiliar instrument heads, trying to read this strange braillep 39 JAC 1970
fragments of the news report of a space disaster rolled across the deserted concrete. No Entrance As they drove along thep 39 JAC 1970
re-enacted a few yards in front of him, staring emptily across the litter of beer bottles and tyres. With a grimacep 40 JAC 1970
her, but she now realised their real identity -- bridges across which he hoped to make his escape. She switched offp 42 JAC 1970
not to flinch, she waited as his strong hands moved across her body. Unidentified Flying Object As they drove along thep 43 JAC 1970
the disused conservatory. The ‘machine‘ which Vorster had described lay across a glass table, display screens around it. Dr Manston staredp 44 JAC 1970
a scar that smeared the right apex of her mouth across her cheek. Her powerful hands moved expertly through the gearp 46 JAC 1970
woman through the eyepiece of Vorster's clue camera. She moved across the roof garden in the chromium wheel chair. Seated byp 46 JAC 1970
the Nikon flickered in the sunlight. Quick His feet raced across the unset cement as he propelled the chromium chair towardp 49 JAC 1970
of him. It careened to one side, spilling Gabrielle Saltzman across the wet cement. He stared down at her metal body-harnessp 49 JAC 1970
face hidden behind the camera, feet moving in oblique passage across the concrete like the stylised dance of a deformed machinep 49 JAC 1970
shutter destroyed the symmetry of the landscape. Exit Mode Stepping across Vorster's legs, he moved away from the two bodies. Onp 49 JAC 1970
Clement watched from the windows of their car. He walked across the arena and entered the arcade below the overpass, atp 49 JAC 1970
fiction, as my agent remarked to me recently, is spreading across the world like a cancer -- a benign and tolerantp 206 UGM 1971
freeway systems. In Britain the first motorways are already reaching across our cities. Many of them are motion-sculptures of considerable gracep 262 UGM 1971
when Drive invited me to join a veteran car rally across Germany to celebrate the seventieth anniversary of Mercedes-Benz and thep 263 UGM 1971
into our cars and drive where and when we wish across the entire area of the British Isles. Traffic movements andp 265 UGM 1971
along the well-padded roads. Every so often they will come across traffic lights and road junctions, and be faced with thep 267 UGM 1971
the twentieth century had seen the spectacular growth of television across every continent on the globe, and the programmes transmitted byp 806 GTS 1972
supply of gold coinage, agents of the television companies moved across the Belgian and North German plains, hiring thousands of mercenariesp 808 GTS 1972
support the cameras might well prevent the Israelites from getting across at all. Clearly, the powers of the Almighty would bep 809 GTS 1972
throng that stretched with its baggage train for several miles across the desert. Confused by the great press of camp-followers, thep 809 GTS 1972
On the near bank, the Egyptian forces turned for home. Across the waters, the small band of Israelites moved towards thep 810 GTS 1972
package tourists, like a haemorrhage of the sun, still lay across the vinyl seats when I pushed my way through thep 7 C 1973
the heraldic beak of the manufacturer's medallion, his semen emptying across the luminescent dials that registered for ever the last temperaturep 8 C 1973
the mouth of a concealed access road. As I ran across to Vaughan I saw him through the fractured windshield ofp 9 C 1973
stared at me without speaking, and lay on her side across the seat. I watched the blood irrigate her white blousep 11 C 1973
the posture of the dying cashier. His strong body, crouched across her in the reflected light of passing headlamps, assumed ap 12 C 1973
obsession with the exquisite transits of the screen actress's pubis across the vinyl seat covers of hired limousines. After his lastp 16 C 1973
After a near collision at a traffic intersection semen jolts across a cracked speedometer dial. Later, the dried residues of thatp 17 C 1973
the lacquered hair of the first young woman who lies across his lap with her mouth over his penis, one handp 17 C 1973
gradients as those of the other victims of the crash. Across the night air these gradients fell like streamers from thep 18 C 1973
of my car, his blood sprayed through the fractured windshield across my face and chest. The firemen who later cut mep 20 C 1973
her body. She beckoned them away, and freed the harness across her chest, her capable hand fumbling with the chromium releasep 21 C 1973
the doors on to their locks. An ambulance attendant reached across me and cut the sleeve from my right arm. Ap 23 C 1973
An uneasy euphoria carried me towards the hospital. I vomited across the steering wheel, half-conscious of a series of unpleasant fantasiesp 23 C 1973
between us. I stared at the contours of her thighs. Across them the grey blanket formed a graceful dune. Somewhere beneathp 25 C 1973
tried to smile at her. The stitches in the laceration across my scalp, a second hairline an inch to the leftp 29 C 1973
interest in some third-rate wine or film-maker, a different tack across the waters of aviation politics. Often I could guess thep 31 C 1973
for our sexual games. Watching her cigarette smoke move away across the empty ward, I wondered with whom she spent thep 31 C 1973
aircraft noise, I sat up on one elbow. The bruises across my chest wall made it painful for me to breathep 32 C 1973
shoulders along the pink grooves left by her underwear, then across her back, where the metal clasps of her brassiere hadp 34 C 1973
sat in the car beside my wife, my fingers moved across the control panel, switching on the ignition, the direction indicatorp 34 C 1973
had involuntarily touched her left buttock. I laid my palm across a small dimple in the slightly worn fabric, as thisp 41 C 1973
the X-ray camera on its high pivot, heavy cables trailing across the floor. As I shuffled away along the corridor Ip 42 C 1973
grip on the stick as if ready to thrash me across the face with it. She moved her head in ap 43 C 1973
picture of the crushed radiator grille and the blood spattered across the bonnet. ‘You should have gone to the funeral,‘ Ip 45 C 1973
extended from the motorways to the south of the airport, across its vast runways to the new apartment systems along Westernp 48 C 1973
massive traffic jam blocked the tunnel entrance, and I pulled across the oncoming lanes and drove into the airport plaza, ap 60 C 1973
or German tourist, the eldest of the three women came across to me. They paced about on this traffic island inp 60 C 1973
her two companions, whose eyes were flicking like windshield wipers across the light-impacted glass of the passing cars. I followed thep 61 C 1973
in her silver handbag, the woman lowered her preoccupied face across my lap, expertly releasing my zip with one hand. Shep 62 C 1973
penis with both mouth and hand, spreading her arms comfortably across my knees. I flinched from the pressure of her hardp 62 C 1973
windshield pillar, I looked to my right. Twenty feet away across the empty parking bays a man with a camera satp 62 C 1973
the elevator shaft. The tall man with the camera sauntered across the roof. I looked through the rear window of hisp 63 C 1973
by an enormous vehicle. The marks of giant tyres ran across its crushed roof, forcing it down to the transmission humpp 67 C 1973
running towards the windshield wiper gutters. Minute flecks were spattered across the seat and steering wheel. I thought of the deadp 68 C 1973
lying on the hood of the car. The blood rilling across the bruised cellulose was a more potent fluid than thep 68 C 1973
years before. I watched the two policemen exercising their dog across the yard. I opened the dashboard locker and forced thep 69 C 1973
against me. Her eyes lingered on the black confetti scattered across the bonnet and seats. ‘Were you badly hurt?‘ she askedp 71 C 1973
the almost obsessive way in which she brushed her hair across her cheek. Her strong body, with its nervous sexuality, formedp 71 C 1973
and polished glass. She followed my hands as they moved across the controls. The pressure of her thighs against the hotp 72 C 1973
and my orgasm? The traffic multiplied, concrete lanes moving laterally across the landscape. As Catherine and I drove from the coroner'sp 76 C 1973
I walked through the car-park opposite the air-freight building. Overhead, across the metallized air, a jet-liner screamed. When the aircraft hadp 77 C 1973
seat. Swinging her handbag from a strong wrist, she came across to my car, recognizing me with a grimace. As wep 77 C 1973
her upper teeth, fascinated by the movement of her fingers across the smooth chrome of the window pillar. Its surface wasp 79 C 1973
reservoir embankment. The brief avalanche of dissolving talc that fell across her eyes as I moved my lips across their lidsp 79 C 1973
that fell across her eyes as I moved my lips across their lids contained all the melancholy of this derelict vehiclep 79 C 1973
these razor-like links cut my knuckles I felt her teeth across my ear. The sharpness of these pains reminded me ofp 79 C 1973
nipple. I kissed each breast in turn, running my teeth across the erect nipples. Seizing me with her body in thisp 80 C 1973
returned, the vibrating windows brought on my orgasm. Helen knelt across me, elbows pressed into the seat on either side ofp 80 C 1973
car behind Vaughan's Lincoln as a concussed Seagrave was helped across the parking-lot. The accident re-enactment had been a fiasco --p 86 C 1973
eased Seagrave from behind his driving wheel Vaughan walked swiftly across the arena, beckoning in a peremptory way to Helen Remingtonp 86 C 1973
in a peremptory way to Helen Remington. I followed her across the cinders, but Vaughan ignored me, steering Helen through thep 87 C 1973
as I hauled up behind him, then surged away powerfully across the amber. On the Northolt overpass he moved along atp 87 C 1973
only when he saw the scarlet rag like a bloodstain across Seagrave's hair and my urgent headlamps behind. We left thep 87 C 1973
Lincoln. He peered through the view-finder of the camera, tracking across the entrance of the casualty department. A clutter of photographsp 89 C 1973
smoking -- the body-sweet smoke hung in a diagonal drift across the room -- to focus his mind on the possibilitiesp 94 C 1973
young woman in a chromium wheelchair, guided by a friend across the rhododendron-screened lawn of a convalescent institution, propelling her shinyp 99 C 1973
anonymous individual and his car, the transits of his body across the polished cellulose panels and vinyl seating, his face silhouettedp 101 C 1973
encounters since the accident. He had caught my hand stretching across the transmission tunnel of my wife's sports car, the innerp 101 C 1973
lifting her breast from her blouse as my hair fell across the window-sill; Helen Remington sitting astride me in the passengerp 101 C 1973
at the photograph of myself at Renata's breast, Vaughan leaned across me, his real attention elsewhere. With a broken thumbnail, itsp 102 C 1973
without expression. Childhood boils had left an archipelago of pockmarks across his neck. A sharp but not unpleasant smell rose fromp 102 C 1973
of sexual jealousy, but because these affairs would cut irrelevantly across whatever Vaughan was planning for us all. Catherine had beenp 107 C 1973
up with them. I stepped from my car and walked across to Vaughan. He watched me approach as if he hadp 113 C 1973
almost running down a passing pump attendant, and set off across the early afternoon traffic. Vaughan was right. Catherine's sexual fantasiesp 114 C 1973
more hash.‘ Catherine looked up at the traffic lights sweeping across the windows. ‘Why is Seagrave so obsessed with these filmp 115 C 1973
transformed into a bower of exotic flowers, with creepers entwined across the roof light, the floor and seats lush with moistp 121 C 1973
light, the floor and seats lush with moist grass. Looking across at Helen, as she accelerated along the open deck ofp 121 C 1973
their bodies; complex geometric shapes in carmine and violet zoned across their faces and thoraxes. An engineer settled the driver forp 122 C 1973
bonnet of the car and struck the windshield, then careened across the roof in a black mass of fragments. The carp 125 C 1973
by the impact. Inside the cabin, the lopsided family lurched across each other, the decapitated torso of the front-seat woman passengerp 125 C 1973
smiled at me, nodding encouragingly as if urging a child across some mental hurdle. ‘We can have a look at itp 125 C 1973
and went into a long right-hand slide which carried it across the path of a taxi already making its way aroundp 130 C 1973
scarlet light from the neon sign over the portico flared across these grainy photographs of appalling injuries: the breasts of teenagep 134 C 1973
and pubic areas, breasts and cheekbones shaded in, section lines across their mouths and abdomens. Jayne Mansfield stepped from her carp 135 C 1973
breast and exposed thigh, a section line in coloured crayon across her throat, outlining those parts of the car which wouldp 136 C 1973
stepped from her chauffeured limousine outside a London hotel, smiled across her husband's shoulder from the depths of a rear seatp 136 C 1973
in the slower lanes to back up and let him across on to the hard shoulder. Once free, he set offp 138 C 1973
parking apron of a supermarket built on an elevated deck across the expressway. He peered at me solicitously. ‘You've had ap 138 C 1973
supermarket, I watched the aircraft taking off from London Airport across the western perimeter fence, constellations of green and red lightsp 139 C 1973
penis against the skin of her thighs, drawing it first across the black vinyl and then pressing the glans against herp 100 C 1973
and extending her legs along his own. They lay diagonally across the rear seat, Vaughan taking first her left nipple inp 144 C 1973
his own movements to the play of light sweeping transversely across the roof of the car. I pushed away the blondep 144 C 1973
gone Vaughan stepped from his car. I watched him walk across the parking lot to the entrance of the offices, wonderingp 147 C 1973
cloth at his erect penis as his right hand moved across the disfigured photographs. With an effort, Vaughan straightened himself, leaningp 149 C 1973
of sodomy and fellatio I would perform as I moved across his body from one hand-hold to the next. We hadp 150 C 1973
a black limousine with an extended wheelbase which had skidded across the central reservation. The limousine had returned across the concretep 152 C 1973
had skidded across the central reservation. The limousine had returned across the concrete island to its own lane and struck thep 152 C 1973
give them a better view. The revolving police beacons moved across the watching faces as we climbed the embankment to thep 155 C 1973
against the verge of the central reservation. More spectators strolled across the common from the shopping precinct. They climbed through ap 155 C 1973
had been hit by a German shepherd dog running blindly across a street. I had stopped a hundred yards ahead andp 158 C 1973
flowing along Western Avenue and the flyover. The jarring light across Catherine's face made her seem part of this midsummer nightmarep 159 C 1973
and playing a transistor radio. I watched the rollers sweeping across the taxi. Hidden inside the cabin as the soapy waterp 159 C 1973
taxi. Hidden inside the cabin as the soapy water sluiced across the windows, the off-duty driver and his wife were invisiblep 159 C 1973
of darkness and silence, a condensed universe. Vaughan's hand moved across a surface. I went through the pretence of withdrawing thep 160 C 1973
along the expressway. The water jetted from the metal gantry across the car in front of us. The soap stream hitp 160 C 1973
which he held his arms as he moved my wife across the seat, lifting her left knee so that his bodyp 161 C 1973
the instrument panel. Within this blue grotto Vaughan lay diagonally across the rear seat. Catherine knelt across him, skirt rolled aroundp 161 C 1973
grotto Vaughan lay diagonally across the rear seat. Catherine knelt across him, skirt rolled around her waist, holding his penis inp 161 C 1973
his. The distant headlamps, refracted through the soap solution jetting across the windows, covered their bodies with a luminescent glow, likep 162 C 1973
bower. The gantry engine began to drum. The rollers pounded across the bonnet of the Lincoln and roared forwards to thep 162 C 1973
solution into a whirlwind of froth. Thousands of bubbles burst across the windows. As the rollers drummed against the roof andp 162 C 1973
quietly in the front seat as the white soap sluiced across the roof and doors like liquid lace. Behind me, Vaughan'sp 163 C 1973
a gasp of pain cut off by Vaughan's strong hand across her mouth. He sat back with her legs across hisp 163 C 1973
hand across her mouth. He sat back with her legs across his hips, slapping her with one hand as the otherp 164 C 1973
bag in my hand. As we walked towards the entrance across the worn gravel Vaughan pulled himself from the rear seatp 165 C 1973
lips and cheeks, seeing in the rash of raw skin across her abdomen the forcing geometry of Vaughan's powerful physique. Myp 166 C 1973
the raw symbols that his hands and mouth had left across her skin. I knelt over her as she lay diagonallyp 166 C 1973
her skin. I knelt over her as she lay diagonally across the bed, her small feet resting on my pillow, onep 166 C 1973
to his vehicle, Vaughan finished his cigarette and walked unsteadily across the oil-slick concrete to the motorway embankment. A heavy saloonp 169 C 1973
Often, as we drove along the motorways, Vaughan gestured me across the lane marker lines, positioning the Lincoln so that thep 170 C 1973
for us. Through the fading afternoon light the airliners moved across our heads along the east-west runways of the airport. Thep 178 C 1973
de force of technology and kinaesthetic systems. Gabrielle's hand moved across my chest. Her fingers found the small scars below myp 178 C 1973
possibilities of her body and personality. As she stepped naked across the floor of the bathroom, pushing past me with ap 180 C 1973
she walked with me to my car, fingers playing amiably across my left shoulder -- all these acts and emotions werep 180 C 1973
leaves of the plane trees carried through the falling light across the wet macadam. For hours Vaughan listened to the policep 184 C 1973
the woman driver of the silver Mercedes coupe lay sideways across her seat below the broken windshield. The crowd of spectatorsp 185 C 1973
around the silver Mercedes, eyes fixed on the bloodstains smeared across the seat and instrument panel, examining every piece of thep 186 C 1973
of her flesh to a wedding with himself already celebrated across the bloody altar of Seagrave's car. We walked back top 187 C 1973
a middle-aged, silver-haired prostitute, almost choking her as she knelt across him. He held her head fiercely in his hands top 191 C 1973
of her hotel. Vaughan picked repeatedly at the scabs running across his knuckles. The scars on his knees, healed now forp 191 C 1973
Vaughan waited as I ordered a drink for him, staring across the runways at an airliner lifting into the air overp 194 C 1973
As I started the engine Vaughan laid his bandaged palm across my thigh. Surprised by this physical contact between us, Ip 195 C 1973
held them together and break these blocks of boiling steel across our path. By contrast, the oncoming cars were carrying hugep 197 C 1973
formed mysterious emblems, racing alphabets that unravelled at high speed across the road surface. Exhausted by the effort of concentrating onp 197 C 1973
me I saw Vaughan's hand on the wheel. He sat across me, one knee up on the instrument panel, steering thep 198 C 1973
and gestured towards it, suggesting that I drive the Lincoln across the central reservation and straight into the truck. Distracted byp 198 C 1973
had been built by us unknowingly for their reception. Leaning across me, Vaughan steered the car through the flight paths. Asp 199 C 1973
light, their outlines shifting as if some time-wind were blowing across them. Strips of rusting chrome leaked into the overheated airp 200 C 1973
each other in the centre of the electric storm moving across our retinas. I stroked Vaughan's shoulder, remembering the terror inp 200 C 1973
in the palm of the dead Remington as he lay across my bonnet, remembering the pink grooves in my wife's skinp 200 C 1973
Gabrielle's crippled body. One by one, I moved Vaughan's hand across the glowing dials of the instrument panel, pressing his fingersp 200 C 1973
beautiful by its scars and wounds. I moved my mouth across the scars on his lips, feeling with my tongue forp 201 C 1973
his buttocks, I watched my semen leak from his anus across the fluted ribbing of the vinyl upholstery. Sitting together, wep 202 C 1973
we were washed by the light flowing in every direction across the landscape. I held my arm around Vaughan as hep 202 C 1973
and postures of the millions yet to die. Flies crawled across the oil-smeared windshield, vibrating against the glass. The chains ofp 204 C 1973
open around his knees. The flies crawled in thick clumps across his blood-smeared chest, festering on his pallid stomach. They formedp 204 C 1973
body, an that I was one of the flies crawling across him. Afraid to move for fear of burning myself againstp 205 C 1973
torn newspaper rose into the air as it slid sideways across the access road. Vaughan's bloodied hands whirled at the steeringp 206 C 1973
the sky. From the balcony of my apartment I gazed across the landscape below, trying to find this paradisial incline, ap 208 C 1973
again before it all goes.‘ She held her bare arms across her breasts, and peered into the interior of her carp 211 C 1973
vehicle I was driving. At the traffic lights I looked across the seat at Catherine. She sat with one hand onp 211 C 1973
first she failed to recognize me. Her firm eyes cut across me to Catherine's elegant figure, as if suspicious of herp 213 C 1973
surged forward when the lights changed. His left hand drummed across the rim of the steering wheel, as if reading thep 215 C 1973
inside his head, he swerved the Lincoln to and fro across the road surface. His heavy face was fixed in ap 215 C 1973
for Vaughan to collide with Catherine. His car moved forward across the marker lines on a collision course. But at thep 216 C 1973
course. But at the last moment he pulled away, fading across the traffic stream behind her. He lost himself beyond thep 216 C 1973
the rear the remnants of a torn tartan blanket lay across a greasy pillow. I guessed from the broken bottles andp 218 C 1973
revolved, beckoning more and more passers-by to the accident site, across the recreation grounds from the high-rise apartment blocks in Northoltp 222 C 1973
a proscenium arch visible for miles above the surrounding traffic. Across the deserted side-streets and pedestrian precincts, the concourses of thep 222 C 1973
her buttocks held tightly in my hands as she sat across my waist. I made her kneel across me as myp 223 C 1973
as she sat across my waist. I made her kneel across me as my hand gathered the semen flowing from herp 223 C 1973
walked among the cars. The beams of small headlamps cut across our knees. An open sports car had stopped beside thep 223 C 1973
New London and New New York, which will sail outwards across the galaxy, leaving behind a darkening sea of stars eachp 165 UGM 1974
against his head. The car veered from side to side across the empty traffic lanes, jerking his hands like a puppet'sp 7 CI 1974
a puppet's. The shredding tyre laid a black diagonal stroke across the white marker lines that followed the long curve ofp 7 CI 1974
violent tangent that had grazed his life Robert Maitland lay across his steering wheel, his jacket and trousers studded with windshieldp 7 CI 1974
the vault of the tunnel the April sunlight had rainbowed across the windshield, momentarily blinding him ... His seat belt, rarely wornp 8 CI 1974
by the crash, he was already aware of the bruises across his thighs and chest. The impact had hurled him likep 10 CI 1974
almost hiding the silver Jaguar. A thin yellow light lay across the island, an unpleasant haze that seemed to rise fromp 12 CI 1974
he had felt almost suffocated. Standing up, Maitland edged sideways across the slope. Ten feet above him was the hard shoulderp 14 CI 1974
began to fall. Headlamps swerved past him, their beams cutting across his face. Horns blared endlessly as the three lines ofp 16 CI 1974
he could see through the tunnel to the Westway interchange. Across the road from him was the central reservation, a narrowp 17 CI 1974
set of approaching headlamps. Gripping the briefcase, he ran forward across the road. He was halfway across the road when hep 18 CI 1974
briefcase, he ran forward across the road. He was halfway across the road when he heard the blare of a warningp 18 CI 1974
sleeping quietly in her white bedroom, a bar of moonlight across her pale throat. In fact, the whole city was nowp 20 CI 1974
armfuls of the soft earth from his path, forcing himself across the crumbling surface like a wounded snake. ‘Catherine ...‘ For thep 20 CI 1974
It was eight twenty-five A.M. He lay sprawled stiffly across the back seat of the car. The motorway embankments werep 23 CI 1974
face in the driving mirror. A livid bruise ran diagonally across the right side of his face like one half ofp 23 CI 1974
throat ache. Already he sensed his reflexes quickening. He leaned across the driving seat and released the hood catch. He pulledp 26 CI 1974
eased himself on to the trunk and sat there, looking across the uneven surface of the island at the wire-mesh fencep 26 CI 1974
journey to the wire-mesh fence. Rallying himself, he set off across the island towards its southern perimeter. Every ten paces hep 30 CI 1974
protruded from the embankment. Maitland quickened his step, jerking himself across the soft soil. As he guessed, a gutter ran alongp 31 CI 1974
what he would need to build a ramp. Rain fell across Maitland's neck. He swung himself back to the Jaguar. Thep 33 CI 1974
London. As he stepped into the car the cloudburst broke across the island. The gusts of rain-filled air levelled the swirlingp 33 CI 1974
twice dropping it to the ground. As he swung himself across the breaker's yard the whirling raindrops cut like shot throughp 34 CI 1974
he crouched forward in his soaked clothes, bruised hands fumbling across the front seat, Maitland talked aloud to himself, half awarep 34 CI 1974
at the motorway embankment. He brushed at the mud caked across the lapels of his dinner-jacket. It was eight ten Ap 42 CI 1974
barely conscious by the time he climbed the balustrade. Tottering across the road, he might easily be killed by a passingp 43 CI 1974
of psychosis. Nervously, Maitland pivoted on the crutch. He hobbled across the charred earth, trying to find a single tenant ofp 43 CI 1974
in the sunlight like an empty notice-board. A message scrawled across it in three-feet-high letters would be legible to drivers onp 45 CI 1974
next painful push through a nettle bank, a difficult step across a tilting flagstone. In some way, this act of concentrationp 45 CI 1974
they were barely visible above the grass. The rain gusted across him before he could reach the central valley, forcing himp 46 CI 1974
moving about in a meaningless semaphore as the rain streamed across them. He knew that he was not merely exhausted, butp 46 CI 1974
dense curtains between himself and the motorway. The mud caked across his dinner-jacket dissolved and ran into streams down his raggedp 47 CI 1974
washing out a child's football gear. He spread the jacket across the steps and massaged his shoulders, trying to draw ap 47 CI 1974
had been obliterated. Fever The last of the rain fell across Maitland's face. He stared at the remains of the messagep 49 CI 1974
and fro as he lay forward on his crushed chest across the steering wheel, tracing some incoherent message on the steamingp 49 CI 1974
light, encircling his thighs and calves. The wet leaves wound across his skin, as if reluctant to release him. Maitland swungp 49 CI 1974
was becoming an exact model of his head. His movement across this forgotten terrain was a journey not merely through thep 51 CI 1974
to his knees. He wiped away the phlegm and hobbled across the brick courses to the southern embankment. Losing consciousness forp 51 CI 1974
decaying vegetation soothed his fever. A small, sharp-footed creature moved across his left leg, its claws clutching for purchase in thep 54 CI 1974
with his fists, his attacker rolled him backwards and forwards across the damp ground, grunting to himself as if trying top 55 CI 1974
silver scar tissue marked his cheeks and eyebrows, almost joining across the depressed bridge of his nose, a blob of amorphousp 62 CI 1974
down the steps. Maitland watched her passively when she lurched across to the bed. Slightly drunk, she gazed down at Maitlandp 64 CI 1974
startled by a haggard man in ragged evening dress staggering across the road in front of them. The longest hangover inp 67 CI 1974
a familiar phlegmy breathing. Maitland crouched down, and eased himself across the ground to the derelict pay-box. Lying on his sidep 67 CI 1974
would fail. He lowered his head as the tramp sprawled across the ground, scattering his boots. Stunned, Proctor lay on hisp 68 CI 1974
drug or probation offence. Maitland heard her voice call out across the deep grass. Proctor answered in his gruff simpleton's tonesp 69 CI 1974
Presumably she knew some private route up the embankment and across the feeder road. She peered at Maitland, her sharp eyesp 69 CI 1974
and plates, and the paper table cloth she spread carefully across the packing case, made it resemble a miniature children's teap 70 CI 1974
steered a steaming egg on to his paper plate, leaning across him long enough for him to register the weight andp 71 CI 1974
end bent into a crude handle. The crutch! Maitland hobbled across the stony ground, dragging his injured leg after him. Hisp 75 CI 1974
It's cold in here.‘ The young woman stretched her arm across him. ‘You could have got away,‘ she repeated. ‘Proctor doesn'tp 82 CI 1974
around her waist, but his fever was rolling in waves across his body. ‘These last four days have been strange --p 83 CI 1974
fed him. He vomited into her hands and lay retching across the bed. He tried to hold off the girl asp 84 CI 1974
Proctor had made his home, watching the sharp sunlight cut across the polished cellulose of the vehicles driving into central Londonp 85 CI 1974
all the pain he had felt. Even this short journey across the island exhausted him. After the meagre breakfast of scrapsp 88 CI 1974
sides like a hostile crowd. Swaying unsteadily, Maitland pressed on across the central valley. By the time he reached the breaker'sp 88 CI 1974
at him, Maitland remembered the injured rat who had climbed across his leg. Presumably Proctor supplemented his meagre diet with thesep 88 CI 1974
mass of gleaming mucilage which lay in a three-feet-high heap across a stack of truck tyres. The nearest edge of thisp 91 CI 1974
fingers appreciatively. He urged Maitland forward, sliding a mess tin across to him. Maitland stared at the fragments in Proctor's tinp 91 CI 1974
air, as if trying to fathom this question. He leaned across Maitland, seizing his shoulders like a drunk in a barp 92 CI 1974
hillocks he knew as intimately as his own body. Moving across it, he seemed to be following a contour line insidep 93 CI 1974
of fever, Maitland reached out and tried to cuff her across the head. She stepped back numbly. ‘I won't help youp 96 CI 1974
bed, enjoying the gentle pressure of her small hands moving across his skin like submissive birds. He was surprised that itp 98 CI 1974
if some defensive reflex was coming into play. She knelt across him, her sharp knees pressing into his chest wall. Maitlandp 100 CI 1974
to pay for them in some neutral currency, hard cash across the high-priced counters of these relationships. Far from wanting thisp 100 CI 1974
here!‘ From his vantage point on Proctor's back, Maitland gazed across the central valley of the island. In the course ofp 102 CI 1974
in the evening, they would hear Proctor's trumpeting voice carried across the whispering grass, his deep mole-like music answered by thep 105 CI 1974
on his fading mind. He began to scrawl the letters across the concrete with both hands. Each word he started inp 109 CI 1974
clung to Proctor's shoulders as they moved back and forth across the island. Bent beast and pale rider, they wandered throughp 111 CI 1974
each time he picked himself up. The warm air moved across the island, soothing both the grass and his own skinp 111 CI 1974
wind caught the note and whisked it away, carrying it across the island. Climbing into the air, the note swirled overp 113 CI 1974
the promise of undreamt hopes. As Proctor made his way across to the embankment, Maitland waited impatiently on the roof ofp 113 CI 1974
the crutch in the air over his head, he hobbled across the stony ground towards the embankment. But Proctor had turnedp 114 CI 1974
As he slipped to the ground in frustration, Proctor came across the island to him. His large face appeared through thep 114 CI 1974
warm the bones of his chest. The yellow light moved across the grass, as if covering the blades with ever thickerp 116 CI 1974
clear-headed again. He remembered the endless journeys on Proctor's back across the island, and the multiplying fragments of his own namep 116 CI 1974
backwards off the cradle. The guy-ropes ran around him, tightening across his waist and neck. Trussed like a carcass in anp 123 CI 1974
