-- Total Demoralization -- makes it his first task to abolish concentration camps, mass arrest, and ‘except under certain limited andp 128 UGM 1964
vaccine are up-to-date. So WHO was careful never to completely abolish the disease. It deliberately allowed smallpox to flourish in ap 1157 WF 1989
they're harmless. They're in the grip of some bizarre ideas. Abolish the 20th Century. Ban tourism. Politics, commerce, education -- allp 67 MP 2003
was a police chief who sincerely believed that he had abolished crime. He was sympathetic when I described the Russian intruderp 84 SC 2000
dried her armpits. ‘Stop sniffing that. The sidelines have been abolished, David. No one can stand and watch any more. Buyingp 200 MP 2003
evensong. Death had no place in the Metro-Centre, which had abolished time and the seasons, past and future. He probably knewp 40 KC 2006
would like to see the monarchy and all hereditary titles abolished, but I was impressed by how hard the Queen workedp 260 ML 2008
and terraced houses resembled Arcosanti's, their architecture dedicated to the abolition of time, as befitted the ageing population of the retirementp 34 CN 1996
Johnson, a thoroughly unpleasant figure who treated his sweet wife abominably, was forever telephoning and buttonholing me at literary parties, tryingp 193 ML 2008
silently through an entire file. Although I controlled myself, my abomination of Rankin grew remorselessly. I would leave the office seethingp 97 NZ 1959
the Amazonas and taken up residence with one of the aboriginal tribes. Most latter-day Gauguins were absconding confidence men or neuroticsp 438 QR 1963
by the Food & Agriculture Organization in its classification of aboriginal peoples. They won't stalk and hunt human game in preferencep 451 QR 1963
his beard was almost touching the metal tops, like an aboriginal halfman prowling in dim bewilderment over the ruins of ap 486 VH 1963
the millions of inhabitants of the Earth belonged to an aboriginal sub-species, perhaps employed as work animals. After all, if hep 496 VH 1963
youth with the quick eyes and nervous grace of an aboriginal. Five years earlier, when Ransom had spent his first week-endsp 19 D 1965
when a returning moon rocket crashed into the Kalahari Desert, aboriginal tribesmen broke into the vehicle. Believing the crew to bep 762 DA 1968
ignorance, like high-minded missionaries viewing the sex-rites of a fertile aboriginal tribe and finding every laudible influence at work except thep 206 UGM 1971
discovered a curious but touching fertility rite, in which the aboriginal tribesmen dug a hole in the desert and took turnsp 12 UDC 1979
told Steiner of the American ‘nations‘, these tribes of new aboriginal Indians who had replaced the original redskins. Once there hadp 66 HA 1981
Jersey would make a suitable reservation, arid enough for these aboriginal nomads with their hankering after turnpikes, gaudy jewellery stores andp 109 HA 1981
missed both Washington and New York -- the tribes of aboriginal Americans would still be safely huddled on the Mall outsidep 212 HA 1981
on his chest and shoulders, a vivid tracery like an aboriginal tattoo that seemed more suitable wear for this violent andp 1043 MSA 1982
for the proto-Americans, black and white, regard them as degenerate aboriginals. Fortunately McNair drove up in his huge Rolls and savedp 143 HA 1981
car -- he explored its vents and toggles like an aborigine obsessed with a bright toy. Who was he -- ap 40 JAC 1970
well exist a technologically more advanced group, shepherding these threadbare aborigines away from the areas contaminated by the decaying nuclear generatorsp 67 HA 1981
returned to the pool with Orlowski and Ricci, the three aborigines and the woman had vanished into the night, taking theirp 68 HA 1981
the darkness. ‘Cannibals? Those were Americans, Wayne, real Americans.‘ ‘They're aborigines,‘ Wayne said. ‘I wish we could help them. But Ip 69 HA 1981
had killed Gubby and Neil's male first-born, forcing Trudi to abort the child. All the men had died, but Dr Barbarap 224 RP 1994
grass, throttled up again to regain runway speed, tried to abort the take-off and ground-looped through the perimeter fence. The Harvardp 41 SC 2000
of unresolved guilt hovered between us, as if she had aborted our child without telling me. But at least this edginessp 156 KC 2006
among the ampoules on the desk, among the sedatives and abortifacts, was the poison she had concocted to kill Kimo, Carlinep 232 RP 1994
hot water into it. ‘What was it?‘ Maitland asked. ‘Drugs, abortion -- or are you on the run from a remandp 98 CI 1974
Bring in other topics, what do I now think of abortion? Abortion -- do-it-yourself genocide He didn't like that.‘ He laughedp 312 KW 1991
in other topics, what do I now think of abortion? Abortion -- do-it-yourself genocide He didn't like that.‘ He laughed thinlyp 312 KW 1991
diseases we cannot understand. Money -- The original digital clock. Abortion -- Do-it-yourself genocide. Science fiction -- The body's dream ofp 279 UGM 1992
hair and needle-punctured arms, asked Dr Barbara to perform an abortion, offering to pay with her father's stolen credit card. Intriguedp 110 RP 1994
of a job he keeps himself going by performing cut-rate abortions in subway toilets, ‘operating with one hand, beating the ratsp 128 UGM 1964
and shamanistic visions belonged to the dubious realm of back-street abortions and nutmeg addiction. I moved my hands gingerly to myp 206 KW 1991
He realized that he had been too preoccupied with his abortive attempt to escape from England to more than notice thep 20 WFN 1961
trim by the vigorous routines he had practised before his abortive flight. Sustained by the personal myth he had created, hep 360 CS 1962
the jungle for what it was, seeing himself and the abortive space-flight in this fresh perspective. Pereira gestured to the helmsmanp 458 QR 1963
corner of the Cameroon Republic was still recovering from an abortive coup ten years earlier, when a handful of rebels hadp 12 CW 1966
systems of the twentieth century. Forty years after his first abortive seizure of power he was followed by another unhappy misfitp 223 UGM 1969
grass, which seemed to have grown several inches during his abortive journey to the wire-mesh fence. Rallying himself, he set offp 30 CI 1974
remembered his years as a military test-pilot, and his single abortive mission as an astronaut. By some grotesque turn of fatep 818 DFW 1974
the airline pilots‘ raiding party returning from another of their abortive missions. Angry and shaken, they shouted at the people jeeringp 62 HR 1975
deserted as it had been on the day of our abortive escape. On all sides was the debris of war --p 928 DT 1977
imprisoned with HRH by British, 276; marries HRH, 287; on abortive Everest expedition, 299; divorces HRH, 301 Hamilton, Marcelline (formerly Marcellinep 942 I 1977
a faint and not altogether pleasant odour. After this first abortive meeting Margaret and I returned to the happy peace ofp 951 ICU 1977
of his mother and sister, and of his brief and abortive marriage. But once again, as he lay back in hisp 993 MA 1978
that I was laughing out loud at myself -- the abortive flight had been a double fiasco. Not only had Ip 35 UDC 1979
across the deserted cities of the eastern seaboard, the first abortive safaris to Washington and Pittsburgh. ‘There was a serious splitp 173 HA 1981
had last seen him lying outside the guardhouse after his abortive attempt to walk to Shanghai. He now lounged against thep 292 ES 1984
can stop it?‘ Kagwa seemed to have forgotten my own abortive attempts. ‘We caught two of Harare's deserters, they came onp 93 DC 1987
about the performance of crew and vessel than its original's abortive mock-voyage across the Atlantic. I thought of Olga, sailing serenelyp 347 KW 1991
the aide, then lost me as I zigzagged on my abortive errands. Frances Baring had picked up the trail as Ip 112 SC 2000
balloon. There used to be a lot of rubbish shouted about the Empire. Heroics and drum-pounding. But no one ever reallyp 9 VN 1951
You don't find the Dutch listening to all this talk about self-government and independence." "They've got kicked out, though," Michael interjectedp 9 VN 1951
and hit her straight in the face. The driver, struck about the head and the chest, sat back in the seatp 9 VN 1951
there, in the shambles of the chaos that had exploded about them, Hargreaves steadily wiping the sweat off his face andp 9 VN 1951
We're all proud of you. But don't worry any more about it." They drove on in silence. "Do you think you'llp 9 VN 1951
and his tough wiry body. What the hell's he talking about, he thought, the man's a maniac. Brodie took them intop 9 VN 1951
the constables dragged the bleeding Chinese away. "Oh, don't worry about that. They all have alibis and a hundred witnesses top 9 VN 1951
out through the winter months, and had been running for about an hour; we'd reached that ebb somewhere round Act 3p 12 E 1956
I shrugged and went back to 17 down, thinking vaguely about sand dials and water clocks. The scene dragged on; thep 12 E 1956
suave-voiced Oxford don, kept up a lot of crazy patter about scraping the bottom of the barrow. The professors seemed stumpedp 13 E 1956
sink. 9.07. An hour slow, now that I thought about it. But my wristwatch said 9.05, and always ranp 15 E 1956
compere. ‘How long's that programme been on?‘ I asked him. ‘About twenty minutes. Aren't you watching?‘ ‘No,‘ I said, adding casuallyp 15 E 1956
at 17 down. A part of my mind was thinking about antique clocks. I pulled myself out of it and glancedp 16 E 1956
make it sound intelligible. ‘Tom, did you phone me up about five minutes ago? We've had a little trouble with thep 16 E 1956
Listen! For the last two hours a section of time about 15 minutes long has been repeating itself. The clocks arep 16 E 1956
mirror on the table. One of the newsmen asked: ‘What about the relationship between light and time? If I remember myp 17 E 1956
the hall. The fool didn't know what he was talking about. What I couldn't understand was why I was the onlyp 17 E 1956
clock on the mantelpiece caught my eye, and I forgot about the studio and playing tricks with other people's time. 9p 19 E 1956
dream all that! I couldn't have done.‘ ‘What was it about?‘ ‘A sort of crazy merry-go-round --‘ The pain grabbed atp 21 E 1956
might have been just Jane herself. Whatever else they said about her, everyone had to agree she was a beautiful girlp 1 PB 1956
skull. Harry and Tony frowned at me. ‘Your livestock's unhappy about something,‘ Tony told me. ‘Can you quieten it down?‘ ‘It'sp 2 PB 1956
intensity, scraping the edges off my occipital bones. I was about to go down to the shop when Harry and Tonyp 2 PB 1956
peered at me closely. ‘Didn't you see it? It was about three inches from you. Emperor scorpion, big as a lobsterp 2 PB 1956
three-four, the multi-tones, all in perfect harmony. There were only about a dozen true Arachnids in captivity most of the othersp 3 PB 1956
eyes off her. ‘Yes,‘ I agreed, brisk and businesslike. ‘What about something colourful? This Sumatra Samphire, say? It's a pedigree mezzo-sopranop 4 PB 1956
swelled into full baritone, raising the other plants in chorus about itself. I had never heard the Arachnid sing before. Ip 5 PB 1956
hilarious morning playing the fool and raiding my scotch. ‘What about coming out with us after the show tonight?‘ Tony askedp 6 PB 1956
Flamingo.‘ ‘But you're both married,‘ Jane protested. ‘Aren't you worried about your reputations?‘ ‘Oh, we'll bring the girls,‘ Harry said airilyp 6 PB 1956
the noise, which only a couple of dozen people complained about, but the damage being done to their vibratory chords thatp 7 PB 1956
more Mendelssohn and Schubert than I could bear to think about. Jane seemed oblivious to the trouble she was causing mep 7 PB 1956
don't we rescore a few more of them while we're about it?‘ ‘You're tired,‘ I said. ‘Let's go and have ap 8 PB 1956
elbows, and talked the afternoon away. She told me little about herself, but I gathered that her father had been ap 9 PB 1956
all seemed to be old women -- something to talk about. During the Recess no one cared very much about anythingp 9 PB 1956
talk about. During the Recess no one cared very much about anything, and for that reason I never questioned myself toop 9 PB 1956
us too busy working off the lost time to worry about a few bruised petals. Harry told me that Jane hadp 11 PB 1956
over with your friends?‘ ‘Only the first theory,‘ M. explained. ‘About the possibility of flight.‘ ‘But you told me the otherp 23 CC 1957
783rd St. Level 549-7705-45 KNI (Local) Charge ... Vagrancy. ‘Tell me about this dream,‘ he said, idly flexing a steel rule betweenp 24 CC 1957
there was free space. That was the most important part about it. There were no walls. Nothing but emptiness. That's allp 24 CC 1957
lector said whimsically. ‘I'm sure they'll be glad to hear about your scheme.‘ Franz smiled politely. ‘That wouldn't be large enoughp 25 CC 1957
said. ‘In that event I should try to forget all about it. Remember, Matheson, the task of science is to consolidatep 25 CC 1957
He didn't even begin to understand what I was talking about.‘ Gregson laughed ruefully. ‘I don't know whether I do.‘ Franzp 26 CC 1957
tried to lead her away. The woman began to thresh about and an F.P. came over and pulled her awayp 28 CC 1957
you.‘ The birds perched on humps of rock or waddled about the sandy paths between the water pools. "Archaeopteryx",‘ Franz readp 30 CC 1957
smirked to himself. ‘Maybe a dollar six now everybody knows about our safety record.‘ ‘Careful, Franz,‘ Gregson warned him when thep 31 CC 1957
coffee. ‘How much money have you got?‘ ‘On me?‘ ‘Altogether.‘ ‘About thirty dollars.‘ ‘I've saved fifteen,‘ Franz said. ‘Forty-five dollars; thatp 32 CC 1957
as they moved towards the barrier. ‘I'll see you in about two weeks. They're covering me down at the dormitory. Tellp 32 CC 1957
a cubic foot, Franz calculated idly, it's so far worth about $4 x 10 to power of 27. ‘Going on top 34 CC 1957
are a lot of these black areas. You don't hear about them, but they're growing. Starts in a back street inp 35 CC 1957
to be some inherent feature of the City itself. Now about yourself. Are you going to continue this search?‘ ‘I wantp 36 CC 1957
paradoxical faces. I suppose you haven't misinterpreted something you've heard about the Wall?‘ M. looked up. ‘Which wall?‘ The surgeon noddedp 37 CC 1957
went over to the door. ‘Wait here, and I'll see about getting you a probationary release. Don't worry, the psychiatrists willp 37 CC 1957
all went well. ‘Keep away from windows and don't think about it,‘ Dr Neill told them. ‘As far as you're concernedp 50 M69 1957
and you'll notice this most by day -- will be about a third lower. You'll have to take things easier, makep 50 M69 1957
but the guests are in damn good shape. No doubt about it. I thought three weeks was a little early top 51 M69 1957
of any opportunity given us. It's too early to think about it yet, but visualize the universal application of our techniquep 51 M69 1957
story of Chekov's out of my mind -- the one about the man who accepts a million-rouble bet that he can'tp 52 M69 1957
course, he's insane.‘ ‘So?‘ ‘I don't know. I've been thinking about it all week.‘ Neill let out a light snort. ‘Ip 52 M69 1957
running after the ball. ‘They seem to be okay. How about you?‘ ‘Right on top of myself,‘ Lang said. His eyesp 54 M69 1957
remember was leaning on the sill. ‘And I was worried about you.‘ Everybody was amused, Gorrell particularly. ‘Doctor,‘ he drawled, ‘ifp 56 M69 1957
across the desk in his office. ‘And you were worried about the Unconscious. Look at those Rorschachs of Lang's. Believe mep 56 M69 1957
of Lang's. Believe me, John, I'll soon have him reminiscing about his foetal experiences.‘ Morley nodded, his first doubts fading. Overp 57 M69 1957
enthusiasm into every member of the unit. Privately, Morley worried about the increasing emotional overlay apparent in the relationship between Neillp 57 M69 1957
each time by one of the orderlies. Morley told them about Neill, but surprisingly none of them made any comment. Midnightp 57 M69 1957
person on duty.‘ He pointed to the end door. ‘What about that one?‘ ‘Locked,‘ Lang said. ‘69 always has been. Ip 60 M69 1957
in checkered plastic brackets that diffused the light. He was about to comment on his search for the spy-hole to Averyp 61 M69 1957
bowed to prevent it from touching the ceiling, and gazed about thoughtfully. Lang stood squeezed into the corner next to himp 63 M69 1957
heels below them. ‘What's the time?‘ he asked. ‘I'd say about three fifteen,‘ Lang offered. ‘More or less.‘ ‘Lang,‘ Avery askedp 63 M69 1957
must be one somewhere.‘ Gorrell stood up and they shuffled about, examining the floor between their feet. ‘There may be ap 63 M69 1957
Do you remember that story of Chekov's you told me about?‘ ‘"The Bet"? Yes.‘ ‘I read it last night. Curious. It'sp 66 M69 1957
in your new skirt. The Medicis probably felt like this about Michelangelo. Who are we to judge?‘ ‘You are,‘ she saidp 39 VS 1957
Raymond Mayo pulled the tape I tried not to think about. With its pedestal the statue was twelve feet high. Threep 40 VS 1957
jutted out horizontally, a single row of sonic cores, each about a foot long, poking up like the teeth of anp 40 VS 1957
emitted by the statue, I began my speech and was about halfway through when I noticed that Lorraine Drexel had leftp 41 VS 1957
First Piano Concerto trumpeted across the garden. ‘The strangest thing about it,‘ Raymond said the next morning, raising his voice abovep 43 VS 1957
side in a huge angular spiral, twenty feet long and about fifteen feet high, like the skeleton of a futuristic whalep 44 VS 1957
stated. By two o'clock that afternoon I had cut back about half the statue and got it down to manageable proportionsp 46 VS 1957
I looked out over the rooftops of Vermilion Sands, thinking about the thirty thousand dollars and wondering whether we would havep 48 VS 1957
We went up to the top floor. The plasterers were about to move in and there were trestles and laths allp 49 VS 1957
him. He pumped his brains for an obscene simile. ‘What about a fly --‘ ‘Time's up,‘ Sheringham cut in. ‘A pinp 68 T12 1958
handsome face, lounged back almost horizontally in his chair, thinking about Susan Sheringham. She was at the Turnbulls‘ party, and butp 69 T12 1958
table. He picked up the siphon and swirled the contents about. ‘Chromium cyanate. Inhibits the coenzyme system controlling the body's fluidp 70 T12 1958
of a drowned giant. He could just see Sheringham bobbing about in front of him, and hear the slow beating ofp 71 T12 1958
I destroyed my notebook and all records I had made about Rankin's behaviour. Was it coincidence, or in some way hadp 100 NZ 1959
Pentonville Prison. The scandal created by Taylor's death almost brought about the resignations of both the Home Secretary and the Prisonp 100 NZ 1959
street on some flimsy pretext and started a wandering conversation about the weather, obviously designed to elicit information. No charges werep 104 NZ 1959
had held its secret, probably even refrain from ever thinking about the power lest this alone generate the aura. To bep 104 NZ 1959
Whether Henry Tallis, my predecessor at Murak Radio Observatory, knew about the Waiting Grounds I can't say. On the whole itp 72 WG 1959
sufficient time to decide whether or not to tell me about them. Certainly he never did, and the implied judgment againstp 72 WG 1959
to be when the world ends?‘ ‘I haven't really thought about it,‘ I admitted. ‘Is there any urgency?‘ ‘Urgency?‘ Tallis smiledp 72 WG 1959
closed, complex personality. He was a lean, ascetic-looking man of about fifty, withheld and moody, as I discovered the moment Ip 72 WG 1959
as I all too soon realized, what was really remarkable about Talus was the degree to which he had preserved hisp 73 WG 1959
long time, even with three leave intervals. But don't worry about going crazy. You aren't alone on Murak. You'll just bep 74 WG 1959
waiting for it to rain.‘ ‘Will it?‘ Tallis nodded. ‘In about two million years, so someone who came here told mep 75 WG 1959
The first indication of what Talus was watching for came about a week before he was due to leave. He hadp 75 WG 1959
by the door. I moved my flashlight away and was about to switch it off when something flickered up at mep 75 WG 1959
me from the floor. I stepped over the debris, searched about and found a small circular aluminium chest, about two feetp 75 WG 1959
debris, searched about and found a small circular aluminium chest, about two feet across by a foot deep. Mounted on thep 75 WG 1959
died here. Just over a year ago.‘ He told me about the incident. Two Cambridge geologists had negotiated through the Institutep 76 WG 1959
they had vanished. I estimated that they'd been missing for about a week. Nothing was wrong. The transmitter was working, andp 76 WG 1959
learn one thing that astonished me. I had asked him about his plans for the future; these were indefinite -- hep 77 WG 1959
the future; these were indefinite -- he said something vague about a holiday, nothing he anticipated with any eagerness, and soundedp 77 WG 1959
afraid I won't be. Fifteen years is long enough, just about the limit of time one can spend continuously in ap 77 WG 1959
return, or make some signal? As I watched him pace about the cabin on his last morning I was convinced therep 77 WG 1959
Come on, man.‘ He shook his head abruptly, muttered something about the heat and stepped quickly through the lock. I startedp 78 WG 1959
Mayer had met Talus only once, and had never heard about the deaths of the two geologists. ‘Damned fools, what werep 78 WG 1959
faded, but Talus's charts kept my interest going. There were about twenty of them, half million aerials of the volcano junglep 79 WG 1959
time I was down at the settlement. He was hovering about in the shadows behind the counter, white suit dirty andp 80 WG 1959
smoke at me. ‘Those salesmen,‘ he explained. ‘You were inquiring about. I told you they were selling Bibles.‘ I nodded. ‘Wellp 80 WG 1959
a three-by-three wooden crate, taped with metal bands. Pickford ferreted about for a wrench. ‘Thought you might like to buy somep 80 WG 1959
like to buy some.‘ ‘How long has it been here?‘ ‘About a year. Tallis forgot to collect it. Only found itp 80 WG 1959
Bibles. One thing: whatever it was, I swear Tallis knew about it. Originally I thought they might have discovered a geldsparp 81 WG 1959
repeating Talus's words aloud to the dead lake. I was about to spit on it, more in anger than in hopep 83 WG 1959
some of the tumblers in my mind started to click. About five miles from the far edge of the lake, silhouettedp 83 WG 1959
that lifted out of the desert bed and ran for about two miles in a low clean sweep across the horizonp 83 WG 1959
that the rocks of the escarpment were archezoic. It was about three miles outside the area I had been combing, justp 83 WG 1959
were unusually symmetrical; they sloped at exactly the same angle, about 35 degrees, and formed a single cliff unbroken by fissuresp 83 WG 1959
crest, I levelled off and looked out over a plateau about two miles in diameter, bare except for a light bluep 83 WG 1959
too easily. There were no meteorites or rock fragments lying about; presumably the lake surface cooled and set at night, top 83 WG 1959
day. Although the roof seemed hard as steel I stopped about 300 yards from the edge, cut the engine and climbedp 84 WG 1959
I realized I was looking down at a shallow basin, about half a mile wide, scooped out of the roof. Ip 84 WG 1959
top, was a perfect circle, sloping smoothly to the floor about one hundred feet below its rim, in imitation of ap 84 WG 1959
trying to dislodge a few grains. ‘What are you talking about, Quaine, these slabs aren't made of stone!‘ He slipped outp 88 WG 1959
through your ore crushers?‘ Mayer stopped, the blue dust swirling about his legs. The air was humming as the basin floorp 89 WG 1959
the rim, catapulted down into the dust and rolled for about twenty yards before he finally lay still, a shapeless bundlep 90 WG 1959
as wide as the basin, and then lowered itself to about ten feet above my head, a thousand rivers of firep 90 WG 1959
owe ourselves and the universe). Not that the world is about to ‘end‘. The implication is rather that it has alreadyp 94 WG 1959
kept saying. ‘I don't get it. Why worry so much about clocks? We have calendars, don't we?‘ Suspecting more, he scouredp 152 CH 1960
Under fifty no one appeared to know anything at all about the historical background, and even the older people were beginningp 152 CH 1960
side-stepping, shut him up with an abrupt: ‘Just stop thinking about it, do you understand? You'll get yourself and the restp 153 CH 1960
calibrated candles, crude sundials, sand-glasses, an elaborate clockwork contraption developing about half a horse power that drove its hands progressively fasterp 154 CH 1960
clockwork motor met with no success; everything he had heard about clock movements confirmed that they were precision instruments of exactp 154 CH 1960
it in a cushion whenever he heard his father shift about in the bedroom below. Later he realized that its noisep 154 CH 1960
portico over an entrance-way fifty yards down the right-hand side, about eighteen inches in diameter, with a faded blue face. Unlikep 162 CH 1960
oppression ...‘ The clock was almost out of view. Conrad was about to bend down and tie his shoelace when he sawp 162 CH 1960
the open court of the cafeteria. Tables and chairs lay about on their sides, mixed up with the splintered remains ofp 163 CH 1960
to the next. Often he drove along the pavements, swerved about below the buildings as if he expected to flush Conradp 163 CH 1960
jacket. ‘I ... er ...‘ Conrad searched for something to say. Something about the old man convinced him that this was the clock-winderp 164 CH 1960
hammock slung in the centre of a large workshop. Lying about on thirty or forty desks in what had once beenp 165 CH 1960
them wound.‘ He made breakfast for Conrad, told him something about himself. His name was Marshall. Once he had worked inp 165 CH 1960
the old man, following him on foot as he cycled about on his rounds, carrying the ladder and the satchel fullp 166 CH 1960
on the door brought a warder. ‘What's all the noise about? The clock? What's the matter with it?‘ He unlocked thep 168 CH 1960
thunder particularly irritated Mr Goddard. All day, as he moved about his duties as ground floor supervisor, he listened to itp 196 LW 1960
on, giving himself the look of a refined elderly counterfeiter about to settle down to a hard evening's work. From hisp 197 LW 1960
perfect scale reductions. The tallest building in the box was about fourteen inches high, containing six storeys. It stood at onep 198 LW 1960
spectator. Two feet away the hundreds of tiny figures moved about their lives, and a low murmur of street noises creptp 199 LW 1960
of ropes extended it against the wall to a point about fifteen feet above their heads. Satisfied, they lashed the lowerp 201 LW 1960
Fine day, isn't it?‘ he remarked. ‘Everybody's starting to think about their holidays.‘ Durrant nodded absently, examining a display of alpinep 201 LW 1960
have been following me around for days. You know just about everything about everybody, don't you, Goddard? I've a damn goodp 202 LW 1960
following me around for days. You know just about everything about everybody, don't you, Goddard? I've a damn good mind top 202 LW 1960
an angle of 45 degrees. The top section, a limb about twelve feet long, had been lashed to the upper endp 202 LW 1960
significance of this. Nothing had ever been said to him about his retirement, and he had always assumed that he wouldp 204 LW 1960
trying to absorb this blow to all he had assumed about himself for so many years. His interest in other peoplep 205 LW 1960
words, but repetition muffled them. Madame Gioconda was still writhing about on the couch, evidently not to be easily placated, sop 109 SS 1960
A solution to her predicament was hard to find. Brought about through no fault of her own, Madame Gioconda's decline wasp 111 SS 1960
of pictures. Oh yes, I kept the photographs.‘ She grubbed about on the couch, came up with a crumpled soap couponp 113 SS 1960
were Superlux duplexes occupied by showbusiness people. No one was about, but as Mangon entered the hallway, sonovac in one handp 114 SS 1960
opened and Ray Alto appeared, a tall, thoughtful man of about forty, with thinning blonde hair, wearing pale sunglasses over coolp 115 SS 1960
congrats on that SP of the Anvil Chorus last night; about three million dogs thought the roof had fallen in onp 115 SS 1960
a thousand pieces.‘ He shuddered, only half-playfully. ‘I don't know about you, Mangon, but I've got my ulcer to support.‘ Hep 117 SS 1960
the shoulder. ‘Good for you. All right, then, I'll think about it. God knows how we'd arrange it. We'd have top 118 SS 1960
hear complete conversations hours after they have taken place?‘ Something about Madame Gioconda's curiosity made Mangon hesitate. His talent, so farp 120 SS 1960
revenge on LeGrande. Madame Gioconda squeezed Mangon's hand. She was about to reach for the bourbon bottle when Mangon suddenly rememberedp 120 SS 1960
anything of a really confidential nature took place. There were about twenty baffles, throwing off an unending chorus of ‘Yes, Hp 126 SS 1960
like a stranded fish. He had taken the hint. ‘What about the sound-sweeping?‘ Merrill asked. ‘Will you give it up?‘ Mangonp 128 SS 1960
will find it again as I found mine. However, something about Alto's manner warned him to wait. He said: ‘I understandp 130 SS 1960
special platform, and the only microphone will be an aerial about twenty feet diagonally above her. It will be live --p 130 SS 1960
she'll hear herself and won't suspect what is happening.‘ ‘What about the audience?‘ Merrill asked. ‘They'll be listening to my symphonyp 130 SS 1960
disorganized jumble, but there was now an air of purpose about it. Making his way through the flats, Mangon walked upp 130 SS 1960
of her, whenever he visited the station she was either about to go out or else tired and eager to bep 132 SS 1960
the sonovac nozzle, he saw a large white mass shifting about on the platform. He slipped off the seat and peeredp 134 SS 1960
him all summer to complete, and he had obviously thought about little else, working away tirelessly through the long desert afternoonsp 169 VT 1960
small canvas bucket. After Whitby's suicide no one had bothered about the grooves, but Powers often borrowed the supervisor's key andp 169 VT 1960
the parabolic sweep of the lecture theatre roof. He was about to climb in when he saw that someone had tracedp 170 VT 1960
in the centre of the disc. A black, horny-shelled animal about a foot long was nosing about in the slush, heavingp 172 VT 1960
A black, horny-shelled animal about a foot long was nosing about in the slush, heaving itself on tired legs. Its shellp 172 VT 1960
beside his chalet on the west shore of the lake about a mile from Kaldren's summer house. The chalet had beenp 174 VT 1960
crackle softly. ‘He's one of the brightest we've had here, about as intelligent as a five-year-old child, though much more self-sufficientp 176 VT 1960
from the roof. A few flies emerged from entrances, moving about busily. ‘Usually it's solitary, a nomadic scavenger. Now it formsp 176 VT 1960
no damage to the remainder of the chromosome. However, after about ten years‘ work Dr Whitby successfully developed a whole-body irradiationp 178 VT 1960
A zoo isn't complete without its keeper,‘ she commented. ‘What about Man?‘ Powers shrugged. ‘About one in every 100,000 --p 179 VT 1960
without its keeper,‘ she commented. ‘What about Man?‘ Powers shrugged. ‘About one in every 100,000 -- the usual average --p 179 VT 1960
a problem with me.‘ ‘I wish I could say that about Kaldren. I don't think he sleeps anywhere near enough. Ip 179 VT 1960
wheat crops have continued to decline by a factor of about two per cent. The same story repeats itself ad nauseamp 180 VT 1960
only two or three decades ago the Neo-Malthusians were talking about a ‘world population explosion‘? In fact, it's an implosion. Anotherp 180 VT 1960
do you sleep each night? POWERS: I don't know exactly; about eight hours, I suppose. WHITBY: The proverbial eight hours. Askp 180 VT 1960
automatically ‘eight hours‘. As a matter of fact you sleep about ten and a half hours, like the majority of peoplep 180 VT 1960
wonder.‘ He smiled at Coma and shrugged. ‘Well, let's talk about something else. How long have you known Kaidren?‘ ‘About threep 181 VT 1960
talk about something else. How long have you known Kaidren?‘ ‘About three weeks. Feels like ten thousand years.‘ ‘How do youp 181 VT 1960
around.‘ She eyed Powers shrewdly. ‘I think he feels guilty about something.‘ ‘Guilty?‘ Powers exclaimed. ‘He does? I thought I wasp 182 VT 1960
are those?‘ ‘Haven't you heard? Kaldren's collection of final statements about homo sapiens. The complete works of Freud, Beethoven's blind quartetsp 182 VT 1960
years ago when they reached the moon, and can't think about anything else. You remember the strange messages they recorded beforep 183 VT 1960
messages they recorded before they died, full of poetic ramblings about the white gardens. Now that I think about it theyp 183 VT 1960
poetic ramblings about the white gardens. Now that I think about it they behaved rather like the plants in your zoop 183 VT 1960
than the first. At the present rate there should be about 4-5 weeks left This morning I tried to visualize whatp 184 VT 1960
cancer surgery. Met Kaldren down town, had a long discussion about the Mercury Seven. He's convinced that they refused to leavep 185 VT 1960
have the phone disconnected. Some contractor keeps calling me up about payment for 50 bags of cement he claims I collectedp 185 VT 1960
you don't mind me climbing in. Rang the bell for about half an hour. I'm surprised you didn't hear it.‘ Powersp 186 VT 1960
returned to him, reading the labels on the crates lying about in the centre of the floor. ‘Okay, then,‘ Powers toldp 186 VT 1960
subdued than usual, there was an air almost of deference about him. ‘Good,‘ Kaldren said. ‘By the way, are you leavingp 186 VT 1960
in Anderson's care?‘ Kaldren shrugged. ‘Please yourself. Come round at about twelve,‘ he suggested, adding pointedly: ‘That'll give you time top 186 VT 1960
years. ‘Powers,‘ he heard Kaldren say. ‘I was telling you about the Mercury Seven.‘ He pointed to a collection of typewrittenp 188 VT 1960
them down. They were first picked up at Jodrell Bank about twenty years ago. Nobody bothers to listen to them nowp 188 VT 1960
law that signal source is broadcasting at a strength of about three million megawatts raised to the hundredth power. About thep 189 VT 1960
of about three million megawatts raised to the hundredth power. About the size of the entire Local Group. Thoughtful is thep 189 VT 1960
circle was now almost complete. A narrow segment, an arc about ten feet long, was missing, but otherwise the low perimeterp 190 VT 1960
had merely gestured vaguely with his hypodermic and mumbled something about the following day: he would look in, probably. Larsen knewp 137 ZT 1960
back, he -- Larsen -- had been responsible for just about all the diagnosis. Bayliss had done little more than thumbp 138 ZT 1960
windows or side doors -- but there was something aggressive about his stance. Larsen was about to call to him whenp 141 ZT 1960
but there was something aggressive about his stance. Larsen was about to call to him when the man moved forward andp 141 ZT 1960
his hands and clothes were solid and palpable. He shifted about on the sofa, denting one of the cushions, and turnedp 142 ZT 1960
hands. Pulse thickening, Larsen braced himself against the window-ledge. Something about the man, his posture, the way he held his handsp 142 ZT 1960
stand out. First, the phantom is yourself. There's no doubt about that; he's an exact replica of you. More important, thoughp 143 ZT 1960
but in time. You see, the second thing I noticed about your garbled description of this phantom was that, not onlyp 143 ZT 1960
screen by fear, bereavement, religious obsession? The most notable thing about the majority of ghosts is how prosaically equipped they arep 144 ZT 1960
the verge of stepping down into the sunlight. Larsen was about ten feet from him, directly in line with Bayliss's doorp 146 ZT 1960
His voice strangled, Larsen turned and bolted. He stopped running about two hundred yards out in the desert beyond the edgep 147 ZT 1960
of the apron, which was built on a shallow table about a foot off the desert floor, and moved along itsp 148 ZT 1960
except for the double watching by the garage. He was about to step forward when something made him look over hisp 148 ZT 1960
and a half, I've measured it carefully. There's no doubt about it.‘ Rossiter lifted one eyebrow. ‘I'm amazed. It must bep 268 B 1961
The wall does tilt a little,‘ Ward admitted. ‘Actually, it's about four degrees out -- I used a plumb-line. But there'sp 268 B 1961
for the streets, traffic had long since ceased to move about them. Apart from a few hours before dawn when onlyp 268 B 1961
Rossiter grinned and squeezed her arm. ‘Hello, Judith. I'm thinking about it actively. Like to join me in a private venturep 271 B 1961
sleeping on a camp bed. I'm not joking, our room's about two feet wide. I said to Helen that we oughtp 272 B 1961
were of the lowest type, mere rent-collectors who cared nothing about the way their tenants divided up the living space, andp 273 B 1961
sumps. Many of the tenants were old and infirm, sitting about listlessly in their narrow cubicles, wheedling at each other backp 273 B 1961
For God's sake, when are they going to do something about it? Do you realize there soon won't be room enoughp 274 B 1961
must have panelled over this door years ago and forgotten about it. Look at that filth everywhere.‘ Rossiter was staring intop 274 B 1961
rent freeze after a revaluation but all the landlords know about it so they're not re-letting. It's damned difficult to findp 275 B 1961
here. But we'll have to make sure they don't gossip about it.‘ After due precautions, they let the two girls intop 275 B 1961
she's really awfully sweet -- we wouldn't need to bother about the partition -- except at night,‘ she added quickly. Wardp 276 B 1961
used to the soft upholstery. ‘Not a bad idea. What about some shelving around the wall? I've got nowhere to putp 277 B 1961
behind, and what worried him was that all his assumptions about himself might be based on equally false premises. Climbing offp 236 DE 1961
salt hills and they might as well have been driving about the Sahara. As he entered the Neptune -- a lowp 237 DE 1961
God, man, you're just a Robinson Crusoe in reverse, tinkering about with all these bits of old junk, trying to fitp 238 DE 1961
only place we really remember.‘ Granger nodded slowly. He was about to speak when a brilliant white arc crossed the darkenedp 238 DE 1961
through the library he had accumulated of magazines and books about the cities of the old Earth, and Granger often describedp 239 DE 1961
their porches, fixing the shutters on the steel cabins. ‘What about your interview with Bullen?‘ he asked Holliday soberly. ‘He'll bep 241 DE 1961
on the running board, looked into the car. ‘Well, how about it, Holiday? I'd like to make an early start. Ifp 241 DE 1961
those stones down!‘ He reached Juranda as the youth was about to hurl a brick-sized lump of salt into the poolp 243 DE 1961
station below the Ritz. Abandoned haversacks and sleeping bags lay about among the litter under the trees, and twice Dr Jamiesonp 279 GA 1961
of its time.‘ Dr Jamieson smiled thinly at this. ‘That's about it,‘ he said, more to himself than to the driverp 280 GA 1961
said, more to himself than to the driver. ‘Let's say about thirty-five years ahead. They'll think very highly of it thenp 280 GA 1961
intense nervous excitement would have been obvious. The man was about twenty-eight, dressed in the baggy unpressed clothes Dr Jamieson hadp 283 GA 1961
As they passed the cafe she was in full flight about something, and the young man cut in: ‘Hold on, Junep 284 GA 1961
marry him one of these days. Roger, isn't it wonderful about the Prize? Three hundred pounds! You're really rich. A pityp 284 GA 1961
laughed. ‘I don't know. Frankly, I don't like to think about it. Maybe that's the real reason why I want top 285 GA 1961
the window ledge. The cutting showed a dark-jowled man of about thirty with a thin weasel-like face, obviously a criminal photographedp 286 GA 1961
now stepping swiftly around the edge of the crowd, darting about on his lean legs like a distraught tiger. As thep 287 GA 1961
for years and it's perfectly good. You're getting an obsession about renewing everything.‘ He hesitated, realizing the tactlessness of this remarkp 255 MF 1961
reflected wryly on the time-honoured saws in the maternity books about the hypersensitivity of expectant fathers -- evidently Elizabeth took thesep 257 MF 1961
his jackets and trousers. She had said nothing to him about this, and when he saw her sewing away over herp 258 MF 1961
along the nearest main thoroughfare -- a four-year-old child wandering about on his own would soon be picked up by ap 261 MF 1961
all the noise for?‘ she asked, smiling at him. ‘How about a biscuit?‘ She knelt down by the pen, her facep 263 MF 1961
him under the blankets. Downstairs he could hear her moving about rapidly, apparently preparing for some emergency. Propelled by an uncharacteristicp 265 MF 1961
reclining chair on the veranda he listened to Julia moving about efficiently. In the same strict sequence she stacked the cupsp 244 OM 1961
mind screamed, but she still hovered around him indecisively. ‘What about your lunch? There's no --‘ ‘Don't worry about me,‘ Faulknerp 244 OM 1961
indecisively. ‘What about your lunch? There's no --‘ ‘Don't worry about me,‘ Faulkner cut in quickly, watching the clock. ‘I gavep 245 OM 1961
the ‘Bin‘ as it was known locally, had been built about ten years earlier as a self-contained housing unit for thep 245 OM 1961
assembly of geometric forms. He had discovered this talent only about three weeks ago. Balefully eyeing the silent television set inp 246 OM 1961
across the gravel. This was Penzil's sister-in-law, a girl of about twenty who had been staying with them for a couplep 247 OM 1961
the shower stall over his shoulder. A pink form moved about, adjusting taps, and there was the sound of water jettingp 248 OM 1961
eyes engaged. ‘I know,‘ he said. ‘I feel damned lonely about it too.‘ When the shower was over he grunted top 248 OM 1961
after a busy intake day, annoyed to find Faulkner ambling about in a semistupor, the veranda littered with dirty glasses. ‘Wellp 249 OM 1961
quickly at her martini, then began to throw out probes about the school. He assumed she had rung there on somep 249 OM 1961
frowned, trying to straighten his hair. ‘What are you talking about?‘ ‘Girls,‘ Faulkner repeated. ‘You know, the weaker sex, the distaffp 251 OM 1961
of the adjacent gardens, was a ten-foot-high metal lattice extending about twenty feet down the garden fence and strung with japonicap 251 OM 1961
to shake her off but she clung to him, jerking about in an outpouring of anger. Her rhythms were sharp andp 253 OM 1961
of the ribbons of pink tissue. It was a fragment about three feet long, the texture of rose petal, so lightp 209 S5 1961
pressed moodily to the flute. I bent down and was about to shout into his ear when a gust of windp 210 S5 1961
a few moments previously. I saw that I had backed about thirty yards down the drive, and to my astonishment realizedp 210 S5 1961
and I felt irritable and short of breath. I was about to approach the house again, annoyed at having been refusedp 210 S5 1961
it sang in my ears, the planes of sound shifting about me in the air. Looking around for its source, Ip 210 S5 1961
my neighbour in person. I had gone to sleep at about eleven, and an hour or so later something woke mep 210 S5 1961
wind like the tail-fan of a paradise bird. Streamers floated about her feet, and overhead two or three purple rays circledp 211 S5 1961
reefs on the edge of the fossil lake. She was about a hundred yards from the nearest sand reef, a longp 211 S5 1961
inverted gallery of winding groynes and over-hanging grottoes, when something about her straight path and regular unvarying pace made me wonderp 211 S5 1961
forwards, I picked up half-a-dozen of the jewels, and was about to call out after her disappearing figure when I feltp 212 S5 1961
the less detected a quickening of interest. ‘Well, tell me about your work. You must know so much about what isp 213 S5 1961
tell me about your work. You must know so much about what is wrong with modern poetry. Why is it allp 213 S5 1961
I didn't know.‘ She looked down at the volumes scattered about on the floor. ‘Although I should be the last personp 214 S5 1961
had sat together I seemed to have told her everything about myself, yet learned almost nothing about Aurora. One thing alonep 221 S5 1961
have told her everything about myself, yet learned almost nothing about Aurora. One thing alone was clear -- her obsession withp 221 S5 1961
When I say they have everything to learn, I mean about their own hearts, not about technique; about the soul ofp 221 S5 1961
everything to learn, I mean about their own hearts, not about technique; about the soul of music, not its form.‘ Shep 221 S5 1961
learn, I mean about their own hearts, not about technique; about the soul of music, not its form.‘ She paused top 221 S5 1961
coals. As we left, hundreds of sleeping sand-rays were dotted about the moonlit floor of the desert. We stepped between themp 222 S5 1961
the air, then said: ‘Look, though, is she really serious about the hand-made material? I take it that's what you werep 225 S5 1961
hand-made material? I take it that's what you were calling about?‘ ‘Yes,‘ I told him. ‘Believe me, I'll print anything. Itp 225 S5 1961
all these alexandrines?‘ ‘Ransom, what the hell are you talking about? I'm not a damned factory, I'm a poet, I writep 227 S5 1961
few days in which to do it. You've given me about ten so you've just got to keep up the flowp 227 S5 1961
found a large purple mamba resting in a narrow crevice about ten yards on our right. He moved up to itp 228 S5 1961
his beaked face and insane eyes, his hunched figure hung about with the nets of writhing rays, he looked like ap 229 S5 1961
one of the ramps curving away above me. I was about to retrace my steps and join them when I caughtp 229 S5 1961
was packed by a swarm of circling rays, all diving about uncertainly. Screaming in terror at the rays whipping past herp 230 S5 1961
insane poems caught the dying desert light as they dissolved about my feet, the fading debris of a dream. Reaching thep 232 S5 1961
killed outright.‘ ‘So did Aurora. Neither of you know much about rays, do you? Their stings are passive in the onp 232 S5 1961
something a couple of hours ago, it's not bad really. About Aurora Day, as a matter of fact. I think you'llp 233 S5 1961
sense of the continuous crossfire of announcements and counter-announcements. Something about the build-up of confusion at the airport warned Maitland thatp 7 WFN 1961
an aircraft. He was well back in a queue of about three hundred people, and many of these were husbands standingp 7 WFN 1961
just identified the familiar red-printed heading when she said: ‘What about you, Donald? Where have you been?‘ Maitland gestured lightly withp 14 WFN 1961
I couldn't give a damn, frankly. It's you I'm thinking about, Donald, not me. I feel responsible for you, crazy asp 14 WFN 1961
you weren't hit by flying glass. What did you do about the broken panes?‘ Susan shrugged. ‘We didn't do anything. Thatp 15 WFN 1961
That was the trouble. Two blew out, and then suddenly about ten more. Before we could move the wind was blowingp 15 WFN 1961
the wind was blowing straight through like a tornado.‘ ‘What about Sylvester?‘ Maitland asked sardonically. ‘Couldn't he pump up his broadp 15 WFN 1961
narrow temple bones. ‘Donald, please. Don't go yet. I'm worried about it. And there's all this dust.‘ Maitland watched it settlingp 16 WFN 1961
She was a plump, dark-haired girl, expecting her first baby. ‘About a fortnight,‘ Symington said. He smiled warmly at his wifep 19 WFN 1961
cranium and intelligent eyes. When they had chatted together for about half an hour he helped his wife up to bedp 19 WFN 1961
some really big things are going to start moving.‘ Something about Symington's tone caught Maitland's attention. ‘Do they expect it top 19 WFN 1961
asked. ‘Well, as a matter of interest it's increasing by about five miles an hour each day. Of course it won'tp 19 WFN 1961
and chimneys. He nodded to Symington. ‘What's its speed now?‘ ‘About fifty-five. Quite brisk, really. It's amazing that these old placesp 20 WFN 1961
Symington nodded. ‘Same trouble, same wind. That's another curious thing about it. As far as we can make out, the windp 20 WFN 1961
rate all over the world. It's at its highest -- about sixty miles an hour -- at the equator, and diminishingp 20 WFN 1961
I can't take the risk. Don't worry, wind speed's only about ninety. It'll probably start slacking off today.‘ Matheson snorted unhappilyp 29 WFN 1961
up chairs. The office was snug and comfortable, but something about Hendrix, the fatigue showing in his face, the two buttonsp 29 WFN 1961
through the gateway and took the coast road that ran about half a mile inland, a wide concrete motorway cut intop 32 WFN 1961
swooped in from the Caribbean without any warning, and just about the whole Atlantic seaboard had been caught without warning. Scoresp 33 WFN 1961
Lanyon pulled himself to his feet. ‘What are you talking about?‘ he asked, puzzled. ‘Which general?‘ The major smiled. ‘Van Dammp 38 WFN 1961
the night at the Hotel Europe, a big three-story pile about five blocks back from the beach. The high clustering buildingsp 39 WFN 1961
in the bar, listening to the news reports and speculating about possible escape routes. Lanyon gathered that the wind showed nop 39 WFN 1961
for stopping,‘ he said, touching Lanyon's shoulder gratefully. ‘We'd just about given up.‘ He was about forty-five, a slimly-built man withp 41 WFN 1961
Lanyon's shoulder gratefully. ‘We'd just about given up.‘ He was about forty-five, a slimly-built man with greying hair and small neatp 41 WFN 1961
the other way.‘ He watched Wilson, a young man of about twenty-five, warming the chapped hands of his wife, a palep 42 WFN 1961
the blue coat sitting on the mattress beside him. ‘What about you? Genoa suit you?‘ ‘Uh-huh. Thanks a lot, Commander.‘ Shep 42 WFN 1961
If they're well built, they're probably O.K. up to about 150 mph. After that it looks as if we'll reallyp 43 WFN 1961
from this madness. Oddly, though, however little he ultimately cared about the people hiding in basements in the towns through whichp 43 WFN 1961
the wheel, his eyes fixed on the periscope. They were about ten miles from Genoa, moving down an exposed section ofp 44 WFN 1961
days.‘ He pointed to the buildings in the distance. ‘Just about our only hope is to head for the barracks overp 45 WFN 1961
appear, when he noticed something rolling toward the boundary line about 50 yards away. It moved in sudden jerks, occasionally throwingp 46 WFN 1961
jungles to stand up to winds above hurricane force. Pity about Venice.‘ A large powerful man of fifty, with a toughp 53 WFN 1961
I'm afraid, sir. The old Russell Square Hotel collapsed suddenly about half an hour ago. Some of the piles drove straightp 58 WFN 1961
the Piccadilly Line platforms directly below. First estimates are that about two hundred were killed in the Russell basement and aboutp 58 WFN 1961
about two hundred were killed in the Russell basement and about twice that number again in the station.‘ Marshall took thep 58 WFN 1961
Deborah, get this out to all casualty units straight away! About four hundred were down in the station, you say, Andrewp 58 WFN 1961
the round swell of her shoulder through the jacket. ‘Just about. I'm afraid it startled me.‘ They moved down the stepsp 60 WFN 1961
high-velocity shells and now ideal shielding for surface units moving about in the wind. Their 85 mm. guns had been removedp 61 WFN 1961
were drawn up by the collapsed hotel, others were moving about in the square, their tracks flattening the tattered remains ofp 63 WFN 1961
the steel rim. She pushed herself away and Marshall was about to go to her aid when he heard Musgrave jabberp 64 WFN 1961
he tries to climb out again. How's the driver? Sorry about him ... Can you get him out? All right, then, sealp 67 WFN 1961
fingertips, feeling the fine tracery of contused veins. ‘I'm sorry about Musgrave,‘ she said. Marshall's hand rested in her lap, warmp 68 WFN 1961
expectant smile on her full lips. ‘You were saying something about the Bethlehems,‘ she said quietly, massaging his cheeks with thep 69 WFN 1961
then remembered a newspaper profile he had read years earlier about the eccentric multimillionaire who owned vast construction interests and hadp 71 WFN 1961
what we might start. But let's not get too worried about it, Doctor. Sit down over there and take your pulsep 71 WFN 1961
left the roadway. Caught by tremendous crosswinds that swung it about behind the Centurion like a hapless tail, the Bethlehem plungedp 73 WFN 1961
Of course they don't. Reminds me of Mark Twain's crack about the weather -- everyone talks about it, but no onep 74 WFN 1961
of Mark Twain's crack about the weather -- everyone talks about it, but no one does anything.‘ He rolled over andp 74 WFN 1961
God's sake, you know what I mean, Donald. They're going about this whole thing the wrong way, just telling people top 75 WFN 1961
give us enough room to get a sick bay with about three hundred beds going. There'll be a navy transport andp 77 WFN 1961
food with them. Our own supplies are only good for about three weeks.‘ He paused and looked down at the rowsp 77 WFN 1961
was unbreached at any other point. A few people lay about in makeshift sleeping bags by the storm lights -- claustrophobesp 81 WFN 1961
a blaze of lights, packed with thousands of people huddled about on the upper level with their bundles of luggage, wallingp 81 WFN 1961
there would be no further signals. He had a runway about ten feet long, bounded at either end by impassable wallsp 88 WFN 1961
shed sail through the air 50 feet off the ground about half a mile away. It was still intact, rotating slowlyp 92 WFN 1961
she nodded and put her hand on his arm. ‘Just about. What do we have to do?‘ ‘There's a ravine thatp 95 WFN 1961
think I'm wrong.‘ They were looking into a large storeroom about 30 yards long, floor and far wall cut into thep 98 WFN 1961
been used,‘ Patricia commented. Lanyon nodded. ‘I know. Something curious about all this. Look at those.‘ He swung the flashlight againstp 98 WFN 1961
striped shirt. ‘Sure, I remember him. Tell him I'm just about in one piece, but I could use some water.‘ Whilep 102 WFN 1961
dark; movement would be impossible until the next morning. ‘What about everything in the storeroom?‘ he asked curtly. ‘How did youp 103 WFN 1961
When the interpreter nodded, he added: ‘Tell Luigi I'm sorry about the shooting in here.‘ The interpreter grinned, began to chucklep 105 WFN 1961
through the soft chalk of the cliff, and ran for about a mile, linking together three churches with the monastery. Sixp 105 WFN 1961
together three churches with the monastery. Six feet high and about a yard across, it was just wide enough for thep 105 WFN 1961
man replied. ‘Maybe more.‘ Lanyon jerked a finger upward. ‘What about Genoa? People all right?‘ The interpreter laughed shortly. He spreadp 105 WFN 1961
TV sets and washing machines would make easily negotiable currency. About the only thing that would be of any immediate usep 106 WFN 1961
everywhere, drawers pulled out, water dispensers smashed, broken suitcases strewn about the floor. ‘Left in a hurry,‘ Lanyon commented. ‘Seems top 111 WFN 1961
