bunker system. Maitland estimated that at least 400 men were accommodated in the network of shelters, along with enough supplies top 169 WFN 1961
with an accumulating series of petty annoyances, and with no accommodating technical sergeant to remove them. For the convenience of thep 46 DW 1962
has clearly been used as a vast transit facility, comfortably accommodating many thousands of passengers. There are no crew quarters orp 1086 RUS 1982
known at the BBC Television Centre, with its soft and accommodating lenses. I was surprised to find him so obviously outp 247 KW 1991
underground bunkers. What? Well, tell the Minister that the minimum accommodation required for one person for a period longer than ap 22 WFN 1961
or motel, care should be taken to ensure availability of accommodation, by reservation if possible.‘ Warnings are given about the hazardsp 256 UGM 1969
The world could deal with itself; and make its own accommodation with the deranged doctor. When we reached Antibes, passing thep 289 SC 2000
came from the lower levels of the reef. It was accompanied by a confused leathery flapping, and almost immediately a cloudp 230 S5 1961
bottles to their lips, tap dancing on the drum skins. Accompanied by the Admiral, Strangman moved swiftly from one Party top 138 DW 1962
quay. Our party was divided into several smaller groups, each accompanied by two NCOs, and we moved off past the queuep 611 IM 1964
crash Their party was divided into several smaller groups, each accompanied by two N.C.O.s. They moved off pastp 72 CW 1966
been waiting during his convalescence. On the previous day he accompanied his uncle on a short visit to friends who livedp 692 TIM 1966
say, when Georges Duval arrived, he was a total disappointment. Accompanied by a young priest, the family counsellor, he took hisp 770 CA 1968
to reconstruct the canal, and may or may not be accompanied by a meatotomy. The cosmetic result of this operation isp 17 C80 1970
you know -- they were like animals ...‘ Slightly shaken, Laing accompanied him to the stairway He looked back at the cocktailp 27 HR 1975
of extended excursions around London and the Home Counties. Usually accompanied by Leonora Carrington, he visited the Mullard radio-observatory near Cambridgep 852 NTM 1976
reached the war memorial. Every living thing in the town accompanied me, concourses of birds, packs of dogs and small childrenp 180 UDC 1979
imposing hall by one of the two young nuns who accompanied the orphaned heiress on these outings. As she and thep 1002 HFF 1980
with the Apollo and supervise the repairs while the Captain accompanied the expedition down to Washington. In two months‘ time thep 56 HA 1981
imagined himself growing up to be like Mr Maxted. Forever accompanied by the same glass of whisky and soda, or sop 27 ES 1984
transport aircraft were parked on the edge of the field. Accompanied by his ground crew, a Japanese pilot spoke to twop 157 ES 1984
beside the kitchen garden. As Sergeant Nagata approached the hospital, accompanied by two soldiers, Jim glanced into the men's ward. Forp 198 ES 1984
open countryside two miles to the south-west. A Mustang fighter accompanied the bomber, drifting in wide circles a thousand feet abovep 289 ES 1984
a Chinese merchant arrived at the gates of the camp, accompanied by three coolies. They carried earthenware jars of rice winep 303 ES 1984
of the embankment. Armed with their staves, his coolies followed, accompanied by Basie and the Frenchman. Two groups of gunmen werep 326 ES 1984
leaves. The rhythmic wave stabbed softly from left to right, accompanied by the soothing and nostalgic strains of ‘White Christmas‘. ‘Goodp 1119 WW3 1988
leading film critic on a Rio newspaper, approached our table, accompanied by two of Copacabana's ambling beauties. He recognised Dick fromp 242 KW 1991
grim institution. At the end of my visits, when he accompanied me to the staircase, he clearly expected me to decidep 261 KW 1991
unaware that whenever they appeared on screen their images were accompanied by the cash totals now committed to them. Two daysp 1177 MFM 1992
29, 2008, the Zeus IV appeared in the California sky. Accompanied by six chase planes, the spacecraft swept down to ap 1177 MFM 1992
her, on the steps of the University Library, she was accompanied by a tall and deep-chested native Hawaiian in his latep 36 RP 1994
out to test the further possibilities of her own fame. Accompanied by Professor Saito, she strode around the island, inspecting thep 95 RP 1994
fifties who had worked for Hollinger's property company and then accompanied him to Spain as his general factotum. But to diep 113 CN 1996
talents.‘ ‘Naturally. They can help with the recruitment drive.‘ I accompanied her to the limousine, where Mahoud stood beside the openp 232 CN 1996
the emergency hatch in the South Gate fire door, was accompanied by two weeping toddlers clinging to Julia Goodwin's hands. Thep 224 KC 2006
