was free, still able to make absolute decisions (or, more accurately, not to make them) but after that he would havep 236 DE 1961
limited psychological experiences of their crews -- on the whole accurately anticipated, though unintentionally, by s-f writers -- as the modelp 196 UGM 1962
the emergence of a new science fiction that will more accurately and more imaginatively interpret these changes to us. There isp 203 UGM 1974
the world as the ‘Venus hotels‘, but which Judith more accurately referred to as ‘the sex-hotels‘. From Waikiki to Glyfada Beachp 834 LFA 1975
was struck by the total familiarity of the urban landscape, accurately presented in thousands of films and TV episodes. Then, top 35 AWa 1990
in the terrace was a tiny chapel, its modest dimensions accurately reflecting the spiritual needs of Chelsea Marina. A white Beetlep 100 MP 2003
it by vandals, livestock or other public nuisance. Her main accusation concerned the damage we had done to her reputation --p 47 VS 1957
more than a summary of postures, the geometry of an accusation. Exposed Placenta. The following week, when Dr Nathan returned, Talbertp 57 GAN 1967
in a swimming pool changing cubicle. The untruth of the accusation, which they all well knew, only served to reinforce itp 127 HR 1975
number. The Spanish prosecutor is drawing up the articles of accusation. We'll have to wait for them to be translated. I'mp 15 CN 1996
Charbonneau, Robert Fontaine, Olga Carlotti. I realize it's a serious accusation to make.‘ ‘It is.‘ Penrose sank lower into his chairp 245 SC 2000
the bomb to Geoffrey Fairfax.‘ ‘Mr Pearson? Is that an accusation?‘ ‘No. Just a passing thought.‘ I took the round ofp 186 KC 2006
clear in his mind. ‘Your brother has not denied the accusations. In fact, he has pleaded guilty to five charges ofp 21 CN 1996
and metal filings, I reflected wryly that no one could accuse the Fine Arts Committee of not devoting itself wholeheartedly top 47 VS 1957
Miami. Orlowski nearly went berserk, he didn't know whom to accuse, we were all equally suspect. He sat on his camelp 90 HA 1981
of candy I'd pinched from the Riyadh Hilton and then accuse you.‘ ‘I was older. He thought I could have stoppedp 26 CN 1996
however, all these dangers and unpleasant side-effects were obviated, the accused was removed from his place in the hierarchy when thep 507 EG 1963
a trial by ordeal in which Constantin was his own accused, prosecutor and judge. However, he reflected as he examined thep 507 EG 1963
then, the greatest imponderable remains -- the role of the accused. In my case I was, to all intents, not presentp 517 EG 1963
the attack. Judith, however, would be sceptical; she had always accused him of being a hypochondriac. It was a pity shep 530 SA 1963
they might be Besides, the failures of which she silently accused him every day were those of character, more serious inp 713 TMY 1966
scapegoat, he selected the psychiatrist Adrian Talbot, whom he now accused of molesting a child in a swimming pool changing cubiclep 127 HR 1975
zeal only intensified, and my father found himself on trial, accused of various anti-communist misdeeds. Fortunately he was able to quotep 54 UGM 1993
Mao's vicious wife, Jiang Qing, and the Red Guards, who accused Deng of being a ‘capitalist-roader‘ and humiliated him by forcingp 55 UGM 1993
but as far as I know no one has ever accused Hoover or Heinz of wielding the malign geopolitical influence thatp 213 UGM 1993
fever‘ that seemed to appear at will. Mrs Anderson openly accused Dr Barbara of poisoning her husband, but Carline and Kimop 195 RP 1994
a British expatriate avoids the possibility of a Spaniard being accused. Tourism is vital for Andalucia -- this is one ofp 32 CN 1996
to hear the bench's verdict on a mother of three accused of soliciting outside Queen's Tennis Club. She was a depressedp 43 MP 2003
drowned by the ceaseless activity in the court as solicitors, accused, police officers, ushers and witnesses roamed up and down thep 43 MP 2003
the altar table that served as a dock, were the accused, a young Chinese woman with black bangs and a combativep 44 MP 2003
spirited advocate was not a solicitor but one of the accused. She stared defiantly at the magistrates, aware that her momentp 45 MP 2003
feet, was interrupted by a cutaway to shots of the accused being moved between police stations. A zoom lens mounted onp 212 MP 2003
if reciting a bus timetable, she said: ‘This afternoon the accused will be brought back to Brooklands from Richmond police stationp 22 KC 2006
up, and the shocked magistrates adjourned the case, releasing the accused men on a nominal bail. The next day supporters‘ groupsp 190 KC 2006
Gunn, owner of the local hardware store, stepped forward, an accusing finger raised in front of his beaked grey face. ‘Ip 26 D 1965
Powell swayed up to Laing, pointing hilariously at him and accusing him of trying to break into her apartment. Everyone cheeredp 96 HR 1975
mother at the door, their eyes screwed to the same accusing focus. Nonetheless, as I walked down Copacabana Avenue to thep 1112 MWM 1985
not a single one. I often wondered if she was accusing me of starting the war, though in Olga's eyes thatp 27 KW 1991