cabin with the three WAC nurses. Tight squeeze. We've got about sixty extra passengers.‘ ‘Sorry to bring another, Paul. Still, shep 112 WFN 1961
few days. There was an air of authority and confidence about him that suggested he had been through his own privatep 113 WFN 1961
roof section is at least fifteen feet thick, must weigh about five hundred tons. It's our only chance.‘ At the readyp 114 WFN 1961
the weather front?‘ Symington shrugged. ‘They went off the air about an hour ago. Pulled out to Dulwich. I don't thinkp 118 WFN 1961
more for the last week than you or I. Just about all they've done is lick their fingers and hold themp 118 WFN 1961
soil particles being carried. The sky's jet black now.‘ ‘What about overseas?‘ ‘Had a signal in from a USAF field inp 119 WFN 1961
here as long as we can. You three are just about the only intact intelligence outfit still operating in the wholep 119 WFN 1961
low steady voice. There seemed to be a depressing uniformity about the reports. When he had heard one he had heardp 120 WFN 1961
implied, they were the helpless victims of a deep-rooted optimism about their right to survival, their dominance of the natural orderp 120 WFN 1961
but their own folly, that they had made gross assumptions about their own superiority. Now they were paying the price forp 120 WFN 1961
low voice. ‘Marshall here. Get ready to pull out in about ten minutes.‘ He paused, looking away from Deborah and droppingp 125 WFN 1961
to one of the suitcases, but Deborah stopped him. ‘What about Crighton and the girl?‘ she pressed. ‘You're not going top 125 WFN 1961
crouched over the set. ‘ ... tell R.H. we're leaving in about five minutes, estimated time of arrival at the Tower --p 127 WFN 1961
three of them. Don't worry, I'll see R.H. personally about it.‘ Marshall's face began to knot, his deep jaw lengtheningp 127 WFN 1961
the Tower right from the beginning.‘ Marshall ignored him, was about to seize Kroll's shoulder and wrench him away from thep 130 WFN 1961
the wall and crashed downward into a corner. He was about ten feet from Kroll, who waited quietly until the narrowp 134 WFN 1961
one of them.‘ He glanced down at Deborah. ‘I'll be about ten minutes.‘ Lurching painfully, Marshall dragged himself into the darkenedp 135 WFN 1961
vomit. ‘Looks a lot better. Don't you agree?‘ ‘No doubt about it. But those burns are a little worrying. How thep 137 WFN 1961
thank you, sir. I'm very grateful to you. Any news about the wind?‘ The voices had returned. Even the patient hadp 139 WFN 1961
Moving his head, he noticed that a wide circular shaft about two feet in diameter formed part of his pillow. Itp 139 WFN 1961
his pillow. It moved diagonally downward at an angle of about 30 degrees, and he found he could hear the voicesp 140 WFN 1961
below, and was reflecting the voices of the doctors moving about their patients, particularly a burnt power-station worker whose cot wasp 140 WFN 1961
brass over to their bases in Greenland -- the wind's about fifty miles an hour lower than here. Rumour has itp 142 WFN 1961
and sealing them tight.‘ The captain nodded sombrely. ‘That's just about it. God knows what's going to happen when they decidep 144 WFN 1961
now, but we're on board a sinking ship. There's only about one week's supply of generator fuel left in the storagep 144 WFN 1961
At present we're pumping it out at the rate of about a thousand gallons an hour.‘ Maitland collected his kitbag fromp 144 WFN 1961
plastic suits, thick foam padding puffing up their bodies, hung about between the half-dozen Titan super-tractors grouped around the service stationp 146 WFN 1961
over half an hour before we take off, so how about some coffee?‘ ‘Good idea,‘ Maitland agreed. Halliday took the canvasp 146 WFN 1961
aboard the ship. Can't say I feel any too confident about this place.‘ As they collected their coffee in the canteenp 146 WFN 1961
the big tractors have a valuable role, but now-well ... Just about all the VIP's have got where they want to bep 147 WFN 1961
in tight. Have you been up top recently?‘ ‘Not for about a week,‘ Maitland admitted. ‘It's hard to describe -- prettyp 147 WFN 1961
up the last incline. Immediately, as the huge vehicle slewed about unsteadily, its tracks searching for equilibrium in the ragged surfacep 149 WFN 1961
out after the east wall of the main shelter collapsed. About five hundred people were trapped inside; only six got awayp 150 WFN 1961
news, Doctor,‘ the operator said. ‘Flash in from Brandon Hall about a friend of yours, Andrew Symington. Apparently the emergency intelligencep 151 WFN 1961
it is, it won't be standing, that's for sure. Sorry about your friend, but as you say, he'll probably be Op 152 WFN 1961
be. He noticed the radio operator watching him pensively, was about to turn away and rejoin the trio at the rearp 152 WFN 1961
man said: ‘The Hardoon place is just near here, sir. About ten miles away, at Leatherhead.‘ Maitland turned back. ‘Are youp 152 WFN 1961
heard him refer to Hardoon.‘ Maitland turned to Halliday. ‘What about it, Captain? He's probably right. We could make a smallp 152 WFN 1961
hundred gallons, barely enough to get us back.‘ ‘Then what about uncoupling the rear section?‘ Maitland asked. ‘It's no damn usep 152 WFN 1961
Tower, but Halliday soon noticed something that confirmed his suspicions about Hardoon. ‘Take a look for yourself,‘ Halliday said. ‘This roadp 155 WFN 1961
into a furrowed band of shattered concrete and wire mesh about 100 yards wide, stained with huge white and grey patchesp 155 WFN 1961
to the apex 80 feet above. The tractor was now about a quarter of a mile away and, although partly obscuredp 156 WFN 1961
Lanyon. ‘It looks as if Hardoon's strongpoint is up ahead. About three or four hundred yards away. A huge concrete pyramidp 156 WFN 1961
on the roof, gesturing back the radio operator, who was about to join Maitland on the ground. The squad of black-suitedp 158 WFN 1961
While you were resting your companions have been telling me about your exploit. I'm sorry that your little outing has endedp 161 WFN 1961
is soon recovered.‘ Maitland studied Hardoon's face. The millionaire was about fifty-five, still physically powerful, but with curious lustreless eyes. Despitep 162 WFN 1961
defeated, hiding below ground like a terror-stricken mole, or wandering about blindly down dark tunnels.‘ He looked at Maitland rhetorically, thenp 163 WFN 1961
the wind, to some extent retain your initiative. You move about the surface of the globe undeterred. I'm sorry that Captainp 164 WFN 1961
were down here yesterday,‘ the guard confided. ‘They were talking about the underground stream loosening the ground or something.‘ ‘You'd betterp 169 WFN 1961
Lanyon asked when Maitland had rested. ‘He told you all about his moral stand against the hurricane?‘ Maitland nodded, his eyesp 170 WFN 1961
to play along with Hardoon, produce a highly coloured extravaganza about this lone hero outstaring the wind and so on. Ifp 171 WFN 1961
had risen steeply now to 550 mph -- they slumped about on the beds, half asleep, drugged by the carbon-monoxide fumesp 172 WFN 1961
Yes, and maybe I can even believe it now. Just about the end to everything.‘ ‘What do we do now, Commanderp 183 WFN 1961
he had pulled the light-bulb out of the socket, shattered about three weeks of conditioning. Dr Francis had been furious. Asp 321 13C 1962
plastic models in Playroom. Perhaps Abel's mother had told him about the nightmare, when he would wake from a vice ofp 321 13C 1962
a metal crate. ‘I thought we'd have a talk together about your essay.‘ He took an exercise book out of hisp 322 13C 1962
Despite his dry smile and warm eyes there was something about Dr Francis that always put Abel on his guard. Perhapsp 322 13C 1962
on with each other. What else is there to write about? I don't see that it's so strange.‘ ‘Perhaps not. Nop 322 13C 1962
so strange.‘ ‘Perhaps not. No reason why you shouldn't write about the Station. All four of the others did too. Butp 322 13C 1962
stanchion. ‘The interval between the ball and the wall is about an eighth of an inch greater at the bottom thanp 323 13C 1962
it outwards. I calculated that the Station is revolving at about two feet per second.‘ Dr Francis nodded thoughtfully. ‘That's justp 323 13C 1962
two feet per second.‘ Dr Francis nodded thoughtfully. ‘That's just about right,‘ he said matter-of-factly. He stood up. ‘Let's take ap 323 13C 1962
go to another planet. So they build a smaller Station, about the size of this one, and send it off throughp 324 13C 1962
dim memories stirred, interlocking with what he had already guessed about the Station. He gazed steadily at Dr Francis. ‘You're sayingp 324 13C 1962
less guessed before I told you. Unconsciously, you've known all about it for several years. A few minutes from now I'mp 324 13C 1962
the boom camera's view of the ship. He was just about to select another frame when he noticed a dark shadowp 326 13C 1962
TV camera directly below it, a large metal sphere mounted about five feet from the lens. One of the guy-ropes hadp 327 13C 1962
been a laugh, though. Really give them something to worry about.‘ The man's tone annoyed Francis. ‘They've got plenty to worryp 327 13C 1962
The man's tone annoyed Francis. ‘They've got plenty to worry about as it is.‘ ‘I don't know about that, Doctor. Somep 327 13C 1962
plenty to worry about as it is.‘ ‘I don't know about that, Doctor. Some people here think they have it allp 327 13C 1962
evaporated, people are beginning to feel that there's something obscene about this human zoo; what began as a grand adventure ofp 329 13C 1962
wearily. ‘He's not a fool, Roger. He's as sincerely concerned about their welfare as you are. Half the crew, particularly thep 329 13C 1962
their meal trays in the commissary he grilled Matthew Peters about the ship's flight path, the great parabola which would carryp 330 13C 1962
great parabola which would carry it to Alpha Centauri. ‘What about the currents built into the ship?‘ he asked. ‘The rotationp 330 13C 1962
When Abel smiled sceptically he shrugged. ‘Anyway, Father knows all about it. There's no doubt we're right on course.‘ ‘We hopep 330 13C 1962
hope,‘ Abel murmured sotto voce. The more Abel asked Matthew about the navigational devices he and his father operated in Controlp 330 13C 1962
of interesting material, that half his mind remained submerged. Something about the ship suggested that there might be more to itp 331 13C 1962
Tell me, assuming that each member of the crew consumes about three pounds of non-circulated food each day, roughly half ap 331 13C 1962
half a ton per year, the total cargo must be about 800 tons, and that's not allowing for any supplies afterp 331 13C 1962
or the weight of the ship would have to be about 6 x 10 to the power 20 tons.‘ Dr Francisp 331 13C 1962
These are complex problems, Abel. I wouldn't worry too much about stellar mechanics. Captain Peters has that responsibility.‘ ‘I'm not tryingp 331 13C 1962
wearing a couple of foam pads under his earphones, missing about 90 per cent of the subsonics. We spotted it whenp 332 13C 1962
star of the G-O spectral class.‘ ‘What are you doing about this attempt to evade conditioning, Dr Francis?‘ Short asked. Whenp 332 13C 1962
was to get them to Alpha Centauri. Nothing was said about bringing them back‘ When the laughter fell away Francis cursedp 333 13C 1962
be interested to hear that the Space Department chiefs feel about fifteen years will be necessary. At least.‘ There was ap 333 13C 1962
When they start to die off no one will care about them any longer.‘ There was a full half minute's silencep 334 13C 1962
located a loosened panel that had rusted off its rivets. About ten inches by six, it slid back easily. Beyond itp 338 13C 1962
intend to write myself if no one else will, is about a man with amnesia lying on a beach and lookingp 198 UGM 1962
the dead Martian sand. Here and there miniature cyclones whirled about a sand-spur, drawing off swirling feathers of moon-washed spray, andp 355 CS 1962
to their calves in the soft Martian sand. He was about forty-five years old, his thinning hair close-cropped so that hep 355 CS 1962
wardens‘ jeeps. Each of the squares of wire mesh was about five yards wide and weighed over three hundred pounds. Afterp 356 CS 1962
he began to feel something repellent, if not actually ghoulish, about their mindless contemplation of the stars. This was not sop 359 CS 1962
himself). But Travis seemed to have reached his own decision about himself. Night after night, he watched the brilliant funerary convoyp 360 CS 1962
the vermilion sunsets at Cocoa Beach and a news story about the recluses living on in the submerged motels had providedp 360 CS 1962
be crazy. How much of this fence did you see?‘ ‘About eight hundred yards. It won't take them long to completep 365 CS 1962
won't take them long to complete. The sections are prefabricated, about forty feet high.‘ He smiled ironically at Bridgman's discomfort. ‘Relaxp 365 CS 1962
now‘ -- he glanced at Louise Woodward, who was strolling about in the colonnades -- ‘for nearly twenty years, and passengerp 365 CS 1962
to the task of rewiring the room's circuits, he paced about, fiddling with the architectural drawings propped against the wall. Hep 365 CS 1962
at the sky with both hands, her long hair blown about her face, Travis trying to restrain her. Bridgman realized thatp 370 CS 1962
sake tell her! This was Merril's capsule, there's no doubt about it! Woodward's still up there.‘ Travis looked up at himp 371 CS 1962
sitting on the ground surrounded by the wardens. He scuttled about on his hands like a frantic crab, scooping handfuls ofp 372 CS 1962
the time flowers. The flowers grew to a height of about six feet, their slender stems, like rods of glass, bearingp 299 GT 1962
with a long melancholy face and grey skin, but something about her rhythms, the slack facial tone and dead eyes andp 289 IO 1962
must have found an old razor blade in the bathroom. About 3 o'clock this morning.‘ He headed towards Gregory's chalet, gesturingp 292 IO 1962
hospital. Over their third carafe of burgundy Gregory told him about Carole Sturgeon. ‘It's absurd, but I feel guilty about herp 293 IO 1962
him about Carole Sturgeon. ‘It's absurd, but I feel guilty about her. Suicide is a highly suggestive act, I reminded herp 293 IO 1962
doctor. I want to kill Bortman, it's all I think about. If I'm not careful I'll really try. Show me howp 295 IO 1962
Vansittart had first seen him only a month earlier, wandering about blankly on the observation roof of the new administration buildingp 406 M99 1962
his small shoulders and thin hands. There was something anonymous about him. He was minimal urban man, as near a nonentityp 407 M99 1962
surgeon at the nearest station. But a curious nagging suspicion about Forbis had prevented him from doing so. Later, when hep 407 M99 1962
think someone did?‘ Vansittart nodded. ‘Oh yes. There's no doubt about it.‘ He sat forward, swinging the lamp around for emphasisp 407 M99 1962
he had tried to scale the previous day. He strolled about the roof, letting the cool air clear the sweat fromp 409 M99 1962
Cars edged and shunted like coloured fleas, and people milled about aimlessly on the pavements. Nothing of any interest seemed top 409 M99 1962
idea! Yesterday I was down in the Colonial Bazaar, thinking about our holiday, when I found a small dream bureau that'sp 339 PE 1962
like the Dream Dromes in Neptune City everyone was crazy about two or three years ago, but instead of having top 339 PE 1962
hadn't. He and Margot had never been able to agree about their vacations. Clifford's associates and superiors at the Department, allp 340 PE 1962
hope. ‘Remember, Margot, you will always have me.‘ He was about to permit himself a melancholy smile when Margot sat upp 342 PE 1962
we can really be together, forget all that ship-board nonsense about never having met before.‘ Puzzled, Clifford switched off the playerp 342 PE 1962
wonderful to share everything with you. Why don't we forget about the vacation this year?‘ A facial tic from which Cliffordp 343 PE 1962
be 50 or 60 agencies organizing vacations,‘ Tony protested. ‘Only about a dozen of them are accredited. Outside Empyrean Tours andp 343 PE 1962
arms. Everyone inside the building was wearing a uniform, moving about busily at standby alert. A huge broad-shouldered woman with sergeant'sp 344 PE 1962
reserves have open seasons. Firstly the Procyon system; this includes about 20 different races, some of them still with only atomicp 344 PE 1962
technologies. Unfortunately there's been a good deal of dispute recently about declaring Procyon a game reserve, and the Resident of Alschainp 344 PE 1962
booklet when I got it, but it doesn't say anything about it eating a whole beach every day.‘ He spaded inp 346 PE 1962
bell. ‘Wait a minute,‘ Tony cut in. ‘You advertise something about cultural parties. What exactly are they?‘ The fat man chuckledp 346 PE 1962
tossed it lightly over the balustrade. ‘Now tell me more about these Canopan prayerbeds ...‘ When, after two days, Tony reported backp 346 PE 1962
thick folder across to Clifford. ‘Take your pick. You've got about 250 schemes there in complete detail, but I've written outp 346 PE 1962
restive. In return one of the Set Corrani (polysexual delta-humanoids about the size of a walking dragline) will take over yourp 348 PE 1962
bets, but even so the race is estimated to take about 50,000 years to run. (8) NEW FUTURES INC. Unregisteredp 349 PE 1962
politely but firmly informed that it was no use worrying about the cost. When I asked -- Before Clifford could finishp 349 PE 1962
even an Anti-Cartel agent sleuthing around, wants to see you about block bookings. Thinks you're a racketeer.‘ Back in the loungep 350 PE 1962
several sleek white ambulances. The drivers and crew-men were standing about in little groups in the shadows, quietly watching the villap 350 PE 1962
to brilliant young Clifford Gorrell and his charming wife Margot about to enter their dream-pool at the fabulous Riviera-Neptune. Are youp 351 PE 1962
curtains drawn neatly over the windows. ‘What are you raving about? Get out of my house!‘ The Captain chuckled. ‘Your husbandp 353 PE 1962
a house's true condition than any amount of sales talk about horsepower and moduli of elasticity. This one was definitely onp 306 TDS 1962
and the house was recapitulating its previous response. I was about to ask Stamers if the suicide party had been stagedp 307 TDS 1962
This is the sort of thing, all right. But what about switching it on?‘ Stamers stepped around me and headed afterp 309 TDS 1962
to upset everything.‘ ‘Upset --? Howard, what are you talking about? Haven't I a right to my own husband? I'm sickp 313 TDS 1962
of 1950-ish groups with Le Corbusier and Lloyd Wright, stalking about some housing project in Chicago or Tokyo like a pettyp 314 TDS 1962
again. Fay had gone into the bathroom. As I was about to find her I felt the same echo of femininep 315 TDS 1962
original traumatic situation and release the repressed material.‘ ‘Why joke about it? It tried to kill you.‘ ‘Don't be absurd. Thep 319 TDS 1962
well be madness for me, as there's a subtle charm about the house even in its distorted form, like the ambiguousp 320 TDS 1962
he wondered whether to test this by telling the Colonel about Bodkin's Pelycosaur, but on the whole decided against it. Thep 12 DW 1962
the slackening metabolism and biological withdrawal of all animal forms about to undergo a major metamorphosis. Sometimes he wondered what zonep 13 DW 1962
sun-dazzled promenades at Nice, Rio and Miami he had read about as a child in the encyclopaedias at Camp Byrd. Curiouslyp 20 DW 1962
under her breath and looked up at Kerans. ‘And what about you, Robert? What brings you out so early in thep 25 DW 1962
opening and shutting the lid) -- but rather than stumble about in a state of tortured uncertainty, which Riggs and Bodkinp 30 DW 1962
armoury. Now unluckily, Macready, the Colonel's ever-alert watch-dog, was hanging about at his heels, ready to escort him up the companionwayp 31 DW 1962
the crew's quarters and galley. Two or three men lay about among their tropical gear in the cabins, but the recreationp 32 DW 1962
degrees, the point emphasised with a chalked cross. Still thinking about the explosive, and the possibility of stealing detonators and fuse-wirep 33 DW 1962
executive officer. A burly, intelligent but somewhat phlegmatic man of about 30, he had quietly kept himself apart from the otherp 34 DW 1962
have been conducting a small experiment together. I'll tell you about it when we go back to the station. Now --p 36 DW 1962
began to clear his throat noisily and abruptly started talking about the danger of draughts from the ventilator. For a fewp 38 DW 1962
your lap, but what exactly are you and he playing about with -- the electric heater and alarm clocks?‘ Bodkin slidp 40 DW 1962
years‘ work in a single conclusion, how would you set about it?‘ Kerans hesitated, then gestured off-handedly. ‘It wouldn't be toop 41 DW 1962
But what are you suggesting -- that Homo sapiens is about to transform himself into Cro-Magnon and Java Man, and ultimatelyp 41 DW 1962
Alan,‘ he asked over his shoulder, still watching Riggs stamping about on the landing jetty, ‘why don't you draft a reportp 44 DW 1962
only rouse the Colonel's suspicions if he were seen sauntering about in a pastel-coloured ensemble with a Ritz hallmark. Although hep 46 DW 1962
Through the blinds Kerans caught a glimpse of Beatrice moving about quietly, and five minutes later she walked into the loungep 49 DW 1962
yourself together. Riggs is leaving tomorrow, we'll need our wits about us. What are these nightmares you're having?‘ Beatrice shrugged. ‘Junglep 49 DW 1962
had gone wrong, it was actually running backwards.‘ He was about to explain the irony of the joke at full lengthp 50 DW 1962
rotors of the helicopter were circling slowly, Riggs and Macready about to embark. The other men were lined up on thep 50 DW 1962
before being winched aboard the helicopter, Kerans could only speculate about Hardman's motives for leaving the base, and whether these werep 53 DW 1962
can have a shot at reading Hardman's psychology.‘ They were about ten miles north-west of the central lagoons, the towers almostp 54 DW 1962
the next five minutes the Colonel, Daley and Macready argued about possible routes Hardman had taken, marking only the wider water-waysp 55 DW 1962
watching the surface below. Each of the tracking runs was about a hundred yards to the starboard of the previous onep 57 DW 1962
surface appeared to be scored by two faint parallel lines, about six feet apart, that led across to the jutting roofp 57 DW 1962
dreams, Kerans had seen Riggs dressed as William Tell, striding about in a huge Dalinian landscape, planting immense dripping sundials likep 61 DW 1962
sheltered with Macready behind the fountain, while the aircraft jerked about over their heads. As it revolved, the tail rotor lashedp 66 DW 1962
then remarked: ‘Be warned, Robert, you may hear them again.‘ About Hardman's escape he made no comment. Kerans‘ catamaran was stillp 68 DW 1962
reluctant to give Beatrice any real sympathy, cutting his questions about the nightmares as short as possible and never offering herp 70 DW 1962
to follow up any of Bodkins‘ or Riggs‘ oblique remarks about the dreams and their danger, almost as if he hadp 70 DW 1962
at the hot coffee. ‘So that's what Riggs was talking about. How many of his men are seeing these dreams?‘ ‘Riggsp 71 DW 1962
his first fears he realised that there was something soothing about its sounds, almost reassuring and encouraging like his own heartbeatsp 72 DW 1962
with his little parcels of instructions like a worker bee about to return to the home nest. After a few minutesp 73 DW 1962
to re-align the projector. The big dome is still there, about twenty feet below water. It looks like an enormous shellp 74 DW 1962
around the curve, and finally lodged in a narrow inlet about a hundred feet square in size. Kerans leaned over thep 76 DW 1962
the adjacent office blocks rise into the air. They settled about three feet below deck level, on a flat keel withp 76 DW 1962
action conference interrupted by the helicopter, Kerans said: ‘You've got about a thousand gallons left in the roof tank, Bea, enoughp 78 DW 1962
and air-seals along the bedroom walls will be breached. What about food, Alan? How long will the stocks in the deepp 79 DW 1962
he restlessly made a few entries in his botanical diary about the new plant forms, and during the first weeks calledp 83 DW 1962
forty had remained in the lagoon below, and were cruising about slowly in small patrols, occasionally swerving on a careless iguanap 87 DW 1962
they could find. Nonetheless several of Strangman's men were messing about in one of the scows, unloading some heavy diving equipmentp 89 DW 1962
like a mouse observing a particularly fine cat. ‘And what about you, Miss Dahl? You look a little melancholy. A touchp 91 DW 1962
cap appeared, sweat rilling across his powerful muscles. He was about six feet in height, but the rolling breadth of hisp 91 DW 1962
white clapboard marquee painted with gold tassels and drapery, creaking about on its pulleys like a funicular gazebo. The interior ofp 92 DW 1962
shook his head. ‘Bones? What on earth are you talking about? Kerans, you're insane! Bones, Good God!‘ As he let outp 93 DW 1962
shrinking shade. ‘When does the gala begin?‘ ‘Gala?‘ Strangman glanced about irritably, apparently forgetting that he had introduced the term himselfp 101 DW 1962
number of reasons (he obviously suspected them of knowing more about the city than they admitted) -- Strangman would find Keransp 106 DW 1962
onlookers, and crouched down beside him. ‘Robert, relax, don't think about it now.‘ She put her arm around his shoulders, glancingp 109 DW 1962
them, delusions which, like all the ambiguous but necessary assumptions about their own personalities, they would only sacrifice with reluctance. Surprisep 111 DW 1962
watching you and knitting their webs‘ or ‘she keeps talking about you, Robert, confound her‘ -- indicated a negative response). Howeverp 113 DW 1962
a warning mirror up to Kerans and obliquely cautioning him about the future he had chosen. It was this bond thatp 114 DW 1962
afoot in the lagoon. The depot ship had been moored about fifty yards from shore, strung with awnings and coloured lightsp 115 DW 1962
the central lagoon. Kerans pointed to a big caiman thrashing about in a circle of boathooks, and said to Big Caesarp 115 DW 1962
of profligacy -- several pieces of blackened bronze statuary stood about behind the table bearing salvers of fruit and orchids, andp 116 DW 1962
against the rail to brace himself in case Strangman was about to set off an underwater explosive charge. Glancing down atp 118 DW 1962
Laughter rocked out into the darkening air as Strangman rolled about mirthfully on the chesterfield, dabbing his eyes with a napkinp 119 DW 1962
do -- he'll drain all the lagoons.‘ Kerans nodded, thinking about the transformation of Strangman which he had witnessed. With thep 121 DW 1962
out into the streets. Huge pools of water still lay about everywhere, leaking from the ground floors of the buildings, butp 123 DW 1962
Wilder now than Kerans had ever seen him, Strangman danced about the camp fires, sometimes forcing Kerans to join him, incitingp 130 DW 1962
and right, and Bodkin paused uncertainly, the fuse wire sparking about his legs. Then he turned and began to edge backp 131 DW 1962
should take any more chances with mad biologists.‘ He was about to gesture to Big Caesar when Beatrice jumped to herp 132 DW 1962
woman down on her knees among the jewels, and was about to wave Big Caesar on when a sudden intention tremorp 132 DW 1962
forward, his huge knobbed face like an inflamed hippo's. Lumbering about to the rhythm of the bongos, he selected a skullp 136 DW 1962
of extravagance. Big Caesar donned the alligator head and tottered about the square on his knees, a whooping troupe of drummersp 138 DW 1962
the clean pools on the floor below. He had collected about a quart by the time the sun was lifting overp 142 DW 1962
sac. The shattering of this shell, like the piercing doubts about his true unconscious motives set off by his near drowningp 144 DW 1962
cushions and bongo drums, bones and burnt-out embers, all kicked about in a careless melee. Kerans waited until the last ofp 145 DW 1962
his right hand was a twelve-inch barb of gleaming steel, about to thrust upwards at Kerans‘ stomach. Sidestepping down the roomp 149 DW 1962
steps. ‘It may look a little obvious, but it's just about the only way left now.‘ Half-way down, the gangway beganp 150 DW 1962
the shotgun sticking into the air as the Admiral manoeuvred about. Kerans jumped down into the square, took Beatrice by thep 150 DW 1962
the men closing in on them. ‘Darling ... Robert -- what about the ship? Try to get back there yourself.‘ Kerans tookp 151 DW 1962
The exertion of climbing aboard the ship and then running about the square had exhausted Kerans, and his lungs pumped inp 151 DW 1962
all right, sir?‘ Macready asked softly. ‘Sorry to jerk you about like that. Looks as if you've been having a bitp 152 DW 1962
testing station on the perimeter of the drained lagoon at about the time Kerans entered Strangman's suite in the depot shipp 153 DW 1962
explained. ‘One of our aerial patrols reported seeing the hydroplane about a month ago, and I reckoned you might have ap 153 DW 1962
walls like caked dung. ‘Pretty grim down there. Damn shame about old Bodkin. He really should have come north with usp 154 DW 1962
time-traveller. Kerans had noticed a similar lack of physical validity about the rest of the crew. Many of the original membersp 155 DW 1962
Strangman's men, the present crew seemed flat and unreal, moving about their tasks like intelligent androids. ‘What about the looting?‘ hep 155 DW 1962
and unreal, moving about their tasks like intelligent androids. ‘What about the looting?‘ he asked. Riggs shrugged. ‘Apart from a fewp 155 DW 1962
He patted Kerans on the shoulder. ‘You'll have to forget about Strangman, Robert. The only reason he's sitting quiet now isp 155 DW 1962
city, is a Class A1 priority. If Strangman is serious about pumping out the next two lagoons he'll not only getp 156 DW 1962
curtly. ‘Don't worry, I'm not suffering from any crazy obsessions about these lagoons, flooded or otherwise. We're leaving first thing tomorrowp 156 DW 1962
a moment to look up at Riggs. ‘I don't know about that, Colonel. I'm afraid you came too late.‘ Grand Slamp 156 DW 1962
logs earlier that evening. They hung safely out of view, about two feet from the water's edge. ‘Dr. Kerans! Get awayp 159 DW 1962
into the hollow of the wrong dune, find himself stumbling about the silent basins, their floors cracked into hexagonal plates, likep 165 DW 1962
exposure symptoms. Kerans guessed that his sight had been lost about a month earlier, and that he had crawled instinctively top 169 DW 1962
closely through the helixes. Of course I already knew everything about Lunora Goalen. A thousand magazine exposes had catalogued ad nauseamp 396 TSS 1962
heavily, activating the senso-circuits. Immediately the statue came to life. About twelve feet high, it was shaped like an enormous metalp 397 TSS 1962
sort of redistribution of wealth I like to see. How about an advance on my cut?‘ Nevers examined me moodily. Hep 399 TSS 1962
the rest of Lunora Goalen's sculpture. A dozen pieces stood about on the terrace, most of them early period sonic datingp 399 TSS 1962
mockingly, but I put a curve on the question; something about the Frenchwoman had made me suspect that she might havep 400 TSS 1962
have more than a small part in maintaining Lunora's illusions about herself. I waited for Lunora to reply, but she ignoredp 400 TSS 1962
full of observers, opening and shutting the windows and shifting about what Renthall assumed were huge pieces of optical equipment. Hep 373 WT 1962
it sound interesting. ‘You must come. We can't just sit about subsiding into this state of boredom and uselessness.‘ ‘I knowp 375 WT 1962
on your way out?‘ Renthall and Hanson left and looked about for a cafe. Finally they found one that was openp 376 WT 1962
matters particularly,‘ Renthall said. He disliked personal confidences and was about to change the subject when Hanson leaned forward across thep 376 WT 1962
glanced contemptuously at Hanson. ‘Do you really believe that nonsense about the Council being in touch with the watch-towers? It mayp 377 WT 1962
sake don't try it on me. My patience is just about exhausted.‘ He watched Hanson carefully, wondering which of the Councilp 377 WT 1962
approached down the street. Renthall recognized the man and was about to turn his seat to avoid having to greet himp 378 WT 1962
his seat to avoid having to greet him, but something about his expression made him lean forward. Fleshy and dark-jowled, thep 378 WT 1962
directed at Renthall, and implied a pre-judgement of some event about which Renthall as yet knew nothing, presumably his coming collisionp 378 WT 1962
together his energies. ‘Recently I've been developing an idee fixe about the Council, I must be going through a crisis ofp 379 WT 1962
disappearing into the haze. ‘What do you suppose they're thinking about?‘ Renthall snapped his fingers off-handedly. ‘They're probably not thinking aboutp 379 WT 1962
about?‘ Renthall snapped his fingers off-handedly. ‘They're probably not thinking about anything. Sometimes I wonder whether there's anyone there at allp 379 WT 1962
dry smile, as if admonishing a favourite pupil, then gazed about the empty terrace for the waitress. ‘Service is appallingly badp 383 WT 1962
appallingly bad here. Tell me, Charles, what's all this talk about you and Victor Boardman. I could hardly believe my earsp 383 WT 1962
As long as you're discreet no one gives a hoot about your private affairs, but this garden party is a publicp 383 WT 1962
but I'm afraid our preparations are too far advanced. We're about to issue invitations.‘ Barnes hesitated, casting his eye around Renthall'sp 384 WT 1962
industrial landscape, wreathed in white smoke. The nearest tower was about seventy-five feet away, diagonally to his left, over the easternp 386 WT 1962
stairs behind him, carrying two sections of wooden railing. ‘Sorry about the noise, Mr Renthall,‘ Mulvaney apologized. ‘We should be finishedp 388 WT 1962
were already occupied. Renthall hesitated, lowering his voice. ‘But what about the watch-towers?‘ ‘The what --?‘ Distracted by one of thep 388 WT 1962
doubt it.‘ Renthall looked down into the garden. People sat about in their shirt sleeves, the women in floral dresses, evidentlyp 390 WT 1962
taken place. I don't know whether you've noticed anything strange about your patients?‘ ‘Nothing more than usual,‘ Clifton remarked dryly. Hep 391 WT 1962
else?‘ ‘The windows, of course, and there's a tree ...‘ ‘What about the sky?‘ She nodded. ‘Yes, I can see that, there'sp 393 WT 1962
games are played on many levels, Malek. People who talk about three-dimensional chess obviously know nothing about the present form.‘ Occasionallyp 506 EG 1963
Malek. People who talk about three-dimensional chess obviously know nothing about the present form.‘ Occasionally he made these openings in thep 506 EG 1963
curiously disturbing, an indication that there would be nothing predictable about his opponent, or the ensuing struggle of wits between themp 508 EG 1963
A great relief, believe me. There are so many sadists about, perverts and the like --‘ again he watched carefully top 510 EG 1963
the morning of the second day), and content to sit about in the armchairs, watching Constantin as the grey rain fellp 511 EG 1963
those of an experienced senior inspector of police, roving constantly about the rooms. Despite his efforts, however, Constantin was unable top 513 EG 1963
his further reminders. Outside, in the garden, the leaves whirled about the stones in a vortex of chilling air, and overheadp 518 EG 1963
first Constantin assumed that the supervisor was fishing for information about other members of the hierarchy which he wished to usep 518 EG 1963
I am innocent. I feel very like someone who is about to be buried alive.‘ Malek managed a thin smile acrossp 519 EG 1963
yes.‘ Dr Mellinger turned to face them, like a bishop about to bless his congregation. ‘Let us see Hinton as anp 524 MO 1963
Hinton ever existed?‘ ‘Well, sir, there are the ...‘ Booth searched about helplessly ... ‘the records in the administrative department. And the casep 527 MO 1963
through the mists of illusion and false assumption that swirl about their minds. Warn them of those illusions compounded on illusionsp 527 MO 1963
that without that file we would know literally nothing whatever about Hinton? It would be most awkward.‘ ‘I assure you, sirp 528 MO 1963
on the slope, and a small group of figures moved about the entrance of a mine-shaft, adjusting a wooden hoist. Wishingp 475 NWS 1963
drove his heel into the chalky turf. ‘Pure calcium carbonate, about a mile thick, laid down during the Triassic Period 200p 479 NWS 1963
their way into the bone-bed. This shaft wasn't sunk until about thirty years ago. Still, that's my problem, not yours.‘ Returningp 479 NWS 1963
three hundred Indians had died. The whole group disintegrated, only about fifteen of the men and their families are still alivep 437 QR 1963
of precarious equilibrium there. But even so, have your wits about you. As you'll see, they're as nervous as birds.‘ ‘Howp 437 QR 1963
out of their way? Hasn't he been here for years?‘ ‘About twelve.‘ Pereira sat down on the gunwale and eased hisp 437 QR 1963
in the literal sense that the Indians have seen.‘ ‘What about Ryker? Isn't he white?‘ ‘Black as a berry now. Almostp 439 QR 1963
came down anywhere within 500 miles of here they'll know about it.‘ He unwrapped the parcel and removed a small teakp 440 QR 1963
steadying himself against a stanchion. ‘Not at all. Don't worry about that, they'd have been extinct years ago if they werep 441 QR 1963
Connolly on to the jetty. The Indians were still hanging about listlessly, like guilty intruders. Ryker eyed Connolly's uniform suspiciously. ‘Who'sp 442 QR 1963
eyed Connolly's uniform suspiciously. ‘Who's this? Another so-called anthropologist, sniffing about for smut? I warned you last time, I will notp 442 QR 1963
now? God above, I suppose he'll bore my head off about cereal/protein ratios!‘ His ironic groan revealed a concealed reservep 443 QR 1963
of the jungle. ‘But the Indians might have heard something about it,‘ Pereira went on. ‘Five years ago, as a matterp 443 QR 1963
shadows, spears upright between their knees. Connolly watched Ryker moving about in front of him, aware that the man's earlier impatiencep 444 QR 1963
so sure. And you're not very helpful, you know. Now about this aircraft that may have come down --‘ Ryker snappedp 444 QR 1963
significance, but was unable to identify it. ‘We won't worry about the skins,‘ Pereira said. ‘What we'll do with your assistancep 445 QR 1963
doorway, staring listlessly at the clock, but as they were about to climb into the launch he came after them. Nowp 446 QR 1963
What we're interested in finding is the capsule.‘ Ryker was about to reply when a faint metallic buzz sounded from thep 446 QR 1963
slumped down among Connolly's equipment and unbuttoned his tunic. ‘Sorry about Ryker, but I warned you. Frankly, Lieutenant, we might asp 446 QR 1963
a valid point.‘ ‘Exactly. I knew there was something odd about those two clocks when they were standing side by sidep 447 QR 1963
and was able to keep Ryker distracted while Connolly roved about the campong with his monitoring equipment. Once or twice hep 448 QR 1963
youth with the moist limpid eyes who had been hanging about on Ryker's veranda, they merely stared at him stonily. Thisp 448 QR 1963
still, jerking them bodily to their feet as they squatted about their huts. What interested Connolly was the Indians‘ reaction top 448 QR 1963
among the huts, and abandoned utensils and smashed pottery lay about in the red dust. In the distance the morning hazep 449 QR 1963
five feet tail, but their plump agile bodies buffeted him about, almost knocking him off his feet. Eventually the tumult steadiedp 450 QR 1963
in a canvas chair on the deck of the launch. About half the Indians had returned, and were wandering about thep 451 QR 1963
launch. About half the Indians had returned, and were wandering about the huts in a desultory manner, kicking at the firesp 451 QR 1963
reminded Pereira. The Captain snapped his fingers, as if thinking about something more important. ‘No, they're not. Stop worrying, Lieutenant, you'rep 451 QR 1963
Connolly grimaced. ‘I'm glad to know now that I was about to be perpetuated.‘ Pereira looked out at the campong. ‘Actuallyp 452 QR 1963
an everlasting cornucopia of worldly goods, so they just sit about waiting for the great day. Ryker encourages them in thisp 452 QR 1963
another slimmer figure, the limpid-eyed youth who had followed Connolly about. A door stirred on Ryker's veranda, providing Connolly with ap 454 QR 1963
to the wooden steps. A few empty tobacco tins lay about on the shelves around the room, and a stack ofp 454 QR 1963
of Ryker's cleverness, Connolly looked at his watch. It was about 1.20, two minutes until the next traverse. He glancedp 455 QR 1963
the conscripted ship of the Nambikwaras‘ cargo cult. It was about to disappear among the stars in the south-east when ap 455 QR 1963
But it's not particularly warm.‘ ‘I don't agree.‘ Pelham was about to continue when he suddenly stood up and looked overp 427 RE 1963
they switched aimlessly from one station to the next. ‘They're about to launch another satellite,‘ he told Mildred. ‘Echo XXII.‘ ‘Whyp 428 RE 1963
have thought there were more than enough of them flying about already.‘ ‘Well ...‘ For a moment Pelham debated whether to pursuep 428 RE 1963
their mordant accuracy, but in general there was something frightening about her pitiless lack of sympathy for the rest of thep 428 RE 1963
did not even smile. ‘Sherrington has a rather interesting theory about the satellites,‘ Pelham told her. ‘I'd hoped we might seep 429 RE 1963
Testily Pelham snapped: ‘Mildred, I'm trying to explain Sherrington's theory about the satellites!‘ Undeterred, Mildred shook her head. ‘Roger, it's toop 429 RE 1963
self-exposure as a last gesture of surrender. Uneasily, Pelham moved about in his chair, suddenly aware of the edge of thep 430 RE 1963
was a pity she hadn't been there, instead of lying about on the beach at Worthing, but at least the childrenp 531 SA 1963
the simmering brew, Elliott relaxed on his stool, and thought about his medical practice. Normally he would have been obliged top 531 SA 1963
He had experienced his second false memory! The whole reverie about his medical practice, the locum and the woman patient werep 531 SA 1963
himself, Elliott hurried to the telephone in the hall. Something about its psychological dimensions convinced him that he had not imaginedp 534 SA 1963
take the consequences of your folly! I warned you repeatedly about the danger of your experiments --‘ The telephone squeaked onp 538 SA 1963
drive away toward Hampstead village. Upstairs the two children romped about in the nursery. ‘How horrid! I'm glad the children didn'tp 539 SA 1963
odd, where did I get the name? Must have read about him in the papers.‘ Judith nodded, coming over to himp 540 SA 1963
when I was getting over my wave I was thinking about an Indian girl I knew once. All I can rememberp 540 SA 1963
of Lorenzo de Medici. Not that there was anything amateurish about the equipment and technical resources of Orpheus Productions. The fleetp 543 SG 1963
but later we all realized that there was something touching about Charles's earnestness. None of us, however, was aware of thep 543 SG 1963
attached to the Van Stratten family, little was ever known about the old dowager's death -- officially she tripped over ap 543 SG 1963
cafe. ‘How many square feet do they want?‘ I asked. ‘About a million,‘ Raymond said. Later that afternoon, as we turnedp 544 SG 1963
loathing, he becomes increasingly aware of something cold and strange about his resurrected wife, and finds that she is a disintegratingp 545 SG 1963
followed him across the huge marble squares. ‘Kanin keeps worrying about his leading actress,‘ he went on. ‘Kanin always marries hisp 546 SG 1963
I saw another of the jewelled insects. Suppressing my doubts about Charles Van Stratten, I was busy preparing my designs forp 548 SG 1963
work and materials required was substantial. In effect I was about to do nothing less than repaint the entire desert. Eachp 548 SG 1963
footsteps grated softly in the loggia. A dark-haired man of about fifty, with a closed, expressionless face, stood among the columnsp 549 SG 1963
which I painted a series of screens to be moved about like chess pieces. Each was about twelve feet high, ap 549 SG 1963
screens to be moved about like chess pieces. Each was about twelve feet high, a large canvas mounted on a woodenp 549 SG 1963
fold above her neck. There was a curious glace immobility about her face, investing the white skin with an almost sepulchralp 550 SG 1963
Charles Van Stratten's film,‘ I explained. ‘Aphrodite 80. The film about Orpheus he's making here.‘ I added: ‘You must ask himp 550 SG 1963
Smoothly, Dr Gruber interjected. ‘Good afternoon, sir. Miss Garland is about to return to her room.‘ ‘Good, good,‘ Charles exclaimed. Forp 551 SG 1963
Charles shook his head categorically, then stood up and paced about. ‘Paul, I'm less sure of this now.‘ Unknown to himp 554 SG 1963
you're thinking too much,‘ Franklin told him. ‘You've been rambling about these signs for weeks now. Tell me, have you actuallyp 412 SM 1963
identical, even the same colour? Thirty years ago there were about ten different makes, each in a dozen colours.‘ Franklin spottedp 413 SM 1963
average income basis with those of thirty years ago they're about forty per cent more expensive: With only one make beingp 413 SM 1963
only by generating obsessive fantasies such as his latest one about subliminal advertising. The ability to react to stimuli, even irrationallyp 414 SM 1963
on the multitude of household gadgets, clothes and past holidays. About the only time he had to himself was driving top 414 SM 1963
too tired or too preoccupied to do more than think about his driving, but now he examined the expressway methodically, scanningp 419 SM 1963
dynamite those we can see, instead of worrying so much about those we can't?‘ Franklin stared at the TV screen, hopingp 424 SM 1963
I'll drive you down there, Judith. I have to see about booking a new car. The next models are coming outp 425 SM 1963
liner, going down with lights blazing from its staterooms. ‘What about you, Doctor?‘ Traxel asked the Old Man as Bridges swungp 460 TT 1963
on the shore of the lake. In all there were about a dozen pavilions, their roofs holed, the group Traxel hadp 461 TT 1963
sat for a moment on the roof, watching Shepley dive about in the darkness, then peered through the casement, brushing awayp 462 TT 1963
quickly. ‘I know, but some other night. There's something uncanny about this tomb.‘ He closed the doors behind them, and immediatelyp 465 TT 1963
recommendation he gave Traxel only one of the canisters, containing about 500 feet of tape. As prophesied, the time-wardens had beenp 466 TT 1963
you found this?‘ Shepley shrugged vaguely, began to mumble something about a secret basement in one of the gutted tombs nearbyp 466 TT 1963
I were you, Shepley, I'd get those cashed. Don't worry about flooding the market.‘ As Shepley turned away, sidestepping Bridges, hep 467 TT 1963
tombs, their porticos still flooded with sand. ‘What's so interesting about this one, Shepley?‘ he asked sardonically. Bridges roared and slammedp 469 TT 1963
These 10th Dynasty graves are stupendous. But there's something curious about this one.‘ He was still staring at it reflectively ap 469 TT 1963
firmly. The driver glanced warningly at the other wardens. ‘What about the tape blowing away up there?‘ Shepley looked up atp 471 TT 1963
upon his career. Professor Cameron first introduced him to Kandinski. About a week after Ward came to the Hubble he andp 480 VH 1963
book called The Landings from Outer Space. It was published about three years ago.‘ Ward shook his head doubtfully. They slowedp 480 VH 1963
cranks and charlatans eager to reveal their own final truths about the cosmos, and the prospect of meeting Kandinski interested himp 481 VH 1963
Cameron said. ‘Charles lectures two or three times a week about the landings to the women's societies around here and putp 481 VH 1963
and put the cups down. Ward guessed that he was about 55 years old. He was well over six feet tallp 482 VH 1963
showed no signs of interest. ‘I've been telling him all about you, Charles,‘ Cameron went on, ‘and how we all followp 482 VH 1963
plates. He was taking you seriously.‘ ‘He's a little sensitive about them,‘ Cameron explained. ‘The famous dustbin-lid flying saucers. You mustn'tp 483 VH 1963
asked, trying to keep the curiosity out of his voice. ‘About twenty miles from here, out in the desert off thep 483 VH 1963
I suppose he made a fortune out of his book?‘ ‘About 150 dollars. He had to pay for the printing himselfp 484 VH 1963
him"?‘ ‘Exactly. Naturally, most people in Vernon think he's crazy. About three months after he met the Venusian, Charles saw anotherp 484 VH 1963
a bell. Sure enough, there were two white blobs diving about in the clouds. Unfortunately for Charles, they were caused byp 484 VH 1963
years taught psychology at Mexico City University. He's been just about everywhere, had a thousand different jobs. A veteran of thep 484 VH 1963
short of friends. ‘You mustn't believe everything that Cameron says about me,‘ Kandinski said suddenly. He hesitated, apparently uncertain whether top 487 VH 1963
the party. The table-talk consisted almost entirely of good-humoured gossip about their colleagues retailed by Cameron and Renthall, and Ward wasp 488 VH 1963
now I'm not so certain. There's something rather too subtle about him. The way he creates an impression of absolute integrityp 488 VH 1963
detail. And when you do manage to ask him outright about this Venusian his answers are far too pat, I'm convincedp 489 VH 1963
made his way out into the sun. People were walking about through the fresh morning air, and he caught the cleanp 490 VH 1963
history towards their inevitable Calvarys. Just as the chairman was about to close the meeting, Ward stood up. ‘Mr Kandinski. Youp 492 VH 1963
westwards since the book's publication and he found himself wandering about from one crest to another, peering into shallow depressions onlyp 493 VH 1963
surface of the ground with a small trowel. A circle about 20 yards in diameter had been marked off with pegsp 493 VH 1963
shook his head. ‘None of them has been authenticated.‘ ‘What about the other landings that have been reported recently?‘ Ward askedp 496 VH 1963
Ward said. ‘I was talking to the Time magazine stringer about Charles,‘ Cameron said, cleaning his sunglasses. ‘He thought he mightp 496 VH 1963
cleaning his sunglasses. ‘He thought he might do a piece about him.‘ ‘Hasn't Kandinski suffered enough of that sort of thingp 497 VH 1963
I admit I have become involved with him. There's something about Kandinski's personality. On the one hand I can't take himp 497 VH 1963
the crest. The ridge he had climbed was U-shaped and about 200 feet across, its open end away from him. Restingp 499 VH 1963
later.‘ ‘The caller said it was extremely urgent, Doctor. Something about some people from the Neptune arriving.‘ ‘The Neptune?‘ ‘I thinkp 500 VH 1963
on foot. Kandinski had told him that the ridge was about a mile up the valley. It was almost night andp 501 VH 1963
upper and lower rotor sections swung around more slowly, at about one revolution per second. The space-ship had sunk a furtherp 501 VH 1963
magazines contained what could only be described as discouraging articles about himself, and he chose two or three newspapers. Just thenp 502 VH 1963
at passing cars from islands of rubbish. Whatever his reservations about some aspects of the mid-twentieth century, Burroughs accepts that itp 126 UGM 1964
poor woman hadn't the faintest idea what the book was about. In turn, Burroughs's three novels are a comprehensive vision ofp 127 UGM 1964
climbed on to the giant's chest and was now strolling about and signalling to the shore. There was a roar ofp 642 DG 1964
eager to return to the beach. There was nothing necrophilic about this, for to all intents the giant was still alivep 644 DG 1964
hospital at Taxcol. At least there was a passive repose about the Indians, a sense of the still intact integrity ofp 629 DS 1964
blonde hair off her forehead. ‘I wish you wouldn't think about the snakes all the time.‘ ‘Well, I'm beginning to understandp 630 DS 1964
of the greater goodbye, the vast leave-taking that Gifford was about to embark upon. The fifteen years of their marriage hadp 631 DS 1964
to let him touch me with his poxy hands. Forget about the doctor, Louise. Even if someone is prepared to comep 632 DS 1964
repeated the word with a grimace. ‘What are you talking about? For God's sake, Louise.‘ ‘All right then,‘ his wife repliedp 632 DS 1964
insisted. ‘A doctor should --‘ ‘How can I move? Jerked about on a stretcher, I'd be dead within five minutes.‘ Hep 635 DS 1964
glass, a faintly self-assured smile on his bland face. ‘What about the messenger? Is there any news?‘ ‘Have you heard anythingp 636 DS 1964
in a marginal melodrama. Now and then he would think about them, but the effort seemed to lack point. His wife'sp 637 DS 1964
sake?‘ Gifford shook his head. ‘I don't give a damn about Lowry. Last night I was going out to look atp 639 DS 1964
with a doctor.‘ She lowered her voice, ‘Charles, I'm sorry about Richard. I realize now ...‘ She leaned forward to see herp 639 DS 1964
the lawn to the river bank. ‘Try not to think about them, darling. They're just sitting there.‘ ‘Just? That's the troublep 650 GTN 1964
table corners had been enough. Indeed, once upstairs Maitland moved about the winding corridors and dark back staircases with more easep 651 GTN 1964
you should be able to take off the bandages in about ten days.‘ ‘Good. There's no hurry, though. I want thep 653 GTN 1964
want you to get over-excited. What's the matter? You're hovering about there like an old woman. Don't you want to seep 656 GTN 1964
recognizing the one he had seen in his dream. Everything about it, like the bright river which slid past him, seemedp 656 GTN 1964
deliberately imposed by the administration, and a clamour was raised about the rights of inspection and the unseen horrors concealed fromp 606 IM 1964
Valley, far into the hinterland of the island -- was about 150 miles from the nearest road-head and totally inaccessible, whilep 606 IM 1964
of the passenger beside me. A slimly built man of about forty, he was wearing a white tropical suit which emphasizedp 608 IM 1964
a cancer as far as we can see -- and about as curable -- a proliferation of the sub-atomic identity ofp 609 IM 1964
small suitcase and a parcel of books. The latter was about thirty-five, with a high scholar's forehead and tired eyes. Hep 611 IM 1964
Although of strong physique, there was something weak and self-centred about his long fleshy face and pale blue eyes, and obviouslyp 611 IM 1964
stencilled on its side. A platoon of soldiers was wandering about, taking cuttings from the palmettos and date palms, which theyp 612 IM 1964
changing all the time.‘ He pointed across the river. ‘What about Marquand? Where did you meet him?‘ ‘The bearded man? Hep 619 IM 1964
stolen from one of the nearby mansions. Gilded cupids played about the mahogany canopy, pipes to their lips, and four nakedp 619 IM 1964
a call to London, requesting some obscure piece of information about an anonymous buyer of a Titian or Rembrandt in thep 578 LL 1964
he picked up another photograph of the missing painting. ‘What about that one?‘ The photographs had been taken from slightly differentp 579 LL 1964
