fumbling among the plastic dolls turned to bellow at me. ‘Acceso prohibido ...!‘ He leaned against my windshield, a greasy hand smearingp 13 CN 1996
word-chains. He seemed more than satisfied with the results. ‘Shorter access times, deeper memory traces,‘ he pointed out to Morley whenp 56 M69 1957
deep, their rear windows and fanlights provided him all the access he needed. Nothing escaped Mr Goddard's scrutiny. In the backp 200 LW 1960
to fall, was a handy topic which provided ready conversational access to the senior members of the staff Curiously, however, thep 203 LW 1960
from behind. Rather than use the kitchen door, which gave access to the lounge on the double's immediate right, he turnedp 147 ZT 1960
in the Insurance Department at the City Hall, had informal access to the census statistics. For the last ten years thesep 271 B 1961
of space here, feels more like a triple. You got access to the staircase, window slit --‘ He broke off asp 273 B 1961
my way. I'm going to live in a broom cupboard. "Access to the staircase" -- that's really rich. Tell me, Louiep 273 B 1961
the rear wall of the building, at each angle giving access to the kitchen door of one of the apartments. Swingingp 10 WFN 1961
this one was principally designed to prevent burglars from gaining access up it, and only secondarily to facilitate occupants from escapingp 11 WFN 1961
I'm afraid, sir. At least four hundred dead. The station access platforms are in pitch darkness, and they're waiting for thep 59 WFN 1961
of it had collapsed into the ditch, affording a convenient access point. The driver pointed to it. ‘Take that back top 80 WFN 1961
the sea, following the vanished gas cloud. In a sudden access of refound confidence, Bridgman drove his fist into the darkp 372 CS 1962
as if releasing an invisible bird, then in a final access of courage put her hands in her husband's, her smilep 303 GT 1962
administration building at the medical school. How he had gained access to the roof Vansittart had never discovered. Luckily one ofp 406 M99 1962
below deck level, on a flat keel with a convenient access point by the starboard bridge. Dimly below they could hearp 76 DW 1962
planetarium, the one underwater building to which there was easy access. Strangman posted a permanent guard over the little lake, somep 96 DW 1962
baths. Strangman had rifled his treasure house below in an access of profligacy -- several pieces of blackened bronze statuary stoodp 116 DW 1962
pressed white suit and examined him critically, in a strange access of pity suddenly murmured: ‘Kerans, you're still alive, how dop 137 DW 1962
the patrol boat had been instructed to give Kerans free access to the medical supplies. The aerial attacks were resumed atp 163 DW 1962
evening sky like a stack of dominoes. There was no access to the house along the beach. Quartz veins cut deepp 545 SG 1963
water, but the slip road near by gave him quick access to Hamilton and the hospital. The only hazards were thep 12 D 1965
birds, half-expecting Quilter to snap their necks in a sudden access of violence. More and more Quilter treated Whitman and Ransomp 168 D 1965
collided as he lurched from the mouth of a concealed access road. As I ran across to Vaughan I saw himp 9 C 1973
by chance meeting each other on collision courses on the access roads of petrochemical plants, their unconscious incest made explicit inp 13 C 1973
streets; of manic-depressives crushed while making pointless U-turns on motorway access roads; of luckless paranoids driving at full speed into thep 15 C 1973
supermarkets, shielded from the distant bulk of London by an access spur of the northern circular motorway which flowed past usp 48 C 1973
veranda and pointed to a minor collision on the southern access road of the motorway. A white laundry van had bumpedp 50 C 1973
the raised parapets and embankments of the motorways and their access roads and interchanges. These encircled the vehicles below like thep 53 C 1973
same model as my own, I turned into the airport access road. A massive traffic jam blocked the tunnel entrance, andp 60 C 1973
in our separate cars. At the traffic lights on the access road to the northbound lanes of the motorway I watchedp 112 C 1973
the passing cars. He rolled the heavy car along the access road to the motorway, holding the battered bumpers a fewp 130 C 1973
