found that his opinion of Kandinski had experienced a complete about-face. As a lecturer Kandinski was poor, losing words, speaking inp 491 VH 1963
shuffle of feet, a swaying of shoulders, the forty-four Presidents about-turned. FDR spun his wheelchair, and the entire Presidential contingent movedp 170 HA 1981
had to make sure. Mulivaney, our neighbour in the flat above, opened his door when I knocked. ‘Hello, Bartley. Corkscrew?‘ ‘Nop 15 E 1956
been coming from the plants around the shop, and mounting above them I heard a single stronger voice calling out, atp 4 PB 1956
yards away a single policeman patrolled the iron catwalk running above the street, his boots ringing across the darkness. M. satp 24 CC 1957
already repeated twenty times. ‘I was suspended in the air above a flat stretch of open ground, something like the floorp 24 CC 1957
like a paper dart.‘ ‘Glide,‘ Franz said. ‘Right.‘ Thirty levels above them one of the intercity expresses roared over, rattling thep 25 CC 1957
iron stairway leading to the next level a hundred feet above. Halfway up a white-helmeted r. p. checked them cursorily withp 26 CC 1957
fitted three firework display rockets into a wire bracket mounted above the wing. The stadium was four hundred feet in diameterp 26 CC 1957
gathered and people were packed into the windows and balconies above the elevated, watching a squad of Fire Police break theirp 30 CC 1957
heavy steel traps sealed off the stairways from the levels above and below. The ventilator and exhaust shafts were silent andp 30 CC 1957
vision of Neill, huddled in a rumpled bed two floors above, his blood-sugar low, and his mind drifting, rose before himp 53 M69 1957
it closed, he turned to Morley, watching from the flight above. ‘Taboo, Doctor?‘ he asked. Morley looked at each of thep 55 M69 1957
out in armchairs and opened magazines, turning the pages deliberately. Above them the banks of arc-lights threw their wide cones ofp 60 M69 1957
baffles of the air vents vanished into the grey distemper. Above, like the undersurface of an enormous lift the ceiling sankp 60 M69 1957
painfully, and he pushed away the chessboard and lay back. Above him a line of fluorescent tubes hung down from thep 61 M69 1957
records.‘ Gorrell nodded sagely. Lang moved away, chuckling to himself. Above the door of Room 69 the clock ticked on atp 62 M69 1957
a narrow, vertical cubicle, a few feet wide, six deep. Above, a solitary, dusty bulb gleamed down from a steel grillep 62 M69 1957
pounded angrily on the wall with his fists. ‘Neill! Neill!‘ Above him the light began to fade. Morley closed the doorp 63 M69 1957
the volume control and swung it round to full amplitude. Above the orderly room door an alarm bell shrilled out throughp 64 M69 1957
about it,‘ Raymond said the next morning, raising his voice above the din, ‘is that it's still a Drexel.‘ ‘Still ap 43 VS 1957
on.‘ He pointed to a loudspeaker screwed to the wall above Maxted's head, grinned and ducked out. Shivering uncomfortably, Maxted peeredp 70 T12 1958
on, so segregating me from the rest of the office. Above all, he sought to antagonize me by his personal mannerismsp 97 NZ 1959
steel bowl of the telescope humming faintly in the air above us. ‘Tell me, Quaine,‘ Tallis suddenly asked, ‘where would youp 72 WG 1959
programming new routines to fit myself into Murak's 18-hour day. Above all, there was the prospect of two years of near-absolutep 73 WG 1959
Perhaps he'd forgotten.‘ ‘Fifteen crates? Fifteen crates of Bibles? Heavens above, what did they do with them?‘ Mayer shrugged. He wentp 81 WG 1959
and spend at most two hours in 70 degree or above sunlight. That meant that whatever there was to find wouldp 82 WG 1959
swung into the half-track the emergency light on the transceiver above the windscreen was pulsing insistently. I switched to audio andp 87 WG 1959
the basin, and then lowered itself to about ten feet above my head, a thousand rivers of fire streaming across itsp 90 WG 1959
Now. Then a million motes of light prickled the darkness above me, illuminating enormous curving causeways of time and space veeringp 90 WG 1959
Vega, zoomed past Antares, finally halted a hundred light years above the crown of Canopus. Epochs drifted. Time massed on giganticp 91 WG 1959
fading rust. Distributed apparently at random all over the city, above stores, banks and public buildings, their real purpose was hardp 152 CH 1960
towards a six-lane expressway that rose on tall concrete buttresses above the roof-tops. They found a side road that circled upp 157 CH 1960
drums numbed, looking up at the great rectangular masses towering above him on either side, the endless tiers of windows likep 163 CH 1960
long stairway up to the topmost platform two hundred feet above, look out through the bell tower at the flat roofsp 166 CH 1960
the sunlight that slipped through a steel grille fifty feet above. He stretched himself out on the bed and examined thep 167 CH 1960
the cell. This was on the wall, a few feet above his head. He could see the curving bowl of thep 167 CH 1960
the thunder distinctly, cleaving the air only a thousand feet above his head, the huge claps lumbering past like the collidingp 196 LW 1960
the fireplaces had been bricked up, and the bare stonework above the mantels showed that the chimneys had been solidly filledp 197 LW 1960
to see a large white moth emerge from the space above the document box, ricocheting erratically off the roof, at eachp 198 LW 1960
and lowered the light until it was a few inches above his head. Releasing a catch below the lid, he tiltedp 198 LW 1960
Like a well-ordered hive, the town came to life. High above it all, his gigantic face hidden in the shadows, Mrp 199 LW 1960
being shaved. Mr Goddard watched their conversation through a skylight above them. The man in the chair, the local bookmaker, layp 200 LW 1960
sheer cliff that rose straight up into the distant glare above. The glazed windows of a service lift shaft overlooked thep 201 LW 1960
it against the wall to a point about fifteen feet above their heads. Satisfied, they lashed the lower end securely top 201 LW 1960
now hung down vertically, swinging slowly from side to side above the heads of the people in the yard. With anp 202 LW 1960
leaving the store he saw the bank manager standing high above the street on the clock tower of the town hallp 204 LW 1960
traffic accelerating across the mid-town flyover which arched fifty feet above the studio's roof, a frenzied hypermanic babel of jostling hornsp 106 SS 1960
images of Schoenberg -- all these were raised in frequency above the threshold of conscious audibility. Not only did they becomep 111 SS 1960
the park towards the white-faced apartment batteries which reared up above the trees and lakes along the north side. The Oratoryp 113 SS 1960
hoardings. Only the top two or three feet were visible above the dunes, but the charged air hit Mangon like ap 122 SS 1960
the accumulating file on LeGrande. Soon Madame Gioconda would strike. Above them in the hallway a door slammed, someone stormed throughp 128 SS 1960
only microphone will be an aerial about twenty feet diagonally above her. It will be live -- but her voice willp 130 SS 1960
to the floor, listened for a moment to the caterwauling above, which was now being drowned by the mounting vocal oppositionp 135 SS 1960
cardboard charts and memos pinned on to the draught hoods above them, a tangle of rubber tubing and power leads trailingp 175 VT 1960
a series of drum-shaped cages made of wire mosquito netting. Above the first was a large white cardboard screen bearing ap 176 VT 1960
An older man's voice, sharp and slightly irritable, sounded out above a low buzz of distortion, but Coma could hear itp 180 VT 1960
desperate effort of the biological kingdom to keep its head above the rising waters. Its total life period is determined byp 181 VT 1960
drove up at noon, poised on a ledge 150 feet above, head raised theatrically to the sky. ‘Kaldren!‘ he shouted upp 187 VT 1960
where a small round platform had been built a foot above the ground. Powers worked swiftly, pouring sand and cement intop 190 VT 1960
of the earth's crust. The ragged crests three hundred feet above him, the dark gulleys and fissures, the smooth boulders byp 192 VT 1960
towards the outer concrete rim curving away into the shadows. Above him he could hear the stars, a million cosmic voicesp 193 VT 1960
small razor cut where the moustache had been shaved away. Above all he recognized the man's state of shock, the nervousp 147 ZT 1960
reverberating through the partitions. People were sitting on the steps above the second floor, using the staircase as an informal loungep 270 B 1961
of the buildings opposite. Possessions loaded on to the shelf above his head, Ward lay back on his bed and moodilyp 273 B 1961
socially, swore that no sounds came through the heavy ceiling. Above, the fanlight let out through a dormer window, its lightsp 277 B 1961
Lying back on the extreme right, the shelves two feet above his head, Ward could barely see the wardrobe, but thep 277 B 1961
of the space platform as it loomed into the darkness above him like the stern of a ship. He was examiningp 240 DE 1961
he gasped at the damp air. To the west, just above the long bulk of the Florida coastline, rising from thep 241 DE 1961
while the younger Merryweather egged them on from the platform above. Just before Holiday reached them Tom Juranda ran a fewp 242 DE 1961
the catering staff organizing the parties held in the rooms above. Each of their faces he scrutinized carefully, as if expectingp 281 GA 1961
pavements, listening to the distant TV commentaries from the flats above the shops. Halfway down the street was a small cafep 283 GA 1961
out a small set of scales. On the shelf immediately above he noticed a large brown garment, a six-year-old's one-piece romperp 255 MF 1961
never worried him. When he found that he barely reached above her shoulder he began to examine himself more closely. Onp 258 MF 1961
Looking out through the surface of the water six inches above his face, he watched the blue disc of the skyp 253 OM 1961
a walk beside her and touched her elbow. Three feet above my head the rays spat and whirled in the darknessp 211 S5 1961
sand, the rays swinging like pendulums through the dim air above her, taking with her the pool of amber light. Ip 212 S5 1961
irritably. ‘I haven't got one of those dreadful machines. Heavens above, you don't think I would use one?‘ ‘Then where dop 214 S5 1961
sting, still viable, projecting a full inch from its sheath above the cranial crest. Jaw clamped angrily, I went straight intop 217 S5 1961
killed.‘ He pointed to the rays clinging to the cornices above us, wheeling up into the sky as we approached, whistlingp 228 S5 1961
finally saw them on one of the ramps curving away above me. I was about to retrace my steps and joinp 229 S5 1961
sun-filled arena, bounded by hundred-foot walls, open to the sky above. Unable to see them now, I retreated into the galleryp 230 S5 1961
the next level, and from there on to the stage above. I made my way to the edge of the galleryp 230 S5 1961
side. Following this route to the edge of the cliffs above, I was surprised to see the squat figure of thep 230 S5 1961
minute later she emerged from the mouth of the gallery above. Briefly she peered down into the arena, the black-uniformed chauffeurp 231 S5 1961
face of the block, watching the lights in the apartments above him, wrestling with the ancient spring bolt. Nine floors belowp 11 WFN 1961
Collecting his suitcases from the service room on the floor above, he took the elevator down to the foyer and askedp 16 WFN 1961
Maitland nodded, listening to the rhythmic batter of the shutters above the steady drone of the wind. He realized that hep 20 WFN 1961
tall as houses, their broad tracks ten feet wide. High above them, behind the hydraulic rams and metal grabs, their driversp 24 WFN 1961
at his watch, he raised his arm, clenched his fist above his head and then dropped it sharply. With a roarp 24 WFN 1961
to the sailor, who saluted and disappeared below. Twenty feet above him the concrete roof of the submarine pen was slickp 26 WFN 1961
stopped, then took up again more insistently, the voice hoarser above the wind. Lanyon tapped the steering wheel. ‘Slow down forp 34 WFN 1961
that was left of one corner, stood up 15 feet above the apex of the roof. The wind was tearing atp 35 WFN 1961
black fabric, twisted shoes, the hunched forms of crouching bodies. Above them, the wind racing across the surface of the roofp 36 WFN 1961
buildings, grouped in a loose rectangle, a concrete tower standing above them on the far side. The remains of a roughp 45 WFN 1961
can't expect those cardboard jungles to stand up to winds above hurricane force. Pity about Venice.‘ A large powerful man ofp 53 WFN 1961
we don't want them to do! They should have been above ground, strengthening their own homes, not just abandoning them andp 58 WFN 1961
square, and the walls of sandbags and the exposed cornices above flickered with the violent impact of the dust clouds. Nelson'sp 61 WFN 1961
brickwork. The captain up on the dais raised his voice above the approaching rumble. ‘I'll keep this short so we canp 76 WFN 1961
in the roadway under the rear section of the vehicle. Above the din of the wind Maitland could hear the driverp 80 WFN 1961
interior of the carrier. To the left on the pavement above, Maitland could see the grey humped back of a pedestrianp 80 WFN 1961
the tunnel shone down onto the track. On the platform above them a throng of soldiers and other men lay inp 82 WFN 1961
he stepped through the aid post something struck the ceiling above his head, splitting the concrete and sending down a showerp 87 WFN 1961
that would remain intact when its upper floors gave way. Above him, apparently far away to the left, a dim rumblingp 88 WFN 1961
east side of the dam. Shielded by the 300-foot bluff above and recessed ten feet back into the cave mouth, itp 92 WFN 1961
and climb up the face to the pillbox 50 feet above. At several points the cave broke through the side ofp 93 WFN 1961
climbed along it, a narrow ribbon of daylight winding somewhere above them to the left. Lanyon held Patricia's hand, steered herp 96 WFN 1961
shelved steeply to the crest of the cliff 150 feet above them. Built onto the supporting shoulders was what had oncep 97 WFN 1961
arm and led him up a ramp to the gallery above. They climbed a further staircase, leaving Patricia and two menp 106 WFN 1961
here and there by the impact of the buildings collapsing above. They began to move along the ledge. A hundred yardsp 108 WFN 1961
recessing the mouth below the overhanging ledge of the jetty above. The heavy caissons of the concrete pier rooted down throughp 109 WFN 1961
thighs in the soft black mud, waved to the figures above for the last time and waded slowly between the pillarsp 110 WFN 1961
by one, peering up briefly at the grey apex shining above them into the black reeling air, they made their wayp 116 WFN 1961
shower of dust carried over the shields a hundred feet above, his body swaying in the air exploding around him. Thenp 116 WFN 1961
of a forgotten suitcase, cigarette ash spilled across the desks. Above the chatter of the teletypes and the muted cross-talk ofp 117 WFN 1961
ventilator shaft that reached up to the Mall 60 feet above. Almost everyone had gone now. The last War Office andp 117 WFN 1961
The bunker shuddered under the impact of a building falling above, like a depth charge shaking a submarine. The light bulbsp 119 WFN 1961
of compacted clay up to the garage in the basement above where the big super-tractor waited to take him to safetyp 119 WFN 1961
screen, pointing to a stub of grey concrete sticking up above the desolation several miles away on the horizon. As thep 121 WFN 1961
tower was still standing, but the camera turret, 50 feet above ground, had been snapped off. Marshall switched off the setp 121 WFN 1961
Circus, was down, and the hotel was standing out alone above the tempest. The colonnade between the wings was still intactp 122 WFN 1961
that had sheltered behind it. The other wing rode high above the chaos like the bows of a greater liner breastingp 122 WFN 1961
the Wren typist watched silently, their faces grey and pinched. Above them the light bulbs shook spasmodically as the bunker trembledp 124 WFN 1961
of the floor, then hurried up it to the level above. His office was halfway down, backing onto the elevator shaftp 125 WFN 1961
sat down at his desk and dialled the transport shelter above. ‘Kroll?‘ he asked in a low voice. ‘Marshall here. Getp 125 WFN 1961
stale air grew steadily colder. A few sounds shifted somewhere above in the empty bunker, echoing down the silent ventilator shaftsp 136 WFN 1961
How is he?‘ ‘Not too bad. Mild concussion, hairline fracture above the right ear. Second-degree burns to the palms and solesp 137 WFN 1961
sealed off from the ravaging wind by the collapsing structures above. Millions more must be clinging to life in these readymadep 142 WFN 1961
angles between concrete ledges, their ears deafened by the roar above, completely out of contact with everyone else. What would happenp 142 WFN 1961
megaton nuclear weapons, the presence of the storm wind raging above was immediately apparent. Despite the giant airlocks and overlaying rampsp 145 WFN 1961
a pretty low order of importance. As long as movement above surface is possible, the big tractors have a valuable rolep 147 WFN 1961
across at the base, tapering to the apex 80 feet above. The tractor was now about a quarter of a milep 156 WFN 1961
job.‘ They edged nearer the pyramid; its great bulk rising above into the flickering sky. Two hundred yards away the tractorp 156 WFN 1961
Seconds later the rectangular outlines of an elevator opening rose above them. The black sides of the shaft ran past, thenp 157 WFN 1961
pressed his shoulders against the stiff backrest of the chair. Above, fluorescent lighting shone across a low bare ceiling. In ap 160 WFN 1961
tab on the desk, and a loudspeaker on the wall above the window crackled into life. Muted at first, and thenp 163 WFN 1961
post.‘ ‘To observe what? That window is only sixty feet above ground. What could I hope to see?‘ ‘Nothing, I supposep 164 WFN 1961
shelters. That is the whole point. The entire pyramid is above ground; there are no foundation members whatever. The shelters wherep 167 WFN 1961
washroom, the sounds of metal shoes slamming on the staircase above. Their energy dulled by the news that there was nop 172 WFN 1961
shouted at the others. ‘Must be a break somewhere up above.‘ Lanyon and Maitland splashed over to the door and beganp 173 WFN 1961
must have been a major cave-in somewhere. Once we get above it we'll be safe.‘ Pulling themselves up the stairway, theyp 175 WFN 1961
dived forward at the automatic held loosely in his hand. Above their heads the lights swung eerily, and the floor remainedp 178 WFN 1961
the pyramid the shelters should drain again. Already they're well above the floor of the ravine.‘ As they stepped back intop 181 WFN 1961
of ceiling separated them from the open air stream, but above this was another toppling piece of masonry, a huge sectionp 184 WFN 1961
narrow crevice where they could shelter from the monster poised above them. Quickly he seized Patricia's arm, began to pull herp 184 WFN 1961
I can't!‘ ‘Darling, you've got to!‘ Lanyon bellowed at her above the roar of the wind. He twisted her arm roughlyp 185 WFN 1961
there!‘ They craned upward. Miraculously, the great wall section towering above them was slowly keeling backward away from them into thep 185 WFN 1961
Deliberately unfocusing his mind, Abel identified some of the letters above the switches M-T---R SC--N but they scrambled into a blurp 321 13C 1962
upper slope of a huge white asbestos-covered dome. Fifty feet above was the roof of a large hangar. A maze ofp 326 13C 1962
dome, climbed the stairway to the entrance point thirty feet above. Opening the external lock, he crawled in and closed itp 334 13C 1962
0.0015 psi. The pressure inside the dome was fractionally above atmospheric, in order that dust might be expelled through untowardp 337 13C 1962
would be forced yet again to move to the floor above. ‘Bridgman!‘ The voice cleft the darkness like a spear. Fiftyp 355 CS 1962
making her invariable evening ascent to the roof ten storeys above. Bridgman glanced at the timetable pinned to the wall. Onlyp 358 CS 1962
on his back on a contour couch two hundred feet above the launching pad, which had brought Travis to Canaveral, thep 359 CS 1962
grotto to the winding interval of sky a hundred feet above. ‘Bridgman, forgive me saying so, but if you want top 364 CS 1962
system and its batteries and carried everything to the room above. He would have moved to the penthouse on the topp 365 CS 1962
on through the darkness as the beam probed the air. Above, the glistening pall was slowly fading, the particles of vaporizedp 371 CS 1962
catching his breath. He looked up at the rectangular opening above them, wondering how he would feel when he finally reachedp 409 M99 1962
into the white surface of the roof. Three hundred feet above, an airliner roared over. In a lucid interval provided byp 410 M99 1962
the villa. Music, throbbing heavily, came down from the room above, and a sick musky odour seeped through the air. Tonyp 351 PE 1962
face creased in alarm. The ceiling was only five feet above our heads, contracting like a huge white bladder. ‘ -- explosivep 307 TDS 1962
the shattered lounge and slumped down angrily on the sofa. Above me the ceiling flexed and quivered, the colour of roofp 314 TDS 1962
on to her. The heavy plastex had flowed together directly above her head, forming a blob a yard in diameter. Raisingp 315 TDS 1962
force apart the locking plastex. The safety cut-out switch was above the door on the other side of the room. Ip 318 TDS 1962
the surrounding buildings and the inversion layers a hundred feet above the water, pockets of air would heat rapidly, then explodep 8 DW 1962
the colonies of wolf spiders, it missed the wire hood above Kerans‘ head by only a few feet, and then sailedp 18 DW 1962
them up at the chittering marmosets dangling from the branches above his head, egging them on with playful shouts and whistlesp 24 DW 1962
specimen jars, pages from notebooks pinned to the fume hoods above them. ‘Tell me, Robert, if you had to sum upp 41 DW 1962
out through the mesh screen, the overhang of the deck above shutting out all but a narrow band of the intensep 42 DW 1962
Hardman among the silt flats. Descending to three hundred feet above the water, they began to rake up and down thep 57 DW 1962
of the main channel. The huge banks of silt lifted above the surface like the backs of yellow sperm whales. Whereverp 57 DW 1962
The upper eight or nine storeys of the block stood above the water, enclosing a low mound of muddy-brown silt. Thep 57 DW 1962
noise of the helicopter's engine faded out on the roof above them, Riggs and Macready bent down and inspected the crudep 58 DW 1962
a corona of a million insects pulsing and humming hungrily above it, and a sudden spasm of nausea knotted Kerans‘ gulletp 59 DW 1962
on the other side of the silt flat were still above the flood-waters. Kerans stared at the two clock towers juttingp 61 DW 1962
at the two clock towers jutting up like white obelisks above the fern fronds. The yellow air of the noon highp 61 DW 1962
of the previous fifty years, its original floor still well above the surrounding water level Next to the courthouse with thep 65 DW 1962
way the sounds were magnified so that they remained just above the auditory threshold, reverberating dimly off the metal walls andp 70 DW 1962
the three nearside blades of the helicopter came into view above the top deck, then the slender tail rotor. He pausedp 75 DW 1962
the station tilted, followed a moment later by the base. Above him he could hear Bodkin whispering impatiently -- they hadp 75 DW 1962
elevator-heads or fire escapes. Waving to Bodkin on the deck above, he stepped in through the laboratory and made his wayp 76 DW 1962
low couches, alternately chilled and roasted as the erratic air-conditioner above them varied its perimeter. Outside, half an hour before noonp 89 DW 1962
with their chins on the rail, watching him expectantly. Directly above, on the roof of the scow, stood the tall gauntp 102 DW 1962
downwards until he was holding the tips of the ladder above his head with his fingers, then released them and glidedp 103 DW 1962
vault with its blurred walls cloaked with silt rose up above him like a huge velvet-upholstered womb in a surrealist nightmarep 106 DW 1962
infinitely softer than any bed he had ever known. Far above him, as his consciousness faded, he could see the ancientp 108 DW 1962
at the brilliant panoply of light on the canvas shade above him, at the watchful ebony face of the Admiral sittingp 109 DW 1962
them with the cool air. ‘They were pulling it from above. Didn't you stop ...‘ Bodkin stepped forward with Kerans‘ jacket andp 109 DW 1962
eyes on the bright green parallelograms which dappled the ceiling above the venetian blinds, listening to the engines outside reverse andp 112 DW 1962
the three bewildered faces at the rail. On the bridge above him, the Admiral watched with dry amusement, the fading lightp 120 DW 1962
of gunfire, the flames stabbing across the roadway. Flares held above their heads, a group of men appeared around a cornerp 126 DW 1962
pointing up at the perimeter wall of the lagoon high above them. Outlined against the setting sky was the small squarep 131 DW 1962
had been aware of a hatchway opening onto a deck above, and sensed that Strangman had come from his cabin top 137 DW 1962
the unbroken heat. Still he was watched from the deck above. Once a large salamander three feet long had darted amongp 137 DW 1962
in each hand and enforced a more leisurely progress. High above their heads, Kerans sat in the rocking throne, the coolp 138 DW 1962
