a full and dispassionate account of all that had happened. Accordingly, after a considerable labour, the story was written and publishedp 105 NZ 1959
others. Their railway passes and car number plates were coloured accordingly, and if they tried to travel outside the permitted periodsp 160 CH 1960
Tremayne was the dominant mood, the house played itself back accordingly, recapitulating only the more serene aspects of Gloria Tremayne's characterp 313 TDS 1962
to express the committee's grave misgivings, and to request you accordingly to terminate all arrangements and cancel the fete immediately, pendingp 384 WT 1962
how long there was left I could make my preparations accordingly. One can't be forever saying one's last prayers. You seep 510 EG 1963
behaviour as closely as possible on our screen life together. Accordingly, three months later, Margaret and myself, David and Karen, thatp 952 ICU 1977
had risen again, and presumably my father increased their pay accordingly. Even after the Japanese seizure of the International Settlement inp 13 ML 2008
or the north of England would postpone everything I planned. Accordingly, I resigned my commission, and was soon installed in myp 168 ML 2008
the radiator grille, feeling a torn chrome pillar from the accordion, as if searching for some trace of her husband's presencep 70 C 1973
to her anus, rhythmically pumping her rectum like a soft accordion. ‘Don't bother to fuck me. Just bugger me.‘ She kneltp 189 KW 1991
symptoms of withdrawal and a lowering of general health. This accords with the behaviour of a volunteer group of suburban housewivesp 95 LNE 1968
alarm at HRH initiatives in Third World, 651; concludes secret accords with Britain, United States and USSR, 666 Quixote, Don, HRHp 944 I 1977
Hirohito remarked: ‘It's nice to see it again.‘ The reply accords in every way with the popular image of this remotep 49 UGM 1989
embracing replicas of himself and Mrs Hillman. He pretended to accost her, out of curiosity running his hands over her buttocksp 125 HR 1975
Admiring Slade for his nerve in using the sky to accost his wife, Franklin broke into a run. Slade had takenp 1021 NFS 1981
easy swagger, assuming that I was waiting for them to accost me. I sat at the steering wheel, admiring their toughp 80 CN 1996
gate. ‘Mrs Freeman!‘ Hanson jumped out of the car and accosted her gaily. ‘It's wonderful to see you looking so wellp 266 MF 1961
with Vaughan the exposed breast of a schoolgirl he had accosted near the studios. The two of us isolated the perfectp 171 C 1973
ascent, sailing in on a dark-edged cloud like an urchin accosting a bad-tempered matron. He soared to and fro, as ifp 752 CSC 1967
with the firm I was able to turn to good account in consolidating my position. At last I took over commandp 101 NZ 1959
from the eternal banks of death a final statement of account on to some victim within the tangible world around mep 103 NZ 1959
to abandon the power and publish a full and dispassionate account of all that had happened. Accordingly, after a considerable labourp 105 NZ 1959
default was theirs, a small but valuable credit to their account built into the system. In practical, existential terms this mightp 387 WT 1962
any new members, he prefaced his lecture with a brief account of his meeting with the Venusian, and then turned top 491 VH 1963
largest item, 600 dollars which he had transferred to Kandinski's account to pay for the cablegrams. Deciding to buy something top 502 VH 1963
Madagascar that I feel it necessary to preface my own account of the phenomenon with the assurance that it is entirelyp 605 IM 1964
previous decade. To Ransom's good luck, she included a glowing account of the magnificent expedition by automobile to the coast whichp 154 D 1965
Lord Sammael, a droll Lucifer who sounds like a saturnine account executive cutting a swathe through a typing pool. Summarized likep 140 UGM 1966
slipped her long legs into the stretch pants. The charge account at GUM and the dacha in the Crimea were becomingp 668 BM 1966
you're driving at,‘ Sanders said. ‘Tell me, how do you account for it -- the sudden increase in magnitude?‘ Ventress noddedp 42 CW 1966