accidents at roundabouts, at trunk-road intersections, at the junctions between access roads and motorway intersections, the telescoping mechanisms of car-bodies inp 133 C 1973
his briefcase. The traffic had come to a halt, the access lanes to Western Avenue jammed by the first rush-hour trafficp 137 C 1973
London Airport, heading inwards towards the city on the fast access roads, his rhythm became faster, his hands under the girl'sp 144 C 1973
by a taxi joining the flyover from the Western Avenue access road. The head-on collision into the rear end of thep 152 C 1973
area. On this peninsula between the perimeter fence and the access roads to Western Avenue was an encampment of car-hire firmsp 159 C 1973
ambulance frequencies, propelling the heavy car up and down the access roads in pursuit of the latest vehicle pile-up and collisionp 190 C 1973
doors. Vaughan encouraged me to drive faster than the airport access roads allowed. When I braked sharply at the intersections hep 192 C 1973
of the rear-view mirror I watched the cars climbing the access ramp on to the motorway behind us, eager arrivals atp 199 C 1973
rose into the air as it slid sideways across the access road. Vaughan's bloodied hands whirled at the steering wheel. Thep 206 C 1973
Lincoln re-mounted the kerb on the far side of the access road. It crushed a ten-yard section of the wooden palisadep 206 C 1973
left to its own devices, as we drove down the access road where Vaughan had tried to kill me a fewp 212 C 1973
he had no hope of driving it to a nearby access road. The front end had been punched into itself likep 9 CI 1974
perimeter of the island, searching for a service staircase or access tunnel. Below the overpass the wire-mesh fence ran in anp 25 CI 1974
meagre diet with these field rodents. Yet somewhere he had access to other food-sources. Once he could discover these, Maitland's tenancyp 89 CI 1974
35th-floor swimming-pool. ‘The terms of our leases guarantee us equal access to all facilities,‘ Charlotte explained. ‘We've decided to set upp 17 HR 1975
his rights of free passage around the building, and his access to all its services, particularly the swimming-pool on the 35thp 50 HR 1975
the top floor with their doors jammed open. The only access to them was through the private outside entrance to whichp 51 HR 1975
attacks from the lower levels, and also to give us access to more of the elevators. We're in danger of beingp 90 HR 1975
to dress. Far below him, a car drove along the access road to the nearby high-rise, its three occupants looking upp 92 HR 1975
no free spaces, but Wilder drove up and down the access lanes, stopping at the end of each file and reversingp 113 HR 1975
search of food and water. During the afternoon lull, one access route to the 10th-floor supermarket was still allowed the tenantsp 119 HR 1975
and raincoats, briefcases in hand. The abandoned cars in the access roads prevented the police from reaching the main entrance top 131 HR 1975
the parking-lot and threaded its way through the maze of access lanes to its place two hundred yards from the buildingp 136 HR 1975
Reformation and Martin Luther's revolt against a clergy claiming privileged access to the supreme being, were of course perturbed by thesep 845 LDG 1976
to that of a member of staff. He has informal access to all the facilities of the Unit, and with hisp 850 NTM 1976
in a side street -- or, conceivably, given a sudden access of humanity, outside the Swiss embassy. In fact, my chiefp 930 DT 1977
the solid wall climbed to the observation deck, and gave access to the barbette of a small-arms weapons platform below thep 974 OAU 1978
the Incas. Possibilities multiply: the placenta of curtain-walling gives no access to the computer rend-out, the yes or no of thep 24 IY4 1978
Miriam ...‘ I wanted to reassure her. But in a sudden access of lucidity she came towards me, buttoning her white coatp 33 UDC 1979
her hand from David's shoulder. But then, in a sudden access of courage, she ran forward and seized my knees. Shep 201 UDC 1979
operated by remote control, and the girls with the random access eyes. These were the franchises hawked around the drained swimming-poolsp 57 IY6 1979
story-telling, in other words, with its ageless appeal and direct access to the great myths and legends that pave the floorp 236 UGM 1986
the site of the original spring. All trace of the access ramp had been swept away by the rushing waters ofp 57 DC 1987
