second day Franz's back and neck ached from the constant acceleration. He managed to take a little exercise walking up andp 34 CC 1957
Abruptly the helicopter began to lose lift, with an agonised acceleration of its engine slid out of the air into thep 66 DW 1962
swayed in the warm air, muffling Judith's last surge of acceleration. For once the gulls were silent. Usually this would havep 652 GTN 1964
the axillary fossae at rates which tallied with general psychomotor acceleration. Tallis was increasingly preoccupied Assassination fantasies in tabes dorsalis (generalp 89 PAJ 1967
forward he realized that the two passengers had gone. The Acceleration Couch. Half zipping his trousers, Koester lay back against thep 28 UD 1968
station personnel. Sequences showing auto-crash victims brought about a marked acceleration of pulse and respiratory rates. Many volunteers became convinced thatp 97 CRA 1969
instructions below the General Motors medallion, the warnings against excessive acceleration, speeds above thirty miles an hour, unnecessary braking. Wayne criedp 43 HA 1981
floor. I changed down into bottom gear and floored the accelerator. Steering the Chrysler obliquely across the slope to minimize thep 83 WG 1959
I swung back into the cab and slammed in the accelerator. The basin, like the table top, was a perfect circlep 84 WG 1959
it out exactly.‘ He leaned a little harder on the accelerator, pushed the carrier's speed up to 15 miles an hourp 34 WFN 1961
the war cemetery, and involuntarily Gregory winced and floored the accelerator, eyes clamped to the rear mirror until the road wasp 289 IO 1962
road. Gregory flipped away his cigarette, pressing down on the accelerator as the last three years crowded back, memories he hadp 291 IO 1962
engine and slipped the gear lever into reverse. Flooring the accelerator, he flung the car backwards. The bonnet slammed down onp 77 D 1965
car will remain, but one by one its brake pedal, accelerator and control systems, like the atrophying organs of our ownp 265 UGM 1971
the luminescent dials. I visualized Vaughan's strong leg flooring the accelerator. The globes of his semen would blot out the stylizedp 89 C 1973
The posture of her hands on the steering wheel and accelerator treadle, the unhealthy fingers pointing back towards her breasts, werep 100 C 1973
taxi already making its way around the island. Flooring the accelerator, Vaughan swerved in front of it, tyres screaming over thep 130 C 1973
I moved the shift lever into drive and pressed the accelerator, jerking the car forward. Vaughan and the girl rolled backp 100 C 1973
back, tossed away the sandwich and pressed hard on the accelerator, carrying the long car into the darkness. Maitland sat wearilyp 40 CI 1974
the truck roll forward down the concrete incline, pressing the accelerator as the vehicle moved along at a steady two milesp 887 UC 1976
astonished Halloway. The slightest pressure of his foot on the accelerator sent the truck hurtling ahead. It was the raw energyp 888 UC 1976
at sixty m.p.h. Too late, he released the accelerator as the road veered off to circle the traffic islandp 888 UC 1976
with the other, I eased my foot off the heavy accelerator, opening the interval slightly between Hodson and myself. But forp 931 DT 1977
wheel in his goggles and driving cape, Heinz floored the accelerator, pausing only when McNair, beside him in the bunker seatp 106 HA 1981
own sweat and the oozing hills, Franklin urged on the accelerator, pushing the car's speed to forty miles an hour. Thep 1029 NFS 1981
casual way, but his huge foot was poised above the accelerator. Basie's pallid face hung like a lantern below the treesp 106 ES 1984
Porsche into its path. His foot crushed mine against the accelerator, throwing the car forward as the truck's klaxon blared pastp 207 CN 1996
this criminal romp. As the Citroen's engine trembled against the accelerator pedal I was tempted to drive back to the sportsp 238 CN 1996
a new superhighway. Unless you own a Ferrari, pressing the accelerator is not a moral decision. Ford and Fiat and Toyotap 95 SC 2000
can always tell when a man's driven your car. Brakes, accelerator, even the windscreen wipers -- they're all keyed up inp 211 SC 2000
drove with verve and flourish, her right hand gripping the accelerator control mounted beside the steering wheel, working the throttle likep 22 MP 2003
deviant sexual desires. I held the pistol grip of the accelerator, and heard the linkages click and spring, the sound ofp 144 MP 2003