moved along the motorway. The hard roar of engines drummed across the island. Shielded by the high grass, Maitland and Janep 124 CI 1974
grass, catching her breath after helping to drag the body across the island. She was still white-faced, the sharp bones ofp 124 CI 1974
When it had gone he stood up and gazed confidently across the island. He felt light-headed from hunger, but calm andp 126 CI 1974
at the controls of a light aircraft, flying steadily westwards across the open sea. With the discovery of the crashed bomberp 811 DFW 1974
and was up by five, dragging his spades and land-lines across the sand to the excavation site. The activity suited Melvillep 811 DFW 1974
of wartime aircraft were buried near this empty resort. Walking across the sand-flats on what Dr Laing believed were marine-biology specimenp 811 DFW 1974
a chance of looking at the aircraft. They drove out across the wet sand to where the fighter lay like ap 812 DFW 1974
He day-dreamed of flying there in a light aircraft, island-hopping across the Pacific. Once he touched down he knew that thep 813 DFW 1974
dividing the sky over his head. Often, as he walked across the sand-flats four hundred yards from the shore, she wouldp 814 DFW 1974
advertising man leading the group digging out the Messerschmitt, came across the sand-flats and gazed abstractedly at the emerging wings andp 815 DFW 1974
image of this determined woman preparing for her solo flight across Africa, testing her aircraft at this abandoned airfield beside thep 815 DFW 1974
bedroom window he stepped on to the beach and walked across the ruffled sand, counting the fragments of carburettor and exhaustp 817 DFW 1974
he would be safe. Throwing down his spade, he clambered across the sand to the beach-house. ‘Helen! Come up here!‘ Hep 817 DFW 1974
the crew hatch he looked back for the last time across the sand-flats, littered with their rusting aircraft parts. Inside thep 817 DFW 1974
was with him as she would be on their flight across the Pacific, he took her through the controls, moving thep 817 DFW 1974
make his world-wide journey, externally to Wake Island, and internally across the planets of his mind. As the summer ended andp 818 DFW 1974
In the cooler weather the night winds moved the sand across the ridge, once again covering the fuselage of the aircraftp 818 DFW 1974
wing. He was careful now never to enter the cockpit. Across the sand-flats Tennant and his team were leaving for thep 818 DFW 1974
roof turret of the Fortress, he watched her climb away across the sand-flats, make a steady right-hand turn towards the seap 819 DFW 1974
steady right-hand turn towards the sea and set off downwind across the Channel. Long before she was out of sight Melvillep 819 DFW 1974
under the aircraft, watching the wind blow the sand back across the fuselage. With the departure of Helen Winthrop and thep 819 DFW 1974
I stopped my car in the cobbled square and walked across to the farmers outside the tavern. ‘I'm looking for thep 822 AD 1975
me as I carefully reversed the car, their eyes roving across this expensive sports saloon, the camera equipment on the seatp 823 AD 1975
ricocheted off an awning as it hurtled downwards, and burst across the tiled balcony floor. The living-room carpet was speckled withp 7 HR 1975
feet among the sharp fragments, watching the agitated wine seethe across the cracked tiles. High above him, on the 31St floorp 7 HR 1975
floors below them. Trying to identify the apartment, Laing stepped across the spreading pool of cold froth. Sitting there, he mightp 8 HR 1975
stood on the eastern perimeter of the project, looking out across an ornamental lake -- at present an empty concrete basinp 8 HR 1975
into his new life, sitting on his balcony and gazing across the parking-lots and concrete plazas below him. Although the apartmentp 9 HR 1975
balcony in the silence, enjoying the magnificent play of light across the neighbouring block four hundred yards away. The building hadp 17 HR 1975
adults come anyway.‘ She took Laing's arm and squinted nervously across the crowded concourse. ‘Do you mind walking me back top 18 HR 1975
Laing lay back on his balcony, watching the dusk fall across the facades of the adjacent blocks. Their size appeared top 19 HR 1975
of the medical school, Laing would watch their shadows swing across the parking-lots and empty plazas of the project, sluice-gates openingp 19 HR 1975
accountant stood by the water's edge, awkwardly reaching the skimmer across the calm surface. At the deep end three swimmers, whop 20 HR 1975
As the children watched, he helped the accountant extend it across the water. Floating in the centre of the pool wasp 21 HR 1975
the pool. The changing cubicles were closed, the curtains drawn across the shower stalls. The official attendant, a retired physical-training instructorp 22 HR 1975
the building in the surrounding airstream sent a warning ripple across the flat surface of the water, as if in itsp 22 HR 1975
tottering happily on Laing's arm, joined in the wild surge across the elevator lobby and drummed on the doors with herp 32 HR 1975
glass in the elevator shafts, the blare of music falling across the dark air. Death of a Resident A cloudless skyp 33 HR 1975
as dull as the air over a cold vat, lay across the concrete walls and embankments of the development project. Atp 34 HR 1975
prevent the lower floors signalling the car. As he walked across the parking-lot Laing looked back at the high-rise, aware thatp 35 HR 1975
affection and concern he felt for her as they lay across her small bed seemed callous rather than tender, precisely becausep 38 HR 1975
their apartments the neurones of a brain. Laing looked out across the darkness at the brilliantly lit decks of the nearbyp 40 HR 1975
and imagination, these complex acrostics, palindromes and civilized obscenities aerosolled across the walls soon turned into a colourful but indecipherable messp 44 HR 1975
staring through the window at the line of high-rises receding across the sky. ‘In fact, it's not really the other residentsp 46 HR 1975
cold tap on full and letting the icy jet roar across his chest and loins. Where Helen had begun to falterp 49 HR 1975
his desk, watched by his secretary as he slumped snoring across his unread correspondence. After no more than an hour atp 59 HR 1975
dumped on rival landings. On the 29th floor Wilder came across a commune composed exclusively of women, a cluster of apartmentsp 65 HR 1975
affection stiffening. Through the windows he watched the light fading across the curtain-walling of the nearby high-rises. Inevitably, he had alwaysp 71 HR 1975
floors were without electricity. At night the dark bands stretched across the face of the high-rise like dead strata in ap 75 HR 1975
unending downward plunge, until it burst like a white bomb across the bonnet of a parked car. No one had seenp 80 HR 1975
coat stood by the balustrade. Shivering continuously, she stared out across the development project at the silver back of the riverp 81 HR 1975
The lurid outlines of lettered slogans, aerosolled in luminous paint across the walls, unravelled around him like the decor of ap 87 HR 1975
floor of the balcony, she recognized Royal and settled herself across him. Hearing a noise from the kitchen, Royal looked roundp 93 HR 1975
held her upright, excited by the play of her hands across his lapels. Not for the first time Laing reflected thatp 96 HR 1975
over the edge of the balcony. A greasy spray hung across the face of the building, the residue of the cascadep 97 HR 1975
own floor among the numerals, some three feet high, emblazoned across the walls of the elevator car like the entries inp 101 HR 1975
building, extended around the apartment block on all sides, reaching across the concrete plazas and causeways of the development project. Lookingp 102 HR 1975
if maintaining a mental lifeline to the building, Laing walked across the parking-lot. Hundreds of broken bottles and cans lay amongp 102 HR 1975
the confrontation between them without interference, like rival gangs battling across a refuse tip who joined forces to expel any intruderp 103 HR 1975
beachcomber in rut. Three floors above, a falling bottle burst across a balcony. The glass fragments spat away like tracers throughp 107 HR 1975
a group of his neighbours were manhandling a steel fire-door across the entrance to the stairway. Five floors below, a raidp 107 HR 1975
the 25th. The raiders had been hurled back. Torch-beams swerved across the walls in a lunatic semaphore. Laing slipped in ap 108 HR 1975
trying to hang the shattered picture-frames over the slogans aerosolled across his walls in the supermarket paint-section's most fashionable colours. Talbotp 108 HR 1975
a balcony rail. The threads of luminous phlegm fell away across the face of the building. Leaning there in the darknessp 110 HR 1975
with a thickening layer of dirt and cement dust, blown across the open plazas of the development project from the roadp 113 HR 1975
rank in keeping with his new station, a bottle shattered across a car roof, vanishing in a brittle cloud-burst. The bottlep 115 HR 1975
of the supermarket a pyramid of dog-biscuit cartons had collapsed across the aisle. Wilder filled a basket with three of thep 121 HR 1975
in a thin voice as she pulled a heavy object across the floor. After a prolonged tapping and negotiation, during whichp 123 HR 1975
claret had made him pleasantly drowsy. Smearing the red wine across his broad chest, he gazed up amiably at the startledp 129 HR 1975
the startled woman who stumbled into the kitchen and tripped across his legs. As she stared down at him, one handp 129 HR 1975
finished the last of the claret, remarking the red stripes across his chest. The rising sunlight warmed his exposed loins, andp 130 HR 1975
the penthouse apartment on the 40th floor and looked down across the concrete plazas of the development project. All the tenantsp 132 HR 1975
caches, and served an elaborately prepared meal. Their shadows swayed across the ceiling as if they were moving around the diningp 132 HR 1975
evening. He's decided to decline in future.‘ Mrs Wilder glanced across the table at Royal, almost as if she had feltp 134 HR 1975
time exposure in a police photograph recording a crime, lay across these torn mattresses and discarded clothes, the wine-stains on thep 138 HR 1975
bloodstained coat. The dog butted him nervously, knocking him back across the empty food-pails. As Royal regained his balance, he heardp 140 HR 1975
roof. Led by Pangbourne, they spread in a loose circle across the observation deck, ready to celebrate a recent triumph. Withoutp 140 HR 1975
Pangbourne ...!‘ The noise slackened. Torch-beams flicked through the darkness, whipping across Royal's silk-lapelled dinner-jacket, fixing on the white Alsatian trying top 142 HR 1975
bandage he had expertly refastened. Wiping his hands, he strolled across the roof, almost mimicking Royal's casual saunter. But his eyesp 142 HR 1975
The chant rose into the air. The torch-beams beat rhythmically across the darkness, striking Royal's face. He waited patiently for thep 142 HR 1975
swerved around him, the shadows of the overturned chairs swinging across the concrete roof. Expecting Wilder to lunge at him fromp 143 HR 1975
Expecting Wilder to lunge at him from behind, he stumbled across the awning and entangled himself in the dog's lead. Hep 143 HR 1975
shoulder at the dull fog that stretched like a curtain across the sitting-room, almost an extension of his own mind. Notp 145 HR 1975
of urine hung over the face of the building, drifting across the tiers of balconies. Overlaying this characteristic odour, however, wasp 147 HR 1975
fleece-lined boots entered the lobby. Watching Paul Crosland stride purposefully across the debris-strewn carpet, Laing realized that the television announcer hadp 151 HR 1975
parent watching a child at play. Her left hand lay across the silk bedspread, touching a pencil and reporter's note-pad. Facingp 152 HR 1975
was almost naked, and he rubbed at the lipstick smeared across his chest and shoulders, trying to insulate himself with thisp 155 HR 1975
a hatchwork of painted lines, a vivid display that spread across his shoulders and back. At intervals he inspected the designp 155 HR 1975
apart from frightening the few other people he might come across, gave him a potent sense of identity. As well, theyp 155 HR 1975
arm, seized her by the neck and flung her sideways across a stack of cardboard cartons. She lay there stunned, likep 158 HR 1975
knocked the pistol from her hand and clubbed her backwards across the barricade. As the two women sat panting on thep 158 HR 1975
up to him, staring with interest at the emblems painted across his chest and shoulders, and at his exposed genitals. Pocketingp 159 HR 1975
down against the rear wall of the elevator. He gazed across the lobby at the yellow water of the swimming-pool. Severalp 159 HR 1975
stripes on his chest and shoulders, her fingers moving endlessly across his skin as if writing a message to him. Lyingp 160 HR 1975
climbed to the 37th floor, smelling the icy air moving across his naked body from the open sky. He could hearp 161 HR 1975
thin linen gave him no protection against the wind moving across the concrete roof. In the over-lit air the white fabricp 162 HR 1975
reopen themselves, he stepped on to the terrace and walked across the roof. The gulls sidled around him, rolling their headsp 163 HR 1975
the spiral had begun to disintegrate. The gulls dived away across the face of the building far below. Urging the Alsatianp 163 HR 1975
this apartment building. He climbed to his feet and walked across the floor to the balcony. Far below, he could seep 164 HR 1975
to the 40th floor. Feinting with the pistol, Wilder darted across the elevator lobby of the 40th floor. There were nop 165 HR 1975
the staircase. The metal rod struck the hand-rail and whipped across Wilder's left arm. Stung by the pain of the blowp 166 HR 1975
him through the chest. When the brief explosion had faded across the cold air, Wilder climbed the last of the stepsp 166 HR 1975
the last of the steps. The architect's body lay awkwardly across the staircase, as if he were pretending to be deadp 166 HR 1975
shyly hoping that the woman would notice the patterns painted across his chest. As he waited for the children to askp 167 HR 1975
knives with narrow blades. Shy but happy now, Wilder tottered across the roof to meet his new mothers. Night Games Dinnerp 168 HR 1975
two women, who sat on the mattress with the tray across their knees, eating from the same plate. Laing finished thep 173 HR 1975
flying figure of a mutilated man, soaring with immense energy across the night sky, embers glowing with the fire of jewelsp 173 HR 1975
at the end of the concrete airstrip. Its engine blared across the deserted resort like a demented fan. ‘One of thesep 828 LFA 1975
engine of this serious-faced male nurse sounded its melancholy tocsin across the town. He had tended Judith since their arrival twop 829 LFA 1975
a sophomore conceit rather out of character. Forrester had come across traces of the paint at various points around the townp 830 LFA 1975
a United Nations agency, he moved from city to city across Europe, in charge of a team making inventories of thep 833 LFA 1975
vandalism. From the footprints visible in the fine sand blown across the floor it was clear that over the years ap 833 LFA 1975
waited for the young woman to reappear. As he gazed across the canal he noticed that Gould had painted two continuousp 833 LFA 1975
Gould had painted two continuous marker lines in fluorescent silver across the metal slats and wire railing of the footbridge. Fromp 834 LFA 1975
of one of these hotels Forrester and Judith had come across the most sinister pornographic image of all -- the photographp 834 LFA 1975
hands on his shirt. The lines of fluorescent paint continued across the bridge, winding in and out of the abandoned carsp 834 LFA 1975
operator. The sweat rose from Forrester's skin, a hot pelt across his forehead. Standing beside the fuel hydrant, he wiped awayp 835 LFA 1975
over his cheeks and nose, wiping the tacky metal stains across his mouth. When he reached the young woman and touchedp 835 LFA 1975
her face. He stepped into the afternoon light and ran across the runway as the aircraft came in to land. Twop 835 LFA 1975
canal road, shouting out Judith's name, Gould was walking slowly across the footbridge, flying helmet in hand. The dark figure ofp 836 LFA 1975
his flying-jacket and ushered her into the hangar. He pointed across the canal. ‘We'll have a drink in your bar.‘ Hep 839 LFA 1975
a drink in your bar.‘ He led the way diagonally across the car park, ignoring the painted pathways. ‘I think there'sp 839 LFA 1975
to Forrester that a kind of shutter had been lowered across her mind, hiding away all memories of the past monthsp 840 LFA 1975
Annoyingly, my erection also slackens. The transit of this camera across the last forty minutes, which should have brought me top 861 60Z 1976
lenses that reach to some isolated balcony over extraordinary distances, across the Bay of Naples to Capri, or from Dover top 862 60Z 1976
elaborate patterns formed by the quiet blood as it runs across the sheet, hunting a hundred gradients. As he turns, exposingp 863 60Z 1976
dream of the sixty-minute zoom, I remember the long journey across the dust and noise of Lioret, past the clamour ofp 863 60Z 1976
would visit the Holy Land. A plague of absenteeism swept across the world in the rumour's wake. In areas as farp 841 LDG 1976
of low walls, like the brick-courses of an uncompleted maze, across which long wings have crashed, from whose joints visceral growthsp 852 NTM 1976
Piper Twin Comanche. GRUMMAN: I see. Anyway, you then flew across London and on down to Gatwick, where you paralysed thep 853 NTM 1976
During our brief and meaningless conversations I would watch Serena across the sitting room with all the excitement that an illicitp 868 S 1976
Serena's youth -- at times when I caught her gazing across the room after some stray thought she seemed little morep 868 S 1976
implacable about Serena's smile. As I look at it now across the study it seems to contain a complete understanding ofp 872 S 1976
I can never escape. Each day creeps a little further across her face. Its progress is erratic, revealing aspects of herp 872 S 1976
the first yawing subsided he began to move the glider across the sky, almost feeling his father's presence in its powerfulp 874 UC 1976
obviously waiting for Halloway to astonish them. A mile away, across the Sound, the steep concrete walls of an artificial islandp 876 UC 1976
the water he could feel the wind carrying him further across the Sound. At any moment it would be too latep 876 UC 1976
bank to port or starboard, but the sailplane pressed on across the deep water. Already Halloway could see the canyons openingp 876 UC 1976
the market settlements and the old metropolis. Ahead of him, across the mercury surface of the sea, a collapsed suspension bridgep 877 UC 1976
apartment-houses were still nearly ten miles away, but facing him across the bridge was a built-up area of dockyards, suburban departmentp 878 UC 1976
husks. For the first time, as he steered the glider across the bridge, Halloway could see the cars, hundreds of thep 878 UC 1976
roads and parking lots. A maze of telegraph wires straggled across the quay-side streets. Halloway flew on above the rusting customsp 879 UC 1976
empty towers guarded by aerial demons. As the glider banked across the face of the office building his opponent also turnedp 880 UC 1976
his own reflection. Delighted now, Halloway soared to and fro across the face of the building, playing the fool and happyp 880 UC 1976
longer cared when a gust of wind drove him laterally across the streets in a storm of cigarette packs. Out ofp 880 UC 1976
which had dashed him from the air, Halloway had climbed across the splintered wings of the glider. Picking a car atp 880 UC 1976
home. For the next two hours, as the sun drifted across the Sound, Halloway pressed on down the long avenues thatp 881 UC 1976
A cornucopia of suits and shirts, shoes and hats spilled across the floor. Stripping off his woollen trousers and jerkin, likep 882 UC 1976
air. Heart racing, Halloway crouched among the cars. Nothing moved across the street. He filled his lungs with air, and brokep 882 UC 1976
appeared, steering their antlers through the overhead wires that trailed across the road. As he watched them scenting the darkness, Hallowayp 882 UC 1976
the city's character had begun to change. Fastening his jacket across his chest, Halloway moved forward more cautiously. Above him, onp 883 UC 1976
left the cloverleaf by an emergency staircase, that Halloway came across the first of the strange monuments he was later top 883 UC 1976
the machine, he sprinted along in his coloured sneakers. Halfway across the bridge he slowed down for the first time top 885 UC 1976
the river crossing was three miles behind him, Halloway came across the airport. As he approached the perimeter fence he couldp 886 UC 1976
him, this gut-driven dynamo totally at one with the city across the river. Carried away by his new-found determination, and confidentp 888 UC 1976
pyramid of radiator grilles. Trying to slow down, he plunged across the grass verge, the concrete kerb almost rolling the truckp 888 UC 1976
wheel, face hidden behind his arms, and felt himself flung across the cabin as the truck struck the lowest tier ofp 888 UC 1976
was waking from a dream of powered flight. He soared across a dark, windless sky. Through the rigging and fuselage strutsp 888 UC 1976
column from him. As they struggled together the aircraft plunged across the sky, its engine screaming ... He woke to find himselfp 888 UC 1976
yet another building. Twenty feet away a second ceiling tilted across the sky. ‘There was an engine on the glider,‘ Hallowayp 889 UC 1976
in the centre of the abandoned airport. His fingers fluttered across the keys of the calculator. As each sentence came upp 889 UC 1976
joke, he touched the scars on his scalp. Fingers flicked across the keyboard. Yes. As in Oldsmobile. Ten years ago Ip 890 UC 1976
dynamos and transformers, fuse-boxes and switching units. Power cables trailed across the floor, running from the generator on the roof top 890 UC 1976
while Olds was sucking away at his hose, Halloway strolled across the sidewalk to a small bar. A juke-box stood inp 893 UC 1976
The tool-bag had gone, and cables ran from the generator across the sidewalk. ‘Olds! Let's go!‘ Then he heard music comingp 893 UC 1976
of drums and guitars, and a rock-and-roll singer's voice bellowed across the empty street. When he reached the bar he foundp 893 UC 1976
stop the truck, seize his tool-kit and unwind his cables across the street. In rapid succession he started up three pintablesp 893 UC 1976
Sound. It was like part of a dream, miles away across the water. Now suddenly you're here, in your miracle shoesp 899 UC 1976
the sidewalk he slung aside the taxi, sending it rolling across the street, and then began to sweep the mannequins outp 900 UC 1976
be able to see the whole monument floodlit.‘ Buckmaster strolled across the square, his sharp eyes following Halloway with some curiosityp 904 UC 1976
the flood-lit terrace of the penthouse, Stillman would gaze resentfully across the roasting deer, as if annoyed that the dark dreamp 906 UC 1976
of the traffic-control television system, watching the multicoloured lights ripple across the sidewalks. Stillman had stripped down the punctured neon signsp 907 UC 1976
that dominated the whole of Halloway's neighbourhood. Giant letters dripped across the night sky, cascades of pink light fell mushily acrossp 907 UC 1976
across the night sky, cascades of pink light fell mushily across the facade of his nightclub, the winged emblems of long-vanishedp 907 UC 1976
garish lights of the neon signs in the street flicker across his hands. He was glad that Stillman had transformed thisp 907 UC 1976
anger, Buckmaster took Halloway's arm and pointed to a building across the square, the offices of a former newspaper. A friezep 908 UC 1976
As they stepped out, however, a new message was racing across the display sign. DANGER! FIVE MILES NORTH-EAST. INVASION PARTY COMINGp 908 UC 1976
bent down to take off their trouser clips, Halloway leaned across his control console and began to throw the switches. Laterp 909 UC 1976
beckoned and signalled. From the loudspeakers which Olds had strung across the streets came a babel of sound -- police sirensp 909 UC 1976
around the square, plunging out of narrow alleys and swerving across the sidewalks, driving the terrified members of the rescue partyp 910 UC 1976
gang recently trained by Olds had emptied the sump oil across the sidewalk, in clear contravention of the local ordinances. Butp 911 UC 1976
reservoirs around the airport, thousands of wild geese moving westwards across the city. Uneasily, Halloway noticed that the cars in hisp 912 UC 1976
with chemical wastes, drove along canals silvered by metallic scum, across landscapes covered by thousands of tons of untreated garbage, fieldsp 915 UC 1976
machine with a violent roar, then lurched in a circle across the sidewalk, knocking down part of a tobacco kiosk beforep 916 UC 1976
calculators. He placed the instruments in a series of lines across his desk, and seemed to be working towards a decisionp 916 UC 1976
for that matter.‘ As Olds‘ fingers began to race irritatingly across the calculators, flicking out a series of messages he wasp 916 UC 1976
already gathered, standing around a white limousine that had swerved across the sidewalk and plunged through the windows of a supermarketp 917 UC 1976
along the rays of the sun. As they moved away across the sky Halloway could see that all over the cityp 919 UC 1976
were hanging around the doorways of the bars, watching Halloway across the pintables in the arcades. None of the police forcep 920 UC 1976
overloaded circuitry was burning out. Coloured light-bulbs burst and ripped across the ceilings of the amusement arcades. Pintables exploded in ap 920 UC 1976
had been hurled against the concrete wall, and lay heaped across each other in a tangle of chrome and broken glassp 921 UC 1976
smouldering neon tubes as if a burnt-out rainbow had collapsed across the sidewalks. Already he could see that everyone had gatheredp 922 UC 1976
him, a propeller whirled through the smoke. The sailplane moved across the roof, lining itself up for take-off. Olds‘ slim figurep 923 UC 1976
turn, three hundred feet above the ground. It set off across the river, wings rocking as Olds tested the controls. Halfwayp 923 UC 1976
the river, wings rocking as Olds tested the controls. Halfway across the river it picked up a flight of wild duckp 923 UC 1976
the secure sky, and finally vanished on its way westwards across the continent. When he had driven back to the cityp 923 UC 1976
searching for Olds and the sailplane, following the memorials westwards across the continent, until he found the old man again andp 924 UC 1976
again for him. Confident of all this, Halloway set off across the square. Already he was planning the first of ap 924 UC 1976
his head. Listening to their random cries, he fell asleep across a bed of star-maps on the floor of the controlp 9 IY1 1976
to see the helicopter far below him, following its shadow across the water a hundred yards from the beach hotels. Afterp 9 IY1 1976
tenanted by a palaeontologist and her dog. As he drifted across the sliding mirror, he remembered the hours they had spentp 11 IY1 1976
supporting player. Every one of our actions during the day, across the entire spectrum of domestic life, will be instantly recordedp 226 UGM 1977
camp, and had followed the progress of the American forces across the Pacific. We had heard detailed accounts of the atom-bombp 926 DT 1977
been sorted out into various categories of table-ware. I walked across a carpet of porcelain soup spoons, all too aware ofp 927 DT 1977
the factory perimeter my companions were discussing the best route across the paddy-fields to Shanghai. They had ransacked several of thep 927 DT 1977
those first few hours of freedom as we drove together across the empty landscape fifteen miles to the southeast of Shanghaip 930 DT 1977
from the rain-washed earth, lockers ransacked by the passing war. Across the paddies I could see a boom of scuttled freightersp 931 DT 1977
and jumped down from his cabin. He laid the map across the bonnet of my truck, then pointed along the broadp 931 DT 1977
cargo. Nodding to himself, he stared at the bodies piled across each other. ‘Right, we rest here and finish the foodp 932 DT 1977
were trying to close the gates that would carry us across. Seeing us arrive, the sergeant in charge walked over top 933 DT 1977
hour earlier. They lay together like mattresses, arms and legs across each other, some face down, others staring at the skyp 933 DT 1977
them out,‘ I said to Hodson. ‘Otherwise, we can't get across. They know we threw them into the water.‘ ‘For God'sp 933 DT 1977
illuminating the exposed hands and ankles. ‘Well, we can get across now.‘ Looking down at his drenched trousers as the Japanesep 933 DT 1977
wire fence around our camp. I watched the flies swarm across my hands and over the faces of the bodies betweenp 935 DT 1977
It was without surprise, an hour later, that I came across Hodson's truck, and was able to make up the fullp 935 DT 1977
and empty ammunition boxes lay in the tank ditch dug across the road. Unable to drive around this obstacle, Hodson hadp 935 DT 1977
air. A hundred yards behind me a narrow lane led across a field of sugar-cane in a westerly direction, and withp 935 DT 1977
element of security, particularly if a hostile Japanese patrol came across me. Also, for the first time I had begun top 936 DT 1977
world, following the sun as it moved away from me across the drowned paddies and silent villages. I was certain thatp 936 DT 1977
watched them halt and peer into the truck, arms raised across their mouths. Unable to approach us, they waited for ap 937 DT 1977
around their houses, legs stirring in the water that seeped across the paddy-fields. They watched from the embankments of the tank-ditchesp 938 DT 1977
wife's faint breathing and the irregular movement of my son across the carpet, I can see that almost everything I havep 946 ICU 1977
in my sitting room. Karen is stirring. She had rolled across the shaft of the broken standard lamp and her bodyp 952 ICU 1977
of the broken standard lamp and her body faces me across the blood-stained carpet, as naked as when she stripped inp 952 ICU 1977
oneiric tableaux that in a confused way retraced those journeys across his head that had occupied him during the past monthsp 73 IY2 1977
But he was thinking with growing excitement of the inventory. Across the desk he watched this handsome woman doctor hiding behindp 76 IY2 1977
old cicatrice, seen every morning in his shaving mirror, lay across his face like the bone-bed of some small but persistentp 78 IY2 1977
running out. Sitting here on the balcony, watching Richard ski-chute across the bay, it's hard to believe we'll be in Exeterp 968 HWT 1978
in front of him. Calmed by the warm light flowing across his bronzed body, he switched off the public channels andp 992 MA 1978
analysis of Psycho. The geometry of the naked actress slumped across the floor of the shower stall provided an endless sourcep 992 MA 1978
that surveyed the solarium and set it on continuous traverse across the bathroom, kitchen and hall. Pangborn then turned to settingp 995 MA 1978
where the 82nd Airborne came down. The marshes we shoot across held them up for a while.‘ Foster nodded sagely, hisp 973 OAU 1978
excrement covered the floor of the munitions store. Ogden walked across the central gunnery platform of the blockhouse, a rectilinear vaultp 974 OAU 1978
than nineteen or twenty years old, his pale skin stretched across the bony points of his face like wet parchment aroundp 975 OAU 1978
front of him like poles strung with rags. Lying diagonally across them, its long barrel supported by a bipod, was ap 975 OAU 1978
as Ogden stepped over the machine-gun a white claw moved across the floor, about to seize his ankle. ‘Horen Sie ...‘ Thep 976 OAU 1978
waited until Angela appeared thirty seconds later. Together they walked across the dunes to the parked Pallas, climbed into the carp 976 OAU 1978
the car had faded Ogden stood up and moved swiftly across the villa to the conservatory at the rear of thep 977 OAU 1978
the almost provocative way in which Angela had watched him across the dining table the previous evening, confident that he wouldp 980 OAU 1978
the pools of water which the stiffening sea had swilled across Utah Beach. ‘Langsamer! Zu schnell. Langsam ...‘ Trying to calm Ogdenp 980 OAU 1978
since she first collected him from the patients‘ refectory, fell across the view-finder. Was she placing the filter of her ownp 982 Z2 1978
Rorschach images, riding the bicycle in the physiology laboratory, squatting across the bidet in her apartment. Why had they suddenly pickedp 982 Z2 1978
the causeways of his own spinal column and fly away across some interior sky. The television director's face swam through thep 986 Z2 1978
cruise missiles, launched from the surfacing submarines and heading out across the lonely tundra, following the contours of remote arctic fjordsp 987 Z2 1978
staircase to the roof above his mind, and fly away across the free skies of his inner space. ZONE OF TERRORp 988 Z2 1978
of the borderzone. In adolescence options intercede; the information flow across the face of the high-rise transforms the banter of thep 25 IY4 1978
the yes or no of cryptic elevator-heads. The information flow across the face of the unborn child multiplies the possibilities ofp 27 IY4 1978
