was Trantino, Margot's play-boy, who chaperoned her during Clifford's long absences at the Probate Department. ‘Hey, Margot! Catch!‘ He gestured withp 341 PE 1962
Strangman supervised the succession of wines, taking advantage of his absences from the table to confer with the Admiral. With thep 117 DW 1962
the island. He visited her several times during Ventress's long absences, and she finally escaped with him after the house hadp 110 CW 1966
the week.‘ He looked longingly over his shoulder for the absent Trantino. ‘Believe me, Tony, we really need a holiday.‘ Fifty-sixp 343 PE 1962
slack and lifeless; the low swells that usually disturbed it absent. Wondering whether an exhibition of underwater swimming had been arrangedp 118 DW 1962
garden but the lines of craning faces he expected were absent. He examined the watch-tower carefully, assuming that he had seenp 386 WT 1962
the hospital in the evening the familiar scruffy figure was absent. When the first of the explosions sounded dimly around thep 422 SM 1963
reticent enough the previous day, but now that Cameron was absent he might well turn out to be a garrulous borep 486 VH 1963
eyes watching mine in unspoken agreement, all trace of humour absent. ‘Georg!‘ I exclaimed. ‘Are you serious? Do you mean --p 581 LL 1964
the similarity was misleading. On the beach, time was not absent but immobilized, what was new in their lives and relationshipsp 113 D 1965
had become harder and the gloss of ironic humour was absent. He glanced away from his gun-barrel. ‘When did you lastp 87 CW 1966
Louis Nineteen, perhaps?‘ Carried away by his jibes at the absent Thorensen, Ventress had turned his back on the window. Lookingp 90 CW 1966
fountains, but for once his face was blank, the smile absent. ‘In what way?‘ Conrad asked guardedly. ‘Is it something top 686 TIM 1966
this microscopy of my face as if waiting for some absent element in my character to materialize. For an hour Ip 727 CHC 1967
is difficulty in finding a vagina that may well be absent. as serene as the movements of a dune. Many ingeniousp 17 C80 1970
sodomy with Vaughan would have seemed, the erotic dimension was absent. Yet this absence made a sexual act with Vaughan entirelyp 102 C 1973
shower stalls. The official attendant, a retired physical-training instructor, was absent from his booth behind the diving-boards. Evidently the profanation ofp 22 HR 1975
buildings soothed him as usual, providing a context of reality absent from the studios. Confident that he would find a freep 113 HR 1975
gazed out below his huge forehead, still waiting for those absent sections of his brain to catch up with them. Rachel'sp 117 UDC 1979
their crutches and wheelchairs. Only the children and Miriam were absent. Far away Jamie and Rachel ran across the park, chasingp 207 UDC 1979
Derain had suffered a mild heart attack and would be absent for a month -- I visualized this wounded child imprisonedp 1002 HFF 1980
the abundant testimony of those domestic servants who fortunately were absent on June 25 (a Saturday, and their day off forp 16 RW 1988
prohibited skin embellishment. Lastly, the Assembly ordered its 30 million absent citizens to return home. Needless to say, these commands werep 1142 LTP 1989
we occupied together. I can almost sit down in her absent William Morris chair, nearly see myself reflected in the missingp 1135 TES 1989
or perhaps twice that. The usual hierarchies and conventions are absent; in many ways it couldn't be less European, but itp 59 SCNa 1990
feet, the ever-present cold and his mug of tea. Wholly absent from this selection is any sense of triumphalism. A readerp 75 UGM 1991
it was difficult to breathe. Gesturing to me in an absent way, the Eurasian woman wandered through the debris, wiping thep 24 KW 1991
adulterous father and dreaming of the cruellest revenges on his absent mother. He took a long-suffering wife, Renee-Pelagie de Montreuil, whop 125 UGM 1993
French agents had scuttled the ship. Dr Barbara was usually absent, lobbying the French consulate with a party of sympathizers andp 49 RP 1994
solitary player had waited after a brief snowfall for an absent opponent. A marble terrace ran along the seaward frontage ofp 47 CN 1996
There's a difficulty for us.‘ Senor Danvila searched for his absent briefcases, eager to shuffle them. ‘It's hard for me top 77 CN 1996
and the pus-stained mattress, a realm of shared needles and absent hopes where moral judgements were never made. Against the backdropp 268 CN 1996