about the mysterious international agency that now has the Vatican account. At the Institute Dr Nathan is trying to sidestep thep 82 YMC 1966
as an oral mount. Many considerations should be taken into account: the age of the patient, the degree of enlargement, whetherp 16 C80 1970
destination, metered toll charges to be recorded against the driver's account (or perhaps even instantly debited from his bank balance). Ifp 266 UGM 1971
reminded me of the Italian governess employed by a Milanese account executive with whom we had stayed one summer at Sestrip 46 C 1973
ruse had failed, partly because he had not taken into account Proctor's blubbery, gratitude. ‘Very good, Proctor -- I'll teach youp 109 CI 1974
any three residents of the high-rise, these under-exercised and over-weight account executives and corporation lawyers egged on into this well-bred violencep 63 HR 1975
incidents had occurred -- the middle-aged wife of a 28th-floor account executive had been knocked unconscious into the half-empty swimming-pool, andp 91 HR 1975
even bothered to pay his latest salary cheque into his account. He picked up his cine-camera, making sure that the lensp 119 HR 1975
Hillmans‘ immediate neighbours, an insurance broker and his wife, two account executives and a pharmacologist, were listless and unorganized. Wilder hadp 127 HR 1975
separate themselves from their pasts. Halloway remembered his grandfather's lurid account (the old man was only too keen to be trickedp 877 UC 1976
yet been published -- Clifford Irving's fake biography. This imaginary account of Hughes's secret life during his purported exile -- thep 47 UGM 1977
packaging of the banal? A remarkable omission from this illustrated account of our vital functions is any reference to sex andp 168 UGM 1978
right prime-time TV coverage. The Executioner's Song is Norman Mailer's account of the crimes, trial and execution in 1977 of Garyp 41 UGM 1979
The climax, and greatest set-piece in the book, is Mailer's account of the last night before the execution, a virtuoso descriptionp 42 UGM 1979
fences and bijou gardens, burst into the bedrooms where these account executives and insurance brokers lazed over their Sunday papers andp 68 UDC 1979
a way for me through the pressing crowd, these naked account executives and shoe salesmen, computer programmers and secretaries, housewives andp 179 UDC 1979
from the shafts of their axes. They approached timidly, these account executives and bank clerks, hiding behind one another. Having destroyedp 185 UDC 1979
the bank manageress and the furniture salesman, the supermarket cashiers, account executives and secretaries, the retired soldier and the television actorp 207 UDC 1979
on his lips. Perhaps Sergeant Nagata would appreciate a first-hand account of the air raid? But the sergeant strode into thep 200 ES 1984
who would help me to penetrate the Nat West deposit account computer codes. 26) No sexual activity occurred. 27) I tookp 1101 ATQ 1985
in this collection demonstrates, no theory ever seems likely to account for those strange safaris on which each of us setsp 235 UGM 1986
me, he regaled the governor's press officer with a graphic account of the comeuppance of the renegade country policeman, the would-bep 285 DC 1987
Explanation A spate of fresh theories has been offered to account for the murders, many of them variants of earlier theoriesp 62 RW 1988
intercourse. There were many other factors to be taken into account: Miss West's age, the type of enlargement, whether the conditionp 114 MWR 1990
to validate any of the witnesses‘ stories as the true account. In a world of absolute relativity, there is no wayp 26 UGM 1991
monarchs, Russian statesmen and California millionaires. Reading this wonderfully sleazy account of the Reagans‘ rise to power, of their relentless ambitionp 34 UGM 1991
further. Scarcely any sense of Wilde appears in this massive account -- he comes across as flawed but vaguely presidential, ratherp 71 UGM 1991
armies of lead soldiers, and adjusted their lines to take account of the latest troop movements that I had seen asp 11 KW 1991
find an encampment of teepees, with a troupe of former account executives and record industry drop-outs picking the fleas from theirp 285 KW 1991