the banter of the cocktail hour, dreams of information flows across the ancient roof-gardens, the borderzone of elevator-heads. The invisible cityp 28 IY4 1978
House of Commons in orbit, the MPs confronting each other across the floor of their spherical chamber, the Cup Final andp 229 UGM 1979
now. Beckoning the birds to follow me, I set off across the shopping mall. On a beach by the river isp 8 UDC 1979
Thames valley, all over Europe and the Americas, spreading outwards across Asia and Africa, ten thousand similar suburbs will empty asp 9 UDC 1979
canvas chair. Although his shirt was soaked with water splashed across him by the aircraft, he was staring intently at somethingp 18 UDC 1979
to be overwhelmed by a nuclear catastrophe. The river swirled across the windshield. A murky foam thrashed against the fractured glassp 19 UDC 1979
saw the archaeologist rise from his chair, strong arms outstretched across the water, trying to will me from the aircraft asp 19 UDC 1979
The priest's face swam, its firm and spartan features leaking across the air into an angry grimace. Exhausted, I leaned againstp 22 UDC 1979
Exhausted, I leaned against Dr Miriam and laid my head across her warm lap. I could feel the imprint of ap 22 UDC 1979
along the bank. Hundreds of people were staring at me across the calm water. I stood up and leaned against thep 23 UDC 1979
at the clinic.‘ At that time, as I followed her across the lawn, I was aware only of the silent crowdp 25 UDC 1979
three children time to catch up with us. They raced across the park, whooping and hooting, as if hoping to shockp 27 UDC 1979
The girl's mad!‘ I slammed the clinic door behind me. Across the park a white flag signalled an urgent message. Thep 35 UDC 1979
unsettling discovery. Although I was walking at a steady pace across the uneven soil, I was no longer drawing any closerp 38 UDC 1979
I'm driving to London -- I'll give you a lift across the river.‘ I sat in the passenger seat of thep 45 UDC 1979
I know how you feel.‘ We were now creeping forward across the central span of the bridge. A hundred brake-lights throbbedp 47 UDC 1979
courts. Relieved now of the fear that I had carried across the bridge, I massaged my bruised chest. At least Ip 48 UDC 1979
gaze, I shouted some obscenity at them and set off across the park. The sun, which all day had hung directlyp 49 UDC 1979
the water. Casting off, I fixed the oars and paddled across the quiet stream. The cool tide ran with light, maskingp 52 UDC 1979
then thought were dreams came to me. I was flying across a night sky, above a town which I recognized asp 56 UDC 1979
fluted rows of ice-white feathers, and feel the powerful muscles across my chest. I raked the sky with the claws ofp 56 UDC 1979
had struggled with ungainly wings to free itself. I swerved across the lawn and chased my moonlit shadow among the flower-bedsp 57 UDC 1979
above her, urging this sensitive creature to trust the air. Across the London road, above the butcher's shop, two falcons clamberedp 57 UDC 1979
and pork. Already his wife had broken free. She strutted across the roof, testing her eager beak on the scents ofp 57 UDC 1979
the motorway. Followed by this concourse of birds, I flew across the park to the river. The night air was whitep 58 UDC 1979
With a collection of bones?‘ She laid the priest's suit across the bed, smiling as she stroked the fabric. ‘Why, Blakep 62 UDC 1979
sergeant, he pointed to the cattle feeding in the meadow across the river. Obviously he knew that the Cessna had flownp 62 UDC 1979
the river. Obviously he knew that the Cessna had flown across the park on its way south from London Airport, butp 62 UDC 1979
the stench, her eyes fixed on my bruised skin. Kneeling across her, and placing her legs around my waist, I rememberedp 64 UDC 1979
faded. ‘Pelicans ...‘ Relieved, I watched the two ungainly birds waddle across the lawn. Presumably the storm had brought them inland, thoughp 66 UDC 1979
The fresh paint silvered my hands, leaving a speckled trail across the sand. As I wiped the paint on to thep 67 UDC 1979
gardener with a taste for garish colours. A magpie swooped across the overlit lawn, feathers brilliant as a macaw's. Stimulated byp 67 UDC 1979
east of Shepperton, I climbed through a hedge and walked across a field of poppies to the nearest of the lakesp 68 UDC 1979
head, the beaky profile of a condor. Following its path across the skyline, I noticed a mansard roof I had seenp 69 UDC 1979
birds swirled into the shopping mall. The heavy gulls stumbled across the decorative tiles, wings flurried among the polished shoes. Anp 70 UDC 1979
them had gone Father Wingate left the vicarage and strode across to the church. Throwing his cigarette among the gravestones, hep 73 UDC 1979
end of the nearest pew. He dragged the oak form across the aisle, scattering the hymn books across the tiled floorp 75 UDC 1979
the oak form across the aisle, scattering the hymn books across the tiled floor. ‘Blake, take the other end. Let's putp 75 UDC 1979
had seized me. I dragged the last of the pews across the open nave, twisting it out of the priest's handsp 76 UDC 1979
the sun. Drunk on the communion wine, I set off across the park, the half-empty bottle in one hand. Beyond thep 81 UDC 1979
shattered at my feet, spilling the last of the wine across my tennis shoes. Blearily I gazed round for something top 82 UDC 1979
the surface, and hurled the spray from my magnificent shoulders across the delighted children. As I turned in the air thep 85 UDC 1979
of foam through the sunfilled spray, porpoised to and fro across the river in shallow leaps that stitched the air andp 86 UDC 1979
over them with my huge tail, a lacy quilt tossed across two naked lovers As their hair dissolved in the foamp 87 UDC 1979
an aviator's helmet, his mouth fixed in a death-gape, lay across the controls, arms swaying towards me in the current thatp 88 UDC 1979
me on the lawn. She watched me walk towards her across the spray-soaked grass, shaking her head at this irresponsible patientp 90 UDC 1979
When I took off my drenched jacket her hands ran across my chest and back, searching for any fresh injuries. ‘I'vep 90 UDC 1979
up the Thames.‘ She took my arm and helped me across the hall to the staircase, her arms closely around mep 91 UDC 1979
began work at Dr Miriam's clinic. As I set off across the park I reflected that for all her deference top 95 UDC 1979
about to detach themselves from the court and take off across the sky like the aerial matrix of a pilot's head-upp 96 UDC 1979
replanted during the night by some crazed horticulturalist. I leapt across a flower-bed of scarlet tulips overrun by huge ferns andp 96 UDC 1979
of years before me who left the sea to stride across the waiting parklands of the young earth. Like them, Ip 98 UDC 1979
blood fell on to his arm, which he smeared frantically across himself. ‘Who are you? What are you doing to himp 101 UDC 1979
to join the vivid day. Everywhere a brilliant light spilled across the town, as if from the excited palette of ap 105 UDC 1979
lounged good-naturedly in his doorway, throwing peanuts to the macaws. Across the street was the railway station, where a commuter trainp 107 UDC 1979
flexed their wings between the children, their lurid plumage leaking across the noisy air. The hot bodies of the women pressedp 110 UDC 1979
through the powdery light. Miriam St Cloud still faced me across the street, but she seemed to recede from me, lostp 113 UDC 1979
behind. At last I was without fear. I strolled calmly across the park, looking back at the footprints behind me, thep 114 UDC 1979
forest. A herd of these gentle creatures had followed me across the park. Watching them approach me, I knew that theyp 114 UDC 1979
and mounted her by the war memorial, my semen flicking across the chiselled names of these long-dead clerks and labourers. Ip 114 UDC 1979
family. My semen splashed the windows of the supermarket, streamed across the sales slogans and price reductions. Calming the females, Ip 115 UDC 1979
on to the sand, and let the charged water swirl across my tennis shoes, washing away the blood and dung. Ap 118 UDC 1979
strange creature, born to the flame? A hurricane lamp flared across the metal railings of the amusement pier, illuminating the thousandsp 118 UDC 1979
doctor's coat over the dressing-table mirror, emptied her medical case across the bed and shaken the contents on to the floorp 119 UDC 1979
itself. I let myself through the front door and walked across the damp grass towards the grey water. The river ranp 124 UDC 1979
me to signal them to life. The first light moved across the water meadow. I stepped on to the beach andp 125 UDC 1979
pathway outside the vestry door. As I paused there, looking across the swimming-pool at the replica aircraft in the grounds ofp 126 UDC 1979
I ejaculated beside the tennis courts, and hurled my semen across the flower-beds. Immediately a luxurious tropical vegetation uncoiled itself amongp 126 UDC 1979
lives. I left the sun to find its own way across the park, stepped on to the deck of the swimming-poolp 126 UDC 1979
spilled into my hand. I let the pearly string fall across the water. Jewelled medallions glimmered on the surface, an electricp 126 UDC 1979
cigarette packs and fast-food foil. At the filling-station I ejaculated across the fuel pumps, and over the paintwork of the carsp 127 UDC 1979
fifteen feet in the air, their trunks forming a palisade across the embankment of the bridge, a forest wall behind whichp 129 UDC 1979
When they looked back a grove of saw-bladed palmettos sprang across the road at my feet. As I returned to thep 130 UDC 1979
pointing to the giant ferns and climbing palms that sprawled across the sound stages. Three film actors stepped from a taxip 130 UDC 1979
the cawing of great birds, and saw a condor clamber across the roof of the clinic. Its talons seized the tilesp 130 UDC 1979
to the people on the Walton bank who had come across the water-meadow to see for themselves the transformation of Sheppertonp 133 UDC 1979
feet. I wanted to lead them to their true world, across all the tariff lines of restraint and convention. At thep 136 UDC 1979
some dishevelled creature in the rear of the hearse. Lying across the steel coffin racks were a dozen birds he hadp 138 UDC 1979
largest of them all, the king-bird.‘ His dreamy eyes roved across my body in an almost erotic fever. ‘What do youp 139 UDC 1979
everywhere. The air was a paint-pot of extravagant colours hurled across the sky. Parakeets chittered on every window-sill, rails screeched fromp 140 UDC 1979
gesture he took out his wallet and emptied the contents across the table. All around me people were suddenly giving eachp 142 UDC 1979
and honeysuckle. Happy to amuse them, I spread my arms across the table, touching the wallets and cheque-books, then stepped asidep 142 UDC 1979
cars. There was a sense of intermission. As I walked across the street to the multi-storey car-park, followed by a troupep 144 UDC 1979
I climbed to the roof of the car-park and walked across to the concrete ledge. Far away, beyond the park, thep 144 UDC 1979
the ground and turned into a darting swallow that swooped across the roof of the post office. There was a delightedp 145 UDC 1979
bombers, they spun from my fingers when I whirled them across the street, erratic darts that soared away as crested swiftsp 145 UDC 1979
crested swifts, starlings and wagtails. While the children ran squealing across the roof only little Jamie was left, standing shyly onp 145 UDC 1979
his straw hat. He and Mrs St Cloud had come across the park with the chauffeur and housekeeper, pushing the wheelchairsp 147 UDC 1979
her marriage with the air. Already the wind was moving across the roof of the car-park, lifting the train and wingsp 148 UDC 1979
panels of her wedding dress, illuminated wings that carried us across the air. The three crippled children squinted up at usp 151 UDC 1979
standing in the gondola of an invisible airship, we flew across the rooftops of this jungle town, I in the ragsp 151 UDC 1979
the Cessna. Turning my back to the river, I soared across the park to the centre of Shepperton. There I hungp 152 UDC 1979
everything, suspended between belief and disbelief. Mrs St Cloud wandered across the road, scanning the air over her head. In somep 153 UDC 1979
Rachel, muddled by the shouting voices, swerved in a panic across the pavement and lost herself among the dish-washers and televisionp 158 UDC 1979
I felt her slender arms, steering me as I reached across the bright air to embrace her younger brother. ‘Stephen ... comep 159 UDC 1979
Alone now in the sky, I moved in huge strides across the air. I had become an archangelic being of enormousp 160 UDC 1979
ornamental tiles, scatter the corpses of myself and these townspeople across the appliances and furniture suites. The ground rose through thep 161 UDC 1979
people within me, a warm hand that steered me safely across the roof of the car-park. Releasing them into the airp 161 UDC 1979
give me strength. They would play forever within me, running across the dark meadows of my heart. I had still notp 163 UDC 1979
studios, and the jungle light flowed in a blood tide across the roof of Shepperton. Two helicopters circled the perimeter ofp 168 UDC 1979
lives with impossible dreams. All over Shepperton, as night fell across the jungle streets, people were taking off their clothes. Theyp 169 UDC 1979
had retreated into the darkness, taking their noise with them across the reservoirs and poppy fields. The headlamps of the distantp 169 UDC 1979
outside their houses; mothers caressed their sons as they sauntered across the shopping precinct. A group of teenage girls lolled likep 170 UDC 1979
She had put on her doctor's white coat, buttoned firmly across her blouse. She smiled a hard smile at the nakedp 171 UDC 1979
him, and that his real flight was taking place now across the skies of my body in the rear seat ofp 173 UDC 1979
now controlled the air. Followed by the crowd, Iran forward across the petal-whipped grass. Hundreds of naked people ran past mep 181 UDC 1979
at the helicopter as the hapless machine was driven back across the river in a tornado of petals. Shreds of bamboop 181 UDC 1979
the last time. The helicopter had retreated to the water-meadow across the river. Swept along towards the church, I saw Miriamp 182 UDC 1979
lifted her into a head-dress of feathers. Together we soared across the park, borne on a cloud of petals and sailedp 182 UDC 1979
the world at large. From there I would fly on across the planet, merging with all creatures until I had takenp 182 UDC 1979
distant perspective on a Victorian postcard. Stark threw his rifle across my legs. With a cry of disgust he turned thep 189 UDC 1979
swerved around the half-empty town. Led by Stark, they charged across the parking lot behind the filling-station, only a hundred yardsp 189 UDC 1979
around Shepperton. But within seconds they found themselves plodding wearily across the largest car-park in the world. The cinder surface extendedp 190 UDC 1979
my wound, but they had abandoned me. I saw them across the park, Father Wingate comforting the mother as they leftp 191 UDC 1979
propeller had dislodged itself from the river-bed and been dragged across the meadow. A bent and rusty sword, it lay onp 193 UDC 1979
the creek. A plague of spiders cast webs of pus across the trees, drawing silver shrouds over the dead flowers. Abovep 193 UDC 1979
from which they themselves had sprung. David placed his hands across Rachel's eyes, concerned that even her blindness might not savep 194 UDC 1979
the doorways. Armed with knives and garden forks, they stared across the park, where the grass was covered with dying deerp 194 UDC 1979
from an expedition to the river, dragging a bloody porpoise across the dead flower-beds. Through the shabby rhododendrons I saw Stark'sp 194 UDC 1979
on the living and the dead. Bonfires Snakes slid backwards across the sombre meadow. Birds flew upside-down through the dying treesp 196 UDC 1979
me was the shifting of a vulture's wings. I looked across the river, hoping that a helicopter would come to savep 197 UDC 1979
the warm capillaries of a million sun-filled leaves. I walked across the meadow, surrounded by a strange haze of light, asp 199 UDC 1979
gave a last whoop, dismissed the sky and ran off across the park, leaping over the flower-beds. All the while, Rachelp 201 UDC 1979
to them?‘ Following this calm and dignified boy, I walked across the car-park to the terrace. From their cots and wheel-chairsp 203 UDC 1979
was tempted to turn and run, fly off for ever across the trees. I knew that if I once gave top 203 UDC 1979
and Miriam were absent. Far away Jamie and Rachel ran across the park, chasing the birds and butterflies. Even David wasp 207 UDC 1979
unable to see us. We hovered above the concrete post across which I had tripped when I first tried to escapep 208 UDC 1979
stretched past forgotten swimming-pools and empty driveways. A water-spray rotated across an ornamental pond, and children's toys lay abandoned by thep 210 UDC 1979
the pelicans and fulmars, he watched me as I walked across the lawn. When he threw his rifle into the waterp 212 UDC 1979
aircraft, with its broken wings and gutted fuselage, lay half-submerged across the sand below the St Clouds‘ lawn. The once whitep 212 UDC 1979
water. When the river had carried it away I walked across the beach to the bone-bed of the winged creature whosep 220 UDC 1979
air, fathers, mothers and their children, our ascending flights swaying across the surface of the earth, benign tornadoes hanging from thep 220 UDC 1979
to Monte Carlo in their limousine that gold-tinted Cadillac parked across the square. After half an hour they emerge from thep 1000 HFF 1980
should be the same young woman whom I first came across at the Hospice of Our Lady of Lourdes, in ap 1000 HFF 1980
discussed a patient to be released that afternoon I strolled across the hall and gazed up at the magnificent tapestries thatp 1003 HFF 1980
If I had known ...‘ She handed me an empty vial. Across the label was Dr Gabor's florid signature. ‘We found thisp 1006 HFF 1980
unhappy girl. Holding tight to my medical case, I walked across the dark gravel to the open entrance, where the laundryp 1007 HFF 1980
Presley on television in his last years, as he swayed across the stage of the Las Vegas Hilton in his Princep 39 UGM 1981
worn by the young Tony Curtis in the film City Across the River. Does this diminish Presley, or show his astutenessp 40 UGM 1981
hear the first growls of disapproval, saw ourselves glared at across the conference room, felt our kidneys punched in a jocularp 189 UGM 1981
engines of the Apollo, clearly exhausted by the seven-week voyage across, the Atlantic, laboured against the slack coastal water. Annoyed withp 8 HA 1981
the engine-room for more steam, and the ship gained speed across the bay, drawn towards the magnetic coast as if byp 13 HA 1981
jewellery, newspaper clippings and drug vials -- he had come across a ribbon-wrapped set of postcards, signed by Dr Fleming, andp 14 HA 1981
the quickening spray at the Manhattan skyline rising towards him across the vivid water. Like his unknown ancestors centuries before himp 14 HA 1981
identify this curious presentiment of danger. After the long journey across the Atlantic, was he losing his nerve at the prospectp 16 HA 1981
Americans as the cities emptied and the deserts crept eastwards across the continent. The mouth of the East River was blockedp 17 HA 1981
need to break our necks‘ As a bow wave splashed across the deck Orlowski wiped his plump face on his sleevep 18 HA 1981
Captain --?‘ A Drowned Mermaid Sailors were running in panic across the decks. A petty officer collided with Dr Ricci asp 19 HA 1981
never looked happier. Had he made the long uncertain voyage across the Atlantic secretly determined to sink his ship these fewp 19 HA 1981
picture of New York harbour he had carried with him across the Atlantic. ‘Wayne, for heaven's sake ...‘ Anne Summers tried top 21 HA 1981
way, dipping cumbersomely through the waves. The cold pump-water raced across the deck to the scuppers, sluicing around Wayne's ankles. Riccip 21 HA 1981
the statue had broken loose from its tugs, drifted free across the bay and lost its bows on the razor-sharp keelp 22 HA 1981
sounds echoed among the silent skyscrapers, reverberated to and fro across Central Park, and were lost miles away in uptown Manhattanp 24 HA 1981
moment of their arrival, releasing them all from the voyage across the Atlantic, closing the past behind them as they preparedp 24 HA 1981
needed a modified combine harvester, which they could then drive across the dunes, its specially slatted blades scooping up just thep 24 HA 1981
been surprised by the brute size of the suspension bridge across the narrows, and by the vast dimensions of the oldp 24 HA 1981
part of the inland expedition. Now, having propelled the Apollo across the Atlantic, he was ready to step ashore and startp 25 HA 1981
of radioactivity -- small clouds of fall-out had recently drifted across the North Atlantic -- but the few reconnaissance expeditions duringp 26 HA 1981
that Steiner had deliberately ruptured the bows of the Apollo across the submerged statue. The scattered American communities in Western Europep 28 HA 1981
of Manhattan were still confused by the Apollo's mad dash across the wreck-strewn bay and their collision with the submerged statuep 30 HA 1981
the slight shaking in his hands, remembering the final dash across the harbour. Fortunately the submerged statue had not been movedp 32 HA 1981
had laid a temporary catwalk of life-rafts and decking planks across the silt bank, and set off towards the city, wavingp 34 HA 1981
his quick eyes following the footprints which McNair had left across the dune. ‘It's remarkable, Anne. Even from here it looksp 34 HA 1981
to the great dunes which spilled from the riverside streets across the dock basin. The bright sand came towards him, itsp 35 HA 1981
if about to abandon them there and set off alone across the inland sea of the empty continent. The Great Americanp 39 HA 1981
huge buildings withdrawing into their emptiness as the sun moved across the western land. They passed the George Washington Bridge, andp 40 HA 1981
Captain?‘ Steiner had removed his sunglasses and was staring out across the dried river. His deeply tanned face had become morep 41 HA 1981
Here and there, in Jonkers and the Bronx, they came across a fresh-water spring in a highway culvert, or a fewp 41 HA 1981
They rode through the silent suburbs of uptown New York, across the precarious hulk of the Brooklyn Bridge to Long Islandp 42 HA 1981
afternoon digging away a huge dune that had rolled in across the display vehicles, preserving their still bright chromium and paintworkp 43 HA 1981
first Americans had reluctantly packed their bags and set sail across the Atlantic for Europe. Here, conservationist and socialist regimes withp 47 HA 1981
Americans to Africa and the West Indies, Chicanos waded south across the Rio Grande. By the year 2030 the American continentp 48 HA 1981
departing Americans from the sometime sunshine state who set off across the Pacific to Australia and New Zealand looked back top 50 HA 1981
now entering the Great American Desert. Although they had come across no trace of the previous Fleming expedition, Wayne felt ap 51 HA 1981
any damp salt pans or freshwater springs they might come across. In an emergency they could always head for the seap 54 HA 1981
Suits. On their last evening in New York, Wayne came across him in 42nd Street, sitting in the back of anp 55 HA 1981
brief shrug that they would never make the return voyage across the Atlantic, so enraged Orlowski that on the fifth dayp 56 HA 1981
response. ‘Wayne, there's water here, and probably all the way across America, in thousands of abandoned motels. A few gallons, butp 59 HA 1981
trail? When they had finished their supper, Steiner strode off across the cracked surface of the lake, rifle under his armp 60 HA 1981
he found in a dressing-table drawer. The exhilarating carmine bow across her mouth outshone the brilliant dusk. He decided to keepp 61 HA 1981
by this first use of her name, Wayne ran off across the terrace. He had planned to spend the evening withp 61 HA 1981
Bering Straits? Perhaps they had been drawn with their camels across half the world by the scents of this vast newp 62 HA 1981
man glanced at Steiner. ‘Explorers,‘ Wayne tried to explain. ‘From across the sea. There was a big expedition twenty years agop 68 HA 1981
the aridity of the landscape had deepened. Now and then, across the desert floor, they would see the bivouac fires ofp 70 HA 1981
still imposing frontage of the National Art Gallery. Wayne gazed across the Mall towards the Lincoln Memorial. Like that traveller ofp 71 HA 1981
air. The sand rolled up to the windows and spilled across the floors in a white lacework untouched by a singlep 72 HA 1981
of blank television screens. Later, when the sun fell away across the cactus-filled basin of the Potomac, the expedition members madep 73 HA 1981
closely examined a large road map, but when Wayne glanced across the table he saw that the commissar was tracing outp 76 HA 1981
discovered, they were about to begin that far longer safari across the diameters of their own skulls. Camels and A-Bombs Thep 76 HA 1981
that surrounded the statue. A vast dune had flowed in across Lincoln's knees, a white tide of dust at which hisp 77 HA 1981
ropes through their fleshy noses, plodding at a leisurely pace across the sand. They reached the Ellipse, and Wayne then noticedp 78 HA 1981
with an expansive wave, wafting a powerful odour of bourbon across the room. As Wayne approached the desk he could seep 80 HA 1981
bottle protruding from the bottom drawer. In the faint dust across the leather surface Orlowski had written: PRESIDENT GREGORY ORWELL 2114-2126p 80 HA 1981
this ludicrous struggle, the last two men in America indian-wrestling across the chief executive's desk. ‘Wayne! For God's sake, Gregor, letp 83 HA 1981
at the same time. Steiner left the tent and walked across the evening sand, followed by Ricci and Anne Summers. Dozensp 86 HA 1981
certain anxiety about the water position. As we've moved west across Kentucky the land has become more and more arid, it'sp 90 HA 1981
somewhere near the centre of a vast Sahara that stretches across the American continent. A terrain of opalised trees and sandyp 94 HA 1981
up to 120 degrees F., for days we've been moving across a vast ash-tip. 2.38 P.M. Orlowski died halfp 97 HA 1981
lay on the green baize of the roulette-table, hands outstretched across the circle of numbers, as if hoping to clutch somep 97 HA 1981
He realised that the whole secret logic of their journey across America had been leading them to this absurd and childishp 99 HA 1981
he had worn in High Noon. Behind him, advancing calmly across the distant mountains, came a smaller, neatly built man, Alanp 102 HA 1981
forward, shoulder to shoulder, ready to fight a last gun-fight across the streets of this Tombstone of the sky. Wayne searchedp 102 HA 1981
his head, moving in vast strides that darkened the land, across the dusty stage-coaches and deadwood saloons of their own dreamp 102 HA 1981
a steam-whistle hooting. Was the Apollo about to sail up across the evening desert, converted perhaps into a steam-powered land-yacht, itsp 103 HA 1981
wheels charioting through the dust, twin plumes of steam venting across the highway like furious moustachios. GM sat forward over thep 106 HA 1981
crew, from the cloud of radioactive fall-out that had drifted across New York. During their last week of work on thep 107 HA 1981
left behind at each of the incinerated towns. After zigzagging across the Middle West, finding and then losing the camels‘ spoorp 110 HA 1981
and then losing the camels‘ spoor, they at last came across one of the dead beasts in a filling-station forecourt outsidep 110 HA 1981
the Rockies, ever nearer the source of his lost America. Across the Rockies Higher ground now, and cooler dust-free air inp 113 HA 1981
canopy lay against the waists of the mountains, and stretched across Utah and Arizona, south into New Mexico. As they movedp 115 HA 1981
the wet, gleaming surface of his leather cape. Moisture rilled across the windshields, ran off Heinz's goggles, glinted in Anne's eyebrowsp 115 HA 1981
their quick-water together into a gushing torrent. The stream detoured across the road and washed the dust from their wheels, thenp 116 HA 1981
parasols raised to the incessant drip of moist air swirling across them, there were tamarinds and groves of forest bamboo, gaudyp 116 HA 1981
light. They paused to edge through another cascade that sluiced across the road. Anne pointed towards the jungle valley below themp 116 HA 1981
surface of the lake, a discharge of shot that raced across the water towards them. At the last moment there wasp 116 HA 1981
and for a century had been sending hot, moisture-laden winds across the Sierra Nevada. California, the Mojave Desert, Death Valley itselfp 118 HA 1981
and valve-gear echo among the dark trees. He was gazing across the forest canopy below them, when a huge crown ofp 121 HA 1981
evident suspicion at the neon signs, now and then reaching across to brush the reflected light from McNair's shoulder. Pepsodent's Galaxyp 121 HA 1981
the last of the pioneers to drive his wagon train across the continent. They had reached the northern outskirts of thep 122 HA 1981
him, excited by the applause and music. The spotlight swung across the stage. The orchestra leader raised his baton, and ap 125 HA 1981
of the audience noticed as he climbed the narrow bridge across the orchestra pit. The three singers were well into thep 126 HA 1981
into his face. The amber drops streamed down his nose across his amiable, leering smile. Meanwhile Judy Garland was moving intop 127 HA 1981
an ever-more rapid set of skips that sent her vibrating across the stage. ‘Did it did it did it did iip 127 HA 1981
music trailed away into a painful see-saw the spotlights swerved across the auditorium. Waiters dashed about like maniacs, one of thep 127 HA 1981
the audience froze. The spotlights withdrew, an uneasy silence moved across the tiers of diners, the headless waiters lying among theirp 128 HA 1981
as clean as the wind.‘ On an impulse, Wayne stepped across the white line. He listened to the feverish whir ofp 137 HA 1981
Wayne a younger version of himself. ‘We followed you right across the States, Wayne. I knew you'd make it, from thep 137 HA 1981
Three months -- I was your age when I came across, do you know that it took me two years? Ip 137 HA 1981
recognised the stamp of Wayne's character in the long journey across the continent, the ambition that had carried the sometime stowawayp 139 HA 1981
in Phoenix and Salt Lake City, launch an eastward drive across America. Risky, of course -- according to Anne, a by-productp 142 HA 1981
the terrace there was a sudden flare of gaudy light across the lake from some kind of projector, an intense beamp 144 HA 1981
the Hollywood River, both strong brown channels a hundred feet across, fed by the hot Pacific rain and the thousands ofp 147 HA 1981
sat there like an oozing waxwork as the lightning flickered across his tired face. Trying to rally his spirits, I complimentedp 152 HA 1981
Vegas, but he's not well ... the strain of that trip across the continent.‘ An odd look came into Manson's eyes, ap 153 HA 1981
want to harm them, they helped me when I came across. But we've got to stop the plague before it reachesp 154 HA 1981
then broke into a frantic loping canter, a desperate zigzag across the street. Laughing good-naturedly to himself, Wayne began to pedalp 158 HA 1981
own enthusiasm bored Manson. There were sly smiles at Paco across the boardroom table. Sitting back in his electric blue suitp 162 HA 1981
A series of tornadoes seized the Gossamer Albatross, flung Wayne across the handlebars and snapped the wings above his head. Tornp 166 HA 1981
of the helicopter. Like a broken dragonfly, it spun backwards across the jungle canopy. Trapped within the ragged fuselage, Wayne hadp 166 HA 1981
him among the tree-trunks, but a sombre, magisterial oak strode across the confused air and struck Wayne and his wounded gliderp 166 HA 1981
the entire Presidential contingent moved off at a confident stride across the floor of the Convention Center and stopped ten feetp 170 HA 1981
begun to sink into a shallow fever. Evening had fallen across the jungle, and panels of dark sky curtained off thep 171 HA 1981
2094 expedition, their shocked discovery of the vast Sahara rolling across the deserted cities of the eastern seaboard, the first abortivep 173 HA 1981
to Europe, but we scientists were determined to press on across the continent. As a result we were badly equipped, byp 173 HA 1981
Walt Disney, Jim Bowie and Joe Di Maggio, lay stiffly across each other on the floor like drunks. Bing Crosby stoodp 175 HA 1981
of the gunships, the pall of black smoke that leaned across the jungle air. ‘It's been good of you to lookp 180 HA 1981
nearby hotel. The huge star-bursts sent plumes of incandescent smoke across the forest canopy, fists of air that punched the wallsp 184 HA 1981
wings of a glass triplane. As he hobbled and skipped across the auditorium he could hear Dr Fleming shouting and eggingp 185 HA 1981
the sky, three reconnaissance planes moved from west to east across Las Vegas. As fragments of the bright air fell aroundp 187 HA 1981
other. As Wayne approached the Desert Inn Hotel he came across the first of a series of sand-bagged defence posts setp 188 HA 1981
the intersections along the Strip. Coils of barbed wire curled across the street, tangled up in the front wheels of ap 188 HA 1981
familiar red Mustang in the lead. Wayne slewed the Continental across the road, pulling the approaching cars to an angry haltp 191 HA 1981