more public relations man than security chief. Crime might be absent from Eden-Olympia, but other pleasures were closer to hand. Whenp 83 SC 2000
missing from Eden-Olympia, the certainties of wind-speed, gravity and lift. Absent, too, was the need to explore any interior space, top 387 SC 2000
were rich and fulfilling, but in some families they were absent altogether. Laura stepped into a waiting vacuum; with her aggressivep 71 MP 2003
and slides sat on the grass, but the children were absent. Leaves and rainwater lay on the tiny seats, and Ip 171 MP 2003
her head, I wanted to record her small laughs and absent-minded gazes, I wanted to distil her perspiration into the mostp 100 UDC 1979
the recording Dick held my hand in a friendly but absent-minded way. He walked stiffly into the dining-room, which overlooked hisp 310 KW 1991
migrated across the species gap with happy results. The bear's absent-minded nature and bumbling adventures were perfectly complemented by E.Hp 119 UGM 1992
of socks, shirtless under his pullover, the epitome of the absent-minded professor. Erwin Schrodinger, the Nobel Prize-winning creator of wave mechanicsp 159 UGM 1993
intending to put it on the bar, instead found himself absent-mindedly touching the clock over the mantelpiece. He seemed to bep 15 DW 1962
return -- he leaned his elbows on the bench, playing absent-mindedly with a 4-inch-diameter brass compass that had been left forp 33 DW 1962
the air above his head, then alighted on his neck. Absent-mindedly, Quilter raised one hand and slapped the insect into ap 50 D 1965
the vanishing mirror. His swan's hat hung over one ear. Absent-mindedly he pulled it off and let it fall on top 173 D 1965
knee leaning against her thigh. One hand rubbed his groin absent-mindedly. He stared at the nape of her neck, running hisp 158 C 1973
in small groups. For a few minutes Laing ignored them, absent-mindedly tapping his rackets case on the parapet, but something aboutp 26 HR 1975
the debris gathering at the cliff-foot. Unsettled, Laing prepared breakfast, absent-mindedly pouring away most of the coffee he had percolated beforep 34 HR 1975
the wind. One of the smallest boys was still clinging absent-mindedly to the port wing-tip. ‘Jamie, let go, for God's sakep 873 UC 1976
as if I were a son whose existence she had absent-mindedly misplaced. At the same time, I had no intention ofp 26 UDC 1979
body. Before she left she paused by the window. Almost absent-mindedly, she said: ‘There's a vulture on the lawn. Two ofp 65 UDC 1979
forgotten he was the priest of this parish and was absent-mindedly waiting for me to conduct my own service. Overhead thep 72 UDC 1979
his bloodstained linen, in the hope that Dr Barbara might absent-mindedly take him to her bed again. When she cleaned andp 188 RP 1994
houses crammed with tenants. Most of them were owned by absentee landlords or by the city corporation, and the managers employedp 273 B 1961
would draw itself under the former British Airways pilot, an absentee parent I once hero-worshipped but rarely met. He had leftp 5 KC 2006
posed by a mother's death is, rather, an uncaring or absentee father. As long as the surviving parent is loving andp 202 ML 2008
of Canterbury would visit the Holy Land. A plague of absenteeism swept across the world in the rumour's wake. In areasp 841 LDG 1976
my friends helped me construct it.‘ The surgeon nodded. Almost absently he picked up the charge sheet and crushed it withp 25 CC 1957
remarked. ‘Everybody's starting to think about their holidays.‘ Durrant nodded absently, examining a display of alpine equipment in the sports-goods windowp 201 LW 1960
Nuremberg Twelve. I have to include these ...‘ Powers strolled on absently without listening. Over in the corner were what appeared top 188 VT 1960
the TV set he looked tired and dispirited, and gazed absently at the last scene he had shown Abel, the boomp 326 13C 1962
menacing. ‘I warn you, I'm not going on another honeyMoon!‘ Absently, Clifford said: ‘Of course, dear,‘ his fingers racing over thep 340 PE 1962
into the bathroom and stood in front of the mirror, absently feeling the week-old stubble on his face. The hair wasp 83 DW 1962
For half an hour Renthall sat at the table, playing absently with his empty coffee cup and watching the few peoplep 377 WT 1962
hear Dr Clifton at his cages by the window, humming absently to himself. Renthall scanned the windows on the other sidep 386 WT 1962
and pulled out a pack. He drummed the second cigarette absently on his thumbnail as Franklin walked away. Everyone entering thep 418 SM 1963
