maybe even a thousand. Why not?‘ ‘It's possible,‘ Abel admitted, accepting the idea with surprising ease. ‘Right. Now you remember yourp 324 13C 1962
way life in the dome has become tenable only by accepting the insane situation as the normal one. I think thep 329 13C 1962
in the space flight which the exercise gave him, deliberately accepting the illusion. The seals were mounted in the control pointp 337 13C 1962
then returned to his career as an architect, chastened but accepting his failure. As yet, however, the opportunity for surrender hadp 367 CS 1962
he's been much less disturbed, almost as if he were accepting the dreams and allowing himself to be carried back withoutp 44 DW 1962
sweep is one hundred percent cover, one hundred percent concentration.‘ Accepting the rebuke, Kerans scanned the tilting disc of the junglep 53 DW 1962
Daley put a foot up on the cockpit entry step, accepting the logic of Kerans‘ argument and the shared understanding ofp 56 DW 1962
Bodkin and Beatrice ceased to refer to it, as if accepting that an answer to the question would solve for themp 111 DW 1962
the role of Neptune into which he had been cast, accepting the refuse and abuse heaped upon him as the crewp 135 DW 1962
re-trial.‘ Constantin gestured with a piece. ‘I criticize myself for accepting the indictments so readily. In effect I made no attemptp 516 EG 1963
chimeras, let us at least retain absolute clarity of mind, accepting the validity of any proposition only if all our sensesp 528 MO 1963
and houses. At first she had merely smiled at him, accepting this illustration of his strange private world. Then, three nightsp 474 NWS 1963
point out that the lost astronaut, Colonel Francis Spender, by accepting the immense risks of the flight to and from thep 436 QR 1963
him that the Indians were at equilibrium with their environment, accepting its constraints and never seeking to dominate the towering arborsp 458 QR 1963
in a jar. Once he would have despised himself for accepting his situation so passively, but he was now beyond anyp 431 RE 1963
He withdrew his fingers with a wan smile, as if accepting the finality of Emerelda's departure. Recognizing me with an effortp 552 SG 1963
for the new model as he sat at its wheel, accepting the salesman's assurance that the depreciation on the two-month trade-inp 423 SM 1963
What you mean is that you take it too seriously.‘ Accepting the rebuke with a smile at himself, Ward pulled outp 486 VH 1963
than the bedtime story and the fable. Burroughs begins by accepting the full implication of his subject matter: Well these arep 127 UGM 1964
were offered to me.‘ ‘But you couldn't degrade yourself by accepting them,‘ his wife commented, a trace of irony in herp 633 DS 1964
me.‘ Unable to make any sense of his replies, but accepting his assurances that he would leave the island, Osborne andp 598 TB 1964
the cane, he lowered his short legs to the floor, accepting Ransom's hand with a flourish of thanks. Despite Lomax's posep 41 D 1965
landscape, the old negro sat with his head erect, stoically accepting the jolts and swerves of the car. Now and thenp 86 D 1965
even the police can't get through.‘ Sanders ordered two brandies. Accepting a cigarette from Louise, he looked out through the windowp 31 CW 1966
you, Edward, it must have been a wonderful experience.‘ ‘Well ...‘ Accepting a drink from Max, who was now half-filling his ownp 124 CW 1966
for working at the leproserie weren't altogether humanitarian, but merely accepting that doesn't help me. Of course there's a dark sidep 136 CW 1966
command of herself and the villa at Lizard Key. Then, accepting Foyle's challenge, and refusing to be outfaced by his broken-lippedp 726 CHC 1967
arena and entered the arcade below the overpass, at last accepting its geometry of violence and eroticism. LOVE: A Print-out forp 49 JAC 1970
mark, as if Vaughan were speculating about alternative death modes, accepting some as plausible and rejecting others as too extreme. Ap 136 C 1973
deaths, the exhilaration of being close to Vaughan and wholly accepting his logic. Curiously, Vaughan remained subdued and depressed, indifferent top 190 C 1973
the eagerness I had shown in pursuing him, and yet accepting now his own failure and my authority over him. Asp 195 C 1973
stung his legs through the torn fabric of his trousers, accepting these burning weals in the same way that he acceptedp 45 CI 1974
off in that fancy dress!‘ Proctor hovered in the doorway, accepting the logic of this but reluctant to part with thep 0063 CI 1974
weeklies, seemed permanently exhausted. As Laing stood on the balcony, accepting a drink from Charlotte, the noise of the party camep 14 HR 1975
his memories of their quarrel, Laing had no qualms about accepting. As he expected, in the larger climate of confrontation anyp 39 HR 1975
commit suicide. Yet no one was in the least concerned, accepting the possibility of murder in the same way that thep 56 HR 1975
vaguely, swaying against Laing like a drunk in a bar accepting a dubious proposition from an old acquaintance. Sitting beside himp 153 HR 1975
found themselves no longer needed. Long-established advertising agencies became bankrupt. Accepting the public demand for total honesty, and fearful of thatp 845 LDG 1976
friends were glad to see us in such good humour, accepting Serena as one of themselves. I returned to my officep 869 S 1976
turned all sorts of keys in my mind. One day, accepting the logic of my dreams, I decided to take offp 14 UDC 1979
and the emblem of an aircraft on its white fabric. Accepting all these compliments to myself, and relieved that Miriam Stp 105 UDC 1979
