years of his life. He was still chuckling over the absurdity of it all two weeks later when for the firstp 168 CH 1960
and steadied himself against the rail. Smiling ruefully at the absurdity of the fantasy, he wondered why he had indulged itp 33 DW 1962
the decorated ceiling, like a petulant Nero overwhelmed by the absurdity and ingratitude of the world. Ransom watched the performance withp 40 D 1965
impossibility of existence, in the humour of mountains, in the absurdity of electromagnetism, in the farce of geometry, in the crueltyp 38 WIB 1984
steel arrow. Gubby swayed forward, chuckling to himself at the absurdity of its size, while Trudi ran into the surf top 144 RP 1994
children, bobbing cheerfully down the Bognor front, and the larger absurdity to which nature would never provide an answer. I wasp 206 MP 2003
beside me in the darkness I allowed myself few anxieties. Absurdly, the only disagreement I ever had with her was overp 9 PB 1956
thousand dollars. At the preliminary hearings we soon realized that, absurdly, our one big difficulty was going to be proving top 47 VS 1957
The ceiling was dilating and contracting in steady pulses, an absurdly exaggerated response to our own respiratory rhythms, but the motionsp 307 TDS 1962
jetty and the Indians behind him, was frozen in an absurdly motionless posture. The mechanism of the old alarm clock hadp 446 QR 1963
was reluctant to switch on the lights, for fear -- absurdly, as he knew -- that an assailant might attack himp 106 HR 1975
hopes of discovering the truth about the Hollinger fire. Frank, absurdly, still maintained his guilt, and I had twice postponed myp 225 CN 1996
how unreal life in St John's Wood had become, how absurdly genteel. To Sally, I said: ‘That sounds callous, but I'vep 192 MP 2003
before they built it?‘ Abel struggled with the reductio ad absurdum. ‘I don't know, they must have been floating around inp 324 13C 1962
a substantial dossier on this deranged young man. Born 1958, Abu Dhabi, father manager of Amoco desalination plant. Childhood in thep 1093 OOA 1984
as the exiled Windsors fret by their swimming pools in Abu Dhabi, they will be invited to make their return, andp 248 UGM 1993
kept on reminding himself, that the high-rise potentially provided in abundance. Bored wives, dressed up as if for a lavish midnightp 13 HR 1975
they chose to eliminate the very element offered in such abundance. Still, if they stayed much longer at Cape Kennedy hep 1039 MSA 1982
Basie!‘ Jim devoured the potato. He liked Basie's cubicle. The abundance of objects, even if they were useless, was reassuring, likep 221 ES 1984
objects, even if they were useless, was reassuring, like the abundance of words around Dr Ransome. The Latin vocabulary and thep 221 ES 1984
the August sky. Surrounded by this vision of all the abundance of America falling from the air, Jim laughed happily top 287 ES 1984
turned in a score of bedrooms. Crimes took place in abundance, yet Cabrera knew nothing of them, since the residents ofp 159 CN 1996
realized now, no one ever changed, and for all his abundant self-confidence he needed to be looked after just as muchp 48 HR 1975
to all of you. Diana. THE INDEX Editor's note. From abundant internal evidence it seems clear that the text printed belowp 940 I 1977
of my glowing skin. Again I was sure that this abundant life had sprung from my own body, broadcast from myp 83 UDC 1979
to see her, I felt that I had prepared this abundant life especially for her. ‘Miriam ...!‘ I ran through the parkedp 96 UDC 1979
the Hoover Dam and start it up again, using the abundant supplies of old syrup. Drug-stores and discos were what thep 160 HA 1981
established a pleasant and comfortable existence for himself. He had abundant stocks of tinned food, fuel and water with which top 5 SAJ 1984
their leaves above us, as if in thanks for this abundant watercourse at which they drank. In a sense I hadp 108 DC 1987
in the great waterway I had created, but in its abundant flora and fauna. In a giddy way I felt thep 112 DC 1987
vegetation that sprang from the desert's edge, and by the abundant birds and flowering plants, as if an army of aviaristsp 140 DC 1987
first time the future of this great waterway and its abundant life lay within my hands. I felt nervous of harmingp 142 DC 1987
the river, Noon found it more difficult to hunt the abundant fish in the faster running waters, and had little baitp 152 DC 1987
as the original invention of this great river and its abundant life. Both, to Sanger, were equally plausible and equally meaningfulp 159 DC 1987
was now moored. However, the western arm, carrying half the abundant headwater, ended at a makeshift barrage which the local fishermenp 219 DC 1987
