the databanks of medical records. Sitting at the terminal, Jane accessed the X-rays of my knees now held in the clinic'sp 25 SC 2000
front door it would be safely hidden and yet easily accessible, ready to mete out a little old-fashioned punishment to anyp 145 ZT 1960
the perversions are valuable precisely because they provide a readily accessible anthology of exploratory techniques. Where all this leads one canp 77 THF 1969
of still-to-be-admitted patients beckoned to me, an immense encyclopedia of accessible dreams. Catherine seemed well aware of these fantasies. During herp 29 C 1973
consciously realized that these twisted instrument binnacles provided a readily accessible anthology of depraved acts, the keys to an alternative sexualityp 100 C 1973
1965) This moody and powerful allegory is Jean-Luc Godard's most accessible film, made for that consumerist and politically conscious sixties audiencep 19 UGM 1987
superb introduction to his scientific work, the clearest and most accessible guide that I have read. After countless books explaining relativityp 151 UGM 1993
Saint-Esprit. The disused nuclear–test island was a junior and more accessible cousin of the sinister Mururoa, which Dr Barbara had wiselyp 10 RP 1994
seemed to be moving through a zone that was fully accessible only to a neuroscientist, and scarcely at all to ap 75 CN 1996
internet has made my experimental novel a great deal more accessible. The short paragraphs and discontinuities of the morning's emails, thep 237 ML 2008
mass-produced saloon cars whose exact model-year, colour schemes and external accessories I can still remember with the painful accuracy of ap 19 C 1973
of single and double amputees, injuries caused by specialist automobile accessories such as record players, cocktail cabinets and radiotelephones, the injuriesp 133 C 1973
her Uzi machine-pistol slung over her shoulder like a fashion accessory. Taking his courage in both hands, Ryan stepped into thep 1154 WF 1989
of the British Armoured Brigade look suspiciously like a glamour accessory -- with its chest-hugging harness, the shoulder-holster has always beenp 73 UGM 1991
the Zapruder film -- the Kennedy assassination as a fashion accessory?‘ ‘Of course. In the future everyone will need to bep 241 KW 1991
of a comfortable reality. The car was as much an accessory as her snakeskin handbag, and she could no more drivep 52 SC 2000
to our final collision the following morning, culminating in an accident that intervened to save me from dismissal. My last linesp 98 NZ 1959
and wrote: The next afternoon Carter died in a street accident outside the office. What childish game was I playing? Ip 99 NZ 1959
it was worth it. Up to the time of his accident Van Damm had been expected to declare himself the Democraticp 28 WFN 1961
the wall, its massive metal body able to withstand any accident the Station might suffer. Abel hated the thought of sleepingp 323 13C 1962
now that Strangman had seized the opportunity to fabricate an accident. Breath exploding, he tripped over one of the steps, fellp 108 DW 1962
some obstruction, it looks as if it was a complete accident.‘ ‘No, it wasn't, Doctor,‘ Strangman cut in. ‘Don't perpetuate ap 110 DW 1962
her fears. ‘Stop saying that! It might have been an accident.‘ Strangman shrugged theatrically. ‘It might,‘ he repeated with great emphasisp 110 DW 1962
cable would suffocate him, or had it been a complete accident, even, possibly, an attempt by Strangman to injure him? Butp 110 DW 1962
in his mind, Kerans systematically repressed his memories of the accident. Likewise, Bodkin and Beatrice ceased to refer to it, asp 111 DW 1962
By a macabre twist of fate, after a major car accident had severely injured her face she had become an extraordinaryp 396 TSS 1962
Council's ‘directive‘ -- Hanson would not have mentioned it by accident -- and it was always during the lulls that thep 378 WT 1962
implications? Why have you alone seen a Venusian?‘ ‘A sheer accident.‘ ‘But why should a space-craft from Venus land here?‘ ‘Whatp 488 VH 1963
innate trigger.‘ Dr Richard Lowry, Gifford's assistant and since his accident the acting leader of the expedition, watched Gifford uncomfortably fromp 630 DS 1964
alluvial bench half a mile from the camp. Before Gifford's accident their chairs had faced the ruined terrace city emerging fromp 630 DS 1964
now threatened his life. That this was simply an unfortunate accident devoid of any special symbolism he accepted without qualification. Butp 634 DS 1964
death of my wife and three-year-old daughter in a car accident ten years earlier I had deliberately repressed such feelings, andp 610 IM 1964
