carry kitchen-appliance islands, bathroom units, and the huge pop-art and abstract-expressionist paintings favoured by the residents of the high-rise. As hep 64 HR 1975
round her waist and began to dance to the strange abstracted music, for some reason as beautiful now as Lorraine Drexel'sp 49 VS 1957
thin-faced, prematurely ageing man with receding hair and a remote abstracted expression, and in the dark sombre suit and stiff whitep 340 PE 1962
face, making him look in turn irritable, amiable, bored and abstracted. He listened to an air-line pumping from the scow, thenp 90 DW 1962
time machine of yours.‘ His mood changed, becoming distant and abstracted. ‘But I mustn't poke fun at you, Kerans, I couldn'tp 113 DW 1962
more eccentric than he was already considered -- the solitary, abstracted husband of the beautiful but childless Mrs Mason -- Masonp 474 NWS 1963
grazed them only a few hours ago. Can't you remember?‘ Abstracted, Mason invented some tale to satisfy her, then carried hisp 477 NWS 1963
the front row. Together they left the room, the same abstracted look on their faces that one sees in the insanep 771 CA 1968
apartment, their acts of intercourse had become more and more abstracted. These strange perversions had at first disgusted her, but shep 42 JAC 1970
nervous driving, but he was watching her movements with an abstracted gaze, almost encouraging her to gesture with her hands andp 12 C 1973
within the death of an unknown creature, its vanished identity abstracted in terms of the geometry of this vehicle. How muchp 13 C 1973
marriage. Before my accident our sexual relationship was almost totally abstracted, maintained by a series of imaginary games and perversities. Whenp 83 C 1973
if these lovers had beaten her out of an increasingly abstracted despair with a series of grotesque implements. Behind me, Vaughanp 98 C 1973
of his car would be an event as stylized and abstracted as those recorded in Vaughan's photographs. The television director camep 103 C 1973
the sexual penetration of Vaughan's body; both were conceptualized acts abstracted from all feeling, carrying any ideas or emotions with whichp 129 C 1973
a meaningless wail. These cries were the expressions of totally abstracted emotions, detached from the context of events around them. Royalp 137 HR 1975
absolute enlargement where the elements of her infidelity become totally abstracted from themselves, areas of undifferentiated light that assuage all angerp 862 60Z 1976
and wardrobes, through which a few customers moved in an abstracted way, like spectators in a boring museum. Next to thep 37 UDC 1979
skin tremors on the backs of her thighs. Seeing these abstracted portions of herself had led to a growing numbness, ap 266 KW 1991
and a photograph. For a brief moment Dr Mellinger gazed abstractedly at the file. Then, after a discreet glance into thep 525 MO 1963
digging out the Messerschmitt, came across the sand-flats and gazed abstractedly at the emerging wings and fuselage of the Fortress. Neitherp 815 DFW 1974
in Tallis a visible expression of her own mood of abstraction, that growing entropy which had begun to occupy her lifep 40 YCM 1966
psychopathology as a game; and in our ever-greater powers of abstraction -- what our children have to fear are not thep 91 UGM 1969
a few seconds of their first meeting, reflected this same abstraction of emotion and intent. Even now, as he waved top 71 THF 1969
as a game, and in our ever greater powers of abstraction. What our children have to fear are not the carsp 75 THF 1969
a succession of accidents, fitted with orifices of ever greater abstraction and ingenuity, so that my incest with her might becomep 180 C 1973
Golgotha of last humiliation, has in fact achieved a gradual abstraction of emotion, an assuagement of all anger and regret. Inp 861 60Z 1976
in her shower stall provided a key to that absolute abstraction of himself he had sought since his arrival at thep 993 MA 1978
working like those of sleeping fish, a planet of anatomical abstractions on which I will soon land. When they come, ourp 861 60Z 1976
