eddies of sentience undulating outward across its mantles. Ultimately it achieves the final predicates of time and space, eternity and infinityp 92 WG 1959
ironic eye on another of his wives, Jane Fonda, who achieves immortality as she cavorts naked in a fur-lined spaceship. Silentp 20 UGM 1987
strongly recommending it for those women who have difficulty in achieving complete orgasm. However, he points out the hazards of usingp 257 UGM 1969
the same time I knew that she was at last achieving the secret ambition she had set for herself, this adolescentp 147 UDC 1979
beauty that only some inexplicable oversight had prevented them from achieving Hollywood careers. ‘We have a party tonight, in my apartmentp 242 KW 1991
admiration of Freud. The surrealists were still decades away from achieving any kind of critical respectability, and even serious newspapers treatedp 133 ML 2008
forms of religious dance and to all myths involving the Achilles tendon. He told me that it was based on thep 1097 OOA 1984
I was stretched out flat on the sofa, a hard aching pain running from the top of my head down pastp 21 E 1956
limbo of shallow sleep, the tender surface of his body aching for relief. Some while later he felt Elizabeth's hands pullp 265 MF 1961
many second-rate television serials, made me suddenly aware of my aching knees and thighs. Despite its servo-brakes and power steering, thep 61 C 1973
to come down the embankment with a stretcher. In his aching head the concrete overpass and the system of motorways inp 36 CI 1974
Her actions are calm and unrushed, but totally conspiratorial. With aching relief, my loins are at full cock long before thep 860 60Z 1976
Soon after his capture Jim had fallen ill with an aching fever, during which he vomited blood. He guessed that hep 109 ES 1984
overlit, part of a landscape of hallucination. Jim clenched his aching teeth, deciding to turn his back on the camp. Hep 243 ES 1984
of the column. Within minutes he had fallen back, lungs aching as he gasped at the humid air. Only the lengthyp 245 ES 1984
silence after the bombers had passed Jim could hear the aching rumble of artillery barrages from Hungjao and the open countryp 331 ES 1984
my bedroom, a pillow under my back, and my neck aching from the strain of staring at the sky. An interiorp 205 KW 1991
to shoot me in the other foot ...‘ Neil massaged his aching calf, thinking of the bedraggled and eccentric woman he hadp 28 RP 1994
than he had imagined. He felt his tender testicles, still aching from the pressure of Mrs Saito's fingers. ‘Lazy boy ... lazyp 191 RP 1994
for me to get up.‘ Neil tried to settle his aching head into the damp cavity left in the pillow byp 215 RP 1994
an eleven-year-old girl. I leaned against the Saab, my legs aching after the effort of sitting in the Range Rover withp 210 SC 2000
Try K sharp,‘ I said. I fed a little chlorous acid into the tank and the Columbine followed her up eagerlyp 8 PB 1956
rage, revealing the blackened hulks of her dentures and the acid flickering tongue, her mouth looked like a very vent ofp 108 SS 1960
be wrong. It's simply a matter of biochemistry. The ribonucleic acid templates which unravel the protein chains in all living organismsp 181 VT 1960
be his?‘ The sergeant shrugged. ‘If there was some natural acid, say ...‘ Professor Goodhart drove his heel into the chalky turfp 479 NWS 1963
protein ratios!‘ His ironic groan revealed a concealed reserve of acid humour. ‘Relax. The Lieutenant is very charming and polite. Hep 443 QR 1963
latter peered down at the occupant of the bed. The acid odour was more pungent and seemed to emanate directly fromp 693 TIM 1966
mouth was open, as if her lips were stained with acid. As she dusted the loose hair from her lap, Ip 767 DA 1968
at the collision site, of Seagrave dying during a last acid trip. In the moment of her collision with this derangedp 188 C 1973
reminded me of my own long recovery from a bad acid trip some years earlier, when I had felt for monthsp 192 C 1973