trace of a smile, of compassionate resignation and understanding, hung about the lips, providing a solitary source of light which illuminatedp 580 LL 1964
go, but thou shalt wait until I return. I was about to say ‘no‘, but something restrained me, some reflex pausep 583 LL 1964
Leonardo and Holbein caught him exactly, that strange haunted intensity about his eyes, the wind of deserts and great ravines.‘ ‘Whenp 584 LL 1964
took the painting?‘ ‘No. Luckily I still had my wits about me. Obviously I had to be sure he was thep 584 LL 1964
out of hand -- bringing up all sorts of details about Vincent's third-rate pigments, the back of the canvas and sop 585 LL 1964
of the canvas, note, what the sitter would most remember about a painting. I said I was more or less convincedp 585 LL 1964
arm on the window ledge, like some immense half-crippled angel about to take flight. Then the two cars surged apart, andp 587 LL 1964
head sagely. ‘You deal in magic, not knowledge. Tell me about your shell.‘ The water lifted towards us among the rocksp 571 PCD 1964
economy and directness of movement. For several hours Traven wandered about, inspecting one bunker after another for a convenient place top 592 TB 1964
hundred yards he lost his sense of direction. He blundered about for several hours on the edges of the landing stripp 594 TB 1964
the shade of one of these concrete monsters, or walking about in the centre of this enormous labyrinth that extended acrossp 595 TB 1964
island from their former haunt among the dried-up lakes. At about this time he once again saw the distant light beckoningp 596 TB 1964
to the roof of the bunker. Traven watched her move about. ‘I'm ... searching for my wife and son.‘ ‘They're on thisp 598 TB 1964
was sans head, in others multiples of her arms circled about her like the serpent limbs of a Hindu goddess. Confusedp 599 TB 1964
Traven presumes has followed him into the fissure, now buzzes about the corpse's face. Guiltily, Traven leans forward to kill itp 603 TB 1964
sharp-faced women in long black coats, Falkman's sister moved quietly about the house. Her quick deft hands shook the dust fromp 560 TP 1964
a good thing.‘ She grudgingly admitted the first visitors, fussing about so that Falkman could barely exchange a word with themp 561 TP 1964
Sam gave up and went home, leaving Falkman to hang about the cobbled square under the dim lights when the marketp 566 TP 1964
first difficulties in both walking and feeding himself. He tottered about clumsily, his small piping voice tripping over his tongue. Steadilyp 567 TP 1964
for a few days, but gradually she began to move about more freely, slowly shedding the additional weight accumulated during herp 567 TP 1964
it.‘ ‘Do you remember seeing someone called Springman?‘ Vandervell said. ‘About three months ago.‘ ‘You asked me that before. I rememberp 660 VD 1964
they're raining down on the just and the unjust.‘ ‘What about your friend Springman?‘ ‘Now that you remind me ...‘ Vandervell raisedp 661 VD 1964
fool.‘ Vandervell turned to the window. ‘What are you worrying about, anyway?‘ ‘Nothing,‘ Vandervell said. ‘For once in a long timep 661 VD 1964
said. ‘For once in a long time I'm not worrying about anything at all.‘ He rubbed the pane with his sleevep 662 VD 1964
his deformed skull and Caliban-like appearance, there was nothing stupid about Quilter. The dreamy, ironic smile, at times almost affectionate inp 10 D 1965
he replied to some of Ransom's questions, answering only those about the owl, the river and his boat. Ransom assumed hep 20 D 1965
draped over the swimming pools, and the tattered squares lay about on the ground like ruined tents. The trim lawns shadedp 23 D 1965
Ransom found his bellicose manner hard to take -- something about the suspicious eyes and lack of charity made him doubtfulp 24 D 1965
way to something now, as a matter of fact.‘ ‘What about the police rearguard? Has it gone yet?‘ Despite the carefulp 25 D 1965
private alternate universe in the houseboat on the river. Walking about the house he felt more like a forgotten visitor thanp 29 D 1965
With a nod, he stepped into the kitchen. He walked about stiffly, as if unused to being inside a house. ‘Arep 29 D 1965
a house. ‘Are your family all right?‘ Ransom asked. ‘Just about. Who's that crackpot down by the lake?‘ ‘The concrete housep 29 D 1965
pool? -- one of the local eccentrics. I shouldn't worry about him.‘ ‘He's the one who should be worrying,‘ the littlep 29 D 1965
off-shore waters of the world's oceans, to a distance of about a thousand miles from the coast, was a thin butp 31 D 1965
It's just a whim of mine, you know.‘ But something about Hendry's changed tone, the note of condescension, reminded Ransom thatp 33 D 1965
an expression of horror, as if frightened that she was about to lose everything she had gained. The Fire Sermon Forp 34 D 1965
busy with the few remaining members of his militia, driving about in his jeep with bales of ‘barbed wire and cratesp 36 D 1965
riverside villas. ‘What's going on out there? You know more about these things than I do.‘ Ransom gestured at the windowsp 42 D 1965
--‘ Lomax snapped his fingers irritably. ‘Don't talk to me about the balance of nature! If it wasn't for people likep 42 D 1965
on one side, like a couturier inspecting a suspect mannequin, about to remove a single pin and expose the whole shabbyp 42 D 1965
single pin and expose the whole shabby pretence. ‘And what about you, Charles? I can't understand why you haven't set offp 42 D 1965
claustrophobic, the air dead and unoccupied. A peculiar scent hung about, coming from the half-dead tropical plants suspended from the wallp 45 D 1965
into the ground near the highway. Has Lomax told you about his plan? I suppose he couldn't contain himself with laughingp 45 D 1965
-- two pairs and a single older male -- were about to be fed, and their roars sounded like the slammingp 50 D 1965
are you trying to say, doctor? I'd rather not think about it.‘ Ransom stepped over to her. ‘Catherine, be sensible forp 51 D 1965
One day you're going to be surprised, doctor.‘ Ransom was about to remonstrate with her again when something moved behind himp 52 D 1965
hall, and unwanted suitcases lay across the armchairs. He was about to step through the door when he noticed a smallp 56 D 1965
the air on a dozen arms as if he were about to be tossed to the sun. Pulling at the thickp 57 D 1965
down at this latest catch. A stocky, broad-shouldered man of about thirty, he was distinguished from the others by a mopp 59 D 1965
on their shoulders as if aware that they should be about some useful task. Only the blond-haired Saul seemed to resentp 60 D 1965
the blond-haired Saul seemed to resent his authority. He hung about irritably behind Jonas, tapping the rail as if looking forp 60 D 1965
tapping the rail as if looking for something to complain about. Jonas crossed the bridge and stood by the fore-rail. Hisp 60 D 1965
some agreeing with Saul's complaints with forceful nods, others shifting about uncertainly. The loyalties of the group swerved from one manp 60 D 1965
noticed the calculation in all his movements as he stepped about on the high stage of the bridge. ‘Saul, we rejectp 60 D 1965
leapt through the smoke of the refuse fires. Once, searching about in a walled garden into which he had blundered, Ransomp 62 D 1965
see the white figures of Lomax and his sister moving about on the roof. After the initial crescendo, the display continuedp 64 D 1965
threat of aimless violence, as if the whole landscape were about to fall apart again. Rallying himself with an effort, Ransomp 68 D 1965
pulpit on the launch, he looked as if he were about to set off on an arduous missionary expedition through somep 69 D 1965
Ransom's arm, smiling at him with her grey eyes. ‘What about you, Charles? Are you coming with us? Father,‘ she calledp 69 D 1965
launch. ‘Do watch that fellow Lomax.‘ ‘I will. I'm sorry about the church.‘ ‘Not at all.‘ Johnstone shook his head vigorouslyp 71 D 1965
him forward with a crooked finger. ‘Charles, you look worried about something. You're not yourself today. Didn't you enjoy my fireworkp 73 D 1965
himself on the steps. Quilter and the cheetah were playing about in the far corner of the garden, leaping and swervingp 73 D 1965
the approach lanes were closed. One or two cars crawled about the churned-up roadways, like ants blindly moving with no notionp 90 D 1965
or sat on their doorsteps. Small groups of men moved about silently. The road divided, one section running parallel with thep 91 D 1965
road, glancing between the lines of vehicles. People were lying about in the shade, or had walled in the narrow alleysp 92 D 1965
were on the road three,‘ his wife interjected. ‘Tell him about that, Herbert.‘ ‘He's been on the road too, dear.‘ ‘Whatp 93 D 1965
a few hundred yards short of the beach. ‘But what about the government evacuation plans?‘ Ransom asked. ‘Those beach cards andp 93 D 1965
people. Perhaps they dislike the river for some reason.‘ ‘What about the car?‘ Philip asked. He watched Ransom warily, as ifp 94 D 1965
Screwing up her face, she stepped from the car. ‘What about you, Mr. Jordan?‘ Ransom asked. ‘Of course, doctor.‘ The negrop 95 D 1965
fish to be cast up out of the water. ‘What about Phillip and Mr. Jordan?‘ Catherine asked when they had notp 96 D 1965
ours?‘ he asked breathlessly. ‘Grady,‘ Ransom said. The lieutenant peered about, and then jumped to his feet and ordered his menp 100 D 1965
the lagoon. At the last moment, when the water seemed about to burst from the lagoon at a dozen points, hep 105 D 1965
into a gliding oval lake, the hundreds of fish tumbling about in the spinning currents. Every twenty yards, as the lakep 106 D 1965
That leaves us with only two for today!‘ She glanced about the shack with wavering desperation, as if hoping that inp 111 D 1965
the reservoir pools washed away in a few seconds. Staggering about in the sliding salt, they had watched everything they ownedp 114 D 1965
chewed the flavourless steaks of white meat. ‘He was talking about it while we waited for the tide. It was obviousp 115 D 1965
tragic accidents.‘ ‘It wasn't. In fact, the more I think about it the more I'm convinced it was simply a kindp 116 D 1965
no longer knew where that power lay. His head bobbed about, and Ransom guessed that for two or three years hep 124 D 1965
at intervals during the past years, when her illness seemed about to return, but he was frightened of at last committingp 124 D 1965
doctor there's no greater failure. Did you see Philip Jordan? About half an hour ago?‘ ‘He went by. I've no ideap 129 D 1965
I'll be glad to, Phillip. I understand how you feel about the car. It's been a long ten years, the carp 133 D 1965
foot into a fine white powder. The metal refuse scattered about the dunes provided the only floral decoration -- twisted bedsteadsp 135 D 1965
She had loosened her hair and the long tresses lifted about her head in the cool air. Unlike Philip, the soundsp 141 D 1965
on the approach lines to the bridge. Philip Jordan paced about, then turned to Mrs. Quilter and motioned her towards thep 143 D 1965
years earlier the cabin had been ransacked. Books were scattered about, the desk drawers pulled on to the floor; but atp 149 D 1965
lay just beyond the reach of the sand. ‘Doctor, what about the water?‘ Philip Jordan knelt beside him, scooping the sandp 149 D 1965
she sighed plaintively, ‘I can't move myself.‘ When Ransom was about to run on she fished the second canteen from beneathp 151 D 1965
years, although he seemed twice his former height and gazed about with a more self-composed air. As he listened to hisp 154 D 1965
been able to join them. ‘I was just telling him about you, doctor. Quilty, the doctor's a rare one with carsp 154 D 1965
idea,‘ Ransom agreed cautiously, He decided not to tell him about Philip Jordan or Catherine. As yet Quilter had given themp 154 D 1965
her up.‘ She turned her pleasant beam on Ransom. ‘What about you, doctor?‘ Ransom brushed his beard. Despite the strangeness ofp 157 D 1965
understand?‘ Miranda sat up. ‘But I do. I don't know about Richard, he's rather awkward and unpredictable these days, and Quilterp 157 D 1965
past, aren't they, Quilty? Now we've got organized there's just about enough to eat -- you'd be amazed how many cansp 180 D 1965
Catherine or Philip Jordan, but he assumed that people drifted about the desert without formality, and took their chances with Quilterp 180 D 1965
lifting from the edge of the swimming pool, they toddled about, squeaking at their mother. Their swollen heads and puckish facesp 159 D 1965
future could change, only the mirror between them. Whitman was about to move off when the sounds of a distant voicep 160 D 1965
held together only by a mournful dirge-like rhythm. Whitman scuttled about. ‘Jonas!‘ He seemed uncertain whether to advance or flee. ‘I'llp 160 D 1965
swung on his heel. ‘What on earth are you talking about? You must be out of your mind. There isn't ap 163 D 1965
impossible. Quilter is insane -- have you seen him, striding about on those stilts? ... He's out to destroy me, I knowp 164 D 1965
Ransom said: ‘He did give me a message -- something about drowning, if I remember. There's not much danger of thatp 164 D 1965
and there, Charles.‘ Lomax gestured vaguely. ‘I happened to know about one or two stand-by reservoirs, forgotten for years under carp 164 D 1965
everywhere with his mad animals. I warn you, don't wander about on your own too much. There are a couple ofp 165 D 1965
in Quilter's hands. Ransom watched the children as they waddled about under their swollen heads and played with the dead birdsp 168 D 1965
watched him with its vivid smile, eyes wide as if about to divulge some delightful secret. It shook its head, armsp 169 D 1965
the face of a young woman by the rail. Something about this face, its expression of anxiety, regret and relief, andp 28 UGM 1966
the survivors, among them the hero, now a man of about thirty. Faced with a destroyed world, the experimenters are hopingp 28 UGM 1966
walls‘. One could write a book, let alone a review, about these extraordinary creatures -- nymphs of another planet, in yourp 86 UGM 1966
sharp but pedantic intelligence, is now a young man of about thirty. Satters, his onetime fag, appears as a babyish adolescentp 142 UGM 1966
sea. Scott himself remains an aloof and isolated figure, reticent about his plans and given to the occasional calculated duplicity, butp 253 UGM 1966
bodies may conceal the rudiments of a symmetry not only about the vertical axis but also the horizontal. One recalls Goethe'sp 14 AE 1966
At first sight it seems to be a strange newsreel about the latest tableau sculptures -- there are a series ofp 15 AE 1966
governor in his car and its speed remained constant at about fifteen miles an hour. However, shortly afterwards, when the governorp 720 AE 1966
noted, and the unconscious role of thermonuclear weapons in bringing about the total fusion and non-differentiation of all matter. What thep 34 AW 1966
the sense you mean. This is an attempt to bring about the "false" death of the President -- false in thep 34 AW 1966
kill except the sky. All week they had been chasing about, sitting for hours through the conference on neuropsychiatry, visiting artp 35 AW 1966
-- the radio telescopes or the giant madonnas he muttered about as he lay asleep beside her at night? ‘Xero!‘ shep 35 AW 1966
functions failed. In a technical sense he was dead for about two minutes. Now, all this time later, it looks asp 36 AW 1966
the cards on the balcony table. Whatever else they said about the boy, he never moved his feet. By contrast Raissap 663 BM 1966
rhythm of the fox-trot. There was something sensuous, almost sexual, about Manon's compulsive eating of eclairs. This magnificent Serbo-Croat cow, hadp 664 BM 1966
throb of the juke-box. Kovarski picked his nose, involuntarily thinking about Stat. The CIA man had a face like ice. Mercedesp 665 BM 1966
Citroen. That twitching old goat, did the English ever think about anything else? She removed the hood from the typewriter, thenp 667 BM 1966
gave him a wry nod. ‘Interesting, Halliday?‘ ‘Of course. What about your dreams, doctor? Where do you keep them?‘ Mallory madep 673 DF 1966
a key to all their roles. The white-suited physician, moving about silently through the sand-filled streets, seemed like the spectre ofp 673 DF 1966
face -- like a black sun. What do you dream about, Mr Halliday?‘ Halliday almost blurted out the truth but withp 677 DF 1966
he gone? My chauffeur ... needs some treatment.‘ Halliday hesitated. Something about the woman's voice suggested that she might easily lose interestp 677 DF 1966
give him a lift to the river crossing.‘ Halliday was about to accept, but the chauffeur made no response to thep 677 DF 1966
Szabo and walked off past the chauffeur. As he stopped, about to remind her of the trip to Leptis Magna, hep 677 DF 1966
the truth we were beginning to get a little worried about him, weren't we, Leonora?‘ ‘Halliday ...‘ Leonora took his arm andp 679 DF 1966
Perhaps to see the same dreams, it's possible.‘ Halliday was about to speak when he noticed the footsteps of the chauffeurp 681 DF 1966
his gun loader, gibbered to himself on the foredeck, hopping about on his club foot as he tried to escape fromp 697 SBD 1966
but strong, hands held at her waist as she moved about in a grey ankle-length robe. Her bedraggled appearance was thatp 699 SBD 1966
saw Quimby's small figure on the bridge, wild eyes roving about at the sky. Crispin had expressly forbidden the dwarf top 704 SBD 1966
breech of his rifle. ‘I'm always ready,‘ he rejoined. ‘What about you?‘ He jerked a finger at the house. ‘You shouldp 704 SBD 1966
didn't want to see you again.‘ ‘What?‘ The dwarf scurried about, hands dancing along the rusty rail. He gave up withp 704 SBD 1966
discounted -- no doubt a few strays were still flitting about, searching for their flocks -- but the vulnerability of thep 705 SBD 1966
feathers from the wings and breasts of the birds lying about him. Despite the rain, the plumage was almost dry. Crispinp 705 SBD 1966
basketfuls of plumes down to the launch. As he scurried about the meadow his bent head and shoulders were barely visiblep 705 SBD 1966
Crispin ...‘ Catherine York took his arm. Her troubled eyes wandered about his face, as if hoping to find some kindly wayp 706 SBD 1966
the mast to secure the dove to the cross-tree. Dancing about beneath the bird, the dwarf seemed mesmerized by Crispin, doingp 708 SBD 1966
go over there.‘ ‘That's the way, Crisp ...‘ The dwarf scuttled about. ‘Bring her back here -- I'll tidy it up forp 708 SBD 1966
immense murdered angel, the dove's eyes seemed to follow him about the ship, reminding him of when it had first appearedp 708 SBD 1966
the last time that no stray hawk or peregrine was about. The effectiveness of the disguise had exceeded all his hopesp 709 SBD 1966
of the woman's mind. Yet the symbolic flight he was about to perform would free not only Catherine York, but himselfp 709 SBD 1966
sabbatical month, but there seemed something a little too plausible about this explanation, which he repeated several times in the samep 13 CW 1966
and chromium windshield, was a small, slimly built man of about forty, wearing a white tropical suit that emphasized the rimp 15 CW 1966
and watchful appearance. This man, Ventress -- his name was about all Sanders had managed to learn about him -- wasp 15 CW 1966
his name was about all Sanders had managed to learn about him -- was the doctor's cabin-mate. During the journey fromp 15 CW 1966
doctor's cabin-mate. During the journey from Libreville he had roamed about the steamer like an impatient tiger, arguing with the steeragep 15 CW 1966
this white-suited figure with his bearded skull-like face -- something about him reminded Sanders that the world was not without thosep 15 CW 1966
us wish you were here. The clinic is small, with about twenty patients. Fortunately the people of these forest slopes movep 18 CW 1966
-- he had decided to follow them. Forgoing his inquiries about the censored letter, in order not to warn Suzanne ofp 19 CW 1966
jetty outside -- there were half a dozen soldiers moving about near a parked staff car -- indicated that something morep 20 CW 1966
sense of the censorship and the customs search, but something about the porter's studied shrug made him doubt it. Besides, thep 22 CW 1966
The deception might be useful at a later date. ‘What about the railway?‘ he asked the clerk. ‘Or the bus servicep 23 CW 1966
Doctor, not difficult to transport. Perhaps you can make inquiries about the bus.‘ Sanders studied the man's thin, olive-skinned face. Hisp 23 CW 1966
nervous energy that Sanders found almost uncomfortable. His eyes roved about, searching the shabby alcoves for some hidden perspective. ‘May Ip 24 CW 1966
approach the forest, but there was something minatory and oppressive about its silence. He turned and made his way back top 27 CW 1966
seemed to have little idea of what he was talking about. However, he kept a quiet eye on the rim ofp 28 CW 1966
his forehead. For a moment he looked tired and withdrawn. ‘About one year. Longer, perhaps. At first no one bothered ...‘ Thep 28 CW 1966
as he walked past her. ‘Any news?‘ Sanders stopped. ‘What about?‘ ‘The emergency.‘ ‘Is that what they call it? You're luckierp 29 CW 1966
rest, if that's possible, I'm simply here on holiday. What about you?‘ In a quieter voice, after a confirmatory glance atp 30 CW 1966
but I've been getting nowhere today. Can you tell me about this emergency -- I'll accept your term for it.‘ Thep 30 CW 1966
could hardly hear a thing. All he said was something about the forest being full of jewels, but it was meantp 31 CW 1966
but it could be anything under the sun.‘ ‘Then what about the police and the army convoys? And the customs menp 31 CW 1966
before approaching him. Now and then, when Father Balthus glanced about, Sanders saw his lean face, the thin nose raised criticallyp 32 CW 1966
out near one of the stalls. The stall holders ran about in all directions, and a woman's voice cried out. Inp 34 CW 1966
Balthus knew, they're not ordinary by any means. There's something about the light they give out -- I didn't get ap 36 CW 1966
five minutes to make his departure, assuming that Ventress was about to leave by boat, whether hired or stolen, for Montp 43 CW 1966
in the disturbed water as the boats shifted and moved about. The overhead catwalks that crisscrossed the piers swayed under thep 43 CW 1966
the water. Then he saw Ventress's small white figure darting about in the centre of the chase, like a spider trappedp 43 CW 1966
and leapt sideways through the catwalk like a wriggling fish about to be gutted. He landed on a boat below, ap 44 CW 1966
him?‘ ‘I've no idea -- you didn't find anything out about Ventress?‘ ‘No, I was following you most of the timep 49 CW 1966
he's frightened of revealing himself. I'd say he knew something about this crystallizing process.‘ ‘But why shouldn't he tell you directlyp 49 CW 1966
inspect the body. That of a muscular fair-skinned European of about thirty, it appeared to have suffered no external physical injuriesp 50 CW 1966
surface for any floating logs. There were few other craft about. One or two native outriggers moved along by the edgep 53 CW 1966
is not very intelligent.‘ ‘They have other things to think about, but you may well be right. Mile. Peret thinks therep 58 CW 1966
zone, as well as Louise's American colleague. Naturally we're worried about them. The automatic temptation of the army will be top 59 CW 1966
several military launches were tied up, and native soldiers moved about unloading equipment and drums of fuel. In the clearing beyondp 61 CW 1966
gray festoons of moss. Large piles of metal fencing lay about, and a squad of men were painting a number ofp 61 CW 1966
The mines here have never been particularly profitable ...‘ Radek seemed about to reveal something, and then changed his mind, perhaps awarep 65 CW 1966
is closer to a cancer than anything else -- and about as curable -- an actual proliferation of the sub-atomic identityp 66 CW 1966
Paris they're still sceptical -- so he may be hanging about somewhere, waiting for a convincing picture.‘ As he took hisp 67 CW 1966
It was half-empty when we came. The affected zone moves about from one place to another, it's too dangerous for themp 68 CW 1966
Although of powerful build, there was something weak and self-centred about his long fleshy face. ‘Radek!‘ he shouted. ‘I haven't gotp 72 CW 1966
What do we do now?‘ ‘Nothing. The Bourbon Hotel is about three miles from here, it's an old ruin. If wep 73 CW 1966
in a trailer, and a platoon of soldiers was wandering about, taking cuttings from the trees, which they laid like fragmentsp 74 CW 1966
unique achievement as lords of this creation to have brought about the separation of time and space. We alone have givenp 84 CW 1966
with you, it's an extraordinary experience. There's something almost rejuvenating about the forest. Do you ...?‘ ‘Of course, Doctor.‘ Ventress turned backp 88 CW 1966
invigorated. ‘Running out of time?‘ he repeated. ‘I haven't thought about it yet. What's your explanation?‘ ‘Isn't it obvious, Doctor? Doesn'tp 89 CW 1966
all clear?‘ Ventress was breathing rapidly, his small shoulders moving about in an excess of nervous energy. ‘What's the matter? Hep 94 CW 1966
its white outline of frost, leapt forward like a bull about to gore a fleeing matador. Ventress passed within a fewp 101 CW 1966
saw you on the quay with Radek.‘ Dr. Sanders was about to speak when Thorensen held up his hand. With ap 103 CW 1966
forest.‘ He pointed across the river with his revolver. ‘What about Ventress? The bearded man. Where did you meet him?‘ Sandersp 104 CW 1966
and Ventress had sheltered from the storm. Gilded cupids played about the mahogany canopy, pipes to their lips, and four nakedp 106 CW 1966
had taken from the wall-safe earlier that afternoon. Sanders was about to protest, but the young woman turned away from themp 108 CW 1966
seemed more preoccupied than Sanders had remembered him. ‘We've talked about you a lot -- I'm sorry about yesterday afternoon. Suzannep 122 CW 1966
him. ‘We've talked about you a lot -- I'm sorry about yesterday afternoon. Suzanne had promised to visit one of thep 122 CW 1966
her face, so that it concealed her cheeks. ‘Tell me about it all, Edward, I --‘ ‘My dear.‘ Max held upp 124 CW 1966
the blackwood cabinet. The faintly quizzical smile that had hovered about her mouth since his arrival was still there, almost beckoningp 125 CW 1966
Even their affair had been an unconscious attempt to bring about this very end. It was himself, and not the poorp 126 CW 1966
their sick with them, incurables for the most part. What about you, Edward? How do you feel this morning?‘ ‘Well enoughp 128 CW 1966
come to Mont Royal. ‘Edward, you haven't told me yet about your visit to the site yesterday. What exactly happened?‘ Sandersp 129 CW 1966
always up to some private game of his own.‘ ‘What about this woman living with him -- Serena Ventress? I takep 129 CW 1966
acknowledged the salute of one of the porters. ‘Don't worry about them, they move around here all the time. Believe mep 131 CW 1966
to Dr. Tatlin, the physicist, he's explained all his theories about the forest -- very complicated, believe me, all about thep 133 CW 1966
theories about the forest -- very complicated, believe me, all about the stars and time, you'll be amazed when I tellp 133 CW 1966
some over for us.‘ Louise hesitated. ‘All right. But what about --?‘ ‘Suzanne?‘ Sanders shrugged. ‘She's asleep.‘ ‘What? Now?‘ ‘She alwaysp 133 CW 1966
quarter of a mile.‘ ‘How fast is the area spreading?‘ ‘About a hundred feet a day, or more. According to thep 138 CW 1966
bathers under a midnight sun. One or two were shuffling about through the lines of people half-asleep on the ground orp 139 CW 1966
her face raised in a shaft of moonlight as if about to kiss him on the mouth. Then he realized thatp 142 CW 1966
which Max had left him for Sanders's benefit. He was about to blurt something out when the sound of footsteps crossedp 145 CW 1966
of the subterranean streams. As he watched, two men moved about on the foredeck of the cruiser. They were partly hiddenp 151 CW 1966
The deck rails were hung with fine spurs. Ventress manoeuvred about, trying to get a shot in at the men inp 156 CW 1966
in the hollow as Ventress reloaded his shotgun. He scuttled about, peering at the two bodies. For a few minutes therep 158 CW 1966
wear her sunglasses again, unconsciously revealing her own private decision about Sanders and his future, and their own inevitable separation. Howeverp 171 CW 1966
own tolerance of one another. ‘Have the police any news about Anderson?‘ Sanders asked. During their first month in Port Matarrep 171 CW 1966
prefecture every morning in the hope of getting some news about her lost colleague, partly, Sanders guessed, to justify her extendedp 171 CW 1966
again, he read through his letter to Paul Derain. Thinking about Louise at the same time, he realized that he couldp 171 CW 1966
see Sanders, for the purpose, he guessed, of questioning him about Father Balthus's self-immolation within the forest. Obviously they suspected thatp 172 CW 1966
glasses, unsure how serious he was being. ‘I don't know about that. We certainly are busy, Edward. As a matter ofp 172 CW 1966
him to a mindless and amiable banter as they moved about the ward. Later, when the pain from his amputated legp 684 TIM 1966
his admission to the hospital. A faint half-smile always hung about Dr Nathan's mouth, like the ghost of some forgotten pleasantryp 685 TIM 1966
of jocular hostility. He reached for Conrad's wrist as if about to jerk the youth from his bed on to thep 685 TIM 1966
an ambiguous gesture. ‘In a sense, yes. But we'll talk about this tomorrow. We've taxed you enough for the present.‘ Hep 686 TIM 1966
Dr Nathan's smile, like a returning wraith, hovered once again about his thin lips. ‘I'm sure Conrad will be only toop 686 TIM 1966
things straight first. As you say, restorative surgery goes back about fifty years, when the first kidney grafts were made, thoughp 688 TIM 1966
Dr Nathan amputated the crushed knee and shinbone. Nothing surprising about that, is there?‘ Conrad waited before answering. For once Drp 688 TIM 1966
driver of the car, how do you feel in principle about undergoing restorative surgery?‘ Conrad looked down at the bedclothes. Despitep 689 TIM 1966
said tallied with all he had heard over the years about restorative surgery -- the subject was not taboo, but seldomp 690 TIM 1966
voice roll on, dispelling the tension between them. ‘Not for about two months, it's a tremendously complex piece of work. We'vep 690 TIM 1966
must agree to the donor -- people are naturally hesitant about being grafted to part of a criminal or psychopath. Asp 690 TIM 1966
bed, and for a moment Conrad wondered if he was about to abandon the entire case. Then he turned on hisp 690 TIM 1966
taking a special interest in your case. You see, Conrad, about ten or twelve years ago hospital boards all over thep 691 TIM 1966
year, until now the rate of admission is down to about one per cent of the previous intake. And most ofp 691 TIM 1966
hardly similar,‘ his uncle mused. ‘However ... How do you feel about it?‘ ‘Dr Knight's been completely frank. He's told me aboutp 691 TIM 1966
about it?‘ ‘Dr Knight's been completely frank. He's told me about those early cases where people who'd had new organs andp 691 TIM 1966
beyond a certain point.‘ Although he had faithfully guided Conrad about the town, his uncle seemed reluctant to pursue the argumentp 692 TIM 1966
here, Conrad. I don't want to shock you, but you're about to meet a man who intends to put his oppositionp 693 TIM 1966
had turned to look at him. What surprised him most about the dying occupant of the bed was his comparative youthp 693 TIM 1966
the boy go in?‘ ‘Tomorrow. Don't you, Conrad?‘ Conrad was about to speak when he noticed that a faint simpering wasp 694 TIM 1966
royals and top-gallants, as if the entire Cutty Sark was about to disgorge itself from the sand. This strange phenomenon, ap 713 TMY 1966
the beacon, I suppose, but even so ...‘ When Thornwald was about to speak, Glanville rattled on: ‘No, of course I didn'tp 714 TMY 1966
his eyes following Glanville's pudgy, sweating figure as it roved about the capsule. A tall, stooped man with a tough, pessimisticp 714 TMY 1966
may even have been changed ...‘ Thornwald nodded dourly. Glanville was about to introduce him to Judith, standing quietly on the verandap 715 TMY 1966
seemed composed and relaxed, a trace even of humour playing about his soft mouth. Something about this bizarre amiability made Thornwaldp 718 TMY 1966
trace even of humour playing about his soft mouth. Something about this bizarre amiability made Thornwald shudder. He secured the pistolp 718 TMY 1966
flexed his shoulders against the ropes. ‘Captain, I don't know about Judith ... she's not too happy here, and we've never gotp 719 TMY 1966
this tour de force; in advertising circles everyone is talking about the mysterious international agency that now has the Vatican accountp 82 YMC 1966
Robert Melville -- are you a poet? You were talking about the Ancient Mariner when we found you.‘ I gestured vaguelyp 724 CHC 1967
My brother will mend your yacht for you. I'm sorry about the rays -- they mistook you for someone else.‘ Asp 724 CHC 1967
down at me, Foyle with his ugly faun's head. ‘What about Prospero?‘ I rejoined evenly. ‘This island is full of visionsp 730 CHC 1967
drove off before I could reach them. As I hovered about uncertainly, wondering why on earth a retired and well-to-do air-forcep 747 CSC 1967
All right,‘ I agreed. ‘I take your point. But what about the clouds, Miss --?‘ ‘Lafferty. Beatrice Lafferty. Miss Chanel willp 748 CSC 1967
like these I need a Michelangelo of the sky ... What about Nolan? Is he too frightened as well?‘ As she shoutedp 754 CSC 1967
our heads, dismembered pieces of the wings and fuselage churned about in the dissolving face. As it reached the lake thep 755 CSC 1967
face. One arm hung over the driving door, as if about to touch her thighs. He was holding her discarded programmep 52 GAN 1967
Koester. His eyes were like those of a nervous priest about to officiate at a profane marriage. A History of Nothingp 52 GAN 1967
semen across the polished paintwork and complained to his spouse about birds. One isolated case reported to a psychiatric after-care unitp 89 PAJ 1967
I watched from the bridge, I guessed her to be about twenty years old, presumably the daughter of the proprietor ofp 736 R 1967
strolling along the bank a short distance behind them. Something about this odd little troupe intrigued me, though in retrospect itp 736 R 1967
stir of movement, and one or two pale forms shuffled about in the straw. The dwarf scurried up the steps ofp 737 R 1967
it was her protective stance as the diminutive figure moved about above her, but she seemed far older than when shep 737 R 1967
from the ladder. He picked himself off the ground, wobbling about like a top as he regained his balance. He dustedp 737 R 1967
of the animals I recalled the peculiar smell that hung about the cages, vaguely unpleasant but reminiscent of an odour Ip 739 R 1967
this absence of intelligible motive that I found so disturbing about them. I wandered through the crowds below the marquees, andp 739 R 1967
Not many,‘ she replied. ‘A few have come.‘ I was about to point out that she could hardly expect a hugep 740 R 1967
at the dwarf. ‘We clean them every day.‘ I was about to ask what animals the cages held -- the smellp 741 R 1967
showered through the air around the dwarf's head. He scuttled about, warding them off with his hat, but made no effortp 741 R 1967
sailor in front of me caught the hat and was about to toss it up onto one of the wagon roofsp 742 R 1967
place. Standing in the centre of the cages, I peered about uncertainly, aware that their occupants had at last emerged fromp 742 R 1967
we're just, as I see it, we're fooling around. That's about all. I do think we should be here. Commentator What'sp 954 TW 1967
resolve. The President replied: ‘I don't think we can talk about settlement of the war at this point. I think wep 955 TW 1967
the war at this point. I think we can talk about our willingness to accept a coalition or fusion government. Atp 955 TW 1967
fusion government. At least it could very well be talked about in the open before we begin to talk about negotiationsp 955 TW 1967
talked about in the open before we begin to talk about negotiations.‘ President Reagan spent the day in New York Cityp 955 TW 1967
British troops patrol. Muted gunfire near distance, but civilians go about their ordinary lives without concern. Commentator As both sides mountp 956 TW 1967
the city (though the viewer is unsure whether he is about to make a discreet bunk), and generally trying to boostp 956 TW 1967
murder squad, died within a few seconds. All that's known about the killer is that he was ‘young‘, probably in hisp 958 TW 1967
SHOTS OF YOUNG PEOPLE AT CAMP SITE Police hustling them about. Older people watching as girls and young men have theirp 958 TW 1967
-- don't suggest that they're particularly sincere in their talk about wanting a settlement. Commentator Do you envisage that the departurep 99 TW 1967
the kind of civil war that resolves anything. Commentator What about the fighting itself? Don't you find it difficult to bep 965 TW 1967
AFTER THE RAIN-STORM Young men and women appear. They go about their work. A stall is set up and food isp 96 TW 1967
who have died knew what they were dying for. That's about the hardest thing to think of, you know. If ap 967 TW 1967
insanely irritating tick ... THE COMSAT ANGELS When I first heard about the assignment, in the summer of 1968, I did myp 769 CA 1968
Horizon's new series, which I was scripting, ‘The Expanding Mind‘, about the role of communications satellites and data-processing devices in thep 769 CA 1968
orbiting satellites pinned to the wails. ‘We're doing a programme about advanced communications systems -- if they have any justification atp 769 CA 1968
before Georges Duval appeared, I felt there was something bogus about the atmosphere. The three dark-suited men -- the Director ofp 770 CA 1968
Duval. Two mornings later, when I found myself still thinking about Georges, I went up to the research library. As Ip 771 CA 1968
Starting in 1948, I found that a major news story about a child prodigy came up once every two years. Thep 771 CA 1968
New York, Delhi and Moscow.‘ ‘And? What do they know about them?‘ ‘Nothing. A complete blank.‘ Charles shook his head doggedlyp 773 CA 1968
Charles shook his head doggedly. ‘They must be somewhere. What about the universities they were supposed to go to?‘ ‘Nothing therep 773 CA 1968
for some top-secret Government think-thank? It's unlikely, but --‘ ‘What about the Russians?‘ I cut in. ‘Or the Chinese? Let's facep 774 CA 1968
of Canterbury, I felt that the trail was warming. Something about the crisp gravel and large, well-trimmed garden reminded me ofp 775 CA 1968
roused at the time, Mrs Sherrington. Can you tell us about his subsequent academic career? Which university did he go top 775 CA 1968
household staff Obliquely behind the Pope was a man of about thirty wearing what I guessed to be a Jesuit's soutanep 777 CA 1968
was given the job of doing a new children's series about great inventors. Charles was shunted to ‘International Golf‘. Of coursep 778 CA 1968
for someone's comfort, but there was little we could do about it. Three months later, I made a trip to Jodrellp 778 CA 1968
has been discovered.‘ ‘Great,‘ I said. ‘We'll do a programme about it. The usual story, I take it?‘ ‘Absolutely. That samep 779 CA 1968
began, ‘I know what's happening. Israel ...‘ ‘What are you talking about?‘ ‘Israel. Don't you see, Hebron is near Bethlehem.‘ There wasp 779 CA 1968
she had fallen ill briefly with some unspecified complaint. ‘What about the money?‘ she asked. ‘They may want more, now thatp 760 DA 1968
unstable, I drove down to Tampa and began to inquire about the purchase price of Robert's mortal remains. Five thousand dollarsp 762 DA 1968
across the dunes, now and then leaving us to blunder about helplessly. Half an hour later, when we entered a shallowp 763 DA 1968
face that had vanished twenty years ago. As she spoke about Robert Hamilton, she almost seemed worried that she would appearp 764 DA 1968
Manoeuvres, maybe. They haven't been here before like this.‘ ‘What about Hamilton?‘ I gripped his bony arm. ‘Are you sure --p 765 DA 1968
go now.‘ ‘In a little while, when it's clear. What about these?‘ ‘Bury them. Anywhere, it doesn't matter.‘ She seemed calmp 767 DA 1968
really sure ...‘ ‘Philip ...‘ ‘Don't worry, I used him -- thinking about him was the only thing that kept us going. Andp 768 DA 1968
continuing dissociation of the events around her. Talbot followed her about the apartment, drawing chalk outlines on the floor around herp 25 UD 1968
runways like a fugitive from her own dreams, forever talking about Talbot as if unconsciously inviting Koester to betray him. Whyp 28 UD 1968
edge of the bath and lavatory, talking on and on about the theatre, Vietnam, sex and other non-topics. His camera rollingp BAT 1968
impact. 11:45 p.m. Frustration. She probably is thinking about Vietnam. Out of boredom, she runs a bath. Midnight. Thep BAT 1968
textbook of psychopathology. Dali's paintings constitute a body of prophecy about ourselves unequalled in accuracy since Freud's Civilization and its Discontentsp 91 UGM 1969
with the rich -- who presumably feel no puritan restraints about exploring the possibilities of their lives -- and a fewp 93 UGM 1969
that frighten us, but any dislocation of our commonplace notions about reality. The latent significance of curvilinear as opposed to rectilinearp 94 UGM 1969
to mention the time-saturated images of the surrealists, say more about the subject than anything the natural sciences can offer, forp 161 UGM 1969
book has a certain charm, like an imaginary Borges story about a history of histories of time. Charm, though, is probablyp 161 UGM 1969
passages of deep sentimentality as the author rhapsodizes to himself about the mystical beauty of the German landscape and its noblep 222 UGM 1969
twentieth century -- the epitome of the half-educated man. Wandering about the streets of Vienna shortly before the First World Warp 223 UGM 1969
Leopold Bloom, his ostensible arch-enemy, wandering around Joyce's Dublin at about the same time, his head filled with the same clap-trapp 223 UGM 1969
availability of accommodation, by reservation if possible.‘ Warnings are given about the hazards offered by paper-thin walls, corridor noises and highwayp 256 UGM 1969
paretics, (c) filling station personnel. Sequences showing auto-crash victims brought about a marked acceleration of pulse and respiratory rates. Many volunteersp 97 CRA 1969
repair this set.‘ ‘I'll repair it, Major. Don't worry yourself about that.‘ Pearson unfastened the chin-strap of his helmet. During theirp 782 KG 1969
that formed rainbows on his boots. Pearson raised his hand, about to hit him with the back of his fist. Thenp 784 KG 1969
and a folded letter from a friend, evidently a draft-dodger, about the anti-war movement at home. Pearson tossed them into thep 784 KG 1969
better informed than my own men. I used to live about ten miles from here. Near one of the pacified villagesp 785 KG 1969
men strapping up their packs. Pearson ignored him, and was about to move on. Then something about the American's posture, andp 786 KG 1969
ignored him, and was about to move on. Then something about the American's posture, and their shared community of fatigue andp 786 KG 1969
the memorial stone with his wrists. ‘We wanted to see about moving this. The Kennedy Memorial.‘ ‘Kennedy ...?‘ Pearson turned and staredp 786 KG 1969
there was still no sign of any crossing. Tank-crews wandered about like bored gangs on a boardwalk, letting off fire-crackers andp 789 PTD 1969
was on Forbis's face, reinforcing the doubts he already felt about Mannock. ‘They may come sooner than you think.‘ ‘They'll comep 791 PTD 1969
himself and the town, but the faded metal badges had about the same relevance to reality as the rusty hubcap lyingp 791 PTD 1969
head sadly. ‘Mannock, this isn't a fancy-dress party ...‘ Mannock was about to explain to him when a car door slammed. Thep 792 PTD 1969
verge. The shotgun was knocked out of his hands, kicked about in the breaking earth by a score of feet, thenp 794 PTD 1969
along the beach. Despite the heat he had been wandering about by himself for half an hour, as if following anp 59 SCN 1969
while the film crew moved between them, guiding the camera about like a myopic robot. ‘Why did Nathan invite them herep 67 THF 1969
together in a rictus of aggression, as if he were about to commit a crude and unsavoury crime. Before Travers couldp 68 THF 1969
indication of the sexual nature of these wounds. Yet something about the precise cross-hatching suggested that their true role lay elsewherep 68 THF 1969
window as the young woman dressed. ‘What these girls carry about under their smiles -- you saw her little art galleryp 69 THF 1969
the motorway was a decoy. Half the time we're moving about in other people's games.‘ He followed her on to thep 69 THF 1969
diseases as popular with their claques as fashionable hairdressers. ‘What about you, Karen? -- wouldn't you like to be in thep 70 THF 1969
imaginary sex-death of Che Guevara -- very little is known about Guevara‘ s sexual behaviour. Psychotic patients, and panels of housewivesp 78 THF 1969
appear, showing her wounds to him. ‘What are you thinking about?‘ Travers walked along the embankment of the overpass. The concretep 78 THF 1969
had destroyed themselves in a paroxysm of violence. I was about to suggest to Georges that we close the shop forp 798 SGW 1970
eye, and I remembered only a few months beforehand reading about the death of her confidant and impresario, the brilliant couturierp 798 SGW 1970
play-nest like a bizarre infant Venus. What was it, though, about Raine Channing that so held me? As Georges helped herp 799 SGW 1970
greeted me with a peremptory nod. A sharp-faced Frenchwoman of about forty, she wore a witchlike black dress that seethed aroundp 801 SGW 1970
that must seem crazy.‘ I watched her warily, but something about her apparent frankness destroyed caution. Presumably the midnight lover ofp 802 SGW 1970
reserved for very large breasts. There should be no urgency about trimming scar lines or operating on the new breast untilp 16 C80 1970
be allowed for the patient to get over the worry about re-admission to the hospital. These wings can then be trimmedp 17 C80 1970
pick up a crushed mollusc. "After all, when one thinks about it, we know very little about the real effects ofp 43 JAC 1970
all, when one thinks about it, we know very little about the real effects of a disaster in space, the effectsp 43 JAC 1970
Beyond the shadows of the sculpture garden he was pacing about on the floor of the drained swimming pool. Equipment Failuresp 45 JAC 1970
and I will do tomorrow -- or, more exactly, in about ten years‘ time, though the gap is narrowing. Science fictionp 205 UGM 1971
acceptance narrows -- I estimate it at present to be about ten years. However, as people become more confident, so theyp 206 UGM 1971
-- for the first time, he made Americans feel guilty about their greatest dream image and totem object: the motor carp 260 UGM 1971
motor car. At the time, Americans were so busy worrying about their cars that few of them had a chance top 260 UGM 1971
Nader never looked back, tapping a huge fund of insecurity about modern technology which has mushroomed into the present concern forp 260 UGM 1971
over the enormous advances in sexual freedom). What is interesting about Nader is that this champion of the consumer is himselfp 260 UGM 1971
of the hero. Although there have been threats and complaints about various sections of the book (the first publisher of thep 261 UGM 1971
look at a car, let alone drive one. These questions about the car -- probably unanswerable for the next fifty yearsp 263 UGM 1971
the time I reached Stuttgart that however little I knew about the modern car I knew a great deal about thep 263 UGM 1971
knew about the modern car I knew a great deal about the old, all of it learned the hard way. Exhaustingp 263 UGM 1971
hostility now faces the automobile, part of a general anxiety about the abuses of modern science. Has the car, in thep 264 UGM 1971
the possibilities are endless. Almost anything one cares to say about the future will probably come true, and sooner than wep 266 UGM 1971
I have been 15, and while my parents were ambivalent about this early meandering, they have always encouraged me to bep 26 SEO 1972
a lot of self-searching. It also got me thinking early about the nature of male and female roles. However. I avoidedp 26 SEO 1972
my family while attending Washington University. My parents felt guilty about my missing the ‘independence‘ experience of leaving home for collegep 27 SEO 1972
host to the World Cup. I bought books and magazines about soccer and about the Cup. I watched my first soccerp 27 SEO 1972
World Cup. I bought books and magazines about soccer and about the Cup. I watched my first soccer game on televisionp 27 SEO 1972
promising. Everyone was interested in what I had to say about the soccer cult. I dropped out of school for ap 27 SEO 1972
a motorway restaurant, a part-time cinema usherette for ever worrying about her small son's defective hearing-aid. As they sat behind mep 12 C 1973
hearing-aid. As they sat behind me she complained to Vaughan about my nervous driving, but he was watching her movements withp 12 C 1973
was carried over the roof, convinced me that we were about to die in a crash. Vaughan never stopped. I watchedp 12 C 1973
to an air-crash victim, and thinking in a disordered way about the wounds and pains he would feel. Around me, thep 26 C 1973
in. By chance, one of the actresses, Elizabeth Taylor, was about to start work on a new feature film at Sheppertonp 35 C 1973
the same pantomime of regret. I had thought for hours about the dead man, visualizing the effects of his death onp 36 C 1973
from the waistband between my legs. What was she thinking about -- her husband's evening meal, her children's latest minor infectionp 38 C 1973
right or left of the central bandage. As I thought about this strange decision, the brief glimmer of my first erectionp 38 C 1973
equipment. Like all laboratory technicians, there was something clinically sexual about her plump body in its white coat. Her strong armsp 40 C 1973
my arms in a new posture. Unaware of my curiosity about her body, she walked to the remote control switch. Howp 40 C 1973
then leap into life, talk to me in animated tones about the latest Hitchcock retrospective, launch an aggressive discussion about women'sp 40 C 1973
tones about the latest Hitchcock retrospective, launch an aggressive discussion about women's rights, cock one hip in a provocative way, barep 40 C 1973
the man before, always bare-chested under his white coat, moving about on errands not much more exalted than my own. Ip 42 C 1973
brand of cigarette. Without any prompting, she began to talk about my crash, and the police inquiries. She described the damagep 45 C 1973
wasn't ready.‘ ‘Remington was ready.‘ ‘I suppose he was.‘ ‘What about his wife?‘ I asked. ‘The woman doctor? Have you visitedp 45 C 1973
sense of extreme danger, almost as if an accident was about to take place involving all these cars. The passengers inp 50 C 1973
reasons, she would leave late for her office and hang about the apartment, exposing parts of her body to me, wellp 51 C 1973
the commonplace which in a tragic way I had brought about in the death of Remington. The grey herringbone of hisp 52 C 1973
at the oil stains in my parking bay, I thought about the dead man. The entire accident seemed to be preservedp 52 C 1973
of the three women came across to me. They paced about on this traffic island in the evening, gazing at thep 60 C 1973
potent image, almost that of the scientist as hoodlum, driving about from laboratory to television centre on a high-powered motorcycle. Literatep 63 C 1973
savouring the sharp tang of salesroom vinyl. ‘I'm not thinking about the crash at all.‘ ‘You're getting involved with this manp 66 C 1973
You're getting involved with this man, Vaughan -- you're talking about him all the time.‘ Catherine stared through the immaculate windshieldp 66 C 1973
open in a formalized posture. I was thinking, in fact, about the contrast between this generous pose and the glass curtain-wallingp 66 C 1973
straddling the airport entrance tunnel, clogged with traffic that seemed about to re-enact a slow-motion dramatization of our crash. Helen Remingtonp 72 C 1973
a clear and unsentimental eye the technology which had brought about the death of her husband. She began to chatter withp 78 C 1973
of the flyover receded in the rear-view mirror. Helen talked about the second life she was already planning for herself. ‘Thep 78 C 1973
-- the salary is larger, something I've got to think about now. There's a certain moral virtue in being materialistic.‘ ‘Thep 78 C 1973
and Helen herself would become argumentative and remote, talking endlessly about the more boring aspects of her work. Once together inp 82 C 1973
some sort of accident research. He wanted every conceivable detail about the crash.‘ Vaughan's present role in the stadium seemed thatp 85 C 1973
in the dirt on the floor. What most disturbed me about Vaughan was the strange stance of his thighs and hipsp 89 C 1973
husband as an experimental subject. A handsome, restless woman of about thirty, she wore her hair in a simulated Afro wigp 93 C 1973
really groovy roll-over. Or a hard head-on job. I dream about that. It's your whole thing, Vaughan.‘ Vaughan smiled reassuringly, ap 95 C 1973
door. ‘I'll call Dr Remington for you -- we'll talk about this again, Ballard.‘ He handed to me, presumably as ap 104 C 1973
of the sitting-room balcony I could actually see Catherine moving about on some complex errand, making two or three telephone callsp 105 C 1973
thousands of waiting motorists, many of whom must have speculated about the identity of this bandaged figure. In their eyes Ip 106 C 1973
back into the basement garage. In the apartment I wandered about restlessly, searching for the dictation pad on which Catherine recordedp 107 C 1973
ground for a free consultation, marked by strong lesbian overtones, about some obscure gynaecological complaint -- the intercontinental pilots with whomp 107 C 1973
along Western Avenue I watched the oncoming traffic. I hung about the observation platform of the Oceanic Terminal, hoping to seep 107 C 1973
wrists were keyboards of perfumes. What had first struck me about Catherine was her immaculate cleanliness, as if she had individuallyp 112 C 1973
into his head. He's using Seagrave in some experiment.‘ ‘What about the wife?‘ ‘She's under Vaughan's thumb.‘ ‘And you?‘ Catherine layp 115 C 1973
him. There's still a strong element of the TV personality about his whole style.‘ ‘Poor man. These girls he picks upp 116 C 1973
I asked. ‘He fascinates you, doesn't he?‘ ‘There is something about him. About his obsessions.‘ ‘His flashy car, the way hep 116 C 1973
He fascinates you, doesn't he?‘ ‘There is something about him. About his obsessions.‘ ‘His flashy car, the way he drives, hisp 116 C 1973
the shaft of my penis. ‘No. But there is something about him, particularly as he drives.‘ ‘It's sex -- sex andp 116 C 1973
reality she no longer recognized. I knew that she was about to enter that period of unthinking promiscuity through which mostp 119 C 1973
radiologist, the service manager at her garage. What I noticed about these affairs, which she described in an unembarrassed voice, wasp 120 C 1973
and stared at the cabin of the car, as if about to tear her exposed breasts on this trap of glassp 120 C 1973