301 Hamilton, Marcelline (formerly Marcelline Renault), abandons industrialist husband, 177; accompanies HRH to Ankor, 189; marries HRH, 191; amuses Ho Chi-minhp 942 I 1977
from Tosca and Butterfly, say, with even a sonic piano accompaniment, I'd be glad to play it myself -- but Ip 117 SS 1960
to the programme Madame Gioconda will be singing to an accompaniment by Opus Zero, but that means nothing and there'll bep 130 SS 1960
sight of the walls of the magnetic city. To the accompaniment of innumerable lowing horns along the banks of the riverp 142 UGM 1966
of breasts. Xero. Of the three figures who were to accompany him, the strangest was Xero. For most of the timep 32 AW 1966
the best, Conrad. No doubt you wonder why I don't accompany you to the hospital.‘ ‘Well, I ...‘ Conrad began, but hisp 694 TIM 1966
few feet in front of him, Vaughan persuaded Helen to accompany them to Northolt General Hospital. Once we had set offp 87 C 1973
then looking back at me. She had insisted that we accompany Seagrave to his home, apparently distrusting Vaughan's motives. We turnedp 93 C 1973
glassy surface, through which hundreds of fish changed course to accompany us. Trapped for so long in the meanders of thep 114 DC 1987
loathed his mother (once, when calling for a child to accompany her to church and asked which one, she snapped: ‘Whicheverp 71 UGM 1991
ancient sonic grand somewhere and one of the old-timers was accompanying her. Mangon, it's ten years since she sang last. Ifp 129 SS 1960
-- and almost a foot in height, but without any accompanying loss of health. He had, in fact, reverted to thep 259 MF 1961
President's heartbeat. The trace now ran below all other programmes, accompanying sit-coms, basketball matches and old World War 2 movies. Uncannilyp 1119 WW3 1988
Webster's argument, he would willingly have conceded to the fait accompli of physical capture, gratefully submitted to a year's quarantine atp 367 CS 1962
had evidently decided to accept his escape as a fait accompli and forget him, assuming that Kerans would set sail forp 142 DW 1962
he had been far too willing to accept the fait accompli of his own guilt -- he calculated the various waysp 515 EG 1963
the parachute was badly burnt. He probably accepted a fait accompli, simply decided to do nothing and hush the whole thingp 457 QR 1963
He tried to see if Remmers looked around at an accomplice, but the man was motionless, hands deep in his pocketsp 286 GA 1961
to bits Strangman could have claimed that you were an accomplice of Bodkin's and I'd have been able to do nothingp 154 DW 1962
With luck the renewed market activity would uncover some distant accomplice of the thief, or a previous substitute for the Leonardop 578 LL 1964
to catch a glimpse of someone loitering outside, perhaps an accomplice of the intruder. Already he suspected that they might bep 993 MA 1978
Pangborn was certain that this amiable scatter-brain was not an accomplice of the intruder, but if he once divulged the man'sp 997 MA 1978
and disingenuous, he was almost implying that I was his accomplice. I remembered how very manipulative such psychopaths could be --p 1092 OOA 1984
their concern they still regarded him as Dr Barbara's principal accomplice. Neil could feel the bruises that the Andersons had leftp 236 RP 1994
no reports of stolen or hijacked vehicles. Was there an accomplice who helped Greenwood make his escape? The possibility that ap 131 SC 2000
and the constables should have recognized me as the chief accomplice of this hunted terrorist. When I waved to them theyp 5 MP 2003
murder, he walked away or was picked up by an accomplice in a car. Several witnesses agreed that a black Rangep 211 MP 2003
at the Tate, would soon turn me into the chief accomplice of this grounded priest and pilot. Given time, Dexter's consciencep 215 MP 2003
to the lobby doors, as if he suspected that an accomplice might be lurking outside. ‘A shocking affair, even for Brooklandsp 57 KC 2006
by. It's lucky they couldn't read the licence number. We're accomplices, David.‘ I tried to remonstrate with him, surprised for oncep 246 MP 2003
1988 Needless to say, the visit proved more difficult to accomplish than I imagined. Two months may have elapsed since thep 23 RW 1988
to themselves, deep-cover agents of a foreign power. Their mission accomplished, the parents were "instructed" to murder each other, and thep 22 RW 1988
launch the dissolution of the universities, but mass tourism had accomplished this, overwhelming the older European universities as it would soonp 283 KW 1991
all was the privilege. In time, perhaps, Madame Gioconda might accord him some sign of favour. Without him, certainly, her prognosisp 107 SS 1960
the other womenfolk. She left the settlement of her own accord. After living precariously in the old shacks among the salt-tipsp 113 D 1965
of sexual intercourse, (b) incidence of polyperverse behaviour. These results accord with earlier studies of the sexual behaviour of spectators atp 91 PAJ 1967