Grand Slam Crouched down in a small office two floors above the barrage, Kerans listened to the music playing amid thep 157 DW 1962
lights and swinging them up into the sky. Seen from above, the white awnings resembled the marquee of a fairground, ap 157 DW 1962
one of the cupronickel bullets struck his right leg just above the ankle. Pulling himself over the rail, he saw Macreadyp 159 DW 1962
him among the islands. Far to her right, rising up above the encompassing silt banks, were the other familiar landmarks hep 162 DW 1962
of a small island. A mile away, flying fifty feet above the water, the helicopter raced along, machine-gun fire flickering fromp 163 DW 1962
banks of black cumulus, only four or five hundred feet above, dimmed the air like a solar eclipse, and he revivedp 164 DW 1962
fields of gold, the tops of the jungle beyond rising above them. Half a mile from the shore the reserve tankp 164 DW 1962
rainfall started, slashing at the huge umbrellas a hundred feet above, the black light only broken when phosphorescent rivers of waterp 165 DW 1962
one by one like the melting jewels of a necklace. Above, the statue sang into the blue night, its song neverp 401 TSS 1962
wavering. Lunora must have been sitting only a few feet above it, the music enveloping her like an overflowing fountain. Shortlyp 401 TSS 1962
Public Library, its tip poised no more than twenty feet above the roof. The ass-enclosed cabin in the lowest tier appearedp 373 WT 1962
day. The nearest tower was only fifty feet away, immediately above a disused office building on the other side of thep 376 WT 1962
upon Victor Boardman. The bootlegger received him in his office above the cinema, greeting him with a wry smile. ‘Well, Mrp 381 WT 1962
behind them. Renthall listened to the sounds from the rooms above and below him. So conspicuous a motion of the windowp 386 WT 1962
drew the blinds irritably. On the flat roof, two floors above, a continuous light hammering sounded all day, but he shunnedp 388 WT 1962
oblivious of the watch-towers filling the sky a hundred feet above their heads. The haze had receded still further, and atp 390 WT 1962
into a side road and hurried towards the first intersection. Above him he was conscious of the watch-towers hanging in thep 393 WT 1962
figure tottered away behind a ruined wall. Again something moved above him, followed by a third sharp angular motion, and thenp 394 WT 1962
he raised his face to the nearest watch-tower fifty feet above him, and gazed across at the hundreds of towers thatp 394 WT 1962
purgatories, his case permanently on file but never irrevocably closed. Above all, the fact of his guilt was never established andp 507 EG 1963
ground, preferable to the frantic claustrophobic nexus of the villa. Above him, Malek's measured tread moved across the ceiling to thep 514 EG 1963
of personality, by his manner, bearing and general conduct, and above all by his confidence of his innocence in the facep 516 EG 1963
the board, his lips pursing thinly. ‘I'm afraid this is above my head, Mr Constantin. Naturally I accept the authority ofp 517 EG 1963
frighten me.‘ Mason smiled, his eyes searching the distant rooftops above the trees. ‘I shouldn't worry. What's happening is really veryp 473 NWS 1963
is remarkably luminous. I should guess its salinity is well above normal --‘ ‘But Richard ...‘ Miriam looked around helplessly, her husband'sp 473 NWS 1963
clearly as the promontory which had reared like a citadel above the sea. The deep swells had rolled against its flanksp 474 NWS 1963
clouds, he saw the pale figure of a woman standing above the sea on a stone parapet at the cliff's edgep 476 NWS 1963
the white-haired woman on the cliff's edge, her face raised above the roaring spray. Always he failed to reach her beforep 477 NWS 1963
the headland almost exhausted, and fell to his knees. High above, he could hear the spray singing as it cut throughp 478 NWS 1963
so many tourists in search of some non-existent El Dorado. Above all there was the suggestion that Connolly and the hundredsp 436 QR 1963
remains of a bamboo landing stage elevated on high poles above the bank. A threadbare rope bridge trailed off among thep 437 QR 1963
the lines finally secured, Connolly looked up at the jetty above his head. Scowling down at him, an expression of biliousp 442 QR 1963
Don't tell me they've got a mandate here now? God above, I suppose he'll bore my head off about cereal/proteinp 443 QR 1963
Connolly heard the helmsman grunt and point at the sky above the opposite bank. Following the up-raised arm, he quickly foundp 455 QR 1963
two men looked at each other, and in the eyes above him Connolly glimpsed the helpless isolation of Ryker, his futilep 458 QR 1963
a penumbral zone that is both of the sea and above it, forever half-immersed in the great time-womb. If you acceptp 430 RE 1963
by a bearded man on the edge of the promenade above him, a face not Sherrington's but remarkably like it. ‘Therep 431 RE 1963
upon his mind. Concentrating, he could see a high window above a broad mahogany desk, a padded leather couch, shelves ofp 533 SA 1963
he tried to ignore the memories crowding into his mind. Above him the staircase led to another world. Half an hourp 537 SA 1963
followed the road as it wound like a petrified snake above the reefs, and our conversation became more sporadic and fellp 541 SG 1963
fragments hung on the afternoon air, the sustained tremolos suspended above my head like the humming of invisible insects. As thep 542 SG 1963
pinpoints of emerald and sapphire light lancing from their heads. Above them, hidden in the shadows among the bougainvillaea on herp 548 SG 1963
the surrounding hills. The twelve screens stood on the terrace above the beach, their vivid, heraldic designs melting into blurred poolsp 549 SG 1963
bower. One of the jewelled insects nestled on a fold above her neck. There was a curious glace immobility about herp 550 SG 1963
as members of the film company approached, and whistles shrilled above the exhaust of cars. The bulky figure of Kanin camep 557 SG 1963
series of concrete caissons, it reared high into the air above the approach roads, visible for miles. Franklin craned up atp 415 SM 1963
skyline outside. A quarter of a mile away, gleaming out above the roof of the neighbourhood supermarket, were the five redp 417 SM 1963
mile away, beyond the conifers thinning out on the slopes above them, the three great Vernon domes gleamed like white marblep 480 VH 1963
where the four-hour Biblical epic Cain and Abel was showing. Above the trees an elaborate technicolored hoarding showed Cain, wearing whatp 486 VH 1963
towards his car. Away in the distance 2,000 feet above, rising beyond a screen of fir trees, the three Mountp 490 VH 1963
archaic cut and had washed his beard, which bushed out above his string tie so that he resembled a Mormon patriarchp 491 VH 1963
Venusian cryptograms, a succession of intricate philological theorems, was well above the heads of his audience, but what began to impressp 491 VH 1963
out here today.‘ Ward stared out over the desert. High above, a stratojet was doing cuban eights into the sun, thep 495 VH 1963
sat together at a broad roll-top desk in the room above the Tycho. Around the wall hung white cardboard screens packedp 495 VH 1963
000 anti-Apollo leaflets that had been distributed the previous year. Above all had come the news on the radio that thep 498 VH 1963
Five miles along the road he reached the last farmhouse above the edge of the desert. He cycled on to wherep 499 VH 1963
Kandinski was lying flat on his chest, his head just above the ridge. Covered by dust, he was barely distinguishable fromp 501 VH 1963
around the city. By the time we reached the dunes above the beach a substantial crowd had gathered, and we couldp 641 DG 1964
seaward side of the giant, whose hips and thorax towered above us like the hull of a stranded ship. His pearl-colouredp 642 DG 1964
to confirm the identity of my own miniature limbs, but above all the mere categorical fact of his existence. Whatever elsep 644 DG 1964
metal winch which had been shackled to a concrete caisson above the shingle, and looked down at the recumbent figure. Hisp 645 DG 1964
footprints were visible. The rounded bulk of the hip towered above me, cutting off all sight of the sea. The sweetlyp 645 DG 1964
nose or ears of the giant hang from the wall above a fireplace. As for the immense pizzle, this ends itsp 648 DG 1964
threshold --‘ He tried to lift his pale, bearded face above the hillock formed by the surgical cradle over his footp 628 DS 1964
in a slightly ambiguous way respected my moody brilliance, but above all she was rich.‘ ‘How pleasant for you.‘ ‘People whop 633 DS 1964
infection on his foot had spread only a few inches above the ankle, and Louise Gifford realized that her husband's deteriorationp 634 DS 1964
over one of the mesas, like a plume of smoke above a dormant but still active volcano. ‘Charles.‘ She waited forp 639 DS 1964
solar discs. These would gradually recede to brilliant pinpoints, shining above a veiled landscape across which dim forms moved like animalsp 651 GTN 1964
own. Yet the cliffs drew nearer, rising into the air above him, as if their identity reflected some image deep withinp 652 GTN 1964
to the bank. A moment later, Judith heard his shout above the cries of the gulls. The sound came half inp 657 GTN 1964
the better.‘ Involuntarily we looked out through the windows, searching above the roadside pines for any glimpse of the Echo satellitep 607 IM 1964
to attempt to obtain any of the ‘contaminated material‘, and above all never to linger at any one spot but alwaysp 608 IM 1964
freeboard amidships. Solemn-faced children sat with suitcases on their knees above the freight, and they and their parents gazed at usp 608 IM 1964
six inches high, reflecting the coloured light through the leaves above. The spurs tore at my shoes, forcing me to movep 614 IM 1964
across the lawn to the mansion, whose fairy towers loomed above the trees. Although out of breath and very nearly exhaustedp 616 IM 1964
windows appeared to have been fractured and then fused together above the carpet. The ornate Persian patterns swam below the surfacep 617 IM 1964
frozen surface of the river with a feline step. High above him, its wings pinioned by the glass canopy, a goldenp 618 IM 1964
a thousand voices as the forest cooled in the darkness. Above, through the lattices between the trees, I could see thep 621 IM 1964
I drove back the oak doors and entered the nave. Above me, refracted by the stained glass windows, a brilliant glowp 624 IM 1964
features. A high forehead, slightly flared at the temples, rose above the handsome semitic nose and mouth. A trace of ap 580 LL 1964
The Villa d'Est stood on a promontory a thousand feet above the town, its high walls and shuttered moorish windows glisteningp 586 LL 1964
bays from which there were no pathways to the cliffs above. Quarried by the sea, the limestone bluffs were disturbed byp 569 PCD 1964
I assumed that she lived in an isolated house somewhere above the cliffs -- the storm had ended only ten minutesp 570 PCD 1964
cave.‘ I pointed to the cliff top two hundred feet above us. ‘You must have a magnificent view of the seap 570 PCD 1964
saurians competing with the sea. Suddenly I heard another sound above this babel, a thin cry that seemed to come fromp 572 PCD 1964
I could see the cave mouth set into the cliff above the heads of the jostling reptiles. ‘Wait!‘ I waved thep 572 PCD 1964
shell from me. I held to it tightly and shouted above the waves. ‘Not this sea! My God, I heard ap 572 PCD 1964
atoll was little more than half a mile in width. Above him, along the crests of the dunes, the tall palmsp 589 TB 1964
Pacifism‘ The Pre-Third: the period was characterized in Traven's mind above all by its moral and psychological inversions, by its sensep 591 TB 1964
of target lakes, the shallow basins extending across the atoll. Above him, the five apertures looked out upon this scene likep 593 TB 1964
he had become a creature of reflexes, kindled from levels above those of his existing nervous system (if the autonomic systemp 596 TB 1964
space beyond, was a crescent-shaped shadow, poised in the air above the ground. During the next half an hour it movedp 601 TB 1964
volcano's side.‘ A shower of cinders rose a hundred feet above the crater, illuminating the jumping stick-man. ‘Are you sure it'sp 658 VD 1964
seams to the road. The stick-dancer stood by his hole above the bank, resting his hands on the two spears. Thep 659 VD 1964
dust. ‘There he is.‘ The figure stood on the ridge above the road, illuminated by the flares from the crater. Ap 662 VD 1964
the period he had been alone. Suspended like the houseboat above the dissolving glass of the water, time had seemed becalmedp 8 D 1965
covered with the bodies of dead birds and fish, stretched above him like the shores of a dream. As he approachedp 8 D 1965
motor-bridge, the wooden piles of the fuel depot were visible above the cracked mud. The floating pier had touched bottom, andp 9 D 1965
wry amusement as Quilter watched him from his vantage point above the dead birds, that probably explained Quilter's persistent curiosity inp 11 D 1965
countless associations fading as it narrowed into a shallow creek. Above all, Ransom was aware that the role of the riverp 11 D 1965
of the bridge. Captain Tulloch, a bottle-nosed old buff, sat above the helmsman on the roof of the wheel-house, staring myopicallyp 14 D 1965
an experimental distillation unit operated by the municipal authorities rose above the dunes. At intervals along the shore the dark plumesp 23 D 1965
almost all evaporation of surface water into the air space above. Although the structure of these polymers was quickly identified, nop 31 D 1965
but always deposit their cargo into the dry unsaturated air above the sealed offshore waters, never on to the crying landp 32 D 1965
way up the drive. Lomax's house, a glass-and-concrete folly, stood above them on its circular embankment, the balconies and aerial verandasp 39 D 1965
behind him like a train. A fly circled the air above his head, then alighted on his neck. Absent-mindedly, Quilter raisedp 50 D 1965
the sunlight. With his right hand he held Quilter's arm above the elbow. Startled, Quilter looked around, his liquid eyes rollingp 50 D 1965
River Illuminated by the tinted sky, the curved beams rose above Ransom on either side, reaching inwards to the open spacep 58 D 1965
sad eyes. Ransom stood up and groped across the hold. Above him Jonas came to the rail and beckoned him forwardp 61 D 1965
the darkening mirror of the surface, the peacock's tail sweeping above the water like a jewelled sail. Four miles away, thep 63 D 1965
followed them down the road, Ransom could hear the organ above the gunfire. The faint chorale droned and echoed, the raggedp 66 D 1965
one of the empty houses. The organ continued to play above the sporadic gunfire, and Ransom saw the blond-haired Saul, riflep 66 D 1965
of the channel, the craft was stranded high and dry above the water, its pontoon set in a trough of bakedp 75 D 1965
sheds, and a spasm of dizziness made Ransom retch emptily. Above him, on the embankment, a car's starting motor whined. Ransomp 75 D 1965
Philip Jordan shook his head, hands grasping at the pole. Above him, like a hostile jury, a line of faces lookedp 79 D 1965
of an old shack. Beside it a pier jutted out above the remains of grass that had seeded itself the previousp 80 D 1965
by the flames. ‘Miss Austen!‘ Philip Jordan took her arm. Above the embankment of the motor-bridge, illuminated like an immense screenp 83 D 1965
home among the collapsing roofs, Ransom heard more shouts carried above the roaring timbers, and saw the two cheetahs racing inp 84 D 1965
lane still open. The steel spans of the bridge rose above the stalled cars and trucks, which were carried over thep 86 D 1965
travelling fun fair. The gilt-painted canopies of two merry-go-rounds from above the dunes, the antique horses on their spiral pinions lendingp 96 D 1965
on to the beaches. Only the pumping gear drummed steadily. Above him somewhere, a wire twanged. Peering into the darkness, Ransomp 98 D 1965
full view of the platoon of soldiers on the dunes above the inner fence, were some forty or fifty men. Shoutingp 98 D 1965
a man stood up in the burnt grass ten feet above them. With a raised pistol he began to fire acrossp 99 D 1965
margins of the lagoon had been raised a few feet above the level of the surrounding salt flats, and the wetp 105 D 1965
single fish-oil lamp when Ransom entered. Suspended from a chassis above, it swung slowly in the draughts moving through the cracksp 111 D 1965
its previous failure, had been decided by wholly impersonal considerations, above all by the zone of time in which they foundp 114 D 1965
for the settlement that he could no longer visualize anything above that meagre line, he summed up for Ransom all thep 120 D 1965
settlement. Almost every afternoon Jordan went out to the hills above the beach, disappearing among the sand-dunes that spilled through thep 122 D 1965
the empty deck. A rusty companionway led to the boat-deck above. Most of the lifeboats had been smashed to splinters inp 123 D 1965
exclusion from the settlement to these two women. The proponents above all of the status quo, guardians and presiding angels ofp 123 D 1965
felt that the climb had carried him in all senses above the drab world of the settlement. ‘Charles!‘ Vanessa Johnstone wasp 124 D 1965
you know, Vanessa?‘ Her eyes were on the gulls high above the ship, picking at the body of the great sword-fishp 125 D 1965
hanging from the mast. The Sign of the Crab High above the dunes, in the tower of the lightship, Ransom watchedp 125 D 1965
your brand of reassurance.‘ He looked around at the hills above. ‘For a doctor there's no greater failure. Did you seep 129 D 1965
the slopes rose to a smooth bluff a hundred feet above the dunes, the headland jutting out over the surrounding hillsp 129 D 1965
begin the climb up to him. He raised the rock above his head. ‘Ransom ...!‘ he called warningly. Ransom stopped again. Despitep 130 D 1965
to the full one day in its reverse coin. But above all, perhaps, Philip saw in Ransom's face a likeness ofp 130 D 1965
against the open sky. Standing on a ledge twenty feet above the road, unaware of the scene below, was a thinp 130 D 1965
gestured off-handedly. ‘Miles from here. He's buried in a cave above the sea. This is what I wanted to show youp 132 D 1965
a metal windmill, its rusty vanes held like a cipher above the empty wastes, stood guard over a dried-up creek. Inp 135 D 1965
see that the dust obscured his view of the hills above the beach. Already he had forgotten the long ten yearsp 138 D 1965
Can't you remember?‘ Philip watched him, his scarred lip lifting above the broken tooth. His eagerness to blame Ransom for thep 144 D 1965
him feel that he was advancing across an immense graveyard. Above all, the lack of movement gave to even the slightestp 145 D 1965
sand-hills. As they neared the harbour, the burnt-out roofs rose above the warehouses by the dockyards. Ransom looked up at thep 146 D 1965
an immense feathered cap on its head, the figure towered above him like a grotesque idol bedecked with the unrelated possessionsp 153 D 1965
sandshoes. Together they raised their owner a further two feet above the ground. Ransom knelt in the water, watching the figure'sp 153 D 1965
like a partly curtained exhibit in a fairground freak show. Above the notched cheekbones the feathered cap sprouted laterally into twop 153 D 1965
boot. His broad dented face, with its wandering eyes set above the hollowed cheeks, had changed little during the intervening yearsp 154 D 1965
in the fat, her small eyes gazed at Ransom from above her huge cheeks. With a pudgy hand she brushed herp 156 D 1965
into a large fan-backed wicker chair. The bamboo scrollwork rose above his head in an arch of elaborate trellises, He reachedp 156 D 1965
patted her stomach reflectively. ‘Ten years is a long time.‘ Above them, from the dunes by the pool, there was ap 180 D 1965
I've brought out in them.‘ There was a shout from above. A one-eyed man with a crab-like walk, his left armp 159 D 1965
a crab-like walk, his left arm ending in a stump above the wrist, the other blackened by charcoal, peered down atp 159 D 1965
delights. ‘Charles, what is it?‘ Lomax stood back. His eyes, above the short hooked nose, were as sharp as ever. ‘Don'tp 163 D 1965
the sand. Watching him in the distance from a dune above the swimming pool, the last smoke of the signal firep 166 D 1965
the lions when a stinging blow struck his left arm above the elbow. He looked up to find Lomax grimacing overp 169 D 1965
a steady stream of water, pouring off the concrete verge above. The water swilled along, soaking the piles of bedding, andp 172 D 1965
own universe, and only the shadow of the broken roof above, adjusting its length and perimeter, reminded him of the progressp 175 D 1965
ground near the city, waiting as he searched the rubble above the car park, sinking his staff through the sand top 175 D 1965
and an hour later the crests were almost twenty feet above his head. Although it was not yet noon, the sunp 176 D 1965
this face, its expression of anxiety, regret and relief, and above all the obvious but unstated involvement of the young womanp 28 UGM 1966
mystic Leonora Carrington, painter of infinitely frail fantasies; and presiding above them all the madonna of Port Lligat, Gala Dali, ex-wifep 86 UGM 1966
spinal landscape, with its frenzied rocks towering into the air above the silent swamp, has attained an organic life more realp 87 UGM 1966
most unfortunate necessity, because it spoils many otherwise excellent characters.‘ Above all, the diary is remarkable for its immense detail. Wilsonp 253 UGM 1966
murmured, ‘Elizabeth Taylor.‘ Abruptly there was a blare of sound above the trees. Dissociation: Who Laughed at Nagasaki? Travis ran acrossp 10 AE 1966
feeling, was their only defence against her husband's all-too-plain intentions? Above all, how could he invite her to pose for whatp 12 AE 1966
Exploding Madonna. For Travis, the ascension of his wife's body above the target area, exploding madonna of the weapons range, wasp 16 AE 1966
a useful lead. Oswald was the starter. From his window above the track he opened the race by firing the startingp 720 AE 1966
exposed the first spinal landscape. The clinker-like rock towers, suspended above the silent swamp, create an impression of profound anguish. Thep 31 AW 1966
leaned against the bogie of the telescope pylon. Eighty feet above her the steel bowl had stopped revolving, and the echoesp 35 AW 1966
a profound sense of repose. In the triptych of mirrors above the dressing table she gazed at the endless replicas ofp 663 BM 1966
his glass he watched Sir Giles's villa on the bluff above the cove. The swarthy Russian and his American beatnik hadp 666 BM 1966
echo, filled Halliday with a profound sense of nostalgia. One above all, Delvaux's ‘The Echo‘, which depicted a naked Junoesque womanp 671 DF 1966
As he walked across the roof to the outside stairway above the auditorium music was playing below him. Halliday searched thep 671 DF 1966
wore were streaked with paint, but her intelligent face, set above a strong jaw, seemed composed and alert. She looked upp 673 DF 1966
Halliday climbed to the roof of the hotel, ten storeys above, and lay down on the suicide sill. A chauffeur wasp 675 DF 1966
look towards him. Her pale face, its high forehead rising above the dark glasses in some ways reminded him of Drp 676 DF 1966
head towards him, the light revealing the slightly hollowed contours above her eyes. ‘Are there dreams at Columbine Sept Heures, Mrp 676 DF 1966
the rebuilt statues of Olympian deities standing on their pedestals above him. Halliday climbed onto one of the arches, then scannedp 680 DF 1966
figure of the chauffeur stepped onto a ledge twenty feet above. Halliday went over to Gabrielle Szabo, who was standing byp 681 DF 1966
marshes, but then, only two months earlier, when the sky above the ship had been dark with their massing forms, itp 697 SBD 1966
impacts their bodies had made as they struck the sides above the waterline. At the height of the battle the birdsp 698 SBD 1966
would look up at the sky and at the cliff above, scanning the dark line of the escarpment as if waitingp 700 SBD 1966
the meadow his bent head and shoulders were barely visible above the corpses of the birds. By the time he setp 705 SBD 1966
launch. Over-excited, he was convinced he had seen it circling above the house. Perhaps it had seen Catherine York asleep throughp 706 SBD 1966
catch the sounds of the sleeping woman in the room above. For an hour, as the dawn lifted over the cliffp 707 SBD 1966
building a nest. Careful not to waken the woman sleeping above him beyond the cracked panes, he destroyed the nest. Withp 707 SBD 1966
the bird. Three days later, Crispin stood on the cliff above the house, the picket ship far below him across thep 709 SBD 1966
meadow that ringed the house, crossing the hedge fifteen feet above the ground. He was holding with one hand to thep 710 SBD 1966
came to claim me. THE CRYSTAL WORLD The dark river Above all, the darkness of the river was what impressed Drp 11 CW 1966
painting, ‘Island of the Dead,‘ where the cypresses stand guard above a cliff pierced by a hypogeum, while a storm hoversp 13 CW 1966
ear cocked to listen to the sounds from the deck above. No doubt he was wondering what to do with thep 20 CW 1966
fall across the empty town. Well over a hundred feet above his head, the great boughs hung like half-furled wings, thep 27 CW 1966
lean face, the thin nose raised critically as he peered above the heads of the native women. Dr. Sanders glanced downp 32 CW 1966
