him, furious. "That was one of the bandits, Inspector. I'm absolutely sure of it." Mrs. Allison was clear and precise andp 9 VN 1951
swing.‘ ‘Any chance of a sudden blackout, Doctor?‘ Avery asked. ‘Absolutely none,‘ Neill said. ‘If you get tired, rest, of coursep 50 M69 1957
No,‘ Morley said. ‘There again the psychometric tests have shown absolutely nothing coming up at all. Not a single trauma.‘ Hep 51 M69 1957
to leave it, assuming you can stand the noise. There's absolutely no danger of it going on indefinitely.‘ He reached upp 45 VS 1957
that has stopped. Although you never know when, it is absolutely accurate twice a day.‘ Conrad went over to the windowp 165 CH 1960
walked slowly back to the window. ‘This blackmail. Are you absolutely sure? Who, though, do you know?‘ Mangon nodded, but lookedp 117 SS 1960
Mangon, you can talk! You've got your voice back! It's absolutely astounding! Say something, quickly, for heaven's sake!‘ Mangon felt hisp 127 SS 1960
Something she told him persuaded him that it would be absolutely wonderful for her to have a whole hour to herselfp 129 SS 1960
biologist, so let's hear it in his own words. It's absolutely the heart of the matter.‘ He flipped the table onp 180 VT 1960
your hopes on that.‘ ‘But of course you will. I'm absolutely sure. After all, you've more or less discovered time travelp 284 GA 1961
avoid standing whenever Elizabeth was in the room, and when absolutely necessary circled behind the furniture on tiptoe. A week laterp 258 MF 1961
You'll be all right?‘ she asked, still watching him warily. ‘Absolutely,‘ Faulkner told her, maintaining the smile. It felt like ap 245 OM 1961
reminded me of Dali's "Cosmogonic Venus". Made me realize how absolutely terrifying all women really are. If I were you I'dp 218 S5 1961
that those sonnets you've been sending in are all hand-written?‘ ‘Absolutely, old boy. Every single one a soul-grafted gem.‘ I layp 233 S5 1961
She seemed to have forgotten their previous dialogue. ‘It was absolutely terrifying. It's not as bad up here in town, butp 15 WFN 1961
it like a guillotine, sealing it off as cleanly and absolutely as the bulkhead ten yards behind him. Maitland started top 88 WFN 1961
If I were to claim political power -- which, most absolutely, I will not -- I would do so simply onp 165 WFN 1961
sure this pyramid can stand up to the wind indefinitely?‘ ‘Absolutely!‘ Hardoon scoffed. ‘The walls are thirty feet thick; they'll carryp 166 WFN 1961
imagine a planetary system orbiting around a central body of absolutely enormous size, each of the planets a million times largerp 324 13C 1962
them are accredited. Outside Empyrean Tours and Union-Galactic there'll be absolutely nothing suitable for you.‘ ‘Never mind,‘ Clifford said blandly. ‘Wep 343 PE 1962
Tony frowned. ‘I don't think they want any. Are they absolutely necessary?‘ The colonel regarded Tony carefully. ‘No,‘ he said slowlyp 345 PE 1962
you arrest Strangman?‘ he asked. Riggs laughed shortly. ‘Because there's absolutely nothing I can hold him on. Legally, as he fullp 154 DW 1962
him on. Legally, as he full well knows, he was absolutely entitled to defend himself against Bodkin, kill him if necessaryp 154 DW 1962
her calmly. ‘What do you think it means then?‘ ‘I've absolutely no idea. Their movements may be as random and meaninglessp 374 WT 1962
you're supposed to be organizing with him -- it sounds absolutely fantastic.‘ ‘Why?‘ ‘But Charles.‘ Hanson leaned forward to examine Renthallp 383 WT 1962
Yes.‘ Renthall formed the word carefully in his mouth. ‘Nothing. Absolutely nothing.‘ ‘Charles!‘ Hanson lowered his head at this apparent blasphemyp 383 WT 1962
up in his chair by the window. ‘Mr Renthall, there's absolutely no question of cancelling it now. The fair's as goodp 390 WT 1962
before I've begun, I've got enough to contend with. Something absolutely insane is going on everywhere, by some freak I seemp 392 WT 1962
literally my only means of contact, if you refuse I'm absolutely powerless, there's no hope of getting a reprieve!‘ ‘The trialp 518 EG 1963
