won't be here any longer. I was with Springman in Acapulco when he looked at the map. He came here.‘ Thep 659 VD 1964
the world's largest airliner had crashed into the sea near Acapulco with a thousand passengers on board reached me while Ip 820 AD 1975
could photograph a piece of floating debris and return to Acapulco -- even to the triviality of the film festival --p 820 AD 1975
conspiracy, of which Henry Rhodes Hamilton is the greatest victim. Acapulco, 143 Acton, Harold, 142-7, 213 Alcazar, Siege of, 22 1-5p 940 I 1977
After a couple of gins you can imagine you're in Acapulco ...‘ I sat in the cafeteria next to the hospital's retailp 63 KC 2006
you. What do you think of the beach?‘ ‘Better than Acapulco. I'm getting a tan already.‘ ‘As good as the realp 66 KC 2006
the venetian blinds, listening to the engines outside reverse and accelerate, then with an effort pulled himself off the bed. Itp 112 DW 1962
As they reached the junction he hesitated, wondering whether to accelerate southwards down the highway. Then he felt Catherine's hand onp 76 D 1965
die in a crash. Vaughan never stopped. I watched him accelerate away, his scarred face held close to the punctured windshieldp 12 C 1973
ten minutes of striking her -- Serena's decline seemed to accelerate. The elaborate coiffure which the young man had foisted uponp 871 S 1976
her by. Ursula sombrely embraced her father, beckoning Franklin to accelerate. ‘We're dawdling, doctor. What's the matter? You enjoyed the speedp 1012 NFS 1981
in rural Spain. It helps to advance the menarche and accelerate the supply of young farmhands. What about your neighbours?‘ ‘We'vep 93 SC 2000
in another vehicle. Along the coast road to Juan-les-Pins. Joyriders accelerate to dangerous speeds.‘ ‘And your brother?‘ ‘He was in thep 145 SC 2000
tapers. There was a burst of flame and the model accelerated across the floor, two feet in the air, a brightp 27 CC 1957
carefully waited for any motor tremor -- a fluttering eyelid, accelerated breathing -- that would signal a reflex discharging. He rememberedp 55 M69 1957
was inaudible, but the air around Mangon felt vibrant and accelerated, charged with gaiety and sparkle, and he applauded generously whenp 114 SS 1960
across the blue gravel, then let out the clutch and accelerated the engine. As he drove along, the limestone hills halfp 192 VT 1960
found himself prowling around nervously; his brain felt overactive and accelerated. The martinis had only been partly responsible for his elationp 146 ZT 1960
wire roadway during the afternoon. Mutating kelp, their genetic shifts accelerated by the radio-phosphors, reared up into the air on eitherp 237 DE 1961
They shook their heads doubtfully. ‘Don't think so, Commander.‘ Goldman accelerated the engine and straightened the periscope. ‘Wind speed's up, Commanderp 37 WFN 1961
its back and slithered down the street toward them. Goldman accelerated sharply, and the Buick locked for a moment against thep 42 WFN 1961
region. Not only was the growth of all plant forms accelerated, but the higher levels of radioactivity increased the rate atp 22 DW 1962
recognised the same symptoms he had seen in himself, an accelerated entry Into his own ‘zone of transit‘, and left thep 35 DW 1962
activity had sprung up from the base; engines whined and accelerated, davits shrilled as the two reserve motor launches were loweredp 50 DW 1962
wrecking itself on a traffic island, then straightened up and accelerated down an open stretch of roadway. As they neared ap 139 DW 1962
car, Franklin edged outwards into the next speed-lane. As he accelerated from 40 to 50 m.p.h. a strident ear-jarringp 415 SM 1963
ten miles to the east. Three minutes later, as he accelerated down the two-mile link of straight highway to the nextp 416 SM 1963
even now hinted at a growing corruption to come. This accelerated post-mortem development of the giant's character, as if the latentp 644 DG 1964
in rapid motion -- but I still assumed that some accelerated genetic mutation was responsible, even though such inanimate objects asp 616 IM 1964
section on the bumper, they moved past the house, then accelerated fractionally before the impact with the car. Doors slamming, itp 48 D 1965
the governor had been put out of action, the car accelerated rapidly, and continued at high speed along the remainder ofp 720 AE 1966
Miss Szabo --‘ She leaned forward, and the white car accelerated and swerved around him, the cerise dust cutting his eyesp 678 DF 1966
a white car turned on to the next runway and accelerated on a collision course towards the motorcade. Zapruder Frame 235p 48 DM 1967
