not try to kill myself?" One of the few existential absolutes, far more significant than "To be or not to bep 110 DW 1962
difference, Mr Constantin. The Department of Justice is concerned with absolutes.‘ ‘Quite right, Malek. I agree entirely.‘ Constantin nodded approvingly atp 518 EG 1963
absolute sense, providing a glimpse into a world of similar absolutes of which we spectators on the beach were such imperfectp 644 DG 1964
rest from the persistence of memory would come from his absolution in time. But Judith, as he knew, hated all mentionp 34 D 1965
greatest cuisine, but the menu comes with its own built-in absolution, like a VAT discount or the magical words ‘service comprisp 246 UGM 1993
Some people like fucking in bathrooms. All that baptism and absolution. Paul?‘ ‘Not for me. No religious streak. Frances, I'm sorryp 230 SC 2000
But why not tell him?‘ Kerans pressed, hoping obliquely to absolve himself of his slight feeling of guilt. ‘Surely the prospectp 40 DW 1962
responsible for her patient's symptoms. For some reason, Vera Seagrave absolved Vaughan of any responsibility, although -- as I realized laterp 93 C 1973
a party of strangers, a kind of forced intimacy that absolved me from all future contact or obligation. An hour afterp 931 DT 1977
react in the same way. But they, at least, are absolved from any sense of guilt or responsibility. Even as ap 142 ML 2008
the quiet side-streets, oblivious of the passers-by, pathetically trying to absorb this blow to all he had assumed about himself forp 205 LW 1960
American comics and radio serials I so adored. Shanghai would absorb everything, even the coming war, however fiercely the smoke mightp 19 KW 1991
It's difficult to say,‘ Ward answered. ‘They're all too heavily absorbed. They could be clever montages of light brackets and turbinep 489 VH 1963
whole of science fiction's imaginary universe has long since been absorbed into the general consciousness, and that most of its ideasp 130 UGM 1964
all his behaviour -- by turns aggressive, distracted, sensitive, clumsy, absorbed and brutal. The Lincoln had lost the second gear ofp 89 C 1973
taking a shower and changing his clothes, Vaughan was self-consciously absorbed in these fading images, straightening their curling corners as ifp 168 C 1973
never read or been particularly interested in s-f but have absorbed its superficial ideas -- space ships, ray guns, blue corridorsp 15 UGM 1977
car lunged towards the sparrow. I clapped my hands and absorbed the heavy bird, feeling its resisting talons in my elbowsp 154 UDC 1979
releasing on to the market. The war had already been absorbed into the extraordinary history of Shanghai, along with the Avenuep 64 KW 1991
out any hope of finding a customer. But the city absorbed all this, as if the illusory visions of the festivalp 237 KW 1991
drought areas, and were faced with the prospect of being absorbed into the Department of Agriculture. However, at the last hourp 1175 MFM 1992
detergent sack. A larger object, with a bony interior, had absorbed the full force of the bullets. Someone, security guard orp 62 SC 2000
end of my second year I knew that I had absorbed all I needed from the medical course. My interest inp 149 ML 2008
heavy walls of which appeared to be completely solid, flatly absorbing the sounds of their voices. Behind him, where the guardsp 161 WFN 1961
air. He was convinced that his body was no longer absorbing anything he ate or drank -- the wine formed ap 118 CI 1974
them towards me and took the fish into my hands, absorbing once again within myself the fragments of my dead fleshp 215 UDC 1979
blue eyes surveying himself with ironic detachment. The slightly self-conscious absorption in his own world, with its private rituals and observancesp 11 DW 1962
not from any lack of hygiene but from her complete absorption in all the commonplaces of nature. I knew that shep 29 UDC 1979
by this cruel disease. Terrified of infection, people learnt to abstain from every kind of physical or sexual contact. From pubertyp 1125 LCC 1989
of Shanghai. In England in the 1960s my parents were abstemious drinkers, having a whisky soda before dinner and a singlep 40 ML 2008
of cross-questioning logic had faded. ‘The concept was a little abstract. There weren't any words for it.‘ The sergeant shook hisp 23 CC 1957
don't pretend to understand the theory myself. It's far too abstract and sophisticated. Anyway I suspect they've confused this Wall withp 37 CC 1957
box. The sides slid into each other, merging along an abstract hairline, like planes severing in a multi-dimensional flux. Only thep 61 M69 1957
it had done in Vermilion Sands, the chromium struts and abstract shapes standing out against the desert like something in ap 41 VS 1957
towering up into the sky like the temple of some abstract religion. It took me nearly three minutes to reach thep 84 WG 1959
melodies of Tchaikovsky, the complex fugal elaborations of Bach, the abstract images of Schoenberg -- all these were raised in frequencyp 111 SS 1960
