The smooth cement had been faintly scored by a rotating abrader, and the steel bristles had left small whorls in thep 62 SC 2000
was covered by a hatchwork of lines incised by an abrading power tool. I remembered the concrete floor near the pumphousep 198 SC 2000
the vent above my head, its funnel polished by the abrading tool. The junction was six feet away, well beyond myp 206 SC 2000
They're the oldest things on earth. Remember their boast: "Before Abraham, I was"?‘ They hit a dip in the road andp 290 IO 1962
the first of the three shots. HOMAGE TO CLAIRE CHURCHILL Abraham Zapruder and Ralph Nader. At what point does the planep AA1 1967
her own chastity‘ -- Coma. Time-zones: Ralph Nader, Claude Eatherly, Abraham Zapruder. The Departure Platform. Closer to this presiding trinity, Trabertp 47 DM 1967
on their broken bodies. Koester had named them: Jackie, Ralph, Abraham. Perhaps he saw the tableau as a rape? His handp 27 UD 1968
Armed military police were standing on the mudflat.‘ ‘Homage to Abraham Zapruder.‘ Each night, as Travers moved through the deserted auditoriump 74 THF 1969
the dry basin of the Potomac. In the Lincoln Memorial, Abraham Lincoln sat up to his knees in the sand, staringp 72 HA 1981
and even slow driver, frequently egged on by impatient women-friends. Abraham Zapruder was a tourist in Dealey Plaza whose amateur cine-filmp 27 UDa 1990
its sleeves. Her face and neck were covered with minute abrasions, the typical wind-exposure scars, but she seemed so relaxed, followingp 143 WFN 1961
the effort he had wasted in trying to prevent the abrasions from opening. ‘That's bad luck. Not my day.‘ His facep 786 KG 1969
me examine it with a calm gaze. I felt the abrasions on the left-hand door and body panels, and explored withp 210 C 1973
injured hand, biting at the dozens of minute cuts and abrasions. Maitland cleaned away the dirt and oil that clotted thep 33 CI 1974
stiff, needing some kind of surgical intervention, but the deep abrasions on the thigh had begun to heal. In spite ofp 85 CI 1974
the two men against the diesel drums. I dressed the abrasions on their scalps and shoulders, and tried to calm theirp 96 DC 1987
pumphouse of the swimming pool, marked by the same fine abrasions. The drainage vent had been carefully scoured, as if top 198 SC 2000
all have markedly improved, at the cost of a few abrasions and the odd case of VD.‘ ‘I can't believe itp 252 SC 2000
hard to imagine.‘ Gould studied me, eyes moving around the abrasions on my face. He was less sure of me, asp 246 MP 2003
speed before it rose into the air. This surface is abrasive enough to have scratched off a few minute filings. Withp 493 VH 1963
motorway intersections, the telescoping mechanisms of car-bodies in front-end collisions, abrasive injuries formed in roll-overs, the amputation of limbs by roofp 133 C 1973
to be trying to provoke her. There was an undeniable abrasive glamour about New York even now, a whiff of thep 30 HA 1981
a quick motion unscrewed the cap. The royal coach drew abreast and Remmers transferred the thermos to his right hand, ap 287 GA 1961
lanes, surging ahead in the fast lane until he was abreast of Catherine and then sliding back behind her, allowing otherp 215 C 1973
in behind an airline coach and a fuel tanker moving abreast through the overpass tunnel. Maitland struck two of the matchesp 77 CI 1974
procession of some forty or so marchers, drawn up three abreast. Although they carried rifles over their shoulders and had ap 223 HA 1981
Carter's heels, then made a right turn to form line abreast. Washington faced the hotel, his back to the squad drawnp 225 HA 1981
carts against each other, lines of pedicabs and rickshaws ten abreast hemmed in the cars that edged forward behind a continuousp 56 ES 1984
no more than a brief administrative oversight. When he drew abreast of the wheelhouse and glanced up at me, he wasp 132 DC 1987
on the floor among the vomit and dancing feet. Walking abreast of her through the crowd was Dr Sanger, one handp 295 CN 1996
first brutal match. Cars were coming towards us, driving three abreast, headlights full on. Behind them came a pack of supportersp 74 KC 2006
hope came from Hollywood films, and long queues, often four abreast, formed outside the immense Odeons and Gaumonts that had survivedp 123 ML 2008