that Melville had pinned to the mantelpiece, and the technical abstracts lavishly documenting its geology, rainfall, seismology, flora and fauna. ‘Whyp 813 DFW 1974
She frowned at me, assuming that I was making some abstruse point. ‘Everything's possible at Eden-Olympia. That's its raison d‘etrep 113 SC 2000
it with a single motion of his hand. ‘Don't be absurd, Franz!‘ Gregson remonstrated. They took their places in the chemistryp 25 CC 1957
development.‘ ‘Infinitely!‘ ‘Non-functional space.‘ ‘Well?‘ Franz asked patiently. ‘The concept's absurd.‘ ‘Why?‘ ‘Because it couldn't exist‘ Franz pounded his forehead inp 29 CC 1957
he sat back, listening intently to the music. Morley thought: Absurd. How fast can you run? Three weeks ago you werep 54 M69 1957
but silence interrupted at half-hour intervals by commercial breaks seemed absurd. But gradually the public discovered that the silence was goldenp 112 SS 1960
away the notes in a fury of exasperation. ‘This is absurd, you're missing everything!‘ she cried. She pounded on one ofp 126 SS 1960
at Alto with contempt, sorry for the man, with his absurd silent symphonies. He felt like shouting: I know what silencep 130 SS 1960
carafe of burgundy Gregory told him about Carole Sturgeon. ‘It's absurd, but I feel guilty about her. Suicide is a highlyp 293 IO 1962
temptation. ‘And ...‘ he said aloud. Looking for Vansittart, in the absurd hope that he might have survived the thousand-foot fall, hep 410 M99 1962
silly, Margot,‘ he said with an anxious laugh. ‘You're being absurd.‘ ‘No, I'm not. After all, Harold Kharkov and his wifep 342 PE 1962
joke about it? It tried to kill you.‘ ‘Don't be absurd. The real culprit is Vanden Starr. But as the lieutenantp 319 TDS 1962
he knew, there were other motives and responsibilities. ‘Don't be absurd,‘ he replied easily. ‘I simply hadn't realised that we mightp 15 DW 1962
mapping of harbours for use in some hypothetical future is absurd. Even if the solar flares subside it will be tenp 16 DW 1962
what?‘ ‘Well, in case --‘ Irritably, she said: ‘Don't be absurd, Charles, doesn't the thought of those towers hanging down overp 379 WT 1962
imagining --‘ Hathaway sat up with a jerk. ‘Don't be absurd, Doctor! If you can't believe your own senses what chancep 419 SM 1963
more like a case of "Hubble bubble, double trouble".‘ This absurd jingle echoed in my ears as we neared the easternp 607 IM 1964
of a dead plane tree, watching the deserted houses. Quilter's absurd words, crazier than even he could understand, echoed in Ransom'sp 55 D 1965
stream of experimental magazines, pamphlets, exhibitions and congresses, films and absurd frolics, as well as a substantial body of paintings andp 85 UGM 1966
certain that he recovered from the long flight and the absurd accident when the excursion module had crashed on landing. ‘Butp 712 TMY 1966
need to re-score the central nervous system, pre-uterine claims, the absurd -- i.e., the phenomenology of the universe ... The crowdp 84 YMC 1966
river was uncertain. All afternoon they had been following this absurd sexual whim of his, plunging in and out of basinsp 63 SCN 1969
blood. I think now of the other crashes we visualized, absurd deaths of the wounded, maimed and distraught. I think ofp 15 C 1973
on evening freeways among tired office-workers. I think of the absurd crashes of neurasthenic housewives returning from their VD clinics, hittingp 15 C 1973
hour a day. Easily tired and excited, I had an absurd row with Waring's secretary. But all this seemed trivial andp 65 C 1973
bogus foundations, filling the fanzines with their literary pretensions, their absurd awards and other nonsense. By comparison, most of the Newp 203 UGM 1974
question of setting out anywhere else. You're obsessed with this absurd island.‘ ‘You'll understand when we get there,‘ Melville assured herp 816 DFW 1974
slumped behind the steering wheel, realising the futility of this absurd expedition. I would be lucky to make it back top 826 AD 1975
found himself thinking of this last remark of Helen Wilder's. Absurd though it sounded, the statement had a certain truth. Nowp 19 HR 1975