death of his wife and six-year-old son in a motor accident seemed only part of this immense synthesis of the historicalp 591 TB 1964
on your last legs?‘ ‘Traven ... I've had some sort of accident. I'm glad you flew over.‘ ‘I'm sure you are. Butp 598 TB 1964
He had stated no more than the truth. After the accident he began to recover spectacularly, his progress toward complete healthp 562 TP 1964
her face already carried the injuries of an appalling motor-car accident that would happen somewhere in the future. Sometimes Ransom feltp 34 D 1965
madness was running through the fishermen. Perhaps it was an accident.‘ ‘No, doctor. They heard the minister's sermon yesterday. That's allp 69 D 1965
shadow across the lace-like burn on her cheek. Since the accident she had made no further attempt to disguise the asymmetryp 111 D 1965
muttered, ‘There's no water here, Ransom. Those fires were an accident. Quilter, everyone, they're dead.‘ Ransom looked back at the darkp 147 D 1965
there is a fragmented glimpse of a man falling. An accident has occurred, but while everyone is running to the deadp 28 UGM 1966
victims of what the district officer had called a ‘biological accident‘ -- Crispin vaguely remembered him describing the new growth promotersp 700 SBD 1966
aunt had come to visit him each day after the accident, and that she would return the following afternoon. ‘ ... Theodore --p 684 TIM 1966
news that Uncle Theodore had escaped almost unscathed from the accident left Conrad without any sense of relief Since the agep 685 TIM 1966
you won't be able to see him. I know the accident was almost certainly his fault --‘ ‘No!‘ Conrad shook hisp 686 TIM 1966
visit, but his uncle had aged ten years since the accident and the sight of these three elderly people, one ofp 687 TIM 1966
older -- you had a massive blood transfusion after the accident, and later when Dr Nathan amputated the crushed knee andp 688 TIM 1966
mitten over his hand, but otherwise had recovered from the accident. He listened silently to Conrad. ‘None of the old peoplep 691 TIM 1966
like. Someone like myself who's been badly hurt in an accident right at the start of his life might make themp 691 TIM 1966
events was guiding him back towards the place of his accident. As he reached the corner the first of the trucksp 696 TIM 1966
that he recovered from the long flight and the absurd accident when the excursion module had crashed on landing. ‘But whyp 712 TMY 1966
later, when Thornwald arrived, Glanville had recovered completely from the accident. From the top of the sand-reef overhanging the western edgep 714 TMY 1966
crossed his bruised mouth, revealing the scars of an automobile accident barely hidden by the pale beard. Dr Nathan gazed roundp 46 DM 1967
the saintly bones of medieval shrines. After the first fatal accident in space, public outcry demanded that these orbiting biers bep 762 DA 1968
surely Christ's crucifixion could be regarded as the first traffic accident -- certainly if we accept Jarry's happy piece of anti-clericalismp 25 UD 1968
a severe impact it is difficult to reconstruct the likely accident mode. In this case, taken from Koester's scenario of Talbot'sp 26 UD 1968
assembly kits constructed from photographs of (a) unidentified bodies of accident victims, (b) Cadillac exhaust assemblies, (c) the mouth-parts of Jacquelinep 98 CRA 1969
preoccupation with severe genital wounds of an obscene character. The accident modes which rationalized these choices reflected polyperverse obsessions of anp 98 CRA 1969
by air disasters, domestic electrocution and drowning. Death by automobile accident was uniformly considered to be least objectionable, in spite ofp 99 CRA 1969
of the landscape shifted with the changing camber. Some Bloody Accident. She stared at the blood on her legs. The heavyp 64 SCN 1969
the dashboard locker. She studied the photographs of an automobile accident -- overturned cars, bodies on ambulance trolleys, a bedraggled girlp 65 SCN 1969
drove off he heard the helicopter climb away from the accident site. It soared over the motorway, the shadows of itsp 69 THF 1969
led her across the asphalt, watching as she re-created the accident in terms of its alternate parameters. How would she havep 70 THF 1969
has pursued his life -- not merely the violence of accident and bereavement, or the horrors of war, but the biomorphicp 75 THF 1969
he displayed to the teenage beauties who often strayed by accident into the boutique. Sometimes I wondered if for Georges thep 796 SGW 1970
with a bright toy. Who was he -- a road accident casualty, the surviving passenger of an air crash, an eccentricp 40 JAC 1970
climax of the show, the reconstruction of a spectacular road accident, he assumed that the man was one of the driversp 40 JAC 1970
