and weaning. The constant repetition of the words ‘filth‘, ‘vileness‘, ‘abscess‘, ‘hostile‘, ‘shudder‘, endlessly reinforce these long-repressed feelings of guilt andp 223 UGM 1969
but I knew that he was thinking only of his abscessed teeth. Behind me a panting twelve-year-old girl in an over-largep 11 DC 1987
with respiratory complaints. They were plagued by bladder infections and abscessed gums. A healthy executive would fly to New York andp 253 SC 2000
sat watching for Glanville, waiting for this madman who had absconded with the body of his murdered wife. The time-winds hadp 719 TMY 1966
he had been forced to shoot the physicist as he absconded with the last of their water. But in fact thep 111 HA 1981
security guards. The audience of film actors seemed to have absconded from reality for the evening, ambling down the aisles ofp 345 KW 1991
with one of the aboriginal tribes. Most latter-day Gauguins were absconding confidence men or neurotics, but Ryker seemed to be ap 438 QR 1963
the form of the card game with which Quimby, the absconding State Department cipher chief amused himself in his hideaway onp 663 BM 1966
their wearers. There was the apocryphal story of the murderer absconding in a stolen overcoat who had been strangled by thep 802 SGW 1970
would I die, and in what role -- psychopath, neurasthenic, absconding criminal? Vaughan dreamed endlessly of the deaths of the famousp 15 C 1973
the roles of detectives and petty criminals, secret agents and absconding heiresses. The worn steering wheel carried in its cleats thep 59 C 1973
plainclothes police, and I guessed that they had caught an absconding eleven-year-old trying to board the Paris express. Neither of thep 157 SC 2000
midnight on the first day, when an army assault team abseiled from their helicopter onto the roof of the dome, Carradinep 224 KC 2006
himself. Morley dozed. Lang felt restless. The gymnasium's silence and absence of movement oppressed him. He switched on the gramophone andp 58 M69 1957
Neill discouraged casual conversation with the control crew, but Morley's absence puzzled him. He reached the door and peered through thep 59 M69 1957
The frequency of entries on the megaliths, and the virtual absence of any further space -- unless the reverse sides werep 87 WG 1959
on one of the big shows -- that'll explain the absence of any programme announcement and we'll be able to keepp 118 SS 1960
planning the next day's fire drill, Abel noticed the sudden absence of movement. All morning, as he walked around the shipp 330 13C 1962
both to the original project and the Department's instructions. The absence of children would be only a slight deviation from thep 334 13C 1962
There were no suicide grilles around the balcony, but their absence caused him no anxiety. Vansittart was watching him carefully, blackp 409 M99 1962
contained anything other than his memories. Perhaps it was this absence of personal memories that made Kerans indifferent to the spectaclep 21 DW 1962
It was this assurance that all was well, and the absence of any charges of guilt or responsibility, which had madep 507 EG 1963
in small groups. Deciding to make the most of their absence, Connolly shouldered the monitoring equipment and climbed onto the pierp 449 QR 1963
immense darkening cloud shutting off the sunlight. The almost complete absence of noise and movement, after the long hours of festeringp 431 RE 1963
news was heard of the missing Leonardo -- the complete absence of any clues mystified the police and the art worldp 584 LL 1964
vitality. The desolation and emptiness of the island, and the absence of any local fauna, were emphasized by the huge sculpturalp 591 TB 1964
had rotted to a bleached grey vestment, but in the absence of any small animal predators on the island the skinp 602 TB 1964
physical survival. None the less, Ransom was certain that the absence of this great moderator, which cast its bridges between allp 12 D 1965
were haunted by images of his own death, by the absence of identity beyond both birth and grave, why did thesep 49 D 1965
the shallows o some lost time. The unvarying light and absence of all movement made Ransom feel that he was advancingp 138 D 1965
numbed him by its extent. The unvarying desert light, the absence of all colour and the brilliant whiteness of the stonyp 145 D 1965
coming from a concealed face. Something warned him that the absence of the sunglasses marked a change in Mallory whose significancep 679 DF 1966
some half-abandoned purgatory. All this, my dear Paul, the very absence of surprise, confirms my belief that this illuminated forest inp 83 CW 1966
