in the warm air. At last Lomax himself emerged, fully accoutred and pomaded, mincing out in his preposterous grey silk suitp 167 D 1965
designed many of the new government buildings in Lagos and Accra, and then two years earlier abruptly abandoned his work inp 110 CW 1966
map-case to reveal the damp-proof bag that contained my WHO accreditation, the Health Ministry's passe-partout, my return ticket to Lagos andp 68 DC 1987
the sun into the cool of the foyer, where an accreditation desk was issuing passes to the delegates. Without exception, thep 109 SC 2000
vacations,‘ Tony protested. ‘Only about a dozen of them are accredited. Outside Empyrean Tours and Union-Galactic there'll be absolutely nothing suitablep 343 PE 1962
beach. Thermal pools isolated by the cooling desert would suddenly accrete like beads of quicksilver and erupt across the fluffy sandp 361 CS 1962
growing in the water like crystals in a chemical solution, accreting more and more material to themselves, so that along thep 610 IM 1964
growing in the water like crystals in a chemical solution, accreting more and more material to themselves, so that along thep 69 CW 1966
the blood in the bidet formed a thickening pool, an accretion of clots, gathering the contents of his liver and brainp 11 IY1 1976
washing machines, cars and other consumer goods. Stripped of their accretions of sales slogans and status imperatives, their real claim top 246 OM 1961
its landscapes had been drained of their emotional associations, the accretions of sentiment and common usage. What they demonstrate is thatp 88 UGM 1966
marked transformation, as if they had been purged of all accretions of the familiar and sentimental. The surrounding street furniture, thep 211 C 1973
flowers required far longer than he could give them to accumulate their compressed cores of time. During his entire lifetime hep 301 GT 1962
the lagoon the endless tides of silt had begun to accumulate in enormous glittering banks, here and there over-topping the shorelinep 82 DW 1962
the image of it in his mind. Watching the dust accumulate against the walls, Ransom could almost see it several yearsp 28 D 1965
to the future, and you're helping to open it. People accumulate emotional capital, as well as cash in the bank, andp 145 KC 2006
see your ticket, sir?‘ ‘Listen,‘ Franz said weakly, all the accumulated frustration of the last twenty years mounting inside him. ‘I'vep 36 CC 1957
strokes, drawing out the dead residues of sound that had accumulated during the day. By the time he finished the airp 106 SS 1960
Holiday spent uncounted hours going through the library he had accumulated of magazines and books about the cities of the oldp 239 DE 1961
tilting, as if the tunnel were being twisted longitudinally. Water accumulated along the left-hand side, more than three inches deep. Tremendousp 176 WFN 1961
and settled in the dips and hollows. Gradually the drifts accumulated, edging towards the former shoreline below the hotels. Already thep 355 CS 1962
was I merely a vehicle for the antagonism which had accumulated during Vanden Starr's marriage to Gloria Tremayne and was nowp 316 TDS 1962
to move about more freely, slowly shedding the additional weight accumulated during her confinement. Some nine months after she returned fromp 567 TP 1964
been bought at a price. For some reason we had accumulated a particularly temperamental collection. Cases had been reported of suddenp 797 SGW 1970
frequency of insomnia and other psychosomatic disorders. All the evidence accumulated over several decades cast a critical light on the high-risep 52 HR 1975
the small of her back, removing the dust that had accumulated over the years. Running diagonally from spine to hip wasp 867 S 1976
was fed from the modest reserve that Dr Ransome had accumulated from his dying patients. But by 1st August even thesep 234 ES 1984
spaceship's weight remained constant, never fluctuating by more than the accumulated dust on its hull. In all senses the Zeus IVp 1180 MFM 1992
until the following year when a bored repairman catalogued the accumulated acoustic tapes and ran a computer analysis of tread-patterns andp 1182 MFM 1992
problem in the most direct and simple way, ignoring the accumulated mass of conventional opinion, had inspired Feynman since his earliestp 160 UGM 1993