from Phoenix, they've joined forces with Mexican and Indian mercenaries across the Rio Grande.‘ ‘And they shot McNair?‘ ‘No --! McNairp 192 HA 1981
Pepsodent squatted at the foot of the bed, submachine-gun cradled across his knees, scowling at the anti-aircraft fire outside, the incessantp 194 HA 1981
Malibu had unloaded its vehicles and supplies, and then dispersed across the LA basin, setting up a series of scattered enclavesp 194 HA 1981
still time to retarget their contour maps, point them north-west across the Pacific to the dam that subverted the natural balancep 197 HA 1981
a small spotter plane appeared and made a roof-top sortie across the city Manson's gunships took after it like deranged sharksp 199 HA 1981
routes to the south and west. Palls of smoke leaned across the sky to form the wavering, mile-high columns of ap 199 HA 1981
the Strip the giant figure of the murdered JFK slumped across the sky over his head like a disembowelled mountain. Thenp 200 HA 1981
new VP -- but cute.‘ A faint tropical rain fell across the Street as Wayne set off for the next strongpointp 202 HA 1981
catch Wayne's profile. Manson had named each of them now. Across the nose of the first gunship was stencilled Hate, betweenp 202 HA 1981
hotel, through the endless blackjack and roulette tables that stretched across the carpeted floors below a harsh and gloomy light providedp 204 HA 1981
below. It was spinning slowly, and the projected light raced across the walls and ceiling, dappling the display map of thep 204 HA 1981
wall, the names of all the cities of America rippled across Manson's skin, so that he resembled an aging harlequin inp 205 HA 1981
left hand scratched absentmindedly at the electric names that glimmered across his skin. The other hand held an ivory ball whichp 205 HA 1981
in an almost lewd way. The names of cities raced across his lips, as if he were Cyclops devouring the childrenp 206 HA 1981
emergency. ‘Wayne ...‘ With a whisper, Manson reached a dappled arm across the table. For a moment he was a sad oldp 207 HA 1981
roulette wheel. It raced around the rotating bowl, shadow soaring across the ceiling of the War Room like a missile. Forp 208 HA 1981
drained bed of the Rio Grande and then fly patiently across the great deserts of Kansas and Nebraska, obeying its instructionsp 209 HA 1981
the Mexican border at El Paso, then the long haul across the great Texan desert to New Orleans, and straight onp 211 HA 1981
gazing down at the names still moving their electric tapestry across his naked chest. For the past hour, as he andp 212 HA 1981
screens. A camera mounted on the Mint Hotel steadily traversed across the centre of Las Vegas. Everyone had arrived now. Thep 212 HA 1981
off their helmets and walkie-talkies, draped belts of machine-gun ammunition across the hoods of their jeeps. They strolled around the sidewalksp 212 HA 1981
A blonde-haired woman in a lab coat ran towards him across a leaky tapestry of dead birds. As Manson lay backp 216 HA 1981
behind him, eyes averted from the screens, pistol held rigidly across his chest. His face was expressionless, and strangely old asp 217 HA 1981
held out his open hands, enjoying the play of fireflies across his naked body. ‘There are none, Wayne. The Titan's launchp 217 HA 1981
just time.‘ ‘My boy, calm yourself.‘ Manson folded his hands across his stomach and assumed a Buddha-like gaze. ‘I don't likep 218 HA 1981
nodded firmly, agreeing with his verdict on himself. He leaned across the table, and stopped the rotating bowl of the roulettep 218 HA 1981
bled on his right shoulder, Chattanooga leaked a red smear across his throat, Kalamazoo and South Bend erupted in his armpitsp 219 HA 1981
wheel!‘ Wayne picked up his steel chair. Manson was leaning across the table, trying to turn the heavy wheel. As thep 219 HA 1981
on his right cheek. Wayne felt the pistol strike him across the neck, and fell to the floor through a flickerp 219 HA 1981
the casinos. They moved in a rigid tandem, blades scrambling across the air, firing their rockets and gatlings into the unguardedp 221 HA 1981
flared from the blazing vehicles, leaked pools of burning gasoline across the roads. The crews scattered, firing back with pistols andp 221 HA 1981
Strip and Flamingo Road. Soldiers in camouflage helmets were darting across the roads on all sides. As Manson screamed with ragep 225 HA 1981
swathe through the frock-coated ranks. Madison, Taft and Buchanan fell across the steps, legs still kicking gamely. A riddled Gerry Fordp 225 HA 1981
stampede of heavy feet, and the doors collapsed, throwing Wayne across the steps. The posse of robots burst into the sportsp 226 HA 1981
Bruised and buffeted by the metal feet that had stamped across him, Wayne barely heard the volley of shots. His leftp 227 HA 1981
Arizona rainforest, recuperating after his rescue by Mexican freebooters from across the Rio Grande, coming to terms with his failure top 229 HA 1981
spotter aircraft if he would lead a second expeditionary force across the Colorado River. Steiner accepted the command, recognising that hisp 230 HA 1981
aerials. Unsatisfied, the gunships turned away in frustration. They soared across the forest canopy, shooting at each other as they setp 231 HA 1981
soared along Fremont Street, starboard wing rippling a playful arpeggio across the neon tubes in the Golden Nugget facade. Wayne pantedp 234 HA 1981
field laid out below the sun to celebrate its passage across America. Ahead, still in the lead, was Dr Fleming. Hep 235 HA 1981
from the desert, and raced like a momentary cathode trace across the black lenses of Trippett's glasses. Thousands of steel mirrorsp 1012 NFS 1981
than your father.‘ Franklin stepped from the car, and strolled across the white, calcinated soil towards the nearest of the mirrorsp 1012 NFS 1981
the old man, there was a clatter of metallic noise across the desert. An angular shadow flashed over their faces, andp 1012 NFS 1981
flying. Had Slade recognized Franklin's distant reflection as he sped across the desert in the inverted aircraft, then decided to buzzp 1013 NFS 1981
water in the partly drained pool. As the car swayed across the camber Trippett nodded to himself, thoroughly approving of thep 1015 NFS 1981
another drive. Then he remembered Slade's aircraft speeding towards him across the solar mirrors, the small, vicious propeller that shredded thep 1015 NFS 1981
closed mind and closed world. She was staring at him across the desk, clearly unsure what to do about Franklin, herp 1017 NFS 1981
eyes distracted by the gold and silver swallows that swooped across the runways. Dr Vaisey had always regretted her brief infatuationp 1018 NFS 1981
unpleasant. Without time, a moving face seemed to smear itself across the air, the human body became a surrealist monster. Forp 1019 NFS 1981
buoyant mood after the drive with Trippett. As he walked across the car park he looked out over the deserted airp 1020 NFS 1981
of the runways left their homes and trailers and strayed across the air base, staring into the dusk like the wivesp 1020 NFS 1981
had still not occurred. Had Marion seen his headlamps approaching across the desert, and then decided on impulse to disappear intop 1021 NFS 1981
his elaborate stalking of Franklin. The aircraft had vanished, disappearing across the desert. Franklin drove along the Strip, turning in andp 1021 NFS 1981
attack of the machine, Franklin listened to its last drone across the desert. He watched the retinal display that had transformedp 1022 NFS 1981
Curious after-images, sections of her anatomy seemed to be splayed across the walls and ceiling, even over the car park outsidep 1024 NFS 1981
reading my diary? This afternoon someone painted the same pattern across the canted floor of the swimming pool and over thep 1026 NFS 1981
from my left hand through the open window and out across Las Vegas and the desert. I was relieved when shep 1026 NFS 1981
in Franklin's hand. As he woke, he found himself slumped across his diary. Torn pages lay on the carpet around hisp 1027 NFS 1981
a grey face at a window, or a blanket draped across two pairs of knees on a balcony. All the clocksp 1027 NFS 1981
were giving birth to another. Elongated clefts and gulleys stretched across the prints, their contours so like those that had lingeredp 1028 NFS 1981
dust. Franklin pushed aside the loose seats that had fallen across him and climbed from the car. A faint steam rosep 1029 NFS 1981
veered off the road, then sped in a wide circle across the scrub, upending itself as it jumped the first ofp 1030 NFS 1981
the west of the highway, little more than two miles across the desert. He could see the metallic flicker of thep 1030 NFS 1981
Like the driver of a slow-witted automaton, he propelled himself across the sandy ground, a half-roused sleepwalker clinging to the bluep 1030 NFS 1981
against the light. An old man sat on a terrace across the square. Although deeply asleep, he remained inwardly alert andp 1031 NFS 1981
myths of the maternal child. She had seen Franklin wandering across the desert as she sat on her verandah during anp 1032 NFS 1981
time.‘ They both laughed at this, as the old man across the piazza conducted the orchestral sands. Enough time, when timep 1032 NFS 1981
few frayed palm trees along the road had multiplied themselves across the screen of Trippett's mind, the same forest of palmsp 1033 NFS 1981
forest of palms that Franklin had perceived as he moved across the desert. The lakes had been the multiplied images ofp 1033 NFS 1981
to feel Ursula slapping his shoulders. The exhausted girl lay across his chest, sobbing into her fists. She held his wristwatchp 1034 NFS 1981
shook her head, and then pointed to the empty terrace across the piazza. ‘Slade's been here. He's taken Dad!‘ She swayedp 1034 NFS 1981
needed time leached away from it ... As Franklin set off across the desert the microlight's engine began to race at fullp 1035 NFS 1981
Ursula was coming for him, she and her sisters walking across the desert from the gates of the solar city. Franklinp 1036 NFS 1981
returned to the clinic. After the long journey on foot across the desert, he at last reached the empty air basep 1036 NFS 1981
aircraft, unconcerned by the evening tide that advanced towards him across the beach. Already the first waves had reached the wheelsp 1061 MNF 1982
in the wet sand, part of an enormous Aztec bird across which he had landed an hour earlier. The birds ... Elainep 1062 MNF 1982
at Titusville. For an hour he flew the rented Cessna across the forest canopy, searching the whole of Cape Kennedy forp 1062 MNF 1982
of something like resurrection?‘ Seeing the suspicious tic that jumped across Sheppard's cheek, Martinsen had taken him by the arm inp 1065 MNF 1982
the shadows bisecting the empty pool, drawing a broken diagonal across the canted floor. He remembered his few words to thep 1069 MNF 1982
and inert hands, but a fanatic's face, unshaven skin stretched across the bony points of his jaw and cheeks, orbits likep 1069 MNF 1982
heavy carton she signalled to the graduate students, who strolled across the shadowy pavement. At that moment a rusty Chevrolet turnedp 1070 MNF 1982
others followed it into the air, and the trio swayed across the placid sky, flown by some enthusiast in the forestp 1071 MNF 1982
winged woman was silhouetted against the sun's disc, arms outstretched across the canvas panels. Her shadow tapped the plastic blinds, onlyp 1072 MNF 1982
lapping at the edges of his mind, its tongues flicking across the beach like some treacherous animal's. Ignoring it, he ranp 1072 MNF 1982
winged man burst from the shadows and raced past him across the sand towards the safety of the nearby forest. Sheppardp 1073 MNF 1982
that unravelled behind the neurosurgeon. The man-carrying kite had collapsed across the roof of a nearby drugstore, but Sheppard ignored itp 1073 MNF 1982
diagrams which this strange tenant of the motel had pencilled across the copulating women, a secondary anatomy. ‘So this is yourp 1075 MNF 1982
of the Plymouth. He had reached the old NASA causeway across the Banana River, barely in time to turn off onp 1079 MNF 1982
like the blade of a giant sundial. Its shadow lay across a silver inlet of the Banana River. Remembering his flightp 1080 MNF 1982
at Sheppard, barely managing to control himself. His eyes roved across the glowing ground and foliage, and he flicked nervously atp 1080 MNF 1982
brittle corrugations under his feet, as if he were walking across a floor of frosted glass. Without time, nothing could disturbp 1081 MNF 1982
It stood on a narrow platform, with a velvet drape across one end, as if some distracted conjuror had been aboutp 1082 MNF 1982
this young husband without any surprise. Her blanched lips moved across her teeth, testing the polished cusps, as if she werep 1082 MNF 1982
uneven health and, above all, his long quest for her across the drained swimming pools of Cape Kennedy. He could seep 1083 MNF 1982
he had first seen twenty years ago, smiling at him across the tennis club pool She was a child again, herp 1083 MNF 1982
from the Apollo gantries, a canopy of diamond air stretched across the forest. There was a glimmer of movement from thep 1083 MNF 1982
from Sheppard, hands raised in a generous salute, then ran across the grass towards the river, eager to see Elaine. Contentp 1084 MNF 1982
back and forth above the forest canopy, its engine calling across the immense deserted decks, as if this ghost of thep 1037 MSA 1982
for days. Now and then, in forgotten bedrooms, they came across other couples who had strayed into Florida, into the eternalp 1040 MSA 1982
There was a blare of noise outside, a shadow flashed across the balcony. The Curtiss biplane roared overhead, then sped lowp 1040 MSA 1982
the balcony. The Curtiss biplane roared overhead, then sped low across the rooftops of Titusville. Roused by the sudden movement, Malloryp 1040 MSA 1982
as slow as a hibernating mammal's. He drew the sheet across her shoulders. She would wake in an hour's time, withp 1040 MSA 1982
delicate wings, almost as long as an airliner's, had drifted across the forest canopy, kept company by the flocks of swallowsp 1042 MSA 1982
with him ... The sky was empty, the gulls had vanished across the river into the forest. Mallory stopped the car. Hep 1043 MSA 1982
made a tight circuit of the gantries and came in across the sea. Fifty feet above the beach, it swept acrossp 1043 MSA 1982
across the sea. Fifty feet above the beach, it swept across the palmettos and saw-grass, its twin machine-guns pointing straight towardsp 1043 MSA 1982
was moving in slow motion, his weak legs carrying him across the leafy ground with the grace of an Olympic athletep 1044 MSA 1982
A derelict hotel sat among the trees, its gates collapsed across the drive, Spanish moss hanging from a sign that advertisedp 1044 MSA 1982
biplane gazelled into the air. In a gust of wind across the exposed causeway it flew backwards for a few secondsp 1050 MSA 1982
backwards for a few seconds, then climbed vertically and banked across the trees towards the distant gantries. Thousands of swallows andp 1050 MSA 1982
machine, a Juggernaut that could be pushed by its worshippers across the planet, devouring the years and hours and seconds. Evenp 1052 MSA 1982
one of Hinton's machines to take off and go racketing across the sky. ‘Mallory, you're going ...? Don't worry, I'll help youp 1052 MSA 1982
hold on the passing seconds. A flock of martins swept across the assembly deck, swirled like exploding soot around the Shuttlep 1052 MSA 1982
overturned truck that had spilled its cargo of television sets across the road, and a laundry van that had careened throughp 1056 MSA 1982
lots that he and Anne had seen in their journey across the continent. He could almost believe that he was drivingp 1057 MSA 1982
of the space centre. He had driven down this road, across these silent intersections, not for minutes or hours but forp 1057 MSA 1982
As the young woman in the black flying suit ran across the street Mallory pushed himself away from the clumsy machinep 1057 MSA 1982
through the palm leaves, the flicker of a rotor blade across the sun. As they crouched among the television sets itp 1058 MSA 1982
of the abandoned hotel, watching the pale glider float patiently across the undisturbed skies of Cape Kennedy. In this peaceful arbourp 1059 MSA 1982
trajectories were ever lower, tracks of charged particles that soared across the forest. She had almost ceased to eat, and Malloryp 1059 MSA 1982
few hundred metres in diameter. We began by setting out across the central passenger concourse that separates the two hemispheres ofp 1085 RUS 1982
far larger concourse. An immense roof three storeys high extends across an open expanse of lounges and promenades. We explored severalp 1085 RUS 1982
that there are thousands of decks, each extending for miles across an undifferentiated terrain of passenger concourses, lounges and restaurant terracesp 1086 RUS 1982
of time. We have been travelling in a straight line across one of the central decks for what seems an unaccountablep 1087 RUS 1982
have made a small but significant finding. We were moving across one of the limitless passenger decks, a prey to allp 1088 RUS 1982
and declined as their peoples paused in their endless migrations across the station. What force propelled them on their meaningless journeysp 1088 RUS 1982
A growing euphoria has come over us as we move across these great concourses. We have seen no further trace ofp 1088 RUS 1982
confirm what we have long suspected, that the empty space across which we travelled from our own solar system in factp 1088 RUS 1982
cosmos, and constitutes the cosmos. Our duty is to travel across it on a journey whose departure point we have alreadyp 1089 RUS 1982
up in the elevator. The trail of charred paper lifted across the Bund and mingled with the smoke from the impatientp 15 ES 1984
field-glasses by the Japanese officers standing on their concrete blockhouses across the river at Pootung. It was not the anger ofp 15 ES 1984
face of the radiogram. On a map of Russia spread across the carpet he marked the new defensive line to whichp 18 ES 1984
A Japanese soldier was running the bayonet of his rifle across the windshield, as if cutting an invisible web. Jim knewp 24 ES 1984
the house. He watched the line of weeding women move across the lawn. There were twenty Chinese women, dressed in blackp 26 ES 1984
but amiable figure in a sharkskin suit, who faced reality across the buffer of a large whisky and soda, he staredp 26 ES 1984
Pondering the answer, Jim stepped from the terrace. He ran across the lawn past the weeding women, sailing his aircraft overp 29 ES 1984
loose earth like a chest of drawers. Jim set out across the field. As he passed the tumulus he stopped top 29 ES 1984
Caught by the wind, the model banked steeply and soared across the perimeter of the airfield. It skidded along the roofp 32 ES 1984
damp world. He climbed on to the roof and walked across the open deck, searching the nettle banks for his aircraftp 32 ES 1984
towards the skyscrapers of downtown Shanghai whose neon signs flashed across the empty paddy fields. Jim looked back to the fuselagep 33 ES 1984
war?‘ ‘I don't suppose so.‘ Hand in hand, they walked across the airfield. Nothing moved except for the ceaselessly rippling grassp 34 ES 1984
and rich beggars with their bodyguards. Six thousand miles away, across the International Dateline, the Americans in Honolulu were sleeping throughp 36 ES 1984
the island nation in the China Sea, borne with them across the Pacific by the spirit of the divine wind. Thep 38 ES 1984
the factory chimneys of Pootung the first sunlight was diffusing across the river, illuminating the square profiles of the USS Wakep 39 ES 1984
the bridge house, and a signal lamp flashed a message across the river. Two miles upstream, beyond the Naval Air Basep 40 ES 1984
their steel masts and funnels, and the incoming tide washed across their decks, swilling through the staterooms. As he rode backp 40 ES 1984
Japanese during the Russo-Japanese War in 1905. The light advanced across the river, picking out the paper flowers that covered itsp 40 ES 1984
gunboat. A launch had been lowered and was setting out across the river towards the USS Wake. A dozen Japanese marinesp 41 ES 1984
the gunboat by the Public Gardens. As the light stuttered across the water Jim noticed that hundreds of Chinese were runningp 42 ES 1984
see the pilots in their cockpits. Crowds of Chinese scattered across the tramway lines, some towards the quayside, others sheltering onp 43 ES 1984
of grey smoke as large as a fogbound city lay across the river, from which emerged the topmasts of the Idzumop 44 ES 1984
pole. Sprung loose from the wreckage, a warped wheel careened across the roadway. It kept pace with the Japanese officer whop 45 ES 1984
their handbags and choking on the diesel fuel that drifted across the river from the capsized hull of the Petrel. Asp 45 ES 1984
throng of Chinese and Europeans whom the marines were forcing across the Bund. A second tank followed the first, then ap 47 ES 1984
leaking from the swamped Petrel lay in an elongated slick across the river, calming this place of battle. The British civiliansp 48 ES 1984
hand of a tiresome beggar. A hoarse, throttling explosion sounded across the river from the capsized hull of the Petrel. Therep 49 ES 1984
slipped below the waves. A cloud of frantic smoke seethed across the water, surging about as if hunting for the vanishedp 49 ES 1984
windows in 1937 to protect them from stray shells fired across the river. Bare-footed, Jim crossed the ward to its rearp 54 ES 1984
the well between the wings. Soldiers with fixed bayonets ran across the courtyard of the hospital, and a motorcycle with armedp 54 ES 1984
flew low above the racecourse. As the plane's shadow flashed across the road Jim felt the Chinese youth snatch his capp 59 ES 1984
and grip his shoulders. Jim pulled himself away, and ran across the crowded street towards the checkpoint, ducking in and outp 59 ES 1984
in the poplars behind the tennis court, an infantryman racing across the lawn with his airgun, shooting himself down into thep 61 ES 1984
An aircraft overhead warned him not to run too suddenly across the lawn. Although undisturbed, the garden seemed to have darkenedp 61 ES 1984
the smell of strange sweat. His mother's clothes were scattered across the unmade bed, and open suitcases lay on the floorp 62 ES 1984
the full-length glass, and pieces of himself seemed to fly across the room, scattered through the empty house. He fell asleepp 63 ES 1984
Avenue, as motionless as the wall of dust that hung across the rooms, briefly folding itself around Jim when he walkedp 64 ES 1984
Avenue? Jim checked this thought as Mr Guerevitch waved him across the road with his newspaper. His mother might like thep 71 ES 1984
Guerevitch solemnly patted him on the head and set off across the road. He resumed his vigil behind his newspaper, watchingp 72 ES 1984
the Nanking Road by two Japanese staff cars which swerved across the street. They stopped a truck filled with Germans fromp 79 ES 1984
Steam throbbed from the Idzumo's funnels, calmed itself and drifted across the water in a delicate veil. The cruiser had drawnp 87 ES 1984
the Yangtze. Jim kept watch for the Japanese naval patrols. Across the river, on the Pootung shore, were the galvanized roofsp 87 ES 1984
the Bund, and the searchlights of the patrol boats flared across the river, but Jim fell asleep quickly in the coldp 89 ES 1984
plates sawed against each other, and the trailing hawsers swung across the foredeck, the halyards of invisible sails still hoping top 91 ES 1984
keel. They climbed a companionway to the next deck, walked across the wheelhouse and ducked through a narrow hatch into ap 93 ES 1984
every detail of Jim's mud-stained clothes, the tic that jumped across his mouth, his pinched cheeks and unsteady legs. He dustedp 94 ES 1984
gently pressed his thumb against the hunger tic that jumped across the left corner of Jim's mouth. Jim sat passively asp 95 ES 1984
face. Jim woke with a gasp. Frank's huge body leaned across him, heavy arms on his thighs, hands feeling in hisp 99 ES 1984
the blurred shadow of the Park Hotel had been moving across the white canvas. After a long journey through the godownsp 108 ES 1984
the cinema, sat down and stared at the smoke drifting across the empty screen. Holding the mess-tins, Jim hovered around Mrsp 116 ES 1984
the surrender of Singapore and the unbroken advance of Japan across the Pacific. The only good news in all this werep 119 ES 1984
lay without moving on the store-room floor, the skin stretched across his ribs like rice-paper around a lantern. He knew thatp 119 ES 1984
from his knees the sergeant kicked the coal-sacks, scattering briquettes across the stone floor. Jim riddled the clinkers from the fire-boxp 122 ES 1984
rain-soaked firewood, and the smoke filled the open-air cinema, drifting across the benches as if the screen were ablaze. Glad top 125 ES 1984
guard who sat with the prisoners. The soldier dragged Jim across the laps of the Dutch woman and her father. Asp 125 ES 1984
globe of the earth. Thousands of the bricks had migrated across the surrounding fields to the villages beside the works canalp 127 ES 1984
The truck struck a deep gully in the cobbles, slewed across the road and came to a halt by the grassp 128 ES 1984
mothers of Jim's friends. He ignored the Japanese guard, talking across him as if he were a mess-boy who would soonp 128 ES 1984
the return journey. Jim pulled at his belt and pointed across the paddy field. The soldier followed his outstretched arm andp 130 ES 1984
followed him to the station, where he spread his map across the cabinet of the field telephone. The prisoners sat inp 132 ES 1984
the truck, attracted by the sweat and the urine running across the wooden boards. Jim waited for the driver to returnp 132 ES 1984
Their voices and the clicks of the burning wood carried across the steel tracks, magnified by the dome of light thatp 132 ES 1984
of him, Jim wandered towards the railway embankment. He stepped across the rails, and without a pause climbed on to thep 134 ES 1984
the driver and the armed guard, Jim carried the bottle across the tracks. He handed it to Dr Ransome, who staredp 135 ES 1984
thrown him on to the track and broken his legs across the railway lines, as they did to the Chinese soldiersp 136 ES 1984
you might be seeing them soon?‘ ‘Very soon ...‘ Jim gazed across the silent paddy fields. The thought of seeing his motherp 138 ES 1984
the fighting kites flown from the quays at Pootung, diving across each other with razor-sharp lines coated in powdered glass. Butp 140 ES 1984
waved his cigarette in a thoughtful manner as he paced across the wooden porch of the guardhouse. At last he pointedp 142 ES 1984
a white blaze, and the smell of warm fat drifted across the air. Somehow Jim had to catch the eyes ofp 143 ES 1984
the open sea, its white superstructure sailing like a castle across the ghostly fields. A foul smell rose from one ofp 144 ES 1984
sky was sliding towards him. Losing his balance, he rolled across the cabin roof, then sat up to see the driverp 144 ES 1984
Dr Ransome and beckoned him away from them. Jim stepped across the damp floor and jumped on to the ground. Hep 144 ES 1984
on its weak springs. Somewhere behind him a body rolled across the floor of the truck, but Jim was fascinated byp 147 ES 1984
the truck, but Jim was fascinated by the water sluicing across the dented hubcap, streaming through the wheel like the jetsp 147 ES 1984
had been beating a Chinese thief; the man's voice screamed across the water-filled paddies, shaking the dark surface. The next dayp 151 ES 1984
had seen at the detention centre. The truck was moving across the pontoon bridge, manhandled by a squad of Japanese fieldp 151 ES 1984
boots, he shouted commands to the soldiers pushing the truck across the bridge. When they reached the opposite bank the soldiersp 151 ES 1984
The British camp leaders ...‘ Jim gazed at the prisoners wandering across the compound. Groups of boys played football in the brickp 154 ES 1984
sat at the back of the truck, their shadows reaching across the white beds of the drained paddy fields. Jim brushedp 156 ES 1984
he was one of the shadows, a black carpet lying across the tired land. A mile to the south, between thep 156 ES 1984
soldier towards the runway. He climbed the slope and walked across the furrowed soil. The Chinese threw down their baskets andp 159 ES 1984
shallow trench filled with stones and broken bricks that ran across the airfield into the night. Basie pushed past him andp 159 ES 1984
Ransome often called Jim a ‘free spirit‘, as he roved across the camp, hunting down some new idea in his headp 164 ES 1984
protect the turtle, he grazed his left knee. He limped across the cinder track and sat on the steps of thep 168 ES 1984
be working themselves loose from his back, about to fly across the barbed wire. ‘I'm here, Mr Maxted!‘ Jim pushed Richardp 171 ES 1984
watched from her bunk. Jim allowed the turtle to crawl across his straw mat. If he carried it around with himp 175 ES 1984
could not only keep an eye on the pheasant traps across the wire, but also bring himself up to date onp 186 ES 1984
the Nantao district of Shanghai and bent its immense way across the abandoned land. In front of him was Lunghua Airfieldp 186 ES 1984
of him was Lunghua Airfield. The concrete runway moved diagonally across its grassy table to the foot of the pagoda. Jimp 186 ES 1984
drive some of the Chinese away. Jim watched them running across the flooded paddies to the west of the airfield asp 187 ES 1984
of the anti-aircraft gunners noticed them, and Private Kimura, striding across the tomato plots to call Jim from the wire, seemedp 189 ES 1984
earlier each day, as the Americans moved their bases forward across the Pacific and the Chinese mainland. The Japanese were nowp 191 ES 1984
every cloud in the sky. A twin-engined transport plane flew across the paddy fields, its pilots unaware of the panic belowp 191 ES 1984
guns drowned in the blare of another Mustang that swept across the paddy fields to the west of the camp. Ap 191 ES 1984
anti-aircraft shells. The first flights of attacking planes had swept across the airfield. Clearly visible against the apartment houses of thep 192 ES 1984
starboard wing towards the ground. Out of control, it slid across the air, and its wing-tip sheared the embankment of ap 193 ES 1984
sheared the embankment of a disused canal. The plane cartwheeled across the paddy fields and fell apart in the air. Itp 193 ES 1984
a fragment of the sun whose light continued to flare across the surrounding fields. A second crippled Mustang pulled away fromp 193 ES 1984
of the air raid excited Jim. The Mustangs still streaked across the camp on their way to attack the flak towerp 201 ES 1984
suit and parachute, even perhaps his own body, would spread across the paddy fields, feeding the prisoners behind their wire andp 202 ES 1984
at 320 miles an hour -- I timed their shadows across the camp with my heart-beat. If they want to hitp 209 ES 1984
You set out the traps? How far did you go? Across the creek?‘ ‘Right across the creek, Basie. I went asp 219 ES 1984
traps? How far did you go? Across the creek?‘ ‘Right across the creek, Basie. I went as far as the oldp 219 ES 1984
special kind. He swayed with fatigue, wishing he could lie across the foot of the bunk. Basie was watching him inp 219 ES 1984
than ten miles away, Jim could hear a hard rumble across the deserted paddy fields, a forgotten thunder that reverberated overp 222 ES 1984
the thought of these four-engined bombers making the long journey across the Pacific, in order to attack the Shanghai dockyards wherep 223 ES 1984
the long run, the coolie plodded in his straw sandals across the bare earth of the parade ground. His head wasp 227 ES 1984
shouting and pointing to the gates. The all-clear siren sounded across the camp, the wail of a broken bird trying top 230 ES 1984
the guardhouse roof, his light machine-gun clipped to the webbing across his shoulders. Sergeant Nagata emerged from the guardhouse and joinedp 231 ES 1984
Unlike the Mustangs and Lightnings, which skimmed like racing cars across the paddy fields, the B-29s would appear without warning inp 233 ES 1984
if summoned by Jim's starving brain. Their rolling thunder advanced across the land from the dockyards of Nantao. A Japanese troopshipp 233 ES 1984
senior mechanic at the Packard Agency in Shanghai, set off across the fields, intending to walk to the city. Others gatheredp 235 ES 1984
of soldiers jumped down into the road and then ran across the drained paddy field beside the western perimeter of thep 237 ES 1984
them. A second platoon of air force police was wading across the canal that separated Lunghua Airfield from the camp. Top 237 ES 1984
come.‘ As the line of Japanese soldiers forced the prisoners across the parade ground, Jim watched the guards patrolling the wirep 238 ES 1984
prisoners at the front of the crowd turned and ran across the parade ground, shouting to the others. ‘One suitcase! Everyonep 239 ES 1984
heads, the prisoners moved along the country road to Nantao. Across the burial mounds and ancient trench works came the soundp 244 ES 1984
city. The labouring noise of their engines droned like pain across the stoical land. Jim walked at the head of thep 244 ES 1984
clogs dragged over the scored planks. While the trucks edged across the rotting timbers, the eighteen hundred prisoners sat on thep 245 ES 1984
sweet potato. The Olympic Stadium All afternoon they moved northwards across the plain of the Whangpoo River, through the maze ofp 252 ES 1984
broken glass that covered the ground. The hospital patients lay across each other like rolls of carpet. Dr Ransome stood inp 253 ES 1984