the man was one of the drivers masquerading as an accident casualty. But he seemed barely aware of the ugly crashesp 40 JAC 1970
death in many crashes, but this was his only true accident. Driven on a collision course towards the limousine of thep 7 C 1973
the police broadcasts on Vaughan's radio, we moved from one accident to the next. Often we stopped under arc-lights that flaredp 11 C 1973
stretcher. Already I felt isolated from the reality of this accident. I tried to sit up on the stretcher, and swungp 24 C 1973
that served London Airport, I began my recovery from the accident. Two wards of twenty-four beds -- the maximum number ofp 26 C 1973
towards the bored widower seated beside her? After a runway accident at London Airport her body would be marked for yearsp 27 C 1973
the airport by police officers investigating the road-death. Clearly the accident and any possible manslaughter charges against me had made herp 31 C 1973
telephone which had brought Catherine the first news of my accident. The elements of new technologies linked our affections. Irritated byp 32 C 1973
with a weak bladder, I wondered why, after this tragic accident involving the death of an unknown young man -- hisp 32 C 1973
she calculating how many lovers Catherine had taken since the accident, excited by the strange posture of her husband in hisp 33 C 1973
a number of well-known actresses. On the afternoon of my accident I had attended a conference with Aida James, a freelancep 35 C 1973
decision, the brief glimmer of my first erection since the accident stirred through the cavernosa of my penis, reflected in ap 38 C 1973
over the man I had killed. The week after the accident had been a maze of pain and insane fantasies. Afterp 39 C 1973
was almost a relief to find myself in an actual accident. Like everyone else bludgeoned by these billboard harangues and televisionp 39 C 1973
times I had even speculated on the kind of traffic accident in which I would die. I was sent to thep 39 C 1973
the buccal pouts of airline hostesses. Two months before my accident, during a journey to Paris, I had become so excitedp 41 C 1973
I assumed that he was a graduate student specializing in accident surgery at this airport hospital. His strong hands carried ap 42 C 1973
nurses who attended me in the first hours after my accident. As my semen jerked into Catherine's palm she held tightlyp 45 C 1973
transmitted in darkened cinemas, made an immediate connection between my accident and all the nightmare fatalities of the world perceived asp 46 C 1973
the leopard-skin glove of the miniature steering wheel. Since my accident Catherine's driving had become worse, not better, as if shep 47 C 1973
as if its true nature had been exposed by my accident. Leaning against the rear window of the taxi, I foundp 49 C 1973
an undefined sense of extreme danger, almost as if an accident was about to take place involving all these cars. Thep 50 C 1973
this end of the world by automobile, for which the accident had been my own private rehearsal. I called Catherine top 50 C 1973
three times as many cars as there were before the accident.‘ ‘I've never really noticed. You won't try to borrow thep 51 C 1973
borrow the janitor's car?‘ Her care was touching. Since the accident she seemed completely at ease with me for the firstp 51 C 1973
of his shirt collar, were held for ever within that accident. Horns sounded from the trapped vehicles on the motorway, ap 52 C 1973
parking bay, I thought about the dead man. The entire accident seemed to be preserved by these indelible markers, the policep 52 C 1973
the motorway interchange. I drove past the site of my accident to the roundabout half a mile to the north, circledp 55 C 1973
like an affectionate governess. ‘I saw you just before the accident,‘ I told her. ‘Do you remember? We made love.‘ ‘Arep 56 C 1973
geological layer laid down by the age of the automobile accident would be my own small death, as anonymous as ap 57 C 1973
on a different role. My first brief journey to the accident site had raised again the spectre of the dead manp 58 C 1973
death. In each of these cars I drove along the accident route, visualizing the possibility of a different death and victimp 58 C 1973
lanes of Western Avenue. Invariably, at the hour of my accident, I found myself at the foot of the flyover, eitherp 59 C 1973
matter with your legs -- have you been in an accident?‘ She made it sound like a sexual offence. As shep 62 C 1973
with the scarred forehead who had watched me near the accident site below the flyover, the doctor in the white coatp 63 C 1973
bars of her mouth. ‘Did anyone see him at the accident?‘ ‘I've no idea. Are you planning to have another crashp 66 C 1973