over their deserted crossroads. I lowered my foot onto the accelerator, ready to jump the red, and noticed that a policep 6 KC 2006
voice was over-precise, as if she were hiding her real accent. As we left, I realized how lonely her life wasp 775 CA 1968
for more steam. Orlowski's voice had temporarily lost the American accent that had snaked in over his Kiev vowels during thep 10 HA 1981
eyes. He spoke with a strong but recently acquired American accent, which Jim assumed he had learned while interrogating captured Americanp 274 ES 1984
in Mutiny on the Bounty, and in particular his ‘English‘ accent -- every bit as extraterrestrial as any of Meryl Streep'sp 9 UGM 1991
trying to disguise my English voice and assume a Canadian accent, the RCAF flight controllers deliberately made their intercom messages asp 101 KW 1991
a hand to her bruised chin. Drawn by her English accent, Neil helped the woman to her feet. She accepted hisp 30 RP 1994
the number. A woman's recorded voice with a soft Lancashire accent informed me that there were vacancies that evening, and invitedp 285 CN 1996
broke your knees. That's tough.‘ He spoke with an American accent, but one learned in Europe, perhaps working as a securityp 24 SC 2000
having a nice day.‘ He spoke with a strong Russian accent, and kept a wary eye on my walking stick. ‘Doctorp 55 SC 2000
obvious fake -- the immaculate beauty-salon make-up, the breakfast TV accent, but was this part of a double bluff? In thep 22 KC 2006
to a private school; now I have to hide the accent and pretend I come from some Heathrow suburb. Every timep 144 KC 2006
him by a marshal. His magnified voice in its motorway accent boomed over the heads of the police and soldiers outsidep 216 KC 2006
wheel housing. He was obsessed with the design of chromium accents on fender louvres, stainless-steel body-sill mouldings, windshield-wiper cowl panels, hoodp 170 C 1973
grow ever more depressed, hiding behind a screen of weird accents and mannerisms. Schickel praises his fey and foppish Fletcher Christianp 9 UGM 1991
in the Portobello Road, their confident voices ringing with the accents of Holland Park and the Sixteenth Arrondissement. Everyone in thep 36 CN 1996
cleaning their equipment. I liked these Tommies with their strange accents I had never heard before, and they let me cleanp 29 ML 2008
were assumed to be American, and not because of our accents). This probably explains why many of the British residents stayedp 39 ML 2008
large numbers of working-class people, with a range of regional accents that took a trained ear to decode. Travelling around thep 125 ML 2008
bullet smashed bodies and the splintered car, and appeared to accept Mrs. Allison's broken teeth, swollen upper lip and blood speckledp 9 VN 1951
these particular bricks and girders, but others before them. You accept that time has no beginning and no end. The Cityp 37 CC 1957
based on mutual contempt, but whereas I was prepared to accept my role, confident that my own qualities would ultimately recommendp 96 NZ 1959
sat tight, thinking quickly. ‘Mr Sellings, I'm afraid I can't accept the board's decision. I'm sure, for the sake of thep 205 LW 1960
the first frantic weeks of panic he had managed to accept an uneasy compromise that allowed him to view his predicamentp 169 VT 1960
in his diary). For some reason he seems unwilling to accept his isolation, is elaborating a series of private rituals top 172 VT 1960
to evade --‘ ‘I am not,‘ Bayliss cut infirmly. ‘I accept complete responsibility for you. That's why I want you top 138 ZT 1960
across the apron to the lounge window and made him accept that his double was gone. Bayliss was not in thep 142 ZT 1960
my neighbour. Tony shrugged. ‘All you've got to do is accept one and she'll be satisfied.‘ ‘Are you sure?‘ I askedp 217 S5 1961
it's not that far from the truth. But we can't accept that as it stands.‘ The doctor's self-contained office gave Abelp 324 13C 1962
was eager to get into space they were prepared to accept the idea of a small group being sealed into ap 329 13C 1962
out of the spaceship they'll be treated as heroes and accept the strangeness of the world around them.‘ Short looked acrossp 333 13C 1962
since they were children these people have been trained to accept that they were a closed group, and would never havep 333 13C 1962
ships and planet-hopping. A poet such as Ray Bradbury can accept the current magazine conventions and transform even so hackneyed ap 195 UGM 1962
