LV* A**HA LEPORI* AD 13*6 KYR** XII ALPH* LEP*RIS AD 1*19 The list of names, all from Alpha Leporis, continued downp 85 WG 1959
latest entry: March 17, 1978. The time and sighting were. 1-22 a.m. Elevation 43 degrees WNW Capella-Eridanus. Below it wasp 454 QR 1963
Acapulco, 143 Acton, Harold, 142-7, 213 Alcazar, Siege of, 22 1-5 Alimony, HRH pays, 172, 247, 367, 453 Anaxagoras, 35, 67p 940 I 1977
to argue. I sat up and looked at the clock. 10.05. ‘Darling,‘ I said, putting my arm round her. ‘Holdp 22 E 1956
Franz calculated idly, it's so far worth about $4 x 10 to power of 27. ‘Going on to the next stopp 34 CC 1957
platform and started back for home. 125 cents. $8 x 10 to power of 28. 4th Day: West 270 degrees. Federationp 34 CC 1957
services, aerators, reservoirs, farm laboratories ...‘ The car bore. $6 x 10 to power of 75 5th Day: West 270 degrees. 17thp 35 CC 1957
he would save up a couple of thousand. $7 x 10 to power of 127 7th Day: West 2700. 212th Metropolitanp 35 CC 1957
-- You're back where you first started from. $Hell x 10 to power of N. CRY HOPE, CRY FURY! Again lastp 38 CC 1957
of the universe itself is at last visible. Deep Time: 10,000,000 mega-years. Now they have left the Milky Wayp 91 WG 1959
have further slowed their time schemes by a factor of 10,000, and can thus communicate with each other across vastp 91 WG 1959
which will soon fill and consume its parent. Deep Time: 10,000,000,000 mega-years. The ideation-field has now swallowed thep 92 WG 1959
coming to Murak and waiting here, generation upon generation, for 10,000 years. Whatever it is, it must be worth waitingp 95 WG 1959
dogs thought the roof had fallen in on them. Memo 10: Betty --‘ He broke off, put down the microphone. ‘Mangonp 115 SS 1960
o'clock. Looking at it, he saw that it was only 10.55. The alarm had not rung, nor had he receivedp 247 OM 1961
her voice, then lay quietly watching the silent screen. By 10 o'clock the next morning he was out on the verandap 250 OM 1961
replaced further up the sloping flanks of the structure. First 10 feet, then 20 and 30 feet high, it rose steadilyp 50 WFN 1961
Yes, thanks.‘ She glanced at her wrist watch. It was 10:57, three minutes before Marshall was to give his dailyp 53 WFN 1961
As the minute hand of the clock moved on to 10:59, Marshall stood up and left his desk. The meetingp 53 WFN 1961
4.89 miles per hour over the speed recorded at 10 A.M. yesterday, maintaining the average daily increase of fivep 54 WFN 1961
have come down,‘ Marshall said. ‘Probably the Palace, or No. 10 Downing Street.‘ He gave a light laugh. At the bottomp 60 WFN 1961
wind filled the tunnel, blowing straight through at a steady 10 or 15 miles per hour. They had reached the midtownp 106 WFN 1961
of the concrete breastwork. But no sooner had they gone 10 or 15 feet when they again felt the full undiminishedp 124 WFN 1961
the vehicle tilted backward sharply, at an angle of over 10 degrees, as they climbed the exit ramp. The air inp 149 WFN 1961
of the ship would have to be about 6 x 10 to the power 20 tons.‘ Dr Francis watched Abel reflectivelyp 331 13C 1962
at any time. I'm afraid you'll have to wait until 10.30 now.‘ Francis went back to his cabin, suspecting thatp 337 13C 1962
crowded back, memories he had hoped to repress on his 10,000-mile drive ... three years at the prison farm near Marseillesp 291 IO 1962
you. Your specifications will be defined as the ideal ones. (10) GENERAL ENTERPRISES. Registered. Specialists in culture cycles, world struggles, ethnicp 349 PE 1962
Washington, D.C., 1965. Part XV. Longitude 40-80 West, Latitude 10 North-35 South (South American Sub-Continent) Price 35c. His interest quickeningp 454 QR 1963
police signs signalling ‘Lanes Closed Ahead‘ and ‘Drop Speed by 10 m.p.h.‘. Franklin tried to return to the previousp 415 SM 1963
the ratio of commercial to conversation was as high as 10:1, the participants desperately trying to get a word inp 422 SM 1963