the centre of this scene stood Father Balthus, arms raised above his head as he held something in his hands, blackp 34 CW 1966
rattan roofs. One or two men sat on the catwalks above the boats, and a small group were playing dice atp 41 CW 1966
off among the bales of cocoa meal. On the catwalk above, Ventress shouted again, and the youth carrying the suitcase liftedp 44 CW 1966
Sanders heard the hard detonation of a gunshot sound out above the noise. The automatic pistol in his hand, Ventress crouchedp 44 CW 1966
wake lay behind him. The three men on the catwalk above were reflected in the flaring light. Giving up the huntp 45 CW 1966
he worked at the controls, and the starting motor whined above the noise. A second later there was a jolting explosionp 45 CW 1966
was a tremendous blare of noise from the forest canopy above them, as if a huge engine had been mounted inp 60 CW 1966
top-most branches, and a moment later a helicopter soared past above the trees. It disappeared from view, its noise reverberating offp 60 CW 1966
the white roof-tops of the town shone in the sunlight above the jungle. Two other aircraft, high-wing military monoplanes, were parkedp 62 CW 1966
French and Belgian children sat with suitcases on their knees above the freight. Their parents gazed expressionlessly at Sanders and hisp 67 CW 1966
make off down the quay, his bony skull held stiffly above his shoulders. A faint multi-coloured dappling still touched his suitp 70 CW 1966
inches high that reflected the coloured light from the leaves above. The spurs tore at Sanders's shoes, forcing him to movep 76 CW 1966
across the lawn to the mansion, whose fairy towers loomed above the trees. Although out of breath and very nearly exhaustedp 79 CW 1966
windows appeared to have been fractured and then fused together above the carpet, and the ornate Persian patterns swam below thep 86 CW 1966
us here, provide a clue? Surely leprosy, like cancer, is above all a disease of time, a result of over-extending oneselfp 89 CW 1966
his belt. With luck the timber would support Radek's head above the water long enough for him to regain consciousness asp 99 CW 1966
tree, he helped Sanders carry the body to the aperture above the water. Each holding one end of the bough, theyp 99 CW 1966
and enigmatic shrine in the depths of the jungle. High above him, its wings pinioned by the glass canopy, a goldenp 100 CW 1966
stopped again, distracted by the glowing oriole in the canopy above his head. ‘It's Ventress -- take him!‘ A shot roaredp 101 CW 1966
sang and crackled as the forest cooled in the darkness. Above, through the lattices that stretched across the glade, he couldp 114 CW 1966
road, the forest slopes moved upwards to the blue hills above Mont Royal. This time, as he approached the man standingp 119 CW 1966
immense pall of silver light glowed in the night sky above the forest. ‘Suzanne will be thrilled to see you, Edwardp 121 CW 1966
the pale lantern of her face floating like a nimbus above it. ‘Suzanne ... it's wonderful to see you.‘ Sanders took herp 123 CW 1966
through the forested areas along the banks. Two hundred feet above the jungle the air seemed to glitter continuously, as ifp 130 CW 1966
of the toppled columns and entered the great hall. High above, the cupola over the staircase had fallen through and Sandersp 140 CW 1966
the surrounding trees, and only the steps and the doorway above remained clear, but for Sanders it still held a faintp 150 CW 1966
his head to the platform and listen for any sounds above. ‘I thought you'd got out?‘ ‘The wife of a colleaguep 154 CW 1966
from the summer house, its bridge high in the air above them. Ventress, however, seemed composed, watching the banks for anyp 156 CW 1966
to understand its own transfiguration, Sanders watched the blank eyes above the opening mouth. Then, as the jewelled teeth glittered atp 157 CW 1966
he looked back, but Ventress was hidden below his platform. Above him the faint light of a lantern shone in thep 159 CW 1966
oaken doors, Sanders drove them back and entered the nave. Above him, refracted by the stained-glass windows, a brilliant glow ofp 159 CW 1966
light obliterating the few landmarks he might otherwise have recognized. Above the banks the foliage glowed like painted snow, the onlyp 163 CW 1966
could be alone with the pain in his vanished leg. Above him the surgical cradle loomed like a white mountain. Strangelyp 685 TIM 1966
sea. In the sunlight he could see the high dunes above the beach, and beyond them the gulls sitting out onp 695 TIM 1966
thin hairline of the surgical scar that circled his thigh above the knee was a frontier that separated the two morep 695 TIM 1966
their sharp eyes. A large scar now disfigured the skin above the shin-bone, and the reasons were plain. Injuring it whilep 696 TIM 1966
back to the pedestrian island with its freshly painted pylon. Above the noise he saw the gulls rising into the airp 696 TIM 1966
the noise he saw the gulls rising into the air above the beach, and heard their harsh cries as the whitep 696 TIM 1966
great ship crested silently through the sand, its hull towering above them as if they had been watching from a skiffp 711 TMY 1966
night sky visible beyond the edge of the awning. High above them, a single point of light traversed the starless skyp 712 TMY 1966
of the pavilion into the sunlight. The cloud of vapour above the pavilion had settled, and the drab grey panels ofp 716 TMY 1966
him. Holding the object he had taken from the parcel above his head like a lantern, he walked steadily towards thep 717 TMY 1966
the white volumes of the rooms extending themselves around him. Above all, the whiteness of the walls obsessed him. The ‘Softp 39 YCM 1966
to escape the apartment houses which rose in the distance above the dissolving crests. The opposing slopes, inclined at all anglesp 39 YCM 1966
A low shoreline; air glazed like amber; derricks and jetties above brown water; the silver geometry of a petrochemical complex, ap 41 YCM 1966
This Venus of the dunes, virgin of the time-slopes, rose above Tallis into the meridian sky. The porous sand, reminiscent ofp 42 YCM 1966
huge fans of the Sikorsky beat the air fifty feet above them as they drove into the town, a tornado ofp 83 YMC 1966
and rocking. ‘Ye ... yeah, yeah, yeah!‘ he began, voice rising above the amplified guitars. U.H.F. ‘Considerable interference has beenp 86 YMC 1966
the jewelled sand, the white rays moving a few feet above the ground in our wake. Later I realized that theyp 724 CHC 1967
tittering voices merged with the cries of the sand-rays wheeling above the rock spires in the blood-red air. Shortly afterwards, thep 730 CHC 1967
would come from Vermilion Sands and sail their painted gliders above the coral towers that rose like white pagodas beside thep 744 CSC 1967
the towers was Coral D, and here the rising air above the sand-reefs was topped by swan-like clumps of fair-weather cumulusp 744 CSC 1967
of fair-weather cumulus. Lifted on the shoulders of the air above the crown of Coral D, we would carve seahorses andp 744 CSC 1967
seriously this beautiful but insane woman regarded the sculptures floating above her in that calm sky. Later her portraits, carved inp 744 CSC 1967
gliders with cockpits. Tethered by their cables, they would hang above me in the afternoon air like amiable ciphers. One eveningp 744 CSC 1967
of my motives. He pointed to the coral towers rising above us into the evening sky. ‘With silver iodide we couldp 745 CSC 1967
looked up, Nolan was soaring high in the tinted air above Coral D. The wind, guardian of the coral towers, carriedp 745 CSC 1967
that afternoon and I saw the clouds waiting for us above the spire of Coral D, all my depression and fatiguep 746 CSC 1967
straight to the crown of Coral D two hundred feet above, while Van Eyck soared to and fro below, showing hisp 746 CSC 1967
The three gliders, brilliant painted toys, revolved like lazing birds above Coral D, waiting for the first clouds to pass overheadp 746 CSC 1967
his attention from the women in the cars. Nolan soared above the child's face, following like a matador waiting for thep 747 CSC 1967
and then someone slammed a car door in disgust. Hanging above us was the white image of a skull. The child'sp 747 CSC 1967
into the air, soaring upwards to the cloud that hung above Coral D. I walked back to my car, searching thep 747 CSC 1967
walked back to my car, searching the sky for Nolan. Above, Van Eyck was producing a pastiche Mona Lisa, a picture-postcardp 747 CSC 1967
I carried my flying helmet down to the young woman. Above a high forehead her auburn hair was swept back inp 748 CSC 1967
villa in Tangiers to an Alpine mansion in the snows above Pontresina, and from there to Palm Springs, Seville and Mykonosp 749 CSC 1967
wing-panels of the cloud-gliders overhead. They soared in the sky above the lake like fitful dragonflies as Nolan, Van Eyck andp 749 CSC 1967
the beach and I saw the clouds. A hundred feet above the roof of the mesa, they hung like the twistedp 750 CSC 1967
looked up again at the dark billows hanging like shrouds above the white villa. ‘Clouds, Beatrice? Those are tigers, tigers withp 750 CSC 1967
impromptu performance, shaping the fragments of cloud-cotton a hundred feet above the lake. First Van Eyck carved an orchid, then ap 750 CSC 1967
minute the gigantic head of Leonora Chanel hung upside down above us. Discreetly I ordered the searchlights switched off, and thep 752 CSC 1967
we reached the steps a woman's voice cried out somewhere above us. There was the sound of smashed glass. A frenchp 753 CSC 1967
seen a man flying a glide in the sky high above Red Beach, carving the strato-cirrus into images of jewels andp 756 CSC 1967
statues, listening to their voices as the fair-weather clouds rise above Coral D, waiting for a man in a dark-winged gliderp 756 CSC 1967
steadied himself on the wooden rail as the helicopter appeared above the pines and sped towards them. So the Daedalus inp 57 GAN 1967
I strolled through the town, the ferris wheel was revolving above the coloured lights, and people were riding the carousels andp 735 R 1967
child of twelve, with an unformed chin and staring eyes above the bony cheeks. Later she would appear to be almostp 736 R 1967
was her protective stance as the diminutive figure moved about above her, but she seemed far older than when she hadp 737 R 1967
to see the illuminated superstructure of the ferris wheel rotating above the rooftops. The roundabouts and amusement arcades, the shooting galleriesp 739 R 1967
wet turf, and a woman's cry as a horse swerved above me. I was struck on the head and shoulder andp 742 R 1967
other end of the street, where Big Ben is visible above the shabby roof-tops. Helicopter gunships circle overhead. A tank stopsp 953 TW 1967
a bad way to go. Acknowledgment: For all the dialogue above, to General Westmoreland, President Thieu of South Vietnam, Marshall Kyp 967 TW 1967
face of a young man whose photograph he had pinned above the bed like the icon of some algebraic magus. ‘Klinep 43 DM 1967
which presided the mutilated figure of Ralph Nader, were screened above Dr Nathan's head as he moved along the lines ofp 43 DM 1967
departure bays in the deserted terminal. From the observation deck above the drained sculpture fountain, Coma watched him with her rune-filledp 47 DM 1967
mural of a satellite capsule still drying on the wall above the escalators, the artist's trestles like a huge gantry thatp 48 DM 1967
miscarriage, the figure of this dead astronaut circling the sky above us re-emerged in her mind as an obsession with timep 762 DA 1968
could see the silver bowls of the three radio telescopes above the trees. The tall man in the shabby flying jacketp 20 UD 1968
like the crushed wings of an aerial armada. No U-Turn. ‘Above all, the notion of conceptual auto-disaster has preoccupied Talbot duringp 22 UD 1968
over an invisible child, the hands passed through the air above the plaza. They hung in the sunlight like immense dovesp 23 UD 1968
through the dim light, crushed cars shackled to steel gondolas above a catapult. Plastic mannequins spilled through the burst doors andp 26 UD 1968
telephones, wristwatches, fried eggs, cupboards, beaches. What distinguishes Dali's work, above everything else, is the hallucinatory naturalism of his renaissance stylep 93 UGM 1969
enlarge verbally on his visual subject matter, and was formalized above all in his so-called paranoic-critical method, i.e., the systematicp 95 UGM 1969
consciousness. At the same time, other factors explain this hostility, above all the notion of the naive. Too often, when wep 97 UGM 1969
up from popular magazines, whom does he most closely resemble? Above all, Leopold Bloom, his ostensible arch-enemy, wandering around Joyce's Dublinp 223 UGM 1969
How to Achieve Sexual Ecstasy has a strangely period quality. Above all it is a monument to marriage and the monogamousp 258 UGM 1969
the base of the memorial, their legs streaming with blood. Above them, the drying stone was turning a pale grey inp 787 KG 1969
the water as a huge catherine-wheel revolved into the air above a line of tanks parked along the shore, its puffyp 789 PTD 1969
Forbis. The salesman had dug himself into a home-made roadblock above the bank, and was waiting there all alone for hisp 790 PTD 1969
down the fire-escape behind the building. Mannock looked upwards. High above the town a strange flag flew from the mast ofp 791 PTD 1969
the blood on his hands, and then at Mannock's face above the barrel of the shotgun. ‘What the hell are youp 792 PTD 1969
a car door slammed. The engine of the station-wagon roared above the squeal of tyres. As the two men reached thep 792 PTD 1969
over a hundred infantrymen squatting on the deck like coolies. Above the square teak bows a heavy machine-gun jutted through itsp 793 PTD 1969
apartment window the opalescent screen of the open-air cinema rose above the rooftops. Immense fragments of Bardot's magnified body illuminated thep 60 SCN 1969
turned to the multi-storey car park beside the apartment blocks above the beach. Its inclined floors contained an operating formula forp 60 SCN 1969
kiosk, dislodging a carton of automat tickets from the shelf above his head. He pushed it back with one hand, findingp 60 SCN 1969
ways her body retraced the contours they had explored together. Above the window of the cubicle fluttered the reverse image ofp 61 SCN 1969
a gesture of intimacy. He stared at the transverse scar above her navel. What act between them would provide a pointp 61 SCN 1969
sunburned wrist. The handsome loop of his gold bracelet swung above her knee. As he listened, the young man's uncritical eyesp 63 SCN 1969
it the canted decks of the multi-storey car park. Foreplay. Above the pay kiosk the sections of shoulder and abdomen shiftedp 64 SCN 1969
It circled the overturned truck, then pulled away and hovered above the three wrecked cars on the verge. Zooms for somep 69 THF 1969
a calm and unvarying light. A large exhibition hall appeared above the forest, part of a complex of buildings on thep 72 THF 1969
arena, where a circle of cine screens carried their films above the heads of the audience. Travers walked around the rearp 72 THF 1969
organ transplants, autism and senile dementia, auto-disasters and plane crashes. Above all, the montage landscapes of war and death: newsreels fromp 72 THF 1969
climbed the stern gangway and went to the forward rail above the cargo well. Below, crammed shoulder-to-shoulder, were some four hundredp 73 THF 1969
through the deserted auditorium, the films of simulated atrocities played above the rows of empty seats, images of napalm victims, crashingp 74 THF 1969
her chin. The white strap of her binocular case lay above the dashboard. The fresh scent of the pine needles irrigatedp 74 THF 1969
ugly violence. Why had Travers invited her to this apartment above the zoo? The traces of a young woman's body clungp 76 THF 1969
he saw the profile of the multi-storey car park rising above them. A familiar figure in a shabby flying jacket watchedp 78 THF 1969
formed by Vaughan, the inclined concrete decks and Karen's body. Above all, the multi-storey car park was a model for herp 79 THF 1969
events which had brought him to the multi-storey car park. Above all, these images from Koester's film reminded him of hisp 79 THF 1969
melody had woken me as I slept in my villa above the beach. As it started once again I stepped fromp 795 SGW 1970
owner's ankles as she stood on the high diving board above the crowded pool at the Neptune Hotel. I turned top 798 SGW 1970
with her photographs ... Raine with her wounded eyes, looking out above the bandages around her remade cheeks, or wearing the latestp 798 SGW 1970
looked directly into my face, her eyes alert and adult above the white adolescent mask. ‘I live near by‘, she saidp 799 SGW 1970
and the many that followed in that house without mirrors above the painted lake, she told me something of her yearsp 802 SGW 1970
the moonlight, when someone stepped behind me and struck me above the ear. I woke on Raine's bed in the desertedp 804 SGW 1970
of wood. A large breast knife is carried down from above, cutting very close to the nipple. The remaining tissue ofp 16 C80 1970
nipples out through a new hole, at the chosen position above the vertical suture line. Having found where the nipple isp 16 C80 1970
storm the causeways of a highway cloverleaf crossed the air above his head, the parapets at angles to each other likep 39 JAC 1970
and vision of H.G. Wells and his successors, and above all their grasp of the real identity of the twentiethp 205 UGM 1971
is a better key to the present than the past. Above all, science fiction is likely to be the only formp 205 UGM 1971
time at which Bastogne was relieved, the victory flags hoisted above Mount Suribachi and the Reichstag. Within a year a dozenp 807 GTS 1972
the barbed wire on their splendid mounts, white plumes flying above the mud, these lance-wielding horsemen brought to a billion war-wearyp 807 GTS 1972
she left her hotel in London, from the pedestrian bridges above the westbound motorways, and from the roof of the multi-storeyp 7 C 1973
fractures of their thighs impacted against their handbrake mountings, and above all by the wounds to their genitalia, her uterus piercedp 8 C 1973
cushions, we watched the silent impacts flicker on the wall above our heads. The repeated sequences of crashing cars first calmedp 10 C 1973
spectators, and fought for his cameras with the ambulance attendants. Above all, Vaughan waited for head-on collisions with the concrete pillarsp 11 C 1973
the scream of brake-pads. The shaft of his penis glistens above the girl as he strikes at the frayed plastic roofp 17 C 1973
off into a metallized sky. Vaughan's glass aeroplane flew somewhere above the heads of the bored spectators moving back to theirp 18 C 1973
heads of the bored spectators moving back to their cars, above the tired policemen gathering together the crushed suitcases and handbagsp 18 C 1973
bartender had been brought alive by the contoured lighting systems above his balding head, by the tiled bar and his stylizedp 41 C 1973
have been in a sexual act. I held her arm above the elbow, my wrist pressing against her breast. Behind herp 42 C 1973
of the steering wheel? In my left knee the scars above my fractured patella exactly replicated the protruding switches of thep 45 C 1973
An airliner was coming in over central London, wheels lowered above the noise-driven rooftops. ‘Another cargo of eager victims -- onep 50 C 1973
below. The headlamps illuminated the hard ridges of scar tissue above his eyebrows and mouth, the broken and re-set nose bridgep 64 C 1973
searched the instrument panel for the lighter, right hand moving above my knees like a nervous bird. ‘Do you want ap 73 C 1973
buttocks with both hands, I moved rapidly towards my orgasm. Above me, Helen Remington's serious faced gazed down at me asp 81 C 1973
amber. On the Northolt overpass he moved along at well above the speed limit, casually overtaking a cruising police car onp 87 C 1973
stood up restlessly and prowled around the car, head raised above the stares of the evening visitors walking to their wardsp 88 C 1973
and obsessive passage through the open spaces of my mind. Above us, along the motorway embankment, the headlamps of the waitingp 92 C 1973
human figures appeared in these photographs, but on the wall above the metal sink beside the window were the enlarged printsp 96 C 1973
I edged forward, my own apartment house came into sight. Above the rails of the sitting-room balcony I could actually seep 105 C 1973
Vaughan to her I listened to my voice rising slightly above the sounds of our bodies. I itemized the elements thatp 117 C 1973
debris chasing the inverted body of the motorcycle three feet above his spine. His right arm moved through the fractured windshieldp 127 C 1973
rotated around the car, shin-bones striking the central door pillar. Above him, the inverted motorcycle fell on to the car's roofp 127 C 1973
a bifurcated penis was an inset of a handbrake unit; above a close-up of a massively bruised vulva was a steering-wheelp 134 C 1973
was a passive blonde with unintelligent eyes focused three inches above my head. She pointed to me with her plastic handbagp 139 C 1973
the engine and crossed the forecourt to the slip road. Above us, along Western Avenue, the traffic stream edged its wayp 140 C 1973
woman. He lay against the rear seat, left arm stretched above the girl's head, embracing this slab of over-sprung black vinylp 100 C 1973
hips and inserted his penis in her vagina. Headlamps flared above us as the stream of cars moved up the slopep 143 C 1973
to the scars, five notches that described a loose circle above his iliac crest. Vaughan watched me without comment as myp 149 C 1973
windshields leaching out the molten colours of the sun setting above the western suburbs of London. Brake-lights flared in the eveningp 151 C 1973
its roof flicking at the dark air like a whip. Above us, on the crest of the ascent lane, two policemenp 151 C 1973
to have lost interest in the accident. Holding his camera above his head, he pushed roughly through the spectators making theirp 156 C 1973
had been seized at random from a suburban department-store window. Above all, the apartment was dominated by Vaughan's evident narcissism --p 167 C 1973
backs, as delighted as dolphins. The overhead route signs loomed above us like generous dive-bombers. I pressed my palms against thep 196 C 1973
my legs spinning to propel the vehicle forwards. The daylight above the motorway grew brighter, an intense desert air. The whitep 197 C 1973
down in opposite directions. They soared past, a few feet above the ground, landing everywhere on these endless runways that coveredp 199 C 1973
at this aerial carnival. They sailed along the road surface above our heads to join the aircraft Vaughan had watched forp 199 C 1973
by the hundreds of radiant gondolas soaring along the motorway above our heads. As I embraced him, Vaughan's body seemed top 201 C 1973
The cars moving in a desultory way along the road above me had shed their cargoes of light, and clattered downp 205 C 1973
the palisade to the weed-grown entrance of the breaker's yard. Above me, the cars on the motorway moved like motorized wrecksp 205 C 1973
and the car swung away on to the motor road above. I walked to the abandoned car and leaned against thep 206 C 1973
panels and radiator hood. Glass aeroplanes climbed into the sky above the airport. Through the brittle air I watched the trafficp 208 C 1973
to take her last flying lesson, I saw her aircraft above the motorway, a glass dragonfly carried by the sun. Itp 209 C 1973
Western Avenue. The crushed roof of the airline coach rose above the heads. I held Catherine's arm, thinking of the mockp 221 C 1973
of the flyover formed a proscenium arch visible for miles above the surrounding traffic. Across the deserted side-streets and pedestrian precinctsp 222 C 1973
fools (an over-abundant species in this branch of fiction), and above all affectionate towards the strange company of knaves and naivesp 202 UGM 1974
his shoulder. As Maitland frankly recognized, he invariably drove well above the speed limit. Once inside a car some rogue genep 8 CI 1974
A few cars moved along the motorway, their roofs visible above the balustrade. A line of deep ruts, like the incisionsp 9 CI 1974
formed by the southbound overpass that swept past seventy feet above the ground. Supported on massive concrete pillars, its six lanesp 10 CI 1974
his breath to return, Maitland listened to the traffic moving above his head. The sound of engines drummed ceaselessly through thep 13 CI 1974
Standing up, Maitland edged sideways across the slope. Ten feet above him was the hard shoulder of the motorway, and thep 14 CI 1974
pushed out another. His voice rose to a harsh shout above the traffic sounds, a bitter, primal scream. ‘Catherine ...! Catherine ...!‘ Withp 17 CI 1974
the darkness. The traffic noises had gone, and the embankment above him was quiet. Far away, beyond the central drum ofp 19 CI 1974
of the feeder road were deserted. The route indicators towered above the unvarying, yellow glow of the sodium lights. Involuntarily, asp 19 CI 1974
thousands of vehicles pouring back into central London. Horns sounded above the guttural roar of diesel engines and the unbroken boomp 23 CI 1974
rusty axle of the saloon car rose into the air above his head. The tyres and engine had been removed, andp 25 CI 1974
fence. Still sitting, he turned to face the wire. High above him, almost contiguous with the clear April sky, was thep 29 CI 1974
the roof of the Jaguar. The car was barely visible above the grass, which seemed to have grown several inches duringp 30 CI 1974
an ossuary. The high embankment of the feeder road rose above him. The traffic moving past thirty feet above his headp 31 CI 1974
