third marriage to Sir Richard Underwood, 48 Hamilton, Henry Rhodes, accident-proneness, 118; age, sensitiveness about, 476; belief in telepathy, 399; childhoodp 942 I 1977
in the cylinder -- luckily the entire crew quarters were accident-secure -- and wondered why Dr Francis chose to live alonep 323 13C 1962
forest after the crash of the helicopter. Sanders described his accidental meeting with Ventress and, subsequently, the discovery of Radek's bodyp 103 CW 1966
giants, immense legs straddling each other's backs. A verdict of accidental death had been returned, without any show of interest orp 76 C 1973
look like a river, but in fact it's merely an accidental surface flow. At any moment it will dry up, leavingp 68 DC 1987
pure. People thank Crawford for that -- no infections, no accidental overdoses.‘ ‘So the dealers work for Crawford? That didn't helpp 199 CN 1996
For reasons of her own she had set up our accidental encounter, and was now pretending to flirt with me, unsurep 114 SC 2000
these. In fact, the power revealed itself to me quite accidentally, during the commonplaces of the everyday round, appearing unobtrusively atp 96 NZ 1959
squad of illiterate soundsweeps who had misread their instructions and accidentally swept the wrong wall. Even the most conscientious sound-sweep wasp 113 SS 1960
It was too conspicuous to carry and anyway might fire accidentally and injure him. Outside the front door it would bep 145 ZT 1960
frightened that if we don't get back soon Matheson may accidentally scuttle the ship. Or else that it'll be detailed offp 95 WFN 1961
would soon be abandoned. A year earlier, he had been accidentally marooned on a small key while taking an unscheduled geomagneticp 31 DW 1962
of petty acts of defiance took place. Perhaps he had accidentally tapped all the repressed resentment that had been accumulating forp 388 WT 1962
came on the second morning of their visit, when Connolly accidentally lost himself in the forest. After breakfast Connolly sat underp 449 QR 1963
the old negro borne between them in his litter, she accidentally started one of the cars. ‘What would my Quilty thinkp 85 D 1965
easel portrait of Leonora on which he was working, was accidentally destroyed before the hearing. Perhaps the painting revealed more ofp 749 CSC 1967
as more guests arrived. Was this a party that had accidentally started too early, or one that had been going onp 12 HR 1975
down at this placid scene, Laing felt that he had accidentally been given a glimpse into a parallel world, where thep 152 HR 1975
hangar, just before I landed. Carmen told me that you'd accidentally stepped on her glasses.‘ Relieved that the young woman, forp 836 LFA 1975
involvement with Judith -- and then the security guard was accidentally shot. 12 Although there is no doubt that Judith Loughlinp 853 NTM 1976
the interior of his parents‘ cine-camera which he had once accidentally opened, exposing hundreds of feet of film. It was hardp 22 ES 1984
if he would fall in. If Mr Maxted was always accidentally falling into swimming-pools, as indeed he always was, why didp 28 ES 1984
filling with water from the forest stream that I had accidentally created. Kagwa or no, I would stay at Port-la-Nouvelle andp 54 DC 1987
in the federally subsidized programme. She recycled inferior presents, and accidentally sent a gift-wrapped birthday present to her grandson of thep 34 UGM 1991
her long skirts. Henry was happily spraying every tree, and accidentally sprinkled the boots of a Hell's Angel too stoned top 184 KW 1991
drug addiction and the death of his wife, whom he accidentally killed while trying to shoot a glass from the topp 134 UGM 1993
van into Dr Greenwood's Renault Espace. Sadly, this film was accidentally destroyed. Mystery also surrounds Greenwood's movements in the last minutesp 131 SC 2000
the news of their deaths, in a succession of car accidents, -- brought general consternation upon the office, of which Ip 102 NZ 1959
they discovered their mistake they were naturally rather excited. These accidents happen.‘ His tone was matter-of-fact, but even though his eyesp 162 WFN 1961
in the past. It was just one of those tragic accidents.‘ ‘It wasn't. In fact, the more I think about itp 116 D 1965
demonstration teams. Massive cerebral damage and abdominal bleeding in automobile accidents could be imitated within half an hour, aided by thep 11 AE 1966
so, he should be able to prevent any more tragic accidents.‘ Just before they started off Aragon turned to Dr. Sandersp 58 CW 1966
the walls of the theatre. (2) A film of automobile accidents devised as a cinematic version of Nader's Unsafe at Anyp 90 PAJ 1967
studies of the sexual behaviour of spectators at major automobile accidents (= minimum of one death). Correspondences between the two groupsp 91 PAJ 1967
an unreported conversation outside an exhibition of photographs of automobile accidents. (5) The time, 11:47 a.m., June 23rd, 1975p 46 DM 1967
allowed to hear. A dozen astronauts had died in orbital accidents, their capsules left to revolve through the night sky likep 762 DA 1968
He had even produced a magazine devoted solely to car accidents: Crash! The dismembered bodies of Jayne Mansfield, Camus and Deanp 25 UD 1968
images of colliding motor cars. Behaviour of spectators at automobile accidents. The sexual behaviour of spectators at major automobile accidents (=p 97 CRA 1969
automobile accidents. The sexual behaviour of spectators at major automobile accidents (= minimum one death) has also been examined. In allp 97 CRA 1969
complex was constructed containing elements not usually present in automobile accidents, i.e. strong religious and sexual overtones, the victim beingp 98 CRA 1969
panels were shown fake safety propaganda movies in which implausible accidents were staged. Far from eliciting a humorous or sardonic responsep 98 CRA 1969
