peal of high laughter. ‘I gather there are some twenty-three able-bodied versifiers and so-called poets in Vermilion Sands‘ -- this wasp 223 S5 1961
does that make them?‘ ‘Service stations, where people sleep and ablute. The human body as an obedient coolie, to be fedp 17 SC 2000
films of the execution and maltreatment of children have not ably beneficial effects on the awareness and verbal facility of psychoticp 95 LNE 1968
Good news on the President's CAT scan. There are no abnormal variations in the size or shape of the President's ventriclesp 1120 WW3 1988
any case, tissue removed was examined very carefully for any abnormal pathology, and specimens from selected areas of each side werep 114 MWR 1990
openly exploited our ambiguous responses to the psychologically deviant and abnormal. Sociopaths like Hitler and the other Nazi leaders fall outsidep 238 UGM 1991
Vivaldi. I like to hear my children playing. There's nothing abnormal in that.‘ ‘It seems to work. You've been very bravep 171 KW 1991
saw by Chirico, Ernst and Dali were in books about abnormal psychology, or in guides to modern philosophy, both very popularp 133 ML 2008
degree. I was interested in medicine, which seemed to abut abnormal psychology and surrealism, so I agreed there and then, perhapsp 136 ML 2008
amniotic scanning would, they hoped, confirm the absence of any abnormalities in the foetus, and by an error of judgement strolledp 830 LFA 1975
and revenge. He shook my hand carefully before he went aboard. ‘You've got my address all right? You're quite sure?‘ Forp 78 WG 1959
sub, and apart from himself Matheson was the only officer aboard. What frightened him was that he might have to takep 28 WFN 1961
it's any consolation it's not much worse than the chow aboard the Terrapin.‘ Forking some of the pork into her mouthp 95 WFN 1961
the doorway, shouted out: ‘Attention there! Commander Lanyon to come aboard!‘ Lanyon put a hand out and squeezed the man's shoulderp 112 WFN 1961
Fine, Paul. By the way, how's the girl who came aboard with me?‘ ‘Miss Olsen? She's O.K., a little shockedp 112 WFN 1961
Maitland's warmly in a powerful grip. ‘Good to have you aboard. My name's Jim Halliday. Welcome to the Toronto Belle.‘ Hep 146 WFN 1961
ahead. Frankly, I recommend that you make yourself at home aboard the ship. Can't say I feel any too confident aboutp 146 WFN 1961
illusion of control. That was the real clue to life aboard the ship. None of their roles could be taken atp 330 13C 1962
after planet-fall. There should be at least 1,500 tons aboard. Quite a weight.‘ ‘Not in absolute terms, Abel. The Stationp 331 13C 1962
Kersh, who was responsible for the dietary and biometric controls aboard the dome. ‘From what you tell me, Doctor, we mightp 332 13C 1962
in their attempts to extricate him, perhaps too subtle). Life aboard the dome had been more of a drain on himp 336 13C 1962
and with few intellectual pastimes -- there were no books aboard the ship -- he found it increasingly difficult to sustainp 336 13C 1962
ship was a myth. None the less he had stayed aboard, perhaps realizing that the truth would destroy the others, orp 338 13C 1962
Linstrom.‘ He looked down at Clifford. ‘Good to have you aboard, sir.‘ ‘Aboard?‘ Clifford repeated weakly. He looked around at thep 353 PE 1962
looked down at Clifford. ‘Good to have you aboard, sir.‘ ‘Aboard?‘ Clifford repeated weakly. He looked around at the familiar furniturep 353 PE 1962
would have soon made life unbearable. The loose fragmentary relationships aboard the base, where a replacement was accepted as a fullyp 34 DW 1962
by derelict buildings. Unable to see Bodkin before being winched aboard the helicopter, Kerans could only speculate about Hardman's motives forp 53 DW 1962
painting the similarity vanished. The marriage ceremony was being celebrated aboard a galleon moored against the Doge's Palace, and its elaboratep 116 DW 1962
the top floor, but safely assumed that Beatrice would be aboard the depot ship, an unwilling house-guest of Strangman. Overhead ap 145 DW 1962
from the shotgun on the bridge. The exertion of climbing aboard the ship and then running about the square had exhaustedp 151 DW 1962
Kerans and Beatrice had spent the night in the sick-bay aboard Riggs‘ patrol cruiser, a well-armed 30-ton PT boat which wasp 153 DW 1962
to collect. Luckily the petty officer in charge of stores aboard the patrol boat had been instructed to give Kerans freep 163 DW 1962
enough, supervising the crew as they stowed Connolly's monitoring equipment aboard, checking his Smith & Wesson and exchanging a pair ofp 436 QR 1963
you, Doctor?‘ Traxel asked the Old Man as Bridges swung aboard the half-track and the exhaust kicked out. ‘It would bep 460 TT 1963
out of the morraine of sand, letting Bridges swing him aboard. ‘Shepley!‘ he called again. Traxel hesitated, then roared away asp 470 TT 1963
of the oily surface mottling his face. As Ransom stepped aboard he let out two piercing whistles. They echoed away acrossp 63 D 1965
a flurry of dust raced to the skiff, and leapt aboard over Ransom's shoulder. Settling itself between Quilter's feet, it whinedp 63 D 1965