but on the readers. The onus is on them to accept a more oblique narrative style, understated themes, private symbols andp 198 UGM 1962
thirty-year-old private triviality. For some reason he seemed unable to accept Travis and Louise Woodward for what they were. He dislikedp 360 CS 1962
outside Earth, faded for ever, but leaving him unable to accept the alternative of turning out endless plans for low-cost hospitalsp 360 CS 1962
dropped the memo-tape into a drawer, making an effort to accept Louise Woodward and Travis on their own terms, a wifep 360 CS 1962
The mysterious leg cramp was obviously psychogenic. Although unable to accept consciously the logic of Webster's argument, he would willingly havep 367 CS 1962
a pariah by Travis and Louise Woodward forced him to accept that he was no longer a true resident of thep 368 CS 1962
police who couldn't satisfy his wife, three embittered years to accept that he would never practise again the one craft inp 291 IO 1962
lower lip. Presumably Riggs had annoyed her, forcing her to accept the logic of his argument. The Colonel paused at thep 25 DW 1962
the city.‘ Riggs nodded doubtfully, apparently unconvinced but prepared to accept the Sergeant's advice in default of any other. ‘Well, youp 56 DW 1962
have it exactly.‘ He bowed to Beatrice. ‘I hope you accept the compliment, my dear?‘ ‘I'm very flattered, Strangman, of coursep 117 DW 1962
with this total inversion of his normal world, unable to accept the logic of the rebirth before him. First he wonderedp 119 DW 1962
would put upon Kerans‘ disappearance, Strangman had evidently decided to accept his escape as a fait accompli and forget him, assumingp 142 DW 1962
Strangman's arrival, and all it implied, should have made him accept -- the need to abandon the lagoon and move southwardsp 144 DW 1962
with brisk flourishes of the baton, he was unable to accept wholly the idea of Riggs‘ reality, almost as if hisp 155 DW 1962
a white devil out of a voodoo cult. I can't accept the idea that he'll go scot free. When are youp 155 DW 1962
the hotels around this crescent -- could be induced to accept a given proposition completely conflicting with reality.‘ Clifton stopped washingp 391 WT 1962
-- he knew he had been far too willing to accept the fait accompli of his own guilt -- he calculatedp 515 EG 1963
afraid this is above my head, Mr Constantin. Naturally I accept the authority of the court without question.‘ ‘But so dop 517 EG 1963
interested in the end-game before them. ‘I recommend you to accept the verdict, Mr Constantin. For your peace of mind, youp 517 EG 1963
in my mind. I may once have been prepared to accept the possibility of my guilt but I realize now thatp 519 EG 1963
he had successfully escaped, Dr Mellinger had characteristically refused to accept such faulty logic. By now, over twelve hours later, hisp 522 MO 1963
reality overwhelmed him with a profound nausea. He refused to accept that this mindless cripple with his anonymous features could havep 525 MO 1963
sat forward. ‘Richard, you're taking it all so calmly; you accept this vision as if it were a strange headache. That'sp 475 NWS 1963
above it, forever half-immersed in the great time-womb. If you accept the sea as an image of the unconscious, then thisp 430 RE 1963
tolerant expression barely changed, and Pelham turned away, unwilling to accept its implications, realizing with a pang the profound extent ofp 431 RE 1963
the damp air. Most of his mind seemed willing to accept the identification, but a small part, now dissolving to ap 539 SA 1963
to make it workable, and of the barriers we willingly accept to hide ourselves from each other. How much reality canp 546 SG 1963
they call it -- subliminal living? How can the unions accept it?‘ ‘The fear of a slump. You know the newp 420 SM 1963
planning to do?‘ ‘I can't tell you, Doctor, unless you accept equal responsibility for it.‘ ‘That sounds rather Quixotic,‘ Franklin commentedp 420 SM 1963
can afford, the finance companies soon clamp down.‘ ‘Do you accept that?‘ Franklin went over to the window. A quarter ofp 425 SM 1963
encounters reveal marvellous powers of invention, but no one can accept them as anything but fantasy.‘ ‘The same criticism has beenp 496 VH 1963
major geological transformations.‘ Ward shook his head dubiously. ‘I can accept that a man such as Freud was a prophet, butp 497 VH 1963
always heralds a crisis in the psyche.‘ ‘I suppose I accept that,‘ Charles Gifford said. With rather forced laughter he addedp 631 DS 1964