another, glancing up at the wheelhouse, where the captain gazed absently at the jetty, apparently unperturbed by the delay. Sanders turnedp 12 CW 1966
they lay, as if puzzled to find them there. He absently pocketed a few of them, then gathered the rest togetherp 95 CW 1966
afternoon haze. Karen Novotny followed a few steps behind him, absently picking at the spurs of grass in her skirt. ‘Anp 78 THF 1969
kitchen, but when they entered the apartment she left it absently on the hall table. She walked on to the balconyp 98 HR 1975
their scarred right heels and narrow thumb-like toes, and her absentminded housework around the trailer. For some time now I havep 8 DC 1987
not within 2,000 miles of the Mallory), and my absentminded tendency to go about naked, together convinced Sanger that hep 158 DC 1987
of the gangway and gave a gentle wave, like an absentminded pope extending his benediction. ‘Neil, don't fall in!‘ Dr Barbarap 46 RP 1994
for coffee, but when he arrived an hour later she absentmindedly handed him a glass of sherry. His visit, Laing soonp 28 HR 1975
stopped ordering?‘ ‘There's no demand,‘ she told him. She played absentmindedly with an open wound on her forehead. ‘Everyone must havep 121 HR 1975
by the presence of the missiles. His left hand scratched absentmindedly at the electric names that glimmered across his skin. Thep 205 HA 1981
hand raised to ease her heavy breasts, the lipstick drawn absentmindedly across her mouth. She was moving into the timeless realmp 121 KW 1991
Was Elaine trying to provoke him? She hated his forced absentmindedness, his endless playing with bizarre clocks and architectural follies, andp 1066 MNF 1982
He took off his jacket and pulled a bottle of absinthe from the desk. Sitting back in his silk waistcoat, hep 398 TSS 1962
do it? Tell me.‘ ‘The Heidelberg score,‘ Harry ecstased. ‘Sublime, absolute.‘ He looked irritably at the flowers. ‘Can't you keep thesep 6 PB 1956
transference on to Neill had been positive and he had absolute faith in the success of the experiment. Neill had assuredp 53 M69 1957
nowhere -- but as always refused to admit anything without absolute proof. He led the way into his office and shutp 65 M69 1957
as real power came within my orbit my rise to absolute national, and ultimately global, supremacy would be swift and irreversiblep 101 NZ 1959
of time and space, eternity and infinity, and slows to absolute zero. Then with a cataclysmic eruption it disintegrates, no longerp 92 WG 1959
their legislative functions diminished. The programmers were, effectively, the city's absolute rulers.‘ As Stacey continued Conrad gazed up at the batteryp 161 CH 1960
perfect in its own right, the illusion of reality so absolute that it appeared to be the town itself, its veryp 199 LW 1960
upstairs bay windows, but the street was motionless, its stillness absolute and unbroken. Mr Goddard gestured the cat onto the pavementp 207 LW 1960
In view of LeGrande's hostility he stressed the need for absolute secrecy. He waited happily while Madame Gioconda read quickly throughp 121 SS 1960
pity them, as I pity myself. My total failure, my absolute lack of any moral or biological right to existence, isp 181 VT 1960
looked at the face, repulsed, not so much by the absolute accuracy of the image, but by a strange, almost luminousp 146 ZT 1960
to feel its unconfined emptiness, grasping at the sensation of absolute spatial freedom. Although smaller than many of the sub-divided roomsp 275 B 1961
For twelve hours Holliday was free, still able to make absolute decisions (or, more accurately, not to make them) but afterp 236 DE 1961
face under an unruly thatch of blond hair, and his absolute sense of personal responsibility, always amused him. ‘You relax,‘ Grangerp 237 DE 1961
her minute toenails with their chipped varnish, was each an absolute revelation of his own existence. He took off his sunglassesp 285 GA 1961
that's been bothering me. Maybe you could help. The only absolute in space-time is supposed to be the speed of lightp 251 OM 1961
the perfect background, the only possible field of ideation, an absolute continuum of existence uncontaminated by material excrescences. Steadily watching itp 254 OM 1961
beside us. She had stated her terms: nothing less than absolute control of the magazine, freedom to impose her own policyp 220 S5 1961
his armed guards indicate this, but unless he compelled their absolute loyalty the entire organization would have long since collapsed. Asp 168 WFN 1961