that, Mr Durrant. I thought you deserved a good holiday abroad. Nothing the trouble, I hope.‘ He looked searchingly into Durrant'sp 201 LW 1960
involuntarily become more nasal, and the driver asked: ‘You from abroad, sir? New Zealand, maybe?‘ ‘No,‘ Dr Jamieson said, noticing thatp 280 GA 1961
than injured by falling masonry.‘ Marshall glanced through his notes. ‘Abroad, in Europe and North America, the picture is pretty muchp 56 WFN 1961
As for his present whereabouts, she believed he was now abroad, working for a large international organization whose name she wasp 775 CA 1968
for college, and allowed me to take a summer job abroad after my sophomore year. I had finished my sociology coursep 27 SEO 1972
into the cellars of the foreign embassy before being spirited abroad. (d) The parents were murdered by visitors from outer spacep 22 RW 1988
problems they posed for the dubbing of foreign-language versions sold abroad. My own role, thankfully, was limited to asking Dick ap 308 KW 1991
that marred the vision of Mao Zedong, who never went abroad except to visit Russia. Early in his career Deng realizedp 55 UGM 1993
be taken so seriously, to the point where its functionaries abroad have often enjoyed virtually ambassadorial status, and its cheerful logop 213 UGM 1993
female condom, but after six months she resigned and went abroad. Years of exile followed, in Malawi, South Africa and Newp 40 RP 1994
case, I'm surprised you didn't read about it.‘ ‘I've been abroad. I haven't seen an English paper for weeks. In Lhasap 14 CN 1996
the hospital. Already I guessed that the urge to work abroad was part of the same restlessness that had led herp 44 SC 2000
park an exhausted husband by a hotel swimming pool. Travelling abroad was an effort for her -- the knee-jarring geometry ofp 15 MP 2003
legal department had tracked down the owners. Joyriders, criminals escaping abroad, even overdue air travellers unwilling to pay the surcharges oftenp 241 MP 2003
a dull and very meagre diet. Few of them went abroad, and most of their pre-war privileges, such as domestic servantsp 125 ML 2008
world of the last Old Labour government, largely by going abroad whenever we could. Claire and I and our four childrenp 247 ML 2008
books put together. It revived my backlist, in Britain and abroad, and drew many new readers to my earlier books. Somep 251 ML 2008
Mr Newman tired of side-stepping, shut him up with an abrupt: ‘Just stop thinking about it, do you understand? You'll getp 153 CH 1960
woman in the twentieth century made the possibility of an abrupt end to civilization seem infinitely remote; it was difficult top 51 WFN 1961
outside the normal world of time and space, and the abrupt return to earth had momentarily disconcerted him. In addition, hep 15 DW 1962
broke off, uneasily remembering the huge black sign and the abrupt way in which he had turned back to the supermarketp 419 SM 1963
but with Traxel he could never relax. Perhaps his coldly abrupt manner represented authority, the high-faced, stern-eyed interrogators who still pursuedp 460 TT 1963
a shower of light from the disturbed vegetation. With an abrupt lurch it made a laboured ascent, swinging sideways through thep 613 IM 1964
dogs with arched backs picked among the burst cartons. The abrupt transition from Hamilton, which still carried a faint memory ofp 47 D 1965
a blaze of light from the disturbed vegetation. With an abrupt lurch it made a laboured takeoff, swinging sideways through thep 74 CW 1966
bridge. I remembered why Vaughan's career had come to an abrupt end -- halfway through his television series he had beenp 64 C 1973
the rear seat of the car she dressed herself with abrupt movements, straightening her skirt around her hips like a department-storep 119 C 1973
if feeding her own baby. A minute later, in an abrupt change of mood, she pulled herself away sharply, jarring Maitland'sp 81 CI 1974
never took place. Halfway up, the elevator stopped with an abrupt shudder, its lights failing. Everywhere voices began to shout, ap 920 UC 1976
hand-held camera, still resembled so many budding Godards. Recalling the abrupt way in which Margaret had first revealed herself to mep 950 ICU 1977
of dense pine forests. Everywhere nature had come to an abrupt dead stop. Two hours later they passed through the lastp 113 HA 1981
treatment of the wounded British. Impelled by one of their abrupt changes of mood, the Japanese relented and the prisoners werep 52 ES 1984