but with a roar the machine swerved around Mannock and accelerated towards the town. Mannock turned to watch it, but ap 793 PTD 1969
appeared on the shoulder of the slip road, but I accelerated past it. Within a few seconds we reached the impactp 55 C 1973
to take advantage of the immediate situation around him. I accelerated as the traffic reached the Western Avenue interchange, then movedp 106 C 1973
lush with moist grass. Looking across at Helen, as she accelerated along the open deck of the motorway, I suddenly wonderedp 121 C 1973
policeman stepped from his car, I ignored Vaughan's protest and accelerated forwards. Tired of the Lincoln, Vaughan borrowed other cars fromp 173 C 1973
the engine and turned out of the courtyard. As I accelerated, the perspectives of the street swerved around me, leaning awayp 211 C 1973
to slow down behind a line of fuel tankers, Vaughan accelerated sharply, turning left at the junction. I raced after himp 215 C 1973
him. They emerged from the tunnel below the overpass and accelerated along the fast bend. The rush-hour had begun. Magnified byp 14 CI 1974
to stop for him, the driver had waved courteously and accelerated away. The perimeter fence Taking himself in hand like ap 27 CI 1974
himself up, shouting angrily at the grass, the car had accelerated away. Maitland turned his back to the motorway. Almost certainlyp 93 CI 1974
in the loose lines attached to the winch. The driver accelerated, changing his gears. Before Proctor could free himself he wasp 123 CI 1974
and in a burst of flame and smoke the vehicle accelerated. It soared into the early morning sky, an immense plumep 208 HA 1981
the heavy car through the gates, barely pausing before he accelerated along Amherst Avenue, Jim saw that the front wheel hadp 21 ES 1984
streets in Shanghai were rooms in a huge house. He accelerated past a platoon of Chinese puppet soldiers marching down Columbiap 67 ES 1984
open Chrysler with two young Germans in the front seat accelerated past, horn blaring, the rear fender grazing Jim's hand. Oncep 69 ES 1984
off his pursuit of Noon. He inclined his machine and accelerated along the line of cliffs. The spray fell like lostp 241 DC 1987
the chemicals leaking from the Prospero had set off the accelerated growth, and that the toxic reagents might equally be affectingp 1167 DCG 1990
she worked her thigh into my leg. The war had accelerated everything, and I felt that I was surrounded by movingp 70 KW 1991
about to be caught by the veering bull, but always accelerated away as the horns brushed the flanks of her horsep 152 KW 1991
slower cars, I waited until we reached the next roundabout, accelerated past an idling truck and set off after Sally. Shep 230 KW 1991
the gates. It paused as he scanned the road, then accelerated past me with a throaty burble. He had changed fromp 162 CN 1996
he pulled the Saab out of the parking lane and accelerated down the cobbled street, clipping the wing mirrors of thep 164 CN 1996
the same traffic island for the third time, he suddenly accelerated away from me, lapped the Citroen and sat on myp 166 CN 1996
whatever harsh words he had prepared for the psychiatrist. He accelerated sharply, then braked and reversed through the open gates. Hep 201 CN 1996
pool and return the serves of the tennis machine, I accelerated round the last bend and almost struck a slim, silver-hairedp 282 CN 1996
pressed both hands at the marble drum. Immediately the crack accelerated, and I heard a distant rumble, the dark groan ofp 9 DYF 1996
help you, Paul ...‘ I waved to Jane as the car accelerated away, but she was already brandishing a position paper inp 173 SC 2000
one is interesting ...‘ Ignoring me, Halder entered the garage and accelerated sharply. He swung the heavy vehicle past the parked carsp 196 SC 2000
lights turned to red. Frances let out the clutch and accelerated across the empty intersection, turning right towards Golfe-Juan. The Audip 308 SC 2000
led to the harbour and waterfront bars of Golfe-Juan. Frances accelerated and hurled the little BMW through the dark air, wheelsp 309 SC 2000
ran alongside the Audi, jostling it as the second Mercedes accelerated and braked, lunging at the rear bumper. On our leftp 311 SC 2000
a more advanced age. Jane belonged to an epoch that accelerated and braked, but never cruised. Through the window I couldp 321 SC 2000
the wheel. I waited for it to stop, but it accelerated away, throwing Dexter onto his knees. I helped him top 98 MP 2003