the stampede for the elevators and staircases. A number of absurd but unpleasant altercations broke out in the darkness between thosep 20 HR 1975
saw his own empty balcony fifteen feet away. In an absurd moment of panic he wondered if he himself was thep 41 HR 1975
they were organized the notion of a punitive expedition was absurd, as they were far too exposed to retaliation. However, atp 58 HR 1975
her off her feet. In a way, he enjoyed these absurd rituals. They touched levels of intimacy that had never beenp 124 HR 1975
harmless flirtation with the young man had magnified everything to absurd proportions. Released from weeks of agony by this decision, Ip 871 S 1976
people? Amused by them, but already bored by the whole absurd business, he watched them adjust their bicycle clips and tyrep 909 UC 1976
attention, taking the salute. Halloway tried to laugh off these absurd games as another mental aberration of this convicted murderer, butp 918 UC 1976
their journey across America had been leading them to this absurd and childish confrontation in a theme park frontier street, inp 99 HA 1981
She made it sound like a cocktail bar, beautiful but absurd girl, he could imagine her teaching him to tango withp 190 HA 1981
appeals board, had now returned to plague him with these absurd antics -- spraying flocks of swallows with gold paint, erectingp 1013 NFS 1981
executive, would appeal to the young neurosurgeon's sense of the absurd, a suitably garish climax to the unhappy events that hadp 1061 MNF 1982
huge booster, dressed in a suit of silver foil ... An absurd idea, but the memory had come from somewhere. For allp 1069 MNF 1982
she wore on her wedding finger. From somewhere came the absurd notion that she was married to Hinton. Then he noticedp 1046 MSA 1982
as if well used to this erratic aviator and his absurd machines. As Hinton worked the rudder tiller, Mallory glanced atp 1050 MSA 1982
clapping their hands as the Japanese guards frowned at this absurd British game. Jim shouted at the disappearing truck, and therep 88 ES 1984
Jim, as if this eleven-year-old prisoner was responsible for the absurd expedition. Watching the sun's angle, as he had done forp 126 ES 1984
the snootiest of the English families, and there was something absurd about their high-pitched voices -- as affected as the rugbyp 214 ES 1984
and Dr Ransome. Everyone in Lunghua was dead. It was absurd that they had failed to grasp this. They stood onp 238 ES 1984
press conference, it summed up the dangers of that last absurd afternoon at Port-la-Nouvelle. Was I going to be shot? Asp 10 DC 1987
time to go. My short career as hydrologist -- an absurd venture from the start -- had been part of thep 42 DC 1987
soon disappeared into the dust. Pleased with myself, in an absurd way, I strode forward through the trees. It was childishp 48 DC 1987
Captain Kagwa in the police barracks three hours later. My absurd wrestling match with this increasingly odd young widow had atp 66 DC 1987
-- all this water is simply surplus to requirements.‘ ‘Nobly absurd.‘ Sanger leaned back, sighing to himself as if this alonep 157 DC 1987
No -- we'll go on.‘ ‘You're still obsessed with this absurd dream? To reach the source of the river? Look atp 174 DC 1987
self, a responsible older brother who had mistakenly sanctioned this absurd journey. I tried to stand back from my own obsessionp 180 DC 1987
sleeve, hoping in a muddled way that one of these absurd films could deflect a bullet so small as to bep 189 DC 1987
service, I was aware that the formalised dialogue, like our absurd costumes, provided a screen behind which we could hide ourp 1125 LCC 1989
Was there a Gulf War? Already the question seems less absurd than it would have done a week ago, despite thep 11 UGM 1991
behind him and tap him on the shoulder with some absurd but nagging inquiry. For a year he had drifted alongp 128 KW 1991
than anything Shepperton could offer. ‘Sally, the whole thing was absurd.‘ ‘So? Nothing matters any more. Jackie Kennedy, Viet Nam, flyingp 186 KW 1991