surprised me was the extent of the damage. During the accident the hood had climbed over the engine compartment, hiding fromp 67 C 1973
was now talking to herself, rambling away like some demented accident casualty. She lifted her right breast from her brassiere, pressingp 80 C 1973
Remington. Catherine had rededicated herself to her marriage. Before my accident our sexual relationship was almost totally abstracted, maintained by ap 83 C 1973
be more interesting -- "The Recreation of a Spectacular Road Accident".‘ The track was cleared and lines of white bollards werep 85 C 1973
cars were to take part in the re-enactment of the accident -- a multiple pile-up in which seven people had diedp 85 C 1973
special kind.‘ ‘I thought he was doing some sort of accident research. He wanted every conceivable detail about the crash.‘ Vaughan'sp 85 C 1973
as a concussed Seagrave was helped across the parking-lot. The accident re-enactment had been a fiasco -- struck by the skiddingp 86 C 1973
made Vaughan's first programmes, nodded encouragingly as Vaughan described Seagrave's accident, but was too glazed by the hash he had beenp 93 C 1973
airport underpass not far from the site of my own accident. Her sharp-jawed face, its skin beginning to sag like thep 97 C 1973
young woman. I guessed that he had chanced upon her accident a few minutes after she had skidded into the rearp 98 C 1973
young woman had been transformed during her recovery from the accident. The first photographs of her lying in the crashed carp 99 C 1973
album, as I anticipated, described the course of my own accident and recovery. From the first photograph, which showed me beingp 100 C 1973
my wounded body into its first sexual encounters since the accident. He had caught my hand stretching across the transmission tunnelp 101 C 1973
meeting with Vaughan, and the album of photographs documenting my accident, had quickened all my memories of that trauma of dreamsp 105 C 1973
idiot suffering from the irreversible brain damage of a motorway accident and now put out each morning to view the scenep 106 C 1973
and lighting men watched her like spectators at a real accident. The make-up woman, a refined girl with a reassuring sensep 108 C 1973
under her death-paint visualize the real victim injured in the accident that had crushed this vehicle -- some Francophile suburban housewifep 109 C 1973
in her own magnificent person the injuries of a commonplace accident, the soon-forgotten bloodstains and sutures? She sat in the damagedp 109 C 1973
interest away from me, as if allocating myself and the accident to a past life whose reality she no longer recognizedp 119 C 1973
Vaughan nodded appreciatively, and commented sotto voce, ‘The technology of accident simulation at the R.R.L. is remarkably advanced. Usingp 123 C 1973
own vision. Comparing the completed questionnaires, I noticed the differing accident modes selected by Vaughan's subjects. Vera Seagrave's choices had beenp 135 C 1973
I was really waiting to be involved in a second accident, this time under Vaughan's eyes. Even the giant aircraft takingp 146 C 1973
sexual authority over me, an authority partly won by the accident memorialized in the scarred contours of his face and chestp 147 C 1973
spoke to Vaughan. ‘They want to question Vaughan about an accident near the airport. Some pedestrian -- they think he wasp 150 C 1973
set up on the pavement flashed a rhythmic ‘Slow ... Slow ... Accident ... Accident ...‘ Ten minutes later, when we reached the eastern endp 152 C 1973
up on the pavement flashed a rhythmic ‘Slow ... Slow ... Accident ... Accident ...‘ Ten minutes later, when we reached the eastern end ofp 152 C 1973
the eastern end of the flyover, we could see the accident site below. Lines of cars moved past a circle ofp 152 C 1973
metal rail. The smallest of the cars involved in the accident, a yellow Italian sports car, had been almost obliterated byp 152 C 1973
identities sealed behind the starred internal window. We passed the accident site, edging forward in the line of cars. Catherine hadp 153 C 1973
out of the cars. We followed Vaughan back to the accident site. Hundreds of faces pressed at the windows of thep 154 C 1973
stretched an immense congestion of traffic held up by the accident. Standing at the centre of this paralysed hurricane, I feltp 156 C 1973
Vaughan, by contrast, seemed to have lost interest in the accident. Holding his camera above his head, he pushed roughly throughp 156 C 1973
show of hostility, as if calmed and relaxed by the accident we had passed. I sat behind the wheel, waiting forp 158 C 1973