life of eternal celibacy. Those dreams, though, came to an abrupt end in the spring of 2011, when I called uponp 1126 LCC 1989
clearly the murderous intent of the Sagittaire's captain. The film's abrupt finale, as the camera was snatched from Bracewell's hands, hadp 70 RP 1994
04, 3.34, presumably following the half-hour news breaks. The abrupt end hinted that pressure had been brought to bear fromp 131 SC 2000
the Hiroshima and Nagasaki A-bombs brought the war to an abrupt end. Like my parents, and everyone else who lived throughp 90 ML 2008
through the huge ten-mile-thick B.I.R. Industrial Cube, ended abruptly in a tangle of ripped girders and concrete. A steelp 27 CC 1957
had sheared and two hundred levels of the City had abruptly sunk ten thousand feet, squashing half a million people likep 28 CC 1957
for ten seconds, repeated itself a dozen times, then ended abruptly in a string of blips. ‘Well?‘ Sheringham asked. ‘What isp 68 T12 1958
running through Sheringham -- Maxted broke out of his reverie abruptly. The air in the patio had become suddenly cooler, almostp 70 T12 1958
the street below riveted me to my chair. Traffic stopped abruptly and there was a sudden hubbub followed by silence. Onlyp 100 NZ 1959
week,‘ I insisted. ‘Come on, man.‘ He shook his head abruptly, muttered something about the heat and stepped quickly through thep 78 WG 1959
drifted. Time massed on gigantic fronts, colliding like crippled universes. Abruptly, the infinite worlds of tomorrow unfolded before me -- tenp 91 WG 1959
the safe, he unclasped the door and pulled it back abruptly, wrenching himself slightly against its great inertia. Impatient to openp 206 LW 1960
its base. Gingerly, he lifted the lid and peered inside. Abruptly he dropped the lid, glanced around the floor, swinging thep 207 LW 1960
reaping all the publicity he could from their affair, then abruptly kicking her away. Mangon fretted. A solution to her predicamentp 111 SS 1960
for a climax at which to introduce her first aria. Abruptly Madame Gioconda looked forward at the audience and took ap 134 SS 1960
formless ideas shifting through his mind. Then, without thinking, he abruptly left the rail and climbed down the companionway. The storagep 184 VT 1960
in the sunlight. Distracted, Dr Jamieson watched him, then realized abruptly that Remmers had moved. The man was now stepping swiftlyp 287 GA 1961
was form but no content? A sharp click woke him abruptly. He sat up with a jolt, fumbling with the alarmp 247 OM 1961
away. Suddenly she stopped and glanced down at her feet, abruptly becoming aware of herself and her midnight walk. Her eyesp 211 S5 1961
Her personality seemed totally dissociated, her awareness of me varying abruptly from one level to another, like light-changes in a badp 213 S5 1961
an entranced medium. Fascinated by this curious stance, I was abruptly distracted by a terrified screeching that came from the lowerp 230 S5 1961
they discovered that his long-expected departure for Canada had been abruptly postponed. Andrew had warned him not to abandon his yearsp 17 WFN 1961
in the air-stream moving rapidly across the cold earth, then abruptly, 200 yards away, the horizon rose into the sky asp 24 WFN 1961
being buffeted from left to right like drunken circus clowns. Abruptly Lanyon lost his own footing, fell heavily onto his kneesp 45 WFN 1961
right when it reached Lowndes Square. The left-hand section ended abruptly in a heap of rubble where one of the olderp 84 WFN 1961
had settled itself. A few yards ahead the tunnel ended abruptly. An entire floor section had sliced through it like ap 88 WFN 1961
I don't care what orders R.H. made --‘ then abruptly uncupped his headphones and switched the set off. ‘Bloody foolp 128 WFN 1961
it, sitting upright, tracing the letters with his fingers. Then, abruptly assembling his mind again, he shone the torch around himselfp 139 WFN 1961
clearly when his left ear was pressed against the shaft. Abruptly he sat up, pulling himself roughly onto his knees. Clearingp 140 WFN 1961
feet, grabbed at the ceiling straps. The tractor had dropped abruptly, was moving steadily downward like an elevator. Maitland dived forp 157 WFN 1961
of his trance and stabbed the two buttons. The sound abruptly fell away, and the shutters glided back and locked acrossp 163 WFN 1961