of the child pulling at my hand, I had the absurd notion that this young man was myself. He was callingp 315 KW 1991
taskmaster, but one with a taste for the gaudy and absurd, and capable of unexpected gentleness. The acceptance of Darwin's theoryp 156 UGM 1992
have always wanted to swim across the Styx -- an absurd ambition, since this is one river with a punctual ferryp 244 UGM 1992
arrival at Saint-Esprit, offered a potent weapon of self-disruption. The absurd confrontation over the powdered milk had left her angry withp 149 RP 1994
should have.‘ I laughed to myself, confident now that this absurd error would soon be rectified. ‘Where did these murders takep 20 CN 1996
had to, there wasn't anything else I could say.‘ ‘That's absurd. You had nothing to do with those deaths.‘ ‘But Ip 23 CN 1996
his cell, forehead harrowed by the stress of maintaining his absurd bluff. He was paler, as the sunlight of Estrella dep 76 CN 1996
Why not? I don't believe it. This whole thing's becoming absurd.‘ ‘My sentiments too. I was with him a moment agop 77 CN 1996
house. If he knows I've been here he'll realize how absurd his confession is. The idea that he's guilty is preposterousp 113 CN 1996
talked to complain that they were a little stand-offish.‘ ‘That's absurd.‘ Mrs Shand grimaced at the silliness of this. ‘He wasp 130 CN 1996
led to the burning of the Hollinger mansion and Frank's absurd confession. A yacht had entered the marina, a white-hulled sloopp 221 CN 1996
Africa. I had wilfully forgotten Frank, pushing him and his absurd confession into a side corridor of my mind. In thisp 276 CN 1996
almost as responsible as Crawford. He's totally corrupted you.‘ ‘That's absurd. I'm planning a book, thinking about guitar lessons and ap 293 CN 1996
the rear seat of an unmarked police vehicle. ‘This is absurd -- we can talk at the party tonight.‘ ‘No --p 314 CN 1996
be a huge fire.‘ ‘Where? At the villa? Paula, that's absurd -- no one wants to harm Crawford.‘ ‘It's not Crawfordp 315 CN 1996
the chains of duty and civic responsibility. For once, the absurd answer was probably the right one. The firemen had drenchedp 9 MP 2003
watched on television. Protest movements, sane and insane, sensible and absurd, touched almost every aspect of life in London, a vastp 37 MP 2003
their pints. Our expedition to the middle-class heartland had its absurd aspects, but these passed her by. She was engaging withp 95 MP 2003
have to be watched. On one level it's all rather absurd, but there's a darker side. Kay is a remarkable womanp 103 MP 2003
the lost children. ‘The NFT? Of course not. That was absurd -- completely pointless, in fact. And dangerous.‘ ‘Then why thep 137 MP 2003
a video store, setting fire to the NFT -- completely absurd. But that alone made you feel free.‘ ‘Kay and thep 139 MP 2003
Broadcasting House, and there were hoots of laughter at some absurd comment about our motives for picketing the BBC. Looking atp 149 MP 2003
inspired by Richard, action groups had attacked a number of ‘absurd‘ targets -- the Penguin pool at London Zoo, Liberty's, thep 204 MP 2003
tired and distracted to enjoy the spectacle, however childish and absurd. He left me by the steps of the Albert Memorialp 206 MP 2003
that their revolution was indeed meaningless, that the sacrifices were absurd and the gains negligible. A heroic failure redefined itself asp 293 MP 2003
pressed it hard into its cradle, trying to silence this absurd oracle. ‘It's a hoax. Or a cock-up, some legal blunderp 47 KC 2006
soft and ingratiating presence offered the only reality in the absurd world that my father's death and the Metro-Centre had createdp 47 KC 2006
packets of herbal tea, she would be all right. An absurd notion, which reminded me of my childhood motoring trips withp 237 KC 2006
be graduate universities only, at one stroke killing off this absurd status race, and at the same time benefiting all otherp 140 ML 2008
threat of nuclear war. The very notion was ludicrous, as absurd then as it seems now. Writers of so-called serious fictionp 166 ML 2008