seen Seagrave?‘ ‘Was he supposed to come?‘ ‘Vera telephoned me about him this morning.‘ He turned his attention to me, tappingp 123 C 1973
had called the crowd to order. The test crash was about to take place. Vaughan had forgotten me, starting forward likep 124 C 1973
the motorcycle lifted into the air behind him, and seemed about to strike him in the small of the back, butp 126 C 1973
the chairs. Vaughan stared down at the shattered car, almost about to embrace it. His hands roved along the torn bonnetp 129 C 1973
at the rear of the car, jocularly talking to her about her body. In several of the photographs the source ofp 134 C 1973
ended with a question mark, as if Vaughan were speculating about alternative death modes, accepting some as plausible and rejecting othersp 136 C 1973
As two women walked along the road verge, cinema usherettes about to go on duty in their green braided uniforms, Vaughanp 137 C 1973
the young women. They were arguing in an abstract way about time and price. Trying to ignore their voices, and thep 139 C 1973
of green and red lights that seemed to be shifting about large pieces of the sky. The two women peered intop 139 C 1973
to him. Thinking that they had come to question me about my growing homo-erotic involvement with Vaughan, I turned away guiltilyp 150 C 1973
the policemen spoke to Vaughan. ‘They want to question Vaughan about an accident near the airport. Some pedestrian -- they thinkp 150 C 1973
leaned out of the window, both arms ready as if about to seize one of the bodies. In some recess orp 153 C 1973
resurrected man basking in the healed injuries that had brought about his first death. I knelt by the nearside front wheelp 157 C 1973
Vaughan's hand, the nipple inflated between his fingers as if about to feed a platoon of eager male mouths, the lipsp 160 C 1973
moulding. Several times we were stopped by police for hanging about a parked Lamborghini owned by a well-to-do Shepperton publican asp 170 C 1973
money to pay the prostitutes and part-time whores who hung about the airport and its hotels, I watched Vaughan explore everyp 171 C 1973
he hung his arm out of the car, as if about to unscrew it and toss the bloody limb under thep 172 C 1973
gleaming like the coronation armour of an archangelic host. Pivoting about on her heels, Gabrielle seemed to take immense pleasure fromp 174 C 1973
invalid cars. I talked in over-formal terms to the demonstrators about the installation of auxiliary controls, brake treadles and hand-operated clutchp 175 C 1973
the programmes of dreams and genocides. I began to think about Catherine's death in a more calculated way, trying to devisep 181 C 1973
whatever weapon of assassination he devised. Vaughan questioned me repeatedly about the actress's sexual life, about which I knew nothing, urgingp 182 C 1973
devised. Vaughan questioned me repeatedly about the actress's sexual life, about which I knew nothing, urging me to enlist Catherine inp 182 C 1973
searching for a car to borrow, Vaughan would cross-examine me about the ways in which Marilyn Monroe or Lee Harvey Oswaldp 183 C 1973
and cancelled shortly afterwards, I knew whose death-ordeal we were about to witness. Vaughan sat patiently beside me as I pushedp 184 C 1973
which Vaughan bent over the recumbent woman that he was about to draw his penis and use it to free herp 186 C 1973
my mind from the excitement I felt as I thought about these imaginary deaths, the exhilaration of being close to Vaughanp 190 C 1973
the acid. My palms felt cool and tender; wings were about to grow from them and lift me into the speedingp 195 C 1973
dressed in a heavy leather jacket, as if she were about to leave on an Antarctic expedition. At first she failedp 213 C 1973
erotic reverie in which I sometimes used to question Catherine about the flight instructor she lunched with, drawing one detail afterp 214 C 1973
flight instructor she lunched with, drawing one detail after another about some small amorous encounter, a brief act of intercourse. Ip 214 C 1973
Berengaria. The author approvingly quotes Dr Edward Teller's sly remark about the Friends of the Earth: ‘Perhaps the Earth has toop 164 UGM 1974
energy-user too few‘; and nowhere does he express any anxiety about the possible hazards of ever-increasing economic and population growth. Evenp 164 UGM 1974
that fill Adrian Berry's book. Trying to think more realistically about space, with its utter nothingness, we become a little likep 166 UGM 1974
western, the clock runs against it. The ever-accelerating changes brought about by science and technology have not merely transformed our livesp 203 UGM 1974
science fiction within the larger context of imaginative fiction. Arguments about whether Gulliver's Travels and 1984 are science fiction or whetherp 204 UGM 1974
in the universe. However crudely (and most of the confusions about the position of science fiction in the literary frame ofp 204 UGM 1974
eighteen, little more than ten minutes since the crash. Walking about through the grass, he felt almost light-headed, like a manp 9 CI 1974
gaze of a man inspecting an unhappy terrain he is about to leave for ever. Still shaken by the crash, hep 10 CI 1974
his throat and stared down at the Jaguar, thinking again about the crash. It had been stupid of him to ignorep 14 CI 1974
yellow glow of the sodium lights. Involuntarily, as he thought about his wife's name, Maitland looked towards the west. Silhouetted againstp 19 CI 1974
part of an immense unconscious Europe, while he himself crawled about on a forgotten traffic island like the nightmare of thisp 20 CI 1974
reached the rear door. Exhausted by the effort, he was about to lift himself into the back seat when he rememberedp 21 CI 1974
his son. He remembered his cold euphoria as he tottered about on the motorway, screaming his wife's name at the carsp 22 CI 1974
way back to Westway. What the hell am I talking about? Why blame them, Maitland? The rain's going off ... must getp 35 CI 1974
the cars soon became a quagmire in which he slid about like a scarecrow in his mud-spattered dinner-jacket. Around him thep 35 CI 1974
driver or pedestrian at the time when he was hobbling about on the far side of the island. The sun fellp 36 CI 1974
at the dark hull of the car. He thought systematically about its electrical system -- the high-voltage coil, the new batteryp 38 CI 1974
the crutch. Maitland looked down at his waving hands, moving about in a meaningless semaphore as the rain streamed across themp 46 CI 1974
his back on the vehicle. Suddenly he no longer cared about the message and the obliterated letters. He swung himself roughlyp 49 CI 1974
rally himself while he was still strong enough to move about. No point in going back to the car, he toldp 49 CI 1974
following the blunted end of the crutch. As he tottered about, Maitland found himself losing interest in his own body, andp 51 CI 1974
home-set waves that rose above her high forehead. She was about twenty, with an angular, sharp-witted face and strong jaw. Shep 0059 CI 1974
for surroundings that were very much more comfortable. Yet something about her tone, the confident intonations of her voice, suggested top 0059 CI 1974
at the hospital.‘ He began to tell the young woman about his crash, eager to fix his nightmare ordeal in someonep 0059 CI 1974
She paused, eyeing him critically. ‘You're tremendously angry with yourself about something, aren't you?‘ Maitland ignored this. ‘You've seen the carp 61 CI 1974
mean, yes, I did. You confuse me when you talk about the island all the time.‘ Half-resentfully, as if reminding Maitlandp 61 CI 1974
pillow. ‘My God, I'm still on the island ...‘ ‘Stop talking about the island! You can leave any time you want, I'mp 61 CI 1974
-- it's in my car, in the trunk. I've got about thirty pounds. I'll give you ten.‘ ‘In the trunk ...‘ Janep 62 CI 1974
of the man who had attacked him. The man was about fifty years old, plainly a mental defective of some kindp 62 CI 1974
hard life had combined to produce this aged defective, knocked about by a race of unkind and indifferent adults but stillp 62 CI 1974
steep angle of the sun Maitland guessed that it was about eleven thirty. The quiet Sunday-morning traffic moved along the motorwayp 67 CI 1974
the grass and nettles that surrounded the stairwell. He was about to step on to the island when he heard ap 67 CI 1974
his next feat. Front the careful build-up, the repeated pacing about and measuring of himself against the air, it was clearp 68 CI 1974
bottom of the stairwell. ‘Your fever's gone. We were worried about you last night. You're the sort of man who hasp 70 CI 1974
joking -- believe me, self-destruction is something I know all about. My mother pumped herself so full of barbiturates before shep 70 CI 1974
the white owners do. But that's something you know all about.‘ ‘What's that?‘ ‘Exploitation. You're a rich businessman, aren't you? That'sp 70 CI 1974
aimless domestic banter. Yet there was something not entirely calculated about this. ‘Did you call for help?‘ he asked firmly. Janep 70 CI 1974
terrible leg, the fever, you were completely exhausted, raving away about your wife. Can you imagine us stumbling about in thep 71 CI 1974
raving away about your wife. Can you imagine us stumbling about in the dark, trying to carry you up that slopep 71 CI 1974
of over-familiarity. He realized that Jane had spoken the truth about saving his life, and felt a sudden debt to herp 72 CI 1974
men who tow my car away won't give a damn about anything here. The last three days have proved that top 72 CI 1974
in the bank. There's my wallet in the car, with about thirty pounds in it. You've got the keys, get therep 73 CI 1974
your car because you drove too fast, now you're complaining about it like a child. We only found you last nightp 73 CI 1974
and used tissues, was a packet of fading snapshots. Curious about her background, Maitland spread the photographs out on the bedp 76 CI 1974
second man appeared in the series, a dapper figure of about fifty in an old but well-made suit, posed beside ap 76 CI 1974
glared at Maitland, genuinely outraged. ‘What keys are you talking about?‘ ‘Proctor ...‘ The tramp was watching. ‘The keys to the trunkp 78 CI 1974
saved you from Proctor just now, and you tell him about the wallet. That was pretty smart of you, giving himp 80 CI 1974
been given is other people's shit. Don't get any ideas about him being your friend for life. If I left youp 80 CI 1974
with him you'd soon miss me.‘ Maitland watched her pacing about restlessly. Her repeated references to leaving the island worried himp 80 CI 1974
from its context, putting a peculiar emphasis on it. ‘What about my family?‘ She swung away and snapped, ‘I haven't takenp 80 CI 1974
half-conscious on a mattress by the doorway, while Proctor moved about his den like a hard-working and insecure animal. Everything inp 85 CI 1974
a little warmth into his stick-like arms he thought hard about Proctor and Jane Sheppard. Somehow he must devise a meansp 88 CI 1974
it?‘ Proctor's eyes were drifting away, as if he were about to lose interest in the discussion. Maitland pulled the bottlep 89 CI 1974
Maitland asked. ‘I bet it was tasty.‘ The tramp rolled about, dribbling the wine from his mouth. He went through ap 92 CI 1974
the air-raid shelter Proctor and the young woman were cavorting about in the open air by the entrance. Proctor tottered top 94 CI 1974
urging Proctor to pour the wine over him. Proctor staggered about in the burst dinner-jacket, black tie at the back ofp 95 CI 1974
hands, steering between the bruises, calmed and soothed him. ‘What about your father?‘ he asked her. ‘Could he help you?‘ ‘He'sp 99 CI 1974
you?‘ ‘He's not my father any more. I don't think about him.‘ She gazed at the sunlight coming down the stairp 99 CI 1974
to himself, Proctor picked his way among the tyres lying about in the grass. Maitland realized that his confrontation with Proctorp 104 CI 1974
would restore Maitland's alertness. Maitland waited patiently as Proctor stumbled about, nervously wiping his nose each time he picked himself upp 111 CI 1974
the rustling grass. The sweet scent of Proctor's body rose about him, for some reason identified in his mind with thep 114 CI 1974
here?‘ ‘No -- this is my -- summer house.‘ ‘What about his wine?‘ Shall I give it to him?‘ Proctor wasp 117 CI 1974
this kind of conversation. Take my word, I know more about beds than you do. I think you're a lousy middle-agedp 119 CI 1974
and down outside the pavilion, ranting to herself. She swayed about to some music in her head, and he knew thatp 119 CI 1974
shrugged, getting to her feet. ‘It's just that we talked about going together. .. suit yourself.‘ She gazed distastefully at Proctor. ‘Itp 124 CI 1974
-- in his way he was good at acrobatics. What about food? I could bring some back for you.‘ ‘That's allp 124 CI 1974
At this stage, too, he had other matters to think about. After arriving at the resort he had contacted Dr Laingp 812 DFW 1974
the light, scrutinizing these negatives of Melville's skull as if about to point out some design error in its construction. Thep 812 DFW 1974
and aviation enthusiast in her early thirties, had been curious about Melville for some time -- the mushy drone of herp 814 DFW 1974
the lady dentist back to the airstrip. Melville had forgotten about her as he pushed the heavy sand away, steering itp 814 DFW 1974
watching Melville clear away the sand from the chin-turret. ‘What about the bomb-load?‘ he asked. ‘I'd hate to see the wholep 815 DFW 1974
you on as a co-pilot. She was asking me something about you the other day. She's planning to break the single-enginep 815 DFW 1974
understand when we get there,‘ Melville assured her. ‘Don't worry about the aircraft. After Wake you'll be on your own. I'llp 816 DFW 1974
his soon-to-be-realized dream of flying to Wake Island had brought about, his navigation plans and structural modification to the Cessna's air-framep 816 DFW 1974
an extreme metaphor of his real ambition. This conviction brought about a marked improvement in his health and self-confidence. Even whenp 819 DFW 1974
double-decker versions of an earlier airliner -- there was something about the figure 1000 that touched the imagination, setting off allp 820 AD 1975
listened to the radio bulletins, there was almost no information about the crash. The commentators already on the site, cruising thep 820 AD 1975
convinced me that I was on the right track and about to achieve the scoop I had yearned for throughout myp 822 AD 1975
embarked on this lunatic chase, I knew that I was about to strand myself up here in the mountains. Already thep 823 AD 1975
it came down somewhere near here.‘ I moved the gears, about to move off, when one of the men nodded inp 824 AD 1975
that none of them would know what I was talking about. Their dialect would be some remote sub-tongue, on the bordersp 825 AD 1975
some remote sub-tongue, on the borders of intelligent speech. Searching about for a way of reaching them, I noticed my airlinep 825 AD 1975
he want me to buy it? As I slowed down, about to hand one of the bank-notes to him, I realisedp 827 AD 1975
no one at the party was in the least concerned about the ultimate destination of this missile -- but as Laingp 8 HR 1975
had already discovered, people in high-rises tended not to care about tenants more than two floors below them. Trying to identifyp 8 HR 1975
the walls don't curve ...‘ At first Laing found something alienating about the concrete landscape of the project -- an architecture designedp 10 HR 1975
table she said pointedly, ‘Look, I only want to talk about myself.‘ Laing had liked that. At noon, when he arrivedp 13 HR 1975
person to move in here,‘ Wilder informed him. ‘There's something about him I haven't put my finger on. Perhaps even ap 15 HR 1975
could protest, Wilder pressed on. ‘I know Charlotte has reservations about life here -- the trouble with these places is thatp 16 HR 1975
the way, doctor, I'm planning to do a television documentary about high-rises, a really hard look at the physical and psychologicalp 16 HR 1975
his immaculate centre parting, almost an orifice. ‘They're always complaining about something,‘ Steele confided to Laing as they stepped into anp 24 HR 1975
a portable bar. Some thirty guests in evening dress stood about talking in small groups. For a few minutes Laing ignoredp 25 HR 1975
absent-mindedly tapping his rackets case on the parapet, but something about the hard, over-animated chatter made him turn. Several of thep 26 HR 1975
his direction, and Laing was certain that they were talking about him. The party had moved nearer, and the closest guestsp 26 HR 1975
to take the day off. Promptly at nine, after pacing about for two hours, he telephoned his secretary at the medicalp 27 HR 1975
of the factors involved had long been obvious -- complaints about noise and the abuse of the building's facilities, rivalries overp 28 HR 1975
The party was soon out of control. Drunken children tottered about helplessly. High above them, on the 37th floor, a womanp 29 HR 1975
in the pool. She and her companions began by fooling about in the water, drinking champagne on a rubber raft againstp 30 HR 1975
of parties in the high-rise, at which well-bred guests stood about, exchanging professional small-talk before excusing themselves, this one had realp 31 HR 1975
to believe any piece of gossip and any tall story about the shiftlessness of the lower-floor tenants, or the arrogance ofp 32 HR 1975
in his mind and would vanish if he stopped thinking about it. Staring at himself in the kitchen mirror, at hisp 34 HR 1975
of their way -- summed up more than he realized about the progress of events. At eight o'clock Laing set offp 35 HR 1975
lunched with his colleagues in the refectory, he thought continually about the apartment building, a Pandora's box whose thousand lids werep 35 HR 1975
objection to an impersonal steel and concrete landscape, no qualms about the invasion of their privacy by government agencies and data-processingp 36 HR 1975
drinks. She had left her advertising agency before lunch, worried about her son. ‘I didn't like him being on his ownp 37 HR 1975
gesturing with the decanter in an alarmed way as if about to toss it over the balcony rail. ‘Robert, what isp 37 HR 1975
that bad,‘ Laing heard himself say. ‘There's nothing to worry about.‘ Did he really believe that life here was running smoothlyp 37 HR 1975
the corridors and elevator lobbies, scores of people were standing about. In no hurry to return to his apartment, Laing movedp 38 HR 1975
Despite his memories of their quarrel, Laing had no qualms about accepting. As he expected, in the larger climate of confrontationp 39 HR 1975
was soon forgotten. Her hair immaculately coiffured, Mrs Steele hovered about him with the delighted smile of a novice madam entertainingp 39 HR 1975
what we do makes absolutely no difference. When you think about it, that's really rather interesting ...‘ When she leaned against himp 40 HR 1975
Helen each evening from his hotel and questioned her carefully about conditions in the high-rise, but she made no particular complaintsp 42 HR 1975
conviction that an important documentary was waiting to be made about life in the high-rise -- perhaps taking the jeweller's deathp 43 HR 1975
building were littered with bottles, cans, and broken glass, heaped about as if they were being continuously shed from the balconiesp 43 HR 1975
air-conditioning had been switched off. Children's toys and clothes lay about on the floor. Wilder opened the door of the boysp 44 HR 1975
Helen, you can't lie here like this all day. What about the roof garden? Or the swimming-pool?‘ ‘I think they onlyp 45 HR 1975
he had known that he was developing a powerful phobia about the high-rise. He was constantly aware of the immense weightp 48 HR 1975
the huge, Alcatraz blocks of the nearby high-rises. The material about these buildings, visual and sociological, was almost limitless. They wouldp 52 HR 1975
investigators confirmed that the tenants of high-rises made no jokes about them. In a strict sense, life there was ‘eventless‘. Onp 52 HR 1975
a stand against decerebration. What angered Wilder most of all about life in the apartment building was the way in whichp 52 HR 1975
section of the apartment building. There was a latent easy-goingness about them, an inclination to tolerate an undue amount of interferencep 54 HR 1975
his shoes. The shopping mall was crowded with people, milling about and talking at the tops of their voices as ifp 54 HR 1975
vague, and remained closed to any probing. ‘I know nothing about the accident, Wilder. It may have been suicide, I supposep 55 HR 1975
sudden interest. He shook his head firmly. ‘I'd forget all about it -- if I were you, Wilder.‘ He stepped top 55 HR 1975
pool, Wilder watched Laing and his party of friends playing about in the deep end. Previously Wilder would have joined themp 56 HR 1975
Charlotte Melville, whom he had not seen for several days about their projected parents‘ association, and the tyro alcoholic Eleanor Powellp 56 HR 1975
his surname marked the distance between them, like his vagueness about the dead jeweller, and his sidestepping of the television documentaryp 56 HR 1975
more out of hand? For all his own professed enthusiasm about the documentary, Wilder knew that he had never discussed itp 56 HR 1975
the elevator lobby, pounding rhythmically on the doors and complaining about various provocative acts by the residents on the floors abovep 57 HR 1975
35th floor and publicly urinating into the water. Wilder was about to argue with them, warning that a childish act ofp 58 HR 1975
have climbed the high-rise together. Trying to think more clearly about his ascent, Wilder began to clean the apartment. He steppedp 60 HR 1975
for these few seconds that she and her sons were about to be left on their own. Wilder waited for thisp 61 HR 1975
who formed a second invisible population. ‘All right -- what about the 35th floor?‘ ‘The people on the 30th are nicerp 64 HR 1975
the same time, like a spectator forced to watch someone about to be involved in an accident. Wilder remembered that hep 66 HR 1975
more real world than the building which he was now about to abandon. The decision to leave their apartment, already postponedp 69 HR 1975
Royal's concern for her, and his own feelings of guilt about the breakdown of the high-rise, she soon persuaded him thatp 70 HR 1975
gazed down hopefully at the fumble of suitcases. ‘I'll be about an hour -- have you called the taxi?‘ ‘We'll needp 71 HR 1975
her huge sense of insecurity, all her long-ingrained upper-class uncertainties about maintaining her superior place in the world. The present troublesp 72 HR 1975
in the undisturbed waters of the two swimming-pools, and strolled about the shopping concourse as if visiting her own personal bankp 73 HR 1975
been forced to give Wilder a short sharp lesson. Thinking about Wilder's intrusion -- only one in a series of attemptsp 74 HR 1975
the early days had been only too quick to complain about everything, now never criticized the building. In the absence ofp 76 HR 1975
elevators and air-conditioning systems, over-straining the power supply. This carelessness about their own convenience reflected a shuffling of mental priorities, andp 76 HR 1975
interest in the external world. Bales of unsorted mail lay about in the ground-floor lobbies. As for the debris scattered aroundp 77 HR 1975
to the apartment for months. Royal watched his wife move about vaguely in her bedroom. Jane Sheridan, Anne's closest friend, hadp 77 HR 1975
of piracy. ‘All right, we'll leave first thing tomorrow. What about food? The restaurant will be shut.‘ They had never eatenp 77 HR 1975
their friends in the world beyond the apartment building. Thinking about this, Royal noticed that the plug of her bedside telephonep 78 HR 1975
beside the river? Royal liked this notion and often thought about it. The french windows swung in the early evening airp 79 HR 1975
high-rise structure, where the birds would be free to move about in those sections of the sky that were their truep 80 HR 1975
perverse way too proud to call them herself? He was about to ask if she had seen the Alsatian, but hep 82 HR 1975
gynaecologist unsettled Royal slightly, as if he were always just about to ease an unwary patient into a compromising obstetric positionp 83 HR 1975
filming an episode from the documentary he had been talking about for so long, and had set up the entire scenep 89 HR 1975
feet. ‘I'll get you Out of here -- don't worry about Wilder.‘ ‘I'm not ...‘ For all her ordeal, Anne was remarkablyp 89 HR 1975
returned to their apartment on the 40th floor, Royal set about asserting his leadership of the topmost levels of the high-risep 89 HR 1975
at work and play. ‘Every time someone gets beaten up about ten cameras are shooting away.‘ ‘They're showing them in thep 90 HR 1975
This sexual territoriality extended to Jane Sheridan. ‘Have you thought about moving in with us?‘ he asked her. ‘Your own apartmentp 93 HR 1975
deliver the nine-o'clock news, speaking in his familiar, well-modulated voice about a rush-hour pile-up in which six people had died. Asp 96 HR 1975
knew that he was deliberately provoking himself, repressing any reservations about the good sense of people such as Crosland. On ap 96 HR 1975
to Eleanor Powell. Sober, she soon became tiresomely maudlin, wandering about the corridors in a vacant way as if she hadp 96 HR 1975
Too often Crosland had no idea what he was arguing about -- confrontation was enough. Without his make-up, the expression ofp 97 HR 1975
the first time into reading an item of bad news about himself. From the shadows outside his door the orthodontic surgeonp 97 HR 1975
move non-stop from the ground floor to the 28th.‘ ‘What about the rest of us?‘ Laing asked. ‘How do we leavep 97 HR 1975
My dear Laing, I don't suppose they care very much about us. Their real intention is to divide the building inp 97 HR 1975
He's taken some leave. Terminal, if you ask me. What about you? You shouldn't neglect your students. At the present ratep 98 HR 1975
someone who would bring out her forcefulness and grit. Thinking about her, Laing felt a pang of regret that he himselfp 99 HR 1975
brief armistice of four or five hours they could move about, contestants in a ritualized ladder-battle allowed between bouts to mountp 102 HR 1975
never again try to leave the high-rise. He was thinking about Alice, and how he could bring her to his apartmentp 104 HR 1975
barricade of furniture and kitchen appliances. Records and cassettes lay about underfoot, but he kicked them out of his way. Atp 105 HR 1975
He waited in the lobby through the late afternoon, standing about with a group of his fellow residents. Perhaps, insanely, nothingp 106 HR 1975
realizing what they were doing, in an attempt to bring about an increase in violence? These incidents continued as the eveningp 106 HR 1975
Laing listened to the strident voices in the corridor. Thinking about his sister, he welcomed these signs of the violence top 107 HR 1975
The absence of this odour was what most unsettled him about the world outside the apartment block, though its nearest approximationp 107 HR 1975
school. A few days earlier Laing had caught himself hanging about his secretary's desk trying to get close enough to herp 107 HR 1975
Waiting for Steele to appear and help them, Laing was about to go in search of him. But the lobby andp 108 HR 1975
of himself cast upon the wails and ceiling, as if about to leap on to the backs of his own shadowsp 108 HR 1975
he insisted that they need him -- when he thought about it, a notion that made him snort. He had reachedp 114 HR 1975
usual, he gestured grandly with his one-camera and told them about his television documentary on the high-rise, inviting them to appearp 115 HR 1975
set out to play this role, knowing that Wilder's confusions about his father would deflect his resolve to climb the buildingp 115 HR 1975
would come alive a little, perhaps even speak to him about his work at the television studios, referring to programmes onp 116 HR 1975
Helen sat at the kitchen table, her white hands moving about like a pair of confused birds in a cage. ‘Ip 117 HR 1975
the children? Wilder asked himself. It was all she thought about. As he played with his sons he seriously considered takingp 117 HR 1975
chair, legs broken and trepan bandage around her shaven head, about to take the last desperate step of lobotomy. Why didp 117 HR 1975
When Wilder was away she spent all her time worrying about him, like an over-anxious mother fretting about a wayward childp 124 HR 1975
her time worrying about him, like an over-anxious mother fretting about a wayward child, though as soon as he arrived shep 124 HR 1975
as he looked down at Hillman. She was more concerned about her barricade than her husband and his ominous disturbances ofp 124 HR 1975
the high-rise, deliberately coarsening himself like a delinquent youth fooling about with a besotted headmistress. Until two o'clock that morning, duringp 126 HR 1975
At two o'clock Wilder left the Hillmans‘ apartment and set about stirring up his neighbours. The men crouched together, clubs andp 127 HR 1975
one was hiding in the kitchen or bathroom. He wandered about in the darkness, kicking open the cupboards and knocking anyp 128 HR 1975
at him from the mirrors in the bedroom. He was about to break the glass, but the sight of his penisp 128 HR 1975
had left behind. Somewhere above him, Anthony Royal was strutting about with his white Alsatian, unaware that he would soon bep 128 HR 1975
rearranged to conceal various hiding places. ‘Wilder ...?‘ As if uncertain about the name, Charlotte Melville pronounced it softly. She had beenp 129 HR 1975
around her, the tape-recorder raised in one hand as if about to hit her with it. Instead he switched it onp 129 HR 1975
consisted of a piece of roast meat. Royal never asked about the source of the meat -- dog, presumably. The womenp 135 HR 1975
Sometimes Royal would visit Anne, but there was something daunting about the closely knit group of women, sitting on their bedsp 135 HR 1975
and a successful hairdresser from the 38th -- usually lounged about in the corridor among the garbage-sacks, leaning on their spearsp 137 HR 1975
altogether -- sitting in the penthouse and trying to think about the birds, it unnerved him to hear the women inp 140 HR 1975
a mess, she lolled against Pangbourne's shoulder and then wandered about in the circle of torchlight like a moody trollop, brandishingp 141 HR 1975
player, Jane Sheridan waving a cocktail shaker, all were lurching about as if to some deranged music only Royal was unablep 141 HR 1975
a garbage-sack between the table legs. He had been wandering about the bedroom where his sister Alice lay asleep, but whetherp 145 HR 1975
lemon. Trying to focus on him, her tired eyes drifted about in her head like lost fish. It crossed his mindp 148 HR 1975
body. ‘Everything is starting to get back to normal.‘ ‘What about Alan -- you said you'd look for him.‘ ‘I'm afraidp 148 HR 1975
change. For weeks all he had been able to think about were the next raid, the next apartment to be ransackedp 150 HR 1975
the walls. Laing's feet crackled among the polaroid negatives scattered about the corridor floor, each recording a long-forgotten act of violencep 150 HR 1975
with the tasks of survival -- foraging, keeping his wits about him, guarding his two women from any marauder who mightp 154 HR 1975
door. Through this gap appeared an almost bald woman of about seventy. Her tough face peered into the stairwell. After ap 156 HR 1975
meal for weeks -- Wilder watched the old woman muttering about. He wiped his beard, and cautiously raised himself from hisp 157 HR 1975
the barricade a second figure appeared. A young woman of about thirty, probably the daughter, peered over the old woman's shoulderp 157 HR 1975
painted body and exposed loins. Her mother and father pottered about in the lobby. Now and then the old woman inp 160 HR 1975
startled Royal was their casual stance, as if they were about to move into a vacation villa they had recently rentedp 163 HR 1975
dress he recognized her as his wife Judith. He was about to run forward to her, but her matter-of-fact gaze, herp 167 HR 1975
roof to meet his new mothers. Night Games Dinner was about to be served. Sitting on his balcony on the 25thp 169 HR 1975
skinning and disembowelling this huge animal. They had even complained about its nervous whimperings as Laing turned the pages of anp 169 HR 1975
open and begun to putrefy. Appetite keening, he had been about to drop Royal and head off in search of foodp 170 HR 1975
corpses. Tangled together where they had been flung, they lay about like the tenants of a crowded beach visited by ap 170 HR 1975
be made of plastic.‘ Alice shook her head wearily. ‘What about Eleanor's batteries? You promised to find her some. She's gotp 171 HR 1975
but not excessive portions to the two women, Laing thought about his good fortune as he sat on the balcony withp 172 HR 1975
floor all the lights were out. Already torch-beams were moving about in the darkness, as the residents made their first confusedp 173 HR 1975
houses, the long-shuttered rotisseries and supermarkets. There was something reassuring about the emptiness. He felt more at ease here, almost alonep 830 LFA 1975
left the museum Forrester said, ‘Judith's baby is due in about three weeks. We wondered if you'd care to attend herp 831 LFA 1975
the man was, the nervousness underlying his bony features. ‘What about the practicante? He's probably better qualified than I am.‘ ‘Ip 831 LFA 1975
sexual liaison between her and Gould. There was something secretive about the relationship that intrigued him. Careful not to move, hep 831 LFA 1975
revealed itself, and even now was a mine of information about the worldwide decline. ‘Mrs Forrester is asleep -- if thep 832 LFA 1975
foodstuffs, pharmaceuticals, consumer durables and industrial raw materials that lay about in warehouses and rail terminals, in empty supermarkets and stalledp 833 LFA 1975
appear. Inside her black shawl she was moving her hands about like a schoolgirl -- no doubt she was aware thatp 835 LFA 1975
these gestures. Her own hands emerged from the shawl, moving about in a complex code, a semaphore signalling Forrester to herp 835 LFA 1975
his feet slipped in the vibrators and film cassettes strewn about the bed. When he regained his balance Judith was atp 836 LFA 1975
time left to him by this fragmenting pier. ‘Now, what about this baby?‘ ‘It's another one -- the same defects. I'llp 837 LFA 1975
something in his face. There was something grotesque, almost comic, about this mongoloid girl surveying the world with her defunct visionp 837 LFA 1975
that swollen forehead.‘ ‘You're wrong. I've found out a lot about her. She has a huge collection of watches with luminousp 839 LFA 1975
sounds of the aircraft. Gould was climbing into the cockpit, about to warm up the engine before take-off. ‘I never reallyp 840 LFA 1975
one of the diagonal parking spaces. The over-heated carapace is about to flow like tar, and for a moment I amp 857 60Z 1976
has gone straight to the American's room, where he wanders about gesticulating with the flippers. Drink in hand, he seems unlikelyp 857 60Z 1976
a continuing authentication of their physical selves, a non-vocal gossip about their armpits and pudenda that no kinaesthetic language, beyond thosep 858 60Z 1976
would make him my chief suspect, but he too is about to move out of frame, exiting from this reductive fablep 859 60Z 1976
I watch her, picking her nose and arguing with me about something as I lie on the bed with a camerap 859 60Z 1976
left for the beach. Fumbling with the tripod, I am about to realign the camera when Helen reappears, standing in thep 860 60Z 1976
so marked that it is hard to believe they are about to copulate on my bed. Leached away by the camerap 861 60Z 1976
she has been lying there fully awake, thinking to herself about something. Her face fills the viewfinder, in the only truep 862 60Z 1976
At this moment I am certain that she has known about this film all along, as she must have known aboutp 862 60Z 1976
about this film all along, as she must have known about the others I have made, first with the still Hasselbladp 862 60Z 1976
America had lost all interest in their jobs, and sat about on their doorsteps with their neighbours, gazing at the skyp 844 LDG 1976
end farmers harvested their crops but seemed much less enthusiastic about preparing for the coming season. The flow of pronouncements, andp 845 LDG 1976
high level of his general activity. He is forever moving about on errands, many of barely apparent significance, as if preparingp 850 NTM 1976
unsettled the other patients, Dr Grumman encouraged Loughlin to write about his experiences as a weekend pilot. For the first timep 850 NTM 1976
a weary acceptance of militant feminism, and there was something about Serena's passive beauty, her immaculate but old-fashioned make-up, and abovep 864 S 1976
of elephants‘ feet in the window ... there's something rather touching about them.‘ She made no reply. Her hands remained clasped theirp 865 S 1976
By the time I returned to the shop to inquire about her previous owners the entire World's End had been reducedp 867 S 1976
rubble. One Sunday evening in November I learned rather more about Serena Cockayne. After working all afternoon in the study Ip 867 S 1976
after lunch without thinking, and there was something rather melancholy about her rounded shoulders and inclined head, almost as if shep 867 S 1976
lower terminus of its oxidized track. There was something offensive about my struggling with the loosened dress of this half-naked womanp 867 S 1976
with a swarthy and powerful physique, there was something effeminate about him, and there was clearly no danger in leaving himp 869 S 1976
In the taxi home I had a sudden confused revelation about Serena and myself. I realized that our breakdown had beenp 870 S 1976
into a reproachful grimace. There is something knowing and implacable about Serena's smile. As I look at it now across thep 872 S 1976
taken from the shelves of a nearby supermarket. Vaguely prudish about eating meat, he decided against opening any of the cansp 883 UC 1976
dump. Old tyres, industrial waste and abandoned domestic appliances lay about in a rusty moraine. Rising from its centre was ap 884 UC 1976
shaft, Halloway gathered his courage together. There was something seductive about this immaculate compartment, and already he was becoming impatient withp 886 UC 1976
heavy truck and its wildly swinging crane, steel hook lashing about, sent up a spray of rust from the cars kickedp 888 UC 1976
pulling with concern at his shoulder, was a young man about five years older than himself, a tall, slimly built Negrop 888 UC 1976
truck I crashed.‘ His rescuer waved this aside. He seemed about to speak, but checked himself. In one hand, almost hiddenp 889 UC 1976
was used to holding long conversations with himself. ‘I'm sorry about the truck,‘ Halloway said. Remembering the frightening violence he hadp 890 UC 1976
on inside his head. During their meal he told Halloway about himself, and how as a boy of five years oldp 890 UC 1976
It's hard to believe -- in the first place, what about the fuel?‘ Olds gestured casually at the sea of vehiclesp 891 UC 1976
run?‘ Halloway asked. He pointed to a resplendent limousine. ‘What about this one -- Daimler Majestic?‘ With remarkable speed, Olds leaptp 891 UC 1976
Halloway shouted out the last name. ‘One more, Olds! What about --‘ In the absence of the car, he pointed atp 891 UC 1976
had recovered from his seizure of the previous afternoon. Something about the prospect of flying had given him back his self-confidencep 891 UC 1976
switched on the calculator. I'll wait for you here. You're about to meet Mr Buckmaster. Viceroy, czar, and warden of thisp 895 UC 1976
air. The old man beckoned Halloway to the rail. Everything about him, his quick eyes and mouth, his restless hands, wasp 896 UC 1976
was clearly living a century too late there was something about his unflagging energy and resolve that fired a response inp 897 UC 1976
planting them in the doors and windows. As she moved about, climbing up and down a high ladder, Halloway had difficultyp 898 UC 1976
like the heroine of a lavishly costumed period musical. Everything about her, from her extravagant copper-tinted hair in a Pre-Raphaelite cutp 898 UC 1976
more like him and I may have to think again about opening my design office.‘ As the old man wandered aroundp 898 UC 1976
something naive, and at the same time knowing and sophisticated, about Miranda. He guessed that he was the first young manp 898 UC 1976
but that she had done a great deal of thinking about the subject and for all her shyness was well preparedp 898 UC 1976
she was on his own level. There was something unsettling about the way she had looked down at him, surrounded byp 898 UC 1976
was something far too amiable, far too bovine and uncritical, about the hand-holding tenants of the long house. Now, as hep 899 UC 1976
of challenge and allure, was exactly what the city was about. ‘I saw your glider yesterday,‘ Miranda told him. ‘Crossing thep 899 UC 1976
Now suddenly you're here, in your miracle shoes.‘ ‘I dream about powered flight,‘ Halloway told her with some pride. ‘Olds andp 899 UC 1976
if forming in his mind a series of obscene jokes about her. Only his deference to the old industrialist seemed top 900 UC 1976
by the embers flaring in the wind, and Stillman talked about the city, of the period he could just remember whenp 901 UC 1976
shotgun raised hesitantly to the air as if thinking twice about trying to make an equal noise. ‘Olds, it works!‘ Hallowayp 903 UC 1976
fey manner unsettled him. There seemed to be something decadent about this obsessive planting of vines and flowers, an unconscious butp 904 UC 1976
walked back to the hotel. ‘There's a sense of style about you that I Like, all too rare these days, youp 904 UC 1976
this idealistic youth. Then, one evening when Halloway was rhapsodizing about the harshness and vitality of his neat and immaculate streetsp 906 UC 1976
costume of silver metal and glass, like a science-fiction witch about to take her revenge on Halloway. Unaware of his daughter'sp 908 UC 1976
displays of aggression pleased him, confirming everything he had hoped about the reclamation scheme. The pedestrians in the street below strodep 911 UC 1976
the supermarkets went on continuously. Halloway had spoken to Stillman about the light-fingered behaviour of his entourage. Iounging back with hisp 911 UC 1976
of his success, a confirmation of all he had dreamed about. There was a flicker of interference on the monitor screenp 913 UC 1976
of this young and naive Diana of the botanical gardens, about to embark on some macabre hunt through the intense, over-heatedp 914 UC 1976
his desk, and seemed to be working towards a decision about everything, laying out the elements of this reductive conversation likep 916 UC 1976
a drawer he pulled out his old flying-helmet. He seemed about to question Halloway about something, but changed his mind. Hallowayp 916 UC 1976
out his old flying-helmet. He seemed about to question Halloway about something, but changed his mind. Halloway, they lack your appreciationp 916 UC 1976
everyone's clock and wristwatch, so that no one need bother about making the adjustments himself ...‘ Halloway waited for a reply, butp 917 UC 1976
use of defoliants on Miranda's plant kingdom made him uneasy about seeing her, but he would have to brush this asidep 919 UC 1976
and purple-black berries. With a reflex of irritation, Halloway was about to rip them out with his hands, but a briefp 919 UC 1976
flowers and dark berries clustered thickly around him. He was about to push past them when he remembered the posy ofp 919 UC 1976
him arrive. Then he realized that the plants he was about to brush out of his way, festering here in thisp 919 UC 1976
amazing success of Star Wars indicate, for good or ill, about the future of s-f cinema? Although slightly biased, I firmlyp 14 UGM 1977
action were seen through computerized head-up displays which provided information about closing speeds and impact velocities that makes everyone in thep 15 UGM 1977
to the days, as he himself says, when he ‘dreamed about running away and having adventures that no one else hasp 16 UGM 1977
to take over the whole of Nevada, the one book about Hughes which might have refurbished the myths has not yetp 47 UGM 1977
a couch with the blinds drawn, popping pills and worrying about fad diets while watching the 170th re-run of Ice Stationp 48 UGM 1977
entity existing independently of himself came the determination to bring about its destruction, part of the same impulse we see inp 208 UGM 1977
placid infant who wakes alone in his cot and sets about wrecking his entire nursery. Psychiatric studies of the fantasies andp 208 UGM 1977
I had already christened ‘inner space‘, in a world increasingly about to be remade by the mind. None the less, Ip 224 UGM 1977
our lives and produce an extrovert society as restlessly curious about the external world as Renaissance Europe. In fact, nothing remotelyp 224 UGM 1977
man with an amazingly tolerant wife -- is equally non-committal about the hazards and benefits. The solutions, if any, that hep 270 UGM 1977
the barracks square I took for granted that we were about to be turned loose at the airfield gates. Instead, wep 928 DT 1977
leaves. For some bizarre reason I assumed that he was about to give me a prize. The Eurasian in the whitep 929 DT 1977
and myself. But for all this I was hardly concerned about the bodies. Too many people had already died in andp 931 DT 1977
clear to me that the Japanese had not been serious about our delivering the bodies to the Protestant cemetery at Soochowp 932 DT 1977
trails of the American aircraft and thinking with increasing optimism about the future, and about seeing my parents and sister laterp 932 DT 1977
aircraft and thinking with increasing optimism about the future, and about seeing my parents and sister later that afternoon. We wouldp 932 DT 1977
of the elderly woman, visualizing her talking to me, perhaps about her childhood in England or her long missionary years inp 933 DT 1977
her white hands and face an extraordinary glow. I was about to join Hodson when I noticed that the Japanese werep 933 DT 1977
on the earth track. Behind me the bodies were sliding about as if in some huge scrimmage, their heads banging thep 935 DT 1977
HRH plans journey to, 188; crashes aircraft, 196; writes book about, 235; meetings with Malraux, 239; capture by insurgents, 253; escapep 941 I 1977
239; capture by insurgents, 253; escape, 261; writes second book about, 283 Cap d'Antibes, 218 Charing Cross Hospital Medical School, 78-93p 941 I 1977
Richard Underwood, 48 Hamilton, Henry Rhodes, accident-proneness, 118; age, sensitiveness about, 476; belief in telepathy, 399; childhood memories, 501; common manp 942 I 1977
for HRH, 276; lends villa to HRH, 288; expresses reservations about HRH, 291 Nietzsche, 99 Nobel Prize, HRH nominated for, 220p 944 I 1977
uterine life. In every sense, needless to say, this brought about an immense increase in the richness of human experience. Asp 947 ICU 1977
to repay you.‘ Though still intrigued by her, I was about to roll the credits at the conclusion of this bizarrep 949 ICU 1977
repeated refrain that he murmured to himself as he moved about the words and corridors, engrossed in these elaborate private errandsp 73 IY2 1977
treatment's failure, many of the staff members complained to him about his tireless activity. After she discovered the tableau laid outp 74 IY2 1977
up an inventory of yourself -- you've been rather reticent about your plans for the future. In something like three daysp 75 IY2 1977
psychological and spiritual dilemmas of his characters, Greene never moralizes about his subject matter in that way so beloved by thep 138 UGM 1978
read medicine for a couple of years, which gives me about the same level of medical expertise as the average viewerp 167 UGM 1978
have all had a surfeit in recent years of revelations about the functions of our bodies and that the subject needsp 168 UGM 1978
is sex itself losing its charms -- I keep thinking about those 500,000 women who have gone off the pillp 168 UGM 1978
our balcony on the twenty-seventh floor. It's an extraordinary place, about twenty miles down the coast from Las Palmas, a brand-newp 968 HWT 1978
every entertainment conceivable, all arranged by bedside push-button. I'm just about to dial an hour's water-skiing, followed by Swedish massage andp 968 HWT 1978
just sent orchids to the room!) I'll tell you all about him tomorrow. Diana. 18 July. Hotel Imperial Surprise! That computerp 968 HWT 1978
here until tomorrow at the earliest. Richard is rather worried about not getting to the office today. We blew the lastp 969 HWT 1978
Johnson, the director, an ex-ICI statistician, is being awfully sweet about it. Diana. 6 October. Hotel Imperial Just a brief cardp 970 HWT 1978
but much slimmer. He calmly told me a preposterous story about the entire Canaries being developed by the governments of Westernp 971 HWT 1978
girl drop her vacuum-cleaner on to the carpet and root about in her tool-kit. She was barely twenty, with untidy blondep 990 MA 1978
she weighed the valise in her strong hand, as if about to take out her screwdriver and turn down his over-activep 991 MA 1978
provided by the public channels. The news bulletins now were about his own body processes, the night's heart rate, the risingp 993 MA 1978
faces green. As he switched off the wall of screens, about to call the maintenance company, Pangborn heard the distinctive soundsp 994 MA 1978
own, with the same overlarge and questing big toe. Something about this similarity brought a flush of irritation to Pangborn. Hep 995 MA 1978
of screens. He was certain that the last confrontation was about to take place between himself and the intruder. Holding thep 998 MA 1978
fill it with landing craft and assault troops. ‘I'd forgotten about the war. Dick, do you remember D-Day?‘ ‘I was twop 972 OAU 1978
or heard a shot fired in anger, David's remarkably well-informed about military matters.‘ ‘Isn't he -- for a non-combatant,‘ Foster agreedp 973 OAU 1978
armada, had pre-empted any further confrontation, assuaging his own unease about Foster and his wife. Fifty yards from the blockhouse hep 974 OAU 1978
discovery, Ogden had already forgotten his wife's infidelity. He was about to pick up the flare-pistol and fire it over thep 976 OAU 1978
over the machine-gun a white claw moved across the floor, about to seize his ankle. ‘Horen Sie ...‘ The voice was flatp 976 OAU 1978
stared along its barrel at the beach below. Ogden was about to leave, when a movement on the beach caught hisp 976 OAU 1978
them.‘ ‘They were here all right. Mme Saunier is scrupulous about this sort of thing. She also said something about onep 977 OAU 1978
scrupulous about this sort of thing. She also said something about one of the decanters. David, are you in a trancep 977 OAU 1978
irritated by Ogden's fumbling, and there was something strangely vulnerable about his extreme youth. Ogden visited him twice each day, bringingp 978 OAU 1978
won't matter, David. You've done nothing all week but play about on the beach by yourself.‘ For the next half anp 979 OAU 1978
out of his mind, realizing that his entire scheme was about to fall to pieces. Already he had made his morningp 979 OAU 1978
heard Foster's voice in the drive, Angela calling to him about something. He watched them from the window, in a flatp 979 OAU 1978
fire. A kind of wan smile, an ironic grimace, hung about his cold mouth, as if he too knew that hisp 980 OAU 1978
as if he too knew that his long wait was about to come to an end. Ogden nodded encouragingly, holding hisp 980 OAU 1978
have thought we were coming ashore. He was always talking about Utah Beach.‘ THE OVERLOADED MAN Faulkner was slowly going insanep 981 OAU 1978
a friendly but cryptic way. There was something uncannily familiar about his face and stance, like a too-perfect reflection in ap 983 Z2 1978
fluctuates and the soup floats out of the tureen? Questioned about his dreams during his Skylab mission, the astronaut Russell Schweickartp 229 UGM 1979
publicity that surrounded the American astronauts remarkably little is known about them. Compared with the gauche and determined Charles Lindbergh, Neilp 273 UGM 1979
this empty shopping mall, no doubt keen to question me about the disappearance of Shepperton's entire population. I only wish thatp 7 UDC 1979
spirited and likeable girl with a fund of strange stories about the sexual activities at international airports. Carried away by thesep 13 UDC 1979
around my knees did I realize that I had been about to kill her, but without the slightest hate or angerp 14 UDC 1979
qualified pilots and told me all I needed to know about the flight controls and engine settings. Strangely, now that Ip 14 UDC 1979
but the idea of low-flying aircraft had always excited me. About five miles south of the airport the engine began top 15 UDC 1979
up the funnels of my trousers, scalding my legs and about to boil my testicles. The treetops rushed by on eitherp 15 UDC 1979
The last of these seven witnesses was a man of about thirty, naked but for his swimming trunks, who stood atp 18 UDC 1979
crashed on to this suburban town or that it was about to be overwhelmed by a nuclear catastrophe. The river swirledp 19 UDC 1979
neck. She held the forgotten cigarette in her left hand, about to brand this drenched aviator who had wrestled himself onp 20 UDC 1979
calm her, wondering how to warn her of the disaster about to overwhelm this small town. She patted my cheek reassuringlyp 21 UDC 1979
assumed like the others that I had died and was about to read the last rites over me. ‘Father Wingate --p 22 UDC 1979
lap, her fingers pressed anxiously to my temples, I was about to warn her of the disaster. Abruptly, the sky clearedp 22 UDC 1979
all his pious tone, I knew that he was not about to ask me to join him in a prayer ofp 24 UDC 1979
the town, as if some fiercely incandescent vapour had been about to ignite. Had there been someone else in the Cessna'sp 33 UDC 1979
warn these ruminating women that they and their offspring were about to be annihilated. Already I was attracting attention. A groupp 36 UDC 1979
European astronaut ... Out of breath, I unbuttoned the clerical jacket, about to throw it aside. It was then, fifty yards fromp 38 UDC 1979
police. The Burial of the Flowers At last I was about to escape from this suffocating town. I sat impatiently besidep 46 UDC 1979
hovered over the ribboned water, as if strange sea-birds were about to form themselves from the blood and breath of myp 54 UDC 1979
leapt into the night. She fell towards the garden below, about to impale herself on a television aerial, then seized thep 57 UDC 1979
of the birds, the coarse beauty of the air hung about my body, the acrid odour of sea-birds feeding on still-livingp 61 UDC 1979
intimacy, as if they were unveiling a treasure they were about to share. I watched Mrs St Cloud move around thep 61 UDC 1979
aircraft from the policemen while she made up her mind about me. The children followed her, squealing with forced excitement atp 62 UDC 1979
congregation of eels swarmed in the shallows. Heavy-bodied fish moved about in the deeper water, as if they had made theirp 67 UDC 1979
house, watching me warily as if unsure whether I was about to beg from them. I remembered the striped canvas awningp 69 UDC 1979
to their irritation sniffing at them from the gutter. ‘What about you -- did any of you dream of flying?‘ Ip 70 UDC 1979
and disappointed faces, their embarrassing odour of birds. I was about to urge them to pick the flowers, but they werep 72 UDC 1979
the font. He turned in the dim light, as if about to attack me. When I stepped back he lifted onep 75 UDC 1979
sheet. ‘Blake, are you still here? Don't stand there dreaming about your birds. Roll back the carpets.‘ As we moved aroundp 75 UDC 1979