that a literature devoted to the future should now have accumulated an immense past of its own. There are countless societiesp 194 UGM 1993
I said nothing as the rear seat of the Citroen accumulated its booty. By the sixth villa, one of the olderp 239 CN 1996
and switched on the wipers and window-wash, clearing the morning's accumulated debris from our view. He had recovered his energies, asp 262 CN 1996
month, to see if I have special needs. There are accumulated cash benefits paid to founder-employees like myself.‘ ‘As long asp 138 SC 2000
building up energy in the way that any vibrating membrane accumulates energy when it resonates -- you remember the analogy ofp 178 VT 1960
their minds sinking off each evening under the load of accumulating toxins, the edge of their awareness worn and frayed. Suddenlyp 53 M69 1957
stockade, of his power to read the baffles, of the accumulating file on LeGrande. Soon Madame Gioconda would strike. Above themp 128 SS 1960
the venous capillaries in the brain and drain them of accumulating toxins. However, by sealing off some of the control loopsp 182 VT 1960
had left he would soon find himself saddled with an accumulating series of petty annoyances, and with no accommodating technical sergeantp 46 DW 1962
had accidentally tapped all the repressed resentment that had been accumulating for years? To Renthall's amazement; a succession of creaking ascentsp 388 WT 1962
by the system of listing all the names and their accumulating cash totals on a huge electric sign in the supermarketp 418 SM 1963
the clinic. But after the onset of a fugue the accumulating total gave him a reasonably exact record of its durationp 1018 NFS 1981
after digesting a succulent goat, I could almost see the accumulating cash totals flicker past her eyes. The Residencia was boomingp 290 CN 1996
the computer screen while Elizabeth Shand stood behind him. The accumulating totals seemed to light up the tailored business suit intop 306 CN 1996
experiment. Neill had assured him that, at worst, the sudden accumulation of metabolites in his bloodstream might induce a mild torporp 53 M69 1957
sake, Fay, don't be silly. It was simply a freak accumulation of senso-cells. Your breathing probably set it off.‘ I pattedp 315 TDS 1962
Consider the example of the "Hinton affair". Here, by an accumulation of false assumptions, of illusions buttressing illusions, a vast edificep 528 MO 1963
assistance that hypothesis, that Hinton was no more than an accumulation of administrative errors, could never have been confirmed.‘ The knockp 529 MO 1963
comparison the remainder of the Everglades basin seemed a drab accumulation of peat, muck and marls -- would soon be obliteratedp 610 IM 1964
Western Avenue, I thought of being killed within this huge accumulation of fictions, finding my body marked with the imprint ofp 60 C 1973
battery, after thirty-seven years it could never have displayed such accuracy. He hung behind Stacey, who was saying: ‘Every revolution hasp 162 CH 1960
at the face, repulsed, not so much by the absolute accuracy of the image, but by a strange, almost luminous pastinessp 146 ZT 1960
-- and the emphasis should switch to the biological sciences. Accuracy, that last refuge of the unimaginative, doesn't matter a hootp 197 UGM 1962
it would be to tell the time with complete, unquestionable accuracy twice a day -- more than most time-pieces) but merelyp 62 DW 1962
seconds. No optical instrument would give him that degree of accuracy.‘ Pereira shrugged sceptically. ‘But I haven't been here for overp 447 QR 1963
to. The only possible explanation for such a degree of accuracy is that he's getting a daily time fix, either onp 447 QR 1963
feet of the Professor's wife) delighted Pelham by their mordant accuracy, but in general there was something frightening about her pitilessp 428 RE 1963
paintings constitute a body of prophecy about ourselves unequalled in accuracy since Freud's Civilization and its Discontents. Voyeurism, self-disgust, biomorphic horrorp 91 UGM 1969
and external accessories I can still remember with the painful accuracy of a never-to-be-eluded nightmare. The first two I missed, pumpingp 19 C 1973
the local television station -- the programmes, with complete historical accuracy, consisted entirely of old movies and commercials. The latter, despitep 914 UC 1976