through the pretence of withdrawing the car's radio aerial. The accident below the flyover, in a position almost symmetrically opposite top 160 C 1973
ambulance broadcasts on Vaughan's VHF radio. Vaughan listened to the accident reports, readying his cameras in the rear seat. As thep 167 C 1973
All these photographs dated back to the time before Vaughan's accident, as if the subsequent years marked a temporal no-zone, ap 168 C 1973
car through the network of back streets to the next accident site, my head invaded by the burning resin, I thoughtp 168 C 1973
contorted position that we had been involved in a major accident. Covering the face of the girl beside him, a teenagep 173 C 1973
section of the Western Avenue flyover, examined through my own accident and the death of Helen Remington's husband, marked in ap 182 C 1973
beside me as I pushed the Lincoln westwards to the accident site. He stared with resigned eyes at the white facadesp 184 C 1973
the final confirmation broadcast at full crescendo. We reached the accident site at Harlington half an hour later, and parked onp 184 C 1973
Vaughan had reserved for himself. In his mind, from that accident onwards, the film actress had already died. All that remainedp 187 C 1973
conjunctions of colliding door panels and bulkheads. I visualized the accident filmed in slow motion, like the simulated collisions we hadp 189 C 1973
gestures and skin tones. Each of the spectators at the accident site would carry away an image of the violent transformationp 189 C 1973
remembered my first journey home from Ashford Hospital after my accident. The brightness of the traffic, the nervous perspectives of thep 198 C 1973
intersections, clearly testing in his mind the possibilities of different accident modes: head-on collisions, side-impacts, rear-end collisions, roll-over. During this timep 217 C 1973
windshield and kicked in the headlamps. When we reached the accident site below the flyover I felt that I was visitingp 221 C 1973
of my own death. Not far from here, my own accident had taken place in a car identical to the vehiclep 221 C 1973
car in a garage forecourt and walked towards the revolving accident beacons half a mile ahead. A brilliant evening sky litp 221 C 1973
we had attended together during the previous summer. At the accident site, under the high deck of the flyover, at leastp 221 C 1973
warning lights revolved, beckoning more and more passers-by to the accident site, across the recreation grounds from the high-rise apartment blocksp 222 C 1973
there by the mysterious demolition squad which had arranged the accident. He moved his legs, reassured as they took up theirp 8 CI 1974
three thirty-one, still less than half an hour since the accident. He looked back for the last time at the islandp 12 CI 1974
air like rectangular planets. For the first time since his accident, Maitland's head felt clear. The bruises on his temple andp 19 CI 1974
hunger pangs, so far blunted by the shock of the accident, made his head reel. With an effort he focused hisp 30 CI 1974
It was now little more than twenty-four hours since his accident, but the skin of his arms and chest had blossomedp 35 CI 1974
slope and replaced the trestles, hiding all traces of his accident. As he muttered to the young woman she sat downp 64 CI 1974
the surface. Soon it would hide all traces of his accident, the deep ruts left by the tyres of his carp 74 CI 1974
the hospital gymnasium, during his long recuperation after the aviation accident, he found the effort of walking through the deep sandp 812 DFW 1974
Force in confused circumstances, and during his convalescence after the accident the military psychiatrists had been only too glad to playp 813 DFW 1974
City ordered me to drive to the scene of the accident, some thirty miles to the south. As I set offp 820 AD 1975
the final stages of Royal's recovery from a minor car accident. Laing had helped him to set up the complex callisthenicsp 15 HR 1975
His bony forehead, still marked by the scars of his accident, was tilted to one side, and he seemed to bep 27 HR 1975
casualty, but have helped to design the site of the accident. Annoyed by the delay, Laing fretted at the wheel. Forp 37 HR 1975
remained closed to any probing. ‘I know nothing about the accident, Wilder. It may have been suicide, I suppose. Are youp 55 HR 1975
forced to watch someone about to be involved in an accident. Wilder remembered that he had given his destination to onep 66 HR 1975
each shrouded in its dust-sheet. In the year since his accident he had found that constant exercise alone held back thep 68 HR 1975
design studies had been superseded by his colleagues after the accident, but in a strange way these old frontal elevations ofp 69 HR 1975