the foliage of the trees. Each leaf was a shutter about to swing back and reveal a miniature sun, one windowp 81 UDC 1979
me no money for my return fare to the airport. About to open the purse, I found myself holding the stillp 83 UDC 1979
think of myself as her child, and felt vaguely prudish about our sex together. From the window I watched her talkingp 95 UDC 1979
marker lines hovered several inches above the clay, as if about to detach themselves from the court and take off acrossp 96 UDC 1979
had set up its arc lights. ‘The birth-rate here is about to soar, Blake -- do you realize that almost everyp 99 UDC 1979
the idea of pregnancy? There was even a grandmother asking about a donor insemination.‘ She took off her coat and lookedp 99 UDC 1979
Shepperton seem to be there. Shouldn't the police do something about it? -- it's blocking the traffic.‘ The boy was stillp 101 UDC 1979
children had come in from their secret meadow and hung about the doors. The boys pressed their noses to the glassp 103 UDC 1979
my crash. At the same time I felt almost light-headed about everything, like a groom before his wedding, a burgeoning sensep 103 UDC 1979
sense of hunger, lust and power, as if I were about to marry the whole of Shepperton and its people. Thep 103 UDC 1979
street was the railway station, where a commuter train was about to leave. The driver waited, head out of his cabp 107 UDC 1979
sons were hard at work building elaborate kites, as if about to take part in some aerial festival. The once immaculatep 108 UDC 1979
the shopping mall, excited visitors on a saint's day surging about for a glimpse of a holy man. Trying to clearp 110 UDC 1979
lay there in a happy delirium, knowing that I was about to kicked to death by my brides. Powerful hands seizedp 111 UDC 1979
me with an expression both angry and tender, a father about to strike his son's mouth. I knew that he alonep 111 UDC 1979
my resolving destiny, of the immanent future which I was about to enter. ‘Blake ...‘ His voice seemed to come down fromp 111 UDC 1979
in the now silent shopping mall, he resembled a sleepwalker about to cross the threshold of the dream. Leaving them, Ip 113 UDC 1979
He has the hands of a true healer ...‘ I was about to step through the fragments of glass and hold herp 121 UDC 1979
like, I'll talk to the people at the bank.‘ Thinking about this strange but potent suggestion as I stepped on top 134 UDC 1979
of wall-to-wall carpeting, piles of kitchen utensils, like happy emigrants about to abandon this small town and return to the simplep 143 UDC 1979
troupe of children, I was the only adult still moving about. And none of them was aware that I was nakedp 144 UDC 1979
the shy wife of a gymnastic prodigy unsure what was about to take place but certain that all would be wellp 148 UDC 1979
had already learned a thing or two to tell me about flying. While we swept forward to the park entire familiesp 157 UDC 1979
behind me with outstretched arms, the members of a congregation about to worship within the cathedral of my aerial being. Theirp 159 UDC 1979
avoided his critical gaze. Did he realize that I was about to leave Shepperton, taking the birds with me, and thatp 178 UDC 1979
against the ointment-greased skins. Were they aware that I was about to celebrate my wedding with this town, a marriage top 180 UDC 1979
of the people of Shepperton, she knew that she was about to mate with me for the last time. The helicopterp 182 UDC 1979
potent enough to populate the new world that I was about to enter. I was certain now that I could escapep 200 UDC 1979
me, faces lowered to the ground, aware that I was about to leave them. A frown puckered David's massive forehead whilep 200 UDC 1979
never be able to flee from Shepperton. Again I was about to be trapped here. David waited for me, smiling reassuringlyp 203 UDC 1979
breathing around me. Was a party of assassins following me, about to stone me to death? I was ready to givep 205 UDC 1979
A woman's sweet mouth pressed against my lips. I was about to be smothered by all this affection, a deformed babyp 206 UDC 1979
They watched me, waiting for the last act that was about to follow, uncertain whether I would leave them alone herep 210 UDC 1979
I watched her happily as a flock of hummingbirds hovered about our heads. Miriam had stepped from the vestry with thep 217 UDC 1979
miasma rose from the ground, an aerial shroud that seemed about to blight the trees and the sky, but was thenp 219 UDC 1979
the bone-bed of the winged creature whose place I was about to take. I would lie down here, in this seamp 220 UDC 1979
the same cheap magazine, one of those dreadful concierge rags about servant girls and their Prince Charmings, and then sips atp 1000 HFF 1980
tables behind us. Before they leave, let me tell you about the case ... By chance, it was only the illness ofp 1000 HFF 1980
of you to come, Dr Charcot. We've all been worried about Christina for some time. Without any disrespect to our ownp 1002 HFF 1980
radiation treatment? One of the few Betatrons in Europe is about to be installed at the Clinic.‘ ‘Not exactly ...‘ The Motherp 1002 HFF 1980
godmother, and her magic wand the hypodermic syringe she waved about so spectacularly. The role of the pumpkin was played byp 1007 HFF 1980
her father's bed. I murmured: ‘Cinderella ...‘ But wait -- they're about to leave the terrace. You can look at them nowp 1009 HFF 1980
his biographer's sympathies at every turn. In fact, almost everything about Presley is present in this biography except his enormous talentp 39 UGM 1981
of the period (he is now working on a book about John Lennon -- watch out). Curiously Goldman seems obsessed withp 40 UGM 1981
experience. Apart from his sour tone, Amis is so ill-informed about the present state of science fiction, and seems to imaginep 190 UGM 1981
the Azores. ‘Wayne, calm down. You look as if you're about to take over the ship.‘ Could he already see Wayne'sp 11 HA 1981
to go to America. Let's see how much you know about it.‘ Steiner sounded sceptical, but nodded encouragingly as Wayne movedp 11 HA 1981
During her last years in the asylum she often rambled about Wayne's real father, variously Henry Ford V; the last USp 13 HA 1981
grandparents ever lived in Manhattan, as he claimed? Wayne was about to correct him, but everyone had fallen silent. Orlowski, thep 15 HA 1981
burst the decks. The horses staggered in their stalls, thrown about by the surging motion of the ship. Steiner had crammedp 16 HA 1981
Turin, that small scandal over the Institute Library Fund was about to explode. I would have had to testify at thep 30 HA 1981
this empty city is preferable. Whatever else you might say about these people, they had size and style. Maybe great-grandfather Riccip 30 HA 1981
trying to provoke her. There was an undeniable abrasive glamour about New York even now, a whiff of the energy andp 30 HA 1981
him and stolen his dream. Besides, there was something macabre about this empty metropolis overrun by sand. The ancient desert citiesp 37 HA 1981
them all, waiting until they were safely aboard, as if about to abandon them there and set off alone across thep 39 HA 1981
cut through the soft sand. Movement was what America was about, expressed all its energy, its belief in itself. He lookedp 51 HA 1981
than himself. Then he nodded approvingly. ‘Right ... Professor Summers, forget about the seismograph just for now -- there won't be anotherp 59 HA 1981
but enough.‘ ‘Enough for one man, Captain.‘ ‘Or two. Just about ...‘ Steiner whistled a sombre tune to himself. ‘I'll take youp 59 HA 1981
standing beside the golf-cart, eyeing the distant green as if about to launch a shot into the dark. Lit by thep 62 HA 1981
shower of embers that made the nomads flinch. ‘Don't worry about our friends. We'll leave before they find us. Now tellp 63 HA 1981
We'll leave before they find us. Now tell me, Heinz, about this vision in the sky. You all saw it, hangingp 63 HA 1981
at all, Captain.‘ ‘Dad's right -- giant space-ship, no doubt about that, Captain.‘ The son, GM, a restless youth with ap 63 HA 1981
this palm-girt oasis. ‘The quakes, yes -- we know something about them, our seismographs have been picking them up. Have youp 64 HA 1981
of dust.‘ ‘A strange kind of earthquake,‘ Steiner commented. ‘What about you, GM, have you ever been to one of thep 64 HA 1981
the odour of roasting rattlesnake, had muddled all his assumptions about the United States. These strange tales of mile-wide space-ships andp 65 HA 1981
been aware of the expedition's presence. Steiner they seemed unsure about, unable to place his darker features and long, desert gazep 65 HA 1981
moved out of the West years ago.‘ ‘There's something funny about the Gays,‘ GM added, holding his wife's shoulders protectively. ‘Ip 67 HA 1981
But already the nomads were on their feet. They scuttled about in the dim light like fearful animals about to bep 68 HA 1981
They scuttled about in the dim light like fearful animals about to be trapped. Five minutes later, when Wayne and thep 68 HA 1981
Indians‘ to barter some part of their equipment for information about the interior of the United States. Bypassing Trenton and Philadelphiap 70 HA 1981
the Taj Mahal, one and a half times life-size. What about you, Wayne?‘ she asked solicitously. ‘You're being left out ofp 75 HA 1981
guise of crossing America, as Wayne soon discovered, they were about to begin that far longer safari across the diameters ofp 76 HA 1981
I had the best of that one, Wayne. They're worried about something, though, they were too distracted to bargain.‘ ‘From nowp 78 HA 1981
I saw an extraordinary glow over the desert. It lasted about five seconds, then faded into a luminous cloud. Down atp 85 HA 1981
dump somewhere in Long Island, there's a cloud of debris about ten miles wide moving down the coast to New Yorkp 85 HA 1981
and offered to legally adopt me!) even talked some rubbish about the ‘President of the West‘, a weird, white-faced man withp 89 HA 1981
would want to get in touch with Moscow anyway. Thinking about it, I feel that for a few minutes Orlowski wasp 90 HA 1981
being alone. For the first time there's a certain anxiety about the water position. As we've moved west across Kentucky thep 90 HA 1981
in the beauty parlour, gazing at herself in the mirrors, about to put on her make-up (as I notice she doesp 91 HA 1981
to cook tonight. Like the others, I'm starting to think about water all the time. July 10. Mount Vernon, Illinois. Interstatep 91 HA 1981
under the cool wing of a DC-8, trying to agree about what equipment to leave behind. Orlowski suggested we keep thep 91 HA 1981
is San Clemente, Nixon's old seaside haunt. He rambled away about the bracing effects of the brine and the ozone. Meanwhilep 94 HA 1981
at the dials of her seismograph and complaining to me about the San Francisco earthquake, as if it was my faultp 96 HA 1981
in this small desert town. Tried to talk to Ricci about the real purpose of the expedition -- the attempt top 96 HA 1981
stepped into the sun-filled street, swaying like a drunken gunfighter about to be shot down into the dust. Light flashed fromp 98 HA 1981
hear the sounds of a steam-whistle hooting. Was the Apollo about to sail up across the evening desert, converted perhaps intop 103 HA 1981
nomad Executives, plodding along on their camels. Although McNair's warnings about the cloud of ionised gas meant nothing to them, theirp 107 HA 1981
some kind of insane doomsday weapon? Impossible, Anne. Wayne, think about it.‘ Anne gestured weakly with her hand-mirror as she scannedp 108 HA 1981
Wayne and Henry Fonda, Gary Cooper and Alan Ladd, each about a mile high. And they weren't visions, they were realp 109 HA 1981
as a product of Wayne's desert sickness. But Wayne worried about the nomads‘ reports. Many of them contained bizarre and sinisterp 109 HA 1981
this huge clockwork dream together again. He was cautious now about confiding in Wayne, and even in Anne Summers -- thep 110 HA 1981
with each other, something had bonded them together. ‘Too bad about Ricci -- I never trusted him myself. His cabin aboardp 111 HA 1981
reflection in the rear windshield. ‘And why hasn't anyone known about them before?‘ ‘Because we're the first to cross the Rockiesp 122 HA 1981
empty car parks, yet there were no cars or people about, no one was playing the countless slot-machines in the storesp 122 HA 1981
painful see-saw the spotlights swerved across the auditorium. Waiters dashed about like maniacs, one of the blue rinses poked out herp 127 HA 1981
in an elaborate classroom prank. ‘Which President are you talking about?‘ ‘The President of the United States,‘ Paco replied quietly. ‘Presidentp 130 HA 1981
a nervous Heinz tried to answer the young Mexican's questions about the pistons and valve-gear of the steam-cars. ‘Right, we'll pickp 131 HA 1981
help us?‘ ‘Take it easy ...‘ Paco eyed Wayne defensively, unsure about the wisdom of admitting this volatile newcomer to their privatep 133 HA 1981
with trip-zooms that focus on anything that moves. It's bad about your two friends, though.‘ ‘Two? Did you see Steiner? Thep 133 HA 1981
photo-reconnaissance over southern California, and a little flying school with about ten pupils where Paco is the senior instructor. Hard top 141 HA 1981
of months until a rescue mission arrives and negotiations begin about recognising Manson's whole enterprise. However, they at least have anp 142 HA 1981
Colt 45 he wears on his hip. I pressed him about the nuclear explosion that devastated Boston, but he was ratherp 143 HA 1981
that devastated Boston, but he was rather evasive, started talking about the dangers of disease, eyeing me up and down asp 143 HA 1981
only thirty miles to the north of Vegas. I talked about this to Anne and McNair, they're worried too, but nop 143 HA 1981
crown burning a hole in the jungle. Paco kept to about 300 feet above the tree-tops, the gunships soaring along onp 146 HA 1981
up on brand names and a lot of infantile delusions about unlimited growth. In his eyes it was an excess ofp 149 HA 1981
an eccentric Lloyd Wright, Edison or Land. Paco is right about the freeways, though. When we took off again this morningp 149 HA 1981
probably didn't enjoy the turkey shoot this afternoon. Too bad about that elephant, but target practice is what Paco needs, particularlyp 152 HA 1981
staring at some unrealisable dream behind the wall. ‘Bad news about the virus, Wayne, it looks like there may be outbreaksp 152 HA 1981
around harbours and quays, waiting to jump ship. He talked about his youth in the American ghetto in Berlin, mentioned thep 153 HA 1981
mentality, a psychological structure rather than a physical defence. What about his exposed Pacific flank? By rights blockhouses and strongpoints shouldp 154 HA 1981
mind of staring eyes with a mad, messianic gleam ... Thinking about Manson, I fell asleep, woke at 8 A.M. top 155 HA 1981
taste of real American life. The USA was not just about computers and high-tech industries. With Paco's grudging help Wayne hadp 159 HA 1981
impassioned speech. ‘But, Wayne, that's an incredibly elitist viewpoint. What about those tired, huddled masses, yearning to breathe free ...?‘ Wayne hadp 161 HA 1981
I see the optimum population of the United States at about 100,000.‘ ‘Wayne is right, Mr President.‘ McNair, surprisingly, hadp 161 HA 1981
larger vision than Anne Summers, had been rhapsodising for weeks about the engineering workshops in the Los Angeles aircraft plants, thep 161 HA 1981
hand like a divining rod, Manson had begun to reminisce about Omaha and the SAC; the huge H-bomber force perpetually patrollingp 162 HA 1981
force perpetually patrolling America in the 1970s. He rambled on about ‘Fortress USA‘ and the dangers of germs. He seemed top 162 HA 1981
the world. Those missiles could reach Berlin and Moscow in about twenty minutes. I know Anne is worried. Could you talkp 164 HA 1981
rows, as if an audience of angelic medical specialists was about to enter and observe him. And on all sides thep 167 HA 1981
round of golf. There was even a youthful Jerry Brown, about to say a mantra for Wayne. Then, at a signalp 168 HA 1981
been trapped inside a rigid air-frame ... Well, let's not think about it. I've watched you fly -- you're good, Wayne, youp 170 HA 1981
to put a man on the moon, Nixon rambled evasively about his missing tapes. ‘Mr Lincoln, very good,‘ Dr Fleming complimentedp 172 HA 1981
man, in his way. He somehow picked up a little about computers at Spandau, but otherwise ...‘ Dr Fleming snapped his fingersp 174 HA 1981
arms, legs and faces lying on the work-benches as if about to be assembled into one nightmare monster of the Whitep 175 HA 1981
around these past few weeks inspired me to start thinking about man-powered flight. It's pointless to use one's legs for anythingp 176 HA 1981
Wayne could protest he went on eagerly. ‘What's so extraordinary about this material is its utter simplicity. All you need isp 177 HA 1981
tired of the Gettysburg Address, Wilson moralising, Nixon going on about his tapes. Let's put them to work, they can fillp 177 HA 1981
it's very virulent, and there's no known antidote.‘ ‘You know about it?‘ ‘Of course. It's the most threatening disease of allp 182 HA 1981
of the New America, he was going the wrong way about it by playing the eccentric war-lord. And one half ofp 188 HA 1981
and join your friends from the east.‘ ‘Ursula ...‘ Wayne was about to climb through the barbed wire wrapped around the steamingp 189 HA 1981
Moines was a worrying development. ‘Anne, that isn't Manson. Everything about him is calculated. Over-calculated, even. Des Moines will be ap 195 HA 1981
is this War Room?‘ ‘No one knows. He never talked about it.‘ Not even Dr Fleming, for all his hatred ofp 195 HA 1981
of a Presidential reign which the first Manson had dreamed about in his prison cell, the rule of the criminal andp 201 HA 1981
and I have been waiting all week for you. We're about to play the War Game ...‘ Wayne hesitated in the doorwayp 205 HA 1981
Manson gazed hopefully at Wayne, urging him on. ‘Wayne, what about you, boy? The fate of America in your hands? Ip 209 HA 1981
him, he was trembling with anger. He raised his pistol, about to fire at these intruders into his master's electronic domainp 214 HA 1981
we've plenty of time to relax here. We can talk about our great adventure together, all the things we tried top 217 HA 1981
Room. On the floor in the corner Manson was scrambling about like a fish stranded by a bloody pool. Wayne liftedp 227 HA 1981
up to the fact that he had not really cared about its fate. He had seen the laser image in thep 229 HA 1981
thirteen expertly steering their glass speed-boats and starting to fool about in the tail of the convoy. They passed Caesar's Palacep 232 HA 1981
to a past America, to that city of antique gamblers about to be vaporised fifty miles away. It was time forp 236 HA 1981
into giving him the complete run of the place. Moving about the laboratories and corridors, Slade took over any disused cupboardsp 1015 NFS 1981
vision of green fields. When Rachel Vaisey called to complain about the unauthorized drive Franklin brushed this aside. He tried top 1016 NFS 1981
to succumb seemed doubly cruel, confirming all their longstanding suspicions about this wayward physician. Franklin had been the first of thep 1016 NFS 1981
smile. ‘You say he spoke coherently. What did he talk about?‘ ‘He babbled of green fields.‘ Franklin stood behind his deskp 1016 NFS 1981
let me meet her. I could insist ...‘ Franklin was thinking about Trippett -- the news that the old astronaut would stillp 1017 NFS 1981
at him across the desk, clearly unsure what to do about Franklin, her eyes distracted by the gold and silver swallowsp 1017 NFS 1981
silence and pseudo-mysticism, and the mental breakdowns, suggested profound anxieties about the moral and biological rightness of space exploration. Sadly, notp 1020 NFS 1981
nearly killed myself driving to the clinic, must think hard about going there again. The first fugue came at 8.15p 1024 NFS 1981
alerting us to some threat of extinction. I keep thinking about Ursula, incidentally ... Total time lost 8 hours 17 min. Julyp 1024 NFS 1981
thing, a sign that some great biological step forward is about to take place, set off by the space flights. Alternativelyp 1025 NFS 1981
slowly around Las Vegas, looking out for Marion and thinking about the links between gambling and time. One could devise ap 1025 NFS 1981
a strange nostalgia for my childhood friends, as if I'm about to meet them for the first time, an awakening premonitionp 1025 NFS 1981
we have a growing premonition of our births, which are about to take place. At any moment we may be bornp 1026 NFS 1981
hours 35 min. August 12 Rachel Vaisey called today, concerned about me and disappointed not to find Marion here. The clinicp 1026 NFS 1981
to find Marion here. The clinic has closed, and she's about to go east. A strange pantomime, we talked stiffly forp 1026 NFS 1981
long the fugues had lasted, or when the next was about to begin. Driving at a cautious ten miles an hourp 1027 NFS 1981
destruction, and the strong strain of masochism. He soon set about satisfying his own obsessions. Fitzgerald's service in the army wasp 109 UGM 1982
years later in an asylum fire. Fitzgerald was always puritanical about sex, and his views on marriage were surprisingly conventional. ‘Justp 110 UGM 1982
encouraged Fitzgerald, the thirties ignored him. Fitzgerald's best work is about the failure to recapture past emotions, and one feels thatp 110 UGM 1982
she was a remarkable woman. We talked for many hours, about you, much of the time ...‘ His small face, as intensep 1065 MNF 1982
Could it be that travelling into outer space, even thinking about and watching it on television, was a forced evolutionary stepp 1065 MNF 1982
three months later, it was Elaine who had gone. At about the time that he closed his office and summarily sackedp 1066 MNF 1982
old Space Centre at Cape Kennedy. She was up and about, having miraculously shaken off the deep fugues. At first Sheppardp 1067 MNF 1982
and he was holding me down, as if I were about to fly off for ever into the forest. I wishp 1067 MNF 1982
anchovies, you're all set for a midnight feast. But what about a fillet steak, you really look as if you couldp 1070 MNF 1982
tried to sidestep out of her way. ‘Nothing to worry about. I'm here on a working vacation ... a scientific project.‘ Shep 1070 MNF 1982
elderly couple and the other derelicts as they were all about to rise into the air, a flight of angels. Suddenlyp 1075 MNF 1982
on the bedside table. There was a sense of stop-frame about the whole of his past life -- his childhood andp 1076 MNF 1982
us to escape through. This space sickness -- it's really about time, not space, like all the Apollo flights. We thinkp 1078 MNF 1982
now frightened, not of Sheppard, but of some aerial creature about to emerge from the heart of the Space Centre. Sheppardp 1080 MNF 1982
across one end, as if some distracted conjuror had been about to perform an elaborate trick involving his assistant and ap 1082 MNF 1982
There were a thousand and one things to tell her, about his plans for the future, his uneven health and, abovep 1082 MNF 1982
a provincial bedroom. The dream-time was creeping up on him, about to enfold him. As always he felt no fear, hisp 1040 MSA 1982
river into the forest. Mallory stopped the car. He was about to step onto the road when he heard the dronep 1043 MSA 1982
the cabin with exploding glass. As the plane climbed steeply, about to make its second pass at him, Mallory brushed thep 1043 MSA 1982
it's difficult to understand at first ...‘ ‘I'm starting to. What about you, Hinton? I need to talk to you about everythingp 1051 MSA 1982
What about you, Hinton? I need to talk to you about everything. You look --‘ Hinton grimaced. He slapped his hipp 1051 MSA 1982
of time -- that's what the space programme was all about ...‘ He beckoned Mallory towards a steel staircase that led upp 1052 MSA 1982
above the assembly deck. After all the years of thinking about Cape Kennedy he was still unprepared for the strangeness ofp 1052 MSA 1982
backed along the deck as Hinton seized the greasy rail, about to catapult himself onto the wind. He needed to getp 1053 MSA 1982
varying static tableaux. Then she wakes briefly and starts talking about Hinton and a flight to Miami she is going top 1054 MSA 1982
and he's free to be with Anne. I'm still thinking about his motives. He seems to have embraced the destruction ofp 1055 MSA 1982
birds. (Anne): Did you teach them? What am I talking about? How long have I been away? (EM): Since dawn. Tellp 1056 MSA 1982
way to the roof. The stationary clocks in Titusville were about to tell the real time for her, eternity for thisp 1056 MSA 1982
trying to clear his head, there was something curiously beguiling about that vast suburban world ... ‘I was a fool trying top 1057 MSA 1982
many war films? Jim had tried to tell his mother about his dreams, but like all the adults in Shanghai thatp 14 ES 1984
With the help of an Ely Culberston guide, he was about to embark on the most difficult chapter of all, onp 16 ES 1984
And I will telephone my parents and tell them all about you.‘ ‘But, Vera -- they want to see you. Ip 16 ES 1984
a calm girl who never smiled and found everything strange about Jim and his parents, as strange as Shanghai itself, thisp 17 ES 1984
He pressed all kinds of odd information on Jim -- about the chemistry of modern dyestuffs, his company's welfare scheme forp 19 ES 1984
he was too tired to raise his tin. Jim worried about the beggar, and his mother told him that Coolie hadp 21 ES 1984
Jim liked them, and their weird voices full of talk about a strange, inconceivable England. But if war came, could theyp 24 ES 1984
wings, but the balsa frame was still intact. He was about to jump from the blockhouse, when he noticed that ap 33 ES 1984
mill threatened to kill him. Yet he was still thinking about something. ‘We'll leave it for the soldiers -- finders keepersp 34 ES 1984
its patrol of the Yangtze gorges. Sailors and officers moved about the bridge house, and a signal lamp flashed a messagep 40 ES 1984
lamp flickered insistently from the bridge. Was this weary gun-platform about to sink on to its own anchors? Although Jim hadp 40 ES 1984
pumped from the gunboat's funnel, as if the ship was about to burst. The barrel of the forward gun turret explodedp 42 ES 1984
A cloud of frantic smoke seethed across the water, surging about as if hunting for the vanished craft. Jim's father layp 49 ES 1984
and his amateur plane-spotting. Alone in the ward, he thought about his mother and father, and hoped that they would soonp 50 ES 1984
embassies forced their way through the crowd. They protested volubly about the treatment of the wounded British. Impelled by one ofp 52 ES 1984
his leather jacket he had drawn a knife, and was about to sever Jim's hand at the wrist. Jim wrenched hisp 58 ES 1984
dark weals that marked his wrist. His mother worried constantly about the danger and violence in the streets of Shanghai, andp 60 ES 1984
mother, sitting on the sofa in her bedroom and talking about Christmas. Already he assumed that they would never discuss thep 60 ES 1984
of the mahogany walls. Jim thought of writing a book about mah-jong, but he had forgotten most of the rules. Onp 65 ES 1984
kite flying from the garden. Putting it aside, Jim ambled about the empty house, and watched the water level almost imperceptiblyp 65 ES 1984
peered up at the damp walls. There was something sinister about a drained swimming-pool, and he tried to imagine what purposep 66 ES 1984
maddened German gunners on the caisson walls. Perhaps murder was about to be committed in all the swimming-pools of Shanghai, andp 66 ES 1984
his return journey to Amherst Avenue he was more concerned about the two battleships. The British newsreels were filled with liesp 72 ES 1984
surveyed the house as they straightened their uniforms. Jim was about to pedal up to them and explain that he livedp 73 ES 1984
a modest breakfast at the dining-room table, and then set about repairing his bicycle. He needed the machine to get himselfp 75 ES 1984
sensation he had known before the war when he was about to go to a party. He reminded himself of hisp 79 ES 1984
Having helped to impose Japanese rule upon Shanghai, it was about to sail for another theatre of war. As if celebratingp 87 ES 1984
you must know some important people.‘ ‘Well ...‘ Jim was doubtful about this. He could think of nothing but the rice simmeringp 96 ES 1984
Through the open hatch Jim could see a flying boat about to take off from the Naval Air Base. A Japanesep 96 ES 1984
Jim?‘ ‘A bit. And contract bridge. I've written a book about it.‘ Basie looked doubtful. ‘Words are more important, Jim. Putp 97 ES 1984
people like Basie, but the war had changed everything. ‘What about your Daddy, Jim?‘ Basie asked. ‘Why aren't you at homep 98 ES 1984
chocolate bottle. Then, remembering what Vera had drummed into him about the need to be polite, he handed half the chocolatep 98 ES 1984
want to surrender?‘ ‘Like hell -- though I don't know about him. I'm trying to get Basie to buy a sampanp 99 ES 1984
lot of portholes, Frank?‘ Frank peered at Jim, still unsure about this small boy. ‘Kid, we haven't sold a single onep 100 ES 1984
ate his morning and evening meals, while endlessly questioning him about his mother and father. To a large extent Basie hadp 101 ES 1984
fascinated by these accounts of Shanghai high life. ‘Tell me about their swimming-pool parties,‘ Basie asked as they waited for Frankp 102 ES 1984
mirror self who felt faint and hungry, and who thought about food all the time. He no longer felt sorry forp 103 ES 1984
the residential suburbs in the west of Shanghai, telling them about the fine houses filled with billiard tables, whisky and liqueurp 104 ES 1984
that he had tempted these devious men with his chatter about the grand life. Like a courier with a party ofp 105 ES 1984
their white masks. Yet, at that moment when he was about to despair of ever finding his parents, he felt ap 113 ES 1984
Shanghai Central Prison -- and Jim never dared to ask about Frank -- he had once again become the ex-steward ofp 116 ES 1984
Basie, when you were in Shanghai Central did anyone talk about my mother and father?‘ ‘I think I did hear somethingp 117 ES 1984
Island?‘ ‘A long way, Jim. It must have been Just about the end of their range.‘ Basie took the fan fromp 118 ES 1984
hand. An elderly Australian had arrived to talk to Basie about the war. ‘Go and help Mrs Blackburn. And remember top 118 ES 1984
two men waved him away. Basie was surprisingly well informed about the progress of the war, the fall of Hong Kongp 118 ES 1984
of the side of his mouth, telling the old Britishers about the other inmates at Shanghai Central Prison, who had diedp 119 ES 1984
Nanking. Inspired by this, Jim tried to tell Mrs Blackburn about the American aircraft, but she merely sent him back top 119 ES 1984
the morning Mrs Partridge died Basie learned some encouraging news about the brother-in-law in Nanking, and soon after was able top 119 ES 1984
prisoners -- Mr Partridge with his wife's suitcase, as if about to take his memories of her on a long journeyp 121 ES 1984
driver had stepped from his cabin, unaware of the tornado about to engulf him. He dusted the map and spread itp 124 ES 1984
remarked amiably. ‘Jim, does that mean they're lost?‘ Jim thought about this. ‘Not really. They just haven't captured any maps.‘ ‘Goodp 129 ES 1984
the world as vividly as this. Were the American planes about to come again? With an exaggerated squint, intended to annoyp 133 ES 1984
Where are your parents, Jim?‘ ‘They went away.‘ Jim thought about his answer, deciding whether to invent some spoof for Drp 138 ES 1984
some spoof for Dr Ransome. There was a self-confident air about this young physician that he distrusted, the same attitude shownp 138 ES 1984
he and Basie would team up as corpse-robbers? Jim thought about the goat which Dr Ransome wanted to buy from thep 139 ES 1984
wanted to buy from the Japanese. Everything he had read about goats confirmed that they were difficult and wayward creatures, andp 139 ES 1984
wayward creatures, and this suggested that there was something impractical about Dr Ransome. Few Europeans had gold teeth, and the onlyp 139 ES 1984
the railway tracks, unwinding lengths of telephone wire. Were they about to launch a man-carrying kite? The furthest soldier was alreadyp 140 ES 1984
kempetai checked the list of prisoners and Dr Ransome protested about the condition of the missionary women. Soon after, they leftp 141 ES 1984
damp floor and jumped on to the ground. He was about to run after Dr Ransome when the driver held hisp 145 ES 1984
He was asleep, but seemed to be thinking very hard about something with one half of his head. He had lastp 148 ES 1984
of the truck, camouflaging it for the realm it was about to enter. How long had they been on the roadp 152 ES 1984
Japanese soldiers manned a fortified emplacement. As the sentries paced about in the dusk their corporal spoke into a field telephonep 157 ES 1984
Jim that perhaps he and Basie and Dr Ransome were about to be flown from Shanghai, and that he would soonp 158 ES 1984
sources of food. He could tell Kimura that Basie knew about the secret camp radio, but then the extra food wouldp 165 ES 1984
but in some way annoyed him. With their constant talk about pre-war London, the older British families in the camp claimedp 167 ES 1984
trying to escape, and everyone rightly ratted on any fool about to step through the wire, for fear of the reprisalsp 169 ES 1984
blades seemed to be working themselves loose from his back, about to fly across the barbed wire. ‘I'm here, Mr Maxtedp 171 ES 1984
entrepreneur, who had represented so much that Jim most admired about Shanghai, had been sadly drained by his years in Lunghuap 177 ES 1984
mother and father again.‘ ‘Well ...‘ Jim preferred not to talk about his parents, even with Mr Maxted. The two of themp 178 ES 1984
prisoners‘ real problems would not end, but begin. Jim worried about Dr Ransome and Mrs Vincent, and the rest of hisp 180 ES 1984
worried especially for Mr Maxted, whose tired repertory of jokes about the country club meant nothing in the real world. Butp 180 ES 1984
faded wives in shabby frocks, watching without expression as if about to be presented with a corpse. At the head ofp 182 ES 1984
admitted, finishing the last of the weevils. He felt sensitive about his ragged clothes and his determined efforts to stay alivep 183 ES 1984
despair. ‘Strange child ...‘ The rebuff failed to bother Jim. Everything about this distant woman with her thinning blond hair intrigued himp 184 ES 1984
schoolwork, Jim reflected, bearing in mind that the war was about to end. But perhaps this was Dr Ransome's way ofp 190 ES 1984
ruined building. Yet their end reminded Jim of his own, about which he had thought in a clandestine way ever sincep 194 ES 1984
the river approach to Shanghai. Everyone in the camp talked about Woosung. ‘The Americans probably will land at Woosung, Jim. I'vep 196 ES 1984
in the toecaps of Jim's shoes. ‘Try not to think about it -- you've so many other things swimming about inp 197 ES 1984
think about it -- you've so many other things swimming about in your head. The Americans may not land there.‘ ‘Ifp 197 ES 1984
Barraclough, the secretary of the Shanghai Country Club, had been about to die, and Jim noticed his gold signet ring. Itp 198 ES 1984
but it would be worth something. Jim had no compunction about stealing from the dead. The only patients foolish enough top 199 ES 1984
Don't argue with Sergeant Nagata today. And don't tell him about the air raid.‘ Noticing that Jim's eyes were fixed onp 199 ES 1984
their roster boards, carrying out repeated roll-calls. The war was about to end, and yet the Japanese were obsessed with knowingp 201 ES 1984
but the sentry barked at him, suspecting that Jim was about to play some private game of which Sergeant Nagata wouldp 201 ES 1984
the end of the runway. A single kamikaze plane was about to take off, all that the Japanese could muster asp 204 ES 1984
stony track, shaking the body which the two women were about to bury. Jim polished the three tomatoes he had pickedp 205 ES 1984
of him. He resented Jim for revealing an obvious truth about the war, that people were only too able to adaptp 208 ES 1984
to hit Lunghua Airfield they have to drop their bombs about a thousand yards away.‘ ‘Jim, you're a war-child. I imaginep 209 ES 1984
the war to end, Jim?‘ Dr Ransome often seemed doubtful about this. ‘A lot of the people here won't last muchp 210 ES 1984
your mother and father again?‘ ‘Yes, I am. I think about them every day.‘ ‘Good. Do you remember what they lookp 210 ES 1984
the sound of this. Too many of the prisoners talked about leaving the camp without any real idea of what wouldp 211 ES 1984
some way of reassuring him. ‘If we told Sergeant Nagata about the thousand-yard range ... the Japanese wouldn't shoot down any morep 212 ES 1984
snootiest of the English families, and there was something absurd about their high-pitched voices -- as affected as the rugby matchp 214 ES 1984
seamen were racked by malaria, but they made little fuss about being ill. All in all, Jim felt, the Americans werep 216 ES 1984
He could hear an English woman from Hut 5 complaining about her husband, and two Belgian girls who lived with theirp 216 ES 1984
most modest possibilities of petty thievery around him. Jim worried about what would happen to Basie when the war was overp 219 ES 1984
raid spoiled them.‘ ‘Those Filipino pilots ... Never mind. Tell me about Dr Ransome's cabinet. There were medicines there, I imagine.‘ ‘Basiep 220 ES 1984
there'll be plenty to eat soon. Forget all this talk about the Japs cutting our rations.‘ ‘They might do it, Basiep 221 ES 1984
and Tiptree and Dainty. That was America. Jim thought intently about the B-29s. He wanted to embrace their silver fuselages, caressp 223 ES 1984
had carried the bucket back to E Block, Jim set about gathering fuel for the stove. Basie still insisted on boilingp 223 ES 1984
sing-song that the Chinese made when they knew they were about to be killed. Around the parade ground the hundreds ofp 227 ES 1984
of the Reader's Digest, wondering whether to read an article about Winston Churchill. He would have liked to leave, but allp 228 ES 1984
careful never to go near the parade ground. Jim thought about his algebra prep, part of which he had already donep 228 ES 1984
not eaten since the previous afternoon. Although the inmates were about to seize control of the guardhouse, he could think ofp 236 ES 1984
and hundreds of condoms. Jim remembered that Basie had talked about the inmates of the camps near Shanghai being moved up-countryp 236 ES 1984
the cart and propelled it towards the gates. Jim was about to run forward and wrestle the handles from the Japanesep 237 ES 1984
advertisement and the small newspaper photograph. Now that he was about to see his real mother and father he had thoughtp 242 ES 1984
refusing to co-operate, Jim sat on his wooden case thinking about Mr Maxted as the architect swayed beside him. His palep 243 ES 1984
Looking for some way of leaving Mr Maxted, Jim was about to cross the road when a burst of hot smokep 244 ES 1984
wooden case. For the first hour he was too concerned about Mr Maxted's exhaustion to notice his own. But soon afterp 245 ES 1984
had some little chore in mind, and would nag him about his Latin prep. Although he had left Lunghua, Jim feltp 247 ES 1984
But Mrs Philips did not look as if she was about to set him a task. The walk from Lunghua hadp 247 ES 1984
fear their journey to the killing-ground ... ‘Mrs Philips ... I've thought about the war.‘ Jim rolled over in the grass. He wasp 249 ES 1984
the war.‘ Jim rolled over in the grass. He was about to explain to Mrs Philips that she was dead butp 249 ES 1984
than the camp cemetery where he had usually questioned her about matters of life and death. It had been kind ofp 251 ES 1984
Jim's wrist. Gutted by malaria and malnutrition, his body was about to merge with the derelict vehicle behind him. The threep 252 ES 1984
on the running boards of the bombed staff cars, gypsies about to make a new life among these partly dismantled vehiclesp 253 ES 1984
beyond Soochow. For all his relief, Jim felt disappointed. ‘What about our rations, Mr Maxted?‘ ‘They're waiting for us in Shanghaip 256 ES 1984
end? It must end soon.‘ ‘It has almost ended. Think about your mother and father, Jim. The war has ended.‘ ‘Butp 256 ES 1984
stands, where he sat in the front row as if about to observe a display of midnight acrobatics. Jim was gladp 258 ES 1984
sway, as if he and the hundreds of prisoners were about to be tipped out of the stadium. Mr Maxted turnedp 261 ES 1984
stared down at Jim. Irritated by the noise, he was about to kick him with his ragged boot. But a flashp 266 ES 1984
some diseases. Maybe your friend will make it ...‘ Jim was about to walk away, when the Eurasian turned from the rubbishp 275 ES 1984
leather golf shoes, tied together by their laces. He was about to speak to the waiting coolies, when Jim stepped forwardp 275 ES 1984
that his own life was over, that the Kuomintang forces about to reoccupy Shanghai would be eager to deal with himp 281 ES 1984
plane that Jim had seen throughout the war. Was it about to land at Lunghua Airfield? Jim began to wave top 282 ES 1984
the powdered milk. Chewing on a chocolate bar, and thinking about the Ardennes offensive, Jim watched a B-29 soar across thep 289 ES 1984
trousers sat around him, each holding a magazine as if about to take part in a discussion group on the Europeanp 293 ES 1984
least five Buicks, two Cadillacs, and a Lincoln Zephyr.‘ ‘Forget about the cars! Were you born in a garage? What elsep 298 ES 1984
coats?‘ Tulloch interjected. ‘There was no ordnance there, Lieutenant. What about Scotch whisky, son?‘ Price pulled the copy of Life fromp 298 ES 1984
body engorge it like the corpses in the hospital? Thinking about his last night in Nantao Stadium, Jim sat on thep 303 ES 1984
the group of Britons had never ceased to question him about the looted furniture in the stands. Jim had been forcedp 313 ES 1984
Shanghai. He was climbing over the tail-gate of the Opel, about to select several cans of food and copies of thep 315 ES 1984
Zephyrs -- in Nantao. Buicks, white Cadillacs ...‘ ‘What's this talk about Cadillacs?‘ A small man with silvery hair and an effeminatep 317 ES 1984
sat the coolie with the bamboo stave who had been about to kill Jim before Basie intervened. In the front seatp 318 ES 1984
being reunited with his fellow countrymen. Jim had questioned him about his escape from Lunghua, but Basie was sly and evasivep 321 ES 1984
interest him. He remained the same small, finicky man worrying about his hands, ignoring everything but the shortest-term advantage. His onep 322 ES 1984
forever, Jim. There are big guns moving up to Shanghai, about six different Kuomintang armies.‘ ‘So it might be difficult top 323 ES 1984
mother and father down to Java. I've thought a lot about that.‘ ‘A good dream to have ...‘ Basie pushed Jim asidep 324 ES 1984
A screwy-sider. Basie, do you want me to tell you about the stadium? There might be fur coats, I think Mrp 325 ES 1984
seeing them loaded with all the treasure of the east about to be freighted back to Frisco. Jim felt sorry forp 332 ES 1984
The flies raged at the morning light, a vast anger about nothing. Leaving them, Jim set out across the grass expansep 334 ES 1984
on the second throw lost it among the reeds. Hunting about in the thick grass, he at last found it nearp 335 ES 1984
hand away, aware that the corpse of this Japanese was about to sit up and consume him. Without thinking, Jim punchedp 339 ES 1984
remembered how he had questioned Mrs Philips and Mrs Gilmour about the raising of Lazarus, and how they had insisted thatp 339 ES 1984
carefully levelled, as if a series of tennis courts was about to be laid. Jim walked through the empty drums ofp 348 ES 1984
Keating, which doubly offended them); and wearying arguments with Sarah about our endlessly postponed divorce and her over-reliance on ECT --p 1090 OOA 1984
has now earned the capital letters. Years of being moved about, from Rampton to Broadmoor to the Home Office Special Custodyp 1090 OOA 1984
a leaking contusion on his forehead. He has been punched about a great deal, and flinched from me as I approachedp 1090 OOA 1984
woman asked in a friendly but sly way, as if about to broach an indiscretion. ‘The hotel said you would bep 1106 MWM 1985
the elderly couple approached him. When they repeated their question about the astronaut he beckoned them to a seat. To myp 1107 MWM 1985
but if pressed with a tourist dollar could talk convincingly about the early lunar flights. In its way it was deeplyp 1108 MWM 1985
celebrity. Banished from the grand hotels of Copacabana, he hung about the cheaper cafes in the side-streets, still claiming to havep 1108 MWM 1985
Scranton stayed on, willing to talk for a few dollars about his journey to the moon, quoting the same tired phrasesp 1108 MWM 1985
Scranton had found on a nearby chair. ‘No more stories about the moon ...‘ Scranton stood up, head bowed beneath the awningp 1109 MWM 1985
almost tubercular pallor. Yet there was a certain resolute quality about this vagrant figure that I had not expected. Sitting besidep 1109 MWM 1985
table, I silenced them with a raised finger. ‘I am about to embark on a new career ...‘ From then on Ip 1112 MWM 1985
generally nervous of change, politically ultraconservative, eager not to think about what adults do after dark. At any rate, it isp 19 UGM 1987
well handled that the film taps into all our unease about the abuse of this planet and its environment. Much ofp 20 UGM 1987
their prisoners it was a certain sign that they were about to dispense with them. Only the twelve-year-old sat behind mep 13 DC 1987
have to find the extreme position.‘ ‘I shall be thinking about my career, General.‘ ‘Your real career, not the one insidep 13 DC 1987
the first time that these diseased and nervous men were about to shoot us. Fame Signal flares were falling from thep 24 DC 1987
assuming that this was some elaborate nightdress that she was about to wear for her lover. I watched her moving withp 27 DC 1987
sat among the field radios and ammunition boxes. ‘I'm talking about something real, doctor, something you can hold in your handp 28 DC 1987
going to run through your fingers like water. I'm talking about fame.‘ Fame? Had I been shot, along with Santos andp 28 DC 1987
some complex game of the Captain's -- perhaps Harare was about to be betrayed by his own men and I wouldp 28 DC 1987
I'm afraid you've lengthened the wrong runway.‘ Captain Kagwa was about to intercede -- I assumed he had been thinking ofp 33 DC 1987
They aimed their rifles at the deep grass, as if about to flush out a forest boar, or one of thep 36 DC 1987
-- perhaps they feel disappointed here.‘ ‘I can understand. Now about the plane. Thank you, Captain, but no -- I don'tp 43 DC 1987
he was resplendent in a freshly pressed uniform, as if about to be promoted to General of Police by the Presidentp 43 DC 1987
his best to interpret for him, while Miss Matsuoka strode about moodily in her flying suit. The remaining members of thep 50 DC 1987
Mallory! Forget your dam!‘ ‘Go away, Sanger. Make a film about someone else.‘ ‘No! Doctor, it's time to build an arkp 55 DC 1987
He spread a hand across the water, like a card-sharp about to tamper with a pack. ‘We might be looking forp 56 DC 1987
fifty dollars.‘ ‘Fifty? As little as that? I feel better about my debt to you. Every dollar you lend me isp 56 DC 1987
Still wearing her flying overalls, she followed Sanger everywhere, flitting about him like the Ariel of this threadbare Prospero. His eyesp 56 DC 1987
the rice here. Go to Gambia, make a tourist documentary about crocodiles.‘ ‘It's been done too many times. The natural realmp 62 DC 1987
you may already be the subject of a new documentary about a man who invents a river ...‘ A cascade of gravelp 63 DC 1987
through me; I was surprised by my eagerness to set about mutilating this harmless mass of water. I checked myself, thinkingp 70 DC 1987
into position behind the rampart. Now that the river was about to be extinguished, I felt pleasantly drunk -- the combinedp 72 DC 1987
either side of the rampart the logs lay in place, about to tumble forward. The smoke from the tractor billowed intop 73 DC 1987
anger she tried to wrestle it away from me. Something about the girl, perhaps her tribe, or simply her delight inp 81 DC 1987
sleep of bereavement, her walking numbness, and now moved purposefully about the breeding station as she supervised the packing. And, thoughp 81 DC 1987
You have her flitting around everywhere. She keeps you informed.‘ ‘About what, for God's sake?‘ ‘The river ... Your river.‘ I followedp 83 DC 1987
the De Lesseps statue at Port Said.‘ ‘Maybe ... I'm sorry about the Japanese girl. It all got a little out ofp 83 DC 1987
rather than a hundred feet away? All that water gushing about, it was too much. And then it wouldn't stop growingp 84 DC 1987
Nora -- thanks to the River Mallory this area is about to become a war zone. Already Harare calls it thep 84 DC 1987
knelt over these, whistling and grunting as she moved them about like chess pieces on a board, trying to urge themp 88 DC 1987
to get Mrs Warrender to take you on. Now, what about this?‘ I broke off the brittle fragments of the bulb'sp 89 DC 1987
ruse. For all her primitive background, there was a stylishness about her neat movements, the small flourishes with which she openedp 89 DC 1987
I'll put some food out for you tomorrow.‘ I was about to leave when she sat up on her knees. Shep 89 DC 1987
canopy was richer and more luminous, islands of green light about to float away into the sky. The huge trees advancedp 92 DC 1987
wooden frame, constructing a crude story board of a documentary about the illustrious career of this provincial policeman. ‘Doctor ...‘ Kagwa's strongp 97 DC 1987
the mess-tin on the floor beside the European and was about to remove the slops bucket. ‘Your duties now are completep 97 DC 1987
if the huge swells that rolled across its surface were about to inundate everything around me, immersing my mind within itsp 99 DC 1987
reverie of a drowsing giant into whose mouth I was about to slip. Within an hour she returned from the forestp 101 DC 1987
radio-station, broadcast in a language unknown to her, Noon rooted about in the chauffeur's locker. There she discovered a parcel ofp 117 DC 1987
have no mission. What is this mission? The same foolishness about destroying the river?‘ ‘My river, Captain. I created it, Ip 126 DC 1987
stock on Japanese television. He was making a secret programme about you ...‘ Kagwa stepped on to one of the ore-buckets, shoutingp 126 DC 1987
the more menacing, as if in his rage he were about to burst through the rumpled fabric. Noon climbed into thep 130 DC 1987
fragrant nectaries. Even Noon was impressed by the transformation brought about by this immense flow of water. Child-woman, but still ap 140 DC 1987
hands. I felt nervous of harming them, and yet uncertain about the whole purpose of this strange adventure. I remembered myp 142 DC 1987
a freight of packing-cases swathed in canvas, a dark cargo about to be tipped into the water. The launch was almostp 148 DC 1987
Like an old rat in a safari suit, he scrummaged about in the debris, and then heaved himself against the tillerp 149 DC 1987
soldiers in a pit. I winced at this, and was about to lower my eyes, when a strange vessel emerged fromp 154 DC 1987
real feelings, a layer of response I wanted to shuck. ‘About sixty soldiers, a French pilot and the helicopter.‘ ‘Good ...‘ Sangerp 157 DC 1987
miles of the Mallory), and my absentminded tendency to go about naked, together convinced Sanger that he had found the perfectp 159 DC 1987
enjoy the welcoming micro-climate.‘ ‘Very good, Mr Pal ... but what about the river?‘ ‘Still enlarging, sir, flowing comfortably between ample banksp 161 DC 1987
the bows of the ferry sheered to port. We were about to run aground on a causeway of mud that formedp 171 DC 1987
no longer charging it. Oblivious of the heat, she skipped about the deck, riddled out the stove and cast the ashesp 178 DC 1987
surrender her to Sanger. In many ways I was running about at her beck and call, but she still existed onlyp 178 DC 1987
was calling from the bows of the ferry, arms thrashing about as he struggled with the awning. I went forward andp 179 DC 1987
to the forward capstan, clearly fearful that the ferry was about to capsize. We had struck the remains of a woodenp 186 DC 1987
elbows while I rooted in the canvas bag. She hopped about, tapping her teeth in relief, snapping her fingers at Sangerp 190 DC 1987
keep you warm. Tomorrow we'll trap the birds.‘ I was about to climb into the car, but the far-side passenger doorp 193 DC 1987
chain hung from its bows, and the forlorn craft seemed about to sink under the weight of the dusty limousine. Ip 195 DC 1987
stale scent and damp plaster. ‘Mrs Warrender --!‘ I was about to burst the rotting door from its hinges, but ap 196 DC 1987
the electrical units on to the deck. I stepped forward, about to offer my help, but Fanny pushed me away, huffingp 198 DC 1987
self-support group planning to reopen the Diana for business? Curious about this brisk housekeeping in the old brothel-boat, I crossed thep 198 DC 1987
of an all-woman crew. I stepped forward to the bridgehouse, about to test the pliant wheel, but Fanny caught my armp 198 DC 1987
the same gaudy fresco lay another grimy mattress. I was about to lie on it, but the bed was already occupiedp 201 DC 1987
Port-la-Nouvelle, as if she had spent the intervening months idling about her dressing-table, and was waiting for me to join herp 201 DC 1987
the foresight in her small but strong hand. I was about to wrestle the rifle from her when I saw herp 202 DC 1987
Mr Pal was dead, and that the two oarswomen were about to bury him. They rowed towards the bows of thep 203 DC 1987
nervous but expectant look, as if a prize turkey was about to be brought home for the pot. I resented thep 206 DC 1987
act. The turning of some kind of inner tide was about to take place, reflecting a choice being made within myp 208 DC 1987
floor in front of Mrs Warrender, like a shy suitor about to ask her for a dance. ‘Good hunting, Nora?‘ ‘Notp 210 DC 1987
bathed here had sensed in advance that the river was about to die. Nonetheless, I regarded the Mallory with caution. Perhapsp 216 DC 1987
Most of the patients, like the women auxiliaries who shuffled about in a listless way, were suffering from that same swampp 226 DC 1987
he can never catch my orders. Dr Mallory ... we heard about you and one of my women soldiers. You shot twop 227 DC 1987
facility. ‘General, he'll be back. He's brought a landing-craft and about sixty men -- they're fifteen miles south of here.‘ ‘Wep 227 DC 1987
waste his gasoline. We're small beans to him. He's thinking about his Mercedes. That country policeman is going to be Governorp 228 DC 1987
hung their webbing across the restaurant chairs. Even Sanger fumbled about the dance floor, setting up a television screen for thep 235 DC 1987
to a scratchy pop record, I wondered if they were about to have their throats cut, or if the cabins belowp 235 DC 1987
and shoulders leaking across the surface, as if she was about to dissolve into its hidden mirrors. ‘Noon ... we'll leave tomorrowp 239 DC 1987
unseen powers of the Massif which concealed the Mallory were about to come down on to the plain and avenge thep 242 DC 1987
above the bar, filmed by the camera which Sanger, fumbling about like a blind Merlin, had set up on a tripodp 244 DC 1987
the taste of her last client. She gripped the flagstaff, about to retch over the rail, when she caught sight ofp 248 DC 1987