of the underdog roles in which he excelled. Whatever the accuracy of this, it's certainly true that Brando's characters have sustainedp 9 UGM 1991
had strangely vibrant overtones. Not only were they a remarkably accurate forecast of Rankin's fate, but they had a distinctly magneticp 99 NZ 1959
into twelve smaller units. Immediately he had a working timepiece, accurate to within virtually a minute (the final subdivision into fifthsp 150 CH 1960
this had been disappointingly large. The chances of conditioning an accurate reflex seemed slim. However, unless he could tell the exactp 151 CH 1960
that drove the hands as it sank downwards. Simple but accurate, it satisfied Conrad for several months while he carried outp 154 CH 1960
it matter? There is no such thing as a perfectly accurate clock. The nearest you can get is one that hasp 165 CH 1960
has stopped. Although you never know when, it is absolutely accurate twice a day.‘ Conrad went over to the window, pointedp 165 CH 1960
side of a room. Purely visual memories are never completely accurate anyway.‘ ‘How do you explain why the man I sawp 144 ZT 1960
of mind, the right perspective, they might well prepare an accurate record of what is taking place here.‘ ‘Have you askedp 166 WFN 1961
I organize a garden party -- fete, to be more accurate?‘ ‘It doesn't make an iota of difference,‘ Hanson said tartlyp 383 WT 1962
the exact time off the sky each night. A more accurate clock presumably freed him from the need to spend unnecessaryp 455 QR 1963
feel that in this single case he was almost certainly accurate. How much longer remains before all of us, wherever wep 605 IM 1964
strongly challenged by Congressional leaders of both parties. But how accurate is the picture which the American public at large hasp 955 TW 1967
decade before he came to power, but is a remarkably accurate prospectus of his intentions, not so much in terms ofp 221 UGM 1969
relief as they scan these brief -- and, I'm convinced, accurate -- summaries. At the same time, a slight sense ofp 202 UGM 1974
would be avoided if it were called by a more accurate title -- ‘popular science fiction‘), science fiction has continued top 204 UGM 1974
voice like that of the Kingsley Amis of 1960. The accurate judgments he made then are evident in his choice ofp 190 UGM 1981
in need his own brain. Together the items formed an accurate anti-portrait of all Franklin's obsessions, a side-chapel of his headp 1016 NFS 1981
bus, rented limousine and taxi. Elaine had always been an accurate observer, and he was convinced that once he reached Floridap 1068 MNF 1982
the rest towards me. ‘Science-fiction films --? They're good. Very accurate. On the whole I'd say they do an excellent jobp 1109 MWM 1985
the subject has always intrigued me, and seems a remarkably accurate barometer of national confidence. When I visited the U.Sp 97 CRAa 1990
safe and sane voice of the sciences. His commentaries are accurate, and he knows what is going on. On the otherp 54 GANa 1990
confirmed that my memories of Shanghai had been clear and accurate. As our plane took off I felt elated, my spiritsp 177 UGM 1991
intact replica of the city in our minds, far more accurate than the preposterous beefeater and pearly queen image conveyed byp 338 KW 1991
their husbands, who had sailed for Tahiti to gain more accurate news and alert the world-wide network of animal rights activistsp 213 RP 1994
still noting my responses to everything. ‘It would be more accurate to say there were three of them.‘ ‘Three people inp 109 CN 1996
him expand on this luminous project, genuinely unaware that an accurate documentary about the Residencia Costasol would be the single greatestp 262 CN 1996
me approvingly I realized that his character-reading was all too accurate -- I already felt at ease in the villa, freep 265 CN 1996
one-man-and-a-dog operations from the Philippines. If I wanted to be accurate I'd say one-woman-and-a-dog. Now, I hear you're a close friendp 128 SC 2000
my experience, one stone through a window is a fairly accurate predictor that another stone will soon follow. Then two morep 164 KC 2006
ladies in spacesuits. Eerily, this may prove to be an accurate prophecy. Luckily, there were other magazines like Galaxy and Fantasyp 165 ML 2008
Sunningdale scenes, and strange to be involved in a painstakingly accurate recreation of my childhood home. The white telephones and originalp 257 ML 2008