fly, which is the next best thing ... YASUDA: You can't accept the plurality of the universe -- ask yourself why, Travenp 603 TB 1964
faded, too soon became a meaningless charade that he could accept only by an act of faith. A few years laterp 563 TP 1964
years later, when he became increasingly restless, he decided to accept the offer of a partnership in a leading firm ofp 563 TP 1964
the launch. ‘You know, I sometimes think we ought to accept the challenge and set off north, right into the centrep 71 D 1965
a surgeon. ‘Jonathan Grady is his own master. He couldn't accept that crazy old clergyman and his mad daughters.‘ Ransom chewedp 115 D 1965
from his brief glance at Ransom's appearance he seemed to accept that these few gallons of water were the limit ofp 118 D 1965
unease. Already he had reached the point where he could accept almost any act of violence that might occur. These suddenp 157 D 1965
becoming progressively less interested in replenishing them. He seemed to accept that the coming end of the water in the reservoirp 166 D 1965
the feuding and sterile self-immersion of the camp, decides to accept the Bailiff on his own terms. At the first opportunityp 143 UGM 1966
that The Human Age loses its way. Pullman's willingness to accept the logic of whatever situation in which he finds himselfp 143 UGM 1966
become an expression of the failure of his psyche to accept the fact of its own consciousness, and of his revoltp 12 AE 1966
Pontiac. The Lost Symmetry of the Blastosphere. ‘This reluctance to accept the fact of his own consciousness,‘ Dr Nathan wrote, ‘mayp 13 AE 1966
state of grace. Nathan would call it the ability to accept the phenomenology of the universe, or the fact of yourp 36 AW 1966
a lift to the river crossing.‘ Halliday was about to accept, but the chauffeur made no response to the suggestion. Hallidayp 677 DF 1966
him, complimented him on his return and generally seemed to accept his isolated manner. ‘An eclipse?‘ Father Balthus flicked his cigarettep 13 CW 1966
today. Can you tell me about this emergency -- I'll accept your term for it.‘ The young woman pointed to ap 30 CW 1966
window, she introduced herself as Louise Peret. Although prepared to accept Dr. Sanders as a fellow conspirator, she still wore herp 30 CW 1966
almost as if he were impatient of Sanders's refusal to accept the forest. ‘Don't waste the stones, they won't last youp 150 CW 1966
for years before that corneal grafting was commonplace. If you accept that blood is a tissue the principle is even olderp 688 TIM 1966
worth bearing in mind that many people have refused to accept blood transfusions, even though it meant certain death. Apart fromp 688 TIM 1966
right at the start of his life might make them accept the real benefits of restorative surgery.‘ ‘The two cases arep 691 TIM 1966
Knight had promised him for it, Conrad had failed to accept the leg. The thin hairline of the surgical scar thatp 695 TIM 1966
took Hope away from Lizard Key would first have to accept the overlapping illusions that were the fabric of that strangep 734 CHC 1967
come. Cursed by some malignant virus, Nolan seemed unable to accept his own handiwork, always destroying it with the same coldp 747 CSC 1967
point. I think we can talk about our willingness to accept a coalition or fusion government. At least it could veryp 955 TW 1967
regarded as the first traffic accident -- certainly if we accept Jarry's happy piece of anti-clericalism ...‘ The Sixty-Minute Zoom. As theyp 25 UD 1968
were its elder statesmen. Dali, however, was the first to accept completely the logic of the Freudian age, to describe thep 93 UGM 1969
people become more confident, so they will be prepared to accept change, the possibility of a life radically different from theirp 206 UGM 1971
part? Most of us, when we drive our cars, willingly accept a degree of risk for ourselves, our wives and childrenp 263 UGM 1971
their minds and lives. All of us who knew Vaughan accept the perverse eroticism of the car-crash, as painful as thep 17 C 1973
of a madonna in an early Renaissance icon, unwilling to accept the miracle, or nightmare, sprung from her loins. Only oncep 21 C 1973
on some urgent business. Maitland had trained his staff to accept his comings and goings without question. Several times he hadp 29 CI 1974
the defects of others, she had seen that he would accept this role. Had he, in fact, deliberately marooned himself onp 83 CI 1974