least 1,500 tons aboard. Quite a weight.‘ ‘Not in absolute terms, Abel. The Station is only a small fraction ofp 331 13C 1962
at a rusty bicycle wheel, trying to work out the absolute essence of the relationship between them. If this sounds off-beatp 198 UGM 1962
as he needed Beatrice Dahl, her personality intruded upon the absolute freedom he required for himself. By and large, each ofp 79 DW 1962
the emptiness of the long stretches of sand total and absolute, filling him with an exquisite and tender anguish. He longedp 83 DW 1962
himself to Strangman's entourage Kerans had at last conceded his absolute authority over the lagoons. Once he managed to force himselfp 128 DW 1962
and plagued by so many doubts and hesitations, was now absolute. In the darkness the sleek curved hull of the depotp 145 DW 1962
the watch-towers, and at such times Renthall always maintained an absolute silence. Just before he stood up a square thick-set figurep 377 WT 1962
viewed the towers. There was no question of challenging their absolute authority -- at least, not at this stage. He merelyp 387 WT 1962
An immense sudden silence hung over the waste ground, so absolute that it was as if some inaudible piercing music wasp 394 WT 1962
am now concerned with the phenomenology of Hinton, with his absolute metaphysical essence. To speak more plainly: has it occurred top 526 MO 1963
patients are haunted by chimeras, let us at least retain absolute clarity of mind, accepting the validity of any proposition onlyp 528 MO 1963
three weeks earlier, but he was already convinced of their absolute validity. He recognized that after its nightly withdrawal the waterp 474 NWS 1963
the flight to and from the Moon, was owed the absolute discharge of any assistance that could be given him. Hep 436 QR 1963
his medical practice, the locum and the woman patient were absolute fictions, unrelated to anything in his life. Professionally he wasp 531 SA 1963
Elliott returned to the lounge, settling himself with difficulty. The absolute clarity of the memories convinced him that they were notp 533 SA 1963
Now I know that only the artist can create an absolute reality. Perhaps you should paint a few more screens.‘ ‘Gladlyp 553 SG 1963
alien space craft, while at the same time realizing the absolute impossibility of the whole story.‘ ‘"I know God exists, butp 484 VH 1963
subtle about him. The way he creates an impression of absolute integrity, but at the same time never gives you ap 488 VH 1963
in long subordinate clauses, but his quiet, matter-of-fact tone and absolute conviction in the importance of what he was saying, coupledp 491 VH 1963
to doubt, the giant, dead or alive, existed in an absolute sense, providing a glimpse into a world of similar absolutesp 644 DG 1964
for his unawareness of the collapsing musculature and tissues. The absolute isolation of the ruined figure, cast like an abandoned shipp 646 DG 1964
to reply. Briefly their eyes met, in an instant of absolute clarity. Fifteen years earlier, when Gifford had come to thep 629 DS 1964
much a novice, had at last entered the world of absolute values, composed of the delta and the snakes, the broodingp 637 DS 1964
it into my arms, with a sudden anger born of absolute certainty dragged me roughly to the porch and propelled mep 625 IM 1964
and sky seemed to enclose us with a sense of absolute remoteness, as if the rocky beach and our chance encounterp 569 PCD 1964
time soon vanished, and his life became completely existential, an absolute break separating one moment from the next like two quantalp 593 TB 1964
own volumes of space, imposing on him a mood of absolute calm and order. He walked on into the centre ofp 595 TB 1964
firmly. ‘For me the hydrogen bomb was a symbol of absolute freedom. I feel it's given me the right -- thep 599 TB 1964
of the child on the lawn, there now seemed an absolute break of continuity between the two of them. The pastp 13 D 1965
a dog appear and run around the man's heels. The absolute isolation of the chalk-white promenade, with its empty perspectives, focusedp 88 D 1965
scent like mother and daughter -- was based on their absolute dependence on each other and rigorous exclusion of everyone elsep 128 D 1965
this man, Matthieu he was called, was dead in the absolute sense when you saw him. If, say, in the choppyp 58 CW 1966
had moved off, the forest was still vitrifying itself. The absolute silence of the jewelled trees seemed to confirm that thep 88 CW 1966
zone, and to Dr. Sanders the darkness around him seemed absolute, the black air inert and empty. After the endless glimmerp 119 CW 1966