previous night he had relaxed completely, almost as if Suzanne's absence gave him his first chance to lower his guard withp 129 CW 1966
the strange contrasts between light and shadow despite the apparent absence of direct sunlight in Port Matarre. At the corner, oppositep 174 CW 1966
some labyrinth from within. She sat up, aware of the absence of any sounds or movement in the apartment. He hadp 39 YCM 1966
The X-ray plates of the growing foetus had shown the absence of both placenta and umbilical cord. Was this then, Drp 84 YMC 1966
vacant realm where nothing had any meaning. It was this absence of intelligible motive that I found so disturbing about themp 739 R 1967
INSUFFICIENCY The X-Ray plates of the growing foetus showed the absence of both placenta and umbilical cord. Was this, Dr. Nathanp AA4 1970
would have seemed, the erotic dimension was absent. Yet this absence made a sexual act with Vaughan entirely possible. The placingp 102 C 1973
one at his office would be particularly alarmed by his absence taking for granted that he was ill or away onp 29 CI 1974
by the complete silence of the surrounding landscape, the uncanny absence of that relentless roar of rush-hour vehicles which had wokenp 42 CI 1974
It was Saturday morning, and this explained the silence and absence of traffic. Light-headed with relief, Maitland hobbled back to thep 44 CI 1974
was an environment built, not for man, but for man's absence. Laing leaned against the parapet, shivering pleasantly in his sports-clothesp 25 HR 1975
was convinced that important events were taking place in his absence. Sure enough, when he reached the apartment building at sixp 37 HR 1975
of high-rise life had been exposed with damning results. The absence of humour, for example, had always struck Wilder as thep 52 HR 1975
ritual task. The air-conditioning had ceased to function, and the absence of its vague familiar hum -- once a source ofp 68 HR 1975
complain about everything, now never criticized the building. In the absence of the manager -- still lying in a state ofp 76 HR 1975
menacing as the contours of some deep reductive psychosis. The absence of any kind of rigid rectilinear structure summed up forp 104 HR 1975
a strong scent, the unique signature of the high-rise. The absence of this odour was what most unsettled him about thep 107 HR 1975
peering at the bag of dog-food, which Wilder; in the absence of any furniture, had been unable to put down. Forp 124 HR 1975
the adjacent apartment where the women lived. Surprised by the absence of light from the usually busy kitchen, Royal walked throughp 137 HR 1975
Royal had eaten nothing, but far from exhausting him the absence of food had stimulated every nerve and muscle in hisp 162 HR 1975
vacation complex on the Costa Brava. By now, in the absence of any maintenance, the concrete pier jutting into the seap 828 LFA 1975
and unexpectedly turned up in his aircraft after a weekend's absence. Forrester surveyed the lines of deserted hotels and apartment housesp 830 LFA 1975
clinic, where the amniotic scanning would, they hoped, confirm the absence of any abnormalities in the foetus, and by an errorp 830 LFA 1975
alone, this intense enjoyment of our own company, and the absence of any sense of despair, I suppose they're all nature'sp 839 LFA 1975
towelling robe, no doubt a signal to someone in my absence. Moving my eyes from her, I notice that on thep 858 60Z 1976
took on a kind of ironic downward twist. In the absence of the young hairdresser -- whom I had sacked withinp 871 S 1976
last name. ‘One more, Olds! What about --‘ In the absence of the car, he pointed at random. ‘ -- Oldsmobile!‘ Immediatelyp 891 UC 1976
a large section of his life had passed in his absence and he himself had never aged beyond his twenties. Forp 896 UC 1976
foul of the American air-attacks. At the same time the absence, with few exceptions, of any wounds or violence suggested onep 931 DT 1977
of chronology banished for good. It must have been this absence of make-up that first seeded the idea, to flower withp 948 ICU 1977
Pangborn could hardly recall a single face. In fact, the absence of any kind of personal identity allowed the young womenp 989 MA 1978
end of the velvet settee, watching Ogden with a curious absence of expression. Dressed in their immaculate holiday wear, brandy glassesp 972 OAU 1978
the skylines of the Pentagon and the Watergate building. His absence left Wayne effectively in charge. Far from being out ofp 75 HA 1981