a planet of creases. Like a hungry child unable to accept the reality of a bare cupboard, he was working himselfp 106 CI 1974
Wilder and Charlotte Melville. However reluctantly, he now had to accept something he had been trying to repress -- that thep 17 HR 1975
If it isn't this, it's that. They seem unwilling to accept that the services in a new building take time top 24 HR 1975
stagnant air. Wilder noticed that he had already begun to accept the foetid atmosphere as normal. Helen told him that shep 50 HR 1975
of course perturbed by these developments. They were reluctant to accept the mathematical description of the deity offered by the world'sp 845 LDG 1976
clubs, and applicants were admitted only if they agreed to accept the church's guidance on all spiritual matters, its absolute authorityp 847 LDG 1976
manageress returned to her office. No one moved, unable to accept this most mysterious of all gifts. Stark stepped forward, swingingp 141 UDC 1979
the most plainly evil impulses were merely crude attempts to accept the demands of a higher realm that existed within eachp 175 UDC 1979
by show of hands on the Athenian pattern. I would accept the nomination, Wayne.‘ With growing irritation, Wayne watched the commissarp 81 HA 1981
space between the posts. He too found it difficult to accept that he would soon be able to walk through thep 231 ES 1984
serious in front of his easel. He was prepared to accept the logic of psychoanalysis and brave enough to enter areasp 100 UGM 1986
Watching this brilliant extravaganza, one is forced yet again to accept that talent alone is always enough. Like many ostensible satiresp 20 UGM 1987
the backwoods physician stuck in my ways and unable to accept the opportunities of the media landscape. Yet he may havep 33 DC 1987
cot, like a widow in an almoner's office, forced to accept the sympathy of others, but only sustaining herself by ap 85 DC 1987
seen this as a self-destructive act, a wilful refusal to accept the possibilities that my own talents had earned. But myp 143 DC 1987
once away from Pangbourne Village I found it difficult to accept the strange logic at work -- that the more thep 47 RW 1988
almost preposterously imperial figure, was one of the first to accept the now traditional view of Hirohito. At their meeting inp 49 UGM 1989
would never again step through the front door. I would accept the air and the light, and the electric power andp 1131 TES 1989
pull the jack on this persistent din. Calming myself, I accept that I will admit to the house anyone with ap 1131 TES 1989
a philistine industry. With some reservations, Ian Hamilton seems to accept this point of view, tracing the history of the screenwriterp 3 UGM 1990
of extremity where his imagination thrived, though few screenwriters would accept this. The most interesting films of today -- Blue Velvetp 5 UGM 1990
from the far side of the universe. It's hard to accept that these messages are meaningless, as they presumably are, nop 20 UDa 1990
her golfing brogues, but I had been too proud to accept, an act of foolishness I regretted, since my rubber sneakersp 38 KW 1991
the baby and pronounced herself satisfied, as if willing to accept the formal entry of our child into the mundane worldp 135 KW 1991
they arrived with their tow-truck. At first they refused to accept the vehicles, their eyes opened to the barbarities of modernp 230 KW 1991
visits to Summerfield as an educative process; gradually I would accept my responsibility for the events that had brought him top 261 KW 1991
from materials far nearer to me than I cared to accept. In place of the small location crew that I expectedp 332 KW 1991
director declined, on the grounds that the museum could not accept exhibits that contained living organisms. The USAF had long wishedp 1182 MFM 1992
surrounded by a vast and impenetrable bureaucracy, and begins to accept himself on the terms the bureaucracy imposes. Human beings todayp 146 UGM 1993
chromium pistol, but Carline was committed to her, ready to accept whatever vision she chose to impose on the island. Allp 193 RP 1994
he carried from the stream. He found it difficult to accept that she wanted to kill him, as she had killedp 224 RP 1994
of its men, but he still found it painful to accept that he had been discarded by them. He remembered hisp 231 RP 1994
tales of derring-do on the north-west frontier found hard to accept. The British Empire was based on bluff, in many waysp 289 UGM 1995