life she had never known. As he recovered from the accident, sitting in the windows of the penthouse or exercising onp 71 HR 1975
more modest dwellings his own rested securely. Even after his accident, when he had been forced to sell out his partnershipp 72 HR 1975
many senses of the term. In an insane way, his accident might have been an attempt to break out of thep 74 HR 1975
stride. During the past months almost all traces of his accident had vanished, and Royal felt stronger and more confident thanp 134 HR 1975
which his wife had unthinkingly tried to create, hitting by accident on the one possible source of harmony between them, andp 148 HR 1975
to control himself, and uncertain whether the scars of his accident had begun to reopen themselves, he stepped on to thep 163 HR 1975
that they were the scars left by a serious automobile accident. With his intelligent face and curiously unfocused eyes, which seemedp 889 UC 1976
manufactured. Only then will I come to terms with my accident. He flashed a self-deprecating smile and added: After that Ip 891 UC 1976
surrounded him at the airport and the memories of his accident, had become the central obsession of his life. On thep 902 UC 1976
as if she, and not I, had escaped from the accident. Engine grease marked her silk blouse and the pearls hangingp 20 UDC 1979
aggressive priest. I was sure that the violence of my accident had aroused her, and I was disappointed that it wasp 23 UDC 1979
be some kind of disaster -- perhaps even a nuclear accident. There was an enormous glow in the sky, an intensep 32 UDC 1979
wistfully at the river, at the vanished traces of my accident swept away by the sunlit back of the Thames, Ip 43 UDC 1979
of the family and had just returned from a boating accident. How could they have been certain that I would returnp 61 UDC 1979
carried out an extensive search and fear that a tragic accident has taken place. None of the hundreds of elevators isp 1086 RUS 1982
nuclear catastrophe, or a sudden epidemic after a research laboratory accident -- and that by some unfortunate mishap he alone hadp 3 SAJ 1984
After a day spent in the emergency unit, treating road accident casualties and the victims of strokes and heart attacks, Ip 31 DC 1987
been beaten and probably raped by Harare's guerillas. However, my accident, or our imminent departure from Lake Kotto, had catalyzed ap 81 DC 1987
me. ‘Two of my men are injured in a motor accident. This river --‘ He stared at the channel, inhaling deeplyp 91 DC 1987
calm their fears at being involved in this waterborne traffic accident. Later, as I washed my hands in the corridor sinkp 96 DC 1987
had also poisoned Noon and these destitute nomads. Solely by accident, I had created a great river that had brought lifep 259 DC 1987
him, and dropped the hair dryer into the water by accident. She panicked, and the brother tried to make it lookp 47 RW 1988
strength sustained me through the unhappy period of my car accident, convalescence and divorce, and the unending problems that faced mep 1130 TES 1989
tranquil TV suburbs. Soon after, Valentine died in a car accident. By chance a telescoped Pontiac starred in my 1969 exhibitionp 9 AEa 1990
completing Crash, I was involved in my only serious car accident. After a front wheel blowout my Ford Zephyr veered top 26 UDa 1990
An extreme case of nature imitating art. Curiously, before the accident and since, I have always been a careful and evenp 26 UDa 1990
turned the dance floor into the scene of a traffic accident. A roulette table lay on its side, gaming chips scatteredp 68 KW 1991
the scars beneath her chin, traces perhaps of a car accident, the once broken bridge of her strong nose, and thep 83 KW 1991
modest stones beside an English youth drowned in a yachting accident. Looking back for the last time, I turned north towardsp 162 KW 1991
their island hideaway had been the setting for Miriam's fatal accident. Watching Sally whooping around the children, I realised how strongp 181 KW 1991
crashed cars came to me in 1969 after the road accident near Fair Oaks airfield in which Sally and David Hunterp 213 KW 1991
hurt in any way, but the strange circumstances of the accident, and the behaviour of the witnesses, seemed to spring straightp 213 KW 1991
seat, as if reclining in the car after a spectacular accident. When I caressed her thighs, trying to soothe the needlep 224 KW 1991
its sole purpose had been to incite myself. Was my accident, in which I was lucky not to be killed, anp 233 KW 1991
of the afternoon was the recreation of a spectacular road accident, a multiple collision on a Manchester overpass in which ap 233 KW 1991
at what seemed to be the scene of a small accident. An elderly man in an oversize tuxedo sat on ap 238 KW 1991