whirled through a couple of movie theatres, the Museum of Abstract Art, and a dozen private calls in half his usualp 118 SS 1960
lake towards the concrete sight-screens at the far end. The abstract patterns made him feel like an ant on a bone-whitep 183 VT 1960
his liaison with Coma, Kaidren lived alone in the old abstract summer house on the north shore of the lake. Thisp 186 VT 1960
levels running parallel and across them rested pieces of grey abstract furniture, giant photographs on angled screens, carefully labelled exhibits laidp 187 VT 1960
glass, white rectangles and curves, at first glance exciting and abstract (Life magazine had done several glossy photographic treatments of thep 245 OM 1961
the far side of a muddle of interlocking garden areas, abstract rat-runs divided by waist-high white panelling, glass angle-pieces and slattedp 246 OM 1961
small squares of colour like the grids in a Mondrian abstract. The sky was a blank field of blue. In thep 248 OM 1961
values. Gradually these too began to lose their meaning, the abstract masses of colour dissolving, drawing Faulkner after them into ap 249 OM 1961
Stars are occupied by painters and poets -- the majority abstract and non-productive. Most of us were suffering from various degreesp 209 S5 1961
Lagoon West and made our way over to the old abstract film sets near the sand reefs, they were walking handp 228 S5 1961
sets, sending up clouds of dust that obscured the enormous abstract patterns. I ran towards Tony's car. By the time Ip 231 S5 1961
and carefully furnished, with a strong masculine taste. There were abstract statuettes; heavy sporting rifles clipped to the walls, their blackp 68 WFN 1961
the air. Make sense?‘ ‘In a way.‘ Strangely, the completely abstract concepts were less remote than he would have expected. Deepp 324 13C 1962
of life in the Station. An enormous, once-suppressed vocabulary of abstract terms and relationships lay latent below the surface of hisp 330 13C 1962
to it for specific pleasures, similar to the audience for abstract painting or serial music. The old-guard space opera fans, althoughp 196 UGM 1962
respectable garb. More precisely, I'd like to see s-f becoming abstract and ‘cool‘, inventing fresh situations and contexts that illustrate itsp 198 UGM 1962
of the relationship between them. If this sounds off-beat and abstract, so much the better, for science fiction could use ap 198 UGM 1962
their averted faces and masked mouths like devils in an abstract ballet. Reaching the roof, Bridgman stepped out into the opaquep 362 CS 1962
final peak always unscaled? Perhaps it was some sort of abstract duel between himself and the architects of these monstrous pilesp 405 M99 1962
in the library, quietly listening to an old 22nd Century abstract on systems of land tenure in the Trianguli. ‘Hello, Margotp 342 PE 1962
those fabulous years before the Recess. Admittedly most of the abstract villas and fake palazzos were empty, their huge gardens overgrownp 305 TDS 1962
catalyst for emotions of fear and panic, and any more abstract motives for staying behind would soon be abandoned. A yearp 31 DW 1962
well, sonic sculpture was now nearing the apogee of its abstract phase; twelve-tone blips and zooms were all that most statuesp 397 TSS 1962
the lagoon, I looked across at the Goalen mansion, an abstract summer palace that reminded me of a Frank Lloyd Wrightp 399 TSS 1962
moonlight the summer-house half a mile away looked like an abstract movie set, a single light on the upper terrace illuminatingp 401 TSS 1962
we began our descent through a shallow valley. A few abstract sculptures stood by the roadside. Once these were sonic, respondingp 542 SG 1963
-- they want local artists to paint the flats, large abstract designs for the desert backgrounds. They'll pay a dollar perp 544 SG 1963
a quarter of a mile from the house. Decorated with abstract symbols, these would serve as backdrops to the action, andp 545 SG 1963
expression of surprising canniness -- ‘this film is not as abstract as Kanin thinks. In fact, its sole purpose is therapeuticp 552 SG 1963
insects he had killed, their knotted legs and mandibles like abstract ideograms, the sapphires and zircons dissolving in the light. Hisp 557 SG 1963
pink-washed houses, a school constructed of glass bricks and an abstract Baptist chapel. Along the main thoroughfare the shops and storesp 481 VH 1963
in the sun. He was scrubbing away energetically at the abstract tables with his long hairy arms, head down so thatp 486 VH 1963
naked shower scaffoldings protruded from the ground like pieces of abstract sculpture marking a futuristic cairn, Louise came over to himp 638 DS 1964
original scriptural scenes had been transformed into paintings of bewildering abstract beauty. ‘It may sound heretical to say so, but thep 625 IM 1964
them up and took them back to his bunker. The abstract patterns were meaningless, but during his recovery he amused himselfp 596 TB 1964