it from its stand. With a sudden anger born of absolute conviction he pressed the cross into Sanders's arms. He draggedp 163 CW 1966
that some way still remained out of the forest, the absolute silence of the vegetation along the banks and the deepp 164 CW 1966
qualified to help you.‘ ‘What? Of course you are.‘ ‘In absolute terms. It seems to me, Max, that the whole professionp 173 CW 1966
don't stop eating, do we, just to preserve our own absolute identity?‘ Dr Knight laughed here. ‘That would be egotism runp 688 TIM 1966
I was promoted before I left, and that gives me absolute discretion in these cases. I think this planet is remotep 719 TMY 1966
Dr Nathan confided to Captain Webster, ‘Talbert has accepted in absolute terms the logic of the sexual union. For him allp 56 GAN 1967
be shelved. We tried to argue, but the decision was absolute. Shortly after, my contract with Horizon was ended, and Ip 778 CA 1968
6) the hard transept of the door mechanism within the absolute erosion of the landscape; (7) her movements distorted in thep 63 SCN 1969
those people who for some reason need to read the absolute minimum of Rider Haggard and Edgar Rice Burroughs, Asimov andp 202 UGM 1974
In fact, in my own personal experience, it is the absolute reverse which is true. The most pompous and self-important writersp 203 UGM 1974
had first met her, Royal had taken for granted her absolute self-confidence, but in fact the reverse was true -- farp 72 HR 1975
Calais, magnifying the moment of orgasm to a degree of absolute enlargement where the elements of her infidelity become totally abstractedp 862 60Z 1976
to accept the church's guidance on all spiritual matters, its absolute authority in all religious affairs. A rumour began that anp 847 LDG 1976
reminders to queue for gasolene and cooking oil were the absolute opposite of the vigour and dynamism he had expected. Butp 903 UC 1976
and cunning, and even more so that his quest for absolute privacy should be conducted in such a tantalizingly public wayp 47 UGM 1977
he felt only at home within the framework of an absolute realism. The solarium was a fully equipped television studio, inp 992 MA 1978
actress in her shower stall provided a key to that absolute abstraction of himself he had sought since his arrival atp 993 MA 1978
their rejection of the world and the exploration of their absolute selves, their unique time and space. All the more bitterp 996 MA 1978
in the solarium had been himself. In his search for absolute peace he had found one last limiting obstacle -- thep 999 MA 1978
I was trapped here, I at least would assign myself absolute freedom to do whatever I chose. Calm now, I crossedp 68 UDC 1979
brickwork, each pane of glass had been jewelled to an absolute clarity. Nothing moved. The wind had dropped, and the birdsp 113 UDC 1979
part of his attempt to escape from winged aviation into absolute flight, poetical rather than aeronautical structures. The roots of shamanismp 1055 MSA 1982
material world by their longings for it. Scranton embodied the absolute loneliness of the human being in space and time, ap 1110 MWM 1985
The Pangbourne children weren't rebelling against hate and cruelty. The absolute opposite, Sergeant. What they were rebelling against was a despotismp 46 RW 1988
witnesses‘ stories as the true account. In a world of absolute relativity, there is no way of knowing who is tellingp 26 UGM 1991
that he was entering a realm where, seeing everything with absolute clarity, he no longer cared to be distracted by pleasuresp 311 KW 1991
sorts of ways. He's actually our entertainments officer, and the absolute life and soul of the Club Nautico. It was ap 46 CN 1996
of his dead children and calling them out to play. Absolute Zero ‘Sally sounds very sweet, David.‘ ‘She is.‘ ‘That's goodp 135 MP 2003
isn't only the psychopath who can grasp the idea of absolute nothing. Even a meaningless universe has meaning. Accept that andp 136 MP 2003
a collaborator who could join me in the search for absolute truth.‘ ‘Someone you didn't know, and had never met?‘ ‘Absolutelyp 255 MP 2003
a new kind of fanatic, who needed the fantasy of absolute violence, and only seemed fully alive when he could imaginep 271 MP 2003
motive. You wanted the Kumars out of your block.‘ ‘That's absolute rubbish. I don't approve of these attacks.‘ ‘Maybe not. Butp 185 KC 2006
with its centuries-old codes of discipline and its demands of absolute submission from any captured enemy. Given the importance of Shanghaip 62 ML 2008