for the first time he had linked his own last accident to my exhibition, implying that I had served as thep 262 KW 1991
the fine scars, miniature balloons celebrating these residues of his accident. Dials had appeared in the cockpit, their last readings registeredp 295 KW 1991
telling me that I was marooned in Shepperton, and the accident at the funfair must have seemed to her like anotherp 318 KW 1991
calming himself like a compassionate policeman at a tragic roadside accident. Roused by the noise, Professor Saito stepped from the plantp 156 RP 1994
straggling moustache. ‘Fatalities?‘ It occurred to me that a cruel accident had taken place on the notorious coastal road, and perhapsp 20 CN 1996
in the deaths of Spanish children. ‘Was there a traffic accident? How many people were killed?‘ ‘Five.‘ Senor Danvila's lips movedp 20 CN 1996
possibilities of a humane mathematics. ‘It was not a traffic accident.‘ ‘Then what? How did they die?‘ ‘They were murdered, Mrp 20 CN 1996
them.‘ ‘Someone did. Why?‘ ‘Charles ... it may have been an accident. Perhaps they microwaved one too many of their god-awful canapesp 72 CN 1996
she was biting her injured lip, reminding herself of whatever accident had bruised her mouth. Standing beside her, I looked downp 88 CN 1996
even in the Residencia Costasol.‘ ‘The whole place is an accident. This is where the late twentieth century ran into thep 235 CN 1996
Gardner. Everyone else saw it as the kind of tragic accident that happens when a party trick goes wrong. God knowsp 323 CN 1996
would do wonders for my knee, injured in a flying accident nine months earlier and still refusing to mend. My cousinp 11 SC 2000
Saint-Exupery. Let me help you. They told me about the accident.‘ His strong upper arms lifted me easily from my seatp 14 SC 2000
tracks. I assumed that Greenwood had suffered a catastrophic cerebral accident, but one which probably owed nothing to Eden-Olympia. Beyond thep 18 SC 2000
to explain. Mr Sinclair is still convalescing from a serious accident. And we can't have Dr Jane too tired to dealp 22 SC 2000
your job -- but thanks. I had a small flying accident.‘ ‘You broke your knees. That's tough.‘ He spoke with anp 24 SC 2000
the clinic's files, along with an unforgiving description of my accident and a photograph of the ground-looped Harvard. Tapping her teethp 25 SC 2000
down the white staircase of this dreaming villa. A Flying Accident Sunlight was infiltrating the misty lakes and forests of Eden-Olympiap 36 SC 2000
elated, as if I had stepped unharmed from an aircraft accident that had injured my fellow-passengers. The sweat and stench ofp 74 SC 2000
without emotion, her cheeks drained of colour, as if the accident to her husband's sports car had stopped the clocks ofp 75 SC 2000
cap. Fortunately, Mr Yasuda had not been injured in the accident, as I had seen a few hours earlier. Still awakep 75 SC 2000
legs need the exercise -- they're getting over a flying accident.‘ ‘Yes, you're a pilot ...‘ She lit a cigarette, briefly settingp 111 SC 2000
a try. Why not?‘ ‘I wore a knee-brace after my accident. It did nothing for my sex life.‘ ‘How sad ...‘ Francesp 116 SC 2000
refuse-filled verges. Only once, surprisingly, did I have a minor accident. Reversing from a cul-de-sac at Cagnes-sur-Mer, I cracked a rearp 119 SC 2000
were due to testify together as witnesses to a traffic accident. Now the case will never be heard.‘ ‘Who was involvedp 145 SC 2000
hands, as if the multiple killings had been an inexplicable accident. ‘Did Dr Greenwood get on with Dr Serrou?‘ ‘Were theyp 150 SC 2000
if convinced that her clumsy driving had led to the accident. Leaving her, I walked down the beach and let thep 312 SC 2000
the headlights of the approaching police car he resembled an accident bystander already bored by the tableau around him, the overturnedp 314 SC 2000
and somehow reassure her that Zander's death had been an accident. Already I had largely convinced myself. A lethal evening hadp 317 SC 2000
alcohol in his system. There were no witnesses to the accident, Jucaud told us, and it seemed likely that Zander hadp 318 SC 2000
You sounded very convincing.‘ ‘They weren't stories. It was an accident.‘ ‘Are you sure?‘ ‘I was there.‘ Jane leaned her headp 319 SC 2000
valise.‘ ‘I must have missed that. Did you see the accident?‘ ‘More or less. It happened so quickly. The cars barelyp 320 SC 2000
overdosed myself. ‘You're getting obsessive again. First David, now this accident. It was tragic for Zander, but ...‘ ‘No one liked himp 320 SC 2000
smells a story. Someone at Antibes-les-Pins might have seen the accident. The apartments are close to the beach.‘ ‘No one therep 332 SC 2000
