iniquities, analysing his motives, and even anticipating the slights and abuses of the next day. These I would cast in thep 97 NZ 1959
faces the automobile, part of a general anxiety about the abuses of modern science. Has the car, in the sense inp 264 UGM 1971
system of barter and tithes -- giving that eliminated the abuses of credit, instalment -- buying and taxation. Touching the banknotesp 907 UC 1976
of nuclear war, over-population, the computer revolution, the possibilities and abuses of medical science, the ecological dangers to our planet, thep 194 UGM 1993
media landscape were their terrain. They looked searchingly at the abuses of psychiatry and at politics conducted as a branch ofp 166 ML 2008
his neck, offering it to Maitland in the hope that abusing it would revive him. On their third transit of thep 111 CI 1974
exaggeratedly crude in their response to the apartment building, deliberately abusing the elevators and air-conditioning systems, over-straining the power supply. Thisp 76 HR 1975
at her, scattering them around the bare floor. Wilder enjoyed abusing her. Deriding her in front of her supine husband, hep 126 HR 1975
of useless work were a recurrent fever, my guilt at abusing Noon, and a wasted afternoon which might well have putp 145 DC 1987
As usual, he had soon provoked these young prostitutes into abusing him. Sex, for David, was as close as he couldp 105 KW 1991
stared at him with the knowing gaze of an adult abusing a child. When she urinated on him, smiling as thep 173 RP 1994
for simultaneously Rankin's campaign against me increased. He became openly abusive, criticized my work before junior members of the staff, evenp 97 NZ 1959
A second voice called out, followed by a chorus of abusive catcalls. With an effort, I managed to clear my headp 743 R 1967
around Cannes and Nice, looking for likely talent. Girls with abusive "uncles" or histories of VD.‘ ‘A doctor? It's hard top 348 SC 2000
replaced him. They cover the general health of the internees, abusive behaviour by the guards, the lack of medicines, the scarcityp 76 ML 2008
medical degree. I was interested in medicine, which seemed to abut abnormal psychology and surrealism, so I agreed there and thenp 136 ML 2008
in the blanched light. I drove past the scarred concrete abutment towards the dark cavern of the overpass, where Vaughan andp 212 C 1973
the Neptune -- a low cream and chromium saloon which abutted the landing strip and had formerly served as a passengerp 237 DE 1961
football matches ran continuously. For the people in the houses abutting the stadium the noise must have been unbearable. Ward, atp 267 B 1961
biscuit, cleared his throat and said carefully: ‘I'd nod blor aby.‘ Elizabeth ruffled his long blond hair. ‘Aren't you, darling? Whatp 263 MF 1961
stamped his foot, then flexed his lips. ‘I'd nod blor aby!‘ he shouted. ‘I'd blor usban!‘ Laughing to herself, Elizabeth beganp 263 MF 1961
the offices of the management company responsible for Chelsea Marina's abysmal services, but most of the residents were now set onp 120 MP 2003
the deep end, which had once vanished into a watery abyss, ended abruptly beside a pair of scummy rubber slippers. Jimp 66 ES 1984
something more suited to their talents.‘ ‘Talents?‘ Neil pondered this abyss. ‘They're only good at lying on their backs.‘ ‘Precisely.‘ Drp 147 RP 1994
tossed down into the square. Already a substantial pool of abyssal fluid had gathered under the ship, soon it would fillp 145 DW 1962
the dark edge where the volcanic crater shelved into the abyssal chill. Twenty feet from him, sitting in a small gladep 152 RP 1994
watch them.‘ We stopped in front of a row of Abyssinians so deeply immersed in the luxury of being themselves thatp 36 MP 2003
the hulk of a collapsing office block, overgrown with feathery acacias and flowering tamarisks. Narrow creeks, the canopies overhead turning themp 52 DW 1962
romancing over a bottle. Perhaps, however, the tightening embrace of Academe is merely a reflection that modern science fiction has comep 203 UGM 1974
pioneers of Dada and psychic revolution, who so detested commerce, academia and the cash nexus, died laden with honours and prestigep 99 UGM 1986
the reader's emotions, defects that of course recommend it to academia. But if not the greatest novel of the twentieth centuryp 145 UGM 1990