are employed. The film opens by the gatehouse that controlled access to the ten mansions, the recreation club and gymnasium whichp 7 RW 1988
was the proximity of the M4 motorway, and the ready access it offers to Heathrow Airport and central London, an easep 13 RW 1988
offers to Heathrow Airport and central London, an ease of access that might well have benefited the assassins and kidnappers. Allp 13 RW 1988
for security, and Mark knows that he will only gain access to the gatehouse by using a decoy. In this casep 67 RW 1988
rates, perhaps a consequence of long-term imposed depression and easy access to lethal drugs. Psychiatrists, unsurprisingly, show the highest rate, pediatriciansp 76 THFa 1990
published material to which most literate people have scarcely any access but which provides the most potent compost for the imaginationp 182 UGM 1992
as a tourist, but found it surprisingly easy to gain access to P'u-Yi's surviving relatives. It is only twenty-six years sincep 248 UGM 1993
row of parked cars that faced the Porsche across the access lane. Several of the front seats were occupied by thep 58 CN 1996
closer eye on everything.‘ ‘Then how did your attacker gain access to the balcony?‘ ‘Inspector, he must have been waiting forp 97 CN 1996
Estrella de Mar was built in the 1970s -- open access, street festivals, tourists welcome. The Residencia Costasol is pure 1990sp 212 CN 1996
yachts and powerboats, moored together like a mothballed fleet. An access canal led to the open sea, passing below a cantileverp 214 CN 1996
a large deco house on a corner site. A shared access road ran towards a group of three-storey apartment houses. Awningsp 235 CN 1996
But this feels right.‘ He pointed fifty yards beyond the access road, where the fronds of a huge cycad formed ap 236 CN 1996
and loosened his cap, keeping a careful eye on the access road. ‘I'm checking it for them -- a couple calledp 236 CN 1996
the volunteer security patrols kept the sun-coast riff-raff from any access to the complex. A host of societies pursued every pastimep 289 CN 1996
coat. ‘I'm not sure.‘ ‘No one will know. Can you access it on the terminal downstairs?‘ ‘Yes, but ... why do youp 81 SC 2000
showrooms. Together they crowded the few spaces between the autoroute access ramps. ‘The light? Or were people more cheerful then? Picassop 103 SC 2000
itself. I turned off the Cannes highway and followed the access roads that led to the small airport. Single-engined aircraft werep 148 SC 2000
my chance, I said: ‘The free clinic -- I have access to the old stock. Methadone, diamorphine, pethidine as much asp 161 SC 2000
The door was electronically locked from Berthoud's desk. It gave access to the office and a side corridor to the drugsp 185 SC 2000
centre's car park was full, and Halder paused in an access lane fifty yards from the mirror-clad building. The international soccerp 188 SC 2000
even more disturbed by the replay. He turned onto an access road that led to the multistorey garage behind the Siemensp 195 SC 2000
forgiving me for the mild subterfuge that had given me access to the villa. Once again I realized that my rolep 295 SC 2000
showroom of Nostalgic Aviation and set off through the airport access roads to the coastal highway. The Cherokee moved down thep 392 SC 2000
a ploy to tease out the residents and their possible access to more dangerous weapons than croquet mallets and moral indignationp 237 MP 2003
see its tail rotor through the open doors of the access ramp. Only one car was parked in the garage, Sally'sp 284 MP 2003
A suburban town had conjured itself from the nexus of access roads and dual carriageways. Rescue was offering itself to ap 6 KC 2006
high at its peak, its ridge line cut by an access road. I ran through this narrow corridor, and then stoppedp 137 KC 2006
of the dome's sterilized atmosphere. A fire engine blocked the access lane, reversing slowly towards the avenue. I shouted to onep 182 KC 2006
not in my head. I followed the path alongside the access road that cut through the embankment. The car park besidep 200 KC 2006
industries were located. The five million Chinese inhabitants had free access to the Settlement, and most of the people I sawp 4 ML 2008
It gave me an early taste of college life, and access to excellent bookshops, specialist journals and student magazines I wouldp 128 ML 2008
boys they taught. The English master, who had the closest access to the turmoil inside my head, never chided me forp 130 ML 2008