the brick godowns beside the jetty. A concrete mole ran across the river to a derelict lighthouse. Through their binoculars ap 254 ES 1984
oil raced to embrace it and sent tremors of light across the river. Jim climbed through the resting prisoners and satp 255 ES 1984
them both light-headed, and at any moment they would fall across the rails. Led by the three trucks, the prisoners leftp 257 ES 1984
been for all the years of the war, he wandered across the stony yard, then walked through the rain towards thep 257 ES 1984
tunnel and stopped on the cinder track. Dr Ransome climbed across his patients and lowered himself from the tail-gate. Mrs Pearcep 258 ES 1984
surly shout from a group of men. The rain fell across the stadium, and Jim lay back and let it runp 259 ES 1984
the stadium, and Jim lay back and let it run across his face, warming his cold cheeks. Despite the rain, thousandsp 259 ES 1984
He waited for the sentry to pass, and then walked across the grass and drank from his cupped hands. The waterp 265 ES 1984
A Japanese soldier patrolled the cinder track nearby. He walked across the grass and stared down at Jim. Irritated by thep 266 ES 1984
the last prisoners still able to walk, the soldiers moved across the football field. They cuffed the prisoners and pulled theirp 268 ES 1984
breath hoarse and exhausted behind his mask. Strong hands moved across Jim's chest and hips, feeling his pockets. Brusquely they pulledp 268 ES 1984
the fires from the burning oil depots at Hongkew played across the stands, lighting the doors of the looted refrigerators, thep 268 ES 1984
the grass, eating the hail and talking to each other across the bodies of their dead companions. The Japanese had gonep 271 ES 1984
many years. Chilled by the river, a cool wind moved across the stadium, and for a moment that strange north-eastern lightp 273 ES 1984
walked up to the nearest of the abandoned aircraft. Far across the airfield, below the massive flak tower of Lunghua Pagodap 278 ES 1984
on the tailplane and for a few seconds watched him across the nettles. Then he turned away and continued his bad-temperedp 279 ES 1984
blocks of Lunghua Camp rose through the heat. Far away, across the airfield, the Japanese ground-crews lounged in the sun besidep 280 ES 1984
stepped through the sugar-cane into the flooded paddy. He strode across the shallow water to a submerged bomb crater in thep 283 ES 1984
scarlet canopy, large enough to cover a house, which lay across the embankment. He gazed at the lustrous material, more luxuriousp 283 ES 1984
treasure to his chest, Jim left the embankment and waded across the paddy field. He was following the ridge of thep 284 ES 1984
the parachute canopy, leapt down the weed-covered slope and sprinted across the paddy field. Lost in the spray kicked up byp 285 ES 1984
of coloured parachutes were dropping from a B-29 that cruised across the August sky. Surrounded by this vision of all thep 287 ES 1984
atomic bomb at Nagasaki, whose flash he had seen reflected across the China Sea. Its pale halo still lay over thep 287 ES 1984
thinking about the Ardennes offensive, Jim watched a B-29 soar across the open countryside two miles to the south-west. A Mustangp 289 ES 1984
of the Britons ran through the gates and set off across the nearby field. Already the sky was filled with parachutesp 294 ES 1984
guardhouse, lad. Keep out of his way ...‘ Jim followed Tulloch across the parade ground, and together they entered the guardhouse. Thep 294 ES 1984
falling out of the sky.‘ A rifle shot rang out across the paddy fields, followed by two more in quick successionp 295 ES 1984
the angry voices of the Britons returning from their foray across the paddy fields. Despite all their efforts, they had seizedp 297 ES 1984
tactfully. ‘There were a lot of bars.‘ ‘Bars ...?‘ Price stepped across the cartons of Chesterfields, ready to slap Jim. ‘I'll givep 298 ES 1984
and left the commandant's office. As the Mustang's engine faded across the paddy fields they could hear Price striding up andp 299 ES 1984
he had been poisoned by the atom bomb? Jim walked across the parade ground, looking up at the empty barrack hutsp 300 ES 1984
past three years appeared subtly different; even a few steps across a small room generated a separate war, a separate ordealp 301 ES 1984
Dr Ransome's lectures on hygiene. The bamboo shutters were lowered across the windows of the hospital, as if Dr Ransome wantedp 302 ES 1984
walls, bathing the flies that fed on the bodies piled across the bunks. Identifiable by their ragged shorts and flowered dressesp 302 ES 1984
carried earthenware jars of rice wine suspended from bamboo yokes across their backs. Jim watched the barter of goods take placep 303 ES 1984
chest inflamed by the wine. From the balcony Jim gazed across Lunghua Airfield. Carefully he opened his tin of Spam. Itp 303 ES 1984
were running along the embankments of the anti-tank ditches, firing across the flooded paddy fields. Already it was clear that thep 306 ES 1984
Within a minute the two Britons and their families sped across the parade ground towards D Block, followed by the firstp 309 ES 1984
had returned to claim its time. The truck swerved, skidding across the camber. On a whim, Lieutenant Price had turned onp 312 ES 1984
heard Tulloch protest, but then the wine jar was passed across the steering wheel. They sped between the first of thep 312 ES 1984
doors open, ready to scatter its Spam and Reader's Digests across the empty fields. The engines drummed at the ground belowp 314 ES 1984
European in the leather jacket of an American pilot raced across the parking lot, followed by two more men carrying shotgunsp 314 ES 1984
Blue and scarlet parachutes were falling over Hungjao. Jim slid across the seat, opened the door on the far side ofp 315 ES 1984
was going, a poisonous shuttle that flicked to and fro across the quilted land. Yet eight hundred yards away, along ap 319 ES 1984
were passing the eastern perimeter of Lunghua Airfield. Jim leaned across Basie and hung from the window. He scanned the creeksp 324 ES 1984
like a drover with a truffling pig, he propelled Jim across the road with a series of whoops and grunts, proddingp 325 ES 1984
and whistles of Captain Soong faded behind him, Jim trotted across the hard surface of the paddy. He pinched his nosep 326 ES 1984
Basie and the Frenchman. Two groups of gunmen were moving across the next paddy field. The Australians and a Kuomintang deserterp 326 ES 1984
were empty, but a weak smoke rose from several chimneys. Across the river, a naval gun fired a single booming roundp 327 ES 1984
the bridge were lavishly equipped with weapons and radios. Parked across the midships of the junk was a black Chrysler limousinep 327 ES 1984
who had disembarked from the wooden lighter were now running across the paddies, hunting down the fleeing townspeople. Then the firstp 328 ES 1984
canal, an ugly heart bearing the beat of its death across China, while immaculate generals masked their eyes with binoculars, calculatingp 328 ES 1984
north and gave a whistle of triumph. Ten miles away, across the sombre surface of the river, the sunlit masts andp 329 ES 1984
ceased, and a torpedo boat fortified with sandbags set out across the river, ready to collect any stray canisters. A dozenp 330 ES 1984
and the peasant refugees found too near to the fighting across the river at Pootung. Here Basie and the remaining sixp 331 ES 1984
submarine. Rifles slung over their shoulders, they ignored the battle across the river and walked along the deck to the conningp 333 ES 1984
a vast anger about nothing. Leaving them, Jim set out across the grass expanse of the airfield. Inside one of thep 334 ES 1984
from the stadium, but they ignored Jim as he walked across the field. He stared at the concrete runway below hisp 334 ES 1984
the last shred into the grass beside the Japanese. Leaning across the corpse, he patted the blanched lips with his forefingerp 339 ES 1984
the artillery guns at Pootung and Hungjao had fallen silent. Across the airfield a column of trucks had stopped by thep 341 ES 1984
the stands, a beacon used by the American pilots flying across the China Sea from their bases in Japan and Okinawap 348 ES 1984
quarters of a Chinese amah working for the British couple across the corridor. She refused to admit Jim, or open thep 348 ES 1984
the canal through the narrow valley, an American bomber swept across the camp. For a moment, reflected from the underside ofp 349 ES 1984
seen the flash of the atomic bomb at Nagasaki even across the four hundred miles of the China Sea. More importantp 349 ES 1984
for him, they seemed older and far away. Jim walked across the quay from the Arrawa, looking up at the newsreelsp 350 ES 1984
on their tower of scaffolding repaired the projector, Jim walked across the tramlines towards the screen. Noticing it for the firstp 350 ES 1984
Reagan arrived by helicopter, a miniature glider was observed flying across the Home Park in a north-westerly direction. The craft, ap 1091 OOA 1984
to the east -- or remained airborne for his flight across the Home Park, is a mystery to this day. Laterp 1092 OOA 1984
torn a section of a Star Wars poster, which lay across him like a shroud. Blood pooled in a massive haematomap 1100 OOA 1984
been intensely busy, preparing that springboard which will propel him across the Atlantic. Three days ago he addressed the joint Housesp 1100 OOA 1984
motor-boat with a full tank of fuel, and set out across the calm sea, now free of the customary pleasure-craft, petroleump 5 SAJ 1984
An elderly American, camera slung from his heavy neck, leaned across the table, his grey-haired wife in a loose floral dressp 1106 MWM 1985
removed several bank-notes from his wallet. His wife passed them across the table to Scranton, who then stood up. Photographs werep 1107 MWM 1985
glass of beer from the sceptical waiter and then gaze across the street at the vistas of an invisible space. Itp 1109 MWM 1985
minutes‘ walk from here.‘ He waited among the tables, staring across the street. Seeing the passers-by through his eyes, I wasp 1111 MWM 1985
into the room. ‘Make yourself comfortable ...‘ A dusty light fell across the narrow bed, reflected in the cold-water tap of ap 1111 MWM 1985
safaris on which each of us sets out every night across the width of our own heads. Reason rationalizes reality forp 235 UGM 1986
some eighty light years in diameter, it is expanding confidently across the universe and is bringing to the natives of Proximap 236 UGM 1986
action of the film so that the audience's sympathies slide across the value scale and eventually lie with the targets beingp 19 UGM 1987
the entire Sahara. Drawn by my mind, it flowed south across the borders of Chad and the Sudan, running its contrabandp 7 DC 1987
woman shouting to me, but a rifle barrel struck me across the shoulders. I fell to the ground at the gunmen'sp 10 DC 1987
lightly with a secondary career of banditry and arms smuggling across the Chad border. With the drying out of the lakep 16 DC 1987
trailer where I spent my evenings after the long drives across the lake, hunting the underground contour lines on the surveyp 17 DC 1987
gallons of gas-contaminated brine. The line of dead bores stretched across the lake, already filling with milled fish bone. For ap 17 DC 1987
within its limestone deeps. The Shooting Party Fires burned fiercely across the surface of the lake, the convection currents sending upp 20 DC 1987
of the drilling towers, and threw shadows like uncertain pathways across the white surface of the lake. By some trick ofp 24 DC 1987
which had appeared above the forest canopy. It flew north-east across the lake, then banked and made a laboured circuit ofp 25 DC 1987
it rested an open suitcase, Nora Warrender's looted clothes spilling across the lid. She pushed my arm away and knelt onp 25 DC 1987
shield his eyes from an unpleasant spectacle. Soldiers were running across the airstrip, some taking shelter behind the control tower, othersp 35 DC 1987
hold. The soldiers guarding the perimeter of the airstrip waved across the runway, pointing to the undergrowth that surrounded the tractorp 36 DC 1987
pulverized earth, and clumps of flourishing underbrush. The tractor blundered across this no-man's land, the driver straining his arms to holdp 38 DC 1987
still devastated after the rule of Bokassa, and finally sent across the border to the former French East Africa. Yet evenp 42 DC 1987
familiar shabby figure in a sweat-stained safari suit hailed me across the water. Sanger lounged back in the stern of hisp 55 DC 1987
you told me so, very bluntly.‘ He spread a hand across the water, like a card-sharp about to tamper with ap 56 DC 1987
the light reflected from the surface rippled ever more brightly across the ceiling of the cabin. Already the western end ofp 57 DC 1987
how the world is, they want emotion and imagination rolled across it like a soft carpet. Believe me, Dr Mallory, youp 62 DC 1987
handle of the cart in her firm grip, and gazed across the river at two of Kagwa's soldiers who were bathingp 64 DC 1987
in her bandage. Using a home-made paddle, she moved swiftly across the stream and stationed herself a few yards from thep 65 DC 1987
earth barrage, fortified with the trees uprooted by the river, across the full width of the channel. Then I would capp 69 DC 1987
Perhaps it would become a small brook, a few feet across, a pleasant scenic reminder of my work on the drillingp 70 DC 1987
airstrip would be driven forward by the tractor and dropped across the river at its narrowest point, forming a huge rampartp 73 DC 1987
between the trees, I could see its upper reaches winding across the open savanna as it emerged from the Chad andp 78 DC 1987
to destroy it. The stone veranda was now a jetty across which waves would often break, depositing dead rats, empty aftershavep 78 DC 1987
the kitchen garden, and laid them in a makeshift wall across the drive. As I could have told them, their oozingp 78 DC 1987
through the walls, and I saw a broad swell sidle across the river. On its brown back it carried a policep 79 DC 1987
who had once been a hostess on the Diana, strode across the veranda on flat heels, her handsome hip striking ap 80 DC 1987
from the cot. I saw the girl every afternoon, paddling across the river to inspect a new sand-bank raised by ap 80 DC 1987
current swept away the metal pontoons and scattered them far across Lake Kotto. Clearly pleased by this, the girl paddled swiftlyp 80 DC 1987
child on the veranda steps. However, she had not sped across the river to eat, but to make sure that Ip 81 DC 1987
I call that deliberate murder.‘ I watched the water sluicing across the terrace, strangely soothed by the sight of the calmp 84 DC 1987
spoke with offhand but bitter tones as the water splashed across the veranda. She stared at a drop that glistened onp 85 DC 1987
chromium rail at my feet. Noon The helicopter soared low across the river, the young French pilot intrigued by the breedingp 87 DC 1987
gave a cry of disgust and flicked the damp sand across them. ‘Don't give up yet ...‘ Still on her knees, shep 88 DC 1987
trees, but after two steps heard a race of feet across the sand. The girl ducked behind me, half-hidden in thep 90 DC 1987
warning, she pointed to the police launch that was heading across the river towards us, a brown spray slicing into thep 90 DC 1987
how much the river had risen. The swells that undulated across its surface gave its back a marked camber, as ifp 90 DC 1987
Matsuoka's death would have placed Sanger's face on television bulletins across the globe. Yet, for all the military activity along thep 93 DC 1987
me a helicopter. Soon I will carry out a reconnaissance across the Chad and Sudan border. Hot pursuit, in search ofp 93 DC 1987
water. Between the last of the trees we swept forwards across the broad back of Lake Kotto. The white bed hadp 95 DC 1987
rags. While the navigation light rotated, flicking its small beam across the floor of Kagwa's office, the young French pilot peeredp 98 DC 1987
the containing banks, as if the huge swells that rolled across its surface were about to inundate everything around me, immersingp 99 DC 1987
muffled the soft impact. Urging on the current, I leaned across the gap between the two vessels and pushed at thep 102 DC 1987
the wharf, and the soldiers and the two fishermen ran across the wooden planks. The ferry was only fifteen feet fromp 102 DC 1987
steps. In the roar of noise the soldier fell back across the water. He stumbled through the ferry's lace-like wake, hisp 103 DC 1987
with the prow. The foliage climbed the bows and swept across the car deck, brushing a pane of glass from thep 107 DC 1987
the darkness as the turbine whined, throwing spears of light across the river. The noise masked the Salammbo's diesel, but ap 108 DC 1987
valley, and see the probing eye of its searchlight moving across the wooded hills. Then, as the river widened to formp 108 DC 1987
machine hovered ten feet from the surface, its searchlight racing across the trees. The veering light and the shadows of thep 109 DC 1987
and the shadows of the leaves threw a dappled camouflage across the ferry, but before I could hide behind the wheelhousep 109 DC 1987
of noise. It climbed over the hills, following its shadow across the forest canopy. We waited in the seething darkness asp 109 DC 1987
the former French East Africa. I spread the mildewed pages across the desk, trying to gain some idea of the terrainp 110 DC 1987
the road set out through the open savanna that stretched across the central basin of Northern Province. Little more than ap 110 DC 1987
my obsession as a decoy that would lure Captain Kagwa across the border ...? She was still watching me as she steppedp 113 DC 1987
not to pursue her through the tangled foliage that lay across the deck. One false step, and this odd child wouldp 113 DC 1987
A freshly cut spear in her right hand, Noon swam across the river. Her left hand glided through the water, releasingp 114 DC 1987
speaker. Sounds of jargonized dialogue with a Marxist slant boomed across the water, and two small zebra drinking by the bankp 118 DC 1987
delta. Huge sand-banks rose through the surface, and we moved across an almost abstract landscape of golden bars that emerged fromp 118 DC 1987
rocked gently on the current. Dreams of pagan powers moved across the surface of the Mallory. I tried to stand backp 122 DC 1987
attached to its undercarriage like huge poison sacs. It scrambled across the cool light, a malevolent creature emerging from a morep 123 DC 1987
passenger door. ‘Stay there. I'll find the rifle.‘ She lay across the rear seat, one thumb in her mouth, the otherp 125 DC 1987
ore-conveyor began to sink below the surface. The waves swilled across the trellis-work, the wash running over Kagwa's boots as hep 128 DC 1987
hundred yards away. Through the mist of my blood sprayed across the window of the wheelhouse I saw Kagwa holding top 128 DC 1987
Kagwa crouched in the open passenger seat, a police carbine across his knees. His face was without expression, all trace erasedp 130 DC 1987
Still held by the guy ropes, it slid several feet across the deck, radiator grille overhanging the water. I tried top 131 DC 1987
grounded. But then it changed course, banked and approached cautiously across the water. Kagwa had put away his carbine, and satp 132 DC 1987
examining the wound on my head and the blood caked across my arms and shoulders, making certain that I still possessedp 134 DC 1987
seat and gradually released the brake. As the car edged across the deck, held by its cradle of guy ropes, Ip 135 DC 1987
car, unlashed the diesel drums and began to roll them across the deck. Filled with oil, the huge cylinders were almostp 135 DC 1987
up, and gazed at the vivid orchids that had fallen across the windshield of the car, like a young actress surprisedp 140 DC 1987
the wadi would be filled. An immense lake would lie across the arid savanna, and there within a few days thep 144 DC 1987
miles between the ferry and Captain Kagwa's helicopter. Below me, across the thirty feet of dark water, was the narrow cutp 145 DC 1987
platinum foam, the soft teeth of this black admirer, played across her small nipples. Was she, in her child coquette's wayp 147 DC 1987
and walked between the oil drums. ‘Doc Mal ...!‘ Lights flickered across the water, blue and ruby bars reflected in the darkp 147 DC 1987
recognized the decrepit figure of the young Indian botanist slumped across the tiller. ‘Mr Pal ...!‘ Its gunnels awash, the launch headedp 148 DC 1987
go on, we heard the blare of Captain Kagwa's loudhailer across the water. We were now two miles downstream of thep 151 DC 1987
I moved between the trees towards a water-tower that leaned across the shallows. At its feet a spur of the railwayp 152 DC 1987
west of the rail terminal at Saliere, and perhaps half-way across the central plain of Northern Province. Beyond the margins ofp 153 DC 1987
tower, and began to count the soldiers unloading their equipment across the lowered ramp of the landing-craft. There was no signp 154 DC 1987
he strode to the bows of the lighter and gazed across the river. His eyes swept the wooded banks, examining everyp 155 DC 1987
into the sand, set up his camera and then shoot across it as soon as Noon or I filled the backgroundp 158 DC 1987
where the river's banks were constricted by a granite outcrop. Across its worn shoulder the water foamed and leapt through thep 162 DC 1987
soldiers in their customs post. The Salammbo drummed its way across the breaking waves, heading directly for the wooden jetty. Thep 162 DC 1987
nest of rifles stacked beside the truck. The ferry slewed across the water, its rudder handicapped by the weight of thep 163 DC 1987
in the confused current, and tossed a heavy brown wave across the beach. The soldiers raised their rifles, still uncertain whetherp 163 DC 1987
pointed to her, like a wildfowler spotting a rare bird across his sights. Open-mouthed, he pushed away the rifle levelled atp 163 DC 1987
funnel pumping out a plume of black smoke that uncoiled across the river. Balancing on his stocky legs, the sergeant surveyedp 164 DC 1987
open window of the wheelhouse. I heard the bullet whine across the open water towards the far shore, a harsh whoopp 164 DC 1987
collided with the cargo of film equipment. The ferry sheered across the stream, and a huge wave rolled against the wheelhousep 165 DC 1987
began to capsize and almost ran down the speeding inflatable. Across the river, in the trees above the beach, lights glowedp 165 DC 1987
the jacket. Holding the mud-caked garment, I watched her walk across the deck to the cargo of film equipment. She squattedp 167 DC 1987
terrain of mists and melancholy birds shrieking to each other across the solitary lagoons. Beyond the rim of the plateau wep 168 DC 1987
cut back the engine, and allowed the ferry to drift across an island of reeds. The serrated fronds rasped against thep 169 DC 1987
upon the frogs. It burst from the water and screamed across the ferry. The wriggling form in its beak covered thep 171 DC 1987
Mallory, I listened for any sound of Kagwa's expeditionary force. Across the reed islands and lagoons the noise of the landing-craft'sp 176 DC 1987
helm, the other easing forward the throttle, I stepped back across the wheelhouse floor. I pressed my right foot against Mrp 181 DC 1987
I eased the helm to starboard, drawing the ferry stern-first across the channel. Noon looked up from her sullen perusal ofp 182 DC 1987
hull of the limousine between us, she stared at me across the grimy roof, clearly puzzled by this small show ofp 183 DC 1987
a river. A dose of Mallory ...‘ He ran a hand across the sores on his face, as if trying to recognizep 184 DC 1987
my hands as if punishing me for falling asleep. Thrown across the deck, Mr Pal lay under the bunk beside thep 186 DC 1987
of the wheelhouse, trying to throw the entire structure overboard. Across the broken window I could feel his breath panting intop 187 DC 1987
above the beat of the diesel. An ungainly shadow crabbed across the water. The rotating arms chopped at the air, dapplingp 187 DC 1987
the mist, and camouflaged by the dirt and leaves scattered across its decks and cargo, the Salammbo had escaped the pilot'sp 187 DC 1987
a grove of tamarinds along the shore. The helicopter clattered across the river. Head down, nails tapping a frantic semaphore againstp 188 DC 1987
returned to his deckchair, and sat with a canvas bag across his legs. Among the tape-recorders and aerosols of mosquito repellentp 188 DC 1987
The shadows of the tamarinds lay like bars of camouflage across the open deck. Masking the sounds of my feet, Ip 189 DC 1987
I seized his shoulders in both hands, ran him forward across the deck and pitched him head-first into the water belowp 190 DC 1987
pitched him head-first into the water below. As he drifted across the shadow-filled waves, arms raised in a struggle to remainp 190 DC 1987
ship ... I bent down to reach the glasses, and fell across the deck, spilling the whisky on to myself. I heldp 191 DC 1987
back to the bullet-riddled wheelhouse. Mr Pal had moved himself across the floor, and now lay below the helm, his handsp 192 DC 1987
ferry's speed to a walking pace. The shallow bow-waves moved across a surface of oiled silk. Their gentle motion soothed Mrp 192 DC 1987
lagoon. I stopped the engine, and let the Salammbo drift across a dark mirror that contained no reflections. Noon was sittingp 192 DC 1987
the darkness she slipped away from me, her feet limping across the deck as she retreated among the cases of filmp 193 DC 1987
tripping over Sanger's outstretched legs. Behind me I heard voices across the lagoon. An engine sounded beyond the wheelhouse, as ifp 193 DC 1987
deck, and tottered backwards into the mast. A spotlight flared across the water, its harsh glare illuminating the Salammbo and itsp 193 DC 1987
face. I pushed myself from the mast and stepped unsteadily across the over-bright deck with its shadows swerving like hallucinations. Werep 193 DC 1987
I woke into a dream of fair women. I lay across a dusty mattress on an ornate bed whose gilded headpiecep 194 DC 1987
which I could hear footsteps and a woman's voice calling across the lagoon from the deck of this waterborne brothel. Thep 194 DC 1987
fell upon my oil-smeared skin. The wooden shutters were latched across the small window, shielding me from the bright sunlight beyondp 194 DC 1987
to shoulder, each pushing on an oar as they rowed across the water. Behind them, in the stern, was a packing-casep 195 DC 1987
at Port-la-Nouvelle. A pair of macaques and several marmosets clambered across the bars, intrigued to see me and obviously eager top 197 DC 1987
both hands, eyes fixed on the naked figures who swam across the unseen electric sky above his head. Resting there inp 199 DC 1987
coffin-wood, wondering how I could smuggle Noon from the vessel. Across the windows of the cubicles were the same metal grillesp 200 DC 1987
time for you to rest.‘ ‘Nora ...‘ I held the rifle across my chest, pressing the bolt against the sores on myp 202 DC 1987
unloaded rifle to my chest, and watched the dinghy approach. Across the pus-like surface of the lagoon the trailing hand ofp 202 DC 1987
a fishing spear in one hand, and a rifle slung across his back. Whenever he ducked, the rifle stock rose abovep 209 DC 1987
Diana when a second shot rang out. The report echoed across the lagoon, taking with it the life of this starvingp 209 DC 1987
the Diana. The chairs and tables were beginning to slide across the white planks. The lanterns rattled, and a second fellp 212 DC 1987
cages the macaques and marmosets chittered in alarm, scrambling frantically across their bars. ‘Fanny, we're sinking! Poupee!‘ The rifle propped againstp 212 DC 1987
we're sinking! Poupee!‘ The rifle propped against the bar toppled across Mrs Warrender's feet. A deep judder ran through the shipp 212 DC 1987
out at the lagoon, waiting for its waters to wash across the deck. The grass towered above us on all sidesp 212 DC 1987
neck of a wine bottle lying in the shallows. Limping across the white sand, I left the scanty cover of thep 215 DC 1987
piles into the sandy floor, they had stretched their nets across the stream to form a retaining curtain, and then filledp 219 DC 1987
had been turned northwards by the fishermen, and flowed out across the desert through a network of canals and creeks, finallyp 219 DC 1987
still flowed. I traced the winding course of the channel across the blue landscape of the plateau, its silver back strikingp 220 DC 1987
pursed lips. Her slim nostrils jumped as the flies crawled across her face, searching every orifice in a way my eyesp 225 DC 1987
a door, and whistled sharply to Noon. I followed her across the catwalk into the largest of the barrack huts. Thep 226 DC 1987
policeman's Mercedes? No wonder Kagwa wants to kill you ... he's across the Chad border, buying gasoline for his helicopter, or perhapsp 227 DC 1987
to our door.‘ ‘Then close it off! Build the barrage across both channels. Already the water-level is falling -- if youp 228 DC 1987
As I stood beside him I could see him staring across the swamp grass and creeks of the airfield. He wasp 228 DC 1987
now blocked the waters of the Mallory. As she sailed across the tarry surface of the river in the afternoon lightp 231 DC 1987
with them, I throttled up the engine and set off across the pool towards the lowest steps of the cascade. Behindp 233 DC 1987
stealing the Mallory. Less than a month later the barrage across the river was complete, and the Salammbo, which had carriedp 233 DC 1987
believed that I was embarked on an even stranger voyage across the garbage pits of the planet. A week after thep 235 DC 1987
hour, Louise and Poupee were pushing the first beer bottles across the bar, and the soldiers hung their webbing across thep 235 DC 1987
bottles across the bar, and the soldiers hung their webbing across the restaurant chairs. Even Sanger fumbled about the dance floorp 235 DC 1987
drank the stale beer at the restaurant tables and jigged across the dance floor to a scratchy pop record, I wonderedp 235 DC 1987
barrage. The wake from Noon's skiff sent a sluggish eddy across the river. Backed up above the rocky cascade, the watersp 237 DC 1987
rubble wall with globs of oily waste. I set off across the stream, moving between rocky banks on which grew ap 238 DC 1987
stood naked in her metal shell, the pole held horizontally across her breasts. While she watched me, with the same curiousp 239 DC 1987
can rest there.‘ I started the outboard, reversing the raft across the current. The guerilla uniform at her feet, Noon puntedp 239 DC 1987
blue water, the reflection of her arms and shoulders leaking across the surface, as if she was about to dissolve intop 239 DC 1987
behind its orange floats, the fuselage of Kagwa's helicopter rode across the cliffs above the eastern bank of the Mallory. Itp 240 DC 1987
outboard, I pushed the raft into the shallows and paddled across the water, following the ribbons of her blood that trailedp 241 DC 1987
metal. Then the Diana had upped anchor and moved slowly across the pool, its white timbers more than ever resembling ap 243 DC 1987
the wooden rung of the ladder. A beer bottle rolled across the deck, kicked at my head by one of thep 248 DC 1987
had gone, hidden away from Harare's men. The light flickered across the bed, as the jets of water cascaded against thep 249 DC 1987
chest. Too exhausted to search the remaining cabins, I lay across the mattress, my forehead against the brass bars of thep 249 DC 1987
sequins stitched to her cheap gown and the glass jewellery across her small breasts seemed to conceal her within the metalp 250 DC 1987
and stepped into the corridor. The hatch had been pulled across the stairway, and I heard Mrs Warrender and her womenp 253 DC 1987
came the snarl and cry of a macaque. Claws raced across the deck in a deranged skittering. There were shouts fromp 254 DC 1987
hatch, scarcely able to move the heavy cage that lay across it. Through the dust and spray thrown up by thep 254 DC 1987
bone-white planks and clambered o to the deck. Smoke swirled across the dance floor, uncoiling among the restaurant tables. Swaying therep 255 DC 1987
the sisal nets that held the retention wall and climbed across the earth and metal debris. Below me, the Diana wasp 255 DC 1987
creeks and canals of the desert strip, the stream ran across the floor of the pool, a garbage pit littered withp 257 DC 1987
Already the water flowed more freely. I slung the rifle across my shoulders and waded to the cold-store which lay openp 260 DC 1987
its broad banks. As the last of the smoke drifted across the pool, I carried the rifle back to the Salammbop 260 DC 1987
he had burned the back of his hand while crawling across the smouldering guy ropes. He had wrapped the blister inp 261 DC 1987
then pressed the rifle to his chest and threw him across the deck. While he fumbled for his camera I ranp 263 DC 1987
barrage, swinging myself between the pipes and girders. I clambered across the stranded raft with its outboard motor, and ran alongp 263 DC 1987
a landscape of sheer volcanic walls that faced each other across the gorges like fossilized giants. Their fluted surfaces were stainedp 269 DC 1987
flurry of the punt pole and the steel shell leapt across our bows, revolved like a surf board and sped intop 272 DC 1987
my foot, throwing me on to the shingle. He scrambled across the blue stones, lunging to left and right, seized thep 275 DC 1987
right, seized the camera from my hands and struck me across the face. Stunned by the blow, and too weak top 275 DC 1987
with a thick russet silt. The sluggish wavelets that swilled across the raft left a copper scum across the wooden framep 278 DC 1987