American universities that had superseded it, leaving behind a TV academia with its eyes on its script-consultancy fees. Meanwhile, the morep 283 KW 1991
as a powerful unconscious signal. Vancouver and an escape into academia would have to wait. If someone who liked me andp 9 KC 2006
of a small tree. A spirited simultaneous rendering of Brahms's Academic Festival Overture and Rachmaninov's First Piano Concerto trumpeted across thep 43 VS 1957
whether this prim unattractive man, with his pedantry and in-bred academic humour, had any redeeming qualities whatever. None, certainly, at ap 69 T12 1958
told them.‘ It sounded exactly like a dry piece of academic humour. I could see Tallis and the two scientists pullingp 79 WG 1959
Ulysses in terms of a Hellenic Greek setting, a pleasant academic exercise which would have provided an objective test of Joyce'sp 224 S5 1961
cajoling by turn, a fund of low vaudeville humour and academic witticisms, the Bailiff rouses his audience to a pitch ofp 143 UGM 1966
school, but after that they severed all connections with the academic world.‘ Charles sat forward over the list, holding it likep 773 CA 1968
time, Mrs Sherrington. Can you tell us about his subsequent academic career? Which university did he go to?‘ ‘His education wasp 775 CA 1968
organs. 3 The Renaissance phase. Dali's penchant for a wiped academic style, Leonardoesque skies and grottoes, comes through strongly during thep 96 UGM 1969
Charing Cross Hospital Medical School, 78-93 Charterhouse, HRH enters, 31; academic distinction, 38; sexual crisis, 43; school captain, 44 Chiang Kai-shekp 941 I 1977
country club, he found his first social success. However, his academic record was a disaster, and already he was rationalizing thisp 109 UGM 1982
of birth and marriage certificates, share portfolios and bank statements, academic qualifications and honorary degrees passed between my hands, the recordsp 14 RW 1988
attended exclusive private day schools near Reading, and their successful academic records reveal a complete absence of stress in their homep 16 RW 1988
bulletin boards displayed the same obvious pride in their son's academic and sporting achievements that the Millers‘ had shown, the samep 29 RW 1988
medical student dissecting cadavers at Cambridge, then a bastion of academic provincialism and self-congratulation. Ulysses opened my eyes to an infinitelyp 145 UGM 1990
vogue, a fashion set off in the 1970s by American academic biographers who funded teams of PhD students eager to scanp 71 UGM 1991
had appeared on television, inconceivably fast behaviour for a Cambridge academic. He cast an affable eye over me, as if hep 86 KW 1991
didn't see that much of the place. It's a glorified academic gift-shop for American universities, where they can buy some quaintp 104 KW 1991
Almost ...‘ As an undergraduate prank I had taken off my academic gown and laid it in a pool of water underp 116 KW 1991
and any possible threat to the professorial tenure of its academic board-members. Dick became the institute's scientific director at its newp 265 KW 1991
could have struck up a close and lasting friendship. Some academic film critics have suggested that Casablanca is a thinly veiledp 7 UGM 1993
immense past of its own. There are countless societies and academic institutes devoted to the history of science fiction, cataloguing everyp 194 UGM 1993
became a wristy and effective tennis player, and sidestepped the academic career his father wanted for him, taking a course inp 17 CN 1996
the same whirlwind hunt, wrenching Dexter's cotton flying suit and academic gown from their hangers and throwing them to the floorp 237 MP 2003
end of my happiest months in many years. A Canadian academic on a year's sabbatical, she was flying back to herp 9 KC 2006
perhaps finding work in the media studies department. ‘It's an academic dustbin, but you can rattle the lid.‘ She knew Ip 9 KC 2006
Part of him welcomes the violence -- it confirms some academic theory He was very taken with my description of ap 196 KC 2006
after Belsen and Hiroshima. Freud was still something of an academic joke; the admissions tutor at King's assumed that I wasp 133 ML 2008
in Sarajevo and launched a world war. At Cambridge, an academic theme park where I was a reluctant extra, the onlyp 151 ML 2008