of sin. The hells that face us now are more abstract, the very dimensions of time and space, the phenomenology ofp 144 UGM 1966
-- the series of giant geometric models, like sections of abstract landscapes, had made him uneasily aware that their long-delayed confrontationp 10 AE 1966
original scriptural scenes had been transformed into paintings of bewildering abstract beauty, in which the dismembered fragments of the faces ofp 161 CW 1966
darts into the overheated air and losing myself in an abstract landscape composed of the flying rays, the undulating dunes andp 722 CHC 1967
with all its ambiguities? Was this a zoo in the abstract, some kind of bizarre comment on the meaning of lifep 742 R 1967
a module with the perspectives of wall and ceiling as abstract as the design on a detergent pack. She sat downp 61 SCN 1969
pointless destinations, setting up private experiments whose purpose was totally abstract: making love to soundless images of war newsreels, swerving atp 71 THF 1969
follow is the psychopathology of sex, relationships so lunar and abstract that people will become mere extensions of the geometries ofp 77 THF 1969
packet of promotional leaflets for a new airport terminal, an abstract design that looked like some unfittable piece in a Chinesep 42 JAC 1970
He thought of the crashes of automobile stylists, the most abstract of all possible deaths, wounded in their cars with promiscuousp 14 C 1973
relationship with the chromium bars of my leg harness, an abstract sculpture designed to show off her slim figure, was openp 33 C 1973
both between ourselves and with other people, more and more abstract. She soon became unable to reach an orgasm without anp 34 C 1973
discussion with the young women. They were arguing in an abstract way about time and price. Trying to ignore their voicesp 139 C 1973
crippled woman, but celebrated with her the excitements of these abstract vents let into her body by sections of her ownp 179 C 1973
over-riders, playing their parts in a far more sophisticated and abstract version of the master -- servant relationship. However, in Anne'sp 72 HR 1975
of the hotel's facade, its 150 balconies, is an increasingly abstract entity. As yet there is no sign of movement --p 857 60Z 1976
from the room, and the two figures have an increasingly abstract relationship to each other, and to the rectilinear forms ofp 861 60Z 1976
stall provided an endless source of interest, like the most abstract possible of all music, and within a few minutes hep 992 MA 1978
their intellectual tastes coincided -- their interests in film, in abstract painting, and in the architecture of large structures. Indeed, Pangbornp 996 MA 1978
run the gamut of every conceivable sexual variation, perversions so abstract that they had become the elements in a complex calculusp 985 Z2 1978
We have entered the area of deepest desert, an almost abstract landscape. We must be somewhere near the centre of ap 94 HA 1981
a mysterious kind. You could kill someone here as an abstract gesture, see your own divinity confirmed in the contours ofp 94 HA 1981
the Kansas plain, with its bonelike towns and grain silos, abstract elements of a private dream waiting for him to actp 119 HA 1981
lovers in the diagrammed car parks, emotions hung on these abstract webs of space. Affectionately, Franklin placed his hands on Marion'sp 1023 NFS 1981
rose through the surface, and we moved across an almost abstract landscape of golden bars that emerged from the water likep 118 DC 1987
and had confused me like a schoolboy faced with the abstract symbols in his first algebra class. I was now movingp 156 DC 1987
body with its pains and fevers, and closer to the abstract and stylized image on the small screen. The pearly rectanglep 247 DC 1987
what he felt was the excessive attention given to the abstract expressionists. In a sense he had bypassed the American artp 68 UGM 1989
each of us in our interior lives. In the most abstract role, "You: Coma: Marilyn Monroe," he behaves like an elementp 81 YMCa 1990
these overlit apartments seemed to lead us into a more abstract world where emotions were leached away. Even sex became morep 145 KW 1991
dress to expose her breasts. With their awkward and almost abstract movements, he and Sally seemed to be rehearsing a pornographicp 195 KW 1991
affection of his neighbours‘ cat. But these pleasures seemed as abstract as the moves in a chess-game. I guessed that hep 311 KW 1991
What is it about theoretical physics, one of the most abstract of all human activities, that attracts the eccentric and nonconformistp 159 UGM 1993
and a canary sunburst leaked towards the drainage vent. ‘Another abstract painting,‘ I remarked to Sanger when he returned with thep 175 CN 1996
as a whole, my imagination wasn't touched by cubism or abstract art, which seemed to be formal exercises confined to thep 154 ML 2008
Ark and elsewhere in the late 1960s. I was advertising abstract notions largely taken from The Atrocity Exhibition, such as ‘Doesp 232 ML 2008