had been disastrous on every count. What might be perfectly acceptable at Expo 75 or the Venice Biennale was all toop 39 VS 1957
people of Earth (to me a satisfactory answer contains an acceptable statement of one's philosophy and beliefs, an adequate discharge ofp 94 WG 1959
erogenous zones, or if possible transfer them to more socially acceptable areas within the passenger compartment. The steering assembly has beenp 90 PAJ 1967
hypotensive role, regulating blood pressure, pulse and respiratory rates to acceptable levels. These results accord with the low elements of dramap 93 LNE 1968
too clearly one can see that polyperverse and polymorphic elements, acceptable within, say, automobile styling, are not acceptable when they explicitlyp 97 UGM 1969
and polymorphic elements, acceptable within, say, automobile styling, are not acceptable when they explicitly refer to the basic props and perspectivesp 97 UGM 1969
then folded round to judge whether the breast forms an acceptable shape. Care should be taken with the sutures. A suturep 16 C80 1970
of my armpit, even this bizarre act would have been acceptable in terms of the stylization of violence and rescue. Ip 23 C 1973
the Hollywood Hills -- while his paintings have remained wholly acceptable to his Sunday supplement admirers. The playgroup palette reminds themp 62 UGM 1988
judge whether the breast formed a shape that would be acceptable to Miss West, or whether it would be possible top 115 MWR 1990
an experimental sewerage system. ‘There's a risk element, but it's acceptable. Eden-Olympia has a lot of clout with the local authoritiesp 261 SC 2000
a single street the police had kept the revolution within acceptable limits and tested its temper. I thought of the ever-watchfulp 236 MP 2003
USAF Brandon Hall into a Mayfair cocktail lounge would be acceptably complete. Donald Maitland never ceased to wonder at the effectivenessp 140 WFN 1961
so damned difficult to sustain that impersonal attitude of passive acceptance implicit in the scientific tradition. I try to think ofp 185 VT 1960
the worst and misinterpreting the news to serve their unconscious acceptance of disaster. General Harris and Vice-Admiral Saunders were typical ofp 57 WFN 1961
however, he realized that his resignation had marked his unconscious acceptance that despite his great imaginative gifts he was unequal top 360 CS 1962
-- but he knew that his real motive was his acceptance that little now remained to be done. The biological mappingp 8 DW 1962
Hardman, no more than an impulse to suicide, an unconscious acceptance of the logic of his own devolutionary descent, the ultimatep 111 DW 1962
had so obsessed him, had been replaced by a calm acceptance that the judicial processes inaugurated by his trial would takep 515 EG 1963
strength of personality or primitive kingship, but by a grudging acceptance that for the time being at any rate, Ryker possessedp 448 QR 1963
not hope, for he was beyond that, but a serene acceptance of the brief span of time left to him. ‘Rightp 463 TT 1963
Avoid it. Have a proper humility, pursue a philosophy of acceptance. TRAVEN: Then may I ask why you came here, Doctorp 603 TB 1964
that his continued presence in the deserted town, his apparent acceptance of the silence and emptiness in some way exposed thep 34 D 1965
will recapture the perfect symmetry of the blastosphere, and the acceptance of the "Mythology of the Amniotic Return". In his mindp 14 AE 1966
raised, and the needs for social mobility and a maximum acceptance personality profile make it essential that a subject of Gentilep 87 YMC 1966
of the Modern Movement. Given its subject matter, its eager acceptance of naivety, optimism and possibility, the importance of science fictionp 205 UGM 1971
cancer, like the culture of beaches. The time-lag of its acceptance narrows -- I estimate it at present to be aboutp 206 UGM 1971
the perfect forgery of an Ingres. This passivity, her total acceptance of any situation, was what had attracted me to Catherinep 112 C 1973
complete lucidity. Her expression showed both irony and affection, an acceptance of a sexual logic we both recognized and had preparedp 163 C 1973
of these appalling injuries had given way to a lucid acceptance that the translation of these injuries in terms of ourp 190 C 1973