wilderness. Over his shoulder he bellowed: ‘All right, everybody! All aboard!‘ Julia, the eldest of the three daughters, stepped up behindp 69 D 1965
he side-stepped down the bank. Freeing his pole, he jumped aboard. The craft's momentum carried it across the channel. ‘Doctor! Ip 78 D 1965
the craft ten feet from the landing-stage and beckoned them aboard. He hesitated at the companion-head. ‘I'll need your help, doctorp 80 D 1965
up to the look-out on the bridge: ‘Is Captain Hendry aboard? Ransom to see him.‘ The man came down the companion-wayp 119 D 1965
the steamer had subsided, and most of the passengers were aboard. The speedboat was being swung out on a davit overp 27 CW 1966
the river. The last of the cargo was being loaded aboard the steamer, and the passengers stood at the rail orp 31 CW 1966
forest? It seemed impossible for Ventress to have smuggled himself aboard the craft, even by masquerading as one of the agriculturep 70 CW 1966
or ‘the gooks‘. TANK ENGINE STARTS UP American soldiers climb aboard, the British form up into a column behind it. Commentatorp 963 TW 1967
L.C.T. The deck was crowded with passengers already aboard, who shouted at us as we climbed the gangway. Finallyp 73 THF 1969
of their elevators and give him a chance to get aboard. He climbed the steps two at a time. The staircasep 63 HR 1975
the plane or even to blow it up with himself aboard. In the course of this search the security guard wasp 854 NTM 1976
of the soldiers spoke or even beckoned me to climb aboard, and already I knew that we were not being givenp 928 DT 1977
turned loose at the airfield gates. Instead, we were put aboard the same truck that had brought us here and drivenp 928 DT 1977
American aircraft crossing far overhead. Only I and the passengers aboard this truck were immune. I tried to pick up anotherp 935 DT 1977
exhausted Europe. For the first time since he had stowed aboard the Apollo, Wayne felt a sudden sense of companionship, almostp 14 HA 1981
the Brooklyn and Jersey shorelines. Conspicuously, the only composed person aboard the Apollo was Captain Steiner. As everyone crowded the railp 16 HA 1981
the falling tide, and prayed that the silence and calm aboard the Apollo would not give way to a sudden, greedyp 23 HA 1981
Apollo was posted McNair had been serving as second engineer aboard a bulk coal carrier on the Murmansk-Newcastle run. No onep 25 HA 1981
was convinced that they had each smuggled some secret cargo aboard -- long experience as an expedition leader had given himp 27 HA 1981
Steiner moved behind them all, waiting until they were safely aboard, as if about to abandon them there and set offp 39 HA 1981
an altercation with the Captain, who had caught him smuggling aboard a heavy automatic pistol he had looted from a gunsmith'sp 40 HA 1981
climate of the eastern seaboard. As the last emigrants struggled aboard the converted troopships in Boston and New York harbours, ap 49 HA 1981
Captain, the Apollo will soon be here. There's enough fodder aboard for six months.‘ Steiner nodded at Wayne, his eyes focusingp 79 HA 1981
about Ricci -- I never trusted him myself. His cabin aboard the Apollo was packed with weapons, he must have raidedp 111 HA 1981
Flier rise straight up like an elevator. The others clambered aboard the hovering craft as they soared past, pulling themselves throughp 233 HA 1981
Yet the room seemed strange, a cabin allocated to him aboard a mysterious liner, with this concerned young psychologist sitting atp 1075 MNF 1982
crowded the gangways, Eurasians, Chinese and Europeans fighting to get aboard with their bundles and suitcases, ready to risk the Germanp 15 ES 1984
visiting his father's cotton mill Jim always longed to climb aboard the freighters and explore their drowned cabins, a world ofp 40 ES 1984
like you need some help.‘ He reached out to climb aboard, but as Jim took his hand the sailor pulled himp 92 ES 1984
chateaux and the haciendas with green tiled roofs. He climbed aboard, and held the door to the frame without engaging thep 106 ES 1984
unknown American bomb-aimer, which had saved them from being shipped aboard the collier, would continue to watch over them. ‘Mr Maxtedp 256 ES 1984
lines and let them sink below the surface. I climbed aboard, hidden from the police barracks by the square bulk ofp 102 DC 1987
had disconnected the drive shaft. From the moment she came aboard Noon had tried to guide me, but I was toop 107 DC 1987
Noon slept I took stock of the fuel and supplies aboard the ferry. Brushing the broken glass to one side, Ip 110 DC 1987
to a dormitory prank. Once Noon and Sanger were safely aboard the Diana, the women had come for me as Ip 196 DC 1987
the first time that I was naked. After carrying me aboard the Diana, the women had stripped me of the pus-stainedp 211 DC 1987
commander at the airbase, but I had decided to stay aboard the Salammbo. There were unstated bonds between myself and thisp 234 DC 1987
raft. We pushed out into the stream, and then clambered aboard and sat beside the motor. Sanger settled himself, camera slungp 276 DC 1987