left him. As he crossed the room the floor sank abruptly and one of the bookshelves fell forward and crashed downp 181 WFN 1961
down the tunnel, Maitland saw the section 20 yards away abruptly rise up into the air like the limb of ap 182 WFN 1961
the switch, a short cry slipping involuntarily through his lips. Abruptly, the light went on. ‘Hello, Abel,‘ Dr Francis said easilyp 322 13C 1962
watched them dart in and out of the dunes, then abruptly felt the cold spotlight of the beach-car hit his facep 370 CS 1962
plain, had now receded to the horizon, the entire concourse abruptly flung back in a reversal of time, and appeared top 299 GT 1962
At 90 he slacked off and looked at the girl, abruptly felt a warning signal sound again. She seemed like anyp 289 IO 1962
to permit himself a melancholy smile when Margot sat up abruptly. ‘Don't look so frightened, you fool! I've just got anp 342 PE 1962
corner, the decorous unfolding of an archway or recess. Then, abruptly, the mood would invert, and the hollow eeriness return. Fayp 310 TDS 1962
I leapt out of my chair and switched the stereogram abruptly from Stravinsky to Stan Kenton to the MJQ, the roomp 312 TDS 1962
tremors, radiating a sensation of acute urgency and indecision. Then, abruptly, the room stilled. A second later, as I lifted myselfp 318 TDS 1962
latest temperature and humidity readings -- had been cut off abruptly half-way through the first instalment. But Riggs recognised Kerans‘ unconsciousp 8 DW 1962
across the 60-feet-high plants, toppling them like matchsticks. Then, as abruptly, the storm vanished and the great columnar trunks subsided amongp 8 DW 1962
tunic. ‘Robert, you're a strange one.‘ Kerans finished his drink abruptly. ‘Look, Colonel, I don't think I'll be able to helpp 15 DW 1962
unguarded moments he had shown the notebooks to Kerans, then abruptly withdrawn into himself when Kerans tactfully pointed out that thep 34 DW 1962
his note-book Bodkin began to clear his throat noisily and abruptly started talking about the danger of draughts from the ventilatorp 38 DW 1962
like a thousand clubs, clouds of dust billowing around him. Abruptly the helicopter began to lose lift, with an agonised accelerationp 66 DW 1962
the dense vegetation along the limestone cliffs was flung back abruptly, to reveal the black and stone-grey heads of enormous Triassicp 69 DW 1962
the only home I've ever known --‘ He broke off abruptly, his face suddenly tired. ‘Go on,‘ Kerans said evenly. Thep 74 DW 1962
immense roar, the early morning silence over the lagoon shattered abruptly, and a tremendous blare of noise battered past the windowsp 81 DW 1962
the accelerating turbines of the hydroplane and the exploding star-shells. Abruptly, the water in the mouth of the inlet rose severalp 85 DW 1962
However, Strangman seemed unable to take the explanation seriously, swinging abruptly from amusement at their naivety to sharp suspicion. Kerans watchedp 90 DW 1962
drove itself into his eustachian tube, forcing him to swallow. Abruptly he realised that the intake valve of the helmet supplyp 108 DW 1962
frowning seriously, a motley of brown faces under khaki kepis. Abruptly a single white grinning face interposed itself. Only a fewp 109 DW 1962
the submerged streets and buildings his entire manner had changed abruptly. All traces of courtly refinement and laconic humour had vanishedp 121 DW 1962
the street into which Strangman and his men had disappeared. Abruptly, before his eyes closed involuntarily, he saw two figures approachingp 140 DW 1962
like the tip of a propeller. Beatrice screamed, her voice abruptly drowned in the tremendous roar of the Colt. Jolted byp 149 DW 1962
still rocking slightly from the impact of the explosion. Then, abruptly, the lower section of the barrage fell forwards, a bracep 160 DW 1962
relentlessly across his face and shoulders. Sometimes it would stop abruptly, and clouds of steam filled the intervals between the treesp 166 DW 1962
in aircrew rescue kits. ‘Hey, soldier!‘ The man had revived abruptly, his eyeless head turning towards Kerans. ‘I order you, don'tp 168 DW 1962
gave way to large tracts of swamp. Skirting these, he abruptly stepped out on to the shores of an immense lagoonp 170 DW 1962
to bear this tribute to her plastic surgeons, Lunora had abruptly abandoned her career and become a leading patron of thep 396 TSS 1962