generous quality of family life have been reconstructed from the abundant testimony of those domestic servants who fortunately were absent onp 16 RW 1988
is precisely that -- a deliberately blatant advertisement of its abundant wealth, power and confidence, the avian equivalent of the goldp 157 UGM 1992
tests and their black annunciation had been vanquished by the abundant life of the sanctuary. Yet one endangered group had notp 186 RP 1994
not to the Cotswolds, but to South Africa, with its abundant cheap servants. I think that, despite themselves, they had beenp 38 ML 2008
words must have been hurled out in a paroxysm of abuse, they were only an hour old, vicious sonic scars slashedp 119 SS 1960
time trying to collect his wits. The sounds of LeGrande's abuse dinned the air, and he broke away and ran offp 119 SS 1960
adolescence and so far he had resisted any temptation to abuse it. He had never revealed the talent to anyone, knowingp 120 SS 1960
revenge. Mangon listened again to the walls, focused on the abuse screaming out into the air. Not complete conversations. Long fragmentsp 120 SS 1960
now and then he took off his eye-patch to bellow abuse at them, and the mingled grunts and curses drifted acrossp 89 DW 1962
into which he had been cast, accepting the refuse and abuse heaped upon him as the crew discharged their fear andp 135 DW 1962
had long been obvious -- complaints about noise and the abuse of the building's facilities, rivalries over the better-sited apartments (thosep 28 HR 1975
months, he and his companions were encouraged to insult and abuse each other, deride the most trivial personal characteristics, punch andp 268 UGM 1977
Cloud steered me towards the house. I expected her to abuse me, and I was surprised by her tenderness. All herp 55 UDC 1979
of discipline and duty. I knew that I should never abuse my powers, but conserve them for those goals which hadp 122 UDC 1979
a party of women approached the memorial and began to abuse me. They were the mothers of the children I hadp 191 UDC 1979
riding your bicycle around ...‘ As the Japanese NCO began to abuse one of the coolies, Mr Guerevitch drew Jim behind ap 71 ES 1984
Uchida pushed through the bored guards and began to scream abuse at him. Standing beside the guards, Jim waited for Sergeantp 124 ES 1984
the Japanese. He stood unsteadily by the tail-gate, ignoring their abuse and pointing to the exhausted passengers at his feet. Thep 133 ES 1984
their work on the railway bridge. The corporal began to abuse the driver, clearly disgusted by the condition of the prisonersp 151 ES 1984
way. After the raids, when the Japanese guards began to abuse the prisoners, he was often short-tempered with Jim, as ifp 195 ES 1984
the few American reconnaissance planes and made no attempt to abuse the prisoners or urge them along. Two of the trucksp 242 ES 1984
of the American magazines. Later, when Tulloch went off to abuse the growing crowd of starving Chinese outside the gates, Jimp 306 ES 1984
head bowed beneath the awning. He seemed resigned to this abuse. ‘All right ... I can take my trade down the streetp 1109 MWM 1985
that the film taps into all our unease about the abuse of this planet and its environment. Much of Silent Running'sp 20 UGM 1987
the poplars, some with sheets around them, while others shouted abuse at the police below. As I edged my car throughp 24 RW 1988
it together. But why? There was no evidence of sexual abuse, no corporal punishment getting out of control. The parents neverp 46 RW 1988
stood outside his window in their tattered cotton dresses, screaming abuse at him until necklaces of spit glistened on their breastsp 51 KW 1991
first seen five months earlier outside a Waikiki hotel, shouting abuse at the doormen exasperated by her high-pitched English voice andp 28 RP 1994
an endangered colony of bears. For years they endured the abuse and hostility of local farmers angered by the bears‘ sheep-killingp 47 RP 1994
Dr Barbara climbed onto a life-raft in the bows, screaming abuse at the corvette as it overtook them. ‘Assassins! Salauds! Shootp 67 RP 1994
to launch into one of her legendary tempers and scream abuse at the visitor. But after listening to him through thep 90 RP 1994
island. Dr Barbara and Monique refused to cooperate, and shouted abuse at the Italian director when he approached them, holding hisp 106 RP 1994
commandant's balcony. Standing in their tattered cotton frocks, they screamed abuse at the impassive Japanese soldiers, necklaces of spittle shining onp 284 UGM 1995
probably existed an old-fashioned realm of pecking orders and racist abuse. Except for Halder, all the security personnel were white, andp 59 SC 2000