do understand what I mean, when I say I am absolutely innocent. I know that.‘ ‘Of course, Mr Constantin.‘ The supervisor'sp 520 EG 1963
Mellinger paused to digest his remarks. ‘I'm afraid we've found absolutely no trace of him. Dr Normand thinks we should informp 526 MO 1963
got a radio?‘ ‘Of course not. Why?‘ ‘Are you certain?‘ ‘Absolutely. It's the last thing the man would have. Anyway, there'sp 447 QR 1963
It's wonderfully encouraging.‘ He spoke in a light, pleasant voice absolutely without affectation. ‘There's so much confusion here it's a reliefp 546 SG 1963
assimilate events in the external world to his own psyche.‘ ‘Absolutely right,‘ Gifford rejoined. ‘How else is nature meaningful, unless shep 631 DS 1964
arrangements at the Louvre were first-class and that it was absolutely impossible for the painting to have been stolen. I couldp 577 LL 1964
realize that some people even have three or four? It's absolutely tragic.‘ ‘It comes to us all, though, Jamie,‘ she remindedp 565 TP 1964
least remained his companions, but an isolated woman was isolated absolutely. Gathering her robe, Catherine began to make her way upp 17 D 1965
the knee was a frontier that separated the two more absolutely than any physical barrier. As Dr Matthews had stated, itsp 695 TIM 1966
eyes hidden behind her dark glasses, Miss Quimby nodded promptly. ‘Absolutely. Miss Cunard, it will be fascinating to see what comesp 726 CHC 1967
sea. We've got battleships offshore can pound this place to absolutely nothing. Commentator Tough talk from the GIs as they relaxp 955 TW 1967
floral handkerchief. ‘Frankly, apart from Georges Duval, the names mean absolutely nothing.‘ ‘Isn't that strange? There's enough talent there to winp 773 CA 1968
a tamed Mona Lisa. She told us that we had absolutely no chance of interviewing Martin on television. ‘So much interestp 775 CA 1968
a programme about it. The usual story, I take it?‘ ‘Absolutely. That same forehead and eyes, the mother who lost herp 779 CA 1968
daily events. ‘Time does not exist for those who are absolutely without anxiety‘ -- Kierkegaard. A melancholy prescription for immortality. Countingp 162 UGM 1969
a lot of us back home feel the war's achieved absolutely nothing.‘ ‘Nothing ...?‘ Pearson repeated. ‘It's achieved everything.‘ An armoured helicopterp 785 KG 1969
must look rather sunk in myself.‘ ‘You're fine,‘ she said. ‘Absolutely. You're like someone's victim in Madame Tussaud's.‘ ‘Try to comep 30 C 1973
with their third-rate 1950s jargonizing, their blue-collar intellectual clap-trap, are absolutely of the America of the Reader's Digest, Betty Grable, andp 203 UGM 1974
but I'm not on the phone. Try to relax. You're absolutely exhausted.‘ She sat on the bed, exploring his right hipp 0059 CI 1974
-- unless they're prepared to go into institutions they have absolutely no protection.‘ Maitland nodded, concentrating on the food. ‘How longp 71 CI 1974
since we were three years old what we do makes absolutely no difference. When you think about it, that's really ratherp 40 HR 1975
to be good news.‘ ‘I know. It's strange, but I'm absolutely certain of it too. I've never had any doubts, allp 829 LFA 1975
people in industry, but the firms, thank heavens, have been absolutely marvellous and cabled us all to get back when wep 970 HWT 1978
dining table the previous evening, confident that he would do absolutely nothing ... Fifteen minutes later Ogden had left the house andp 980 OAU 1978
its own authority. ‘It's all here, Wayne,‘ Orlowski remarked quietly. ‘Absolutely as it was ...‘ Moved by the commissar's emotion, Wayne heldp 73 HA 1981
men. So no one is looking for the ship?‘ ‘No. Absolutely no one.‘ ‘And they think she's gone down?‘ ‘Right top 1166 DCG 1990
the lower half of the breast with Miss West lying absolutely flat on her back. Post-operative recovery. The operation was ap 116 MWR 1990