felt no sense of loss or outrage, but a fatalistic acceptance of the damage he had casually inflicted on her apartmentp 129 HR 1975
age, by sexual necessity if nothing else, to a weary acceptance of militant feminism, and there was something about Serena's passivep 864 S 1976
the gaudy and absurd, and capable of unexpected gentleness. The acceptance of Darwin's theory of evolution is confirmed by the wayp 156 UGM 1992
areas you passed through on the Sleeper. I prefer the accepted view that the City stretches out in all directions withoutp 37 CC 1957
Carter, a younger man of far less experience and generally accepted as my junior, was promoted to fill Rankin's place. Atp 99 NZ 1959
his work of denigrating me only too well. However, I accepted the rebuff, offered Carter my loyalty and assisted his reorganizationp 99 NZ 1959
temper. Tie askew, he began to shout angrily. The manager accepted this silently, shaking his head slowly with a bleak smilep 200 LW 1960
oddly exhilarated, into the cool midnight air. At last he accepted that he would have to act swiftly if he wasp 113 SS 1960
and tore off another sheet. Entertainment, perhaps. Art, No! Alto accepted the rebuke silently; he reproved himself as much as Mangonp 116 SS 1960
Their trips to the stockade had ceased. All this he accepted as inevitable; after the performance, he assured himself, after herp 132 SS 1960
against the car. Once, a few months previously, he had accepted the same invitation, stepped through the entrance and within threep 187 VT 1960
shrank back, recognizing the double even before he had completely accepted the change of costume, the smooth-shaven face with its alteredp 146 ZT 1960
at Freeman's transformation into a three-year-old child, his wife merely accepted this as a natural concomitant of her own pregnancy. Inp 262 MF 1961
morning, he had suddenly realized that he had so completely accepted and assimilated the physical form of the plastic cabinet thatp 246 OM 1961
suggested that we all go ray-fishing at Lagoon West, I accepted gladly, eager to observe their affair at closer quarters. Asp 228 S5 1961
decision like that. The dome isn't your private laboratory.‘ Francis accepted the reproof. Lamely, he said ‘It was one of thosep 328 13C 1962
a complete fraud. Quietly he said: ‘The people who volunteered accepted the sacrifice, and all it involved. How's Short going top 329 13C 1962
too obviously with Kerans‘ otherwise meticulous neatness -- and tolerantly accepted his need to isolate himself. Leaning on the balcony railp 8 DW 1962
the huge, high-ceilinged state-rooms of the deserted hotel. Already he accepted the lavish brocaded furniture and the bronze art nouveau statuaryp 9 DW 1962
loose fragmentary relationships aboard the base, where a replacement was accepted as a fully paid up member of the crew withinp 34 DW 1962
in a pastel-coloured ensemble with a Ritz hallmark. Although he accepted the possibility that he would remain behind, Kerans found himselfp 46 DW 1962
had known that he would soon be sharing them, and accepted them as an inevitable element of his life, like thep 71 DW 1962
to maintain his authority over the crew, and why they accepted his harsh, callous tone. Strangman introduced the negro curtly. ‘Thisp 91 DW 1962
the whirlpool.‘ He continued to pester Kerans until the latter accepted his invitation, then made off jubilantly. Kerans finished the coffeep 114 DW 1962
the sombre trunks, and then returned to the hut. He accepted Hardman's decision to move on without comment, assuming that hep 170 DW 1962
Summoned to an emergency meeting of the Watch Committee, he accepted the invitation with alacrity, certain that with every member ofp 385 WT 1962
knight-to-bishop exchange which would soon undermine Constantin's position if he accepted. ‘A good move, Malek,‘ he commented. ‘But perhaps a littlep 509 EG 1963
patiently. ‘It was a mis-trial! Don't you understand, Malek, I accepted that I was guilty when in fact I was completelyp 518 EG 1963
anyway, Ryker says the parachute was badly burnt. He probably accepted a fait accompli, simply decided to do nothing and hushp 457 QR 1963
god of the puppet star. It was Connolly who now accepted the jungle for what it was, seeing himself and thep 458 QR 1963
his life. For ten years the thousand cautions and compromises accepted each day to make existence tolerable had steadily secreted theirp 431 RE 1963