There are no crew quarters or crowd control posts. The absence of even a single cabin indicates that this army ofp 1086 RUS 1982
hunchbacks outside the Cathay Theatre had deserted their posts. Their absence unsettled Jim. Without its beggars the city seemed all thep 77 ES 1984
and science fiction or, more to the point, its virtual absence from the genre, has always been a puzzle -- explainedp 19 UGM 1987
new career for you, Captain.‘ I could see that the absence of an audience mattered nothing to Captain Kagwa. No doubtp 44 DC 1987
she had seemed distanced from me, and I regretted the absence of those television images that had so intrigued her earlierp 216 DC 1987
flourish. She frowned magisterially, though Harare, suspicious of her long absence, had refused to supply any ammunition for the elderly riflep 237 DC 1987
generous zoning densities (approx. two acres per house) and the absence of those cheap silver firs which cast their bleak shadowsp 9 RW 1988
near Reading, and their successful academic records reveal a complete absence of stress in their home lives. The parents (all ofp 16 RW 1988
or a disaffected assassination squad of Libyan professionals. But the absence of any trace left by such a group, as wellp 20 RW 1988
all this -- the non-regulation costume, the tousled sheets, the absence of flattering chitchat. Was she a new kind of undercoverp 1127 LCC 1989
time within six months of the previous operation. In the absence of a native film industry the royal family plays thep 117 QERa 1990
a discarded Mad Max film set, the ultimate autogeddon. The absence of combatants, let alone the dead and wounded, suppresses anyp 11 UGM 1991
intolerance of ideas and, perhaps most important of all, the absence of cafe life. Certainly, surrealism failed to take root inp 90 UGM 1991
office buildings that I recognized after nearly half a century's absence. I saw the old General Hospital where I had beenp 174 UGM 1991
the lack of hygiene and creche facilities and the complete absence of the social security safety net -- all in allp 220 UGM 1991
performance? A curious feature of Blue Velvet is the virtual absence of the youngsters‘ parents, shadowy figures who take almost nop 30 UGM 1993
the third world, and Carline had frequently taken leaves of absence to join American missionary groups in Brazil and the Congop 51 RP 1994
airport. Kimo, even more disoriented than Neil by Dr Barbara's absence, found companionship of a kind among the endangered inmates ofp 159 RP 1994
by someone who had never visited the Maghreb; the apparent absence of any social structure; the timelessness of a world beyondp 35 CN 1996
found myself thinking of extradition treaties or, more exactly, their absence. ‘I'm glad Frank was happy here. Estrella de Mar isp 43 CN 1996
her stiletto shoes and hurled them into the water. Frank's absence had liberated his members, transforming the Club Nautico into anp 57 CN 1996
now. The regret I felt at taking advantage of Frank's absence, and having sex with his former lover on his ownp 190 CN 1996
saw the flaw at the heart of Eden-Olympia. Given the absence of an explicit moral order, where decisions about right andp 89 SC 2000
an upholstered desert, but a wasteland all the same. An absence of faith, except for a vague belief in an unknownp 264 SC 2000
invent. Not a vast something out there, but a vast absence. You said that only a psychopath can cope with thep 136 MP 2003
random into a crowd, grips our attention for months. The absence of rational motive carries a significance of its own.‘ Henryp 194 MP 2003
his bookshelves. But his presence would be matched by my absence, the gaps that would be everywhere like empty cells inp 5 KC 2006
and one which histories of internment often overlook -- the absence of alcohol. After years and sometimes decades of heavy drinkingp 74 ML 2008
novel the most important break with real events is the absence from Lunghua of my parents. I thought hard about thisp 82 ML 2008
camp and the only security I knew. Emboldened by the absence of the Japanese guards, a number of British internees decidedp 102 ML 2008
and his discontents, appealed to me powerfully, especially in the absence of my own father. At the same time, the surrealistsp 134 ML 2008
Renaissance masterpieces in the National Gallery was due to the absence of the explanatory matter that now drains away much ofp 155 ML 2008
bathroom together formed the outlines of a huge void. Her absence was a space in our lives that I could almostp 204 ML 2008
huge price we pay to control the male sex. The absence of a mother was a deep loss for my childrenp 228 ML 2008