to the floor. I reached to the bars behind me, about to pull myself on to the bed, and felt anp 249 DC 1987
you, Mallory.‘ ‘They didn't try to keep me alive. What about Noon? Is she with them?‘ ‘Perhaps ... not. I've heard herp 262 DC 1987
the last few feet of water between us. I was about to embrace Noon, but Sanger was trailing one hand inp 271 DC 1987
this as a touching gesture of solidarity, but I was about to pull him on to the beach and leave himp 274 DC 1987
No -- the film, it's all that's left ...‘ I was about to throw the broken black box into the river, butp 275 DC 1987
myth, like those of Pizarro or Cortes. ‘Tell me, Sanger. About your film ...?‘ ‘Which film, doctor? Paddle now. I've made manyp 276 DC 1987
film, doctor? Paddle now. I've made many films.‘ ‘Your film about the Mallory. The one you started at Port-la-Nouvelle.‘ Sanger turnedp 276 DC 1987
see me for the first time. ‘You want to hear about the film? You wish me to describe it to youp 276 DC 1987
me, in the soft sing-song of Mr Pal. ‘Tell me about the film, Sanger. Be my eyes ...‘ The Source Six daysp 277 DC 1987
starting point like a reversed playback of Sanger's imaginary documentary about my quest for the Mallory's source. The green desert hadp 285 DC 1987
his eye on me. He is suspicious of my hanging about this drained river-bed, and guesses that I may be waitingp 286 DC 1987
swimming-pools had passed with the end of the 1970s, at about the time when the first British visitors arrived en massep 63 UGM 1988
disdains the ignorant viewpoint of ‘people who think they know about art, or write for the Guardian‘. Suitably chastened, I nonep 63 UGM 1988
25, 1988. Where to start? So much has been written about the Pangbourne Massacre, as it is now known in thep 5 RW 1988
past two months there have been so many television programs about the thirty-two murdered residents of this exclusive estate to thep 5 RW 1988
estate to the west of London, and so much speculation about the abduction of their thirteen children, that there scarcely seemsp 5 RW 1988
at the Home Office this morning, virtually nothing is known about the motives and identity of the assassins. "I say ‘assassinsp 5 RW 1988
already seen selected extracts from the film in numerous documentaries about the massacre, and I hardly expected any sudden revelation. Butp 7 RW 1988
Thames Valley. As well, though, there is an antiseptic quality about Pangbourne Village, as if these company directors, financiers and televisionp 9 RW 1988
is working off some minor penance. He is well informed about the case, in an offhand and sardonic way, but mostp 24 RW 1988
stockbroker and his family had led. There was nothing museum-like about this home -- the skirting boards in the boy's bedroomp 26 RW 1988
to the parents‘ bedroom. "That's one thing you can say about Pangbourne Village. It's all very sensible ... and very, very civilizedp 27 RW 1988
were wired up to the children's bedrooms? There's something unnerving about that, Sergeant." "Isn't there, Doctor? You're sitting here after finishingp 31 RW 1988
homework, and suddenly the computer blips, ‘Well done, Jeremy!‘" "Talk about surveillance of the heart. It's not just those cameras outp 31 RW 1988
cigarette smoke at Dr. Edwina's dressing-table mirror. "The only surprise about these people is that they found time to get themselvesp 33 RW 1988
no one was on holiday. Between them these people owned about fifteen properties, in the South of France ..." " ... Cortina, Corsica andp 33 RW 1988
was a visit by a TV producer planning a film about Pangbourne Village, a repeat of the Panorama program on thep 34 RW 1988
let him go." "Right -- he made up some story about a visiting friend from Canada who didn't exist. But whyp 34 RW 1988
if resting after work well done. "The killers knew everything about the place, every staircase and Jacuzzi and diving board, everyp 35 RW 1988
in reserve. Left alone, I was able to think again about my visit to Pangbourne Village and my talk with thep 38 RW 1988
that Miller was taking a bath that Saturday morning. At about 8:15 Marion and her brother come into the bathroomp 41 RW 1988
acted alone. I think they murdered their own parents at about eight o'clock that Saturday morning, without the help of anyonep 45 RW 1988
bed, at breakfast, or taking their fateful baths. "It's now about 8:22, according to the time coding on the tapep 48 RW 1988
on duty, who was calling from the perimeter security post about the camera failure. Something like thirty seconds later he wasp 48 RW 1988
house." Payne pointed to the graceful modern facade. "It's now about 8:19, and the Millers are ready for another richp 49 RW 1988
brother finishes off the father in the bath. But what about the people at the Yard? How do they explain thisp 51 RW 1988
prose reminiscent of Jane Austen but with a startling frankness about their sexual activities. Together they convey the impression of Pridep 54 RW 1988
event, of the BBC-TV documentary that was to be made about Pangbourne Village in the late summer of 1988. There isp 55 RW 1988
The intruders moved to Marion's bed, weapons raised as if about to kill the child. I stepped forward to protect herp 59 RW 1988
will be here at three. See the garage this morning about the spare car key. Ask Miss Neame to prepare thep 71 RW 1988
the lobster dressing. Cancel riding lesson, and check with Mark about his weekend program ..." (E 142). 7:12 a.m. Charlesp 71 RW 1988
now on the Miller house. 8:15 a.m. At about this time Mrs. Miller, relaxed after ten minutes of taip 72 RW 1988
his son and daughter enter the bathroom he asks them about the noise, but through the steam he sees his daughterp 73 RW 1988
vaguely aware that Mark has stepped behind him, still talking about his kite. The boy raises it into the air, demonstratingp 74 RW 1988
means.‘ ‘It means he's practically a basket case.‘ I was about to change channels, hoping for some news of the world'sp 1118 WW3 1988
Susan's clenched hand and began to hunt the channels. ‘What about the Russian Baltic Fleet? The Kremlin is putting counter-pressure onp 1120 WW3 1988
tapped the channel changer. ‘It could be. Perhaps he's thinking about having to press the nuclear button. Or else --‘ Anp 1121 WW3 1988
work show a teasing astuteness. ‘If you want to know about Andy Warhol, just look at the surface of my paintingsp 60 UGM 1989
was born, would have been amazed to find me complaining about a state of affairs that must in every respect havep 1124 LCC 1989
meet you, Victoria,‘ I riposted. ‘I've always wanted to know about ... financial journalism.‘ I stood awkwardly in the centre of herp 1124 LCC 1989
departed from the script but quickly added: ‘Now tell me about your work, David. I can see that you're such anp 1125 LCC 1989
become compulsory, one must look back to the ravages brought about in the last decade of the 20th century by thep 1125 LCC 1989
wonderful to see you, Lucille. I've always wanted to know about English literature.‘ ‘Forget it. How long have you been doingp 1127 LCC 1989
gazed at me with the desperate look of a child about to be assaulted, and I realised that for all herp 1127 LCC 1989
do you put up with all this?‘ ‘I don't think about it any more.‘ ‘I don't think about anything else. Lookp 1128 LCC 1989
I don't think about it any more.‘ ‘I don't think about anything else. Look, Mr Bradley -- David, or whatever you'rep 1128 LCC 1989
with you ...‘ ‘Don't worry.‘ I raised my hands, already thinking about the now free evening. ‘I'm on my way. The rulesp 1128 LCC 1989
reclining in adjacent poolside chairs was virtually infinite. Was Europe about to lead the world in another breakthrough for the thirdp 1140 LTP 1989
-- a pointed gesture, bearing in mind that she was about to sail off into the blue with her lover (ap 1132 TES 1989
me, who provided me with expensive clothes, who drove me about in his motor-car, who furnished my mind with intelligent booksp 1133 TES 1989
and dust.‘ ‘Fair enough ...‘ He hesitates before leaving, nose roving about for some irregularity he has sniffed, like a dog convincedp 1133 TES 1989
her head, as if this trivial social gaffe explains everything about me. ‘Who on earth did you think I was? Arep 1135 TES 1989
At first I thought that this was an illusion brought about by the sparse furnishings, but the house has always beenp 1135 TES 1989
with Dr Edwards, and brought to him all his worries about his sister and aunt, and even his one-sided passion forp 1146 WF 1989
across their empires of rubble. But there was nothing pointless about the bullets. As they passed the shell of the oldp 1148 WF 1989
of the UN patrol craft out at sea, and thought about his plans for a ceasefire. Trying to forget the day'sp 1148 WF 1989
gazing at them with almost maternal pride. ‘Are you talking about me, Ryan, or your sister?‘ ‘Someone far more special,‘ Louisap 1149 WF 1989
fighting for what we believe.‘ ‘But nobody believes anything! Think about it, Louisa. The Royalists don't want the king, the Nationalistsp 1150 WF 1989
the other fighters in Beirut, Ryan knew next to nothing about the outside world. No newspapers came in, and foreign TVp 1151 WF 1989
school in East Beirut, but his main source of information about the larger world was the forty-year-old news magazines that hep 1151 WF 1989
blue helmet? This thought excited Ryan. If he could bring about a ceasefire in Beirut the peace movement might spread top 1151 WF 1989
raft. The UN guard-ships were close inshore, no longer worried about drawing fire. Without meaning to dwell on the past, Ryanp 1153 WF 1989
city had once been renowned. Even Lieutenant Valentina now stalked about in a black leather skirt and vivid lipstick jacket, bluep 1153 WF 1989
Lieutenant Valentina -- she'll eat you for breakfast. I'm talking about the soccer match this afternoon.‘ He pointed to the largep 1153 WF 1989
Edwards still avoided his eyes. ‘Dr Edwards, I didn't know about the bomb this morning, or the surprise attack. Believe mep 1156 WF 1989
far as you're concerned, the ceasefire is permanent.‘ ‘But ... what about my aunt and sister?‘ ‘They've come to no harm. Inp 1156 WF 1989
a foundling brought up by nuns in Montevideo.‘ ‘And what about ...?‘ ‘You, Ryan? Your parents lived in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Youp 1159 WF 1989
counterattack.‘ Dr Edwards stepped through the pale light. ‘I'm sorry about them -- whatever else, they were your sister and auntp 1160 WF 1989
days. Under no condition was Miss Fonda allowed to walk about without either a firm dressing of some kind or adequatep 134 JFA 1989
serious novelists, Broadway playwrights and Algonquin wits, who were patronizing about the crudities of popular film but had noticed that thep 3 UGM 1990
ways the greatest Creative force in film. He knows nothing about screenwriting or, for that matter, the writing of fiction, andp 4 UGM 1990
a leading British director. The script outlined a hackneyed story about a malevolent stowaway, with dialogue that rarely rose above ‘Chow-timep 4 UGM 1990
toxin in the vine sap. ‘There's something else that's interesting about this island, isn't there?‘ ‘Well ...‘ Johnson stared at the acidp 1166 DCG 1990
ocean trench, then scorch the island with flame-throwers.‘ ‘And what about me?‘ ‘I wouldn't like to say. It might depend onp 1166 DCG 1990
Johnson, what do you do while I'm away?‘ ‘I think about you, Dr Christine.‘ ‘And I certainly think about you. Butp 1169 DCG 1990
I think about you, Dr Christine.‘ ‘And I certainly think about you. But do you sleep a lot?‘ ‘No. I'm busyp 1169 DCG 1990
only when we travel through space, but when we think about space, the rendezvous may be sooner than we expect. COITUSp 86 YMCa 1990
applied from above downwards: at its hinge it was just about on the point marking the position of the new nipplesp 115 MWR 1990
their final proportions and shape, and there was no urgency about trimming scar lines until six months had passed. The leftp 116 MWR 1990
one in her admiring audience was ever in any doubt about the true purpose of that splendid body. Yet despite herp 114 MWRa 1990
the ski-troops would never arrive. Little information has been released about the psychological effects of space travel, both on the astronautsp 43 DMa 1990
that they suffered severe psychological damage. What did they dream about, how were their imaginations affected, their emotions and need forp 43 DMa 1990
of the series, a still from Steve Dwoskin's film Alone, about a woman masturbating. Sadly, I ran out of cash, andp 46 DMa 1990
knowing unconsciously that one day I would write a novel about my wartime experiences in Shanghai, and that it might wellp 11 AEa 1990
of the famous has changed -- I can't imagine writing about Meryl Streep or Princess Di, and Margaret Thatcher's undoubted mysteryp 16 AEa 1990
or convenient explanation, and there are so many subjects today about which we should not be reasonable. Sex, which many enthusiastsp 54 GANa 1990
and expanded edition of The Atrocity Exhibition. My first piece about the future president was written in 1967, and the manyp 119 WW3a 1990
the book's formative influences. This second piece is less a about Reagan in an imagined third term than about the vacuump 119 WW3a 1990
less a about Reagan in an imagined third term than about the vacuum his departure leaves behind him. Bush and Gorbachevp 119 WW3a 1990
experimenter more than the subject. One remembers the old joke about the laboratory rat who said: "I have that scientist trainedp 19 UDa 1990
such a chord -- there is a deep underlying unease about the rate of social change, but little apparent change isp 77 THFa 1990
to the truth, not from utter fiction. We know everything about Marilyn's sleazy past -- the modest background, the foster homesp 39 YCMa 1990
and the greatest of them all, Klimov's Come and See, about partisans fighting the Germans in Byelorussia, are visions of desolationp 13 UGM 1991
that the bravery of individual soldiers in modern war is about as essential as whether they are handsome. Guardian Hobbits inp 13 UGM 1991
in going to Hollywood, and comments that there is something about England that is inherently uncinematic. Truffaut refers to the anti-dramaticp 25 UGM 1991
films, Kurosawa believed in the power of cinema to bring about a national regeneration, and was convinced that the Japanese wouldp 26 UGM 1991
convinced that the Japanese would find their salvation by thinking about themselves above all as individuals. In 1950 he produced Rashomonp 26 UGM 1991
viewpoints. As Stephen Prince points out, what is so tantalizing about Rashomon is its refusal to validate any of the witnessesp 26 UGM 1991
of Bel Air blushes for Nancy. By now everyone knows about her White House affair with Frank Sinatra, her legendary meannessp 33 UGM 1991
still surprised by the confidence with which American politicians set about exploiting the fruits of office. Dissatisfied with the Sacramento governor'sp 34 UGM 1991
subscribing to the Book of the Month Club and worrying about his unhappy children, who were clearly unable to cope withp 46 UGM 1991
the black bible of surrealism, and gradually a few facts about James began to emerge. He had been active in surrealistp 70 UGM 1991
out to be a shrill and eccentric old man pottering about in an Old Etonian blazer, who talked and twittered butp 71 UGM 1991
ascending to the English throne, though this may well be about to happen ... At Oxford he was an intimate of Betjemanp 72 UGM 1991
recover for many years.‘ Later he is even more scathing about Roy Strong's successor, ‘a capable librarian named Mrs Elizabeth Esteve-Collp 80 UGM 1991
to remarkable and extraordinary people, and then tells us nothing about them. He frequently visits Bernard Berenson, then at the heightp 80 UGM 1991
city and collaborating with a sympathetic photographer on a book about the countless Parisian locales forever associated with the surrealists. Thep 90 UGM 1991
have been so led astray by their obsessions. Dogmatically strait-laced about the sanctity of marriage, he was still a virgin whenp 103 UGM 1991
he met a taxi-dancer, June Smith, who talked to him about Strindberg and Pirandello. She became his second wife and thep 112 UGM 1991
comment: ‘The more I read Dostoevsky the more I wonder about June and Henry and whether they are imitations ... are theyp 112 UGM 1991
witnessing the destruction of Dresden? ‘I didn't give a damn about Dresden,‘ he remarks here. ‘The fire-bombing of Dresden explains absolutelyp 116 UGM 1991
he remarks here. ‘The fire-bombing of Dresden explains absolutely nothing about what I write and what I am.‘ But this isp 116 UGM 1991
is unusually obsessed with his own past. He talks frankly about his Indianapolis childhood, marred by his unhappy father, who eventuallyp 116 UGM 1991
establishments of their day left only minor works of fiction about their privileged subject matter. By contrast Burroughs, the professional outsiderp 132 UGM 1991
rehearsed all the way from London, suggested by Conrad's novel about a European trader driven mad by an impenetrable Africa: ‘Hellop 173 UGM 1991
They even left the door unlocked for you.‘ I thought about this three days later when we left for the airportp 177 UGM 1991
it had begun. Throughout the summer everyone in Shanghai spoke about the coming war between China and Japan. At my mother'sp 9 KW 1991
plates of small chow, I listened to her friends talking about the shots exchanged on July 7 at the Marco Polop 9 KW 1991
finished your holiday book? You're very restless today.‘ ‘I'm thinking about the war, Olga.‘ ‘You're thinking about it every day, Jamesp 12 KW 1991
restless today.‘ ‘I'm thinking about the war, Olga.‘ ‘You're thinking about it every day, James. You and General Chiang think aboutp 12 KW 1991
about it every day, James. You and General Chiang think about it all the time. I'm sure he would like top 12 KW 1991
Crusoe's shipwreck palled by comparison with the real naval disaster about to take place on the Whangpoo river. ‘Can we gop 14 KW 1991
the expression I felt on my face when I was about to tuck into an ice-cream sundae. One of the communistp 15 KW 1991
the river buoys at Woosung. I guessed that she knew about my afternoon cycle rides around Shanghai. She was well awarep 16 KW 1991
What would happen to them? My mother was studiously vague about the refugees, but Olga told me in her matter-of-fact wayp 18 KW 1991
School blazer had chosen this of all moments to roll about in a filthy gutter. The klaxon wailed, keening at thep 21 KW 1991
the blond hair from his forehead, aware that he was about to make the first capture of our marathon game ofp 23 KW 1991
he visited me in Shanghai General Hospital, David asked me about the blood on my leg. Curiously, this was the onlyp 26 KW 1991
I enjoyed squaring up to Sergeant Nagata. There was something about the Japanese, their seriousness and stoicism, that I admired. Onep 36 KW 1991
long ago. I've got something new for him to think about. Jamie, tomorrow you're moving to G Block. It's time forp 39 KW 1991
frowned at the prospect, as if there was something improper about it. ‘You'll be happier with boys of your own agep 39 KW 1991
the cinders with a wooden ruler, while Mrs Tootle scraped about with an old pair of sugar tongs. Neither had thep 41 KW 1991
warmth. They preferred to huddle together in their dormitories, complaining about the cold. Squatting on my haunches, I picked out thep 41 KW 1991
best‘ families with their strangled talk of ‘London town‘ brandished about like the badges of an exclusive club, a club Ip 41 KW 1991
hands, as if the entire wall of the annex was about to collapse. They lay beside me, like gold bars inp 43 KW 1991
me of a family of dozing bears. My few doubts about stealing the food were forgotten. Already I thought of crawlingp 43 KW 1991
once to hear Mr Vincent's voice, complaining to his wife about the failure of the allied authorities to notify us properlyp 50 KW 1991
to the set of an interrupted film production. Time was about to get off its knees. But for a few momentsp 62 KW 1991
with my parents. Over breakfast my father and I talked about our experiences, as if we were describing scenes from thep 65 KW 1991
I'll take you there, Olga.‘ ‘No, thanks. I heard enough about those camps. All those dances and concerts. Here it's beenp 69 KW 1991
her eyes were sizing me up as if she were about to place a large physical burden on my shoulders. ‘Ip 70 KW 1991
can see that you're still a dreamer, James. I'm thinking about your father. He can make a good investment right nowp 70 KW 1991
looked at me so intently. I wanted to tell Olga about the dead Chinese, but already the lost Japanese patrol wasp 71 KW 1991
on here.‘ ‘He'll stay? That's good. I'll talk to him about my restaurant. Will you study in England?‘ ‘If I havep 71 KW 1991
life in their hands. But in 1950 I knew nothing about medicine, and had yet to learn that inspiration and amiabilityp 74 KW 1991
your line. They'll completely corrupt you all this brave talk about psychoanalysis.‘ ‘Psychoanalysis? If I talk about it ever, it mustp 81 KW 1991
all this brave talk about psychoanalysis.‘ ‘Psychoanalysis? If I talk about it ever, it must be to myself. Here they seep 81 KW 1991
think of Shanghai and all those Americans.‘ ‘Why? Stop thinking about Shanghai and Lunghua. It's all over.‘ ‘I don't think aboutp 82 KW 1991
about Shanghai and Lunghua. It's all over.‘ ‘I don't think about it, actually. But it isn't over.‘ Peggy took my shouldersp 82 KW 1991
Peggy's last year in the camp such a trial. Something about my books and reproductions disoriented her; perhaps she feared thatp 82 KW 1991
the same camp.‘ ‘Peggy? How strange. Why doesn't she talk about it?‘ ‘Nothing very much happened.‘ ‘I can't believe that. Howp 87 KW 1991
were you and Peggy there?‘ ‘Three years. I never think about it.‘ ‘Perhaps you should.‘ Using an American ball-point pen shapedp 87 KW 1991
the Leys School -- I can imagine how you felt about that.‘ ‘It was fine. Just like the camp, only thep 87 KW 1991
The RAF had the nerve to turn me down, something about the lack of toilet facilities in the V-bomber force. Jesusp 88 KW 1991
the Perse, or after the endless rows with her mother about her drinking in the undergraduate pubs. The proctors had complainedp 90 KW 1991
Or you think like one. Richard and I were talking about you.‘ ‘Another bogus test ...‘ ‘Listen, if you take away thep 91 KW 1991
of decayed lavender until she snorted with laughter. ‘Or what about an augmentation mammoplasty, not really necessary in your case ...‘ Ip 91 KW 1991
up to in the DR. My mother always warned me about unqualified doctors ...‘. I embraced her, pressing my lips against herp 92 KW 1991
paused, a forefinger on my nose. ‘What are you thinking about?‘ ‘It's probably illegal.‘ ‘Well, stop ...‘ I held her tightly, forgettingp 92 KW 1991
own. Concerned for me, she tried to make me talk about Shanghai and the war, and even asked another medical studentp 93 KW 1991
another experiment. He was always glad to see me, asking about the war in a casual but faintly prurient way, asp 96 KW 1991
unable to make sense of his own life but certain about the right course for mine. When his face was flushedp 103 KW 1991
insight into my character. ‘Tell me, do you still think about Shanghai?‘ ‘Less than I used to. We might as wellp 104 KW 1991
been laid by the boys in USAF uniforms. Jim, think about it.‘ ‘David, I am thinking about it. It's quite anp 104 KW 1991
USAF uniforms. Jim, think about it.‘ ‘David, I am thinking about it. It's quite an idea -- in fact, the firstp 104 KW 1991
these damned Canadian lakes look the same, you know ..."‘ ‘What about the Turks?‘ We were changing out of our flying suitsp 110 KW 1991
he didn't get very far.‘ ‘Far enough.‘ ‘Jim?‘ David was about to hand me the bourbon, but put the cork intop 111 KW 1991
flagging erection, all the while keeping up a brisk conversation about a local beauty parlour that had spurned their custom. Ip 113 KW 1991
doctor thinks four, but I say five.‘ ‘That's good. What about the father? Does he know?‘ ‘What father?‘ She glanced atp 115 KW 1991
I used to be a medical student.‘ ‘Then you know about it. Yvette says it's going to be hard in thep 117 KW 1991
into the lake he watched me as if I were about to set off forever to the world of my childhoodp 125 KW 1991
Jim, we happened. That railway station you were always talking about in Moose Jaw. We ought to find it for youp 130 KW 1991
intention of going, but held my shoulders reassuringly. ‘Dear, forget about it -- you've put all that behind you.‘ ‘One dayp 130 KW 1991
put all that behind you.‘ ‘One day I might write about the war -- it would help to have been therep 130 KW 1991
in league.‘ ‘How many lengths did you swim?‘ Henry asked. ‘About a thousand.‘ I leaned against Miriam, resting my chafed chinp 140 KW 1991
Miriam, resting my chafed chin against her sea-cool shoulder. ‘What about Alice and Lucy?‘ ‘They're with the Nordlunds -- they spottedp 141 KW 1991
at those third-rate bull-fights in Figueras.‘ ‘That's tourist Spain. What about schools?‘ ‘They have schools here. The Spanish may be madp 143 KW 1991
here. The Spanish may be mad, but they're literate. Think about your parents -- they went out to China.‘ ‘But theyp 143 KW 1991
her black bikini. An economy of pleasure and possibility was about to rule our lives. A new Europe had sprung upp 145 KW 1991
to come. In many ways there was something almost lunar about the white hotels, haunted by criminals running hash from northp 145 KW 1991
was Miriam's touching way of showing that she was serious about settling in Spain. Every morning the five of us setp 146 KW 1991
She's probably going to steal your children.‘ ‘I'm definitely thinking about it.‘ The young woman lowered Lucy to the ground andp 148 KW 1991
the reek of fundador. Time and again the torrera was about to be caught by the veering bull, but always acceleratedp 152 KW 1991
around the bullfighter's black Mercedes, her make-up bruised, being pushed about by the jeering chauffeurs and bodyguards. Lykiard and I carriedp 153 KW 1991
thing. Maybe you need to feel like a refugee.‘ ‘What about you?‘ She grimaced through the smoke, a gleam of Americanp 156 KW 1991
Estartit ferry struck the beach. Miriam strode across the patio, about to rinse the swimsuits in the sea. She skipped downp 157 KW 1991
most resented was any hint that there was something freakish about our family. Too many people, swayed by folk wisdom orp 170 KW 1991
lousy husband.‘ ‘At least you loved her. You should think about her as much as you want.‘ ‘I do. Take itp 172 KW 1991
it from me, the death of a wife is all about sex. I keep dreaming about her in a weird wayp 172 KW 1991
of a wife is all about sex. I keep dreaming about her in a weird way -- walking around the bedroomp 173 KW 1991
told me that he still brought his laundry home. Something about this admission seemed to amuse her. Without much prompting shep 177 KW 1991
measuring me for a new life on which I was about to embark. I was grateful to her for the unforcedp 177 KW 1991
Time for a baby. Let's see what we can do about that.‘ She unbuttoned my shirt and pressed her hands againstp 178 KW 1991
Johnson and the British police. She was full of anecdotes about Dali, whose entourage at Port Lligat she had penetrated, andp 181 KW 1991
panel,‘ Dick whispered to Sally. ‘People have remarkably strong prejudices about certain facial characteristics. The smallest cues convince them that they'rep 192 KW 1991
a second group of volunteers were completing a confidential questionnaire about the effect of violent newsreels on their sex lives. ‘Ofp 192 KW 1991
stitch a miniature wardrobe for her trolls. Now she reeled about, amphetamines in her left hand, between the Marat/Sade postersp 194 KW 1991
trying to distract me, as if I were a child about to stray into the adults‘ bedroom. ‘Sally's busy, Jim --p 195 KW 1991
Jim -- before I forget, I wanted to ask you about this Waffen SS film. Dick Sutherland is keen to dop 195 KW 1991
in the world; the experiment that Dick and I were about to make with my brain chemistry was a boy's gamep 198 KW 1991
uneasily, of her concern, I guessed that she was worried about more than Dick's credentials. As she withdrew her hand reluctantlyp 198 KW 1991
face to the untidy study and garden. Beyond any thoughts about the wisdom, of experimenting with LSD was a thirty-second guessp 198 KW 1991
of water. ‘Right,‘ Dick told me. ‘You'll feel something in about half an hour, so sit back and relax. We canp 199 KW 1991
hard to describe the intense light, the sense that one's about to witness some huge revelation.‘ ‘But what?‘ ‘I'll find outp 209 KW 1991
was staring at my eyes. ‘You were miles away. What about the children -- is Sally going to look after themp 209 KW 1991
me to make my own decision. ‘I've heard a lot about Magic World.‘ ‘I hope it's still there. Old film propsp 211 KW 1991
together again. That's the sort of thing you should write about.‘ ‘I do, Sally. It's practically my only theme.‘ Glad top 214 KW 1991
quickly and forget me, rushing into the night with shouts about a party, too impatient to burden herself with any needsp 215 KW 1991
She peeled away her silk scarf as if they were about to make love under its wing. When he greeted Sallyp 216 KW 1991
of something -- the war, I guess. You never talked about your camp, Jim. Did he have a bad time, physicallyp 222 KW 1991
physically?‘ ‘Physically, nothing happened to him at all.‘ ‘And what about you -- mentally, maybe?‘ ‘Sally, that was long, long agop 222 KW 1991
we'll be in a crash together. I'd like that think about it now for me.‘ She moved diagonally across the seatp 225 KW 1991
He seemed uninterested in me, and complained to the driver about some missing piece of equipment. A police vehicle, its beaconp 232 KW 1991
I love it.‘ ‘Dick, I thought you might. And what about our congress of science films?‘ ‘The same thing applies. Inp 235 KW 1991
world as his true laboratory. Sometimes, when I asked him about his own research, he became almost testy. Later, wandering aroundp 239 KW 1991
from a close-up of an exposed nasal septum to another about the curing of sable skins the two seemed to mergep 240 KW 1991
me.‘ ‘One of Cleo's fashion magazines showed some models prancing about in front of a blow-up from the Zapruder film --p 241 KW 1991
nothing now to pull him down. He often asked me about the children's school results, glad to hear of their successp 242 KW 1991
an angling hole, patiently waiting for a bite, she moved about on her heels, the tip of my penis between herp 250 KW 1991
police holding up six lanes of traffic while they knocked about some pickpocket or parking offender. Throughout dinner Dick had beenp 251 KW 1991
televised panel discussion he had chaired. Giving up, I was about to walk to my taxi when I saw him emergep 256 KW 1991
biological kingdom, and you realise that surprisingly little is known about it. What actually happens when a woman fellates you? Dop 265 KW 1991
of the Pacific. ‘One thing we can say for certain about the future of sex -- there's going to be ap 265 KW 1991
Your new series should be fascinating, Dick.‘ ‘You've already heard about it? Good.‘ I hadn't, but I saluted him ungrudgingly. Thinkingp 265 KW 1991
script they had never seen. Peggy Gardner had no doubts about my responsibility. I visited her small Chelsea house after seeingp 268 KW 1991
of all those American bombers and Lunghua ...‘ ‘I never talked about them.‘ ‘You didn't have to! You were desperate for violencep 268 KW 1991
the Arrawa you took me to a film in Shanghai, about an American aircraft carrier ...‘ ‘The Fighting Lady -- a collectionp 269 KW 1991
when I played pranks in the children's hut. ‘And what about you, Peggy?‘ ‘Me?‘ She stowed the glasses in the dishwasherp 271 KW 1991
in his armchair, stretching towards the tea trolley, as if about to put his hand up the skirt of this imposingp 275 KW 1991
the veterans of an unpopular war, who had no compunction about nagging at the public conscience. They clung to the fringe-lifep 281 KW 1991
to bring up children there's only one way to go about it.‘ ‘Yes ... the children decide that, all right. I can'tp 285 KW 1991
have moved in with you years ago. Now, tell me about the pixies.‘ She poured tea, happily showing off her mother'sp 286 KW 1991
Jackie on to her shoulder, rubbed noses and quizzed her about the party. She kissed her husband, who greeted me pleasantlyp 287 KW 1991
beamed fondly at her daughter. Pouring the wine, Edward reminisced about his year at Berkeley, and their meeting, quite by chancep 288 KW 1991
unfair. And it's not true -- you could say that about me. Peggy Gardner frequently does ...‘ ‘No -- everyone knew whatp 291 KW 1991
that he was totally under your thumb ... Now, tell me about yourself. All those books?‘ ‘There's nothing to tell -- that'sp 291 KW 1991
of Alice's and Lucy's friends went through hell.‘ ‘Well, think about it -- all these young men ringing the bell, daughtersp 291 KW 1991
proud of Henry and the girls. Do you still think about her?‘ I drew my name on the surface of thep 292 KW 1991
long grass. I had played with its rusty controls at about the same time as Pilot Officer Pierce sat in hisp 297 KW 1991
devised which would incorporate Dick's film into a documentary series about the taboos surrounding this most unmentionable of topics. ‘Taboos?‘ Cleop 299 KW 1991
Richmond, before going on to Shepperton, he was already complaining about his sore throat, almost needing to punish his body. Ip 300 KW 1991
when a nurse had declined to answer a direct question about his suspected cancer, ‘that the first and most important jobp 301 KW 1991
had been his apparently sincere attempt to discover the truth about his cancer. This was a bluff that had now beenp 302 KW 1991
of the river and his Richmond house, even asking Cleo about her publishing career. When he was strong enough to submitp 304 KW 1991
how much he had changed. He had lost all illusions about himself -- he had always enjoyed being recognised in publicp 304 KW 1991
screens in hospitals and too few cameras. Jim, tell me about Cleo and the children. It's good to see you, byp 305 KW 1991
break through all the taboos and preconceptions. No high-flown stuff about life and death, but as close to our ordinary talkp 306 KW 1991
is more than we can face. Why? What is it about death that so unsettles us? In this series we're goingp 308 KW 1991
was limited to asking Dick a number of general questions about his state of mind. How do I really feel? Doesp 308 KW 1991
Australia, where he and his sister had been evacuated. ‘ Thinking about the Japanese during the first years of the war wasp 309 KW 1991
the first years of the war was rather like thinking about death. Everyone in Australia was vaguely frightened of the Japanesep 309 KW 1991
a last surge of breath: ‘Perhaps we have exaggerated ideas about life, expectations that we see are unrealistic only as itp 310 KW 1991
just down the hall. The surgeon at the Marsden talked about a prosthetic limb. The wonders of modern prosthetics, dear Godp 312 KW 1991
sucked into the mask, as if his wasted body was about to drain away down these encircling tubes, their coils likep 313 KW 1991
sunlit sky over Shepperton, and remembering how Dick had talked about our perception of time. If our sense of time wasp 320 KW 1991
the Kennedy Memorial.‘ ‘Do I approve of that? I'll think about it ...‘ These talismanic zones disturbed Cleo. She distrusted their holdp 324 KW 1991
aerosolled in day-glow paints. Litter and beer cans were strewn about the site, and the remains of a takeaway meal inp 325 KW 1991
even then that one day I would write a novel about Shanghai, and that it might well be filmed at thesep 334 KW 1991
30 years ago.‘ ‘Then you'd have had nothing to write about. And we wouldn't be here ... We're shooting the party inp 334 KW 1991
And we wouldn't be here ... We're shooting the party in about an hour, so you'll have to change. The dresser's waitingp 334 KW 1991
film crew was quietly recording our exchange for a documentary about the production, a film within a film that took itsp 334 KW 1991
filled the drawing-room with a powerful glare. The dream was about to dream itself. The camera crew were ready for ap 335 KW 1991
tracking shot through the party. After talking to each other about the threat of war, the guests would say their goodbyesp 335 KW 1991
practice -- but that's as far as it goes.‘ ‘What about a line of dialogue? You can give yourself one rightp 336 KW 1991
too many amphetamines.‘ ‘You have. Don't worry, you'll land in about three days, when it's all over.‘ ‘I hope so. It'sp 337 KW 1991
piece of low cunning, I suppose.‘ ‘You've spent years writing about the media landscape, and now it's escaped and stood youp 339 KW 1991
her expensive hair and jewellery, there was still something slatternly about Olga, as if her body was a disposable tool top 341 KW 1991
was coming next ...‘ ‘This is the only book I've written about Shanghai -- for some reason, it took a long timep 341 KW 1991
to forget, people don't realize the things I could tell about Shanghai. You and I should write a book, James, ap 341 KW 1991
--‘ ‘One is enough, Olga. I might write a sequel about my life in England.‘ ‘England?‘ Doubtfully, Olga sniffed her Scotchp 342 KW 1991
Olga sniffed her Scotch. ‘Is it so interesting? I read about your wife -- that's sad for you.‘ ‘That was ap 342 KW 1991
glamorous woman. She spoke with scarcely a pause for breath about her years in Hong Kong and Manila, battling her wayp 342 KW 1991
the diplomatic service ...‘ ‘Olga, I'd like to, but even writing about Shanghai was difficult enough.‘ ‘Of course. I know your feelingsp 342 KW 1991
We were always close, James. You never told your mother about those things I took -- the silver and the jadep 342 KW 1991
information age. Dreams sharp enough to bleed, and no doubts about man's lowly place in the scheme of things. Let's headp 344 KW 1991
weekend yachts of Marina Del Rey might uncover more truths about the performance of crew and vessel than its original's abortivep 347 KW 1991
in-flight emergency drills and that there was nothing very funny about them. A girl in a sequinned wedding-dress came onto thep 33 NAR 1991
rescue us. For a while I listened to Hitler talking about his difficulties with the ice, but I knew the ski-troopsp 33 NAR 1991
amahs of my childhood, ruthless and hard-fisted little women darting about on their bound feet. At the other end of thep 36 UGM 1992
childhood in the 1930s I listened spellbound to strange tales about the Dowager Empress told by old China hands who hadp 52 UGM 1992
the Manchu dynasty, Backhouse concocted a stream of fabricated despatches about the Empress and the Imperial Court that satisfied the westernp 53 UGM 1992
and raiding parties of the European powers as they set about their ruthless exploitation of her nation. Daily Telegraph Lipstick andp 53 UGM 1992
cultural phenomenon, a process that tells its own intriguing story about the rest of us. Winnie-the-Pooh may well be one ofp 119 UGM 1992
something rare in children's fiction. I still dread even thinking about those versions of the Grimms‘ fairy tales with their eeriep 120 UGM 1992
neutral eye on altruism and self-interest. Is the new Darwinism about to bring us an unsettling message, and has the genep 158 UGM 1992
the richness of these invented worlds. Even now, simply thinking about Long John Silver or the waves on Crusoe's island stirsp 178 UGM 1992
English literature -- scarcely a degree subject at all and about as rigorous a discipline as music criticism -- before gainingp 179 UGM 1992
learned the importance of sheer story-telling, a quality which was about to leave the serious English novel, and even now hasp 181 UGM 1992
novels of Hemingway and Nathanael West, Kafka and Camus. At about the same time I found my way to psychoanalysis andp 181 UGM 1992
film actors, novelists and media celebrities are being relentlessly questioned about their favourite topic, themselves. Many describe their unhappy childhoods, alcoholismp 271 UGM 1992
revealing are these dialogues, and what do we really learn about the subjects and their inner lives? Precious little, I suspectp 271 UGM 1992
has made them successful. The interview becomes a media game about as revealing as charades. My faults? Of course, I amp 271 UGM 1992
is that the interviewee may not know the real truth about himself (after some 400 interviews on Empire of the Sunp 271 UGM 1992
control of themselves and the interview, revealing just as much about their private lives as they think will intrigue. Anthony Hopkinsp 272 UGM 1992
lives as they think will intrigue. Anthony Hopkins speaks ‘frankly‘ about his period of alcoholism and his insecurities, but his page-longp 272 UGM 1992
programme, Motives, and was certain that she wanted to talk about these taboo areas. Jimmy Savile is clearly bored stiff, andp 272 UGM 1992
clearly bored stiff, and sends up the whole programme, bragging about the seventeen Rolls-Royces he has owned and talking endlessly aboutp 272 UGM 1992
about the seventeen Rolls-Royces he has owned and talking endlessly about money, which shocks Dr Clare. But what self-respecting Yorkshireman doesp 272 UGM 1992
Dr Clare. But what self-respecting Yorkshireman does not talk frankly about his loot? R.D. Laing, the only psychiatrist among thep 272 UGM 1992
a truffle hound on the childhoods of his guests, rooting about in the compost of their early lives, convinced that thep 272 UGM 1992
his guests are, without exception, extremely successful. The interesting things about Sir Peter Hall, Dame Janet Baker and Ken Dodd arep 272 UGM 1992
the unfolding decades of peace led the public to forget about the Zeus IV, and its crew, if remembered at allp 1181 MFM 1992
met God on Mars and had been sworn to silence about the tragic future in store for the human race. Inp 1181 MFM 1992
existence of these people. They constituted the danger that was about to overwhelm their planet, and it was to save themselvesp 1185 ROP 1992
inserted weeks after shooting had ended. One of the myths about Casablanca is that the director and screenwriters made up thep 6 UGM 1993
take all credit for himself. Lucid and entertaining, Gilliat reminisces about the 1940s, the golden years of British film, and thoughp 24 UGM 1993
mind more than once. Summarizing Deng's achievements, Sir Richard speculates about the future facing China after his departure. He predicts thatp 55 UGM 1993
in Maida Vale or Holland Park, which may say something about the sorry state of today's cinema. Forty years ago, asp 121 UGM 1993
to sell his soul, and a vast literature already existed about the moral agonies of being paid $3,000 a weekp 121 UGM 1993
farmer, one of the least likely people ever to worry about a carrot crop. Although preoccupied by the endless search forp 135 UGM 1993
the endless search for drugs, Burroughs writes to Jack Kerouac about his lettuces and peas, and how much he hopes top 135 UGM 1993
realm of theoretical physics have fully understood what relativity is about. I, for one, have never grasped the significance of thosep 149 UGM 1993
Richard Feynman and Modern Physics James Gleick What is it about theoretical physics, one of the most abstract of all humanp 159 UGM 1993
cultural agenda were the French communists, who in 1949 talked about the ‘Coca-Colonization‘ of Europe and tried to organize a banp 214 UGM 1993
page made my mouth water, something I can scarcely say about the Kmasutra or the collected works of Krafft-Ebing, but perhapsp 246 UGM 1993
By comparison, one feels, Princess Diana has nothing to complain about. Who, finally, is his successor, the unidentified Little Jiu, pretenderp 249 UGM 1993
trance were wholly psychological. Indeed, many physicians were already worried about the painful secrets revealed by the entranced patients and thep 153 UGM 1994
childhood, his obsessive hand-washing and heavy drinking, and his uncertainty about his own parentage. The theme of abandonment that runs throughp 216 UGM 1994
in themselves, like actors in a play whose run is about to be cancelled. Hillen describes superbly how a child's watchingp 251 UGM 1994
Saint-Esprit?‘ Neil stared doubtfully at the deserted coastline, which seemed about to slide off the edge of the Pacific. He triedp 9 RP 1994
could be radiation poisoning ...‘ ‘Very likely. It's all that talk about Eniwetok and Mururoa. I've never met anyone who dreamed ofp 14 RP 1994
goonies last year. They get into the jet intakes.‘ ‘What about the French soldiers?‘ Neil scanned the empty runway, as whitep 21 RP 1994
to the world.‘ ‘Doctor, the world isn't interested ...‘ He was about to follow Kimo across the airstrip when the French sergeantp 23 RP 1994
control at her and pressed the mute button. ‘The point about Saint-Esprit is that they never exploded a bomb there.‘ ‘Sop 26 RP 1994
to happen. Life and death, Carole, things they've never heard about in Waikiki.‘ ‘They've heard about life and I'll stick withp 26 RP 1994
Carole, things they've never heard about in Waikiki.‘ ‘They've heard about life and I'll stick with that any day. It's yourp 26 RP 1994
day. It's your lady friend Dr Rafferty I'm not sure about.‘ Neil let this pass. ‘She wants to save the albatrossp 26 RP 1994
their support and cash donations. Her blonde hair floated freely about the well-tailored shoulders of her safari suit, but her modestp 27 RP 1994
you're a guest at the hotel.‘ ‘Look ... it's too bad about the albatross, but I have to go.‘ Neil was awarep 31 RP 1994
in the laboratory rather than the cooking pot. But something about the lonely campaign of this English doctor had touched himp 31 RP 1994
his father's death. She too had neglected herself, endlessly fretting about Neil and the unnamed threats to his well being untilp 32 RP 1994
Good advice. I wish more people would take it. What about your mother?‘ ‘She's fine, most days. She married an Americanp 35 RP 1994
Honolulu, planning to swim the Kaiwi Channel. Do they know about it?‘ ‘Of course. They don't think I'm serious. It's toop 35 RP 1994
Neil, aged 4, in a paddling pool -- he was about to slide the magazine into the waste basket when hep 39 RP 1994
until October or even later.‘ ‘The swim? I'm not talking about that. We're sailing back to Saint-Esprit! We have a realp 41 RP 1994
self. ‘Irving told me he'd seen this. It says everything about him that he wasn't in the least worried. It hadp 43 RP 1994
a lot of things that people would rather not know about. Some of these patients were only minutes away from theirp 43 RP 1994
there might be a nuclear test. I'll have to think about it.‘ ‘Good. I've always depended on you, Neil. When you'rep 44 RP 1994
Barbara ...‘ Neil wiped her gaudy lipstick from his forehead. ‘What about the French navy? They're waiting for you ...‘ ‘Don't worry! There'sp 47 RP 1994
Neil's hand as if touching an icon. ‘I know all about your trip to Saint-Esprit. You're really my hero.‘ Despite herp 47 RP 1994
that Dr Barbara had been busy mythologizing the island. ‘What about Kimo?‘ ‘He'll be with us, of course. But we mustp 48 RP 1994
starring role for you.‘ ‘Well, maybe ... I don't know much about acting. I'm still coping with reality.‘ ‘Reality? That's a publicp 48 RP 1994
off-switch. Now meet Professor and Mrs Saito. And no jokes about atom bombs.‘ A young Japanese couple broke off their workp 49 RP 1994
tent and a set of folding chairs, like overgrown children about to play on a holiday beach. They treated Neil top 49 RP 1994
the work of the Filipino crewmen and earnestly questioning them about their attitudes to nuclear testing and the environment. Incited byp 50 RP 1994
returned to his television station in Honolulu. Carline soon set about trimming the ship. First he persuaded the Bracewells to savep 52 RP 1994
us. For so long we've behaved as if we're all about to leave the planet for good, as if the Earthp 52 RP 1994
you. Now that's no day-dreamer's philosophy. How do you feel about going back to Saint-Esprit?‘ ‘It's dangerous ...‘ Neil said nothing ofp 53 RP 1994
Dugong. Captain Wu had talked to Boyd and Dr Barbara about their contingency plans if the trawler was hit by gun-firep 53 RP 1994
departure long enough for Irving Boyd to have second thoughts about the voyage. The students were drowsing in their deck-chairs, andp 55 RP 1994
of the twentieth century. Professor Saito tried to quiz Neil about the special symbolism of the albatross, viewing the bird asp 62 RP 1994
war-time Americans. Neil, in turn, showed rather too much curiosity about the Hiroshima A-bomb, and Mrs Saito felt obliged to reprimandp 62 RP 1994
Saitos ... Irving knows that.‘ ‘So you're really making a documentary about us -- not about the albatross?‘ ‘You seven, and thep 64 RP 1994
So you're really making a documentary about us -- not about the albatross?‘ ‘You seven, and the albatross,‘ Bracewell explained. ‘Let'sp 64 RP 1994
Monique, Professor Saito and Miko, and especially young Neil, dreaming about another kind of island. Mark Bracewell lived for twenty-seven yearsp 74 RP 1994
Dr Barbara ...‘ ‘Yes, Neil?‘ ‘There's something I wanted to say ... about us.‘ ‘Go on. I know you'll surprise me.‘ Neil searchedp 75 RP 1994
job. The three yachts that arrived as Dr Barbara was about to be ferried to captivity aboard the Sagittaire were followedp 79 RP 1994
but they already treated him as their messenger-boy, ordering him about on endless errands, and he crossed the runway to thep 83 RP 1994
aren't they? But they have a lot to be serious about. I've never known the French give up anything without ap 84 RP 1994
given most of their supplies to the expedition, they were about to return to Hawaii. Their place would soon be takenp 87 RP 1994
a message to my mother.‘ ‘Good. She must be worried about you. But the French won't harm you, Neil -- you'rep 89 RP 1994
Still sceptical, Carline pointed to the landing craft. ‘Then what about the LCT? What's hiding behind that ramp -- a brigadep 91 RP 1994
be a trick ... How far can you trust the French?‘ ‘About as far as I trust the British. Maybe a littlep 93 RP 1994
David.‘ ‘Really? That's a pity -- an interesting experiment is about to start soon, and not the kind you record withp 93 RP 1994
of the yacht-crews who cheered her on as she swept about her island on a wave of adrenaline. At last, speakingp 93 RP 1994
can't wait. Too many people coming to Saint-Esprit. Nobody's thinking about the albatross any more. Let's get that Dakota down andp 97 RP 1994
wings. She refused to take part in the earnest debate about rationing their food stocks, as if deliberately forgetting that theyp 101 RP 1994
pilot's facetious tone, sensing that some elaborate practical joke was about to unfold. ‘Gifts -- from where, exactly?‘ ‘Lad, never askp 104 RP 1994
in the radio-cabin. Finally Professor Saito agreed to be interviewed about the first endangered species to be air-freighted to Saint-Esprit, nowp 107 RP 1994
the greatest of our time. There should be a book about it, written by someone on the inside. The struggles, thep 107 RP 1994
get into the seat and start the engine!‘ ‘But what about the food ...?‘ Neil pressed his hands against the steel trackp 112 RP 1994
Carline stood up, the can in his hand, as if about to lob a grenade at Dr Barbara. Yet he watchedp 118 RP 1994
her imperious imagination might lead them. ‘I take your point about the runway, Barbara. That was a grandstand display last nightp 118 RP 1994
head-phones, but you've been running a cargo cult.‘ ‘And what about the dream, Barbara? We shared that once.‘ ‘We still dop 119 RP 1994
heads through the wire fence. ‘Still, we have to think about the living. We've done so much, but everyone seems ratherp 129 RP 1994
the albatross. The Attack on the Beach The attack was about to begin. Parting the ferns with a cautious hand, Neilp 132 RP 1994
albatross soaring above the wreck of the Dugong. He was about to squeeze his trigger finger when the blind collapsed inp 132 RP 1994
Neil ...‘ Dr Barbara moved a vial of blood as if about to mate a king. ‘You were probably running a slightp 138 RP 1994
lit the fire again for Inger and Trudi. I'm sorry about the raid, Werner.‘ ‘We're used to it now. Anyway, therep 139 RP 1994
-- and tomorrow?‘ ‘I'm thinking now, doctor.‘ ‘And I'm thinking about the future.‘ Dr Barbara stared challengingly at the others, asp 141 RP 1994
one, but I go along with you.‘ ‘Good. Yukio, what about you?‘ ‘We can adjust the food schedules ...‘ Nervous of hisp 141 RP 1994
rack. ‘Something along those lines had occurred to me.‘ ‘What about the kitchen? They could help Monique.‘ ‘They're overweight as itp 147 RP 1994
damaged blood-lines. Their DNA must look like used ticker-tape.‘ ‘What about Kimo?‘ ‘He's saving his semen for the new Hawaiian kingdomp 147 RP 1994
them both. They're --‘ Dr Barbara had always been matter-of-fact about sex, noting in her diary how often he masturbated, butp 148 RP 1994
charioteer. ‘Neil, did Dr Barbara talk to you?‘ ‘Talk? What about?‘ ‘Important things, of course.‘ Inger sipped from the wine jugp 150 RP 1994
Inger sipped from the wine jug. ‘Dr Barbara only talks about important matters. Life and death, her precious animals.‘ ‘The albatrossp 150 RP 1994
to herself over his soiled grave. Trudi and Inger set about boiling all the pans and utensils in the kitchen. Drp 153 RP 1994
of self-confidence that had nagged at his well-shod heels, were about to be dispelled. Like Dr Barbara, he thrived on tensionp 155 RP 1994
can.‘ Carline's candid smile met the Andersons‘ stony faces. ‘Think about it, Major. If you call in the French it's allp 161 RP 1994
to stay, like Carline's determination to preserve the sanctuary, brought about a curious change of heart. For all the anger, nop 162 RP 1994
he's feeding them every day. And Monique ...?‘ ‘They're fine, just about.‘ Neil moved her idle hand from his knee. ‘Are youp 164 RP 1994
from Saint-Esprit all the albatross will die. No-one's said anything about Gubby, not even Trudi and Inger.‘ Dr Barbara picked atp 165 RP 1994
have to be unkind. Gubby was all they could think about -- the sanctuary was turning into his creche. You alwaysp 165 RP 1994
killers, Neil. Be wary of us, very wary ...‘ ‘And what about the men?‘ ‘Men?‘ Dr Barbara hesitated, as if confronting ap 171 RP 1994
come.‘ ‘Why are they here, doctor? Did someone tell them about Gubby?‘ ‘They must have done. It wasn't a secret --p 175 RP 1994
of the weather-station, surveying the island like a distracted dreamer about to dismiss a vision from her mind. Even the albatrossp 175 RP 1994
enclosures, the mess-tent and clinic. Aware that Dr Barbara was about to be arrested, Neil had decided that he would leavep 175 RP 1994
above all. In fact, there was something almost too idyllic about the sanctuary. Neil rested in the shade of the camera-towerp 186 RP 1994
to re-consecrate the graveyard. Neil had wanted to tell him about the bones of the dead observer in the drowned aircraftp 187 RP 1994
too.‘ Dr Barbara smiled down her long nose. ‘We've spoken about everything together, and she accepts what she has to dop 189 RP 1994
all their chumminess with each other, there was a ruthlessness about them that unnerved Neil, which he had last seen displayedp 200 RP 1994
might have with the two hippies. His scarecrow figure seemed about to root itself among the stunted yams. He chewed hisp 203 RP 1994
you're planning to leave Saint-Esprit?‘ ‘Not for a while. What about you, David?‘ ‘I wouldn't try to reach Tahiti in thatp 203 RP 1994
had turned against the sanctuary, and had rambled to himself about the seaplane and the albatross, confusing them in his mindp 204 RP 1994
dish and massaged Neil's hip. ‘You'll sleep soon and dream about them -- I often hear you talking to the birdsp 216 RP 1994
was now the only adult male on the island. ‘What about the French, doctor? They'll land soon, won't they?‘ ‘I'm afraidp 216 RP 1994
scene for Dr Barbara and never realizing that he was about to become part of it. Seizing the spade, Neil heapedp 220 RP 1994
calmly sizing him up as if he were a pig about to be slaughtered. ‘Monique, the other arm ...! Little shit, hep 223 RP 1994
infected their minds, but also because he knew the truth about Dr Barbara and all the deaths of the sanctuary, ap 224 RP 1994