fading sunlight. ‘She's coming out, Paul,‘ Charles said. ‘Already she's accepted the screens, soon she'll be able to leave them.‘ Hep 553 SG 1963
seal, he rejoined. ‘Of Altair, Betelgeuse, Orion.‘ As the doors accepted this and swung back he murmured: ‘Don't despise the oldp 463 TT 1963
simply an unfortunate accident devoid of any special symbolism he accepted without qualification. But the enigmatic presence of the terrace cityp 634 DS 1964
equally affected. However, by now even the Lysenkoists have grudgingly accepted the explanation given by workers at the Hubble Institute, thatp 616 IM 1964
gap had always separated them, a division which Falkman had accepted charitably, but it was now widening markedly. Her husband's businessp 564 TP 1964
his mast, the other on his Malinowski. Although he gladly accepted this new persona, Ransom realized that it was still onlyp 12 D 1965
a lapse of one or two nights, and this time accepted the remains of a cold chicken from Ransom. At lastp 20 D 1965
and memory. Catherine Austen would have understood his preoccupations, and accepted that for Ransom the only final rest from the persistencep 34 D 1965
half-willing part he had played in the massacres, he now accepted that he would have to leave the solitary shack andp 115 D 1965
turn back before reaching the city, but they all tacitly accepted that they would not be returning to the coast. Thep 136 D 1965
without warning, but Philip Jordan told him she would be accepted at the settlement. Ironically, Philip also told Ransom that therep 138 D 1965
path with a fur-topped staff. For the time being Ransom accepted these blows, as a bond between himself and the furtherp 168 D 1965
his separation from the normal tokens of life he had accepted for so long. His wife, the patients at the hospitalp 10 AE 1966
is represented as a series of dune-like lumps.‘ Dr Nathan accepted a cigarette from Catherine Austin, who had sauntered forward fromp 12 AE 1966
hundred yards down the road, but with an effort Halliday accepted this quantal jump in time. The chauffeur's small face, withp 677 DF 1966
the disguise of the bird, he had, as he understood, accepted the insane logic of the woman's mind. Yet the symbolicp 709 SBD 1966
what was really remarkable was the extent to which I accepted all these wonders as part of the natural order ofp 83 CW 1966
that prompt them. The forest isn't like that -- I've accepted it, and all the fears that go with them.‘ Inp 125 CW 1966
the open hatch. He stood up with an effort and accepted Glanville's hand, then climbed down on to the ground. Carefulp 714 TMY 1966
As for the New Testament story, it had long been accepted that the unusual detail (Matt. XXI) of the Messiah ridingp 82 YMC 1966
the last residue of this world. Devoid of malice, he accepted his half-sister's reality as his own. However, Hope Cunard hasp 734 CHC 1967
From the smiling young woman at the open-air desk he accepted a programme. On its cover was printed a fragment ofp 51 GAN 1967
the cinema, Dr Nathan confided to Captain Webster, ‘Talbert has accepted in absolute terms the logic of the sexual union. Forp 56 GAN 1967
might laugh faced with so odd a departure from the accepted norm. What we fail to realize is that science fictionp 97 UGM 1969
landscape which was the birthplace of the car, I willingly accepted, and was duly sworn in as a passenger on boardp 263 UGM 1971
instantly debited from his bank balance). If his call is accepted on the basis of available traffic information, the computer willp 266 UGM 1971
me. England won the championship. One year later I was accepted as a member of an exchange-student programme to Brazil. Ip 27 SEO 1972
feet away. Maitland tapped the grille with the crutch. He accepted without comment that he would not be able to unboltp 31 CI 1974
accepting these burning weals in the same way that he accepted his own weariness. By doing so he found he couldp 45 CI 1974
that bolted through every over-stressed nerve in his body. He accepted the rules of the young woman's charade, glad of thep 100 CI 1974
he was using her for motives he had never before accepted, his need to be freed from his past, from hisp 101 CI 1974
remembered that at Alice's party the previous evening he had accepted an invitation to cocktails. Thankfully, Charlotte had rescued him fromp 12 HR 1975