road rose above him. The traffic moving past thirty feet above his head was concealed by the crash barrier. The dronep 31 CI 1974
the early afternoon, he took stock of himself. He realized, above all, that the assumption he had made repeatedly since hisp 32 CI 1974
wooden trestles had been replaced and strengthened. A few steps above his head, on the inverted beach that led up fromp 36 CI 1974
an ever more threatening size. The illuminated route indicators rotated above his head, marked with meaningless destinations, the names of Catherinep 36 CI 1974
the overpass, its headlamps turning through the air twenty feet above his head. Maitland lowered himself to the ground and swivelledp 38 CI 1974
his left hand, the burning spill held in the air above his head. When he was six feet from the carp 39 CI 1974
as a large American saloon slowed down, almost stopping directly above him. The driver, a young man with blond shoulder-length hairp 40 CI 1974
had chalked on the embankment, but they were barely visible above the grass. The rain gusted across him before he couldp 46 CI 1974
feeder road, the rectangular pantechnicon of a furniture van visible above the balustrade. Maitland turned his back on the vehicle. Suddenlyp 49 CI 1974
The air shed its light. The air-raid shelter Traffic drummed above his head. Smoke rose from a cigarette butt tossed intop 53 CI 1974
the crutch like a carcass on a butcher's hook. High above him, the illuminated surface of the route indicator shone likep 53 CI 1974
leapt forward, seizing the metal crutch in the elder branches above his head. He thrashed wildly at the foliage, beating backp 54 CI 1974
doorway a flight of semi-circular steps led to the floor above. A faded cinema poster hung from the wall at hep 57 CI 1974
shafts of light cutting through the home-set waves that rose above her high forehead. She was about twenty, with an angularp 0059 CI 1974
scent, in this windowless room deep in the ground. Far above, he heard the grass seething in the night wind. Heavyp 62 CI 1974
by the urgencies of food, shelter, his injured leg and, above all, the need to dominate the patch of ground immediatelyp 67 CI 1974
gone. Twenty yards away, her strong head and shoulders moved above the grass as she strode towards the air raid sheltersp 74 CI 1974
motorway his broad face with its universe of creases hovered above Maitland like an anxious beast's. All night he moved restlesslyp 85 CI 1974
dripping from the face of the route indicator seventy feet above him. He returned to the shelter when he saw Maitlandp 88 CI 1974
cruelties, Maitland had deliberately egged himself on. Determined to survive above all else, he would exploit this strain of cruelty inp 98 CI 1974
bought at the neighbourhood supermarket -- kept Proctor in check. Above all, several bottles of cheap red wine had maintained Maitland'sp 105 CI 1974
moving outwards to left and right. ‘Again, Proctor!‘ Maitland shouted above the roar of a truck climbing the feeder road. Inp 109 CI 1974
the unfamiliar air as the traffic roared past three feet above him. With a scream of anger, Maitland clambered to hisp 114 CI 1974
doors formed the sides, tied together by their window pillars. Above, two hoods completed a primitive roof. Maitland lay comfortably inp 117 CI 1974
of the driver's cab and the telescopic platform were visible above the concrete balustrade, but Maitland could see that workmen wouldp 121 CI 1974
hoarsely, a reflex cry for help. Their heads briefly visible above the balustrade, the driver and two workmen were walking towardsp 121 CI 1974
iron, he recognized Proctor. The tramp ran forward, arms outstretched above his head. Under the dinner-jacket he wore the ragged leotardp 122 CI 1974
But Proctor was no longer aware of Maitland. Twenty feet above the ground, he swung the cradle in ever wider arcsp 122 CI 1974
neck. Trussed like a carcass in an abattoir, he hung above the cradle. Legs kicking as he grappled with the ropesp 123 CI 1974
engine drowning Maitland's shouts. Proctor hung helplessly as it moved above him, carrying him towards the nearest concrete pillar. When hisp 123 CI 1974
when he found the crashed aircraft buried in the dunes above the beach-house. Until then, during these first three months atp 811 DFW 1974
large engineered structure, for some time. Wandering among the dunes above the beach-house during the warm afternoons, he had been toop 812 DFW 1974
the task of settling in at the abandoned resort, and above all with doing nothing. Despite the endless hours he hadp 812 DFW 1974
the sand-flats, Melville was forced to walk among the dunes above his beach-house. Driven and shaped by the wind, the contoursp 813 DFW 1974
being shifted around behind some dark curtain. The Cessna circled above him like a dull, unwearying bird. Trying to look asp 814 DFW 1974
overshot the wet surface and ploughed straight through the dunes above the beach. A write-off, the Fortress had been abandoned wherep 814 DFW 1974
the descent of the stricken airliner into the sea. Somewhere above the mountains the explosion had taken place, and the likelyp 821 AD 1975
to a narrow valley sheltering between two adjacent peaks high above us. ‘The aircraft?‘ I repeated. ‘It's up there.‘ ‘What? Arep 822 AD 1975
narrow valley lying between twin mountain peaks a thousand feet above us. As I drove up the mountain road, all myp 824 AD 1975
this primitive track, I pressed on towards the valley high above me. For the next two hours I moved steadily upwardsp 824 AD 1975
hovels. However guardedly, they confirmed that the crashed aircraft lay above. At four o'clock that afternoon, I finally reached the remotep 824 AD 1975
my speech, I pointed to the rocky slopes and ravines above the village, but none of them seemed to understand mep 825 AD 1975
of sparkling wine had fallen from a floor fifty feet above, ricocheted off an awning as it hurtled downwards, and burstp 7 HR 1975
watching the agitated wine seethe across the cracked tiles. High above him, on the 31St floor, a party was in progressp 7 HR 1975
gondola of a ferris wheel permanently suspended three hundred feet above the ground. None the less, Laing was still exhilarated byp 8 HR 1975
school for the few young children in the block. High above Laing, on the 35th floor, was a second, smaller swimming-poolp 9 HR 1975
a combination of alcohol and insomnia. On the balcony diagonally above him one of Laing's neighbours, Charlotte Melville, was setting outp 12 HR 1975
the lower levels had cut them off from their neighbours above. In an unguarded moment Laing's sister had whispered to himp 14 HR 1975
they pursued their busy social lives, particularly on the floors above her own, clearly unsettled Alice, as if they in somep 14 HR 1975
more tolerant of any noise or nuisance from the floors above than they were from those below them. However, he likedp 14 HR 1975
the limits of co-operation with their neighbours on the floors above and below had soon been reached. Steele watched them unsympatheticallyp 24 HR 1975
the first time, he wished he had purchased an apartment above the 30th floor. The high-speed elevators were bliss. ‘The childrenp 25 HR 1975
soon out of control. Drunken children tottered about helplessly. High above them, on the 37th floor, a woman barrister began top 29 HR 1975
Steele amiably regaled Laing with a description of those tenants above and below them responsible for overloading the disposal system. ‘Somep 39 HR 1975
was an explosion of breaking glass from a balcony high above them. Fragments of glass flicked away like knives through thep 41 HR 1975
back to the apartment building. His own apartment was directly above the proscenium of the main entrance. He waited for Helenp 43 HR 1975
during the blackout, or the continuity girl on the floor above them, had become Helen's friends. The latter, a serious-minded girlp 45 HR 1975
to stay on, for reasons he had never fully understood. Above all, he would not admit his failure to deal onp 47 HR 1975
way down from the roof of the building thirty-nine floors above. He watched the water emerge from the tap. This toop 48 HR 1975
was constantly aware of the immense weight of concrete stacked above him, and the sense that his body was the focusp 48 HR 1975
to climb all the way to the roof. Two floors above, however, the staircase was blocked by a group of localp 51 HR 1975
the cohesion of those eager to settle for second best. Above them, on the top five floors of the high-rise, wasp 53 HR 1975
the high charges that kept out almost everyone but themselves. Above all, it was their subtle patronage that kept the middlep 53 HR 1975
and approval. The thought of these exclusive residents, as high above him in their top-floor redoubts as any feudal lord abovep 53 HR 1975
above him in their top-floor redoubts as any feudal lord above a serf, filled Wilder with a growing sense of impatiencep 53 HR 1975
conversations and record-players at full volume reverberated off the balconies above them. Helen Wilder moved along the already closed windows, herp 54 HR 1975
had already been turned into a garbage-well by the residents above. Broken glass littered the steps, cutting his shoes. The shoppingp 54 HR 1975
atmosphere of confrontation. ‘Have the police arrived yet?‘ Wilder asked above the noise as they walked to the diving-boards. ‘No --p 55 HR 1975
that a man can fall from a window forty floors above the ground without there being any kind of investigation ...‘ Laingp 55 HR 1975
about various provocative acts by the residents on the floors above. Wilder pushed his way towards the centre, where two airlinep 58 HR 1975
was not the hierarchy of residents in the heights far above them, but the image of the building in their ownp 58 HR 1975
glass, condoms and torn newspapers thrown down from the floors above. He could no longer remember when he had made hisp 60 HR 1975
at the people jeering down at them from the stairwell above. The entrance to the 10th-floor concourse had been blocked byp 62 HR 1975
in a mesh of chromium wire. Voices rose in anger above the singing of the cash registers. Meanwhile, as these scufflesp 62 HR 1975
parties of that evening. Wilder returned to the staircase. Somewhere above him these passengers would step out of their elevators andp 63 HR 1975
way among the discarded cans and cigarette packs, something moved above his head. Wilder paused and looked up, his lungs pumpingp 63 HR 1975
towards his head, hurled down by an assailant three floors above. Wilder flinched back as the steel chair struck the railingp 63 HR 1975
he was so obviously trying to climb to a level above their own. He stepped out with relief into the desertedp 65 HR 1975
from the roof, he saw that his wife, fifty feet above him, was watching from the balcony of their apartment. Despitep 67 HR 1975
if she no longer recognized him. Preparations for Departure High above, on the 40th floor, the first two residents were preparingp 68 HR 1975
he had helped to design was a testing of himself. Above all, he became aware that a new social order wasp 70 HR 1975
apartments on the 7th floor. Few children were ever seen above the 10th floor, let alone in the sculpture-garden on thep 75 HR 1975
for their over-developed sense of responsibility, and lack of flamboyance. Above all, he looked down on than for their good tastep 81 HR 1975
alerted any would-be raiders that an apartment a dozen floors above or below was ripe for ransack. With difficulty Royal foundp 86 HR 1975
had felt crushed by the pressure of all the people above him, by the thousands of individual lives, each with itsp 88 HR 1975
used for an unusual extraction. He pointed to the floors above. ‘They want to seal the doors permanently,‘ he explained. ‘They'rep 97 HR 1975
signals that marked the attacks of raiding parties from floors above and below. Laing had to restrain himself from pencilling thep 101 HR 1975
hovering over her like a beachcomber in rut. Three floors above, a falling bottle burst across a balcony. The glass fragmentsp 107 HR 1975
fought their way back to their apartments on the floors above the 25th. The raiders had been hurled back. Torch-beams swervedp 108 HR 1975
he had caught several glimpses of the architect, standing high above Wilder at the top of a staircase, disappearing in ap 115 HR 1975
steel roof had been removed, and the long shaft rose above their heads, exposed to anyone with a missile casually top 123 HR 1975
outlining his plans for another foraging expedition to the floors above. Although they had eaten little for days, his neighbours werep 127 HR 1975
to take part, fearful of the power of the residents above them. Skilfully, Wilder played on their fantasies. Once again, asp 127 HR 1975
visible, part of a world he had left behind. Somewhere above him, Anthony Royal was strutting about with his white Alsatianp 128 HR 1975
her son in the apartment of the statistician three floors above with whom she had become friendly. At the first lightp 129 HR 1975
roof of the high-rise, little more than a dozen floors above him. The intoxication of living at this height was asp 130 HR 1975
constructed a gigantic vertical zoo, its hundreds of cages stacked above each other. All the events of the past few monthsp 134 HR 1975
He kicked aside a child's toy and raised the candlestick above his head, trying to pick out any sleeping human figuresp 137 HR 1975
to their bodies, picking up a sudden movement fifteen floors above or below. Crouched on the staircase with their fingers onp 146 HR 1975
mosquito-net he had lifted from an anthropologist's apartment three floors above. A plague of dogs had descended the building from theirp 151 HR 1975
normal again. When Steele moved on to the richer pastures above, Laing declined his offer to join him. Already Laing hadp 154 HR 1975
marauder who might want to use them for similar purposes. Above all, he was pleased with his good sense in givingp 154 HR 1975
sweet grease. The dog's eyes were fixed on the landing above. Its ears pricked as it detected the sounds, inaudible top 155 HR 1975
in a strong grip and watched the landing ten steps above him. The sun, continuing its laboured descent of the stairwellp 156 HR 1975
his skin. Wilder looked up at the skylight sixty feet above his head. The rectangle of white sky became more andp 156 HR 1975
the last of the small cat that had been barbecued above the fire. His teeth pulled at the stringy meat, thep 159 HR 1975
contrast, Anthony Royal, high on the open roof three floors above, had never been more awake Ready at last to joinp 162 HR 1975
sat on the balcony with his back to the railing. Above all, now, it no longer mattered how he behaved, whatp 172 HR 1975
currents. However, the pilot seemed unconcerned, his bony forehead exposed above his goggles, long hair tied in a brigand's knot. Forresterp 828 LFA 1975
to the drone of the light aircraft as it disappeared above the hills behind the resort. In the street below himp 829 LFA 1975
hand at the patches of phosphorescent paint in the hills above Rosas. Before the take-off, while Forrester sat uncomfortably in thep 837 LFA 1975
low over the valley floor, not more than twenty feet above the creature. Forrester was speculating on how this sightless creaturep 838 LFA 1975
mountains. When they finally turned back, circling a remote gorge above a small lake, Forrester was not surprised to see thatp 838 LFA 1975
a red bath-robe is standing on a balcony five floors above. An American journalist named Anderson, he is looking down atp 857 60Z 1976
the benefit of the audience watching her from the balconies above and below. For all this attention, she is dressed discreetlyp 858 60Z 1976
snorkeling yesterday, has returned to his room three floors diagonally above ours. Even as he hunts for a clean shirt inp 859 60Z 1976
opposition -- principally Fradier, the Paris comic-strip publisher two floors above, leaning on his balcony rail beside his attractive wife whilep 859 60Z 1976
are now in frame, our own sandwiched between the Lawrences above us, an affable English couple from Manchester, and a forty-year-oldp 860 60Z 1976
him. 2.42 P.M. Reverie of pain, lust and, above all, child-like hate, in which the slights and antagonisms ofp 860 60Z 1976
come, our orgasms seem to take place in the air above the bed, like the aerial copulation of exotic and gentlep 861 60Z 1976
about Serena's passive beauty, her immaculate but old-fashioned make-up, and above all her unbroken silence that spelled out a deep andp 864 S 1976
indented by the shoulder straps. Then I saw, an inch above the still-concealed left nipple, a large black mole. I zippedp 868 S 1976
touch, as if applauding my efforts. Bending below the mistletoe above her head, I brought my lips to within that samep 868 S 1976
parody of themselves that will soon become an obscene gesture. Above all, it is her smile that terrifies me. The sightp 872 S 1976
still unsure why he Was perched on the steep cliffs above the Sound, waiting to be catapulted into the overlit waterp 873 UC 1976
could see a dozen of the brightly painted craft hanging above his head in the calm sky. On the ground, byp 873 UC 1976
by catapult. ‘Thanks, everybody -- now stand back!‘ he shouted above the wind. One of the smallest boys was still clingingp 873 UC 1976
by the intense heat of the fire, towered fifty feet above the calcinated roof tiles, an all too melancholy memorial. Onep 874 UC 1976
circuits of the lighthouse before returning, but as he soared above the water he could feel the wind carrying him furtherp 876 UC 1976
had almost knocked him off his feet. What he remembered above all, before his father switched off the engine and cratedp 879 UC 1976
the opposite shore the sailplane was barely three hundred feet above the metal-strewn water. The ragged edge of the eight-lane roadwayp 879 UC 1976
to avoid a pair of swans struggling to gain height above a row of dockyard cranes. Barely clearing a warehouse roofp 879 UC 1976
telegraph wires straggled across the quay-side streets. Halloway flew on above the rusting customs sheds, and crossed the tidal basin ofp 879 UC 1976
rose from this field of metal, carrying the glider high above the concrete embankments of a cloverleaf. Directly in front ofp 880 UC 1976
to be able to show off to himself. He rose above the building on the strong currents lifting from the metalp 880 UC 1976
stroking the deep pile of the bedspread. What amused him, above all, was the feel of this vanished world, a surprisep 882 UC 1976
his jacket across his chest, Halloway moved forward more cautiously. Above him, on all sides, were the massive structures and heavyp 883 UC 1976
had worked there. A series of narrow terraces rose one above the other, the tiers of typewriters forming ingenious baroque columnsp 884 UC 1976
in the nearby streets and on the raised pedestrian areas above the plaza, an extraordinary vegetation had taken root. Dahlias, marigoldsp 884 UC 1976
Listening to the faint drumming of an electric generator somewhere above the shaft, Halloway gathered his courage together. There was somethingp 886 UC 1976
sat up, pointing to the roof of the cabin. Somewhere above him there was the steady drumming of an internal-combustion enginep 889 UC 1976
that this solitary young mute was a prisoner here, high above this museum of cars in the centre of the abandonedp 889 UC 1976
air, the white mist of mile-a-minute vines hovered like steam above the radiator grilles and exhaust pipes. Apparently unaware that thisp 898 UC 1976
preparing a fifty horse-power engine and propeller to be mounted above the cockpit. Nodding his approval, Halloway noticed that the museump 902 UC 1976
placing petunias and nasturtiums among the radiator grilles thirty feet above the ground. During the previous days Halloway had been toop 904 UC 1976
the auto-repair shops in converted garages. On the first floors above the bars and shops were dozens of one-man businesses, minorp 905 UC 1976
the sidewalks. Stillman had stripped down the punctured neon signs above the bars and arcades. From a warehouse discovered somewhere hep 907 UC 1976
at this huge spectacle. Miranda, however, watching from a window above, stared at Halloway with equally clear hostility. That afternoon Hallowayp 908 UC 1976
white masts and square metal fore-sail of the barquentine rose above the buildings near the quay where she had docked. Therep 908 UC 1976
by a single floodlight inside the nave the memorial rose above the darkened square, the hundreds of windows and radiator grillesp 909 UC 1976
intersection where the lights had failed. Their horns sounded impatiently above the street noise. Halloway spoke to the desk sergeant inp 911 UC 1976
For several days Olds had retreated to his rooftop eyrie above the garage at the airport. Without him everything soon beganp 912 UC 1976
the garish clothing, records and cigarettes they seemed to need above all else. Most of the two hundred inhabitants were nowp 913 UC 1976
path. Without apology, he drummed his fist on the roof above Halloway's head and roared off down the street, weaving inp 916 UC 1976
to strike the mute. But at that moment, carried clearly above the drumming of the generators, they heard the squeal ofp 917 UC 1976
generators, they heard the squeal of tyres in the road above, and the sounds of breaking glass and a child's screamp 917 UC 1976
generator, an increase in traffic delays and parking offences, and above all a growing conviction that the city was unmanageable. Facedp 918 UC 1976
with his hands, but a brief movement on a balcony above him caught his eye. Three floors above, Miranda was standingp 919 UC 1976
on a balcony above him caught his eye. Three floors above, Miranda was standing on her balcony and looking down atp 919 UC 1976
grass joining to form an immense sunlit armada that circled above Halloway's head and soared along the rays of the sunp 919 UC 1976
neon signs that were exploding in cascades of molten glass above the bars and restaurants. Everywhere the overloaded circuitry was burningp 920 UC 1976
entered the ground floor of the car park. Ten storeys above them, Olds appeared on the roof, dressed in his antiquep 922 UC 1976
smoke, Olds stopped and watched it swirl around him. Then, above the sound of gunshots and exploding fuel tanks, Halloway heardp 922 UC 1976
certain that both Olds and Stillman had already died. High above him, a propeller whirled through the smoke. The sailplane movedp 923 UC 1976
the airport. It soared along, engine blaring, a few feet above the cars parked nose-to-tail down the runway, and shook offp 923 UC 1976
Sound, it made a careful left-hand turn, three hundred feet above the ground. It set off across the river, wings rockingp 923 UC 1976
off inland for the radio-observatory whose circular antennae were visible above the coastal hills. In the cooler air, he wandered amicablyp 9 IY1 1976
breakdown. Birds nested in the rusting grilles a hundred feet above his head. Listening to their random cries, he fell asleepp 9 IY1 1976
sealing himself into the penthouse of the Desert Inn Hotel above the one national fantasy he had so far left alonep 47 UGM 1977
interest except for his increasingly eccentric behaviour. I admire Hughes, above all for the casual way in which he closed thep 48 UGM 1977
radio call-sign of Sputnik I as it circled the earth above our heads. Its urgent tocsin seemed to warn us ofp 224 UGM 1977
more sophisticated devices have begun to appear on the scene, above all, video systems and micro-computers adapted for domestic use. Togetherp 225 UGM 1977
flew steadily towards us, no more than a hundred feet above the paddy-fields, the young pilot sitting forward over his controlsp 925 DT 1977
village. Armed soldiers of the gendarmerie leaned on the cabin above the driver, guarding my five former companions who sat onp 927 DT 1977
as a warehouse, and several soldiers patrolled the seats high above us, guarding what seemed to be a pile of lootedp 928 DT 1977
all hope of catching up with Hodson. Ahead of me, above the fields of uncropped sugar-cane, I could see the polesp 935 DT 1977
the camera mounted safely out of reach on the ceiling above my head. In this uneasy stillness, broken only by myp 946 ICU 1977
and unsettled. I was struck by her advanced age and, above all, by her small size. For years I had knownp 951 ICU 1977
in a bidet of the ECT unit on the floor above his room, an assemblage of hypodermic syringes, blood stained tamponsp 74 IY2 1977
often reinforced the night with small measures of Pangborn's brandy. Above all, their intellectual tastes coincided -- their interests in filmp 996 MA 1978
approached a wooden boathouse at the end of a slipway above the beach, and Ogden could see clearly the patterns ofp 975 OAU 1978
guard and shape our lives in so many ways -- above all, the taurean computer, seeding its limitless possibilities. As forp 982 Z2 1978
cell chemistry of the subject was brought to my attention, above all the laevo-rotatory spiral of the DNA helix. The mostp 983 Z2 1978
arrogant killers, hoodlum physicists trained at some deviant university. And above all, the strip clubs -- he and Heller had visitedp 985 Z2 1978
leave them, and take the left-handed staircase to the roof above his mind, and fly away across the free skies ofp 988 Z2 1978
University -- its elegant campus is a mile away, directly above Judith's head. However, he has wangled a seat on severalp 230 UGM 1979
embarrassing twenty-four hours suspended three hundred feet in the air above her apartment when she chased her escaping handbag rather toop 231 UGM 1979
in the previous century affected Norwegian and Swedish settlers living above the Arctic Circle. Bored by the television set and thep 231 UGM 1979
skill, pride, and laconic humour under pressure -- are sensitive above all else to the approval of their professional peers, andp 273 UGM 1979
mind was as cool and stressed as the steel roof above my head. While I strapped myself into the pilot's seatp 7 UDC 1979
the simplest and most mysterious of all actions -- flight! Above the film studios helicopters are circling. Soon the police willp 7 UDC 1979