that he was moving into the opening stages of an acid high. He was squeezing and flexing the palms of hisp 194 C 1973
involuntarily. Already I could feel the first effects of the acid. My palms felt cool and tender; wings were about top 195 C 1973
form in the hangars of spacecraft. I had taken an acid trip two years earlier, a paranoid nightmare during which Ip 195 C 1973
and the vehicle lanes along Western Avenue, had anticipated this acid vision, as if my wounds had flowered into these paradisialp 198 C 1973
For the next hour I sat there, waiting for the acid to wear its way through my nervous system. Crouching overp 205 C 1973
of sudden violence, I retched emptily over a pool of acid mucus. As the Lincoln crushed the palisade Vaughan had lookedp 207 C 1973
flow. In these strange days, as I recovered from my acid trip and my near-death afterwards, I remained at home withp 208 C 1973
alerted when I flexed my legs and arms during the acid trip. For days afterwards segments of the experience returned intactp 208 C 1973
the overpass. Like Seagrave, I would have died in an acid death-out. I opened the passenger door, beckoning Catherine into thep 211 C 1973
this, Proctor ...‘ Maitland stepped forward, pushing Proctor away. The tramp's acid breath gusted into his face. Proctor fell back against thep 95 CI 1974
mouth and chin touching the water, ready to drink the acid of my own death. The cockpit was only a dozenp 52 UDC 1979
tore stems of grass from the bank and chewed the acid leaves. A Japanese corporal was escorting Dr Ransome and Mrsp 254 ES 1984
I reached into the car, which was filled with the acid odour of her sweat and the scent of the cheapp 264 DC 1987
of convenience hung in tatters, its fabric rotted by the acid air. Johnson stepped onto the stern ladder, steadying himself againstp 1162 DCG 1990
the bridge. The engine room was a knee-deep vat of acid brine, a poisonous vapour rising through the ventilators and coatingp 1164 DCG 1990
about this island, isn't there?‘ ‘Well ...‘ Johnson stared at the acid stains etching through the Prospero's hull and spreading across thep 1166 DCG 1990
purgative. As in these lectures, he mixes fortune-cookie philosophizing with acid satire. God, or at least our notions of God, hep 117 UGM 1991
face it, your TV audience isn't going to be on acid.‘ ‘Just what the ratings need. I'll suggest it to thep 197 KW 1991
electronic colours had separated slightly, and reminded me of my acid vision when I had seen Cleo robed in a trainp 229 KW 1991
per cent sweetened water with traces of caffeine and phosphoric acid, ever become one of the principal symbols of twentieth-century Americap 213 UGM 1993
sails were painted with psychedelic colours, slashes of mauve and acid green that flared from the waves like the fins ofp 100 RP 1994
empty now. Neil can give us some eggs. I have acid left.‘ ‘Trudi, we don't want your drugs, and the eggsp 129 RP 1994
Werner sat alone on the beach, gazing at the flaking acid paintwork of the yacht. He spent his time brooding inp 133 RP 1994
-- Kimo, Carline, perhaps Werner in one of his deranged acid reveries? Had the German crept into the clinic in thep 138 RP 1994
begun to put on weight. Cut off from their amphetamines, acid and pot, they were transforming themselves into a pair ofp 146 RP 1994
wrong people? Especially the kind who might have given her acid and cocaine?‘ Andersson stared at me wearily. ‘Bibi was onp 141 CN 1996
Hollingers made her into quiet little Princess Prozac.‘ ‘Better than acid, though, for someone who's overdosed. Or the new amphetamines thep 141 CN 1996
Bibi was a free spirit -- her best friends were acid and cocaine. When she took acid she made us partp 141 CN 1996
her best friends were acid and cocaine. When she took acid she made us part of her dreams. Sanger and thep 141 CN 1996
Medicine was the best training for all that.‘ ‘And the acid humour? Be honest, Paula, you're rather amused by most peoplep 192 CN 1996
pale shadow of my own reflection, a trapped spectre. An acid vapour was filling the auditorium, and there was a flarep 121 MP 2003