a higher realm that existed within each of us. By accepting these perversions and obsessions I was opening the gates intop 175 UDC 1979
all hope of challenging me. He listened to the helicopters, accepting that they moved through a different sky. The dredging platformp 212 UDC 1979
None the less, McNair and Anne had agreed with Wayne, accepting that their reclaimed US citizenship might not wholly satisfy thep 162 HA 1981
mouth. Like all women, Marion never really feared the fugues, accepting the popular myth that during these periods of lapsed timep 1023 NFS 1981
Moreau. None the less, Sheppard had finally taken the bait, accepting that Martinsen wanted to talk to him, and on hisp 1062 MNF 1982
reasons of her own the girl was defending the stream, accepting some self-imposed challenge. She scurried through the trees, fierce eyesp 54 DC 1987
now fixed me in the viewfinder of her camera, already accepting that I was her new project. Sanger was kneeling atp 63 DC 1987
soon, a midwife would be using similar words to her. Accepting that I had no prurient interest, she let me raisep 116 KW 1991
and the anguish of space-time. Dick had side-stepped all these, accepting that the electronic image of himself was the real onep 252 KW 1991
more docile and cooperative, like a rebellious prisoner at last accepting the unwritten rules of an institution. Exhausted by the radiationp 303 KW 1991
hero of his novel a painter rather than a writer, accepting that in film, if not everywhere else, the image matteredp 121 UGM 1993
surrounded by the huge bouquets that endlessly arrived from well-wishers. Accepting a rose from Neil, his mother gazed at the blood-redp 25 RP 1994
her hands, as if aware that her dream had ended, accepting that the French would soon tire of their presence onp 80 RP 1994
cap and saluted Dr Barbara as she smiled and blushed, accepting the embraces of Monique and Mrs Saito. ‘Did you seep 94 RP 1994
across the Pacific. Even Club Med yielded to the inevitable, accepting that the new islanders would have no time for eitherp 96 RP 1994
problem.‘ ‘They'll leave eventually.‘ Dr Barbara rested in her tent, accepting a mug of tea from Neil, and refused to bep 101 RP 1994
smiled at them like a wistful parent, as if already accepting that one day they would leave the island. Massaging herp 102 RP 1994
to fish. He assumed that she had fled the island, accepting a lift from a passing yacht, aware that the Frenchp 159 RP 1994
Recognizing him, she stepped forward, warily searching the forest trail. Accepting that he was alone, she at last treated him top 163 RP 1994
royal sturgeon. Aware that he had been ruthlessly milked, but accepting his real role on Saint-Esprit, Neil walked past the silentp 192 RP 1994
hips and rude health, the manageress of a trading house accepting a consignment of merchandise. She signalled to Dr Barbara, whop 206 RP 1994
Club Nautico, he had drawn a line under the case, accepting the blame for the Hollingers‘ deaths in the way ap 184 CN 1996
sleep through it.‘ ‘You're right.‘ Crawford spoke softly, as if accepting my point. He took off his aviator glasses and staredp 219 CN 1996
together. I understood how he had fallen under Crawford's spell, accepting the irresistible logic that had revived the Club Nautico andp 324 CN 1996
neck of a small mammal. When he nodded to me, accepting that he had tried to provoke me, I turned myp 59 SC 2000
had stolen the magazine. But she shrugged and smiled cheerfully, accepting that a benign lightning strike had illuminated our excessively orderedp 77 SC 2000
on anything isn't a good idea.‘ He grimaced to himself, accepting the embarrassment he had caused. The roof had been hotp 199 SC 2000
the new paradise. Does it matter?‘ ‘I hope it does.‘ Accepting my raillery, Penrose bared his teeth. ‘The social order mustp 255 SC 2000
the biggest rebellion of all.‘ Frances would disapprove of my accepting a lift in Penrose's car. We met rarely now, andp 361 SC 2000
drew Jane from the car. They seemed disappointed but resigned, accepting that I had committed a modest social gaffe, an investorp 384 SC 2000
crowd. I joined in the applause and turned to leave, accepting that Kay would be too busy with her pocket revolutionp 75 MP 2003
entrance to Grosvenor Place. The constables sat by the windows, accepting cups of tea from nearby residents. One policewoman dropped ap 198 MP 2003
handicap. I was drawing a curtain over my past life, accepting that I would never go back to Shanghai and wouldp 138 ML 2008
my own imagination, I gave the narrator my own name, accepting all that this entailed. Two weeks after finishing the novelp 241 ML 2008
of my mind -- the one about the man who accepts a million-rouble bet that he can't shut himself up alonep 52 M69 1957
his reservations about some aspects of the mid-twentieth century, Burroughs accepts that it can be fully described only in terms ofp 126 UGM 1964
hands in the pockets of his freshly pressed suit. ‘He accepts now that I'm quite sane -- at least, as farp 41 YCM 1966
and more the others are listening to me. Anne really accepts now that I'm not a child, and that in somep 92 HA 1981
world. The success of Arnold Schwarzenegger makes sense if one accepts that his grotesque physique and hesitant approach to speech andp 78 UGM 1991
her long nose. ‘We've spoken about everything together, and she accepts what she has to do.‘ Neil tried to protest, andp 189 RP 1994
everything. I think the trial's already over for him. He accepts that you don't want to see him.‘ ‘Not true. Paulap 227 CN 1996
Cannes police say they were shot in the garage. Everyone accepts that, like the brainstorm explanation.‘ ‘It's the perfect alibi.‘ Shep 115 SC 2000