feed in every aria from Figaro to Moses and Aaron. Abruptly, the music fell away. Lunora had backed out of thep 400 TSS 1962
him. The usual fragmentary murmur of conversation would fade away abruptly as he passed the tables in the dining room, andp 381 WT 1962
rubbish at his feet flickered with the reflected light, and abruptly the whole sky sparkled as if the air was openingp 394 WT 1962
Malek's tongue, but conversation with him seemed to be impossible. Abruptly he sat forward across the board, his eyes searching Malek'sp 506 EG 1963
from me? It's easy for you to sit there --‘ Abruptly Malek stood up, sending a shiver of terror through Constantinp 510 EG 1963
light, the day-long chatter and movement of the Indians ceased abruptly. Connolly had been glad of the silence -- the endlessp 449 QR 1963
distant hoot of a car horn. Then he sat up abruptly, staring sharply at the room around him. ‘Calcutta? What thep 531 SA 1963
of warning vibratos, but now the Lincoln passed them unrecognized. Abruptly, around a steep bend, the reefs and peaks vanished, andp 542 SG 1963
the once marble-white surface was streaked and lifeless. Staircases ended abruptly in midflight, and the floors hung like sagging marquees. Inp 542 SG 1963
of one of the cars. His mood seemed to switch abruptly from one level to the next. He watched Franklin amiablyp 413 SM 1963
Two hundred yards away was a roadside auto-mart, and Franklin abruptly remembered that he needed some cigarettes. Swinging the car downp 416 SM 1963
between the interminable interruptions), but just before it ended he abruptly put the telephone down, then removed the receiver from thep 422 SM 1963
its centre. When he scaled the thirty-foot slope he stopped abruptly. Down on his knees in the middle of the basinp 493 VH 1963
cartouches of the nostrils emphasized the resemblance to monumental sculpture. Abruptly there was a shout from the crowd, and a hundredp 642 DG 1964
and its unmistakable stamp upon the families moving past us abruptly put an end to our light-hearted mood. As the lastp 608 IM 1964
the largest hotels in Miami and then two years earlier abruptly abandoned his work in disgust. He had married Emerelda, afterp 621 IM 1964
and typhonic winds boiling the sea into a maelstrom. Then abruptly the scene seemed to shift, and I heard the calmp 571 PCD 1964
within the blocks, the heat reflected off the concrete floor. Abruptly, he would find that it was early afternoon or eveningp 601 TB 1964
meat, jaws tearing through the bony shafts. Quilter's appearance had abruptly let another dimension into the already uncertain future of thep 52 D 1965
their paddles driving the water on as it raced past. Abruptly, a section of the channel collapsed and water spilled awayp 106 D 1965
to be made of the small fish made Ransom turn abruptly from the shack. Judith was asleep exhausted by her altercationp 126 D 1965
the glace smiles as drained as the world around them. Abruptly, Ransom caught his breath. Among the blank faces partly obscuredp 144 D 1965
Sammael. This time a more ambitious plot against heaven is abruptly forestalled, and the agents of God carry Pullman away top 144 UGM 1966
would take place here. Without thinking, Travis murmured, ‘Elizabeth Taylor.‘ Abruptly there was a blare of sound above the trees. Dissociationp 10 AE 1966
front of them, the wheels almost touching the surface. Then, abruptly, it zoomed away and carried out a wide circuit ofp 61 CW 1966
of silver light flared like a star in a chalice. Abruptly Sanders leapt behind the pillar on his left, as thep 93 CW 1966
buildings in Lagos and Accra, and then two years earlier abruptly abandoned his work in disgust. He had married Serena whenp 110 CW 1966
and gunfire reached Sanders as he crouched behind a trunk. Abruptly everything fell quiet again. Sanders waited, searching the darkness aroundp 114 CW 1966
time the smooth advance of the cruiser was checked more abruptly. Hitting the heavier floes, it scattered half a dozen ofp 155 CW 1966
stick between the bars of the cages. Then, losing interest abruptly, they made off together without a backward glance at eitherp 740 R 1967
reborn in the island galaxies. Mimetized Disasters. The helicopter banked abruptly, pulled round in a gesture of impatience by the pilotp 21 UD 1968
the rear seat with empty beer bottles and contraceptive wallets. Abruptly the car jolted forward, throwing him across the young womanp 28 UD 1968