aircraft, a memento of our flights together in the skies above Shepperton, and of that man-powered flying machine I dreamed allp 9 UDC 1979
someone else should have been assigned. Only my compulsive role-playing, above all dressing up as a pilot in the white flyingp 11 UDC 1979
immense plume of smoke. A man standing on a platform above a metal tower waved his megaphone at me, as ifp 15 UDC 1979
park ringed by dead elms, a large Tudor mansion stood above a sloping lawn that ran down to the water. Asp 15 UDC 1979
the intense clarity of every detail. In front of me, above its sloping lawn, was the half-timbered Tudor mansion. A numberp 17 UDC 1979
girl, a pretty child with pale cheeks and secretive eyes. Above them, in an upstairs window of the mansion, was ap 18 UDC 1979
in an off-hand but sly way to the dead elms above our heads. Looking up, I saw a section of thep 25 UDC 1979
there.‘ I remembered the deep light that suffused the air above the town, as if some fiercely incandescent vapour had beenp 33 UDC 1979
a friendly labyrinth. Here and there a diving board rose above the hedges. Small swimming pools sat in the gardens, waterp 41 UDC 1979
town? I had reached the hotels near the marina. High above the St Clouds‘ Tudor mansion the tailplane of the Cessnap 42 UDC 1979
rusty pier and shrugging as they pointed to the sky above the film studios. So the police were still searching forp 45 UDC 1979
exhaust. ‘By rights, Blake, you should be a thousand feet above all this. I took some flying lessons once, but Ip 46 UDC 1979
you tried hang-gliding?‘ I was looking at the dead elms above the park. Around the bend of the river the Cessna'sp 46 UDC 1979
directly over the river like a forgotten spotlight, now lay above the film studios to the north-west of Shepperton. The foliagep 49 UDC 1979
lifts, the tailplane began its semaphore, the Tudor mansion loomed above the water. With a final swerve, the lawn lurched onp 54 UDC 1979
came to me. I was flying across a night sky, above a town which I recognized as Shepperton. Below me wasp 56 UDC 1979
dreaming minds sustained me in my flight. As I passed above their heads I knew that I was flying, not asp 56 UDC 1979
with my talons and sent two plumes of vivid spray above the drowned Cessna. Eager for the sleeping townspeople to joinp 57 UDC 1979
the middle-aged spinster lying in her bedroom below. I circled above her, urging this sensitive creature to trust the air. Acrossp 57 UDC 1979
sensitive creature to trust the air. Across the London road, above the butcher's shop, two falcons clambered along the sloping tilesp 57 UDC 1979
genial tradesman who lay asleep in the deep double bed above a night store hung with sides of beef and porkp 57 UDC 1979
nestlings, ready to mount the air together. As I soared above them I could hear their eager cries and feel thep 57 UDC 1979
wakening sleepers. Pairs of whooper swans rose from the apartments above the supermarket, secretary birds lifted from the bungalows by thep 58 UDC 1979
with me. Crying to her, I soared to and fro above the dark garden, hoping to rouse her from her dreamp 58 UDC 1979
waist, I remembered the huge wings that had carried me above the night sky. I imagined myself and Mrs St Cloudp 64 UDC 1979
my dream, and the bodies of the frantic birds colliding above the fairground as they scrambled around me in the whirlingp 67 UDC 1979
town, trailing their aerial spoor. A dozen large sea-birds circled above the shopping centre, a species of deep-water gull that thep 70 UDC 1979
confused avian life had materialized on this quiet Sunday morning above the heads of these church-going people. Attracted by their acridp 70 UDC 1979
house of glass, sinking through endless floors of descending water. Above me was an illuminated vault, an inverted gallery of transparentp 85 UDC 1979
increase in illumination. The white marker lines hovered several inches above the clay, as if about to detach themselves from thep 96 UDC 1979
of an over-formal resort. Creepers hung from the neon sills above the shop-fronts, trailed lazy blooms among the discount offers andp 105 UDC 1979
only with me. Later, while I rested in my bedroom above the river, I thought of my third vision that afternoonp 121 UDC 1979
lead them to the safety of a higher ground somewhere above Shepperton. These paradoxes, like my frightening urge to copulate withp 122 UDC 1979
recording the hints of light that touched the pewter sky above London. Advancing quietly towards Shepperton, the early dawn picked outp 124 UDC 1979
vine circled the worn concrete and rose to the lamp above my head where it flowered into a trumpet of blossomp 127 UDC 1979
from the gardens, the ragged parasols of their leaves swayed above the chimneys. At every street corner groves of bamboo spearedp 128 UDC 1979
lines of his dredger, ready to float the rusty pontoon above the submerged Cessna. The clumsy jib was entangled in thep 133 UDC 1979
Cloud ... Already I visualized us flying together in the sky above Shepperton, escaping for ever from this modest paradise. I leftp 134 UDC 1979
from death, but I would be the first to rise above mortality and the state of being a mere man top 136 UDC 1979
to be her groom. ‘Dr Miriam, he's on the roof ...‘ ‘Above you, doctor ...‘ People called to her from the parked carsp 146 UDC 1979
Miriam's hands seized my chest, her nails tearing my skin. Above us there was a cry of alarm, Rachel's blind screamp 150 UDC 1979
shadows on the canted deck. Miriam's white train hung vertically above her, and rose fifty feet into the air to formp 150 UDC 1979
Miriam gently, I propelled us into the sky. We paused above the car-park, waiting as her train settled itself. The sunlightp 150 UDC 1979
the supermarket and post office, and flew over the park above the elms to where the Cessna lay drowned beside thep 151 UDC 1979
where I had woken to my second life. We hovered above the water, Miriam's wedding dress like the spirit of thisp 151 UDC 1979
when they looked down at their kicking feet, already well above their parents‘ heads. ‘Sarah, be careful ...!‘ Chasing her daughter withp 156 UDC 1979
now, we soared in a wide circle three hundred feet above the rooftops. The cool air quietened everyone. Beside me thep 158 UDC 1979
their long dream. We were soon more than a mile above Shepperton, this jungle town surrounded by its palisade of forestp 158 UDC 1979
from the air and rescue her from these suitors. Directly above the church I halted the procession and waited for usp 159 UDC 1979
helplessly flicking their wings at the scattered bank-notes. I hovered above the motorway, ready to land in the nearby fields andp 161 UDC 1979
towards the centre of Shepperton, I found myself once more above the deserted streets. Exhausted, I hung passively between the softp 161 UDC 1979
my futile attempts to escape, dissolving into the unsettled air above Walton Bridge and the film studios. Despite my anger, Ip 162 UDC 1979
smiling and waving to me as they had done high above the town, I knew that if I were to gainp 162 UDC 1979
searched the now deserted shopping mall, peering into the sky above their heads as if their children still hovered there. ‘Sarahp 162 UDC 1979
wanted to save these people who had first saved me, above all Miriam St Cloud. I was sorry that she wasp 165 UDC 1979
my body as they had done so happily in flight. Above all, I wanted them to praise me, so that Ip 166 UDC 1979
roof of the car-park I watched the forest canopy closing above the town. Hundreds of palm trees rose from the suburbanp 167 UDC 1979
afternoon the sun's disc at last touched the forest canopy above the film studios, and the jungle light flowed in ap 168 UDC 1979
foliage. The Sikorski clattered along the high street, fifty feet above my head, but the clouds of birds rising and fallingp 168 UDC 1979
the settees outside the furniture store. Aware of me standing above them on the roof of the car-park, a group ofp 168 UDC 1979
he had worked the capstan and jib, manoeuvring the pontoon above the submerged aircraft. Giving up for the day, he satp 170 UDC 1979
was the first living creature to escape death, to rise above mortality to become aged. Again I thought of myself asp 177 UDC 1979
into the helmet of the headpiece. The huge structure shivered above me, but I carried its weight comfortably on my shouldersp 180 UDC 1979
sat on the roof of the taxi, holding the head-dress above me. On its great wings and beaked head perched dozensp 180 UDC 1979
as I stood up on the roof of the taxi. Above the chittering of the birds I heard a helicopter crossp 181 UDC 1979
in her circle of light. ‘Blake!‘ she screamed at me above the noise of the helicopter, through the flashes of thep 182 UDC 1979
of us in our bird-dress, our feet a few inches above the undraped altar. Below us the nave was filled withp 182 UDC 1979
worshipping townspeople of Shepperton. Arm-in-arm, they sailed through the air above the aisle, a concourse of embracing figures, delightedly filming eachp 182 UDC 1979
congregation circling the dark air of the nave ten feet above his head, and at the huge bird-costumes which Miriam andp 183 UDC 1979
I lay dying among the feathers of my winged head-dress. Above me swayed the lengthening streamers of my still flying bloodp 183 UDC 1979
He seemed deliberately to be playing a leading part well above himself, the death-angel in a film of aerial Armageddon. Hep 186 UDC 1979
Miriam St Cloud's cheeks. Dark wings fluttered like ragged sails above me. Vultures were gathering in the dim sky, landing onp 193 UDC 1979
across the trees, drawing silver shrouds over the dead flowers. Above the grave white flies festered in a halo. As ap 193 UDC 1979
the dark grass. Watched by the vultures in the branches above my head, other animals began to gather around me, thep 196 UDC 1979
around his neck, he gazed at the rusty pontoon moored above the Cessna, stained with blood that seemed to have leakedp 197 UDC 1979
As I reached out to the vulture on the branch above me, inviting it to feed on my flesh, I feltp 198 UDC 1979
streaming towards London were unable to see us. We hovered above the concrete post across which I had tripped when Ip 208 UDC 1979
be free to leave. Already they were a hundred feet above me, a party of happy children moving hand in handp 209 UDC 1979
lying in the vestry at the church. ‘Miriam ...! Dr Miriam ...!‘ Above the film studios helicopters were circling. I turned my backp 210 UDC 1979
rose into the air, and released them to the sky above the park. Like dreamers in flight, they sailed away handp 212 UDC 1979
the sky. I flew away to the cool, uncrowded air above the film studios and released him towards the sun. Miriamp 213 UDC 1979
into the air. Miriam struggled with her hair, which rose above her into the swirl of petals. A whirlwind of feathersp 218 UDC 1979
with the cloud of creatures that now filled the sky above the churchyard. We sailed through the vivid air, climbing thep 218 UDC 1979
birds, an armada of winged and feathered chimeras that soared above the rooftops of the deserted town. As the distant trafficp 218 UDC 1979
rose from the river, an inverted waterfall of speckled forms. Above the park the timid deer ascended in a tremulous herdp 219 UDC 1979
passing through the gateway of my body to the realm above. Concourses of chimeric beings poured from my head. I feltp 219 UDC 1979
was then lit by the lanterns of the living beings above it. At the last moment I heard Miriam call outp 219 UDC 1979
in her early twenties, he had built a sumptuous mansion above Vence. Sadly, however, only two years after Christina's birth thep 1001 HFF 1980
thinking of this 17-year-old orphan lost high in the mountains above Nice. Perhaps my anti-clerical upbringing -- my father had beenp 1001 HFF 1980
for a month -- I visualized this wounded child imprisoned above these brilliant hills by illiterate and scheming nuns who hadp 1002 HFF 1980
at the magnificent tapestries that hung from the marbled walls. Above the semi-circular flights of the divided staircase was a hugep 1003 HFF 1980
to be fled from at the stroke of midnight, and above all the glass slipper? As it happened, I was givenp 1005 HFF 1980
where Christina Brossard had fled -- to her father's mansion above Vence. As I followed the mountain road I reflected onp 1007 HFF 1980
ended its journey in the centre of a flower-bed. High above, in one of the great rooms facing the sea, ap 1007 HFF 1980
young woman. Then I saw that the massive Venetian clock above the staircase had been savagely mutilated. Several of the ornatep 1007 HFF 1980
conclusion. I thought of the mutilated hands of the clock above the staircase. All that remained was to restore the glassp 1008 HFF 1980
from the silent quays and warehouses. The afternoon sun hung above the deserted Manhattan streets, adding its light to the glitteringp 8 HA 1981
bay around the lower tip of Manhattan, masts and superstructures above the water, relics of the panic a century earlier whenp 17 HA 1981
the black, spit-flecked waves, Wayne clung to the ventilation shaft above the nervous horses. The afternoon sunlight glared down at themp 18 HA 1981
their feet in the stables, and their nasal bleating rose above the noise of the engines. Wayne jumped down on top 19 HA 1981
the General Motors medallion, the warnings against excessive acceleration, speeds above thirty miles an hour, unnecessary braking. Wayne cried out, laughingp 43 HA 1981
mines, in the nationalised engineering factories and food-processing plants, and above all in the vast bureaucracies that stretched around half thep 48 HA 1981
Siberia were revitalised. For the first time, winter temperatures rose above freezing-point, permafrost melted, and millions of acres of wilderness werep 49 HA 1981
a blistering heat lay over the parched coastline, dust-clouds hung above the abandoned cities. As they looked back over the stern-railsp 49 HA 1981
horses‘ hooves. Half a mile ahead, a solitary kite circled above some unwary gopher. Under a sky of hot metal, thep 57 HA 1981
watched Ricci with the hard gaze of the raptor soaring above them, and wondered how to seize his neck. Later thatp 57 HA 1981
night. Voices shouted, and glass spilled from the neon sign above the motel as a second rifle shot rang out. Waynep 68 HA 1981
you do.‘ ‘Good. Self-reliance, a proper respect for the heavens above and a healthy suspicion of the tax-man below -- thosep 69 HA 1981
the cactus trees, drawn in some way to the aerials above the radio tent, cryptic beacons of a new cargo cultp 86 HA 1981
before she sank back into herself, too dehydrated to move. Above them, Orlowski lay on the green baize of the roulette-tablep 97 HA 1981
bullets struck the plastic sign of the Long Branch Saloon above his head, Wayne ran forward through the overheated air. Giantsp 99 HA 1981
raised the Winchester, fixing its sights on the bright anchor above the tattered braid. At this moment, as he prepared top 101 HA 1981
saw his second mirage of the Great American Desert. High above him, almost filling the cloudless, cobalt sky, was the enormousp 101 HA 1981
the height of a ten-storey building, rested on the hills above the town, while the immense legs, clad in worn leatherp 101 HA 1981
and bring the giants back to save him. They passed above his head, moving in vast strides that darkened the landp 102 HA 1981
on, he noticed a curious machine soaring through the air above the town, an aircraft of gossamer foil with a smallp 103 HA 1981
Smiling to himself, Wayne waved at the filmy wings dipping above his head. ‘McNair, it's the Gossamer Albatross. You've brought itp 103 HA 1981
from Washington for me ...‘ ‘Wayne, you're still a damned fool!‘ Above the wild beard the perspiring face of the Apollo's chiefp 104 HA 1981
locations. On either side of the road, six thousand feet above sea level, rose flame-coloured walls with serrated rims, a labyrinthp 113 HA 1981
Creek Pass, nearly eleven thousand feet or three OPEC Towers above sea level, Wayne leaned forward over the rear windshield andp 114 HA 1981
ridges cutting the roof of the sky a thousand feet above them. Small fragments of these bright tatters lay on thep 114 HA 1981
air cleared. The quilted cloud-base, a soft upholstered ceiling, lifted above them, the roof of a huge green boudoir. The airp 116 HA 1981
forest slopes. Dark clouds were massing only a hundred feet above the black water. A violent gust thrashed the surface ofp 116 HA 1981
desert. ‘Wayne ...! I can see Las Vegas ...!‘ Two hundred feet above Wayne's head, in the narrow interval of sky visible betweenp 118 HA 1981
flight controller with a child's voice discussed the cloud cover above the Rockies, then recited a list of fuelling points inp 132 HA 1981
coupled at the same time with a powerful inner conviction. Above Wayne's head, aligned with the white paint on the floorp 135 HA 1981
of a bare-legged woman in a pink dress raised provocatively above her thighs. She stood astride Las Vegas, blonde hair thrownp 144 HA 1981
a day's shooting. Already waiting for us in the sky above the centre of Vegas was our armed escort, two pilotlessp 146 HA 1981
hole in the jungle. Paco kept to about 300 feet above the tree-tops, the gunships soaring along on either side. Wep 146 HA 1981
floors of the taller office blocks and apartment houses rising above the foliage. Now and then, below the canopy, I caughtp 146 HA 1981
bridges and highway embankments are the only things that rise above the forest. Everything else, all those dingbats and ticky-tack apartmentp 149 HA 1981
ordered Paco to fly along the freeway only ten feet above the Continental, I thought we might bounce off its roofp 149 HA 1981
back lot, a herd of llamas quietly eating the vine-leaves above a filling station on Ventura Boulevard, even a bull elephantp 150 HA 1981
on the pedals of the Gossamer Albatross, three hundred feet above. The previous night's lightning had cut swathes through the junglep 158 HA 1981
tourist, unaware of Wayne gliding silently on the strong thermals above its head. Deftly banking the filmy glider, its propeller ap 158 HA 1981
at the wheel of his Cadillac. However, as he paused above the Circus Circus, he noticed the clear disapproval in thep 159 HA 1981
old syrup. Drug-stores and discos were what the youngsters needed above all else. At present they spent their spare time lyingp 160 HA 1981
took off from the airport. Wayne was hovering ten feet above the open deck, trying to stall the glider downwards onp 166 HA 1981
roof, when there was a blare of sound behind and above him. A violent shadow filled the sky, and a hugep 166 HA 1981
Albatross, flung Wayne across the handlebars and snapped the wings above his head. Torn in all directions, the crippled craft fellp 166 HA 1981
The House of Presidents He was surrounded by Presidents. Far above him was a remote steel sky fitted with windows thatp 167 HA 1981
elaborate structure of glass and wire that hung ten feet above the floor. Part sunburst and part dragonfly, the slender fuselagep 175 HA 1981
for us ...‘ Dr Fleming reached up to the starboard wing above his head. As his fingers splayed against the transparent panep 176 HA 1981
at this glass aeroplane that shimmered in the bright sunlight above him. It tugged gently at its tethering lines, at timesp 176 HA 1981
by the gunships. Led by Manson's Sea-King, they clattered in above the Center, racks of air-to-ground rockets at the ready. Waynep 180 HA 1981
a flash of light filled the auditorium. Two hundred feet above their heads the windows of the Center burst inwards. Thrownp 184 HA 1981
scanned the busy sky. A cluster of explosions burst high above the city. Manned by Manson's young militia, the anti-aircraft gunsp 187 HA 1981
klaxon. Wayne ran forward, trying to make his voice heard above the din. ‘Let them through! Ursula, what are you playingp 189 HA 1981
they neared the Sahara Hotel there was an ugly clatter above their heads, and a huge helicopter drifted past. Signalling Pepsodentp 193 HA 1981
a reborn America. Manson's continuous jamming of the radio space above Las Vegas shut out beyond a wall of static almostp 194 HA 1981
the short-wave transmissions from the approaching expeditions at last rose above Manson's jamming. There was a brief call for everyone inp 196 HA 1981
flak jacket, that rose a thousand feet into the air above the city. Now that his batteries atop the Sands andp 196 HA 1981
and even Manson himself in blue suit and Homburg presiding above the overlit city like a gloomy mortician in an ambitiousp 197 HA 1981
He pointed to the transparent image of the GI towering above them. His huge feet planted astride the city on thep 197 HA 1981
and Malibu expeditions. The pink and blue star-bursts hung inoffensively above the forest canopy, like the timid display of a third-ratep 199 HA 1981
darkened Sahara on foot, determined somehow to find Manson's headquarters. Above him, in a smoke-stained sky lit by myriads of burningp 200 HA 1981
They came down from the night and hung fifty feet above him as he strode along the centre of the Stripp 202 HA 1981
thirty-six cities were marked on the display. Small stars pulsed above Boston, Cleveland, Cincinnati and Des Moines. Manson was staring atp 206 HA 1981
and parakeets tumbled down a smoking launch ramp, while far above a metal bird shook free its boosters and headed hungrilyp 211 HA 1981
Texan desert to New Orleans, and straight on from there above the steaming sea to that sweaty Gulf city. The lastp 211 HA 1981
their way ...‘ Manson lay back in his chair, head lolling above his harlequin body, gazing down at the names still movingp 212 HA 1981
of the first Charles Manson that glowered in the sky above Las Vegas, and to the two gunships sitting quietly onp 213 HA 1981
fired a burst of automatic fire at the scowling image above his head. Clearly everyone in the two expeditions assumed thatp 213 HA 1981
laser image of the long-forgotten psychopath that filled the sky above his head, and then moved quickly to the two gunshipsp 214 HA 1981
aware that Manson was watching him in a curious way. Above the sick, damp mouth were two very alert eyes. Thep 215 HA 1981
-- so Wayne guessed -- an air-burst a thousand feet above the centre of Las Vegas, over a ground-zero where Steinerp 217 HA 1981
map of the United States. A new sun had risen above Nevada, a nova pulsed in the southern apex of thep 217 HA 1981
light came from the television screens and the target wall above the table. Pistol in hand, Paco stood guard beside Mansonp 220 HA 1981
of the helicopter gunships, Paco's camouflage jacket round his shoulders. Above them, framed within its monitor screen, the Titan sat onp 220 HA 1981
the brass ankles of the tennis player. Watching the screens above Manson's head, he saw the gunships approaching. They roared inp 221 HA 1981
hovered behind them, as Manson's hands hesitated on the controls. Above the Titan monitor screen a time signal had appeared, ‘59p 224 HA 1981
immense, dazed smile. But as the second gunship roared in above the jungle canopy, strafing the entrance doors and chopping themp 225 HA 1981
machine-gun bullets had already fractured the electrographic map of America above Manson's head. There was a stampede of heavy feet, andp 226 HA 1981
fate. He had seen the laser image in the sky above Dodge City and rightly guessed that the exhausted expedition wasp 229 HA 1981
realised that it was being abandoned here in the sky above the doomed city. Wayne looked back for the last timep 231 HA 1981
and steered it down towards the entrance. As it hovered above the ground Paco darted from the doorway of the hotelp 233 HA 1981
the air as a dozen of the Sunlight Fliers hovered above them A shimmer of wings filled the street, reflected inp 233 HA 1981
Wayne?‘ Laughter came down from the air. Ursula's monoplane hung above him, wingtips teasingly out of arms‘ reach. The handsome militia-girlp 234 HA 1981
themselves in their own light, the squadron of Fliers hovered above the jungle canopy, safe behind the protective bulk of thep 236 HA 1981
a small aircraft soared past, little more than twenty feet above the ground. It scuttled along like a demented gnat, minutep 1012 NFS 1981
his sides as if mimicking Franklin's image in the dish above the tower. ‘Slade! Calm down, for once ...‘ Franklin wiped thep 1013 NFS 1981
broken windshield. Burst from their locks, the open doors hung above him in a haze of idle dust. Franklin pushed asidep 1029 NFS 1981
Franklin hobbled forward, ignoring the two kites in the sky above his head. The air was engorged with light, a floodp 1031 NFS 1981
dozen shadows, each cast by one of the twelve suns above his head. Towards the end, while he made his lastp 1031 NFS 1981
stood up and ran through the lines of mirrors. High above, he could see the reflection of himself in the collectorp 1035 NFS 1981
air base. In the evenings he sat on the roof above the runways, and remembered his drive with the old astronautp 1036 NFS 1981
any film set. As Sheppard soared past, only fifty feet above its mirrored roof, he had almost expected to see Mariep 1061 MNF 1982
Sheppard -- everything from the papier-mache condor-kites hanging like corpses above the motel to endless Picasso doves chalked on the cabinp 1062 MNF 1982
kites. Tempted to turn back, he soared to and fro above the abandoned space grounds, unsettling though they were, with theirp 1062 MNF 1982
picked out the nightclub he throttled back and soared in above the trees, only to find his glide-path blocked by ap 1063 MNF 1982
his endless playing with bizarre clocks and architectural follies, and above all his interest in pornography. This sinister hobby had sprungp 1066 MNF 1982
questions. Then he saw Sheppard's alert eyes staring at him above the carton. He paused, and gazed back at Sheppard, withp 1071 MNF 1982
kite began a series of regular flights in the sky above Cocoa Beach. Its silver line disappeared into the forest somewherep 1071 MNF 1982
