at a steady twenty knots. But apart from the routine acknowledgement signal nothing had been heard. Perhaps the specialists at Campp 9 DW 1962
Miss Elizabeth ...‘ ‘Mr Samuel Banbury ...‘ One by one nodding in acknowledgement as they were announced, the callers trooped into the hallp 560 TP 1964
darkened alcove or shadow-trap. Neill had insisted on this, reluctantly acknowledging a possible reflex association between darkness and sleep: ‘Let's admitp 55 M69 1957
banks which stretched along the shore a hundred yards away. Acknowledging his escape, the intensity of the sunlight diminished fractionally. ‘Colonelp 67 DW 1962
them, anyway.‘ The captain waved briefly. ‘See you in Miami.‘ Acknowledging the salute, the priest stared at the keys in hisp 611 IM 1964
A month afterwards his sister returned to her own home, acknowledging his ability to look after himself, and her place wasp 562 TP 1964
Mallory inclined his head in a small bow, as if acknowledging Halliday's seriousness. He went over to the stereogram and disconnectedp 672 DF 1966
Did you see the birds?‘ He nodded sagely to himself, acknowledging that I had scored a point. ‘As it happens, Ip 74 UDC 1979
his shoulder at the persona, ruefully shaking his head in acknowledgment of its magnificence. ‘These 10th Dynasty graves are stupendous. Butp 469 TT 1963
know why he's dying, it's a bad way to go. Acknowledgment: For all the dialogue above, to General Westmoreland, President Thieup 967 TW 1967
that her sister Gail is awake. She types in the acknowledgment signal, "Snowball," and goes into the bathroom, leaning with herp 67 RW 1988
of the patients into the surgery: a teenage girl with acne, an air hostess with menstrual pains, an incontinent cinema commissionairep 102 UDC 1979
I saw his sallow, unshaved face, scarred chin pockmarked by acne, forehead flushed by recent punches. He was unaware of thep 27 KC 2006
place as six guests camped on Sally's double bed. Two acolytes of the Japanese artist were taking a shower together inp 195 KW 1991
expecting a stylized human figure but the structure under the acoustic drapes had the proportions of a medium-sized radar aerial. Howeverp 40 VS 1957
and cover their ears, shouting to Raymond to replace the acoustic drape. A hat sailed through the air over my headp 41 VS 1957
Sands out here. If I were you, I'd throw an acoustic drape over it.‘ ‘If I could find one the sizep 45 VS 1957
fled at the sight of her white face. By some acoustic freak, the dead sculptures along the beach had revived themselvesp 558 SG 1963
windows of the hotel and the public library. By some acoustic freak the noise of the gongs had faded, and forp 791 PTD 1969
from station to station as if tuning up for an acoustic war. Others carried cameras and flash equipment, ready to recordp 87 HR 1975
the kitchen-and listened to the water-pipes, part of a huge acoustic system operated by thousands of stops, this dying musical instrumentp 146 HR 1975
found in a speciality record shop. As this visual and acoustic nightmare broke loose around the members of the rescue partyp 910 UC 1976
It's also totally unoriginal, feebly plotted, instantly forgettable, and an acoustic nightmare -- the electronic sound-wall wrapped around the audience isp 14 UGM 1977
was now entombed, draped like Gulliver in its cables and acoustic sensors. He wondered why the crew had bothered to returnp 1180 MFM 1992
the following year when a bored repairman catalogued the accumulated acoustic tapes and ran a computer analysis of tread-patterns and overallp 1182 MFM 1992
Almost pedantically, she added: ‘They're not really bombs -- they're acoustic provocations. Like the thunderflashes your friends let off at Olympiap 81 MP 2003
majority of positions he could hear nothing, but, by some acoustical freak, in a small area of a few square inchesp 140 WFN 1961
the Caprice, with its showbiz and film-star clientele, its dreadful acoustics and cries of ‘Eduardo ...!‘ and ‘Francis ...!‘ Why Bacon spent anyp 220 ML 2008