the TV auto-salesman to project a political message that was absolutely the reverse of bland and reassuring. A complete discontinuity existedp 105 WIWa 1990
about Dresden,‘ he remarks here. ‘The fire-bombing of Dresden explains absolutely nothing about what I write and what I am.‘ Butp 116 UGM 1991
will be the first to know when the war comes.‘ ‘Absolutely. I've always taken that for granted. Jim, there's a chancep 96 KW 1991
Jim's place in Shepperton, Sally?‘ ‘Of course. It's a shrine.‘ ‘Absolutely. Freud's primal cave furnished with wall-to-wall carpeting and a millionp 192 KW 1991
wrists as she tried to pull them away from me. ‘Absolutely. All arguments and disagreements will be wiped from the tapep 320 KW 1991
me with the zip. ‘Is this part of the editing?‘ ‘Absolutely.‘ I carried the zip down to the base of herp 321 KW 1991
but beyond the studio, in the streets of Los Angeles, absolutely nothing else is real. His apartment building in the Hollywoodp 121 UGM 1993
religion there ever was -- sheer magnetic egoism. But she's absolutely right, it's just what I expected from her. Still, backp 94 RP 1994
on here?‘ ‘Of course. What's so impressive is that she's absolutely right. Every decision she's made since we left Honolulu hasp 121 RP 1994
doctor,‘ Neil told her. ‘Are you sure it's a girl?‘ ‘Absolutely. What else could it be?‘ Dr Barbara held him atp 186 RP 1994
of the Club Nautico. Here that means anyone under sixty.‘ ‘Absolutely, dear chap. Come to Estrella de Mar and throw awayp 42 CN 1996
retirement complexes along the coast -- Calahonda and so on?‘ ‘Absolutely. The people of the pueblos ...‘ Hennessy averted his gaze fromp 43 CN 1996
visitor to the exit. ‘We're all concerned for Frank, and absolutely mystified by the whole tragic business. But try to usep 50 CN 1996
mean you've found something?‘ he asked. ‘Charles ...?‘ ‘No. I've found absolutely nothing.‘ ‘But you think it's worth staying out there? Thep 64 CN 1996
said. ‘Hennessy tells me you're an old colleague of Frank's.‘ ‘Absolutely. He brought me into the club -- until then Ip 71 CN 1996
something that might help him. To be honest, I've got absolutely nowhere.‘ ‘Perhaps there isn't anywhere to go?‘ Mrs Shand baredp 129 CN 1996
didn't bring her back -- she was a heroin addict.‘ ‘Absolutely not.‘ Sanger spoke sharply, as if correcting an incompetent juniorp 178 CN 1996
that we're making contact. You do want to see Frank?‘ ‘Absolutely. It's just that ... I'm not sure what to say top 187 CN 1996
and took off on his own. But the Hollinger house? Absolutely not, for one very good reason.‘ ‘Bibi Jansen?‘ ‘Not exactlyp 204 CN 1996
obsession with crime.‘ ‘I take it there isn't any?‘ ‘None. Absolutely nothing. An illicit thought never disturbs the peace. No touristsp 212 CN 1996
to all new owners at the Residencia Costasol. Compelling stuff?‘ ‘Absolutely. It's very, very strange. Even so, most visitors driving aroundp 217 CN 1996
so on. Since I'm not earning a cent any more ...‘ ‘Absolutely.‘ He sat back and gazed at me fondly as Elizabethp 222 CN 1996
one will be able to resist. Don't you agree, David?‘ ‘Absolutely.‘ Hennessy stood by the concierge's counter, his arm around thep 231 CN 1996
I wouldn't join a chess club or take up carol-singing.‘ ‘Absolutely. You'd call the police. So would I. But suppose thep 243 CN 1996
the furniture?‘ ‘Delivered tomorrow. White-on-white drapes, chrome and black leather, absolutely you. Betty Shand's choice, not mine. Meanwhile, let's see thep 265 CN 1996
helped her a little, as I helped Bibi Jansen. Doing absolutely nothing is a kind of therapy in itself.‘ ‘What aboutp 302 CN 1996
chest, smiling for the first time. ‘Poor man, you were absolutely obsessed with the place. Crawford could see that too --p 322 CN 1996
choker and have a heart attack at the same time ...‘ ‘Absolutely.‘ Penrose lay back, nostrils pressed to the worn seats, snufflingp 16 SC 2000
haul its advertising pennant along the Croisette. ‘It's blissful here. Absolutely perfect. So what went wrong?‘ Penrose stared at me withoutp 26 SC 2000