specialist had eventually seen Dick, and embarked on an enthusiastic account of the educational benefits of TV medical programmes. Dick describedp 302 KW 1991
paradoxically, the most strong-willed in the world, as this harrowing account of three desperate lives proves on every extraordinary page. Ip 36 UGM 1992
Japanese occupation, he compiled the last of his fictions, an account of his long love affair with the lewd and elderlyp 53 UGM 1992
credit, then, to Ian Thomson for his hair-raising but entertaining account of his journey through Haiti, which he set out top 240 UGM 1992
vividly to life this watershed year, though reading his unsparing account of follies, blunders and delusions is an unsettling experience, akinp 243 UGM 1992
really were better in the 1940s and 1950s, and this account of the making of Casablanca clearly shows why. Hollywood todayp 6 UGM 1993
Mark Pendergrast's For God, Country and Coca-Cola is a hilarious account of the origins of the planet's leading soft drink andp 213 UGM 1993
still alive? The Empty Throne is a racy and entertaining account of Scotland's search for this elusive figure. He interviews ap 249 UGM 1993
Scotland first sets the scene with a brilliant and disturbing account of P'u-Yi, one of the strangest figures ever to ascendp 249 UGM 1993
off the gangway, as Adam Crabtree makes clear in this account of the precursors of psychoanalysis. The unlikely figure who firstp 152 UGM 1994
last arrived on the scene, he seems from Adam Crabtree's account like the last guest at a party that had alreadyp 153 UGM 1994
and his brother realize, and the book is a remarkable account of the way in which desperate alliances can form inp 251 UGM 1994
hour later I had packed my suitcases and settled my account. As I drove from the Los Monteros Hotel for thep 79 CN 1996
clotted blood in the swollen veins, did he accept my account. I had regained consciousness in the small hours of thep 96 CN 1996
since the day of the tragedy. Already I believed her account. If, as she hinted, Dr Serrou had spent the nightp 49 SC 2000
the therapy classes. We've seen enough.‘ ‘Don't stop on my account.‘ ‘Well ... I don't think you should watch too much. It'sp 296 SC 2000
yes ... his idea of crime comes with a secret Swiss account number. He can't understand why we're developing all this expertisep 297 SC 2000
she had signed the death certificate. According to the official account, she was driving along the coast road and saw thep 318 SC 2000
guessed that a local resident, some happily married solicitor or account executive, had been too busy with the revolution to cancelp 4 MP 2003
control of the World Today studio, then broadcast a true account of the rebellion gathering pace across the map of middlep 149 MP 2003
They're easily bored -- we need to take that into account.‘ ‘Put on more lavish productions? Burning down the NFT wasp 169 MP 2003
And all I do is smile and settle her charge account at Harvey Nicks.‘ ‘At least you know it.‘ ‘I couldn'tp 171 MP 2003
beamed at me like a proud parent listening to an account of a school sports match. ‘How was Boadicea?‘ ‘Kay? Shep 245 MP 2003
on the carousel in Terminal 2, or was the entire account a fabrication? Desperate for violence, had he seized on ap 257 MP 2003
were virtually an invention of the advertising industry; or so account executives like myself liked to think. The suburbs, we wouldp 4 KC 2006
entered his room? Applicant: Richard Pearson, forty-two years old, unemployed account executive. Likeable, but can seem slightly shifty. One-time secret smokerp 8 KC 2006
space in the paper devoted to real news, was an account of the magistrates‘ hearing at which Duncan Christie had beenp 64 KC 2006
car raffles, I opened the folder, ready to read his account of the London-to-Brighton run. But the diary recorded meetings ofp 193 KC 2006
attempt to keep up my spirits, I listened to an account of their debriefing. All the freed hostages were carefully searchedp 235 KC 2006
breathe, I sat behind the balcony curtains, thinking through Maxted's account of my father's death, and how a group of amateurishp 266 KC 2006
and listened without comment as Aida launched into a chapter-by-chapter account of The Drowned World, with its picture of a steamingp 253 ML 2008