invited her to a meal in the restaurant she promptly accepted, but as they sat down at the table she saidp 13 HR 1975
in the same way that the swimmers in the pool accepted the wine bottles and beer cans rolling around the tiledp 56 HR 1975
building might succeed after all. In addition, their neighbours had accepted him a little too readily as their leader. His partnershipp 74 HR 1975
the same time measured the extent to which its tenants accepted this process of erosion. At times Royal suspected that hisp 76 HR 1975
the few steps down to their apartments. The offer was accepted, Royal and Pangbourne deliberately asking for no concessions in returnp 91 HR 1975
heads, watched only by the birds. Now that she had accepted it, the threat of violence in the air had maturedp 92 HR 1975
station, a former drinking companion named Hillman who had grudgingly accepted this cuckoo in his nest. The occupation of a floorp 114 HR 1975
a harder definition of ascent -- he had to be accepted by his new neighbours as one of them, the holderp 114 HR 1975
Her calm face gazed down at Wilder reassuringly. She had accepted him as she would any marauding hunter. First she wouldp 160 HR 1975
sitting alone in the lobby of their hotel, he calmly accepted the terrifying logic of this reductive nightmare as if itp 832 LFA 1975
Forrester sat uncomfortably in the cockpit, wondering why he had accepted this challenge, the young woman had wheeled a drum ofp 837 LFA 1975
Carmen. It's like the so-called population decline that we've all accepted as an obvious truth. In fact, there hasn't been ap 839 LFA 1975
Olds was renovating the kerbside meters, an unpopular measure grudgingly accepted only because of the special status of the automobile andp 913 UC 1976
strengths and weaknesses, their dubious motives and social backgrounds are accepted without comment like the grease on the fan, the dirtp 139 UGM 1978
outside the jail, bellowing ‘Gary Gilmore, I love you!‘ he accepted his death penalty and settled down to await his executionp 42 UGM 1979
was angry with you for being alive, when I'd already accepted that you were dead.‘ ‘I'm not dead!‘ Angered, I pushedp 63 UDC 1979
everyone had howled him down. At Steiner's prompting they unanimously accepted Wayne's suggestion, the Apollo. A sentimental gesture, an invitation top 28 HA 1981
this uneasy outing had conspicuously failed to join in. They accepted Anne and McNair, and not only because they were lendingp 159 HA 1981
lead a second expeditionary force across the Colorado River. Steiner accepted the command, recognising that his own solitary nature had beenp 230 HA 1981
seemed calm for the first time, as if he now accepted the logic of the air and the light, the vibratingp 1035 NFS 1981
touched the porcelain caps of her teeth. ‘Elaine ...‘ Already he accepted that she was dead, that he had come too latep 1082 MNF 1982
the amiable world of the Douanier Rousseau's Merry Jesters. He accepted the jeans and shirt which the girl gave him. Hep 1046 MSA 1982
But this small setback counts for nothing now. We have accepted the limitless size of the station, and this awareness fillsp 1088 RUS 1982
with siphons of soda water, but by now he had accepted that his mother and father would not be coming homep 65 ES 1984
friends, he had always despised anyone who surrendered -- he accepted without question the stern morality of the Chums Annuals --p 78 ES 1984
Basie. That's the best type.‘ ‘Is that so?‘ Basie often accepted Jim's expertise in unlikely areas. ‘Perhaps you were looking insidep 220 ES 1984
to every Chinese from birth. Once the British internees had accepted it they would no longer fear their journey to thep 249 ES 1984
to death in one of his own cells. Jim had accepted Private Kimura's death, in the anonymity of the flooded paddyp 296 ES 1984
seemed to mimic his epilepsy ...‘ Reverend Morgan Evans, Samaritans: ‘He accepted Robert Graves's notion of the club-footed messiah -- that peculiarp 1097 OOA 1984
up with their ill-humour, only puzzled why Nora Warrender had accepted me at the breeding station. I had been rescued fromp 77 DC 1987
marking me with my name. But I saw that she accepted my nakedness. Did I trust myself with Noon? Bathed inp 122 DC 1987
I suspected that this documentary film-maker was almost blind, and accepted his whole world through the reassuring cliches of his handyman-scientistp 151 DC 1987