to escape from Saint-Esprit and report everything he had learned about her to the French authorities at Papeete. Her sanctuary forp 224 RP 1994
the weather-station and lay back in the sun, already thinking about his next meal. Once he was strong enough, he wouldp 228 RP 1994
Swedish women would be lying on the cold beds. ‘What about Nihal? And Martha and Helena?‘ ‘They've gone, too. They've allp 233 RP 1994
you. All the same, be careful what you say, especially about all those tragic babies. Poor things, she'll hear about themp 239 RP 1994
especially about all those tragic babies. Poor things, she'll hear about them soon enough.‘ Mrs Anderson checked herself, and her smallp 239 RP 1994
at the stalled vehicles with the serenity of a man about to lease his last car before collecting his pension. ‘Thisp 11 CN 1996
collecting his pension. ‘This traffic jam has a permanent look about it.‘ ‘Calm yourself, Mr Prentice. It can clear at anyp 11 CN 1996
will remain British for ever.‘ I had begun to think about Frank, who remained British but in a Spanish cell. Asp 11 CN 1996
boys at the English school in Riyadh talked among themselves about an intriguing netherworld of bootleg videos, drugs and illicit sexp 12 CN 1996
below a no-entry sign. I started my engine and was about to follow her, but the soldier fumbling among the plasticp 13 CN 1996
involved. It's an important case, I'm surprised you didn't read about it.‘ ‘I've been abroad. I haven't seen an English paperp 14 CN 1996
for weeks. In Lhasa there's not much demand for news about the Costa del Sol.‘ ‘I dare say. The Fleet Streetp 14 CN 1996
Whenever we met in London I liked to tease him about his exile to this curious world of Arab princes, retiredp 17 CN 1996
in Marbella. You have enough problems to consider.‘ ‘You've heard about the case?‘ I asked. ‘Did you speak to my brother'sp 18 CN 1996
to Inspector Cabrera. Afterwards he will want to question you about certain details possibly known to you, but there is nothingp 19 CN 1996
come here years ago. You'll find a lot to write about.‘ ‘I already have. Frank --‘ ‘It's interesting, Charles ...‘ Frank satp 22 CN 1996
wear it in court. A bit noose-like, when you think about it -- could put ideas into the judge's mind. Theyp 23 CN 1996
last of the Rank Charm School starlets. They retired here about twenty years ago.‘ ‘They were regulars at the Club Nauticop 24 CN 1996
It's the nearest we can get to penitence.‘ ‘And what about your book on the great brothels of the world? Havep 25 CN 1996
yet?‘ ‘I'm still doing the research.‘ ‘I remember you talking about that at school. You used to say your only interestsp 25 CN 1996
drinking herself to death and no one was doing anything about it. Stealing was the only way I could make sensep 26 CN 1996
way. She once asked me a lot of strange questions about pornography. Nothing to do with you.‘ ‘She took up glidingp 27 CN 1996
they lay beside the policeman's feet. ‘Say nothing to Danvila about the Gibraltar thing. Once we get you back to Englandp 27 CN 1996
and then came straight to the point. He asked me about Frank's childhood, and whether he had shown an overlit imaginationp 29 CN 1996
for you and his friends?‘ ‘No, there was nothing saintly about him, not remotely. When he played tennis he was fastp 30 CN 1996
golf courses, and reminded myself that I knew almost nothing about Estrella de Mar, the resort where the deaths had occurredp 32 CN 1996
the Hollinger house. The fierce blaze had erupted without warning about seven o'clock in the evening of 15 June, by coincidencep 33 CN 1996
finding the energy, let alone the necessary malice, to bring about their deaths. Steeped in sun and sundowners, wandering the golfp 33 CN 1996
glad to hear that.‘ ‘How is Frank? We're all thinking about him.‘ ‘He's fine. I met him yesterday. We had ap 38 CN 1996
lager. Not the sort of thing people want to read about in The New Yorker.‘ ‘I dare say. Perhaps you'll writep 44 CN 1996
Yorker.‘ ‘I dare say. Perhaps you'll write a friendly article about us?‘ Hennessy was watching me in his affable way, butp 44 CN 1996
man. The best junior officers stay young for ever. Strange about that splinter of yours ...‘ I was still trying to prisep 46 CN 1996
to open. ‘It's quite a spectacle, I must say ...‘ ‘What about the chauffeur -- do I tell him that I'm Frank'sp 47 CN 1996
She was in another of the bedrooms.‘ ‘This was when? About seven o'clock in the evening? What were they doing therep 49 CN 1996
herb garden after a rain shower. ‘Ether ...? There's something curious about that. Hospitals don't use ether any more. Where was Frankp 49 CN 1996
trying to feel the heat of the fire. ‘Tell me about the others -- the maid and the niece. There wasp 50 CN 1996
gold medallions started to arrive?‘ ‘I don't think they worried about gold medallions. Gold was one of Hollinger's favourite colours. Estrellap 51 CN 1996
contribution to community life -- a touch of noblesse oblige about it, I have to admit, but they were rather nicep 52 CN 1996
think all the guests had arrived. I suppose there were about ... two hundred of us.‘ ‘Two hundred people?‘ I walked backp 53 CN 1996
one had time to think of the police.‘ ‘And what about Frank? Was he here?‘ ‘Very much so. We stood togetherp 54 CN 1996
arrival at Riyadh, as if the blank pages said everything about her growing depression. After a quiet dinner in the desertedp 56 CN 1996
to her. ‘I'll call the police for you ...‘ I was about to follow her when I noticed the row of parkedp 58 CN 1996
Club Nautico and a close colleague of Frank's, and was about to introduce myself when her eyes moved sharply from thep 63 CN 1996
to which Bibi Jansen had belonged, and that he was about to officiate at her interment. ‘Is this the pastor?‘ Ip 63 CN 1996
the residents were less than keen for me to write about their private paradise, and already I was beginning to seep 66 CN 1996
of sand in the silvery waves. The Reverend Davis was about to speak, but waited for a group of late arrivalsp 67 CN 1996
He grinned, showing his expensively-capped teeth. ‘Frank never stops talking about you. In a way I think you're his real fatherp 71 CN 1996
might overhear him. ‘When I first knew Frank he talked about your mother a lot. He was afraid he'd helped top 72 CN 1996
were loading their spades on to the cart. ‘A pity about Bibi. Still ... You'll like Paula. Typical woman doctor -- ap 73 CN 1996
a calm and efficient front, but inside rather shaky.‘ ‘What about the psychiatrist, Dr Sanger? No one wanted him here.‘ ‘He'sp 73 CN 1996
the only ones to mourn the dead girl. ‘I'm sorry about Bibi Jansen,‘ I said when he returned to the carp 73 CN 1996
mood. ‘They'd have been posthumously stripped of their CBEs.‘ ‘What about Bibi? I take it she was once involved with Sangerp 73 CN 1996
gave me a wave of encouragement as if I were about to follow him into the headmaster's study. I waited onp 77 CN 1996
wearily on the bench. ‘He's determined to convict himself. What about bail? Is there anything we can do?‘ ‘Impossible, Mr Prenticep 77 CN 1996
by these two young women, who might conceivably know something about the Hollinger fire, I waited for them to reach mep 80 CN 1996
Hennessy? Good God, how much time do you spend rolling about on a bed with him?‘ She rubbed her flushed wristsp 84 CN 1996
didn't know you were ...‘ ‘We're not. Don't excite yourself thinking about it. We're good friends now.‘ She helped me to straightenp 86 CN 1996
else to do except sleep.‘ ‘Did he tell you anything? About the fire, and how it started?‘ ‘How could he? Hep 87 CN 1996
black mirror that reflected nothing. ‘Paula, you don't sound certain about Frank. Everyone else in Estrella de Mar is convinced he'sp 88 CN 1996
is convinced he's innocent.‘ ‘Estrella de Mar?‘ She seemed curious about the name, the title of a mythical realm as remotep 88 CN 1996
that Frank might have been involved? What do you know about the fire?‘ ‘Nothing. A vent of hell suddenly opened. Byp 88 CN 1996
keen on Estrella de Mar?‘ ‘Let's say I know more about the place than you do.‘ ‘Then why stay?‘ ‘Why indeedp 89 CN 1996
beat of the disco music, and noticed the dealers hanging about near the entrance. ‘They're still there. So a lot ofp 89 CN 1996
be is in the next cell at Zarzuella prison.‘ ‘What about Bobby Crawford? He and Frank were very close.‘ ‘They werep 91 CN 1996
When we were struggling on the bed you said something about not wanting to play a game any more.‘ ‘Did Ip 91 CN 1996
Mar who guard their privacy at any cost.‘ ‘Charles, think about that. You have been asking an awful lot of questionsp 94 CN 1996
side of the glass. I had said nothing to Cabrera about her visit to the apartment the previous evening. ‘Mr Prenticep 98 CN 1996
house?‘ ‘Paula, stop playing the head girl. This case is about to break, I sense it. And I think Cabrera sensesp 101 CN 1996
for the Hollingers to return. Inspector, what do you know about the psychology of chauffeurs ...?‘ But Cabrera was pointing to thep 103 CN 1996
the kitchen.‘ I nodded at all this, but asked: ‘What about the housekeeper? Surely she would have seen him?‘ ‘No. Thep 104 CN 1996
tears stained the lapel of my cotton jacket. She seemed about to collapse, but rallied herself and murmured: ‘Good God, whop 106 CN 1996
last circuit of the other rooms. I knew almost nothing about Roger Sansom, a bachelor in his fifties who had workedp 113 CN 1996
him to meet you.‘ ‘Frank? What is there to talk about? I assume you've described all this to him?‘ ‘He toop 113 CN 1996
days? Outside Estrella de Mar no one gives a damn about the arts. The only real philosophers left are the policep 117 CN 1996
so sure. In fact, I think it changes everything. Think about it, Paula. This morning we were looking at a snapshotp 117 CN 1996
was running a successful club. Besides, he was tremendously tolerant about everything.‘ ‘So am I. Paula, I'm pointing out that therep 119 CN 1996
attack on you could be far more serious.‘ ‘I've thought about that. Why should anyone want to frighten me? It's conceivablep 119 CN 1996
a lot of fun.‘ ‘I want to talk to him about Frank. He must know all there is to know aboutp 121 CN 1996
about Frank. He must know all there is to know about Estrella de Mar.‘ ‘You bet. We sing to Bobby's hymn-sheetp 121 CN 1996
the key. Already I suspected that she knew far more about the fire and Frank's confession than she had told mep 121 CN 1996
men but very keen on sex. She was amazingly realistic about everything, but especially sex. In many ways she lived likep 123 CN 1996
flushed by something more potent than sunshine. As she tottered about on one heel I guessed that she had made anp 125 CN 1996
can't have done. Frank was much too gentle, too sceptical about everything. Whoever set fire to the house was a fanaticp 129 CN 1996
black-tie subscription concerts, fine art foundations and Getty money.‘ ‘What about business rivals? Hollinger owned a lot of land around Estrellap 130 CN 1996
He was happy with his coin collection and she worried about her face-lifts coming apart.‘ ‘Someone told me they were tryingp 130 CN 1996
their stake in the Club Nautico.‘ ‘Frank and I were about to buy them out. Remember, the club had changed. Frankp 131 CN 1996
of pills. But they've picked up now. Charles, I'm sorry about the Hollingers. I'd known them for thirty years.‘ ‘You werep 131 CN 1996
before she could summon Sonny Gardner to her aid. ‘What about Dr Sanger? I keep thinking of that scene at thep 132 CN 1996
walk you back to the house. I know you're worried about Frank. You probably feel responsible.‘ ‘Not exactly responsible. When wep 132 CN 1996
glasses to peer at my neck. ‘David Hennessy told me about the attack in Frank's apartment. How vile. It looks likep 133 CN 1996
the itch.‘ ‘But they're not here. That's the odd thing about Estrella de Mar. The crime here seems to be committedp 133 CN 1996
really shift.‘ ‘So it crosses to North Africa?‘ He was about to move away, but I reached out and shook hisp 138 CN 1996
you at the service in the Protestant cemetery. I'm sorry about Bibi Jansen.‘ ‘Thank you for coming.‘ He looked me upp 138 CN 1996
Halcyon. Expert with mooring lines and engine controls, they were about to set off when the younger men in the secondp 143 CN 1996
thief had at last tired of his game and was about to slip into the shadows of the Estrella peninsula. Ip 144 CN 1996
He may feel lonely, or realize how many doors are about to shut on him.‘ I turned off the Calle Molinap 148 CN 1996
of hara-kiri. Five people die. Perhaps Frank, unwittingly, told Hollinger about the affair. He realizes he is responsible, and pleads guiltyp 150 CN 1996
garage. The forensic team have finished with it.‘ ‘I'll think about it.‘ Whistling, I walked Cabrera back to his Seat. ‘Thep 155 CN 1996
the old town, waiting for him to reappear. I was about to give up and set off for the Club Nauticop 164 CN 1996
if ready to begin my analysis. ‘Paula Hamilton told me about the attack in your brother's apartment. From what she saidp 173 CN 1996
standards of Estrella de Mar. There was something almost feminine about Sanger, a constant attentiveness that might have reassured the dazedp 174 CN 1996
Bobby Crawford so intriguing.‘ ‘That's true -- there's something mesmerizing about all that promiscuous energy. Crawford charms people, always sailing sop 179 CN 1996
just another resort on the Costa del Sol. People drifted about in a haze of vodka and Valium -- I hadp 179 CN 1996
may have something to tell you. Perhaps some new evidence about the case.‘ ‘Of course. It's excellent news. He's probably hadp 183 CN 1996
I know she's very keen to talk to him. What about the trial will this affect it?‘ ‘If he withdraws hisp 184 CN 1996
not mean all that much. Cabrera will have told him about the attacks on me. I dare say Frank wants mep 187 CN 1996
him back to the showers. Admiring his energy, I was about to wave to him, but Paula held my elbow. ‘Charlesp 187 CN 1996
lay on the bureau. I had said nothing to Paula about them, deciding to wait until I had tested them againstp 188 CN 1996
locks of her BMW. ‘Paula ...‘ ‘What is it? You're flitting about like a moth around a flame.‘ She came up top 188 CN 1996
to see Frank, but not today, and not to talk about the trial. All that has slipped to the back ofp 189 CN 1996
me -- I thought he was the romantic one. What about you, Paula? Was it a good idea to become ap 191 CN 1996
aunt showed me the way out. She was so realistic about people, no one ever hurt or surprised her. Medicine wasp 192 CN 1996
like them, on the whole. I don't despise people.‘ ‘What about yourself? You're pretty hard on your own feelings.‘ ‘I'm justp 192 CN 1996
you think. Put a higher value on yourself. Being hyper-realistic about everything is too simple a get-out.‘ ‘Easy to say --p 192 CN 1996
noticed it.‘ She held my penis. ‘You're going soft. Think about my bum for a minute.‘ I lay back and lookedp 193 CN 1996
try to keep away from him. Why are we talking about Bobby Crawford?‘ ‘I followed him there the other day. Ip 194 CN 1996
Hollingers‘ house. It was in Anne's VCR. Did Frank know about the film?‘ ‘No, thank God. It was three years agop 196 CN 1996
me to join a film club. We didn't just talk about films, we went out and made them. Elizabeth Shand putp 196 CN 1996
-- we were going to make a series of documentaries about life in Estrella de Mar.‘ Paula watched me massage herp 197 CN 1996
you wearing a swimsuit -- you look as if you're about to join in?‘ ‘Charles ...!‘ Exasperated with me, Paula lay backp 197 CN 1996
help to make any others?‘ ‘No fear. Crawford was talking about snuff movies. He and the chauffeur, Mahoud, were going top 197 CN 1996
You're the one playing the dangerous games.‘ ‘Perhaps you're right about Crawford.‘ I put my arm around her waist, remembering withp 198 CN 1996
But when we collided in the bedroom you said something about not playing that game any more. You took for grantedp 198 CN 1996
A spectacular fire touches something deep inside us. I'm sorry about the car; Mahoud misheard me and took off on hisp 204 CN 1996
swerves and undirected energy, there was no trace of malice about him, no hint of the dark, lurking violence found inp 205 CN 1996
I want you to see. You'll be able to write about it.‘ ‘Crawford, I have to --‘ ‘Come on ... Just givep 205 CN 1996
go down to the beach.‘ ‘No, that's the eerie thing about it all. The sea's only two hundred yards away butp 210 CN 1996
is bad luck. These were the first houses here, built about five years ago. The final plots were filled last weekp 212 CN 1996
time in the world to do the things they'd dreamed about in London and Manchester and Edinburgh. Time for bridge andp 217 CN 1996
flower-arrangement classes. Time for having little affairs and for messing about in boats, learning Spanish and playing the Tokyo stock marketp 217 CN 1996
Estrella de Mar and it worked.‘ ‘Perhaps. I'm not sure about that. But it won't work here. Estrella de Mar isp 219 CN 1996
Charles -- if it works you can write a book about it, a warning to the rest of the world.‘ ‘Thep 220 CN 1996
and Betty will do the hiring and firing. Don't worry about the accounts -- David Hennessy has all that under controlp 220 CN 1996
people need, always a big help. Now, have you thought about working for us?‘ ‘All right,‘ I said. ‘I'll stay untilp 222 CN 1996
beside the open-air bar, reading the London newspapers and thinking about Frank's trial, I knew that time had died in thep 224 CN 1996
sports club like a predatory widow visiting an entailed property about to fall into her grasp. Had her legendary business savvyp 225 CN 1996
taking with it my last hopes of discovering the truth about the Hollinger fire. Frank, absurdly, still maintained his guilt, andp 225 CN 1996
your own lips. Now it knows its name.‘ ‘I'll think about that.‘ She nodded approvingly at the sun-loungers and tables. ‘Itp 226 CN 1996
my expenses. Bobby Crawford thought I might write a book about it all.‘ ‘"Is there Death after Life? The Resurrection ofp 227 CN 1996
wants to.‘ ‘Paula, you're too hard on him. I know about the films and the dealing and the car thefts. Hep 227 CN 1996
life. In many ways he's very naive.‘ ‘There's nothing naive about Betty Shand.‘ ‘Or David Hennessy. But I'm still trying top 227 CN 1996
quay, but the morose Swede avoided me, unwilling to talk about the Hollinger fire and still nursing his memories of Bibip 228 CN 1996
go that far? Still, you may have a point.‘ ‘Think about it, David. It might help to rouse people from thisp 229 CN 1996
years of peace, the unending slumbers of the sun-coast were about to be disturbed. I counted the silent balconies overlooking thep 230 CN 1996
begun to play across the ceilings. The Costasol complex was about to wake itself from the deep sea-bed of sleep andp 230 CN 1996
They will be themselves and become very popular. I know about these things, Charles. As it happens, Helmut is extremely goodp 231 CN 1996
this time stealing something you really value. You'd start thinking about stronger locks and a security camera.‘ ‘So?‘ I opened thep 243 CN 1996
cocaine?‘ ‘They're just the means. People are so hung up about sex and property and self-control. I'm not talking about crimep 245 CN 1996
up about sex and property and self-control. I'm not talking about crime in the sense that Cabrera thinks of it. Ip 245 CN 1996
hope it works,‘ I told him. ‘How did Frank feel about all this? Was it his idea?‘ ‘No, Frank's far toop 246 CN 1996
it his idea?‘ ‘No, Frank's far too moralistic. I'd thought about it for years, in fact ever since I was ap 246 CN 1996
of seats that faced the stage. The Marina Players were about to mount their first production, a performance of The Importancep 251 CN 1996
of things are happening. Tell me, what were you dreaming about?‘ ‘Some sort of ... fire-storm. The yachts in the marina werep 253 CN 1996
the Residencia. At the same time I was still sceptical about his belief that the crime wave he had launched wasp 254 CN 1996
found themselves again. Charles, have more faith in people. Think about it -- a month ago they were dozing in theirp 255 CN 1996
structure of Tunbridge Wells. You'll have to see Betty Shand about a big cash injection. We need six more tennis courtsp 256 CN 1996
important than the daytime ones. People need to stop thinking about their own bodies and start thinking about other people's. Ip 257 CN 1996
to stop thinking about their own bodies and start thinking about other people's. I want to see them coveting their neighboursp 257 CN 1996
their neighbours‘ wives, and dreaming of illicit pleasures. We'll talk about this later. First, we need to get on with thep 257 CN 1996
on this luminous project, genuinely unaware that an accurate documentary about the Residencia Costasol would be the single greatest testimony againstp 262 CN 1996
I'm not sure if I want to live here. What about the furniture?‘ ‘Delivered tomorrow. White-on-white drapes, chrome and black leatherp 265 CN 1996
of ... presence. Your film club will love her.‘ ‘I'll think about it. You have met her?‘ ‘Of course. Betty Shand ownsp 269 CN 1996
through his cheeks. Usually so relaxed and amiable, he was about to drive his forehead through the glass. His fierce resentmentp 270 CN 1996
bungalows, and I was sure that some brutal challenge was about to be mounted. ‘Bobby ... there are other girls like Lauriep 271 CN 1996
really gets to me.‘ ‘He's just another flawed psychiatrist. Forget about him.‘ ‘All psychiatrists are flawed -- believe me, Charles, I'vep 271 CN 1996
understood that I loved him, despite that strap.‘ ‘And what about the army psychiatrists in Hong Kong?‘ ‘Even more amateurish.‘ Crawfordp 271 CN 1996
sound of the tennis machine. ‘No one is ever sure about Mr Crawford -- a tennis coach who has a machinep 273 CN 1996
had heard from your brother?‘ ‘My brother ...?‘ Something unsettled me about Cabrera's loaded use of the term. ‘Do you mean Frankp 273 CN 1996
problems between you?‘ Cabrera nodded sagely. ‘You told me once about your mother. Certain feelings of guilt tied you together, andp 274 CN 1996
will give me a lesson. I have to ask him about certain matters -- the burning of the speedboat at Estrellap 275 CN 1996
those memories.‘ ‘You're leaving the apartment so you can forget about Frank?‘ Paula laughed flatly to herself. ‘When he starts hisp 278 CN 1996
leaked some tidbit concerning Crawford's activities to the Inspector, information about the burning of the speedboat and the dealers outside thep 279 CN 1996
formula works. He stumbled on the first and last truth about the leisure society, and perhaps all societies. Crime and creativityp 281 CN 1996
totally corrupted you.‘ ‘That's absurd. I'm planning a book, thinking about guitar lessons and a stage career, playing bridge again ...‘ ‘Allp 293 CN 1996
here you were the homme moyen sensuel, full of hang-ups about your mother and little guilts about those teenaged whores youp 293 CN 1996
sensuel, full of hang-ups about your mother and little guilts about those teenaged whores you fuck in Bangkok. Now you haven'tp 293 CN 1996
absolutely nothing is a kind of therapy in itself.‘ ‘What about the nosebleed?‘ It occurred to me that she might bep 302 CN 1996
Laurie is sleeping, I'm glad to say. I've been anxious about her for months. It's difficult to know what to tellp 303 CN 1996
a form of social Parkinsonism. The so-called renaissance everyone sings about is bought at a price. Crawford is like L-dopa. Catalepticp 304 CN 1996
will.‘ ‘Really? I feared as much. There's something deeply unsavoury about the thought. I always suspected that psychiatry was the ultimatep 307 CN 1996
may go to the police.‘ ‘What?‘ Elizabeth Shand's make-up seemed about to crack. ‘Report himself for professional misconduct? David, what wouldp 307 CN 1996
don't suppose the contingency has ever arisen. Are you sure about this, Charles? If the news got out it would causep 307 CN 1996
with Laurie Fox,‘ I explained. ‘It's Bobby Crawford he's concerned about. Sanger loathes everything we've done here. I'm fairly certain he'sp 308 CN 1996
children, ready to join them in another game. ‘I'm concerned about Sanger. I'm fairly certain that he's going to --‘ ‘Cabrerap 309 CN 1996
was smiling at me like an affectionate brother. ‘We'll talk about it at the party. Believe me, everything will be finep 310 CN 1996
he all right?‘ ‘Yes. But they must see you. It's about the Hollinger fire. We're in the basement garage at thep 311 CN 1996
to you.‘ ‘Then where is he? In his apartment? What about Cabrera?‘ ‘They aren't here. Frank's in Zarzuella prison, waiting forp 314 CN 1996
my wrist from her strong grip. ‘When did you hear about this fire?‘ ‘Gunnar told me this afternoon. They all knowp 315 CN 1996
this fire?‘ ‘Gunnar told me this afternoon. They all know about it. Everything's planned -- that's why they've closed the Clubp 315 CN 1996
planned everything?‘ ‘Not exactly. In fact, he knows almost nothing about the details.‘ ‘Then who does? Mahoud and Sonny Gardner didn'tp 316 CN 1996
with his machine at the Club Nautico. He knew nothing about the detailed plans. I don't think he knew the Hollingersp 317 CN 1996
hands. I left him and turned to Paula. ‘And what about you?‘ She pressed her lips together, reluctant to let thep 318 CN 1996
her old bruise. ‘Yes, but we didn't let ourselves think about that. We needed a spectacle for Bobby Crawford -- thep 321 CN 1996
even more tightly.‘ ‘And Sanger? Did he know the truth about the fire?‘ ‘No. Apart from you he was almost thep 323 CN 1996
Technically, Frank had started the fire. Most people didn't know about Mahoud and the petrol in the air-conditioning system -- thatp 323 CN 1996
talk to him. When he sees that I know everything about the Hollingers he'll cancel the party.‘ ‘He won't!‘ Exhausted, Paulap 324 CN 1996
is trying to hold upright the collapsing tower that is about to obliterate him. Or so everyone assumes. The newspaper captionp 6 DYF 1996
each larger than my fist. The Tower of Pisa was about to fall. I gave it one last push, both armsp 9 DYF 1996
to crack. I stepped back, aware that the building was about to collapse onto me, and then looked up at thep 9 DYF 1996
the disciplines of the Euro-corporate lifestyle. Jane was still unsure about her six-month secondment to the business park's private clinic. Herp 3 SC 2000
of our marriage I had told my doctor-bride almost nothing about myself, and the drive became a mobile autobiography that unwoundp 4 SC 2000
baritone. All I could think of, with a ten-year-old's curiosity about my parents‘ sex-lives, was what had passed between them duringp 5 SC 2000
Greenwood reminded me of an enthusiastic Baptist missionary, telling Jane about the superb facilities at the Eden-Olympia clinic, and the refugep 10 SC 2000
to put right. Yet he was no prude, and talked about his six months in Bangladesh, comparing the caste rivalries amongp 10 SC 2000
in the offices of the murdered executives. Jane hardly spoke about Greenwood, but insisted on watching the television coverage of Frenchp 10 SC 2000
like any husband from a different generation, I was curious about my young wife's romantic past. Had she and Greenwood oncep 11 SC 2000
in the arm: Dr Wilder Penrose, the psychiatrist who was about to introduce us to our new Eden. Dr Wilder Penrosep 12 SC 2000
here since Saint-Exupery. Let me help you. They told me about the accident.‘ His strong upper arms lifted me easily fromp 14 SC 2000
attack. Or a nervous breakdown. The paramedics will know everything about you -- blood groups, clotting factors, attention-deficit disorders. If you'rep 16 SC 2000
crash -- there's a small airport at Cannes-Mandelieu.‘ ‘I'll think about it.‘ I searched for my cigarettes, tempted to fill thep 16 SC 2000
this aggressive humour had helped the desperate young Englishman. ‘What about emergencies of a different kind?‘ ‘Such as? We can copep 16 SC 2000
a private alcove, where they can lie back and dream about the lovers they'll never have the energy to meet.‘ Wep 17 SC 2000
if only to irritate Penrose, but the lights changed. ‘What about crime?‘ I asked. ‘It looks as if security might bep 19 SC 2000
The solvent now is talent, not wealth or glamour. Forget about crime. The important thing is that the residents of Eden-Olympiap 20 SC 2000
Frank, help Dr Sinclair with her luggage ...‘ The guard was about to step into his Range Rover. When he opened thep 22 SC 2000
tear the place apart. Thank God it doesn't say anything about my mind.‘ ‘It will, dear, it will ...‘ Gazing at thep 25 SC 2000
in seconds. A brief burst of shots. Heart-rending to think about.‘ ‘It is.‘ Jane spoke matter-of-factly. ‘So the garage ...?‘ ‘Virtually rebuiltp 30 SC 2000
keep her sensitivities to herself. Ambitious dentists did not complain about the poor oral hygiene of their richer clients. I rememberedp 30 SC 2000
a bit below the belt.‘ ‘Not telling us straight away about David? That's obviously his style -- watch out.‘ I satp 32 SC 2000
arm's length. ‘One thing, Paul. It's important. We don't talk about David Greenwood.‘ ‘Jane, I liked him.‘ ‘Did you? I'm notp 33 SC 2000
happened to him. He's not coming back, so stop worrying about him. Agreed? Let's go upstairs and unpack.‘ Jane led thep 33 SC 2000
afternoon Charles's e-mails brought me final proof pages, cheery gossip about the latest office romances, and queries over the editorial copyp 37 SC 2000
who settled me on the X-ray table chatted to me about my flying days in the RAF and her own hang-glidingp 39 SC 2000
enough of his colleagues to dislike them, let alone set about killing them. That evening, I drove Jane into Cannes. Holdingp 39 SC 2000
if they want to be? Men have such a hang-up about that.‘ She stuffed my file into its rack at thep 42 SC 2000
They say flying and sex go together. I don't know about that side of your life, but it's going to bep 42 SC 2000
No. Are you?‘ ‘We all are. And we do nothing about it. You've stopped flying, and keep getting these knee infectionsp 44 SC 2000
her hunger for freedom. The heroine of ‘La Marseillaise‘ was about to sheathe her sword. The English Girl The pool layp 45 SC 2000
Monsieur Bachelet waited for him. Dr Greenwood lent him books, about an unhappy English girl. Always talking back to the queenp 49 SC 2000
trace of a world he hated. As for the book about the unhappy English girl, I guessed that this was ap 50 SC 2000
kitchen where he prepared his breakfasts. More than mere curiosity about the murders nagged at my mind. I thought again ofp 51 SC 2000
was still fond of the deranged young doctor, and curious about his motives? I walked past the garage, aware that Ip 51 SC 2000
Already we're very fond of her.‘ ‘I'm glad. She's talked about getting a small motorcycle.‘ ‘Jane?‘ Madame Delage smiled at thisp 53 SC 2000
to be friendly. ‘I can see you think a lot about David.‘ ‘True. Living in the same house, it's hard notp 54 SC 2000
gun. You'll tell me, Mr Sinclair?‘ I was still thinking about Simone Delage's words when I returned from Cannes with thep 55 SC 2000
his socks? Besides, it's an expensive shoe -- welt-stitched. What about your surveillance cameras?‘ ‘There are four hundred cameras at Eden-Olympiap 58 SC 2000
the name "Natasha".‘ ‘Probably his daughter back in Moscow. Forget about him, Mr Sinclair. We'll find him.‘ ‘Who do you thinkp 58 SC 2000
act of deference that he accepted as his due. Curious about his motives, I asked: ‘What made you come to Eden-Olympiap 59 SC 2000
Some people would say that crime is what Eden-Olympia is about.‘ ‘The multinational companies? All they do is turn money intop 60 SC 2000
easy.‘ Already she was playing the wise daughter, more concerned about my adrenalin-fired nerviness than by the unsettling evidence I hadp 65 SC 2000
at the swollen bruise above my ear, but said nothing about the wound. ‘Why do you think he was Russian?‘ ‘It'sp 66 SC 2000
oil leases, anything except a taxi. There was something seedy about him in a small-time way. Poor diet and flashy dentistryp 66 SC 2000
were fearfully abused.‘ ‘Thanks, I'd rather not see them. What about the children here? Is there a lot of work forp 67 SC 2000
drugs ...?‘ ‘Everything. It's so totalitarian only Eden-Olympia could even think about it and not realize what it means. But it mightp 67 SC 2000
She turned and stared at the lake. ‘It's a pity about the paediatrics. At times I feel all the children inp 68 SC 2000
up a list of anaesthetics. ‘I'm badgering you. Let's forget about David.‘ Jane smiled at this. ‘Dear Paul, you're so wiredp 69 SC 2000
dog waiting for the beaters.‘ ‘There's nothing else to think about. Lying by a swimming pool all day is a newp 69 SC 2000
Ciba-Geigy. Lancaster is president of Motorola's local subsidiary. Don't think about shooting them -- they're watched over like royalty.‘ ‘They arep 69 SC 2000
I don't like that. David isn't coming back, so forget about him.‘ Irritated by me, Jane rose from the bed andp 79 SC 2000
on sits on the local council, or has a say about the fire service.‘ ‘Good. Who wants to?‘ ‘That's my pointp 80 SC 2000
another six months.‘ ‘Would you?‘ ‘Yes, if I'm honest. Think about it. More time here would do you good. A mildp 80 SC 2000
to sew up your wings. Are you all right?‘ ‘Just about.‘ For the first time the wifely baby-talk sounded unconvincing. Ip 81 SC 2000
through the aftermath of some troubled dream or advising her about the impotence problems of over-promoted accountants. He had deliberately parkedp 82 SC 2000
dead no longer care where they were shot. Tell me about your young wife. Is she enjoying her stay with usp 87 SC 2000
Given the absence of an explicit moral order, where decisions about right and wrong were engineered into the social fabric alongp 89 SC 2000
churchy streak. She was devoted to me, but fiercely proscriptive about the television I was allowed to watch. Almost every programmep 90 SC 2000
the menarche and accelerate the supply of young farmhands. What about your neighbours?‘ ‘We've met the Delages. Very new Europe, andp 93 SC 2000
a lack of self-corroboration. They stroll along the Croisette, talk about their flights to Dusseldorf and Cleveland, but it's all unrealp 93 SC 2000
they ran away from him.‘ ‘I know. Zander told me about the bullets. That's why I dropped by. I can seep 97 SC 2000
away here.‘ ‘She won't mind. Work is all she thinks about.‘ ‘Paul? That's close to self-pity.‘ Penrose raised a reproving fingerp 98 SC 2000
There may be a threat to your life.‘ ‘Let's think about your life, Paul. I can call the clinic. Jane willp 101 SC 2000
as if he had just overheard some unpleasant corridor gossip about himself. ‘I'm here, yes. Why, I can't imagine.‘ He foldedp 102 SC 2000
fun.‘ ‘That will change.‘ Delage gripped his briefcase, as if about to offer me a position paper. ‘People realize they canp 103 SC 2000
how good is our security?‘ ‘First class. There's no doubt about it.‘ ‘Even so, you were able to get within ap 104 SC 2000
had been right to say that there was something unreal about them. Delage beckoned to me. ‘Paul, the Noga Hilton. Therep 106 SC 2000
from the window as the limousine slid away. ‘And think about Saint-Exupery ...‘ A Fast Drive to Nice Airport A publicity planep 106 SC 2000
the offices of Nice-Matin. The back issues told me nothing about David Greenwood and his day of death, and how thisp 108 SC 2000
clumsily. ‘Please, Mr Sinclair. I need to talk to you about an old friend of ours.‘ As the waiter took ourp 110 SC 2000
my bottom? I've always wanted to be on television. What about you?‘ ‘I'm on holiday. It's lasted a little longer thanp 111 SC 2000
my London address, a friendly warning that she knew more about me than I assumed. But I was sure now thatp 114 SC 2000
not afraid to speak her mind. ‘You wanted to talk about Greenwood,‘ I reminded her. ‘How well did you know himp 114 SC 2000
rents and offer rebates that were practically bribes. Who cares about a couple of dead chauffeurs?‘ ‘All the same, there's somethingp 115 SC 2000
Eden-Olympia is a huge experiment for him. All that brochure-speak about the first intelligent city, the ideas laboratory for the futurep 115 SC 2000
how's your car?‘ ‘The Jaguar? Ageing gracefully.‘ ‘I was worried about it. I hear it was involved in a small collisionp 117 SC 2000
that she had never explained what she wanted to talk about, but it no longer mattered. A group of schoolchildren emergedp 118 SC 2000
in the mirror. ‘Anyway, you're right. Who cares? Sex isn't about anatomy any more. It's where it always belonged -- insidep 122 SC 2000
gel competing for my attention. ‘Yesterday I spoke to Kalman about my contract. They still haven't found a permanent replacement. They'rep 122 SC 2000
don't realize what a single drop of blood can say about you.‘ ‘You sound like Adolf Hitler.‘ I lay back onp 122 SC 2000
need to be a contortionist here, and I'm not talking about the programmes.‘ He pressed his head to the wall andp 127 SC 2000
the movies?‘ ‘Exactly.‘ Meldrum tapped his veined nose. ‘But forget about Hollywood and the Palme d'Or. I'm talking about one-man-and-a-dog operationsp 128 SC 2000
But forget about Hollywood and the Palme d'Or. I'm talking about one-man-and-a-dog operations from the Philippines. If I wanted to bep 128 SC 2000
old villa. Nothing else was available.‘ ‘Makes sense -- just about. A cold lot of fish, but that's corporate life. Atp 128 SC 2000
I knew that she would not be keen to talk about Greenwood. At the same time she seemed intrigued by myp 135 SC 2000
so tragic,‘ she said. ‘When did you last see David?‘ ‘About a year ago, in London. It's hard to believe whatp 135 SC 2000
working with you. It might be best not to speak about this conversation. Are you in touch with Professor Kalman?‘ ‘Nop 138 SC 2000
out a modest living gutting dorade and boiling crayfish, close-mouthed about their husbands‘ years at Eden-Olympia. My problem was to persuadep 140 SC 2000
killed the first seven who died. Sadly, there's no doubt about that.‘ Madame Cordier arrived with her tea tray. The widowsp 142 SC 2000
their faint smiles floating above the scent of camomile. ‘What about the hostages?‘ I asked Bourget. ‘Your brother and the twop 142 SC 2000
Cordier. ‘I thought Greenwood seized the hostages at random. What about the husbands? Had they met him?‘ ‘Yes.‘ Sitting forward, Madamep 143 SC 2000
court. ‘Please speak, Monsieur Sinclair.‘ ‘Did your husband say anything about Dr Greenwood on the day before? Had he found somethingp 144 SC 2000
before? Had he found something suspicious?‘ ‘Nothing. Georges said nothing about Dr Greenwood.‘ ‘Pierre told me he had many clients thatp 144 SC 2000
lived in Grasse. A few minutes before six.‘ I was about to question the women further, but Bourget took my armp 144 SC 2000
spoke of Greenwood?‘ ‘Very surprised. How did your brother feel about him?‘ ‘Jacques admired him. They were due to testify togetherp 145 SC 2000
hunt deer. We were amazed.‘ ‘When was this?‘ ‘In April, about a month before he died. He often went to thep 146 SC 2000
me into the driver's seat, clearly relieved that I was about to start the engine. ‘People come here to take cocainep 147 SC 2000
hotels of the Croisette trembled like uneasy spectres, a dream about to collapse into itself. I turned off the Cannes highwayp 148 SC 2000
stay and look, Mr Sinclair. Maybe you can find something about your friend. Poor Dr Greenwood ...‘ When she had gone Ip 151 SC 2000
face with an expression of concern, less like a lover about to bestow a kiss than a mother helping a childp 152 SC 2000
at the Noga Hilton, like travellers glimpsing an unknown tribe about to perform its rites of passage with its sacred regaliap 154 SC 2000
the adjutant's secretary who listened good-naturedly as I worried on about my parents‘ postponed divorce. The Polish whores in the barsp 156 SC 2000
at her mother's dressing table. But there was nothing childlike about her gaze, and I knew that she was not onp 157 SC 2000
must be very young.‘ ‘Seven thousand francs ...‘ The minder was about twenty years old, with the same pointed nose and chinp 160 SC 2000
I had made no attempt to provoke the posse. ‘What about the girl?‘ I pointed to the damaged van. ‘We can'tp 164 SC 2000
carburettors he shouted: ‘Go back to Eden-Olympia. See Dr Jane about those hands.‘ ‘Frank ...‘ I wanted to thank him, but hep 165 SC 2000
Poor man. That's fifties design for you. Time to forget about the Harvard, Paul ...‘ I sat on the terrace, sharing thep 168 SC 2000
the new corporate puritanism. Yet no one had been concerned about the child-whore sitting alone in the ransacked van. For thatp 169 SC 2000
the ransacked van. For that matter, I was still unsure about my own motives, and why I had followed little Natashap 169 SC 2000
come to me.‘ ‘I will. By the way, say nothing about the Rue Valentin.‘ ‘Of course not.‘ Still gripping my shouldersp 172 SC 2000
be very pretty.‘ ‘She is. There's a kind of sweetness about her. Along with more or less total corruption.‘ ‘Sad ...‘ Penrosep 172 SC 2000
seemed to come from the air around us. ‘We're talking about thoughts, not deeds. We don't give in to every passingp 173 SC 2000
high above Super-Cannes, with a fading facelift and a phobia about reflective surfaces. Halder might have been her chauffeur but neverp 175 SC 2000
groups.‘ ‘There are others? What do the Cannes police feel about them?‘ ‘They keep out of the way. Zander and Delagep 175 SC 2000
the time comes.‘ ‘Thanks. Am I asking too many questions?‘ ‘About Greenwood's death? Who could object to the truth?‘ ‘A lotp 175 SC 2000
was a patsy -- like Lee Harvey Oswald?‘ ‘It's just about feasible. Why did it take the security system here sop 176 SC 2000
his face, massaging his drawn cheeks. ‘You think too much about Greenwood. I liked him, he helped me get my jobp 176 SC 2000
door. ‘Greenwood brings them here and ties them up. It's about 7.20, and he has five minutes to reach thep 178 SC 2000
she realizes that friendship counts for nothing and that she's about to fade into Greenwood's dream of death.‘ ‘So ...‘ Halder pinchedp 182 SC 2000
tags on.‘ ‘They come from a jewellery heist in Nice. About three weeks before the murders.‘ ‘Why are they here?‘ ‘Maybep 182 SC 2000
with mass-killers. They run out of time.‘ ‘He hated something about Eden-Olympia. I think you know what it was.‘ ‘He neverp 183 SC 2000
to notice when Halder saluted him. ‘That says a lot about Eden-Olympia ...‘ I watched the distracted medico stride away, oblivious top 184 SC 2000
the world. It explains why no one saw anything unusual about Greenwood. There's no civic sense here.‘ ‘There is.‘ Halder pointedp 184 SC 2000
to put on his lab coat, suggesting that he was about to carry out a private task before taking up hisp 186 SC 2000
Something illicit was going on. And Penrose must have known about it.‘ ‘You ought to talk to him, Mr Sinclair.‘ ‘Ip 187 SC 2000
suites. Here I had once lost myself after being interviewed about my first impressions of Eden-Olympia. Wandering through the wrong doorsp 188 SC 2000
already dead, and Greenwood had gone.‘ ‘What time was this?‘ ‘About 8.35 a.m.‘ Halder closed the driver's door andp 189 SC 2000
walking down the corridor, or no one would have heard about the shooting.‘ ‘How did Greenwood know Vadim would be inp 189 SC 2000
very professional.‘ ‘Mr Sinclair ...‘ Halder surveyed me patiently. ‘We're talking about coolie labour -- factory hands, van drivers, building-site workers. Thep 193 SC 2000
so tightly that the sweat-drenched fabric of his shirt seemed about to split. He leaned against the parapet, dislodging flakes ofp 197 SC 2000
affected you badly. That's what our tour has really been about -- you, not Greenwood.‘ ‘Not exactly.‘ ‘Zander knows you're herep 200 SC 2000
out of a few whores and transvestites and feel good about it. I guess that's better than raping the Third Worldp 201 SC 2000
you a lift.‘ ‘I'll walk. There's a lot to think about, most of it grim.‘ I gazed at the lines ofp 202 SC 2000
Halder spoke tersely, swaying against the steering wheel as if about to faint again. ‘Believe me, Mr Sinclair.‘ ‘Have you seenp 204 SC 2000
put it right. He wasn't interested in what anyone thought about him ...‘ ‘Frank wait. Who shot him?‘ I tried to climbp 204 SC 2000
was even a surprise ending. I feel a lot clearer about everything.‘ ‘What was the surprise?‘ ‘Halder told me who killedp 208 SC 2000
that I was being auditioned for a role that was about to be assigned to me. I assumed that she hadp 211 SC 2000
me. I assumed that she had long known the truth about Greenwood's last moments, that his life had ended on thep 211 SC 2000
nothing like a woman's driving to revive a man. What about a trip along the coast? I have to look atp 211 SC 2000
the keys on the passenger seat. Why?‘ ‘I was curious about you. It was a sort of test:‘ ‘To see ifp 215 SC 2000
sex. What's the next test?‘ ‘You decide that. Tell me about the ratissage. The Rue Valentin may be more your streetp 215 SC 2000
at Aspen, and he taught me to ski. That was about the last I saw of him.‘ ‘Hard to believe.‘ Ip 219 SC 2000
wait. I need to think.‘ ‘Why? There's nothing to think about ...‘ ‘There's everything.‘ I took the receiver from her, opened ap 221 SC 2000
all. That robbery pulled a set of triggers I'd forgotten about.‘ I sat next to her on the wicker settee. ‘Ip 225 SC 2000
she told me, very common among brides ...‘ ‘Let's not talk about Jane.‘ Frances traced the scars on my knees with ap 228 SC 2000
with an elderly breeding bull. ‘You're still tense, Paul. Think about the robbery. If the mirror bothers you I can turnp 229 SC 2000
do, Paul. I want you to shock yourself.‘ ‘And what about you, Frances? What shocks you?‘ ‘Nothing about sex ever shocksp 229 SC 2000
yourself.‘ ‘And what about you, Frances? What shocks you?‘ ‘Nothing about sex ever shocks women. At least, men's kind of sexp 229 SC 2000
who follow the coronation coach.‘ She kissed my mouth, curious about the taste of my lips, and then tested my still-flaccidp 230 SC 2000
We're relaxing, Paul, so you don't need to worry. What about stealing? That was something you did as a boy. Andp 230 SC 2000
those hazings in the RAF that got you going? Think about flying your first solo, and the big erection in thep 230 SC 2000
It's every husband's dream. Yes, Paul, you're waking up ... think about Jane being fucked by Halder or Alain Delage. Fucking someonep 230 SC 2000
Frances raised her arms to the ceiling mirror, as if about to join her second self among the clouds. She worep 231 SC 2000
Isn't that going a little far?‘ Curious to know everything about me, she examined my face in the pale light, herp 233 SC 2000
of people are.‘ ‘Why?‘ ‘They think you may find something.‘ ‘About Greenwood?‘ ‘Maybe. Or something about you.‘ She sighed and scratchedp 234 SC 2000
think you may find something.‘ ‘About Greenwood?‘ ‘Maybe. Or something about you.‘ She sighed and scratched an ear, concerned for myp 234 SC 2000
and opened a folder at random. As he questioned her about the property his left hand began to feel her thighsp 237 SC 2000
In one hand he held a cassette, and he seemed about to present me with a record of our shared eveningp 239 SC 2000
kind of you. But her generation they have a thing about fur. What about Simone?‘ ‘Yes, well, she'd love one. Thinkp 239 SC 2000
But her generation they have a thing about fur. What about Simone?‘ ‘Yes, well, she'd love one. Think of the twop 239 SC 2000
wanted to confide in me, and assumed that I was about to become one of his intimate circle. Frances was waitingp 239 SC 2000
strange sport to take up? Head injuries ...‘ ‘No one worried about brain damage then.‘ Penrose's fists clenched and unclenched. Across hisp 243 SC 2000
that exposed a small scar on his lip. ‘Never mind about me. We'll talk about your problems. This medical emergency --p 243 SC 2000
scar on his lip. ‘Never mind about me. We'll talk about your problems. This medical emergency -- it's not venereal, byp 243 SC 2000
Not as far as I know.‘ ‘Good. People are coy about sexual ailments, for sound Darwinian reasons. In your case, sharingp 244 SC 2000
furs being filmed in a Japanese commercial.‘ ‘Right. I read about it in Nice-Matin. Economic terrorism, or some local turf warp 245 SC 2000
You saw that take place?‘ ‘Very clearly. It started at about 8.30 and was over sixty seconds later. The gangp 245 SC 2000
hush it up.‘ ‘Paul ...‘ Penrose tried to calm me. ‘Think about it a little. People drive more aggressively through immigrant areasp 247 SC 2000
only one explanation.‘ ‘And that is?‘ ‘They're temporarily insane. Something about Eden-Olympia is driving them into brief fits of madness. You'rep 247 SC 2000
booty. It's your sly way of telling me you knew about the robbery.‘ Penrose sat facing me, elbows on his heavyp 249 SC 2000
Berthoud and Olga Carlotti's teenage vice ring? You knew all about them?‘ ‘Paul, it's my job. I have to know everythingp 250 SC 2000
them?‘ ‘Paul, it's my job. I have to know everything about the people here. How else can I care for themp 250 SC 2000
explain. We hoped you might tell us.‘ ‘You've known everything about Eden-Olympia and done nothing?‘ I gestured at the antique mirrorp 250 SC 2000
There's a problem, though. It's wholly criminal. Who else knows about this?‘ ‘No one. It's not the sort of breakthrough youp 251 SC 2000
one. It's not the sort of breakthrough you can write about in the psychiatric journals. It may seem a rather extremep 251 SC 2000
he wanted to kill Penrose. I asked: ‘Did Greenwood know about this?‘ ‘In general terms. He often sat in that chairp 252 SC 2000
take his advice. The French authorities need to be told about this.‘ ‘I understand ...‘ Penrose seemed disappointed in me. ‘But letp 252 SC 2000
state of deep mental deterioration.‘ ‘I do. There's no doubt about it.‘ ‘In fact, that isn't the case. By any objectivep 252 SC 2000
people live and work here without making a single decision about right and wrong. The moral order is engineered into theirp 255 SC 2000
clinic we've watched it happen dozens of times. People complain about the recirculated air and pathogens breeding in the filter fansp 257 SC 2000
toilet wastes from aircraft using Nice Airport. Then people worry about security inside their office buildings. That's always a key indicatorp 257 SC 2000
a nostalgic way, as if they were seeing a documentary about morris dancing or roof-thatching, an old craft skill popular withp 258 SC 2000
later to have the cast removed, and I asked him about the dermatitis. It had gone. He felt buoyant and confidentp 259 SC 2000
him with a taste for cruelty and an intense curiosity about pain and death. Without them, he's trapped in the afternoonp 263 SC 2000
of refuge for the endangered mind. Of course, I'm talking about a carefully metered violence, microdoses of madness like the minutep 264 SC 2000
you going to the police?‘ ‘Probably. I need to think about it.‘ ‘I've been completely frank. I've held back nothing.‘ ‘Thep 265 SC 2000
steered me towards the Alice mirror, as if we were about to step together into its glassy deeps. He swerved awayp 266 SC 2000
the bed.‘ ‘Sure. Tell me what's happening.‘ ‘Nothing to worry about. You're leaving half an hour from now.‘ ‘I'm leaving? Whyp 268 SC 2000
favourite schmutter. You mean the robbery at Miramar?‘ ‘You've heard about it?‘ ‘Simone and I saw it on the news. Alainp 270 SC 2000
our sex life. How, he didn't quite say -- something about prepubertal girls. I told him that wasn't your scene, youp 270 SC 2000
all those emotions. With Simone I can switch off.‘ ‘What about Alain?‘ ‘He likes to watch. Sorry, Paul ... you're too sanep 271 SC 2000
sat beside her, holding her hands between mine, and thought about her affair with Greenwood, and their quick sex probably snatchedp 272 SC 2000
headland, waiting to land at the heliport, like paramilitary gunships about to strafe the beachside crowds. Their white-suited passengers, faces maskedp 276 SC 2000
to the ghosts in the garden. I told him nothing about the secret life of Eden-Olympia. Meanwhile, my investigation into thep 279 SC 2000
myself a shot of Jane's painkiller and drifted off ... thinking about you.‘ ‘I hate that stuff. One day we'll be meetingp 281 SC 2000
be tired of you poking around. You haven't discovered anything about David they didn't already know. You're no more part ofp 283 SC 2000
looked drunk. Too drunk for a security chief.‘ ‘People worry about him. They say he's going to be replaced. Pity mep 287 SC 2000
the teenage girls. He was a one-man British Council, and about as much use. Those tough teenagers can't have made headp 290 SC 2000
Angeles, momentarily confused them with the suggestion that film was about something other than money. ‘The guests are here,‘ I shoutedp 291 SC 2000
you're her husband. I telephone her every day. We talk about my health.‘ ‘Is anything wrong?‘ ‘Everything is wrong. But notp 292 SC 2000
games their people are playing here what would they think about that?‘ ‘I imagine they'd be concerned.‘ ‘The good name ofp 293 SC 2000
stitching. ‘You've worked hard, Mr Sinclair. You've found so much about your friend. The tragic English doctor ...‘ ‘Little you didn't knowp 293 SC 2000
I?‘ ‘Naturally. Come and see me, I'll tell you more about Dr Greenwood. Maybe about your neighbours ...‘ He left me andp 294 SC 2000
see me, I'll tell you more about Dr Greenwood. Maybe about your neighbours ...‘ He left me and swayed through the crowdp 294 SC 2000
Wilder agrees you work too hard.‘ ‘Wilder agrees with you about everything. That way you do what he wants.‘ She smiledp 301 SC 2000
need a word with Zander.‘ I flexed my shoulders. ‘He's about to be the first policeman I've ever punched.‘ ‘Why?‘ Francesp 305 SC 2000
his corrupt charm, as if our real evening together was about to begin. ‘Frances, wait here ... it won't take long.‘ ‘Paulp 305 SC 2000
ticket to the valet-parkers, and then gripped my arms. ‘Forget about Zander. He doesn't matter. None of it matters.‘ ‘That's whatp 306 SC 2000
starting to prescribe some really violent therapy.‘ ‘Then do something about it. At least six senior judges were at the partyp 307 SC 2000
to switch off the bath taps. Anyway, she doesn't care about us.‘ Leaning against the door, I watched the Audi overp 308 SC 2000
They're up ahead. I want to see what happens.‘ ‘Forget about it! Did you recognize the man in the Audi?‘ ‘Somep 310 SC 2000
twenty minutes to the sergeant and told him absolutely nothing about the true cause of Zander's death. A publicity plane wasp 316 SC 2000
Sitting with us in the kitchen, the sergeant questioned me about Zander's ‘state of mind‘, a euphemism for drunkenness. Analysis ofp 318 SC 2000
Alain's games with you?‘ ‘Paul, we agreed not to talk about that. It's my way of relaxing. Men get so nervousp 320 SC 2000
II, very nasty and very racist. Conrad wrote a novel about it.‘ ‘It was a set book at school.‘ ‘You actuallyp 320 SC 2000
life to her impassive features. Yet there was nothing prurient about her exploitation of Jane. She and Alain approached the freeportsp 322 SC 2000
human flesh would prompt no more than a mild query about the recipe. At Eden-Olympia they dined on the a lap 322 SC 2000
off her glasses, her eyes turned inward as she thought about Greenwood. ‘When we met, you were looking into the eventsp 326 SC 2000
people in postoperative pain. Surgical patients are encouraged to move about, not sit in a chair all day.‘ ‘There might bep 327 SC 2000
won't ask too many questions. I like Jane, but ... think about it, Paul.‘ ‘I have.‘ I turned to face Frances. Shep 333 SC 2000
It wasn't an accident. Or a coincidence. David wouldn't talk about it but he felt very guilty. It was the earlyp 333 SC 2000
and force the Interior Minister to act.‘ ‘So you knew about the killings in advance?‘ ‘No.‘ Frances took my hand andp 334 SC 2000
through the windscreen at the Riviera coastline, a battle commander about to launch a beachhead but unsure of the underwater defencesp 334 SC 2000
young doctor. The ultimate marital hot mix.‘ ‘They knew nothing about me when they recruited Jane. I published aviation books.‘ ‘Butp 334 SC 2000
was part of the experiment?‘ ‘Penrose wanted you to think about David. Where better to start than lying in David's bedp 335 SC 2000