wavelets that swilled across the raft left a copper scum across the wooden frame. As a bleary sunlight shone through thep 278 DC 1987
in width. ‘Sanger ... we're home.‘ He was already awake, lying across the raft with his blistered face to the sky. Withoutp 279 DC 1987
raft, feeling the faint southward tug of the current, moving across the plateau from the secret headwaters of the river. Somewherep 280 DC 1987
But I no longer needed his commentary. A shadow wavered across the surface of the lake; the mist had lifted, takingp 280 DC 1987
that separated the two pools. As I rinsed the water across my legs, the warm mud dissolved and flowed across mep 281 DC 1987
water across my legs, the warm mud dissolved and flowed across me, a soothing quilt that tempted me to rest foreverp 281 DC 1987
the water slid past, a brief tidal rush that raced across the surface. The quickening current carried Sanger and the raftp 281 DC 1987
tepid water slid past my ankles as I followed her across the lake. Silhouetted against the lava dunes, her strong shouldersp 281 DC 1987
banks of the river. An immense white dream flows silently across the land, spreading over the drained surface of the lakep 284 DC 1987
which I first heard the waters of the Mallory stealing across the lake. For the past two years, since my recoveryp 284 DC 1987
return, and once again run the waters of its dream across the dust of a waiting heart. THE DROUGHT The Drainingp 287 DC 1987
actor he steps forward to the gatehouse, a tic jumping across his sallow cheek. He points to the door, and ap 8 RW 1988
of those cheap silver firs which cast their bleak shadows across the mock-Tudor facades of so many executive estates in thep 9 RW 1988
and bathroom were undisturbed. Only in his mother's blood flowing across the bathroom tiles could be seen the smeared prints ofp 10 RW 1988
The camera leaves Garfield seated in his Mercedes and gazes across the tranquil lawns at the next macabre tableau. As thep 10 RW 1988
abducting the thirteen children. Husbands and wives were shot down across their still-warm beds, stabbed in their shower stalls, electrocuted inp 11 RW 1988
of people, many equipped with binoculars and cine-cameras, are trudging across the front lawns of the estates, much to the annoyancep 23 RW 1988
estate, surrounded by the impassive mansions, I half-expected to come across the Mercedes with a trouserless Roger Garfield in its backseatp 25 RW 1988
a double flick of the wrist, forcing me to lean across the washstand. I switched on the hair dryer, feeling thep 28 RW 1988
on the hair dryer, feeling the rush of warm air across my face and forehead, ruffling my hair. I listened top 28 RW 1988
then strode to the window. A speeding police car swerved across the road and pulled up at the bottom of thep 35 RW 1988
of the drive, scattering the gravel. A uniformed inspector hurried across the grass. He pushed through the door, a look ofp 35 RW 1988
memorable. The hair dryer whirred into life, blowing hot air across my face. "She's now holding the dryer in her leftp 42 RW 1988
in the film, smoothing down the few hairs that danced across my forehead. Then I stepped back and tossed the hairp 42 RW 1988
bath, lighting up the mirrors around us. Scalded water spat across Payne and myself, spraying fine drops across the ceiling. Itsp 42 RW 1988
Scalded water spat across Payne and myself, spraying fine drops across the ceiling. Its fuse blown, the hair dryer lay inertlyp 42 RW 1988
knowingness. Her gaze was fixed on one of the houses across The Avenue. Behind the girl was her brother Robin, hisp 49 RW 1988
arm she pressed against the window, and her dress flared across the glass. Imprinted on the waist were two floral patternsp 50 RW 1988
easy to follow their line of sight. They were looking across The Avenue at the upstairs window of Annabel Reade's bedroomp 50 RW 1988
the trolley lying on its side, enamel kidney basins scattered across the floor. A terrified orderly was on her knees againstp 59 RW 1988
from the ceiling of his computer room, and carry it across the open lawn under his parents‘ bedroom window. Officer Turnerp 67 RW 1988
and Amanda Lymington are in visual contact with Jeremy Maxted across The Avenue, and duck to avoid the security camera onp 68 RW 1988
the security camera on the weather vane as it pans across the houses. Roger is late -- in his excitement thep 68 RW 1988
breaks a shoelace of his jogging shoes and stumbles noisily across the bedroom, but he knows his parents cannot hear himp 68 RW 1988
but then sleeps deeply until well after dawn. Jasper walks across the landing and opens the cabinet of the burglar alarmp 69 RW 1988
the swimming pool from his parents‘ bedrooms, he sets off across the lawn. Behind the rose pergola he retrieves the buriedp 69 RW 1988
the two girls can see Jeremy Maxted at his window across The Avenue, reading an American comic that he has smuggledp 71 RW 1988
Porsche, and they barely hear its engine as it leaps across the gravel toward them. 8:26 a.m. Officer Burnettp 75 RW 1988
door. Her son's second shot misses her, but she falls across the bidet and he shoots her twice in the headp 76 RW 1988
more than equal to the daunting tasks that faced him across the Oval Office desk. For all practical purposes, as Ip 1119 WW3 1988
First Family.‘ She glanced at a slip of paper pushed across her desk. ‘The traffic in Pennsylvania Avenue is seizing upp 1120 WW3 1988
linear traces of his vital functions still notched their way across our TV screens. As he saluted the assembled veterans ofp 1122 WW3 1988
of himself, reconstituted from the medical print-outs that still parade across our TV screens, go on to yet further terms, unleashingp 1123 WW3 1988
dark-edged James M. Cain thriller. Yet Hopper's imagination was formed across the Atlantic, above all by the three visits to Francep 66 UGM 1989
a car and embarked on a series of long drives across the United States, to Colorado, Utah and California. Hopper's paintingsp 68 UGM 1989
a generation of even more isolated women will soon stare across their bedrooms. But this time there will be no keyholesp 69 UGM 1989
had run down her powdered forehead, a battle line redrawn across her brain. She stood with her back against the bookshelvesp 1128 LCC 1989
that flow from it. Fortunately, an Air India 747 ambles across the sky, searching none too strenuously for London Airport. Mrsp 1130 TES 1989
to prise open the french window. Rousing myself, I sway across the kitchen, trying to steady my arms against the farawayp 1137 TES 1989
the staircase he saw the two enemy militia men scrambling across the floor of the lagoon, their wet uniforms clearly visiblep 1145 WF 1989
since lost interest. Sometimes, in a ruined basement, Ryan came across a tattered copy of Time or Paris Match, filled withp 1147 WF 1989
one cared, and only the hereditary militias fought on, grappling across their empires of rubble. But there was nothing pointless aboutp 1148 WF 1989
he had ever known. A young couple in an apartment across the street had recently adopted an orphan boy, and thep 1149 WF 1989
Ryan. God knows it's a desperate place.‘ Dr Edwards reached across the table and held Ryan's wrists, trying to lend himp 1152 WF 1989
the TV station. ‘You've got a lot to answer for ...‘ Across the street, near a burnt-out Mercedes, a Royalist guerrilla inp 1152 WF 1989
the ruined skyline of the city. Funnels of smoke leaned across the sky, but the sound of gunfire had faded. Oncep 1155 WF 1989
Louisa and his aunt. Soon their images would be scattered across the ruined streets, pasted to the blockhouse walls. ‘Ryan, wep 1160 WF 1989
at which this biography can only hint. I remember coming across his prison-camp drawings within a few months of leaving myp 104 UGM 1990
scattered across the table, I knew my answer. DREAM CARGOES Across the lagoon an eager new life was forming, drawing itsp 1161 DCG 1990
Galloway tried to dump part of his cargo. Firing flares across the bridge of the freighter, the US Coast Guard dispatchedp 1163 DCG 1990
the Prospero listed ten degrees to starboard. Fuming chemicals leaked across the decks from the fractured seams of the waste drumsp 1163 DCG 1990
the US Navy or Greenpeace speedboats. He steered the Prospero across the calm surface and let the freighter settle into thep 1164 DCG 1990
the acid stains etching through the Prospero's hull and spreading across the lagoon. He had tried not to think of hisp 1166 DCG 1990
under their own weight, and streams of vivid juice ran across the sand, as if the forest was bleeding. ‘Christine? Youp 1170 DCG 1990
central character has appeared in a succession of roles, ranging across a spectrum of possibilities available to each of us inp 81 YMCa 1990
that though the tragedy would cast its shadow for decades across America, the era of street protests and marches was overp 93 LNEa 1990
No, as far as one can tell, but they loomed across the horizons of popular consciousness along with those of Marilynp 114 MWRa 1990
would borrow my son's telescope and gaze at the town across the Bay of Argos. People were clearly visible, but nonep 45 DMa 1990
this treatment the necessary operation will be performed. Incisions made across the neck with the object of removing redundant tissue shouldp 111 PMF 1990
remote, the great stars of politics, film and entertainment move across an electric terrain of limousines and bodyguards, private helicopters andp 111 PMFa 1990
to this European outsider), an empty stage-set of a personality across which moved cut-out cartoon figures, dragon ladies or demons ofp 119 WW3a 1990
a London publisher's office in the late 1960s, she came across a scientific paper, "Tolerances of the Human Face in Crashp 67 THFa 1990
that inspired Arnold Bocklin's "Island of the Dead," one comes across an extraordinary parade of ultra-modern bungalows among the graves andp 41 YCMa 1990
man so intellectually third-rate, an empty stage-set of a personality across which moved cartoon figures, dragon ladies and demons of thep 35 UGM 1991
of Wilde appears in this massive account -- he comes across as flawed but vaguely presidential, rather like Goering -- butp 71 UGM 1991
silently like witnesses to the last real world. Today's children, across a large part of the planet, are dressed in trainersp 82 UGM 1991
hating this ugly city to which they had been exiled across the world. But I felt a surge of excitement onp 18 KW 1991
strode towards me, bales of firewood on a bamboo pole across his shoulders, from which the veins stood out like bloatedp 21 KW 1991
at Yangtsepoo, little more than a mile from the Bund across the Garden Bridge. The boom of heavy guns jarred thep 22 KW 1991
David's Australian nanny was shouting to me, her arms stretched across the shoulders of the nervous Chinese chauffeur. Steadying her strawp 23 KW 1991
blanched by the dust. A bolt of silk had unravelled across the street, a white bandage that wound around the lumpsp 25 KW 1991
through the broken windows at Nurse Arnold, who was lying across the front seat. Her hair fell across her face, forcedp 25 KW 1991
who was lying across the front seat. Her hair fell across her face, forced by the explosion into her mouth. Herp 25 KW 1991
After the attack on Pearl Harbor and their rapid advance across the Pacific, they had suffered huge defeats at the battlesp 37 KW 1991
kitchens. Spitting in the cold wind, the glowing cinders seethed across the ash-tip behind the kitchens. Naked except for their cottonp 40 KW 1991
from the camp buildings by the kitchen roof, I crawled across the cinder slope to the brick wall of the annexp 42 KW 1991
paddy field. Without thinking I stood up, my shadow leaping across the wall of the annex. Fifty feet from me fourp 44 KW 1991
hung on the wire like a ragged flag. Torches veered across the ground on both sides of the fence. Armed Japanesep 44 KW 1991
slapped their heads with his hard fist. They fell forward across the table, dazed but still smiling in a cracked wayp 46 KW 1991
Without thinking, David began to titter with them, tears streaming across his cheeks. He avoided my eyes, as if he wasp 46 KW 1991
and its stranger people. Covered in blood, Mariner was lying across the table, but the Ralstons were still uncowed, ready top 47 KW 1991
ended. Prisoners leaned from their windows, waving to each other across the parade ground and pointing to the sky. Peggy Gardnerp 49 KW 1991
been irradiated by the bomb dropped on Nagasaki, 400 miles across the China Sea. The drowned canals and the grave-mounds, thep 52 KW 1991
chance that they remembered me. Shanghai was eight miles away, across a silent terrain of rice fields and deserted villages. Inp 52 KW 1991
charged by the energy radiated by that sombre weapon exploded across the China Sea. I stared at my hands, wondering ifp 55 KW 1991
the burial mound at its north-west corner, the stone footbridge across a canal. Did he know that the war was overp 58 KW 1991
from the lobby of Imperial Mansions, a run-down apartment building across the street in which several brothels operated. David, like mep 67 KW 1991
the jai alai stadium. In the car-park she squatted expertly across David's lap, embroidered gown around her waist, shouting over herp 67 KW 1991
arms that supported the canopy of the bar had fallen across a collapsed chandelier, a princess frozen in a jewelled bowerp 68 KW 1991
six tables ...‘ She stepped forward on her high heels, stumbling across the cut-glass pendants of the chandelier. She steadied herself, holdingp 70 KW 1991
Lunghua. I let her lean against me as we walked across the dance floor, our shoes breaking the glass. A rushp 70 KW 1991
waving to us as the Arrawa drew away from them across the slow brown tide. When we reached the middle ofp 71 KW 1991
the men's mess rooms. At night we slung our hammocks across the open decks where the refrigerated carcases of New Zealandp 72 KW 1991
wind to stare at the nuclear bombers. Once we came across a run-down British air-base where World War II Liberators satp 89 KW 1991
some bonded warehouse of the heart. Miriam's fingers were snipping across my chest, scissoring at my breast-bone. She tapped down top 92 KW 1991
lobster's claw. Laughing, I raised her thigh and placed it across my hip. She sat astride me and rested her vulvap 92 KW 1991
resembled a deck of cards that she waited to deal across the table to me. On the last day of termp 98 KW 1991
I steered the Harvard from the parking apron. Snow lay across Moose Jaw airfield, draped like overnight laundry on the windsocksp 99 KW 1991
throats, and the propeller threw a slice of wet ice across the windshield. The blades lurched in unwieldy staggers against thep 99 KW 1991
mind leapt, expanding to fill the void. A shadow veered across the Harvard, darkening its wings. I woke as a blarep 108 KW 1991
one eye on my fuel gauge, following the Harvard's shadow across a curious turtle-shaped lake. In one of its arms Ip 109 KW 1991
the help of Soviet sympathisers and somehow make his way across Alaska to the Bering Strait? It seemed unlikely, and Ip 110 KW 1991
slightly crazed way at the two young women who knelt across him, taking turns to suck his penis. In a firmp 113 KW 1991
railroad workers, our shirts soaked with the beer that swilled across the counter. Then we took Brigid and Yvette to thep 113 KW 1991
he needed to watch and to be watched. Brigid sat across me, wearing her little slip like a masonic apron, steeringp 114 KW 1991
and trusting way. Shoe-marks flushed his thighs, and Yvette sat across him, smearing my semen from her vulva on to thep 114 KW 1991
with their smell of lipstick, semen and rectal mucus, ran across my forehead, trying to find a surviving personality. A flickerp 114 KW 1991
shorelines. Abandoning my navigation exercise, I flew back and forth across the white land, past the isolated water-towers and grain elevatorsp 118 KW 1991
touched down in a storm of icy mud that sluiced across the silent fields. It lost its starboard wing-tip, then ground-loopedp 118 KW 1991
raised to ease her heavy breasts, the lipstick drawn absentmindedly across her mouth. She was moving into the timeless realm ofp 121 KW 1991
composed, as if it had patiently endured the immense journey across the universe to this modest house with its waiting motherp 135 KW 1991
of most holiday swimmers. I had set out to swim across the bay from Santa Margarita, little more than a milep 138 KW 1991
yards away, and a row of unfamiliar hotels faced me across the water. Our apartment house had moved along the bayp 139 KW 1991
creeks and mosquito inlets. Giving up any hope of swimming across the bay, I rested on the current, and began thep 140 KW 1991
the dunes small fires had been lit during the winter. Across the inlet the scrub-land of creeks and inlets extended asp 141 KW 1991
beside the sea-wall. He lifted a stone and carried it across the patio, where the first flight of a simple staircasep 144 KW 1991
with the children from the stone steps. The water-skiers sped across the bay, portable radios gleamed on the beach at Santap 146 KW 1991
at him open-mouthed, even more intrigued by the star-shaped scars across his abdomen and thigh than they were by his penisp 148 KW 1991
away I could see her generous, ironic smile following us across the waves. ‘God, I feel so square,‘ Miriam told mep 150 KW 1991
at the barrera. The two women gazed at each other across the noise and the smell of blood and the reekp 152 KW 1991
woman soon discovers that.‘ I could see the 2CV trundling across the sand-dunes of Ampuriabrava. Sally was standing in the openp 154 KW 1991
one of the hollows, trying to work out my route across the bay. Thinking of Cordobes and the maimed beasts waitingp 155 KW 1991
wave of the Estartit ferry struck the beach. Miriam strode across the patio, about to rinse the swimsuits in the seap 157 KW 1991
moment of birth. Only her right eye was focused, moving across the lace curtains on the windows of the ambulance. Shep 160 KW 1991
its cart into the Protestant cemetery. The iron rims rang across the dusty rubble. The children stood beside me in theirp 163 KW 1991
sister's children overrode her loyalty to her husband. She knelt across me, adjusting her knees to my heavier torso. Exhausted andp 168 KW 1991
an infinity of slow-motion photography. Fragments of deranged dreams veered across the night air above the raucous neon. The lurid glarep 177 KW 1991
little house. I called to her as she strode confidently across the road, her skirt swinging at her knees. She lookedp 178 KW 1991
a word. My dreams of Mrs Kennedy's sexuality had boomed across the placid downs, unsettling the grazing cattle a dozen fieldsp 185 KW 1991
to behave it's just a big puppy.‘ I followed her across the shingle, as she kicked off her shoes and strodep 187 KW 1991
me.‘ She knelt on the carpet, her chest and shoulders across the cushions. Spitting on her fingers, she pushed the salivap 189 KW 1991
embarked on a trip of our own, a short safari across the width of my skull. ‘Dick, the garden's a messp 197 KW 1991
stood up and stepped through the French window. I walked across the garden, my feet sinking through the electric haze thatp 203 KW 1991
were misreading the smallest cues in the play of light across the quiet room. I covered my eyes and listened top 206 KW 1991
of my real motives for embarking on this risky expedition across my head. If Cleo was prepared to put aside herp 208 KW 1991
hurled the Jaguar at the elderly Japanese, almost throwing him across the bonnet. To David this had been a lighthearted jokep 218 KW 1991
through the open passenger door. David's silver Jaguar lay slewed across the road, its chromium bumper twisted into the right wheelp 219 KW 1991
stopped on the Westway flyover, and the traffic lights flared across Sally's sallow face and its wild smile. Seeing that shep 222 KW 1991
may come back.‘ Sally lay against the head-rest, white hair across her face like a lace of death, stunned by thep 223 KW 1991
settling my ring-finger over her clitoris, and spread her arms across the back of the seat, as if reclining in thep 224 KW 1991
that think about it now for me.‘ She moved diagonally across the seat and raised her thighs to expose her anusp 225 KW 1991
1960s has given birth to an ever more ambiguous world. Across the communications landscape stride the spectres of sinister technologies andp 226 KW 1991
Meanwhile Sally and David continued their courtship, hunting each other across the city in the same way that David and Ip 229 KW 1991
ulcers and thieving ... Escaping from my hands, the car leapt across the road and touched the tail of the MG. Ourp 231 KW 1991
The wheel wrenched itself from my hands. The car side-slipped across the dual carriageway, and the flattened tyre struck the centralp 231 KW 1991
war, and the spectacular collisions staged by the casual Americans. Across the years their spirit seemed to hover over this modestp 233 KW 1991
or vomited into their sick-basins, ripples of appreciation would move across the audience at some particularly striking camera angle or expositoryp 240 KW 1991
think the psychologist has had his day ...‘ Dick stared coolly across the crowded terrace of the Luxor, at the relaxing delegatesp 242 KW 1991
most handsome psychologist in Rio ...‘ An avuncular voice hailed Dick across the terrace. Senor Marcial Pereira, a leading film critic onp 242 KW 1991
a blue glaze of mascara and vaginal jelly. Underwear hung across the pine dressing table, and on the floor beside thep 246 KW 1991
arms she turned me on to my back and squatted across my hips, sitting on her haunches so that the onlyp 250 KW 1991
to find the skin of her breasts and thighs stretched across an advertising billboard or upholstering the seats of a modishp 266 KW 1991
became interested in the institute, and its work was suspended. Across the Atlantic, the magazine tycoon announced that the sexual revolutionp 267 KW 1991
Doreen ...!‘ Tea was splashing everywhere, soaking the biscuits and racing across the table to pour in a steaming torrent on top 275 KW 1991
She seized Doreen's wrist and elbow, and pitchforked her violently across the floor, shaking the old woman so severely that Ip 276 KW 1991
essential piece had been stolen. I walked to my car, across the damp asphalt that never dried after the night's rainp 277 KW 1991
should lean to the left.‘ ‘I see it.‘ I stared across a lake of grass. An entire air force could havep 289 KW 1991
he wandered off to a small inn four hundred yards across the mud-flats where the cars were parked. Since leaving Summerfieldp 293 KW 1991
Behind us, David had left the inn and was wandering across the mud-fiat, a tray loaded with beer glasses in hisp 294 KW 1991
me, face set, sipping his pint. His fair hair raced across his forehead in the breeze, a frantic semaphore. I watchedp 295 KW 1991
moment when he had returned with the tray of drinks across the mud-flats. He had brought with him a friend fromp 297 KW 1991
sons. A woman's firm arms held me as I stumbled across the veering air. ‘Jim -- you nearly fainted!‘ Cleo Churchillp 318 KW 1991
had made a first move towards dismantling it? Cleo leaned across the desk, sunlight on the pale crown of her scalpp 320 KW 1991
the shoal of silver stretch-marks, like seeds of time spilled across her abdomen by Ceres herself as she sowed her fieldsp 321 KW 1991
to the pillows and knelt astride me, long hair falling across my chest. I lay back, happy to share Cleo withp 322 KW 1991
will ...‘ Two hours later we moored at Runnymede and walked across the meadow towards the hills that rose through the woodsp 324 KW 1991
metal catches on the cradle and the craft swung away across the stream, bumping into the hull of a passing cabinp 327 KW 1991
a dead rabbit, her eyes unfocused, her blue arms trailing across the grass. The sobbing mother smoothed the child's hair, andp 328 KW 1991
hair, and the attendant began to move her arms rhythmically across her chest. Soon tired, he lowered his face to herp 328 KW 1991
took his seat behind the wheel. As the cars moved across the drive between the departing guests I felt that Ip 336 KW 1991
I was being carried away from this quiet Buckinghamshire lane, across another world and another time to the Shanghai of halfp 336 KW 1991
suburbs of Los Angeles. Vast highways busy with cars stretched across the sun-filled landscape, covered by a yellow haze as ifp 337 KW 1991
as the plane turned over the sea and swept in across the idle waves. Despite the long flight from London, andp 338 KW 1991
My past had escaped from my head and was clambering across the rooftops like some doomed creature in a Forties monsterp 339 KW 1991
still riding your pedal-bike.‘ She smiled shrewdly, slipping her coat across a chair. ‘But now you remember me?‘ ‘Olga, yes ... I'mp 340 KW 1991
glimpse as she undressed in the bathroom, seemed to beckon across the years from this ageing but still glamorous woman. Shep 342 KW 1991
fingers loosened my tie and shirt. She ran her nails across my chest, making sure that my nipples were still therep 343 KW 1991
faint blur which was all that any of us left across time and space. Besides, the film had served a deeperp 345 KW 1991
of people at the water's edge. A caterpillar tractor backed across the sand, pushing a trailer loaded with a bizarre sailingp 346 KW 1991
a cabin that resembled a thatched hut. As we approached across the sand we could see that the hull was builtp 346 KW 1991
performance of crew and vessel than its original's abortive mock-voyage across the Atlantic. I thought of Olga, sailing serenely through thep 347 KW 1991
struck sharply at our ankles. A strong wind was gusting across the beach, and the papyrus craft had broken free fromp 347 KW 1991
of taking on the sea and setting its own course across the Pacific, with only its shanghaied camera-man as crew, perhapsp 347 KW 1991
Milnes‘ name for a swan they knew, and has migrated across the species gap with happy results. The bear's absent-minded naturep 119 UGM 1992
Evelyn Waugh and Graham Greene set out in the 1930s across Africa and the Far East, protected only by their passportsp 240 UGM 1992
as Hero Charles Sprawson I have always wanted to swim across the Styx -- an absurd ambition, since this is onep 244 UGM 1992
of Byron's triumphs (the river police picked him up halfway across and told him he needed a permit), and never seemsp 245 UGM 1992
trusting, too modest, and help far too many old ladies across the road. Another important reason is that the interviewee mayp 271 UGM 1992
Typewriter -- It types us, encoding its own linear bias across the free space of the imagination. Zipper -- This smallp 276 UGM 1992
of the five astronauts became as familiar as any face across a breakfast table. The Zeus W was the largest spacecraftp 1176 MFM 1992
followed the crew as they drove in their excursion vehicles across the fossil Martian seas, collecting rock samples and analysing thep 1177 MFM 1992
through the roof of a parked bus. Loud-speakers blared meaninglessly across the million or more spectators sitting on their cars aroundp 1178 MFM 1992
were clearly alert, tidy and reasonably well nourished. Most mysteriously, across their eyes moved the continuous play of a keen andp 1183 MFM 1992
and of their values and civic virtues, and have come across a number of striking paradoxes. It is clear that theirp 1185 ROP 1992
the ultimate game. The prospect of this virulent plague spreading across the universe must have prompted the planet's computers to callp 1186 ROP 1992
him from the United States to South America and Europe, across a terrain of seedy hotels, sinister pharmacies and last-chance clinicsp 134 UGM 1993
along the corridors of moving trains or firing light beams across falling elevators. And what does happen when we travel atp 149 UGM 1993
where Caesar had crossed the Thames. Lines of poplars marched across the open fields towards Woking and Guildford, and the spiritp 183 UGM 1994
are still so vivid that they rush in an instant across half a century and stand quivering behind him. Hillen wasp 251 UGM 1994
the albatross and save the planet ...!‘ A passing wave swerved across the prow, and almost struck the megaphone from her handp 9 RP 1994
he worked the double-bladed oar. He sat like a rodeo-rider across the outboard engine, which he had tipped forward to sparep 10 RP 1994
burst from the gasping walls. The reef fell away, slanting across the cloudy depths like the eroded deck of an aircraftp 11 RP 1994
Searching for the threatened sea–birds, the great ocean–wanderers, Neil panned across the cliffs. The fluted cornices of blue lava together resembledp 15 RP 1994
as the craft broke free from the sea and slewed across the sand. Carrying the satchel over his head, Neil forcedp 16 RP 1994
albatross.‘ ‘Albatross ...?‘ Dr Barbara seized Neil's arm and hurried him across the runway. ‘Neil, the birds are still here! Get thep 20 RP 1994
from its spherical reservoir, while Dr Barbara sprayed her slogans across the green canvas roofs of the three barrack tents, slashingp 22 RP 1994
of an embarrassed Neil on the ladder, the banner draped across his chest. ‘Go, Kimo ... now!‘ Dr Barbara pulled the Hawaiianp 23 RP 1994
to leave, and then tore himself from her and ran across the airstrip towards the forest, camera in hand. When hep 23 RP 1994
the world isn't interested ...‘ He was about to follow Kimo across the airstrip when the French sergeant raised his right handp 23 RP 1994
the open window Neil could hear the amplified voice reflected across the rooftops. Megaphones hectored him in his deepest dreams. Evenp 24 RP 1994
for the challenge he had set himself, the thirty-mile swim across the Kaiwi Channel from Makapuu Head to the neighbouring islandp 29 RP 1994
held Neil's hand between her own, as if welcoming him across a threshold. ‘Now you know why I want to savep 35 RP 1994
pass out these leaflets? I'm going to the airline office across the street.‘ ‘Well ... it's not my --‘ ‘Come on. Beingp 35 RP 1994
trying to ignore the pains that played their hourly medley across the strings of his leg. He watched the silent televisionp 37 RP 1994
down by the sergeant, a scene endlessly replayed on television across the world. The existence of the camera, a present fromp 38 RP 1994
breast heaving as she caught her breath. Her eyes swept across the bouquets and greeting cards, and came to rest onp 42 RP 1994
to a quixotic mission of his own, the marathon swim across the Kaiwi Channel. The months in hospital had softened thep 45 RP 1994
during the voyage to Saint-Esprit, while her fingers forever ran across his chest, reading the braille of some invisible desire inp 45 RP 1994
of Dr Barbara. ‘Kimo tells me you want to swim across the Kaiwi Channel,‘ Carline commented as they rested in thep 53 RP 1994
and somehow reinstate her as a practising physician. Headlights flared across the hatchway above his head, illuminating the foremast which rearedp 56 RP 1994
July 15 ...?‘ Neil tried to restrain her whirling hands, moving across the night air like deranged birds. ‘Dr Barbara, that meansp 56 RP 1994
Driven by Kimo and David Carline, the two inflatables swerved across the bows of the Champlain as the French supply vesselp 57 RP 1994
chance to enter the reef. Reversing his engines, he moved across the swell, ignoring the inflatables while the helicopter came overp 58 RP 1994
palms, isolating the hundreds of tree-trunks. A glowing wind moved across the atoll, and thrashed the dusty vegetation into a tempestp 65 RP 1994
recording the damage to the ship and the protesters sprawled across the decking. Neil steadied himself against the satellite dish, wonderingp 67 RP 1994
Wu was heading for the open sea, dragging the inflatables across the steepening waves. When the empty dinghy passed Kimo hep 67 RP 1994
the earnest saboteurs, led by Monique and Dr Barbara, racing across the runway like adventure-holiday commandos. They laid their incendiary flaresp 72 RP 1994
American news agencies recorded the sombre scene. The lenses panned across the runway, taking in the restive Frenchmen, the strong-chinned Drp 72 RP 1994
to catch up with him. Carline was reversing the bulldozer across the airstrip, and the rope stiffened above the forest canopyp 77 RP 1994
by the runway as the mast began its free fall across the sky. Hurling the trees aside, it swept down thep 78 RP 1994
rose into the air as Carline dragged the upper segment across the runway like the carcass of a vanquished giant. Everyonep 78 RP 1994
who were coming ashore, they wandered past the abandoned latrines, across the scuffed ground where the tents had once been pitchedp 81 RP 1994
found a coil of telephone wire which he slung protectively across his chest, guarding the secret calls concealed within these deviousp 81 RP 1994
solemn eyes searching for the vanished radio mast. Their reappearance across the empty skies of the south Pacific had given ap 82 RP 1994
sloop's engine rumbled faintly, the propeller sending a faint wake across the water as Rice wound up the anchor. Seeing Neilp 88 RP 1994
quietly picking at the ulcers on her lips. Kimo squatted across a fallen palm trunk, throwing shells into the waves. Moniquep 90 RP 1994
land. Satisfied that Saint-Esprit was undefended, the pilot came in across the lagoon and settled his floats into the calm waterp 90 RP 1994
the beach, where Monique waited to greet him, arms folded across her breasts. Neil expected her to launch into one ofp 90 RP 1994
definite.‘ ‘But who is he?‘ Jaw set, Dr Barbara advanced across the sand, followed by the Saitos. ‘Foreign Service? The Colonialp 91 RP 1994
aside the barrier which the French military threat had built across their minds. Though thrilled at first by her own daringp 95 RP 1994
plants and birds were being prepared for their long journey across the Pacific. Even Club Med yielded to the inevitable, acceptingp 96 RP 1994