Sheppard eased the blinds apart. Two hundred feet away, suspended above the chairs on the far side of the swimming poolp 1072 MNF 1982
make a modest challenge to the sun. The kite hung above him, flapping faintly, its silver wire disappearing behind a boat-housep 1072 MNF 1982
light glimmered around Sheppard, as if the pavilion were vibrating above a mild ground-quake. Sheppard touched the glassy wall with onep 1074 MNF 1982
image, an infinity of replicas of himself. In the mirror above the cashier's metal desk, now a Byzantine throne, he glowedp 1074 MNF 1982
screen its black coil of film on to the wall above his head. Yet the room seemed strange, a cabin allocatedp 1075 MNF 1982
of her body which Sheppard projected on to the wall above the bed, to the endless pornographic positions in which shep 1078 MNF 1982
landscape. Meanwhile, Sheppard's duel with Martinsen continued in the skies above Cape Kennedy. After a storm the drowned Cessna was washedp 1079 MNF 1982
a bathrobe. She stared with weak eyes at the bars above her face, hair hidden inside a white towel wrapped securelyp 1082 MNF 1982
about his plans for the future, his uneven health and, above all, his long quest for her across the drained swimmingp 1083 MNF 1982
the water. He moved through the flock of orioles suspended above the grass. Each of the stationary birds had become ap 1084 MNF 1982
and rolls. Ignoring him, the plane flew back and forth above the forest canopy, its engine calling across the immense desertedp 1037 MSA 1982
gathering his strength for the climb to the fifth floor, above the rat and cockroach line. He rested in the frontp 1041 MSA 1982
fuselage. A man-powered glider of advanced design, it soared silently above the rooftops, buoyed by the thermals rising from the emptyp 1042 MSA 1982
some mobbing its lazy propeller, others taking up their station above its wing-tips. The pilot seemed to be urging them top 1042 MSA 1982
the vegetation that sprang from the corpses of trapped aircraft ... Above the causeway the gulls were wheeling in alarm, screaming againstp 1042 MSA 1982
soared along the bridge, its miniature undercarriage only ten feet above the police car. The pilot pedalled rapidly, propeller flashing atp 1042 MSA 1982
the gantries and came in across the sea. Fifty feet above the beach, it swept across the palmettos and saw-grass, itsp 1043 MSA 1982
car. Mallory began to re-start the engine, when the machine-guns above the pilot's windshield opened fire at him. He assumed thatp 1043 MSA 1982
easy target for Hinton as he waited in the Fokker above the clouds. Had the former astronaut recognised Mallory and immediatelyp 1043 MSA 1982
Mallory hung in mid-step, his bare feet in the air above the ground. Parked on the tiled path beside the swimmingp 1044 MSA 1982
young woman who hung in the air with outstretched arms above the diving board. Suspended over the water in a swallowp 1045 MSA 1982
dive, her naked body flew as serenely as the dolphins above the sea. Her calm face gazed at the glass floorp 1045 MSA 1982
her shoulder gave her a biker's swagger. On the name-plate above her right breast was printed: Nightingale. ‘Poor man -- arep 1046 MSA 1982
a decoy, like all the antique aircraft that Hinton flew above the space centre, machines that concealed some other aim? Somep 1050 MSA 1982
engine had drowned the Yamaha's. The venerable flying machine appeared above the trees, the familiar gaunt-faced pilot sitting in the openp 1050 MSA 1982
undernourished man. The years in prison and the rushing air above Cape Kennedy had leached all trace of iron salts fromp 1050 MSA 1982
staircase that led up to the assembly deck six storeys above them. ‘We'll go topside. I'm living in the Shuttle --p 1052 MSA 1982
from the tiled skin of the Shuttle as it emerged above the assembly deck. After all the years of thinking aboutp 1052 MSA 1982
fly without wings ...‘ As the Shuttle's delta wing fanned out above them, Mallory swayed against the rail. Exhausted by the climbp 1052 MSA 1982
the clumsy tracked vehicle. He could hang free, suspended forever above the forest, master of time and light. He would flyp 1053 MSA 1982
take hours, their unmoving wings supporting them as they hung above the trees. At last the birds have learned to flyp 1056 MSA 1982
of the space centre. An aircraft hung in the air above them, a primitive helicopter with an overhead propeller. The taperingp 1056 MSA 1982
forever cross the same intersection, see the same rusty sign above the same motel cabin ... ‘Doctor ...!‘ The smell of burning fleshp 1057 MSA 1982
sun. As they crouched among the television sets it passed above their heads. An antique autogyro, it lumbered through the airp 1058 MSA 1982
deck!‘ Mallory followed the girl's raised hand. A hundred feet above them, Anne and Hinton stood side by side on thep 1059 MSA 1982
substantial mezzanine, and found that they lead to identical concourses above and below. The space station has clearly been used asp 1086 RUS 1982
which the old man's face emerged like a sleeping child's above an eiderdown. Jim told himself that he never moved becausep 21 ES 1984
plane through the verandah doors. As the adults‘ world continued above his head he made a circuit of the party. Manyp 26 ES 1984
van with two Thompson guns mounted in a steel turret above the driver swung in front of the Packard and clearedp 36 ES 1984
silent gunfire. Jim lay down beside his father. Drawn up above them on the Bund were hundreds of Japanese soldiers. Theirp 49 ES 1984
names of the aircraft flying over the hospital. The skies above Shanghai were filled with aircraft. Although the soldier knew thep 50 ES 1984
the hard mattress, the whitewashed walls with their unpleasant icons above each bed -- the crucified infant Jesus surrounded by Chinesep 50 ES 1984
police force still directed the traffic from their cantilever bridge above the crowd, watched by a single Japanese soldier standing behindp 56 ES 1984
of Clark Gable and Vivien Leigh rose on their scaffolding above an almost life-size replica of burning Atlanta. Chinese carpenters werep 59 ES 1984
the Shanghai sky, barely distinguishable from the fires still lifting above the tenements of the Old City, where Kuomintang irregulars hadp 59 ES 1984
him. They were watching a single-engined bomber that flew low above the racecourse. As the plane's shadow flashed across the roadp 59 ES 1984
return. Every morning he climbed on to the sloping roof above his bedroom window, and gazed over the residential streets inp 64 ES 1984
been thrown on to the beds, ransacked wardrobes hung open above piles of shoes, suitcases lay everywhere as if a dozenp 69 ES 1984
inventing imaginary air battles in the sky of that bedroom above the Avenue Joffre. Jim watched the Spitfires and Hurricanes circlingp 70 ES 1984
the Avenue Joffre. Jim watched the Spitfires and Hurricanes circling above his head. Their motion soothed him, easing the pain inp 70 ES 1984
His thin body seemed to float on the night, hovering above the dark water as he clung to the faint humanp 89 ES 1984
in a casual way, but his huge foot was poised above the accelerator. Basie's pallid face hung like a lantern belowp 106 ES 1984
tenement blocks of Chapei, the shadow of the neon sign above the hotel had at last reached the screen. The immensep 108 ES 1984
reconnaissance of the detention centre, and in a disused office above the projection room were reels of dusty film. Perhaps thep 108 ES 1984
even, seen a flight of American bombers in the sky above the detention centre. A whistle shrilled from the courtyard byp 111 ES 1984
of the American aircraft he had seen in the clouds above Shanghai. He could almost summon them into his vision, ap 120 ES 1984
Japanese aircraft were its only fixed points, a second zodiac above the broken land. Vagrants ‘Right ... right ... no ... I mean leftp 146 ES 1984
length of cotton. The blue flames flicked to and fro above their heads. ‘Jim! Can we touch it?‘ ‘What is itp 169 ES 1984
college. Although unheated, the rooms with their cement walls remained above freezing point. Jim shared his room with a young Englishp 172 ES 1984
forgotten pair of gloves. She stared at the whitewashed wall above her son's bunk, as if watching an invisible film projectedp 173 ES 1984
a time -- suggested to Jim that she remained forever above the camp, beyond the world of guards and hunger andp 176 ES 1984
as if a titanic aerial battle was taking place far above the clouds. Already gangs of Chinese scrap-dealers were at workp 187 ES 1984
carrying out the external checks before climbing into the cockpits. Above all, Jim admired the kamikaze pilots. In the past monthp 189 ES 1984
by the complaining drone of an air-raid siren. The klaxon above the guardhouse in Lunghua Camp took up the call, ap 190 ES 1984
Stars-and-Bars insignia of the US Air Force. Only thirty feet above Jim's head, the Mustang's wings were broader than the assemblyp 191 ES 1984
runway of the airfield, the height of a man's head above the deck. In its wake a whirlwind of leaves andp 191 ES 1984
the Japanese aircraft parked beside the hangars. Anti-aircraft shells burst above the camp, their shadows pulsing like heartbeats on the whitep 192 ES 1984
the white earth. A shell exploded in a searing flash above the assembly hall, stunning the air. Dust cascaded from thep 192 ES 1984
righted itself, towed its black plume in a wavering arc above the empty fields, and then plunged into the river. Thep 193 ES 1984
held together by little more than a rigging of tendons. Above the rusty beard his one sound eye had seen thep 195 ES 1984
too much for the missionary widows. The dead were buried above ground, the loose soil heaped around them. The heavy rainsp 205 ES 1984
and given the poor diet would never properly heal, but above the right ankle was an ulcer the size of ap 208 ES 1984
the power and grace of America. Usually the B-29s flew above the Japanese anti-aircraft fire, but two days earlier Jim hadp 223 ES 1984
to the west of the camp, only five hundred feet above the ground. Two of its engines were on fire, butp 223 ES 1984
being wary of them. Much of their foul language was above his head, their brutally crude talk of women's bodies andp 224 ES 1984
fields, the B-29s would appear without warning in the sky above his head, as if summoned by Jim's starving brain. Theirp 233 ES 1984
yards away. Watched by the Japanese soldiers on the road above them, many of the men walked down to the water'sp 246 ES 1984
the old woman's gaze. ‘Do you mean God is right above us?‘ ‘Of course, Jim.‘ ‘Above the 31st Parallel? Mrs Philipsp 248 ES 1984
you mean God is right above us?‘ ‘Of course, Jim.‘ ‘Above the 31st Parallel? Mrs Philips, wouldn't God be above thep 248 ES 1984
Jim.‘ ‘Above the 31st Parallel? Mrs Philips, wouldn't God be above the magnetic pole? You ought to look at the groundp 248 ES 1984
crying in the yellow grass. The sunlight charged the air above the canal, an intense aura of hunger that stung hisp 249 ES 1984
threatening slogans that hung over the darkness like the hoardings above the Chinese cinemas in pre-war Shanghai. They entered a concretep 258 ES 1984
depository. Bedsteads and wardrobes, refrigerators and air-conditioning units were stacked above each other, rising in a slope towards the sky. Thep 262 ES 1984
and a jumble of gilded plaster nymphs holding gaudy lamps above their heads. Rolls of Persian and Turkish carpets, hastily wrappedp 262 ES 1984
dislodged from the wings of an American aircraft three miles above the Yangtze valley. Lit by the sun, the crystals fellp 271 ES 1984
coolies, bare-chested with black cotton trousers tied at the ankles above their straw sandals. The third was the Eurasian in thep 273 ES 1984
on the mango stone. Straight ahead, some eight hundred feet above the empty paddies, was an American bomber. A four-engined Superfortressp 282 ES 1984
accompanied the bomber, drifting in wide circles a thousand feet above the Superfortress, as if its pilot was bored by thep 289 ES 1984
to see the faded magazine cuttings pinned to the wail above his bunk. In the last minutes before joining the marchp 300 ES 1984
listened to Tulloch and Lieutenant Price shouting to each other above the bellows-like roar of the engine. Through the fading camouflagep 311 ES 1984
celebrating the generosity of Generalissimo Chiang, rose ever more vividly above the parking lot, as if China's feudal past had returnedp 312 ES 1984
Within half a mile they stopped on a stone bridge above a deserted village. Captain Soong and two of his menp 320 ES 1984
for control of the airfields, dockyards and railway lines, and above all for the stocks of weapons and munitions left behindp 331 ES 1984
to his thoughts. Jim sat up, the rolled magazine raised above his head. Through the swarming flies he waited for thep 336 ES 1984
which had begun to soak the thigh of his overall. Above his head Jim could see the chute of bruised grassp 337 ES 1984
a film prop. These Hollywood movies, like the newsreels projected above the crowds on the Bund, endlessly fascinated Jim. After thep 347 ES 1984
quay from the Arrawa, looking up at the newsreels projected above the evening crowd. The second of the screens, in frontp 350 ES 1984
I suspect that her patients are suffering for me. But, above all, there was my visit to The Boy. Confusing, uglyp 1090 OOA 1984
visit. The months of disruptive behaviour have exhausted everyone, but above all they are terrified of an escape, and a secondp 1091 OOA 1984
fire upon the glider it became entangled in the aerials above the royal mausoleum at Frogmore House and fell to thep 1091 OOA 1984
the dossier: Colonel Stamford in his white space-suit floating free above a space-craft during an orbital flight. The chanting stopped. Ip 1092 OOA 1984
walls, volunteered to steamhose them, and had pinned the Palmer above his bunk, gazing at it as if it were ap 1094 OOA 1984
stripped the shabby garage, yet pinned to the cement wall above the bed was a postcard that they had inexplicably missedp 1099 OOA 1984
from old Star Wars posters and props from Dr Who. Above the lunar landscape hung the figure of an astronaut flyingp 1099 OOA 1984
one another, suspended on threads of wire from the rafters above the nave. The head and helmet had been sliced fromp 1100 OOA 1984
As I stood by the altar the dismembered astronaut flew above me like a chromium corpse blown apart by a booby-trapp 1100 OOA 1984
Ipanema, while I am forced to live in a room above the projection booth of the Luxor Cinema, my thoughts drownedp 1105 MWM 1985
had seen better days. Two former storerooms and an office above the projection booth had been let as apartments, which wep 1111 MWM 1985
the photographs were taken he held tightly to the awning above his head. By the next afternoon his fever had subsidedp 1113 MWM 1985
he spoke, his voice was too weak to be heard above the sound-tracks of the science-fiction films that boomed through thep 1113 MWM 1985
and communications landscape, with its unlimited tolerance of deviant behaviour. Above all, the Bowie figure is seduced by the fragmentation andp 21 UGM 1987
dedicated only to the brutal realities of speed and violence. Above all, Mad Max 2 is an example of how sheerp 22 UGM 1987
back at the deserted town, at the looted stores visible above the teak pillars of the jetty where the car ferryp 11 DC 1987
jetty where the car ferry had once moored ten feet above my head. Behind the party of guerillas, some lying backp 12 DC 1987
Marxist order on its vandalized garages and ransacked radio stores. Above all, Harare detested the drilling project, and anyone like myselfp 16 DC 1987
run for it. But there were shouts from the quay above our heads -- a second raiding party had appeared andp 21 DC 1987
by the noise of a twin-engined aircraft which had appeared above the forest canopy. It flew north-east across the lake, thenp 25 DC 1987
as I stood on the jetty beside the police barracks, above the beach where the twelve-year-old had tried to kill mep 40 DC 1987
by the shouts of the farmers from the rice terraces above, my parents set off through the valley for another picnicp 49 DC 1987
stream. Holding to the lianas which hung from the boughs above me, I climbed over the trunks of dead palms lyingp 52 DC 1987
A hundred yards away I saw an adolescent girl standing above the beach, the twelve-year-old with the infected ankle whose lifep 53 DC 1987
was drowned in the blare of the Dakota. It swept above the lake, barely clearing the forest canopy. I stepped intop 54 DC 1987
the mud. I turned to see the Japanese photographer standing above me on the crumbling face of the runway, the stonep 63 DC 1987
for the last time, and raised Captain Kagwa's flare pistol above my head. Through the smoke I saw a small firp 74 DC 1987
looked up at me, willing me to do my worst. Above the rumble of the tractor I heard the higher notep 74 DC 1987
heard the higher note of an aircraft engine. Fifty feet above the forest canopy a helicopter of the provincial gendarmerie wasp 74 DC 1987
yellow depths, I saw one of the oak logs rolling above my head like the wheel of a truck. I feltp 75 DC 1987
as the reflection of Sanger's video played on the ceiling above his head. At last he decided to send me byp 77 DC 1987
and smell of the river set me on the mend. Above all, it was the river, which had once tried top 77 DC 1987
with its own micro-climate. Already the first clouds had formed above the lake, and there were hints of rain. An entirep 78 DC 1987
water a milky yellow, and formed smooth sand-bars that rose above the surface. In the shallows lay what seemed to bep 95 DC 1987
stood on narrow causeways of mud only a few feet above the surface. A tide of brown water had overwhelmed Port-la-Nouvellep 95 DC 1987
frenzied tin. Captain Kagwa's helicopter had arrived. As it hovered above the car ferry, I noticed that a light machine-gun hadp 98 DC 1987
Within the heavy, green darkness the water seemed to rise above the containing banks, as if the huge swells that rolledp 99 DC 1987
swung to and fro between its claws as it hung above the lake, like some reptilian bird washed by the riverp 100 DC 1987
feet from the wharf, drifting slowly into the current. Rifle above his head, the soldier clumped down a flight of stonep 103 DC 1987
trees shut out the sun, whose fierce presence floated far above us in the jungle canopy, the travelling rose window ofp 106 DC 1987
the darkness, hiding beneath the boughs which extended their leaves above us, as if in thanks for this abundant watercourse atp 108 DC 1987
water into a series of concentric waves. The helicopter settled above the river, like a visiting spacecraft descending from the skyp 109 DC 1987
The whoop of a strange bird sounded from the canopy above me, answered by the chittering hoot of a small arborealp 110 DC 1987
mattress lay on a shelf along the rear wall, and above it hung a collection of time-tables, bills of lading, fuelp 110 DC 1987
white fields of the dying savanna, where rusting water-wheels leaned above dry irrigation ditches, and forgotten fences marked the boundaries ofp 116 DC 1987
and finfoots by the water's edge. A yellow-throated wagtail sailed above our bow, halcyon bird guiding us to fairer weather. Atp 117 DC 1987
and saw Captain Kagwa's helicopter loom out of the air above our heads. Two yellow pontoons were attached to its undercarriagep 123 DC 1987
at Port-la-Nouvelle. The helicopter approached the ferry, barely twenty feet above the wheelhouse. The navigation lights kept up their monotonous pulsep 124 DC 1987
leather flap. ‘Get down, Noon ...!‘ I shouted to the child above the soft thudding of the helicopter's propeller, and stepped fromp 127 DC 1987
and then released the clutch and engaged the main engine. Above the noise of the helicopter I heard the diesel turnp 128 DC 1987
the cloud of blossom that sailed high into the air above the floral shore. Escape As I well knew, the Captainp 128 DC 1987
in the darker water of the late afternoon. Fifty feet above the river, it came up behind us and cruised alongsidep 130 DC 1987
drew alongside, its pontoons almost as long as the Salammbo. Above the clatter of its propeller I heard the harsh reportp 131 DC 1987
window of the wheelhouse. The helicopter soared past and banked above the partly submerged hangar, ready to attack again. I rolledp 131 DC 1987
I trained the rifle's sights at the triangle of sweat above Kagwa's heart, and listened to the soft thudding of thep 133 DC 1987
his eyes. He gazed at the stern of the ferry above his head, where Noon and I stood together, our nakedp 149 DC 1987
upstream, I sat on the floor of the steel tank above the railway water-tower, and watched Captain Kagwa's expeditionary force preparingp 150 DC 1987
least twenty pounds in weight, and my hip bones jutted above my shorts like the rim of our empty rice basinp 153 DC 1987
the sunlight, and crouched in the metal cell thirty feet above the water, listening to the rapid beating of my heartp 155 DC 1987
the sections of a metal hut. A wooden watch-tower rose above the trees, and a soldier on duty lounged behind hisp 161 DC 1987
down the speeding inflatable. Across the river, in the trees above the beach, lights glowed from the undergrowth like the eyesp 165 DC 1987
They steadied themselves against a machine-gun mounted on the roll-bar above the driver's head, and trained the weapon on the rubberp 165 DC 1987
sun, so close that it seemed suspended from a gantry above our heads. When I engaged the reversing gear the dieselp 181 DC 1987
the weight of the ferry, the waterlogged timbers rose briefly above the surface like a group of disturbed crocodiles, and thenp 186 DC 1987
from his thrashing limbs I heard a familiar concussive noise above the beat of the diesel. An ungainly shadow crabbed acrossp 187 DC 1987
small chromium pistol. He sat stiffly with the weapon raised above his head, like a starting official at a regatta. Asp 188 DC 1987
papyrus swamps. The light was softer, and the saffron air above the river was still warm and honeyed, but in thep 191 DC 1987
their welcoming thighs. The cheap paint flaked from the ceiling, above which I could hear footsteps and a woman's voice callingp 194 DC 1987
the ferry. I brushed the flaking tempera from my arms. Above a cracked bidet, stained with all the forgotten pleasures ofp 195 DC 1987
Mrs Warrender!‘ I drummed my fist against the tempera breasts above my head, dislodging a plaster nipple that burst on thep 196 DC 1987
was a funeral gallery being prepared for a waterborne cremation. Above the dance floor the women had roped a canvas awningp 197 DC 1987
the naked figures who swam across the unseen electric sky above his head. Resting there in his ragged clothes, he resembledp 199 DC 1987
the heat, and by the patient industry of the women above my head, I leaned against a padlocked door behind mep 200 DC 1987
across his back. Whenever he ducked, the rifle stock rose above his head like the tail of a wounded bird. Unawarep 209 DC 1987
restart the silent river. Without thinking, I lifted my arms above my shoulders and began to wave. Seeing me, and myp 209 DC 1987
its waters to wash across the deck. The grass towered above us on all sides, exposing the darker roots in thep 212 DC 1987
the drained river, and were watching the banks twenty feet above my head. After a wary inspection, they turned back andp 218 DC 1987
my chest and legs, vibrating in a cloud that hovered above the truck. I guessed that my own end was nearp 223 DC 1987
General Harare's escape on the upper waters of the Mallory, above the barrage and the rocky cascade. There she flirted withp 230 DC 1987
skiff sent a sluggish eddy across the river. Backed up above the rocky cascade, the waters of the Mallory had almostp 237 DC 1987
floats, the fuselage of Kagwa's helicopter rode across the cliffs above the eastern bank of the Mallory. It hovered over thep 240 DC 1987
patrol had captured the mining conveyor, and the final ridge above the river valley. There they would dig in for thep 242 DC 1987
welcoming women, by the endless supplies of cheap beer and, above all, by the primitive closed-circuit television system. Lounging around thep 243 DC 1987
against the restaurant tables, they watched themselves on the screen above the bar, filmed by the camera which Sanger, fumbling aboutp 243 DC 1987
their feet, but to the image on the television screen above the bar. I stood in the harsh light among thep 246 DC 1987
good picture.‘ He gesticulated in the direction of the screen above the bar, still hawking his shabby illusions to every passingp 246 DC 1987
the headpiece, watching the light reflected in the peeling gilt. Above me, the nymphs leapt from their foamy deep, ready top 249 DC 1987
plumes that rose from the burning tamarinds on the ridge above the pool. An iron warehouse of weaponry, the landing-craft edgedp 252 DC 1987
came down through the smoke and small-arms fire and hovered above its ramp. Captain Kagwa sat in the observer's seat, battle-jacketp 252 DC 1987
seize his kingdom ... A mallet-like blow chopped into the deck above my head, a stray round from the machine-gun firing fromp 252 DC 1987
wound in Noon's mouth. Then a second signal flare exploded above the Diana. Its cyanide glow illuminated the breech and barrelp 253 DC 1987
tempera nymphs lost in the corridors of this abandoned brothel. Above the noise of gunfire came the snarl and cry ofp 254 DC 1987
hatch, I drove the rifle stock into the soft decking above my head. On the third blow I struck an ancientp 254 DC 1987
splitting timbers of the Diana, a ripple of fire-crackers, sounded above the drone of the helicopter and the noise of gunfirep 255 DC 1987
its fuel oil burning among hundreds of floating beer bottles. Above it the right breast of the barrage slewed round. Thisp 256 DC 1987
skiff lay moored on the upper waters of the river above the cascade, beside the soot-stained hulk of the old Mercedesp 258 DC 1987