a blow struck against human bone. A second voice bellowed abuse in a pidgin of Russian and Arabic. I stepped top 71 SC 2000
me. ‘Dr Sinclair, I'll report you to Professor Kalman. Physical abuse of the patient.‘ ‘Don't bother. He thinks you need ap 122 SC 2000
Rue Amouretti to the Place Dubois. They paused to scream abuse at a passing motorist, and veered away into the darknessp 156 SC 2000
dodge the swinging carrier bags I saw Christie's wife scream abuse at a woman constable trying to reunite her with herp 28 KC 2006
walk away.‘ ‘They won't. People need a little bit of abuse in their lives. Masochism is the new black, and alwaysp 147 KC 2006
sly pleasure in his new-found aggression. He would bully and abuse the self-immersed wives and dull husbands who appeared on hisp 156 KC 2006
in a fur coat stepping on my foot, then screaming abuse at me. Beyond the doors a line of soldiers withp 213 KC 2006
to leave, but fell silent as a militant minority shouted abuse at the assistant commissioner. At a signal, the constables beganp 215 KC 2006
me as David Cruise's media adviser, and reined in their abuse. A Zimmer frame scraped the marble floor, but the groupp 222 KC 2006
family patriarch worked himself into a fury of anger, shouting abuse at Carradine and by chance spitting on his shirt. Batonsp 232 KC 2006
I'm certain that today he would be prosecuted for child abuse and assault. Miraculously I escaped his wrath, though I soonp 18 ML 2008
his sharp eye for self-preservation, is soon drawn. Loathed and abused by the disputing philosophical sects, the Bailiff is the presidingp 143 UGM 1966
injured body, and the calculated way in which he had abused himself in order to keep going. From now on, hep 42 CI 1974
of them, by some paradoxical logic, were satisfied by being abused. Maitland's aggressiveness fulfilled their expectations, their half-conscious estimates of themselvesp 98 CI 1974
wives of several top-floor tenants claimed that they had been abused in the elevators. Other residents, as they left for theirp 37 HR 1975
the way in which the services and facilities were being abused by the upper-level tenants. It might even be necessary top 54 HR 1975
have a look at him ... Poor devil, those savages have abused you ...‘ Deftly he insinuated himself into the elevator and beganp 83 HR 1975
numb, and for a moment he felt helpless, like an abused child. As the architect advanced down the steps towards himp 166 HR 1975
by Mrs Wilder had entered the apartment. Seeing Laing being abused, and assuming him to be Eleanor's and Alice's prisoner, theyp 172 HR 1975
being silly, but before they came here they'd been terribly abused.‘ She pointed to a three-storey building beyond the clinic's car-parkp 28 UDC 1979
brows and lips, and I guessed that she had been abused as a child, driven away after her mother's death andp 89 DC 1987
pain-marks in her blue skin, a notched score of her abused childhood. Trying to reassure her, I held her arm, fearingp 134 DC 1987
the rain valleys of the Massif. Each of us had abused the Mallory, trying to use it for our own endsp 286 DC 1987
than she realised. She might care for her deprived and abused infants, but she had never loved a child of herp 210 KW 1991
its four-week course. During this time the cars were continually abused by outraged visitors. A hare krishna sect stormed into thep 229 KW 1991
barks. The nervous German Shepherd was being alternately comforted and abused by its handler, a small, shirt-sleeved man in his sixtiesp 254 KW 1991
can do -- I can tell the magistrate he was abused by the Japanese.‘ She embraced me for a last timep 274 KW 1991
Jung Chang's mother and grandmother, the two women whose tragically abused lives occupy the centre of this heart-rending book. Together theyp 36 UGM 1992
film's producer, Hal Wallis. The director, Michael Curtiz, had constantly abused his crew and bit players, and with one or twop 6 UGM 1993
was a dossier on a child at the refuge, the abused daughter of some rentier Englishman, or the surviving victim ofp 50 SC 2000
hair curl. A lot of those Arab girls were fearfully abused.‘ ‘Thanks, I'd rather not see them. What about the childrenp 67 SC 2000
Petty criminals, clochards, Aids-riddled whores -- they expect to be abused. We're doing them a good turn by satisfying their unconsciousp 297 SC 2000
Beaufort Avenue, the boy on his mother's shoulders as she abused the police. I assumed that she was about to raisep 235 MP 2003
around me, and I assumed that the police were being abused. But the boos were aimed at a family BMW leavingp 265 MP 2003
around her eyes. For the first time I saw the abused and sullen teenager she had once been, ready to terrorizep 275 MP 2003