theoretical number of nucleotide patterns in DNA was a mere 10 to the power of 120,000. What number was vastp 32 AW 1966
samples, of inane chatter, (9) a set of noise levels, (10) descriptive techniques for a variety of sex acts, (11) ap 54 GAN 1967
6 a.m. for Kensington, Knightsbridge and Battersea and from 10 to 7 a.m. for the 3rd Air Cav, andp 957 TW 1967
upon some small boy all the traumas of his childhood? 10.30 p.m. Still holding out, a fine example ofp BAT 1968
corrugated concrete; (9) her weak ankles in the soft ash; (10) the pressure of her right hand on the chromium trimp 63 SCN 1969
pudenda‘ of Ralph Nader; (9) a set of noise levels; (10) a random collection of dialogue samples, preserved on videotape, fromp 77 THF 1969
FUEL, LBS FUEL RATE 0 120 0 3600 16000 K=0 10 109 5016 3636 16000 K=0 20 99 4224 3672 16000p 49 LOM 1969
unsymmetric imprints of buttock and thigh on the foam-plastic seat; (10) the moulded lateral depression for the spinal brace; (11) thep 47 JAC 1970
5) ‘Notes(6) Towards(7) a(8) Mental(9) Breakdown(10)‘, recalling(11) his(12) wife's(13) murder(14), his(15p 849 NTM 1976
of his spare time stumbling around the airport ice rink. 10 A vital role seems to have been played during thesep 852 NTM 1976
author indicates that ‘significant pathological injury‘ was suffered by nearly 10 per cent of regular participants, but from the evidence ofp 269 UGM 1977
hour's water-skiing, followed by Swedish massage and the hairdresser! Diana. 10 July. Hotel Imperial An unbelievable week! I've never crammed sop 968 HWT 1978
theatre group, we're now rehearsing Pinter's The Birthday Party. Diana. 10 January 1986. Hotel Imperial A sad day. I meant top 971 HWT 1978
I'm starting to think about water all the time. July 10. Mount Vernon, Illinois. Interstate 64 1.30 P.M. Toop 91 HA 1981
the final reel,‘ he told the two survivors. ‘The 4.10 to Yuma was one train you were not going top 110 HA 1981
may be born for the first time. Total time lost 10 hours 5 min. July 29 Slade has been here. Ip 1026 NFS 1981
remote upper deck, unaware of our presence here. Estimated diameter: 10 miles. Survey Report 4 Once again our estimate of thep 1086 RUS 1982
to turn the clock of space exploration back to zero? 10 February 1988. For the last three months an energetic searchp 1096 OOA 1984
If I can avoid it. 9) Systems Analyst, Sperry-Univac, 1979-83. 10) Manchester Crown Court, 1984. 11) Credit card and computer fraudp 1101 ATQ 1985
The President of Hertz Rent-a-Car, (9) The President of IBM, (10) The Chief of the General Staff, (11) Dr Henry Kissingerp 1103 ATQ 1985
starved apprentice in a backstreet tannery. ‘Estimated flow-rate is some 10,000 cubic feet per second, capable of irrigating 10 millionp 158 DC 1987
some 10,000 cubic feet per second, capable of irrigating 10 million hectares, and together make it the 57th greatest riverp 158 DC 1987
gatehouse. They prepare breakfast and switch on the dishwashers. 8:10 a.m. The children wait. Weapons are loaded, and wherep 72 RW 1988
facades everything moves with the speed of an electron. The 10,000 inhabitants in their high-tech apartments and offices will servep 65 UGM 1989
unlikely, it may be worth noting that the originals of 10 cent comic books published in the 1930s are now worthp 76 UGM 1991
women pinned signs on their children: ‘Daughter for sale for 10 kilos of rice.‘ Jung's mother became active in the undergroundp 37 UGM 1992
Show. Visit the world's greatest airports and underground car parks. 10.30 Home-makers of Yesterday. Nostalgic scenes of old-fashioned housework. Nop 1173 GVD 1992
up ultra-faint impulses from long-dead brains. Relatives question the departed. 10.00 Crime-Watch. Will it be your home that is brokenp 1174 GVD 1992
that she never became a childhood friend. When I was 10 she was still a toddler. I was busy with myp 32 ML 2008