and the funds that might be generated for his swim across the Kaiwi Channel, Neil joined Dr Barbara in her tentp 107 RP 1994
Only when Dr Barbara began to speak did he stroll across the runway and take his seat behind the others. ‘Rightp 118 RP 1994
scattered albatross and the Dakota's silver wings as they turned across the lagoon. ‘I've only a moment. What is it?‘ ‘Monique'sp 123 RP 1994
of the diesel engine, and watched the bulldozer's exhaust float across the runway to the radio-cabin. Already Mrs Anderson had turnedp 124 RP 1994
head, feet and gizzard lying on the stone. Neil stepped across this greasy ooze and climbed the staircase, following a blurredp 131 RP 1994
he had rebuilt the fire for the women, he came across Werner in the clearing beside the tower. The German spentp 139 RP 1994
his sand-covered scrotum. She touched his leg, running her forefinger across the hard tendon above his knee-cap that gathered his thighp 150 RP 1994
for the lagoon. Below the beach hut the surf sluiced across the ashy sand, overrunning the remains of the barbecue wherep 156 RP 1994
and scuffed forehead, nervous of the enlarged pupils that ranged across his face, and aware that she barely remembered him. Shep 163 RP 1994
them while she smothered him. Seizing Neil's shoulders, she knelt across him, urging him on long after he was exhausted. Atp 173 RP 1994
the bones. The white seaplane had landed, and was taxiing across the lagoon. As he sat on the steps of thep 173 RP 1994
dinghy, while his wife had left the kitchen and hurried across the runway. Monique dusted her floury elbows and abandoned thep 174 RP 1994
when it ballooned over the side, Inger and Monique clambered across the seats, patted Neil and leapt into the water. ‘Goodp 184 RP 1994
Neil.‘ Dr Barbara touched Neil's beard, running a formalin-scented finger across his lips, but he hesitated to embrace her. Starved ofp 188 RP 1994
the beat of Neil's heart and sent an urgent tocsin across the water. A sun-bronzed woman in her early forties wasp 196 RP 1994
followed the course of a single cumulus as it moved across the lagoon, mirrored by the halo of its own reflectionp 201 RP 1994
hanging from the under-surface of the water as it sailed across the lagoon. Had one of the visiting yachts foundered, onlyp 201 RP 1994
sand that sloped towards an escarpment of volcanic rock, lying across the lagoon floor like a barnacled liner. Neil swam top 205 RP 1994
lowered their video-camera, in deference to the pregnant women strolling across the runway like a party of expecting angels who hadp 207 RP 1994
Tahiti.‘ ‘Are you sure, Neil?‘ Dr Barbara's hands ran comfortingly across his back, smoothing away the weals left by the scubap 208 RP 1994
from their hands and raced along the runway, draping itself across the bulldozer. ‘Martha ...! Helena ...!‘ Mrs Saito screamed at the pairp 210 RP 1994
was most intense and a frieze of wounded albatross paraded across the ceiling, he called to Dr Barbara as she sleptp 212 RP 1994
felt his way down the wooden staircase and set off across the dozen yards to the plant laboratory. As the glassp 214 RP 1994
pressure of Dr Barbara's strong fingers, but a tic jumped across the muscle in her nose, twitching her left nostril, asp 216 RP 1994
legs, blond hairs stiffening in the sunlight. Scattering the soil across the bemused peccary, Neil uncovered the arms and face ofp 219 RP 1994
dead men he was aware of the camera-towers watching him across the lagoon. The old bunkers had been denied their nuclearp 220 RP 1994
around her shoulders and stared frowzily at the protest banners across the runway. The signal bonfires with their freight of deadp 221 RP 1994
her pillow as she crooned a Bavarian lullaby. He stepped across the open ground to the mess-tent, waved the flies fromp 222 RP 1994
with hot charcoal. Cursing Neil, she scattered the blazing ash across his bare feet. ‘Trudi, make him dance for his breadp 223 RP 1994
feinted at her face with the bloody baguette and leapt across the stinging cinders. Pursued by the foul-mouthed women, he ranp 223 RP 1994
the stinging cinders. Pursued by the foul-mouthed women, he ran across the runway towards the trees. As he passed the clinicp 223 RP 1994
been hurled onto the pyres, and glowing embers still skittered across the runway. Sections of duckboarding and chairs from the mess-tentp 230 RP 1994
A gust of wind sent a flurry of hot ash across the ground from a smouldering fire, as if the sanctuaryp 231 RP 1994
in a last frantic search. Phials and syringes lay scattered across the floor, as if she had inoculated a fleeing garrisonp 231 RP 1994
confetti at a sapphic wedding. Monique's strong mouth was drawn across her teeth in a last grimace, her gaze fixed sternlyp 232 RP 1994
and Werner on the beach. Neil drew the cotton sheet across the women, trying not to look at their abdomens, wherep 232 RP 1994
doctor.‘ Neil stepped back, aware of the soil freshly caked across the polished blade in her hand. He feared the spadep 233 RP 1994
Patsy, slapping her cheeks when she fell asleep. He knelt across her knees, massaging her thighs and driving the blood towardsp 234 RP 1994
Nihal and the young women she had poisoned. She wandered across the runway, the glowing embers of the bonfires flitting aroundp 235 RP 1994
aircraft. A mile away, a French twin-rotor naval helicopter swept across the lagoon. Dr Barbara frowned as the craft scudded overp 235 RP 1994
the French had left. One day, perhaps, they would come across an elderly British doctor living among the sand-bars in ap 239 RP 1994
from E block stepped through the wire and set off across the fields for Shanghai, confidently waving goodbye to the campp 284 UGM 1995
found his apartment abandoned to the wind, unwanted possessions scattered across the beds. Reality, I was fast learning, was little morep 288 UGM 1995
when the Japanese carrier planes attacked Pearl Harbor. In Shanghai, across the International Date Line, it was already Monday, December 8p 289 UGM 1995
crime to rank with Nazi genocide. During their long advance across the Pacific, the American armies liberated only one large capitalp 293 UGM 1995
no contraband other than a daydream of smuggling my brother across the Spanish frontier, yet I felt as uneasy as ap 14 CN 1996
a new Arab architecture that owed nothing to the Maghreb across the Strait of Gibraltar. The brassy glimmer belonged to thep 16 CN 1996
avoid my gaze. ‘Frank -- you're all right?‘ I leaned across the table, hoping to shake his hand, but the policemanp 22 CN 1996
leaned back, smiling at the ceiling as his memories played across the grey distemper. ‘We used to steal -- do youp 26 CN 1996
depressed by all these memories. Ignoring the policeman, I reached across the table and held his shoulders, trying to calm thep 26 CN 1996
the door and stood with his back to us, calling across the corridor to an officer sitting at a desk. Ip 27 CN 1996
by a distracted actor. Turning on my stool, I gazed across the swimming pool. In its glassy surface I could seep 38 CN 1996
rooms. The clunk-clunk of the tennis machine had resumed, sounding across the empty courts. A fair-skinned man in a turquoise Clubp 40 CN 1996
tracksuit was playing against the machine as it fired balls across the net, barrel set to swing at random. Despite thep 40 CN 1996
was taking place between player and machine. The man leapt across the court on his long legs, feet raking the clayp 40 CN 1996
courts. A skied ball sailed over my head and bounced across the empty clay. I heard him slam heavily into thep 40 CN 1996
whipcrack of the tennis machine. A heavy top-spin serve swung across the net and hit the clay a few inches insidep 41 CN 1996
time to see him disappear through the rainbows that swayed across the lawn. Perhaps the tennis machine had malfunctioned, but Ip 41 CN 1996
Let's say ...‘ Hennessy checked himself, and let his smile drift across the air. ‘It's something rather elusive. You have to findp 43 CN 1996
might corroborate his confession. Suits, shirts and sportswear lay strewn across the floor, and a lace shawl that had belonged top 44 CN 1996
filled with miniature cycads, bougainvillea and frangipani. Sprinkler hoses ran across the hillside like the vessels of a dead blood systemp 47 CN 1996
door levered off its hinges by the firemen. Wind gusted across the terrace, and a cloud of white ash swirled aroundp 48 CN 1996
The entire house was air-conditioned.‘ Hennessy tried to steer me across the terrace, a curator at closing time ushering a lastp 50 CN 1996
repeated this to myself, visualizing the arsonist making his escape across the deserted terrace and then climbing the outer wall asp 52 CN 1996
the gate controls without a word, a faint tic jumping across his scarred cheek. ‘Unnerving fellow,‘ I commented as we rolledp 54 CN 1996
deserted restaurant I fell asleep on the sofa, the album across my chest, and woke after midnight as a boisterous partyp 56 CN 1996
swimming pool. Two men in white dinner jackets were splashing across the pool, wine glasses raised to toast their wives, whop 56 CN 1996
were in darkness, but strobe lights from the disco veered across the entrance. Three young women stood on the steps, dressedp 57 CN 1996
a Porsche parked nearby a large white dog was jumping across the seats, unsettled by the noise and eager to seep 57 CN 1996
the Renault's headlamps. I ran after him, but he raced across the knoll beside the gates, straightened the tuxedo with ap 57 CN 1996
on his charges during the day and evening. I leaned across the counter and snapped down the master switch of thep 58 CN 1996
noticed the row of parked cars that faced the Porsche across the access lane. Several of the front seats were occupiedp 58 CN 1996
each other, and then began to giggle together, minds slewing across some crazed amphetamine space. One of them touched my cheekp 58 CN 1996
corner of the Costa del Sol. The only shadow cast across its plazas and avenues was the fire at the Hollingerp 66 CN 1996
echoed. ‘Dr Sanger ...!‘ Andersson stood astride the grave, spade held across his chest like a jousting pole, glaring in a derangedp 69 CN 1996
the letter, and the lights of Estrella de Mar trembled across the dark water. My senses sharpened as I gazed atp 78 CN 1996
societies, and feel the shadow of the gutted mansion fall across my shoulders in the evening. I needed to live inp 79 CN 1996
sensed that I was going back to my true home. Across the Avenida Santa Monica, a hundred yards from the gatesp 79 CN 1996
dining room, listening to my footsteps as they dogged me across the parquet flooring. The whisky decanters stood on the blackwoodp 82 CN 1996
into the pillow as she allowed her memories to play across the ceiling. I lowered my cases to the floor andp 82 CN 1996
fool.‘ The intruder collided with a suitcase, stumbled and fell across the bed. A skirt flared and a woman's thighs flashedp 82 CN 1996
on the bed. She quickly recovered, setting her lips firmly across her teeth, glaring up at me like a cornered pumap 84 CN 1996
laying them against a man's chest. The lighthouse beam moved across her face, and I saw that she was biting herp 88 CN 1996
was a serious business.‘ We rejoined Cabrera in a room across the landing. Its door had vanished, sucked into the nightp 110 CN 1996
overdose. I don't know what she was injecting.‘ Paula stared across the sunlit rooftops of Estrella de Mar. ‘She was greatp 111 CN 1996
been a pair of handsome Empire chairs faced each other across the fireplace. Two of the walls were lined with booksp 112 CN 1996
down the stairs. The Pornographic Film The chauffeur's scoop roamed across the surface of the pool, its ladle filled with debrisp 115 CN 1996
can bury their mistakes.‘ I touched the shadow that lay across her cheek like a dark cloud on a photographic filmp 122 CN 1996
murderer. I listened to the tennis machine firing its serves across the practice net, and to the splashing of the butterflyp 123 CN 1996
play-speed when the man withdrew and ejaculated, as custom demanded, across her breasts. Sweat bathed the bride's shoulder and abdomen. Shep 126 CN 1996
broken into the bedroom from the balcony and hurled themselves across the floor. The bridesmaids seized their waists and pulled themp 126 CN 1996
jewelled cobra half-asleep on an altar, she watched me walk across the lawn, and began to rub sun-oil into the backsp 128 CN 1996
Mr Prentice, do join us ...‘ Elizabeth Shand called to me across the pool. She wiped her hands on a towel andp 128 CN 1996
bodies and the play of muscle and oil. They sprinted across the lawn and stepped through a garden door into thep 129 CN 1996
frightened eyes wept their black ink, and the lipstick skewed across her mouth like a gasp. I reeled back to thep 136 CN 1996
unaware of the tennis machine as it fired its balls across the practice court. I realized now that it was thisp 136 CN 1996
practice court. I realized now that it was this view across the town that I had been intended to see, andp 136 CN 1996
Hollinger tragedy, they seemed more animated than ever, talking noisily across their copies of the New York Review of Books andp 137 CN 1996
Africa. The flesh of his cheeks and scalp was stretched across the sharp points of his skull, as if constrained byp 138 CN 1996
the nightclubs along the quay were opening, their music booming across the marina. I paused by the boatyard, and stared atp 142 CN 1996
I could imagine it outrunning the Spanish police cutters, racing across the Strait of Gibraltar with its cargo of hashish andp 142 CN 1996
bedroom window on a holiday postcard. I parked the Renault across the street, sat behind my newspaper and looked up atp 152 CN 1996
gold tip of his cigarette and watched the smoke sail across the gleaming air, smiling at Paula as she remonstrated playfullyp 153 CN 1996
thief must have burned himself when the fire flashed back across the waves. In the case of your car, the investigationp 156 CN 1996
own bedroom blazing, where else could Bibi have gone but across the hall to Hollinger's room? They may have hoped top 157 CN 1996
had excited me. Roused by flames that seemed to leap across the bedroom ceiling, I ran to the balcony and sawp 159 CN 1996
the car to its dim underworld. The tennis machine sounded across the lawns as the afternoon's practice sessions began. As everp 160 CN 1996
His horn sounded a series of cheery toots that faded across the hillside, the friendliest of goodbyes. Twenty minutes later Ip 166 CN 1996
me in the same fixed and half-threatening way, hands clasped across his chest. He stepped forward as I approached, his bootsp 168 CN 1996
in a winged horse. The craft banked steeply and dived across the orchard, its left wing nearly striking my face. Ip 169 CN 1996
the gate to the Hollinger house. Head lowered, I ran across the ashy soil, deciding to make my way down thep 169 CN 1996
fluorescent whorls and loops, swastikas and threatening slogans that continued across the window shutters and front door. Repeated cleanings had blurredp 172 CN 1996
the garden windows, each a dark portcullis. Our silhouettes moved across the bars, figures in a pageant of convict life. ‘Itp 173 CN 1996
tennis pro discover this new truth?‘ ‘He didn't. He tripped across it in despair. I remember how he paced those emptyp 181 CN 1996
He disliked the older couple.‘ ‘Even so.‘ Sanger steered me across the gravel as the taxi's headlights swept the drive. ‘Youp 182 CN 1996
for Frank. Searching the wardrobe for clean shirts, I came across the lace shawl passed on to us by our grandmotherp 186 CN 1996
being ethical. Still, it's an idea ...‘ I pushed Frank's case across the bed and sat beside it. Paula stood in frontp 190 CN 1996
fingers touched what seemed to be a contour line drawn across the smooth skin. A ridge of tissue curved across herp 193 CN 1996
drawn across the smooth skin. A ridge of tissue curved across her hip to the small of her back, the faintp 193 CN 1996
lace shawl. Holding one corner, I laid the yellowing lace across Paula's waist and shoulders. ‘What's this?‘ She peered at thep 195 CN 1996
do?‘ ‘Nothing. Just lie there for a moment.‘ I knelt across Paula and turned her on to her back, wrapping thep 195 CN 1996
the street for their after-lunch siestas. The Sanger villa stood across the road, windows shuttered, the surveillance camera fixed on thep 201 CN 1996
installation artist rolling up a hinged metal painting. He strode across the empty garage, avoiding the oil-stains on the concrete floorp 202 CN 1996
were the signature that Crawford would write once too often across the skies of Estrella de Mar. For ten minutes Ip 202 CN 1996
Leaving the car, I quietly closed the door and walked across the street to the villa. As I ducked into thep 202 CN 1996
the floorboards above my head. He was pulling a wardrobe across the room, perhaps adding a last piece of furniture top 202 CN 1996
carved oak panels, he forced the castle of polished wood across the floor. Lying down in the narrow space behind thep 203 CN 1996
stood up and leaned against the mantelpiece, running a hand across the stones, and then sat at the dressing-table below thep 203 CN 1996
through the diary, reading the large looping script that rolled across the pink pages. ‘Her moods and hopes book,‘ Crawford commentedp 203 CN 1996
Charles. Do you need a lift?‘ He noticed the Citroen across the Street. ‘No -- you were waiting for me herep 205 CN 1996
Frank's balcony. Shielding his eyes with the diary, Crawford gazed across the peninsula at the gutted shell of the Hollinger housep 207 CN 1996
for me, he walked through the unit and set off across the car park to the terraced villas that lined thep 215 CN 1996
can!‘ Crawford held my wrists and drew me towards him across the table. Behind his pleading was a strange missionary fervourp 219 CN 1996
pleading was a strange missionary fervour that seemed to float across his mind like the malarial visions of that young districtp 219 CN 1996
trial. But nothing too arduous.‘ ‘Of course not.‘ Crawford leaned across the table and clasped my shoulders, smiling with unfeigned delightp 222 CN 1996
almost adolescent, blond hair spilling over his forehead, lips parted across immaculate white teeth. Squeezing me with his strong hands, hep 222 CN 1996
years together, but found it almost impossible to face him across the hard table of a prison interview room. His pleap 225 CN 1996
first glimmers of a breakfast-television programme had begun to play across the ceilings. The Costasol complex was about to wake itselfp 230 CN 1996
oleanders and beds of cannas like frozen fire. Sprinklers swayed across the lawns, conjuring rainbows from the overlit air, local deitiesp 235 CN 1996
Now and then the sea wind threw a faint spray across the swimming pools, and their mirror surfaces clouded like troubledp 235 CN 1996
the Residencia Costasol like a shuttle weaving a rogue pattern across a sedate tapestry. Crawford pretended to visit the properties atp 238 CN 1996
after midnight I was woken by a flash of light across the bedroom ceiling. I stepped on to the balcony andp 249 CN 1996
like a candlewick. Cut loose from its moorings, it drifted across the open water, a fire-ship searching the darkness for ap 249 CN 1996
rising sails. I left him to his vigil and drove across the plaza to the club. A car turned through thep 249 CN 1996
playhouse. Lejeune squatted astride the crown pole, baseball cap rakishly across his head, nails clamped in his strong teeth as hep 251 CN 1996
the toddlers. Hennessy agrees.‘ ‘Then you're both wrong.‘ Crawford reached across my shoulder and steered the Citroen around an erratic elderlyp 256 CN 1996
mind, part of that web of corruption he was spinning across the people of the complex. ‘I understand ... vaguely. What's thep 262 CN 1996
sight of the window through which we peered. Light trembled across the palm trunks and dappled the walls of the bungalowsp 267 CN 1996
squeezing the water from her nose. Her blonde hair lay across her shoulders like fraying hemp. Shouting to herself, she ranp 267 CN 1996
and dived. The shattered water sent a burst of light across the garden. Laurie Fox flinched and searched for Sanger's handp 269 CN 1996
of the pool. Memories of seminars on sibling rivalry moved across his untrusting eyes. ‘Still, not to see your brother sincep 274 CN 1996
Paula clasped her hands and watched me lay my suits across the bed. For once she seemed to lack confidence inp 278 CN 1996
standing outside my gates. Braking hard, I slewed the car across the road and came to a jolting halt a fewp 282 CN 1996
had grown dimmer, as if its soul had slipped away across the rooftops. The window was open, and the ash ofp 284 CN 1996
the sports club I watched the line of carnival floats across the plaza, bedecked with flowers and bunting, cheered on byp 286 CN 1996
the orchestra, who sat at their music stands, bows working across their violins and cellos while the pianist strummed the keyboardp 286 CN 1996
van brushed against the float he leapt aboard, almost falling across the easels, picked himself up and embraced the beaming Fionap 287 CN 1996
British Airways executives who quietly burgled and vandalized their way across the Residencia, damaging cars and fouling swimming pools in thep 298 CN 1996
but his eyes were steady and unevasive as he stared across the bloodied pool at Bobby Crawford. When he was strongp 300 CN 1996
ambience wasn't suitable for the child.‘ Sanger drew a hand across his eyes in an attempt to clear his mind. ‘Thankp 302 CN 1996
pushed away a lock of hair that tried to intrude across his field of vision. ‘The ultimate crime-based society is onep 304 CN 1996
Scarcely reassured, I left the sports club and set off across the plaza, hoping to find Crawford and persuade him top 308 CN 1996
and returned to their cars beside the beach. I walked across the fading petals and confetti as a few helium balloonsp 309 CN 1996
himself on to his feet. He buttoned the leather collar across his throat and walked around the rear of the carp 314 CN 1996
confront Andersson, but he stepped away and stared at me across the roof of Frank's car. ‘Andersson -- is this truep 315 CN 1996
cheeks. At last she gave up, dismissively throwing an arm across the gloomy air, aware that I would never rally myselfp 325 CN 1996
I would never rally myself to challenge Crawford. I stretched across the rear seat and took the Calabria travel guide fromp 325 CN 1996
trajectory, tilting upwards and to the right. The ball shot across the net, struck something on the baseline and ricocheted almostp 327 CN 1996
of a man in white shirt and shorts who lay across the baseline. Racket in hand, he rested face up inp 328 CN 1996
rested face up in a lake of blood that leaked across the yellow clay. Mouth gaping, as if he had diedp 328 CN 1996
marble against my skin. I left the cathedral and walked across the worn grass where the tourists sat in the sunp 9 DYF 1996
the Jaguar left the cross-Channel ferry and rolled its wheels across the quayside. Going into a tabac for a packet ofp 4 SC 2000
noise from the Jaguar's tyres fell away as they rolled across a more expensive surface material -- milled ivory, at thep 7 SC 2000
buttoned it over her nightdress as she laid the newspapers across my knees. The entire London press made the tragedy itsp 10 SC 2000
paradise ...‘ The Brainstorm A giant cycad threw its yellow fronds across the tiled pathway to a lacquered front door, past ap 21 SC 2000
it here.‘ ‘I'm not sure.‘ ‘Believe me.‘ His smile drifted across his face like a dismasted ship, detached from whatever hep 31 SC 2000
Sans Frontieres. One May morning he sat with a rifle across his knees and a map of Eden-Olympia, working out ap 34 SC 2000
had already left for work. Long before the sun reached across the Baie des Anges the senior executives had finished theirp 36 SC 2000
to the droning engines of light aircraft trailing their pennants across the cloudless sky, news from the sun of furniture salesp 37 SC 2000
roving groundstaff trimmed the grass. Sprinklers hissed a gentle drizzle across the flowerbeds of the next-door villa, occupied by Professor Itop 37 SC 2000
and his pale, watchful wife Simone, but our brief conversation across the roof of their Mercedes would have been more expressivep 38 SC 2000
earlier, while circling one of the largest lakes, I came across a curious human settlement in the woods. This was thep 38 SC 2000
take-off and ground-looped through the perimeter fence. The Harvard slid across an empty dual carriageway into the garden of a bungalowp 41 SC 2000
I've seen quite a few damaged cars here.‘ I pointed across the peaceful avenue. ‘The Franklyns, opposite. Your neighbour, Dr Schmidtp 52 SC 2000
Cannes with the London newspapers. I left my usual route across the business park and drove past the Merck building, onp 55 SC 2000
I changed into my swimsuit I heard a chair scrape across the terrace below the bedroom windows. Assuming that Jane hadp 55 SC 2000
a glimpse of a man in a leather jacket striding across the lawn to the swimming pool. When I reached thep 55 SC 2000
stirred up an atlas of currents that cast their shadows across the tiled floor, but I could see the wavering outlinep 61 SC 2000
the loading port. Twice each day the soft powder diffused across the water, forming milky billows that dissolved the faint residuesp 61 SC 2000
finger, punctured the heavy wrapper, and the cool powder flowed across my knees. I tore away the paper between the holesp 61 SC 2000
bullet. I upended the sack and let the powder flow across the apron. A second bullet lay between my knees, apparentlyp 62 SC 2000
pool an hour ago.‘ Jane watched me as I leaned across her desk and placed the three bullets in her emptyp 65 SC 2000
A deep shift in the subsoil sent a brief tremor across the surface, as a pressure surge moved through a ringp 67 SC 2000
car round to the entrance in twenty minutes.‘ I leaned across her and pointed to the computer screen. ‘What's all thisp 69 SC 2000
much for the conspiracy theory.‘ I turned away and stared across the lake, expecting another seismic shudder. ‘He was still bookingp 70 SC 2000
reflex. I went downstairs, opened the sun-lounge door and strolled across the lawn, past the pool with its sealed surface likep 76 SC 2000
them.‘ ‘I wonder why ...‘ She stood by the window, looking across the business park towards the sea. ‘You're still locked intop 79 SC 2000
disease was inside Greenwood's mind.‘ Zander leaned his plump chest across the desk, lowering his voice. ‘We at security were heavilyp 85 SC 2000
the three spent bullets from my pocket and rolled them across the desk. ‘Rifle bullets -- I found them in thep 86 SC 2000
his desk. The Hit List An almost drugged air floated across the lake, a rogue cloud that had drifted down thep 88 SC 2000
my lapel, and a smile moved like a slow tic across her mouth. She sipped her coffee, then pressed a tissuep 90 SC 2000
security helicopter patrolled the lake, its soft engine barely audible across the impassive surface. For a few seconds I imagined thatp 90 SC 2000
crushed tissue, still bearing the imprint of her lips, drifted across the floor to my feet. I held the waxy smearp 91 SC 2000
a new computer model, tracing the spread of nasal viruses across Eden-Olympia. She has a hunch that if people moved theirp 98 SC 2000
took the appointments list from my wallet and spread it across the table. I scanned the names, with my scribbled commentsp 98 SC 2000
me warily, radio at the ready. The chauffeur was limping across the drive to retrieve his peaked cap, which the aidep 101 SC 2000
took this from a computer in Greenwood's office. Jane came across it by chance. She doesn't know that I have itp 101 SC 2000
his propeller shredding the air and throwing shards of sunlight across the vivid sea. I watched until it disappeared, wishing thatp 107 SC 2000
left, a blonde woman in a dark suit followed me across the terrace. Face shielded from the sun by a copyp 108 SC 2000
tipsy woman in the business suit who had followed me across the terrace. Her make-up was still in place, but thep 109 SC 2000
had been following me for longer than the brief walk across the terrace of the Palais des Festivals. Irritated that Eden-Olympiap 110 SC 2000
could cope with the sex, but all those smoky glances across crowded lobbies ... I wanted to talk to you, away fromp 111 SC 2000
glass, unaware that her lips were moving, a sub-vocal message across the void. Concerned for her, I reached out and steadiedp 112 SC 2000
the next you're looking down at your own brains spattered across the desk ...‘ ‘You heard the shots?‘ ‘Not really. Alarms startedp 116 SC 2000
the engine wound itself to a screaming 7000 revs, swerving across double yellows and forcing any oncoming drivers to dig theirp 119 SC 2000
BMW near the main entrance of Eden-Olympia, and then walked across the business park to the administration building, where earlier thatp 119 SC 2000
pool was still choppy, and a pair of tights lay across a sun-lounger. After returning from her conference in Nice, Janep 119 SC 2000
autumn lilac bathed the garden. A white detergent cloud billowed across the swimming pool, watched by Simone Delage as she prowledp 123 SC 2000
sat at this dressing table, perhaps with a high-powered rifle across his knees, looking out at the office buildings of Eden-Olympiap 126 SC 2000
I looked it Out for you.‘ Meldrum pushed the transcript across the desk. ‘One of our stringers did a round-up piecep 129 SC 2000
their self-control, I left the Jaguar in the Rue Lauvert. Across the RN7 were the Antibes-Les-Pins apartments, a huge residential complexp 133 SC 2000
A midnight storm had covered the sand with driftwood carried across the water from the Iles de Lerins, where legend hadp 139 SC 2000
but I let this pass, and watched the aircraft climb across La Napoule Bay. Layers of dust and humidity formed stratap 148 SC 2000
into the Rue Valentin and swept past us, tyres thudding across the cobbles, headlamps flashing along the doorways and side alleysp 161 SC 2000
the car tomorrow.‘ ‘I'm fine.‘ I felt a painful weal across my right shoulder, realizing for the first time that onep 164 SC 2000
of the pastry with a sparrow that had followed me across the garden. Senora Morales was moving around the lounge, discreetlyp 168 SC 2000
found it easy to forget the drugged young woman slumped across the pillows. Physicians, Jane assured me, often prescribed themselves ap 170 SC 2000
crash with a psychiatrist ...‘ The Japanese sports saloon was parked across the drive, again blocking the Jaguar, its damaged door provocativelyp 171 SC 2000
to the swimming pool, where he bounced the beach ball across the water in his usual morose way. ‘Ready, Mr Sinclairp 174 SC 2000
them for a few seconds as the President's Lincoln moved across the lens of the Zapruder camera and on into historyp 178 SC 2000
police cameraman, the first photograph showed a forty-year-old man lying across a double bed, his back to the pillows. An overnightp 179 SC 2000
murder photographs was overwhelming. A violent rage had written itself across the blood-stained walls, a death warrant signed in fragments ofp 184 SC 2000
good advertisement for Eden-Olympia.‘ ‘That explains the soundproofing.‘ I reached across Halder and switched off the engine, glad to have ap 193 SC 2000
in the lens of a police photographer. Olga Carlotti lay across her desk, arms hanging loosely, ringed fingers almost touching thep 195 SC 2000
back of her head formed a mask of black lace across the features of a well-groomed Italian woman in her fortiesp 195 SC 2000
and let the icy breeze from the air-conditioning system play across his face. ‘Mr Sinclair?‘ With an effort he focused hisp 199 SC 2000
the garage. I told Halder that I would walk back across the park, half-hoping that I might find some clue top 202 SC 2000
our security detail. I remembered Halder bouncing the beach ball across the pool and then spitting into the water, not farp 205 SC 2000
cupped over his eyes as he followed Halder's Range Rover across the park. He saluted smartly, without a hint of ironyp 206 SC 2000
the danger-filled silences of a bullring. The guard had withdrawn across the bridge into the cool shadows of the lobby. Ip 206 SC 2000
to him, and strolled to the parapet, pretending to gaze across the green heights of the business park. I counted threep 206 SC 2000
executive in a blue suit, chrome-trimmed briefcase in hand, strode across the concrete deck. I crouched behind the rear wing ofp 207 SC 2000
her lips and her memories of Greenwood. The Cardin Foundation Across la Napoule bay the evening mist veiled the Croisette, andp 213 SC 2000
do you think? Is it worth renting?‘ Her heels clicked across the parquet of the high-ceilinged drawing room. As she steppedp 214 SC 2000
a camcorder. The squealing falsettos of the Japanese women rose across the hillside, and lights flared from the balconies of villasp 220 SC 2000
lights off and almost invisible in the darkness. It swerved across the car park of the Tour de l'Esquillon Hotel, andp 221 SC 2000
thought of the swinging clubs, and felt again the blow across my shoulders in the Rue Valentin. In a reflex ofp 225 SC 2000
photograph of Olga Carlotti, the business park's personnel manager, slumped across her desk. ‘Nasty poor woman. Did David --?‘ ‘Shoot herp 227 SC 2000
attractive?‘ ‘Olga Carlotti? She's lying face down with her brains across her knuckles.‘ ‘The office junior.‘ ‘Attractive? Yes, but a littlep 228 SC 2000
sprawled figure in the overhead mirror. She seemed to fly across a darkened sky, a nymph from a baroque ceiling asleepp 229 SC 2000
sprinkle?‘ ‘Frances, dear ...‘ I held her breasts as she squatted across me, and felt the warm urine on my thighs, hotterp 231 SC 2000
need to look in somewhere first.‘ She ran a hand across my chest, then kissed my nipple in a show ofp 233 SC 2000
cheeks and chin. She had moved me a few squares across the board inside her head, at the cost of enormousp 234 SC 2000