the air, and you didn't like the smell. You talked about going back to London. You were bored with Cannes andp 335 SC 2000
he set off with his rifle. You were always talking about Lee Harvey Oswald, Hungerford and Columbine. So Zander told Halderp 337 SC 2000
Festivals?‘ ‘No. That was me. I'd had time to think about David. We'd split up very painfully. He more or lessp 338 SC 2000
was frightened I'd lose him. So I showed him things about himself he didn't know.‘ ‘Such as?‘ ‘It doesn't matter nowp 338 SC 2000
Kalman, but I needed hard evidence.‘ ‘The photographs, the truth about the hostages ...?‘ ‘Not hard enough. I'd been David's lover forp 339 SC 2000
with them. I work in the property office, I know about all the lettings on the Cote d'Azur -- which Omanip 339 SC 2000
supply all the hard drugs they want, ask no questions about strange bruises and find a hospital bed for any whorep 345 SC 2000
It was a secret thing between us. We never talked about it, even though we knew it was going on.‘ ‘Didn'tp 347 SC 2000
be, but something went wrong. He started to tell me about it -- a fight after a rowing-club party with ap 351 SC 2000
to act out his fantasies for him. Zander was right about Wilder Penrose.‘ ‘And that's why he was killed.‘ I tookp 352 SC 2000
whisper. ‘Is he recommending a new truffle pate? He's poncing about like the maitre d‘ at Maxim's. Lay it, Olivier, don'tp 355 SC 2000
room overlooking the tennis court. I said nothing to Jane about Greenwood's tragic end, and how her sometime lover had diedp 362 SC 2000
hundreds of senior executives arriving soon at Eden II? You're about to create a major crime wave.‘ ‘Paul ... the crime wavep 363 SC 2000
and stood beside us at the observation rail. ‘He knew about the paedophile ring and the jewellery raids, the strangled streetwalkersp 363 SC 2000
to the sun, inhaling the cool air. ‘Who told you about the paedophile ring -- Halder?‘ ‘Not Halder.‘ ‘I'm glad. He'sp 363 SC 2000
spend a lot of time with her. She must talk about something. She's always had friends outside Eden-Olympia -- an attractivep 364 SC 2000
knows nothing.‘ ‘She knows more than you think. I worry about Frances. For her, the clocks stopped on May 28 ...‘ Hep 364 SC 2000
damp shirt. ‘I don't want you to worry, Paul. Forget about going back to London. I need you here -- you'rep 364 SC 2000
Besides, we have to look ahead. A titanic battle is about to begin, a Darwinian struggle between competing psychopathies. Everything isp 365 SC 2000
consumer trends, weird surges in the entertainment culture, mass paranoias about new diseases that are really religious eruptions. How to getp 365 SC 2000
not.‘ ‘There's a small thing you can do. I'm worried about Frances. Some of my medical records have gone missing.‘ ‘Thep 366 SC 2000
the throaty quaver of the sports car's engine. ‘I've thought about it ever since. He wanted me to face what I'dp 367 SC 2000
celebrate.‘ ‘Give her my love. And use my car. Sorry about the Jag. All this graffiti everywhere. Alain thinks the wrongp 370 SC 2000
it around, feel the flesh there's a security man nosing about.‘ Halder walked away from me, sidestepping a line of metalp 375 SC 2000
the exit, and the sounds of a motorcycle siren. ‘What about the police? They'll be looking for the man who killedp 376 SC 2000
looking for the man who killed Frances.‘ ‘They don't know about it yet. You're safe, Mr Sinclair. And Frances ...‘ ‘The peoplep 376 SC 2000
Baring had important friends, and some of them weren't happy about Eden-Olympia.‘ ‘Everything is winding down -- the special actions, thep 376 SC 2000
next month than ever before. Penrose and Delage are thinking about Eden II, they want to try out large-scale actions. They'rep 376 SC 2000
rear deck. ‘Frank? The car in the alley? What's special about it?‘ ‘It's the Delages‘.‘ Halder surveyed a film poster abovep 381 SC 2000
Stop for coffee somewhere. Tell her everything we know -- about Frances Baring's death, the child-sex ring, why Greenwood shot allp 385 SC 2000
need to move around Eden-Olympia. Whatever happens, I'll say nothing about you. One day you'll be security chief of Eden IIp 385 SC 2000
at the last moment there are always doubts. I've thought about it for many months.‘ He watched me warily, not whollyp 388 SC 2000
a scheduled flight to London. The news of what was about to happen at Eden-Olympia would not break until the eveningp 390 SC 2000
no one understood, the inhabitants of Chelsea Marina had set about dismantling their middle-class world. They lit bonfires of books andp 6 MP 2003
carpet that ran straight to my prison cell. Thinking fondly about Kay, I reached out to straighten the portrait of herp 10 MP 2003
thinks there's no point in leaving until they clear.‘ ‘What about the flight?‘ ‘Delayed. Nothing's taking off. The whole airport isp 14 MP 2003
them of their childhoods.‘ ‘Childhoods they didn't actually have. What about the rest of us -- why do we have top 15 MP 2003
of disaffection that threw ever-longer shadows. Yet I only heard about the incendiary device that destroyed a McDonald's in the Finchleyp 26 MP 2003
face. A torrent of blood sprang from her strong nose, about which she had always been sensitive. Strangely, it was thep 30 MP 2003
himself as if confirming something that Laura had once said about me. ‘Yes, but one can be too sceptical. Some thingsp 31 MP 2003
violent death? I don't think I have any.‘ ‘They're worried about new terrorist groups. Thrill-seekers with a taste for random violencep 32 MP 2003
a long way from St John's Wood.‘ ‘We were worried about Laura. And about you.‘ ‘Good. By the way, Laura's handbagp 32 MP 2003
from St John's Wood.‘ ‘We were worried about Laura. And about you.‘ ‘Good. By the way, Laura's handbag ...?‘ ‘It's in myp 32 MP 2003
imagine what's she's like in bed.‘ ‘Unspeakable. Don't even think about it.‘ Angela stared across the road with narrowed eyes andp 36 MP 2003
the sort of thing Dr Mengele got up to. Think about that, Mr Markham.‘ ‘I do, Angela ...‘ We completed our circuitp 36 MP 2003
air vent near the Terminal 2 carousel. The muddled threats about Third-World tourism belonged to the deluded mind-set of some backpackerp 37 MP 2003
and television crews. The police were morose and unpredictable, paranoid about any challenge to their authority. The television reporters were littlep 39 MP 2003
through the startled tourists and curious passers-by who were milling about in the centre of the road. Angela and her ponytailedp 40 MP 2003
All the air in the street had vanished. I was about to faint, and had the desperate notion that if Ip 46 MP 2003
centre of attention. For all her friendliness, she was curious about me, as if I failed somehow to convince her. Duringp 49 MP 2003
the world. You're lucky you weren't locked up.‘ ‘And what about you? The Chinese girl and the clergyman?‘ ‘Sounds like ap 50 MP 2003
really stretched. That's why we're waking up and doing something about it. We're holding a series of street demos.‘ ‘The problemp 52 MP 2003
at it through a camera lens? They wouldn't learn much about sex, but they'd learn a lot about film.‘ ‘And thatp 53 MP 2003
wouldn't learn much about sex, but they'd learn a lot about film.‘ ‘And that went down a treat?‘ ‘They loved itp 53 MP 2003
especially someone at the Adler. When you're better we'll talk about it. We're moving into a more serious phase.‘ ‘Violence isn'tp 55 MP 2003
to be responsible. It's such a special key. Everyone dreams about violence, and when so many people dream the same dreamp 56 MP 2003
wrong island.‘ ‘He can't fly?‘ ‘Spiritually. Like you, he's unsure about everything.‘ ‘And the Chinese girl?‘ ‘Joan Chang. She's his navigatorp 57 MP 2003
But the poster reminded me of another Carol Reed film, about a wounded gunman on the run, manipulated and betrayed byp 57 MP 2003
keeps you in corporate clients.‘ ‘Right. But there's one problem about this trash society. The middle classes like it.‘ ‘Of coursep 64 MP 2003
door. ‘Believe me, the next revolution is going to be about parking.‘ At the time, I thought she was joking. Thep 66 MP 2003
to straighten out the world. ‘I might write a paper about the phenomenon. "The Upholstered Apocalypse." The middle classes have movedp 67 MP 2003
it, dear. You're just waiting to be shocked.‘ ‘I've thought about that.‘ I sat on the edge of the bath, inhalingp 68 MP 2003
violence. Something happened in the Philippines, long before Heathrow.‘ ‘What about Dr Gould? When he was fourteen he was hauled beforep 69 MP 2003
edge of the bidet. ‘We have to find the truth about the Heathrow bomb. Or Laura's death is going to hangp 69 MP 2003
How many want to? They're on our side.‘ ‘Almost. What about Heathrow? It's the one real lead we've had. David, you'vep 72 MP 2003
I knew that my quest for Laura's murderer was really about my second marriage. Avoiding Sally's stare, I remembered the furiousp 72 MP 2003
over. At least we gave the manager something to think about.‘ ‘Locking him in his office?‘ ‘Sixth-formish? I know. But peoplep 78 MP 2003
There's a wonderful view. Aren't you happy here?‘ ‘I've thought about it.‘ She sniffed her black nail polish. ‘Happiness? I likep 78 MP 2003
flats.‘ ‘As long as you stay you're safe. Why worry about what may never happen?‘ ‘It is happening. We're being squeezedp 79 MP 2003
It is happening. We're being squeezed, and there's nothing subtle about a hand grabbing your balls. The council have just paintedp 79 MP 2003
one of them.‘ She smiled to herself, as if thinking about a lover, but I could see the clear sweat thatp 81 MP 2003
snowy white bowl would worry you? How do you feel about the prevalence of toilet taboos among the professional middle classp 88 MP 2003
think she grasped what you were getting at.‘ ‘She'll think about it, when she tells her son to take a showerp 89 MP 2003
dinner parties. I don't know what people find to talk about.‘ Over her shoulder she replied to her husband: ‘Dinner partiesp 91 MP 2003
a family friend. Tell me, sir, how would you feel about Spray-on Mud?‘ ‘Spray-on --?‘ ‘Mud. A synthetic liquid mud, convenientlyp 93 MP 2003
laughter. ‘"Spray-on Mud." Sorry, David, I couldn't resist that. Think about it, though. We could make a million -- it's thep 94 MP 2003
the policeman, who beckoned us into the estate. He was about to caution me for not wearing a helmet, but letp 99 MP 2003
to go to the police. In fact, I'm seriously thinking about it.‘ ‘You're right. I wouldn't stop you. I'd happily testifyp 104 MP 2003
He rallied himself, touching his dog collar. ‘I was thinking about Heathrow. It's hard to grasp. I'm sure the police willp 105 MP 2003
things over. A lot of time. Don't talk to anyone about the video store. I'm not pushing you out, but Ip 106 MP 2003
Kay Churchill?‘ ‘Not Kay. She's too generous with herself.‘ ‘What about Vera Blackburn?‘ ‘More of a problem. I'm watching her.‘ ‘Andp 107 MP 2003
terrorist. She said nothing, frowning hard at her toast, thought about it for an hour and then made a fierce effortp 108 MP 2003
have passion. They hate their lives and they're doing something about it. The French revolution was started by the middle classp 109 MP 2003
Chelsea Marina. Going to bijou little dinner parties and worrying about the Volvo and the school fees. At least you're doingp 110 MP 2003
owe it to Laura to clear the thing up.‘ ‘What about the bomb fragments? They must say something.‘ ‘Puzzling. British Armyp 112 MP 2003
There was a bomb in Twickenham last night.‘ ‘You heard about that? It wasn't on the breakfast news.‘ Henry peered sharplyp 112 MP 2003
incidents there are -- most of the "fires" you read about are really bomb attacks. There are some curious targets.‘ ‘Suburbanp 112 MP 2003
with my first wife's mementoes. I realized that she was about to report me to Superintendent Michaels, and tell him ofp 113 MP 2003
Yes.‘ She stirred the sherry with her finger. ‘I thought about it.‘ ‘Why? He would have arrested me on the spotp 114 MP 2003
Boy, the unforgettable furniture of the 20th Century's greatest dream, about to exit through a furnace vent of its own makingp 119 MP 2003
of Parliament, as if the entire Palace of Westminster was about to ignite from within. The waiter pointed to a champagnep 124 MP 2003
aloofness. When he stepped behind me there was something evasive about him that reminded me of another shadowy figure who hadp 125 MP 2003
his badge, reminding himself of his own identity. ‘Don't worry about prison. At least, not yet.‘ ‘So everyone got away. How'sp 131 MP 2003
hand at the derelict buildings around us. ‘David, who cares about the NFT? Look what they've done here. For three hundredp 131 MP 2003
motorways, car parks. They're in flight from the real. Think about that, David, while I make some coffee. Then I'll drivep 133 MP 2003
not her sort of place. Besides, she has a thing about ...‘ ‘Physicians?‘ Gould nodded tolerantly. Eyeing my own coffee, he wipedp 135 MP 2003
at God? Television at its most glib. A game show.‘ ‘About God?‘ Gould smiled at the ceiling. ‘That's quite a thoughtp 136 MP 2003
first marriages go wrong. That's how we learn the truth about ourselves.‘ ‘We were divorced.‘ ‘Divorce from a first wife isp 138 MP 2003
But why Chelsea Marina? A collection of club-class professionals complaining about their legroom? Kay Churchill trying to shock the bourgeoisie outp 138 MP 2003
to notice me. ‘Heathrow? That's difficult for you to think about. I understand, David, but your wife's death wasn't necessarily pointlessp 140 MP 2003
a stop behind Sally's car. I decided to say nothing about my role in the NFT attack, which Sally would neverp 142 MP 2003
and there were hoots of laughter at some absurd comment about our motives for picketing the BBC. Looking at the attentivep 149 MP 2003
BBC's patronizing tone that she cut her finger, Kay set about organizing a demo. We would flood Portland Place with protestersp 149 MP 2003
her jacket torn, was complaining to a weary inspector. ‘What about today? Is this part of your project?‘ ‘No. It's morep 158 MP 2003
Unconsciously? Maybe. Once we went to bed I didn't talk about it.‘ ‘You didn't need to. You got up to peep 161 MP 2003
pointed accusingly at the blank screen. ‘Three people died. Think about it, David. Some poor warder giving his life for ap 162 MP 2003
courthouse he asked me to bring you here ...‘ I thought about this as I changed into my tweed suit, which hungp 165 MP 2003
Looking back at the BBC demo, how do you feel about it?‘ ‘We all arrived on time, and knew what wep 169 MP 2003
on the dashboard. ‘As it happens, I agree with you.‘ ‘About the NFT?‘ ‘About everything. Fortnums, the BBC, Harrods, Legoland. Smokep 169 MP 2003
As it happens, I agree with you.‘ ‘About the NFT?‘ ‘About everything. Fortnums, the BBC, Harrods, Legoland. Smoke bombs and picketsp 169 MP 2003
on Dexter's shoulders, trying to calm him. ‘Stephen ... I'm sorry about Joan. It's horrific for you.‘ ‘For her.‘ Dexter forced mep 185 MP 2003
Is that a compliment, David?‘ ‘In your case, yes. Tragic about Joan Chang.‘ ‘Appalling. She was so sweet. I had top 186 MP 2003
raised my voice. ‘You were following him. Why?‘ ‘We're worried about Stephen.‘ She took the white coat from me and foldedp 187 MP 2003
reason.‘ ‘What else?‘ ‘I'm trying to guess. Did he know about the bomb?‘ ‘How could he?‘ She touched my chin. ‘He'dp 187 MP 2003
flap against the windscreen. I felt closer to the truth about the Heathrow bomb than I had been since arriving atp 188 MP 2003
hear his latest opinions on everything. How is he?‘ ‘Worried about you. They all want you back at the Institute. Theyp 191 MP 2003
Henry told me a lot of things I didn't know.‘ ‘About Laura? Gallant of him.‘ ‘And about you. Husbands are thep 191 MP 2003
things I didn't know.‘ ‘About Laura? Gallant of him.‘ ‘And about you. Husbands are the last strangers. Are you ready top 191 MP 2003
manager at the home called several times. She's started talking about you.‘ ‘Has she? Too bad. It's not my favourite topicp 192 MP 2003
real part.‘ ‘You were at Broadcasting House.‘ ‘Someone told you about that?‘ ‘The Home Office take a keen interest in everythingp 193 MP 2003
staff assumed it was a hoax, some kind of joke about the famous wobble.‘ ‘Who made the call? They must havep 195 MP 2003
it to yourself. It came from a mobile phone, stolen about a week ago from Lambeth Palace. A Church of Englandp 195 MP 2003
a large gin. ‘What exactly is happening?‘ ‘Nothing, yet. It's about to start. It could be rough, David.‘ ‘Don't sound sop 199 MP 2003
in Hammersmith, the King Street shopping mall. Consumer hell.‘ ‘What about Stephen?‘ ‘He's looking at glassware, in the local Habitat. I'mp 202 MP 2003
with Henry -- he's always the same as ever. What about you, David?‘ ‘Busy.‘ I watched her stow the walking sticksp 219 MP 2003
that saps the middle-class will. We're trying to do something about it.‘ ‘By letting off a bomb? That's even more childishp 220 MP 2003
some idee fixe, and nothing else matters. He doesn't care about himself, and that really appeals to you. In men, anywayp 220 MP 2003
It keeps him on his toes. What did he talk about?‘ ‘Nothing. He looked at me in a very odd wayp 221 MP 2003
out for the day, helping to make a television documentary about middle-class radicalism in the London suburbs. Confident that a newp 234 MP 2003
as she abused the police. I assumed that she was about to raise anchor and set sail for the Thames estuaryp 235 MP 2003
spoor I no longer wanted to follow. I was thinking about the gate, and the police waiting in their vans. Atp 236 MP 2003
are pointless, and they realize there's nothing they can do about it. Or almost nothing.‘ ‘Not true.‘ Impatient with this familiarp 249 MP 2003
to grasp the truth. ‘He might even have been thinking about you.‘ ‘Richard!‘ Angrily, I punched his shoulder. ‘I need top 250 MP 2003
Tate Modern. ‘Why would Stephen ring them?‘ ‘Go on. Think about it.‘ ‘His job was to make the warning call. Whilep 251 MP 2003
But there was no warning call. The police were certain about that.‘ Gould nodded encouragingly. ‘Stephen never rang security. Why notp 251 MP 2003
and tossed it into the car. ‘He sat here, reading about God and the neurosciences. Then he heard the explosion. Hep 251 MP 2003
reach him. He switched on the car radio and learned about the casualties. He must have been appalled.‘ ‘He was.‘ Gouldp 251 MP 2003
supposed to close Heathrow for days and make people think about the Third World. They'd cancel their holidays and send thep 252 MP 2003
aviation grease could shield me from what I had learned about Laura's death. With an effort, I controlled my anger. Ip 252 MP 2003
so. But why me?‘ ‘I'd seen you on television, talking about elective disease: self-inflicted paralysis, imaginary handicaps, states of voluntary madnessp 254 MP 2003
tunnel. It turned out the baggage handler had been talking about the wrong plane. The Zurich passengers reached the carousel asp 254 MP 2003
cancer, what do you say? It's not enough to talk about the grand design of nature. Either the world is atp 255 MP 2003
confidence, a concerned gaze that had nothing of the fanatic about it. He was the caring physician on the ward ofp 257 MP 2003
where she lived.‘ ‘Vera had her address on a petition about Third-World tourism. It was somewhere near the River Cafe, sop 258 MP 2003
from my breast pocket and cleaned his forefinger. ‘I'm sorry about Joan. I liked her, and that spoiled the experiment.‘ ‘Andp 261 MP 2003
came here alone.‘ ‘No one called you? Kay Churchill? What about Sally?‘ ‘She's in France with some friends. I haven't heardp 272 MP 2003
attention, I stood between Gould and the sun. ‘I've thought about what you were saying. These dreams you've had -- thep 273 MP 2003
brushed her hair, but there was a hint of sleep about her when I held her shoulders and kissed her cheekp 275 MP 2003
you ...?‘ ‘I'm all right, It's you we need to worry about.‘ She noticed my injured hand and held it up top 275 MP 2003
you went?‘ ‘Why not? He's a friend of yours.‘ ‘Just about. Was everything ...?‘ ‘He's sweet, and very, very strange.‘ She staredp 276 MP 2003
impressed.‘ ‘So was Richard. Last night he explained his ideas about God. They're rather frightening.‘ ‘They would be.‘ ‘Death, violence --p 276 MP 2003
be with the official party.‘ ‘The Home Secretary's? You know about the visit?‘ ‘It's why we're here. Vera Blackburn knows everythingp 277 MP 2003
did shoot her.‘ ‘It never happened. He needs to think about violence, the more pointless the better. I've tried to helpp 278 MP 2003
my footprints in the carpet. ‘Do you think --?‘ ‘What about a weapon? A shotgun or ...?‘ Sally said nothing, listening top 279 MP 2003
me as Richard Gould's chief collaborator. Aware that he was about to shoot me, I stepped back to the Saab andp 286 MP 2003
were they rebelling against?‘ ‘Well ... I may write a book about it.‘ But I was thinking of another time, a briefp 293 MP 2003
for the post of son and heir, though very hazy about duties and entitlements ... I was very hazy, and not onlyp 9 KC 2006
duties and entitlements ... I was very hazy, and not only about my father. A week before his death I drove ap 9 KC 2006
uneasily at the sky above the multi-storey garage. I was about to ask him about the St George's badges worn byp 9 KC 2006
above the multi-storey garage. I was about to ask him about the St George's badges worn by many of the passers-byp 9 KC 2006
be one of my father's girlfriends, but I knew nothing about the old sky-dog's last days. She waited irritably when herp 15 KC 2006
mantelpiece, and an album lovingly filled with cuttings from Campaign about my then successful career? Holding the door keys in myp 16 KC 2006
paediatric journal and raised it across the table, as if about to strike Sergeant Falconer on the head, then let herp 22 KC 2006
a few seconds. ‘Do you know?‘ ‘I can guess.‘ Something about this attractive but quirky policewoman made me want to talkp 22 KC 2006
random into a lunch-hour crowd, killing a retired airline pilot about to buy his favourite tobacco. A scrum of police surroundedp 27 KC 2006
natives a lesson. ‘My father ...?‘ I reminded him. ‘You were about to say?‘ ‘A remarkable man. To tell the truth, wep 30 KC 2006
stood up, he turned aggressively to face me, as if about to knock me to the floor. A confused pride madep 32 KC 2006
its cutest show ...‘ ‘It all sounds terrible.‘ I was thinking about the quickest route back to London. ‘Rather like the restp 33 KC 2006
funeral, and she seemed embarrassed to see me. She was about to speak to Fairfax, but he waved her away withp 34 KC 2006
of each other. I recognized none of them, though something about the unruly hair of a young woman with her backp 34 KC 2006
to the couple, but they were stared at and shouldered about until a Metro-Centre security man intervened. Tom Carradine, the publicp 37 KC 2006
helpful and concerned, eager to tell me everything he knew about the circumstances of my father's death. If anything, he wasp 38 KC 2006
father's death. If anything, he was rather too keen, talking about angles of fire and bullet velocities as if describing ap 38 KC 2006
then see Christie committed for trial. Already I was unsure about everything -- the sight of Mrs Christie in my solicitor'sp 38 KC 2006
kilobyte capacities. The human race sleepwalked to oblivion, thinking only about the corporate logos on its shroud. ‘Mr Pearson? I'm sorryp 41 KC 2006
shoppers, as if ready to make a consumer affairs announcement about the porridge supply. ‘Impressive,‘ I said. ‘Completely bear-like. They lookp 42 KC 2006
the bears had brought us closer together. ‘It's a pity about the bears, but they seem to be well cared forp 43 KC 2006
programme,‘ Carradine explained. ‘It's very popular. Customers come on, talk about their shopping experiences. The Metro-Centre has its own cable channelp 45 KC 2006
higher ratings than BBC2.‘ ‘People go home and watch programmes about shopping?‘ ‘More than shopping, Mr Pearson. Health and lifestyle issuesp 45 KC 2006
the television screen where the suntanned presenter was interviewing housewives about their experiences with a new reusable cat litter. I guessedp 46 KC 2006
family.‘ Carradine pointed the receiver at me. ‘Duncan Christie.‘ ‘What about him? Is he dead? Don't tell me he hanged himselfp 47 KC 2006
a hoax. Or a cock-up, some legal blunder. They're talking about a different case.‘ ‘No. It's Duncan Christie. The Crown Prosecutionp 47 KC 2006
Fine. He's innocent, isn't he?‘ I watched the constables sauntering about the steps, truncheons reluctantly sheathed, like salesmen deprived of theirp 49 KC 2006
repressed? Sergeant Falconer was wary and defensive, and not only about the confused police investigation into my father's death. I knewp 49 KC 2006
was only a few feet away.‘ ‘They recognized Christie? What about the earlier witnesses?‘ ‘Unreliable. One or two people saw himp 50 KC 2006
with careful emphasis. ‘Mr Pearson?‘ ‘I can't say. But something about all this strikes me as more than a little oddp 51 KC 2006
to London, Mr Pearson. See your travel agent. I'm sorry about your father, but if you stir things up enough you'llp 51 KC 2006
approached the van he shook himself free from the ushers about to bundle him through the side door. Ignoring his wifep 52 KC 2006
see how I would react. For once, I was thinking about matters even more urgent than parking fines. As I startedp 52 KC 2006
of racism in senior pilots. Or was there something fascist about flight itself? Death, far from closing his life, had openedp 56 KC 2006
seemed to relax a little, reassured that I was not about to harm him. ‘It's best to keep your door lockedp 58 KC 2006
a broken mobile phone. A mildly hysterical woman argued endlessly about a traffic intersection with her passive husband. An elderly manp 60 KC 2006
news of his wife. Lastly, there was myself, more uncertain about my father than I had been when I first arrivedp 60 KC 2006
gaze, and I sensed that she was aware of something about me that I had yet to learn. She was attractivep 61 KC 2006
office. I had the sense that she had been briefed about me, and knew more of my background than might havep 62 KC 2006
storm troopers.‘ Dr Goodwin spoke firmly, addressing a thoughtless child about to burn himself on a hot stove. ‘Keep away fromp 62 KC 2006
to play along. I was sure that she knew more about my father's death than she admitted. Busy doctors did notp 64 KC 2006
of me and my motives for seeing her. ‘Richard, think about it for a moment. People come in here looking forp 66 KC 2006
All these retail parks are the same. Rootless people drifting about. The only time they touch reality is when they fallp 66 KC 2006
at the approaching wave as if it were a tsunami about to climb the beach and overwhelm her. ‘I know Duncanp 70 KC 2006
father. I want you to help me find him. Forget about Duncan Christie and Fairfax ...‘ She let me steer her intop 70 KC 2006
a cavernous pothole. ‘What a place to live.‘ ‘You're talking about my patients.‘ Julia shielded her eyes from the glare. ‘Mostlyp 72 KC 2006
to his double at the far end of the ground about a range of men's colognes and grooming aids. Fragments ofp 73 KC 2006
don't want to blow the Metro-Centre's trumpet, but consumerism is about a lot more than buying things. You agree, Doreen? Goodp 78 KC 2006
war map. I wanted to meet her again, but everything about her was almost too elusive. At the Holiday Inn, besidep 79 KC 2006
she had been nervous and aggressive, a little too devious about her reasons for attending my father's funeral. At the samep 79 KC 2006
I was sure that she wanted to tell me something about his death, perhaps more than I cared to know. Thep 79 KC 2006
outright lie was the closest one came to truth. Thinking about this moody young doctor, I carried my whisky into thep 80 KC 2006
me, having done his bit to set free the man about to be charged with my father's murder. Even a lifetime'sp 81 KC 2006
new kind of society. There's no point in telling them about parliamentary democracy, the church or the monarchy. The old ideasp 85 KC 2006
Look at its art and architecture. There's something deeply cold about them.‘ ‘And consumerism?‘ ‘It celebrates coming together. Shared dreams andp 85 KC 2006
and unfocused, a methadone addict forever emerging from rehab. Everything about him, from his large feet in a pair of unmatchedp 89 KC 2006
of every kitchen in Brooklands, but there was something surrealist about their presence that unsettled the small crowd. A middle-aged womanp 89 KC 2006
hatred of the fleshy actor who incarnated everything he loathed about the mall. ‘Christie -- it's time to go.‘ His wifep 94 KC 2006
the tumbler of malt. I assumed that he knew everything about me, and that Geoffrey Fairfax had told him about myp 98 KC 2006
everything about me, and that Geoffrey Fairfax had told him about my enquiries. ‘So ...‘ Maxted put down his tumbler. ‘Tell mep 98 KC 2006
haven't.‘ Maxted waved me down. ‘Listen to me. I'm sorry about the old man. A cruel way for him to gop 100 KC 2006
meaning floating over a sea of undefined emotions. We're talking about a virtual politics unconnected to any reality, one which redefinesp 100 KC 2006
useful indiscretion. For all his bull-necked toughness, he was uneasy about something, and more vulnerable than I probably realized. I waitedp 101 KC 2006
a zoo fit for psychopaths.‘ ‘Exactly. That's what we like about it. We like dual carriageways and parking lots. We likep 101 KC 2006
hurt. The motorway towns are violent places. We're not talking about a few individuals who go off the rails. We're talkingp 102 KC 2006
a few individuals who go off the rails. We're talking about collective psychology. The whole area is waiting for trouble. Allp 102 KC 2006
realizing it.‘ Maxted spoke without irony. ‘You have to think about England as a whole, not just Brooklands and the Thamesp 102 KC 2006
the kind of madness we deal with here. I'm talking about a willed insanity the sort that we higher primates thrivep 103 KC 2006
shoulders, and did his best to straighten my suit. ‘Think about it, Richard. You could help us in all kinds ofp 107 KC 2006
I was breathing rapidly, and felt strangely excited, as if about to make love to an unfamiliar woman, in charge ofp 121 KC 2006
in their retail paradise, they lacked the courage to bring about their own destruction. The crowd outside the town hall hadp 127 KC 2006
idea. It didn't really work, though.‘ ‘What are you talking about? Have you seen Tony Maxted and Sangster?‘ ‘All over thep 130 KC 2006
riot. Maxted and Sangster are being used. I don't know about Geoffrey Fairfax. The real people behind the bomb want streetp 131 KC 2006
She reached out to grip my hand. ‘Richard, I'm sorry about Brooklands, it's been a nightmare for you ...‘ I sat backp 132 KC 2006
than ever. Part of me wanted to confront Julia Goodwin about my father's fatal injury and the mysterious role played byp 132 KC 2006
lovers? I could imagine her in the kitchen, reminding him about his next flu jab as he cooked an omelette forp 133 KC 2006
hand on my shoulder. ‘Richard? Are you holding on?‘ ‘Just about. That was one very bizarre day. I'm glad you're herep 133 KC 2006
ajar. A desperate woman was sitting on my father's bed, about to make love to his son for reasons that hadp 135 KC 2006
stands. His screen self spoke to an elderly team supporter about her new bedroom suite, his hand bouncing the mattress asp 138 KC 2006
gym users. He was bantering and easy-listening, but never ironic about himself. A minor deity should never express doubt over hisp 138 KC 2006
it's always safer to stick to what you know nothing about. In my case, sport and home improvements. Forget about right-wingp 143 KC 2006
nothing about. In my case, sport and home improvements. Forget about right-wing cliques hiding behind their family crests.‘ ‘I have. Butp 144 KC 2006
on their toes, you can say what everyone secretly feels about immigrants and asylum seekers. You're the star in every housewife'sp 144 KC 2006
reforming a series of half-smiles, the signal that he was about to be sincere. ‘Listen, Richard -- you have to understandp 144 KC 2006
I act being a sports commentator. Do I know anything about sports? Between you and me, almost nothing. I've never slicedp 144 KC 2006
In fact, it's a help. The best commentators know nothing about sport. Their commentaries are the kind that viewers would givep 144 KC 2006
a TV host sitting with a studio panel, talking quietly about what matters in their lives. It's a new kind ofp 145 KC 2006
storm troops. That's the old politics. The new politics is about people's dreams and needs, their hopes and fears. Your rolep 146 KC 2006
to be disciplined by someone. They want to be ordered about.‘ ‘Exactly.‘ Cruise slapped the arm of his chair, and listenedp 147 KC 2006
as she poked and pried, and misread my last doubts about moving permanently to Brooklands. ‘Where?‘ she asked, when I explainedp 152 KC 2006
me, but had their own reasons for not questioning me about the bomb. Perhaps they feared that I would embarrass themp 153 KC 2006
I preferred to keep out of their way and think about my father. In a sense I knew him far betterp 153 KC 2006
Cruise.‘ ‘I did. She says there's a new one. Something about a man laughing in an abattoir.‘ ‘What did she thinkp 162 KC 2006
party sense?‘ ‘No. It's the real thing. There's no doubt about it. I've been watching it grow for the past yearp 167 KC 2006
will tighten around London and choke it to death.‘ ‘What about the police?‘ ‘Useless. Whole streets are torched and they claimp 169 KC 2006
his stale, threatening clothes. ‘Will you join us?‘ ‘I'll think about it.‘ Sangster held my shoulders in his huge hands, ap 169 KC 2006
they're fearful of what may happen tonight. Let me know about the Home Office delegation.‘ ‘I'll get Julia to call youp 170 KC 2006
life.‘ Carradine nodded promptly, but there was a sharp-eyed caution about him that had become more pronounced since the bomb inp 172 KC 2006
gloomy?‘ ‘Never. Existential choice. Isn't that what the Metro-Centre is about?‘ ‘I think it is.‘ ‘Dr Maxted explained everything on hisp 173 KC 2006
stopped and held my arm, as if the sky was about to fall onto the dome and slide down the roofp 174 KC 2006
the blood trickle over the mike. Things I didn't know about myself. God, the stuff waiting to come out. All thep 178 KC 2006
engine up the product a little. I could talk more about my alcoholism and drug use.‘ ‘You're not an alcoholic. You'rep 179 KC 2006
milk in my father's kitchen, I might learn the truth about his death. ‘Mr Pearson?‘ She freed her hand, but madep 186 KC 2006
They kept me at arm's length until I spoke loudly about ‘middle-class snobs‘. Picked up twenty supporters waiting in car parkp 194 KC 2006
on: I realize there are no leaders. A Metro-Centre newsletter about a discount carpet sale is all that holds them togetherp 195 KC 2006
at 400 knots. Will the passengers mind? Everything I've read about the Nazi leaders shows that their followers didn't fear disasterp 195 KC 2006
chief problem -- there's no one I can talk to about all this. Sport dominates everything, and fringe violence is partp 195 KC 2006
realize, it. That's the strange thing. When I saw Fairfax about my pension he said: ‘Who are the leaders?‘ Obvious questionp 196 KC 2006
I tried to raise this with Fairfax, but he talked about his golf handicap. He's part of a curious little cabalp 196 KC 2006
same time, these undercover missions raised a number of questions about his death. Had he been betrayed by a friend inp 197 KC 2006
of a large invasion force, and assumed that it was about to rehearse the seizure of Heathrow Airport after a terroristp 200 KC 2006
When he addressed the camera he was in no doubt about the threat to every Metro-Centre customer and every sports-club supporterp 203 KC 2006
inspection hatch and wearily doffed his helmet, then whispered hoarsely about the dangers of igniting the Metro-Centre's oil stores. ‘We're talkingp 203 KC 2006
the dangers of igniting the Metro-Centre's oil stores. ‘We're talking about timed devices,‘ he darkly informed his cable viewers. ‘Be onp 203 KC 2006
rampage through a modest county town, but the referee was about to blow the whistle and there would be no extrap 205 KC 2006
late. We'll take my car.‘ ‘You heard the news flash? About David Cruise?‘ ‘Someone put a bullet through him.‘ Maxted steppedp 207 KC 2006
face, knuckle marks bruising his cheek. ‘Is he alive?‘ ‘Just about.‘ Maxted reversed and ran over a rose display. He wincedp 208 KC 2006
but he knew he'd left it too late. He'd heard about the army units waiting at the racetrack.‘ ‘I saw themp 209 KC 2006
available in the Metro-Centre's thirty pharmacies. Beyond that, she worried about the larger infection incubated within the dome that had begunp 222 KC 2006
me, and shook her head wearily whenever I appeared, asking about David Cruise's health. Ask about your own health, her tiredp 230 KC 2006
wearily whenever I appeared, asking about David Cruise's health. Ask about your own health, her tired but punitive gaze seemed top 230 KC 2006
remained silent. I said nothing to Sangster or Tony Maxted about my sighting of Duncan Christie, deciding to keep this top 231 KC 2006
had removed his oxygen mask and spoken to several witnesses about his determination to defend the Metro-Centre and return it top 231 KC 2006
as the last of the returnees stepped shakily into freedom. About three hundred hostages now remained, and the same number ofp 232 KC 2006
at the remote prospect. ‘That's what's so interesting. This isn't about the Metro-Centre: it's about England today. Now, go back top 234 KC 2006
That's what's so interesting. This isn't about the Metro-Centre: it's about England today. Now, go back to your room and restp 234 KC 2006
last heave bumped against my chair. As I stepped forward, about to kick it back into the water, the undertow turnedp 236 KC 2006
I ought to take a look -- I keep forgetting about him.‘ I followed her into the storeroom, where Cruise layp 239 KC 2006
the baby bear's massive paw. ‘Maxted ... is Julia safe?‘ ‘Just about. Rape isn't a problem ... yet, I'm glad to say. Thep 241 KC 2006
They don't want it to end, though they're being subtle about it. This is a huge social laboratory, and they're watchingp 242 KC 2006
asked Maxted. ‘Don't tell me Carradine is going to complain about the ironing. The siege must be over.‘ ‘Nice idea. Butp 242 KC 2006
But an even stranger phase of the Metro-Centre siege was about to begin. At eight o'clock, when there was no signp 246 KC 2006
a clergyman, but Maxted frightened him off. All that talk about elective insanity.‘ ‘He thought I meant the Christian Church.‘ Maxtedp 258 KC 2006
rants, would make a powerful point. People would think hard about where they were going.‘ ‘So you needed a triggerman. Andp 259 KC 2006
do was point him at the target.‘ ‘You weren't worried about the ...?‘ ‘Ethics of it all? Of course, we were planningp 259 KC 2006
Cruise. Especially as his daughter liked to watch them bobbing about on a children's programme. He fired blindly, and hit yourp 261 KC 2006
of shots echo through the atrium. ‘Sporting rifles -- that about spells it out. The problem was David Cruise. He wasp 262 KC 2006
knew how stupid I'd been, listening to all this talk about elective madness.‘ ‘Talk, maybe. But I was right.‘ Maxted quietlyp 262 KC 2006
His camouflage jacket stank of petrol, as if he were about to combust spontaneously in the sunlight. He calmed himself, andp 269 KC 2006
by a single obsession, I knew that his life was about to end, expiring in the sights of a police marksmanp 270 KC 2006
through the fractured roof. ‘It's all been such a fuss about nothing ...‘ The past, in its small but persistent ways, wasp 272 KC 2006
identify in all that ash. One thing you can say about consumer durables, they give off a lot of heat.‘ ‘Wherep 277 KC 2006
I'll come, if you tell me something. I've been thinking about it all week.‘ She pointed to the dome and thep 278 KC 2006
hints and book-group discussions. Once people began to talk earnestly about the novel any hope of freedom had died. The oncep 279 KC 2006
to me in later years, as if this revealed something about the larger thoughtlessness of the world. Over dinner she wouldp 3 ML 2008
young man (doctor friends say that there is nothing remarkable about such a birth). My sister Margaret, born in September 1937p 3 ML 2008
at 31 Amherst Avenue, in the western suburbs of Shanghai, about eight hundred yards beyond the boundary of the International Settlementp 3 ML 2008
banks, hotels and trading houses facing the Whangpoo river, for about five miles to the west. Almost all the city's departmentp 4 ML 2008
in the world‘, though as a child I knew nothing about the thousands of bars and brothels. Unlimited venture capitalism rodep 5 ML 2008
taps, soap and towels, and I hope the same frankness about the body and its all too human functions. But physicalp 12 ML 2008
by the extremely low wages paid. No. 1 Boy received about £30 a year (perhaps £1000 at today's values) and thep 13 ML 2008
perhaps £1000 at today's values) and the coolies and amahs about £10 a year. They lived rent-free but had to buyp 13 ML 2008
the time I was 14 I had become as fatalistic about death, poverty and hunger as the Chinese. I knew thatp 16 ML 2008
and, later, Superman. Terry and the Pirates was my favourite, about an American mercenary pilot in the Far East, part ofp 20 ML 2008
shopkeepers, French dentists and Sikh school-bus drivers made disparaging remarks about British power. The dream of empire died when Singapore surrenderedp 21 ML 2008
four Airedale dogs, nursing a new baby and asking me about the latest news from downtown Shanghai. She listened with apparentp 22 ML 2008
listened with apparent interest as I told her in detail about a new French or Italian warship moored off the Bundp 22 ML 2008
invite me into their dark interior world, where they lounged about cleaning their equipment. I liked these Tommies with their strangep 29 ML 2008
to be filmed. The English adults began to talk now about ‘home‘, a rose-pink view of England that seemed to consistp 38 ML 2008
cars and cooled their vermouth in American refrigerators. They talked about retiring, not to the Cotswolds, but to South Africa, withp 38 ML 2008
thirty years younger than the residents. I asked my mother about drugs, and she insisted that no one in her circlep 40 ML 2008
laboriously transcribing endless paragraphs from Kingsley's Westward Ho!, a tale about the Spanish Main, it occurred to me that I couldp 42 ML 2008
to anyone as baffled as I had been. I filled about half an exercise book, furnishing it with diagrams in thep 42 ML 2008
parents, who died in the 1930s. My father rarely talked about his childhood, and I think that by the time ofp 45 ML 2008
and finishing of textiles, and he often enthused to me about the brilliant work of the great German chemists in thep 47 ML 2008
his head and spoke to her. My mother rarely talked about her life in West Bromwich, or the large family ofp 50 ML 2008
happy or unhappy. The only thing she ever told me about her schooldays was that the future film actress Madeleine Carrollp 51 ML 2008
and sailed for Shanghai in 1929. My parents never spoke about their reasons for leaving England, and it never occurred top 51 ML 2008
little wanly as the radio announcer spoke through the static about captured German steam locomotives, I may already have realised thatp 61 ML 2008
let me stay out to all hours, and I set about exploring every corner of the camp, meeting a host ofp 67 ML 2008
the other children warned me that the guards were approaching. About a third of the original site was excluded from thep 67 ML 2008
though I never really liked him, and found something threatening about his tough and self-reliant mind. I sensed that circumstances hadp 70 ML 2008
His parents were interned in Peking, but he never spoke about them, which baffled me at the time, and I suspectp 70 ML 2008
as ‘Shanghai Jim‘ (for constantly telling anyone who would listen about some strange Hardoon temple I had found on my cyclep 70 ML 2008
reading in England) and could come up with arresting ideas about everything under the sun. Years of property and financial scamsp 73 ML 2008
to do his share of the lavatory-cleaning fatigue, pre-war gossip about Mrs So-and-so, until they noticed my keen ears and gleamingp 73 ML 2008
was an hour less to endure, and even a discussion about the relative merits of the Packard and the Rolls-Royce couldp 74 ML 2008
would last twenty seconds and involved me being repeatedly struck about the helmet and face mask, which I could scarcely seep 78 ML 2008
done little or nothing to create. I felt fairly sceptical about the adult world and the notions of good sense andp 81 ML 2008
the absence from Lunghua of my parents. I thought hard about this, but I felt that it was closer to thep 82 ML 2008
toured Europe in his large American car. I was 17, about to go to Cambridge, unsure whether to be a doctorp 84 ML 2008
more than twenty years, and the advice he gave me about English life was out of date. I went my ownp 84 ML 2008
career until Empire of the Sun, which she thought was about her. As an itinerant chess player and magazine hunter, Ip 84 ML 2008
of Shaftesbury Avenue, and was a mine of insider gossip about the London theatre. Cyril was very popular with the ladiesp 86 ML 2008
internees in the men's huts and quizzing them between moves about the world. At the same time I knew nothing aboutp 89 ML 2008
about the world. At the same time I knew nothing about the progress of the war, and our likely fate atp 89 ML 2008
for her sick son. I assume that she knew nothing about the camp radios, but the encouraging news about the warp 91 ML 2008
knew nothing about the camp radios, but the encouraging news about the war may have prompted the first escape from thep 91 ML 2008
early 1945, I was already (aged 14!) starting to worry about the future of Lunghua. I realised that the state ofp 96 ML 2008
the camp but staring at it from a distance. Everything about its perspectives seemed strange and unreal, though it had beenp 102 ML 2008
a B-29 flew towards the camp at a height of about 800 feet. Its bomb doors were open, and for ap 104 ML 2008
and for a few seconds I assumed that we were about to be attacked. A line of canisters fell from thep 104 ML 2008
involve me. I drew level with the platform and was about to walk past it when the soldier with the telephonep 106 ML 2008
played no role in the many decisions I had made about my future career. The voyage was in some ways likep 117 ML 2008
me, and still does. I and my friends questioned them about the bitter battles they had fought with Japanese soldiers, manyp 118 ML 2008
believe this was the England I had read and heard about. Small, putty-faced people moved around, shabbily dressed and with ap 121 ML 2008
boarder, and my mother rented a house at Newton Ferrers, about ten miles from Plymouth, near Shanghai friends. I joined herp 121 ML 2008
or, for that matter, won the Battle of Britain. Everything about English middle-class life revolved around codes of behaviour that unconsciouslyp 125 ML 2008
delusions that people in all walks of life clung to about Britain's place in the world. Most of the British adultsp 126 ML 2008
to convey to anyone not actually there. I never talked about my life in Shanghai or internment in Lunghua even top 130 ML 2008
for reasons I have never understood. The more I learned about English life, the stranger it seemed, and I was unsurep 132 ML 2008
I saw by Chirico, Ernst and Dali were in books about abnormal psychology, or in guides to modern philosophy, both veryp 133 ML 2008
that psychoanalysis and surrealism were a key to the truth about existence and the human personality, and also a key top 133 ML 2008
his calm assumption that psychoanalysis could reveal the complete truth about modern man and his discontents, appealed to me powerfully, especiallyp 134 ML 2008
hall. I was also prone to backing up an argument about existentialism with a raised fist. I had a few closep 135 ML 2008
entering the world as an adult, I felt more confident about the future than I had at any time since arrivingp 136 ML 2008
of often poor teaching and the bulk of the myths about the Cambridge lifestyle. I was very happy with the firstp 140 ML 2008
as I had no idea of how to bring this about. He decided that I should study English literature, the worstp 149 ML 2008
Mayfair. People lived in the present, and no one cared about property values or redecorating their flats. Everything was still veryp 151 ML 2008
would take both hands off the wheel to hold forth about Gammer Gurton's Needle. I had the sense that my lifep 152 ML 2008
wasn't true of Cambridge undergraduates, and already had original ideas about the world. When I mentioned that I had been bornp 152 ML 2008
few Japanese take the Latin mass, but most know nothing about the Christian myths, and the paintings must have seemed completelyp 156 ML 2008
he was not interested in receiving compliments or in talking about his own work. I suspect that he was still sensitivep 156 ML 2008
everyone was eager to hear answered, and only asked Bacon about his handling of space and other academic topics. In hisp 156 ML 2008
and evasive language, with the result that we know less about the motives of this extraordinary painter than we do ofp 157 ML 2008
out of its bourbon and gin. There was no taboo about flying and drinking -- one of my Canadian instructors alwaysp 163 ML 2008
devour. Here was a form of fiction that was actually about the present day, and often as elliptical and ambiguous asp 166 ML 2008
a haircut. No one in Hemingway's post-war novels ever worried about the effects of prolonged exposure to the threat of nuclearp 166 ML 2008
one dominant characteristic -- their fiction was first and foremost about themselves. The ‘self‘ lay at the heart of modernism, butp 166 ML 2008
I was confident that my career as a writer was about to begin. I had written several s-f stories, which hadp 168 ML 2008
pleasantly tight together. For some reason I delayed telling her about my Shanghai background, which I was afraid might appear ap 175 ML 2008
But she sensed that there was something original and fresh about this apparently modest genre, that it was optimistic and positivep 178 ML 2008
NHS, but a strangely penal institution that enshrined then-fashionable views about the post-natal care of mothers and their babies. There wasp 182 ML 2008
a glass of wine and arguing in a strong voice about some topic of the day with two of my men-friendsp 183 ML 2008
at Chemistry & Industry kept me up to the mark about the latest scientific discoveries. An established science magazine receives ap 189 ML 2008
psychology for good or bad. Change was what I wrote about, especially the hidden agendas for change that people were alreadyp 192 ML 2008
wing of science fiction was known. What I admired most about Moorcock was that he was a complete professional, and hadp 193 ML 2008
equivalent of ‘Darling, you were wonderful ...‘ I had many reservations about science fiction as a whole, but the early 1960s werep 194 ML 2008
British forces advanced, and felt that he knew far more about the realities of war and peace than the soft-cheeked protestersp 196 ML 2008
seemed proud of Martin's success. ‘Great stuff,‘ he would say about Martin's latest novel, and I saw none of the meannessp 197 ML 2008
children and still am, and feel much the same way about my four grandchildren. I have always been very proud ofp 200 ML 2008
soon after nine. In those days I finished drinking at about the time today that I start. A friendly microclimate unfurledp 204 ML 2008
for the transformation of the imagination that could be brought about by LSD. The parents‘ generation fought from behind a barricadep 210 ML 2008
Tired of all this, and feeling that the entire wrangle about drugs was ripe for a small send-up, I suggested top 210 ML 2008
car not much bigger than a bullet that travelled at about the same speed. Chris was the first ‘hoodlum scientist‘ Ip 211 ML 2008
after the discovery that patients would be far more frank about their symptoms when talking to a computerised image of ap 214 ML 2008
desk caught my eye, a handout from a pharmaceutical company about a new antidepressant. Seeing my eyes light up, Chris offeredp 214 ML 2008
For years we had carried on noisy but friendly arguments about the right direction for science fiction to take. American andp 215 ML 2008
chatting to an attractive graduate student, recounting another traveller's tale about his latest trip to Japan, a country that fascinated himp 220 ML 2008
to say, never worried me; I was far more concerned about what might happen to my daughters in a car ratherp 228 ML 2008
by the isolated paragraphs and the rather obsessive sexual fantasies about the prominent figures of the day. But the book hasp 236 ML 2008
my first ‘conventional‘ novel for five years. I thought hard about the cluster of ideas that later made up Crash, manyp 238 ML 2008
the arena, an open attack on all the conventional assumptions about our dislike of violence in general and sexual violence inp 238 ML 2008
It occurred to me that I could test my hypothesis about the unconscious links between sex and the car crash byp 239 ML 2008
that we hire a young woman to interview the guests about their reactions. Contacted by telephone, she agreed to appear nakedp 239 ML 2008
made up my mind. All my suspicions had been confirmed about the unconscious links that my novel would explore. My exhibitionp 240 ML 2008
to remind us of the illusions to which we cling about the first. In 1970, encouraged by my crashed cars exhibitionp 241 ML 2008
and the children. But I had always wanted to write about the war years and internment, partly because so few peoplep 248 ML 2008
would fade. Few novelists have waited so long to write about the most formative experiences of their lives, and I amp 248 ML 2008
out of the novel? When I first began to think about the overall story I assumed that the central characters wouldp 249 ML 2008
areas of adult life. To this day I know nothing about the sexual lives of the internees. Did they have affairsp 249 ML 2008
women that sometimes came to blows. But I knew nothing about the festering resentments that must have lasted for months ifp 249 ML 2008
be greeted in the foyer by a huge Tyrannosaurus rex about to deflower a blonde-haired actress in a leopard-skin bikini. Thep 253 ML 2008
and Aida stared at each other. I assumed I was about to be shown the door. ‘When the wave goes outp 254 ML 2008
because I knew unconsciously that I would write a novel about Shanghai, and that extras among my neighbours would one dayp 258 ML 2008
in America. Usually it marks the end of any argument about the merits or otherwise of a film or book. Perhapsp 259 ML 2008
idea of America that no Frenchman or Briton ever feels about his own country. Or it may be that we inp 260 ML 2008
favourite. It seemed to me that we were in agreement about everything, sharing the same taste in films, whether European, Japanesep 261 ML 2008
he had announced that he was Napoleon Bonaparte and was about to be taken away by the men in the whitep 262 ML 2008
we seized gratefully on a compromise candidate, a German thriller about a Turkish detective in Berlin. This had been shown withoutp 263 ML 2008
the BBC TV series Bookmark decided to make a programme about my life and work. Most of it was filmed inp 265 ML 2008
and I felt surprisingly at home, as if I was about to resume the life cut off when the Arrawa setp 269 ML 2008
by a scaffolding of bamboo poles that was in turn about to collapse. At the time of our visit the housep 270 ML 2008
a bicycle shop. ‘Europeans, imprisoned by the Japanese ...?‘ He thought about this. ‘There was a camp -- I don't remember whichp 271 ML 2008
all the meals we have shared together. I still think about Shanghai, but I know that the city is undergoing anotherp 274 ML 2008
to have nothing for sale, and I couldn't help thinking about another old man under his eiderdown of snow in Amherstp 275 ML 2008
has always been completely frank, leaving me with no illusions about the eventual end. But he has urged me to leadp 278 ML 2008