had been crushed, as if the dimensions of space had abruptly contracted around the body of the driver. Unnerved by thesep 67 C 1973
remake her face in the mirror of her compact. As abruptly as we had begun, she was now distanced from herp 82 C 1973
big tits cut up on the dash.‘ Vaughan turned away abruptly, almost as if he were afraid of Seagrave stealing ap 95 C 1973
like a coronation. Almost mesmerized by this reverie, I was abruptly aware of the dented fender of Vaughan's Lincoln only ap 113 C 1973
of my skull, holding the soft brain tissue in place. Abruptly, the light faded. Vaughan's car sank into the darkness belowp 205 C 1973
offer, mentally counting each one of a stack of bills. Abruptly she turned on him, gesturing with her pot-smoker's brown paperp 82 CI 1974
wire followed me overhead for half a mile before ending abruptly, as if the telephone company years beforehand had realised thatp 823 AD 1975
his step, Wilder approached the inner lines of parked cars. Abruptly, the illusion of normalcy began to give way. The carsp 43 HR 1975
a right-hand spiral to a height of a thousand feet. Abruptly everything around him had become quiet. Little more than ap 874 UC 1976
an ashen and toneless look, like those of men woken abruptly from sleep. Alone of them, an Australian seaman glanced upp 927 DT 1977
temples, I was about to warn her of the disaster. Abruptly, the sky cleared. Dr Miriam was looking at me inp 23 UDC 1979
traces of their tenuous reality evaporating in the warm sun. Abruptly, the light cleared. I was standing in the middle ofp 113 UDC 1979
price for imported oil, a number of once thriving economies abruptly collapsed. Egypt, Ghana, Brazil and the Argentine were forced top 45 HA 1981
Cimarron trail, jungle-bedecked valleys moist with fast-running streams. Then as abruptly, he would see only the dust and sand of thep 102 HA 1981
the last, sir.‘ The survey ship, whatever its mission, had abruptly withdrawn, and not been sighted since. None the less, McNairp 162 HA 1981
senses than one. I'm sorry we had to meet so abruptly, but Charles likes to keep me hidden away here, playingp 170 HA 1981
ball rippled around the bowl, bounced and flicked, then stopped abruptly, snuggling in the hollow of a city's name. Manson peeredp 208 HA 1981
roof tilting from side to side. Its cavernous doors opened abruptly, like the wails of an empty mountain. Sheppard stepped backp 1073 MNF 1982
end, which had once vanished into a watery abyss, ended abruptly beside a pair of scummy rubber slippers. Jim jumped onp 66 ES 1984
slammed, and the elderly engine began to throb, then stopped abruptly. There was a distant blast from the Idzumo's siren. Withp 99 ES 1984
seconds, before the prisoners could run for shelter, it stopped abruptly. Everyone stared at the empty sky, expecting the Mustangs top 226 ES 1984
boughs dipping their leaves into the stream. A road ended abruptly at the bank, and a steel fence ran along thep 92 DC 1987
and gravel, marking the point at which the airstrip ended abruptly at the water's edge. The soil had stained the waterp 95 DC 1987
fragments of amplified dialogue boomed along the shore, then stopped abruptly. Noon returned to the rail, fingers to her scarred mouthp 123 DC 1987
say that I read every page expecting it to end abruptly in mid-paragraph. Daily Telegraph The Overlit Carousel 1963: Five Hundredp 241 UGM 1992
faces pressed against the observation windows, and the interior shutters abruptly closed. This dismissive gesture made the crowd even more restivep 1178 MFM 1992
that lasts a lifetime. All too soon, the scenery shifts abruptly when the Japanese decide to intern the women and childrenp 251 UGM 1994
in the puppet army, and the war had ended too abruptly for him to steal its entire contents. I wandered throughp 286 UGM 1995
foot, logging miles along the simulated nature trails that ended abruptly when they were no longer visible from the road. Ornamentalp 37 SC 2000
pointless seizure of a side street in Chelsea. Then, as abruptly as they had arrived, the police began to withdraw. Ip 230 MP 2003
another supermarket for a few hours. Then everything would change abruptly, as Carradine released four or five of the more exhaustedp 245 KC 2006
the richest and most fulfilling period in my life would abruptly come to an end. I had already had a foretastep 247 ML 2008