pressure, pulse and respiratory rates to acceptable levels. These results accord with the low elements of drama and interest in routinep 93 LNE 1968
and this mysterious creek would dry out of its own accord. Perhaps it would become a small brook, a few feetp 70 DC 1987
as a bloody Superbowl. They trivialize death not because they accord it no value, but because they treat it with thep 12 UGM 1991
stood against me, playing the moody governess unsure whether to accord some trivial privilege to her charge. I kissed her affectionatelyp 344 KW 1991
give way to the rule of one dominant figure, in accord with Chinese tradition, and that China's educated class, despite itsp 55 UGM 1993
by audiences made up of complete strangers, and the restrictions accorded with the conventions of ordinary social life -- on thosep 5 UGM 1990
eyes like jewels of Hell. After Jacobson's death -- exactly according to my instructions -- the staff of the department werep 101 NZ 1959
it had been ordered by the geologists after their arrival. ‘According to Pickford they ordered a total of fifteen crates. Allp 81 WG 1959
Conrad had already completed half his prep, allocating his time according to its various demands. As soon as he finished hep 153 CH 1960
firmly and he went on: ‘Orchestra will continue as scheduled. According to the programme Madame Gioconda will be singing to anp 130 SS 1960
as radiation screens. New organs of perception are developed too. According to Whitby, though, it's all wasted effort in the longp 181 VT 1960
as the life of the universe is now virtually over!!! According to K. there are Air Force generals who take thisp 185 VT 1960
bunker on the fashionable west side of the Upper City. According to the Directory they specialized in hunting and shooting expeditionsp 344 PE 1962
COMPANY, alien and unregistered, head office somewhere out of Betelgeuse. According to the Directory they specialized in ‘all-in cultural parties andp 345 PE 1962
uncertainly steering a course towards me, the smaller ones following. According to the descriptive brochure, the house had been built eightp 306 TDS 1962
Hanson shook his head. ‘Charles, you're deliberately evading the point. According to Boardman this fete will take place out of doorsp 383 WT 1962
Blind Orpheus, a neo-Freudian, horror-film version of the Greek legend. According to Kanin's interpretation, Orpheus deliberately breaks the taboo and looksp 545 SG 1963
the roadside pines for any glimpse of the Echo satellite. According to the AP reports its luminosity had increased by atp 607 IM 1964
had built among the sharks and alligators in the swamp. According to Shelley he never spoke to Emerelda after the marriagep 621 IM 1964
you might be Tatlin.‘ ‘A physicist ...? That doesn't make sense. According to the police captain, these affected areas of the forestp 31 CW 1966
the Matarre River expanded into a series of shallow lakes. According to Thorensen, Ventress had rarely spoken to Serena after thep 110 CW 1966
area spreading?‘ ‘About a hundred feet a day, or more. According to the army radio network things are getting to thep 138 CW 1966
reminder there is the barely healed wound on my arm. According to the bartender downstairs -- I'm glad to say thatp 168 CW 1966
the 24 hour period they spent inside it. What happened? According to Dwoskin, nothing. Which of course means everything. Initially theyp BAT 1968
Nader decided to become a defender of the common people, according to his own biography, at the age of eight. Inp 259 UGM 1971
facades of the adjacent blocks. Their size appeared to vary according to the play of light over their surfaces. Sometimes, whenp 19 HR 1975
her son. The boy was playing in his room, but according to Charlotte was not feeling well enough to go top 28 HR 1975
the factory workers but most of the management people too. According to Richard there is a beach being built for thep 971 HWT 1978
wives, ever afraid? The answer, almost certainly is: no. Not, according to The Right Stuff thanks to their superhuman courage, butp 273 UGM 1979
Panama hat. ‘There were some strange ones aloft last night. According to my housekeeper the whole of Shepperton slept with anp 74 UDC 1979
that still pulls all the current out of the mains. According to Albert Goldman, for at least the last decade ofp 39 UGM 1981
stoned entourage asleep in their nearby bedrooms. But by then, according to Goldman, the real Presley had been moribund for yearsp 39 UGM 1981
launch an eastward drive across America. Risky, of course -- according to Anne, a by-product of the fast breeder reactor atp 142 HA 1981
Fitzgerald, and his imagination never recovered. Between 1920 and 1929, according to Bruccoli, Fitzgerald earned $244,967, at least six timesp 110 UGM 1982
to one against him coming down here.‘ ‘That's not true. According to Hinton, Dad may actually come down somewhere along thisp 1047 MSA 1982