by the heat, the leaves of the banana trees hung above the crusting soil. The air was filled with a darkp 258 DC 1987
would soon perish when the land turned to desert again. Above all, I wanted to fill the draining channel with clearp 260 DC 1987
and then turned to the shallow waterway of the Mallory above the barrage. Captain Kagwa's limousine waited in the sunlight, itsp 263 DC 1987
as if it had been decorated for a funeral cortege. Above the highest shelf of the cascade Noon's steel skiff wasp 263 DC 1987
the collapsed west wall of the barrage. As it hovered above the ferry, little more than fifty yards away, Captain Kagwap 265 DC 1987
low sky, the ceiling of mist a few hundred feet above our heads, and the sombre beaches together formed a zonep 270 DC 1987
on the raft as I dragged it into the water above the barrage. The last ebb of Captain Kagwa's life leakedp 273 DC 1987
I saw Mrs Warrender and her women on the hillside above the pool. Bundles in hand, they stood beside the ore-conveyorp 274 DC 1987
footprints in the river-bed, but I will explore them later. Above the dusty roofs of Port-la-Nouvelle I can hear the governmentp 286 DC 1987
for the telephone whose scissored cord hangs from the desk above his head. Arms pinioned, he lies within a bizarre contraptionp 8 RW 1988
tree-lined central drive of the estate. The handsome mansions sit above their ample front lawns, separated from each other by screensp 9 RW 1988
taps, then took Mrs. Miller's hair dryer from its stand above her washbasin. Holding it in my hands, I turned top 41 RW 1988
I'm sure." I placed the hair dryer on its stand above Miller's washbasin. "Marion picks up the hair dryer and plugsp 42 RW 1988
at the intruders‘ feet as they stepped into the ward. Above the masks their eyes glanced at the television set, whichp 59 RW 1988
begins to unscrew the aluminium baffle of the ventilator shaft above the computer. Already she can see the slide and barrelp 67 RW 1988
its trace along the lower edge of the screen, while above it newscasters expanded on his daily physical routines, on thep 1119 WW3 1988
of the United States. Soon mushroom clouds could be rising above the Pentagon. ‘ ... mild pituitary dysfunction is reported, and the President'sp 1121 WW3 1988
catch the young man darting towards the President. Shots sounded above the wavering strains of the band. In the panic ofp 1122 WW3 1988
of the most successful public relations exercises of our century. Above all, he sets out to expose Hirohito's true role inp 50 UGM 1989
Cain thriller. Yet Hopper's imagination was formed across the Atlantic, above all by the three visits to France which he madep 66 UGM 1989
from Polanski's ill-fated Pirates, a masterpiece of fibre-glass that towers above the fishing-boats in the harbour. Two years ago it wasp 69 UGM 1989
have found irresistibly fascinating, like the rabbit tail that bounced above her contorted buttocks, a furry metronome which already had mep 1125 LCC 1989
who affected an antic air as a way of rising above the occasion. ‘Well, it's wonderful to see you, Lucille. I'vep 1127 LCC 1989
the world. Sustained by these tourist revenues, the ecu soared above the dollar and yen, even though offices and factories remainedp 1139 LTP 1989
and sand, while the Italians proclaimed their ‘mare nostrum‘. But above all the tone of these beach-fuhrers was uniformly authoritarian. Thep 1143 LTP 1989
in the powers of physical strength. Athletic prowess was admired above all, a cult of bodily perfection mediated through group gymnasticp 1143 LTP 1989
my friends and colleagues, my accountant, doctor and solicitor, and above all my ex-wife. I was breaking off all practical connectionsp 1131 TES 1989
comes from no longer depending on anyone else, however well-intentioned. Above all, I am no longer dependent on myself. I feelp 1133 TES 1989
street, and then step with relief into the open bedrooms above the garden. The walls form sections of huge box-antennae tunedp 1133 TES 1989
enjoy the full play of afternoon sun. The west-facing rooms above the garden have become giant observatories. The dust cloaks everythingp 1135 TES 1989
dust falling through the roof of the atrium fifteen floors above him. Illuminated by the sunlight, the pulverised cement formed ap 1145 WF 1989
the armoured vans, but they could scarcely hear themselves talk above the sounds of rocket and machine-gun fire. By this stagep 1159 WF 1989
story about a malevolent stowaway, with dialogue that rarely rose above ‘Chow-time. Where's Dallas?‘ ‘Topside.‘ ‘Uh-huh.‘ What amazed me was notp 4 UGM 1990
lurid hues, cyanic blues and crimsons, playing against the ceiling above his bunk. Reflected in the metallic surface of the lagoonp 1161 DCG 1990
from the freighter's deck. When he reached the clear sand above the tide-line he wiped the emerald dye from his jeansp 1162 DCG 1990
cargo he hated to unload. Nesting in the highest branches above the island was a flock of extravagant aerial creatures, sometimep 1169 DCG 1990
him a brief glimpse of another, more advanced world. High above the collapsed canopy of the forest he could see thep 1172 DCG 1990
marine world occurs when I drive up into the hills above the French Riviera. Leaving behind the coastal strip of marinasp 82 YMCa 1990
villas with terra-cotta roofs. Then, from an observation post high above Grasse, there is the astounding sight of scores of bluep 82 YMCa 1990
the hidden logic at work within the mass media -- above all, the inadvertent packaging of violence and cruelty like attractivep 93 LNEa 1990
of wood. A large breast knife was carried down from above, curving very close to the nipple. The final amount ofp 115 MWR 1990
skin edges in any way. The clamp was applied from above downwards: at its hinge it was just about on thep 115 MWR 1990
the breast side of the clamp. All the stages described above were performed on the other side. It remained merely top 115 MWR 1990
out the nipples through new holes at the chosen position above the vertical suture line. Having found where the nipple wouldp 115 MWR 1990
the lower margin of the lobule to a point slightly above the level of the tragus. From there, at an obtusep 111 PMF 1990
with their silent airstrips among the palm trees, Wake Island above all, have a potent magic for me. The runways thatp 33 AWa 1990
hand, and his scarily simplistic far-right message on the other. Above all, it struck me that Reagan was the first politicianp 105 WIWa 1990
brightness the string of one-liners that survive to this day, above all the immortal ‘Is that a gun in your pocketp 10 UGM 1991
gags, but no one ever delivered them like Mae West. Above all, she brought humour into sex, then as now, sadlyp 10 UGM 1991
the Japanese would find their salvation by thinking about themselves above all as individuals. In 1950 he produced Rashomon, a masterpiecep 26 UGM 1991
than any other people, enjoy being depressed. His samurai epics, above all The Seven Samurai, show Kurosawa again subverting traditional viewsp 26 UGM 1991
But why didn't the astrologers see this coming? The sunsets above Mulholland Drive must be an even more electric pink thesep 33 UGM 1991
by a financially more savvy group of New York criminals, above all Lucky Luciano, who broke away from traditional Sicilian practicesp 44 UGM 1991
he was forced to climb on the prison treadmill and, above all, the money he made, details which fascinate us butp 71 UGM 1991
of war. The images of air combat, sadly, rarely rise above the level of Airfix art, while those of the seap 74 UGM 1991
can see today in a suburban playground or shopping mall. Above all, they seem aware that they exist outside time, andp 82 UGM 1991
railings and canopies seem to be evolving into vegetal forms. Above all, as Melly points out, Paris is filled with ap 90 UGM 1991
fixed for ever in our imaginations by Conrad's novels. But above all Young makes us realize that the world Conrad describedp 114 UGM 1991
the weird and unconscious comedy of the seriously insane -- above all James Tilly Matthews's ‘Air Loom Machine‘, a persecuting enginep 239 UGM 1991
At any moment a squadron of Japanese bombers might appear above the department stores of downtown Shanghai and begin to bombp 9 KW 1991
of the Shanghai Police, with its twin-handled Thompson machine-gun mounted above the driver's cabin. Breathless, I rested in the doorway ofp 20 KW 1991
towards the Bund, its passengers leaping into the road. High above them, on the roof of the Socony-Vacuum building, stood ap 22 KW 1991
of hurtling foam punched through the air and soared high above the radio aerials and mast-tops of the ancient cruiser. Ap 22 KW 1991
bomber veered away from the Japanese antiaircraft fire. It flew above the Bund, exposed its open bombing racks and released twop 23 KW 1991
threw silhouettes of the perimeter fence-posts on to the wall above my head. A straw sack filled most of the openingp 43 KW 1991
leg through the sagging strands. They shouted to each other above the spitting flare, and the man caught in the wirep 44 KW 1991
planes appeared in the sky, cruising a ‘few hundred feet above the camp, and the anti-aircraft guns at the airfield remainedp 51 KW 1991
the war placed the battered bakelite set on the balcony above the entrance to F Block. Then at last we heardp 52 KW 1991
webbing polished by the stream. I stood on the bank above him and watched the water lift the hairs from hisp 54 KW 1991
telephone wire which he had cut from the wooden pole above the station. Sitting with his back to the telephone polep 56 KW 1991
last of the banks and hotels faded into the clouds above the Bund I carried my suitcase to one of thep 72 KW 1991
three-day voyage to the Japanese mainland. Then, on a cliff above the mud-flats, another group of armed soldiers caught my eyep 73 KW 1991
in a small, grey country where the sun rarely rose above the rooftops, a labyrinth of class and caste forever enlargingp 80 KW 1991
itself for the even colder and more crowded high-altitude space above the north German plain. Within hours of my first solop 100 KW 1991
hands to avoid frightening Miriam. The mysterious mushroom clouds, rising above the Pacific atolls from which the B-29s had brought top 102 KW 1991
now some 70 miles to the north-west of Moose Jaw, above a featureless terrain of snow-covered lakes. Under the needle-like sunlightp 109 KW 1991
our way. The rectangular stages of Shepperton film studios rose above the trees. Their presence dominated the town as much asp 124 KW 1991
the woodland beyond Chertsey. It turned in a wide circle above the studios, flaps lowered as if the pilot were tryingp 127 KW 1991
me to her: the sweat on her thighs, the mole above her navel, her freckles and pearly stretchmarks, the shaved skinp 134 KW 1991
of lipstick on her mouth was a pennant flying proudly above the debris of this quiet room. I looked down atp 136 KW 1991
western end of the island the dunes rose twenty feet above the beach. An old sea-wall had collapsed into the inletp 141 KW 1991
already shown her one of his villas in the hills above Rosas and Cadaques. The Dalis might prove to be morep 145 KW 1991
were having sex in a space capsule hundreds of miles above the earth, conceiving the first of a new race ofp 146 KW 1991
Henry pointed to the sticker pasted to the rear fender above the French licence plate: ‘Happiness is overtaking a 2CV‘. ‘What'sp 147 KW 1991
turned to kiss Henry, and I saw the swollen bruise above her right ear, pushing against the unbroken skin. Lykiard hadp 158 KW 1991
which many of the Lunghua prisoners claimed to have seen above Nagasaki, the bomb that had saved our lives. In thep 176 KW 1991
photography. Fragments of deranged dreams veered across the night air above the raucous neon. The lurid glare still hung in myp 177 KW 1991
warm wine, I thought of myself on the swaying platform above the crowd, bellowing into the erratic microphones. Giant fragments ofp 185 KW 1991
gleam into her eyes. We parked on the hard shoulder above the beach and watched the waves splinter themselves against thep 186 KW 1991
memory. She seemed like the statue of a madonna suspended above the nave of a cathedral, rising into the air asp 199 KW 1991
deal to the women I had known since her death, above all to Sally Mumford, who had helped me to facep 199 KW 1991
For a moment I saw Peggy suspended in the air above the pear tree, angel of our suburb. I imagined thisp 209 KW 1991
sensible woollen suit and court shoes, positioned at various points above the rooftops of Shepperton. ‘Are you all right?‘ Peggy wasp 209 KW 1991
belt, I saw the asphalt rush past a few inches above my face, a ceiling of racing gravel lit by myp 231 KW 1991
death itself were speeding towards me, passing a few inches above my eyes. An ambulance man knelt beside me, frowning overp 232 KW 1991
hotels bothered to watch them. Waves of amplified music rose above the clamour of police sirens and the cries of lotteryp 236 KW 1991
and the cries of lottery salesmen. Two light aircraft flew above the beach, and towed pennants advertising rival film attractions. Challengingp 236 KW 1991
drivers from a blinding glimpse of this extraordinary sex. And above all this were the people of the favelas, the shantyp 237 KW 1991
and television executives who formed the proletariat of the super-rich. Above the cocaine voices and firework display on the terrace, Ip 253 KW 1991
Along Copacabana Beach the salesmen were flying their festival kites above the heads of the footballers, hawking their movie-star lapel badgesp 256 KW 1991
hospitals, the mental institutions and private clinics. In a drawing-room above a cold Scottish lake Sally Mumford was measuring out herp 263 KW 1991
the mud-flats. Stranded by the falling water, sailing dinghies sat above us on the draining pedestals of silt. A cabin cruiserp 288 KW 1991
was imprisoned for nine days, watched by the geiger counter above his bed, until he had excreted the last of thep 303 KW 1991
the silver forest of spiral pinions and the rotating mirrors above the calliope. Everyone I had known was riding the unicornsp 317 KW 1991
bank and steered the craft on to the metal cradle. Above them, on the ramp, his wife sat at the controlsp 325 KW 1991
in the front row, the cockpit of the 747 far above us, I peered over her shoulder at the north-east suburbsp 337 KW 1991
loaded with a bizarre sailing vessel. A single mast rose above a cabin that resembled a thatched hut. As we approachedp 346 KW 1991
Durrell's Justine and Dali's Secret Life, then Heller's Catch-22 and, above all, the novels of William Burroughs -- Naked Lunch restoredp 181 UGM 1992
-- according to Philip Larkin -- when sex began. But, above all, it was the year when President Kennedy was assassinatedp 242 UGM 1992
of this planet have in other respects scarcely raised themselves above the lowest levels of barbarism. The enjoyment of pain andp 1185 ROP 1992
as natural to them as the air they breathe. War above all is their most popular sport, in which rival populationsp 1185 ROP 1992
First World War. Everything was ‘relative‘, in the moral sphere above all, and so anything went, which suited the temper ofp 149 UGM 1993
inlet among the deceptive calms that floated a few feet above a Himalaya of teeth. ‘We're drifting ...!‘ Dr Barbara clambered overp 10 RP 1994
urging on a reluctant steed. Listening to the spuming air above the coral towers, he had found an inlet through thep 11 RP 1994
towards the shore, where the palms formed a dense palisade above a beach of black volcanic ash. Dr Barbara threw asidep 14 RP 1994
rocky mass that rose to a summit four hundred feet above the beach. Searching for the threatened sea–birds, the great ocean–wanderersp 15 RP 1994
for her, Neil was aware of the radio mast high above the island, its antennae trailing them through the breaks inp 18 RP 1994
floorboards. A prayer-shack of corrugated iron stood on a headland above the lagoon, surrounded by the graves of an overgrown cemeteryp 19 RP 1994
dead birds, hair floating from her forehead like threatening vapour above a volcano. As the wind stirred the plumage of thep 21 RP 1994
him, from Chelsea Bridge to the first lock at Teddington. Above all, he revelled in long night-swims, when he moved inp 28 RP 1994
could do good, but people resent that, judges and juries above all. Doing good unsettles them. Believe me, Neil, nothing provokesp 43 RP 1994
any moral opprobrium and where the albatross would forever fly above her head. A film of moisture, as pale as hopep 43 RP 1994
Dugong, counting her steps aloud to himself. Holding his arms above the heads of the Japanese tourists, he climbed the gangwayp 51 RP 1994
her as a practising physician. Headlights flared across the hatchway above his head, illuminating the foremast which reared into the nightp 56 RP 1994
was a floating orchestra and chorus on a ceremonial barge above the reef. Driven by Kimo and David Carline, the twop 57 RP 1994
German holster. For all his high-minded sentiments, Carline was not above certain small deceits. Shortly before they sailed, his Waikiki hotelp 63 RP 1994
the spray-drenched hair from her mouth, exposing an ugly bruise above her lip, and helped Monique onto the raft beside herp 67 RP 1994
his engines, and Monique turned to the helicopter that clattered above its wake, screaming like a berserk mother at the youngp 67 RP 1994
back to the helicopter and the speeding inflatables. Bandeau raised above her pale forehead, she stared at the captain of thep 68 RP 1994
reversing the bulldozer across the airstrip, and the rope stiffened above the forest canopy, frayed threads snapping and spinning. After workingp 77 RP 1994
glanced uneasily at the eye of the radio mast high above them. Neil broke the spell, aiming a stone through ap 81 RP 1994
on the concrete roof and watched the great birds sailing above the forest, their solemn eyes searching for the vanished radiop 82 RP 1994
The cheerful cries of the Croix du Sud's crew sounded above the thump of the volley-ball. Despite their hard work, theyp 85 RP 1994
months of occupation, but at least the albatross now soared above the peak. Despite this success, Neil felt distanced from thep 85 RP 1994
husband was staring out to sea, binoculars to his eyes. Above the low beat of the sloop's engine, drumming at Neil'sp 88 RP 1994
than the albatross. They've saved Saint-Esprit and its wild-life, and above all they've saved hope -- hope throughout the planet forp 93 RP 1994
stepped under the starboard propeller, an icy spear that trembled above his head. ‘If you want to join us you'll havep 104 RP 1994
still waiting for you and Kimo to clear the ferns above the aqueduct. There's far too much to do ...‘ Nevertheless, Drp 105 RP 1994
splinters from the packing cases burned on the open ground above the beach, its flames reflected in the greasy control leversp 112 RP 1994
this to a sceptical shrug, but he surveyed the peak above the forest slopes as if already seeing the flag ofp 118 RP 1994
position beside the kitchen, digging storm-drains around the camp and, above all, searching the hillsides for the smallest edible root orp 120 RP 1994
ferns with a cautious hand, Neil crept towards the trees above the beach as the other members of the raiding partyp 132 RP 1994
defended the Pacific atolls during the Second World War, waiting above the beaches for the American marines to wade ashore. Thep 132 RP 1994
and aimed it at the largest of the albatross soaring above the wreck of the Dugong. He was about to squeezep 132 RP 1994
of sanctuary life. Work now dominated their days on Saint-Esprit, above all the ceaseless search for food. Helped by the reservep 135 RP 1994
cautiously, aware that Dr Barbara was standing among the trees above the beach, a latter-day Margaret Mead watching the courtship ritualsp 149 RP 1994
touched his leg, running her forefinger across the hard tendon above his knee-cap that gathered his thigh muscles together like thep 150 RP 1994
at the undulating surface of the mirror floating fifty feet above them, through which Neil's face and arms protruded as ifp 151 RP 1994
Neil released the cement building block and seized the tail-plane above his head, pulling himself to the empty turret. Lying onp 153 RP 1994
the first to succumb. Cutting palm logs on the hillside above the plant terraces, he collapsed over his axe, racked byp 153 RP 1994
them. Neil walked along the cliff, scanning the wooded slopes above the plant terraces. Viewed from the summit, all seemed atp 158 RP 1994
apparently oblivious of Saint-Esprit, the sanctuary and the albatross circling above her. ‘They're just making her a scapegoat because they're tiredp 160 RP 1994
herself, a hand stilling Neil when he tried to shout above the roar of the engines. In their bamboo cages onp 176 RP 1994
concluded, was spartan and high-minded, qualities that Colonel Stamford admired above all. In fact, there was something almost too idyllic aboutp 186 RP 1994
grated together, waves boomed through the wreck of the Dugong. Above him the albatross circled, crying mindlessly at the sky andp 198 RP 1994
her private sanctum, the wired enclosure on the higher ground above the clinic. Here she had begun to cultivate a modestp 201 RP 1994
retreat into their private worlds, and nature had stilled them. Above all, both were men, and for Dr Barbara being ap 205 RP 1994
End of Love Borne by the wind, the banners floated above the runway, their painted slogans taunting the dusty trees. Neilp 210 RP 1994
from the eyes of the ailing albatross on the cliff above him. The women's anger had startled him, and he feltp 223 RP 1994
of diesel fuel. Monique and Inger stood on the cliff above him, each holding a jerry can taken from the bulldozer'sp 228 RP 1994
and crabs as an immense anvil of dark smoke rose above the island, readying Saint-Esprit for the hammer that would splitp 230 RP 1994
death awaited his return to the sanctuary. From the forest above the plant terraces he saw them sitting with Dr Barbarap 231 RP 1994
their binoculars, surveying the smoke-stained foliage of the forest slopes above the runway. Patsy Kennedy was carried past on her stretcherp 236 RP 1994
open front door, and gazed through it at the sky above. The house was a brick shell. Everything had been strippedp 286 UGM 1995
mouth of the Yangtse. American power had saved our lives, above all the atomic bombs dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Notp 292 UGM 1995
Senor Danvila heard me out, nodding mournfully at the oranges above my head as I repeated my arguments. I sensed thatp 31 CN 1996
Comfortable villas stood behind the palms and eucalyptus trees, and above them was the liner-like prow of the Club Nautico, toppedp 35 CN 1996
the gutted eminence of the Hollinger mansion on its hill above the town, the charred roofing timbers like the remains ofp 35 CN 1996
discovered, had a thriving arts community. In the narrow streets above the harbour a parade of commercial galleries showed the latestp 36 CN 1996
wire door opened briefly. A raised hand saluted me, and above the towel around the player's neck I saw a wryp 41 CN 1996
to play. From the balcony of Frank's apartment, three floors above the swimming pool, I watched the members of the Clubp 42 CN 1996
with the happy scene around him but in some way above all this unthinking revelry. He struck me, as he mustp 45 CN 1996
than an exhausted gasp. Her hands reached to the roof above the man's head and tore at the fabric. Twenty feetp 57 CN 1996
into his dreams as they hovered on the night air above his pillow, faithfully waiting for him to return. An hourp 79 CN 1996
the engine-fitters and deckhands who worked at the marina boatyard. Above it was a billboard advertising Toro cigarettes, a coarse, high-nicotinep 79 CN 1996
volunteer security patrol wailed among the palms, a banshee floating above the darkened villas. The sleep of Estrella de Mar wasp 81 CN 1996
favelas in Rio, the violent shanty communities on the heights above the city. They reminded the sleeping rich in their luxuryp 81 CN 1996
dark ruin of the Hollinger house on its unlit eminence above the town. She touched the fading bruise on her cheekp 88 CN 1996
and waxed the limousine, buffing the huge wings that flared above its wheels. He had followed us up the drive andp 103 CN 1996
the flight of steps that led to the housekeeper's quarters above the garage. A wrought-iron gate beside the entry door openedp 103 CN 1996
on the landing, surrounded by blackened walls, the open sky above our heads. The bedroom doors had burned down to theirp 107 CN 1996
lined with books, whose spines peeled from the charred shelves. Above the bed was a small dormer window that contained thep 112 CN 1996
against the pillows, a sickly green tinge to his fur. Above the bed a narrow sill carried a collection of potteryp 124 CN 1996
together, they virtually pinpointed the apartment's location on the heights above Estrella de Mar. I sat back and stared at thep 136 CN 1996
of the town. The weather-vane of the Anglican church rose above the Plaza Iglesias, without doubt the one I had glimpsedp 137 CN 1996
He walked away through the crowd, a gloomy gallows-tree swaying above the cheerful diners. I waited for Paula in the barp 142 CN 1996
from the Club Nautico to the harbour, the curving hillside above the town resembled an amphitheatre warmed by the morning sunp 146 CN 1996
Now, where exactly is Sansom's cottage?‘ ‘In the old town above the harbour. Take the Calle Molina and I'll show youp 146 CN 1996
copper pans and earthenware dishes, ruched tea-towels and tissue rolls. Above the stone sink was a notice-board covered with personal miscellaneap 150 CN 1996
sex.‘ ‘Idiot ...‘ I stared at myself in the Venetian mirror above the pastry board. ‘I was thinking of Frank.‘ ‘Of coursep 150 CN 1996
rusting refrigerators, trying to read the contours of the streets above me. A white satellite dish was bolted to an outhousep 151 CN 1996
it I noticed the spire of the Anglican church rising above the Plaza Iglesias. Its weather-vane pointed to a penthouse balconyp 151 CN 1996
