a bizarre cosmetic mask on the face of a dead account-executive, dressing the body like an overblown drag-queen in a voluminousp 150 HR 1975
this highly strung head teacher, I put on my friendliest account-executive smile, a grimace I had hoped to abandon for everp 83 KC 2006
system.‘ ‘There's no crime, and no social problems.‘ ‘No democratic accountability. No one votes. So who runs things?‘ ‘We do. Wep 94 SC 2000
Wilder, waiting until she recognized him, he gathered that the accountant was complaining that her children, not for the first timep 18 HR 1975
been urinating in the pool. Laing briefly interceded, but the accountant slammed away through the swing doors, confident that he hadp 18 HR 1975
from the pool. They stepped aside when Laing approached. The accountant stood by the water's edge, awkwardly reaching the skimmer acrossp 20 HR 1975
of the skimmer. As the children watched, he helped the accountant extend it across the water. Floating in the centre ofp 21 HR 1975
creature was stirring in its sleep. He remembered helping the accountant to lift the Afghan from the water, and being surprisedp 22 HR 1975
small child. The second marriage, to a pleasant but passive accountant and chess enthusiast, had been wholly dominated by the relationshipp 47 HR 1975
led by the jeweller's widow, they were dragging the injured accountant towards the balustrade, everyone tripping over the bloodstained bandage unwrappingp 142 HR 1975
white beach-robe, she is talking to Lawrence, a handsome, sandy-haired accountant wearing nothing more than a string swim-slip over his amplep 860 60Z 1976
within the next ten minutes. Jim recognized Mr Mulvaney, an accountant with the Shanghai Power Company who had often swum inp 168 ES 1984
turned back. An elderly Scotsman from E Block, a retired accountant at the Shanghai Power Company with whom Jim had oftenp 257 ES 1984
slighter than his men, with the fixed gaze of an accountant or student. At a steady pace, as if they hadp 290 ES 1984
rounded up, the last Europeans in Port-la-Nouvelle. Santos, the Portuguese accountant at the cigarette factory, wore a cotton jacket and tiep 21 DC 1987
around me. I was rejecting my friends and colleagues, my accountant, doctor and solicitor, and above all my ex-wife. I wasp 1131 TES 1989
Lunghua airfield. ‘Look out, young Jim.‘ Mr Sangster, a sometime accountant with the Shanghai Power Company, sent a cascade of cindersp 40 KW 1991
at his private pawn on an open board. A former accountant at the Church Commissioners, he had tried to suffocate hisp 259 KW 1991
I wasn't ready to go back.‘ I watched the old accountant hovering over his solitary pawn. ‘It would have been toop 262 KW 1991
believe this? His sister and her husband, a retired Dundee accountant, had moved into the house to look after him, butp 309 KW 1991
cowboy who makes a modest living in westerns; a lonely accountant, Homer, who has abandoned his job in Iowa; a failedp 122 UGM 1993
suspected, was present among the mourning party, a retired Bournemouth accountant and his sharp-eyed wife who ran a video-rental store inp 67 CN 1996
forward and patted my hand. ‘I'm flattered. I was an accountant. Very young and very ruthless. I wound up Hollinger's filmp 132 CN 1996
aside his avuncular clubroom manner and now resembled a shrewd accountant faced with an extravagant and thoughtless client. ‘That was generousp 306 CN 1996
financial officer of the Eden-Olympia holding company, a tall, preoccupied accountant lost somewhere behind the lenses of his rimless glasses. Butp 38 SC 2000
with his apparently withered leg. At night she and her accountant husband would wander naked around their bedroom, visible through thep 40 SC 2000
of a slacking gladiator. I recognized Alain Delage, the bespectacled accountant who gave Jane a lift to the clinic. He andp 72 SC 2000
handicapped by poor sight and the seriousness of a born accountant. Behind the expensive suiting a masculine tension was waiting top 102 SC 2000
cruel humour, part of the sadistic strain in this repressed accountant that I had already noticed. He moved into the cornerp 105 SC 2000
Delage? Be careful with him. He looks like a mousy accountant but he's a textbook anal-sadist.‘ ‘You must know him wellp 114 SC 2000
lungs. ‘That was my married name. My husband was an accountant with Elf-Maritime. We separated two years ago, but it takesp 217 SC 2000
long before I felt utterly depraved. A very handsome Elf accountant was on loan to us one day a week, andp 219 SC 2000