in Marbella at that very moment, faced with the same accusing eyes and the same assumption of guilt. I was ap 13 CN 1996
Halder's handgun, and avoid having to stare back into her accusing eyes. Then I would shoot Alain as he sat upp 391 SC 2000
Falconer warming milk for her child, Fairfax's aggressive behaviour, virtually accusing me of being responsible for the giant mall on hisp 38 KC 2006
hand around it, expecting everyone in the street to point accusingly at him, the Time Police to swoop down and seizep 154 CH 1960
door-handles. The mother stood amazed. Staring at me, she said accusingly: ‘You cured him.‘ Like Dr Miriam, she seemed angry, withp 101 UDC 1979
was screaming at the Captain, his plump index finger raised accusingly. But Steiner strolled in a leisurely way around the helmp 21 HA 1981
opening the apartment door together. They would stare at me accusingly, almost barring me from my own home. Around me werep 1106 MWM 1985
the pier. Neil waited for Inger and Trudi to point accusingly at Dr Barbara, but they were sitting on the beachp 176 RP 1994
Andersson? But Bibi Jansen died in the fire.‘ I turned accusingly towards the Swede. ‘You loved her.‘ Andersson stared stony-faced atp 318 CN 1996
tolerant responses, Kay switched off the TV set. She pointed accusingly at the blank screen. ‘Three people died. Think about itp 162 MP 2003
and the Rue de Rivoli, might have been expected to accustom the general public to the loss of yet another over-publicizedp 574 LL 1964
in her way, with broad shoulders and strong hips, and accustomed to wearing high heels. Freeman, a stocky man of mediump 257 MF 1961
you understand me, Doctor. You are a man of science, accustomed to weighing evidence objectively. I put my case in yourp 167 WFN 1961
dreams that even during the safe immobility of sleep are accustomed to develop into nightmares of anxiety. Glover: ‘War, Sadism andp 591 TB 1964
walked across the darkened room. Although his eyes had become accustomed to the dim light, Suzanne's face still remained hidden inp 125 CW 1966
dreams that even during the safe immobility of sleep are accustomed to develop into nightmares of anxiety.‘ As an author whop 208 UGM 1977
his recovery the doctors and staff of this institution became accustomed to the endlessly repeated refrain that he murmured to himselfp 73 IY2 1977
was cooler, and he flexed his arms and legs thankfully, accustoming his eyes to the pale light. A few small angelp 103 DW 1962
chairs, Halloway imagined himself as a World War II fighter ace, diving out of the sun and raking these amiable neighboursp 875 UC 1976
They crossed and uncrossed their paws like card-dealers palming an ace, now and then lifting their noses at the scent ofp 1045 MSA 1982
under their latest pseudonyms -- ‘Batman‘, ‘Buck Rogers‘, and (Jim's) ‘Ace‘, which he liked to hear read out by the announcerp 16 ES 1984
willing it to beat him, beaming with pleasure when an ace knocked the racket from his hand. Yet I felt thatp 40 CN 1996
balls that Crawford served at him, impassive as a vicious ace struck his shoulder, the pistol held tightly in his handp 329 CN 1996
I liked to phone in record requests under the alias ‘Ace‘) or play chess with the nanny; my father taught mep 19 ML 2008
much of his time trying to teach them tricks. His acerbic, matter-of-fact manner always tired Renthall, but he respected the doctorp 380 WT 1962
wearying game of promotional snakes and ladders. As expected, her acerbic tongue had made them few friends, but by a curiousp 428 RE 1963
rose nervously into the air behind a couple of twelve-year-old aces with a minute's flying time. Steiner stood behind Paco inp 234 HA 1981
into the pool below and the tennis machine serve its aces to the practice players on the courts. The faint scentp 100 CN 1996
know by what margin. There would be the first stinging aces, and a high kicker aimed at my head, but thenp 185 CN 1996
high into the clear air, an eager Icarus in his acetate wings, and twice as flammable. Sensibly checking himself -- afterp 164 HA 1981
The cold deepened, numbing my face like a spray of acetone, and my hands felt brittle and fleshless. Somewhere I heardp 614 IM 1964
and took her in both arms. Maitland watched as the acetylene torch cut neatly through the steel buttress over the drivingp 69 WFN 1961
the pit myself and then fused the surface with an acetylene torch.‘ He peered critically at Ward. ‘Why did you comep 494 VH 1963
major collisions, watching while firemen and police engineers worked with acetylene torches and lifting tackle to free unconscious wives trapped besidep 11 C 1973
palm. The sharp tang of rusty water made his throat ache. Already he sensed his reflexes quickening. He leaned across thep 26 CI 1974
chest, I gripped the barrel of the Lee-Enfield. The distant ache of the helicopter's engine resolved itself into a concussive clackingp 265 DC 1987
cooler air. The ligaments in my knee had begun to ache -- more a response to stress, Jane told me, thanp 41 SC 2000
distrust and dislike ourselves. All that individual conscience, the solitary ache. Modernism was driven by neurosis and alienation. Look at itsp 85 KC 2006
the end of the second day Franz's back and neck ached from the constant acceleration. He managed to take a littlep 34 CC 1957