were a complete flop. I needed to get away from academic institutions, and I needed to be free of all financialp 153 ML 2008
only asked Bacon about his handling of space and other academic topics. In his replies Bacon adopted the same elliptical andp 156 ML 2008
favour with the Arts Council, the British Council and the academic critics of the day were Henry Moore, Barbara Hepworth, Johnp 188 ML 2008
of well-to-do professional people -- lawyers, doctors, tax consultants, senior academics and advertising executives, along with a smaller group of airlinep 10 HR 1975
oligarchy of minor tycoons and entrepreneurs, television actresses and careerist academics, with their high-speed elevators and superior services, their carpeted staircasesp 53 HR 1975
which consisted of a stockbroker, two paediatricians and three senior academics, was Anthony Royal. As usual he wore his white safari-jacketp 66 HR 1975
who had laughed happily as the group of paediatricians and academics had flailed away at him with their dumb-bells like ap 76 HR 1975
As they sat together in the candlelight, these neurosurgeons, senior academics and stockbrokers displayed all the talents for intrigue and survivalp 136 HR 1975
prepared to die for it. The essayists, almost all American academics, condemn virtually the entire output of Hollywood Vietnam films, faultingp 12 UGM 1991
civil rights movement, and it puzzles me that these well-meaning academics could expect the conventions of the entertainment movie to copep 12 UGM 1991
popular science programmes, one of the new breed of media academics who taught the world to feel at ease with itselfp 127 KW 1991
the action committee -- a retired astronaut, two over earnest academics a public-spirited car dealer and three wives of local businessmenp 27 RP 1994
enclave of luxury houses rented by fashion designers and media academics. I passed a tracked excavator digging a trench along thep 140 SC 2000
yachting resort? I rent villas for corporate visitors and high-powered academics.‘ She leaned on the balcony and slipped her arm throughp 214 SC 2000
and sales commercials fed to us by politicians, bishops and academics. People are deliberately re-primitivizing themselves. They yearn for magic andp 105 KC 2006
the drawing rooms, one by the President of the Royal Academy, another by Annigoni, to the bizarre psychological studies in thep 751 CSC 1967
unnerved me was the odd feeling I had of the Academy closing around me, of the plywood partitions of the Modernp 202 UGM 1974
St Mark's Square, and gazed at the Tintorettos in the Academy School. Our wedding night was a triumph of the director'sp 949 ICU 1977
schoolboy, recruited straight from the classroom to the flight training academy. Jim stood up and walked through the nettles to thep 280 ES 1984
1945. B.S. (Physics), Caltech, 1953. Graduated US Air Force Academy, 1957. Served Vietnam, 1964-9. Enrolled NASA 1970; deputy ground controllerp 1095 OOA 1984
conducted on the day of his arrival. Others were police academy photographs of Kagwa graduating with his cadet class, and ofp 97 DC 1987
Kirkcudbright in Scotland, where the girls of a progressive Edinburgh academy, St Trinnean's, had been evacuated. Transformed by Searle's imagination, thep 105 UGM 1990
Cabrera was the new. A product of the Madrid police academy, he seemed more like a young college professor than ap 29 CN 1996
victimhood given to him by his instructors at the police academy. ‘I understand, Inspector. But perhaps you'd speak to the manp 93 CN 1996
gutted shell. He spoke more quietly, no longer the police academy lecturer, as drained as Paula and I by the experiencep 110 CN 1996
by my lighthearted manner. This tough-minded graduate of the police academy clearly found the British residents of the Costa del Solp 155 CN 1996
roar of inaudible voices. The Cannes Film Festival, like the Academy Awards in Los Angeles, momentarily confused them with the suggestionp 291 SC 2000
The Bank of England?‘ ‘I'm a fund-raiser for the Royal Academy. It's an easy job. All those CEOs think art isp 61 MP 2003
Not so?‘ ‘It rots their brains. Tate Modern, the Royal Academy, the Hayward ... they're Walt Disney for the middle classes.‘ ‘Butp 61 MP 2003
imagination than anything hung on the walls of the Royal Academy (still in its Munnings phase). With Moorcock's approval, I contactedp 217 ML 2008