with original bloodstains and 106 bullet holes. The Holy Grail, according to Pettifer and Turner, is James Dean's Porsche, which wasp 233 UGM 1984
from the greenhouse, and began to build a man-lifting kite according to the scientific principles his father had taught him. Butp 65 ES 1984
had all the mystery of a message from the stars. According to Basie, who was always right, the American fighters withp 168 ES 1984
tried to control his panting -- not enough red cells, according to Dr Ransome, but often he and Basie meant thep 217 ES 1984
Airfield, had drawn the communist garrison to this modest backwater. According to Basie, however, they had left two days earlier, continuingp 326 ES 1984
gasoline.‘ ‘Why try? Strictly speaking, you didn't create the river. According to Mr Pal, an earthquake in the Massif du Tondoup 84 DC 1987
helicopter's pontoon would be in the margins of his concern. According to Sanger, the southern reaches of the river were filledp 156 DC 1987
her small hand -- exactly the sequence of wrist movements, according to the experts, that would release a spring-loaded mortise lockp 40 RW 1988
or taking their fateful baths. "It's now about 8:22, according to the time coding on the tape. David Turner, thep 48 RW 1988
upstairs assumes, all the senior CID people and the Yard. According to them, this was the signal to the other membersp 48 RW 1988
a confident young brunette with a welcoming, if brave, smile. According to my assignment card, she was Victoria Hale, a financialp 1124 LCC 1989
and That Was The Week That Was, the year -- according to Philip Larkin -- when sex began. But, above allp 242 UGM 1992
if waiting for the latest bulletin from the growing baby. According to Dr Barbara, both these sleeping infants would be girlsp 183 RP 1994
he came to Estrella de Mar. This was his bedroom. According to the housekeeper he slept for an hour before dinnerp 107 CN 1996
the worn limestone steps. Centuries older than Estrella de Mar, according to a local guidebook I had read, they led top 167 CN 1996
he tries to hide from himself. But he's very shrewd. According to him the engine that drives Estrella de Mar isp 188 CN 1996
in car parks.‘ ‘I know. I've seen him at it. According to Elizabeth Shand, it keeps you on your toes.‘ Ip 198 CN 1996
regret.‘ ‘But you kept supplying her with hard drugs -- according to Paula Hamilton she was a walking Palermo lab.‘ ‘Charlesp 208 CN 1996
that this private and moody woman -- a trained mathematician, according to Jane, with a doctorate in statistics -- took ap 40 SC 2000
garden, and watched the dragonflies flitting around the tennis court. According to Wilder Penrose, the three hostages had been killed insidep 62 SC 2000
its perpetrators or leaving any clues to their motives. Zander, according to Jane, was the acting head of security, and wasp 89 SC 2000
that he in turn had begun to exploit. Yet Greenwood, according to Halder, had fired back in the seconds before hep 205 SC 2000
open doorways. A small riot had started outside the Canton. According to an American couple at the next table, a leadingp 278 SC 2000
surprised to learn that she had signed the death certificate. According to the official account, she was driving along the coastp 318 SC 2000
Yes and no.‘ Henry smiled shiftily, still testing me out. ‘According to Tulloch they've found a suspicious poster near the baggagep 31 MP 2003
counting off the chipped beads in her catechism of obsessions. According to Henry Kendall, the tape found in the Heathrow airp 55 MP 2003
too bourgeois.‘ ‘So were Lenin and Che and Chou En-lai, according to Henry.‘ Sally sat forward, taking my hands across thep 190 MP 2003
formally closing down a life that I had never shared. According to the solicitor, Geoffrey Fairfax, the flat was within sightp 4 KC 2006
he was driven from the Metro-Centre, would see me shortly, according to one of the nurses. But the clock on thep 60 KC 2006
panels two hundred feet above the atrium. The shopping mall, according to the police radio reports, was largely untouched, and thep 113 KC 2006
and then another. Apparently passive, they regrouped and changed direction according to no obvious logic, a slime mould impelled by gradientsp 120 KC 2006
hand. Fanatical in his defence of the Metro-Centre -- and, according to Maxted, showing the first clinical signs of paranoia --p 221 KC 2006
was restless and insecure, but trying to conduct his life according to a set of desperate principles. He would never bep 264 KC 2006
she employed only women servants, some six or seven amahs. According to my mother, this was an act of charity onp 22 ML 2008
Japanese pilots flew inferior planes and had notoriously bad eyesight, according to cocktail-party wisdom. But the bunkered vision lay in thep 39 ML 2008
in which the Japanese military had not the slightest interest. According to Braidwood's records, the daily calorie count in 1944 wasp 76 ML 2008