a defiant bunch. ‘You're sure no one was killed here?‘ ‘Absolutely. Everything happened in the garage. They say it was overp 30 SC 2000
day.‘ ‘You saw the police arrive and heard the shooting?‘ ‘Absolutely. Helicopters, ambulances, film crews the whole nightmare played itself outp 113 SC 2000
to him.‘ ‘And the murder plan? He told you --?‘ ‘Absolutely nothing. Believe me, Paul.‘ ‘I do. You were one ofp 217 SC 2000
exactly what it meant. Does it suit me?‘ ‘After midnight? Absolutely.‘ ‘It makes me look twelve.‘ ‘Thirteen. There's a difference.‘ ‘Ip 234 SC 2000
they liked Eden-Olympia and enjoyed living here.‘ ‘Were they sincere?‘ ‘Absolutely. There was no malingering, no secret disaffection. Yet chief executivesp 253 SC 2000
Aren't they the same thing? Eden-Olympia as an air-conditioned Sinai ...?‘ ‘Absolutely.‘ Penrose pointed approvingly at me, the alert student in thep 256 SC 2000
confident again. Not a trace of depression.‘ ‘He knew why?‘ ‘Absolutely. Whenever he felt the blues coming on he would takep 260 SC 2000
for me.‘ ‘How do you know? Are you sure, Paul?‘ ‘Absolutely. You've had me wrong from the beginning.‘ ‘Fair enough.‘ Shep 286 SC 2000
spoken for twenty minutes to the sergeant and told him absolutely nothing about the true cause of Zander's death. A publicityp 316 SC 2000
their minds, in their customs and values. You agree, Vera?‘ ‘Absolutely.‘ Vera Blackburn sat behind me, a large sports bag claspedp 84 MP 2003
and subservient.‘ ‘And Twickenham is one way of doing that?‘ ‘Absolutely. The people here are gripped by a powerful illusion, thep 86 MP 2003
very fond of them, of course.‘ ‘They need our affection?‘ ‘Absolutely.‘ ‘So you'd sign a petition to revoke laws against sexualp 92 MP 2003
wife was killed.‘ ‘Your wife? I know. A dreadful tragedy. Absolutely insane.‘ ‘My first wife.‘ Annoyed with myself for the slipp 105 MP 2003
last night. You were asleep.‘ ‘Sally? Was she all right?‘ ‘Absolutely. I explained you were staying at Chelsea Marina. She mightp 133 MP 2003
minister? I'm too polite.‘ ‘Too docile? Too well brought up?‘ ‘Absolutely. Anger was bred out of me long ago. I'm marriedp 170 MP 2003
larger than the universe around it.‘ ‘So we avoid motives?‘ ‘Absolutely. Kill a politician and you're tied to the motive thatp 176 MP 2003
concern. ‘Did you take the lift?‘ ‘Why?‘ ‘You look tired. Absolutely exhausted.‘ She smiled with unfeigned warmth, the sun in herp 218 MP 2003
thing. It sharpens the focus. At least everyone rallied round.‘ ‘Absolutely. We manned the barricades together. The revolution finally started. Wep 245 MP 2003
absolute truth.‘ ‘Someone you didn't know, and had never met?‘ ‘Absolutely. If possible, someone famous of whom I'd never even heardp 256 MP 2003
We'll be in touch, David. You're still staying with Kay?‘ ‘Absolutely. She's in the thick of the fight. How does Chelseap 262 MP 2003
our customers are giving us wonderful support.‘ ‘They've rallied round?‘ ‘Absolutely. If anything, I think it's brought us all together. Ip 40 KC 2006
Duncan Christie there? At the time you heard the shots?‘ ‘Absolutely.‘ ‘How far away was he?‘ ‘God knows. Ten or fifteenp 69 KC 2006
there.‘ ‘I remember.‘ Sangster stared at the condom sachets. ‘Tragic, absolutely. You have my sympathies.‘ He beckoned me into an emptyp 82 KC 2006
huge wreck of the refrigerator. ‘Can I assume it works?‘ ‘Absolutely. Enough ice cubes to freeze the Thames.‘ ‘How much?‘ ‘Wellp 91 KC 2006
street theatre. But in fact you're making a serious point.‘ ‘Absolutely. Maya, hear the man.‘ ‘This is your stand against thep 92 KC 2006
choose, and I have to be ruthless. You understand that.‘ ‘Absolutely. It's a matter of finding the right roles. The kindp 140 KC 2006
Cruise trying to light the fuse.‘ ‘It was a stunt?‘ ‘Absolutely. He needed to set off an uprising, but he knewp 209 KC 2006
off some ghastly motorway.‘ ‘But you knew they were wrong?‘ ‘Absolutely. Think of Germany in the nineteen-thirties. When good men dop 259 KC 2006