manager at Eden-Olympia.‘ ‘The man who died in a hit-and-run accident? David was passing by and looked after him. It wasp 333 SC 2000
after him. It was quite a coincidence.‘ ‘It wasn't an accident. Or a coincidence. David wouldn't talk about it but hep 333 SC 2000
I could reassemble her memories. ‘Those nightmare headlights before the accident ...‘ ‘Frances, it wasn't an accident. They killed him.‘ ‘Yes ...‘ Bloodp 341 SC 2000
Those nightmare headlights before the accident ...‘ ‘Frances, it wasn't an accident. They killed him.‘ ‘Yes ...‘ Blood flushed her cheeks, and shep 341 SC 2000
brought her along. And she genuinely thinks it was an accident?‘ ‘I'm not sure ...‘ I watched the first of the oldp 346 SC 2000
Let's leave before anyone notices your licence number -- these accident widows must have sharp eyes. Listen to me. David diedp 352 SC 2000
we compensate the victims.‘ ‘People like Zander?‘ ‘That was an accident.‘ ‘Wilder, I was there. It was an execution.‘ I loweredp 363 SC 2000
images on the screen reminded her of her own near-fatal accident. ‘Sally, you're safe here. You're with me.‘ ‘I'm fine.‘ Shep 17 MP 2003
of justice had been done. Sally had always seen her accident as a random event, a cruel deficit in the moralp 22 MP 2003
buttons, revealing all her anger over the injustice of her accident. But a few days later she swerved past me inp 24 MP 2003
was her curious obsession with the random nature of the accident that prevented her from walking. Unable to resolve the conundrump 24 MP 2003
take it easy.‘ We had reached Ashford Hospital. Outside the Accident and Emergency entrance the ambulance lights rotated ceaselessly, hungry radarsp 26 MP 2003
noticed a bearded figure in a white raincoat outside the Accident and Emergency entrance. He was staring over the heads ofp 26 MP 2003
yourself. My map was faulty, in all senses. A nasty accident derailed me for a while ...‘ ‘In the Philippines?‘ ‘Mindanao. Ip 106 MP 2003
-- it's all unbelievable.‘ ‘Smoke bombs. The fire was an accident. The fuses were too powerful -- why, I don't knowp 108 MP 2003
someone else's life, in a strange house you've rented by accident. The "you" you've become isn't your real self.‘ ‘But whyp 138 MP 2003
our bodies and, above all, we fear death We're an accident of nature, but we think we're at the centre ofp 139 MP 2003
right to these impulsive gestures. Like Frida Kahlo, the tram accident entitled her to indulge her whims, to play her ownp 144 MP 2003
go on until she found a convincing explanation for the accident that had nearly killed her. Cramped in the driver's seatp 144 MP 2003
windscreen and damaged bumpers, perhaps the casualty of a road accident abandoned while the driver made his getaway. The Jaguar's windowsp 242 MP 2003
You killed those people ... and my wife.‘ ‘It was an accident.‘ Gould's eyeballs tilted upwards under their lids, as they hadp 252 MP 2003
just another squalid crime. But if I killed you by accident, or for no reason at all, your death would havep 255 MP 2003
I was careless with everyone, but especially with you. That accident in Lisbon -- it seemed to tear up all thep 276 MP 2003
decided to leave. Gould had persuaded her that the Lisbon accident was senseless and inexplicable -- her injuries and suffering werep 277 MP 2003
her husband. Accidents and Emergencies The waiting room in the Accident & Emergency department at Brooklands Hospital was almost empty whenp 60 KC 2006
elaborate ruse, a clumsily handled tour of Brooklands and its accident black spots. She had known that the race riot wouldp 80 KC 2006
wheel spins and you see nothing but zeroes. A terrible accident.‘ ‘Accident?‘ I rapped the table with my glass. ‘Someone firedp 100 KC 2006
spins and you see nothing but zeroes. A terrible accident.‘ ‘Accident?‘ I rapped the table with my glass. ‘Someone fired ap 100 KC 2006
ambulances appeared through the smoke and haze, waiting outside the Accident & Emergency entrance of Brooklands Hospital. The rioters had movedp 129 KC 2006
a different car.‘ ‘It's leased. My Jensen was in an accident.‘ ‘Nothing too serious?‘ ‘Hard to say. Somehow I don't thinkp 186 KC 2006
an overflowing bin. ‘Julia had treated Christie's daughter after the accident. He may be schizoid but he's no fool. He wasn'tp 260 KC 2006
cronies of Chiang and his wife. One bomb, dropped by accident from a Chinese aircraft, struck the Great World Amusement Parkp 25 ML 2008
Looking back, I suspect that if I had died the accident might well have been judged deliberate, at least on thep 242 ML 2008
powers that propelled the novel. I have never had an accident since, and in half a century of driving have neverp 242 ML 2008