the film and medical support staff. Subsequent films of genuine accidents exerted a notably calming effect. From this and similar workp 98 CRA 1969
merely victims in a meaningless tragedy, or do these appalling accidents take place with some kind of unconscious collaboration on ourp 263 UGM 1971
and distraught. I think of the crashes of psychopaths, implausible accidents carried out with venom and self-disgust, vicious multiple collisions contrivedp 15 C 1973
bludgeoned by these billboard harangues and television films of imaginary accidents, I had felt a vague sense of unease that thep 39 C 1973
of the supermarkets, ramped on to the pavements. Two minor accidents had taken place on Western Avenue, causing a massive tail-backp 49 C 1973
at this dusty necklace, the debris of a thousand automobile accidents. Within fifty years, as more and more cars collided herep 56 C 1973
Kennedy's -- indefinitely.‘ ‘They're trying to reduce the number of accidents here, not increase it.‘ ‘I suppose that's a point ofp 124 C 1973
passenger compartments in head-on and rear-end collisions, injuries sustained in accidents at roundabouts, at trunk-road intersections, at the junctions between accessp 133 C 1973
whiplash injuries in rear-end collisions, first and second-degree burns in accidents involving the rupture and detonation of fuel tanks, chest injuriesp 133 C 1973
clearly most preoccupied Vaughan -- genital wounds caused during automobile accidents. The photographs which illustrated the options available had clearly beenp 133 C 1973
penis, marking out the contact points of the imaginary automobile accidents which Vaughan had placed on her body. The next morningp 166 C 1973
which Gabrielle had met her near-death. I dreamed of other accidents that might enlarge this repertory of orifices, relating them top 179 C 1973
embraced Gabrielle I visualized, as Vaughan had taught me, the accidents that might involve the famous and beautiful, the wounds uponp 179 C 1973
various stages of her life, injured in a succession of accidents, fitted with orifices of ever greater abstraction and ingenuity, sop 180 C 1973
celebrity Vaughan might be following, assembling the elements of imaginary accidents in his mind. All the experiences of our weeks togetherp 194 C 1973
own. The two other expedition members both died in unhappy accidents -- one was drowned at Lake Mead in a tankp 173 HA 1981
covered with flaming gasoline. The sight of these thrillingly rehearsed accidents forever eclipsed the humdrum street crashes of Shanghai. ‘You promisedp 15 KW 1991
same thoughtful gaze in the people who gathered at street accidents, as if the secret formulas of their lives were exposedp 220 KW 1991
more than the most elaborate of a series of staged accidents prefigured on that Shanghai race-course of my childhood? Chilled byp 233 KW 1991
do admire an orderly mind. It's hard to believe, but accidents happen even in the Residencia Costasol.‘ ‘The whole place isp 235 CN 1996
How did they die?‘ ‘All kinds of sudden ways. Traffic accidents, mostly. The back streets in La Bocca get very darkp 194 SC 2000
visible above the water. These bowling clubs, and the road accidents something deeply criminal has taken root here. The senior peoplep 203 SC 2000
immigrant areas. They're frightened of being stopped and robbed. Genuine accidents happen, though hating the Arabs doesn't help. Still, you've putp 247 SC 2000
walls, memorials to disasters at sea, to air and road accidents, many illustrated with fading photographs and newspaper cuttings. Faces ofp 329 SC 2000
a wheelchair, sharing her plight with other victims of meaningless accidents. ‘So you're on strike,‘ I told her. ‘You're conducting yourp 24 MP 2003
she was obsessed with Frida Kahlo and their shared tram accidents. If only for Sally's sake, I needed to crack thep 38 MP 2003
Sally sounds very sweet, David.‘ ‘She is.‘ ‘That's good. Traffic accidents often bring out the worst in people.‘ ‘She told youp 135 MP 2003
cause -- the widows of pilots who died in aircraft accidents. After forty years he must have known a good manyp 29 KC 2006
should be caring for local residents is overwhelmed by driving accidents caused by visitors. Never fall ill near the M25. Eveningp 32 KC 2006
of sight before she stepped aside to admit her husband. Accidents and Emergencies The waiting room in the Accident & Emergencyp 60 KC 2006
with a few graves of British holidaymakers killed in yachting accidents. A Protestant priest came to see me the previous dayp 201 ML 2008
letters, Naked Lunch has been published in Paris to huge acclaim, and Burroughs is already at the centre of the immensep 136 UGM 1993
the protests of my wearily tolerant grandmother. For all her acclaim, her magazine profiles and pronouncements on Piaget and Melanie Kleinp 71 MP 2003
those ludicrous inversions of logic, I found myself, far from acclaimed as a hero, standing summary trial before a military courtp 626 IM 1964
those ludicrous inversions of logic, I found myself, far from acclaimed as a hero, standing summary trial before a military courtp 168 CW 1966
sea-birds, we landed at Montreal, and began a pleasant, month-long acclimatisation period at a Toronto air-base, being prepared for the socialp 107 KW 1991
you're in combat already? I thought you had a three-month acclimatization period. You must be as badly off as we arep 785 KG 1969
now been restored to our affections and awarded the ultimate accolade of a thirteen-part television series. Automania is the book ofp 232 UGM 1984
an atheist, and always enjoyed receiving the Reverend Matthews‘ traditional accolade (‘The first, and the biggest heathen of the lot, isp 36 ES 1984
admit someone. Nothing came through, but the room expanded to accommodate an additional presence, the ceiling ballooning upwards. Astounded, I triedp 318 TDS 1962
as before. In some way the high-rise was able to accommodate this double logic. Even the tone of voice of hisp 60 HR 1975