the others, Sanger and Captain Kagwa and Nora Warrender, she accepted that the river and I were one. This awareness ofp 169 DC 1987
depended upon his presence, almost as if I at last accepted that I was appearing in a drama directed and overseenp 273 DC 1987
resigned themselves to the paradox which no previous government had accepted -- contrary to the protestant ethic, which had failed sop 1139 LTP 1989
spacecraft would return with an extra crew-man on board, wholly accepted by the others, who would shield him from a pryingp 84 YMCa 1990
habits that have sprung up around them. They have also accepted the unique vocabulary and grammar of late 20th century lifep 77 THFa 1990
Republican Party, was distributed to delegates. I'm told it was accepted for what it resembled, a psychological position paper on thep 105 WIWa 1990
Office, and the code of restrictions that the film industry accepted, spelled the end of her career. Nervous of the moralisticp 10 UGM 1991
expelled for ever from the marital home. All this he accepted without complaint. Hilda remained the love of his life, andp 103 UGM 1991
clergyman's signet ring. It was almost as if the parents accepted this reminder of their lowly position in Shanghai's British communityp 35 KW 1991
Sally's urging, I suggested the exhibition to him, he instantly accepted the project. ‘Excellent, Jim in its way, emotional minimalism atp 226 KW 1991
them in the same weary way that Fritz Lang had accepted my handshake. Rio was filled with old actor-managers trapped withinp 239 KW 1991
his success that afternoon he seemed dissatisfied, as if he accepted that the epoch of popular television, in whose secure playgroundp 242 KW 1991
had naively hoped that the institute's original work would be accepted for what it was. He knew that his reputation inp 267 KW 1991
earlier. I had never consciously manipulated them, but they had accepted their assigned roles like actors recruited to play their partsp 267 KW 1991
I was the last of us to grow up. They accepted adult life, while I was still thinking of our happyp 282 KW 1991
guest at the costume party. Grateful to him, I had accepted with all the nervousness of a passenger volunteering to parachutep 333 KW 1991
fact, no longer needed the Earth, and the NASA officials accepted that only psychological means would ever persuade the crew top 1180 MFM 1992
intellectuals could never grasp. The film director Jean-Luc Godard implicitly accepted the potency of Coca-Cola and the American dream when hep 214 UGM 1993
famous, meeting the Pope, Mussolini and H.G. Wells. He accepted a special medal from the League of Nations using thep 217 UGM 1994
Corps and find a new compass-bearing in his life, and accepted the colonel's suggestion that he join them in Honolulu. Neilp 28 RP 1994
in Waikiki. Afterwards Neil kissed his mother's over-rouged cheek and accepted his step father's kindly bear-hug. He then walked through thep 29 RP 1994
English accent, Neil helped the woman to her feet. She accepted his handkerchief and wiped her tears, flowing from indignation ratherp 30 RP 1994
engine-room, hands resting palm-upwards on the rail as if he accepted that the sabotage of the fuel tank marked a senselessp 65 RP 1994
boarder. Sedated by Dr Barbara, an almost sleepwalking Janet Bracewell accepted the invitation of the corvette's captain to rest aboard hisp 71 RP 1994
the mosquito net and a soft bunk. All three sensibly accepted that the French navy would return, and were concerned, likep 87 RP 1994
the animals and find enough food for themselves. She reluctantly accepted a consignment of animal feed that a Japanese whaler deliveredp 148 RP 1994
of them.‘ ‘You killed the men ...‘ Neil realized that he accepted the deaths of Kimo, Professor Saito and Carline, but thep 234 RP 1994
beside Dr Barbara's deck-chair in the burial garden. He had accepted Dr Barbara's deranged logic, aware that he was only securep 237 RP 1994
never forgotten that sound, but at the time, regrettably, I accepted this casual murder as no more than one of thep 285 UGM 1995
was innocent, as virtually everyone involved in the murder investigation accepted. His plea of guilty was a charade, part of somep 29 CN 1996
knew Frank well. None, I had been relieved to find, accepted that he was guilty. Every morning, since my first visitp 64 CN 1996