he cursed Johnson for being so foolish ever to step aboard this ill-fated ship. As the Prospero lay doomed in thep 1164 DCG 1990
Gavin Young Armchair travellers who happily sailed with Gavin Young aboard his Slow Boats to China should dust down their oilskinsp 114 UGM 1991
This one's going somewhere.‘ ‘Jim, now's your chance to get aboard.‘ A black labrador ambled through the waves, licking our handsp 346 KW 1991
had broken free from its crew. With only the camera-man aboard, fumbling at the mast as he ducked the swinging boomp 347 KW 1991
deep space, a 200-ton stock of food had been placed aboard, enough to last the crew for 40 years. Its airp 1180 MFM 1992
the tread-pattern analysis confirmed that only four astronauts were now aboard the craft. Colonel Irwin was missing, and an exhaustive huntp 1181 MFM 1992
was lighter by a further 132 pounds. The food stocks aboard the Zeus would now last well beyond the deaths ofp 1181 MFM 1992
independent native Hawaiian kingdom. In 1985 he volunteered to sail aboard the Greenpeace Rainbow Warrior, which resettled the islanders of Rongelapp 36 RP 1994
immediately for the docks. There were stores to be loaded aboard the Dugon, cabins and the galley to be equipped, satellitep 44 RP 1994
at night only the Saitos and the Filipino crew slept aboard the ship. Carline returned with his wife to their Waikikip 53 RP 1994
personal tackle to convince anyone that he meant to live aboard the ship. He arrived at the quay by dusk, asp 54 RP 1994
classifying single-handedly. He had begun to catalogue the insect life aboard the Dugong, and had even noticed a fall in thep 54 RP 1994
course, was literally true, but Dr Barbara, Neil and everyone aboard the Dugong knew that at any moment the good-humoured duelp 58 RP 1994
righted the craft with his huge arms and wrestled himself aboard. He and Carline straddled their outboards as they leapt throughp 67 RP 1994
served from a makeshift bar. Numbed by Bracewell's death, no-one aboard the Dugong had been prepared for the world-wide outcry. Byp 70 RP 1994
flooded the engine-room, and the Filipino crew joined Captain Wu aboard the Sagittaire. Monique and Dr Barbara stowed their kit inp 71 RP 1994
Bracewell accepted the invitation of the corvette's captain to rest aboard his ship. She took Pratap with her, leaving their equipmentp 71 RP 1994
as Dr Barbara was about to be ferried to captivity aboard the Sagittaire were followed that afternoon by a further half-dozenp 79 RP 1994
texts. During the second week at Saint-Esprit he had slept aboard their sloop, glad of the mosquito net and a softp 87 RP 1994
their awnings, and even Bouquet and his usually combative companions aboard the Croix du Sud watched the tender's approach without commentp 90 RP 1994
laughing for the first time since Neil had met her aboard the Dugong. ‘Let me introduce Monsieur Kouchner -- he's veryp 91 RP 1994
the aircraft as she reassured the crew and any journalists aboard that all was well. Would she allow the Dakota top 124 RP 1994
you can't ignore the fact. Now, we need to get aboard.‘ Carline tried to calm the waves, his long arms steadyingp 161 RP 1994
their skirts to their knees, waving to the young crew-men aboard the plane. ‘Dr Barbara ...‘ Neil raised the satchel like ap 176 RP 1994
had alerted the French gendarmes with a secret radio hidden aboard their little craft. As the Andersons slept in their hutp 194 RP 1994
that they had decided not to offer him a place aboard the sloop only because they feared for the craft onp 195 RP 1994
Monique aware that the bones of their drowned parents lay aboard the scuttled yacht? Within days of their arrival the Frenchp 211 RP 1994
come home. My parents had arrived in Shanghai in 1929, aboard a P&O liner that took five weeks to make thep 286 UGM 1995
When the location van brushed against the float he leapt aboard, almost falling across the easels, picked himself up and embracedp 287 CN 1996
circled the shopping mall I waited for Sanger to leap aboard, but Crawford was unaware of the psychiatrist, his head raisedp 296 CN 1996
had closed for the night. Guests were leaving a party aboard a motor yacht, tipsily making their way down a gangwayp 310 SC 2000
Sadly, people are happy to buy their tickets and climb aboard.‘ ‘It's comfortable, Stephen.‘ Joan traced a Chinese character on thep 62 MP 2003
straining to expose themselves to the light. ‘Dr Gould?‘ ‘Climb aboard.‘ He steered a sports bag onto the rear seat. ‘It'sp 167 MP 2003
hopes. I waved to her, thinking that I might ship aboard as deck hand and marine psychologist, dream-rider and tide-reader ... Behindp 235 MP 2003
I often went out to Lunghua airfield, and was invited aboard the huge American transport planes lined up beside the runwayp 114 ML 2008
with miles of refrigeration piping. Some thousand British internees came aboard, and there was a huge send-off at the pier inp 116 ML 2008
at the prospect and keenly awaited developments. The commandos came aboard, heavily armed young men with sunburnt English faces. They stowedp 117 ML 2008