bottle of Black Label with a respect due their long acquaintance. The proto-Atlantic ocean had covered all North America and Europep 666 BM 1966
in a bar accepting a dubious proposition from an old acquaintance. Sitting beside him on the edge of the bed, shep 153 HR 1975
I assumed that she wanted to make more of our acquaintance -- before her husband's death, Santos told me, she hadp 23 DC 1987
steps, she smiled at me as if recognizing an old acquaintance who had strayed briefly into her life. But Halder bowedp 318 SC 2000
lock it, perhaps distracted by a passing vehicle or some acquaintance she had agreed to meet. I eased back the doorp 183 MP 2003
her father far more closely than she did. Another Lunghua acquaintance was Cyril Goldbert, the future Peter Wyngarde. Separated from hisp 85 ML 2008
papers. As the days passed I would strike up the acquaintance of a V-bomber navigator cashiered for some mess irregularity, orp 168 ML 2008
Observatory he never imagined that the closest of his new acquaintances would be an amateur star-gazer and spare-time prophet called Charlesp 480 VH 1963
he found himself the centre of a wide circle of acquaintances. He became the chairman of a number of charitable committeesp 562 TP 1964
partnership in a leading firm of stockbrokers. Many of his acquaintances at the club were also finding jobs, forsaking the placidp 563 TP 1964
spent his Sundays escorting the more attractive of his lady acquaintances to the race tracks and regattas. He found it allp 563 TP 1964
Knight's request his uncle had taken Conrad to all the acquaintances he knew. Although the purpose of these visits was top 692 TIM 1966
late twentieth-century life. They thrived on the rapid turnover of acquaintances, the lack of involvement with others, and the total self-sufficiencyp 36 HR 1975
and seem to have known one another only as casual acquaintances. All the domestic staff agree that in the three yearsp 21 RW 1988
death. A gentle conspiracy existed among my friends and publishing acquaintances, as they feigned not to notice that Miriam had vanishedp 174 KW 1991
drove home it occurred to me that Dick had many acquaintances but virtually no close friends other than myself. Did hep 309 KW 1991
to read medicine. There were also false starts, and doubtful acquaintances. Ulysses overwhelmed me when I read it in the sixthp 181 UGM 1992
many ways I missed the camp, and the hundreds of acquaintances I had made of all ages. I missed the chessp 115 ML 2008
high-rises required a special type of behaviour, one that was acquiescent, restrained, even perhaps slightly mad. A psychotic would have ap 52 HR 1975
exchange for the deed to my soul? Did I, perhaps, acquire it with some strange talismanic object -- idol's eyepiece orp 96 NZ 1959
the Cunard pier, amicably fanning his face with a newly acquired Stetson. Ricci was complaining in a bad-tempered way at Annep 39 HA 1981
the man's eyes. He spoke with a strong but recently acquired American accent, which Jim assumed he had learned while interrogatingp 274 ES 1984
improve themselves in their own lifetimes and pass on these acquired characteristics to the next generation -- and last of allp 158 UGM 1992
me to Spain. If the magistrates in Marbella failed to acquit Frank, but released him on bail, one of these sea-skimmingp 10 CN 1996
herself.‘ Crawford brushed the dust from his hands, glad to acquit us of any conceivable complicity. ‘I know, Charles. Still, there'sp 72 CN 1996
jury, 541; second trial, 555; surprise intervention of Attorney-General, 561; acquittal of HRH, 564 Oswald, Lee Harvey, befriended by HRH, 350p 944 I 1977
world before the Recess. Even though Gloria Tremayne had been acquitted, everyone knew that she had cold-bloodedly murdered her husband, thep 311 TDS 1962
the sensation was the real thing, and when she was acquitted the world began to revolve again. That justice had beenp 311 TDS 1962