any logic in the sequences. Eventually, at the age of 10 or so, I nagged my mother into explaining the rulesp 42 ML 2008
true horror movie, I looked like a half-animated corpse. Woke 10-25. To sleep 3-45. July 3: Five and three-quarter hours. Littlep 185 VT 1960
poetry. However, in place of the usual half-dozen paragraphs of 10-point type I was astounded to see a single line ofp 218 S5 1961
all, too little was hidden in Shanghai. Even as a 10-year-old who had known nothing else, the extreme poverty of thep 34 ML 2008
cameraman, as I would now put it, though even my 10-year-old eyes could sense the difference between an authentic newsreel andp 38 ML 2008
the cell division series I played first of all? Amplified 100,000 times animal cell division sounds like a lot ofp 69 T12 1958
85 degrees, ninety minutes to noon. I re-set it to 100 degrees, took a last look round the five megaliths, andp 87 WG 1959
the speed of light, and later re-assemble them. Deep Time: 100,000,000 mega-years. They have spread now to all thep 91 WG 1959
commented. ‘What about Man?‘ Powers shrugged. ‘About one in every 100,000 -- the usual average -- contain the silent pairp 179 VT 1960
a furrowed band of shattered concrete and wire mesh about 100 yards wide, stained with huge white and grey patches whichp 155 WFN 1961
dust-storm, an enormous pyramid-like structure reared up, its four-angled sides 100 feet across at the base, tapering to the apex 80p 156 WFN 1961
had disappeared. In their place an enormous ravine, at least 100 feet deep, had opened in the ground, and a swiftp 180 WFN 1961
of a small group being sealed into a tank for 100 years, particularly when the original team volunteered. Now, when interestp 329 13C 1962
he was on the Benghasi road, holding the Jaguar at 100, working off his tension and anger in a savage burstp 293 IO 1962
being a contestant, and you're well advised to substitute. Cost: 100,000 credits/day. (3) AGENCE GENERALE DE TOURISME. Registered. Venusp 347 PE 1962
intact. Across the centre was the legend: LUNAR ALTIMETER Miles: 100 GOLIATH 7 General Electric Corporation, Schenectedy Picking up the instrumentp 456 QR 1963
floor in its centre was an enormous metal disc, over 100 feet in diameter and 30 feet high. It seemed top 499 VH 1963
1195 3260 13000 K=200 90 29 3928 2841 11000 K=200 100 22 2492 2388 9000 K=200 110 16 2710 1895 7000p 49 LOM 1969
210 0 1252 41 200 K=10 220 0 666 38 100 K=10 230 0 125 35 0 K=0 232 0 0 p 49 LOM 1969
see the optimum population of the United States at about 100,000.‘ ‘Wayne is right, Mr President.‘ McNair, surprisingly, had agreedp 161 HA 1981
restoration of the national birthrate was now my sole duty. 100) Yes. THE ASSASSINATION WEAPON Thoracic Drop. The spinal landscape, revealedp 1104 ATQ 1985
29s over the Bering Strait. The President's blood pressure is 100 over 60. The ECG records a slight left-hand tremor ...‘ ‘Ap 1121 WW3 1988
blue rectangles cut into the mountain sides -- swimming pools. 100,000 years from now, when the human race has vanishedp 82 YMCa 1990
in Spain, where I once pushed my tank-like Armstrong-Siddeley to 100 mph on the beach road, and where my wife diedp 59 SCNa 1990
side. After the arcade video-game of the bombing campaign, the ‘100 hours‘ of ground fighting, filtered through the military and TVp 11 UGM 1991
equipment around me seemed to be forever moving past at 100 m.p.h. Neil Armstrong may well be the onlyp 192 UGM 1993
Greenpeace Rainbow Warrior, which resettled the islanders of Rongelap Atoll, 100 miles to the east of Bikini. Many of the Rongelapesep 36 RP 1994
fighting left 6000 Americans dead, 20,000 Japanese and over 100,000 Filipinos, many of them senselessly slaughtered, a total greaterp 293 UGM 1995
world, as it is now, 90 per cent Chinese and 100 per cent Americanised. Bizarre advertising displays -- the honour guardp 4 ML 2008
the Pacific War fought for by the Americans, where some 100,000 Philippine civilians died. By the summer of 1944 thep 90 ML 2008