along the kerb, and rarely left second gear as we accelerated through the dark streets south of the river. I couldp 128 MP 2003
rear-view mirror. I reached the roundabout near Hogarth House and accelerated towards the motorway and Heathrow. For the first time Ip 239 MP 2003
maybe a Kosovan who's seen his wife slapped around.‘ Maxted accelerated down the narrow drive, then braked sharply as we reachedp 208 KC 2006
that mask their effects. The rate at which mutations occur accelerates with age, and most babies are now born to womenp 155 UGM 1993
the clock ticked on at three fifteen. The motion was accelerating. What had once been the gymnasium was now a smallp 62 M69 1957
of activity were at either end. The growth rate was accelerating. We watched a new shoot emerge. As one of thep 44 VS 1957
slowed their physiological time, first ten, then a hundred-fold, so accelerating stellar and galactic time. Space has become alive with transientp 91 WG 1959
back to the side-street. Behind him he heard the car accelerating, a door slam as it picked up speed. When hep 162 CH 1960
sound stage had reverberated with the endless din of traffic accelerating across the mid-town flyover which arched fifty feet above thep 106 SS 1960
music of Alto's symphony swell massively within him, its tempo accelerating. Presumably Madame Gioconda's arranger was waiting for a climax atp 134 SS 1960
witnessing a meteorological phenomenon of unprecedented magnitude, a global cyclone accelerating at a uniform rate, exhibiting all the signs distinguishing highlyp 55 WFN 1961
controls. He drove the hydroplane with an easy nonchalant swagger, accelerating the two powerful propeller turbines mounted in front of himp 81 DW 1962
scattered frantically across the lagoon, their screeching masked by the accelerating turbines of the hydroplane and the exploding star-shells. Abruptly, thep 85 DW 1962
hands helping it on its way, and to a final accelerating crescendo on the drums struck the edge of the daisp 134 DW 1962
formed over my eyeballs. Everywhere a heavy frost was forming, accelerating the process of crystallization. The spurs in the roadway werep 614 IM 1964
an ancient ocean floor. Everywhere the process of transformation was accelerating. My feet were encased in huge crystal slippers. It wasp 622 IM 1964
he began to recover spectacularly, his progress toward complete health accelerating without a break, as if the tumble had freed himp 562 TP 1964
saw that everywhere around him a heavy frost was forming, accelerating the process of crystallization. The spurs in the roadway werep 77 CW 1966
an ancient ocean floor. Everywhere the process of transformation was accelerating. Sanders's feet were encased in huge crystal slippers. These spursp 116 CW 1966
the floor. They bathed the canvases in their powerful light, accelerating the motion of the pigments In front of the paintingsp 731 CHC 1967
all these seemed threatening and super-real, as exciting as the accelerating pintables of a sinister amusement arcade released on to thesep 49 C 1973
Vaughan through the zoom lens of his cine-camera; elements of accelerating cars, changing traffic lights, swaying breasts, varying road surfaces, clitorisesp 182 C 1973
as we turned around the central drum of the interchange, accelerating when we gained the open deck of the motorway, trafficp 196 C 1973
vehicles were moving almost straight towards us, enormous carousels of accelerating light. Their radiator grilles formed mysterious emblems, racing alphabets thatp 197 C 1973
lay-by I was briefly aware of a heavy black vehicle accelerating towards me from the shadow of the overpass where Vaughanp 206 C 1973
slid sideways towards the roof of the church, its engine accelerating madly. At the controls the pilot's white hands jerked likep 181 UDC 1979
suspicions aside, her father's condition reminded Franklin of his own accelerating fugues. For a year these had lasted little more thanp 1010 NFS 1981
waiting car parked in a slip-road. It moved towards us, accelerating with the roar of a supercharged engine. I forced thep 223 KW 1991
From the road above the museum came the sound of accelerating engines. A black Range Rover swept down the hill, itsp 221 SC 2000
sequence of violent images rushed past, a confused medley of accelerating cars, running feet, doors being hurled from their hinges, startledp 296 SC 2000
it out as noise. Somewhere a large diesel engine was accelerating above a clatter of steel tracks, followed by the tearingp 224 MP 2003
created a new future with every revolution, a hot rod accelerating away from the reader, propelled by an exotic literary fuelp 189 ML 2008