to survive war, especially as a civilian, one needs to accept the rules it imposes and even, as I did, learnp 294 UGM 1995
I earn my living as a travel writer, but I accept that this is little more than a masquerade. My realp 9 CN 1996
the attempt on my life and my lighthearted refusal to accept that someone had tried to kill me. ‘You say "officiallyp 93 CN 1996
neck, the clotted blood in the swollen veins, did he accept my account. I had regained consciousness in the small hoursp 96 CN 1996
smeary cutlery in the kitchen drawers. Only now could I accept that this stricken, lonely woman had probably not even noticedp 185 CN 1996
your meeting in Marbella -- people might assume that you accept his guilt.‘ ‘Not at all. I'm convinced he's innocent. Ip 274 CN 1996
in Zarzuella jail. He's changed you, Mr Prentice. You now accept his logic without understanding where it will lead. Remind yourselfp 305 CN 1996
of the Tower of Pisa, but only now can I accept the crucial role that I played in the destruction ofp 6 DYF 1996
badly of David. He did some good things here.‘ ‘I accept that. How well did you really know him?‘ ‘We workedp 79 SC 2000
men in cold blood?‘ ‘It's unlikely. Still, we have to accept the court's decision.‘ He shrugged forbearingly, and stared at ap 142 SC 2000
The active mind never needs to rest? That's hard to accept.‘ ‘It needn't be. Creative work is its own recreation. Ifp 254 SC 2000
be bugged. ‘At least I don't like doing it. You accept everything.‘ ‘Not true. I'm waiting for Penrose to go overp 282 SC 2000
public but displayed the nervy jauntiness of celebrities forced to accept that no one recognized them or had seen their out-of-competitionp 291 SC 2000
I stared at my reflection in the water, trying to accept that I had spoken for twenty minutes to the sergeantp 316 SC 2000
in a distracted way. ‘You've had a long time to accept that.‘ ‘Not true. I've been waiting for the right momentp 331 SC 2000
happy being conned?‘ ‘The prisoners polish their chains? I won't accept that.‘ Followed by Vera and the Polo, we moved alongp 90 MP 2003
at the Hammersmith court. There's no connection, believe me.‘ ‘I accept that,‘ I said. ‘All the same, there's a hint ofp 105 MP 2003
idea of absolute nothing. Even a meaningless universe has meaning. Accept that and everything makes a new kind of sense.‘ ‘Difficultp 136 MP 2003
Forever doomed to feel the interloper, he could still not accept that he had pulled off his extramarital coup. He leanedp 195 MP 2003
around corners.‘ Gould pointed to the wrecked pick-up truck. ‘We accept deaths when we feel they're justified -- wars, climbing Everestp 248 MP 2003
each other. ‘It was worth it, David.‘ ‘That's hard to accept.‘ ‘You will. I'm grateful to you. I needed to seep 259 MP 2003
exodus had been a tactical retreat, a principled refusal to accept the rule of police and bailiffs. Rather than submit top 269 MP 2003
parallel world that Gould tried so hard to enter. I accept now that Richard set off the bomb that killed Laurap 291 MP 2003
towards me, huge overcoat bulking around him. ‘Forget being modern. Accept it, Richard, the whole modernist enterprise was intensely divisive. Modernismp 85 KC 2006
Consumerism is optimistic and forward-looking. Naturally, it asks us to accept the will of the majority. Consumerism is a new formp 85 KC 2006
serene way. He gazed at his huge hands, glad to accept them as hard-working outposts of himself. We left each otherp 86 KC 2006
to believe in. That's new politics. Remember, people today unconsciously accept that violence is redemptive. And in their hearts they're convincedp 148 KC 2006
knew the truth, and I could admire my father and accept myself. I no longer needed to avoid the mirrors inp 197 KC 2006
are described as they occurred. At the same time, I accept that the novel is based on the memories of ap 82 ML 2008
looked at them. At the same time I have to accept that my entire visual response to the world was kindledp 154 ML 2008
for children. The Turks, all experienced army officers, declined to accept orders from any RCAF instructor junior to them. A seniorp 164 ML 2008
magazines were nervous of their readers, and would refuse to accept a story if it was set in the present dayp 192 ML 2008
sense would do the rest. Sadly, many mothers refused to accept that their daughters had reached puberty at all. I oncep 228 ML 2008
Shanghai. For a long time I resisted this, but I accept now that it is almost certainly true. The memories ofp 251 ML 2008