of bank statements as cleansing as the Great Fire. An acid cloud of steam and smoke rose from the first barricadep 228 MP 2003
frightened Muslim woman being escorted from the tiny mosque, the acid stench of her robe and the smell of terror thatp 13 KC 2006
hung a stench of petrol and scorched rubber, and the acid dust of pulverized cement. Police emergency lights shone through thep 115 KC 2006
a mid-air explosion. The bomb had been furnished with an acid-capsule trigger, probably primed no more than five minutes before thep 37 MP 2003
The dead hulk of the Prospero, daylight visible through its acid-etched plates, sat in the shallow water, the last of itsp 1168 DCG 1990
never worked up the courage to introduce himself. Through the acid-streaked windows of the bridge-house he stared at the terraces ofp 1161 DCG 1990
This strange man, and his endless obsession with Bruckner, nucleic acids, Minkowski space-time and God knows what else. Since meeting himp 81 YMC 1966
with sudden references to quasars, the overthrow of capitalism, nucleic acids and horoscopy -- had she any idea what would soonp 984 Z2 1978
around him. He had stared straight through Kerans, failing to acknowledge his call. However, with Beatrice, despite their superficial estrangement, therep 83 DW 1962
somewhere -- that's a judgment on myself I have to acknowledge.‘ The antiquated engine of the truck had come to lifep 146 CW 1966
see his balsa aircraft; not to admire it, but to acknowledge its existence. He was older now, and liked to thinkp 25 ES 1984
by Jim's patient gaze like an older schoolboy forced to acknowledge an admiring junior. For all his youth, he seemed top 280 ES 1984
the Queen's toast from there, and Alice would wave and acknowledge the cheers.‘ We had reached the swimming pool, where Miguelp 53 CN 1996
the tourists who crowded the plaza, as if refusing to acknowledge the festival cheer. Already I looked forward to dancing withp 297 CN 1996
young but responsible justice to do the same. Margot grudgingly acknowledged this, but her friends who frequented the chic playtime clinicsp 340 PE 1962
distillation unit to work.‘ He winked at Kerans as Macready acknowledged this with a sceptical nod, but the subterfuge was harmlessp 13 DW 1962
the way, I thought Julia looked very handsome yesterday.‘ Renthall acknowledged the compliment with a slight bow of his head. ‘I'dp 376 WT 1962
up, his interest in the conversation increasing several-fold, Dr Mellinger acknowledged his expression of thanks with a discreet nod. ‘As Ip 526 MO 1963
some of the birds for use as fertilizer, had plainly acknowledged Crispin's moral rights over them. Usually Crispin made a thoroughp 700 SBD 1966
mendicant tribe,‘ Max explained, following Sanders over the fence. He acknowledged the salute of one of the porters. ‘Don't worry aboutp 131 CW 1966
in greeting. ‘Who are they?‘ he asked as his uncle acknowledged the salute. ‘Shell collectors -- they come here in thep 684 TIM 1966
wishing him well with his operation. At times, as he acknowledged the smiles and greetings of the grey-haired men and womenp 692 TIM 1966
our flight. As she smiled I knew that she now acknowledged my rule of the air. Her face was still blanchedp 153 UDC 1979
A fist drummed on the roof over my head. I acknowledged the patrolman's signal, waved encouragingly to Sally and David andp 220 KW 1991
carefully since the Cambridge days. Now and then, as he acknowledged the audience's laughter, he glanced at them in the samep 239 KW 1991
all, he ventured, they were making an important point, and acknowledged that they still saw their place among the human racep 1180 MFM 1992
crowded tennis courts. ‘Mrs Shand is a fine businesswoman,‘ Cabrera acknowledged. ‘For years the Residencia Costasol was asleep, and now, suddenlyp 272 CN 1996
might have glanced through a suspect biopsy. She had scarcely acknowledged my existence, and often sunbathed naked on the balcony, asp 40 SC 2000
world. Kay waved to them from the window, but neither acknowledged her, immersed in the arcane formalities of unbuckling the clipsp 56 MP 2003