he had seen the error of his ways. He was acquitted and a year later escaped to Hong Kong, aware thatp 54 UGM 1993
his defence at the war crimes trials. Justly, Hyashi was acquitted. VJ Day, everywhere else in the world, lasted for twenty-fourp 292 UGM 1995
day. Besides, Frank will soon be back here, once he's acquitted.‘ Eyes lowered, she shook her head at this, like ap 277 CN 1996
rationalizing away his symptoms. ‘I'm glad you think he'll be acquitted. Does Senor Danvila agree with you?‘ ‘I've no idea. Believep 277 CN 1996
his lenses, an earnest accountant who was proud to have acquitted himself well in this dangerous action. I sensed that hep 239 SC 2000
around him with the good-humoured arrogance of a millionaire footballer acquitted of a shoplifting charge. Behind him was his wife, stillp 51 KC 2006
and testified as a witness for Hyashi, who was later acquitted and released. I also made friendships of a kind withp 78 ML 2008
of a search area of some seventy-five square miles, every acre of which was honeycombed by derelict buildings. Unable to seep 53 DW 1962
the assassinated President. In an amiable, if sentimental, gesture an acre of English ground had been given to the American peoplep 786 KG 1969
a sentimental gesture, a British Prime Minister had bequeathed an acre of soil to the American nation, and the limestone monolithp 324 KW 1991
statistics. Despite an annual increase of five per cent in acreage sown over the past fifteen years, world wheat crops havep 180 VT 1960
was a tightly packed collection of sound-absorbent baffles covering several acres. The baffles were slightly larger than those in the otherp 122 SS 1960
and North America, poured themselves into the sea, millions of acres of permafrost liquefied into gigantic rivers. Here again the risep 22 DW 1962
the Everglades -- then no more than three or four acres of forest to the north-east of Maynard -- was beingp 606 IM 1964
the affected area, corporal? We were told three or four acres.‘ The soldier shook his head dourly. ‘More like three orp 612 IM 1964
with recycling and solar-energy devices, set in its own five acres of intensely cultivated market garden, a self-supporting agricultural paradise linkedp 877 UC 1976
by the Sea as Gerard O'Neill suggests. Instead, I see acres of air-conditioned Greyhound Bus interior, glinting, slightly greasy railings, oldp 229 UGM 1979
winter temperatures rose above freezing-point, permafrost melted, and millions of acres of wilderness were reclaimed for agriculture and coal-mining, summer wheat-cropsp 49 HA 1981
stared out at the hotels flashing past, each surrounded by acres of deserted parking lots. A hundred of these teenagers, andp 133 HA 1981
plate. We landed at the Lockheed Aircraft plant at Burbank; acres of cracked concrete runways covered with waist-high palmettos, huge gloomyp 150 HA 1981
camp and the outside world. Dr Ransome peered at the acres of fire-gutted stalls, a burnt-out maze through which cattle hadp 142 ES 1984
it?‘ ‘Exactly. Land here is for sale -- thousands of acres are bought and sold, including hundreds of lakes and streamsp 67 DC 1987
even, a consequence of the generous zoning densities (approx. two acres per house) and the absence of those cheap silver firsp 9 RW 1988
toward almost total self-sufficiency. The entire estate, covering some thirty-two acres, is ringed by a steel-mesh fence fitted with electrical alarmsp 13 RW 1988
scarf was a sin equal to the destruction of ten acres of rain-forest or the murder of a hundred albatross. Thep 24 RP 1994
the Antibes-Les-Pins apartments, a huge residential complex that covered thirty acres between the Place Delaunay and the sea, another of thep 133 SC 2000
across the perimeter road to the British Airways maintenance hangar. Acres of car parks stretched around me, areas for airline crewsp 240 MP 2003
I passed tracts of middle-income housing, all-night superstores surrounded by acres of brightly lit parking. I thought of my confused dayp 35 KC 2006