to the gate. The gravediggers nodded without comment as they accepted Crawford's tip, resigned to any behaviour by the foreigners inp 70 CN 1996
chain and partly buried in the earth. Without thinking, I accepted that the keys were those of the Bentley, dropped byp 169 CN 1996
airless bedrooms with their graffiti and stink of paint. I accepted Crawford's word that he was not responsible for the Hollingerp 205 CN 1996
shallow end, she wiped the foam from her eyes and accepted the towel that I took from the pile beside thep 226 CN 1996
underground imperium he left to me, confident that I now accepted the importance of everything he had achieved. Of my originalp 297 CN 1996
but he knew something spectacular was going to happen. He accepted that Bobby Crawford was right, that once he left Estrellap 319 CN 1996
I'd helped to murder all those people, and I almost accepted it. Charles, that's why we have to stop the partyp 323 CN 1996
tone of voice, Cabrera had begun to question me, then accepted the seriousness of my call and promised to meet mep 327 CN 1996
doubt Penrose had feared, rightly, that Jane would never have accepted the post at Eden-Olympia if she had known. I examinedp 30 SC 2000
the outbreak of sudden death on his own premises. Jane accepted his generous compliments, and then proudly showed me round herp 39 SC 2000
Rover's door for him, an act of deference that he accepted as his due. Curious about his motives, I asked: ‘Whatp 59 SC 2000
people feared another attack.‘ ‘So you wanted to retire?‘ ‘I accepted that a reassignment of personnel was necessary. My presence wasp 138 SC 2000
Eden-Olympia offer you compensation?‘ ‘Naturally. It was substantial.‘ ‘And you accepted?‘ ‘Mr Sinclair ...‘ Bourget smiled to himself and patted the roofp 147 SC 2000
holding company, bowing his thanks. With a theatrical flourish he accepted a silver trowel, presented on a velvet-lined tray by anp 355 SC 2000
offering himself the kingdoms of the new earth. He had accepted the offer, and was already working out his strategy forp 365 SC 2000
you don't like very much. When you were twenty, you accepted yourself, flaws and all. Then disenchantment set in. By thep 138 MP 2003
the Tate attack. Phone-in audiences who watched her TV interviews accepted this, if only because the bomb-maker's sinister competence clearly belongedp 162 MP 2003
ward when she left Gould to his high spirits. She accepted a cigarette and lit it for herself. ‘You do ap 172 MP 2003
the crowd of police and firemen. ‘Henry, I'm impressed.‘ I accepted a plastic cup of air-raid victim's tea passed through thep 266 MP 2003
a powder test. But media speculation is today's crucible of accepted truth, and I am widely identified as the man whop 290 MP 2003
Weybridge, glad to be leaving this strange little town. I accepted that a new kind of hate had emerged, silent andp 12 KC 2006
cut and bruised. They preferred lies and mood music, they accepted the make-believe of David Cruise the firefighter and defender ofp 204 KC 2006
truncheons and showed the effects of mild concussion. The hostages accepted their fate, but a group of well-to-do Pakistanis were convincedp 232 KC 2006
store in the Metro-Centre was a house of totems. We accepted the discipline that these appliances and bathroom fittings imposed. Wep 235 KC 2006
a small boy aged 5 or 6 I must have accepted all this without a thought, along with the backbreaking labourp 15 ML 2008
which sent up the English class system that everyone secretly accepted, for reasons I have never understood. The more I learnedp 132 ML 2008
their way in the peace, but at least we all accepted each other and there was never any rivalry. Today thatp 177 ML 2008
a real problem for him in the 1980s once he accepted his knighthood. To what extent did Eduardo's very busy socialp 219 ML 2008
would take John home. ‘Regent Square, five minutes away.‘ He accepted the flyer, and we laid John out in the rearp 223 ML 2008
and remains my best-known book in France. The French critics accepted without qualms the novel's yoking together of sex, death andp 242 ML 2008
in the camp. And none of my sister. So, I accepted what I had probably assumed from the start, that Empirep 250 ML 2008
an adventure holiday. I had walked up to a mirage, accepted that in its way it was real, and then walkedp 273 ML 2008