freshly chipped tooth. He blinked behind his lenses, an earnest accountant who was proud to have acquitted himself well in thisp 239 SC 2000
was now his most eager collaborator. The introverted and mousy accountant so despised by Frances Baring had turned into a confidentp 318 SC 2000
the marquee. A grim-faced Alain Delage, once again the harassed accountant, was calling to his aides, who sprang to life andp 358 SC 2000
force their way into a house owned by a young accountant, his wife and four children. The couple refused to payp 152 MP 2003
trying to control the children, she listened stoically to the accountant's reprimand, now and then making some weak retort. Leaving thep 18 HR 1975
from me and stared hard at the list with his accountant's eye. He ducked his head in an oddly uneasy wayp 101 SC 2000
lived at Chelsea Marina. But the television scenes of the accountant's terrified children, screaming from their bedroom windows, prompted uneasy memoriesp 152 MP 2003
docile members of the professions -- the doctors and lawyers, accountants and tax specialists who worked, not for themselves, but forp 53 HR 1975
beach. But these latter-day refuseniks soon included lawyers, doctors and accountants. Even families with children chose to remain on perpetual holidayp 1140 LTP 1989
petty theft and slept on the beach. The lawyers and accountants were able to borrow from their banks when their ownp 1140 LTP 1989
of damaging the imminent summer tourist trade. The lawyers and accountants among the exiles, all far more educated and intelligent thanp 1141 LTP 1989
this classless realm Lancashire typists shared bar tables with Stockholm accountants and Danish truck-drivers. The beaches of Spain were Europe's Californiap 145 KW 1991
arrange for ecologically minded Japanese volunteers. A coolie army of accountants, dentists and computer operators was waiting to serve the sanctuaryp 106 RP 1994
Easy to say -- I spend my time with senile accountants and alcoholic airline pilots, bringing them back from the deadp 193 CN 1996
the raising of the roof by this work-gang of former accountants, lawyers and middle-managers. Below them, shielding their ears from thep 251 CN 1996
who enforce a rule of crime. Your retired stockbrokers and accountants are remarkably adept in the role of small-town criminals. Onep 304 CN 1996
dream or advising her about the impotence problems of over-promoted accountants. He had deliberately parked a few inches from the Jaguarp 82 SC 2000
and the Protestant work ethic going full blast. Middle managers, accountants, civil servants. The promotion ladders have been kicked away andp 109 MP 2003
know. It sounds like a playgroup that's out of control. Accountants and solicitors giving up their jobs. In places like Guildfordp 191 MP 2003
they want to call the police, leave messages for their accountants. They feel unworthy, convinced they've sinned. They have to rushp 91 KC 2006
is, a greater transport of energy -- than could be accounted for by direct radiation. What was happening was that thep 178 VT 1960
three weeks. The humidity shows a slight increase, to be accounted for by the passage of these enormous air volumes overp 54 WFN 1961
An effective drop, though,‘ Marshall said hopefully. ‘Yes, but it's accounted for by the tremendous mass of soil particles being carriedp 119 WFN 1961
of crystallization. Perhaps it was this gift of time which accounted for the eternal appeal of precious gems, as well asp 148 CW 1966
else, she was wearing no make-up for the cameras. This accounted both for her arctic skin-tones and for her youthless appearancep 948 ICU 1977
fifteen. He'll show you the ropes. Pleasant fellow, by all accounts, a little whimsical, probably try to pull your leg.‘ Tallisp 74 WG 1959
to act upon. Promptly and drastically.‘ As he left the accounts department for the last time Mr Goddard numbly repeated thesep 205 LW 1960
ultimately we all work. Their next venture, epoch-making by all accounts, is starting now, and everybody will be coming along. Ip 349 PE 1962
by the assumption that it is still possible to write accounts of interplanetary voyages in which the appeal is to realismp 129 UGM 1964
day people continued to leave their offices and shops as accounts of the giant circulated around the city. By the timep 641 DG 1964
of crystallization. (Perhaps it is this gift of time which accounts for the eternal appeal of precious gems, as well asp 622 IM 1964
£5 Million Masterpiece Vanishes from Louvre Official Paris, by all accounts, was in uproar. The hapless director of the Louvre hadp 574 LL 1964