haunted the bars and discos, prostitutes high-heeled the cobbled alleyways above the harbour, and the cameras of the porno-film makers probablyp 159 CN 1996
of stone steps climbed the hillside towards the rocky summit above the Hollinger house. Whether or not by coincidence, Crawford hadp 167 CN 1996
the stony soil for any trace of the arsonist's footprints. Above my head sounded the leathery flutter of canvas. Curious top 168 CN 1996
who I was, the glider pilot hovered in the air above me, so close that his booted foot almost touched myp 168 CN 1996
I crouched among the burnt-out trees as the glider circled above me, ready to make another pass if I attempted top 169 CN 1996
six months ago.‘ Sanger stared bleakly at the sun setting above the miniature garden, with its drained pool like a sunkenp 178 CN 1996
pausing to inspect the sunlight like a shark orientating itself above an unfamiliar sea-bed. I lay back in the Citroen's passengerp 201 CN 1996
in the kitchen, listening to Crawford's feet on the floorboards above my head. He was pulling a wardrobe across the roomp 202 CN 1996
But one room had not been vandalized, the maid's bedroom above the kitchen, where Crawford was easing a heavy Spanish dresserp 203 CN 1996
sat in the cabin, ignoring my feet on the deck above. Hennessy was waiting in the entrance to the sports clubp 228 CN 1996
husband. Crime and vandalism are everywhere. You have to rise above these mindless thugs and the oafish world they inhabit. Insecurityp 244 CN 1996
almost to the scalp, exposing the bony scars that ran above her temples. When she turned to stare at the poolp 268 CN 1996
Iglesias, and climbed the steep avenue to the Club Nautico. Above me the burnt-out shell of the Hollinger mansion presided overp 276 CN 1996
silk banner bearing the legend ‘The Residencia Philharmonic Players‘ wafted above the dozen members of the orchestra, who sat at theirp 286 CN 1996
me bounded like cheerleaders on their tennis pumps, rackets whirling above my head, and Crawford good-naturedly unbuttoned his shirt and exposedp 288 CN 1996
as a few helium balloons floated in a desultory way above the litter, hunting their own shadows. The floats that hadp 309 CN 1996
the car keys that I had found in the orchard above the Hollinger house. As I crossed the gloomy basement Ip 313 CN 1996
wire screen. I ran the few paces towards it, hand above my head, and caught the ball as it fell. Bloodp 327 CN 1996
arms are braced against the shifting stone, his back arched above his straining legs. We can see that in his desperatep 6 DYF 1996
tourists sat in the sun, waving to their friends high above them. Ignoring the ticket office, I strolled around the stonep 9 DYF 1996
the massive flank, urging it on its way. Eight storeys above me, Elaine had reached the roof and stood beside thep 9 DYF 1996
that my guide to this ‘intelligent‘ city in the hills above Cannes should have been a specialist in mental disorders. Ip 3 SC 2000
David ...‘ David Greenwood's death dominated our time at Eden-Olympia, hovering above the artificial lakes and forests like the ghosts of Principp 9 SC 2000
its main story. ‘Nightmare in Eden‘ was the repeated headline above photographs of Riviera beaches and bullet-starred doors in the officesp 10 SC 2000
top floors of the office buildings caught the sun, floating above the trees like airborne caravels. Our conversation had drained thep 27 SC 2000
eased myself onto the sun-lounger and lifted my right leg above the foam rubber cushion. After only three weeks at Eden-Olympiap 37 SC 2000
and give Jane a rest from the heavy steering wheel. Above all, I was able to walk, and keep up withp 37 SC 2000
the page proofs and watched the Cessna climb the hills above Grasse, its pennant shivering in the cooler air. The ligamentsp 40 SC 2000
smoothed my damp hair. She paused at the swollen bruise above my ear, but said nothing about the wound. ‘Why dop 66 SC 2000
swaying as he gasped for air. I circled the ramp above them, trying to attract their attention, but a uniformed figurep 72 SC 2000
but they're rather old-fashioned. You're a pilot, Paul, you've flown above the clouds. You owe it to yourself to be morep 96 SC 2000
he held out his hand I noticed the livid bruises above his wrist, the blue and yellow clouds of damaged skinp 106 SC 2000
road to Golfe-Juan a publicity aircraft was towing its pennant above the lighthouse at La Garoupe. Powerboats cut through the watersp 118 SC 2000
the upper floors of the office buildings seemed to drift above the autumn mist that filled the valley. I switched offp 119 SC 2000
ghost of the young doctor in whose bed I slept. Above all, I needed to dream the psychotic's dream. Riviera Newsp 126 SC 2000
in our soup. I found the offices of Riviera News above an outboard-motor dealers in a side street off the Avenuep 127 SC 2000
deaths, ready to be replaced by the month's end. High above me, fluted columns carried the pitched roofs, an attempt atp 133 SC 2000
widows turned to gaze at me, their faint smiles floating above the scent of camomile. ‘What about the hostages?‘ I askedp 142 SC 2000
Bocca.‘ ‘And Pierre,‘ Madame Menard agreed. She clapped her hands above the teacups, trying to picture a blur of colliding carsp 143 SC 2000
the villas of Super-Cannes, the mansions of light that rose above the night. After dinner in the Vieux Port, Jane andp 158 SC 2000
using the manual choke to set a fast idling speed. Above the clatter of unaligned carburettors he shouted: ‘Go back top 165 SC 2000
in his distant way, then relented and slapped the roof above my head as I reversed out of the parking spacep 166 SC 2000
is ...?‘ ‘Do you fancy him?‘ ‘A little. He's so heroically above it all. He offered me his copy of Tender isp 171 SC 2000
German banker, then become a recluse in a mansion high above Super-Cannes, with a fading facelift and a phobia about reflectivep 175 SC 2000
modernist in the most minimal and self-effacing way, a machine above all for thinking in. As a nerve jumped in hisp 191 SC 2000
David Greenwood's murder spree had ended on the exposed deck above our heads, when a faulty magazine had saved the Frenchwomanp 199 SC 2000
these days.‘ ‘But serious enough. And only the tip visible above the water. These bowling clubs, and the road accidents somethingp 203 SC 2000
Halder spoke so quietly that I could scarcely hear him above the engine. He composed himself, waiting for the muscles ofp 203 SC 2000
A metal clamp locked the plastic tube to the vent above my head, its funnel polished by the abrading tool. Thep 206 SC 2000
No. Right here, in this car park. A few feet above where you're standing.‘ ‘No ...‘ She shook her head and backedp 209 SC 2000
last moments, that his life had ended on the roof above us. But her grief had been genuine, a touching mixp 211 SC 2000
the black breasts of La Belle Otero seemed to float above the Canton Hotel, like gifts from one pasha to anotherp 213 SC 2000
the hillside, and lights flared from the balconies of villas above the coast road. ‘Frances ...‘ Without thinking, I drew her fromp 220 SC 2000
his crew shouted into their mobile phones. From the road above the museum came the sound of accelerating engines. A blackp 221 SC 2000
with their step-pyramid profiles seemed detached from the ground, floating above the swimming pools and marinas that lay between the causewaysp 224 SC 2000
the faint North African music that came from an apartment above us. ‘Don't tell me you're asleep.‘ ‘I've never been morep 231 SC 2000
gates opened. Screened by tall cypresses, the Villa Grimaldi stood above its sloping lawns, a former palace hotel of the bellep 236 SC 2000
surged against the railings, angry cries sounding a clear threat above the excitement. Hands patted the sleek roofs of the vehiclesp 275 SC 2000
the clinic's highly paid physicians had offered. The helicopters clattered above the beach, cameras filming from open doorways. A small riotp 278 SC 2000
a rival studio's production was advertised on a huge billboard above his head. He had turned back into the hotel andp 278 SC 2000
American and South African flyers who towed the advertising pennants above the beaches of the Cote d'Azur in their ageing Cessnasp 281 SC 2000
the rotating strobes on its roof vented a gaudy fountain above the Vieux Port. Frances and I strolled forward, eyes stungp 290 SC 2000
breakfast cutlery. A pantry door opened, and kitchen staff shouted above the blare of music from the terrace. A waiter sangp 295 SC 2000
fronds as a motorcade left the Palais des Festivals. Forgotten above the crowds, the samurai on the roof of the Nogap 304 SC 2000
Frances, wait here ... it won't take long.‘ ‘Paul!‘ She shouted above, the music, shaking her head when Halder caught up withp 305 SC 2000
Khan house beyond the railway tracks, a crumbling deco ghost above the beach. A slip road crossed the railway line andp 309 SC 2000
was the apartment complex of Antibes-les-Pins. A single light shone above a balcony, where some insomniac neighbour of Isabel Duval satp 311 SC 2000
across the rows of guests, an approving murmur barely audible above the flapping of the canvas marquee. Sitting beside Penrose inp 355 SC 2000
the ten-storey bulk of Eden II's administrative headquarters would tower above the plaque. As if signalling their approval, the massed enginesp 357 SC 2000
the open cockpit. The flare rose into the air, hovered above the refreshment tent and exploded in a globe of emeraldp 357 SC 2000
leaving their allotted circuits of the Cote d'Azur to rendezvous above Sophia-Antipolis. They flew towards us, shadows crossing the canvas roofp 358 SC 2000
Sophia-Antipolis. They flew towards us, shadows crossing the canvas roof above our heads, engines drumming against the hulls of the gradersp 358 SC 2000
back. ‘Right, that was lunch. Let's go for a drive above Grasse. I need the high air to think in ...‘ Thep 360 SC 2000
more radical leap of faith. As we climbed the mountains above Grasse he patted my arm, treating me to the conspiratorialp 361 SC 2000
love again. At the Col du Pilon, a few miles above Grasse, we parked by the observation point with its devil'sp 362 SC 2000
black hair rose in a retro-punk blaze from her forehead, above kohled eyes and a lipsticked mouth like a wound. Ip 368 SC 2000
narrow as an axehead, and his eyes were aroused, roving above his flared nostrils. I was still dazed by the spectaclep 374 SC 2000
open and seized my arm. We emerged onto the floor above the mezzanine. We crossed the landing to a service doorp 374 SC 2000
the young woman who lay dead in her bedroom, far above me in the curving night. ‘Mr Sinclair?‘ Halder steadied mep 376 SC 2000
parked car. But his eyes never left the balcony far above him. Despite the smart clothes, he looked cheap and unsavouryp 379 SC 2000
about it?‘ ‘It's the Delages‘.‘ Halder surveyed a film poster above a shuttered tabac. ‘They're standing in the doorway next top 381 SC 2000
away like a thief between the hangars and fire engines. Above my head the night seemed to falter, then tilted andp 387 SC 2000
to the airport. While she flew back to London, high above the Rhone valley, Frances Baring would still lie on herp 388 SC 2000
still in place -- the Post-it notes on the mirror above the fireplace, the lecture invitations from anarchist groups, and thep 9 MP 2003
first time of the optician's diagrams pinned to the wall above the desk, target-like circles and rows of meaningless letters thatp 11 MP 2003
blood speckling her arms. Dust swirled in the air, billowing above the boutiques and bureaux de change, a frantic microclimate tryingp 16 MP 2003
forgotten. Her face seemed smaller and more pointed, mouth pursed above a childlike chin. She took the mobile from me andp 20 MP 2003
it ease its way over the Deer Park at Richmond, above the disused observatory where the Astronomer Royal had once scannedp 28 MP 2003
confident claims for the new corporate psychology seemed to float above the world like a regatta of hot-air balloons, detached fromp 28 MP 2003
this morning. The magistrates were faced with something they hate above anything else -- a responsible citizen ready to sacrifice himselfp 62 MP 2003
came here to erase the world. A chromium-framed photograph hung above the mantelpiece, a blow-up of herself in full Helmut Newtonp 77 MP 2003
searched the aisles for Kay or Vera. The screen loomed above me, a clouded mirror drained of its memories. On itsp 121 MP 2003
it, searching his pockets for a cigarette. As we rose above County Hall the fires lit the night air and seemedp 123 MP 2003
equality but hate the underclass. We fear our bodies and, above all, we fear death We're an accident of nature, butp 139 MP 2003
could still taste the smoke in the doomed auditoriums, rolling above my head like a compulsive dream. I could hear thep 145 MP 2003
South Bank, and the black Millennium Wheel ready to turn above the ruins. I remembered Kay Churchill and Vera and Joanp 147 MP 2003
I remembered Kay Churchill and Vera and Joan Chang and, above all, Dr Richard Gould, and knew that I needed top 147 MP 2003
the stairs to the left of the foyer. One floor above, we burst through a door marked ‘Council Chamber‘. The high-ceilingedp 155 MP 2003
it, and blowing out a large section of the masonry above the entrance. A French tourist and a warder were alsop 162 MP 2003
than the amateur terrorist I had met in the gondola above the National Film Theatre. Trying to reassure him, I saidp 173 MP 2003
noise; life and death measured by legroom.‘ ‘And gliding?‘ ‘You're above the sky.‘ He lay back in the passenger seat asp 175 MP 2003
sure.‘ I held Vera's arm, and felt the pulse beating above her elbow. ‘Some very dangerous people are being tempted intop 188 MP 2003
needed to spend more time with Kay and Vera, and above all with, Richard Gould. A strange logic had emerged fromp 188 MP 2003
its own.‘ Henry listened to Sally's footsteps in the bedroom above our heads. ‘As it happens, people at the Home Officep 194 MP 2003
He spoke breathlessly, and I could hear an ambulance siren above the traffic, and the voices of women talking in ap 207 MP 2003
between police stations. A zoom lens mounted on a roof above West End Central showed him bundled from an armoured vanp 212 MP 2003
a Bloomsbury slattern. Without thinking, I turned to the mirror above the leather sofa and saw myself, shifty and shabby, withp 217 MP 2003
police helicopter descended from the sky and hovered fifty feet above the roof. Megaphones blared at each other, a babel ofp 223 MP 2003
out as noise. Somewhere a large diesel engine was accelerating above a clatter of steel tracks, followed by the tearing metalp 224 MP 2003
and Stephen Dexter had not been present at her triumph. Above all, I missed Richard Gould, who had inspired the Chelseap 232 MP 2003
on the pavement below the front door. A helicopter circled above Wandsworth Bridge, and two launches of the river police satp 236 MP 2003
presence had woken in my mind, and seemed to hover above the signposts pointing to the airport terminals. I waited asp 240 MP 2003
could be dangerous.‘ ‘He was here.‘ I raised my voice above the mushy drone of a Cathay Pacific jumbo sweeping inp 245 MP 2003
least half an hour.‘ Gould spoke softly, voice barely audible above the traffic on the perimeter road. ‘I set the fusep 253 MP 2003
Richard Gould stood near the window of the top-floor flat above Cadogan Circle, head raised to the sky, lifting his handsp 272 MP 2003
What is it?‘ Feet moved across the roof, almost directly above my head, the sounds of a sunbather settling himself onp 279 MP 2003
Sally said nothing, listening to the sounds from the roof above our heads. I lifted the shade from the standard lampp 279 MP 2003
missed the sound of a rifle shot from the roof above my head. The Home Secretary's car stopped sharply, its windscreenp 282 MP 2003
doors, and reached the entrance lobby as the helicopter hovered above the Circle. Through the whirlwind of noise I heard twop 283 MP 2003
the cross of St George on its white field, flying above the housing estates and business parks. The red crusader's crossp 8 KC 2006
to the window and was staring uneasily at the sky above the multi-storey garage. I was about to ask him aboutp 9 KC 2006
beckoning to the anxious faces in the hall behind him. Above the door was a small ceramic plaque bearing an Arabicp 11 KC 2006
exceeded those of the Christian churches. Its silver roof rose above the surrounding office blocks and hotels like the hull ofp 15 KC 2006
lamp beside the desk. The intruder flinched back, the truncheon above his head, searching for a target. I threw myself atp 19 KC 2006
the policemen jostling him, and stared at the radio aerials above the station, as if expecting a message from a distantp 27 KC 2006
Mrs Christie was scarcely aware of the child, her eyes above bruised cheeks staring at the hunting scenes on the wallsp 34 KC 2006
from the exits and searched for their parked cars. High above the stadium, the electronic display screens faced each other atp 36 KC 2006
himself across the empty stands. Fragments of his voice boomed above the traffic and the cheers of rival supporters. He wasp 36 KC 2006
promise in every polished phrase. A fist struck the roof above my head. The supporters crossing the road drummed on thep 36 KC 2006
drove off at speed. The commentator on the screens floated above the night, voice booming at the empty stands. Clips ofp 36 KC 2006
on mine. I took for granted that he distrusted me, above all for having a father who had allowed himself top 40 KC 2006
Cruise preferred his left profile, which concealed the receding hairline above his right temple. In an almost reassuring way, his softp 47 KC 2006
in Brooklands. I stared at myself in the half-length mirror above the maid's kettle and biscuit tin. The tasselled banner hungp 56 KC 2006
No. The bullet ...‘ She touched the mass of dark hair above her left ear and traced a line, to the backp 61 KC 2006
against the tailgate and smiled at the Metro-Centre blimp lazing above him. He had recovered from his rough treatment at thep 89 KC 2006
made his peace with the lazy blimp five hundred feet above him, as if hoping that the cameramen in the gondolap 89 KC 2006
form.‘ ‘A form ...‘ Christie raised his voice to a shout above the pipe band. ‘Madam, nothing is true, nothing is untruep 90 KC 2006
away straightened his back and gazed at the drifting blimp above our heads. He had willed himself into the fugue, expressingp 94 KC 2006
as the cabinet refrigerator toppled to the ground. Stewards shouted above the pipe band. ‘Right! Let's have you! Off with thisp 94 KC 2006
estates, rose the dome of the Metro-Centre, its blimp lazing above it like a tethered soul. Maxted gestured at the expensivep 97 KC 2006
here. The best view in Brooklands.‘ ‘Even though I'm living above a madhouse?‘ Maxted laughed generously, walked to the drinks cabinetp 98 KC 2006
night of important sports matches: the arrays of arc lights above the football and athletics stadiums blazed through a hazy glarep 108 KC 2006
I sat with my whisky, in this penthouse correctly sited above a lunatic asylum. Maxted had impressed me, but I discountedp 108 KC 2006
Holding the kitchen chair by its legs I raised it above my head and drove the steel frame into the plate-glassp 109 KC 2006
powerful explosion, a loud percussive boom that entered the shaft above our heads and rocked the lift. I stepped into thep 110 KC 2006
blowing out the glass and aluminium panels two hundred feet above the atrium. The shopping mall, according to the police radiop 113 KC 2006
to the policemen keeping a lane open for emergency vehicles. Above the din of ambulance sirens an officer in a yellowp 114 KC 2006
Metro-Centre, and had left the bomb in the boot, directly above the fuel tank. Both the front and rear number platesp 116 KC 2006
join me. You get a better view of the race ...‘ Above me, on the upper slope of the embankment, a manp 137 KC 2006
secret flaw, perhaps a zeppelin mooring mast on the floor above or a sewage outfall ten feet below. She endlessly circledp 153 KC 2006
against the window pillar, and looked up at the billboard above a TV rental store, advertising the Metro-Centre and its cablep 154 KC 2006
long-pondered intricacies trapped in a cat's cradle of incomprehensible laws. Above all, it was too middle-class, and unconnected to the kindp 158 KC 2006
unending din of marching bands that drummed at the windows above the wail of ambulances and fire engines. Usually she wouldp 158 KC 2006
in the mirror.‘ Julia pointed to the nightwatchman's shaving mirror above the sink. ‘Go on. Risk it.‘ ‘Oh, my God ... nop 163 KC 2006
himself for his principles. We approached the South Gate entrance. Above the cantilevered marquee were a pair of loudspeakers used forp 173 KC 2006
bullet hole, and a pool of blood covered the tiles. Above my head a window closed sharply, and an elderly couplep 182 KC 2006
drive, and the passenger door of the Fiat swung open above our heads. Clinging to the frosted window like scorched parchmentp 184 KC 2006
rose from the Metro-Centre as the crowd watching the screens above the South Gate entrance let out a cry of angerp 205 KC 2006
my father's Purdey shotgun into the light. On the shelf above was a box of twelve-bore shells, enough to see offp 206 KC 2006
of stalled traffic, veering headlights and panic-stricken pedestrians. He shouted above the din. ‘One thing David Cruise had was an unlimitedp 208 KC 2006
the Thames Valley was converging on the Metro-Centre. It rose above the houses and office blocks, an immense white ghost, ap 209 KC 2006
the watching crowd, fragments of his amplified message barely audible above the blare of the helicopters. ‘ ... from tonight the Metro-Centre willp 215 KC 2006
gun shops in the dome. Carradine's right hand was raised above his head, and he signalled to the marshals with smallp 216 KC 2006
it end. When the army helicopters resumed their tiresome patrols above the dome, Carradine called a public meeting in the Southp 226 KC 2006
they had smuggled onto one of the upper-level retail decks above the mezzanine studio. No one needed to question their motivesp 227 KC 2006
the chair, gathering my strength for the short walk. High above me were the upper decks of the shopping mall, railedp 228 KC 2006
loudspeakers blared. Stun grenades exploded against the metal panels high above the atrium, showering debris on the luckless bears. A powerfulp 246 KC 2006
bears. A powerful explosion blew a hole in the dome above the portico of the North Gate entrance. A joint armyp 246 KC 2006
in a tear-stained St George's shirt approached me, muscular arms above her head, as if ringing a mortuary bell. Trying top 254 KC 2006
and torn aluminium that had fallen from the roof. Somewhere above me, on the abandoned galleries, Duncan Christie would be waitingp 265 KC 2006
marshals, firing at random into the dark. Helicopters soared tirelessly above the roof, searchlights throwing restless shadows that leapt from ap 266 KC 2006
top floor, where a third jerrycan sat on the landing above the stairwell, petrol slopped around it. A police helicopter driftedp 269 KC 2006
of rotor blades scrambling through the dead vines and yuccas. Above the cuffing downdraught I heard the fracture-cry of plate glassp 269 KC 2006
towards me. I moved across the arcade, raised the weapon above my head and flung it over the rail. ‘Go!‘ Ip 270 KC 2006
a cruel and lurid world surged around me. Shanghai lived above all on the street, the beggars showing their wounds, thep 29 ML 2008
a newsreel war, only taking place on the silver square above my head, its visual conventions decided by the resources andp 38 ML 2008
pushing my pram missed her footing on the grassy slope above the cliffs and lost control of the pram. It spedp 43 ML 2008
clothing (much of which was pilfered by the guards) and, above all, the inadequate food rations -- all problems in whichp 76 ML 2008
me, drew his sword and slashed away the mosquito net above my mother's head, then thrashed the light bulb into fragmentsp 79 ML 2008
concrete of the ruined buildings, slotted them through the can above a draught door and then moulded wet clay to formp 93 ML 2008
to attack Lunghua airfield. As they approached, barely twenty feet above the abandoned paddy fields, they hid behind the three-storey buildingsp 97 ML 2008
once caught out in the open. Anti-aircraft shells were exploding above us, and I stopped to pick up a gnarled piecep 98 ML 2008
that I was able to visit friends from the classes above mine who had entered the University a year ahead ofp 128 ML 2008
journals and student magazines I would never have seen otherwise. Above all, there was the Arts Cinema, where I saw virtuallyp 128 ML 2008
of beer. Then the weather would clear, brilliant blue skies above the silent snow, and we would get in a fewp 164 ML 2008
another Auschwitz and another Hiroshima, that science fiction was exploring. Above all, the s-f genre had a huge vitality. Without thinkingp 167 ML 2008
Mrs Shanahan incident. This on-and-off prostitute lived in a room above Mary with her 7-year-old daughter. When times were low shep 175 ML 2008
horror. I remember the old Stanley Crescent Hotel with affection. Above all, of course, because Mary was still there. I leftp 178 ML 2008
or novelists such as Anthony Powell and C.P. Snow. Above all, science fiction had a huge vitality that had bledp 189 ML 2008
rang me from Tokyo, and I could barely hear him above a background babble of Japanese voices. He explained that hep 221 ML 2008
bank of cigarette automats with voice-actuated brand selectors. He shouted above the din: ‘It's midnight, there's no one here. The machinesp 221 ML 2008
with my lack of interest in music and the theatre. Above all, she has been a staunch supporter of my writingp 231 ML 2008
broad new highway. Lights glimmered through the perspiring trees, and above the microwave air I could see vast skyscrapers built inp 266 ML 2008