coding the computer punch tapes for Abel, and his eyes ached with the strain of manually stamping each of the thousandsp 335 13C 1962
across the reservoirs of Staines and Shepperton. Her eyes had ached from keeping a lookout. ‘They're four hundred feet high,‘ hep 35 AW 1966
flashing at Vaughan. The wounds on my legs and chest ached from the effort of keeping up with them. I steppedp 113 C 1973
and the desperate weeks in the open-air cinema. His knees ached from the constant swaying, and at times he had top 126 ES 1984
pressure of their bodies on the soft grass. Jim's arms ached from the effort of pumping. He waited for Dr Ransomep 264 ES 1984
locked into the past. It's a huge phantom limb that aches and throbs. We're here, Paul. We breathe this air, andp 79 SC 2000
work to the directors. Satisfactory revenge, however, was hard to achieve. Finally I decided upon a course I despised, driven top 97 NZ 1959
helped her to delude herself. With luck though she might achieve her ambition of making a comeback. She had told himp 108 SS 1960
her from the chair. ‘Darling, what on earth will this achieve?‘ ‘Isn't it obvious?‘ Mason sat down on the foot ofp 475 NWS 1963
this paradigm of fatalism which Gifford would have liked to achieve -- even the most wretched native, identifying himself with thep 629 DS 1964
period of his death. Perhaps his soul, the capacity to achieve a state of grace. Nathan would call it the abilityp 36 AW 1966
we've finished, you'll be pleasantly surprised at what we can achieve here. In return, perhaps you can help us -- wep 686 TIM 1966
and staunchest of friends.‘ Guardian Use Your Vagina How to Achieve Sexual Ecstasy Stephan Gregory Books like this one are neverp 255 UGM 1969
subject matter within the pages of a book. How to Achieve Sexual Ecstasy was launched recently in a series of mail-orderp 255 UGM 1969
and its broadminded concern for our sexual happiness, How to Achieve Sexual Ecstasy has a strangely period quality. Above all itp 258 UGM 1969
the century the first serious attempts will be made to achieve the direct electronic control of individual vehicles. Experimental schemes havep 265 UGM 1971
that I was on the right track and about to achieve the scoop I had yearned for throughout my professional careerp 822 AD 1975
away staring into the empty sea. It was vital to achieve the right marriage of sensation and compassion, that irresistible combinationp 823 AD 1975
even more askew. Although it has taken two years to achieve its full effect, that blow to her mouth has turnedp 872 S 1976
space of only a few months he had managed to achieve what had taken this metropolis as a whole more thanp 924 UC 1976
the universe wraps around us at the moment we first achieve consciousness. It is the inflexibility of this huge reductive machinep 209 UGM 1977
systems and micro-computers adapted for domestic use. Together these will achieve what I take to be the apotheosis of all thep 225 UGM 1977
nearly destroyed everything I had been allowed by circumstances to achieve, I was saved by the arrival of a party ofp 936 DT 1977
adolescence I had been certain that one day I would achieve something extraordinary, astonish even myself. I knew the power ofp 12 UDC 1979
carpet he reflected on the remarkable disarray that Marion could achieve in a few hours, here as in everything else. Werep 1020 NFS 1981
of the timeless, that same lucidity that others tried to achieve in delirium and brain-damage. The babbling new-born were telling theirp 1033 NFS 1981
psychopomp guiding the souls of the deceased and able to achieve a mastery of fire, together seem to be linked withp 1055 MSA 1982
space age, and the sacrifice of the first astronaut, to achieve that single goal. Kill Hinton ... How, though? TAPE 28: 3p 1055 MSA 1982
of motive and characterization would never have allowed Hitchcock to achieve those states of extremity where his imagination thrived, though fewp 5 UGM 1990
of the visual arts which Sir John has helped to achieve has been translated into the commodity beloved of all religionsp 79 UGM 1991
all. However, even Sylvia Plath, Hemingway and Anne Sexton never achieve the tragic pathos of Dorothy Wordsworth's uninvited self-destruction as shep 237 UGM 1991
re-ordering of the world that only the great novelists can achieve. I now see that I was completely wrong to worryp 178 UGM 1992
the public imagination and guarantee the huge funds needed to achieve them. The triumph of the Apollo landing on the moonp 1175 MFM 1992
involved in making the film ever imagined that it would achieve its legendary status. As Aljean Harmetz records, when shooting endedp 6 UGM 1993
of its male population, without realizing how she proposed to achieve this goal. Perhaps she claimed that the van Noorts hadp 226 RP 1994
moment wholly unconscious of the means he had used to achieve them. Despite myself, I was glad to see him. Asp 254 CN 1996
should always be gratuitous, and no serious revolution should ever achieve its aims. Yesterday evening, Sally and I joined friends forp 293 MP 2003
privacy may have been more difficult for my parents to achieve in our Shanghai home than I could have imagined asp 12 ML 2008