this American came here in the first place. By all accounts Mont Royal is even more dead than Port Matarre.‘ ‘Andersonp 31 CW 1966
previous week's bills for himself and Louise, and settled their accounts for a further fortnight. After exchanging a few pleasantries withp 174 CW 1966
in the war. Finally, thanks to a cashier at the accounts office of the local electric company, we found where Mrsp 775 CA 1968
more than two people are present. It would also provide accounts of sexual intercourse with prostitutes, a specialized sub-category of sexualp 258 UGM 1969
fiction. Even in summary (or perhaps especially in summary), these accounts of fabulous voyages, extraordinary inventions, cautionary tales and utopian satiresp 202 UGM 1974
American homes, where they provide video-games and do simple household accounts. Soon, though, they will take over other functions, acting asp 226 UGM 1977
the American forces across the Pacific. We had heard detailed accounts of the atom-bomb attacks -- Nagasaki was little more thanp 926 DT 1977
had led. Basie never ceased to be fascinated by these accounts of Shanghai high life. ‘Tell me about their swimming-pool partiesp 102 ES 1984
He assumed that these men were Chinese communists. By all accounts, they hated the Americans. Seeing the cigarettes, they might shootp 290 ES 1984
Shanghai and Lunghua. At moments, as he studied the dramatic accounts of tank battles and beach-heads, he wondered if he himselfp 307 ES 1984
a determination to be the first monogamous Emperor. By all accounts he made a happy marriage, though his bride received fromp 50 UGM 1989
resources were exhausted. Credit cards had long been cancelled, bank accounts frozen, and governments in Paris, London and Bonn waited forp 1141 LTP 1989
obsessive pornography. What seems so strange is that these neutral accounts of operating procedures taken from a textbook of plastic surgeryp 111 PMFa 1990
in The Atrocity Exhibition were produced by free association, which accounts for the repetition but, I hope, makes more sense ofp 9 AEa 1990
a new way. Both these biographies are shrewd and entertaining accounts of this monster of egotism, who seems to have madep 71 UGM 1991
recent attempts to turn them out into the streets. The accounts by patients and their physicians, especially those from the eighteenthp 238 UGM 1991
to camera he soon rallied. ‘ ... Many people have left detailed accounts of how they ended their lives, from the Greek Stoicsp 307 KW 1991
worked as his housekeeper and later married him. By all accounts, the genius whom C.P. Snow termed a cross betweenp 160 UGM 1993
change of heart. For all the anger, no settling of accounts with Dr Barbara took place that day. To Neil's surprisep 162 RP 1994
my brother's lawyer?‘ ‘Of course not, sir. There were some accounts in the local press ... a few television reports.‘ He seemedp 18 CN 1996
a trained manager. I can't hire and fire staff, keep accounts and run a restaurant.‘ ‘You'll soon learn.‘ Confident that hep 220 CN 1996
will do the hiring and firing. Don't worry about the accounts -- David Hennessy has all that under control. Join usp 220 CN 1996
criminal activity for his own gain.‘ ‘Completely true. He has accounts with many banks, and almost no money. But if notp 275 CN 1996
prime minister, but they seemed inconsequential compared with the graphic accounts of a yacht fire in the Golfe-Juan marina, or ap 126 SC 2000
the lighthouse at La Garoupe had been a closing of accounts. She had tried to use me again, hoping to triggerp 361 SC 2000
manager's office that is now a residents‘ advice bureau. The accounts and billing department, the banks of meters that log thep 293 MP 2003
the national press, where the incidents were lumped in with accounts of sporting violence and binge drinking in provincial towns. Whatp 79 KC 2006
foot, I asked: ‘I take it you work here?‘ ‘In Accounts. We tend to have a good idea what's going onp 217 KC 2006
in David Cruise's recorded voice at last died away, ringside accounts of long-forgotten matches relayed through the public address system. Thenp 223 KC 2006
Lunghua meant that I had done little writing, but Hemingway's accounts of the Great War tallied with my own memories ofp 113 ML 2008
Dachau that were still being shown in cinemas when fresh accounts of Nazi atrocities came to light. In 1949 most ofp 143 ML 2008
Atoms for Peace. I feasted on all this material, the accounts of new psychoactive drugs, nuclear weapons research, the applications ofp 190 ML 2008