sat in the darkness, their terracotta urns facing each other across the road like chesspieces. I lay back in the passengerp 235 SC 2000
pile still recovering from the booted feet that had stepped across them. I looked down at this hillock of hair, savouringp 238 SC 2000
hillock of hair, savouring the curious perfume that had drifted across the night air from the Cardin Foundation. In their terrorp 238 SC 2000
by the brochures. I glanced at the Range Rover parked across the rose bushes. In his escape from the Cardin Foundationp 239 SC 2000
worried about brain damage then.‘ Penrose's fists clenched and unclenched. Across his face moved emotions of envy and admiration he hadp 243 SC 2000
Therapy Programme Elaborately wrapped in rice paper, the parcel lay across my lap, emitting the softest breath of rustling fur. ‘Isp 249 SC 2000
lay out the truth for me. He ran his fingertips across his teeth, tasting his nail-quicks, a mix of arrogance andp 252 SC 2000
near burnout.‘ Penrose sounded almost disappointed as his eyes strayed across the white walls, searching for a blemish. ‘But the creativep 257 SC 2000
requirement, there was nothing we could do. Meanwhile, immune levels across a hundred boardrooms continued to fall. Faced with all thisp 258 SC 2000
roof, I saw the fleshy figure of Pascal Zander lounging across the rear seat. Three young women, as blankly self-conscious asp 276 SC 2000
were rocking a TV location van. A Cannes policeman sprawled across the windscreen like a stuntman, shouting to the hotel's securityp 278 SC 2000
the lock. She stepped into another cubicle, and I sat across the washstand, my back to the mirror, letting the tapp 278 SC 2000
my back to the mirror, letting the tap water run across my hands. As my chest warmed, I thought of Janep 278 SC 2000
along the Croisette, stepping back when groups of limousine-chasers raced across the pavement, chattering into their mobile phones as they coordinatedp 284 SC 2000
the beach of Villeneuve-Loubet to our left. A windsurfer tacked across the waves, watched by his wife and teenage son, sittingp 288 SC 2000
the steering wheel, following the BMW's headlamps as they swerved across the steep camber. I lay back in the passenger seatp 288 SC 2000
in the passenger seat and let the night air sweep across me, carrying away the last musty scents of Greenwood's dinnerp 288 SC 2000
job.‘ He waved to Halder, who was watching him from across the swimming pool. ‘A nice boy -- he thinks he'sp 293 SC 2000
their hinges, startled Arabs in alcoves and shocked women staring across dishevelled beds. The sound was turned down, but I couldp 296 SC 2000
could almost hear the screams and truncheon thuds. Headlights veered across an underground car park, where a trio of olive-skinned menp 296 SC 2000
glow warming the deep pile of a fur stole lying across an armchair. A coarse masculine odour hung in the airp 300 SC 2000
man's black silk dressing gown that lay like a shadow across the white tiles. Her face was composed, but the blushp 300 SC 2000
waking me from my reverie. ‘Look up there ...‘ She pointed across the landscaped lawns to the conservatory entrance of the Villap 306 SC 2000
turned to red. Frances let out the clutch and accelerated across the empty intersection, turning right towards Golfe-Juan. The Audi driverp 308 SC 2000
door, I watched the Audi over my headrest. It swayed across the steep camber and its wing mirror struck a parkedp 308 SC 2000
and straightened out, but soon drifted from left to right across the road. Below us, at the end of the avenuep 308 SC 2000
tank-like limousine jolted his bumper. ‘Brake now! Harder!‘ I leaned across Frances and switched off the lights. I forced the wheelp 309 SC 2000
forced the wheel from her hands and slewed the BMW across the beach road. We hurtled into the car park ofp 309 SC 2000
darkness, and stared at the diners in the beach restaurant across the road. She seemed stunned but relieved, as if shep 309 SC 2000
spitting like embers of a fire as the tyres raked across them. ‘Hold back for a second.‘ I tried to steadyp 311 SC 2000
and braked, lunging at the rear bumper. On our left, across the railway line, was the apartment complex of Antibes-les-Pins. Ap 311 SC 2000
walked down the beach and let the cold sea sluice across my feet, soaking the rope soles of the espadrilles. Ip 312 SC 2000
arm pressed to the passenger window. The dying flames flowed across the water that swilled around the car. Two men inp 312 SC 2000
the rear seat, were Jane and Simone Delage, the camcorder across their laps. Jane still wore her black silk dressing gownp 315 SC 2000
itself from his arm. It floated off, working its way across the waves, sleeves moving in a wavering breaststroke, determined top 315 SC 2000
with Halder, one arm outstretched as he bowed her backwards across his thigh. The Delages sat side by side in thep 317 SC 2000
scene from a new musical, a tale of tragic love across the divide set in a shabby Buenos Aires dance hallp 318 SC 2000
my name, but ‘inject me‘ might well have been stamped across it in bold letters. My knee waited for relief, butp 323 SC 2000
the broken wings. The door opened, throwing a brief light across this warehouse of grief. A woman in a wide-brimmed hatp 329 SC 2000
and held the flame to the woman's face. Shadows wavered across a nervous mouth and lowered eyes. ‘Madame, excuse me arep 329 SC 2000
see you.‘ ‘Wait. I can't breathe here.‘ I followed her across the uneven ground outside the church, and we walked towardsp 330 SC 2000
made its descent towards Nice Airport, its winged shadow trembling across the faces of the hotels that overlooked the glide pathp 330 SC 2000
to the telescope. Leaning against the brass barrel, she stared across the bay to Golfe-Juan, searching for Zander's overturned car. Ip 342 SC 2000
and be our chief witness.‘ The High Air Applause eddied across the rows of guests, an approving murmur barely audible abovep 355 SC 2000
muffled anthem played by an involuntary steel band. Banners fluttered across the air, advertising a supermarket in Le Cannet, a kitchenwarep 358 SC 2000
a protest to be her handiwork. The cryptic signs aerosolled across windscreens resembled teenage graffiti tags, and were soon scrubbed awayp 362 SC 2000
bedroom and watch her as she slept, Simone's lipstick smudged across her mouth, the young woman I had loved, and onep 362 SC 2000
we reached Eden-Olympia he scarcely noticed the fresh graffiti aerosolled across the glass doors of the administration building. He dropped mep 366 SC 2000
doctor here.‘ She swayed and smiled, as if recognizing me across a noisy room. ‘Stop worrying, Paul. The human body's capacityp 368 SC 2000
London. As Eden II spread its parks and artificial lakes across the Var plain a more workaday future would arrive. Thep 370 SC 2000
sandals. I eased open the bedroom door. Frances lay asleep across the pillows, an arm stretched out like a child's. Inp 371 SC 2000
like distant rain. Careful not to wake her, I stepped across the darkened room. I sat on the bed beside herp 371 SC 2000
time.‘ I picked up the dinner jacket and laid it across the dead woman's shoulders, David Greenwood's final embrace. Halder waitedp 373 SC 2000
to encourage a family friend, willing her to succeed. Looking across the night air at this dangerous couple, I imagined theirp 382 SC 2000
me, but I caught his arm and threw him heavily across the bonnet. He swayed to his feet, thought better ofp 384 SC 2000
seat of the Range Rover, and watched the darkness retreat across the dew-moist grass, stealing away like a thief between thep 387 SC 2000
the zebra dress around her waist and Greenwood's dinner jacket across her legs. And no doubt the film of her deathp 388 SC 2000
Without thinking, I pushed back the unlocked door and stared across the empty living room at the window that had swungp 11 MP 2003
last-minute messages from the Institute designed to unsettle my flight across the Atlantic -- the resignation of a valued secretary, thep 13 MP 2003
barely conscious woman lay on the trolley, rags of clothing across her chest, blood speckling her arms. Dust swirled in thep 16 MP 2003
I said: ‘Sally, I met you.‘ ‘Call him.‘ I walked across the room, turning my back to the television screen. Holdingp 19 MP 2003
the car, a stick in each hand, blonde hair falling across her shoulders. Carrying Laura's handbag, I stepped around the monsignor'sp 27 MP 2003
the scorched lectures on the psychology of the new century across the rooftops of west London. The fragments would rain downp 29 MP 2003
demonstrators in Hammersmith Road. As the traffic cleared, we surged across the eastbound lane towards the watching police, like an advancingp 34 MP 2003
bloody nose. ‘Moggie, moggie, moggie ... out, out, out!‘ We surged across the road again, fists drumming on the roof of ap 35 MP 2003
the scrum of police and protesters, I joined the retreat across Hammersmith Road, limping and hopping on one leg. ‘That wasp 35 MP 2003
in bed.‘ ‘Unspeakable. Don't even think about it.‘ Angela stared across the road with narrowed eyes and all a suburbanite's unlimitedp 36 MP 2003
trudging up muddy lanes to defend a badger sett, lying across a motorway to halt the reviled race enemy of allp 38 MP 2003
A stream of yellow plastic confetti struck the policewoman, dribbling across her uniform jacket. Brushing the sticky threads from her chinp 39 MP 2003
the stained carpet. ‘No bombs, I think ...‘ Silence had fallen across the room, and I could hear the refrigerator in thep 64 MP 2003
these madmen, focused on tourism and the Third World, strayed across the path of Kay, Stephen Dexter and Joan Chang? Ip 65 MP 2003
spiritual needs of Chelsea Marina. A white Beetle was parked across the street, its sidelights glowing, and Joan Chang waved fromp 100 MP 2003
at the window to see if my outburst had carried across the street. ‘I assumed they were smoke devices, not incendiariesp 103 MP 2003
Sally threw her walking sticks onto the floor and strode across the lounge, shocked by how unconcerned I seemed. ‘David! Youp 108 MP 2003
Do you want a lift?‘ She ignored him, and stared across the roof of the car, her eyes levelled at mep 113 MP 2003
me without smiling, as if reviewing our entire life together across the polished cellulose of Henry's car, a stretch wider thanp 113 MP 2003
the moment to stop it.‘ ‘It won't happen.‘ I stepped across the kitchen, intending to embrace her, and realized I wasp 114 MP 2003
lay at my feet in the manager's office, blood leaking across his scalp, unfocused eyes staring at the ceiling. ‘Kay ...‘ Ip 117 MP 2003
be by the coffee machine in the foyer upstairs, staring across the river at Big Ben and counting the long hoursp 118 MP 2003
was rising from the stage, an acrid fog that rolled across the empty seats like a wraith freed from a monsterp 121 MP 2003
chin and shirt. I gripped his ankles and pulled him across the carpet, his huge legs against my thighs. As Ip 122 MP 2003
on my face. Wrists cuffed behind him, he edged himself across the carpet and drew his knees back, ready to kickp 122 MP 2003
be over in an hour, and as the guests strolled across the green to their cars I would lose myself amongp 123 MP 2003
was devouring the South Bank Centre. Billows of smoke leaned across the river, and I could see the flames reflected inp 124 MP 2003
smoke had reached the windows of the gondola, laying itself across the curved panes. I began to cough, tasting the acridp 124 MP 2003
the National Film Theatre. A rush of images scanned themselves across my mind like a cassette at fast forward -- thep 126 MP 2003
on by the promise of change. I remembered our flight across London only a few hours earlier. Gould's car had beenp 127 MP 2003
the police helicopter was safely out of view, and reached across to pat my arm. ‘You're unsettled, David. Operations like lastp 130 MP 2003
were happy.‘ ‘You worked here?‘ ‘For two years.‘ Gould gazed across the empty roof, smiling as if he could see thep 132 MP 2003
down. Bedfont Asylum was due for a makeover.‘ Gould pointed across the park. ‘They sold the whole site to a propertyp 133 MP 2003
of poplars at the western perimeter of the park. Advancing across the grass were rows of timber-framed houses, the vanguard ofp 133 MP 2003
its plumage. A silent crowd lined the Embankment and stared across the slack water, as if waiting for the Wheel top 141 MP 2003
Henry's house, pleasantly unsure where they really were. Sally strolled across the pavement while Henry hunted for his keys, but herp 145 MP 2003
London's historic rituals, the raising of fists against the establishment. Across the street two constables patrolled the pavement near the Chinesep 148 MP 2003
then broadcast a true account of the rebellion gathering pace across the map of middle England. A large charge of resentmentp 149 MP 2003
studio. All we lacked, when we made our separate ways across London the next morning, was a determined and ruthless enemyp 150 MP 2003
nervous line of junior producers and studio engineers faced us across the chamber, barely convinced of any sacrifice they might havep 156 MP 2003
Every week. He never lets them down.‘ Her smile drifted across her broad face like a sunny cloud. ‘He's very involvedp 172 MP 2003
three-year-old boy with a shaved head. A wide scar ran across his scalp, crudely stitched together. His eyes had shrunk intop 173 MP 2003
it over with Stephen Dexter.‘ Impatient to leave, he reached across me and turned the ignition key. After an hour's drivep 174 MP 2003
through concealed conduits under the foreign exchange floors. Facing them across the river were two more fakes, the replica of Shakespeare'sp 180 MP 2003
turned onto the embankment. I strolled through the tourists drawn across the Millennium Bridge, eager to see the damage to thisp 180 MP 2003
walked through the tourists to the main entrance, and stared across the grass at the bomb damage. The device had detonatedp 181 MP 2003
force amplified by the sloping floor. Glass and masonry lay across the grass, and covered the cars parked in Holland Streetp 181 MP 2003
from me, one hand still gripping my shoulder, and pointed across the roof of the car. Thirty feet from us, ap 185 MP 2003
impounded cars. I saluted him, and turned to steer Dexter across the crime-scene tape. But the clergyman had left me. Headp 185 MP 2003
for Stephen Dexter to appear. A tugboat's siren vented itself across the river, emptying its deep lungs in a threatening blarep 186 MP 2003
was more unsettled than she realized, and a tic jumped across her upper lip. For once the real world had madep 186 MP 2003
of Semtex between the covers.‘ I watched the rain retreat across the river. ‘I think Stephen was sitting in the carp 187 MP 2003
En-lai, according to Henry.‘ Sally sat forward, taking my hands across the coffee table. ‘You're different, David. You look slightly windblownp 190 MP 2003
promised to pursue his sources. Now we faced each other across a domestic hearth, trying to decide which of us wouldp 192 MP 2003
mock-Tudor gable. Inside the bedroom, a fierce yellow glow expanded across the ceiling. The first house in Chelsea Marina to bep 203 MP 2003
of traffic in the Fulham Palace Road. Police cars sped across Putney Bridge, sirens cutting through the air. A lane hadp 207 MP 2003
and raised his hands to search the topmost branches. Even across the park I could see his pale hands held againstp 208 MP 2003
like everyone else by the death, Kay held my hand across the table as the service was relayed from Brompton Oratoryp 211 MP 2003
shocked her deeply. The sight of the Turners‘ burnt-out house across the road reminded her of the palpable presence of evilp 212 MP 2003
and self-cut hair. ‘David ...?‘ Surprised to find me, Sally moved across the airless room, unsure that I was her husband. ‘Arep 217 MP 2003
felt a shift in the air, a cold front moving across the airless room. ‘When was this?‘ ‘Yesterday. He knocked onp 220 MP 2003
this one out.‘ Kay swerved into the bathroom and squatted across the lavatory, impatient to empty her bladder. She stepped intop 223 MP 2003
followed by the tearing metal of a car being dragged across a road. We left the house a few minutes laterp 224 MP 2003
engine but not lost to the television viewers watching aghast across a million breakfast tables. Urged on by a senior socialp 225 MP 2003
downdraught emptying a dozen litter bins and driving their contents across the rooftops like confetti. I assumed that he was thep 227 MP 2003
by the Fiat Uno, forcing back a constable who fell across the bonnet. Shouting defiance at the police, two-finger salutes inp 228 MP 2003
air. Fanned by the nearby helicopter, the orange billows swayed across the advancing police and touched the raised scoop of thep 228 MP 2003
black, almost liquid smoke that lay over Chelsea Marina, drifting across the Thames to the Battersea shore. Crouching behind the modestp 229 MP 2003
the petrol bombs and hysteria. For Scotland Yard the confrontation across the burning Fiats and Volvos had been a ploy top 237 MP 2003
a Harley owner's manual and his Philippine photographs lay scattered across the floor. In the kitchen Dexter's motorcycle leathers were exposedp 237 MP 2003
the floor. In the kitchen Dexter's motorcycle leathers were exposed across the wooden table, seams ripped apart by a carving knifep 237 MP 2003
Blackburn had been hunting down in frenzy. My palm moved across the cassock to its breast pocket, and I felt ap 238 MP 2003
a ticket issued by a long-term car park at Heathrow. Across it Dexter had scribbled with a green ball point penp 238 MP 2003
airport terminals. I waited as a tractor towed a 747 across the perimeter road to the British Airways maintenance hangar. Acresp 240 MP 2003
black ceremonial armour. I stopped the Range Rover and walked across to it. Through the windows I could see the whitep 240 MP 2003
number.‘ He hesitated, watching my hand slide a twenty-pound note across the desk. ‘His address is Chelsea Marina, King's Road, Fulhamp 241 MP 2003
at the book, thinking of Stephen Dexter, a shadow fell across the instrument panel. A man was strolling around the Jaguarp 243 MP 2003
was moving to the holster under his arm. He leaned across me, his head only eighteen inches from mine. His pupilsp 261 MP 2003
be agreed, seeding itself in a hundred other middle-class estates across the land, in Tudorbethan semis and mock-Georgian villas. Wherever therep 269 MP 2003
scalp and skin on the towels. The same bric-a-brac lay across her dressing table, a miniaturized city of bottles and jarsp 270 MP 2003
think you'd come.‘ Sally sat beside the pillow, hands folded across her lap, eyes lowered against the light. She had brushedp 275 MP 2003
take her hand, but she moved it away from me across the bedspread. ‘It's a nonsense. Like this television presenter inp 278 MP 2003
his days at Hungerford. ‘David? What is it?‘ Feet moved across the roof, almost directly above my head, the sounds ofp 279 MP 2003
murders were motiveless, and sent a tremor of deep unease across the country, redefining the word ‘neighbour‘. No one, not evenp 279 MP 2003
helicopter appeared in the sky over the Thames, spotlight playing across the roofs of Chelsea Manna. I waited for a secondp 282 MP 2003
his bodyguards pulled him from the limousine and bundled him across the pavement towards the front door of a nearby housep 282 MP 2003
breastbone, for once in time with my own. Feet ran across the roof, and a loudspeaker blared from the helicopter, ap 282 MP 2003
gunfire from the basement garage. A Task Completed Shadows raced across the basement walls, kinetic murals in a deranged art galleryp 284 MP 2003
row of wheeled bins near the rubbish chute. I walked across the floor as the shadows of the helicopter blades fledp 284 MP 2003
if signalling a sudden turn. Behind him a woman lay across the rear seat, bony forehead on the arm rest. Gouldp 284 MP 2003
of shoppers gazed up at the clouds of smoke floating across the precinct. Two police cars sped by, roof lights flashingp 10 KC 2006
in my hand, I stepped from the car and walked across the deep gravel to the entrance, half expecting the neighboursp 16 KC 2006
father, as if he himself would read them. I walked across the sitting room and drew the curtains. The bright gardenp 17 KC 2006
stale tobacco and staler memories. In front of me, looming across the houses and office buildings, was the silver dome ofp 17 KC 2006
grinned happily in front of the Taj Mahal. Others smiled across nightclub tables and lounged by swimming pools. All the womenp 18 KC 2006
to drop the truncheon. I lost my balance and fell across the leather armchair. When I stood up and pulled backp 20 KC 2006
club.‘ I rolled up the paediatric journal and raised it across the table, as if about to strike Sergeant Falconer onp 22 KC 2006
to London. But she had used our meeting to get across a message of her own. In a way, she herselfp 25 KC 2006
empty CID offices, where computer screens glimmered at each other across untidy desks. The staircase windows looked out over the stationp 26 KC 2006
us, ready to receive the prisoner. Already spectators were running across the car park. A police car forced its way throughp 26 KC 2006
water burst against it, sending a spume of frothing Perrier across the glass. There was a roar from the spectators alreadyp 26 KC 2006
offices were empty, but voices came from a conference room across the hall. ‘A plague area,‘ I repeated. ‘Can I askp 33 KC 2006
young black woman sat on a bench, her daughter asleep across her lap. Mrs Christie was scarcely aware of the childp 34 KC 2006
the rumble and burble of exhaust. But another noise drummed across the night air, coming from a football stadium half ap 35 KC 2006
as the giant image of the match commentator addressed himself across the empty stands. Fragments of his voice boomed above thep 36 KC 2006
earlier witnesses?‘ ‘Unreliable. One or two people saw him running across the car park, but by then everybody was running awayp 50 KC 2006
the gaming board that my father's killer was still moving across. I was suspicious of the police, who would soon losep 52 KC 2006
father's death than she admitted. Busy doctors did not travel across the whole of London to attend the funerals of strangersp 64 KC 2006
a vaguely gastric swell, like a suppressed vomit reflex, flowed across the colourized water. Already I wondered why Julia Goodwin hadp 65 KC 2006
She pretended to fiddle with her handbag as smoke drifted across us from a dozen ashtrays. She knew what my nextp 68 KC 2006
remembered this one face in the crowd?‘ ‘Yes!‘ Julia leaned across the table, angry with me for being so obtuse. ‘I'vep 69 KC 2006
deserted street, lost in the glare of the stadium floodlights. Across the road was a disused cinema, a 1930s white-tile Odeonp 75 KC 2006
Isn't that odd?‘ ‘Why?‘ Chair tilted back, Sangster watched me across the form master's desk, blowing out his plump cheeks likep 83 KC 2006
from the Tavistock Clinic. The shadow of Freud's statue lies across the land, the Agent Orange of the soul. Believe mep 85 KC 2006
any more.‘ Sangster bent down and rolled his sherry glass across the desk, as if waiting for it to stand upp 86 KC 2006
happier and better person? And you can get all this across to your teenagers?‘ ‘I don't need to. It comes withp 86 KC 2006
school. I walked away, strolling through the sweet wrappers drifting across the path, through the cola cans and cigarette packets andp 86 KC 2006
booed and cheered, greeting the Metro-Centre blimp as it sailed across the dome, more dreamlike than anything that had filled ourp 87 KC 2006
Siemens, Motorola and Astra Computers tried to outstare each other across untrodden lawns and beds of subdued daffodils that had givenp 96 KC 2006
looked out over the hospital buildings below. A mile away, across a terrain of dual carriageways and industrial estates, rose thep 97 KC 2006
frenzy, then set off in a hunting party. They come across a tribe of colobus monkeys and literally tear them limbp 104 KC 2006
insecure. Impatient to get into the car park, she reached across the driver and gripped the steering wheel, trying to changep 114 KC 2006
passing by, cigarettes glowing in the darkness, spray confetti arcing across the shop windows. A sound system blared out bursts ofp 121 KC 2006
law offices. The premises were dark, with steel grilles bolted across the doors and windows, as if the staff had beenp 122 KC 2006
to him rather giddily, and lowered her voice, eyes swerving across the haze. ‘Richard, you're pretty sane, some of the timep 129 KC 2006
left of the windscreen, sending a shower of sharp beads across us. I took the wheel, forced the gear lever intop 133 KC 2006
the gear lever into neutral and let the car freewheel across the gravel. Julia peered into the driving mirror, wincing atp 133 KC 2006
day, heroic death that were England's answer to the dictators across the Channel, and expressed the kingdom's unconscious need for warp 137 KC 2006
it ...‘ Cruise straightened up, leaving his thoughts to float away across the embankment. I assumed that I would soon be forgottenp 140 KC 2006
of a Strindberg drama, threatening and confused as he stared across a display floor of showroom kitchens, a husband who hadp 154 KC 2006
torture in his head, or followed a group of schoolgirls across a Heathrow concourse like a would-be child-abductor. A surprisingly goodp 154 KC 2006
It showed a deranged young woman dragging a blood-spattered child across a deserted car park, watched by a smiling couple whop 155 KC 2006
nearby pedal bin. ‘Julia, I'm sorry ...‘ ‘Never mind.‘ Julia reached across the table and took my hands. I realized how tiredp 163 KC 2006
Friendly rivalry; heads held high.‘ ‘And the banners?‘ Julia leaned across the table and gripped my wrist. ‘Have you seen themp 165 KC 2006
not ...‘ Sangster walked away, smiling to himself as he strode across the polished wooden floor. I nodded to Dr Kumar, whop 170 KC 2006
bringing the news. The driver of the breakdown truck reversed across the drive, and the passenger door of the Fiat swungp 184 KC 2006
me, composing her expression and arranging her full lips squarely across her teeth. ‘We're in control, Mr Pearson. But our resourcesp 185 KC 2006
a cigarette as he studied a road map. I walked across to him, but a police car with lights flashing leftp 200 KC 2006
lost their focus. He swayed to one side, elbow sliding across the desk, and tore the lapel microphone from his jacketp 205 KC 2006
himself upright, and then fell forward from his chair, head across his bloodstained script. Five seconds later, the screen went blankp 205 KC 2006
time where celebrity redefined reality as itself. His anguished slide across the table, the desperate way in which he had tornp 206 KC 2006
on a women's judo team who carried a hamburger kiosk across the hall, leaking a trail of hot fat. Clapped byp 214 KC 2006
to answer all questions but ignored by the crowd drifting across the entrance hall and unable to find its bearing. Carradinep 218 KC 2006
the restaurants and cafes were functioning, but the crowd dispersing across the mall in the hours after the lock-down moved inp 225 KC 2006
night noises of the police and army, the searchlights sweeping across the dome's semitransparent skin. Maxted was a restless sleeper, haranguingp 225 KC 2006
slyly to himself. ‘Richard? Good ...‘ He laid a huge arm across my shoulders. ‘Rather a neat wheeze, don't you think?‘ ‘"Workp 233 KC 2006
the wave machine. I stood up as dark water sluiced across my feet, covered by a slick of lubricating oil. Twop 235 KC 2006
vault, the machine stirred and woke, driving the deep water across the lake. I stepped back onto the dry sand, asp 236 KC 2006
the engineers switched off the current. A last wave rolled across the beach, its foam hissing among the beer cans. Withp 236 KC 2006
voracious machines. Only his hair survived, a blond mane lying across the phlegm-soaked pillow. I stood beside Julia as she adjustedp 239 KC 2006
of overpowering their guards. After leaving the hotel, they raced across the central atrium towards their rescuers. As a propaganda measurep 246 KC 2006
minutes later, in an alleyway behind the Novotel, I came across another of the pyramids, a modest tableau built from dozensp 247 KC 2006
Behind me I heard a metal display stand being dragged across the stone floor. The spotlight swung across the ceiling ofp 248 KC 2006
stand being dragged across the stone floor. The spotlight swung across the ceiling of the entrance hall, and the shadows veeredp 248 KC 2006
But the bodies kept arriving at the morgue.‘ Julia reached across the table and gripped my wrist, angry with me evenp 258 KC 2006
praying to the teddy bears ...‘ Leaving Maxted, I stepped slowly across the atrium, avoiding the spurs of glass and torn aluminiump 265 KC 2006
police helicopter drifted over the dome, throwing its spidery shadows across the galleries, a flicker of rotor blades scrambling through thep 269 KC 2006
shouted in warning as Christie lunged towards me. I moved across the arcade, raised the weapon above my head and flungp 270 KC 2006
We'll find it, Mrs Mitchell.‘ Julia winced as we slewed across a floor of broken glass, then clung to my shoulderp 272 KC 2006
and stores, revealing a hundred polished counters. Crazed patterns raced across the display screens, the brain tracings of a giant strugglingp 273 KC 2006
Julia asked. We stood by the police railings and gazed across the empty plaza at what remained of the Metro-Centre. Muchp 276 KC 2006
running-boards, Chicago-style. Before the war my father often took me across the Whangpoo river to his company's factory on the easternp 9 ML 2008
and I thought long and hard as we sailed back across the river, the China Printing ferry avoiding the dozens ofp 9 ML 2008
International Settlement. From the roof of our house we looked across the open countryside, an endless terrain of paddy fields, smallp 11 ML 2008
me. The wicked queen, the purest essence of evil radiating across the auditorium, reminded me too much of my friends‘ mothersp 19 ML 2008
weren't too far from the doctors and schoolmasters I came across in my reading. All this gave the British adults inp 21 ML 2008
away, duck through a gap in the fence and run across two dried-out rice paddies to an abandoned Chinese military airfieldp 31 ML 2008
In September 1939 the European war began, and quickly reached across the world to Shanghai. Outwardly, our lives continued as beforep 37 ML 2008
and scrambled egg, and having to endure my sister's babbling across the table. With a small boy's logic, I took advantagep 41 ML 2008
the charges against him. In 1950, after a long journey across China, he reached Canton, and crossed to Hong Kong. Onp 48 ML 2008
America into what was now a world war. In Shanghai, across the International Date Line, it was already Monday, 8 Decemberp 53 ML 2008
family had left at short notice, and discarded suitcases lay across the unmade beds. Curtains swayed in the open windows, asp 60 ML 2008
small fleet of buses, and we were on our way across the open countryside, among the last group of Allied nationalsp 63 ML 2008
witty company, with a sophisticated patter I had rarely come across. He had never been to England, but seemed to bep 85 ML 2008
years of war. The Americans had advanced island by island across the Pacific, but they were still hundreds of miles awayp 95 ML 2008
sing-song voice. I thought of leaving the embankment and walking across the nearby field, but then decided it would be bestp 106 ML 2008
young Chinese was slowly suffocating to death, his urine spreading across the platform. I waited in the sun, listening to thep 106 ML 2008
I jumped down at the next crossroads and set off across the paddy fields for Lunghua one of them might easilyp 112 ML 2008
around Shanghai. The German family who lived in the house across the drive were ejected, and two very likeable American intelligencep 113 ML 2008
pose a danger to any young English women they came across. I and my friends were all agog at the prospectp 117 ML 2008
to cross. Freud's works, like Jung's, were easy to come across in the late 1940s, but reproductions of surrealist paintings werep 133 ML 2008
no more than nine or ten medical students at King's across all three years, and I was forced to find friendsp 146 ML 2008
more interested in a ‘what now?‘ approach. After weekend trips across the border I could see that both Canada and thep 167 ML 2008
and pencil. In a real sense I wrote my way across Canada, and then across the Atlantic to England. On arrivalp 168 ML 2008
real sense I wrote my way across Canada, and then across the Atlantic to England. On arrival I was sent top 168 ML 2008
listened to their babies desperately crying in a separate ward across the corridor. Mother and child were only united during feedingp 182 ML 2008
streets of Richmond and Shepperton, and later driving with them across Europe to Greece and Spain. Children change so rapidly, learningp 200 ML 2008
hear the sound of the iron-wheeled cart carrying the coffin across the stony ground. The priest conducted a short service, watchedp 201 ML 2008
has always been interesting -- we have often driven together across half of Europe and never once stopped talking. We sharep 230 ML 2008
one of the most remarkable publishing houses I have come across, specialists in urban anthropology of the most bizarre kind. Inp 237 ML 2008
and was very successful, and then went on to open across Europe and the rest of the world. In America therep 244 ML 2008
we emerged through the bow doors and rolled the wheels across the Boulogne cobbles. Soon there was the intoxicating reek ofp 248 ML 2008
the International Airport, on one of the huge runways laid across the grass airfield at Hungjao where I had once satp 266 ML 2008
by gigantic TV towers and office buildings that stamped ‘money‘ across the sky. The Hilton stood on the edge of thep 268 ML 2008